I spent the past 4 days modding Skyrim and furiously swearing at my computer. I had to reinstall multiple times, and learn multiple modding programs. I finally got everything to work. This was my view 5 minutes into playing.... top scoring links : reddit.com

Woman fired after being caught on video threatening to kill a group of Somali women in a Walmart parking lot. top scoring links : reddit.com

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Electrum 2.9.0 was released today Bitcoin

Pole Turned into UFO Kidnapping Cow top scoring links : reddit.com

More than two genders top scoring links : reddit.com

Dogs panic, rescue owner that's definitely going to drown. top scoring links : reddit.com

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s director of strategy has resigned, leaving the British government without the authors of her Brexit vision top scoring links : reddit.com

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Hello Reddit! I am actor/artist Val Kilmer. I'm the greatest swordsman who ever lived, Iceman, your huckleberry, and of course Batman. AMA! top scoring links : reddit.com

Hi Reddit! You may know me as Chris Knight, Batman, Doc Holliday, Gay Perry, Simon Templar...

Share some of the most importance advice you’ve learned from this subreddit Bitcoin

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Francis Pouliot: Howard Marks: "Bitcoins are not real!!!!" Meanwhile here I am with no bank account, 100% crypto for past 2 years. Bitcoin

Rodolfo Novak: It's scary how traceable & privacy lacking Bitcoin is. TumbleBit is an incredible achievement. Can't wait for SegWit’s malleability fix for next level Bitcoin

Indian Multi-Industry Survey Shows 97% Awareness of Bitcoin Bitcoin


Just a reminder what brought us SegWit Bitcoin

If we control our own private keys... Bitcoin

I Sat In Front of Ellie Kemper On My Flight top scoring links : reddit.com

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