This little pupper asleep with his old man on a park bench is what smiles are made from top scoring links :

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This is r/wholesomememes top scoring links :

Peter Rizun tells miners to force a hard fork by attacking the original chain Bitcoin

The attack quoted from...

Sensationalist journalism at its best Bitcoin

Defense against a 51% attack Bitcoin

Recently Peter R. outlined a...

Whet's keeping Core from launching Segwit Bitcoin

Segwit is good for everbody. Then why are we not launching it now ? Is the development sti...

Miners, be warned: SegWit now, or else.. Bitcoin

My mom has spent months trying to catch this snowy owl on camera top scoring links :

"Just ride in the back", they said.... top scoring links :

The Dethroning of Deep Shill Bitcoin/Blockchain Plant Perianne Boring Bitcoin

Coinbase starts charging for the tx fees. Bitrefill promotes off-chain option. Bitcoin

My only hope for RDR2 is they keep the drunk walking the same. It captures the experience of being shit-faced perfectly. And it was a mini-game in itself just trying to stay on your feet... top scoring links :

Took this picture of lightning hitting a building through a cloud this afternoon in South Africa top scoring links :


TIL Lodges made by Beavers have two chambers. The floor of the first chamber is a few inches above the water level and is used to dry off after coming out of the water. The floor of the second chamber is above the first, and is used for sleeping and caring for kits (baby beavers). top scoring links :

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