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Friday, 19 January


That 'very stable genius' in Washington DC has a few health issues North Coast Voices

Well Donald John Trump had an official medical exam on 12 January 2018 and the spin began almost immediately.

First for media consumption he grew one inch taller reaching 6ft 3in in height and he became yugely healthy.

A more honest assessment is found in the written medical summary prepared by the senior naval doctor who examined him, Rear-Admiral Ronny L. Jackson.

This reveals that at 71 years of age, 75 inches or 6 foot 3 inches (190.5cm) tall and weighing 239 pounds or 17.07 stone (108.4kg) Trump has an estimated body mass index of between 29.9 to 30.9 BMI (when adjusted to height recorded on current drivers licence), which means he is at least 3 stone (19kg) over a healthy weight level.

Or to put it more baldly he is obese.

His cholesterol level is too high even though he is taking medication, Crestor 10mg daily. 

He also takes Aspirin 81mg daily as a blood thinner for what has been describd as non-clinical coronary atherosclerosis and, uses an invermectin cream for acne rosacea.

The medication, Propecia 1mg daily, he takes for prevention of male pattern baldness is known to have...


Aboriginal Australians are a problem for our society The AIM Network

By Anthony Andrews We cant seem to grasp the fact that our Indigenous brothers and sisters think differently to mainstream Australia. We assume knowledge of them and their beliefs according to our way of thinking. We judge them by our own experiences of communal living and existence, but by doing this we will never be

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Will Sahuls First Nations Recognise Australia? "IndyWatch Feed"

Part One of a history of European occupation and rule of Indigenous Australia, by Dr George Venturini. Introduction: Head of will Sahul In the Pleistocene-era what are modern Australia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste on a single continent: Sahul. Some 80,000 years ago, the water having receded, the Indigenous People began to arrive. After some

The post Will Sahuls First Nations Recognise Australia? appeared first on The AIM Network.


Donald Trump: Putting the con back into economic recovery Independent Australia

Donald Trump: Putting the con back into economic recoveryTrump promised Americans he would fix the ailing economy and make life better for Americans but he is achieving the opposite. read now...


Dentistry - Admission Statistics and Selection Process Requests or responses matching your saved search

Response by Charles Sturt University to James Brooke on January 19, 2018.
Awaiting classification.
  [1]Charles Sturt University     [2][IMG]   You're invited to our 'Studying online - Discover the support tools to help you succeed' webinar  ...


The President has been getting results Catallaxy Files

At the end of the Fake News Awards there was a list of Trumps Top Ten achievements which you should not miss out on reading in the midst of the Fake News misdirection found everywhere. These have played out in less than a year since the inauguration on January 20. I can see that for some, the disappearance of the graft and crony capitalist returns have made things worse, but why would anyone who works for a living outside government (or even inside) not find all of these astonishing and wish only for seven more years of the same and even more?

While the media spent 90% of the time focused on negative coverage or fake news, the President has been getting results:

1. The economy has created nearly 2 million jobs and gained over $8 trillion in wealth since the Presidents inauguration.

2. African Americans and Hispanics are enjoying the lowest unemployment rate in recorded history.

3. The President signed historic tax cuts and relief for hardworking Americans not seen since President Reagan.

4. President Trumps plan to cut regulations has exceeded 2 out for every 1 in mandate, issuing 22 deregulatory actions for every one new regulatory action.

5. The President has unleashed an American energy boom by ending Obama-era regulations, approving the Keystone pipeline, auctioning off millions of new acres for energy exploration, and opening up ANWR.

6. ISIS is in retreat, having been crushed in Iraq and Syria.

7. President Trump followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and instructed the State Department to begin to relocate the Embassy.

8. With President Trumps encouragement, more member nations are paying their fair share for the common defense in the NATO alliance.

9. Signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow senior officials in the VA to fire failing employees and establishes safeguards to protect whistleblowers.

10. President Trump kept his promise and appointed Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The list doesnt even mention leaving the Paris Accords on Climate Change, which has as much to do with these outcomes as anything, but which has not been universally welcomed even though it is one of his most important achievements to date.


"H" endorsement - Tests and answers Requests or responses matching your saved search

Request to NT Department of Transport by Ben Fairless. Annotated by Lee kermond on January 19, 2018.
What are the answers to the test


In which the pond chews on cricket pads, or is that dashing Donners and the onion muncher? loon pond

Speaking of getting out a couple of old cricket pads so that the dogs could have at them in a frenzy, the pond would love to do it, if only it had some slight connection to cricket or dogs ...

Instead the pond has to rely on the Ruperters to tear into the Oz day debate for its fun, and must leave the carping to others ...

You see, whenever it's Donners day, the pond hangs out the bunting, and orders up a brass band, though some might prefer it to spring for a pipe band ... ah, the pipes, the pipes are calling ...

Now forget that little header down on the far right, that's just Sinclair Davidson, senior fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, doing what an IPA chappie must do ... you probably weren't aware that tobacco is perfectly safe and much maligned, you precious snowflakes ...

No, the cry goes out, where's Donners and his lesson in history ...

Virtue signalling!

You see, how could you doubt, and once again the pond is reminded that virtue-signalling should either be the word or the phrase of the year ... 'political correctness' having already passed into the hall of fame, where it m...


Stopping trauma in its tracks Independent Australia

Stopping trauma in its tracksGerry Georgatos shares excerpts of his research into the effects of trauma and a radical alternative for its treatment. read now...


London Blockchain Week 2018 Catallaxy Files

Im off to the UK for London Blockchain Week. Wait you say, wasnt Sinc in Europe? Yes I was in Europe, until last Sunday, then I flew from Barcelona to London via Melbourne.

Long story short: Posting might be light or heavy. The regular posts will appear at irregular times as always. It may take a tad longer for people to get fished out of the spaminator and/or automoderation.

If you happen to be in London next week Chris Berg, Jason Potts and I will be at the IEA on Wednesday evening talking about blockchain.


Warring on Plastic: David Attenborough, Britain and Environmental Missions The AIM Network

Few documentaries have had quite this impact, so much so that it has ushered in the unfortunate combination of war and plastic, two terms that sit uneasily together, if at all. Tears were recorded; anxiety levels were propelled as Sir David Attenborough tore and tugged at heart strings in his production Blue Planet II. The

The post Warring on Plastic: David Attenborough, Britain and Environmental Missions appeared first on The AIM Network.


Despite Turnbull's weak NEG, investment in renewables surges ahead Independent Australia

Despite Turnbull's weak NEG, investment in renewables surges aheadThings are really hotting up in the low-carbon power network, despite the Coalition's best efforts to pour cold water on renewables. read now...


In which the pond decides TGIF goes best with desiccated coconut ... loon pond


Reluctantly, the pond has had to issue the onion muncher a final warning. Get more active or lose your position at the top of loon pond ...

Compare Cory's epic posturing, his solid stunting, against the onion muncher's feeble squawk, and watch the headlines roll in ... is there a spot for "Yesterday's Hero"?


Yes, the Terrorists were wildly excited.

Everybody's hot to trot with Cory, and as it seems we can be un-PC, what about these Cory?

And so to the news of the day, and how pleasing it is to see Lloydie and Bjorn team-tagging in the usual Oz way ...


The upside of the China-Pacific-aid controversy "IndyWatch Feed"

Minister for International Development and the Pacific Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has won few friends for her criticisms of Chinese aid in the Pacific. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has distanced herself from the remarks, and both Chinese and Pacific leaders have denounced them. Minister Fierravanti-Wells has also been criticised by a range of commentators, including me, for a range of reasons: Australian aid has its own problems; Chinese aid works much better in some countries than others; if you are having a go at China for giving then you are implicitly criticising the Pacific countries for taking.

But there is also an upside to her remarks, the controversy surrounding them, and the general perception that, with Chinas growing influence, Australia needs to lift its game. In fact, there are three upsides.

The first, for those who support aid, is that at last we have a strong strategic argument not to cut it. Saving the aid program doesnt seem like such a harmless budget-saving measure if it is actually ceding ground to China. Although the Coalition spared the Pacific of most of its swingeing aid cuts focusing them on Asia and Africa the reality that it had cut aid undermined the Ministers position.

It does now seem that there is a floor under Australias aid, and perhaps even some upward pressure given the growth in Chinas. While Pacific countries are seen as being aid recipients indefinitely, Asian countries have traditionally been seen as only temporary recipients. Thailand, Malaysia, China and India have all graduated from Australian aid. Absent China, the rest of Southeast Asia Indonesia and the Philippines, and then Vietnam, and then finally Cambodia and Laos could be expected to follow suit. But given China on top of terrorism fears graduation now seems like a highly unlikely outcome. After years of lacking an accepted strategic rationale for aid, perhaps now we have found one. And a bipartisan one at that.

The second upside of the China-Pac...


Day to Day Politics: Confession of an Honest Conservative The AIM Network

Friday January 19 2018 Authors note: This is a work of political fiction I wrote a couple of years ago. I have brought it up to date so that it captures todays political environment. In addition to fill in time before the political year starts in earnest. Confession of an Honest Conservative. We had been friends

The post Day to Day Politics: Confession of an Honest Conservative appeared first on The AIM Network.


If ever there was a time when we needed strong unions, its now The AIM Network

Michaelia Cash used to be called the Minister for Employment.  She is now known as the Minister for Jobs and Innovation.  Regardless of the sign on the door, she, and her Coalition colleagues, have been demonising unions and promoting businesses since they came into office. Perhaps they need to have a look at who the

The post If ever there was a time when we needed strong unions, its now appeared first on The AIM Network.


In response to Trump's fake news awards the Committee to Protect Journalists announced Press Oppressors awards North Coast Voices

After a couple of date deferrals, well-known right wing ratbag US President Donald J Trump finally released his so-called 2017 Fake News Awards on a Republican web site on 18 January 2017 (Sydney time) announcing "the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media".

As one has come to expect from this inadequate man it was an eleven point non-event with no red carpet, no 'ceremony', absolutely no evidence of corruption being presented and containing a number of distortions of fact.

Trump's awards had been left in the shade weeks ago by Stephen Colbert's mocking off Times Square billboard and the Committee to Protect Journalists' pre-emptive strike.



Will Steve Bannon's predictions come true? North Coast Voices

On 17 May 2017 Robert S. Mueller III was appointed by acting Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to serve as Special Counsel investigating any links and/or coordination bet ween the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump,  any matters that arose or may arise directlyfrom the investigation and, any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. 600.4(a).

Thus far Mueller has indicted four individuals - Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn (Ret.) (plead guilty), Paul J. Manafort, Jr., Richard W. Gates III and George Papadopoulos (plead guilty).

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon's predictions concerning this DOJ/FBI investigation and Donald J. Trump's future had remained semi-private until the release on 5 January 2018 of Michael Wolff's book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House".

Here are two examples.....



The growing cost of Australian Government policy concerning asylum seekers "IndyWatch Feed"

Its asylum seeker policy is costing Australia more than a loss of international reputation......

Financial Review, 5 January 2018:

Maintaining Australia's hardline immigration and border policies cost taxpayers more than $4 billion last financial year, including nearly $1.6 billion on compliance and detention.

Treasury figures provided to a Senate estimates committee showed in 2017, the largest spending component for immigration and border protection activities was onshore compliance and detention, followed by $1.083 billion for the management of irregular boat arrivals and $1.059 billion on border enforcement

a near $5 billion price tag for five years of Australia's offshore immigration detention program, including the total operational and infrastructure costs for Australia's detention facilities on Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus Island, peaking in 2015-16.

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Thursday, 18 January


When one womans bad sex is another womans sexual assault The AIM Network

You may have read the story published recently by Babe, in which an anonymous woman, Grace, tells of an evening she spent with actor and comedian Aziz Ansari. The evening did not go well, with Grace leaving in tears after what she alleges was sexual assault. I recommend you read the article before proceeding with this

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When one womans bad sex is another womans sexual assault. No Place For Sheep

    You may have read the story published recently by Babe, in which an anonymous woman, Grace, tells of an evening she spent with actor and comedian Aziz Ansari. The evening did not go well, with Grace leaving in tears after what she alleges was sexual assault. I recommend you read the article before proceeding []


One Day, A Nation Day. The AIM Network

By Cally Jetta The Cronulla Riots were a confronting eye opener for me. I watched the footage and was shocked at just how easy it was for one idiot on a megaphone to whip up an angry mob already affected by sun and alcohol, and incite them to violence against people on the basis of

The post One Day, A Nation Day. appeared first on The AIM Network.


Fake News Awards 2017 Catallaxy Files

Everything below is from

2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news. Studies have shown that over 90% of the medias coverage of President Trump is negative.

Below are the winners of the 2017 Fake News Awards.

1. The New York Times Paul Krugman claimed on the day of President Trumps historic, landslide victory that the economy would never recover.

2. ABC News Brian Ross CHOKES and sends markets in a downward spiral with false report.

3. CNN FALSELY reported that candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald J. Trump, Jr. had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks.

4. TIME FALSELY reported that President Trump removed a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office.

5. Washington Post FALSELY reported the Presidents massive sold-out rally in Pensacola, Florida was empty. Dishonest reporter showed picture of empty arena HOURS before crowd started pouring in.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter...


Thin end of the sugar wedge Catallaxy Files

H.L. Menken is quoted as saying that for every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.  But what about those who believe that for every complex problem the solution is more tax and more government?  Would it surprise Cats that it is Government and its agents that is advocating for more tax and more government.

The Orwellian named Obesity Policy Coalition has been and continues to advocate for a 20% tax on sugary drinks.  The Australian Medical Association also want a sugar tax.  But do you know what these organisations have in common?  Their constituency.

The Obesity Policy Coalition is funded by VicHealth.  The AMA is essentially a public sector union, representing its members who are all pretty much Medicare (funded) employees.  A government agency and a public sector union calling for tax rises.  Who would have thunk it.

The sugar tax battle seems to have been temporarily won (or lost depending on your perspective) with the Turnbull government saying it wont support a sugar tax.  But like the plague infested rats hiding in the sewers waiting for the right opportunity to return, the sugar tax lobby will bide its time and wait for the opportunity to try again.  Its soldiers remain in the game.  They wont go away.  They will wait for the right opportunity to return.

Start with Lennert Veerman channeling Treasurer Scott Morrisson in the Conversation.  Just like Treasurer Morrisson who claimed that the bank tax would increase productivity, the unfortunately named Dr Veerman claims that a sugar tax will increase productivity.

Hey Dr Veerman.  If a 20% sugar tax will increase productivity, why not have a 100% sugar tax.  Surely that will increase productivity more.  Hey.  Why not implement a 100% tax on the entire Australian economy.  That will obviously lead to Australia having the most productive economy in the world.

The Guardian is also on the job.  Who needs political parties when we have activist journalism.

But look no further than our American (trigger warning) brethren.  Sorry but Spartacus does not know what the female and/or non-gen...


Cruelty and Corruption Australias Border Farce The AIM Network

By Leo Jai Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre. One week before Christmas 2017: It is early morning, and the door to one of the detainees rooms is open wide. Sitting in the doorway on a plastic chair, quietly watching over the room is a Serco welfare officer wearing a red Santa hat. The sole occupant

The post Cruelty and Corruption Australias Border Farce appeared first on The AIM Network.


Greg Hunts Pea & Thimble Trick The AIM Network

By Terence Mills If you buy private health insurance cover, you are about to be scammed, watch out! Greg Hunt, the responsible minister let me rephrase that the minister responsible, has announced that he has agreed with the health insurance companies a premium increase for 2018 in the order of 4% which he

The post Greg Hunts Pea & Thimble Trick appeared first on The AIM Network.


FLASH: FBI Investigating Millions Of Mishandled Dollars Funneled To Clinton Foundation "IndyWatch Feed"

Another day, another scandal for the Clinton Foundation. According to reports, the FBI is investigating millions of mishandled taxpayer dollars funneled to the dubious non-profit from Australian taxpayers.

Zerohedge reports via LifeZette:

The FBI has asked retired Australian policeman-turned investigative journalist, Michael Smith, to provide information he has gathered detailing multiple allegations of the Clinton Foundation receiving tens of millions of mishandled taxpayer funds, according to LifeZette

I have been asked to provide the FBI with further and better particulars about allegations regarding improper donations to the CF funded by Australian taxpayers, Smith told LifeZette.

Of note, the Clinton Foundation received some $88 million from Australian taxpayers between 2006 and 2014, reaching its peak in 2012-2013 which was coincidentally (were sure) Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillards last year in office.

Smith names several key figures in his complaints of malfeasance, including Bill and Hillary Clinton and multiple Australian government officials including senior diplomat Alexander Downer, whose conversation with Trump aide George Papadopoulos that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton allegedly launched the Trump-Russia investigation (as opposed to the Fusion GPS dossier, of course).

The news comes amid a recent report by The Hills John Solomon alleging the FBI is launching a new investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Is this the probe Solomon was referring to?

As The Gateway Pundits Cristina Laila reports, one witness, who spoke on the condition of anonymity has already been interviewed by the FBI. The witness described the interview to The Hill as extremely professional and unquestionably thorough and focused on questions about whether donors to Clinton charitable efforts received any favorable treatment fro...


Why dont we simply change the date?

Australia Day is, for the vast majority of Australians, a day to celebrate the nation we have become. Yet the date on which it is celebrated, January 26, is odd, and to some, odious.

Most of our national holiday/celebration days are celebrated on a day that has historical significance that is relevant to the celebration. Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas are related to significant events in the life of Jesus. Anzac Day is commemorated on the anniversary of troops landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Yet Australia day is not celebrated on the day the modern nationstate Australia came into existence.

Australia has been inhabited for 60,000 years, and for most of that time consisted of many indigenous nations. The modern nation we know as Australia came into being with Federation on January 1, 1901. Australia Day is commemorated on January 26, which is not the anniversary of the founding of Australia, but the anniversary of the day Britain claimed sovereignty over Australia.

It is understandably offensive to many indigenous people. The British invasion of Australia and the ongoing displacement of its indigenous nations has had an ongoing legacy of disadvantage and deprivation amongst many of our indigenous people. Every February the Prime Ministers Department releases the close the gap report, which highlights the gulf in health, employment and other well-being outcomes between indigenous and nonindigenous Australians. The only coherent explanation for this is the ongoing consequences of being displaced.

January 26 is therefore doubly inappropriate as the day to commemorate Australia Day. On the one hand it is a date that has no correlation with the birth of the modern Australian nationstate, and on the other it commemorates a date in our history that marked the beginning of the decimation of our indigenous nations.

None of us would be harmed by moving Australia Day to a different date. For most of us moving the day will make little difference, but for some of us it would make a huge difference. So why dont we just get on with moving it?



In which the pond maintains the rage about the reptile day of Oz ... loon pond

The pond has been reminded in recent days of the way that shitty convicts, the dregs of England, were salvaged from the hulks, and shipped to a shithouse country (shithole if you will) at the arse end of the known world, and were confronted by an alien land, so foreign and strange that it took years for artists' eyes to adjust and render the light and gum trees in an evocative way ...

Instead they tried to turn the place into a replica of Pomstralia ...


(here for that discussion).

There being an acute crisis and shortage of first eleven reptile loons confronting the pond, the pond looked down past the mean Dean and noted an attempt by the reptiles to keep the Australia Day emergency in the public spotlight ...

What a disappointment it was ...



Open borders & individual dignity Oz Conservative

There is an article over at The American Conservative by Bradley Birzer which attempts to make a conservative case for open borders. Birzer doesn't hold back in the type of language he uses:
As a professor of the western canon, the Great Ideas of the West, and the western tradition, I find it nearly impossible to claim that there is a long tradition of excluding those who arent us. Even the most cursory examination of the issue reveals that the best of western thinkers have considered political borders a form of selfish insanity and a violation of the dignity of the human person. The free movement of peoples has not only been seen as a natural right throughout much of the western tradition, but it has also been seen as a sacred one.

Fighting words. Birzer claims that it is "selfish insanity and a violation of the dignity of the human person" to oppose the "free movement of peoples."

I'll get to the historical evidence in a moment. For the moment, I want to stay in the present, because it seems to me to be an unserious type of politics that claims that open borders will do anything for the dignity of Western individuals.

Look around. We see a rainbow coalition formed in opposition to white men. The politics of the rainbow coalition is based on the idea that white men exist to oppress others to uphold an unearned privilege. Therefore, the rainbow coalition holds that the culture and historic institutions created by white men are racist and need to be torn down. The future role of white men is not to advance opinions of their own, but to quietly validate the experience of others, even when this experience claims that white men are the source of evil in the world.

This rainbow coalition grows through open borders and it is not that far from seizing power permanently in the U.S. If it does seize power permanently then you can forget about upholding "the western canon, the Great Ideas of the West, and the western tradition" - these will be condemned as racist artifacts that must be deconstructed to create a safer space for the new majority in power. Nor will there be much "dignity of the human person" for white men in this new society created by open borders. Vilified as racist oppressors; expected to obsequiously follow the dictates of those now in power; not permitted to speak freely from their own point of view, faced with a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation in trying to win an accepted place in the new order, white men will most likely want to flee - but to where?

South Africa is another example of the loss of individual dignity that occurs when one group becomes a minority and then loses state power. There is now an employment system in South Africa that puts white men at the bottom, leading to the emergence of signif...


The failure of vocational education and training policy in Australia John Quiggin

I mentioned a while ago that I was making a submission to a Senate inquiry into Vocational Education and Training in South Australia. My submission has now been published on the Committee website with the title The failure of vocational education and training policy in Australia

I was a bit surprised to be told it was Submission Number 1, but it turns out theyve only published two so far. The other one, from Dr Gavin Moodie makes most of the same points as mine.

As I mentioned the inquiry appears to have been called as a stunt to embarrass the SA Labor government, but it has provided an opportunity to bring the Senates attention to the continuing bipartisan failure of vocational education policy. To restate my key points, they were

* The impact of decades of cuts in public support for vocational training
* The disastrous effects of subsidising for-profit providers
* The goal of universal participation in post-school education and training
* Integration of technical/vocational and university education


Two small primary schools and their mottos: A case study Independent Australia

Two small primary schools and their mottos: A case studyExperienced educator Dr Lee Duffield looks at the mottos and exhortations of two neightbouring primary schools to consider how they may each affect students throughout their lives. read now...


Dentistry - Admission Statistics and Selection Process Requests or responses matching your saved search

Response by Charles Sturt University to James Brooke on January 18, 2018.
Awaiting classification.
  [1]Charles Sturt University     [2][IMG]   Hi James, Need to brush up on your study skills before you start uni? Cant remember what all th...


Forrest Trump: I May Not Be A Smart Man, But Im Like, A Genius The AIM Network

Ive started reading Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Dont Matter by Scott Adams. And its about Donald Trump. Mainly. I suspect that Scott couldnt fill a whole book boasting about how he called it right and how Donald Trump is a Master Persuader, so he talks a bit about being a trained

The post Forrest Trump: I May Not Be A Smart Man, But Im Like, A Genius appeared first on The AIM Network.


Darkest Hour: More Than a Historical Film Drama The AIM Network

By Denis Bright The portrayal of Winston Churchills political counter-offensive to Hitlers blitzkrieg in May 1940 has attracted good cinema audiences. Rolling Stone magazine describes the lead actor, Gary Oldham, as one of the most outstanding contemporary performers. He has an acclaimed profile from previous roles including Sid Vicious (In Sid and Nancy) and Lee

The post Darkest Hour: More Than a Historical Film Drama appeared first on The AIM Network.


REPORT: Senior FBI Official Shared Russian Probe Intel With Dossier Author Christopher Steele "IndyWatch Feed"

A new report by the Washington Post reveals a very senior FBI official shared intelligence with dossier author and former British spy, Christopher Steele.

Christopher Steele has many old contacts at the FBI from when he was a British spy. He tapped into those old contacts in mid-2016 to warn about Trumps connections to Russians.

It turns out an FBI agent revealed the name of Trump campaign volunteer, George Papadopoulos to Christopher Steele on October 1st, 2016 during a meeting in Rome, according to this report.

Steele had never heard of Papadopoulos. Why is the FBI sharing intel with a former British spy about an ongoing investigation?

Via WaPo:

So when Steele contacted the FBI in mid-2016 with information about Trump and the Russians, he was already a valued source. On about July4, 2016, he met with his FBI friend in London to share what he had gathered for a June 20 Fusion GPS report, the first chapter of his eventual dossier. In that first report, Steeles sources claimed that Russia had been cultivating Trump for at least five years.

Steeles information didnt get much high-level attention at first. But bells began ringing in July, after Australian intelligence told the FBI about an unusual conversation two months earlier between Australias London high commissioner and George Papadopoulos, a Trump foreign policy adviser. As the New York Times reported last month, Papadopoulos had told the Australian official that Russia had damaging political information about Clinton. The Australians decided to share this intelligence with the FBI after hacked Democratic emails were published in July.

The FBI was now very interested. Based on the Australian account, knowledgeable sources say, the bureau requested another meeting with Steele to dig deeper. That encounter took place around Oct. 1 in R...


EDITORIAL EXCERPT: Malcolm's Day of disappointment Independent Australia

EDITORIAL EXCERPT: Malcolm's Day of disappointmentPrime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he is disappointed with Australians. But Australians are more than disappointed in him. read now...

EDITORIAL EXCERPT: Malcolm's Day of disappointment Independent Australia

EDITORIAL EXCERPT: Malcolm's Day of disappointmentPrime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he is disappointed with Australians. But Australians are more than disappointed in him. read now...


In which the dog botherer saves the day for the pond, and possibly for Malware and certainly the world ... loon pond

Well that's one issue done and dusted, thanks to the immortal Pope, with more Pope here ... no need for the pond to brood about a standing, or is that a sitting, joke.

And so to a confession. The pond always fancies itself as being up to date, in the zone, in the moment, standing by for the latest news of a reptile folly from the herpetarium. And invariably a Moorice turns up and it's all over red rover ...

Imagine the pond's shock and horror today, to discover a loon shortage at the lizard Oz. Sure the tree killer edition had all the right angles, soft on crime, BOM a failure, yadda yadda ...

But what was at the top of the digital edition? 

Another triumph for the Donald's diplomacy, and even worse, imported WSJ reptile fodder, when as a devout nationalist, the pond always prefers home grown nativist hay ...

Oh sure, if they don't have a clue about the weather, why isn't Moorice in charge of BOM, but just below that came this double barrel bunger ...


Day to Day Politics: How enlightened are we really? The AIM Network

Thursday, January 18, 2018 Authors note: Some of this post is repeated from other pieces. Yesterday, I heard the leader of the Greens Richard Di Natale being interviewed about changing the date of Australia Day. In doing so he criticised Social Media saying that he wouldnt go near it. I fully understand his frustration with

The post Day to Day Politics: How enlightened are we really? appeared first on The AIM Network.


Fixing Australias global health R&D mess "IndyWatch Feed"

In my last two blogs, I looked at DFATs growing contribution to the global effort to create new drugs, vaccines and diagnostics to tackle HIV, TB, malaria, Ebola and other developing world diseases. In this post, I switch the focus from DFAT to the Australian government as a whole, and look at how Australia manages its domestic global health research and development (R&D) investments. Here, much needs to be done.

Australias current system

At the federal level, seven Australian departments and agencies fund global health R&D (some intermittently): the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC); Department of Industry, Innovation and Science; DFAT; Austrade; Department of Defence; CSIRO; and likely also the Medical Research Futures Fund (Departments of Industry and Health) in future years. Each works to their own remit with little or no coordination. Some are tasked with supporting Australian research, others with supporting Australian companies or external trade, Australian science, regional development and so on. DFAT only funds overseas R&D organisations, while the other six agencies fund Australian organisations. Each has their own disease priorities tropical medicine for Austrade; TB, malaria and emerging infections for DFAT; HIV and other potentially commercial diseases for Industry; bioterror and tropical diseases for Defence; and all of these plus womens health, childrens diarrhoeal illnesses, and indigenous threats such as syphilis and rheumatic fever for NHMRC.

The result of this free-for-all is that a great deal of public money has been invested in global health R&D in the past decade more than a third of a billion dollars without a single global health product being delivered. If you wanted to prevent success, youd probably create a system much like this.

Figure 1: Australian global health research funding (2007-2016)



2018: How Are You? DUCK POND

There has been a lapse of two months. The photos overwelm me. There is just too many of them. This video I am posting was created through Microsoft. It is far from a consciousness effort, but hopefully to those few who may be interested, it may have some value.

It is hard to believe that we are over half way through January. Much of the photos are strikingly the same, from day to day. So a randomized approach is probably a good idea.The thing is I seemed to have lost many photos for most of November and December.

Before Christmas I saw a bird with which I was unfamiliar. I thought perhaps Christmas dinner had got away. I came upon a Brush-turkey, a native bird.As Wikipedia points out:

Despite its name and their superficial similarities, the bird is not closely related to American turkeys, nor to the Australian bustard, which is also known as the bush turkey. Its closest relatives are the wattled brushturkey, Waigeo brushturkey and malleefowl.

The other observation concerns the Cicadas. They seemed to have quitened down now. I could not hear anything else.

I hate to hear news that bushfires are more likely. Daily weather is difficult enought to pick. One moment there is clear blue sky without clouds and thirty minutes later it was raining, fortunately not heavily and looking up the sky was overcast. In this instance the Bureau of Meteorologys forecast was correct. Who would have realized that we have experienced the hottest winter on record in Australia, which is large area, within which there are doubtless variations. Up until anyone can credibly disproved, the public good and public policy must address it

Here is the video with my apologies:

The How are you is inspired by this Steve Goodman song, sung by Arlo Guthie. Anyone who has been on a long train trip can, I believe, relate to the lyrics although they are specific to the trip between Chicago and New Orleans:


Reef 2050 plan to restore outstanding universal values of the Great Barrier Reef decade by decade questioned in the wake of back to-back bleaching events North Coast Voices

On 8 December 2017 the Australian Academy of Science made a submission to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority consultation on the Coastal Ecosystems Position Statement.

This submission made the following points:

* The federal government Reef 2050 Long-term Sustainability Plan to restore the Outstanding Universal Values of the Great Barrier Reef decade by decade is no longer tenable following back to-back bleaching events.

* Climate change is a clear and present challenge to the ongoing health of the Great Barrier Reef.

* Almost all historic and legacy stressors to the Great Barrier Reef remain today, and most of them continue to escalate for example, land clearing, maintenance dredging, ship anchoring, and coastal recreational fishing pressure.



So what does Australia's public debt look like in January 2018? North Coast Voices

As of 5 January 2018 Australian Government public debt stood at an est. $515.6 billion at face value. Six months earlier this debt had stood at est. $500.9 billion. So government debt continues to grow.

This early January 2018 public debt breaks down as:

Other Securities


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Wednesday, 17 January


More bad news on Italy. And good news as well! Catallaxy Files

Dan Mitchell reports on the sorry state of affairs. Italy is not much better than Greece.

But wait!

Theres a chance, however, that all this bad news may pave the way for good news. There are elections in early March and Silvio Berlusconi, considered a potential frontrunner to be the next Prime Minister, has proposed a flat tax.


Australias taxpayers question more religious freedom The AIM Network

By Brian Morris Philip Ruddocks Religious Freedom Review is of concern to same-sex couples but how will tax-payers respond to more religious privilege for the churches? For almost 80 per cent of the nations households with incomes less than $200,000 per year their primary concerns centre on high electricity costs, rising prices, and poor

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Renewable Energy: the mad saga continues Catallaxy Files

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) lobbies hard for renewable subsidies and estimates global clean energy investment at $333 billion. This excludes hydro-electricity other than Politically Correct small hydro.  Some 85 per cent of expenditure is in wind or solar with the rest including biomass, electric vehicles and waste-to-energy.

In a press release of 16 January, BNEF includes the following graphic of Australian renewable investment trends.

To recap, in Australia electricity from subsidised renewable energy and wind is the cheapest of those sources costs three times as much as energy from coal.  It is viable only because the government requires increasing proportions of energy it designates as renewable to be incorporated in our supply and therefore in our bills.

This results in a subsidy, which at present is $85 per MWh for wind and large scale solar, and $40 for rooftop solar.  Those sums are on top of the market price all energy receives.  That market price used to be around $40 per MWh but, as a result of closures caused by subsidised wind forcing increased costs on coal and gas generators, it is now around $90 per MWh; research conducted by the Minerals Council puts new build for coal at under $50 per MWh, costs that are consistent with those estimated for the thousand plus coal generators being built, mainly in Asia.

The upshot is a double whammy we replace low cost highly reliable electricity with supplies that are three times as expensive and which are highly unreliable and we call that progress!!  The $9 billion of subsidy-induced malinvestment in renewables last year alone would have been sufficient to finance over 4,000 MW of new coal plant more than double the capacity of the now closed Hazelwood station, even if it is in fashionable but high cost low emissions plant.  That would have returned prices to their 2015 level,  half those now prevailing, and given us the reliability that is now a wistful nostalgia.

At pre...

Monday, 14 August


Matthew Guy and the 'mafia': Top five Liberal Party wise-Guys Independent Australia

Matthew Guy and the 'mafia': Top five Liberal Party wise-GuysAfter Matthew Guy was caught having 'lobster with a mobster' last week, IA examines the Calabrian legitimate business community's links to the Government and its top five Liberal Party friends. read now...

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