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Monday, 24 April


NSW Minister for Planning Anthony Roberts pressuring Byron Shire Council on behalf of millionaire developer North Coast Voices

The Northern Star, 20 April 2017:

BYRON Shire Councillor Cate Coorey has reacted angrily to a letter received by council from NSW Minister for Planning Anthony Roberts, pushing council to make a Draft Control Plan for the West Byron site that she and a number of other councillors see as flawed.

At a meeting on November 17 last year, council resolved "that subject to peer reviews of frog, koala, traffic, and water and flood management reports, council (should) approve the Byron Shire Development Control Plan 2014".

Instead, the Planning Minister is pushing council to make the DCP without the reports..                                                                                                                                                                      
"The minister that approved this rezoning never came to Byron and does not understand the site.

"Now this new Planning Minister is doing the same. The State Government ignores what the people of Byron want."

"The previous council did nothing with this DCP - they were happy to accept the one put forward by the developers, whi...


Healthy Welfare Card: Dear Indue Ltd..... North Coast Voices

Unhappy voters on the subject of the cashless debit card also known as the Heathy Welfare Card......

AIM Network, 5 March 2017:
Indue Ltd
C/- Stargroup Ltd
(Formerly ICash Payment Systems, Formerly Reef Mining).
PO Box 523 Toowong
QLD 4066 Australia
P: +61 7 3258 4222
F: +61 7 3258 4211
5 March 2017

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Sunday, 23 April


Turnbull dogwhistles bigots while Trump bluffs and blusters. The AIM Network

  Mr Turnbull identified Australian values as freedom, equality of men and women, the rule of law, democracy and a fair go, and claimed these were uniquely Australian. They are shared with many other democracies but they are in and of themselves unique. Theres something uniquely Australian about them, he said. A haze of fake

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The report card The AIM Network

Former minister and Liberal Party director Andrew Robb recently completed an investigation into the poor performance of the Liberal Party in the 2016 federal election. Yes, they won by a whisker, but losing 14 seats is a drubbing. Former PM Abbotts chief of staff, Peta Credlin, writing for the Daily Telegraph has her theory On

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Australia, diversity and Muslims Independent Australia

Australia, diversity and MuslimsIslam is incredibly diverse so why is it we only discuss the extreme elements of the religion? read now...


You black bastard Offensive, friendly banter, somewhere in between or both? "IndyWatch Feed"

There is no justification for racial discrimination, in theory or in practice, anywhere and certainly not in Britain or Australia.

lead lead Sun columnist Kelvin MacKenzie suspended from the newspaper, April 14, 2017. Lewis Whyld/Press Association. All rights reserved.The Sun publishes an article comparing a black Everton player to a gorilla. While the reporter denies that his piece could be seen as racist, The Sun issues an apology. How might the law deal with this situation? Was the original article racist, defamatory, ignorant or simply fair comment?

Is Australia Racist?

Just a little earlier, this issue had been debated, if that's not too strong a word for the discussions that took place, in Australia. A committee of the Australian Senate considered options for revising the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA), while a publicly-owned broadcaster, SBS, ran a series under the heading Is Australia Racist? and another Murdoch paper, The Australian had provoked outrage by publishing a cartoon by Bill Leak, a favourite of the Right, depicting a police officer handing an indigenous teenager over to the boy's father while telling him to keep the boy under control. The father responds Okay. What's his name?  

The RDA had been introduced by the reforming and ill-fated Whitlam Labor Government in 1975 to embody the spirit of the UN's International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination, which came into force in 1969 and which the RDA ratified, and particularly its insistence that there is no justification for racial discrimination, in theory or in practice, anywhere. Along with SBS, the RDA is one of the few Whitlam legacies to have survived more or less unscathed into the twenty-first century, although it was, in fact, strengthened by another Labor Government's 1995 Racial Hatred Act which...


In which the pond celebrates Murdochian values with Akker Dakker and the Devine ... loon pond

The pond couldn't resist starting with a comedy item in the Sunday Terror about the Manly Mauler ... so desperate in his attention-seeking that anything is possible.

Naturally the notion of a 59 year old onion munching fool was discussed solemnly on The Insiders, but the pond had other things in mind ... an outing to the car wash, the only chance the pond gets these days to come into contact with actual tree-killing editions of the gutter tabloid press ...

The car wash means well, it's not their fault that pornography and filth turn up on their coffee tables ...

The pond couldn't help but notice in the digital edition of the Terror that there was a shocking example of unAustralian values at work ...

Akker Dakker had been displaced from the opinion splashes yet again by a couple of skirts ...

In the tree killer edition, Akker Dakker took his rightful place next to the Terrorist editorial ...

The Devine was deeper into the rag, but she was given delightful wombles as a witty illustration, and a whole page to herself ...



Cold Turkey: Erdogan's withdrawal from democracy Independent Australia

Cold Turkey: Erdogan's withdrawal from democracyTess Lawrence uncovers troubling evidence of autocracy and corruption in Turkey's ruling Erdogan family. read now...


Whos running this show? The AIM Network

When asked about the conditions of the written agreement between the Liberals and Nationals to form a Coalition government after last years election, Barnaby Joyce said The first aspiration is the agreement remains confidential. Thats aspiration one, two, three, four, five and six. What did they have to hide? As Mark Kenny put it, to

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The Biggest Problem With Labors Negative Gearing Policy The AIM Network

Looking at the register of pecuniary interests, one cant help but notice the number of politicians with more than one property. Actually, when you look at the number of properties, its tempting to suggest that were they all required to divest themselves of all real estate investments, then thatd go more than halfway toward solving

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The report card The Political Sword

Former minister and Liberal Party director Andrew Robb recently completed an investigation into the poor performance of the Liberal Party in the 2016 federal election. Yes, they won by a whisker, but losing 14 seats is a drubbing. Former PM Abbotts chief of staff, Peta Credlin, writing for the Daily Telegraph has her theory

On two separate occasions over the past 10 years, Malcolm Turnbull has plotted to seize the Liberal Party leadership from the incumbent. On both occasions, the polls hit high highs, and then low lows. On both occasions, the base deserted Turnbull and on both occasions, the considered judgment was he had a plan to take the leadership but he had no plan to run the party, or the country.
Robb was probably a little less biased, claiming according to Fairfax media
The review argues the party needs to "recognise and respond to the fact that the next campaign effectively begins the day after polling day" and establish a structured research operation that provides politicians with a "continuous understanding of community sentiment" towards policy.

It argues Liberals must "while governing for all, at all times respect, and be seen to be respecting our base".

This underlines the party's need to focus on the mainstream - necessary to win elections - while also pleasing core conservative supporters who demand action on deeply held but potentially divisive policy positions, such as free speech and tax cuts.
Both Credlin and Robb are pushing the same argument. A political party must appear to have a plan to be successful. The plan must be continually honed to be attractive to the particular requirements of the rusted-on supporters as well as society in general. The alternative is the proverbial baseball bats on the verandah at the next election, to which a number of ALP politicians as well as Newman, Barnett, and Turnbull can personally attest. It is a lesson that is forgotten more often than remembered apparently. Opinion polls would suggest that Turnbull hasnt learnt the lesson.

One of Turnbulls actions in the last session of Parliament was to steer tax cuts for business through the House of Representatives and the...


In which the pond does time with a white feather woman, aka petulant Peta ... loon pond

(An anonymous note written on the back of what is thought to be a 10 year old boy's picture: What a promising boy Now wear this brooch and buttons and your frilly white dress. Whilst your brother goes to war (his older brother was 16 at the time and a member of the Royal Field Artillery), riding gallantly, the town all sees your ways Chicken you are!! - here).

The pond would like to approach today's reptile column cautiously and indirectly, by noting one of the more contemptible aspects of World War One, a war notorious for introducing a vast range of contemptible ways of making war, from chemical weapons to warm bodies being treated as mindless bullet and munitions stoppers ... and that's before we get on to the vast meaninglessness and futility of the enterprise in which so many innocents were lost for no good reason, and others who survived had their lives ruined ...

This particular contemptible phenomenon featured women, and it involved an idea which devolved from a group of women who formed an Order of the White Feather (as noted above, more here).

This noxious, cowardly, devious, nasty, toxic notion involved flourishing white feathers at men so that they might be shamed into heading off to war ...


Day to Day Politics: Destroying what we stand for. The AIM Network

Sunday 23 April 2017 Its a lazy Sunday. Theres not much on. Rain is falling on corrugated roof creating a rhythm of thought-provoking questions that are not easily put aside. The word democracy keeps insinuating itself upon me. I know I have written about it unendingly but the political person who lives within me tells

The post Day to Day Politics: Destroying what we stand for. appeared first on The AIM Network.


Celebrated moral philosopher Peter Singer: Its okay to rape the mentally disabled "IndyWatch Feed"

Do you know someone whos mentally disabled? If so, you should know that celebrated moral philosopher Peter Singer says its okay for them to be raped. Peter Singer, 70, is an Australian moral philosopher who is widely celebrated and recognized Continue reading


Out of the frying pan and into the fire for NSW & Qld regional newspapers? North Coast Voices

In June 2016 when APN News & Media announced that it was selling its faltering Australian regional newspaper operations to News Corp, staffing levels at APN east coast regional newspapers had long ago been pared to the bone.

Now News Corp is also embarking on yet another round of staff reductions and work practice changes across its mastheads.

The Guardian, 11 April 2017:

Rupert Murdochs Australian tabloids are making the majority of their photographers and subeditors redundant in a radical cost-cutting move designed to keep the ailing newspaper business afloat.

The director of editorial management, Campbell Reid, said the restructure of the traditional newsroom was needed to preserve in print and excel in digital.

The Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun and the Courier-Mail are set to lose dozens of staff each the Queensland masthead alone will cut 45 although the company is not revealing the total number of job losses.

The announcement follows a cost-cutting drive in December which saw 42 journalists, artists and photographers made redundant in a bid to slash $40m from News Corp.


Australia has the highest rate of land clearing in the developed world, according to the Dept. of Intergenerational Theft North Coast Voices

Australia has a land mass of 149,50,000 km2 or est. 14.94 billion hectares.


In 2015 only 16.2  per cent of Australias land mass was forest and another 32.7 per cent had another form of tree cover.

There are now only 5 million hectares of primary forest remaining in this country and we are losing an est. 201,600 hectares of this type of forest each year, principally due to commercial logging.

Mangroves now cover only 913,000 hectares of coastal land.

Introduced species tree cover, presumably for commercial forestry and orchards, totalled 1.02 million hectares in 2015.

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Saturday, 22 April


Adversity is good for the soul Catallaxy Files

Read this if you can bear it: David Archibalds WA election diary. This is how it starts:

I have had more than ten years before the mast fighting the global-warmers. Early on in that interminable campaign, when I talked to federal politicians on the subject their eyes would glaze over. I realized they had no interest in stopping the harm to the country. In fact, when a Perth businessman hired a private room in a restaurant so that a few real scientists could give a briefing to Julie Bishop and Mathias Cormann, the response of those two was Change public opinion and we will follow public opinion. No leadership, no sense of right and wrong, no inclination to do the right thing for the country if it meant the slightest bit of effort on their part, or risking any of their political capital.

Its long but filled with the kinds of detail you only wish wasnt true but should know about anyway.


Can you hear the scream? The AIM Network

By Christian Marx The smell of death is in the air Rotting bodies everywhere Killed by Uncle Sam That great murderous sham Killed by greed Bombs rained down upon Sovereign nations in need The corporate filth salivate Stealing food from babies While they bask in hate 10,000 years has taught man naught Ego and avarice

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In which the pond discovers it just isn't Saturday without nattering Ned boring the stockings or socks off someone or other, and especially the pond ... loon pond

The pond has a strict rule in relation to the reptiles and posting.

There's only so much anyone can take, and three posts in a day is simply too much, too perverted, even for swingers dropping their keys in a jumbled heap in The Ice Storm.

One post isn't sufficient, there's always a craving, a needy yearning for more, which is why the pond decided two should be the number. The pond once wrote it down, but will admit to a certain small amount of Pythonish borrowing:

And the pond spake, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Book of Reptiles. Then, shalt thou count to two. No more. No less. Two halt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the postings shall be two. Three shalt thou not post, nor either post thou one, excepting that thou then proceed to two. Five is right out. Once the number two, being the second number, be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Reptiliana towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it."

But what happens if the pond goes for a walk around Camperdown and stumbles on one of the more elegant examples of Telstra infrastructure, a pit surely worthy of the NBN and its boldly marching of the nation into the twenty second century?

How could the pond resist showing off its find? Surely the rule of two isn't completely intractable? What did Harry once say?

And then the pond came across this, with the pleading solemn Watership Down eyes, and the gravitas and the gravity ...oh the nattering 'Ned' gravity ...



Easter John Quiggin

Ive been on holiday over Easter, going to the National Folk Festival in Canberra, which is why I havent posted for a while. One thing that struck me during my break was the Easter editorial in the Oz. In place of the usual vague pieties, it was a full-scale blast of Christianism, demanding that Australians respect the specifically Christian nature of the holiday. This was followed up by Nikki Savva (not someone who has ever struck me as showing any religious feeling) denouncing Bill Shorten for desecrating this sacred holiday with mundane politics.

The underlying assumption is that Australia is a Christian (and, implicitly, white Christian) country and should remain so. This of a piece with the general upsurge of Trumpism, which can be explained, in large measure, as a as a reaction by white Christians against the loss of their assumed position as the social norm.

Understood this way, Trumpism looks like a lost cause in Australia. To be sure, the 2011 Census data showed a majority of nominal Christians (61 per cent), but that seems likely to be quite a bit lower for the 2016 Census, given the combined impact of Demography (older Christians being replaced by secular young people and non-Christian immigrants), Disaffiliation (people consciously abandoning previous Christian affilation) and the Default effect of making No Religion the first option available rather than a residual category as in the past.

To check my impressions on this, I found the McCrindle blog reporting survey results which showed, among other things that
* around 22 per cent of Australian adults attend church at least annually, and around 14 per cent do so regularly
* around 38 per cent answer positively to the statement I consider myself a Christian,
* If spiritual, but not any main religion is added to the usual Census options, around 44 per cent of people would claim a Christian affiliation.
* Australians have positive views of Christians in general, but mostly negative views of Born Again, Evangelical and especially Fundamentalist Christians,

In the past, this kind of division would have been uncorrelated with party politics. But as the Oz illustrates that has obviously ceased to be true, here as in the US.

To finish off, a bit of a contest. Nominate, to the nearest tenth of a per cent, the proportion of Australians (adults and children) giving a Christian affiliation in the 2016 Census . Im going for 53.2 per cent. Id guess that the 2021 Census will be the first in which nominal Christians are a minority.


New Music Through Old Ears: Father Kendricks Body Chain Independent Australia

New Music Through Old Ears: Father Kendricks Body ChainJohn Turnbull checks out recent releases from Body Count, Father John Misty, The Chainsmokers and Kendrick Lamar. read now...


PressTV-VP Pence reassures Australia after Trump spat "IndyWatch Feed"

US Vice President Mike Pence has sought to reassure Australia about the historic alliance between Washington and Canberra, following a spat between the two countries leaders over a refugee resettlement deal. Pence met on Saturday with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other Australian leaders in Sydney. He landed in the country on Friday, his []



PressTV-VP Pence reassures Australia after Trump spat "IndyWatch Feed"

US Vice President Mike Pence has sought to reassure Australia about the historic alliance between Washington and Canberra, following a spat between the two countries leaders over a refugee resettlement deal. Pence met on Saturday with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other Australian leaders in Sydney. He landed in the country on Friday, his []



Transgenders Will Wreck Womens Sports "IndyWatch Feed"

World Net Daily recently published an article[1] titled Female Athletes Crushed By Women Who Were Once Men.  The article documents a number of instances in which biologically male transgenders  have been allowed to compete in womens events and, in some cases, have already begun winning.  The two most notable examples are:

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who was born a man, won the Australian international womens competition March 19.  Hubbard, 39, lifted 591 pounds, nearly 20 pounds more than the woman who won the silver medal

Transgender cyclist Jillian Bearden, a 36-year-old biological male and Colorado Springs native, won the womens division of the El Tour de Tucson in four hours and 26 minutes in November 2016.

Myths, Misunderstandings and Outright lies about owning Gold. Are you at risk?

This should not come as a surprise, given that the most athletic women in the world achieve results similar to boys in their mid-teens.  To establish that fact, below are the womens Olympic records for a number of track and field[2] and weightlifting[3] events[4], with the U.S. boys records[5] for comparison:

... ...
Track and Field Event Womens Olympic Record Boys U.S. Record Boys Age Group
100 meters 10.62 sec 10.7310.54 13-1415-16
200 meters 21.34 21.7720.98 13-1415-16
400 meters 48.25


The political issues in the fight to reject the Victorian teachers EBA "IndyWatch Feed"

The political issues in the fight to reject the Victorian teachers EBA By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) 21 April 2017 Anger is growing among teachers and Education Support (ES) staff in Victoria as they become aware of the real content of the four-year Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) struck between the Australian Education Union []



FIRB approve Dampier-Bunbury gas pipeline $7.3b sale to Chinese Stop Foreign Ownership in Australia

The Dampier-to-Bunbury gas pipeline is set to fall into Chinese foreign hands after Australias Foreign Investment Review Board approved the $7.3 billion purchase of its owner, DUET Group.
A consortium led by Chinese billionaire Li Ka-shings Cheung Kong Infrastructure will secure control of the critical piece of the States energy infrastructure, which supplies domestic gas from North West projects to homes and businesses in Perth and the South West.

DUETs two boards have backed the bid.
The company said today it had been advised by the consortium that Treasurer Scott Morrison had no objection to its proposed acquisition of DUET.

Also, the Treasurers approval was not subject to any conditions that the consortium considers unacceptable.
We are pleased that a key condition in relation to the implementation of the proposed acquisition of DUET Group has now been satisfied, the chairman of DUET Company and DUET Investment Holdings, Doug Halley, said in a statement.
The DUET boards believe that the consortiums proposal fully recognises the value of DUETs operating businesses and the platform for future growth that our management team has created.
DUET securities were 26 cents, or 9.46 per cent, higher at $3.01 at 10.15am.
Its securityholders vote on the proposed takeover at a meeting in Sydney today.
The CKI-led consortium has offered $3.03 in cash for each DUET security, comprising up to $3 for each security and a special distribution of at least three cents per security.
DUET owns and operates energy infrastructure covering generation, gas transmission, and gas and electricity distribution.
Its core assets include the Dampier-Bunbury gas pipeline, United Energy and Multinet Gas.
CKI is a global investor in infrastructure, with assets in the UK, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, mainland China and Hong Kong.
The consortium already has significant investments in Australia, including majority stakes in electricity networks in Victoria and South Australia as well as control of the Envestra gas distribution grid in Victoria.



The world is bat poo crazy The AIM Network

The world is bat poo crazy. Barnaby Joyce is our Deputy Prime Minister, Pauline Hanson is dictating policy, and Spud Duddy is being touted as our next leader. Action on climate change is seen as too expensive. We cant afford foreign aid for our neighbours but we can afford $400 billion for new war toys

The post The world is bat poo crazy appeared first on The AIM Network.


In which the pond spends some quality Saturday time with a deeply stupid woman ... loon pond

Nothing's surer to get the pond's attention than disgruntled millionaires getting behind petulant Peta and positioning her for a power play ...

But wait, this is Saturday and it's time for eine kleine nachtmusick, or if you will, the deeply stupid whining, shrieking and wailing of a deeply stupid woman ...

Before starting on the journey, the pond would just like to play tribute to DJ Albo, who has been out and about lathering up a storm for Record Store Day

The pond suspects that it and DJ Albo's musical tastes might not entirely coincide, but if Blake could see heaven in a grain of sand, then the pond can pretty much hear it in every kind of music, be it on the Motown label or coming from Alexander Mosolov pounding away in The Iron Foundry... and whatever else might be said about DJ Albo, he clearly loves his music ...

The pond mentions Mosolov because (a) he was Russian, a composer who got done over by Stalin's mob of philistines, and (b) the piece isn't the sort of wimpy shit that dumbbells like when they talk of music as wallpaper.

The one thing guaranteed to send the pond into a frenzy is some fuckwit talking about the way they love to have classical music on as " musical wallpaper".

If you want wallpaper, wouldn't this be better suited to your taste?


Putin and Exxon win trillions to destroy the planet The AIM Network

By LeftOfCentre U.S. Secretary of State, Rex (RExxon) Tillerson forged a massive venture with Russian-owned oil company and Putins gravy train, Rosneft in 2012. But then Vladimir decided to invade Ukraine and Obama had no choice but to issue sanctions upon Russia, putting a halt to any progress on this massive project. This was a

The post Putin and Exxon win trillions to destroy the planet appeared first on The AIM Network.


VP Mike Pence and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Joint Press Conference 9:30pm Live Stream "IndyWatch Feed"

Vice President Mike Pence is in Australia today and will be attending a joint press conference with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at 9:30pm tonight (U.S Eastern). PM Turnbull previously began the relationship with the Trump administration poorly by attempting to Continue reading


Know thine enemy Catallaxy Files

There is something so lacking in resolve among the supposed right side of the political spectrum that I am at a loss to understand how to get others to see what is right before their eyes. The left knows its own. They can tell from the phrases they all use, their uniformity of perspective on every issue, their inability to reason and make sense of a contrary argument, that they are part of that side of the political world. Comments on my post on John Brennan dealing with Guess who was a supporter of the American Communist Party at the height of the Cold War has led me to put up this post as a response.

The first of these comments is just empty rhetoric from some Democrat/Hillary troll (however he might deny it) and is hardly worth a moments thought. But given that I had been on the left in my youth, one of the many things I have learned is that the most perfect dye-marker of someone who no longer has those views is that they never leave anyone in doubt about the ways their political beliefs have changed by their unrelenting criticisms of the left. Brennan has never said a word to indicate he has changed his political beliefs and was appointed by Obama! If you think he was ideologically a different man in 2013 than he was in 1976, when he could not even bring himself to vote for Jimmy Carter for heavens sake, you really ought to rethink these things again.

This comment is purely incoherent:

You cant have it both ways Kates. On one hand you are complaining that a pinko ran the CIA. On the other you defend Trumps assertions that Putins Russia is no worse than the USA! Make up your mind (if thats at all possible).

These others, however, make a valid point, I suppose, but seem to be merely a preference to do nothing even as a three-alarm fire is raging right before them. Those asking that we investigate further whether the beliefs that John Brennan hold have changed in a more benign direction are, Im afraid, forms of rhetorical junk. What genuine point do they make unless they have some reason to think that if we spent time and effort looking more closely at Brennans current views something else might turn up?

Christopher Hitchens was a Trotskyist around the same time.

Steve do you agree with what you thought in 1976?

The traffic from left to right is very thin. With no exception I can think of, all of the people I associated with in my student days have not changed their politics in any way other than to follow whatever the modern fashion might be. To remain friends, we just have to stay off certain topics, which is all right since I see them only every year or so at the most. I have a friend from my university days who went on to become Vice-President of a major Canadian insurance company,...


Y the homeless Generation? Pity the Millennials Independent Australia

Y the homeless Generation? Pity the MillennialsThe dream of home ownership is turning into a nightmare for the younger generation, writes Frank O'Shea. read now...


In which the pond seeks the comfort and sage wisdom of prattling Polonius ... loon pond

The pond is acutely aware that its subject matter is limited. 

Having enjoyed the croc roll of doom yesterday, why should the pond return to the croc roll early on Saturday?

Is the pond so deep in gratuitous vulgar entertainment that all it can do is yearn for 'blut und tod', and the more the better, and cry out for the return of the Saturdee matinee?

But of course it is because prattling Polonius has offered up his sage advice, with the reptiles considering it so important they gave it two different headings, as a way of luring in lost souls, in need of reform and understanding ...

On the one hand it seems it's all Malware's fault, on the other it seems we are in company with a political colossus, an onion muncher worthy of evoking the magical names of Churchill and Ming the Merciless, oh and with a dash of FDR, if you don't mind waiter ...

Now there will always be sceptics in the room, suggesting the pond head off to others for a more sensible perspective. Why, there's Laurie Oakes scribbling for the Terrorists (well it helps to have one sane person in the room) ...

Oakes demolished that dodo Gra Gra for openers ...



Day #6 Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks in Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed"

Prior to departing Indonesia (Day #5/#6) to begin a visit in Australia (Day #6/#7), Vice-President Pence delivered remarks at ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, in Indonesia. Transcript of Remarks with President Widodo Transcript of Remarks at ASEAN Vice-President Continue reading


Day to Day Politics: They may survive on life support. The AIM Network

Saturday 22 April 2017 1 It was calculated that with a Newspoll due on Monday that the blatantly racist political moves on Citizenship and 457 visas would cause a lift in the polls for the Coalition and the Prime Minister. Although both were announced with all the characteristics of a party at war with itself,

The post Day to Day Politics: They may survive on life support. appeared first on The AIM Network.

Monday, 13 February


Australia uneasy over Chinese influence in PNG amid increasing infrastructure investment "IndyWatch Feed"

In the mountains near Port Moresby, a new road and new steel bridge mark the site of Papua New Guineas most recent hydroelectricity project.
The $260 million Edevu Hydro Project is a private development, but PNG Government ministers say it is being funded by the China Development Bank.
The project is one of several major infrastructure developments in PNG funded or built by the Chinese Government.
PNG projects funded by Chinese loans

Port Moresby roads: $102 million

National Broadband Network: $67 million

National Identity Card register: $63 million

Government Information Systems: $60 million

Kokopo town sewage: $28 million

Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (Madang): $14 million

It will be a development for the local economy, Chinas ambassador to PNG, Li Ruiyou, said at the launch.
It will be beneficial for the local people and it also will be a promotion for the cooperation between the two countries.

Australias defence and diplomatic community are privately expressing unease about Chinas growing influence in Papua New Guinea, where the Chinese Government is investing billions in infrastructure and business development.
Chinese Government companies are building roads in the highlands and to the Lae airport, and redeveloping Laes port.
The Chinese Government has also lent the PNG Government hundreds of millions of dollars to build roads in Port Moresby, create a National Broadband Network and a National Identity Card system and develop a system to share information between government departments.
Unlike Australia, which delivers its aid primarily through grants to specific programs, China delivers its aid via concessional loans.

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