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Sunday, 28 May


Less is more John Quiggin

Reading the news, I find a lot of items demonstrating a scale of values that makes no sense to me. Some are important in the grand scheme of things, some are less so, but perhaps more relevant to me. I think about writing posts but dont find the time. So here are a few examples, which you are welcome to chew over.

* Blowing things and people up is seen as a demonstration of clarity and resolve (unless someone is doing it to us, in which case its correctly recognised as cowardly and evil). The most striking recent example (on our side) was the instant and near-universal approval of Trumps bombing of an airfield in Syria, which had no effect at all on events there. In this case, there was some pushback, which is a sign of hope, I guess.

* The significance of art and artists is determined by the whims of billionaires. Referring to the sale of a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat for over $100 million the New York Times says

most agree that the Basquiat sale has cemented his place in the revenue pantheon with Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon; confirming that he is not some passing trend; and forcing major museums to acknowledge that, by not having the artist in their collections, they passed over a crucial figure in art history.


* As far as economic research is concerned, less is more. More precisely, an academic economist with a small number of publications in top-rated journals is better regarded by other economists than one with an equal (or even somewhat larger) number of good journal publications along with more research published in less prestigious outlets. I can vouch for that, though its less of a problem in Australia than in less peripheral locations. I have the impression that the same is true in other fields, but would be interested in comments.

[fn1] To be fair, this is preceded by a brief acknowledgement that auction prices dont necessarily translate into intrinsic value, but theres no suggestion that any other measure of intrinsic value is worth considering.



Advocacy with heads and hearts: Three recent refugee books reviewed Independent Australia

Advocacy with heads and hearts: Three recent refugee books reviewedKevin Bain reviews three new books about Australia and the world's intractable and contentious refugee crisis. read now...


In which the pond does a jumbo survey of reptile hate speech ... loon pond

The pond just wanted to start with that story - the full story is at Fairfax here  - just to show it's aware of the real world, and real disasters affecting many, many young people ...

The rorting in the sector is astonishing and unconscionable ...

But the pond doesn't deal in the real world, the pond deals in the paranoid, phobic, delusional world of the hate mongering, foaming and frenzied reptile commentariat ...

And this weekend shows what it's like when the murmuration of starlings swirls in unison ...

Now this isn't for the faint-hearted, this mega pond edition of fear and loathing ... and the pond, to help keep it short and not being into victim porn, has deleted images of those recent victims of Islamic terror who have suffered mightily, without being used in the various kinds of verbal jihads as some justification for extremism...

Nor has the pond bothered much with editorial comment. Being a jumbo pack of hate, the reptiles' words can speak for themselves.

Armchair warriors, verbal jihadists, all the usual comments apply, as we take the reptiles in the order listed by the holy Terror ...



Some people just shouldnt be handed the microphone The AIM Network

Every day, the One Nation circus sounds more and more like bad karaoke. Paulines discordant screeching echoes through parliament and the media as she sings loudly to the sounds coming through her headphones headphones which conveniently filter out any evidential noise. At Senate estimates, Pauline appeared all guns blazing and directed at the head

The post Some people just shouldnt be handed the microphone appeared first on The AIM Network.


Guest Post: Helen A letter to Keith Windschuttle Catallaxy Files

Dear Keith,

I have been a premium subscriber for some years now since the great defunding with the hope of shutting Quadrant down in the process. I have no evidence for this but believe it to be true.

Even through the Live-Ex ban when things were very hard for us, and I had to let a lot of things go, I kept subscribing.

I subscribed because I believed we need the right to say what we conservatives think and the missive to do it with. Quadrant is the place where you find common sense and no PC opinions.

It is the antithesis of the ABC who tell us what we should think and say according to the latest SJW meme.

So it was wonderful for me to read Rogers piece, which summed up exactly what I thought, too. And in so doing, gave my voice, a forgotten voice, a larger airing.

For the piece to be pulled means I really dont matter, that Australia really has gone over the edge, that the people who hounded Bill Leak have won.

I can understand the idea that limited resources to fund warfare defence means it is better to live to fight another day. I believe there would have been money pouring in to fund the defence, from us forgotten and bloody well fed up people. But that opportunity to take the fight to them has passed. And will make it harder for the next person to do so.

Further, I cannot understand why Nick Cater had to be so grovelingly craven in his obsequious apology to the ABC.

Why couldnt he do a Trump and up you? to them? Does the man have no spine? Is he not an advocate for free speech after all? Is he a deep cell SJW?

And that brings me to my personal dilemma.

If the Quadrant Board are so gutless that they think they should sack Roger Franklin as on line editor, then I am afraid that Quadrant no longer has the courage to voice my voice and I will not be renewing my subscription, in any form.

I expect at the coming board meeting that the board will fully endorse Roger and announce this publicly. To do do any less is appeasement in its most basic form. And we know where that ends up.

Kind Regards



Australian Politics An Aimless Discourse? The AIM Network

We need an immediate shift from the current aimless national political discourse and we must insist upon politics with clear definable aims. The involvement of more young people in politics is now urgent. We need young voices now, not later. After an absence from blogging and a period of reflection, here are some suggestions. Reverse-Phenomenology

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Guest Post: Peter OBrien on Aboriginal Recognition Catallaxy Files

We are led to believe that there is overwhelming public support for indigenous recognition in the Constitution.  All that remains is for a formula to be developed that is acceptable to both indigenous Australians and the Australian population at large.  This we are told will reconcile the two groups.  All sides of politics have subscribed to this view, the general idea being bipartisan but, Labor in particular is unable to resist politicking around the edges such is the febrile nature of our body politic at the moment.

But reading Stephen FitzPatricks piece in the Weekend Australian is instructive.

He starts off by telling us that:

Indigenous leaders have issued a united challenge to Malcolm Turnbull to back a constitutionally recognised Aboriginal voice to parliament that would influence legislation, and a separate process leading to treaties.

Which leads one to ask, why is it a challenge?  Why such confrontational language?  Why not invited, recommended or requested?  Have not both the Coalition and Labor pledged bipartisan support for some form of recognition?  Why did they not issue the challenge also to Bill Shorten, given the hideous prospect that he may be the Prime Minister by the time anything comes of this?

He then goes on to say:

Indigenous leaders called for a referendum to be put to the Australian people to provide constitutional reforms to empower our people and take a rightful place in our own country.

Which leads one to ask, in what way are they not empowered now?  They can vote, they can stand for Parliament, they can attend school and university, they can freely travel to wherever opportunity beckons, they can say whatever they like without fear of persecution, they can marry whom they like, they have access to grants and programs not available to others and so on.

One could argue that many are not economically empowered but that applies equally to the general population.  And failure to redress this problem is not for want of money and good intentions over many decades.

And what is their rightful place in their own country if it is not defined as full citizenship?

In what way is Stan Grant, for example, disempowered?   What is Professor Marcia Langtons rightful place in our country?

Are we, in fact, talking about the same country?  According to the official Statement issued by the Referendum Council sovereignty has never been ceded o...


America what have you done? The Political Sword

If Leo Tolstoy were alive today, instead of creating Anna Karenina he might find writing Donald John Trump more intriguing. I suspect he would again begin with similar memorable words: "Happy presidencies are all alike; every unhappy presidency is unhappy in its own way."

Just beyond its three-month mark, Trumps presidency is already uniquely unhappy, sad, chaotic, unpredictable, reckless, irrational, erratic, and ignorant. His Republican colleagues find it bewildering and jarring; much of the American electorate find it bitterly discouraging; and the rest of the free world, extremely dangerous.

And even as the Trump saga is being wrapped in words by the media, day after day, hour after hour, it is becoming more grotesque, more astonishing, and more alarming.

Trump is in the midst of a diplomatic firestorm centred on what he did or did not say to Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office. His account of it varies depending upon what random thought happens to be traversing his unruly mind when he speaks or tweets.

At first there was denial of the Washington Post report of Trumps disclosure of intelligence information that could jeopardise a crucial intelligence source, in this instance probably Israel. Like a small child showing off his toys, he even boasted to Lavrov I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day.

Then, when Trump realized that the truth could no longer be denied, he declared that he had every right to disclose such intelligence, and that his actions were wholly appropriate. This seemed to fly in the face of the outright denial by National Security Advisor H R McMaster The President engaged in routine sharing of information and nothing morethe story that came out tonight is false. I was in the room, it didnt happen. Time will expose the truth, which any sane president ought to know. Even crooked Nixon knew that!

Then there was the sacking of FBI chief James Comey. The story changed by the day. Trump said Comey asked to have dinner with him, a highly improbable scenario. Then Trump said Comey asked him that he keep his job, an implausible tale. Then he said that Comey reassured him three times that he was not under investigation. It is beyond belief that an FBI director would reveal such information even if it were true, which it was not.

Then Trump allegedly asked Comey to wind up the investigation into former national security adviser, Michael Flynn with: I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn goHes a good guy. I hope you can let this go. General Flynn resigned after being confronted with the fact that h...


Makaratta: because its time for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The AIM Network

As a child growing up here in Australia, I was taught two big lies about Australias history: Lie number one: that Australia was uninhabited when the Brits landed here. Sure there were some friendly Aboriginal peoples here we were taught, but they were a nomadic people with no sense of ownership of the land.

The post Makaratta: because its time for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. appeared first on The AIM Network.


In which the pond lightens the Sunday mood with a full court press Devine dalliance ... loon pond

Ah the good old days when a deodorant could turn someone away from Hitler's possibly hairy armpits ...

And now more recently...

Well there's a comical irony at play ... the labeller accusing others of labelling ...

The pond was astonished to be reminded that Akker Dakker and Miranda the Devine have been scribbling columns in the same space as long ago as the early 90s, back in the day when the Mirror folded, and for a brief time the rag became known as the Daily Terror Mirror ...

So much hate, so many dead trees, so much landfill ...

And yet they were still at it this very day, with the trio gone militant and feral in the usual way about the Islamics ...

But this being Sunday, the pond should take a break from shooting to kill and talk about the prayerful elephant in the room, the recent fuss about Margaret Court ...

More to the point, the pond should talk about Godwin's Law ... now so frequently broken it has become meaningless and lost in time ...



Might monogamy be the real sexual revolution? Independent Australia

Might monogamy be the real sexual revolution?Many of us assumed free-love promiscuity was radical but is it? Dr Mark Manolopoulos discusses. read now...


Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing Catallaxy Files

Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.

John Stuart Mill (1867)

This is quite the opposite from the best advice I can give is for good men and women to bite their tongues and to carry on.

We live in the best civilisation the planet has yet been able to construct more free, more prosperous, more tolerant than any that has ever before existed yet we are very near to descending into a dark age none of us or our children or our childrens children will then ever live to see end of. Just this, going on right now, should scare you into some clear thinking about what is before us and what we need to do: BA BANK HOLIDAY CHAOS British Airways cancels ALL flights from Heathrow and Gatwick after systems go down across entire world causing havoc for British holidaymakers but airline denies cyber attack. Nihilism is a genuine force in the world. This lovely life we have constructed has enemies as depraved and determined as any we have ever faced, some outside the wall and some within, who would see our way of life obliterated. And make no mistake, they will do it if they can. And they can and will if we let them. And unless we become determined to fight them at every turn, we will lose.

In the world we are in there is one big issue, so large the others near enough do not count.

And its true, its not anger we need but a clear-headed resolve. We need this to be just the start: Dutton says best outcome for Australians fighting in Syria is to get killed over there and he didnt mean our soldiers. I am happy to welcome Janet onto this side of the fig...


Australian case law has a Minties Moment North Coast Voices

The applicant appeared in person, having declined the opportunity to be represented by a solicitor funded by a grant of legal aid. Her stated reason for having done so is that as a Druid (Celtic Pagan Priest) being represented by a solicitor in Court is not an option. According to Strabo, druids were once held in such high regard that they could quell any private or public dispute, including a stand-off between opposing armies: Geographica at 4.4.4. Their jurisdiction was divine and limitless. By contrast, and fortunately for the applicant, the jurisdiction of Australian inferior courts is statutory and limited. [Morgan v District Court of New South Wales [2017] NSWCA 105, 23 May 2017]

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Saturday, 27 May


Did Comey knowingly act on a bogus piece of Russian intelligence? The AIM Network

By VegasJessie James Comey did not want to further discredit the DOJ and the FBI, so his bizarre actions regarding the document recently revealed to be Russian propaganda are of great interest to those of us trying to figure out how he was so complicit in the disastrous 2016 election. CNN reports that Comey knew

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In which the pond provides some ancient Polonial gobbets for analysis ... loon pond

A pond reader wondered what prattling Polonius had scribbled which had so provoked Rev Doctor Peter Matheson, quoted in the previous post ...

Being devoted to ancient history, the pond thought it might be good to disinter Polonius's original scribble, with appropriate Onward Xian soldiers, marching off to war lyrics at the start to get into the right martial mood.

This Polonial original can be googled, but the pond thought it more fun to present it as a reading - questions won't be asked later.

As a warm-up, why not enjoy Polonius getting agitated at Crikey (also able to be googled here):

Uh huh ... there seems to be a teeny weensy walkback going on there ... and so to that reading ...

A challenging proposition, but Polonius met it with a stiff upper lip.

You see, not to put too fine or subtle a point on it, forget all that talk about suffering humanity, war is good ...



Welfare Dependency More Pressing Than Depressing Declares Minister! The AIM Network

Alan Sludge, the Almost-human Services Minister, has told a $300 a head lunch at Sydneys Hilton Hotel that welfare dependency as the most pressing problem facing Australias social security system. Speaking at a lunch for The Centre For Economic Development, Mr Sludge told people, Basically, its poison for the unemployed. As we all know the

The post Welfare Dependency More Pressing Than Depressing Declares Minister! appeared first on The AIM Network.


The illusion of the French elections The AIM Network

By Isidoros Karderinis The election of the Europeanist Macron, who is a real child of the banking system and of the forces of globalization, to the presidency of France has prevented, on the one hand, the automatic activation of the decomposing procedures of a European Union that is under the German control and has created,

The post The illusion of the French elections appeared first on The AIM Network.


In which the pond thinks soma might be the solution for Dame Slap, the dog botherer and prattling Polonius ... loon pond

Actually the sight of an agitated anger monger getting out of her leather chair, to play war general and hand out white feathers to anyone in the vicinity, is a sure sign that the angry reptiles of Oz are moving to a war footing yet again ...

Why would that be?

Uh huh, a curious thing happened with that splash, which linked to a tag "Taking on Terror", but which dropped another early link - it originally looked like this, with a link to an un-warlike story:


It's easy enough to see why that link dropped out ... fancy this heretic daring to mention mistakes in Afghanistan ...

Clearly he deserves a white feather from Dame Slap ...

At the same time as Dame Slap was demanding anger - as opposed to civilisation and humanity - other reptiles were heeding the call to arms ...



An open letter to moderate, peace-loving Muslims The AIM Network

By Michael Frost Dear moderate, peace-loving Muslims, I know every time there is a major Islamic-inspired terrorist incident youre called on by angry radio hosts and newscasters to renounce all violence and condemn the perpetrators. And every time this happens your imams and muftis release such statements and appear before the cameras reading them to us.

The post An open letter to moderate, peace-loving Muslims appeared first on The AIM Network.


Get angry? Why? Angry at whom? Catallaxy Files

Janet Albrechtsen has an otherwise excellent op-ed in the Australian this morning.

First Islamic terrorists chose to kill Jews in their homeland and beyond. Then they murdered Americans working in New Yorks tall buildings. They murdered people travelling on London trains and buses, too, then French journalists and cartoonists.

Islamic terrorists struck Paris again, slaughtering people at a rock concert and in nearby restaurants. Islamic terrorists blew up people at an airport and a train station in Brussels and drove into people strolling along Nices promenade, people walking along Londons Westminster Bridge. A Copenhagen street, the Boston Marathon, a Sydney cafe, Berlins Christmas markets, a pedestrian mall in Stockholm, Christians, Yazidis and Muslims across the Middle East. Thousands slaughtered by Islamic terrorists with no borders, physical or moral.

On Monday, Islamic terrorists murdered children in Manchester.

That list is incomplete. But what should we do?

Keep calm and carry on? No. Not again. Evil triumphs when good men and women do nothing more than offer up platitudes, light candles, post hashtags and recite poems.

Ordinarily Id agree with Janet. But after the events of this week, why bother? In addition to Janet being angry, and Brendan ONeill being angry,  Piers Morgan being angry, our good friend Roger Franklin got angry too.   Roger asked, what I thought, a perfectly good question:

What if that blast had detonated in an Ultimo TV studio? Unlike those young girls in Manchester, their lives snuffed out before they could begin, none of the panels likely casualties would have represented the slightest reduction in humanitys intelligence, decency, empathy or honesty.

True an early version, quickly retracted, was a bit more intemperate but the question remains valid. Yet this allowed the moral outrage of liars and fools to side step the fact that mere hours before...


Screen Themes: John Wick Chapter 2 vs Hunt for the Wilderpeople Independent Australia

Screen Themes: John Wick Chapter 2 vs Hunt for the WilderpeopleWhat could an action movie about an unstoppable killer and family flick about an overweight Kiwi kid have in common? read now...


Dredd on the nanny state Catallaxy Files

A few weeks ago I invested in the entire Judge Dredd Complete Case Files (strictly speaking I bought all the ones I didnt already own) and have been working my way through them. Long haul flights to Europe have contributed to that effort. Last night I re-discovered this gem from about 1990 in the countdown to Necropolis story arc.

Readers who dont know the Judge Dredd character and want to learn more should watch this YouTube clip.


Michael Pucci: The One Nation standover man Independent Australia

Michael Pucci: The One Nation standover manOne Nation's Queensland campaign manager, former U.S. Marine Michael Pucci, is a bully and a prat. read now...


Surely this is a form of insanity Catallaxy Files

Whats the technical term for evading reality? Whatever it is, this is the worst example I have seen: Trump talks terrorism while Europe shouts Climate!:

While terrorism may top President Donald Trumps agenda, European leaders keep pressing him on climate change and the environment.

French President Emmanuel Macron worked on Trump during lunch Thursday, urging the U.S. president not to ditch the 196-nation Paris Agreement on climate change before getting on a plane to Sicily, Italy.

My wish is that the United States takes no hurried decision, Macron said Thursday after meeting with Trump in Brussels. . . .

The Trump campaign pledged to pull out of the deal, which Trump has criticized as being bad for American workers. And he called climate change a hoax created by China.

The administration delayed its decision until after its five-country, nine-day foreign trip through the Middle East and Europe. Allies have taken the opportunity to try to take the administrations temperature on the issue and press him during their time in this beautiful ancient city on the importance of protecting the earth.

Senate Democrats joined the push. In anticipation of the conference, 40 Senate Democrats signed a letter to the president urging him not back out of the international agreement.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters on Air Force One on Wednesday that a decision on the agreement had yet to be made.

He called it a difficult balancing act to address climate change while keeping the economy thriving.

Were still thinking about that, Tillerson said. He hasnt made a final decision.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will also be at the G7, told supporters Tuesday at a meeting on the environment that she would press the administration.

I am still trying to convince the doubters, Merkel said.

Wanting to protect the environment is not in any way the same as being taken in by the global warming swindle.

AND LET ME ADD THIS: From Drudge right now:

WEEKEND: Vegas Boosts Memorial Day Security After ISIS Threat
Ramadan Warning
DHS chief: Youd never leave house with my terror info

AND SOME MORE FROM THE OZ: Terror risk in Australia has never been greater with the subhead:

Experts say a mass-casualty attack is a matter of where and when, not if



Baring it in Saudi Arabia: Melania Triumps Independent Australia

Baring it in Saudi Arabia: Melania TriumpsThe American First Lady outshines her pussy-grabbing husband on their first overseas tour. read now...


The window of life The AIM Network

Climate change is one of the hottest topics (pardon the pun) when it comes to discussion on this site but we havent published many new climate articles recently so readers, justifiably, have sought out the older articles to continue the exchange of ideas and opinions. A new article is clearly overdue. And I have just

The post The window of life appeared first on The AIM Network.


Memo to Australian Christians. We are not being persecuted. Were just unpopular

No Margaret youre not being bullied

This week former tennis great Margaret Court became the focus of media attention when she published an open letter in the West Australian newspaper declaring she would be boycotting Qantas because of statements by the company CEO in favour of gay marriage. The backlash was swift, from tweets by other tennis greats, to Tennis Australia distancing itself from Margaret Courts position, to calls for the Margaret Court Arena to be renamed.

I watched an interview on The Project in which Margaret Court claimed that Christians were being persecuted for their views on same-sex marriage and that calls for a change of the name of the Margaret Court Arena amounted to bullying. I think it is certainly true that increasing numbers of Australians are losing patience with the delay in the legalisation of same-sex marriage and have little respect for the arguments against same-sex marriage. The tone of the interviewers on the Project was smug, condescending and at times bordered on mockery.

But the suggestion that Christians face persecution, that they no longer have freedom of speech, and that they are being bullied is ridiculous. Margaret Court published an open letter in one of Australias major newspapers invoking her status as a tennis great (as you will know, Ive represented Australia many times and have the proud record of never having lost a tennis match while playing for my country) declaring her intention to boycott Qantas. It is disingenuous to claim she is being bullied when people respond in exactly the same fashion by calling for a boycott of her name on the arena and offering public commentary on her open letter. This is not persecution. No one is suggesting she be thrown in prison. This is not a silencing. For goodness sake she was published in a major Australian newspaper! This is simply a public of which the majority favour same-sex marriage making its views felt as forcefully as Margaret made hers.

A couple of weeks ago the Anglican church in Sydney distributed thousands of copies of a booklet opposing same-sex marriage to every one of its churches; the ACL regularly publishes arguments against same-sex marriage on its website and is part of an alliance that has legal recognition and its own website advocating for traditional view of marriage; Lyle Shelton is regularly interviewed in popular media; senior political figures such as the treasurer of our country articulate the case against same-sex marriage. No one is being silenced. No ones freedom of speech is under attack. And before people rush to cite the complaint that was brought against the Tasmanian Catholic Archbishop distributing a booklet opposing same-sex marriage, lets remember that the argument was not that the Church had no right to oppose same-sex marriage, but that the booklet suggested that homosexual people were paedophiles.

Are people discourteous on this issue? Yes,...


In which the pond admires the bromancer's optimistic hopes for the Donald doing many good things in a much more conventional way ... loon pond

The pond hates it when a couple of its favourite reptiles bicker and argue.

There's the lizard Oz editorialist using that favourite Canberra word "productive", as in that "meeting was productive, with many notes to file produced ..." (take a note of that Comey), while just above the bromancer was complaining of a lack of gravitas, of a featherweight babbling in the wind ...

It was time for the pond to take a closer look, though sad to say, the lizard Oz editorialist didn't find much to be productive about and restricted his or her productivity to three short pars - apparently the length required for the Donald to pay attention to anything presented to him, though the lack of graphics and illustrations is troubling ...

But at least the header made an appropriate mention of the Donald's name ...

As an attempt at being productive, this has to be called woeful, beyond the valley of usual Murdochian pathetic ...

Of course there's no mention of climate change, but then as the reptiles don't accept the current state of climate science, its implications and the need for action, this is hardly surprising.

But anyone other than an Oz editorialist might wonder how this and other issues have helped the US reassert world leadership ...


Day to Day Politics: Some Pence for your thoughts. The AIM Network

Saturday 27 May 2017 Authors note: For this post I have borrowed heavily from Progressive Secular Humanist site (and others) for views on the Vice President. If hypothetically the President of the United States was impeached and as a consequence the Vice President assumed the office, what difference would it make? What do we know

The post Day to Day Politics: Some Pence for your thoughts. appeared first on The AIM Network.


Imam ADMITS Manchester Terrorist Killed People Believing He Would Be With Prophet Mohammed That Night (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Australian Imam, Tawhidi of the Islamic Association of South Australia did an interview to discuss the Manchester terrorist attack and Islamic terrorism. Instead of deceiving the public, he actually told the truth about Islam and what the Quran teaches Muslims. 

Imam Tawhidi said Islam is a religion of war and that the Manchester terrorist killed people thinking he would be with the prophet Mohammed that night.

Imam Tawhidi: A month doesnt go by without a terrorist attack happening somewhere around the world and for the past 1,400 years, we have had a religion of war. Thats exactly what we have had. This is not athis is not something Im imagining. These are facts, Weve had many wars.

How did Islam spread from Saudi Arabia down to Indonesia and Bosnia? All spread by the sword. Weve had many wars and for someone to come and say these Islamic scriptures have nothing to do with itI mean thats against the facts. Thats not true. The Islamic scriptures is exactly what is pushing these people to behead the infidel.

Let me tell you something. The people that are beheadingthat mister uh uh the person that killed the young girls in Manchester did so believing he was going to die with the prophet Mohammad that very night and that is because the Islamic scriptures tell him.

At this point, the other Muslim on the panel interrupted Imam Tawhidi trying to refute what he was saying. Imam Tawhidi hit back saying, Do not lie to the Australian nation. You cannot sit there and lie to the Australian people. Our books teach the beheading of people!


The post Imam A...


Women & gays: understand how much they hate you Skepticlawyer

I have taken a few pops at feminism of late, because I dont think its doing its core job: defending the civil rights of women and girls. However, sniping from the sidelines is only useful up to a point.

Here I am in the Weekend Australian modelling how I think feminism ought to be done.

I thought those who argued Manchester was an attack on women and girls having fun had a point, and should not have been scoffed at. Most of them, however, refused to bell the cat.

I indulged in no such refusal.

Islamists do not hate our freedom in a nice, uncomplicated way. Would that it were so; they would be easier to fight. They hate women and gays; it is our freedom they especially hate. Even unto little girls.

The monster that lay in wait in the Manchester Arena foyer really did believe Ariana Grande was a Dangerous Woman. In his mind, dangerous because she deals with the devil (and doesnt just sing about it), her fans are hoes, she is uncovered meat. She is dangerous because she is free, because she owns herself, because she has a huge voice, because no man possesses her. And because she is loved by legions of little girls and teenagers (and not a few gay lads) who wish to emulate her.

Islamic extremism is religion made in hell for male losers, men who cannot get women like Grande or any of her fans to sleep with them. It is a war on women who choose their own way. You choose not to sleep with me, not to obey me, so I will kill you.

For that reason, opposition to Islamism must not only be in the name of civilisation or of liberty, but also of libertinism. In the name of women who like to be sexy (and who dont think sexy means sexist), of the glistening gay boys in their underwear on a Mardi Gras float, or the Frenchman bleedin...


Blogs are dead. Long live blogs! slackbastard

Having previously surveyed Journals & Zines and so on and so on, Im now updating my blog links dead and/or resting: a-films (2014) After The Greek Riots / Occupied London [see : libcom] anarchia angry news from around the Continue reading


Quotes of the Week North Coast Voices

Why do so few make it out of poverty? I can tell you from experience it is not because some have more merit than others. It is because being poor is a high-risk gamble. The asymmetry of outcomes for the poor is so enormous because it is so expensive to be poor. Imagine losing a job because your phone was cut off, or blowing off an exam because you spent the day in the ER dealing with something that preventative care would have avoided completely. Something as simple as that can spark a spiral of adversity almost impossible to recover from. The reality is that when youre poor, if you make one mistake, youre done. Everything becomes a sudden-death gamble. [Christian H. Cooper writing at Nautilus on Why Poverty Is Like A Disease, 20 April 2017]

The total rate paid by a high earner on $200,000 is nothing like 50 per cent. The first $18,200 isn't taxed at all because of the tax-free threshold, the next $18,000 is only taxed at 19 per cent, and so on, meaning the total tax taken works out at $71,232 including levies a rate of 35.6 per cent. [Economic Editor for The Age, Peter Martin, writing on 24 May 2017]


Friday, 26 May


Turnbulls new political strategy channels Rudd Drag0nista's Blog

Analysis for Crikey [$].Filed under: Politicians, Politics Tagged: Bill Shorten, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull, strategy, tactics, Tony Abbott


More Adani asterisks John Quiggin

The Palaszczuk government has, unsurprisingly, capitulated to the Adani corporations demands for a tax holiday. To avoid accusations of bias, they have offered the same deal to other new coal projects. If these projects go ahead, the implications for the planet are disastrous. But, at least in Adanis case, there are plenty of reasons to doubt that this will happen.

Its now clear that any investment decision by Adani will involve spending modest sums on land clearing and surveying. Thats enough to keep the option open and avoid writing off the money already spent on the project. But the real decision, which requires bank finance, appears to have been deferred from June 2017 to some time in 2018. The first shipments of coal arent expected until 2020.

My guess is that, before anything of substance happens in the Galilee Basin, Adani will be back with more demands (maybe a Danzig corridor). Sooner or later, theyll make an offer that can be refused, at which point theyll pull up stumps and send in the lawyers asking for compensation.

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Oh what wicked webs we weave The AIM Network

  By feeefall852 Oh what wicked webs we weave When first we practice to deceive. Not far away from where I live, in a bare paddock, amongst thousands of broad cropping acres, there is an abandoned cottage. It was once the home of the Schippan family, the family involved in what has become a most

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ULURU STATEMENT FROM THE HEART, 26 May 20017 North Coast Voices

We, gathered at the 2017 National Constitutional Convention, coming from all points of the southern sky, make this statement from the heart:
Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tribes were the first sovereign Nations of the Australian continent and its adjacent islands, and possessed it under our own laws and customs. This our ancestors did, according to the reckoning of our culture, from the Creation, according to the common law from time immemorial, and according to science more than 60,000 years ago.
This sovereignty is a spiritual notion: the ancestral tie between the land, or mother nature, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who were born therefrom, remain attached thereto, and must one day return thither to be united with our ancestors. This link is the basis of the ownership of the soil, or better, of sovereignty. It has never been ceded or extinguished, and co-exists with the sovereignty of the Crown.
How could it be otherwise? That peoples possessed a land for sixty millennia and this sacred link disappears from world history in merely the last two hundred years?
With substantive constitutional change and structural reform, we believe this ancient sovereignty can shine through as a fuller expression of Australias nationhood.
Proportionally, we are the most incarcerated people on the planet. We are not an innately criminal people. Our children are aliened from their families at unprecedented rates. This cannot be because we have no love for them. And our youth languish in detention in o...


EXCLUSIVE: Chatting to Tshung Chang and why he ran as a ONE NATION candidate in WA The AIM Network

On a recent trip to Perth in March this year I had the opportunity to have lunch with Tshung Chang. If his name doesnt ring a bell, Chang ran as the ONE NATION candidate for the seat of Riverton at the last Western Australia (WA) State Election. The other interesting thing is that Chang is

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The SUWA Show : May 2017 edition w Dr Jason Wilson on #AltRight slackbastard

On this months edition of Floating Anarchy on The SUWA Show (5.30pm /// Friday, May 26 /// 3CR /// 855AM or livestreaming) Dr Cam Smith & I chat w Dr Jason Wilson (The Guardian) about the Alt Right, the far Continue reading

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