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Sunday, 03 June


James Ellis and The Jealous Guys and Two-Step Lesson "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturday 2nd Jun, 8.00pm 11.30pm, The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine

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Friday, 18 May


The must read articles of the week "IndyWatch Feed"

Find them here at Property Update.

But the way, have you signed up for this year's Wealth Retreat yet?

It's coming up soon at Gold Coast - I can't wait!


Money for Blood is Good for All "IndyWatch Feed"

The Economist: For years [Barzin Bahardoust] has been trying to pay Canadians for their blood plasmathe viscous straw-coloured liquid in blood that has remarkable therapeutic powers. When his firm, Canadian Plasma Resources (CPR), tried to open clinics in Ontario in 2014, a campaign by local activists led to a ban by the provincial government on paid plasma collection. Undeterred, he tried another province, Albertawhich also banned the practice last year. Then, on April 26th, when CPR announced a planned centre in British Columbia, its government said it too was considering similar legislation. CPR has managed to open two centres, in far-flung Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. Even these have faced opposition.

The global demand for plasma is growing, and cannot be met through altruistic donations alone. Global plasma exports were worth $126bn in 2016more than exports of aeroplanes.

Only countries that pay for plasma are self-sufficient in it. (Italy, where donors are given time off work, is close to self-sufficiency.) Half of Americas plasma is shipped to Europe20m contributions-worth. Canada imports 80% of its plasma products from America. Australia imports 40% of its plasma products, too.

Its a very odd ethical policy that leads Canadian provinces to ban paying Canadians for plasma but then import paid plasma from the United States. I am one of the signatories (along with Al Roth, Vernon Smith and Gerald Dworkin among others) of a letter that argues for the efficiency and ethics of allowing compensation for blood plasma donation. The Economist riffs of this letter in a very good op-ed:


2018 Human Rights Dinner keynote address by Behrouz Boochani "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dear distinguished guests, fighters for freedom and supporters of justice. Greetings to you all. I would like to acknowledge everyone and thank you for attending tonight.

This is a wonderful opportunity. It gives me great pleasure to communicate with you from Manus Island and present at this event.

I wish to extend a special thank you to Daniel Webb and the Human Rights Law Centre for giving me this valuable opportunity.

The situation on Manus Island and Nauru over the past five years should be no secret to anyone.

The aim of my talk tonight is to add a new dimension to the debates pertaining to punishment, debasement and dehumanisation of individuals held within these sites.

I will not repeat how Australian politicians have inflicted pain and suffering on the innocent refugees locked up in these prisons. The incarceration of people seeking asylum, in particular the children on Nauru, is remarkably cruel and has been exposed in many compelling ways. 

All of the documentation, witness testimonies and other evidence that have been discussed and published until now have proven conclusively that innocent people have been enduring extraordinary forms of physical, emotional and psychological torment. The fact that ten people have lost their lives on Manus Island, Nauru and Christmas Island since 2013 is a despicable crime that needs to be investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.

No one can ignore the fact that people have been killed and thousands of lives destroyed as a result of political power plays.

The use of exile as a political tactic against vulnerable refugees is based on the construction of two concepts: national security and the national interest.

Without a doubt, Australian governments have enacted an extensive propaganda campaign which centres on a perverse account of these two notions. What should be a debate about people about human beings, about children and families has been deliberately poisoned to become a debate about borders and security. As a result, the governments playing this game have been able to manipulate and dictate the majority of public opinion, they have been able to strengthen their support base and galvanise others in support of their policies.

Both Labor and Liberal governments have accrued enormous political profit by using this tactic. Creating a false sense of national security by treating innocent victims of war and persecution as a security threat, and saying it is in the national interest to use any means to keep us out.

But how is it in the national interest to undermine Australias international reputation with these policies? And spend almost $9 billion to do it?

The fact is, Manus Island and Nauru are pivotal...


British Propaganda and DisinformationAn Imperial and Colonial Tradition "IndyWatch Feed National"

British Propaganda and Disinformation: An Imperial and Colonial Tradition

British Propaganda and Disinformation: An Imperial and Colonial Tradition



When it comes to creating bogus news stories and advancing false narratives, the British intelligence services have few peers.

In fact, the Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) has led the way for its American cousins and Britains Commonwealth partners from Canada and Australia to India and Malaysia in the dark art of spreading falsehoods as truths. Recently, the world has witnessed such MI-6 subterfuge in news stories alleging that Russia carried out a novichok nerve agent attack against a Russian migr and his daughter in Salisbury, England. This propaganda barrage was quickly followed by yet another the latest in a series of similar fabrications alleging the Syrian government attacked civilians in Douma, outside of Damascus, with chemical weapons.

It should come as no surprise that American news networks rely on British correspondents stationed in northern Syria and Beirut as their primary sources. MI-6 has...


PERTH Huge fine over WA concrete panels deaths "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Huge fine over WA concrete panels deaths .

May 18, 2018 at 01:45PM .

The fine totalled $160,000 plus $2,200 costs in the Perth Magistrates Court. The two other parties have pleaded not guilty and the cases will be heard .



Cable car catch-up "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Not everyone notices when I post links to updates on the sidebar, so for those who read from the top, just a very quick note that I have updated my old article on polling on the proposed kunanyi/Mt Wellington Cable Car following the release of two new polls by groups opposed to the project.

I thought I'd highlight this with a note at the top because I'm actually mildly annoyed about it.  Up til now it has only been the prospective developers of the cable car through time who have engaged in the usual silly commissioned-poll games involving misleading polls with biased preambles.

Now it's both sides.

If you respect the mountain, you should also respect the facts.


EMRS: No Real Change Since Election "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

EMRS: Liberal 47 (-3.2 from election), Labor 30 (-2.8), Green 14 (+3.7) Ind/Other 8 (+1.2)
Interpretation: Liberal 49.5 (-0.7) Labor 31.5 (-1.3) Green 11 (+0.7) Ind/Other 8
Outcome if election "held now" based on this poll: Liberal majority government (c. 13-9-3)
However it is unlikely in practice Greens would be in a position to regain Bass so quickly.
Poll provides no evidence that any party's support has changed.

The December 2017 EMRS poll, taken three months out from the 2018 state election, proved to be completely unpredictive of the outcome.  It had a 17% swing against the Government (the actual swing in the end was 1%), a 3.2% swing to the Greens (the actual swing was 3.5% against) and an 8% vote for the Jacqui Lambie Network (who in the end got 3.2).  If a poll taken three months out is predictively worse than useless, what can we say of one taken two months into an expected four-year term?

Predictively, nothing at all.  However, the May 2018 poll still does provide some data we can consider.  Just not as much as it used to do, because EMRS have changed the report format.  The new presentation provides pretty graphs in the PDF but no longer includes the old "Table 2" (a breakdown including "undecided" voters), and the number of undecided voters isn't stated in the new report anywhere.  Other Australian pollsters don't generally provide tables including "undecided" either (except for ReachTEL who define the term differently to everyone else) but the percentage of undecided respondents should be published.

What did we learn about EMRS polling at this state election?  The previous four elections EMRS polled at all featured Labor governments and this one featured a Liberal government.  EMRS had been especially prone to underestimate Labor support in the past, but in this case underestimated Liberal support even in its final poll (by 4 points, outside the poll's claimed "margin of error", but this could have been down to voting intention changes over the last week).

What we've seen suggests that if there was a specifically anti-Labor house effect in EMRS polling, it isn't there anymore, but it could be that EMRS polling underestimates the government of the day (whoever it is).  One thing that did follow the script was that EMRS overestimated the Green vote (this time by 1.7 points), as it did in 2006 (by 3.4 points), 2010 (by 6.4 points after redistributing undecided), 2014 (by 3.2 points, albeit a month out).  The pattern here seems to be that the poll is prone to exceed the Green vote by more when the Green vote is high and less when the Green vote is low.  My approach to modelling the Green vote in EMRS this term will be to reduce it by around 20%, and to split...


Cash is king: The fall of Malaysias disgraced first couple "IndyWatch Feed"

With his scandal-tainted career and her reputation as greedy and domineering, Malaysias disgraced former first couple look set to have their names etched in the countrys history books as synonyms for the corruption of power.

AFP/File / by Dan Martin | Former prime minister Najib Razak (C) and his wife Rosmah Mansor were seen as out of touch with ordinary Malaysians

Seemingly secure just a week ago, Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor face a tightening noose as a new government that unexpectedly won elections last week ramps up investigations into allegations of graft and excess that have hung over the pair for years.

The fast-moving developments are a stunning comeuppance for a couple that have towered over Malaysia for a decade but ultimately were brought down by greed and hubris.

The bland patrician son of one of Malaysias founding fathers, Najib, now 64, had been groomed for the prime ministers post from young.

He took over in 2009 but was widely viewed in Malaysia as being heavily influenced by Rosmah, who is two years his senior.

Najib headed the once-invincible ruling coalition that had held power for six decades, but the couple were never embraced by large numbers of ordinary Malaysians.

The UK-educated Najib was seen by many as an aloof elitist with little understanding of Malaysias common citizenry, a perception accentuated by frequent tone-deak gaffes and policies such as the 2015 introduction of a sales tax unpopular with the poor and now set to be eliminated.

Rosmah, meanwhile, has been a constant lightning rod for critics due to her imperious manner and elaborately coiffed mane of hair, which she once complained cost her 1,200 ringgit ($300) per house-call from stylists. Malaysias minimum monthly wage at the time was 900 ringgit.

That and similar episodes caused her to be reviled in a multi-cultural country where most of the population are modest-living Muslims.

Handbag fetish

Opponents would leak flight plans allegedly tracking Rosmahs shopping jaunts aboard government planes to Rome, the US and Australia.

Her luxurious tastes included numerous reports of jewellery purchases costing tens of millions of dollars and a vast collection of designer handbags that has earned comparisons to the famed shoe collection of Imelda Marcos, wife of former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Rosmahs bag fetish was back in the spotlight on Friday, with officials saying they had seized dozens of high-end Hermes and Louis Vuitton bags, cash, and jewels as p...


The Weekend Quiz May 19-20, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. In a fixed coupon government bond auction, the higher is the demand for the bonds the:

2. A sovereign government does not have to issue debt to match any spending above taxation. But the more public debt it voluntarily issues the more difficult it is for banks to attract deposits to initiate loans from.

3. When an external deficit and public deficit coincide, there must be a private sector deficit.



Business Insider Australia - behind the scenes "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Sydney podcast

Down to Sydney today, to record with Business Insider.

Here's a 30-second look 'behind the scenes' at Business Insider Australia.

David Scutt gets ready to record one of the most popular podcasts in Australian business circles, Devils & Details

Recorded in one take, thanks to Rick S, the sound guy.

Ready to record with Editor-in-Chief, Paul 'Colgo' Colgan.

Always great fun to catch up with these guys and talk f...


1) Ambaidiru, The coffee pioneer in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Freeport McMoRan boss arrives at energy ministry for undisclosed meeting
1) Ambaidiru, The coffee pioneer in Papua
admin17 May 2018



Landscape From Far, Far Away "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Visited Phil Henderson's fun exhibition Tyranny and Distance - Landscape From Far, Far Away at the Griffith Regional Theatre


Zimbabwe Mnangagwas Daughter, Grace Mugabe Sucked into Illicit Ivory Trade Court Case "IndyWatch Feed National"

Voice of AmericaMay 14, 2018

FILE - Zimbabwe's first lady, Grace Mugabe, addresses party supporters at a ZANU PF rally in Chinhoyi in this July 29, 2017
FILE Zimbabwes first lady, Grace Mugabe, addresses party supporters at a ZANU PF rally in Chinhoyi in this July 29, 2017

Two ivory dealers have appeared in court facing charges of illegally selling unregistered ivory products in a case which has sucked in former first lady Grace Mugabe and President Emmerson Mnangagwas child, Tariro.

State prosecutor Francis Mukumbiri told the court that Faricken Madzinga and Tafadzwa Madzinga were arrested while attempting to sell ivory worth thousands of dollars to an Australian, Adrian Steirn.

The accuseds attorney Gift Mtisi asked the court to avail some documents showing that Steirn was a journalist, who was allowed to work in Zimbabwe under certain conditions.

Mtisi also wants the state to compel Econet Wireless to release mobile phone conversations linking Steirn to the alleged crime.

He al...


Carol Ann Duffys Feminine Gospels "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Carol Ann Duffy, Feminine Gospels (2002, Picador 2017)

gospels.jpgThis book is on the curriculum in UK schools, and that is definitely a good thing: its wholehearted focus on female experience is a welcome corrective to the existing gender imbalance. The surreal, shaggy-dog story form of most of the poems a shopping woman accumulates huge quantities of stuff, goes broke and eventually metamorphoses into a shop; a character named Beauty becomes a series of celebrated women, from Helen of Troy to Diana Spencer; one girls unstoppable giggling in class infects the whole school, leading eventually to the school closing its doors as all its teachers leave to follow their dreams provides plenty of scope for classroom dissection and discussion. And theres much joy to be had in the way the words sound and work on the page.

Id better give a warning to any students who stumble on my blog looking for help with an assignment. Im a seventy-something man from Australia who likes to read and to write something about everything I read. I would probably fail the A Levels.

Ill stick to my rules and single out just one poem. There is handful of wonderful, memorable and readily memorisable lyrics at the end of the book, of which I especially liked the love poem White Writing and the elegiac Death and the Moon. But the...


The youth mental health crisis in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Recent figures suggest a dramatic increase in the number of young people and children presenting at hospital Emergency Departments for self-harm, stress and anxiety, mood, behavioural and emotional disorders. In New South Wales, Emergency Departments saw a 27 per cent increase in the number of 10-19 year olds who needed help with suicidal thoughts, self-harm

The post The youth mental health crisis in Australia appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


The tale of three BAASS field investigations "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


There are some, who are saying, that although they accept the fact that Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) received a contract from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)  regarding the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications (AAWSA) program, there is no mention of UFOs or UAPs in that solicitation/contract. The contract was granted sometime after the solicitation closing date of 5 September 2008.

As early as 13 September 2008 Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies was advertising jobs which are directly related to the AAWSA. I have identified at least four individuals who were employed as investigators (one as "senior investigator/Team Leader;" (employed January 2009) ; two as "field investigators; (one from January 2009 the other from May 2009); and one as "investigator/security officer" (from June 2009.)

I explored the Internet looking for some evidence that these field investigators for BAASS actually conducted UFO investigations.

Taking a step back

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) after negotiations with Robert Bigelow and BAASS, entered into a joint contract to work together. There were two main results arising from this. Firstly, that BAASS was given access to the MUFON CMS UFO reports database; and secondly that MUFON formed their STAR group. An individual named Richard Lang acted as the STAR Team Manager between February 2009 and January 2010.

In a 6 March 2011 blog post Lang provided detailed information about the relationship between BAASS and MUFON.

"The STAR Team Impact Project (SIP) was a MUFON project funded in part by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) where MUFON was subcontracted to provide information from the CMS data base (website) and witness reports related to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) directly to BAASS."

"BAASS investigators were given full access ( password and user ID) to the CMS database, in all cases where the witness answered "Yes" to the "third party release question" BAASS personnel and investigators could see all case information in CMS including witness contact information."

"MUFON also provided data to BAASS about significant events that were reported in CMS."

In short, BAASS were able to monitor almost all of the reports being received by MUFON CMS; had access to witness contact details, and could undertake their own investigations into any of the cases which they deemed of interest to them.

So, to cr...


MACKAY Drugs and weapons seized Mackay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY May 18, 2018 at 09:03AM ,

Drugs and weapons seized Mackay

May 18, 2018 at 09:03AM ,

He is to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court next month. A 55-year-old woman was issued with a notice to appear for the offences of possession of

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Trump is Right, This is Bigger Than Watergate "IndyWatch Feed"

Some things are so unintentionally ironic that they defy simple description. Let me give you Exhibit A.

If there was an informant on the Trump campaign, that informant presumably gathered some incriminating evidence. Following this informants leads could indeed lead to a scandal more serious than Watergate. But thats obviously not what the president meant to convey when he wrote that tweet.

What he was suggesting is that he was a victim of a crime more serious than the 1972 burglary of the Democratic National Headquarters, which was then located in the Watergate complex. The government was spying on his campaign.

And, its true that it would a problem if the government was in the habit of embedding informers in the campaigns of people who are challenging them or their partys power. David Frum has a pretty concise response to this line of thinking.

I think Frum gets right to the heart of this issue here. From all the evidence weve seen so far, it looks like the FBI did not go looking into the Trump campaigns Russian connections until after they were tipped off by the Australians that there was a problem. Specifically, the Australians told the FBI that George Papadopoulos knew the Russians had thousands of hacked emails that would be damaging to Hillary Clintons campaign long before any of those emails were released to the public.

That caused them to investigate. And when they started to investigate, they noticed Russian connections everywhere they looked. We know the bigger names on the list, like Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and Carter Page, but there many more connections. There were people...


In which the pond goes there, thanks to Henry ... "IndyWatch Feed"

The pond hadn't wanted to go there

Indeed, the pond had determined it wouldn't go there under any circumstance

No wild horse, nothing, could drag the pond there.

And yet, there was sweet Henry, and he went there, and he'd been blessed by the sainted Lobbecke.

Of course the pond had to go there.

But what to do about this treachery, this breach of a sacred trust not to go there?

Best slip it out on a late Friday arvo, as the Minister said to a press release about another NSW government disaster and financial blow-out

Come on Henry, do your royal thing ...

The pond was incredibly moved at the sight of good old Henry being moved by all the pomp and pageantry.

Carnivals will never go out of fashion so long as people yearn for clowns. What was it Bill said?

Thus comes the English with full power upon us; 
And more than carefully it us concerns 
To answer royally in our defences. 
Therefore the reptile Dukes of Oz, 
Of Bromancer and of Oreos, shall make forth, 
And you, Prince nattering Ned, with all swift dispatch, 
To line and new repair our towns...


Victims expendable in CTP proposals "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

THE political equation is clear. On one hand, every year nearly everyone pays rego and third-party and mentally puts it down as a government-imposed charge. On the other hand, only a few hundred in the ACT and a few thousand nationally are injured seriously enough in road crashes to warrant a compensation claim. And thus, to dilute the blame for the former, the rights of the latter are made expendable. It is happening in the ACT. It has already happened in other jurisdictions.

The application of the political equation goes back a long way, as costs and damages rose and the compulsory third-party insurance premiums went up.

As far back as the 1960s, then Victorian Premier Henry Bolte capped damages in response to increased premiums. One of my siblings, then aged six, got paltry damages for life-altering injuries. The legislation was later repealed.

This week, the president of the ACT Bar Association, Ken Archer, wrote about the citizens jury process that recommended radical changes to the ACTs system that would abolish common-law damages, institute caps, and impose injury thresholds below which a person could not get any damages.

Archers damning dissection in the latest ACT Bar Bulletin should remove any confidence that the citizens jury process used in this instance was applied in any fair or rational way. It was utterly skewed towards a pre-determined outcome. Leaving the system as is, or just making minor modifications was not an option.

Some jurors complained that they did not have enough time. People in industries linked to the issues particularly law and insurance were excluded. About 70 of the 6000 people invited to join the jury agreed to do so. In short, the very people who might shed light on the matter were excluded. Instead, the jurors were advised by government-selected experts.

The Government, in an extraordinary abdication of its fundamental role in a democracy, said beforehand that it would accept whatever the jury proposed.

This was part of its election promise to deliver deliberative democracy. What is wrong with ordinary democracy, one might ask. Small wonder people have little faith in the system.

Getting a few volunteer non-experts to decide such a complex matter as compensation for vehicle injury legal, medical, actuarial, technological without at least being able to access their own independent advice, seems like utter folly.

The jury and the government-appointed experts came up with the new and imprecise concept of whole person impairment. Payments for most will cut out after five years.

Drastically meddling with injured peoples rights just because the ACTs premiums are about $100 higher than the national average is very poor policy.



Armenia's velvet revolution and the political power of social media "IndyWatch Feed"

Armenia's velvet revolution and the political power of social mediaPashinyans rise to power in Armenia provides Australians a powerful case study of social versus mainstream media, writes Arthur Marusevich. read now...


Unspoken an event to stimulate thinking about end of life: FREE "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Statistics prove that 100% of us are going to die, so lets get down and talk about it in a fun filled and friendly environment! Unspoken what will become []

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Iconic Sydney Rock Venues and the Artists Who Loved Them "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Taking a look at Sydney rock venues and the bands that loved them, Sydney has a tempestuous relationship with live music.

Sydney is a difficult beast. We have spawned and destroyed some of the best and most iconic venues in the country. The old guard of Newtown Social Club FKA the Sandringham, The Annandale, The Hopetoun have all fallen over due to what could be generally ascribed to general gentrification, or more specifically pinpointed at things like pernicious licensing issues, cantankerous neighbours and lacklustre love for the arts surrounding our legislation to protect our venues.

At the same time, rock music and Sydney is a story that is both historical, surviving and contemporary.


Halfwait are releasing their debut album The Official on June 8th. Click here for more info.


Project Administrator "IndyWatch Feed National"

CIRCA  Cultural & Indigenous Research Centre Australia


Tweed Council to engage community over hospital site "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Artists impression of the proposed Tweed Hospital on selected site. Image from A Current Affair.

The choice of site for the new Tweed Valley Hospital has divided the community and raised questions over transparency, a lack of community consultation, and the fragmentation of state significant farmland.

Members of Relocate Tweed Valley Hospital From State Significant Farmland have highlighted a range of issues with the selected site.

Aside from their key claim that the site is state significant farmland, they point out that it is under a flight path which would limit use of emergency helicopters, and that road congestion would have a negative impact on Kingscliff residents and businesses.

Recognising the significant objections to both the site and process of site selection Health Infrastructure NSW, who are in charge of the development, have now responded to Tweed Councils request for a reference group to consider site options for the new hospital.

Speaking to Echonetdaily Mayor Katie Milne said The state government have invited the council to join the Health Infrastructure NSW reference group, and for council staff to provide technical advice.

We were really hoping to get some community members on the reference group but the state government havent offered that. Therefore, at council last night we voted to accept the offer and all councillors have accepted the invitation to join the group.

Council to engage in community consultation

In a bid to address the lack of direct community involvement in the reference group, Tweed Council have called for expressions of interest from the community to establish a community reference group.

This will allow councillors to get information from the community in relation to community preferences and to work through the very complex questions about the various hospital sites wit the community, Cr Milne said.


Meanwhile, Local Nationals member for Tweed, Geoff Provest ha...


Cosy Festival this weekend "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival is shaping up as one of this years hottest events in South Gippsland. Kicking off this Saturday at 10am with a demonstration by tea []

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We RISE eX-detainees including Palestinian eX-detainees highly condemn the recent attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza strip by Israel. "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Genocidal acts are being carried out daily, inside and outside the borders of Gaza by Israel and it is not a hidden matter; it is out there for people to witness. So far, over 40 Palestinians have been killed in the recent massacre with 2000 others injured.

We are not going to sit back and talk about how can this happen? or violations of human rights law. We find such discussions practically worthless, meaningless and short-sighted because there is no such thing called human rights in occupied territories. If there is one we wouldnt have been treated as worthless humans. We stand against the massacre of Palestinians and the ongoing occupation by Israel.

We dont need sympathy, we need accountability and reparations. We should not forget thousands of Palestinians have been refugees for over 50 years and barred from returning to their homeland or even a durable resettlement solution by UNHCR.

We send our deepest condolences to our community who are the victims of the Israeli governments murderous actions, conducted repeatedly in front of your eyes.

RISE eX-detainees



An honour to serve "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FOR Foster intensive care paramedic John Barrie being awarded the Ho Chi Minh City Badge was something astonishing not least of all because he received an award when his []

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CFA applauds motorists "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

TOORA CFA Captain Mark Hurst said motorists needed to be applauded for observing new laws during a gas leak at a Toora service station on Thursday, May 10 from about []

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CAFNEC End of Financial Year Appeal 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Are you in a position to make an End of Financial Year contribution to CAFNEC?

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and directly support CAFNECs grass roots environmental advocacy in the region.

With your support, we can continue to push for greater conservation and protection of the regions remarkable environment, as we have done for 37 years. 

Weve had another massive year at CAFNEC with action on land clearing, biodiversity issues, plastics and more. We hope with your continued generosity this end of financial year, we can go up and beyond again. 

Make a donation by credit card using the form to the right of the page and your tax receipt will be emailed to you. 

Thank you so much for your support! 

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Slacking off "IndyWatch Feed"

Unemployment levitates

So much slack still around in the labour market.

The number of unemployed persons is actually rising in 6 of 8 jurisdictions. 

Still thinking that the next move in interest rates could yet be down, with inflation and wages growth failing to ignite. 

Have a great weekend all! 


Janette Thomas on the biased community consultationon Barndioota nuclear dump plan, seismic and flooding dangers "IndyWatch Feed"

Janette Thomas Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry into the selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia (Submission No 36)

My name is Janette Thomas, resident of Quorn since 2003. My submission is written to explain the adverse effects of The Federal Government Nuclear Waste Dump siting selection process on my local community, my family and myself. I am deeply concerned that a nuclear waste facility is being considered for a site near Hawker on the Hookina flood plain.

Terms of Reference:

a) The financial compensation offered to applicants for the acquisition of land under the Nominations of Land Guidelines:

The Barndioota shortlisting site was publicly announced in November 2015. It was also mentioned in the November 2015 Community Newsletter of the Flinders Ranges Council by our Mayor in his Mayors Message stating The first Council knew of this was calls seeking information from media outlets.

Attachment 1 FRC Community Newsletter, November 2015

In December 2015, The Department of Innovation, Industry and Science (DIIS) held information drop-in sessions in both Hawker and Quorn. It is not known how many residents availed themselves of this opportunity to learn more, however it is stated in the Mayors Message that only a few residents visited them to find out more about the proposal. I did take the opportunity to go and see what was being displayed, and spoke to the DIIS representatives. I voiced my concerns strongly, however it did not appear that there were any notes taken just an attempt by the representatives to rebut any of the issues t...


A cosy festival for all "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FISH Creek is readying itself for a tea cosy festival like no other and it seems everyone is involved. Last week students from Fish Creek Primary School gathered around []

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One last chance (Part 2) "IndyWatch Feed"

Part Thirty-five of a history of European occupation, rule, and brutal imperialism of Indigenous Australia, by Dr George Venturini. There are between 14,600 and 36,000 Sami in Sweden. Most Sami live in the north, but there are Sami all over Sweden. Today, only ten per cent of Swedish Sami earn a living from the reindeer

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed"

1.00 AUD = 0.00009 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.10 AUD


South Korea to Follow G20 Unified Cryptocurrency Regulations "IndyWatch Feed"

South Korea to Follow G20 Unified Cryptocurrency Regulations

The South Korean government reportedly plans to soften its crypto regulations in line with the policies set by the G20 nations in an effort to create unified regulations. The Korean regulators have also agreed to apply the standards set by the Financial Action Task Force to its crypto policies.

Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space

G20s Unified Crypto Regulations

South Korea is reportedly planning to follow the policies set by the G-20 nations and soften its crypto regulations, the Korea Times reported.

The G20 is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors. Its members are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and the European Union.

South Korea to Follow G20 Unified Cryptocurrency Regulations

The top financial policymakers of these countries have agreed to acknowledge and regulate cryptocurrencies as financial assets, the news outlet noted, elaborating:



Asia or the Pacific: where we will source our agricultural labour? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

There are renewed calls for a dedicated agricultural visa. The National Farmers Federation (NFF) has been pushing for it for some time. In a 2017 submission, the NFF called for an agricultural visa with two streams: A short term (six to twelve month) stream to cater for a seasonal or unskilled workforce who may return in subsequent years; and [a] longer term stream to cater for a skilled workforce who may move within industries regions or employer groups.

And now the proposal appears to have political traction, with Nationals leader Michael McCormack at the National Press Club saying that an agricultural visa program was something Agriculture and Water Resources Minister David Littleproud was working on. Its something that we do need to address. Mr Littleproud said.

What about the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) which provides precisely the short-term stream the NFF is after? The NFF downplays it . NFF spokesperson Ben Rogers says: The seasonal worker program is great, but ultimately it is a foreign aid program. This mystifying remark is expanded on, though hardly clarified, by the NFF 2017 submission: [T]he focus of the [seasonal worker] scheme is not on the labour needs of farmers. Instead, its primary purpose is to contribute to the economic development of the Pacific Island countries.

Its a ridiculous criticism. The SWP is not a form of foreign aid. It is a migrant labour scheme. It aims to contribute to Australian agriculture as well as Pacific development. And the NFF itself pushed for the introduction of the SWP. The NFF also complains that that the SWP is too bureaucratic, but any new agricultural visa would have similar conditions, and the appropriate response to such a criticism is to reform the existing scheme rather than introduce another.

And now there is the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS), starting in July of this year, which...


Police raid Meeniyan address in shire investigation "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Warrant executed and computer equipment seized at a property in South Gippsland

A property was raided in Meeniyan this morning.

IN connection with the Local Government Inspectorate investigation into the South Gippsland Shire Council, Victoria Police today executed a search warrant on an address in Meeniyan.

As a result of the warrant, police seized computer equipment and electronic storage devices for the purposes of forensic examination of that material, said Chief Municipal Inspector David Wolf in a statement.

As the investigation is still ongoing, no further comment can be made at this time.

Cr Andrew McEwen acknowledged today that he had been visited by authorities this morning at 6.30am, but other than that, he had no issue with the officers doing their job.

I have used my council computer to email myself things at home and thats all thats occurred. Theyve looked at my computer to see if thats the case, Cr McEwen said.

I said I sent material to myself at home, Ive already acknowledged that.

Cr Andrew McEwen.

Theyre investigating whether anything has been sent onto a third party.

Cr McEwen told the Sentinel-Times that he had not sent the material onto anyone else, referring to an email sent to councilors and senior staff with legal information about the Bald Hills Wind Farm noise complaint.

Cr McEwen said he didnt believe that particular document was confidential and he said that other documents have been released to the media and others that were of a confidential nature but havent been followed up as strenuously as this one has.

But I have no problem with what occurred today, its just the authorities doing their job.

They dealt with me respectfully and I have no problem with that.

The post Police raid Meeniyan address in s...


PERTH Company fined $160000 over WA deaths "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Company fined $160000 over WA deaths .

May 17, 2018 at 07:00PM .

The company was also ordered to pay costs of $2200 in Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday. WorkSafe said six panels on the trailer had not been .



In which the pond has a repetitive oneiric dream with the Speccie mob ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Back in the day when the pond was trying to swallow a dictionary, 'oneiric' was one of the pond's favourite new words and how pleasing to see that back in 2014 Merriam-Webster made it their word of the day

The pond headed off to the Speccie mob in hope of a Friday treat, and entered a dream-like state, much like an acid flashback.

Giles was out and about, sunning himself, but truth to tell, so deep was Giles in his dotage, and the pain of his current living arrangements, that the pond didn't have the heart to do anything with it

Instead the pond clicked on one James Allan, and so came the reverie but before proceeding on, a note of caution.

This is in the exact ordering in which the text unfolded for the pond.

The pond has only discreetly removed a few advertisements, on the basis that some advertisers might not want to be associated with what turned up ...

Now the pond could have gone on about that slander of Barners' chosen tribe - the pond is from Tamworth, don't you know, close to rural people, as in WaPo here, or Kelly's own unintegrated illiterate useless family of bog Irish who preceded him, and which resembled the illiterate bog Irish and German...


Extension of Byron Bay to Lismore bus trial announced "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Blanchs is running a six month trial of buses between Lismore and Byron Bay. (Blanchs Bus Company).

The Byron Bay to Lismore bus trial has been extended for the next 12 months ensuring that the 640X and the 641X bus trial services get a fair trial.

Nationals Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW Ben Franklin and the Member for Lismore Thomas George pointed out that they had listened to the communities positive feedback on the first six month trail and worked closely with the Minister for Transport over the past few months to make sure our communitys voices were heard loud and clear and to ensure the bus trial is extended.

Local Greens MP for Ballina had written to the minster several months ago requesting that the Minister to extend this trial.

I outlined that a six month trial wasnt a fair trial. It is wonderful that they have responded, they have obviously heard the community, said Ms Smith.

The 12 month trial for services 640X and the 641X will run until 30 June 2019.

Ben Franklin, Andrew Constance & Tho...


Lithium and Oil Still Happy Hunting for Investors "IndyWatch Feed"

Oh how the world could rumble if this forgotten giant starts to flex its muscles

The mainstream press has you distracted by North Korea, Iran and China.

Not me.

Im looking at Japan right now. The central bank there is driving Japanese capital right out on the risk curve.

As Ill explain, this capital could pour out all over the world and come as a huge boost to Aussie investors like you

Interest rates are so low in Japan that banks and insurers cant make money.

The 10-year bond in Japan yields 0.05%.

Its a ridiculously small figure.

But the Bank of Japan pins it there by buying up any supply that threatens to take it higher.

Now what do we see?

Japan Post Bank, a large Japanese lender, plans to launch a US$1.5 billion in-house hedge fund according to the Financial Times.

Japan Post Bank has the second largest level of deposits in Japan. Its a huge bank. But it does still need to generate a return. And now, driven to this outcome by the Bank of Japan, its going to try and do it through speculation.

Japan rose from the ashes of the Second World War to become the richest country in the world by using its banks to provide credit to strategic industries. It built wealth and power through investment and innovation.

This culture is crumbling. Japan is now turning to casino capitalism.

But this seems likely to lead to Japanese money pouring out of the country looking for returns all over the world.

Some of that is going to show up in Australian asset markets. The new hedge fund might even start buying up equity in Australian lithium miners

Competition in lithium is heating up

This week we got news that Tesla Inc. [NASDAQ:TSLA] has entered into a binding agreement with Kidman Resources Ltd [ASX:KDR] for lithium hydroxide.

The catch is that KDR is not in production yet. In fact, its not expected to deliver lithium hydroxide until after 2021. So Tesla is putting deals down for the years ahead.

Thats not the only thing happening in this sector. Chinas Tianqi Lithium is going to buy a US$4 billion stake in Chiles SQM, the worlds biggest lithium producer.

This follows on from earlier in the week when the president of Albemarles (a specialty chemicals company) lithium division said its customers were pushing for 10-year supply contracts.

What this tells you is that the overriding concern in the industry is security of supply.

This suggests the lithium sto...


Blundering into Recession "IndyWatch Feed"

12 June is just three weeks away.

Thats when the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the Feds interest rate policy arm, will in all likelihood raise interest rates another 0.25%, the seventh such rate increase since the lift-off in interest rates in December 2015.

The market is currently putting the odds of a rate hike at 95%.

This is the most aggressive tempo of rate hikes of any major central bank and puts US policy rates significantly higher than those in the UK, Japan or Eurozone.

The issue for investors is whether the Fed is raising rates too aggressively considering the strength of the US economy. Higher rates imply a stronger dollar, imported deflation and headwinds to growth.

If the US economy is on a firm footing, the rate hikes may be appropriate and even necessary to head off inflation.

But if the US economy is vulnerable, the Feds actions could trigger a recession and stock market selloff unless the Fed reverses course quickly.

My view is that the latter is more likely.

The Fed is tightening into weakness and will reverse course by pausing rate hikes later this year.

When that happens, important trends in stocks, bonds, currencies and gold will be thrown into reverse.

Outwardly, the Fed is sanguine about the prospects for monetary normalisation. Both Janet Yellen and new Fed chair Jay Powell have said that interest rate hikes will be steady and gradual.

In practice, this means four rate hikes per year, 0.25% each, every March, June, September and December, with occasional pauses prompted by strong signs of disinflation, disorderly markets or dwindling job creation.

Lately, job creation has been strong. And inflation has picked up. But its been spotty. The Fed still faces headwinds in achieving its inflation goal.

The Fed is targeting a 2% annual inflation rate as measured by an index called PCE core year over year, reported monthly (with a one-month lag) by the Commerce Department.

That inflation index has not cooperated with the Feds wishes and, despite recent gains, hasnt been able to hold consistently above 2%.

This has been a persistent trend and should be troubling to the Fed as it contemplates its next policy move at the FOMC meeting on June 1213.

Ive warned repeatedly that the Fed is tightening into weakness. The Atlanta Fed is projecting a 4.1% growth rate for the second quarter. But its known for its rosy projections that are almost always revised downwards once the data come in.

It had to lower its estimate of first quarter growth from over 5% to 1.8%. You can pretty much bet theyll have to significantly reduce this p...


Thank Folk Its Friday 18th May "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was Releases This Week Inner North Cat Canteri Bandcamp Dancing With The Beast Gretchen Peters iTunes This is Santa Rosa Fangs Matt Costa iTunes Deafman Glance Ryley Walker Bandcamp Timber and Steel Recommends Go To This Gig The Weather []


Battle of the Support Base Coral vets march in Townsville 50 years on. Lest We Forget. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Thank you ABC North Queensland. Thank you men for your service. Lest we Forget.


Palestinemobile visits local MP Justine Elliots office "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Byron Friends of Palestine Palestinemobile visited local MP Justine Elliots office yesterday. Photo supplied.

The Byron Friends of Palestine Palestinemobile visited local MP Jusinte Elliots office yesterday to protest the Labor partys silence in the face of Israeli genocide.

Byron Friends of Palestine stated that Israel have now deliberately killed 55, including six children, and wounded 2,771 unarmed Gazans exercising their right under international law to the return of their stolen lands and property.

How much more Israeli terror does it take before Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull condemn these massacres? In his 3AW interview Mr Turnbull blamed Hamas for everything and claimed that Israel was defending itself, said Byron Friends of Palestines Gareth Smith.

Elliot responds

Following the visit from the Palestinemobile yesterday local Labor MP Justine Elliot told Echonetdaily that The deaths and injuries of Palestinian protesters in Gaza are both shocking and tragic.

Labor urges Israel to show restraint. We support the right for peaceful protest and call on both sides to deescalate tensions. We support Israels right to exist within secure and recognised boundaries and the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

Australia, like most other nations, does not recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. Jerusalem is claimed by both the Israelis and Palestinians and its status must be determined as part of an overall two-state solution.

A just two-state resolution will require recognising the right of both the Israeli and Palestinian peo...


Unthinking modernity: on the Great Derangement "IndyWatch Feed National"

But why should the climate crisis be so unthinkable for literary fiction?


South Australias battles against nuclear waste dumping won, and now fought again "IndyWatch Feed"

EXTRACT from:  A journey to the heart of the anti-nuclear resistance in Australia: Radioactive Exposure Tour 2018, NUCLEAR  MONITOR  Author: Ray Acheson   NM859.4719, May 2018 The federal government of Australia wants to build a facility to store and dispose of radioactive waste in South Australia, either at Wallerberdina Station near Hawker or on farming land in Kimba.

Wallerberdina Station is located in the Flinders Ranges, the largest mountain range in South Australia, ...


Word In Hand Is Back! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Word in Hand is

Sydneys premier and most diverse performance and storytelling gig, held on the first Tuesday of every month at the Red Rattler in Marrickville. Expect to see poetry, rhyme, song, movement and more by artists from across the nation and the world. Their work will light a fire under your belly and in your heart.

This months WORD IN HAND will see the brilliant Candy Royalle take to the stage with brand new spoken-words, backed up by wicked beats and melodic beauty of The Freed Radicals with bass, drums, keys and brass playing LIVE! Candys woke words of wisdom will journey you across the plains of personal heart ache and political struggle, and leave you feeling uplifted! This is a rare opportunity to catch Candy Royalle and The Freed Radicals at their...


Humans are leaving their mark on the worlds protected areas, study finds "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Roads, ranches, mines and cities are spilling into many of the worlds parks, reserves and wilderness sanctuaries, leaving one-third of the worlds total protected area almost three and a half times the size of Alaska with the scars of heavy degradation. Thats one of the conclusions in a new study by ecologist James Watson and his colleagues, published May 17 in the journal Science. What were showing is at least one-third of the protected area estate is relatively worthless, Watson, with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, said in an interview. Giraffes walk past preparations for oil drilling in Uganda. Image by Paul Mulondo/WCS. Scientists know that protected areas form a critical line of defense against the extinction of species. Thats led governments around the world to set aside nearly 15 percent of the Earths surface for conservation, doubling the area of protected land since the adoption of the Convention on Biological Diversity at a 1992 summit in Rio de Janeiro. The conservation community has applauded these gains, arguing that the world is ontrack to meet the goal of protecting 17 percent of the planets land by 2020, one of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets set in Japan in 2010. But in Watsons fieldwork around the globe, he has noticed that many of these protected areas arent giving biodiversity a break from humanity as intended, he said. I saw many, many protected areas just getting smashed, he said. So he and his colleagues set


Autumn highlights in the Mia Mia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

These images were captured nearly a week ago in the Mia Mia.

Birds are quiet and sparsely distributed at present but there is magic to be found on every outing.

Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters, Mia Mia Track, 13th May 2018

Australian politics a mad parody of Seinfeld: No democracy for you! "IndyWatch Feed"

Australian politics a mad parody of Seinfeld: No democracy for you!Tim Hollo couldnt help but hear the Seinfeld soup mans oppressive refrain in the 2018 Budget and High Court citizenship ruling this month. read now...


This Years MELT Festival Has Launched With A Feast For Your Senses "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The inclusive spirit of the MELT Festival and its celebration of queer diversity is reflected by the variety of artistic forms in the line-up. The MELT programme, running until Sunday, May 27, proves that queer art is no longer simply a shorthand for presenting the tortured soul of the white gay man onstage. Queerness at ...

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Outlaws and Cosmic Cowboys UKE Night Club Mullum 31 May "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Miss Amber and Stukuleles UKE Night

31 May

Club Mullum

This month our UKE NIGHT theme is Outlaws and Cosmic Cowboys and we welcome back special guests Sara TindleyAsh Bell and Justin Bannister and for the first time we welcome local legends Phil LevySteve Gilbert and Diego Zaragoza, collectively know as Backwater Brethren pictured below with Rod coe at the recent John Carter Cash fund raiser.

To me a Cosmic Cowboy is city slicker who dreams of a simple, free life in the country. Wikipedia says a Cosmic Cowboy has Willie Nelson, Led Zeppelin, and The White Stripes on the same playlist. The country music OUTLAWS include: Waylon JenningsWillie NelsonKris KristoffersonJohnny CashMerle HaggardGuy ClarkJerry Jeff WalkerJessi ColterTompall GlaserDavid Allan CoeSammi Smith, and Tanya Tucker.

This is going to be a great night of big strumming countrified rock songs and ballads with a huge band to lead em.


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Shark nets have killed twice as many dolphins as target sharks "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A ray caught in netting that is meant to deter sharks. (Sea Shepherd)

Ballinas Deputy Mayor, Keith Williams, is urging residents to complete the NSW DPI on-line Survey on Shark Nets before it closes this afternoon, warning that this will be the communitys last opportunity to have a say before the Minister decides the fate of future net trials.

Cr Williams said the data released in the community survey shows as twice as many dolphins killed in the nets as target species sharks (2), in addition to numerous turtles, Manta rays and other species.

Over the two trials we have now killed a total of eight dolphins. Our local Richmond River pod was only 60 animals when we started. Thats 10 per cent gone in a little over a year, we have officially decimated that population.

The nets have decimated local marine life, killing 193 marine animals including dolphins, seven turtles, and 105 rays said Jordan Sosnowski, advocacy director of Action for Dolphins.

The trials in Ballina have shown these death nets are not effective at protecting swimmers from shark attacks, said Ms Sosnowski.

 There are almost 50 kilometres of beaches and just five nets in place, so the nets will never work to enclose and protect people from sharks. All they do is act as massive fishing nets, drowning threatened and endangered marine life.

Support drops

In the community survey after the first shark net trial support for shark nets by Ballina residents fell from 52 per cent to 33 per cent, and 68 per cent of residents said the by-catch rate was unacceptable.

While NSW DPI made changes to the nets to reduce total by-catch, the by-catch rate actually worsened from 97 per cent to 98.5 per cent compared to the first trial, said Cr Williams. 

When only two of 143 animals caught in the nets are target species yo...


Win with TWT: Elysian Fields Scandinavian Project "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Three TWT readers have won double passes to a performance of jazz group Elysian Fields on Thursday May 24 at Foundry 616 in Harris Street [more]

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Mt Wellington cable car proposal hits another hurdle "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As shown by the enormous rally held earlier this month, there is significant public opposition to the plan to build a cable up the face of kunayi/ Mt Wellington, in Hobart.

The owners of the Cascade Brewery have been under pressure to distance themselves from the project, as the proponent has been hoping to access land owned by Cascade in South Hobart to use as the base for the cable car.

It would appear that the proponent is now seeking to use a different route up the mountain. They have been informed that they will need reapply for government approval if they decide to do so.

Peter Gutwein, the Minister for State Growth, and who is very supportive of the development, has been forced to act. In a statement released on May 17,  he said that given that the proponent (Mt Wellington Cable Car Co, or MWCC) are considering a shortened route I have sought advice as to whether the Authority that allows it to undertake site investigations for the purposes of preparing a planning application to the Hobart City Council needs to be reconsidered, modified or rescinded.

While I note the company has not yet formally determined the final route, I advised the MWCC late yesterday that it will need to apply for a new Authority should they wish to proceed with a shortened route.

The government is supportive of a cable car for kunanyi/Mount Wellington and I will now await the MWCCs decision on whether it will continue with the route comprising a terminal in the vicinity of Cascade, or whether it wishes to proceed on the basis of a shortened route within the confines of the Park.

Local residents group Respect the Mountain No Cable Car notes that if there was a change in proposed route, the Government remains committed, the Organ Pipes remain in the developers sights, and the peaceful valley of Old Farm Road remains under the threat of being turned into a highway for tourists.


The Tyranny Of Distance: Corporate Harm On The Frontline In The Pacific "IndyWatch Feed"

Small Pacific nations are easy prey for big business, writes Amy Sinclair.

The natural wealth of Pacific nations is disappearing overseas. Unseen and unheard, the voices of Pacific Island communities on the frontline of deforestation, irresponsible mining and seabed exploitation are being overlooked and human rights abuses are going unchecked in remote rural regions. Voices from the Pacific need lifting to overcome the tyranny of distance and ensure that businesses operating in the region respect human rights.

The Pacific Ocean is a treasure trove of islands, hiding an abundance of precious resources. Cloaked in hardwood forests, rich veins of copper, bauxite and gold lie in its earth and rare mineral deposits sit buried in its sea floor.

Previously untouched, many Pacific Island countries are poised to experience escalating exploitation by foreign-owned companies headquartered in Australia, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. Without regard to international rules requiring respect for human rights in business, this threatens the sustainability of life in the Pacific for future generations.

Revenue streams from natural resources are a key source of actual, and potential, income for many Pacific nations. Cash flows from natural resource extraction can be directed to improving schools, infrastructure and health services, aiding development and relieving poverty and inequality. Many Pacific countries are well placed to fund fairer societies.


And yet, in much of the region, its people face seemingly insurmountable challenges to ensure they receive a fair share of sovereign wealth for themselves, and their children. Their inheritance is being chopped-down, dug-up and shipped-off at an alarming rate.

States keen to attract overseas investment often unwittingly welcome irresponsible companies with open arms, grateful for injections of foreign capital into struggling agrarian economies burdened by debt. Local laws may be conveniently forgotten. Those charged with protecting the local people and enforcing regulation repeatedly turn a blind eye, sometimes colluding directly with the very companies they are employed to control.

The activities of foreign-owned extractive companies can be hugely damaging to local communities, with few benefits flowing. Mining operators are shipping tonnes of earth wholesale, to be processed offshore. Logging, another high-risk sector, occurs both legally and illegally. Licence...


Margaret Court Wins Award For Most Homophobic Comment Of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian tennis great Margaret Court has won this years Golden GLORIA award for comments deemed to be the most homophobic in the last 12 months. The GLORIAs the Gay and Lesbian Outrageous, Ridiculous, and Ignorant Awards are organised by New South Wales Greens MP Penny Sharpe, and highlight the years the worst anti-LGBTIQ ...

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Why Trudeau supports ISDS: protecting Canadas mining sector "IndyWatch Feed"

18 May 2018: A new book by Canadian writer Joyce Nelson, Bypassing Dystopia: Hope-filled Challenges to Corporate Rule, gives insight into the Canadian governments dogged support of Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). It has been reviewed by journalist Damien Gillis here.

Joyce notes that suggestions to remove ISDS from trade agreements is often a deal-breaker for Canada. Trudeau also insisted that the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) must include ISDS, and last year a trade negotiator from Canadas NAFTA team told The Washington Examiner that Canada would refuse any changes to the existing [ISDS] system.

Canada has already been sued 41 times under the ISDS chapter in NAFTA, which has cost the country more than $300 million. So why would Trudeau and Canada support ISDS clauses so vehemently?

Joyce suggests it has to do with their close relationship with the Canadian mining and energy sectors. She points to a 2017 Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) report, Gold-Digging with Investor-State Lawsuits, which notes that 62% of the 55 ISDS cases that involved a Canadian investor until 2015 were in the resource or energy sectors. In the global arbitration game, companies increasing backed by hedge fund money are using ISDS clauses to bully governments over policies that undermine their profits at increasing rates.

Joyce notes that over 60% of the worlds mining and energy companies are based in Canada, operating more than 8,000 mining sites in over 100 countries. According to her sources, Canada is fifth in the world for lawsuits relating to ISDS and these are led by these sectors. However, many countries are resisting ISDS, and Joyce discusses different forms of resistance to the arbitration game.

This book is a timely reminder of the dangers of ISDS in the TPP-11 of which Canada is a member. Ratification of the TPP-11 would expose future Australian regulation of mining and energy to ISDS cases from Canadian companies.



Southport Police Station Raises First Rainbow Flag On IDAHOBIT 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Southport Police Station has raised its first rainbow flag on Thursday to mark this years International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT). IDAHOBIT is recognised internationally to raise awareness of discrimination and prejudice experienced by queer people and events are held to spread messages of acceptance and inclusion. May 17 is the date on ...

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China-backed Sumatran dam threatens the rarest ape in the world "IndyWatch Feed National"

A plan to build a massive hydropower dam in Sumatra as part of Chinas immense Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) threatens the habitat of the rarest ape in the world, which has only 800 remaining members. It is time for a clarion call for greater caution. While led by China, the BRI will also involve large financial commitments from more than 60 nations that are parties to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, including Australia and many other Western nations. (Article republished from at The Conversation.)

The plan to build a massive hydropower dam in Sumatra as part of Chinas immense Belt and Road Initiative threatens the habitat of the rarest ape in the world, which has only 800 remaining members.

This is merely the beginning of an avalanche of environmental crises and broader social and economic risks that will be provoked by the BRI scheme.

Read more:
How we discovered a new species of orangutan in northern Sumatra

The orangutans story began in November 2017, when scientists made a stunning announcement: they had discovered a seventh species of Great Ape, called the Tapanuli Orangutan, in a remote corner of Sumatra, Indonesia.

In an article published in Current Biology today, my colleagues and I show that this ape is perilously close to extinction and that a Chinese-sponsored megaproject could be the final nail in its coffin.

Forest clearing for the Chinese-funded development has already begun.


Good Vibes and Fast Times for 23rd Byron Tri "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Last Saturday, the Byron Bay Triathlon celebrated its 23rd annual edition with over 1100 participants plus an estimated crowd over 2500 spectators on hand to witness racing in four different distances.

With cool, clear and crisp weather, athletes were treated to favourable conditions for their cycle and run components.

The Juniors and Big Kids opened the days events, seeing over 80 kids take part.

Getting people active in sport, especially kids, is a big part of NXsports and seeing the little legends start the day was definitely a highlight for our crew, said Race Director Mike Crawley.

Byron Bay Triathlon 12 May 2018

The cycle route for the race was refined for 2018 in order reduce the overall road impact, particularly around Suffolk Park.

Says Crawley, By focusing on a lap-based course, we were able to keep access in and out of Suffolk Park via Midgen Flat to the south.

Looking ahead to 2019, we will continue to make a few more minor adjustments to the course design in consultation and partnership with local feedback.

In the Elite Categories, Ben Cook took out the Mens title and Emily Donker won the Womens event.



Brunswick Scouts free family day out "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Brunswick Scouts are excited to announce the final line-up for this Saturdays Brunswick Scouts Fundraiser that is taking place  at the Terrace Reserve from 11am till 4pm.

The  free, family friendly and community event will feature local bands The Ratbags at 11.30am, Burning Hands at 1pm and Sugar Rush from 2.30pm said parent volunteer and organiser Sean Tonnet.

There are some amazing prizes to be raffled, including from one of our major sponsor, Footbridge Caf, as well as Go Sea Kayak, Byron Medi Spa and many more.

The SES will be there and the Brunswick Fire brigade will have their open day just across the road.

There will be great kids activities, beautiful setting and what looks like gorgeous weather, finished Sean.

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National Geographic now a stooge for the International Church of Nuclear "IndyWatch Feed"

Wild Edens i s a new documentary series from National Geographic, initiated by Russias Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation

The first film in the series premiered at the X International Forum ATOMEXPO 2018, held on May 14-16 in Sochi (Russia). The documentary will be broadcast on the National Geographic channel in summer 2018.

The premiere was introduced by Ben Heard, from Australia. Pretty much unknown in Australia, Heard is very well known and revered  by the global lobbyists for new nuclear   Small Modular Nuclear Reactors,   by Rosatom, by the South African nuclear lobby, and American companies like Terrestrial Energy.

Wild Edens promises to focus on climate change. Heard is happy to  see a major corporation like Rosatom step boldly forward in this way and claim this issue on behalf of nuclear technologies.

The series is filmed in the worlds most stunning untouched places and their inhabitants wildlife and fauna alike, endangered by the effects of climate change  blah blah

Like a few other recent documentaries ( Pandoras Promise, Twisting the Dragons Tail and a Brian Cox documentary) this will be a very soft sell for the nuclear industry.

It will surely be very beautiful, informative about wild places, and worth watching. Just be aware of the underlying religious propaganda about:

  • nuclear power being the essential cure for climate change
  • nuclear power bein...


Labor prepared to strengthen environmental protections, as grass roots members demand "IndyWatch Feed"

Labor considers tougher environmental laws as branches call for new agency
Tony Burke says Labor isnt afraid to strengthen laws as grassroots campaign calls for more proactive protections,
Guardian, Katharine Murphy Political editor @murpharoo17 May 2018 


Community Buying of solar power a very good deal for Australias Non Profit organisations "IndyWatch Feed"

NFPs Encouraged to Make the Switch to Solar   A new campaign has launched aiming to help the not-for-profit and community sector make the switch to renewable energy. Pro Bono,  Luke Michael, Journalist, 15 May 18

Community Buying Group and Moreland Energy Foundation officially launched The Big Solar Switch campaign on Monday.

The campaign aims to facilitate Australias largest switch to solar power by actively reducing barriers of solar installation for the not-for-profit and community sector.

Developed exclusively for charities and community organisations, the initiative uses the strength of aggregated purchasing to reduce the cost and barriers of installing solar PV systems.

Packages contain a best value guarantee which includes negotiated rates for the sector, extended warranties, expert advice and links to funding.

Alison Rowe, the CEO of Moreland Energy Foundation, said unlike individual households and businesses, the charitable sector has not had the benefit of a dedicated program to assist them in the uptake of solar.

Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL) has a proud history of supporting communities to benefit from solar installations. We are excited by the opportunity to support the NFP and charitable sector to navigate the process of installing solar PV, Rowe said.

MEFL has a wealth of experience having facilitated the installation of over 10 MW (megawatts) of solar. Being an NFP ourselves we understand the resource challenges facing the sector and strive to make the proce...


Joubert Singers Belles Voix Concert "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Three TWT readers can win double passes to a Joubert Singers Silver Anniversary concert Belles Voix on Sunday May 27 in Gladesville-Boronia Park Uniting Church, [more]

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The very bleak business case for nuclear energy "IndyWatch Feed"

Nuclear industry urged to address business case, 16TH MAY 2018 ,BY: REBECCA CAMPBELL CREAMER MEDIA SENIOR DEPUTY EDITOR   Decisions on the future energy mix for South Africa need to be forward looking, not backward looking. So affirmed EE Publishers MD Chris Yelland in his keynote address to the National Nuclear Regulators second Nuclear Regulatory Information Conference on Wednesday.

Nuclear power in South Africa was constructed in the 1980s and has served South Africa well for the past three decades, he said. It was the cheapest electr...


White House chaos is the reason North Korea talks are faltering, not a fickle dictator "IndyWatch Feed"

Quartz, Heather Timmons,  16 May 18       We have been here before. North Korea, a weaponized family-run dictatorship, seems close to an agreement with Western powers to disarmonly for things to fall apart before that happens.

North Korea is reconsidering holding a summit with Donald Trump, a senior diplomat said May 14. Past deals with the Westin 1985, 1995, and 2005have also fallen apart.

But if Trump and Kim Jong-un fail to get a deal, or even meet, this time around, the Trump administrations incoherent and rapidly shifting messaging will be as much to blame as the fickleness of North Korean leaders, a Korean peninsula expert says.

.. The problem is, its impossible to tell whether Trump and his administration have any strategic plan on North Korea, or if theyre just winging it, he said. Bolton has said he wants a preemptive strike(paywall), while Pompeo, Guase says, is twisting in the wind: One day hes offering a...


Wind power overtakes nuclear for first time in UK across a quarter "IndyWatch Feed" of milestone comes as MPs say policy changes have caused collapse in investment in renewables, Guardian,  Adam Vaughan, 16 May 18,

Britains windfarms provided more electricity than its eight nuclear power stations in the first three months of 2018, marking the first time wind has overtaken nuclear across a quarter.

The renewable energy industry hailed the milestone as a sign the UK was well on its way to an electricity system powered by cheap, domestic green energy.

Across the first quarter, wind power produced 18.8% of electricity, second only to gas, said a report by researchers at Imperial College London.

At one point overnight on 17 March, wind turbines briefly provided almost half of the UKs electricity. Wind power helped during the cold snaps, too, supplying 12-43% of electricity during the six subzero days in the first three months of the year.

Two nuclear plants were temporarily offline for routine maintenance, while another...


Global 2 degrees C rise doubles population exposed to multiple climate risks compared to 1.5 degrees C "IndyWatch Feed"


New research identifying climate vulnerability hotspots has found that the number of people affected by multiple climate change risks could double if the global temperature rises by 2C, compared to a rise of 1.5C.

The team, led by IIASA Energy Program researcher Edward Byers, investigated the overlap between multiple climate change risks and socioeconomic development to identify the vulnerability hotspots if the global mean temperature should rise by 1.5C, 2C and 3C by 2050, compared to the pre-industrial baseline. Since those in poverty are much more vulnerable to climate change impacts, knowing where and how many vulnerable people are at high risk is therefore important for creating policies to mitigate the situation.

The researchers from IIASA, Global Environment Facility (GEF), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the University of Oxford, and the University of Washington, developed 14 impact indicators in three main sectors water, energy, and food & environment using a variety of computer models. The indicators include a water stress index, water supply seasonality, clean cooking access, heat stress events, habitat degradation, and crop yield changes. They compared the potential risks at the three global temperatures and in a range of socioeconomic pathways, to compare more equitable, sustainable development with pathways characterized by development failures and high inequality.....


Social media, rage and hysteria: Why are we living in an age of anger? "IndyWatch Feed National"

A neighbour objected to a young couple from Newcastle being naked in their own home. "We are sick of seeing big bums, big boobs and little willy," was the core message of the note, crescendoing to: "We will report you both for indecent exposure." It is such a small thing, banal, without consequence. It connects to no wider narrative and conveys nothing but the bubbling discomfort of human beings living near each other. Yet when Karin Stone (one of the nakeds) posted the note on Facebook, 15,000 people pored over it. An Australian radio show interviewed her. I have got to be honest, I am heavily emotionally invested in the story myself and I do not regret a second of the time I have spent reading about it. There is a through-line to these spurts of emotion we get from spectatorship: the subject matter is not important. It could be human rights abuse or a party-wall dispute; it does not matter, so long as it delivers a shot of righteous anger. Bile connects each issue. I look at that note, the prurience and prissiness, the mashup of capital and lower-case letters, the unlikeliness that its author has a smaller bum or a bigger willy, and I feel sure they voted for Brexit. The neighbours are delighted by their disgust for these vigorous, lusty newlyweds, I am delighted by my disgust for the neighbours, radio listeners in Australia are delighted. We see rage and we meet it with our own, always wanting more. There was the mean note left on the car of a disabled woman ("I witnessed you and your young able-bodied daughter ... walk towards the precinct with no sign of disability"); the crazed dyspepsia of the woman whose driveway was blocked briefly by paramedics while they tried to save someone's life. Last week, Highways England felt moved to launch a campaign against road rage, spurred by 3,446 recorded instances in a year of motorists driving straight through roadworks. Violent crime has not gone up - well, it has, but this is thought mainly to reflect better reporting practices - but violent fantasies are ablaze. Political discourse is drenched in rage. The things people want to do to Diane Abbott and Luciana Berger make my eyes pop out of my head.


Racist work-for-the-dole scheme survives another budget "IndyWatch Feed" 11 May 2018

The Abbott/Turnbull Governments racially discriminatory remote work-for-the-dole scheme,
the Community Development Program, has survived another federal budget and
will continue to generate profit from the exploitation of Indigenous labour.

Quotes attributable to
ACTU National Campaign Coordinator
Kara Keys:

By standing by this program the Turnbull Government is declaring that they prefer
to create a system of indentured labour which exploits and
punishes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
over job creation and community development.

The fact that many workers in this program are working for organisations and
for-profit businesses in roles that would be paid anywhere else in the country
is an indication that Minister Scullion and the Turnbull government are once again
turning their back on Indigenous workers in favour of businesses and their profits
who are able to access a pool of free labour.

The Turnbull Government has monetised the exploitation of marginalised Indigenous communities
because it thinks there will be no political consequences. We are determined that there
will be severe consequences for this unconscionable conduct.

Minister Scullion needs to scrap this discriminatory program and
focus on the economic autonomy and the dignity of paid work in remote communities.
Anything other than the abolition of this program is unacceptable.

We welcome the assurances of Minister Scullions office that under these changes there will be
significant protections to ensure penalties are only applied when they are warranted and
the implicit concession that many of the penalties handed out to date
have not met this lowest of all possible standards.

Media contact: Peter Green
Read more:


Its time for the girls to take art to the streets "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Public art can be both empowering and challenging as well as challenged and the In.scribe Project, run by the Byron Youth Service, has been mentoring young creatives in the shire for many years.

The project has helped create public murals in Brunswick Heads, Ocean Shores, Suffolk Park and at the Byron Community Centre.

A public art project is a great way to bring people together to celebrate their neighbourhood and feel a part of something bigger, says In.scribe facilitator, Karma Barnes.

Girls own the streets

Byron Youth Service is offering places in the in.scribe program, that is free for teen girls aged 12 to 18, to experiment and experience what street art has to offer.

Its an amazing opportunity for young people who are creative and want to see where they can take it, says Berri Drum, whos organising the program.

The street art program will be starting o May 30 and they are looking for teen girls who are interested in getting involved. For more information head to the Byron Youth Service In.scribe webpage and submit your application.

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May 17 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

Science and Technology: Climate change may complicate fishing. Warming seas will force many of North Americas most valuable fish and shellfish stocks north in coming decades, a major new modeling study finds, potentially creating headaches for the fishing industry and government regulators. Some species that do not move could see their ranges shrink by []

via May 17 Energy News geoharvey


Adanis vain hope global coal market will save Carmichael mine RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Adani pins hopes for beleaguered Carmichael coal mine on the AsiaPacific market. But the Australian governments own resources forecaster is less confident.

via Adanis vain hope global coal market will save Carmichael mine RenewEconomy


Royal fairytales recount our nations blessings "IndyWatch Feed"

Today in The Australian

With planeloads of tourists descending on London for the royal wedding, and an expected television audience in the hundreds of millions, Britains royalty remains the greatest show on earth.


Video: Why are the Palestinians protesting? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


Next time someone asks you what Palestinians are protesting about show them this.

Video from EL4C

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L-A-W "IndyWatch Feed"

Ive stopped doing instant reactions on Budgets. Theres always plenty available now, at places like Inside Story, as well as in the newspapers.

But theres often something of interest that gets overlooked a bit. In this case, its the governments proposal to legislate tax cuts for the rich seven years in advance. This is an idea with a lengthy and inglorious history, taken to a new extreme.

As far as I know, the first government to legislate future tax cuts was that of Paul Keating, who proudly proclaimed, before the 1993 election, that his tax cuts were not mere promises, but L-A-W. Sadly, he ran into difficulties and the L-A-W had to be amended to take some of the tax cuts back.

The next instance was that of John Howard and Peter Costello, in the 2007 Budget, which promised three years of tax cuts with an aspiration for two more. Kevin Rudd matched most of this and carried through, unwisely in my view, given that the exigencies of the GFC forced him to break other promises. The lavishness of the Howard-Costello tax cuts and the near-stagnation in nominal incomes since then explain why we havent had any significant tax cuts since the bracket creep that Howard and Costello counted on never happened.

The Morrison-Turnbull proposal takes the worst of Keating and Costello, combines them and squares them. Legislated tax cuts, going far beyond the forward estimates and the next two Parliaments, based on wishful thinking about future income growth. This farce makes Morrison a serious contender for worst Treasurer ever. His proposals are substantially more regressive than anything proposed before, while marking a new low in corruption of the Budget process.


Natural gas project that promised economic boom leaves PNG in worse state: report "IndyWatch Feed"

Isabel Esterman | Mongabay | 17 May 2018

  • Proponents of PNG LNP, an ExxonMobil-led natural gas project in Papua New Guinea, predicted it would bring massive economic benefits to landowners and to the country as a whole.
  • According to two recent reports by the Jubilee Australia Research Centre, PNGs economy is worse off than it would have been without the project.
  • Jubilee Australia also links the PNG LNG project to an upswing of violence in the areas around the plant.

In 2008, when a consortium led by ExxonMobil was drumming up support for a $19 billion natural gas extraction and processing project in Papua New Guinea, proponents of the develo...


Photos-West Papua speaking tour -Sydney Un "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

 West Papua speaking tour -Sydney Uni 17 May

An informative evening. Hearing stories from West Papua and video footage of West Papuans telling their story including the tragic Pania case. The speakers told of a campaign on raising awareness of Australia's aid to the Indonesian security forces which will help in raising  the whole issue of West Papua.


Celebrating community transport volunteers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tweed Byron and Ballina Community Transport bus in action in Ballina. Photo TBBCT.

Getting around in regional areas can be a challenge for those who no longer or never have had access to their own transport options. For the last thirty years the Tweed Byron and Ballina Community Transport (TBBCT) has been helping the elderly, people with disabilities, their carers and others who have difficulty accessing public transport, or are disadvantaged by the lack of transport options to get around the region.

And now TBBCT is holding a special celebratory brunch this Sunday, to honour its volunteers and mark its 30th anniversary at Banner Park, Brunswick Heads from 9am till midday.

Community Transport volunteers meet a vital need in the community. They drive older people, people with a disability and others who cant access mainstream transport to medical and other appointments and help out on our social and shopping buses, said Phil Barron CEO, Tweed Byron and Ballina Community Transport.

Last year TBBCT provided 74,489 trips, assisting 5,002 individuals and driving a total of 2,309,159 passenger kilometres.

Every day we receive feedback from our community members, in praise of our volunteers. For their kindness, caring and for the feeling that they are in good hands, continued Phil.

Our volunteers make Community Transport happen they are at the coal-face, dealing with parking, traffic snarls, assisting people with complicated mobility issues, bringing their passengers from anywhere in our region. Without the dedication, care and commitment of our volunteer teams, wed be up the creek.

Celebrating the amazing contribution that these volunteers give to the community there will be a feast, entertainment and special guests Tamara Smith MP and Asren Pugh for Justine Elliot MP.

We want to use this Sunday, 20 May, on the eve of National Volunteers week, as a time to consider the incredibly positive and important impact our volunteers have on our community, to thank them and to...


Kelp Forests Under Threat From Acid Seas "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian scientists have identified a risk to the kelp forests of the oceans, a new way in which carbon dioxide can change the world. Ever more acidic oceans could encourage weedy submarine grasslands to replace the rich habitats of the coastal kelp forests.

Although most climate change forecasts are based on computer simulation, this one has been tested in the real world. The scientists used natural volcanic seeps rich in carbon dioxide to observe the changes to sea floor ecosystems as water chemistry changes with greater levels of dissolved CO2.

Carbon emissions might boost plant life in the oceans, but not all plant life will benefit equally, said Sean Connell, of the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide.

Weedy species are quicker to capitalise on nutrients, such as carbon, and can grow faster than their natural predators can consume them.

Weedy turf wins

Unfortunately, the CO2 that humans are pumping into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels gets absorbed by the ocean and favours weedy turfs, which replace kelp forests that support higher coastal productivity and biodiversity.

He and colleagues from Australia, the US, New Zealand, Italy and Hong Kong report in the journal Ecology that they made a series of samples of submarine plant growth at natural volcanic vents in New Zealands Bay of Plenty: they looked at rocky reefs on which grew a mosaic of kelp and turf algae, along barren stretches grazed by sea urchins and a native New Zealand mollusc.

They chose the sites because the levels of carbon dioxide and therefore the measures of acidity in the water were roughly what climate scientists would predict for the end of this century, if humans go on releasing greenhouse gases.

They found that ecosystems changed with shifts in water chemistry. While elevated CO2 caused some weeds to be eaten in greater amounts, the dominant sea urchin predator ate these weeds at reduced amounts. This enabled the weeds to escape their natural controls and expand across coasts near the elevated CO2, Professor Connell said.

The slow but inexorable changes in ocean acidity will have inevitable consequences for coastal protection offered by natural ecosystems. Kelp forests provide habitat or nourishment for seals, sea otters, sea lions, whales, cormorants, gulls, terns and shore birds as well as fish. There is evid...


May 18 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1789 - Arabanoo, an Aboriginal man, was captured at Manly on 31 December 1788 by order of Governor Arthur Phillip, caught smallpox whilst caring for others who were sick, and died at Sydney. He was buried in the governor's garden.

1806 - Report in the Sydney Gazette on five men from the wreck of the George who travelled overland from Jervis Bay to Sydney, along the coast

1825 - The Tasmanian and Port Dalrymple Advertiser, Australias first provincial newspaper, ceased publication.

1839 - Sarah Cook, wife of a shepherd at Norrilong (between Beverley and York, WA) and her baby were speared by members of the York tribe to satisfy tribal lore. Two brothers, Doodjeep and Barrabong were arrested and tried for wilful murder in July 1840. They were later hung in chains at the scene of the crime. A year later, a Noongar man named Yambup was also convicted of the same crime and was sent to Wadjemup Rottnest prison.

1849 - The Summary Trial and Punishment of Aborigines Act was passed in Western Australia.

1854 - Keep a lump of sugar in your pocket as a horse-drawn railway started plodding between Goolwa and Port Elliot in South Oz, which was in fact Australia's first public railway.

1859 - The Sydney Evening Mail ceased publication.

1859 - Harry was hanged at Goulburn for the rape and attempted murder of Margaret McMahon near Cooma.

1865 - Angus McMillan, the murderer of untold hundreds of thousands of Aboriginal people, kicked the proverbial bucket in a pub at Iguana Creek in Gippsland.

1877 - George, a Pacific Islander hanged at Maryborough Gaol for the rape of Mrs McBride.

1877 - Tommy Ah Mow, a Pacific Islanders hanged at Maryborough Gaol for the rape of Mrs McBride.

1889 - Intercolonial footy match between Tassie and Victoria was played at the MCG before a crowd of 20,000. The Gum Suckers wore colours of Royal Blue & Old Gold, while the Apple Islanders wore  their colony colours of Rose, Primrose & Black.
Final score was
Victoria - 6 goals, 9 behinds
Tassie - 1 goal, 6 behinds

1891 - James Johnston was hanged at Ballarat for murdering his wife Mary and their four children.

1897 - The original clubs of the newly formed VFL were Collingwood, South Melbourne, Essendon, Melbourne, Fitzroy, Geelong, St. Kilda and Carlton, which played their first matches today.

1901 - Harry Rickards opened his New Opera House, the future Tivoli Theatre, in Bourke Street, Melbourne, on the site of the former Prince of Wales Opera Theatre.

1902 -  William Windeyer took the main part in rescuing young people from a rowing boat capsized in Fern Bay, near his Hunters Hill home, and was awarded a silver medal by the Royal Shipw...


Pauline Hanson named One Nation's President for Life for now "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Pauline Hanson named One Nation's President for Life for nowWhen Pauline passes the presidency baton, one way or another, bet on James Ashby. Youve been warned, writes Sydney bureau chief Ross Jones. read now...


In which, confronted by Henry seeking solace and the Swiss bank account man sounding silly, the pond turned to the lizard Oz news ... "IndyWatch Feed"

The pond will get around to the Speccie mob later in the day, but this morning the reptiles are transfixed by the parrot, offering his thoughts on rugby union and continuing his assorted defamations from the witness box

It takes considerable skill to continue to defame and defy successive commissions of inquiry, but there you go, that's the parrot ...

No doubt the reptiles will keep leaking out the news, but it put the pond in reptile news mode, and why not - these were the opinion pieces at the top of the digital page this day

There you go, the Swiss bank account man coming up with the stupidest argument of all on section 44, and if that's the best they've got, then any referendum is doomed

The pond doesn't want to plug Ancestry, which uses the old bait...


Head of Ethereum Competence Center Vladislav Martynov Joined World Wi-Fi as a Co-Founder "IndyWatch Feed"

Entrepreneur and investor Vladislav Martynov has joined the  World Wi-Fi team as a co-founder. His extensive experience and expertise in the blockchain industry will significantly strengthen World Wi-Fis position on the global market.

The sharing economy is growing rapidly, and I believe the implementation of blockchain solutions in this area will accelerate the growth and expansion of the sharing economy market as well as the mass adoption of the blockchain technology. That is why I joined the World Wi-Fi project, said Vladislav Martynov.

The World Wi-Fi project is a decentralized free Wi-Fi network that aims to connect at least 20 million Wi-Fi routers to its global platform and reach an annual turnover of $1 billion within three years. The project team has already concluded several preliminary agreements with major advertising agencies and reached a number of agreements on joint testing of the World Wi-Fi platform, including the Saudi-based PolarisNet and the Japanese investment company Atma Inc (crypto media agency CoinTokyo).

World Wi-Fis TOKENSALE will end today, 18 May 2018. To date, World Wi-Fi has already raised more than $24 million, which is enough to implement full-scale coverage of all regions in the European Union, Asia, America and Australia, and in the future to deploy the World Wi-Fi network around the world. Vladislav Martynov believes in the future success of the project and contributed in the token sale himself.

Vladislav Martynov is well-known as a successful entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the field of digital technologies in a variety of technology projects in international markets.

Yota Devices, the developer of YotaPhone (the worlds first phone with two screens) is one of the most famous successful projects that Vladislav realized. Under his management, an international company was created from scratch, developed a unique device and organized mass production and sales in over 20 countries, ensuring its presence in the global smartphone market. Within 5 years the company achieved a capitalization of $154 million.

For the last few years, Vladislav has been actively working with young startups, investing in applied solutions based on breakthrough technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Among his projects are BlockGeeks (the largest online service for learning blockchain technologies) and Iceberg (the largest online sports an...


Inquiry says climate warming is greatest threat to security "IndyWatch Feed"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

The  Senate inquiry into the implications of climate change for Australias national security has come to the conclusion that the warming of the climate poses a greater risk to Australias security than anything else.

On top of the list is the threat to food and water security. As well as the obvious impacts on Australian society, it raises the risk of regional and global conflict over these precious resources.

The report highlighted that that global warming is not just a possible risk, but a reality right now, which has the potential to imperil life on Earth. Australia and the region around us is being affected. The Asia-Pacific is the most vulnerable to the security and humanitarian impacts.

Australia is threatened with a heightening of the severity of natural hazards, increasing the spread of infectious diseases, increasing water insecurity and the impact on agriculture.

According to the Climate Council, which made a submission to the inquiry, climate warming is already contributing to increases in the forced migration of people within and between nations, as well as playing a role in heightening social and political tensions, flowing onto conflict and violence.

Given this, and the prior recognition of the Australian government of the threat,  in the seventh national communication on climate change presented to the United Nations in December, which says already experiencing the impacts of a changing climate, particularly changes associated with increases in temperature, the frequency and intensity of extreme heat events, extreme fire weather and drought, why is there so little action?

The report noted that Australia does not have a strategy to deal with the threat.

Research Director for Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration David Spratt, said there was a disconnect between the evidence presented to the inquiry and the recommendations that emerged from it.

Vested interests have been blocking effective action. When the fossil fuel and associated industries are major political donors and have power in the economy, governments resist any movement, and this has been more pronounced in Australia than most other countries.

A consequence is that Australia lags on every front, from embracing alternative energy sources, to investing in the building of a sustainable manufacturing base and overall economy....


Rekindling the spirit within "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

It is only weeks until I hand over my little wholefoods business to new blood. Tiny though it is, its creation and success has been in no small part due to my intensive commitment to sourcing organic, Australian ingredients from individual farmers and makers as well as the individual needs of my customers. The time involved in doing so has meant my head has had little room for the finer workings of my food garden and its seasonal systems.

Last night I began reading some of the food gardening blogs in the side bar here and it has sparked a firecracker reaction in my heart and head to sow and plant all manner of interesting edible plants again. Maybe it will happen that I reconnect with old food gardening bloggers as well as find new ones, from far corners of our planet. Facebook has not taken them all away and turned them into clickers and likers; they are still there, writing and sharing their experiences to any who choose to come by. Below are the food gardening bloggers who gathered at the Oxford Botanic Gardens in 2008. None of us had ever met before but we had all read each others blogs.

DSC_0014  Bloggers gathering at Oxford Botanic Gardens, 2008

As winter creeps in and my head loosens its ties to being a wholefoods sole-trader the spaces will be filled with the inner warmth that comes with sorting and sourcing seeds, reading and writing about food gardening and planning for more nooks in my garden, to grow unusual vegetables. I look forward to working in the cold, misty, winter garden, rugged up and conscious of the life there; in the soil, in the trees, in the pond and in the sky.

My house is full of books about growing and cooking. During these past 8 years I have not stopped buying and reading them. Now the future will be about the doing and the eating and the sharing and the pure joy of it all.

Life is good and I am almost there..


Green turtle released by Australian Seabird Rescue "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Green Turtle in waters along the east coast of Australia. Photo Coral Bay Ecotours/Flickr

From shark nets to fishing line there are many human made dangers in the ocean for marine creatures. Fortunately for one Green sea turtle, now called Winona, Australian Seabird Rescue were called in time to rescue her from Evans head

The turtle had fishing line embedded into her right flipper and also some line was found trailing from her mouth, said the general manager of Australian Seabird Rescue, Kathrina Southwell.

She was sent to our vet for an xray and there was no sign of any hooks internally so the fishing line was removed. Her flipper wounds were flushed daily and she received a course of antibiotics in case of infection.

When Winona first came into care she weighed 12kg but at her time of release on Wednesday she had put on a healthy three kilograms. Leigha Aitken, who volunteers with Australian Seabird Rescue and Sea Shepherd, got to be the one to release Winona go back into the ocean off the coast of Ballina at the southern side of Flat Rock.

Shark nets

Australian Seabird Rescue said they would like to thank Sea Shepherd for bringing transparency to the community with their footage of marine life caught in the shark nets during the second trial.

Sea Shepherd Spokesperson Allyson Jennings said We welcome this amazing opportunity to support Australian Seabird Rescue in the release of this Green sea turtle back into its ocean home without the risk of it ending up entangled and potentially dying in a shark net. We hope it lives a long life swimming freely thanks to the incredible care it received from Australian Seabird Rescue volunteers.

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Angus a rising star "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ANGUS Kemper is one of many aspiring young basketballers set to propel the Leongatha association to higher levels.
Angus was recently announced the winner of the Kelly Wilson Most Promising Junior Award from other nominees Belle Grabham-Andrews, Tom Hanily and Harper McLennan.
Angus Lightning coach Daryl Lyons described him as a young player with good basic skills, particularly around the basket who played some ripping games.
He is just starting to understand the game and competing against bigger opponents.
His ball skills and basketball IQ are improving and team work has always been a strong feature of this bright young fella.
Leongatha sees enormous potential for Angus who has been playing Lightning for four seasons and hopefully an opportunity for him to extend to greater heights is around the corner.
Angus is still only 13, and is already up around the 6-foot mark.
Being taller definitely helps, he said.
Hes now filling in at senior level, both in A Grade and B Grade.
He shows his versatility by dominating the boards at the junior level and dribbling more in the seniors.
I was a bit nervous before I played my first A Grade game the other night but you get used to the pace and the size of everyone pretty quickly.
He played in Lightnings Under 16 team as a bottom age player and has put no limits on where hed like to go with his basketball career.
As far as I can go! Basketball is my number one sport.
He said he likes all sports, apart from cricket. He had a year at soccer last year and is back playing footy this year for one of Leongathas Under 14 sides.

Refs rapid progression
Young referee Matt Moss from Dumbalk is one of the LBAs up and coming referees who has progressed rapidly.
We are so pleased to have him in our association, president Dan Monaghan said.
He is a polite young man who umpires A and B Grade men and won our Referee of the Year award last year and was selected to attend Basketball Victoria Countrys Under 12 Jamboree at Echuca.
More recently, he was invited to umpire at the Under 12 Country Championships in Bendigo.
BVC Referee Coordinator Karin Berrysmith sees enormous opportunities for Matt as he is eager to listen and learn.
Matt said Cathy Govers has provided plenty of advice and support.
He has the whistle three nights a week (two in Leongatha and one in Mirboo North), and said he enjoys officiating in senior games most of all.
Its more of a challenge and while every game is different, you know when you have a good one.
His next goal is to get his B Grade ticket and is look forward to further tournaments down the track.

The post Angus a risi...


Australia is Exploring the Blockchain for Welfare Payment Distribution "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australias Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), which works with government agencies, users, and private sector partners to develop public services, has announced it is studying the use of blockchain for welfare payment distribution. A prototype could be in the market come mid-2019.

Australia May Deliver Welfare Payments over Blockchain

The approved Australian 2018-19 Budget last week included a sum of AU$700,000 intended to be used by the DTA to explore distributed ledger technology for efficient government services purposes, according to Randall Brugeaud, acting CEO of the DTA, who made the announcement at the CeBIT Australia conference in Sydney.

Our plan is to look for use cases across the Commonwealth with an initial focus on the welfare payment delivery system, then working with our digital service standard, well conduct user research with a view to having a prototype by the end of next financial year, he explained. The potential of blockchain to securely record transactions will be investigated, drawing on the experience of other public and private sector organisations.

The DTA is looking to instances across both government and the private sector to determine the best blockchain-based Commonwealth service delivery. The agency is looking at all possibilities, from benefits of employee buy-in to machine-learning, artificial intelligence, and security, to further business goals despite the difficulty of choosing the right fit for each case.

Well also build on work done across government already, such as the CSIROs work on distributed ledgers. Were looking at how these technologies might offer automated service channels that are closer to the human experience; this might include intelligent chatbots, or voice-enabled channels which are proving to be effective in other sectors. We think these have the potential to deliver significant benefits for government service delivery, Brugeaud said.

Aiming to make its services more consumable by other government departments, the DTA is also about to pilot a digital identity system in October 2018 in a bid to tackle the 30 different logins across government platforms and make it easier for end users to deal with public affairs.

There are 750,000 applications for tax file numbers (TFN) each year. Digital identity will shrink to minutes what is currently a mont...


Looking Back on William Hawkins, the Outsider Artist Who Became Wildly Popular in His 80s "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

William Hawkins, Tasmanian Tiger 3 (1989) (all images courtesy Columbus Museum of Art)

COLUMBUS, Ohio The Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) has a real knack for presenting artists who not only have local connection and cache, but have gone relatively unnoticed by other major institutions. The work of William L. Hawkins has been gathered in unprecedented scope for his first major museum exhibition, William L. Hawkins: An Imaginative Geography, the joint effort of CMA and the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa. In many ways, Hawkinss aesthetics represent the Platonic ideal of outsider art, so utterly definitive of the genre that to encounter his works feels like suddenly recalling a childhood memory. There is a sense, in looking at his bold and humorous paintings, of returning to something one has always known.

William Hawkins, Ohio State University Stadium (1980s)

The accretion of some 60-plus pieces of 2D and rare 3D work are all the more impressive when one considers that Hawkins was not discovered or embraced by the art world until he was in his 80s. Most of his extant work comes from the single decade between his public debut, when he took first prize at the 1982 Ohio State Fair, and his death in 1990 but during his years in the limelight, Hawkins was so wildly popular and s...


Electric vehicles will soon rule the neo-chariot world "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

It didnt seem all that long ago when Tesla released its first fully electric vehicle (EV), and due to its high retail price it wasnt an instant success, but fast forward to the end of this decade and Tesla EVs will be burning off the production conveyor belt at a rapid rate, and there seems no end to this neo-tech revolution


Dear Senator Abetz ... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Dear Senator Abetz, On Friday 8th August 2014 you flew from Launceston to Hobart using a chartered aircraft at a cost of $1850


Alfie Evans was injured by vaccines "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Vaccination, corruption and greed, the terrible trio destroying humanity. How can we allow this to continue? Can we kill this Beast, or must we separate ourselves from them? Can we continue to live in a society which destroys its young? With all the politicial and judicial processes in the maiming and death of little Alfie Evans in the UK. There was not one mention of the vaccines he was given.

How long can this continue without a rebellion and blood in the streets? Thats what our stupid and gutless politicians should be asking themselves, who took an oath under our Constitution for PEACE, ORDER AND GOOD GOVERNMENT and yet they are ruled by evil manipulators, behind the scenes, trying to create chaos, so they can bring in their New World Order, passing bribes, rewards, blackmail and threats, while the people on the streets try to get the truth out.

All that is needed is for the Prime Minister to issue an order for the abandoning of all vaccinations, immediately and the repealing of all Vaccine Laws.
But will they do it? No, probably because their lives are in danger, as is President Donald Trump.

So that is the current news of the day, that the mainstream media refuses to report, because their bosses are in on the game, while the vaccinated, fluoridated, brainwashed and drugged masses follow them into the future that will make the dark ages seem like a picnic.


Bev Pattenden,



What is GDPR, and why should I care? "IndyWatch Feed"

What is GDPR, and why should designers care?

Katharine Schwab is an associate editor at Co.Design based in New York who covers technology, design, and culture.

Your complete guide to the new law, courtesy of designers, agencies, and privacy experts.

Many designers dont work with data directly. So why should they care about the General Data Protection Regulation, Europes far-reaching new privacy law? In short, GDPR will make privacy a mandatory design principleand, in doing so, may redefine the profession.

To prepare for the GDPRs May 25th deadline, the vast majority of companies that you interact with on the internet are already altering their products, from internet giants like Facebook and Google to small startups. Youve probably noticed the barrage of emails noting how theyre changing their privacy policies and even their designs. The GDPR will likely fundamentally alter how products are developed both in Europe, where the law applies across every country, and in the United States, where many companies have European customers.

So, what does the GDPR actually require? And how will it reshape the work designers do? Co.Design spoke to design agencies, data protection officers, and privacy advocates about how these changes in Europe will impact designers all over the world. If youve heard the acronym floating around but have been too afraid to ask what it is, youve come to the right place.


Aussie rules for humanitarians "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I have always been fascinated by how badly international humanitarians behave in an emergency response. I recognise this is a blanket statement but it seems to me that there is a process of crossing some ethical thresholds as you step off the plane; cross the border; hurry down the walkway into a humanitarian crisis. Recruitment is one of those ethical thresholds. Every agency needs to quickly expand their staff base, have national minds at the disposition of the many international staff that cant speak the language, and have representation at the plethora of meetings required to operate in a humanitarian context. All these needs have repercussions on recruitment. A most notable consequence is that agencies will do almost anything to get the best staff as quickly as possible. Sounds reasonable, right? Except ethics get left at the door and international organisations win the recruitment battle against smaller national and local organisations with bigger salaries and the allure of being part of the international machinery. More than this, international organisations poach staff.

The Australian Football League (AFL) follows rules for the recruitment of players from state football clubs such as the Victorian Football League (VFL). I am no footballer, but my understanding is that the rules are in place to ensure that state clubs (which are smaller and less well-resourced) are recognised for their role in identifying and training talented players, and to ensure that they remain financially viable institutions that continue to contribute to the footballing ecosystem. If a player is recruited from a state club, a compensation or solidarity fee is provided.

Take for example the iconic football player Adam Goodes who started his career playing for the North Ballarat Rebels, before being spotted by the Sydney Swans and being recruited to play in the AFL. As part of the recruitment process, a compensation fee was paid to the North Ballarat Rebels, recognising their role in developing Goodes talent and contributing to a great Australian sporting institution.

Contrast this with the humanitarian ecosystem where the scramble to upscale and outperform results in an ethical void. Experienced staff working in local and national organisations get poached by international organisations (including the UN and international NGOs) just as an emergency is happening at the point that they are most needed within their organisation. Often in the space of a few days, the most senior staff in national organisations hand in their notices to move to an international organisation that promises better salary, training, hours, support and progression.

The impact on national organisations is that they are constantly losing their best and brightest staff at critical moments in the midst of a complex response or as numbers of people in need are skyrocketing. There are also cost...


Japanese Bus Drivers Are Striking By Refusing to Accept Fare for Rides "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

by Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Most people protest by forming a picket line. But in the Japanese city of Okayama, bus drivers are protesting by giving free rides to commuters.

According to The Guardian, the dispute began in April, when a rival to the Ryobi bus company advertised cheaper fares. Japanese media reports that concerned drivers asked for more job security. When no agreement was made, drivers continued to cover their routes but refused to take fares from passengers.

Protests of this kind are unique, but they are becoming increasingly common. For instance, last year in Sydney, Australia, bus drivers from 12 depots gave free rides for a day. They turned off card machines to protest government plans to pr...


Prime Minister should remove outdated religious exemptions from discrimination laws "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Government has the opportunity to ensure all Australians are treated with fairness and equality with the findings of the Religious Freedom Review presented to the Prime Minister today.

Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy with the Human Rights Law Centre, said now was the time to remove religious exemptions from discrimination laws.

Prime Minister Turnbull must not diminish Australias longstanding protections from discrimination. If anything out-dated laws allowing religious organisations to discriminate against single mothers, pregnant women or LGBTI people should be repealed.

Australians fundamentally believe that we should be treated with fairness and equality when we apply for a job, when we study or go to a support service for help, said Ms Brown.

The Religious Freedom Review's Expert Panel was commissioned to investigate whether Australian law adequately protects religious freedom. The review was launched after last years Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey to consider some of the concerns raised by religious groups.

For 6 months, couples have been happily giving vows of love and commitment around the country. Scaremongering that marriage equality would somehow lead to attacks on religion freedoms have proven absolutely false. Marriage equality has brought joy to many, and taken away from no one, said Ms Brown.

A recent Galaxy poll revealed that roughly 4 out of 5 Australians strongly support discrimination protections for LGBTI people, including against discrimination from religious bodies.

An overwhelming majority of Australians do not support taxpayer funded religious organisations and schools being able to fire a teacher or expel a student because of their sexuality or gender identity. Everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs, but those beliefs shouldnt be used as a justification to treat people less favourably. Everyone has an equal right to be free from discrimination, said Ms Brown.

The Human Rights Law Centre, which appeared with LGBTI advocates, health experts, frontline service providers and representatives from faith communities, did recommend filling gaps in the law when it comes to protection for people of faith. Currently, people of faith are protected from discrimination in employment under the Fair Work Act in most states and territories, but arent covered by federal anti-discrimination laws in other areas of life such as education, goods and services and clubs.

"We need strong discrimination laws to ensure equal treatment. People of faith should be free from discrimination in every community. At the same time, blanket exemptions that automatically privilege the rights of religious groups over other Australians must be abolished," said Ms Brown.

The re...


Majority Oppose Cable Car in Denison with 11% swing against Project "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

New polling shows momentum is building behind the campaign to protect kunanyi/Mt Wellington from a cable car, with a majority of Denison residents now opposed to the project. The poll demonstrates that as more information about the cable car is released and special legislation to facilitate it is passed, more people are openly opposed to it EARLER on Tasmanian Times ... Cable Car: Richard Flanagans speech in full ...


U.S. Taxpayer Funds Used To Develop and Market Mercks Gardasil Vaccine Global Empire "IndyWatch Feed National"

NIH-CDC-Merck-Gardasil image

How NIH Uses U.S. Tax Dollars to Secure Profits for Vaccine Developers and Manufacturers

by The Vaccine Reaction Staff

It is no secret that huge conflicts of interest exist between vaccine promoters and vaccine makers.

Pediatrician and vaccine developer Paul Offit, for example, who is one of the nations leading promoters of mandatory use of government recommended vaccines, holds a $1.5 million research chair at Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia, funded in part by Merck.1

Julie Gerberding left her post as Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where she oversaw the creation of national vaccine policies, to head Merck vaccines.2

Former Texas governor Rick Perry recommended state-wide inoculation of all 11- and 12-year-old girls with Mercks Gardasil vaccine after his chief of staff left to work at Merck.3 4

Just as disturbing are the millions of dollars that officials at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) dole out to academic institutions and vaccine manufacturers to improve vaccine technology, find new, lucrative markets and boost vaccine marketabilityfunctions that guarantee the profitability of corporations, but do not always ensure the well being of taxpayers, the public and patients.

Once upon a time, before passage of the Bayh-Dole Act by Congress in 1980 and the push for lucrative technology transfer business arrangements between federal agencies and for-profit corporations, inventions developed with federal funding were owned by the U.S. Government and not industry.

Today, taxpayer-supported research to develop new drugs and vaccines is voraciously patented by universities and drug companies for outsized Wall Street profits when the research rightfully belongs to taxpayers.5

HPV Vaccine  Using U.S. Taxpayer Funding to Develop and Market the Vaccine Globally

Development of the human papillomavirus (HPV) Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines is a case in point.

The initial research was funded by the NIH, National Cancer Institu...


U.S. Taxpayer Funds Used To Develop and Market Mercks Gardasil Vaccine Global Empire "IndyWatch Feed National"

NIH-CDC-Merck-Gardasil image

How NIH Uses U.S. Tax Dollars to Secure Profits for Vaccine Developers and Manufacturers

by The Vaccine Reaction Staff

It is no secret that huge conflicts of interest exist between vaccine promoters and vaccine makers.

Pediatrician and vaccine developer Paul Offit, for example, who is one of the nations leading promoters of mandatory use of government recommended vaccines, holds a $1.5 million research chair at Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia, funded in part by Merck.1

Julie Gerberding left her post as Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where she oversaw the creation of national vaccine policies, to head Merck vaccines.2

Former Texas governor Rick Perry recommended state-wide inoculation of all 11- and 12-year-old girls with Mercks Gardasil vaccine after his chief of staff left to work at Merck.3 4

Just as disturbing are the millions of dollars that officials at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) dole out to academic institutions and vaccine manufacturers to improve vaccine technology, find new, lucrative markets and boost vaccine marketabilityfunctions that guarantee the profitability of corporations, but do not always ensure the well being of taxpayers, the public and patients.

Once upon a time, before passage of the Bayh-Dole Act by Congress in 1980 and the push for lucrative technology transfer business arrangements between federal agencies and for-profit corporations, inventions developed with federal funding were owned by the U.S. Government and not industry.

Today, taxpayer-supported research to develop new drugs and vaccines is voraciously patented by universities and drug companies for outsized Wall Street profits when the research rightfully belongs to taxpayers.5

HPV Vaccine  Using U.S. Taxpayer Funding to Develop and Market the Vaccine Globally

Development of the human papillomavirus (HPV) Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines is a case in point.

The initial research was funded by the NIH, National Cancer Institute,...


Emily Thorn and John Kilrushs Public Campaign Against Me Shows That I am a Threat to Them Concerning My Parents Involvement with Child Trafficking "IndyWatch Feed National"

This public campaign that is being waged against me by Emily Thorn and John Kilrush is almost identical to what the Russians supposedly did with the 2016 election- and it is being done to prevent anyone from investigating my parents involvement with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s. However- if I am such a liar- wouldnt the easiest way to discredit me is investigate what I have said and PROVE me wrong instead of spending all this time and effort to discredit me publicly? But this is not the case as they are doing everything they can to try and prevent anyone from listening to me. And who loses? The children who lost their lives and those who may be in danger even today. Does anyone care?

I have my doubts but I have to admit it remains to be seen


Moving the Immovable Force. The Unchanged Sexism in the Christian Churchces. "IndyWatch Feed"

I entered theological college in 1987. It was a time of ferment and upheaval among Evangelicals in the industrialised world as a growing number of scholars and leaders challenged the biblical basis for the traditional gender roles that operated within the church. Just months before I sat in my first class, IVP, one of Evangelicalisms leading publishing houses, released Women, Authority And The Bible, a collection of essays in which 27 well-regarded scholars argued the case for an evangelical feminism. Before the end of my first year, the Council for Biblical Manhood And Womanhood was formed. It brought together evangelical leaders and scholars determined to resist the feminist redefining of the roles of men and women. Its Danvers Statement became the classic articulation of the doctrine of Complementarianism and its publications, such as RecoveringBiblical Manhood and Womanhood: a Response to Evangelical Feminism, were widely read. From the mid-1980s up until the turn of the millennium a myriad of books and articles around questions of gender were produced as scholars traded blows over the interpretation of the biblical texts.

By the end of the 1990s the ferocity had left the debate but there had been no satisfactory resolution.  The denomination to which I belong, the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT, recognised that Christians equally committed to Christ and the Scriptures could be found on either side of the question. A compromise was found. Ordination was about setting someone apart for a particular ministry such as a lead pastor. This responsibility was devolved from the denomination to the local church, meaning women friendly churches could ordain if they pleased.

Yet this did not translate into significant change. More than twenty years have passed since that vote, yet in 2015 less than 5% of recognised Ministers in the Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT were women, less than 2.5% were women serving in churches and even fewer as team leaders/senior pastors. Yes, women are more likely to serve in lay leadership roles, but when it comes to pastoral leadership Baptist churches in Australia are among the least gender representative organisations in the country.

And we are not alone. Whatever their rhetoric, many churches in the western world remain overwhelmingly male in leadership. The US National Congregations Survey is conducted every 5 years to measure the state of affairs in North American churches. In 2012 it showed that women held 41% of full-time secondary pastoral positions and 53% of part-time secondary roles, but just 11.4% of churches had a female in the role of head clergy person or primary religious leader, a statistic that was virtually unchanged since 1988. More than four in ten churches would not allow a female in such a role. Within the evangelical community female participation rates were much lower. Women filled only 3% o...


Climate change an 'existential security risk' to Australia, Senate inquiry says "IndyWatch Feed National"

Threat is not a possible future one but one endangering Australia now, parliament toldSign up to receive the top stories in Australia every day at noon Climate change is a current and existential national security risk to Australia, a Senate inquiry has told parliament, one that could inflame regional conflicts over food, water and land, and even imperil life on Earth.The Senate committee inquiry into the implications of climate change for Australia's national security recommended an [...]


Natural gas project that promised economic boom leaves PNG in worse state: report "IndyWatch Feed"

In 2008, when a consortium led by ExxonMobil was drumming up support for a $19 billion natural gas extraction and processing project in Papua New Guinea, proponents of the development predicted it would underpin the countrys economy for decades. Production began in 2014, and now reaches approximately 7.9 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year. However, according to two recent reports by advocacy group Jubilee Australia Research Centre, the PNG LNG project has not only exacerbated conflict and inequality in the Papua New Guinea highlands, it has also failed to produce the promised benefits. According to Jubilee Australias analysis, PNGs economy would be better off if the gas had been left in the ground. Predicted economic impacts of the PNG LNG project compared to actual impacts (based on Jubilee Australias analysis of underlying economic trends). While exports have exceeded expectations, GDP growth has been slower than forecast and income, employment and government spending have dropped. Image courtesy of Jubilee Australia. Big promises When pitching the project, developers made big promises about the economic and social benefits the megaproject would bring to the country. One influential 2008 study, an economic impact analysis commissioned by ExxonMobil and authored by Australian consultants ACIL-Tasman (now ACIL-Allen), predicted the project would bring a tremendous windfall not only to shareholders, but also to the people of PNG. It forecast the overall size of the countrys economy would nearly double, household incomes would rise by 84 percent, and employment increase by 42 percent. Backers of the project

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, IOTA and Litecoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is an across the board coin depreciation in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Coincidentally, these are pioneers of cryptocurrencies and as long as Bitcoin is down, the same is likely to be replayed in Ethereum and Litecoin. On the other []

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State and local politicians and community leaders farewell top cop "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

POLICE Minister Troy Grant paid a visit Gladesville Police Station on last Wednesday to farewell Supt John Duncan. After serving several years in the Ryde [more]

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Rachel Siewert - Changes to the Community Development Program Is Just Tinkering Around the Edges | CAAMA Radio "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rachel Siewert - Changes to the Community Development Program Is Just Tinkering Around the Edges | CAAMA Radio: Ms Siewert spoke to CAAMA's Philippe Perez more about the Greens reaction to the proposed changes & other factors that affect First Nations people in the budget speech.


This startup wants babies around the globe to have safer skincare "IndyWatch Feed National"

Evereden products are formulated with input from Stanford and Harvard doctors.

Today, a new baby skincare brand called Evereden hits the market, joining the growing movement to make safer beauty products. While brands like Beautycounter and California Baby focus primarily on the United States, Evereden has global aspirations, hoping to tap into Asian and Australian markets in addition to North America.

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Marine animals revolution after dinosaur extinction "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 2015 video from the USA says about itself:

What the heck is a crinoid? They might be one of the most common fossils this side of the Rocky mountains but they are seriously cool.

From the British Antarctic Survey:

Major shift in marine life occurred 33 million years later in the South

May 17, 2018

A new study of marine fossils from Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand and South America reveals that one of the greatest changes to the evolution of life in our oceans occurred more recently in the Southern Hemisphere than previously thought. The results are published today (17 May 2018) in the journal Communications Biology.

The Marine Mesozoic Revolution (MMR) is a key theory in evolutionary history. While dinosaurs ruled the land, profound changes occurred in the shallow seas that covered the Earth.

During the Mesozoic, around 200 million years ago, marine predators evolved that could drill holes and crush the shells of their prey. And although small in comparison to dinosaurs, these new predators, including crustacea and some types of modern fish, had a dramatic impact on marine life.

Among the species most heavily affected were sea lilies or isocrinids invertebrates tethered to the seafloor by...


EMU Farmer Arrested For Running Illegal Animal Brothel "IndyWatch Feed National"

New Zealand police have raided a family-operated emu farm suspected of operating as an illegal animal brothel.

Michael Wilson, 43, and his two sons Phillip, 28, and Andrew, 14, have been arrested and accused of illegally operating an animal brothel.

Twenty-six people were also arrested during the raid for their suspected involvement in sexually related activities with animals on the farm.

It was totally disgusting. They would host these parties where the guests would run around naked chasing the birds all night long, one neighbor told local reporters.

The Wilson family-operated farm had been undergoing financial stress these past years and local neighbors were apparently aware of the unusual activities.

Michael was pretty open about the whole thing. He didnt care if some sick Aussie tourists were into screwing with his birds. He even joked that it made the meat leaner, a local man told reporters under the cover of anonymity.

The Wilson family lawyer, Andrew Goldmann, would not comment the allegations but said that his clients would challenge New Zealands current prostitution laws.

Sex between two consenting adults in exchange for money is legal but a sexual relationship between a human and a bird is not? he argued.

Although the Prostitution Reform Act of 2003 has officially decriminalized prostitution in New Zealand, bestiality and zoosexual activity are still prohibited by law.

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Dangerous to our freedom and our culture "IndyWatch Feed"

From The Conservative Case for Breaking Up Monopolies Such as Google and Facebook.

Tucker Carlson


The big digital monopolies demand that we conform to their worldview and shut us down when we dissent. They have too much power. They are are threat to this country. Congress is doing nothing about it. Its time to complain, while we still can. @FoxNews

When he tweeted these words, Carlson was exp...


The people attracted to a career in Tzar Peters federal super ministry..... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brisbane Times, 16 May 2018:

The information chief at Peter Duttons new Home Affairs super ministry allegedly ordered the deletion of a government record relevant to a request under freedom of information laws when he was a senior executive at NSWs transport agency.

Tim Catley, who began his high-ranking role at Home Affairs in February, is accused of directing staff at Transport for NSW to delete government information in 2016, in witness statements given during an investigation by the states Information and Privacy Commission.

Mr Catley vehemently denies he asked anyone to delete government records. The allegation that I asked anyone to delete an email is not true and it is not technologically possible to do that anyway [at the transport agency]. Professionally and ethically I wouldnt do anything like that, he told the Herald.

Following a referral from the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the states Information Commission launched an investigation behind closed doors into the deletion of a record at Transport for...


Federal Circuit Court on Thursday sentenced Trek North Tours owner operator to 12 months' prison and fined him $67,000 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Leigh Alan Jorgensen, Financial Review, 13 May 2018

In the continuing matter of A.C.N. 156 455 828 Pty Ltd & Anor.

Fair Work Ombudsman, media release, 14 May 2018:

Jail term imposed in Fair Work Ombudsmans first contempt of court case

A Northern Queensland business operator has been jailed and then released pending the outcome of his appeal as a result of the Fair Work Ombudsmans first contempt-of-court action.



CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC Hide LARGEST POLITICAL SCANDAL IN US HISTORY from Front Page Obama Spying on Trump Campaign "IndyWatch Feed"

In a SHOCKING admission on Wednesday The New York Times reported the FBI opened an  investigation dubbed Crossfire Hurricane into Trumps campaign 100 days before the Presidential election.

The FBI was spying on the opposition partys campaign 100 days before the election.  The spying was based on a phony Russian dossier that was paid for by Democrats and Hillary Clinton and by the hearsay of a low-level Trump campaign official who was coached by FBI operatives on Russian rumors.

Five agents, including Peter Strzok traveled to London in the summer of 2016 to interview with a diplomat after Papadopoulos drunkenly claimed to Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer he knew who had Hillarys emails.

Deep State opreatives released this information to The New York Times for Wednesdays report.
The information was only leaked out after Congressional investigators discovered this last week.

This scandal makes Watergate look like a childs play.

So how did the corrupt liberal mainstream media report on this enormous scandal?
They didnt.




Thursday, 17 May


Obamas Deep State Plant in Trump Campaign was Bill Clinton Classmate and Later Advisor to Clinton Administration "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

This past weekend we reported that Internet sleuths determined who the Obama FBI spy was in the Trump campaign.  Now we know he was a classmate of Bill Clintons and an advisor to the Clinton Administration!

Jeff Carlson at theMarketswork on last Thursday identified an individual by the name of Stefan Halper as a potential FBI spy into the Trump campaign. (Note that some believe that Obama may have had more than one spy on the Trump campaign).

Carlson determined that George Papadopoulos, the lower level campaign worker for the Trump campaign, appears to have been targeted by three individuals with ties to British and/or U.S. Intelligence: Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper.

Mifsud and Papadopoulos obtained positions at an organization named the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security. Papadopoulos was a nobody and the Centre sketchy at best. Mifsud vanished in early November 2017, shortly after Papadopoulos was in the news and indicted. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Carlson notes:

Although the common story is that Mifsud is a Russian Agent, many ties seem to lead [him] back to UK Intelligence. Julian Assange put out a Twitter Thread noting the connection between Mifsud and UK Intelligence.

Alexander Downer is the Australian individual who apparently overheard Papadopooulos talk about Trump and Russia in a bar which alerted the FBI to the story and their eventual spy program on Trump. This story has been refuted for months. Carlson writes


Michael Flynns Brother: Where Is Rule of Law When Sitting President Can Launch Investigation on Opposing Candidates Campaign? "IndyWatch Feed"

In a SHOCKING admission on Wednesday The New York Times reported the FBI opened an  investigation dubbed Crossfire Hurricane into Trumps campaign 100 days before the Presidential election.

The FBI was spying on the opposition partys campaign 100 days before the election.  The spying was based on a phony Russian dossier that was paid for by Democrats and Hillary Clinton and by the hearsay of a low-level Trump campaign official who was coached by FBI operatives on Russian rumors.

Five agents, including Peter Strzok traveled to London in the summer of 2016 to interview with a diplomat after Papadopoulos drunkenly claimed to Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer he knew who had Hillarys emails.

Deep State opreatives released this information to The New York Times for Wednesdays report.

On Thursday Michael Flynns brother Joseph Flynn posted this important question on Twitter:

Jumpin John Brennan and the #CrossfireHurricane where is the rule of law when a sitting President can launch an investigation into an opposing candidates presidential campaign?

The post...


Press propaganda ramps up "IndyWatch Feed"

I used to think Mark Kenny was a reasonably well-informed political commentator but I have felt recently that he was trying overly hard to give the Coalition the benefit of the doubt. And then I saw his latest offering and thought WTF, do we live on the same planet? The title As ascendant Malcolm

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WA Community Garden Gathering 19-20 May 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Weather forecast for this Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May sunny max 25 perfect come and join us at Perth City Park for our WA community garden gathering

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UK hospital kills baby with lethal injection "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ANALYSIS: Alfie Evans was executed by lethal injection; Alder Hey hospital steeped in horrifying history of organ harvesting from human babies

Britain now holds the crown of Totalitarian State

Tuesday, May 01, 2018 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Watching in horror the health care murder of baby Alfie Evans over the last few days, Ive been gathering an array of stories and sources to bring you a detailed, definitive report of what actually went down. Until that full report is ready, however, it seems urgent to share with you the conclusion of my research: I am convinced that Baby Alfie Evans was executed by lethal injection, and the hospital that murdered him appears to be the center hub of a multi-decade baby organ harvesting crime ring that saw 100,000 baby body parts harvested and illegally held in hospitals all across Britain. (See multiple news sources, below.)

It has always been clear that the Alder Hey childrens hospital sought to accelerate the death of Alfie Evans while silencing his parents through a sustained attack consisting of threats and intimidation tactics. Now, Life Site News is report that Alfie Evans was injected with four different drugs by hospital staff just two hours before he died. This, of course, was after several days of being starved to death and denied water. Virtually the entire corporate-controlled media has withheld this information from the public for a variety of nefarious reasons that I will discuss in another post.



The High Court: an agent of foreign influence "IndyWatch Feed"

In a comment posted yesterday, I said

I suppose this should be obvious, but the HC decision actually creates a perfect opportunity to generate divided loyalties where none previously existed. Suppose you want to run for Parliament but your parent came here as a 3-year old from some other country. A government official explains that the process of losing citizenship normally takes years, but for special friends of the country, it can be rushed through in time to nominate. After you have been elected, an issue arises where friends of the country concerned have an opportunity to do a favour. The logic is pretty clear.

Just a day later, we have the Oz reporting almost exactly this allegation against Labor MP Anne Aly. I have no idea of the validity or otherwise of the claim, but obviously its one that can now be made against anyone who has fallen afoul of the Courts absurd rulings by having an overseas born parent, but who has been lucky enough to get expeditious treatment from the foreign government concerned.

But, just as Trumps supporters have swallowed worse and worse things from him, Im sure the fans of the High Courts black letter approach to the Constitution will convince themselves that its all to the good that foreign governments are now in a position to interfere in our elections. Thats one of the notable things about adopting a really bad idea: the rationalizations needed to defend it pave the way for worse ideas to come.

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