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Monday, 05 February


The Tommyhawks "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sunday 4th Feb, 6.00pm 10.00pm, Bellingen Brewery

Friday, 15 December


The Antifascists (2017) "IndyWatch Feed National"

The documentary film The Antifascists has now had a public release on YouTube. It is highly-recommended watching. See also : antifascism on film (February 21, 2017) /// The Far Right and Antifa, Making Contact [podcast], December 13, 2017 /// The Continue reading


MACKAY SHOCKING: Alleged drunk driver rolls car "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY December 15, 2017 at 01:33PM ,

SHOCKING: Alleged drunk driver rolls car

December 15, 2017 at 01:33PM ,

It will be alleged the man returned a reading of .207% more than four times the legal limit. He was served with a notice to appear for driving under the influence of liquor and will front Mackay Magistrates Court on January 18. Mackay Police will aim crack down on drink drivers this weekend after a horror

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MACKAY Police preparing to target drink drivers again this weekend "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY December 15, 2017 at 10:45AM ,

Police preparing to target drink drivers again this weekend

December 15, 2017 at 10:45AM ,

He will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court to have the matter heard on January 15, 2018. Being caught drink driving by the police is not the worst possible outcome causing an injury or worse to another motorist, passenger or yourself as a result of drink driving is the worst possible outcome.

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MACKAY Mackay bus masturbators chances not looking too flash "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY December 15, 2017 at 05:30PM ,

Mackay bus masturbators chances not looking too flash

December 15, 2017 at 05:30PM ,

In 2013, he appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court for public masturbation. Bus indecencies occurred in 2013 and 2015. A girl aged 14 saw the first incident. In 2015 a mother with her two-year-old child witnessed the second of those incidents. In 2015, Simpson pleaded guilty to indecent treatment to

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Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi Newlands Community.

I have the following to give away -

1. Single wooden bed. Fair condition. Has all parts required. Sticky marks from being taped together shown in photo.

2. Also, I have a wooden queen bed to give away. Good condition. Happy to provide a photo to anyone interested. Is stored in our shed.



Blockchain and Trust "IndyWatch Feed"

From the WSJ:

Blockchain overcomes the problem of lack of trust, thereby eliminating the need for middlemen. The concept relies on math and technology that are complex and often unintelligible to the uninitiated. Here, it is sufficient to appreciate only a few elements: A blockchain is effectively an interconnected, distributed ledger. New transactions are added to the chain and then, once cryptographically locked, cannot be altered. The result is a system of records that is secure and auditable but controlled by no central authority. When a bitcoin user wants to transfer funds, that transaction is added to the blockchain and becomes a permanent part of the shared record.

Blockchains can reduce wasteful byproducts of distrust. Rather than paying intermediaries, the technology allows users to do business with each other by trusting in a vast collective to verify transactions. Thats more important than ever, as people buy and sell online with unknowable strangers.

Consider the repercussions if blockchain technology becomes widely adopted: Financially disenfranchised people, those without access to banks or credit cards, will be able to buy and sell online. Information on deeds, titles, professional credentials and even simple identification will be easily obtainable, transparent, reliable and free from error. The costs associated with many transactions will fall as middleman are cut out and cumbersome government regulation is avoided.

The transaction cost economics of that is explained here.

My RMIT colleagues Chris Berg, Jason Potts and I explain why this is important here (emphasis original):

But the blockchain allows us to exchange differently. A better metaphor for the blockchain is the invention of mechanical time.  Mechanical time opened up entirely new categories of economic organisation that had until then been not just impossible, but unimaginable.

One of the criticisms of blockchain is the amount of electricity that is employed in the mining process. That, however, is simply a realisation of the cost of trust that is imposed on the economy in traditional transactions. I expect to see innovation in that space at some point.


Fixing Our Society "IndyWatch Feed"

Does anyone remember that we once proudly described ourselves as an egalitarian nation? Just after World War II, the Australian government wanted everyone in the world community to understand that Australia was a socialist democracy. Evatt at the UN, then later Gough here at home, were simple expressions of the majority opinion. We were hugely

The post Fixing Our Society appeared first on The AIM Network.


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David Bidstrup: The madhouse effect: how man-made global insanity threatens our future. "IndyWatch Feed"

Looking at the behaviour of those who would lead us back to the dark ages in order to save the planet, the science of global warming and the insane policies put in place to achieve our salvation from climate change catastrophe provides some interesting insights.

We are expected to believe that the average temperature of the earth can be measured to an accuracy of hundredths of a degree and to be alarmed when the latest hottest year on record turns out to be 4 one hundredths of a degree warmer than the previous one. The question to ask is how do you measure to that accuracy and what are the error margins in the observations? We are supposed to be alarmed about a temperature rise of less than 1 degree C in 130 or so years.

The global average temperature, whatever that is, must keep rising to keep the narrative alive and there are legions of people searching for it every day. They look under the bed, in the garden shed and everywhere in between because it has to be there somewhere or the whole ridiculous idea collapses.

We are told that carbon dioxide, a substance that is the foundation of all life on earth and is vital to the growth of all plant life, is pollution. Without carbon dioxide there would be no life, intelligent or otherwise. I suppose we can blame carbon dioxide for providing our politicians.

It is vilified as a greenhouse gas but in the real world carbon dioxide concentrations are increased in commercial glasshouses by a factor of about 3 times the natural level as it promotes faster plant growth so it really is a greenhouse gas and a very useful one.

Higher concentrations in our atmosphere would do more good than harm in terms of feeding the ever increasing world population and too low a concentration would be a disaster.

We are told coal is dirty because its use produces carbon dioxide and this allows fanatics to rationalise the destruction of the second most effective means of producing electricity to provide the energy needed for society to thrive.

In the insane quest to reduce carbon emissions we replace cheap and effective electricity generation with the most expensive and inefficient alternatives that produce intermittent energy at the whim of nature and are totally unreliable.

We suffer eye wateringly high prices and energy insecurity as well as the visual pollution of the ghastly wind farms and the health effects they have on the near neighbours.

Apparently climate change/global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect but it bears no similarity to the operation of a physical glass greenhouse other than the name.

A real greenhouse stops warm air from rising and being replaced by more dense cooler air by means of a physical barrier that separates the in...


North Korea Is Not Just a Nuclear Problem but Also a Complex Security Challenge "IndyWatch Feed National"

Washington and Seoul need to engage with Pyongyang, Beijing and Moscow to explore how a deal can be worked out.

It may be too late to reverse North Koreas nuclear status. Credit: Reuters

Anyone who claims to have an answer to North Koreas nuclear problem has been misinformed. A premeditated nuclear attack is unlikely from any side. Rather, the risk of war lies in the possibility of miscommunication, misperception and miscalculation that could see the cycle of provocation and escalation spin out of control.

The Korean War ended in 1953 with a ceasefire but not peace agreement. The 38th parallel is heavily militarised, barbed wire-fenced, mined and patrolled. Over six decades of demonising, isolating and sanctioning, the Kim dynasty-led regime has perpetuated a stalemate at escalating levels of insecurity. North Korea conducts another nuclear test, possibly more powerful than before. Or a longer-range missile test. US and UN impose additional or tougher sanctions. US and North Korea exchange more threats. The stalemate continues, but with heightened sense of insecurity on all sides.

North Koreas ambition to acquire an intercontinental nuclearised capability has had four components, three of which have been realised. First, it has been making bombs. According to revised US intelligence assessments, it may have as many as 60 bombs. Second, test...


Israel PM faces new questions in graft probe "IndyWatch Feed National"


AFP | Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses hundreds of right-wing activists who gathered in Tel Aviv on August 9, 2017 in a show of support for him against persistent corruption allegations


Fraud squad detectives questioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his Jerusalem residence on Friday, the seventh time in a nearly year-long corruption probe, reports said.

Public radio and two privately-owned TV channels said that investigators arrived at the house shortly before 9:00 am (0700 GMT).

Police policy is not to comment until the days questioning has been completed.

The radio said an investigation into suspicions Netanyahu received luxury gifts from wealthy supporters, including Israeli businessman and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan and Australian tycoon James Packer, was nearing completion.

This is likely to be his last interrogation, on the gifts case, it said.

After that the police intend to wrap up the case within a short time.

The Maariv newspaper reported that detectives believed they had sufficient evidence to pass the file to the state prosecutor.

The police are still deliberating whether to attribute to Netanyahu the offence of bribe-taking or receiving benefits, Maariv said.

The prime minister was first questioned on January 2.

Investigations are expected to continue in a second case in which police suspect that Netanyahu sought a secret pact for favourable coverage with the publisher of the top-selling Yediot Aharonot newspaper.

The alleged scheme, not believed to have been finalised, would have seen Netanyahu receive favourable coverage in return for helping curb Yediots competitor, the pro-Netanyahu freesheet Israel Hayom.

Netanyahu has consistently denied any wrongdoing, and says he has been the target of a smear campaign by political opponents.



Parents Reveal Being Hit and Bit by Aggressive Autistic Sons and Daughters "IndyWatch Feed National"

Carly and John Sutherland at the legislature in Halifax, November 30, 2017

by Mary W Maxwell

The Age of Autism website has been running for many years. Two of its main these are the search for pharmaceutical responsibility for autism, and helpful support for families.

One seldom hears the worst of the worst at that particular website, although you can read between the lines when a Dad says In all these years we have never once gone to a restaurant as a family.

However, on December 8, 2017, published Violent Aggression and Autism: The Hidden Shame, Secret, Cover Up. Rather than printing it here I will print...


"Weekly News Wrap-Up 12/15/17" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Weekly News Wrap-Up 12/15/17"
By Greg Hunters 

"Looks like the GOP finally defeated its own candidate for Senator in the Alabama Special Election. The GOP could not stop Moore in the primary after spending $32 million, but it teamed up with Democrats and got Moore defeated. Moore is not conceding, and plenty of people are saying there was voter fraud. Its a long shot that Moore could force a recount, but even so, a last minute court decision in Alabama allowed paper ballots to be destroyed after a winner was declared. Some say that will make a recount next to impossible. Congratulations Mitch McConnell, you got a Democrat elected in a 60/40 Red state.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is being charged with running a totally biased investigation against Donald Trump by members of Congress. Some say he should be fired. There is still no evidence of Russian collusion but plenty of evidence that the same people that exonerated Hillary Clinton for multiple crimes are now going after Donald Trump. I am referring to the DOJ and FBI investigators. On top of that, the Justice Department will not answer questions that it used a totally false so-called dossier bought an...


14 of the Most Dangerous Roads in the World "IndyWatch Feed National"

Adrenaline is so strong that none of us understands it. Jerry Lewis

When you are told to close your eyes and picture a road trip, you are probably envisioning coffee stops and upbeat music while cruising down an endless highway. There is, however, a whole different side to road trips if youre looking for your next opportunity for an adrenaline rush. Trade in your reasonable speed limits and highway road stops for hairpin bends, trips through war zones and dramatic mountain drops with these fascinating destinations.

Check out 14 of the most dangerous roads across the globe:

#1 Hana, Hawaii

This incredibly narrow and scenic road located on the island of Maui is a high-risk location for landslides, which means that its often closed to travellers.

Source: Mashable


#2 Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Designed to allow clearance for even the largest of ships, this trip would resemble a rollercoaster more than a trip over a mere bridge.

Source: Metro


#3 Eyre Highway, Australia

Unlike the other roads on the list, this road isnt dangerous due to incredible heights or risks of landslides, however, it is responsible for an incredibly high number of accidents. Why? It is so monotonous that drivers regularly fall asleep.



There May Be Just Enough Healthy Coral Left to Save the Great Barrier Reef "IndyWatch Feed National"

First, the meme that all that damage is caused by temperature change is rubbish and an exercise in misdirection.  The most probable cause is agricultural run off which has been heavy in nitrogen for the past several generations.  As well that run off will be in the surface waters most likely to affect reefs.

The switch out to organic agriculture will  allow these reefs to completely reverse and stage a total recovery.
In the meantime we have this nonsense to put up with in order to hide the true culprit..

There May Be Just Enough Healthy Coral Left to Save the Great Barrier Reef 

Australian scientists see a way back from the mass bleaching events brought on by climate change.
Jackie Flynn MogensenNov. 28, 2017 2:00 PM 

The Great Barrier Reef is called great for a reason. As the worlds largest reef system, its half the size of Texas, home to about 10 percent of the oceans fish species, and generates billions of tourism dollars annually. Plus, its damn beau...


Child sexual abuse royal commission: recommendations and statistics at a glance "IndyWatch Feed"

Royal Commission

Child sexual abuse royal commission: recommendations and statistics at a glance


Atlanta, GA: Update on Food Not Bombs Repression "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The post Atlanta, GA: Update on Food Not Bombs Repression appeared first on It's Going Down.

Early this morning, we came to court ready to face criminal charges for feeding the homeless without a permit. Many people came out and we shared food, clothes, and hygiene supplies right in front of the courthouse.

City representatives refused to show up. They were too ashamed to even face us in their own court. The bogus charge was dismissed without so much as a hearing. This confirms that the crackdown was never about the law, it has always been nothing more than a campaign of intimidation designed to bully homeless people and those who aid them. Already, officials are researching other ordinances they can use to repress us.

The real solution is ordinary people working together to help each other, and fighting against the gentrification agenda of the city elites. We will continue doing our part, and we call on everyone to join in however they can.

We are outraged that the City is trying to avoid this issue. Officials must answer for persecuting us, but they know they cant. They can hide from a court case, but they cant hide from the poor people who face constant harassment by their cops. They cant hide from the homeless people who they evicted from the Peachtree & Pine shelter. The City wants to pretend they are the solution to poverty and homelessness in Atlanta, but they are the cause.

The real solution is ordinary people working together to help each other, and fighting against the gentrification agenda of the city elites. We will continue doing our part, and we call on everyone to join in however they can.


Significant radiation dose received by Lucas Heights worker in nuclear accident "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Radioactive liquid spills on worker at Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in Sydney, Peter Jean, Political Reporter, The Advertiser, December 14, 2017 A WORKER received a significant radiation dose when a vial of radioactive liquid spilt onto their hands in the most serious recorded safety incident to ever occur at Sydneys Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.

The Advertiser can reveal the accident occurred on August 22 when a vial of the nuclear medicine product Molybdenum-99 was dropped when its cap was being removed during a quality-control test. The incident was rated severe by regulators and has led to changes in safety procedures.

Molybdenum-99 is produced by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation at Lucas Heights, below, for use in cancer and heart disease scans.

ANSTO Health general manager Mark Moore said the analyst has a slightly elevated risk of developing skin cancer after the liquid spilt on their hands.

The analyst was working in a shielded fume cupboard that, in normal operation, limits a dose received, but the dropping of the vial resulted in the radiation dose, Mr Moore said.

Our employee remains at work and is currently performing alternative quality assessment work in the nuclear medicine field.

Mr Moore said the staff member had burn-like symptoms, including blistering and reddening of the skin.

While ANSTO is still waiting to be adv...



3) Papuans want justice, not infrastructure



Federal Nuclear Waste Dump: Locals NOT WELCOME to attend the Barndioota Consultative Committee December Meeting "IndyWatch Feed"

Tim Bickmore, Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 14 Dec 17, This week some locals tried to attend the Barndioota Consultative Committee December Meeting but were not welcome. They were advised that 1] there were no protocols for allowing such, & 2] should the BCC formulate observer ...


For the first time, scientists identify severe weather caused by climate change "IndyWatch Feed"

Global heat waves in 2016 resulted purely from human-driven climate change: study, SBS, 15 Dec 17, Last years global heat record, extreme heat in Asia and unusually warm waters off the coast of Alaska happened purely because the planet is getting warmer because of human activities like burning fossil fuels, a study said Wednesday.

The findings mark the first time that global scientists have identified severe weather that could not have happened without climate change, said the peer-reviewed report titled Explaining Extreme Events in 2016 from a Climate Perspective.

Until now, the contribution of human-driven climate change has been understood to raise the odds of certain floods, droughts, storms and heat waves but not serve as the sole cause.

This report marks a fundamental change, said Jeff Rosenfeld, editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, which published the peer-reviewed report.

For years scientists have known humans are changing the risk of some extremes. But finding multiple extreme events that werent even possible without human influence makes clear that were experiencing new weather, because weve made a new climate.

The report included 27 peer-reviewed analyses of extreme weather across five continents and two oceans.

A total of 116 scientists from 18 countries took part, incorporating historica...


Australia resists efforts to ban nuclear weapons, and Australian Prime Minister snubs ICAN Nobel Peace Prize win, "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Instead of congratulating ICAN on its Nobel Peace Prize, Australia is resisting efforts to ban the bomb , The Conversation, Ramesh Thakur,
Professor of International Relations, Australian National University December 14, 2017 
Earlier this week in Oslo, the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize was officially givento the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), a global campaign that was launched in Melbourne in 2007.

ICAN lobbied to establish a special UN working group on nuclear disarmament, campaigned for the UN General Assemblys December 2016 resolution to launch negotiations on a prohibition treaty, and was an active presence at the UN conference that negotiated the treaty.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull failed to congratulate the Australian faces of ICAN, addin...


Will the sky fall in if pokies are removed? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The sky will fall in if pokies are removed from regional Tasmania???

The impending devastation will be obvious from the figures. A close look at say the Braddon electorate, will reveal all, surely? Its the most regional of the Tasmanian electorate, the most distant from the States two casinos and currently home to 730 or 30% of EGMs outside casinos.

Alas the figures fail to give any support for Federal Groups doomsday predictions.

Treasury modelled the effects of EGM removal for the recent parliamentary inquiry. Unbundling the model and introducing the latest figures for player losses from the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission for venues gives a detailed look at Braddon.

No. Pubs  


New research indicates that sea level rise will be much greater than previously estimated "IndyWatch Feed"

We may be in for far higher amounts of sea level rise than ever thought before, Mashable, BY ANDREW FREEDMAN, 15 Dec 17, The amount of sea level rise that many of us will experience in our lifetimes may be more than double what was previously anticipated, unless we sharply curtail greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new study that factors in emerging, unsettling research on the tenuous stability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

 Importantly, the study highlights that cuts we could still make to greenhouse gas emissions during the next several years would significantly reduce the possibility of a sea level rise calamity after 2050.

Published Wednesday in the open access journal Earths Future, the study is the first to pair recently discovered mechanisms that would lead to the sudden collapse of parts of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, such as the disintegration of floating ice shelves and mechanical failure of tall ice cliffs facing the sea. The study also goes a step further by showing how the new projections could play out city by city around the world.

Researchers from several institutions, including Rutgers University, Princeton, Harvard, and the nonprofit research group Climate Central found that sea level rise predictions that incorporate a faster even sudden disintegration of huge parts of the Antarctic Ice Sheet would yield far more dire projections.



How Sydney could become a zero-carbon city "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sydneys closer to being a zero-carboncity than you think, The Conversation, Rob Roggema
Professor of Sustainable Urban Environments, University of Technology Sydney December 15, 2017
, You live in one of the sunniest countries in the world. You might want to use that solar advantage and harvest all this free energy. Knowing that solar panels are rapidly becoming cheaper and have become feasible even in less sunny places like the UK, this should be a no-brainer.

Despite this, the Australian government has taken a step backwards at a time when we should be thinking 30 years ahead.

Can we do it differently? Yes, we can! My ongoing research on sustainable urbanism makes it clear that if we use the available renewable resources in the Sydney region we do not need any fossil resource any more. We can become zero-carbon. (With Louisa King and Andy Van den Dobbelsteen, I have prepared a forthcoming paper, Towards Zero-Carbon Metropolitan Regions: The Example of Sydney, in the journal SASBE.)

Enough solar power for every household

Abundant solar energy is available in the Sydney metropolitan area. If 25% of the houses each installed 35 square metres of solar panels, this could deliver all the energy for the citys households.

We conservatively estimate a total yield of 195kWh/m2 of PV panel placed on roofs or other horizontal surfaces. The potential area of all Sydney council precincts suited for PV is estimated at around 385km2  a quarter of the entire roof surface.



SOTT FOCUS: Putin Schools Journalists and Western Politicians in Annual Q&A Marathon "IndyWatch Feed National"

Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual marathon press conference today. Over 1,600 journalists were accredited for the event, which ended up lasting just under four hours. The entire ritual just demonstrates how far Russia still has to go before it becomes a full-fledged Western democracy. In a real democracy, leaders only take pre-approved soft-ball questions from a select group of hand-picked journalists and then read their answers from teleprompters. Tough or unexpected questions are either ignored or given a pat answer devoid of any real information. After 20 minutes or so, that's a wrap. Under no circumstances are leaders to field countless questions from a range of sources, and extemporaneously provide detailed answers on a wide range of subjects. Sound about right? Actually, the reason Western leaders don't do such things is because they're simply incapable of it. They don't have a command of all the facts and figures. They know their 'policy positions' are just slogans and sound bites made up for public consumption, so their answers are never in-depth or backed up by anything of substance. And they know the justification for the 'party line' is based on a foundation of deceit and lies, so they can't give adequate space for facts or other points of view. When you're following a script, you can't be spontaneous. Putin, on the other hand, can do so because he's something all his Western 'colleagues' are not: a real leader. What follows are some of the highlights of today's Q&A. Check back for updates as they come. Here's the full video, if you have 4 hours to spare:


Corporates waking up to new world of cheap renewables, says Westpac RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Westpac says at least 20 big companies are tendering for wind and solar plants as they look to bypass soaring grid costs and look for self-generation.

via Corporates waking up to new world of cheap renewables, says Westpac RenewEconomy


SOTT FOCUS: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - November 2017: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs "IndyWatch Feed National"

From fireballs to floods to unseasonable snow in both hemispheres of our planet, this past November saw many meteorological records broken. After an unusually strong X-class solar flare and unusual solar activity back in September - possibly related to a series of powerful earthquakes above 7.0M in New Caledonia and Mexico - last month was marked by three powerful earthquakes that caused widespread damage - in Iraq/Iran, Chile and South Korea. Meanwhile, volcanic activity seems to have reached a seasonal peak (yes, soon we'll have to start talking about 'volcano season'). These increased geological phenomena, and the official predictions of an increase in earthquake activity in 2018 due to the slow-down of Earth's rotation, have left affected people with a feeling of dread. Droughts also worsened in Portugal and Spain last month, while sheets of rain fell in South America, Australia, and in most parts of Asia. All this at a time when meteorologists are finding themselves having to use the term 'atmospheric phenomena' because 'rainfall' just doesn't cut it anymore. Trumpet sounds and portents in the sky were seen as harbingers of changing times in the past, from the social and political arena, to significant cosmic events. So fasten your seat belts folks, because it seems that things are going to get rough. Check it out below, and watch it in full screen!


Audit office slams Australias dud investments in clean coal RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Audit office slams Australias CCS funding programs, saying $450 million spent, and nothing achieved: Not a single tonne of CO2 saved, no technology ready for deployment, from a scheme that has been a governance catastrophe.

via Audit office slams Australias dud investments in clean coal RenewEconomy


CEFC passes 1GW big solar milestone, after backing two new projects RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

CEFC notches up 1 gigawatt of big solar investment across Australia, after committing another $207m to two new projects in Victoria and Queensland.

via CEFC passes 1GW big solar milestone, after backing two new projects RenewEconomy


For 1st time, a high court rules against nuclear plant operations "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

13 dec 2017 high court halt Ikata NPP.jpg
Lawyers hold up signs outside the Hiroshima High Court on Dec. 13 proclaiming an injunction had been ordered on operations at the Ikata nuclear power plant.
For 1st time, a high court rules against nuclear plant operations
HIROSHIMAA high court for the first time has banned operations at a nuclear power plant.
The Hiroshima High Court issued the injunction in a verdict Dec. 13 that applies to the No. 3 reactor at the Ikata nuclear power plant in Ikata, Ehime Prefecture, operated by Shikoku Electric Power Co.
In the ruling, the high court concluded there was a chance the Ikata plant could be affected by a pyroclastic flow from Mount Aso if an eruption occurred similar in scale to a massive one 90,000 years ago on the southern island of Kyushu.
A computer simulation by Shikoku Electric of the possible effects from an eruption like the one in ancient times

View original post 1,949 more words



One Fukushima Tepco employees Leukemia certified, how many of the subcontracted employees ignored? "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

In the background, from left, the No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 reactor buildings of the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant are seen, in Okuma, Fukushima Prefecture, on Oct. 31, 2016. In front are tanks used to store contaminated water.
Govt certifies Fukushima TEPCO employees leukemia as work-related illness
The leukemia that developed in a Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) employee in his 40s working on the aftermath of the damaged Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant was certified as a work-related illness by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on Dec. 13, it has been learned.
According to the ministry, the man was in charge of ensuring the safety of the reactors at the Fukushima plant since April 1994. After the reactor meltdowns in March 2011, he donned protective clothing and a mask and also led the effort to cool the overheating reactors with water. He developed

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Worsening Weather to Feed Monstrous Thomas Fire Through Sunday robertscribbler "IndyWatch Feed"

It shouldnt be happening in typically wetter, cooler December. But, due to human-forced climate change, it is. The Thomas Fire, at 242,000 acres, is now the fourth largest fire in California history. Alone, it has destroyed 900 structures a decent towns worth gone up in smoke. And today it threatens pretty much all of []

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NNTT Tennant Creek Pastoral Lease "IndyWatch Feed National"

National Native Title Tribunal File DC2017/003 available here entered on the Register 24/11/2017.

The attachments are as follows :-
Register extract available here
Attachment A - Map of Area available here
Schedule A - Native Title Claim Group Description available here

This claim is interesting in the amount of detail provided in the Claim Group Description. Searches of the CIFHS web site will produce a large amount of information about those mentioned in the Claim Group list plus further information on other descendants.


Tesla big battery goes the full discharge 100MW for first time RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Tesla big battery discharges at full capacity 100MW for first time as worlds largest lithium ion battery continues shake-down of capabilities.

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Six factors that make battery storage add up for households RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

New Queensland study based on a series of home battery storage trials gives some insight into what can make batteries interesting for households, what might motivate them, and how the network might use these assets into the future.

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Byron bays world-first solar train gets ready to trundle RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

World-first solar train running with its own solar and battery storage to be launched in Byron Bay on Saturday.

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Substratum answers censorship call "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Web censorship is on the rise, according to research by Freedom on the Net, two-thirds of all internet users live in countries where criticism of the government, military, or ruling family is subject to censorship. The World Economic Forum reported that global internet freedom declined in 2016 for the sixth consecutive year, 2017 is likely to be even worse.

Internet freedom in the US was dealt a huge blow yesterday when the Federal Communications Commission voted to rescind regulations governing companies that provide broadband services to consumers. This essentially gives broadband providers in the US the power to control what they serve to their customers, and more importantly what they block.

These net neutrality regulations were originally introduced by the Democrats under the previous administration. Trumps administration evidently does not approve of a free and unfettered internet so has decided to unravel the regulations that gave net neutrality lawfulness. The rules prevented internet service providers from blocking content, throttling access speeds and enforcing paid prioritization upon their customers. Once through US broad band companies would have a green light to discriminate and manipulate your internet traffic according to one Democrat on the FCC panel. Top ISPs such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Charter and CenturyLink will have more freedom to control what they allow their users to see on the internet. According to Wikipedia these top five US providers have almost 80 million subscribers combined.

As America moves to join many of the Middle Eastern and Asian nations that regularly and actively censor the internet we need to look towards the blockchain for a solution. It just so happens that a recent ICO provides a token that does just that.

Substratum provides a method of serving decentralized web content via a range of operating systems and browsers without the need for technical knowledge of crypto currencies and blockchains. Their websites states:

Information wants to be free, not locked down by censorship or net neutrality laws. Substratum provides tools anyone can use to help keep the internet accessible through decentralization. We support an equal, fair, and open internet.

By installing a Substratum node participants will get rewarded with the crypto currency for serving content to others living in countries that filter the web. Traders reacted to the news quickly and SUB price jumped from $0.36 to a record top of $0.50 within a couple of hours. A small correction brought prices back down to $0.40 but they soon began to ratchet....


Best things to do with kids in the Latrobe Valley "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Latrobe Valley is a regional centre in the Gippsland region in the state of VictoriaAustralia. The Latrobe Valley region lies east of the Melbourne along the Princes Highway.  The Valley is its known locally has three major centres, MoeMorwell and Traralgon.  These 3 bigger towns are supported by smaller towns Churchill, Yinnar, Glengarry, and Tyers. The population of the Latrobe Valley is approximately 125,000.

The Latrobe Valley is usually a stopping stop from people travelling from Melbourne to the Walhalla, The Gippsland Lakes and beyond. The major towns of the Latrobe Valley often host regional events which draw families in for weekends. Traditionally the Latrobe Valley has had a rather poor reputation as the home of some of the dirtiest coal power stations in Australia. These power stations employ a large portion of the population. This has been slowly changing with Hazelwood  Power Station closing down and the others slated to close towards the middle of this century.

Have you stopped in the Latrobe Valley?

For us here at Wyld Family Travel we regularly pass through the Latrobe Valley on our way to Melbourne. Traralgon is also a shopping destination for people east of the Valley. Traralgon is the largest town along Highway 1 from the next 400 odd kilometres. There are some great educational and fun things to do in Gippsland located in the Latrobe Valley.

Power Works Museum Morwell

As mentioned earlier the Latrobe Valley has a long history associated with coal mining and power generation. PowerWorks was officially opened in November 1994 on the edge of the Morwell open cut mine by the State Energy Commision of Victoria. Powerworks was created to ensure broad community awareness of the history, oper...



Refugee Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE  PNG SUPREME COURT RULES MAJOR VICTORY TO MANUS ASYLUM SEEKERS  The full bench of the PNG Supreme Court today (Friday) finally handed a ruling formally finding that the human rights of all those sent to Manus Island have been breached.  The victory comes after almost two years of deliberate attempts(...)


Credlin: Give us a debate and vote on Australias population - Article by Leith van Onselen "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Chief of Staff to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Peta Credlin, is the latest to question Australias mass immigration program, which flooded NSW (read Sydney) and VIC (read Melbourne) with a record 185,500 net overseas migrants (combined) in the year to June, further crush-loading our two biggest cities. This article was first published on Macrobusiness at on December 15 2017.

By Leith van Onselen

Chief of Staff to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Peta Credlin, is the latest to question Australias mass immigration program, which flooded NSW (read Sydney) and VIC (read Melbourne) with a record 185,500 net overseas migrants (combined) in the year to June, further crush-loading our two biggest cities:

Last night, Ms Credlin delivered a detailed monologue on Sky News calling for immigration levels to be normalised back to their historical average, as well as demanding that our federal politicians give Australians a national debate and vote on Australias future population size.

While the whole video is well worth watching, heres a few key quotes:

Overcrowded streets, busy roads, nowhere to park, over development, unaffordable housing, cramped schools, and in the words of many locals, far too many highrises. These were the concerns raised today [in Bennelong], and they are all code for population growth

What I can...


PERTH Lloyd Rayney wins epic defamation fight against WA Government over Corryn Rayneys death "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Lloyd Rayney wins epic defamation fight against WA Government over Corryn Rayneys death .

December 15, 2017 at 12:01PM .

Lloyd Rayney was not in court for the judgment because he was representing a client in the nearby Perth Magistrates Court, where he left without making any comment. Lloyd Rayney in a blue suit walks in front of a cafe as media crews film Photo: Lloyd Rayney was not present in the court to hear his .


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The Weekend Quiz December 16-17, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. Although we are told that a country is running a small current account deficit and that the private domestic sector is saving overall, we are unable to draw any conclusions about the state of the fiscal balance until we know the relative magnitudes of the other balances.

2. While a currency-issuing government does not have to issue bonds to match its deficit spending, one of the advantages of raising debt from the private sector is that it provides a boost to private wealth.

3. Fiscal austerity aims to reduce the stock of net government spending by reducing spending and/or increasing taxes.



So this is what Treasury does these days "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I was looking for the Treasury paper on wages growth   it is a very solid piece of work, by the way but came across the newly designed website.  Actually, I thought the old one was better but I guess all those staff in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have nothing much to do, so they got to it and redesigned it to make it worse.

But here  I learned:

The Treasury is engaged in a range of issues from macroeconomic policy settings to microeconomic reform, climate change to social policy, as well as tax policy and international agreements and forums.

Is this a joke?  Treasury engaged in climate change.  Treasury engaged in social policy.

Mind you, the Treasury is really making headway with tax policy by recommending all sorts of new levies such as those in relation to superannuation and the Major Bank Levy.  Gosh, Im glad we pay over 1000 Treasury bureaucrats to dream up those additional, economically damaging imposts.

But dont you just love Treasury engaging in climate change?  Because that went so well when they undertook the modelling for Gillards ill-fated carbon tax.  You know the one that showed there would be minimal impact on our GDP because there would be global carbon price of $28 per tonne from 2016.  That worked well.  But I guess Martin Parkinson wasnt going to have it any other way.

Along with successive governments of Australia over the past decade, it has been a steady downward decline in the quality of Treasury output and its associated prestige.

Hilariously, the Treasury website even references the bizarre Productivity Commission Shifting the Dial report.

I think the message is: take care when surfing the net.


Malcolm and Lucy's Christmas mail "IndyWatch Feed"

Malcolm and Lucy's Christmas mailThe Turnbulls always enjoy the days leading up to Christmas. Malcolm, especially, finds it an exciting time of the year. December 25 is not long off and their excitement is growing by the day. Join our first couple in their harbourside mansion. read now...


Have cryptoassets created $0.5 trillion in social value? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Vitalik Buterin poses that question, do read his whole storm. Here are the last three tweets:

How many Venezuelans have actually been protected by us from hyperinflation?

How much actual usage of micropayment channels is there actually in reality?

The answer to all of these questions is definitely not zero, and in some cases its quite significant. But not enough to say its $0.5T levels of significant. Not enough.

Let me set aside the question of enabling grey or black market activities, and let us put aside the bubbly component of these assets, which may or may not be real.  Id like to focus on the underlying fundamentals.

Furthermore, crypto-assets have not consumed half a trillion in social costs, though Id like to see the electricity bill.  So mine is the concrete question: insofar as crypto-assets have served as hedges and stores of value, is that social value or just a private return at some offsetting rent-seeking-based social cost?

Stores of value

Lets say I build a warehouse and store some furniture in it, because I am moving and I dont want to throw out the sofa but need to keep it somewhere for a month.  The gains from storing that furniture can be captured by standard cost-benefit methods, and few would doubt that is a legitimate private and also social efficiency.  I am carrying sitting capacity into the future.

With crypto-assets, I am carrying wealth more generally into the future.  The person who most wants that payoff structure for the wealth carry will end up owning the crypto-asset.

Do I hold and carry forward that wealth at the expense of other people?  Is creating a crypto-asset, in welfare terms, a bit like being a counterfeiter and thus rent-transferring and wasteful?  Or is it more like storing a sofa while moving house?

Or is the crypto-asset more like an insurance contract, and thus again wealth-enhancing?  I see it as performing a mix of the store of value and insurance functions.

If the crypto-asset is rent-seeking (the electricity cost aside), exactly whose purchasing power is diminished?  Presumably the Bitcoin and Ether millionaires spend more of their money and drive prices up for others.  But it seems that is a pecuniary externality, not a real social cost of the kind that would justify a judgment of socially wasteful rent-seeking.

Maybe it makes more sense to view the crypto-assets as a new kind of insurance contract: if some of my othe...


Project Leader "IndyWatch Feed National"



Australia gives Parking Ticket to Man in His Own Driveway "IndyWatch Feed National"

Once upon a time, police aspired to protect society. Today, police, in general, are more interested in harassing the public to raise money for the government. In Australia, a man was given a parking ticket in his own driveway. The incident has gone viral in Australia and the government claims his car partially blocked the sidewalk.

I had friends who were police decades ago. Something has changed. They were never vindictive and nasty. Today, you literally take you like in your hands just being pulled over by a cop. Every encounter I have had that never ended with any ticket I have found the police starts with an attitude and the assumption everyone is up to something.


Pill Testing Is Inevitable: An Interview with MP Shane Rattenbury "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Despite the initial set back to Australias first government-sanctioned pill testing trial taking place, it appears that those behind the initiative are confident it will go ahead. According to them, the question is not if, but when. On September 22, ACT health minister Meegan Fitzharris announced that her government had approved a trial of a pill

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Pilot Denied Commercial Licence Because Hes HIV Positive "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has backed a rule change that would allow an HIV positive man to become a commercial airline pilot. The Glasgow man, who wants to remain anonymous, has been prevented from fulfilling his boyhood dream by the Civil Aviation Authority because of his HIV status. The Civil Aviation Authority ...

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Ready Set Go Learning Pathways in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Have you just left school and not sure what to do next? Have you been unemployed or out of the job scene for a while and want to explore employment options?  Come and be supported to create long and short term goals around work and/or study, explore career pathways and get skilled over 5 weeks.  More details here.


Focus on Opportunity to Win in Stocks "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Hear that noise? Thats the rumble of Australians talking. Thats because theres more of us every passing day.

Australias net migration is booming, according to the latest statistics. In the 12 months to July, we saw 245,400 people move here.

Apparently, those kinds of heady numbers havent been since 2009.

New South Wales and Victoria are taking the bulk of them.

If you take any pride in Australias record run without a recession and healthy GDP growth, you can mostly pin it down to these arrivals.

Australias economy grows because we keep stuffing more people in it.

Its not because were a hotbed of innovation and productivity.

It keeps the bankers and property developers happy.

It means plenty of fresh meat up for grabs. The sharks come out when theres blood in the water.

The Australian Financial Review reports that massive US private equity firm Blackstone is preparing to launch its own home lending arm out here.

It will service the market the banks are being forced to shun for regulatory reasons.

Think foreign buyers, Aussies with offshore income, and property investors that dont pass the conventional metrics and barriers.

More credit is bullish for the economy

China to keep Aussie tourism booming for years

We can say the same thing about Chinese tourists. China is on track to overtake New Zealand as our number one market as early as next month.

This will be one of the biggest growth markets worldwide for years.

I cannot imagine what the classic European cities will look like in a few years.

Theyre already strained with the hordes of Americans, Australians and all the rest as they are now.

What happens when we add in a middle class bigger than that of the US?

No wonder hedge fund veteran Jim Rogers says the best thing you can do for your children is to teach them Mandarin.

There were about 1.2 million Chinese visitors to Australia in 2016. That number is expected to triple by 2026.

One stock to keep an eye on here is AuMake International Ltd [ASX:AU8].

It runs a network of stores full of Aussie goods that Chinese tourists and the daigou shoppers can stock up on.

Think infant formula, vitamins, milk power, hone and wool products. Youve no doubt heard about these trends bef...


MO "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

So this is a game changer museum, Musee dOrsay. More so, for this visitor, than Le Louvre where tourists take photos of tourists and the Mona Lisa, who needs a room to herself with strict access. Except for the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the MO is the place to go rather even though works come from the Louvre when it was formed from three national collections.




Basic 1st Aid Courses and Legal Workshops in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Were excited to be delivering an array of new courses and workshops in 2018.  We will be running 2 1st aid workshops Caring for Kids and another one on Snake and Spider Bites.  Local Solicitor, Trent McGregor will be back to tell us more about Making Wills, Powers of Attorneys and later in the year we will learn more about our rights around last wishes and funerals.   More here.


Mammal long thought extinct in NSW resurfaces in State's west "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Crest-tailed Mulgara, a small carnivorous marsupial known only from fossilised bone fragments and presumed extinct in NSW for more than century, has been discovered in Sturt National Park north-west of Tibooburra.

A team from the UNSW Sydney Wild Deserts project made the unexpected discovery during recent scientific monitoring.

UNSW scientist and Wild Deserts ecologist Dr Rebecca West, said it was particularly exciting to find a Crest-tailed Mulgara alive for the first time in NSW.

The Crest-tailed Mulgara was once widely distributed across sandy desert environments in inland Australia, but declined due to the effects of rabbits, cats and foxes.
The species weighs around 150 grams and has pale blonde fur and a thick tail with a distinctive black crest, Dr West said.

"The discovery comes at a great time," said UNSW scientist and Wild Deserts project co-ordinator Reece Pedler.

Next year we are due to begin introduced predator and rabbit eradication from a large area, which will no doubt help the Mulgara, Mr Pedler said.

The Wild Deserts project is contributing to the NSW Governments Saving our Species conservation program (SOS), said National Parks and wildlife Service area manager Jaymie Norris. The aim of this project is to return mammal species not seen in their natural habitat for over 90 years in Sturt National Park. Rabbits, cats and foxes will be eradicated from two 20-square-kilometre fenced exclosures in Sturt National Park, before locally extinct mammals are reintroduced."

"Reintroduced native mammal species will include greater bilby, burrowing bettong, western quoll and western barred bandicoot, Mr Norris said.

The Wild Deserts project is a partnership between UNSW and Ecological Horizons, in collaboration with Taronga Conservation Society Australia. Wild Deserts has been contracted by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to restore and promote desert...


Aluminium non-toxic Etching Printmaking Course in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image by Jane Rusden

Back by popular demand, Jane Rusden will be tutoring this fantastic printmaking course in partnership with Community House and Castlemaine Press early 2018.  This one booked out last year so get in early!  More Details here.


Catching up with John Young "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I caught up today for a pleasurable few hours in the Sunshine Coast hinterland with bush naturalist extraordinaire John Young.

John is something of a legend in the birding community. It is well-known that he and I have had our differences over the years, but with the benefit of hindsight, everyone acknowledges they might have done things differently in times past. We move on. Whatever our differences, I've always regarded John as arguably Australia's most skilled bush naturalist. His uncanny ability to track down birds in difficult circumstances is widely acknowledged. John is doing some excellent field work these days as a senior ecologist with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.



Why Australias energy sector has to change: In 8 minutes or less. "IndyWatch Feed"

The average Australian may not necessarily ponder energy market supply and demand dynamics. But they dont have to, to see why energy has to change.


PNG Supreme Court rules major victory to Manus asylum seekers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The full bench of the PNG Supreme Court today (Friday) finally handed down a ruling formally finding that the human rights of all those sent to Manus Island have been breached.

The victory comes after almost two years of deliberate attempts by the Australian and PNG governments to stall and frustrate the case.

The finding opens the way to major compensation and also for consequential orders against both the PNG and Australian governments. Asylum seekers who missed out on compensation from the Slater and Gordon case will be eligible for payment for the breaches of their human rights.

It is understood that the Australian government has undertaken to pay any costs and compensation arising from the case.

It is a major legal victory for the asylum seekers on Manus Island. Summary judgement and consequential orders are expected to follow todays ruling in a February 2018 hearing of the Supreme Court. It goes beyond the Slater and Gordon case by providing a legal ruling that the asylum seekers were unlawfully detained. This will cost the Australian government, politically and financially, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

At the February hearing, the PNG lawyers will be seeking orders that the Australian and PNG government provide a safe, third country for the asylum seekers unlawfully sent to Manus Island.

In a separate (but related) application by Kurdish refugee Behrouz Boochani, the Supreme Court has set down a hearing on 5 February to consider the substantive issues of human rights breaches involved in the siege of, and forced eviction from, the Manus detention centre at Lombrum.

As suggested by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the PNG lawyers will be seeking damages for the human rights breaches associated with the eviction from Lombrum and the on-going beaches associated with the inadequate and inhuman conditions of the three detention areas on Manus, said Rintoul.

Todays finding is a belated legal ruling of what we all knew and was established in the Namah case in April 2016 that the agreement between PNG and Australia was unlawful and that the asylum seekers were illegally held there.

Now the government can no loner hide behind the lie that the Manus asylum seekers and refugees are PNGs responsibility. The government must provide a safe third country to all the asylum seeker and refugees and brings all those who want to come, to Australia.

Full judgment here

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

The post PN...


Australia ratifies torture prevention treaty, but must accept scrutiny of offshore facilities on Manus and Nauru "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Government has ratified an important UN torture prevention treaty. The Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) is a mechanism established to prevent cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in places of detention.

Ratification of the OPCAT will enable the Commonwealth Ombudsman to establish a network of independent inspectors who will have unprecedented access to prisons and some other places of detention. But the impact will be limited by the Australian Governments denial of these obligations to Australias offshore facilities on Manus Island and Nauru. 

"The announcement is an important step in the right direction because governments have maintained an out of sight, out of mind approach to prisons for too long," said Ruth Barson, HRLC Director of Legal Advocacy.

"Abuse thrives behind closed doors. While independent scrutiny of prisons is essential to expose current abuses, such as prolonged solitary confinement and degrading strip searches, the onus will be on governments to implement the inspectors' recommendations and put an end to mistreatment."

As part of ratification, the UN Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture will undertake periodic visits of Australian detention facilities. Ms Barson said international scrutiny is important to ensure Australian governments commit to stopping cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment both in word and deed. 

"Exposing mistreatment is one thing, but stopping it is another. Deaths in custody and Don Dale type abuse are what happen when governments fail to heed the advice of experts and instead turn a blind eye to mistreatment," said Ms Barson. 

When announcing its intention to ratify OPCAT in February the Australian Government made clear that it will not accept any obligations for transparency, oversight or monitoring to extend to its offshore facilities on Manus and Nauru, where 2000 refugees have been held for the last four and a half years. 

Daniel Webb, HRLC Director of Legal Advocacy, said the Australian Government cant just pick and choose which facilities its happy to have scrutinised.

"The whole purpose of this treaty is to prevent abuse through transparency. It defeats that purpose if our Government can just decide to keep its deepest darkest sites of misery and suffering deliberately shielded from scrutiny," said Mr Webb.

Mr Webb said the timing of the ratification  coming just ahead of Australia formally commencing its term on the Human Rights Council  showed that the Australian Government recognised the need to improve its own human rights performance prior to taking up a seat on the worlds highest human rights authority. 

"Our Government knows it needs to get its house in order if it wants to command respect and cred...


After liberalism: a response to Safe White Spaces "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

There has been recent noise around whiteness in the arts in Australia, Melbourne in particular, due in part to Andy Butlers article Safe White Spaces. Some of us have been talking about this for some time, but now it feels different, on account of the voices being heard and the opinions being seriously considered. This might be the demographic reckoning that is starting to happen as a consequence of the end of the White Australia Policy.


Have Your Table Manners Gone Out the Window? "IndyWatch Feed"

Over time as our lives have become busier and busier our table manners have gone by the wayside, according to one expert.

Zarife Hardy, the founder of the Australian School of Etiquette, has specialised in etiquette for over 25 years and has shared with FEMAIL the rules we should follow.

She explained that the likes of Meghan Markle and Princess Mary of Denmark have undergone intensive etiquette training themselves to change their accents, how they hold themselves and their wardrobe.

Even royalty has to follow these basic rules of etiquette and table manners, she told Daily Mail Australia.


Ms Hardy explained that although some people may not like to believe it, first impressions count.

Due to human biology we make up our minds about someone with seven seconds of meeting them, so its best to make a good impression, she said.

Posture plays an important part in how we present ourselves and how we are received someone who is slouching instantly conveys the feeling to people that they dont care about where they are or who theyre talking to.

Posture while sitting at the table is also important women should sit with their knees and feet together or, like royalty, on a slant and men should sit slightly forward from the back of a chair to encourage correct posture.

Men should imagine that there is an egg just above their bottom, which will encourage the correct sitting position because if they move back it will crack, she explained.

You also dont need to be wearing designer clothing but you need to pay attention to small details like your hygiene and the condition of your nails.

When it comes to the art of conversation, which is something she believes we all need to master, you need to make sure youre balancing your questions with answers so that natural conversation is able to flow.

Please dont be a person that shuts down conversation, if someone asks you a question dont just say yes or no, she said.

Humans are....


Saving seed in Tasmania ... and a multinational company ... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The thin edge of the wedge has arrived in Whitemore, Tasmania


Learn French 3 Levels coming up in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

3 different levels of French Classes to accommodate all our new and old french students!  Theyre popular classes so secure your spot! If youre unsure about whether youre an absolute beginner, wanting to brush up on what you know or youre a bit more advanced feel free to get in touch. Courses starting Feb 5th.  More here.



McCain eyes exit from Senate amid 'stress' from growing Trump dossier scandal "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

John McCain is reportedly preparing to pull back from the U.S. Senate, according to Beltway insiders who say new demands to answer for his role in either underwriting or promoting the Trump phony dossier are stressing the Arizona senator's fragile health. It is not clear whether McCain plans to outright retire from the Senate or simply focus on his Stage IV cancer treatments away from Washington, D.C. but many GOP insiders believe McCain's last days in the Senate are close. Likely, McCain will not return after the Christmas break, many folks have privately confided. McCain has been away for the Senate all week, missing votes and debate about a number of topics including tax cuts. This is not the fist time McCain has sought medical treatment after his role in recent anti-Trump scandals have heated up.


Across Borders "IndyWatch Feed National"

I moved to Edinburgh after university. Before that, I had efficiently drilled myself down into a hole: wallowing about and wondering why I hadnt felt fulfilled by graduating, by achieving something.

When I finished university, I didnt feel like I had gained a degree; I felt like I had just suddenly lost university. The thing that I had centred my life around had been taken away, and I needed a new axis to spin around. Time to begin a new life.

I tried throwing myself into a relationship, abandoning one sinking ship for another. Unfortunately, relationships require an equilibrium, not some rudderless vagabond looking for someone to orbit around. What I did have was a sticker in my passport that would let me live in the UK for two years. Move to Edinburgh, gravitate in that direction, build your life around that for a while, I thought

Edinburgh is a city of hills, its bends and bows covered up by cobblestones, its closes and alleys infested with pubs. There was something energising about the deadline of this life here you get two years here in Edinburgh. Youre free of everything outside of this city: no career, no expectations, no past regrets, no future stresses youre just in Edinburgh, and that is good enough.

What is Christian up to?
Hes in Edinburgh.
Good enough.

Because my life didnt reach beyond the citys grips, it made everything simpler. Earn some money to live, to travel, make some friends, enjoy yourself, dont feel guilty for existing without a motive. It was calming not living too far ahead of myself.

I fell in love in Edinburgh. I didnt need to fall in love; it wasnt on a checklist, it just approached me. I was able to experience it rather than try and just impose it on someone. Suddenly, that two years in Edinburgh didnt feel freeing as it had before: it was a countdown to a different life.

Shes from Mexico. A ball of positivity, she could talk troubled waters into smooth sailing.

Weve lived in four different countries in the two years since leaving Scotland: all the experiences and opportunities weve been granted during which have been incredible, and the ability to share them with someone I truly love and fucking cherish is magical. But these worldwide experiences come as a byproduct of a larger goal to be able to start a life somewhere together. To be able to find one place in which we can exist, not jumping from pla...


FW: Available Now: NSQHS Standards (second edition) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The NSQHS Standards (second edition) are now available.

The second edition of the NSQHS Standards addresses gaps identified in the first edition, including mental health and cognitive impairment, health literacy, end-of-life care, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. It also updates the evidence for actions, consolidates and streamlines standards and actions to make them clearer and easier to implement.

Health service organisations will be assessed to the second edition of the NSQHS Standards from January 2019.

The Commission's National Model Clinical Governance Framework is also available now. Building on the NSQHS Standards, the Framework provides information about corporate and clinical governance, and roles and responsibilities for people within a health service organisation.

The Commission has developed a range of other resources to support implementation of the NSQHS Standards.

For more information on the second edition and related resources please contact the National Standards team on 1800 304 056 or


Historic Hobart Sign Lives Again "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


The 1930s McCann Bros Music sign, two storeys high, on the brick wall of Loretto, corner of Macquarie and Warneford Streets in Hobart, has been restored. The restoration, by Tasmanian master craftsman Michael Bremer-Trainor, took three weeks. It will have a public launch today at 12.30 pm, with a jazz band on hand to play period music.

Historic Hobart Sign Lives Again "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


The 1930s McCann Bros Music sign, two storeys high, on the brick wall of Loretto, corner of Macquarie and Warneford Streets in Hobart, has been restored. The restoration, by Tasmanian master craftsman Michael Bremer-Trainor, took three weeks. It will have a public launch today at 12.30 pm, with a jazz band on hand to play period music.


Cartoon science - Global warming will weaken winds in the Northern Hemisphere, but speed them up downunder! "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Now they tell us! Climate warming to weaken wind power in northern hemisphere, increase in Australia: study After building 341,000 wind turbines, mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, now climate modelers reveal that winds will decrease in the Northern Hemisphere! Warming temperatures caused by climate change are set to weaken wind energy in the northern hemisphere, a study shows, lessening the amount of wind power produced for wind farms. However the southern hemisphere would see a boost in wind, which could potentially turn north-eastern Australia into an attractive investment for energy companies. Rush, invest your money now. The theory called polar amplification has the success rate of a coin toss. Buy a wind farm in NE Australia! Luckily wind speeds are not also influenced by cloud cover, jet streams, oceans currents, forest growth, atmospheric tides, solar factors, magnetic fields, ozone levels, cosmic rays, or butterflies. Otherwise this study might be inadequate, uninformed guesswork being used to inform investment decisions!Key points: Atmosphere instability which creates wind changing in northern hemisphere North-east Australia could become an attractive investment for energy companies At present there is only one operational wind farm in Queensland


Habitat Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Habitat Byron Bay launches with the opening of new restaurant
Barrio Eatery and Bar and a collection of Byron Bays most creative lifestyle businesses including; St Agni, Zulu and Zephyr, Pampa, The Bare Road, Byron Bay Hanging Chairs, Tigmi Trading and Our Corner Store under the umbrella of Habitat Home & Habitat Women.

Created as a hub for like-minded people and businesses to come together, Habitat Byron Bay has been specifically designed as a space for people to live and work in a socially and environmentally progressive environment.

Conceived by Byron Bay local Brandon Saul, the idea behind Habitat is to create a modern village lifestyle by building a variety of different commercial and housing options to suit passion-based businesses who value a sense of community.

Brandon explains; People are striving to achieve a good work/life balance. Habitat is simply a reflection of this trend which is in keeping with the Byron lifestyle. Its also for those amongst us that want to lead a more sustainable, balanced lifestyle without having to compromise on creature comforts or style.

In keeping with this ethos, Habitat has curated some of Byron Bays best design led brands across, furniture, homewares and fashion in a series of collective pop-up retail spaces to launch the precinct.

Two collective pop-up retailers, Habitat Home and Habitat Woman, will run throughout the summer and features over 40 local brands across the two stores, including Zulu and Zephyr, St Agni, The Bare Road, Annukka, Saint Helena, Tigmi Trading, Pampa, Byron Bay Hanging Chairs, The Dharma Door and Our Corner Store, along with handcrafted furniture and wares by the likes of Martin Johnston and JD Lee and many more.



Why 2018 Might Be Americas Last Chance "IndyWatch Feed"

What History Teaches us About Ruin, Revolution, and Renewal

History is a little like water. Held in tension, it seeks the depths. If we do not pull it up, it will fall back downand down we tumble with it. What do I mean?

Just this morning, the FCCwhich is only a handful of peoplevoted to begin rolling back net neutrality. And it made me think: American institutions collapse daily now, starkly and openly, almost mockingly, and worst of all, in authoritarian waysbecause of course while the vast majority of American people, and even businesses, want a free internet, only a tiny handful of corporations dont.

How do societies fall into irreversible collapse? When all their institutions stop functioning, fail, either because they are broken, shattered, or captured. In the void left by functioning institutions, often the very ones they themselves have cunningly ruined, authoritarians seize power.

Lets apply this little model to America.

FCC: Captured. A media that failed to warn of all that was come all through election year, and still uses silly, empty phrases like fake news and ethnonationalism instead of concepts with resonant, important, urgent historical meanings, like fascism and propaganda and authoritarianism: broken.

A Congress so poisoned by extremist ideology that the narrowest of victories against a Nazi pedophilelife becoming a teenage internet comic stripis a cause for celebration: shattered. Intellectuals that keep telling people that culture is the cause of rising extremism, when it is a variable that withstands not the slightest scrutiny, because it fails the most basic test of reality, which is that democracy is failing in countries whose cultures couldnt be more different, like America and Turkey: broken.

Businesses who now decry extremism, worry about the the place society is in, while at this very moment failing to give employees, all the way up to middle managers, a chance at a decent life, which, of course, is the point: broken.

I could go on, and discuss other institutions, the church, the military, technology, and so on, but the point is this. America has just two working institutions left. The judiciary and elections. And I use working in a very, very generous sense. The judiciary isnt working in the same way that, say, European courts do, expanding quality of lifenot just because of extremists, but more deeply, because American legal thought stopped evolving around 1950, a variant of freshman-level economics, in which only the lowest price really matters. Nor is the election system working in the same way that, say, robust European proportional representation or....


Christmas Wrap for MAINfm 21/12/17 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

   Mainfm Christmas  

Thursday 21 December 6-7 pm Taproom (free drink vouchers given out on the night)

From 7.30 pm, the last trivia for the year, MC Doug Falconer  (think Rockwiz)

I hope you can all come along and celebrate 2017
we got a grant for a Station Manager and obtained a permanent broadcasting licence (not bad!!)



Woolloomooloo Arches "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The arches holding up Victoria St from Butler's Stairs. This Woolloomooloo landscape is a study for the arches I put in the Weave triptych


Telluride aims for a carbon neutral target "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

With Donald Trump winding back climate action at home, seeking to reopen coal mines, restart offshore drilling and withdrawing from the international climate agreement, many US states and cities are stepping up and taking action to reduce their emissions.

There are many inspiring stories from across the USA that have emerged since Trumps election. But there are also decades worth of excellent and determined work in many cities and towns. The recent decision by the Town Council of Telluride in Colorado to adopt a goal for the entire community of becoming carbon neutral comes on the back of more than a decades efforts to reduce emissions.

Telluride is a former mining town in the south west of Colorados Rocky Mountains. It is located in a remote part of the state, in a dramatic canyon surrounded by peaks and is now famous for its skiing. Resort towns are often famous for extravagant lifestyles, but permanent residents often live with a much lower carbon footprint than fly in, fly out visitors.  It has a permanent population of about 2,500 and a large amount of tourist and holiday accommodation (you might enjoy the mockumentary The Lost People of Mountain Village, which takes you through the lost landscape of the purpose built Mountain Village, located very close to Telluride, which is often largely deserted outside of peak holiday season).

Telluride has a long history of working to reduce the impact of its carbon emissions. Recently Alec Jacobson of Mountain Independent, wrote an excellent summary of the towns efforts since 2006, which is available here.

With the growing number of regional towns in north eastern Victoria working to reduce their emissions through community action and good policy, I wanted to share some of the learnings from the Telluride story as I understand them.

Its been a long journey:

Telluride has been working to reduce its carbon footprint for nearly 15 years. What originally started as an effort to reduce the greenhouse emissions produced by the town councils direct operations through implementing energy efficiency measures has turned into a town-wide effort which has focused more on renewable energy in recent years.

  • In 2004 a report done for the Council identified 40 cheap and relatively simple steps, including weatherising buildings, replacing old lightbulbs, etc to reduce emissions created by Council operations. It suggested that energy consumption in town buildings could be cut by 20-25% by 2010
  • In 2005, the town signed onto two....


Why Your Intuition May Be the Highest Form of Intelligence "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Our intuition develops when we are babies, long before are indoctrinated into Newtonian physics which largely prohibits us from understanding the quantum world. Ironically, one of our first intellectual abilities intuition may be one of the greatest forms of intelligence we will ever experience in a grown-up world.

In the quantum world, there are no positions nor speed. These are classical, mechanical terms for a world that doesnt really exist. Yet, as tiny babies we understand how things work without having a clear grasp of certain intellectual realities.

Psychologists Susan Hespos from Northwestern University, and Renee Baillargeon of University of Illinois found that this physical intuition kicks in as early as two and a half months, and other scientists think that intuition is probably present from birth.

Gerd Gigerenzer, a director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, argues that intuition is less about suddenly knowing the right answer and more about instinctively understanding what information is unimportant and can thus be discarded, but even if we have intuition even at birth, one could argue that we have yet to develop the intellectual capacity to learn which information can be discarded.

Yet innate notions, plus elaborations born from watching and interacting with the world, add up to a sort of nave physics that we all grasp before having a single physics lesson.



Overland 227 & 228 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jacinda Woodhead (editor), Overland 227 (Winter 2017)
-, Overland 228 (Spring 2017)

overland227Its not that I read Overland out of obligation, but I do feel guilty if I leave an issue sitting on my to-be-read pile for too long because among other things Overland offers left perspectives that arent all that easy to come by elsewhere in the Australian media. So heres a slightly guilty blog post about the two most recent issues.

The star of the winter issue (No 227) is Evelyn Araluen. The journal kicks off with her article Resisting the Institution: On Colonial Appropriation, which takes recent activism around statues commemorating colonial heroes as a starting point, and develops into a (for me at least) powerful introduction to the field of decolonial theory (as opposed to postcolonial theory):

Decolonial theory provides the Indigenous subject with the tools to deconstruct and challenge colonial infiltrations into our worlds and minds, but decolonial practice within the academy is restrained to that which the institution regards as profitable. In other words, it is safely contained within the classroom, in the form of critical frameworks, unsettling questions...


In which the pond reverts to TGIF form and shares lunch with Terrorist Sharri ... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ah Ballarat by dawn's early light ...

By golly the burghers were cashed up after the gold rush days and spent a little bit on the y'artz, with the Art Gallery offering some fine examples for a regional gallery ... 

But enough of the pond's memories of its tour, because duty calls, and the pond decided to trudge back to see what Sharri of the Terror was up to this day ...

Malware's a goer? Malware's hot to trot? Malware's shuffling the deck and producing winners?

Well it seems only fair - after this morning's epic Stoning - to look at the glass half full, to take in the bright side of life ...



Thank Folk Its Friday 15th December "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was Victorian acoustic duo Slim Dime released their new video That Ole Train. Details here Americana duo Carpenter Caswell released their new video Too Young, Too Cute, Too Pretty. Details here Ruby Boots released her brand new single Dont Talk About []


FIVE reasons why you should support RISEs New Years Appeal 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Dear Supporter,

This month RISE is launching our New Years Appeal for 2018. Your support will allow us to continue challenging the harmful and xenophobic refugee policies and discourses which surround eX-detainees, refugees and asylum seekers and pervade social and political spheres both locally and globally. We rely heavily on public donations to ensure that we are able to continue meeting the needs of our members, and assisting those who fall through the cracks of the system.

FIVE reasons why you should support RISEs New Years Appeal

RISE projects and campaigns are entirely run and developed by eX-detainees, asylum seekers and refugees.
RISE does not accept federal or state government funding.
RISE runs 18 projects throughout the year, and so far, over 3000 eX-detainees, asylum seekers and refugees have registered as members.
We work on long term structural changes which support the freedom of refugees and their self-determination process.
We run national and international refugee rights campaigns, publications and actions without any support from philanthropists or donors.
Your donation is critical to increasing our resource capacity, and will enable our dedicated team of staff and volunteers to continue providing essential services to our communities.

Lend us your support by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Nothing About Us Without Us.


ALBUM REVIEW: Gretta Ziller Queen Of Boomtown "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Its been a long time coming but Melbournes Gretta Ziller has finally released her debut solo album, the followup to her Hells Half Acre EP from 2014. The good news is that it exceeds the expectations she set up with that fine EP, digging deeper and taking her songwriting and singing to some impressive and Continue reading


The Fall of Sam Dastyari: The Allures of Foreign Influence "IndyWatch Feed"

Gazing at the politics of a vassal state is interesting in one acute, and jarring sense. Voices of presumed independence are often bought; political opinions that seem well informed are, in fact, ventriloquised. The origin is always elsewhere. Australias politicians represent this more starkly than most. Supposedly representatives of the people who elect them, they

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The Harvey Weinstein Effect: Louie, Louie, youre gonna die "IndyWatch Feed"

The Harvey Weinstein Effect: Louie, Louie, youre gonna dieThe Harvey Weinsteins and Louis CKs of the world are possible because we are an inherently violent species in a society run by sociopathic males, writes playwright Ron Elisha. read now...


Things that Couldn't Happen--But DID! "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Dr. John Alexander returns to Dreamland with mind-opening stories of his adventures into the unknown. Formerly head of the US Army's famed non-lethal weapons program, John has traveled the world in search of answers to the mysteries of such things as mediumship, out-of-body movement and near death experiences.


The World Bank will stop fossil fuel financing after 2019 "IndyWatch Feed"

This article by Patrick Caughill, (Futurism 13 December 2017) responds to the decision just made by the World Bank to divest from the fossil fuel industry. This is a significant win by campaigners trying to bring about change and a recognition that fossil fuels is a dying industry.

In a move sure to be celebrated by opponents of fossil fuel-based energy, the World Bank has just made a huge announcement at the One Planet summit called by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The bank, which provides loans to developing countries to foster economic growth, announced on December 12 that it will no longer offer financial support for oil and gas exploration after 2019.

During the summit, the bank released a statement saying it will no longer finance upstream oil and gas, citing a need to change in a rapidly changing world.

In 2015, the bank previously vowed to have 28 percent of its portfolio dedicated to climate action by 2020. The banks latest statement on fossil fuel financing suggests that it is on course to achieve that goal.

This is yet another blow to the fossil fuel energy industry, and a seemingly significant win for environmental advocates.

The economics surrounding the energy sector are increasingly making it more attractive for entities to switch to renewable energy.

Across the world, it has become cheaper to build new renewable energy installations than to operate and maintain existing coal power plants.

The World Banks plan does lay out a caveat for exceptional circumstances, saying that they will consider financing upstream gas in the poorest countries where there is a clear benefit in terms of energy access for the poor and the project fits within the countries Paris Agreement commitments.

The Paris agreement is a major factor in the decision.

The One Earth summit was planned on the two-year anniversary of the historic agreement, which was looking uncertain after the President of the United States, one of the major financial and influential member nations, decided to withdraw.

Even so, the agreement looks to be thriving, even in the US, which may reach the goals laid out in Paris against all odds.



Governor-General meets with abuse survivors ahead of Royal Commission final report and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove has met with abuse survivors outside Government House, ahead of the Royal Commissions final report.

The survivors also thanked the members of the commission for their work over the past five years.
The final report, which will include recommendations for further action, is expected to be handed down later today.
After being submitted to the Governor-General it will be tabled in federal parliament, and then made available to the public.


Coral gardens used to repopulate Great Barrier Reef

A research project growing healthy coral near Cairns to be replanted on the Great Barrier Reef is underway.


Drug Dealers Selling Berocca for $300 a tab "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Chemists are taking advantage of todays spike in Christmas-party hangovers by charging dull-eyed customers up to $300 for a single tablet of Berocca.

One office worker who has yet to go to bed after enjoying a few beers at his Christmas party, which began yesterday morning and continued on into the afternoon, evening and then morning again, said he was being exploited by his local pharmacy.

Theyre the worst type of drug dealers, the bloody-nosed man said. But with my only other option being cutting my head off to dull the pain, I had to pay up.

Another office workers who overdid things by a Penrith mile said he refused to pay his legal drug dealer for the mild relief.

Im just going to keep drinking and never stop, he said. That way Ill never have a hangover again.

Shares in Berocca tablets are set to rival the rise of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, according to early reports.


About Blue Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Blue Christmas aims to honour people who have lost loved ones, or those who feel sad and alone at Christmas, in a special event at Sheppartons Senior Citizens Centre on December 22. What Blue Christmas is About Blue Christmas is for those who have a sadness, perhaps a broken heart, perhaps a feeling of emptiness ... Read more...


Meet the Organisers (Part 2) Anna Boddenberg "IndyWatch Feed"

Meet organiser and board member Anna Boddenberg, including what she is looking forward to coming up in Earthworker!


Brisbane Couple To Open Chapel Doors For Same-Sex Weddings "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brisbane couple James and Nick cant wait to welcome the first same-sex couples to their wedding chapel. In 2004, they finished the restoration of the 135-year-old Broadway Chapel in Woolloongabba, and held their commitment ceremony at the refurbished venue that year. And after the first same-sex marriages commence in January, the couple plan to celebrate ...

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ABC Fact Checker on Renegades "IndyWatch Feed"

Ben Phillips (ANU), one of Australias leading econometricians, joined the Renegade Economists radio show last week to discuss his report Regional Housing Supply & Demand. The report held a critical lense up to the ubiquitous supply side argument. Is it really the most effective housing affordability tool? We also discussed the future of economic modeling []


Contest for captaincy "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dual Ocean Grove Football Club best-and-fairest winner James Linton and star ruckman Andrew Jarvis remain the leading candidates for the vacant senior captaincy role.
In only his second season at Ocean Grove, Linton won back-to-back Damian Clark medals in September this year after his individual triumph in 2016.
During the pre-season former Grubber captain Kelly Williams informed club of his decision to stand down from captaincy duties in 2018.
Williams, 30, managed only 13 senior BFL games and was troubled by a persistent back injury in 2017.
Williams who missed the Grubbers first four rounds of this season, will stay on as a senior player at Ocean Grove in 2018.
Linton and Jarvis are among four candidates vying for the prized role at Ocean Grove.
The gun players were pictured this month at Grubber pre-season training at Ocean Grove Memorial Recreation Reserve to promote Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Clubs Rip to River Classic on Saturday 6 January.
Grubber senior players Matt Caldow and Kaiden Long a part of the leadership group in 2017 were both nominated for role.
The Ocean Grove Football Club is expected to name its new senior captain in the coming weeks.
The Grubbers will re-commence their pre-season in late January after a break over Christmas and the New Year period.

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Guide to the environment "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The launch of the Ocean Grove Environment Booklet Discover The Real Ocean Grove was held at The Pavilion on 7 December.
Attended by 90 representatives of local environment and community groups, it was a celebration of the environmental values of Ocean Grove.
Councillor Stephanie Asher launched the booklet and described it as a great example of what can be achieved when a community works together and important in ensuring we all understand the value of our environment and the biodiversity it supports.
Program manager Matt Crawley said the booklet was three years in the making and included contributions from dozens of community individuals and 10 community groups and organisations.
Financial support for the project was received from City of Greater Geelong, Barwon Coast, Ocean Grove Connected Communities, Ocean Grove Coastcare, Rotary Ocean Grove, Dept of Environment Land Water and Planning and Ocean Grove Camera and Photo.
The booklet invites you to discover the natural values that Ocean Grove has to offer.
From old growth woodlands and wetlands, through to coast and estuary. There is so much to discover.
To obtain a free copy head to the Ocean Grove Library and CoGG Information centre or your local cafe to where booklets have found their way.
Further information can be found at or

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Webb Dock battle is a front line in a bigger war to reshape Australian workplaces "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Contributed by Joe Montero

As the battle on Melbournes Webb dock over rights at work continues, the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) has released a report, which shows that the company calling the shots, has a record of using methods that have embroiled it in industrial disputes around the world.

International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) is operating at Webb Dock, through its subsidiary, Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT).

Paddy Crumlin, the President of the ITF said, ICTSI has imported its anti-worker business model, which has led to protracted disputes and protests around the world, to the Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) terminal at Webb Dock.

ICTSIs insistence on bringing its anti-worker business model to Australia is being met with the resistance you would expect from workers unions, politicians and the local community with an industrial dispute on the cusp of entering its third week with no end in sight.

No matter where you look across ICTSIs global network, there is industrial trouble because the company insists on running an anti-worker, union busting agenda, and no-one wants that at the expense of decent pay, conditions and job security.

Weve seen ongoing dramas in Madagascar, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and the cancer has now spread to Australia. Everyone is awake to ICTSIs destructive ways and wont cop it anymore.

Paddy Crumlin added that VICT publicly alleged that it was illegal for them to employ this worker and that his application for a MSIC card was rejected twice. VICTs claims are categorically false and this worker was granted a MSIC card on the 8th of December.

ICTSI is deliberately running smokescreens and we need to focus on the facts. Management deceptively created the cause of this dispute. This dockworker was targeted for being a union delegate, and sacked after trying to raise legitimate concerns with management regarding the bullying and intimidation of workers.

It is the broken promises related to permanency and rates of pay, managements disregard for worker safety by attempting to override safety officers and experienced dockworkers, and the targeting of MUA members that led to this dispute.

Despite a great deal of disinformation being put through the media, the reality of this dispute is starting to get though. Proof of this is the growing community support for th...


Wedding Planning Begins For Queensland Couples "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Gay couples across Queensland have begun planning their weddings, the first of which are set to begin in early January. Sunshine Coast couple Sandy Wert and Chris Symanski (both pictured) said they were considering a beachside wedding, either at nearby Mooloolaba or Coolum beaches. Weve decided we want it to be kind of laid-back, and ...

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Lorikeets "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lorikeets on the garden seat in mums garden in Warabrook


Fish Parrot and Kangareet "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A canvas I started while we were painting the Garden of Earthly Delights at the Record Crate that I dug out to finish for Christmas


MEDIA RELEASE: Acclaimed Australian actor Simon Baker joins the Fight for our Reef. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Video available here:

Award winning Australian actor and director Simon Baker, of The Mentalist fame, has joined the Fight For Our Reef in a bid to stop Adanis proposed mega coal mine.

Baker has added his voice through a personal video plea that invites the public to join the Fight for our Reef and petition Australias Prime Minister to reject Adanis Carmichael coal mine.

Baker said: Right now, our Prime Minister is trying to open one of the largest coal mines on Earth. Just inland from the Reef, just when we should be giving coal a miss.

Frankly, thats so reckless its terrifying.

Bakers plea comes after two unprecedented back-to-back coral bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef, which according to scientists has changed the Reef fundamentally.

The 2016 and 2017 events saw nearly half of all shallow water corals dying due to heat stress caused by global warming, mainly driven by burning coal and other fossil fuels.

Our world is heating up. And we know it. But were still burning dirty fossil fuels like coal and gas when we have clean, safe alternatives, says Baker.

We can save the Reef, but to do that, we need to take immediate action, he says.

That action is to Stop Adanis polluting coal mine and make a rapid switch to clean renewable energy.

Watch Simon Bakers message on or Twitter.


About Simon Baker:

Simon Baker is a highly acclaimed Australian actor and director who is best known for his role in The Mentalist. He was recently awarded the 2017 Trailblazer award for his contribution to Australian screen culture and excellence at home and abroad. In 2018 Baker will make his feature film directorial debut with BREATH, an adaptation of Tim Wintons bestselling novel. He is a devoted surfer.




NBN Co pushes cheaper and faster internet bundles and more Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australias National Broadband Network aims to offer cheaper wholesale bundles to promote faster connection speeds, but with no assurance retailers will pass on savings to customers.

NBN Co will not force internet service providers to pass the projected savings onto customers, with

NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow saying the plan is instead designed to encourage faster speeds for consumers.

The plan will see cheaper fifty and one-hundred megabyte per second bundles for retailers, and will force them to purchase access and bandwidth together for the first time.


Historical child sex abuse charges suspended


Sod turned on $1.6m hockey centre in Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Construction of a new hockey centre will create 76 construction jobs.

Page MP Kevin Hogan has today turned the first sod on the new $1.6 million Far North Coast Regional Hockey Centre upgrade and expansion project in Goonellabah.

This is great news for our community and cements our reputation as the sporting capital of regional NSW, he said.

Upgrading and expanding the existing hockey complex will deliver a new state-of-the-art pitch with lighting, seating, player spaces, official and technical officers spaces, toilets and covered playing preparation areas.

The project will create 76 construction jobs and 16 permanent jobs.

With the upgrade of Oakes Oval already underway, this additional $1.6 million investment will attract sports players from many codes to Lismore and their supporters, which will be great for our local motels, restaurants and cafes.

The work is expected to be completed early next year, in plenty of time for Lismore to host the 2018 Mens Masters Australian Hockey Championships later in the year when 1800 players and spectators are expected to converge on the Northern Rivers.

The project is jointly funded by the Federal Government ($764,478), Far North Coast Hockey Incorporated ($550,000), Lismore City Council ($33,000) and private donors ($181,478). In-kind contributions were also provided by Far North Coast Hockey Incorporated ($66,340).

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Gabrielle Persley: bridging bioscience and development "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Queenslander Gabrielle Persleys career has seen her work with the worlds leading agricultural research and development agencies, and help set up the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. She was one of the key players in the establishment of the BecA Hub in Kenya to support biosciences across Africa. On top of this, she runs the Doyle Foundation (named in honour of her late husband and research collaborator Jack).

Read about her amazing contributions in our latest Aid Profile. You can also catch up on the other Aid Profiles in the series here.

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REASONS FOR HIS INVITATION 1. Hon Onyeagucha accused of opposing Rochas mindless and illegal destruction/demolition of private property without compensation. More


Same-sex couple to wed before Christmas and more Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Two Melbourne women have been granted legal permission to wed before Christmas, sooner than the expected date same-sex couples could marry.

Stephanie Dybal and Megan Stapleton, who have been together for more than five years, planned their non-binding wedding for the twenty-first of December.


As the couple planned their wedding months before the same-sex marriage postal vote, they were granted legal approval to wed before the usual mandatory four-week waiting period for signed legislation to come into effect.



Submit! "IndyWatch Feed"

The Justice Committee has called for submissions on the End of Life Choice Bill, you can either submit using the online form linked above, or by sending two copies to:

Committee Secretariat
Justice Committee
Parliament Buildings

Submissions are due by Tuesday, 20 February 2018.

This is an important bill, and will be the subject of heavy lobbying from religious loonies. If you care about the bill, I encourage you to speak up about it.


Watch the New Alison Ferrier Video Waiting For The Rain "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Alison Ferrier Singer-songwriter Alison Ferrier has just released her new single and video Waiting For The Rain. The track is taken from Ferriers upcoming album What She Knows, due on the 16th February, and features a really interesting country sound. Check out the video here:Filed under: News, Video News Tagged: alison ferrier, []


Heartbreaking Reason For This Couples Race To The Altar "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Melbourne couple are racing against time to get married while one partner is battling cancer. Cas Willow and Heather Richards plan to marry next Monday after authorities waived the usual one month waiting period, Fairfax Media reported. Cas and Heather have been together for 17 years and got engaged on December 7, the day ...

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Holiday letting a detriment to Byron community "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Submissions to the short term holiday letting in NSW Options Paper closed on October 31.

The Holiday Rental Industry Association (HRIA) and Holiday Let Organisation (HLO Byron) made a joint submission.

The following statement was made in their submission: It is evident that the activity of providing short-term residential accommodation has always been, and is generally, a legal activity in dwellings that have residential development consent.

No evidence was supplied to support this ludicrous statement as there isnt any evidence.

In sharp contrast to this ludicrous statement was the response by the legal advisor to the HRIA. He was subjected to intense questioning by Victorian MPs at the public hearing into short stay accommodation on March 24.

Under oath, he said that holiday letting was illegal in NSW. His response can be found in Hansard.

Their submission conveniently failed to present the numerous legal cases in NSW that show the illegality of holiday letting.

This includes the benchmark Dobrohotoff vs Bennic (May 2013) Land and Environment Court case. Justice Pepper said that the illegal holiday letting offended NSW planning law.

The Byron community has seen a massive increase in illegal holiday lets during the past four years. This has been to the detriment of our community.

At the June 22 meeting Council repealed the moratorium on prosecution of illegal holiday letting. Council staff said that they were preparing cases for prosecution.

We look forward in the very near future to seeing a positive outcome to these prosecutions.

Doug Luke, co-ordinator, Victims Of Holiday Letting


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Accused Bourke St driver to face court "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dimitrious Gargasoulas

A man charged over the deaths of six people during Melbournes Bourke Street rampage is due to face court.

Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 27, is expected to appear before Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday for a committal mention.

The prosecution and his defence team are expected to advise the court how the case will proceed amid concerns about Gargasoulas fitness to stand trial.Gargasoulas is facing six counts of murder and 28 charges of attempted murder after a car mowed down pedestrians in Melbourne on January 20.

He is accused of driving through the Melbourne CBD, deliberately striking pedestrians around Bourke and Queen streets as the area teemed with lunchtime crowds, before he was shot and wounded by police.

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Two juveniles in court following police pursuit "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Two 17-year-old boys will appear in the Lismore Childrens Court today after leading police on a series of pursuits in Lismore yesterday morning.

The two juveniles were finally arrested after the stolen vehicle they were in crashed into an unmarked police car near the intersection at Pleasant Street, Goonellabah.

The drama began about 7.30am when police noticed the stolen Isuzu D-Max on Ballina Street, Lismore.

A pursuit began but police terminated because of public safety concerns.

About 8.45am the stolen car crashed into the police car. No-one was injured.

The two boys were arrested and taken to Lismore police station.

The boy who was driving failed a breath analysis, returning a reading of 0.092. He was charged with steal motor vehicle, take and drive conveyance, police pursuit Skyes Law, mid range PCA, and resist arrest.

The other boy was charged with steal motor vehicle, be carried in conveyance, and resist arrest.


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Bangalow to have parking time trial instead of paid parking "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Byron council has decided not to proceed with paid parking at Bangalow.

Byron Shire Council has announced it will not be implementing paid parking in Bangalow on 1 January 2018.

Instead new parking time limits will be introduced in the Bangalow CBD and monitored for 12 months.

Acting general manager Mark Arnold said councillors had voted not to implement paid parking in January next year saying they wanted to see the results of a 12-month trial of the impact of changes to parking time limits.

Todays vote replaces the previous resolution made at the meeting in August 2017, he said.

The decision to conduct a trial followed a rally last Saturday organised by the Bungalow Chamber of Commerce, and supported by Greens MP Tamara Smith.

Ms Smith had urged the council to conduct a trial instead of introducing paid parking, and it seems that the message got through to councillors.

The resolution from yesterdays meeting will see one hour parking in Byron Street and part of Station Street and two hour parking in the remainder of Station Street for a period of 12 months. These parking time limits will be reviewed during the trial.

Mr Arnold said the council would employ a range of measures during 2018 including number plate recognition technology to monitor parking demands, the length of time people are staying and the number of infringements incurred by people staying over the time limit.

He said the information would  allow the council to determine where the majority of people parking in Bangalow were from, for example from Queensland, or other parts of NSW such as the Northern Rivers region.

This information will be used to see if the changes to time limits have improved the turnover of parking in Bangalow over a 12-month period, he said.

Any future time limit changes or additional traffic management strategies, such as pay parking, will be informed by the results of the trial.

After 12-months a report containing the findings from the trial will be prepared for the consideration of the council.

New signs with information about the parking times will be installed in early 2018.

The post Bangalow to have parking time trial...


Vale Ken Inglis (1929-2017): former UPNG Vice Chancellor and ANU Professor "IndyWatch Feed"

Development Policy Centre staff offer our condolences to the family and friends of the late Kenneth Stanley Inglis, Emeritus Professor of History at the Australian National University, who passed away peacefully, and in the presence of family, in early December 2017.

An eminent historian of Australia, Inglis was also an inspiration to many young Papua New Guineans.

He moved to PNG with his wife Amirah and their six children in 1967 to take up the Foundation Chair in History at the fledgling University of Papua New Guinea. There he and other colleagues, including the late Hank Nelson, Bill Gammage, and Jack Golson (in prehistory), worked to dismantle the myth, fostered by Europeans, that nothing happened in their societies before the white man came. The list of his early students reads like an honour role of PNGs political and intellectual elite Sir Rabbie Namaliu, Sir Mekere Morauta, Sir Vincent Eri, John Kasaipwalova, and others.

Inglis served as the second Vice Chancellor of the University of Papua New Guinea from 1972-1975, guiding the university through the many challenges of the late colonial era. He left PNG in 1975 to take up an appointment in history at the ANU, where he remained as a staff member and later as an Emeritus Professor, until he passed away earlier this month.

Papua New Guineans who knew him well, like Sir Rabbie, remember Inglis as a brilliant teacher of history who left students yearning to learn and know more. Sir Mekere recently stated that Kens ability to teach history by telling stories was extraordinary and had all of us enthralled. He was such a good storyteller. We all wanted to listen to him, whatever the topic. In a country where oral traditions are strong and oratory skills are decisive, that is high praise indeed.

Postscript: Many ANU academics have ongoing associations with UPNG. The Development Policy Centre has five seconded staff members teaching economics and public policy at the university under our ANU-UPNG partnership.

Unattributed quotes in this post are from Taim Bilong Uni: Ken Inglis at the University of Papua New Guinea (Maddocks and Sparks). It is suggested readers interested in the early history of UPNG refer to...


Fight against Tweed water mining on par with CSG "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The location of water extraction and or bottling facilities throughout the Tweed. Image Tweed Shire Council

By Luis Feliu

Campaigners against controversial water mining in the Tweed Valley have vowed to continue their fight to ban all commercial extraction and bottling operations in the wake of  Tweed Shire Councils vote last week reinstating a prohibition on the activity.

The Tweed Water Alliance says the decision is an enormous win for Tweed residents and the flood of water mining applications will now drop to a trickle.

But the group admits the state government has to ratify the move to include the ban in Tweeds local environment plan, and fears two major proposals being assessed and causing concern, at Dungay and Uki, could be left out of the prohibition.

Council has sought legal advice over liability if the two development applications are included in the ban.

Tweed Water Alliance spokesman Jeremy Tager said they should be rejected, and whatever expenses council incurs in refusing these applications will be far less than the cost of these developments proceeding.

These costs, Mr Tager said, included road safety, damaged roads, loss of amenity and the potential collapse of groundwater reserves.

Residents will realise there is no public benefit, he said.



Think You Can Hide Capital Gains in Alt-Coins? Think Again "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Those Bitcoin investors in the US who think theyre outsmarting the IRS by trading funds to other digital currencies rather than back to dollars could be in for a nasty surprise. Under GOP tax bill that is due to be voted upon next week, law makers will draw a distinction limiting like-kind exchanges to real estate.

Its been argued by some that using Bitcoin or any other digital currency to purchase a different crypto should be treated the same as a 1031 exchange. This allows taxpayers to exchange one type of asset to another without it being deemed a taxable event. Since the IRS considers Bitcoin as property rather than currency, it was thought that digital currencies could be considered as like assets.

Evan Fox, the tax manager at New York accounting firm Berdon gave his opinion on the matter to CNBC:

Some people think, Im taking my bitcoin, which the IRS has deemed to be property, swapping it for another property and doing it for investment reasons, so it sounds like it could be a 1031 exchange I think its a stretch.

However, under the new bill, any debate will be rendered moot. It explicitly limits 1031 exchanges to real estate. This gives an answer to all those accountancy professionals who have struggled to advise clients invested in Bitcoin and other cryptos because of the law lagging behind technological innovation.

For now, people cashing out or trading digital currencies in the States should beware. Other investments will often trigger the a brokerage to send a Form 1099 automatically which also goes directly to the IRS, alerting them to your trading. These forms are used to record losses and gains. However, its important to remember that the absence of such a document does not mean that taxes are not owed. This makes it necessary to self-report.

Its also worth noting that the IRS have up to three years to conduct an audit. It could be as late as 2020 that your 2017 tax return is brought into question. Fox warned that penalties and interest might face those who do not correctly report their cryptocurrency gains.

He summed up the situation pretty clearly for CNBCs readers considering risking not reporting crypto trading gains:

If you put money into the cryptocurrency space, and you decide to buy [another digital asset], and you one day monetize it and show up with a $2 million house, the IRS is not stupid.

The taxation expert concluded by suggesting that the number of returns this year...


Little on the SIS "IndyWatch Feed"

The Herald has a big piece on the SIS's unlawful use of customs data, which includes the first comment by SIS Minister Andrew Little on the matter:

Gwyn seems to have eschewed diplomatic niceties for the benefit of plain-speaking. It is not common to have oversight watchdogs speaking so bluntly.

And when Gwynn does speak so, the agencies' minister Andrew Little has reminded Kitteridge that she is obliged to listen.

"The Inspector General is the final and independent active oversight of these agencies.

When she reports, that's the bottom line.

"If the Inspector General is saying something is unlawful, it is for the agencies to step in line with what she says."

Which is what you'd expect a Minister to say. The problem is that here, the SIS has systematically refused to listen, and obstructed the Inspector-General's investigation (which is a crime). There need to be consequences for that, so that they actually get the fucking message. Unfortunately, where Little could be laying down the law and making examples, he is silent. Which is not a good sign that this will be the last case of unlawful behaviour by our spies, or that their culture of impunity will change.


Casino father to stand trial over allegedly grooming 15 year-old girl for sex "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Casino father who allegedly tried to groom a 15 year-old girl for sex using social media from his marital home will stand trial in the District Court next year.

Jacob Lee Benn appeared in Lismore Local Court this week and was represented by his solicitor Peter Walsh.

The 30 year-old father is charged with using a carriage service to solicit child pornography, using a carriage service to send indecent material to a person under 16 years and using a carriage service to groom a person under 16 years-old for sex.

Between between November 20, 2016, and the day before his arrest, June 14, police allege Mr Benn sent various message via Facebook messenger to the 15-year-old girl with the intention of having sex with her.

During their communications, it is alleged Mr Benn told the girl not to reveal his identity.

After the girl complained to police an investigation was launched and Mr Benn was arrested by detectives from the State Crime Commands Child Exploitation Unit on June 15.

He was granted strict conditional bail to reside at Casino and not to contact or approach the girl or go to her school.

Mr Benn must not use the social media websites Facebook, Snapchat, Facebook messenger or Instagram for any reason what so ever.

He was also ordered not to have direct contact with any person younger than 16 except for his immediate family.

This week the court heard the evidence against Mr Benn, including an electronic exhibit which an expert will give evidence about, had been served on the defence.

Mr Benn is yet to enter a plea to any of the charges.

Magistrate David Heilpern adjourned Mr Benns matters until February 5, when he will appear before the Lismore District Court to be arraigned to stand trial.

He remains on strict conditional bail until that date.

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Lismore man to stand trial over alleged indecent assault of 13 year-old girl "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Lismore man will stand trial in the District Court next year over the alleged aggravated indecent assault of a 13 year-old girl.

David Roger Adam Orams appeared in Lismore Local Court on Wednesday.

The 32 year-old is charged with two counts of aggravated indecent assault in company, indecently assaulting a person under 16 years-old, and three counts of possessing child abuse material.

The three counts of indecent assault related to incidents which allegedly occurred between June 1, 2015 and February 28, 2016.

When police conducted a search of his residence, court documents revealed officers seized three hard drives they allege contained child abuse material and $12,000 in cash, suspected of being stolen.

Mr Orams also stands accused of failing to comply with his reporting obligations while on bail and having goods in his custody suspected of being stolen.

Following an investigation by detectives, Mr Orams was arrested on November 8, 2016, along with a co-offender, who cant be named for legal reasons.

He was initially refused bail, but when conditional bail was granted, police allege he failed to comply with the bail by not reporting to police, so bail was revoked.

The court previously heard the matters were set down for a hearing in the local court starting November 1.

On Wednesday, Magistrate David Heilpern ordered Mr Orams to appear in the Lismore District Court on May 7, 2018, where he will be arraigned to stand trial.

Mr Orams remains behind bars until that date.

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Appointed Board Member: Finance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Engineers without Borders Australia


Opportunity Knocks and SophiaTX is Answering the Door "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

SophiaTX, considered the Ultimate Blockchain for Business, just entered the final round of a very successful Token Generation Event (Dec. 7 17), where they have already raised well over $11 Million USD. The unique, purpose-built blockchain platform and marketplace were designed from the ground up for the specific purpose of integrating enterprise applications such as ERP, SCM, and CRM systems into a collaborative environment across multiple enterprises and industries.

SophiaTX is ready to show off what it can do for businesses on a global scale. They just opened pre-registration for Early Adoption Program which will launch in early 2018. The program is aimed at both individuals (enterprise applications experts, consultants, and architects) and organizations.

The early adoption program offers exclusive, membership only access to SophiaTX technology, the use of a testnet platform, detailed use case description for implementation, and learning opportunities for businesses regardless the size small or large. Interested parties can subscribe to the early adoption program on the SophiaTX website. As a small sample of SophiaTX potential, the company has outlined a use case which they affirmed, by way of fully functional proof of concept.

 Blockchain E-invoice Data Exchange / One-to-One Document Exchange

Extensive research of todays business models and practices found that more than 90% of all invoices worldwide are still processed manually (via mail, print, email, and other manual methods) which consume valuable time, resources and increase the costs.

The volume for e-invoices will achieve at least 36 billion worldwide with annual growth rates of 10-20% by the end of 2017. The estimated size of the e-invoicing market is 3.3 Billion Euro for 2017, and is expected to grow to 16.1 Billion Euro in the year 2024.

The main problems with traditional e-invoicing is that it remains cumbersome in adoption, is relatively expensive to implement and is rather limited to a selected type of document. This is where blockchain technology offers faster adoption and a true, peer-to-peer information exchange of relatively unlimited types of documentation. said Jaroslav Kacina, SophiaTX CEO.

SophiaTX takes the process multiple steps further by inputting the e-invoice...


State Department walks back Tillerson's signal for talks with N. Korea "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert appeared to walk back statements by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling for negotiations with North Korea. Nauert said Pyongyang would have to suspend weapons tests before talks could take place. "We're ready to talk anytime they'd like to talk," Tillerson said on Tuesday, during a question-and-answer session at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC. "We are ready to have the first meeting without preconditions. Let's just meet." On Wednesday, Nauert said that Tillerson's comments were not an announcement of a shift in US policy. North Korea would have to suspend its weapons program before any talks could talk place, "and we certainly haven't seen that right now," she said. Tillerson had signaled that the Trump administration was ready to negotiate without demanding North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles programs. "It's not realistic to say we are only going to talk if you come to the table ready to give up your program," he said. "They have too much invested in it."

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