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Thursday, 14 December


Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 Bizjet A37-002 Pops into Longreach Airport "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On Thursday 14 December, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet A37-002 was noted calling into Longreach Airport.

File photo

It looked to arrive from Canberra via airwork at Coffs Harbour, and then looked to later depart to Townsville via more airwork at Mount Isa.  A37-002 was heard to be flying as "Envoy 29".

Photo taken by 'IAD' 


Rainbow Chan - The Cardigans "Lovefool" Cover "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Download track for FREE here - A cover of The Cardigans' "Lovefool" by Sydney musician, Rainbow Chan. Filmed by e c h o (


Christmas cheer for RBA! "IndyWatch Feed"

Merry Christmas, Phil Lowe!

Well, that was a sensational Labour Force result, with employment up by a massive +61,600 in November, including +41,900 full time jobs, making for 14 gains on the bounce and the best monthly result in a couple of years. 

The trend growth in employment tore up to +3.1 per cent, or +371,000 jobs, which is the highest annual employment growth ever recorded on that measure - and better still this has overwhelmingly been driven by full time jobs (about four-fifths of the increase).

Total hours worked were a fairly punchy +4 per cent higher over the year, or +3.4 per cent higher over the year in trend terms. 

Full employment for NSW

There was a tremendous surge in total employment in New South Wales (+28,500) and Victoria (+32,900) in the month of November, with employment ballooning in those two states by +120,000 and +110,000 respectively over the year. 

Queensland also added more than +95,000 jobs too over the year, albeit only about half of those positions full-time. 

The trend emp...


Advance Australia Where? "IndyWatch Feed National"

An Australian speaker reveals the absurdity of same sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage what marriage is really about? Do we have the authority to define it anyway we want or does it define us? Read More


Israeli TV: Saudi Arabia, Egypt Gave Trump Green Light on Jerusalem "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tel Aviv (MEMO Israels News 10 said Saudi Arabia and Egypt gave US President Donald Trump the go-ahead to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied city.

The channel said the Arab parties reactions and condemnations are not genuine and are misleading.

us human rights resolution unOfficial White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Israeli journalist and head of the Arab desk at the news channel, Zvi Yehezkeli stressed that the announcement could not have been made without coordination between Trump and his regional allies.

I am not sure about the Arab countries reactions to this resolution, Yehezkeli said, adding that the responses issued so far were not serious.

Related: Updated: The World Responds to Trumps Jerusalem Decision

On Wednesday, the US President Donald Trump announced his decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israels new capital adding that the American embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

World leaders, from Europe to the Middle East to Australia, slammed the decision as a unilate...


No one being tortured offshore? "IndyWatch Feed"

By Jane Salmon Well Take That As a Comment. On QandA this week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said no one was being tortured offshore. Torture is a strong word, sure. A relative, Ron Cruikshank, a banker like you, Mr Turnbull, was incarcerated by the Japanese in Singapore in WW2. He returned, but he did not

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FOI Agency Reference Numbers for Documents in REQFOI17/00064 "IndyWatch Feed"

Request to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by Verity Pane. Annotated by Verity Pane on December 14, 2017.
Partially successful.
Ive marked this partial for two reasons: 1) Firstly, this information should have been provided a month ago with the original FOI decision, but was u...


APP 12 Privacy Act Applications "IndyWatch Feed"

Follow up sent to Department of Veterans' Affairs by Verity Pane on December 14, 2017.
I have yet to receive a response in relation to my query of 5 December 2017. Could you kindly respond. Yours sincerely, Verity Pane


How will Trump Admin policy rollbacks impact efforts to combat climate change? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Given that Donald Trump tweeted in 2012 that he believes concern about global warming is the result of a ploy by China to make American manufacturing less competitive, and then in a 2014 tweet explicitly called global warming a hoax, it was no surprise when his administration moved aggressively to undo the climate actions taken by former President Barack Obama. Trump began exploring ways to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement before he was even sworn into office, and announced on June 1, 2017 that he was officially pursuing withdrawal from the pact signed and ratified by Obama. The soonest any country can formally withdraw is four years after the Paris Agreement went into effect, or 2020 but Trump made it clear at the G20 summit in July that the US would immediately cease any effort to honor the emissions reduction plan (known as a nationally determined contribution or NDC) that the Obama Administration committed to in ratifying the accord. Under Trump, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking to repeal the Clean Power Plan, a key component of Obamas climate legacy that sets limits on greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation, and has gutted numerous other rules and regulations aimed at drawing down emissions, reducing our use of fossil fuels, and otherwise protecting the environment. So what impact will this climate action rollback have? A new analysis from the World Resources Institute (WRI) seeks to answer that question by looking at seven different


China summons Australian envoy over political meddling allegations Allegations full of prejudice against China could jeopardize bilateral trade "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Colin Packham

SYDNEY (Reuters) China summoned Australias ambassador to lodge a complaint last week over Canberras allegation that Beijing had sought to interfere in Australian politics, a source familiar with the diplomatic action told Reuters on Thursday.

Relations between Australia and China became strained in recent weeks after Canberra said it would ban foreign political donations as part of a crackdown aimed at preventing external influence in domestic politics, sharpening the focus on Chinas soft power.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull singled out China as he said foreign powers were making unprecedented and increasingly sophisticated attempts to influence the political process in Australia.

In response, China summoned Ambassador Jan Adams to a meeting at the Chinese Ministry for Foreign Affairs on December 8 to lodge a complaint, the source said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang confirmed the ministry had an important discussion with the Australian ambassador.

The Australian side should be very clear about Chinas position on the relevant issue, Lu told a daily news briefing, without elaborating.

Chinas Foreign Ministry said last week Turnbulls allegations were full of prejudice against China, were baseless and poisoned the atmosphere of China-Australia relations.

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and suit

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull unveiled new anti-interference laws on Dec 5 where he expressly referred to concerns about Chinas influence.PHOTO: EPA-EFE

Turnbulls allegations have been criticized by Australias opposition Labor Party as showing an anti-China bias that could jeopardize bilateral trade.

China, which is easily Australias biggest trading partner, bought A$93 billion ($70 b...


Taking down the calendars. "IndyWatch Feed"

The taking down of the calendars & Ziedels secret Carby.

Dropped in to the workshop to pay my mechanics bill a while back..more than a year or so, in fact..anyway, it was on that day when Peter..the mechanic..was taking down several of those girlie calendars that are almost a fixture on the office walls of such tradie shops like Peters garage.

I like those old style mechanics know, those ones with an old busted engine block or gearbox covered in old oil and rags by the big doors..the loose chain block and tackle hanging from a cross-beam in the rafters..and the racks of stored bits and pieces of will be useful one day stuff against the wall..the welding gear, the drill-press and perhaps a metal lathe for turning down that impossible to find part but this one will be alright with a bit of tweakingand the peg-board with the shadow marks of all the spanners that go just there..and still with the old pit in the floor.

It reminds me of the days of steam locomotives when I was a kid. I would like to walk close to the edge of the platform next to the huffing/puffing locomotive just to get a whiff of that rush of steam from the front wheel pistonsthat moist steam that had that slight scent of lubricating oils..whoosh!..lovely memoriesChrist ..theyve taken all the fun out of a young boys life with the beigeing of things.

Which brings me back to old Peter taking down those calendars.

I stopped in the doorway of the garage office..a small cluttered room off the back corner of the workshop..Peter had his back to me as he examined one large poster of an attractive young woman clad erotically and holding a pneumatic implementthe poster was an advertisement for a well-known tool company.

I looked to the wall where this calendar, along with several others had hung for many years. The wall was now cleared.

Hello, doing a spring cleanout?

Wha!..oh..hello young fellahno.. no.. and he seemed to reflect for a moment.. Im just moving with the times. And he rolled the calendar he had in front of him up.. Goodbye Sadira (the poster had scripted under the pinup ; Sadira always uses a S.and the brand name of the company).

So what are the new ones? I asked..A Pirelli calendar?

Peter sighed wistfully new ones..or at least none with women on themperhaps one from the grocery store..with pictures of kittens or flowers or more femalesBut I will miss Sadiragod..she was Vern would say ; more curves than a box full of Sidchromes!

I offered to pay my account and he slumped wearily into the swivel chair behind his desk. He pulled out the ledger and flipped the pages open with the red ribbon. He sat si...


This space intentionally left blank. "IndyWatch Feed National"

This space has intentionally been left blank. If I could have stomached it - I would have placed GILLARD's self-serving ABC 730 interview re the selective Royal Commission into some but not other child abuse. I might also have reported GILLARD's 5 months on the board of CVS lane. But...


Australia adds to money laundering claims against Commonwealth Bank "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australias financial crimes watchdog has accused Commonwealth Bank of Australia of failing to comply with anti-money laundering laws. (Reuters)

MELBOURNE: Australias financial crimes watchdog has added more than 100 new claims against the Commonwealt...


Indonesian Court Narrowly Rejects Push To Criminalise Gay Sex "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Indonesias Constitutional Court has narrowly rejected a push by an Islamic activist group to ban gay and extramarital sex in the country. Activists and academics from the Family Love Alliance lodged the petition to the court last year, but the panel of nine judges narrowly ruled against it 5 votes to 4, The Jakarta Post ...

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Coalition politics and the end of market liberalism "IndyWatch Feed"

Lots of commentators are making a fuss over the prospect of the Greens taking the seat of Batman following the likely and unlamented departure of Labor MP David Feeney (if not under S44 then at the next election). The underlying claim is that the election of Greens candidates represents an existential threat to Labor. This is typical of a commentariat mindset that sees anything other than majority Labor or LNP governments as recipes for disaster (the phrase hung parliament is indicative), even though we have decades of experience of such governments operating successfully both federally and in (I think) every state and territory. The reality is that, however fractious their relationship may be at times, Labor and the Greens constitute a centre-left coalition. As I said a year ago

For Labor that means giving up the idea that the Greens are a temporary irritant that will go the way of the DLP, if they are abused and/or ignored long enough. For the Greens, it means abandoning Third Way rhetoric suggesting that they represent an unaligned alternative to a two-party duopoly.

The details of the alignment between the two will vary according to the circumstances, from formal coalition to general support, but there is no alternative.

The problem of coalition politics is much more problematic on the right. Despite the frictions, Im not thinking primarily of the LNP coalition (so rusted together that, even where they arent merged, the two are lumped together as a single major party in most commentary). Rather, the problem is the relationship between the LNP as a whole and the tribalist/Trumpist right, represented in various forms by One Nation, the Liberal Democratic Party, Bernardis Conservatives* as well as a large faction within the LNP itself. These two groups have nothing in common except that they have common enemies, and even that common ground is limited. They all hate greenies and unions, but the overt racism of One Nation and the religious bigotry of Bernardi repel lots of mainstream LNP types, while the Trumpist base is suspicious of banks and multinationals.

Most importantly, the ideological framework of market liberalism (aka neoliberalism, economic rationalism) and so on has lost its power, which always rested more on the idea that There Is No Alternative than on any positive appeal. Sermons about the need for reform, budget surpluses, more competitive tax regimes and so on no longer get the kind of automatic approval from the political class as a whole that they used to. So, the mainstream LNP no longer stands for anything in particular. Meanwhile, the Trumpists want nostalgic gesture politics without any concern for coherence or practical consequences.

For the immediate future, at least, politics in Australia has resolved itself into a struggle between two coalitions. B...


Or It Didnt Happen "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Or It Didnt Happen is all about fiction. And this season its all about Sydneys live fiction scene. Sydney has a range of live nights for non-fiction narratives, a bunch of huge poetry scenes, and a small but vibrant scene in live fiction nights.

This season, were bringing you three of them: starting Saturday, December 16th.



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You can hear each episode a day early here or on our podcast. Yes, podcasts are in now. Subscribe with the links above (just click), search inside your favourite podcast app for Not What You Think, or give your app this here web address:

Dont like podcasts? Weve got all the episodes so far here to listen to, down the page.

Were also:

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Listen 10:30am Saturdays in December, 94.5FM

Want to get in touch? Email well pick up your message there.

Episode 1: Studio Stories

Studio Stories is a live story night in Parramatta, run by writer Felicity Castagna. It focuses on stories by western Sydney writers, including authors from Sweatshop, West Words and the Finishing School. In this episode, were going to be hearing from Studio Stories authors Tamar Chnorhokian, Chad Jared Modernel and Ben Muir.

Studio Stories is run every couple of months at Parramatta Artists Studios. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their events in 2018.

Check back here on Saturday to hear the Studio Stories episode

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Australia became a British 'possession' on 28 April 1770 "IndyWatch Feed National"

From the book of the title:

NEW SOUTH WALES - The Mother State, issued by the Intelligence Department, 1906.

Captain Cook, accompanied by Joseph Banks and Dr. Solander landed at Kurnell ... and took possession (i.e. no treaty or barter, therefore 'stolen' or under occupation) of the country in the name of King George III.

The book is available for download (478p, 59MB) at:



Tora at the Byron Bay Brewery, Saturday 22nd December, 8pm Free Entry

Byron born 4-piece electronic act Tora formed in 2013. With their fusing plush layered production and instrumentation, as well as their graceful vocals, they have won hearts all over the world!

Releasing their self-titled debut EP, and following in 2014 with another successful EP in Eat The Sun, Toras soulful electronic music has had them compared to seminal artists such as Radiohead and James Blake. Tora (Origin; Greek, meaning Now) have kept up a continual progression since their inception, dropping an array of singles and collabora-tions, all whilst building a rapidly growing global listenership.

Tora have performed at Glastonbury, Falls Festival, Splendour In The Grass, The Great Escape UK and Canadian Music Week. They have also toured both in Australia and inter-nationally with artists such as RUFUS, Miami Horror and SAFIA.

Tora will take the stage at Byron Bay Brewery this Saturday 22nd for an intimate and free show! Support on the night will be by Merryn Jeann and Keen Mak.

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Adelaides Pride Walk Updated With Marriage Equality Milestone "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Adelaides rainbow-coloured Pride Walk has been updated to include another major milestone for the LGBTI community: marriage equality. The painted pathway in Light Square in the CBD was installed in 2016 and includes a timeline of significant LGBTI events in the state, including the first pride march and the decriminalisation of homosexuality. On Thursday, an ...

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7 Ways to Free Your Spirit and Rid Your Life of Negative Energy "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Sure, we all feel down in the dumps from time to time, this is normal but if you are down more than you are up, something is wrong. If you dont know how to stay positive, it might be time for you to learn.

There are actually several different things you can do to neutralize negativity and turn it into something positive and useful. You see, by accepting and changing you can move forward much quicker. When you stop resisting everything begins to fall right into place.

7 Ways to Get Rid of Lingering Negative Energy:

1. Meditate

Meditation will always be the top of my list when it comes to ridding yourself of negative energy. Meditate for at least 20 minutes a day. Let go of anything that you have been holding onto that does not serve you anymore.

2. Walk away

Sometimes in life, we get ourselves in situations where walking away is the best answer. Although it will be hard to do so sometimes, it is for the best. Dont hold onto someone or something for too long.

3. Go outside and clear your mind

If you cannot clear your mind get outside and go for a walk. This works for me every single time. I feel the most at peace when I am outside barefoot watching the stars.

4. Focus on the positive

Think about all of the positive things in your life. Really let the happiness and gratefulness take over your mind. You have tons to be proud of.

5. Take a nap or a break

If you need a break take one, and if you need a nap take one. No one is stopping you. In this life, there are few things we have to actually do. Be true to yourself and dont let things become overwhelming.

6. Talk things out

If there are negative emotions between you and someone else then there is also negative energy following you around. When you can talk it out, it is best to do so. Dont just let things end on such a bad note that you cant even look one another in the eye.

7. Be creative

Creativity is something we all have whether we notice it or not. Find something you like to do and do it. Let this hobby bring a new sens...


Shockers and smashers steal the limelight at solar challenge "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Shockers and smashers steal the limelight at solar challenge

SOLAR COMPETITION NO CHALLENGE FOR STUDENTS Congupna Primary School grade 6 student, Danielle Jarman, 12, was part of the team that competed in the Australian International Model Solar Challenges this year where the students came away victorious. Photo: Supplied.

TWO teams from Congupna Primary School, dubbed the Sea Shockers and Solar Smashers, stole the limelight at the Australian International Model Solar Challenges this year, coming away with a first, second and third in regionals and second and third.

The excited teams designed, constructed and raced solar boats in the regional section of the competition in Melbourne in October, and took out the first three spots as well as second and third overall in Victoria, meaning the students qualified for the Nationals in Adelaide in November, where again they came away victorious.

Congupna Primary School principal, Adam Cleary said, The teams were all very excited and wore uniforms they had made with pride.

In Melbourne, the students went up against approximately 50 boats and in Adelaide there were 30 boats in total.

Our wins show that a small regional school can be as competitive as the metropolitan teams. Our teams put in a lot of time and effort, up-skilled and had the support from our local community to ensure we could perform just as well as a metropolitan competitor.

All our students involved should be very proud of their efforts and the way they conducted themselves at both the Melbourne and Adelaide events.

The podium places were just reward for the many hours designing, testing and refining these two boats and the smiles on our students faces in Adelaide and back at school has been testament to this.

The support and sponsorship we received was overwhelming and to see our small rural school achieving such things on the national stage is fantastic.


Holden pitches in for clubs new roller "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Holden pitches in for clubs new roller

DONATION A HIT FOR SIX From left, Shepparton & Youth Club United Cricket Club vice president, Tony Giblin receiving a cheque for $15,000 from Thompson Motor Group dealer principal, Jarrod Thompson that will go toward a reconditioned cricket pitch roller. Photo: David Lee.

ITS been 60 years since the Shepparton & Youth Club United Cricket Club has had a new cricket pitch roller, but that is all about to change thanks to a donation of $15,000 through Holdens Home Ground Advantage program.

Local Holden dealer, Thompson Motor Group handed over the cheque last week, with the cricket club pitching in the addition $10,000 to purchase the reconditioned roller, which is hoped to see the club through the next 20 years.

Thompson Motor Group dealer principal, Jarrod Thompson said, Local sporting clubs play a really important role within their communities and we are thrilled to help invest in their futures.

Anything we can do to help the local community is great.

Shepparton & Youth Club United Cricket Club vice president, Tony Giblin said, The new roller is similar to the one used at the MCG and having been battling with the old one for the last 60 years, this is a great thing for the club.

We will be contributing funds toward the roller that we have raised through various fundraising efforts.

We will no longer have to sit in a seat with no padding and deal with something that we cannot get parts for.

Wed like to thank Holden for their contribution.


Jordan scores scholarship "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jordan scores scholarship

SHOOTING HIGH Local upcoming basketball superstar, 14 year old Jordan Michel has been selected to take up a Basketball Australia National Performance Program Scholarship. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

LOCAL resident, 14 year old Jordan Michel is certainly one to watch as an upcoming basketball superstar, after scoring a once in a lifetime basketball scholarship from Basketball Australia.

In January this year, Jordan was one of 20 top country kids under 15 following the Southern Cross Challenge and was successfully selected in the U16 Country Team. He went on to play in the National Championships in Perth in July where he was offered the National Performance Program (NPP) Scholarship, which started in August.

Jordan said, Im pretty happy to have been selected for the scholarship. It will mean a lot of hard work, but opens up a lot of opportunities. For the next two to three years I will be taking part in the National Intensive Training Program every Wednesday and taking part in NPP camps in Melbourne every month.

The training involves a strong commitment on my behalf and includes shooting programs as well as strength and conditioning sessions.

Im hoping this helps to lead to playing college basketball in America after I finish year 12.

Im looking forward to increasing my skill set.

Its all going well so far. Im going up against older guys and kids from the metropolitan areas at the camps and I feel like I am going pretty well.


Launch of a haven for youths "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Launch of a haven for youths

TOURING THE FACILITY From left, The Haven attendee, local youth, Shaun, taking Dr Peter Eastaugh and Independent Member for Shepparton Region, Suzanna Sheed on a tour of the facility at the official launch of The Haven last week. Photo: Supplied.

THE Haven was officially launched on Wednesday last week, with over 50 people attending the programs new premises at 92 Wyndham Street.

The Haven manager, Konrad Fepuleai said, The kids proudly showed off their space giving tours on the night to all guests.

150 kids from diverse backgrounds are registered at The Haven. The kids are mainly aged between 12 and 18. They come for a meal, company, mentors and programs such as bowling and swimming.

Alongside our trained youth workers there are 34 volunteers that come from a range of businesses around Shepparton. There are various individuals and organisations that have donated their time and materials to get The Haven to this point.

Funding from the Department of Education and Training has enabled us to secure the wonderful premises in Wyndham Street.

Wed like to pass on a big thank you to all those who are involved and who attended the launch night.

For more information on The Haven, contact the manager, Konrad Fepuleai on 0487 315 999.


Shopping for others in the community "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Shopping for others in the community

APPROXIMATELY 230 grade prep to six students from Kialla West Primary School got into the giving spirit last week, when they took to the shelves of Big W to purchase items that they donated to the I Believe in Christmas Toy Drive.


$6.95M radiotherapy win for region "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

$6.95M radiotherapy win for region

A SERVICE LONG OVERDUE Local resident, Rosie Roberts says that the new GenesisCare radiotherapy service to be introduced to Shepparton is a positive step for the region, and while it wont come in time to help her, it will be beneficial to over 300 locals who travel out of Shepparton for their radiotherapy treatment annually. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

Hundreds expected to benefit each year

FOR local resident, Rosie Roberts the soon to be established $6.95M radiotherapy service provided by GenesisCare in Shepparton will come too late. While by the time it opens in Shepparton it is hoped she will have already beaten her breast cancer, Rosie says it is positive that the region will finally have a service available that was long overdue.

Having been diagnosed with HER2 breast cancer in March this year, Rosie had her first chemotherapy treatment in April, and following her final treatment in October and a lumpectomy operation last month, she now has to undergo radiation therapy, but in order to do that, she has to travel to and from Bendigo every day for at least three weeks.

Rosie said, This is a big thing for the region. Ive been told that there are 300 people from this area travel to Bendigo every year for treatment.

Im going to have to travel every day to and from Bendigo because I need to be back to get my children ready for school in the morning.

Its going to be a struggle, and whats more is that there are others who have a worse situation that I do, and I really feel for them.

With the size of Shepparton and the number of people here it is a wonder that we dont already have this service available.

Nobody asks for cancer, so to have this service available will make a big difference.

This is a service that is well needed, and while it might not benefit me, it will help others in the future.

Liberal Member for Northern Victoria, Wendy Lovell said, GenesisCare is the largest provider of radiation oncology in Australia and operates eight radiation oncology centres in Victoria, including the Regional Cancer Centre in Albury.

Because they are a private provider, it is vital that the State Government works with GenesisCare so that any planned services in Shepparton are available and affordable to all patients.......


Free parking would boost shopping in Shepparton CBD "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Free parking would boost shopping in Shepparton CBD

BREATHING LIFE BACK INTO THE CBD The Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry is advocating to see free (timed) parking introduced in Sheppartons CBD, with hope that it would bring shoppers back to the citys centre and duplicate results from a free parking trial in 2013, which saw one of Sheppartons largest retailers, Harris Scarfe, experience a 33 percent increase in business. Photo: David Lee.

THE Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry has said that free (timed) parking permanently in Shepparton would go a long way to helping breathe life back into the city, and help to boost shopping in the CBD.

At its monthly meeting, the chamber discussed several ways of helping to achieve this positive outcome for the city, with parking fees being high on the agenda as being significantly negative to shoppers and visitors to the city.

Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry president, Carl Hainsworth said, The challenge is to make Shepparton as shopping friendly as possible in an ever changing business world.

Shepparton is competing with large shopping centres, other large regional cities and many smaller towns who dont charge for parking.

According to businesses during the last free parking trial in 2013, which council experimented with free parking on Mondays during a six week period, there was a huge increase in early week shopping, with one of Sheppartons largest retailers, Harris Scarfe, experiencing a 33 percent increase in business.

The chamber advocates free timed parking to boost shopping and at the same time encouraging car park movements in the CBD.

To help reduce the abuse of free parking by employees and business owners, the chamber would encourage number plate recognition fines, something carried out successfully in other regional cities.

The chamber believes that results of free parking in the CBD would be considerably noticeable among shoppers and retailers soon after implementation, however for Shepparton CBD to thrive again, it would require long term implementation as soon as possible.


Millions to boost jobs and skills "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE local community is set to benefit greatly from $4.07M that is set to be delivered to continuing the work of the Skills and Jobs Centre at GOTAFE, through the Andrews Labor Governments Skills First TAFE Community Service funding.

Member for Northern Victoria, Mark Gepp said, Were making sure locals in Northern Victoria have access to the support they need to complete their training and to get a job.

GOTAFE will use $977,495 to continue the good work of its Skills and Jobs Centres in Shepparton, Wangaratta, Benalla and Seymour.

Im proud to be a part of the government thatll always put the needs of students first, Mr Gepp said.

Since they opened last year, the centres have helped more than 1,500 people get the skills development, job readiness, and training and career support they need to find a job or to move into further training.

More than $431,000 will be used for the Trade Apprentice Learner Support program, which provides mentoring and support for apprentices with low language, literacy and numeracy skills.

Minister for Training and Skills, Gayle Tierney said, This funding will help GOTAFE keep students on track to finish their training to get the job they want.

All Victorians deserve access to high quality training and thats exactly what our Skills First TAFE Community Service Fund is delivering.

GOTAFE Acting CEO, Margie Fixter said, This funding will ensure GOTAFE trade students are supported with fundamental literacy and numeracy skills to better equip them as the workforce of the future.

This funding will provide positive outcomes not only for the individuals but for our regions industry and communities.


Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"



NEW YEARS EVE FOR CHARITY. Celebrations with a dance and welcome the New Year in with friends at the Sir Ian McLennan Centre, Mooroopna. Featuring guest artists with Kerran Keats, Joyce Yeats, Vanessa Waara, Callum Gleeson and Craig Giles. Doors open from 6:30pm with the show from 7pm and finishing at 1am. BYO nibbles. Entry is $25 with children under 14 $10 per head. Proceeds to Royal Childrens Hospital. Booking can be made by calling 0408 218 411.


THE LEUKAEMIA FOUNDATION HUME OFFICE provides information, assistance and support for people living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, MDS and MPN. Contact Morgan Lang, support services coordinator on 5821 0033. For volunteering or fundraising opportunities with the foundation, please ask for Kristin Paton on 0481 009 754.




BARGAINS FOUND AT THE SALVATION ARMY THRIFT SHOP, 3 Mill Street, Mooroopna. Open weekdays from 10am to 4pm and Saturdays from 10am to 12:30pm. All funds raised from sales stay in the Goulburn Valley to directly support the work of The Salvation Army.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED at The Salvation Army Thrift Shop, 3 Mill Street, Mooroopna. Weekdays from 9:30am to 4:30pm and Saturdays from 9:30am to 1pm. Register your interest by visiting the shop or contact us on 5825 4308.


ORCHARD DAY CLUB meets on second and fourth Thursday of each month from 10:30am to 2:30pm at Shepparton RSL for friendly company, gentle exercises, mind games, cards, guest speakers, bus tours and a delicious lunch. All ages and gender welcome. For further information, phone Judy on 5823 5941 or Betty on 5821 3838.


ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT RETIREES meets on the third Monday of each month at 9:45am at the Overlander Hotel, Benalla Road in Shepparton. Share group meets at 9am. For further information, phone Bill on 5821 1854.


VIEW CLUB is a ladies friendship group who help to support the Smith Family and meet on the first Friday of the month at the Terminus Hotel for lunch at 11:30am. For further information, phone Helen on 5821 7503.


NAGAMBIE LAKES COMMUNITY MARKET runs on the first Saturday of every month (except January) from 9am to 1pm. Lots of locally grown and made items, live music, food and drinks. Located in the main street of Nagambie on the banks of Lake Nagambie. Disabled access friendly. For further information, phone 0475 885 047.



Fun and laughter on the pitch "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Fun and laughter on the pitch

A REAL HIT GV Harmony Cup game participants, Sam Cook and Umut Bolat enjoying the event, which drew more particpants this year than the previous two years. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

THERE was lots of fun and laughter had by all who took to the cricket pitch to take part in this years GV Harmony Cup event last week.

The event, which has come about through a partnership between ConnectGV and Shepparton Youth Club United Cricket Club, provides a way to get more people in the community involved in cricket.

Shepparton Youth Club United Cricket Club committee member, Chris Giblin said, It was a fantastic day. The weather was perfect and had a huge amount of participants. We had Shepparton Access, Providing All Living Support (PALS) and Verney Road School.

It was a really fun atmosphere and everyone was excited to be there.

Wed like to thank the Greater Shepparton City Council for their help in providing the venue at Victoria Park Lake and especially Kathryn Foster.

ConnectGV manager future directions, Treena Best said, We had around 60 participants, which is fantastic because it was more than previous years.

It was very exciting. The mascots from the Renegades were a real hit. They got a lot of attention.

It was a great day and everybody enjoyed themselves. Weve had some organisations say they are going to get a team together for next year, which it will mean it will become more of a tournament competition.

Wed like to thank the sponsors that supported us with the event and the committee for their hard work. We couldnt have done it without them.


Egging the Prime Minister 100 years on "IndyWatch Feed"

Egging the Prime Minister 100 years on100 years ago, Australians were in the middle of a divisive national debate on whether Australia should introduce conscription. read now...


Natalie answers the call "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Mandy Oakham

What do you get when you cross a zoologist with a communications specialist?
The answer is an award-winning manager of volunteers with the Cherished Pets program and full-time animal lover, Ocean Groves Natalie Davey.
Natalie is celebrating being named as the winner of Volunteering Geelongs Award for Excellence in Volunteer Management.
Having moved to the Grove in 2015 with a background in zoology, animal behaviour and scientific communications Natalie was looking for a new opportunity which could somehow bring together her varied skill set.
I just happened to pick up a brochure about the launch of the Cherished Pets program down at the Dunes and it mentioned a guest speaker who also just happened to be one of my old university lecturers, Natalie said.
And when I got down to the event and listened to what they wanted to do everything just clicked for me and I thought wow this is will be a terrific way to bring all my skills together.
I have always been a people person and then this opportunity came along with the chance to be part of that special bond that forms between people and their pets.
Cherished Pet Care is a volunteer organisation which can arrange in-home services to help manage and maintain the health of dearly loved pets if the owners become unable to provide that care.
After working as a volunteer for the program Natalie was soon approached to take on a part-time, paid position managing the volunteers.
There are around 70 registered carers with the program and some have been working with Natalie for more than two years.
My job is such a privilege working with the volunteers and the people who they help and you all become like one big family, Natalie said.
We spend a lot of time making sure that we carefully match our volunteers with the people they will be helping, and of course, the animals.
There has to be a compatibility in this special relationship and I work many more hours unpaid in this position because I just love the work and the interactions with people and animals.
Approaching Christmas the Cherished Pet Care program is always looking for donations to ensure that they can help people at a time which can be very stressful, and Natalie would love to hear from anyone who feels able to help out, even with some respite care for animals in emergency situations.
Anyone interested in becoming involved should go the Cherished Pet Care website at

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$23 billion for transport what would you spend it on? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Major_Projects_invoice.jpgMelbourne keeps growing and is becoming ever more congested and crowded. It is expected that Melbourne will soon pass Sydney as the largest city in Australia. If we want to keep our liveable city tag we need to keep improving public transport and services, especially in fringe areas, while ensuring there is sensible and sensitive infill and increased density along key public transport nodes.

It is essential we stop funding major road projects like the North East Link and the Westgate Tunnel. This will free up more than $20B in funding which could be available for more sustainable transport infrastructure.


Rip in for river classic "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Local real estate agents RT Edgar Bellarine in Ocean Grove is getting behind Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Clubs biggest fund-raiser, the 38th Rip to River Classic this summer.
RT Edgar Bellarine comes on board as the new naming rights partner for the surf clubs iconic beach run held on Saturday 6 January next year.
RT Edgar Bellarine director John Brodie was thrilled with his companys new partnership with the Rip to River Classic.
RT Edgar is excited to be supporting such an exciting local event, Brodie told the Voice.
Ocean Grove SLSC president David Pavia said it was fantastic to have the support of a local business.
RT Edgar Bellarine is also an official sponsor of the Ocean Grove SLSC.
Yes RT Edgar has signed up to support the club over the next three years and we welcome them on board and their support in many areas of the club, including the Nipper program, Pavia said.
Registrations are now open for the popular Rip to River Classic event.
To register your spot in the event and to receive further information go to

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Trading v Socrates "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

QUESTION: Marty; All of these Robo trading plans are simply a flat model. Socrates is forecasting short and long term rather than just trading a flat model. Am I correct?

PT, Canada

ANSWER: Correct. The approach to modeling is traditionally flat. It will take one market and attempt to create a buy/sell model on that market exclusively to the exclusion of all other markets. This is the reason these flat models will blow up even such things as the Black & Scholls, which won the Noble Prize before it created the Long-Term Capital Management collapse in 1998. That is the subject of the book titled  When Genius Failed.

The flat model approach is a disaster. They will work for a while and the blow up BECAUSE they are incapable of grasping the wildcard contagion. That is what happened in the LTCM collapse. The illiquidity in the collapse of the Russian market led to the selling of all other markets to raise cash. There are plenty of people who are soliciting money claiming they have mastered our model. That is absolute nonsense because they are interjecting their own OPINION and that will be a guaranteed loss down the road. This requires NO OPINION and the fact that someone will try to supplement by writing reports on markets shows they are basing their trading on opinion.



Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed"

1.00 AUD = 0.00005 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 2.20 AUD



Pre-Christmas Strike (Power to the Elves) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

    Elves slave for Santa freezing in the North Pole, lets nip down under ~ The Elves United will never be defeated, dont tell the boss ~ Shhh



Four days post the 2017 studio sale we are still selling as people call and email the studio "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We have experienced our best ever studio sale this year in fact, this year I have only had 5 postal invites returned from our snail mail commissioners report. It does show how dedicated our customers are . . . it does also reflect on our seriously considered price points. It also shows that contemporary wearable design, generous amounts of high carat metal and our championing of real gems sets us apart from the easy-to-buy disposable high street market.


Studio closes on the 20th December and we will reopen around the end of February 2018.


Parallel Lines - 29 November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sara speaks with film-maker and producer Sue Maslin about the RMIT campaign to restore and reopen the Capitol Theatre in Melbourne. Terra Nullius author and Noongar woman Claire G. Coleman speaks with Sara about her essay in the summer issue of Meanjin


Here, Have Some More Idiot Economics "IndyWatch Feed"

This is The Wests useful idiot of an economics editor Shane Wright, wondering the other day where WAs economic growth was going to come from. If you would like to play along at home, try to strain your brain for the answer goodness knows Shane tried to have a go:

Where is WAs economic growth going to come from?

Over the past six months the WA economy, excluding imports and exports, grew about 1.3 per cent or a touch over $660 million.

For a State thats gone the rounds of economic pain for so long, it was a great result.

But weve got to put this in some context. Domestic economic activity in WA peaked at $60.4 billion in the September quarter of 2012. The same figure for the just-completed September quarter was a smidgen under $51 billion.

In other words, there is more than $9 billion less in local economic activity running through the financial veins of WA taxpayers and businesses.

Thats the pain that weve all felt over the past four years.

It is hard to expect another mining boom to generate a huge lift in wealth and activity. The last boom was the biggest since the 1850s gold rushes that made Victoria one of the richest parts of the world (like the iron ore boom made WA one of the richest spots on the planet).

For instance, it took just 15 months for State final demand to climb from $50 billion to $60 billion. The quantum of that climb is what WA needs to make up just to get back where it was but the chances of it taking just 15 months is akin to the Gold Coast winning next years premiership flag.

This is one of The Wests beat writers reporting the bleeding obvious WHICH HAS BEEN THE WORST KEPT SECRET GOING AROUND TOWN yesterday:

There are fresh signs of growing confidence among WA businesses, with the States environment watchdog reporting a return to numbers of major projects not seen since the resources boo...


Down and Out in the Future "IndyWatch Feed National"

Knightscope's crime-fighting robot already deployed in San Francisco to deter the homeless from forming tent cities.


A story of second-hand clothes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Nice jacket, Dylan, I said to my first-year-university-student grandson as he picked me up in the first week of summer at Canberra Airport where the outside temperature was a sizzling 12.5 degrees. How much was it?

Dylan: I got it for five bucks at the Salvos.

Me: Well done.

Dylan: Mum is so jealous she is going there to see what she can find.

And then I recalled my own impoverished university days 47 years ago and needing a dinner suit to go to an up-coming ball.

As the son of an Anglican clergyman, I could not contemplate even hiring one, let alone buying. So I went to the Salvos and bought a dinner suit for 50 cents (about $5 in todays money).

Better than that, it was excellently tailored and in a middle-of-the-ground style, so as the lapels of new fashionable dinner suits got narrower and then double-breasted and then wider, mine never looked much out of place, so I kept wearing it for more than 30 years. What a bargain!

The charities do a splendid job recycling clothes. A lot are sent overseas, particularly to Third World countries which do not have their own textile industries, such a Papua New Guinea.

I recalled being in Mount Hagen in the New Guinea Highlands once and overhearing an Australian say to a local who was wearing, from memory, the T-shirt of a Sydney bowls club, Good on you, mate, Im a member there. Its a good club, isnt it?

He clearly did not realise that the T-shirt had been imported by a charity second-hand and that the local had never been to Australia, let alone his bowls club.

That was 2003, Later I went to the very remote Kosomary River, a tributary of Sepik River, where I asked if I could have a paddle on a dugout canoe. Only if you give us your T-shirt if you fall out, I was told.

Me: Okay.

(It was a Canberra Times Fun Run T-shirt, as it happens)

Now, a dugout with a wooden paddle is a very different proposition from my light-weight plastic kayak and carbon-fibre paddle in Australia. But never mind. Ill never know how I got the thing out into the current and safely back to shore. But I got some loud cheers from the locals, so and I gave the canoe owner the Canberra Times T-shirt anyway.

I hope no visiting Australian finds him and says something like, The Canberra Times event is a good fun run, isnt it? What was your time?

While I was recalling this, it suddenly dawned on me, about eight weeks too late. And I should have...


New Report Outlines How Australian Cities Can Achieve Climate Resilience "IndyWatch Feed"

A new research report and engagement project explores how Australian cities can achieve rapid decarbonization and increased resilience in the face of climate change.


BMRSG Works Even more shoeboxes this year "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In this the 3rd year of the Youth Shoebox Project even more were received. More than 203 were delivered to children and young people seeking refuge and asylum. This project is a joint effort with Mountains Youth Services Team (MYST) and Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group (BMRSG) - working together to spread love and support.


Chairman and Two VPs of TEPCO Will Stand Trial for the Death of 44 People in Fukushima Meltdowns "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

(EnviroNews World News) The Chairman, and two Vice Presidents of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) will stand trial for the death of 44 people who were killed in the ensuing melee following the March 11, 2011 triple nuclear reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in eastern Japan.

The men will make their first appearance in court on June 30, 2017, answering for what are the only criminal charges so far, in an ongoing nightmare that has become arguably the worst manmade environmental catastrophe the world has ever seen.

Former TEPCO chairman, Tsunehisa Katsumata, 77, alongside former Vice Presidents Sakae Muto, 66, and Ichiro Takekuro, 71 were charged with professional negligence resulting in death and injury, in February of 2016. The trio will appear before the Tokyo District Court, after all three entered a plea of innocent at the arraignment.

We hope the trial will shed light on the responsibility for this accident. The accident hasnt been resolved. There is nuclear waste from the cleanup efforts everywhere in Fukushima, and there are still many unresolved problems, said Ruiko Muto, who leads the group that advocated for the trial, to The Japan Times.

Read Entire Article



Concerns that children would be taught radical LGBTIQ sex and gender fluid theory were dismissed as lies and red herrings during the marriage postal survey, but now a leading academic says same-sex marriage means it should be mandated. Read More


2RRR at Ryde Councils Carols on The Common: SUNDAY 17 DECEMBER 2017!!! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


FROM 5:30 PM 9:30 PM Join us for an authentic carols experience at Sydneys second largest Christmas carols in the heart of Ryde. Kicking off at 5:30pm and running through the night is the Carols on the Common performance, featuring all your favourite classic carols with the best performers from all over Sydney. To close out the night, the whole family will be treated to an awe-inspiring firework display.

Come in early to experience our amusement activities and keep the kids entertained with the giant slide, or dodgem cars and dozens of other rides. Food vendors and a sausage sizzle will be serving throughout the night. Limited parking is available on-site with a gold coin donation.

Money raised on the night goes to worthy causes such as ROMAC an organisation bringing sick and ill children from nations all over the world for life changing surgery in Australia. With your help we can raise over $10 000 this year for ROMAC alone.



Happy Birthday Pam: The shoulders we stand on "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


What is it that makes a person great? Is it that theyre up from dusk to dawn caring for those close to their heart? Is it that they help those who find themselves alone and without a friend in this world? Is it that they see a stark unfairness in this world and dedicate their life to correcting wrongs?

Its easier to walk the road most travelled; you can lead a life, for the most part, unchallenged. Caught up in the ebb and flow of society, its comfortable to ride the wave of familiarity. You fit in the world and the world fits your picture of whats normal. But what if you saw something, thought something or felt something that tipped normality on its headwhat would you do? If you were Pam Ahern, youd turn your own life upside down to challenge the newly-seen injustice head on.


Isaac Newton once said, [i]f I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Every day, the team of us here at Edgars Mission get to do great things for animalsbecause we stand on the shoulders of a giant. She bears our combined weight so we can reach great heights for farmed animals. So that, together, we can help open hearts and minds everywhere and help others to see ever further and deeper within themselves, to unlock the kindness thats always been there.

If youve ever met Pam, youll get the irony of referring to her as a giant, because shes quite small in stature. But youll also know that what shes doing for animals is greatgigantic, in fact.


With Pam at the he...


MACKAY Twists in investigation into Karen Ristevskis death "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY December 13, 2017 at 06:26PM ,

Twists in investigation into Karen Ristevskis death

December 13, 2017 at 06:26PM ,

The first sign that Karen Ristevskis disappearance was no ordinary missing persons case came when her family dramatically cut short a press conference last year. It was July 14 and her aunt Patricia Gray, flanked by Karens husband Borce and their daughter Sarah, had made a tearful plea for

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Update: Armed robbery charge, Mackay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

MACKAY December 14, 2017 at 07:33AM ,

Update: Armed robbery charge, Mackay

December 14, 2017 at 07:33AM ,

He was charged with armed robbery, enter premises and commit indictable offence, possession of dangerous drugs and possessing utensils and is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court today (December 14). If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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National Folk Festival Adds Even More Artists for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Elephant Sessions The next round of artists for the 2018 National Folk Festival were announced this morning featuring a bunch of internationals, returning favourites and local gems. The announcement is led by Scottish trad-quintet Elephant Sessions (above) who will be in the country for the festival season. Joining them are the likes []


Gallery: FBi Radio Presents Noname at The Metro Theatre "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Laying down a soulful blend of hip-hop and spoken word poetry, Noname kept it intimate infront of a sold out crowd at The Metro. Armed with a wide smile and plenty of tracks from her A+ debut mixtape Telefone, the Chicago rapper had the crowd eating from the palm of her hand.




Sick of shopping? 10 reasons to give the gift of music and song, this season "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


  • It repeats on you only in positive ways and doesnt get stuck in your teeth
  • Its more effective than mistletoe in bringing people together
  • Music doesnt kill your fingers all the way home from the shops in a bag about to break
  • Its perfect shared with friends and theres always enough to go around
  • Its eco-friendly! Singing and music making requires neither wrapping nor cellotape
  • Music wont sit around gathering dust and is brilliant to re-gift
  • Your jeans may fit even better after a month of singing and musical indulgence
  • Instead of breaking after five minutes, it gets better and lasts a lifetime
  • No ransacking of the house is necessary for batteries or dice
  • Making music and singing is good for the heart, soul, health and well-being of yourself, your pals, your Aunty Sheila, and your community too

3 ways to give the gift of music and song with Community Music Victoria (weve got this covered):

  • Sign up your family, friends and neighbours to the CMVic monthly giving circle for a gift that gives all year
  • Renew your annual membership to Community Music Victoria for twelve months of music making benefits, including membership discounts on all events, camps and workshop bookings, and a range of wonderful resources
  • Make a one-off donation to Community Music Victoria. All donations over $2 are tax deductible so youll get another little gift in June.

Music is better made together:

Any donation you make can help ensure that more singing and instrumental music leaders get the skills they need to establish more groups, and that special projects like Voices of PeaceStreetSoundsSinging from Country, and That Girl can bring more music to more people who need it in their lives.

Community Music Victoria.
December 2017



AG George Brandis's website promoting wedding stationery printer - and indeterminate/intersex/unspecified brides/grooms/partners "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is the marriage section of the website of Commonwealth Attorney General Senator The Honourable George Brandis QC. There you'll find a link to a heap of new marriage stationery and forms. This page has information on the following: Marriage equality Marriage forms Marriage forms consultation Forms for download...


Nervous Start to Christmas Party as Colleagues Wonder who has Cocaine "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Its been a nerve-shattering start to an office Christmas party today as colleagues begin guessing and probing each other to discover who has a bag of white Christmas.

One staffer said he was living on an edge harder than anything Aerosmith ever sang about.

I had to have about 70 or so schoons of port before the event even started to sand down the corners a bit, he said. I started with joking-yet-deadly-serious quips about whose nose was thirsty, but I ended up just straight out asking do you have some cocaine for me to smell with my nose?.

Staffers who came packing bagged heat said the tension was even worse for them.

About 12 people followed every time I went to the bathroom attempting to get a nose bite, one man said. It was like when the fish are on, and you have to hide behind a rock to bait your hook.

Management of the company said it would try to avoid the tension next year by bumping the Kris Kringle limit to $300 and hoping everyone gets the idea of what to buy each other.


A Very Surry Hills Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Join us in celebrating a very Surry Hills Christmas!

The City of Sydney is organising an eventful day for all residents and people in the area. The Shannon Reserve is being taken over on Thursday 14th of December to initiate an outdoor Christmassy pop-up. Shannon Reserve is located in Crown Street, Surry Hills, between Foveaux and Collins Street. This iconic reserve dates back to 1793, when Joseph Foveaux of the NSW Corps named this land grant Surry Hills Farm.


This special day offers the opportunity for people to both have a fantastic Christmas celebration day-out with the family and a wide source of history. The City of Sydney has taken part in having workshops for everyone to use, to make their own very special personalised Christmas decorations to either give or show in their own home.

Another exciting tale is the chance to come down and bring your kids for a photo with Surry Hills Santa. You will also receive a complimentary gift wrapping for purchases made in the Surry Hills Village area on the day between 9am and 5pm. Last but not least, The City of Sydney Council has live entertainment and artwork from Jeff McCann.

This is a day that cannot be missed, for all family and friends. Hope to see you there!

For further information please visit

What: Xmas in Surry Hills

When: Saturday 16 December from 9am to 5pm

Where: Shannon Reserve Crown St Surry Hill

For More Information...


Musician Catherine Traicos talks New Album with Caitlin "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Melbourne-based musician, Catherine Traicos is back in her hometown this week, and shes recently released her sixth album which was recorded along with a full band on Sydneys northern beaches.
Before she launches her album tomorrow night, she decided to give us a quick listen to Crashing, the first single off her new album LuminaireAnd she definitely wanted to start the day off right by coming in to have some Breakfast with Caitlin

Play Interview with Catherine Traicos 13th December 2017

*Catherine Traicos will be launching and performing her new album Luminaire at the Satchmo Cafe in North Perth at 7pm.*


Live N Local "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LA closes the year with a bang our End of Year Party featuring some SEQs stellar Alt Rock outfits pushing the boundaries of the live n local scene..!

Get set for a no-holds bars night of experiential, alternative and rollin#Rock#Funk & #Blues live at the zoo Friday DEC 29

Diversifying the scene, we have a 6 band bill ft. our mighty headlinersValhalla Lights & funk stylings by Another Language

Creeping in the shadows we hit some heavy back alley blues by the legendary Roadhouse, just releasing their debut E.P Walking Tall

Zeppelin rockers AUGUSTA band land themselves a main support slot, fresh on the scene with no shortage of electricity

Allow Evacuation Plan to blow...


A History of Tom Smith "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Pop! Bang! A novelty hat and something quirky and gimmicky. Its Xmas again and the joy of pulling on a cracker is upon us. But where did the Xmas cracker first begin? And by whom?

It was on a trip to Paris, in 1840 that an adventurous and forward thinking Tom Smith discovered the bon bon sugared almond, wrapped in a twist of tissue paper. Seven years later this simple idea evolved into the Christmas Cracker. 

By placing a small love motto in the tissue paper he created enormous interest in this product, especially at Christmas and it was during a search for inspiration to achieve even greater sales that he casually threw a log on the fire. The crackle sound, made by the burning log, gave him the idea that would eventually lead to the crackers we know and love today. After a great idea of hard work and experimentation he came up with a cracking mechanism that created a pop as the bon bon wrapping was broken. This eventually became the snap and the cracker was born.

Over the next few years his idea evolved and grew and he moved from his original premises in Clerkenwell, East London, to Finsbury Square, in the City. His sons, Tom, Walter and Henry took over the business when he died and later a drinking fountain was erected in Finsbury Square, by Walter, in memory of his mother and to commemorate the life of the man who invented the Christmas Cracker.

It was Walter who introduced the paper hats and he toured the world to find new and unusual ideas for the gifts.

The company was very aware of current affairs and crackers were created for the Suffragettes, War Heroes, Charlie Chaplin, The Coronation and many other great occasions. Exclusive crackers were also made for the Royal Family and still are to this day. 

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FOI Agency Reference Numbers for Documents in REQFOI17/00064 "IndyWatch Feed"

Partially successful.
Dear Ms Pane   A decision in response to your FOI request dated 15 November 2017 is attached, as is the document you requested.   Regards  ...


The bloodiest campfire story: reading The War Nerd Iliad "IndyWatch Feed National"

Translation is more than just carrying a text from language to language; its also a passage from audience to audience. To its Greek listeners, the Iliad didnt need footnotes or endnotes. It wasnt literature or a status marker for taste and education. It was popular entertainment, put on at boozy gatherings by MCs whose talent could get them free drinks. That mood is hard to recapture now, even if a translators philology is faultless.


Nimbin Holiday Club 2017/18 Summer Program "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Nimbin Holiday Club

        Summer Program

Dear friends,

We are operating from the Nimbin Community School, in the Community Centre and on excursion days please meet us in the Nimbin Central School car park at 9am.

Day runs between 9am and 3pm.  The program runs for children aged 5 12.  Please read the dates and venues below carefully and book to avoid disappointment.  To book phone NNIC on 66891692 (between 10 am and 4 pm) or you can text or call Kylie on 0487576281.  Please note that the basic fee is $12 per day and more on excursion days. Parents must sign consent forms for any excursions.

Please ensure that your child wears appropriate clothing, covered shoes, brings a hat, swimmers and a towel.  Please bring adequate food and drinks.






Friday 22nd December

The Pitts family circus workshop

The Pitt family circus is coming to visit us and teach us some tricks

Circus Workshop


Thursday 4th January

Nimbin Community School, Park and Pool

Art/Craft, DVDs, Games, Music and more

Library craft


Friday 5th January

Excursion Lismore Tenpin Bowling and pool



In which the pond farewells the cawing Crowe, and turns to the lizard editorialist and the Donald for reptile action ... "IndyWatch Feed"

While the pond was away, the news broke that David Crowe had left the lizard Oz - tweet here - meaning that there would be no more cawing Crowe jokes at the pond ... 

Crikey's tipping a trip to Fairfax, refuge for all those driven mad by the Chairman, and a safe haven away from the kool aid and the pond ...

But the lizards of Oz didn't skip a beat and provided all sorts of angles this day, not least the news that having campaigned endlessly for a fucked up NBN, they'd achieved their goal, yet strangely weren't happy about it ...



Is that the new word for Malware and reptile fucked?

Actually, if the pond may be so bold, the fundamental problem is that Malware, urged on by the likes of the onion muncher and the lizards of Oz, fucked the NBN, and it's now a dog's breakfast, and even free it wouldn't be worth the price being asked for its useless service ...

Currently the drop-outs at the pond occur on a reliable five minute schedule ...

Never mind, also this day the pond could have followed the NBN rumble by joining the war on sharks ...


World Beyond War Hawkes Bay "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Hawkes Bay, New Zealand/Aotearoa, chapter of World Beyond War is being organized by Liz Remmerswaal Hughes, who wants your help.

Contact her below.

Liz Remmerswaal Hughes is a mother, journalist, environmentalist activist and former politician, having served six years on the Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

The daughter and granddaughter of soldiers, who fought other peoples wars in far flung places,she never got over wars stupidity and became a pacifist.Liz is an active Quaker and currently co Vice-President of the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Aotearoa/New Zealand. She has strong links with the Australian peace movement and the Swords into Ploughshares group.

Liz prefers a creative and community approach to peacemaking, starting from within, and has enjoyed such activities as biking to the gates of the Pine Gap American military spy base in Alice Springs, Australia, planting an olive tree for peace in the Peace Palace in the Hague on the centenary of Anzac, singing peace songs outside military bases and making tea parties beside warships during the NZ Navys 75th birthday,

In 2017 she was awarded the Sonia Davies Peace Award which enabled her to study Peace Literacy with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in Santa Barbara , attend the Wilpf triennial Congress in Chicago, and a workshop on Peace and Conscience in Ann Arbor.

Liz lives lives with her husband on a wild and stony beach on the East Coast of the North Island.


Marriage Equality is Law, But the Religious Freedoms Debate Continues "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim It was an historic moment last Thursday, when the marriage equality bill passed through the lower house of parliament, enshrining same-sex marriage in the law. It brought an end to the Howard governments ban on LGBTIQ marriages, enacted by a 2004 amendment to the Marriage Act. Despite concerns the passage of the

The post Marriage Equality is Law, But the Religious Freedoms Debate Continues appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Erins epic adventure "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Justin Flynn

Cycling 800km in eight days in stifling heat might seem like a daunting challenge to most, but Erin Dodd is not overwhelmed.
The Ocean Grover will head to Thailand for the Ride to Provide event and she needs $10,000 to do it. All proceeds go towards helping children in Thailand.
The ride doesnt bother me, she told the Voice.
If I had to do the ride tomorrow, Id be confident the fund-raising is the hard part.
The ride is organised by Hands Across the Water.
Ive been involved with the charity for four years and go over every November, she said.
I leave my family and my kids and go over and help the kids there.
The gruelling ride starts in Bangkok and ends at Khao Kak, at an orphanage.
There is a rest day in between, but Erin otherwise the 25 cyclists will ride an average of 100km per day.
Erins training has involved cycling the Bellarine Rail Trail and she does a spin class once a week at Pedal Shed.
Money is going to have the biggest impact in feeding and educating the kids, she said.
I often get a lot of people ask why Thailand? Why dont you help kids local here?
If everyone does one thing, it impacts in a positive way.
You cant make an impact if you try to cover everything, but if you concentrate on one thing you can make more of an impact.
Erin needs your help in order for her to help the children of Thailand. Go to and search for Erin Dodd to donate.

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Seniors take on the surf "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Up to 40 Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club competitors participated in this summers first Life Saving Victoria surf senior carnival at Torquay surf beach on 9 December.
Ocean Grove SLSC competition manager Bruce Sampson said the club competed well across the ski events and iron races at the state-based surf carnival.
Sampson confirmed 38 Ocean Grove SLSC senior competitors competed at the opening senior carnival for 2017/18.
Skis was probably our strongest, skis and irons were our biggest events, Sampson told the Voice.
Relays (as in team events) in everything was really good.
It is has been a good hit out, the kids enjoyed themselves.
The next senior surf carnival will take place at Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club on Sunday 7 January.

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Bermuda Just Voted To Scrap Marriage Equality Six Months After It Began "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lawmakers on the island of Bermuda have voted to abolish the countrys recognition of same-sex marriages and replace the unions with domestic partnerships. The Domestic Partnership Act 2017 was introduced this week and passed both the countrys House of Assembly and Senate. It must be signed by the governor before it becomes law. Same-sex marriage ...

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Handy, any way you slice it "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

At holiday time what do you do if its too hot or you just cant be bothered cooking, but still want something decent that the entire family will be happy with?
The obvious answer is Ocean Grove Pizza and Pasta.
When Ocean Grovers think about pizza, they inevitably turn to the tried and true option Ocean Grove Pizza and Pasta.
The team at Ocean Grove Pizza has been delivering quality pizzas and pastas to locals and holidaymakers for years.
What not try one of the new gourmet pizzas on offer. The gourmet vegetarian is a vegie lovers delight, while the peri peri has delicious marinated chicken strips and the pork belly, well that needs no introduction.
One of the most-popular specials is the two large pizzas deal where you can order two scrumptious pizzas for $33.
Of course the team doesnt just specialise in pizza. Theres an extensive range of pastas to choose from, as well as rissotto, breads and dips, desserts and salads.
With two great locations, on The Terrace and at Marketplace, Ocean Grove Pizza and Pasta should be your next choice for a quality family meal.
The shop at 80 The Terrace is open daily from 5pm to 11pm for dine-in, take-away and delivery. Phone 5255 5555.
At Marketplace, you can order take-away or delivery on 5255 3040. Closed Monday and Tuesday.
You can also order online at

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Australian labour market relatively bright result for November "IndyWatch Feed"

The latest labour force data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force data for November 2017 shows that total employment growth was relatively stronger than October with a bias towards full-time employment growth. Unemployment rose because of the sharp rise in the participation rate following on the stronger employment growth. The combination of a rising participation rate and relatively strong employment growth is a good sign even as unemployment rises in the period that the labour force adjusts to its new cyclical high. Whether this virtuous cycle continues remains to be seen. Broad labour underutilisation (underemployment and unemployment) was at 13.7 per cent summing to 1,799.7 thousand persons, which tells you that there is still considerable slack in the labour market. TThe teenage labour market improved (if we consider total employment growth) but teenagers failed to share in the full-time employment growth (going backwards). Overall, my assessment remains the labour market has improved over 2017 but still fluctuates between good and bad from month to month and has a lot of slack remaining. We are not in a position to say that there is a sustained growth path ahead.

The summary ABS Labour Force (seasonally adjusted) estimates for November 2017 are:

  • Employment increased 61,600 (0.5 per cent) full-time employment increased 41,900 and part-time employment increased 19,700.
  • Unemployment decreased 4,100 to 707,700.
  • The official unemployment rate was steady at 5.4 per cent.
  • The participation rate increased by 0.3 points to 65.5 per cent. It still remains below its December 2010 peak (recent) of 65.8 per cent.
  • Aggregate monthly hours worked increased 9.8 million hours (0.6 per cent).
  • The quarterly estimates were published this month and showed that underemployment fell by 0.2 points to 8.3 per cent. The total labour underutilisation rate (unemployment plus underemployment) decreased by 0.3 points to 13.7 per cent. There were 1,092 thousand persons underemployed and a total of 1,799.7 thousand workers either unemployed or underemployed.

Employment growth fairly strong

Employment growth in November rebounded from a weak October result with a net job increase of 61,600 (0.03 per cent). Full-time employment increased 41,900 and part-time employment increased 19,700.

This reverses two relatively poor months.

We observed a zig-zag pattern in total employment growth up until the end of 2016. The oscillating pattern has continued into 2017 but the level has risen above the zero line. There is still a switching pattern around the...


Victims of Crime May Be Given Access to Perpetrators Super Funds "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Federal Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly ODwyer, has announced a review of the laws governing superannuation with a view to allowing victims of crime to access the funds of perpetrators. Ms ODwyer noted that the rules regarding the early release of superannuation have changed very little since 1977,

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The New Social Order: Keaton Jones And The Viral Bullying Video "IndyWatch Feed National"

Social media is good for a lot of things, mob rule and destroying reputations chief among them writes Michael Brull.

A few days ago, a video of a crying boy in the United States went viral. The 11-year-old boy, Keaton Jones, had been bullied at school, and his mother recorded his tearful reaction. Why do they bully? Whats the point of it, he wondered. They poured milk on him, put ham down his clothes, and threw bread at him. He was deeply upset, and the video took off on the internet.

The first reactions on Twitter were of people saying how their hearts went out to Keaton. Then an endless series of GIFs, as people discussed rolling up to the school to confront the bullies. These included GIFs of women smiling and brandishing knives, and GIFs of Negan from Walking Dead walking around with his notorious baseball bat.



Soon celebrities got in on the action. An endless array of big names publicly offered their sympathy and affection to Keaton, and offered various types of meet-ups. Professional footballers said theyd meet up, and their agents announced Keatons new bodyguards. A superhero actor invited him to the premiere of his movie, a celebrity actress invited him to be her date to the premiere of the new Pitch Perfect movie. Justin Bieber called Keaton a hero to his over 90 million followers on Instagram. Dana White, the owner of Ultimate Fighting Championship, invited Keaton to UFC headquarters to hang out.

Aside from all the celebrities reaching out, a person who didnt know the family started a crowd funder to support Keaton. It raised almost $60 000 in a few days.

The mother who filmed her son crying couldnt have anticipated the enormous reaction to her video. No-one can really predict what will go viral, and the fact that so many things do shouldnt obscure the fact that the vast majority of things never get any real traction. At the time of writing, her video has been viewed an estimated 20 million times. Tweets and Instagram posts in support of Keaton have been viewed, liked and retweeted mi...


Big Twist In Upcoming Brisbane Production of A Clockwork Orange "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Author Anthony Burgess controversial classic A Clockwork Orange is being staged at the Brisbane Arts Theatre next month with a very interesting twist. The play was first adapted for the stage by Burgess in 1987 from his own novel, in response to Stanley Kubricks cult 1971 film adaptation. It explores an ultra-violent, disenfranchised youth ...

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Australia's border protection regime is most definitely not the 'envy of the world' "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia's border protection regime is most definitely not the 'envy of the world'Rather than being the 'envy of the world' as the Government claims, our border protection policies are the subject of widespread disgust and condemnation, as shown by U.N. documents released under FOI. read now...


Here, Have Some More Idiot Economics "IndyWatch Feed"

This is The Wests useful idiot of an economics editor Shane Wright, wondering the other day where WAs economic growth



Fixing National's social deficit "IndyWatch Feed"

The government has unveiled plans to fix National's social deficit, with a $5.5 billion package to help the poor, to by funded by taking away National's tax cuts for the rich. Good. For nine long years, National doled out tax cuts to its rich mates, while shitting on everyone at the bottom of the heap. At the same time, they eroded workers rights, keeping wages low and ensuring that people couldn't work their way out of poverty. I'm glad to see that change.

Government exists to help us, both by direct redistribution through taxation, and by providing the services we need. Labour, NZ First and the Greens will do that. National wouldn't. And we're well rid of them.


AGL: virtue signalling while raising prices by closing plant "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australia has lost its pole position in electricity competitiveness. The gradual increase in subsidised renewable energy in forcing out coal plant has transformed the Australian industry from perhaps the cheapest in the world into, on some measures, one of the most expensive in the world.

A 2022 closure of Liddell would mean a further deterioration of industry competitiveness and increased household prices. Some options to prevent this would include new capacity being built perhaps an enlargement of Victorias Loy Yang B now under Chinese majority ownership, or the National Partys call for a government-financed new station in Queensland. But even with such new investment, there will be a great deal of pressure placed on AGL to maintain or sell Liddell after all, if the station were really worthless it could just hand back ownership to the NSW Government which could seek an alternative owner.

See the full article in the Spectator

AGL: impoverishing the nation to boost its bottom line



First Australian Same-Sex Couple To Get Married This Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A New South Wales couple will reportedly become the first same-sex couple to legally wed in Australia after the passage of marriage equality. Lauren Price, 31, and Amy Laker, 29, will tie the knot on Saturday afternoon, weeks before other couples can. Marriage equality came into effect last Saturday, and weddings were expected to begin ...

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40 FAVOURITE ALBUMS OF 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Here they are, the 40 albums that I personally felt were the most important, fascinating and listenable in 2017. It was a near impossible process to collate them on a spreadsheet and make decisions and adjustments as to the creative worth of one over another. Id highly recommend all the albums on this list and Continue reading


FOI Agency Reference Numbers for Documents in REQFOI17/00064 "IndyWatch Feed"

Follow up sent to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by Verity Pane on December 14, 2017.
Partially successful.
A reminder, since the OAIC appears to deliberately forget sometimes that is required to provide its decision, *including* any released documents,...


Coastal sedimentary facies and foraminiferal biofacies of the st kilda formation at port gawler south australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coastal sedimentary facies and foraminiferal biofacies of the st kilda formation at port gawler south australia


NZ's intelligence oversight is a bad joke "IndyWatch Feed"

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security has released their report into NZSIS access to Customs data, and it is an appalling litany of criminal behaviour by our spies. The short version: for years, the SIS accessed customs and immigration databases giving details on everyone's travel movements, and copied the data to their own servers for future mining (so, they know where you've been, if they ever care to look). In November 2014, they were told that this was illegal, so following their usual pattern, they had the government ram through an urgent law-change to legalise it (you may recall the democratic atrocity of the government holding sham select committee hearings, where submissions were solicited, but never read). They then systematically violated the constraints imposed by the law they had written, and did not stop even when informed by the Inspector-General that it was illegal. It was only in August last year that they finally began obeying the law (and of course, they then had another urgent law rammed through to broaden their access).

It gets worse. The SIS is refusing to admit that they behaved unlawfully, and refusing to provide the Inspector-General with information about the extent of their unlawful access or what has happened to the data. That in itself is contrary to the Intelligence and Security Act (and the Act which preceded it), and a criminal offence, which the Inspector-General all but accuses them of. So will anyone be prosecuted, or even sacked? Of course not. Because when push comes to shove, the spies are above the law, and the Inspector-General (like the IPCA) is there to provide pretty lies to the public about how they are under control, rather than actually keep them under control (or at least, that is the effect in practice when their recommendations are ignored and there are no prosecutions even in cases of clear and systematic criminal behaviour, as here).

As I noted when this story first emerged earlier in the week, Parliament needs to put its foot down. They have told us very explicitly that the spies will be controlled and their powers scrutinised. They've passed laws saying...


Child abuse inquiry sits for the last time "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Supplied image of Justice Peter McClellan AM (left) addressing the public hearing into the nature, cause and impact of sexual abuse (Case Study 57) during the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual The commission has held private sessions with more than 6500 survivors and will hear from another 2000 people up until the time it hands over its final report in December. AAP Image/Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Jeremy Piper

The thousands of abuse survivors who came forward to give evidence of their suffering are being acknowledged for their strength and courage ahead of the final hearing of a royal commission.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will hold the half-hour sitting in Sydney on Thursday mark the end of the $500 million five-year inquiry set up under the Gillard Labor federal government.

The stories have been harrowing, the injustice has been shameful, Labor Opposition leader Bill Shorten in a statement.

We are committed to ensuring these brave men and women receive proper redress.

The commission is expected to call for widespread reforms to protect children from sexual abuse in the community.

The final report will be handed to Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove on Friday and is expected to be tabled in parliament before being publicly released.

The commission has already called for significant reforms in areas such as the criminal and civil justice systems, as well as measures to make institutions safer for children.

However, the final report is expected to field further recommendations.

Commission chair Justice Peter McClellan has warned the sexual abuse of children is not just a problem of the distant past.

Many cases presented to the inquiry occurred in a range of institutions in the last 10 to 15 years.

We heard in private sessions from children as young as seven years of age who had been recently abused, he said last month.

In some case studies into schools, the abuse was so recent that the abused children are still attending school.

The commission heard directly f...


Opioid use rising in rural areas: study "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Use of the potentially-addictive painkillers oxycodone and fentanyl is rising in regional Australia, the latest analysis of drugs in the nations wastewater system shows.

The analysis of 54 wastewater sites by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission found that while methylamphetamine, commonly known as ice, remains Australias most commonly used illegal drug, prescription opioid use in regional areas is outstripping that in capital cities.

Consumption of oxycodone in regional sites was well above capital city levels, with the regional national average being almost double that of the capital cities, the commission said in its third national wastewater drug monitoring program report released on Thursday.

Regional Queensland and parts of Tasmania and Victoria had the highest overall users of oxycodone, while in capital cities the highest usage rates were in South Australia and Tasmania.

Usage patterns for fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is up to 100 times more potent than morphine, were similar, with regional centres in almost every state recording values well above the national average.

Except for a few sites, regional consumption was substantially higher than capital city areas, the report said.

Medical experts have expressed concern in recent months that more Australians are becoming addicted to pharmaceutical opioid painkillers, following in the footsteps of America which is in the grip of of an opioid epidemic that has caused tens of thousands of fatal overdoses.

The federal government announced last year that painkillers containing codeine will no longer be available over the counter from 2018, in response to growing concerns about addiction.

The commissions report noted that while oxycodone and fentanyl are legally prescribed by doctors for intense pain, they do have abuse potential.

In terms of illicit drugs, the report found ice usage has plateaued in the past year, while cocaine and ecstasy use appears to be on the decline, possibly thanks to big drug busts by police in 2017.

Ice remains the most common illegal drug in capital cities and regional sites, with South Australia and Western Australia having the highest usage rates, while NSW and the ACT recorded small overall increases in usage.

However, use of ice in Queensland and Western Australia has begun to fall from their historical highs in October 2016.NSW recorded the highest amounts of cocaine and ecstasy use.

Unlike methylamphetamine, capital city areas on average had higher cocaine use than regional centres, the report said.

Heroin was also included in the commissions analysis for the first time, with usage rates highest in Victoria and the ACT.



The Upside Down Comes to Financial Markets "IndyWatch Feed"

Ive just finished watching the Netflix show Stranger Things

Its about a supernatural dimension of the world cracked open after an experiment goes wrong.

A young group of boys in the US town of Hawkins discover it after one of their friends goes missing.

This plane is similar to the real world that the characters of Stranger Things live in, but darker. And theres no life, except tendrils and biological litter floating around.

The boys call this strange dimension of the world the Upside Down.

This expression might be the most useful way to understand why 95% of people who comment on bitcoin miss the point.

Worse, it leads them to warn people off THE most exciting development in the world today.

Theres a technological shift thats inverting the world as we know it.

We are shifting to an Upside Down world, but no one quite realises what it means

Why bitcoin could go to
$US50,000 and beyond

I want you to think for a moment about Google and Facebook.

We all know that these businesses make a killing. They just turn the crank and billions pour out.

But this is only possible because of the protocols (the set of rules) laid down previously that allowed computers to talk to each other.

This enabled the network effect that underpins their success.

They also largely became walled gardens that block out competition and outside development.

The main point is that men and women behind Google and Facebook became billionaires by building applications on top of the previously established internet protocols.

A man called Joel Monegro described this state as distributing value via thin protocols and fat applications.

Except that the world never sits still.

The blockchain the fundamental technology behind bitcoin has the potential to upend this dynamic.

Blockchains are creating the opposite: Fat protocols and thin applications.

It means that the value is captured at the bottom in the network, and not on the products and applications built over the top.

Joel Monegro used these images to get across what he means

This might seem strange.

No doubt that by now youre used to thinking of bitcoin as an actual coin, as if its digital gold in some way. And i...


Its not over yet! Stop Adani Tweed keep up pressure "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The sold out Regent Cinema launched the Stop Adani Tweed campaign in Murwillumbah on Sunday. Photo supplied.

The Stop Adani Tweed campaign launch at the Regent Cinema in Murwillumbah on Sunday hosted by the Caldera Environment Centre was sold out.

The crowd was filled with young and old who realise how important it is to keep the pressure up to stop the opening of the Adani coal mine.

The primary message was not to stop the pressure, local campaign supporter Janice Best told Echonetdaily.

It is really important to remember that even though the banks are pulling out we need to be vigilant because it is not over yet. Even though things appear to be moving in a positive direction.

There are now Stop Adani groups in Byron, Lismore and Tweed, whose aim is to gain community support for the Northern Rivers to be declared an Adani-free zone. They have joined over 2 million people worldwide to oppose one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions which is driving climate change.

Keynote speakers Tony Barry and Mandy Nolan shared their insights into the the effects that the opening of the Adani cola mine would have on the Galilee Basin and the broader impacts on the Great Barrier Reef and climate change. Narrated by Queensland-born actor Michael Caton, the documentary Guarding the Galilee was screened to a packed house and shone a spotlight on the battle to stop the biggest coal mine in Australian history, Adanis Carmichael project.


Construction starts on Cradle Mountain tourist centre "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In 2016 a new tourism plan for northern Tasmania has launched, which raised the possibility of there being new developments adjacent to the Cradle Mountain National Park. Its key intention was to greatly increase visitors to the north of the state.

Part of the detail of the plan included a cable car/ gondola which would run from just outside the northern boundary of the park into the park at Dove Lake. The cornerstone of the proposal was the development of new tourist centre, which is where the gondola would start from.

This week saw construction start on the $21.8 million gateway precinct (ie new tourist centre) and Dove Lake re-development. According to Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania chief executive Luke Martin, the start of construction was a significant day of epic proportion.

According to a report in The Examiner, the visitor centre forms part of a plan to create more car park space, improve visitor facilities and create shelter space at Dove Lake. For a short video of the plan, please check here.



With rapidly evaporating respect Mr Turnbull, thats crap "IndyWatch Feed"

Good poker players learn how to read signs from their opponents about when they are bluffing.  For Malcolm Turnbull, one signal is when he says as you know. And out it came on Monday night on Q&A when Aldo Donato asked about the NBN debacle. NBN costs have almost doubled, and the NBN has paused

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Farmer Sheds Tears On Hearing Marriage Equality News While Milking Cows "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Theres no point crying over spilt milk. But thats not the reason why dairy farmer Jason Smith was shedding some tears while milking the cows last week. He was overcome with emotion as he listened live to the marriage equality bill passing in Parliament on his headphones. I just got this feeling of being equal ...

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#Australia: Song for #Elijah "IndyWatch Feed National"

This song was released on December 8 2017 and is a dedication to Elijah Doughty from Kalgoorlie, WA (Australian territory). Who is Elijah? Elijah was killed when a car struck the motorbike he was riding in August last year. The driver was going 67 km per hour when he hit Elijah who rolled or tumbled under the vehicle.


Originally published by Autonomous Action Radio.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Australia: Song for Elijah

This song was released on December 8 2017 and is a dedication to Elijah Doughty from Kalgoorlie, WA (Australian territory). Who is Elijah? Elijah was killed when a car struck the motorbike he was riding in August last year. The driver was going 67 km per hour when he hit Elijah who rolled or tumbled under the vehicle.

The driver whose name has been suppressed probably for his own safety admitted to driving too closely to the boy but says he hit him because the motorbike veered in front of the car.

The chase began because the motorbike Elijah was riding was stolen from him the previous day. However, there is no evidence Elijah had stolen the bike.

Elijah died from multiple fatal injuries.

Racial tensions in Kalgoorlie erupted after the incident.

A day after the boy was killed a protest occurred outside the Kalgoorlie Courthouse.

Approximately 200 people, some armed with rocks and bottles, broke down the gates of the court and surrounded police; who used pepper spray and riot shields in response.

Twelve police officers were injured during the disorder, with one requiring stitches, while several demonstrators were arrested. Five police cars and a local business were damaged.



Campaigners want drones to protect from sharks "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dean Jefferys leads a paddle out near Lennox Head recently. (supplied)

Marine conservationists have welcomed a Senate inquiry recommendation to remove shark nets from NSW beaches.

They are also calling for an increased use of drones with alarm systems to provide real-time protection for beach users.

Marine campaigner, Dean Jefferys, who is skipper of the conservation yacht Migaloo 2, said the recommendation to remove nets, when implemented, would mean that thousands of marine creatures, many of them endangered, would not drown in ineffective shark nets.

It also means that more effective non lethal shark control measures will be put in place, making the oceans safer for everyone rather than people mistakenly thinking these short, shallow nets provide protection, he said.

Im glad this myth has finally been well and truly busted by deep inquiry at the top level.

Now it is up to Government to implement these recommendations and put in place real processes that will make people safer and at the same time ensure marine lives are protected.

The manipulation of statistics has also been exposed in this enquiry. The old story that the DPI and proponents of shark nets say there has only been one death at a netted beach from Newcastle to Wollongong.

What they dont tell you in their reckless and irresponsible use of statistics is that there have been 47 unwanted shark encounters at these netted beaches or that surf lifesavers also patrol and observe these beaches and give warnings.

The resent shark encounter at shark netted, Avoca beach in November however could have been avoided if the surf club had a drone in the air as the shark encounter happened right in front of the shark tower but the tower wasnt high enough to see the shark.

Every surf club in Australia should have a drone fitted with an alarm system, with their nippers getting the appropriate training to use them.

Live streaming of the flights could be sent live to the surf life saving websites in NSW and QLD.

This is real time protection that works and what the government should be spending its money on and not wasting money perpetuating the shark net fallacy.



Is Dr Richard Days New System a Form of Cryptocurrency? "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Dr Richard Day

by Dee McLachlan

In 2014 we published an article in Gumshoe called, Everything Is In Place And Nobody Can Stop Us Now Dr Day 1969 Lecture. It was originally published on and is a transcript of Dr Lawrence Dunegans recollections of a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. This is what Dunegan recalled of Dr Days comments on Financial Control:

One statement was, Inflation is infinite. You can put an infinite number of zeros after any number and put the decimals points wherever you want, as an indication that inflation is a tool of the controllers.

It w...


NAPLAN study suggests those children with poorly educated parents are being left behind... and other Zedlines. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Analysis of the latest NAPLAN results has suggested that proportion of students reaching the national minimum standards is either flatlining or declining.

Former Productivity Commission economist and convenor of public education lobby group Save Our Schools, Trevor Cobbold, said the scores also provided a snapshot of entrenched disadvantage in the school system.

Students whose parents had higher levels of education scored higher across the board, with children of parents who hold a bachelor degree or higher having the highest mean scale scores.


Taiwanese man jailed over Brisbane ice bust.

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Queensland election dataset pre-poll voting keeps growing "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ive just finished pulling together all of the data from the recent Queensland state election and have added it to my data repository.

This dataset includes:

  • List of candidates
  • List of electorates, with data on turnout and formality
  • List of polling places, including full address and latitude/longitude
  • Primary vote by polling place
  • Primary vote by electorate
  • Two-candidate-preferred by electorate

The only thing I couldnt track down was the two-candidate-preferred vote by polling place. The ECQ has previously not made this data available, although they have now published this data by PDF for the last three elections. I plan to turn those PDFs for 2009 and 2012 into accessible spreadsheets at some point, and Ill revisit this dataset to add the 2PP figures if the ECQ eventually publish them (if you find them on some dark corner of the ECQ website, please let me know).

I now have this data published for two successive Queensland state elections. The data includes a field which categorises each polling place according to vote type. You can use this to count up how many votes were cast as ordinary votes, pre-poll votes or as other votes.

Theres been a long-term trend of more people choosing to vote early. I previously wrote about this in the context of NSW state elections, after pre-poll made up more than 14% of votes at the 2015 state election. I havent found any old posts about this, but the same trend is clear in federal elections well over 1 million Australians voted early in 2016.

This data can show you that over 26% of votes at the 2017 Queensland state election were cast as pre-poll votes, up from 19.6% in 2015.

... ... ...
Vote type 2015 2017
Ordinary votes 62.6% 56.4%


Jen Cloher is heading out on an Australian tour in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In conjunction with the legendary Australian songwriters jaunt at Golden Plains festival, Jen Cloher will be gracing the stages of venues around the country with a string of headline shows.

The tour is in support of Jens sublime self-titled album released this year, the won the coveted crown of The Brags album of the year.  Cloher announced that These will be some of my only band shows in 2018 so make snapping up tickets and heading out a priority to witness the masterful songcraft and somber lyricism in the flesh.

Check out the ticketing and dates below.

Friday, 16th March
Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 17th March
The Zoo, Brisbane
Tickets: Official Website

Thursday, 22nd March
Theatre Royal, Castlemaine
Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 23rd March
Anglesea Memorial Hall, Anglesea
Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 24th March
The Croxton, Melbourne
Tickets: Official Website

Thursday, 29th March
The Lansdowne, Sydney
Tickets: Official Website


Passed "IndyWatch Feed"

Last night, Parliament debated David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill - and voted 76-44 to send it to committee. Its an overwhelming vote, much larger than the bare majority I think people were expecting. And while some of it is due to NZ First's agreement to vote it forward if Seymour agreed to support a referendum clause, it still had enough support to get over the line without them.

So now the battle moves to the select committee. The bigots (including foreign bigots) are lobbying heavily on this, just as they did over homosexual law reform, civil unions, and marriage equality. So if you support the bill, its important to speak up for it. I'll post details on how to submit when they go up.

The good news is that with 77 votes for first reading, the bill has a high likelihood of passing. There will undoubtedly be amendments from the committee, but they are likely to be technical rather than substantive. Though there will be a strategic question about whether Seymour continues with the referendum path, or just opts for a straight up or down vote. I guess we'll find that out late next year.


Drawn "IndyWatch Feed"

A ballot was held today for a single Member's Bill, and the following bill was drawn:

  • Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Renewal of Licenses) Amendment Bill (Louisa Wall)

Parliament's website still hasn't caught up on all the bills in the ballot yet, so I've no idea what that one does.

Jan Tinetti (whose Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill was drawn yesterday) already has another bill in the ballot. Also, despite all their noise about "transparency" over the last few weeks, National doesn't have a single bill in on the subject. Which I guess shows how they really feel about it.


Island Quarry death inquest winds up amid complaints "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Island Quarry near Byron Bay.

By Jim Beatson

The inquest into the death of 20-year- old Melbourne man, Brendan Vickery, ended yesterday with a number of unresolved disputes, and complaints of delays raised by the deceaseds family and their legal counsel.

Seven are ofcritical importance.

First, the family legal counsel queried the tardiness of Island Quarry Reserve Trust to take precautionary measures such as fencing and signage.

In November 2011 by Dr Robert Davies, network director for emergency departments at four hospital sites across the Northern Rivers reported nine serious injuries including six spinal fractures, at least four were multiple

Some two and half years passed before the 1.8 m safety fence was constructed along the Ewingsdale Road side of the dangerous quarry site. This was completed just three weeks after Brendan Vickerys death.

The Island Quarry Reserve Trusts Barrister, Mr Raeburn, insisted that the delay was outside the control of the IQ Quarry Trust President, Shane Rennie.

A discussion about the lack of more safety signage was left incomplete.

Medical staff mentioned an important deterrent: signs explicitly listing known injuries that occurred at the site.

A counter argument was put by several interviewees that such signs would instead be seen as an exciting challenge by young people visiting the site.

Supervision of the site was revealed to be irregular. Baz Laow, a self-described WOOFA, was given the role by Shane Rennie. Laow did not live at the site and was there only on average two days a week (Wednesdays and Thursdays).

He was not there on weekends, when the numbers of visitors in Byron Bay are often high.
The cause of death remains unverified. The pathologist, Dr Brian Beer performed the external examination on the body and said he based his decision, of death by drowning on the balance of probability.

Barrister David Evenden, representing Brendan Vickerys parents, challenged this pathology report, saying without a full autopsy, medical experience alone would suggest possible additional causes.

Despite a request by Brendans mother, Tracie McDew, for a full autopsy, her request was never passed on beyond the police officer in charge of the investigation....


Enhancing Your Connection to the Divine "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

December 14th, 2017 By Jeff Street Guest writer for Wake Up World Recently a reader of my blog asked me to talk more about how to strengthen ones connection to the Divine ones higher self, spirit guides, and spiritual family. Although I dont claim to have all the answers, I decided to share my thoughts on []


Dangerous Coolamon Scenic Dr finally sees action "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

New line markings on Coolamon Scenic Drive. Photo Athony Stante

Twenty-three crashes in five years, an average of 1,362 vehicles per day and an independent road safety audit that found various intolerable risks on the 11.3km stretch of road between Goonengerry Road and the Pacific Highway has finally seen some action.

Local resident Anthony Stante, who was a project manager on the Ballina Bypass upgrade from 2007-11, was relieved to wake up on Tuesday, December 12 and discover that the recommended line marking finally in having been carried out.

Mr Stante had put his concerns on the safety of Coolamon Scenic Drive to council three-and-a-half years ago in late 2014 and the local traffic committee had agreed to do things to make it safer, he said.

Increased traffic with no fix

In the mean-time Council agreed to signpost an extension of Tourist Route 28 from the old highway right the way along bringing even more tourists to our substandard local road making it even more dangerous.

However, the traffic committee stated that council may need to seek out further funding options, or advise of further funding options, for the review and changes to signage and line marking.

Mr Stante told Echonetdaily that he gained a copy of the independent road safety audit through an FOI enquiry to council that recently found various intolerable risks which must be addressed including line-marking, curve signage and guideposts.


Melbourne's gonna need primary schools "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

One born every minute

If you've ever wondered why house prices can rise faster in desirable school zones, the latest ABS figures on births provided a few clues as to why.

Statistics for registered births in Victoria saw a +12.7 per cent leap to 82,892 in 2016.

In truth, some of this apparent increase was due to data processing lags, but even after accounting for this Greater Melbourne is seeing new arrivals trending higher, with registered births at a total of 65,148 in 2016.

Certain LGAs in both inner and outer Melbourne are reporting extra-high growth in their student-age population.

After accounting for immigrant families bringing children into Australia, rising student enrolments are placing significant pressure on the primary school system in particular.

The Department of Education and Training figures for Victoria showed that the average class size is 22 for primary schools (and 21 for high schools), and there are already thousands more children in the lower year groups (~77,000 FTE students) than there are in year 6 (~72,000 FTE students), implying pressure at the entry level.

State government figures show student enrolments have continued to increase relentlessly over the past decade, following a baby boom that kicked off a little over a decade ago, with the pressure beginning to flow through to the secondary school system from 2018 forth. 

Grattan previously estimated that Victoria would need to absorb an extra 190,000 school students over the decade to 2026, yet no new state schools were opened in 2016 (though new schools were opened in 2017, and more will follow next year). The Department of Education's projections implied similar....


How to Speed Up Healing Time to Get Rid of Scabs Faster "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Scabs can form when the skins outer layer gets damaged by cuts or grazes and bleeds. Although scabs are unsightly, they are an important part of the healing process. Scabs form a hard crust over the wound to protect the wound from germs and infection and help speed up healing. You should not try to get rid of a scab too quickly by picking at it, as this can cause permanent scarring and damage to your skin. However, natural ingredients like coconut oil, tea tree oil, and honey can help to get rid of scabs faster.

The fastest way to heal a scab on your face, arms, legs, or another part of your body is to keep the area moist and well hydrated. For example, regularly applying a natural healing ointment like aloe vera can help to get rid of scabs on the face caused by acne or pimples. If a scab forms over a grazed elbow or knee then regularly applying coconut oil helps to quickly heal the scab and prevent the hardened crust from cracking.

In this article, you will find out how to heal a scab fast using natural home remedies. You will also learn about the best way to care for wounds to prevent scabs forming in the first place. This article also answers many frequently asked questions regarding the best ways of quickly getting rid of scabs.

How Scabs are Involved in Wound Healing

Scabs assist with wound healing by helping to prevent bleeding and infection in an open wound. Crusty scabs consist of blood and serum that harden over a wound.

According to the journal PLoS Biology, scabs help to repair damaged or injured skin. Within 15 minutes after a wound beginning to bleed, a dark clot or plug forms over the wound to prevent further bleeding and this hardens into a scab. The scab contains proteins and cells that help heal the skin and accelerate wound healing.1

This helps to explain why you shouldnt pick at a scab to try and remove it. Doctors say that removing a scab too early also removes important healing cells that are needed for the skin to heal properly.1

How to Get Rid of Scabs Faster and Speed Up Wound Healing

It will take time and patience to completely remove a scab without picking at it and damaging your skin. Here are some of the best home remedies to help speed up the healing time and say goodbye to unsightly scabs.

Warm chamomile compress to get rid of scabs faster

Regularly applying a warm chamomile compress can help to make a scab go away faster by keeping it moist.

Chamomile is a well-known herb that has both soothing and healing properties. The journal Molecular Medicine Reports reported on a study that...


Unaccompanied learner driver allegedly on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A Learner driver was drunk and drug affected when pulled over by police.

An unaccompanied learner driver was allegedly under the influence of a cocktail of illegal drugs and alcohol when he was pulled over near Nimbin in April.

Offices patrolling Kyogle Road at Mount Burrell, about 8.10 am on April 12 spotted Ryan Squire allegedly driving erratically and he was pulled over.

When police approached and spoke to  Mr Squire, officers formed the opinion he was affected by drugs and possibly alcohol.

Enquiries by police revealed the 23 year-old was the holder of a learners permit and should have had a fully licensed supervising driver beside him.

A search of his car by police allegedly uncovered two small amounts of methamphetamine and heroin weighing less than one gram and a number of oxycodone tablets in the vehicle.

Mr Squire was arrested and taken to Nimbin police station where he underwent blood tests to determine what substances were in his system.

When test results were returned revealing Mr Squire had a cocktail of morphine, methamphetamine and diazepam, plus alcohol in his system, he was charged by police.

Mr Squire, who told police his address was the Nimbin Rocks Retreat at Goolmangar, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, being a learner driver not accompanied by a licensed driver and three counts of possessing a prohibited drug.

He was granted conditional bail and appeared at Lismore Local Court on November 20, where he represented himself.

On that day, Mr Squire entered guilty pleas to the three counts of possessing a prohibited drug and being an unaccompanied learner driver.

On Monday, Mr Squire again appeared at Lismore Local Court and was represented by Legal Aid.

Magistrate David Heilpern ordered Mr Squire to be assessed for the Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment MERIT rehabilitation program.

He adjourned Mr Squires matters until January 15, when he is required to enter a plea to the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Mr Squire remains free on conditional bail until that date.

The post Unaccompanied learner driver allegedly on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol....


Elderly Tweed man gets bond over fatal motorcycle crash at Numinbah "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An elderly man from the Tweed Shire who pleaded not guilty to his involvement in a crash which killed a 22 year-old has been placed on a suspended jail sentence.

Edwin Patrick Jessop was driving his white 1994 Toyota Hilux ute home after renewing its registration about 10.15 am on October 24 when he came to the intersection of Numinbah Road and Couchy Creek Road.

Agreed police facts before the court stated Mr Jessop, who was 87 at the time of the crash, turned into the t-intersection, across the path of motorcyclist Dann Jenkins.

The 22 year-old, who was riding his red and black Suzuki GSXR motorcycle, with a number of other motorcyclists, swerved to the left of Mr Jessops ute but collided with the passenger door and the rear tray.

Mr Jenkins helmet struck the tray of the ute before he was thrown onto the road, witnesses told police.

Mr Jessop continued across the intersection and stopped immediately, then a number of motorcycle riders stopped and Mr Jenkins was found dead at the scene.

A post mortem examination confirmed Mr Jenkins cause of death was a closed head injury.

Blood tests conducted on Mr Jenkins revealed he had no alcohol or drugs in his blood at the time of the incident.

Following the crash, Mr Jessop was taken to Murwillumbah Hospital for mandatory testing, which returned negative results for both alcohol and drugs.

The court heard Mr Jessop underwent testing in July 2016 as a condition of continuing to hold a drivers licence.

The testing revealed Mr Jessops vision meets standards and he meets the medical criteria for an unconditional licence.

Hours after the crash, Mr Jessop told police he did not see the motorcycle at the intersection.

I got half way around and bang, Mr Jessop told police.

Mr Jessop was charged with dangerous driving occasioning death, negligent driving occasioning death and not giving way to a vehicle while turning right into a terminating road.

On September 19 in Lismore Local Court he entered a not guilty plea to the charge of dangerous driving occasioning death.

When his solicitor lodged a document with the court waiving his right to a committal hearing, Mr Jessops matters were adjourned for arraignment in the District Court on November 1.

At Lismore District Court in November, the charge of dangerous driving occasioning death against Mr Jessop was dropped by the prosecution and his remaining matters were adjourned to the Local Court for sentencing.

On Monday, Mr Benn appeared in Lismore Local Court where he was placed on a nine moth suspended sentence by Magistrate David Heilpern.



"Mu" "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

by Stephen H. Segal

"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play." 
- Joshua, "War Games"

"There is a word, a concept, in Zen Buddhism that doesn't quite translate perfectly into the English language: Mu. Mu is the response given by a Zen monk to a question that cannot be meaningfully answered. It suggest that the question's premises are not real, that there is a state of emptiness that lies beyond yes and no, that the asker should unask the question - indeed, that anyone who would ask such a question in the first place might well to question his entire perspective on life.

Though the word was never uttered in the 1984's seminal teen-computer-hacker-political-thriller "War Games", the idea lies at the heart of the conflict that fuels the movie: a new Pentagon supercomputer that controls the nation's nuclear codes is caught up in a relentl...


Challenges to the Contemporary World Order "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A guest post by Thomas Pepinsky, is Associate Professor of Government at Cornell University and Stefanie Walter,  Full Professor for International Relations and Political Economy at the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich.

Many observers of contemporary global politics conclude that the present moment represents one of the most unsettled times in global politics since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Shock events such as the Brexit vote, the continued success of radical right populists in continental Europe, the continuing Eurozone crisis, and the unprecedented foreign relations of the Trump presidency all point to a global liberal order under stress. Scholars of comparative and international politics and political economy are now asking questions that would have seemed far-fetched only years ago: how durable is liberal internationalism and the North Atlantic alliance? Will mercantilism replace neoliberalism? Can central bank and supranational economic institutions perform the functions required of them? 

Ten leading political scientists who specialize in international and comparative political economy have written answers to these questions in essays (linked in the text below and available on the workshop blog site) that address the changing political and economic landscape in the contemporary era and its implications for political science and international relations. Taken together, they identify three broad themes regarding the challenges that face both our political world, and political scientists seeking to understand these challenges to the contemporary global order.

A first theme is that we are living in a world characterized by what we term a new complex interdependence. As a result, to understand domestic and often even local politics requires a greater appreciation of the interactions between local, national, and systemic forces. That such interdependence across scales and political units exists is an old theme in international and comparative political economy, but we need to renew our focus on the specific mechanisms that take politics across national borders, and the new forms of interdependence that have emerged in recent years. This is particularly important because rising interdependence on the one hand and domestic politicization of international cooperation on the other has put governments between a rock and a hard place.
Frank Schimmelfennig argues that these dilemmas are particularly pronounced in Europe, where integration has achieved unprecedented levels and where governments face calls to both integrate further and to reallocate EU compet...


How a Brand New Technology is Going to Change the World of Banking "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

In first world countries, it is natural to assume everyone has a bank account. The banks are omnipresent and can be found nearly everywhere there are consumers. Because of this, we dont really take the time to think about what a potential substitute for the banking system would be if they werent present in a certain space.

So whats the most likely alternative to going to a bank or ATM to do your banking? Using your mobile phones. The GSMA released a report in February of 2017 that forecasted the number of unique individuals subscribing to mobile services would reach 5 billion by the end of 2017. That represents more than 70% of the population and outlines a huge target market.

With the number of bank accounts that have active means of payment around 1.2 billion, there is a clear opportunity for mobile service providers who are capable of facilitating payments.

Matter of Necessity

Most people use banks because they need to, not because they want to. Banks are the socially acceptable way to store and invest money, and people naturally gravitate towards the easiest solutions.

Banks currently provide this easiest solution, but if someone figured out how to move this solution to be housed purely on mobile devices, a lot of users would follow. Most of Western civilization is tethered to their phones these days, and they are also resistant against going to the bank when there is an easier solution in the palm of their hands.

Banks know this and have tried to shift as much of their services to online banking and mobile banking as possible. This is a priority for them, but at the same time, it takes away their competitive advantage of having invested large quantities of money in their physical infrastructure. In short, the move to mobile creates an even playing field for future players.

Bringing New Users to Market

So if we only have 1.2 billion of the 5 billion current phone users able to use banking, how can we bring these new users to market? The answer is shockingly simple. Everyone already prefers to deal through their phones, and these people all have mobile phones.

The real trick is determining how to facilitate the payments made through phones. Right now there is no company people are willing t...



Listen to the New Sufjan Stevens Single Tonya Harding "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Sufjan Stevens Sujan Stevens has surprised everyone with the release of Tonya Harding, a tribute to the former US figure skater. To accompany the release Stevens penned a small piece detailing why he wrote the song: Ive been trying to write a Tonya Harding song since I first saw her skate at []


US State Dept.'s Nauert dodges questions on stripping of RT credentials "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert has brushed off a question from RT about the withdrawal of its Congress credentials, and whether this contradicts her past vow that registration as a foreign agent would not impede the broadcaster's ability to report. Nauert fell short of providing a clear answer to RT's Sameera Khan on whether the State Department still stands by its word that forcing RT America to comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) was a formality that would not create hurdles for RT's work in the US. "I think that press credentials might have been revoked by Congress, and not necessarily the members of Congress but rather the Association of Reporters that handles who gets to come and cover Congress," Nauert said, deflecting the question. Instead, she played the 'Russia card', dubbing the RT correspondent a "representative of the Russian government" whose mere presence at the briefing should serve as sufficient proof of Washington's utmost respect for the freedom of press. "They can get Russian 'news,' if you will," she generously conceded - complete with air quotes.


(Video) SGTReport -- We Must Expose These Horrors w/ BP Commentary "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


We Must Expose These Horrors; SGT Report [video]

Were not pulling punches any more in the truth media. Even former CIA/NSA contractors are calling the situation on our planet for what it is for anyone who will listen. If you havent heard yet from Steven D. Kelley, you might want to listen to his revelations in the video below.

Many of the ostentatious sites across the planet are cover for the El-ites hidden sanctuaries for the imprisonment and perverse Satanic acts on Humans; places like the Getty Museum complex, Kelley tells us, as well as the Denver Airport, and many others. Lets not forget the naked young man scaling the wall of the stable at Buckingham Palace on a string of sheets to escape a few years ago.

Some have suggested that the California fires are an attack on the homes of elite pedophiles, and now grandson of oil tycoon JP Getty has died of rectal trauma. There have been two plane crashes at and near the Rothschild estate in the UK mere weeks apart. Are the White Hats/Resistance Movement doing these things, or is it vigilantes, or perhaps both?

OR, is it a case of the disgruntled cabal minions who have flipped and are now going after their own? We may never know.

Its open season on the Illuminati. We were told some time ago that the situation has become so acute that those who wish to go after the El-ites to remove them permanently will be neither discouraged nor stopped. Extraordinary situations call for extraordinary measures, and the fate of an entire planet hangs in the balance.

It can be challenging to interpret what were seeing unfold now, particularly with David Icke telling us Trump works for the other side, but then, David Icke hasnt been correct about everything so it would be unwise to assume he is. No one has all the answers or knows the truth about the convoluted plan unfolding. Its up to us to decide when the time is rightand right now Trump IS draining the swamp and working for us, but some would cut off their nose to spite their face.

When its all over, when all is said and done...


Protesting Pine Gap: An Interview with Peace Pilgrim Margaret Pestorius "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Pine Gap is the top-secret US-run military base hidden in the Australian outback, just outside of Alice Springs. Officially known as the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, the base was presented to the Australian public as a space research centre, when it was established back in 1966. However, its long been known the CIA is behind

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Bougainville ban on businessman called heavy handed "IndyWatch Feed"

The Panguna mine Photo: supplied

Radio New Zealand | 13 December 2017

An Australian mining company says a ban on businessman Renzie Duncan entering Bougainville imposed by Papua New Guineas acting chief migration officer is unfair.

Mr Duncan has worked with the Special Mining Lease Osikiang Landowners Association which opposes the autonomous governments plans for the development of the Panguna mine.

Mr Duncan was banned back in May with the Immigration Authority saying his presence on Bougainville may be detrimental to the governments efforts relating to mining.

The mining company, RTG, which also works with Osikiang and Renzie Duncan, calls the action overly heavy handed.

RTG chairman Michael Carrick said Mr Duncan had worked with the community around Panguna for about five years and won their support.

Not because of money provided to them but because he has lived and worked with them for many many years. Renzie and the landowners [SMLOLA] could not have worked more closely with the previ...



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December 14 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1800 - A rebellion at Norfolk Island was suppressed. Lieut-Gov Joseph Foveaux hanged two Irish prisoners who led the insurgence.

1801 - Matthew Flinders and his crew first met some Noongar people; the people they met were shy but not afraid, Flinders wrote.

1807 - The master and crew of the Parramatta went ashore and were promptly arrested and charged with violating regulations. Judge-Advocate Richard Bowyer Atkins summoned Macarthur to come to Sydney to 'show cause' for his conduct in the Parramatta affair.

1827 Bold Jack Donohoe and his gang began lightening the load of carts travelling on the Sydney - Windsor Road.
The gang was caught shortly afterwards and all hanged - except for Bold Jack who, being the clever clogs of the whole outfit, took to the countryside.

1830 - Captain Thomas Barrister commenced an overland trek from Fremantle to King George Sound (Albany).

1832 - The Presbyterian Church was officially formed in Sydney.

1835 - The Bank of Australasia opened in Sydney.

1840 - Governor Gipps appointed the first Government Printer.

1854 - First sitting of the Gold Fields Commission (Vic).

1854 - An act for providing separate municipal boroughs throughout Port Phillip had been drafted and became law on this day.

1869 - Copper was discovered at Cobar, NSW, by C. Campbell, T. Hartman and and G. Gibb, surveyoring for water bores.

1880 - Today saw the grand Opening of Hallett to Terowie Railway line (South Oz).

1890 Oh, be still my beating heart; the Trades Hall opened in Geelong.

1893 - Eucalyptus oil was first manufactured in Australia by F.H. Faulding & Co.

1918 - The first Victorian Farmers Union member was elected to parliament as a result of the introduction of preferential voting.

1927 Needing to state the bleeding obvious - again - it was announced that throughout mainland Oz drought reigned supreme.

1929 Electric trams and buses did away with the poor old choo choo between Adelaide and Glenelg........


Beyond Dastyari: Liberal Party 'agents of influence'? "IndyWatch Feed"

Beyond Dastyari: Liberal Party 'agents of influence'?Now that so-called "double agent" Dastyari is gone, maybe the mainstream media will begin to focus on some of the bigger fish. read now...


Commonwealth bank fraudster gets off lightly "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

This story just about says it all. A financial planner at the Commonwealth Bank forges signatures and fleeces clients of more than $3 million, is found guilty in court and fined $3,000.

It shows the legal system in Australia does not really consider Australians being robbed through the financial system as a serious crime. It should be and there must be a major change to bring an end to this.

Of course, one cannot automatically equate the performance of one person to a whole industry. Nor do we know about the individual circumstances that led to the court decision. But there is enough here, to suggest something smells around here. This is only one of a string of cases concerning the Commonwealth Bank.

It would be wrong to suggest that this one bank stands out in this respect. Allegations of misconduct affect all the banks, and this extends through the whole finance industry and have  have fuelled demand for a proper inquiry. This is still waiting to happen and Turnbulls pretend inquiry into finance will not cut it.

In this case, Queensland based Ricky Gillespie, pleaded guilty to forgery involving 33 documents and 57 clients. The fraud had been uncovered during an investigation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission into allegations about the banks operations.  The Gillespie case is only small part of the big picture and attention should not be taken away from this by one case.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Bank has finally provided the victims with some compensation after a long drawn out battle. They got $2.2 million of what had been taken. In other words, the banks still profited from the fraud and the law as it stands, suggests there is nothing wrong with this.

Commenting on the case, whistleblower Jeff Morris said that said he had represented a couple who were victims of Gillespie, who had ultimately received $235,000 in compensation from the bank after a drawn-out bid to get their money back.

Bearing in mind that he was in a fiduciary position when he forged those signatures, and the years of misery that ensued for so many people getting their money back, the penalty seems quite paltry, he added.


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How Kelloggs and Sanitarium infiltrated the medical profession "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following was written by Dr Maryanne Demasi, who is an investigative medical reporter with a PhD in Rheumatology. It was published by Michael West (12 December 2017) and deals with how the breakfast cereal giants have sought to manipulate doctors to gain credibility and use this to increase sales of their brands.

It is said that if you educate one General Practitioner (GP), you educate all their patients.  And nobody knows this better than the cereal industry.

Cereal giants, Kelloggs and Sanitarium, have infiltrated doctors clinics nationwide, using GPs to promulgate industry propaganda, disguised as dietary advice.  As part of an ongoing investigation into how the processed food industry influences public health policy, we reveal ways in which it has pervaded the medical system.

PR over science

Kelloggs enlisted the help of Australian PR firm Porter Novelli presumably to address declining sales after the global cereal giant posted a huge loss in earnings.

Kelloggs is brazen about its strategy to establish close ties with healthcare professionals. According to its own website, Kelloggs Nutrition went into full-on creative mode to develop information packages for GPs to disseminate to patients.

The cereal company boasted that 2,000 GPs across Australia requested the delivery of Kelloggs sponsored information kits.  The kits contain hundreds of fact sheets authored by the company, often citing its own studies as evidence.  The upshot? A push for a nationwide increase in the consumption of grain fibre.

This has provoked the ire of some doctors within the medical fraternity.  Its a worry that a breakfast cereal manufacturer is seen as some sort of authoritative figure when it comes to dietary advice says Perth-based GP, Joe Kosterich.  It is a form of advertising that gets credibility through the doctors clinic.

Propaganda hiding in plain sight

Food industry marketing directly to the medical profession can also be covert.  This investigation has uncovered patient education factsheets which are embedded within the computer software used by the majority of Australian GPs and they are authored by Sanitarium, whose products include Weetbix and Oat Clusters.

The purpose of this software (Best Practice Software) is to maintain quality electronic patient records securely, produce prescriptions and track appointments.  However, it also includes Sanitarium sponsored health information that doctors can disseminate to p...


A short stint at the lake "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It hasnt exactly been a bumper year for migratory waders at Cairn Curran. This Red-necked Stint is the only bird Ive seen so far this season happy in the company of a flock of Red-capped Plovers. Conditions are excellent for waders at present and will improve in coming months as the water recedes to reveal expanses of mudflats. It will be fascinating to see what turns up.

Red-necked Stint amongst Red-capped Plovers, Cairn Curran, 12th December 2017


Female Australian music industry members take a stand against sexual harassment "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Contributed from Victoria
Australian female musicians have taken a stand together against harassment in their industry.
This has taken the form of an online letter under the hash tag #meNOmore.The signatories include Courtney Barnett, Tina Arena and Sarah Blasko, Missy Higgins, The Veronicas Jessica Origliasso, Isabella Manfredi, Jen Cloher and Clare Bowditch. In total 200 musicians, managers, lawyers, booking agents, records label employers and publicists have added their names.
Over 360 women who work in the Australian music industry, including musicians, managers, lawyers, booking agents, record label employees and publicists have added their names to the campaign, which came about after the #meToo campaign in the wider entertainment field.
The objective of the campaign is to create a safe haven for people to share their stories and seek support around sexual harassment in the music industry. Well be working with others in the Entertainment Industry to investigate claims of repeat offences and toxic workplaces. This will be done professionally and respectfully, and we will be taking our time to get this right. 
It is hoped that it will lead to the spotlighting of perpetrators and pushing for greater accountability in the industry.
This is the letter.

In recent weeks, as Hollywood carried the torch of Tarana Burkes #MeToo movement and stories started breaking around the world, we found ourselves offering strength to our friends and colleagues who had their own stories to share both publicly and in whispered circles. Its become clear that the magnitude of #MeToo extends to our own shores and to our own industry.

We are women who work in the Australian music industry. We are artists, musicians, managers, lawyers, booking agents, record label employees, publicists and more.

We all have our own stories, or know someone who does. We are not whingers or vibe-killers. We are passionate people dedicating our lives to music. In the face of uncountable discrimination, harassment, violence, and the general menace of sexist jargon, we have gritted our teeth and gotten on with the job. But today we say, no more.

Here are just some of the stories weve been able to share. They range from the tragic, to the horrific, to the every-day norm.

After winning awards at a national high school music competition I was recruited by an Australian musician to study with him. It turned out that I was to be groomed and sexually abused over many months. He told me that he selected girls for awards at the competition on the basis of their looks. The abuse triggered years of struggles with my mental he...


Scientists Prove Those Vaccinated for Shingles Can Infect Others with Chicken Pox "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


by Claire Dwoskin

For many years, the US government and mainstream media have continued to blame the unvaccinated community for the spread of infectious disease. We are constantly being bombarded with statements like the one written by Philip Ross and published in the International Business Times, which stated:

The American classroom has become a battleground for parents who are threatened by the growing number of children not vaccinated against measles, one of the most highly contagious viruses in the world.

The ongoing measles outbreak in the U.S. that started at Disneyland and has spread to 14 states has raised concerns over the countrys rising anti-vaccination movement, including whether the decision to vaccinate against such a dangerous disease should be left to parents, and what constitutes responsible childrearing.

Should a child whose parents chose not to vaccinate be allowed to share the same pencils and playground as children whose parents did?

Although the International Business Times had attempted to present the public with a balanced review of the situation facing parents, it is questionable as to whether they presented any real evidence to support their claims and they left many readers with unanswered questions.

Shingles Vaccines Cause Chicken Pox in the Unvaccinated

In 2011, a team of scientists headed by Duane L. Pierson published the paper Varicella Zoster Virus DNA at Inoculation Sites and in Saliva After Zostavax Immunization.

Their paper discusses whether or not individuals vaccinated with the shingles vaccine can remain infectious with the chicken pox virus aft...


SOTT FOCUS: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - November 2017: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs "IndyWatch Feed National"

From fireballs to floods to unseasonable snow in both hemispheres of our planet, this past November saw many meteorological records broken. After an unusually strong X-class solar flare and unusual solar activity back in September - possibly related to a series of powerful earthquakes above 7.0M in New Caledonia and Mexico - last month was marked by three powerful earthquakes that caused widespread damage - in Iraq/Iran, Chile and South Korea. Meanwhile, volcanic activity seems to have reached a seasonal peak (yes, soon we'll have to start talking about 'volcano season'). These increased geological phenomena, and the official predictions of an increase in earthquake activity in 2018 due to the slow-down of Earth's rotation, have left affected people with a feeling of dread. Droughts also worsened in Portugal and Spain last month, while sheets of rain fell in South America, Australia, and in most parts of Asia. All this at a time when meteorologists are finding themselves having to use the term 'atmospheric phenomena' because 'rainfall' just doesn't cut it anymore. Trumpet sounds and portents in the sky were seen as harbingers of changing times in the past, from the social and political arena, to significant cosmic events. So fasten your seat belts folks, because it seems that things are going to get rough. Check it out below, and watch it in full screen!


In which the pond turns to the lizard Oz's resident Malware coach for blinding insights ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Now there's a reliable disappointment. The pond had its opening line all figured out - a pussy groper in the White House and a teen molester in the Senate ... but at least we still have the pussy groper ...

Never mind, Thursday is the day when the pond turns to the resident Oz team Malware coach for pearls of wisdom. 

When the team is in trouble, and the captain seems adrift, the motor running rough, call on the savvy Savva for a skills tuning up ...


Gear up?

To hit the road?

We must have more images of Turnbull pretending to be a bushie?


Newhaven College surfers on fire "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

NEWHAVEN College won the Australian Senior Girls School Under 19 Pairs Championship courtesy of Daisy Corbett and Sophie Fletcher, both of Cape Woolamai.
In a thrilling final on the Gold Coast last week, a Western Australian opponent scored a 9.5 wave and her partner only needed a two on another wave for their team to win.
Daisy used her skill and competition experience to strategically position herself in the water until the siren sounded to secure victory for Newhaven and Victoria.
The girls were understandably elated and were chaired up the beach to be congratulated by their families and team mates.
Five Newhaven girls competed, making up half of the female component of the Victorian team. Adding in Ravi Fostin, the six young athletes were Newhavens largest ever contingent at the National Titles.
The Newhaven team powered through the heats to bring home a swag of outstanding results:
1st: U19 Girls MR Shield Daisy Corbett and Sophie Fletcher.
2nd: U16 Girls Individual Sage Goldsbury.
3rd: U19 Girls All Stars Sophie Fletcher and Lannia Fostin.
3rd: U16 Girls MR Shield Poppy Corbett and Sage Goldsbury.
Semi-finals: U14 Girls Individual Poppy Corbett and U18 Girls Individual Lannia Fostin.
Quarter-finals: U14 Boys Individual Ravi Fostin, U18 Girls Individual Sophie Fletcher and also U18 Girls Individual Daisy Corbett.
The team is flourishing under the guidance of coach Glyndyn Ringrose and these results cap off an incredible year of success for Newhavens Surfing Academy.

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Demand for land "IndyWatch Feed"

Lending slows

Total lending finance slipped back down to $67.8 billion in October, as APRA's cooling measures bite, the lowest total in 8 months.

Housing lending to owner-occupiers remained very solid at $20.8 billion, while major renovations activity continues to trend higher to be +14 per cent higher year-on-year. The slowdown has largely related to property investment loans. 

Having plumbed 14-year lows, personal finance has now been rising again for six months, though there are few signs of household financial stress (the average credit card balance hit a decade low this month, as reported in Reserve Bank figures and highlighted by Commsec, while the number of credit cards actually fell for the first time on record across nearly a quarter of a century of data). 

The usual meme at this point is to lament that too much lending to property investors has limited the business sector (i.e. corporate debt good, housing debt bad), but this overlooks that there are many ways to expand a business without using commercial debt.

Existing equity is one way, for example, with business profits hitting an all-time high in the third quarter. And, of course, many small businesses are started with housing equity loans. 

Indeed, business investment rose strongly over the year to September, as shown by the national accounts.


1) Asian Church group raises concerns after Papua visit "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) The debate over clans land in Bupul village as forest become an oil palm plantation

3) Independence movement prepares for referendum (kanaky-(New Caledonia)

1) Asian Church group raises concerns after Papua visit

9:32 pm on 13 December 2017 



Welcoming Newest Members Of The DenCity Advisory Board "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Were proud to announce the newest members to our advisory board, a cluster of individuals with expertise spanning blockchain, technology, banking, marketing, data analysis and entrepreneurship.

Their experience in Blockchain, VR and other prominent technologies over the last many years will be instrumental to us as we begin our journey of taking DenCity to masses. Each and everyone of our advisors have been one of the most prominent figures in their respective fields and we hope that our team at DenCity will be able to learn a lot from their expertise and experience over all these years.

Please meet the new board members below and give them a warm welcome.

Anshul Srivastav

Anshul is a global technology leader who has been instrumental in driving technology transformations for businesses in the range of multi-Billion USD as revenues. He has been a key player at organizations which have been on an average 30% growth year on year in a career spanning almost two decades . His experience has been around taking up strategic technology initiatives, architecting, delivering and managing it at an enterprise level.

He has several notable career accomplishments, wherein he has led, created and launched the key ecommerce, mobile and business intelligence initiatives for worlds #1 insurance brand AXA in the fastest growing emerging markets of Asia. Currently in a leadership role as Chief Information Officer, leading the IT Strategy, Technology Transformations, Analytics, software delivery, architecture and Cloud for Union Insurance (UAE and Oman) across all lines of Business (Life, General (P&C) and Health Insurance) Creating and Driving big strategic Initiatives aligning through IT transformation to deliver business value.

Simon Cocking


Simon Cocking is the founder of Irish Tech News, which boasts, which boasts, hundreds and thousands of visitors every month. It is often referred to as Irelands answer to TechCrunch. Irish Tech News was a winner at Irish Web Awards 2014 in best Science & Technology category and also a winner at 2016 Littlewoods Best Ireland Blog in Di...


Day to Day Politics: How to win friends and influence people "IndyWatch Feed"

Thursday 14 December 2017 I said to my wife, I think hes had a few drinks. What, before going on live telly. Dont be silly. I let it go in the cause of concentration. Well, the way he is acting you would think he had, I thought to myself. There was something odd about the

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SOTT FOCUS: The Tyranny of 'Experts': Cutting Carbs Will Make You Dead, Experts Say "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sometimes, when I'm cruising around social media, I'll take a look at what the MSM is saying in health and wellness news, just to get out of my bubble and take a look at what shape the mind-programming is taking lately. And even though I should know better, more often than not, I see something that just leaves me flabbergasted. And in this case, I'm not talking about yet another blunder from CNN. Last week, this tasty piece of propaganda came out, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. The headline: Cutting carbs can increase risk of diabetes and other diseases, experts warn Ah experts. Where would we be without their anonymous guidance dictating dietary advice well over three decades old. So I guess it's time to find out from "experts" how exactly the actual mechanism for avoiding diabetes - by cutting carbs - is actually what causes it! I can't wait for the Sydney Morning Herald to set me straight!

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