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Sunday, 10 December


Farmers Market Wayville "IndyWatch Feed"

Adelaide families now have the opportunity buy fresh food directly from producers from all over SA at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. The 20,000 strong crowd that turned up for the farmers market which formed the centrepiece of the 'Go Organic Festival' in September in 2005 encouraged the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society (RAHS) to back the foundation of a permanent farmers market by a not-for-profit community organisation. The market opened on October 1st 2006 with a massive crowd of 10,000 shoppers and runs each Sunday (apart from the weeks of the Royal Show) from 9am-1pm.

In the tradition of farmers markets, it is a food market at which both food producers and consumers can get a fair price for food produced in SA and support regional and sustainable land use. The market guarantees that you buy direct from the producer and is known for its strict adherence to the ethics of farmers markets which now number in their thousands worldwide as families seek to avoid overstored food from major retailers who pass on meagre prices to farmers. In Australia, the farmers market movement is represented by the Australian Farmers Market Association and SA's peak body, the SA Farmers Market Association, will soon be launched.

The Adelaide Showground location is superb, with a major bike trail, the Glenelg tram line, a major rail line, numerous bus routes all converging to make it one of the most accessible sites in Adelaide. Parking is also easy and cheap.

120 producers offer their extraordinarily diverse products (everything from oysters to almonds and bread to boysenberries!). It is accessed from the car parks at the Leader Street (southern) end of the Showgrounds.  

Becoming a member brings with it 10% discount on all purchases as well as a right to vote in the management of the market. Details and memberships are available at

The Food Forest is a foundation stallholder at the market and presents a wide range of foods, always including its signature specialty - organically certified pistachio nuts. We are there on alternate weeks (we run short courses on the other weekends).

Wednesday, 06 December


Pne Gap: peaceful protestors sentenced to fines, not gaol "IndyWatch Feed"

Pine Gap protesters who entered top-secret Central Australia facility spared jail to avoid creating martyr

The group were charged under the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act, which carries a maximum of seven years in prison.

One of the group members, Andy Paine, faced another two years for carrying a smartphone onto the base.

But Justice John Reeves fined the group a total of $15,500.

While sentencing the oldest member of the group, Jim Dowling, 62, Justice Reeves expressed concern that Dowling had committed 27 similar trespass offences since 1986.

If I imprison you, I think that would be likely to make you a martyr to your cause, rather than to underscore the law breaking in which you were involved, he said.

Dowling was fined $5,000 as one of five people who entered Pine Gap on September 29, 2016.

In that group, Margaret Pestorius was fined $3,500, Andy Paine fined $2,500, while Franz Dowling and Tim Webb were fined $1,250.

The group told the court they went to sing a lament which several members of the group had...


How Russia denies and deceives the world, following a nuclear accident "IndyWatch Feed"

Nuclear Russia Scares The World (Again), Lobe Log, DECEMBER 5, 2017, by Tatyana Ivanova  An international scandal involving ruthenium-106 (Ru-106) contamination of the atmosphere in most European countries has revealed fundamental problems with the Russian nuclear industry. The Russian State Corporation (Rosatom) has denied the massive leak at its Ural reprocessing facility. Instead, it has withheld data and spread propaganda in the best Soviet tradition

In this region of the Southern Urals, about 30 kilometers from these two polluted sites, there is only one potential large-scale polluter: the Mayak nuclear waste reprocessing plant. Accordingly, suspicion has fallen on it. Mayak is part of the Russian Rosatom State Corporation and is located at the closed secret town of Ozersk, in the Chelyabinsk district.

If such a large scale release had happened in France, IRSN reports, inhabitants within a radius of several kilometers would have been evacuated and local food produced within tens of kilometers would have been declared unsafe for human consumption.

Denial, Pressure, and Propaganda

As soon as information about the likely Russian origin of the ruthenium cloud over Europe appeared in the mass media, the Russian nuclear state corporation sprang into action to prevent any Russian investigation. Ro...


Rise in thyroid cancer near New Yorks nuclear reactor "IndyWatch Feed"

Is This Nuclear Plant to Blame for Soaring Thyroid Cancer Rates in New York?, By Joseph Mangano, 5 Dec 17,



Significant wins by the Greens for the nuclear free cause in South Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Mark Parnell MLC , Parliamentary Leader, Greens SA, 6 Dec 17, 

The last couple of sitting weeks of the year in State Parliament have been huge, and the Greens have had some significant wins

A win for democracy

My amendment to the South Australian Constitution to make it fairer to all parties and candidates passed both Houses of Parliament. Under the mis-leadingly named fairness clause in the Constitution, the boundaries of electorates were required to be rigged so that one of the two major parties would form a government.  This is despite the fact that a growing number of South Australians dont vote for either of the old parties.

For elections beyond 2018, the review of electorate boundaries will have regard to population, one-vote-one-value, geography, communities of interest and other relevant factors but wont be artificially rigged to favour the old parties.  The Greens have ensured that future elections will be more democratic and better reflect the will of the people of South Australia.

No more public money to spruik nukes

A big majority in Parliament passed my...


Ipswich residents not all taken in by the pro nuclear hype "IndyWatch Feed"

Community responds to calls for nuclear power generation by Hayden Johnson
Ipswich residents are reluctant to embrace the call from a nuclear energy chief to consider building a reactor in the region. This week SMR Nuclear Technology chief executive Robert Pritchard said Ipswich ticks the box to host a nuclear power station.

He called on the community to have a discussion and consider its position about whether to progress the idea.

Readers of the Queensland Times opposed nuclear technology.

Nuclear power is a short-term fix with disastrous long-term consequences and the people of...


Andrew Robb A Perfect Example of Feasting at the Political Trough "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L to R) Andrew Robb, Adam Giles and Josh Frydenberg after The Northern Australia Investment Forum in Darwin

by Dee McLachlan

Imagine what our forefathers would have said if you told them the Minister of Trade facilitated the sale of an Australian port (Darwin) to a Chinese owned company (China) and then quickly retired to work for them. Well that is kind of what has happened, except that, the Minister doesnt have to do any work. And hell be getting at least three times what he was earning in Canberra for what?

This simply doesnt pass the smell test.

I wonder what the average Australian picker or packer earning around $26 an hour (before tax) thinks of Andrew Robbs generous deal. It has been revealed that the terms of his consulting deal with Landbridge are vague and ill-defined, yet Mr Robb gets paid $880,000 a year even if he does nothing.  Maybe this is normal in the higher echelons of the global corporate business world. 

Trough Feeders

The former Minister of Trade, Andrew Robb, has to be the poster boy of the PTF the Political Trough Feeders. What a prime example of...


VicForests trying to get green tick for logging old growth forests "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

VicForests is pursuing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for the third time in decade. The internationally recognised certification label regards itself as having strict environmental standards, which specify that logging cannot threaten endangered species, old growth forest and rainforest.
Previous audits found a number non conformances to the FSC standards. Today we joined the auditors in the forest to demonstrate VicForests non conformance to the standard and the impacts of logging on threatened wildlife and old growth forest in East Gippsland.


8 December: Australian Federal government intervention into Northern Territory (NT) Aboriginal communities "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

 On Friday 8th December in Redfern,
Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) will host a public forum
Human Rights: Where are they? Ten years of failed Intervention
featuring two strong First Nations voices from the Northern Territory 
and other speakers from the eastern states.


Aunty Elaine Kngwarraye Peckham, Apmereke-artweye of Mparntwe, NT

Laura Lyons, Wiradjuri Woman: Instrumental in assisting to form FIRE (Fighting In Resistance Equally) and was involved in setting up GMAR Sydney Branch (Grand Mothers Against Removals)

Sylvia Purrurle Neale, Eastern Arrernte

Greg Marks, International human rights law expert, specialising in Indigenous rights. Policy analyst, researcher and writer. Centre Associate, Indigenous Law Centre UNSW

Facilitator:  Jeff McMullen, journalist and film maker

Friday, 8 December 2017, 5.30 pm for 6 pm start

Redfern Community Centre, 29-53 Hugo Street Redfern



Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters, "IndyWatch Feed"

Kate Browns award-winning book, Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters, is a history of the Hanford plant and its Soviet doppelgnger, a plant in the Ural Mountains called Maiak. Brown points out that over the course of a few decades, the two nuclear sites spewed two times the radiation emitted in the Chernobyl explosion. Yet few Americans at the time, even those involved in plutonium production, realized this was going on or how dangerous it was.
Radioactive Waste And The Hidden Costs Of The Cold War Forbes, David Rainbow, Assistant Professor, Honors College, University of Houston, 4 Dec 17,  Hanford, a dusty decommissioned plutonium production site in eastern Washington state, is one of the most polluted places in the country. The disaster is part of the inheritance of the Cold War.

A few months ago, a 110-meter-long tunnel collapsed at the site, exposing an old rail line and eight rail cars filled with contaminated radioactive equipment. This open wound in the landscape, which was quickly covered over again, is a tiny part of an environmental and human health catastrophe that steadily unfolded there over four decades of plutonium production. Big Cold War fears justified big risks. Big, secretive, nuclear-sized risks.

Hanford and other toxic reminde...


The significance of Antarctica as the world warms "IndyWatch Feed"

Why remote Antarctica is so important in a warming world  The Conversation.December 4, 2017 Chris Fogwill, Professor of Glaciology and Palaeoclimatology, Keele UniversityChris Turney, Professor of Earth Sciences and Climate Change, UNSWZoe Robinson, Reader in Physical Geography and Sustainability/Director of Education for Sustainability, Keele University

..What was once thought to be a largely unchanging mass of snow and ice is anything but. Antarctica holds a staggering amount of water. The three ice sheets that cover the continent contain around...


Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) B737/E-7A Wedgetail A30-001 Missed Approach at Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On Tuesday 5 December, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing B737-7ES / E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) aircraft A30-001 was photographed by local plane spotter Kayanne H soon after it had completed a missed approach at Rockhampton Airport.

A30-001 had earlier completed airwork South of Rockhampton before flying up and completing the missed approach at Rockhampton Airport.  It then departed towards the North, possibly to Townsville.  A30-001 was heard using the radio callsign on "Wedgetail 03".

Sincere thanks Kayanne H who was at the right place at the right time to capture these photos!

All photos taken by Kayanne Hardsman 


6 December REneweconomy News "IndyWatch Feed"

  • 5B plans module pre-fab facility in Adelaide, gigafactory in Asia
    Australian solar plant innovators 5B have announced plans to set up a production facility in Adelaide, and potentially a gigawatt production line in Asia.
  • Burning coal for power like burning dollar notes in era of cheap solar...


Aeromil Pacific / Flight Options (Australia) Cessna Citation Bizjet VH-SPJ at Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast) and Rockhampton Airports "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Noted arriving into Rockhampton Airport on Wednesday 6 December was Aeromil Pacific / Flight Options (Australia) Cessna Citation bizjet VH-SPJ.  It arrived from Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast) Airport where it arrived on Tuesday 5 December from Cairns.

The sleek Citation is back in CQ after passing through Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) and Emerald Airports while heading North to Cairns.

After a short time on the ground, VH-SPJ was noted departing Rocky for Bankstown.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday 5 December, Avcair (Norris Aviation) LearJet 60 bizjet VH-XPN touched down at Gladstone Airport for a very short period of time possibly on a training flight.  It looked to fly up from and then return to its Brisbane base.

Finally, also on Wednesday 6 December, the Queensland Police Service (Airwing) Cessna 560 Citation Ultra bizjet VH-PSU was back in CQ possibly operating their three-times-a-week prisoner transfer flights.  During a busy morning of flying, VH-PSU was noted visiting Rockhampton Airport, arriving from Cairns and Townsville, before later departing for Brisbane.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter Kayanne H for taking the time to capture and send through this great photo of VH-SPJ!

Photo taken by Kayanne Hardsman 


Some Interesting Civil Helicopters Also Pass Through CQ Airports "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As well as the recent military chopper action, some interesting civil helicopter have also been noted passing through Central Queensland Airports heading to various parts seemingly on ferry flights.

On Saturday 2 December, Babcock Mission Critical Services Australasia (formerly Australian Helicopter) Bell 412EP VH-PXY looked to ferry from Coffs Harbour in New South Wales to Mackay Airport at the completion of planned maintenance.  It flew North via fuel stops at Bundaberg and Rockhampton Airports before finishing the day at Mackay.  On Sunday 3 December, VH-PXY continued to ferry North, this time departing Mackay Airport for Townsville, Cairns, Coen and Horn Island.

As previously mentioned, VH-PXY has been operating out of Horn Island in Far North Queensland as Rescue 700 - as pictured below.  VH-PXY had ferried South from Horn Island to Coffs Harbour via Mackay, Gladstone and Gold Coast Airports in late August.

Ryan Hothersall /

Of interest, fellow Babcock Mission Critical Services Australasia Bell 412EP VH-VAU replaced VH-PXY operating out of Horn Island as "Rescue 700" for a period of time but has since returned to Rockhampton Airport to operate for the locally-based Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS).

Meanwhile, spotted on the ground at Mackay Airport early on Saturday 2 December was Eurocopter BO105 DBS-4 helicopter VH-JKX of Flying Wombats Australia / Skyline Aviation of New South Wales.  It had flown into Mackay Airport from the South via Rockhampton Airport the previous day and was later noted flying into Cairns from Townsville on Saturday 2 December.


Myrtle Rust an emerging threat to plant communities "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

People who have walked in Tasmania are probably familiar with the threat posed by Phytophthora, a fungus that attacks the roots of susceptible plants, in many cases killing the plants. In some native plant communities, epidemic disease can develop causing the death of large numbers of plants.

The fungus is now well established in many areas of moorland, heathland and dry eucalypt forest in Tasmania.

Phytophthora root rot may spread with the movement of infected soil or plant material by people or animals and may be transported by water perculating through the soil or in creeks. People can transport the fungus to new areas on dirt adhering to vehicles, items they are carrying or footwear.

Often entry points to remote areas will have a boot washing station, with hikers asked to clean their footwear to avoid the possibility of spreading Phytophthora into new areas.

Now Myrtle Rust is shaping up to be a significant threat to a large number of plant species. According to the Invasive Species Council, the pathogen, myrtle rust, had slipped through national biosecurity borders and has since spread to far north Queensland and Victoria. Climatic modelling suggests it will spread much further.

There are more than 2000 plants in family Myrtaceae, Australias dominant plant family, including eucalypts, bottlebrushes and tea trees most are susceptible to the disease.

The fungus does best in moist forests and woodlands and has spread widely since its first detection at Wyong, near Gosford in NSW, in 2010.

According to a report in The Age, the rust penetrates and infects leaves of susceptible plants. Treatment of diseased plants includes coating them with sticky sprays before their removal to avoid the inadvertent spread of spores into the air.

Standard washing-machine use with detergent will kill the spores on clothing.

Similarly, bush travellers can concoct a mix of 75 per cent methylated spirits and 25 per cent water to spray on tents and other equipment to kill the spores.

There are no reports that I am aware of Rust being found in the Australian Alps. But bushwalkers and other travellers heading to Victoria and Tasmania over the summer are advised to take care to avoid spreading a fungus that has already placed dozens of native plant species at immediate risk.

Please be aware of following any instructions for sanitation that may be signposted on walking tracks.



Cambodias Sam Rainsy to be charged over treasonous call to soldiers: PM "IndyWatch Feed National"

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses and closeup

FILE PHOTO: Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy answers questions during an interview with Reuters at a hotel in metro Manila, Philippines June 29, 2016. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco/File Photo Reuters

By Prak Chan Thul

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) Cambodias exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy has committed treason by inciting soldiers to defy orders, Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Wednesday, and he will face new legal action over the comments.

The threat of more legal action against Sam Rainsy, who has lived in France since 2015 to avoid a series of convictions, comes weeks after a court dissolved his opposition party, removing any significant challenge to Hun Sen extending his decades-long rule in a general election next year.

The dissolution of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) has been condemned by the opposition, rights groups and some Western countries as the most serious blow to democracy since an international peace deal and U.N.-run elections in the early 1990s ended decades of war and genocide.

The United States has withdrawn an offer to help fund the election and the European Union has raised the possibility of withdrawing trade preferences.

Sam Rainsy, who stepped down as leader of the CNRP this year in what turned out to be a futile bid to forestall a ban on his party suggested in a video posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday that soldiers would not obey orders to shoot civilians. Around the world, at any time, armed forces dont obey orders given by dictators to kill people and we say that Hun Sen is not immortal, we must not protect Hun Sen, Sam Rainsy told supporters in Paris.

Hun Sen, who has held power for more than 32 years, a said the military would file a lawsuit in response.



Islamic Republic of Iran has not approved Dastyari's renunciation. Why are Gallagher, Feeney et al in the High Court without Sam? "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's an obvious question. Other Senators and MPs are being referred to the High Court because they did not receive confirmation of their successful renunciation of British citizenship until after their nomination for election. Sam Dastyari has never received so much as acknowledgement of his application for renunciation - let...


Training Skills for Action Groups "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

9am-5pm, Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 February 2018 in Carlton, Victoria.

T4T FB Collage

Participants at the 2016 Training for Activist Trainers.

A thorough grounding in training skills in a social movement context with a particular focus on tools and activities to help volunteer action groups really power.

Teams of grassroots activists are crucial to scaling up people power and having impact in key campaigns. These groups flourish when they have a strong sense of purpose, healthy cultures and communication, and the skills to act effectively. Trainers and facilitators can make a huge difference to the power of groups.

The workshop will include:

  • How to run engaging short training workshops
  • Key elements of effective action groups
  • A range of tools and sample curriculum for action groups
  • Principles of workshop design
  • Opportunities to practice both training design and delivery

As part of the training participants will develop short workshops focused on key needs in action groups. Youll leave the weekend with new workshop plans and resources to try out in your groups and campaigns.

This workshop is a great fit for you if:

  • You play a role supporting volunteer action groups (eg as an organiser or campaigner)
  • You convene, lead or are actively involved in an action group
  • You provide training or facilitation in social movement contexts, or youd like to

About the presenters

This workshop is presented by Holly Hammond and India Prior. Holly is the director of Plan to Win and co-convenor of Plan to Thrive. Over the past twelve years she has provided training and facilitation services for many of Australias campaigning organisations. India Prior is an experienced organiser who has built and supervised volunteer teams, and led other organisers in their work with action groups. She has led multiple trainings to prepare volunteers for campaign activities. Find out more about Holly and India.

Feedback on past PTW train-the-trainer workshops

  • I have spent years training and facilitating and been involved in many trainers cours...
  • ...


Motion to refer 9 citizenship suspects to High Court tied on the floor of the House of Reps - Speaker gets casting vote, drum roll............. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Will he act independently? Will he act in the interests of the people to clear up any lingering doubts? Will he exercise his conscience? Nope. Chairman Mal gets The Speakers backing.


Dog Kennels in Cairns "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

G'day Again /r/Cairns!

I'm moving up to Cairns next week, and am in need of a good Dog Kennel. I've heard some varying reviews about the ones in Kuranda, I was wondering if I could get any advice from the community here?


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Stand with us to demand a future for those still stranded on Nauru and Manus "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Four and a half years is a long time.

I think about all the things that have happened in my life in four and a half years. I think about all of the things that have happened in the world in four and half years.

And then I think about the innocent men on Manus, and the children and the families on Nauru.

They have spent every minute.  Of every hour. Of every one of those days. Trapped in limbo behind a fence.

Men have been shot and beaten. Women have been sexually assaulted and attacked. Children have been so traumatised that theyve needed urgent psychiatric care.

Nine innocent people have needlessly died at our Governments hands.

Please stand with us to demand a future for those still stranded on Nauru and Manus.


Over the last few years we have managed to achieve real impact in an incredibly difficult context.

Ive travelled to Manus three times. Our advocacy has amplified the voices of the men trapped there, shining an international spotlight on both their torment and their humanity.

Our legal work - done in partnership with the best pro bono lawyers in the country has prevented 400 people from being sent back to an offshore detention regime specifically designed to break them  people who are now in freedom and safety in our community instead of languishing in danger on a remote island.

We are proud of the impact we have achieved. But its not enough.

We must not stop  we will not stop  until every single man, woman and child on Nauru and Manus finally gets the freedom and the safety that they deserve.


This dark, painful chapter in our countrys history simply has to end. Whatever the question, deliberate cruelty to innocent people is never the answer.

So please support our work at this crucial time. The lives of 2000 men, women and children are on the line.  So too is our character as a nation.

We must be on the right side of history.

Daniel Webb
Director of Legal Advocacy
Human Rights Law Centre

P.S. There is a rising tide of global condemnation being directed at our Government's cruelty. Last month we were awarded the inaugural Global Pluralism Award. The award recognises the impact we have achieved, but it also recognises the gravity of the injustice we continue to fight against.

The i...


Jura closed on Thursday 7 December "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Date and Time: 
Thursday, December 7, 2017 -
12:00pm to 7:00pm

The Jura shopfront will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 7th of December as we'll be running a stall at the Historical Materialism Conference in Sydney. Hope to see you there!

Jura closed on Thursday 7 December "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Date and Time: 
Thursday, December 7, 2017 -
12:00pm to 7:00pm

The Jura shopfront will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 7th of December as we'll be running a stall at the Historical Materialism Conference in Sydney. Hope to see you there!


Jailed Gay Holocaust Survivor, 99, Denied Compensation "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hes 99 not out, but Holocaust survivor Wolfgang Lauinger has been bowled over after being denied compensation. Lauinger was forced to spend at least five months of 1950 in prison, detained because of a homophobic 1871 law which became strictly enforced under the Nazis. Earlier this year, Germanys cabinet backed a bill to clear men ...

The post Jailed Gay Holocaust Survivor, 99, Denied Compensation appeared first on QNEWS.


In which the pond can't resist nibbling on a dashing Donners at close of play ... "IndyWatch Feed"

After the delights of a reptile fight and Dame Slap in full featherless flight, the pond wouldn't usually go a third course of reptile mania ... even as the reptiles maintain their SSM rage and the Bolter rushes to defend the Donald and the Dame ...

But while other reptiles fuss and feud there's always one the pond pays heed to ... dashing Donners ...

There's nothing like a literacy crisis to get the pond going, but then a hint of doubt crept into the pond when it saw the google ...

'Self-interest players'? They didn't, did they? They couldn't, could they? It was time to inspect the Donners' runes ...


Gladys Berejiklian's bridge of lies and destruction in historic Windsor "IndyWatch Feed"

Gladys Berejiklian's bridge of lies and destruction in historic WindsorRoads and Maritime Services is perpetrating vandalism using secretive measures on a massive scale in historic Windsor, NSW. read now...


Supreme Court Update and more "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi Everyone..

Sorry its been a while since the last update but with the Court case and participation in the No Nukes World Social Forum in Paris, France and the Cop23 meeting in Bonn, Germany it has been quite a busy time

The end of the year is now drawing near already and we are still waiting for a decision on the Supreme court case to stop the Yeelirrie uranium mine.

Hopefully in the new Year we will have a decision in favor of protecting Yeelirrie

This is an incredible undertaking by these three strong Tjiwarl women who are trying to protect important cultural heritage sites that are part of the Seven Sisters Dreaming songline.

Take a look at the video and make a donation here

For those of you in we are having an end to a massive year with a big party at Mojos


Sunday 24 December| 4pm midnight | Mojos North Fremantle | an epic line-up of Perths best local acts

This Christmas Eve come party at Mojos Bar production of The Nukecracker* A party to keep WA uranium-free.  Come and celebrate the massive year of hard work, courage and resistance from WAs Traditional Owners, anti-nuclear activists and supporters.

Facebook event:

The new year will be starting with a huge event as the Japanese Peace Boat arrives in Fremantle..


Wednesday 24 Thursday 24 January 2018 | Fremantle Port | a massive 2 days of building a culture of peace around the world

We are excited to announce that this January Fremantle Port, City of Fremantle jointly with Mayors for Peace will host the Japanese Peace Boat on its 96th world voyage.  The Peace Boat carries out its main activities through a chartered passenger ship that travels the world on peace voyages. The delegation on board this voyage will be atomic bomb survivors and farmers from Fukushima and joined by around 800 participants from around the world.  The ship, as a neutral space beyond borders, becomes a floating peace village, encouraging a sense of community and enabling direct d...


Special Outside Broadcast this Sunday "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Enpsychedelia outside broadcast

Tune in this Sunday, 10 December between 2-3pm as we cross live to Entheogenesis Australis 2017 Psychedelic Symposium in Eildon. With blanket bans on psychoactives increasing, cognitive liberty is in chains. Where does reform for laws covering psychedelics fit within drug law reform? In an environment where evidence is not the drive for policy, how do we keep policymakers accountable? How can you help?


Slavery in the 21st century "IndyWatch Feed National"

Slavery remains a tragedy with the United Nations and the Global Slavery Index arguing that at least 40 million people around the world are in some form of slavery. The Global Slavery Index reports that at least 4,000 people in Australia are enslaved. Recently, I agreed to host a community television five episodes, hour long []


3CR summer wine fundraiser "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It's time for some summer wine. After the success of our fundraiser last year we are once again selling some delicious Yarra Valley wine generously donated by 3CR supporter Luke Lambert. Available for order from 3CR from 10 November all wine must be collected by 12 noon on 22 December from our studios at 21 Smith St Fitzroy. You will be getting a good bargain at $17.50 per bottle. You can snap up even more of a bargain by buying in dozen or 1/2 dozen lots. Order now online or phone the station on 03 9419 8377 during b/hrs. 


APP 12 Access Processing Statistics "IndyWatch Feed"

Request to Department of Defence by Verity Pane. Annotated by Verity Pane on December 06, 2017.
Partially successful.
Ive marked this FOI partially successful given it would seem an abuse to infer this FOI was handled correctly, given the appalling behaviour of Jo Gra...


Benito di Fonzo "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

With his band (?: Rich Machine and ?) at the Gasoline Pony last week.


Henry "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Beginning of a portrait of Grace's lost lorikeet Henry


APP 12 Access Processing Statistics "IndyWatch Feed"

Follow up sent to Department of Defence by Verity Pane on December 06, 2017.
Partially successful.
I am pleased to see that the inappropriate, unlawful and unethical response of Jo Groves, refusing access informally, and claiming the FOI was now c...


Support the Uluru Statement from the Heart "IndyWatch Feed National"

Support progressing Australias
First Nations peoples
right to a say in the decisions
that affect their lives.
Sign the Joint Statement
Background image: 
Slide image: 


How China will Surpass the West "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


I just finished watching The Forecaster and I am impressed that you survived what the government did to you. As a former Green Beret from back in the day, I can appreciate what you endured more than most, my hats off to you.

All I can add is I hope to hell that no government including ours every gets your source code; as a former military officer and student of history, I know what our government is capable of.

I do wonder if China will survive the coming collapse in the west, arent they too tied to us?

Keep up the good work!


ANSWER: They will push you to the edge, hoping you break. There is a fine line and if you cross it you lose all fear of death. Then the table is turned. There is no threat they can make that will change your position. Some ask, Why did you not just turn over the code? They assume that they will actually honor what they tell you. They NEVER tell the truth, and if you turn over what they demand, you lose everything for they can kill you and pretend it was some accident, heart attack, or whatever. The press will believe them of course. Thats why they are there. You are dancing with the devil and it becomes a dance to the death. I was released ONLY because I got into the Supreme Court. Once they were taking the case, the New York boys had to release me.

Concerning China, the reason that they will succeed is because they are turning inward by building their economy into a consumer reservoir and eliminating their dependence upon the West. They will decline at first, but they will recover and make new highs when the West fails.


The Womens Village "IndyWatch Feed National"

Domestic Violence Shelters:

In the following conversation I discuss the role of the Womens Village and why Domestic Violence Shelters are more than just a place of temporary refuge for women and children in crisis.

Here is the link:

 The Womens Village is so much more than a Shelter



Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed"

1.00 AUD = 0.00006 BTC
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Parallel Lines - 08 November 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sara speaks with artist Sam Jinks about his contribution to Romancing the Skull at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, and his collaboration with a robotics engineer in the US.  Penny Modra from The Good Copy talks about "the active voice" and the NIDA nights event


Contradictions "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The breakdown of the market liberal right, and the accompanying rise of tribalist politics, is producing some interesting contradictions, most of which are embodied in the Institute of Public Affairs. David Leyonjhelm, a longterm IPA member has staged a provocation by inviting racist troll Milo Yiannopoulos to Australia under the banner of free speech. The Senate condemned him for providing a platform to someone who incites abuse and harassment of women, jews, and members of the LBGTIQ and multicultural communities. When the words of the motion were quoted back at him, Leyonjhelm threatened legal action, and stated his general willingness to use defamation law against his political opponents.

Meanwhile, at the same time as backing an IPA campaign to remove charity status from environmental groups that engage in political advocacy, Malcolm Turnbull is supporting amendments to the equal marriage bill, pushed by IPA alumnnus James Paterson to preserve the charitable status of groups that oppose the law.

Whats happening here, I think, is that a group that has always assumed itself to be part of the silent majority of real Australians is being faced with evidence that it is actually a shrinking minority, regarded by the majority as a set of noisy and unpleasant bigots. One reaction is to double down on aggressive assertion of its views, treating things like the outcome of the marriage survey as a temporary aberration. The other is to seek the protections traditionally accorded to minorities, appealing to the rhetoric of tolerance and diversity.

This contradiction cant be sustained for long, although that wont stop them trying. But how should the decent majority deal with this problem. The answer is to remember that everyone will be in the minority some time. We should reject the attempt to stop charitable groups from engaging in advocacy, even if we dont always like what is being advocated. As regards free speech, we should resist the temptation to use legal bludgeons, but make it clear to the promoters of racism, and those willing to line up with them, that they will be called out for what they are. This has already happened to the LNP in Queensland and WA following disgraceful alliances with One Nation. One of the few encouraging signs from the right was Turnbulls recent declaration (motivated by fear rather than principle) that the Federal LNP would do no preference deals with Hanson.


Forum: Can the International Criminal Court prosecute Australias leaders for crimes against humanity? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

In Human Rights Week a Refugee Advocacy Network & RMIT Arts and Labour & Working Life Collective forum this Thursday asks given the mistreatment of asylum seekers and refugees: Can the International Criminal Court prosecute Australias leaders for crimes against humanity? Thursday, 7 December 2017, 6:00 8:00pm Building 80, Level 2, Lecture Theatre 2 RMIT(...)


Parallel Lines - 25 October 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sara Savage speaks with Emma Telfer (the exectutive director of open house Melbourne) about Open House Ballarat, in which a number of building are unlocked over a weekend in October. Sara also speaks with Hannah Matthews, senior curator of MUMA, about a new exhibition called "The Humours".


Bitcoin to Become the Darling of Wall Street "IndyWatch Feed"

Todays Daily Reckoning flies north to China for a birds eye view of whats happening. The signals are conflicted this morning.

Overnight, copper fell 4.2% its worse drop in two years. But a peek at the paper shows that iron ore is still over US$72 a tonne.

This is millions in unexpected profits for the big Aussie miners, and a much bigger tax windfall for the government. Back in May, Treasurer Scott Morrison had a forecast of around US$55. Iron ore has stayed above this the whole time.

Its no secret that BHP and Rio are cleaning up here too. Their higher grade iron ore is now favoured under Beijings pollution crackdown

An Aussie stock to check out

This policy is showing up in all sorts of markets. We know the Chinese government is pushing electric cars, for one.

Earlier this week came news that the government wants to build a charging station for every single electric car in China by 2020. Apparently, range anxiety is a roadblock to sales. Thats 4.8 million charging outlets and stations. The bill is US$19 billion for the lot.

Now theres suggestions that Beijings crackdown on coal is leaving people cold as the winter chills begin to bite in northern China. The Financial Times reports gas is being rationed in parts of the country.

The central government wants to switch the countrys energy policy to cleaner burning natural gas.

The targets have been put down. Now its up to local governments to hit them.

Thats a problematic switch when youve relied on coal for so long. The transition wont be smooth. But there might be opportunity here. One Aussie listed stock could be a possible play here: Sino Gas and Energy Holdings Ltd [ASX:SEH].

Sino has interests in gas fields reasonably near Beijing, and apparently some of the lowest production costs in China.

Let me stop here to say: Dont go out and buy SEH after reading this article. Im aware of the stock, but havent done any due diligence on it.

Its an idea you might like to check out for some further study of your own. The Daily Reckoning is a free service; were not going to let you get away without doing some homework! We leave that attitude to the welfare bums and the politicians.

Of course, any mention of China cant help avoid the question of its huge debt. The IMF has come out and said that this whole situation is slightly misunderstood. Apparently, Chinas zombie companies dont represent as big a share of the economy as everyone thinks.

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The postal survey asked about same sex marriage - you'll be amazed at how much further The Bill goes "IndyWatch Feed National"

The so-called same sex marriage bill goes a lot further than we've been told. The postal survey asked one question: The Bill to change the law is here. The Bill has already passed through The Senate. Following are some direct quotes copied and pasted from the Parliament's Explanatory...


Nurse Supervisor Coordinator "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program


Curriculum Coordinator "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program


APP 12 Access Processing Statistics "IndyWatch Feed"

Response by Department of Defence to Verity Pane on December 06, 2017.
Partially successful.
UNCLASSIFIED Good afternoon Ms Pane, 1.    Please find attached the Statement of Reasons relating to FOI 178/17/18 with 1 Enclosure. FOI Disclos...


Pressure cooker? "IndyWatch Feed"


Everyone seemed jolly pleased that retail turnover increased by a seasonally adjusted +0.5 per cent in October to $26.06 billion.

And certainly this was far better than the negative results we've seen lately.

But you've always got to consider the figures in context, and the truth is that the trend looks anything but flash.

In fact, the annual trend growth in retail turnover has never been lower, now lumbering at just +1.6 per cent.

This is being driven as much by weakness in prices as it is volumes, and possibly in the household goods sector where retail turnover was down by -2 per cent from a year earlier. 


Amazon Australia went live yesterday. I took at look at some of their appliances, including in this slide, which Carson Scott of Sky News said "captured the zeitgeist perfectly" (click to enlarge).



AMCS Calls on Adani to Withdraw Court Action and Comply with the Rules "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brisbane: The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) and supporters are gathering this morning at 8.45am outside the Planning and Environment Court in Brisbane to demand that Adani withdraw its legal appeal against the Qld Environment Department.

The appeal is against the Departments decision to require Adani to carry out an environmental investigation as a result of a coal-contaminated discharge at Abbot Point.

During Cyclone Debbie, the Qld Department of Environment and Heritage gave Abbot Point Bulkcoal Pty Ltd (an Adani group company) a Temporary Emissions Licence to release higher levels of sediment (that could include coal) into the Caley Valley wetlands next to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area.

The Department subsequently required Adani to carry out an environmental investigation to look into the causes and impacts of the contaminated discharge into the Caley Valley wetlands.

Imogen Zethoven, AMCS Fight For Our Reef Campaign Director, said Adani is seeking to get the Court to initially stop the clock on the investigation, and then finally get out of doing it altogether.

Adani is due to submit a review of its ports water management strategy before Christmas and the pending wet season, but Adani doesnt want to comply with the rules, Ms Zethoven said.

This investigation is important to ensure the Caley Valley wetlands are protected from any further coal spills and to ensure that Adani is made accountable under Australian environmental law.

Adani was also given an infringement notice of $12,190 for breaching its Temporary Emissions Licence to discharge coal laden water to the Reef coast during Cyclone Debbie. Adani has elected to contest the fine.

A ReachTEL survey conducted on the night of 24th October 2017 of 1,652 residents across Queensland found that found that 75% of Queenslanders thought that Adani should drop the court action and pay the fine, Ms Zethoven said.


Adani has been fined $12,900 by the Queensland Department of the Environment for polluting the Reef coast with coal during Cyclone Debbie from the Abbot Point Port terminal it operates. Adani is now contesting the fine in court.

Should Adani drop the court action and pay the fine?

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Top Austrian Court Rules In Favour Of Same-Sex Marriage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Austrias Constitutional Court has ruled that from 2019 the countrys same-sex couples will have the right to marry. Under existing laws, LGBTI Austrians have been able to enter into civil partnerships since 2010 but the countrys definition of marriage included different sex partners only. Those existing laws will end on December 31 next year, unless ...

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Pure Space chills out with a mix from Furious Frank "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Although hes been flying under the radar for a while now, the underground house scene is taking notice of Adelaides Furious Frank. His latest EP, Magic Mountain out through Ken Oath Records has garnered local and international attention, showcasing his knack for snappy percussion and otherworldy synthesis.

Bringing some of his favourite wax along, Furious Frank joined Andy Garvey on Pure Space, spinning his most loved tracks needle skips and all. In a little under an hour, the mix packs zany fills and nostalgic drum machines with plenty of brass samples and a driving beat you cant help but move to.



Yu Su  Soon (Goa Mix)
Glenn Underground  Black Slaves = Israel
KGB  Detroit 909 (Rhythm of Paradise mix)
Gemini I
Ewan Jansen  Erewhon
Second Language  The Party (Bluntman Deejays Mould Meditation)
Harmonius Thelonius  Blech
Icola Diablerie 1
Loud-E  2004 Time Machined
Andrew Weatherall  Kiyadub 47
Ahora  Mismo
Makoto Murakami  Mountain Skins 2 ( Luca Lozano + SJ Tequila acid no chishiki remix)
Drexciya  Cascading Celestial Giants

Stream back the rest of the show and interview here. Catch all the interdimensional house and cosmic techno of Pure Space every Monday from 9pm 11pm.

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Stumblebum leftist jerks "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Instapundit.

KURT SCHLICHTER: The Mainstream Media Doesnt Deserve Our Respect or Our Trust. The mainstream liberal media is primarily composed of stumblebum leftist jerks who want all the glory and respect due a caste of objective, moral truth-seekers, yet who dont want to do the hard work of actually being objective or moral or seeking the truth. . . . You have Matt Lauer, probably Americas most highly-paid journalist, who everyone knew was a skeevy weirdo whod probably creep out Woody Allen. Well, everyone did know, except us, the medias audience. Our media overlords didnt think we needed to know that little bit of information. Some obscure Texas congressmen sends texts of his ancient junk to a girlfriend and, after he dumps her, she gets mad and puts them up on the web? Oh, thats news America must know that vital info. But when the flagship anchor of the flagship show on the flagship broadcast network uses his powers to basically build a sex dungeon in 30 Rock nope, not news.

Journalists, like intellectuals, write about things they know virtually nothing about pretending to be experts. But fools are people who take the opinions they read in the papers as if they actually represent anything more than the views of the shallowest of partisan hacks.

Speaking of which, this is from the Instapundit comments:

If there is irony and exaggeration found in any of it, it has passed me by completely. And then there was this, also in the comments.

Media carries with it a credibility that is totally undeserved. You have all experienced this, in what I call the Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia effect. (I call it by this name because I once discussed it with Murray Gell-Mann, and by dropping a famous name I imply greater importance to myself, and to the effect, than it would otherwise have.)

Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect works as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murrays case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the articl...


Newly elected ECCV Board "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Congratulations to the newly elected ECCV Board of Directors. Election took place Tuesday 5th December 2017, at the Annual General Meeting. Thanks to all nominees, attendees, voters, guest speakers and our helpers which there were many of.


ECCV Board of Directors: 

Nalliah Suriyakumaran
Eddie Micallef 
Marion Lau
Joseph Caputo
Jude Ogbeide Ediae
Parsu Sharma-Luital
Frances Prince
Kris Pavlidis 
Bruna Pasqua
Zeynep Yesilyurt
Helena Trinnick
Jenny Semple
Sundram Sivamalai
Peter Mousaferiadis




High Court judgement on the replacement of Fiona Nash in the Senate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Jim Molan is one step closer to a seat in The Senate. On 27 October this year Fiona Nash was referred to the High Court by the Senate over questions about her citizenship - the Court found she was ineligible to sit and so a Senate vacancy arose. On 2...


Final Straw: Prison Audio Roundtable and Manus Island Update "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Listen and Download Here

Prison-Related Audio Roundtable

This week we feature two segments. The first is a roundtable discussion with producers from various audio projects around North America that focus on prisoner struggles and amplifying incarcerated voices. In the chat youll hear from me, two producers of The Prison Radio show on CFRC radio in Kingston, Ontario, a producer of the Prison Radio Show on CKUT from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and a producer of the June11 audio  series released this last year and revving to mark the day in solidarity with Marius Mason and other long term anarchist and ecological prisoners.

Follow-Up with Walid Zazai on Manus Island

The second conversation is an update from Walid Zazai, the 24 year old Afghani man being held on Manus Island off of the coast of Papua New Guinea. Walid has been in detention for 4 years now awaiting resettlement at the pleasure of the government of Australia. We spoke with Walid two weeks ago after the Manus Regional Processing Centre in which he was living had been closed and he and roughly 450 other refugees stayed in protest of their longtime lack of freedom of movement and the violence they feared from PNG security forces and locals on the island. More coverage of the struggle immigrants against the Australian border authorities and other updates from the Oceania can be found on the long running Anarchist radio show based there, Subversion1312. Subversion1312 is also a recently added member of the Channel Zero Network of anarchist podcasts.

Now For Some Fun Events

If youre in the Asheville area today (December 3rd 2017), at 5pm at...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Victory Is in Store for DPRK
The successful test-fire of the new-type ICBM Hwasong 15 is another demonstration of the invincible might of Juche Korea to reliably safeguard the dignity, sovereignty and supreme interests of the Korean nation.

Kim Kon Chol, department director of the Ministry of Railways, said:

The exciting peal of ICBM test-fire is a clear answer of the Korean army and people to the US that re-listed the DPRK as a "state sponsor of terrorism", and an echo of jubilation that guarantees the sounds of creation and construction and happy laughter reverberating through the country.

And it comes to be a stern warning to the arrogant US turning a blind eye to the strategic position of the Juche nuclear power both in name and reality.

The US should keep in mind that the initiative in bringing about changes in the situation and the treasured sword for preserving peace and stability are seized by the DPRK, the possessor of the strategic weapons of justice.

Kim Song Won, dean of a faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology, said:

The successful test-fire of ICBM Hwasong 15 showed all over the world the might of the DPRK as a world-class military power.

At a time when the US is making a foolish daydream that its harsh sanctions might wring our windpipe, we have possessed of another new-type powerful ICBM weapon system that frightened our enemies.

This is a great event that showed to the world once again the validity and vitality of the line of simultaneously pushing forward the economic construction and the upbuilding of the nuclear forces set forth by the Workers' Party of Korea.

As long as we are led by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, our army and people will, in the future, too, bolster the self-defensive war deterrent in every way under the uplifted banner of the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts.



Magda Szubanski Blasts Gloating Malcolm Turnbull "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Magda Szubanski has slammed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his speech on same-sex marriage earlier this week, urging him to tone down his gloating. The actor and comedian said on Tuesday that she thought the prime ministers speech the day before was inappropriate following the negative experience many LGBTI people had during the same-sex marriage ...

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Monday night in Flemington "IndyWatch Feed National"

If anti-fascist activists had heeded the call to stay at home while Milo was in town, what would the situation have looked like?


Records broken as storm lashes region "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Records broken as storm lashes region

RAIN event records were smashed over the three day deluge that lashed the region over the weekend, and there are many left cleaning up the mess left behind by the storm event.

Over the three day deluge, Strathbogie recorded 221mm, the third highest recorded rainfall event in the state over the three days. Stanhope recorded 168mm, with the majority of that (129mm) falling over a 24 hour period. Euroa recorded 159mm, 146mm of that falling in just 24 hours, which is the highest daily rainfall recorded in 132 years. In Echuca, 139mm fell, with 123mm of that falling over a 24 hour period. Shepparton recorded 66mm over the three days with most of that falling on Saturday, making it the heaviest daily December rainfall on record in 22 years.

During the storm event, Victoria SES members were kept quite busy, with 361 requests for assistance in the Goulburn Broken Catchment area alone, 106 of those coming from Euroa, 35 from Kilmore and 33 from Mansfield.


Carrillo Gantners view on the evolving positive story for the new SAM "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Carrillo Gantners view on the evolving positive story for the new SAM

VISION OF NEW SAM; A COMMUNITY CENTRE SAM Foundation board member, Carrillo Gantner says the new SAM will become a community centre and a resource that the whole community can utilise. Carrillo Gantner, with artwork by Julie Dowling, The Gift, 1999. Image courtesy Art Collector Magazine and Kirstin Gollings. Photo: Supplied.

THERE are nine members that make up the SAM Foundation board, with each of them having their own rhyme and reason to wanting to see the new SAM built for the local community. The Adviser caught up with committee member, Carrillo Gantner for the second of a nine part series where we hear from those who perhaps have the deepest connection with the project.

Carrillo said, The evolving development of the new SAM is a very positive story for Shepparton.

I think a new SAM is important because, while a major arts facility like this cant solve all of Sheppartons issues, it will certainly contribute to the solution of many of them. It will give a great sense of pride to the town and the whole Goulburn Valley area, and it will be an important educational resource for students at all levels.

Being able to display the museums outstanding collection of ceramics, that traces the history from the convict days right to today, will be something quite unique and special.

The museum will also own a very fine Indigenous collection.  I am donating about six to eight works each year and, if I dont live long enough, will be leaving the remainder of my collection in my will. The wonderful new SAM director, Dr Rebecca Coats is also adding to this through the collection of other local Indigenous artworks, so that the Indigenous people of the area will have pride that their work is included.

It will also offer a place where Sheppartons multi-cultural history will be celebrated. There are many multi-generational families in the Goulburn Valley region from across many cultures including Greeks, Macedonians, Turks, Chinese, Italians, and also more recent migrants from the horn of Africa, Ethiopia and Sudan My hope is that new SAM will tell some of these important stories.

New SAM will enhance Shepparton as a tourist destination and attract around it, as other galleries have done in regional areas, new creative industries su...


Graduates pump millions into local economies "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Graduates pump millions into local economies

STUDENTS CONTRIBUTING From left, La Trobe University current student, James Miller, graduate, Sam Birrell, current student, Aaron Egan and graduate and current student, Kristina Marko have all helped to contribute to the economic boost in the region. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

IT HAS been revealed that La Trobe University helps boost the Victorian regional and rural community by almost $100M in a single year according to a new report undertaken by Cadence Economics.

The independent report has revealed that the vast bulk of the approximately 1,500 students who graduate from the universitys campuses in Albury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Shepparton and Mildura annually, go on to live and work in regional Victoria and that the graduates are successfully filling local jobs in the key areas of health, education and business. The report also shows that these graduates generate a further 140 jobs for non-university graduates across the regions, and based on 2015 estimates, that means an increase of regional Victorias Gross Regional Product by $104,705.

The report also states that in the 10 years since 2006 there has been a total of 14,508 graduates from La Trobe Universitys regional campuses and in that period there was an annualaverage of 244 FTE health jobs for our graduates in areas such as nursing, pharmacy and public health, 266 FTE teaching jobs for our graduates and 185 FTE management and commerce jobs in areas such as business, management and accounting.

La Trobe University vice-chancellor, Professor John Dewar said the universitys network of campuses was providing a vital social, economic and intellectual contribution to communities.

Weve always known of the benefit of La Trobe University graduates to regional Victoria, now we can put an exact dollar value on it $99M a year, Professor Dewar said.

We are proudly educating local people for local jobs in areas vital to local communities. Our graduates are also the big winners here, they are in demand with employers, graduate with the skills required by industry and quickly gain jobs in their chosen field.

Pro vice-chancellor, Professor Richard Speed said La Trobe graduates are more likely to gain secure full time employment and earn higher wages than those who dont study.



$2.4M asbestos clean-up at Tatura Primary School "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Tatura Primary School is set to receive $2.4M in funding as part of the Labor Governments program to remove asbestos from old school buildings and replace them with brand new buildings.

Students in Tatura will soon get a brand new modular school building thanks to an innovative new school building program.

As part of the Asbestos Removal Program, poor condition buildings containing asbestos will be demolished and replaced with permanent modular buildings. This will reduce planning and building times, and mean less disruption to students, staff and teaching programs.

The architecturally-designed permanent modular buildings offer a fast and efficient solution for schools needing to replace older buildings containing asbestos.

Tatura Primary School will work with the Victorian School Building Authority over coming weeks to ensure a smooth delivery of this major upgrade. These new buildings are built off-site and delivered to schools so teaching is not interrupted and on-site safety risks are reduced.

Tatura Primary School principal, Susanne Gill said, The Tatura Primary School community is thrilled to be part of this program.

The replacement of facilities with new permanent modular buildings is an investment in the future of our children and their education.

To ensure that we make the best use of this opportunity I look forward to working with the Victorian School Building Authority over coming weeks to plan for the state-of-the-art development where 21st century teaching and learning will be our focus.

This announcement will offer opportunities that we havent even thought of yet!


Apprentice of the year an electric announcement "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Apprentice of the year an electric announcement

MEET YOUR TRADE AWARD WINNERS From left, GOTAFE Apprentice Achievement Awards for Shepparton and Seymour Campuses Hairdressing Apprentice Achievement Award recipient, Timothy Skinner, Automotive Apprentice Achievement Award recipient, Aaron Macadam, Apprentice of the Year and Electrical Apprentice Achievement Award recipient, Joseph Brooks, Hospitality Apprentice Achievement Award recipient, Biancia Millien, Engineering Apprentice Achievement Award recipient, Aaron Flenley and Building and Construction Apprentice Achievement Award recipient, Kyle Winter-Irving. Photo: Supplied.

GOTAFE celebrates achievement of students

OVER 200 apprentices, employers, sponsors and GOTAFE trainers cheered on as each recipient of the trade awards were announced at last nights GOTAFE Annual Trade Awards, with Joseph Brooks from Waaia taking out the top prize of the GOTAFEs 2017 Apprentice of the Year for Shepparton and Seymour Campuses.

50 awards were presented to outstanding pre-apprentices, and apprentices in their first, second, third and fourth years from the automotive, building and construction, electrical, engineering, hairdressing and beauty, hospitality, baking and plumbing learning areas.

Joseph, an electrical apprentice, was one of the eight final year apprentices who were awarded the Outstanding Apprentice Achievement Award for their respective learning areas.
Joseph recently completed Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Electrician) (UEE30811) with GOTAFE and is now working with CVGT and Howden Enterprises. He competed in the WorldSkills Regional Competition this year, receiving a Bronze medal, is president of the Nathalia Young Farmers and also enjoys kickboxing, reading, travelling.
Joseph said, Im honoured to be nominated. I have enjoyed my learning experience at GOTAFE and have always felt supported by my trainers. GOTAFE has provided me with technical and interpersonal skills. Ive been able to tap into the experience and expertise of my trainers.

GOTAFE trainer, Darren Cook found Joseph to be a very conscientious student who always tried hard.

Joseph is truly interested in the subject matter and challenges us as trainers as he often asks curly questions or clarifies the reason why. As trainers, we need to be organised when we know Joe is in the class......


Caring a way of life for Carmel "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Caring a way of life for Carmel

A LOVE FOR CARING GV Hospice Care Services executive manager, Carmel Smith is hanging up her hat after being in the role for 15 years. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

IN just a months time the Goulburn Valley will bid adieu to one of its most wonderful carers, when GV Hospice Care Services executive manager, Carmel Smith hangs up her hat after 15 years in her role.

Caring for others has been a way of life for Carmel, which can be seen through her dedication to 45 years in nursing. Carmel began her nursing career at the Peter Mac Cancer Centre in Melbourne, before becoming the first school nurse at Notre Dame College when it amalgamated. She also carried out nursing positions with GV Health and in Echuca where she helped to set up their first oncology unit, before returning to Shepparton and doing the same thing at the Shepparton Private Hospital and then moving on to the role many know her for with GV Hospice Care Services.

Carmel sat down with The Adviser to talk about her career and the importance and difference that caring can make to a persons life.

Its been an amazing ride working with hospice. Its a real special service. Its a wonderful thing to be out there caring for the community, Carmel said.

The fact that youve made a difference in peoples lives is pretty special.

Im a big believer in the fact that you might be able to fix peoples pain but spending time listening is very important.

45 years is a long time to be doing something you love and it has been a great career.

Ive always loved it. It so special to have someone be so grateful to you for doing your job.

My most memorable moment is helping to set up the oncology units in Echuca and at Shepparton Private Hospital and knowing that they are still operating is nice.

I always had a passion and love for cancer nursing. I love the personal element and being able to sit with people and families and give them the time.

I was recently contacted by Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy who has asked for me to chair a panel that will assess palliative care funding in Victoria. I decided this is something I feel is an important thing for me to do and I have a unique perspective on the service and its importance to....


Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"



NORTHEAST HEALTH WANGARATTA FRIENDS OF THE HOSPITAL is holding a Plum Pudding Drive that started on Friday, December 1 that will run throughout December from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm at the hospital caf. All proceeds go toward urgently needed clinical equipment for the hospital. For more details, contact Nadia on (03)5722 5069.


THE SHEPPARTON AND DISTRICT PARKINSONS SUPPORT GROUP meets monthly. The next meeting will be our Christmas lunch held at Legacy House on Tuesday, December 12 commencing from 12 noon. All members intending to attend are asked to advise either Peter Leahy on 5829 9411 or 0427 326 413 or Kevin Robins on 0448 265 104. There will be no meeting in January 2018.


CAROLS AND CAKE; enjoy guest artists and carol singing followed by delicious afternoon tea on Monday, December 18 at 2pm in St Augustines Anglican Church, Maude Street Shepparton. Hosted by Shepparton Trefoil Guilds and all donations go to support the provision of feminine hygiene products in under developed countries. Further details from Marj on 5828 3420.


THE SHEPPARTON CROQUET CLUB in Winston Street, will be resuming evening Aussie Croquet in 2018, commencing on Monday, January 8 at 7pm.

Players are requested to wear casual clothes and flat shoes please. Names to be in by 6:45pm. Cost is $7 for adults, $6 for members and $3 for school children playing. Tea and Coffee included. For further information, phone 5831 4458.


PROBUS CLUB OF SHEPPARTON CENTRAL INC. is holding its 20th anniversary celebration on February 14, 2018 at The Woolshed, Emerald Bank from 11:30am. Cost is $45 per person. Pas members are invited to attend the luncheon. RSVP by January 25, 2018 with $45 to PO Box 6567, Shepparton, 3632 or ring Dino on 5821 7585, Rosalyn on 5821 4532 or Jon on 5821 3174.




SHEPPARTON VIEW CLUB is part of the Smith Family and is a friendship club that meets on the first Friday of each month from 11:30am to 12 noon at the Terminus Hotel in Shepparton. There are guest speakers and activities on offer. For further information, phone Helen on 5821 7503.


THE SALVATION ARMY THRIFT SHOP is now open between 9:30am and 4:30pm every Saturday. Come in and see us for a friendly chat and find yourself some bargains at 3 Mill Street, Mooroopna.




Sift through the ages "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sift through the ages

ANTIQUES GALORE Albury Antiques director, Nandaka Suripala is making antiques affordable. Photo: Supplied.

DECORATING your home to make it unique and especially trying to give modern homes old style warmth and character can be a challenge. With over 20,000 items in store, Albury Antiques has been described as an antiques supermarket and whether youre an antique enthusiast or someone who just appreciates beautiful things, youll have a wonderful time sifting through the treasures available.

Albury Antiques director, Nandaka Suripala said, We have made antiques affordable to everyone and have a huge range of items available. We sell everything from antique furniture, pottery, carpets, paintings and lamps and our showroom is so large that we even display vintage cars. Whatever you can think of, were bound to have it.

Visit Albury Antiques at 485 Towsend Street, Albury and have a wander into the past.


Welcome to the GMCU "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Welcome to the GMCU

GMCUS NEWEST FACE GMCU loans manager, Rob Chaston is thrilled to be a part of the team at GMCU. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

THE GMCU has welcomed a new member to the team. Having lived and worked in the Goulburn Valley/North East Victoria and worked in the finance industry since 1988, GMCU loans manager, Rob Chaston is perfectly suited to the role.

Rob said, The loans manager role with GMCU has offered stability to myself and family to continue to be in Shepparton and we are looking at this as a long term commitment to the GMCU and local community. After almost 30 years within the finance industry and having many associations and friendships locally the opportunity to take on a senior role within GMCU appeals to me greatly.

I am able to showcase my years of experience in helping and mentoring our branch managers and lenders to help our members achieve financial security for themselves and families.

The opportunity to work in a well established, respected, community focussed organisation allows me to contribute in a business sense to the community as I do presently on a personal level with my involvements with local cricket and football clubs.

GMCU has branches throughout central Victoria, each with experienced lenders who can help home buyers with their choices, including branches in Shepparton, Mooroopna, Kyabram, Benalla, Echuca, Numurkah, Euroa, Seymour and Kilmore. GMCU can be contacted in Shepparton on 5821 9033 or at


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Living the dream

BE A PART OF A BETTER LIFESTYLE Lifestyle Shepparton lifestyle consultant, Gareth Lee-Ferrari talks about having the ideal lifestyle. Photo: Nicholise Garner.

THE ideal job if you are working with people would have to be working with people who are truly happy and content in their lives. This is certainly the case for Lifestyle Sheppartons lifestyle consultant, Gareth Lee-Ferrari.

Gareth has worked at Lifestyle Shepparton for six months now and said, I feel really lucky that I get to get to talk to so many lovely people when I come to work each day.

It seems to me that the people who live here at Lifestyle Shepparton are at a stage in their lives where they are able to enjoy their freedom, their lives seem to revolve around travel, adventure, family and friendships.

In my work, I am surrounded by people who are content to sit by the pool, or to play tennis or bowls. Theyre often planning or sharing their travel experiences and it just feels as though everyones here to enjoy their life.

Say hello to Gareth at Lifestyle Shepparton and hell happily show you some of the beautiful display homes so that you too can enjoy your freedom in this next stage of your life. Visit Lifestyle Shepparton at 65 Chanel Road, Shepparton or call 1300 505 560.


In which the pond celebrates Dame Slap's end of year school report ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Speaking of fuel on fire, just as Malware might be thinking he's scored a break, thanks to Comrade Bill's fudging and Sam the man distracting from Andrew Robb and both parties pocketing big donations, along comes Dame Slap, and she's handing out end of year grades ...

It's the moment the pond often dreams about, where reality and fiction intersect ...

You see the pond decided that planet Janet deserved to be called Dame Slap because of her inclination to hand out spankings, and besides, it had always irritated the pond that at some point Enid Blyton's Dame Slap turned into Dame Snap, as if she was a form of frozen peas ...

Dammit, there's a reason that Dame Slap carries a cane ...


And once you've got a cane in the paw, or a keyboard, please allow the real...


Does the Push for Mass Vaccination Point Toward a Staged Bioterror Event? "IndyWatch Feed National"

 Does the Push for Mass Vaccination Point Toward a Staged Bioterror Event? | ampoules-vaccines | Medical & Health Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News Vaccines

By Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News

Weve seen the signs. Ive been highlighting them. The infamous childhood mandatory vaccination law in California. Other states that are considering similar bills. The lunatic push in Australia to outlaw medical exemptions from vaccination. The all-out campaign in the press, in various countries, to stigmatize people who defect from official truth about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

On a larger stage, over the past 20 years, weve seen the promotion of fake pandemics demanding universal vaccination to ward off millions of deaths: SARS, West Nile, Swine Flu, smallpox, etc. All duds.

Now we have the boggling case of the University of Massachusetts, where two supposed instances of meningitis have triggered an immediate campaign to vaccinate all 20,000 students against meningococcal B meningitis.

Its clear that the logistics of carrying out such an extensive program have been in place for some time. The University just needed an occasion for a test launch of the system. Now they have it.

Yet USA Today reports: Sarah Van Orman, a physician and executive director of University Health Services at UW-Madison, saidthe new [meningitis] B vaccinemay not be as effective as the routinely given vaccine against the four other major bacteria strains.

In a study of 499 Princeton University students who received the new B vaccine during an outbreak there, up to a third did not show a good immune response eight weeks after the second dose, Van Orman said.

Some research suggests the vaccine also may provide immunity only for six to 12 months, she said.

But its full steam ahead for the U of Massachusetts. Other colleges have...


Why Do CEOs Make So Much? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

(TFC)  Over the past four decades, the average salary for CEOs has increased 90 times faster than the pay for the average worker. This begs the question: why are CEOs making that much income, especially when the average wage for everyday workers has more or less stagnated since 1972?

Its not a matter of productivity. According to the Economic Policy Institute, since 1973 through 2016, productivity has increased 73.7%. In contrast, the average wage has increased only by 12.3%. The average worker is working harder, working longer hours and not being compensated accordingly.

Workers are the backbone of any company. Without them, the business simply can not exist.How, then, can companies justify doubling, tripling, even quadrupling CEO compensation on an annual basis when the workers responsible for creating their wealth are struggling to survive?

The simple answer? Because they can.

Growing Wealth Inequality

A large part of the problem is the slow growth in the hourly wage. Between 1979 and 2016, the average hourly wage increased by only .2%. Contrast this with inflation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for everyday household items such as groceries have gone up by 1.6%. This means that while a worker earning $15 per hour now makes an average of $18 per hour, the same groceries that cost them $20 in 1979 now cost $32.

Contrast this with CEO wages. The average CEO in America now makes 354 times what the average worker earns. And the gap continues to widen.

Part of the issue is that the very people who determine what CEOs should earn are, in fact, CEOs. In a corporation, the board members, including the CEOs, decide what their reasonable compensation should be. And, especially in the United States, where CEO pay is basically unregulated, there is nothing keeping CEOs from increasing their pay as much as they like.

Another factor is the gap in educational levels between CEOs and low- to median-income workers. However, this in no way is an accurate reflection of reality. While it is true that less educated workers tend to earn less, even those with a college degree have seen their wages increase by only 5.1% over the past decade.

On average, those with degrees earn approximately $53,000 per year. Compare this....


Shocking Increase In Harassment And Assaults During Postal Survey: Study "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LGBTI Australians have reported a shocking increase in the amount of verbal and physical harassment during the postal survey campaign, according to new research. The Australia Institute and the National LGBTI Health Alliance have released the preliminary findings of a survey of 9,500 LGBTI Australians, as well as friends and family, as debate continues on ...

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Australia national accounts growth slows with declining consumption growth "IndyWatch Feed"

When the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the September-quarter National Accounts (on September 6, 2017) annual growth was running at 1.8 per cent, around half the trend rate before the GFC. But the striking result was that public spending (consumption and investment) contributed 0.8 percentage points to the growth rate which means that without that contribution, real GDP growth would have been zero in the September-quarter. Today (December 6, 2017) we received the next rear vision account of where the economy has been from the ABS, when it released the September-quarter 2017 National Accounts data. Real GDP rose by 0.6 per cent in the September-quarter 2017 (down from 0.8 in the June-quarter) and the annual growth (last four quarters) was just 1.8 per cent just under half the trend rate before the GFC. The striking result was that household consumption expenditure was very weak while private capital formation improved. The reduced growth in household consumption (with a slight rise in the saving ratio) may signal that the recent credit-fuelled consumption binge is coming to an end and households are starting to restructure their precarious balance sheets. Let us hope so. But this will require a stronger fiscal contribution than is evident in the current data. The external sector made a zero contribution to growth while public spending (consumption and investment) reduced growth by 0.4 percentage points (a sharp reversal on the June-quarter result). Overall, the growth is unbalanced and uncertain.

The main features of the National Accounts release for the September-quarter 2017 were (seasonally adjusted):

  • Real GDP increased by 0.6 per cent. The annual growth rate was 2.8 per cent and remains below the rate that is required to keep unemployment from rising given productivity and labour force growth.
  • The main positive contributors to real GDP growth was private capital formation (0.9 percentage points) and inventory accumulation 0.2 points).
  • The main negative contributing factors were public investment (-0.4 percentage points). Net exports were a zero contributor.
  • The public sector overall (consumption and investment) reduced growth by 0.4 points to growth as public consumption spending contributed nothing.
  • Australias Terms of Trade (seasonally adjusted) fell by 0.4 per cent in the quarter and growth dropped to 9.7 per cent over the last 12 months.
  • Real net national disposable income, which is a broader measure of change in national economic well-being rose by 0.8 per cent for the quarter and by 4.5 per cent for the 12 months to the September-quarter 2017, which means that Australians are better off (on average) than they were at that poin...


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Image Courtesy of Sufjan Stevens A couple of weeks ago Sufjan Stevens released his mixtape of outtakes, remixes and demos, The Greatest Gift, featuring a bunch of unheard gems from his 2016 album Carrie & Lowell. The title track of the mixtape also happens to be one of the most striking songs and is Sufjan []


On polite Nazis and the violence of speech "IndyWatch Feed National"

It was, in the words of far-right parliamentarian and former minister of youth policy Giorgia Meloni, intimidation at worst, and nothing compared to the actual violence of far-left demonstrators who destroy entire cities and burn down our cars.


North Coast MP arrested at Adani mine site "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Under arrest, NSW MPs Jeremy Buckingha (left) and Dawn Walker (centre) among other demonstrators at todays protest. Photo NSW Greens

This morning North Coast Greens MLC Dawn Walker and NSW Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham and were arrested by Queensland police after taking part in a blockade of the Adani Carmichael coal mine rail construction site at Belyando, 270km west of Bowen.

The MPs were arrested at 6:35am along with a dozen other climate activists and charged with trespass unlawfully on a place of business.

Ms Walker said, It was a very important day for me, stopping work on the Adani mine and being arrested with climate activists who understand the importance of preventing this destructive project from going ahead, said Greens MP Dawn Walker.

I was proud to stand with traditional owners who have said no means no to Adani, and made it clear they will not be surrendering their land and water to this coal corporation.

Although this mine is miles from anywhere, the eyes of all Australia are on it. We have travelled days to get here but believe many more will follow.

Im appalled by the way this project is tearing indigenous communities apart and offering a sub standard agreement to traditional owners for their land, with little economic opportunity. On every level Adanis controversial mine does not stack up, she said.

Mr Buckingham said, Im proud to stand with activists in defence of climate and country, and represent all those people around Australia and internationally who want to stop the Adani coal project, said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham

Although we are MPs from NSW this is an issue of national and international significance. Adani represents a line in the sand for all those concerned about climate change who do not want to see a new coal precinct opened up in Australia.

Green MPs have a proud tradition of participating in peaceful, non-violent direct action and we stand with all those opposed to this crazy coal mine, said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham



Time for a republic "IndyWatch Feed"

During his 33 years in Parliament Peter Dunne was a strong supporter of a New Zealand republic. Now, he's used his pseudo-valedictory speech at VUW's post-election conference to renew that call:

Former United Future leader Peter Dunne has challenged the millennial generation in Parliament to "seize the moment" and begin a process to turn New Zealand into a republic.

"I strongly believe that the time has well passed for us to have severed the umbilical cord to grandmother England," he told a conference at Parliament today.

"We should be an independent republic within the Commonwealth, like India or South Africa and the majority of other Commonwealth nations.

"It is not just my Irish heritage or my sense of pride and confidence in our country in what it can do that is why I am so staunchly in the belief that we can do so much better than continue to bend our knee to a hereditary monarch on the other side of the world.

"We have consistently shown over the last 30 years or so that we can produce many quality New Zealanders to serve as our Governor-General.

"There is no reason why we cannot do likewise with a non-executive president in that role and frankly the time for change is well overdue."

He is absolutely right. While Britain colonised us, there is no reason now why we should continue to be ruled by a foreign monarch on the other side of the world. Instead, we should complete the repatriation of our constitution, ditch the monarch, and have our own president. Given how little the monarch actually does, the change will be almost entirely symbolic. But symbols matter, and the symbolism of the monarch - especially a foreign monarchy with a history of genocide and murder - is utterly inconsistent with the values of modern Aotearoa. We should change that symbol, and the sooner we do it, the better.


Somebody else had it worse "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

[cn: Non-explicit discussion of sexual violence.]

Last month, I mentioned my past experience with sexual assault and rape. And I said I was fortunate to have never suffered from PTSD, unlike many other victims who have suffered from PTSD. This is my way of saying that other people had it worse than me.

If youve heard any number of accounts of victims of sexual harassment or sexual violence, you know that somebody else had it worse is a common trope. Saying, I dont want to take up space from other people with more extreme stories. Or, I dont want anyone to think Im making a huge deal over something so little. Or, Im not sure this even belongs in the category of sexual assault.

In the other extreme, some people argue that we shouldnt ever compare different experiences of sexual violence at all. Were told that there is only one kind of rape, all sexual violence is bad, end of story.

I have issues with both of these sides, and wish to find a happy medium.

My issue with the somebody else had it worse trope is that it feels gracious to a fault.  Its like an unwarranted apology. Its like walking funny in order to avoid stepping on my toes, when youre ten feet away. If we were all talking about any other type of personal experiencesay, the experience of reading a bookI wouldnt go out of my way to mention all the people who hated the book even more than I did. And I wouldnt apologize for how much space my review is taking up. I mean, were more careful when talking about sexual violence than when talking about books, because of the greater potential to hurt people. But if someone talks about a less intense experience than my own, that doesnt hurt me in any way.  In fact Im glad for people to find a voice to talk about such things.

Although, the comparison to an unwarranted apology raises a lot of questions. According to many op-eds, women are socialized to apologize more often than men. According to other writers, telling women to apologize less is unhelpful because it just polices their language and puts them in a double bind.

So now Im wondering, is this more common among women than men? Is it helpful to tell victims to avoid the somebody else had it worse trope? Or does that just put people in a double bind, where they get punished no matter what they say? I dont know the answers! Let me know...


The rich keep getting richer if we keep voting for them "IndyWatch Feed"

The rich keep getting richer if we keep voting for themThe share of Australia's mega rich has gone up consistently since the Coalition got elected in 2014. read now...


YouTube Censorship, Elsagate And The Future Of Net Neutrality "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

YouTube will begin purging unwanted accounts with artificial intelligence algorithms that have been designed to remove harmful content. But what is stopping the largest video sharing platform in the world from profiling the political opinions of their users in an effort to silence them? The answer is nothing and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why we must do everything we can to maintain net neutrality now more than ever so that free market alternative solutions like DTube can thrive.


Long Tan cross repatriated to sacred ground in the Australian War Memorial - Lest We Forget "IndyWatch Feed National"

#LongTanCross : Vietnamese Gov has handed original cross to @AWMemorial today. So honoured to have been in Vietnam for 50th anniversary of the battle last year #VietnamWar #longtan #1ATF #7news Paul Walker (@pdwnews) December 6, 2017 When youre over there at Parliament House, exercising your democratic right; remember...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Why Doesnt the Soviet Union Exist Anymore? Part 1: Introduction
Posted by Carlos Martinez
Sunday, November 19, 2017

Over the coming weeks, I will be publishing a series of articles regarding the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR, or Soviet Union). Although a distance of more than 25 years separates us from that fateful day in 1991 when the USSR ceased to exist, the lefts understanding of the Soviet collapse is still limited and many of the important themes are poorly understood.

Why dig up these particular old bones? Because we must reflect on, and learn from, history. The worlds first socialist state no longer exists, and nor do the European peoples democracies that were its close allies. If mistakes were made, its crucial that they arent made again. Existing socialist states face many of the same external pressures that the Soviet Union faced; future socialist states almost certainly will too. Additionally, socialist states so far have had great difficulty maintaining revolutionary momentum through the second, third and fourth generations of the revolution; this is as true of contemporary Cuba or China as it was of the USSR. Addressing these problems is obviously essential, and the details of the Soviet collapse constitute some of the most important raw data for any such analysis. The more our movement can learn about the Soviet collapse, the better prepared we will be to prevent historic reverses and defeats in future, and the better equipped we will be to develop a compelling, convincing vision of socialism that is relevant to the here and now.

Needless to say, I dont claim to have definitive answers. The disappearance of the USSR is a vastly complex subject, incorporating history, politics, economics, sociology, philosophy, military science, social psychology and more. Others know more and have done more thorough research than I have. The idea here is simply to present the historical outline, raise some questions, put forward a couple of hypotheses, and contribute to the ongoing debate. In terms of digging deeper into the subject, Id point the reader towards the following very useful books. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all contain valuable insight on the topic of the Soviet collapse and have been of inestimable help in terms of forming my own opin...............


POLITICAL NOTES: Religion and state affairs "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Should religious leaders play active role in politics or refrain from stepping into the political sphere? This is one question that has defied a definite answer over the years, perhaps, because Nigeria is a country made up of diverse religions. While it is the right of every citizen as provided in Section 40 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) that: Every person shall be entitled to assemble freely and associate with other persons, and in particular he may form or belong to any political party, trade union or any other...

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Invitation "IndyWatch Feed"

Sparticus invites Cats to read the following article by David French in National Review:

The Incredible Tale of a Reckless, Partisan FBI Agent and Our Partisan Bureaucracy

The article tells of a recently dismissed FBI agent.  But the more disturbing part is about the partisan bias of the permanent bureaucracy of the US Government and the costs of same.

Although there are significant structural differences between the US permanent bureaucracy and public service in Australia, the systemic issues are similar.

For all the talk about the benefits of diversity, it seems to be all about race, gender and sexual preference with the implication that such diversity will translate into diversity of thought and ideas.  Sadly, this does not seem to be the case.  Group think and intellectual discrimination abounds.

French puts it very neatly and nicely:

I know there are progressives who do excellent work in the bureaucracy, and I know there are also incompetent conservatives. As weve learned, incompetence, bias, and sleaziness know no ideological bounds. But unless our nation can diversify its civil service (and unless civil servants themselves stop acting recklessly and foolishly) public trust will continue to erode, and everything will be viewed through a partisan lens, all the time.

Conscious and unconscious bias does not just come in gender, race and sexual preference flavour.  It comes in ideas and political beliefs.  Stupid ideas know no politics.  It is the uncritical acceptance and execution of stupid ideas that causes problems.

As long as the majority of the public service believes that the best solutions to public problems is more government and more regulation, then Australians should not be surprised that governments, all governments, perpetuate more government and more regulation.

We need to prove Thomas Jefferson wrong when he said:

The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.

Follow I Am Spartacus on Twitter at @Ey_am_Spartacus


Critical voices on the TPP from Malaysia "IndyWatch Feed"

6 December, 2017: Professor Jomo Kwame Sundaram, a former UN Assistant Secretary-General and co-author of this critical study measuring the employment costs of the  original TPP, has written an article debunking some of the main myths about the newly named Comprehensive Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTTP). He explains that the deal is about the promotion of corporate-friendly rules for foreign investors (like ISDS), rather than trade gains. Strengthening intellectual property monopolies for transnational corporations would undoubtedly increase prices, not generate more goods and services.

Australia and Japan are doing their best to clinch the deal as quickly as possible, with minimal changes. But Canada has flagged further changes on cultural issues, and former IP company CEO Jim Basili has said Canada must protect its national interests on both the PCTPP and NAFTA, and that no deal is better than a bad deal.

Another recent article, by Dr Shankaran Nambiar in the Sun Daily, explains the position of the Malaysian government towards the CPTPP and argues that even when dealing with the powerful, there is absolutely no need to be in agreement when circumstances do not suit us.


Catching waves while the sun shines "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Before the torrential rain at the end of last week, the sun shone and the temperature skyrocketed. Locals were keen to catch some midweek waves down at Ocean Grove Main Beach.

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Old favourites and more "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Piping Hot Chicken Shop and Burger Grill has been Ocean Groves go-to place for serious comfort food for decades.
It still is, and new owner Tami McAdam promises all the old staples, but also some new surprises.
Were trying to do modern take-away thats moved with the times, but weve kept the stuff that people have loved over the years, she told The Voice.
The chips and gravy are still there, and still the most popular item on the menu.
They make their own bourbon barbecue and chutney on the premises.
Were trying to make something for the whole family, Tami said.
Our meat is freshly minced Angus beef that goes straight onto the grill.
And get ready for the summer salads with a twist.
It will something that will be easy to grab and head straight to the beach if thats what people want to do, Tami said.
Piping Hot Chicken Shop and Burger Grill employs local people, something that Tami is proud of.
It is amazing how talented the kids are that come to work here, she said.
The chook shop also does desserts, including the wildly popular passionfruit sponge.
I make six a day and they just go so quickly, Tami said.
People will come in at four oclock and say Dont tell me that Ive missed out.
See page 25 for Piping Hot Chicken Shop and Burger Grills special Christmas chickens and turkeys.

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Meals with ease "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dont feel like cooking on Christmas Day, but still want quality food on the table?
Let Piping Hot Chicken Shop and Burger Grill take care of things.
The iconic Ocean Grove eatery is offering scrumptious roast chickens and turkeys cooked to perfection to pick up on Christmas Day. Yes, on Christmas Day!
Tami McAdam will be at the shop from 6am on the big day to ensure your Christmas lunch is fresh and tasty.
The birds will be cooked in the new combi oven and will be available hot and cooked as well as cold if you prefer to pick up your lunch before Christmas Day.
People are nervous about cooking turkey, Tami said.
Its just a great thing to be able to offer people.
Turkeys have the option of coming stuffed with sage, bread and butter stuffing.
Tami will also be at the shop until 6pm on Christmas Eve if you want to pick up a cold chicken or turkey for the following day.
All the birds are chemical free and the new combi oven does a perfect job of retaining moisture to the meat.
Pre-orders are essential. Either call in at the shop on The Terrace or phone 5255 1566.
See pages 22 and 23 for more about Piping Hot Chicken Shop and Burger Grill.

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Cocktails and care "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A very special Christmas gathering at 360Q has raised $2000 to help eight local disadvantaged children and their families.
The Ocean Grove Evening VIEW Club, a volunteer group which raises money each year to fund education programs run by The Smith Family, held its annual end-of-year cocktail party on the Harbour at Queenscliff.
The club raised the $2000 through a $5 additional fee on their tickets, $805 via a raffle and $765 through the sale of Christmas-themed decorations hand-made by the clubs craft interest group.
Each year the club funds eight children in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula by donating an annual amount to cover schooling costs and excursions that their families could not otherwise afford.
They also give the children two $50 gift cards for their birthday and at Christmas, and the club periodically funds individual programs run by the Smith Family, such as therapeutic art classes.
The donations are made anonymously, although the group is sent progress reports for each child with information about how the programs are helping them.
Publicity officer Annie Webber said raising money, which the group does in various ways throughout the year, is very rewarding.
It is incredibly satisfying to be able to support disadvantaged students when statistics show that 1.1 million Australian children are living in poverty and one in seven children need our support to make the most of their education, she said.
As well as the educational aspect, the program helps children develop confidence and overcome the feeling of being different because of their circumstances.
Annie said the club has 150 members and 85 attended the Christmas party. They chose 360Q because it is a local venue in a great location and with plenty of ambience. And she said they werent disappointed.
Members have dined there and had highly recommended it as fitting for our special celebration, she said.
Committee members were inundated with positive feedback from members expressing their delight of the venue, the wonderful food and appreciation for a wonderful night of fun, friendship and fund-raising.
Our program officers were much appreciative of the efforts of Barry and his staff to ensure all went smoothly and that we all had a wonderful time. Nothing was too much trouble to them. Who would have thought that we could have so much fun raising money for needy children?
360Q owner Barry Iddles said he and his team were delighted to be part of such a brilliant fund-raising initiative.
The Ocean Grove Evening VIEW Club is a wonderful group of women doing something incredibly generous for local kids who need some assistance, he said.
We were thrilled to host them and donate $100 voucher to the cause.

The post...


Showdown result dampened "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Mark Heenan

Ben Ricardo believes the Cobras top bowlers pitted against Drysdales gun bats would be exciting viewing for a Bellarine A Grade cricket competition.
The mouth-watering Hawks and Cobras top four showdown never eventuated on day two on Saturday after rain forced the cancellation of the Round 5 clash at Drysdale Recreation Reserve.
Obviously our strength is our bowling, their (Drysdale) batting is very strong and I think they have got a couple of players to come into that side, Ricardo told the Voice.
Ironically play between Collendina and Drysdale had been abandoned on day two of their home and away fixtures for the last three years running due to weather.
I spoke to Drysdales Jason Malcolm about that he goes Next year we might have to organise a one dayer if it is fine on the first day, he said.
It is not good after that usually it rains or we get heated off.
Ricardo was brilliant on day one against the Hawks after he scored 129.
Collendina built an imposing first day total to finish at 8/307 from 75 oversr.
Ricardos batting statistics across the last four seasons are incredible. He has amassed more than 1300 A Grade runs.
In the last four seasons Ricardo, 32, an Collendina A Grade player since he was a teenager, has racked up nine half-centuries including two scores in the 90s and three hundreds.
At my age I try and play a bit like a veteran these days I put a bit more value on my wicket, Ricardo said.
When I was younger I was a bit blase and played my shots a bit earlier than I should have.
Fellow Collendina batsmen Nathan Walter (20), star teenage wicket-keeper Max Sutton (22) and Richie Peters (20) provided good support to Ricardo.
Earlier on day one, Cobra openers Kade Norquay (46) and Corey Walter (41) shared in a 80-run first wicket partnership stand.
Drysdale bowler David Hambrook was the leading wicket-taker with figures of 4/71 from 21 overs.
In B Grade no play took place between the Cobras and Drysdale at Collendina Recreation Reserve on Saturday due to rain.
Day one saw Drysdale bat first and score 8/239 from its 75 overs.
Cobra Craig Goodger was the standout bowler with 3/31 from 14 overs, while Daniel McManus claimed 2/53 from 18 overs.
In C Grade Drysdale finished at 6/160 from 60 overs on day one against Collendina before play was abandoned on Saturday.
Nathan ONeil took 3/38 from from 20 overs.
The Collendina D Grade Round 8 one-day match against Armstrong Creek was called off due to rain.
The D Grade Cobras (108) lost against Drysdale (5/117) a week earlier.

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Rain, rain go away! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Mark Heenan

Ocean Grove Cricket Club coach Paul Jubber said the rain abandoned match against Anglesea was unfortunate.
Chasing 217 for victory, the Grubbers were 0/2 at stumps on day one at Anglesea.
All BPCA A Grade day two fixtures were abandoned due to persistent rain on 2 December.
Really disappointing not to be able to have the opportunity to chase the runs, Jubber told the Voice.
As a collective we were excited and confident to chase down Angleseas tally.
The A Grade Kangaroos were bowled out for 217 from 70.4 overs largely thanks to some great performances from Ocean Groves bowlers.
Dangerous left arm fast bowler Dan Roddis (3/29) continued his strong form in recent weeks to finish with a three-wicket haul.
Talented all-rounder Sam Jubber made some positive inroads with the ball and mopped up Angleseas tail with 2/22 from 8.4 overs and three maidens.
Grubber spinners Thomas Kent and Paul Jubber combined to bowl 44 overs for the visitors.
Kent picked up 2/52 from 20 overs and dismissed key Anglesea opening bat Ned Cooper for 49.
Jubber finished with 2/63 from 24 overs and claimed the prized wicket of Anglesea playing coach and star all-rounder Dale Kerr (9).
Third-placed Ocean Grove (3-1) faces a crucial two-day game at Ray Menzies Memorial Oval at home which begins this Saturday.
Barwon Heads, last seasons A Grade grand finalists are in sixth spot after five rounds.
Rain saw the cancellation of Ocean Groves B Grade two-day clash against Anglesea on 2 December at Ray Menzies Memorial Oval.
The visitors bowled out the Grubbers for only 149 from 69.4 overs, while in reply Anglesea was 0/1 at stumps on day one.
Grubber Lindon Giuffrida (28) top scored with the bat.
The drawn result left Ocean Grove in second position in the 14-team B Grade competition after five rounds.
In C Grade, Ocean Grove won on first innings in its two-day game against Anglesea.
The Grubbers dominated on day one to claim six points, bowling out the home side for only 75 from 31.1 overs.
Ocean Grove bowlers Callum Docherty (3/32) and Lachlan Murnane (3/21) each claimed three wickets.
In reply the Grubbers dominated with the bat to finish at 2/190 from 28 overs.
Gun opener Zac Henderson smashed eight boundaries and hit one six in his innings of 72.
Greg Scarpa remained unbeaten on 41 while Bradley Walder (37) and Ben Hanson (25 not out) made valuable contributions
The D Grade Grubbers (1/137) defeated Wallington (121) by nine wickets at Ocean Grove Memorial Recreation Reserve in their Round 7 clash.

The post Rain, rain go away! appeared first on...


Weather plays havoc with results "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Wet weather played havoc across the Geelong Bowls Region on Saturday as rain-affected greens cancelled several matches.
With a ruling which requires three out of the five scheduled matches in a round to be completed, clubs were keen to get games finished.
At Ocean Grove the consistent drizzle ended the hopes for Division 6 and 8 as their matches ended at half time.
Playing on the synthetic surface Division 1 and Division 3 went into the break with healthy leads. Division One in a battle with sixth placed Drysdale got a big jump early whilst Division Three against Belmont were keen to keep the game rolling.
The weather was on and off for the rest of the afternoon which was enough to see Belmont pull the pin and hand the Grovers the points whilst the battle in the Ones continued.
Shane Thorley lead the way for the home side playing consistent lead bowls with Jackie Webb, Terry Brady and Michael Allen in full flight against Drysdales John Fry. The Michael Allen team was too good on the day 29-17.
On the adjacent rink Groves consistent Elaine Price laid the platform for the Chris Deppeler team getting them off to a great start. With the most capped player at Ocean Grove, Norm Thomas, following Price and Terry Thomas in the third position they proved to be too strong for Drysdales Danny Williams winning comfortably 32-9.
Manager Alan Callow survived the pressure of not only skipping his rink to a one-shot win against Drysdale coach Cal Inderberg but also having the added pressure relating to the conditions and decisions that had to be made. In a neck and neck battle all day with some great bowls played, Andrew Wright, Steve Parry and Peter Jolley along with Callow prevailed 21-20.
Luke Benson returned to the skippers position and guided his side of Garry Redford, Peter Uthmeyer and Warren Davis to a 24-21 win against the enigmatic Brad Prior. Going into the match in third place and the top two sides in this division both Highton teams winning, it was an important match for the Grovers to firstly complete and then the added bonus of clean sweeping all match points. All players involved deserved a pat on the back, despite some testing times with a few interruptions the game was completed as all matches in that round were also finished with a result.
Captain of the Division 4 side James Rogan took to the green for his 500th appearance in the Ocean Grove colours. The side made sure their was something for Jim to celebrate at the end of the day getting the points in a wet affair at Belmont. Muriel Williams, Andra Kuschert, Terri Rudge and Bill Ryan delivered the goods 29-20 and Brian DElton continued his run of good form to win 22-19. Sitting atop the ladder after eight rounds was deserving of a 500th game beverage for the Captain.
The only other team to get their match completed was Division 7 in their battle at Geelong. John Forde, Bob Bone,...


Withdrawn "IndyWatch Feed"

For the past month, Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has been in exile in Brussels, forced to flee to avoid being jailed on charges of "sedition" and "rebellion" for respecting the outcome of a democratic vote. The Spanish government has been trying and failing to extradite him. But now they've suddenly withdrawn their extradition request:

A Spanish judge has lifted the extradition order on the former Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, and four former cabinet members who fled to Belgium to avoid charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds.

In a surprise move as campaigning officially began for this months Catalan election, supreme court judge Pablo Llarena withdrew European arrest warrants for the five, but national warrants still stand meaning they would be likely to face arrest if they chose to return to Spain.

Puigdemont said after the supreme court decision he would stay in Belgium for the moment.

The reason is simple: they were going to lose, as (unlike Spain) Belgium requires actual violence rather than democratic voting for sedition and rebellion. And as he can't be jailed for "misuse of public funds" (AKA "spending money according to the commands of the Catalan Parliament on something Spain didn't like"), that would defeat the entire purpose of the exercise. This week Spain finally released six Catalan cabinet Ministers on bail - but only after they had promised to give up politics and not campaign for independence. Those who refused, including Catalan vice-president Oriol Junqueras, are still in prison. Which makes it clear that they are being detained for their political views, not because of any threat to the public.

Meanwhile, in an ominous sign, Spain has refused to allow international observers to observe its forced elections. Which immediately suggests that they are going to try and fix them. They are already mounting a campaign of repression to prevent people campaigning for independence, including banning the colour yellow. If this continues, then it is unlikely the elections will meet international standards. But as we've already seen, the last thing Spain wants is for Catalans to have a free and fair vote to choose their future. Instead, that future will be dictated to them by Madrid. That's not democratic. But Spain surrendered any pretence of democracy when it sent riot police to beat and shoot people for voting.


SDN Annual Workshop Uralla 1721 Jan 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

[ Wednesday, 17 Jan to Sunday, 21 Jan. ] We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop. The 2018 annual Social Developers' Network (SDN) workshop will be held at Uralla, New England NSW, from the evening of Wednesday the 17th to Sunday night the 21st of January 2018. Since Ned died in 2015, SDN workshops have taken on a new invigoration, which is exactly [...] full article 


Sustainable Shopping: the eco-friendly guide to online Christmas shopping "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Online shopping has recently smashed retail records worldwide, while its growth has continued significantly in Australia. With Christmas just around the corner, Australia Post expects this to be the busiest year it has ever seen. December is the largest buying month in Australia, with online shopping hitting its peak during the Christmas period. In 2016, total online spending hit a [...] full article 


New electorate of Cape York looming after welfare vote dominates result "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


At least 4000 voters, solely dependent on government welfare payments to survive, have elected Labor in the seat of Cook, leaving the economic generators of the Far North floundering without a say in government.

To separate the disparate welfare influence from the southern half of the Cook electorate it has been suggested the creation of a new electorate would be more in the interests of maintaining a thriving agricultural and mining industry.

Plans to create a separate state seat of Cape York with a boundary drawn north of Laura will now escalate before the Labor Party is able to further entrench itself with welfare voters.

Patriach of North Qld Bob Katter has been approached by indigenous leaders seeking to form a new electorate of Cape York

One proponent of a new seat is the patriarch of the north, Bob Katter, who said he had been approached in the past by indigenous leaders seeking support for a separate electorate.

There is no farming industry north of Laura, just a handful of viable cattle breeding properties locked in a continuing battle with federal and state environment departments, indigenous land rights encroachments, egregious mining exploration companies and a Labor Party determined to shut down the cattle industry.

During the election campaign, notorious Green lackey, Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, threatened land owners with a new round of Wild Rivers, more water storage restrictions and World Heritage listings over the remaining 50 per cent of the land area of the Peninsula not...


Financial vultures circling PNG LNG expansion "IndyWatch Feed"

Oil Search is understood to have hosted a number of local project finance bankers to PNG in recent weeks. Rocky Roe

With a Panguna style conflict brewing in Hela over benefits from the first LNG project a project the Supreme Court has condemned as a fraud  and the Konebada Petroleum Park Authority mired deep in allegations of corruption, how could any reputable financial institution lend money for another LNG project in PNG?

Except, of course, these foreign based financial vultures dont care a jot about human rights, corruption or violence in PNG as long as they get their slice of the pie

Local lenders jostle for meg...


President Trump kicks some goals "IndyWatch Feed"

On entry from various countries and national parks.
Check out the MSM reaction.


Corporate Jackals "IndyWatch Feed"

Sitting, watching QandA
I felt a strange sensation
A strange awkward malaise
Politicians lying to the nation
Now I fee sick
Tired of the same old puppets
like some superficial trick
Treating us like muppets
No, Simon, you are vile
I see through your twisted smile
Spinning the words like metaphors
Sorry I`m not out of my goard
Simpletons may follow you
That is not my caper
I wipe my bottom on your rags
Murdoch is the prime faker
Old cliched politics are dead
No time for corporate whores
They lack the style
Of the Bohemian lore
I`m tired of the masquerade
Politicians fellate and then get paid
Paid to sell a nation
Smashing your next of kin
We all know who will win
In this hour of need
Foulness is their ultimate deed
When will the populace awake
Some of us are trying!
Pushing for change
So sad we are crying
This twisted media only serves
Rich, white, conservative turds.


Theyre Trying To Change Our Holidays: What Drew Young Australians To Milo Yiannopoulos? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Max Koslowski spoke to supporters of neo-Nazi booster Milo Yiannopoulos outside his recent Melbourne talk. Brace yourself.

Lauren has just left Milo Yiannopoulos show, and is still buzzing when her Mum texts. She turns her phone to me:

Dont post anything about tonight on Facebook if youre looking for a job.

Lauren laughs.

Its true. We are afraid of what to say because of these people, Lauren waves to protesters on the other side of the road.

I just went and saw a show, and Ive been told that Ive gotta be careful because of these people. And that really annoys me.

The 22-year-old bartender has just finished watching Yiannopoulos, right-wing British-born provoker, perform in front of around 800 supporters.

Ive been called a Nazi. I sat down to listen to a dude speak and now Im a Nazi. I honestly want to know why!

Lauren, from Wodonga, 300 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, has come to the Milo show with her boyfriend David. Her main political worries stem from modern day feminism, Australias lack of free speech, and the increased power that Sharia law has in her country.

I ask how Sharia law is rising in Australia.

Theyre trying to. she turns to her partner. What are they trying to do?

I dont really know what Sharia law is, David replies.

Theyre trying to change our holidays yeah, like Australia Day which is ridiculous. And I dont like the fact that they are trying to say their culture is very feminist their law basically shuns women. Maybe Im wrong, maybe they dont. But thats how I see it.

David fits the profile of a typical attendee at Milos show hes a 23-year-old who works at a McDonalds in Geelong while finishing his degree. Most of Milos supporters here are young and male, and some have turned up as couples, or as part of a whole family. But most rock up in small friendship groups.

Like Harry and Simon two 19-year-old high school leavers, who first got into Milo after seeing videos online. They tell me about how they lost friends when they started to support the controversial figure.

Most of my guy friends are pretty fine with it. A few of my girl friends, I feel like they misunderstand what views on the right of politics are, Harry explains to me. Because theyve got such an agenda being pushed down their throats, the minute you say something against feminism, all of a sudden youre against all of women.

But he was hopeful that his strong beliefs werent for nothing.

The pol...


Two sea turtles to taste freedom at Byron tomorrow "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Thurston will be released tomorrow. (supplied)

Two Green Sea Turtles that have been in care at the Australian Seabird Rescue facility in Ballina will be released tomorrow at Byron Bay.

The turtles, Thurston and Will Smith, were rescued within a day of each other in mid October, and after careful care, are now ready to be returned to the ocean.

Australian Seabird Rescue general manager Kathrina Southwell Thurston was stranded at South Golden Beach, covered in barnacles, and auffering from float syndrome which can be caused by plastic ingestion, stress or internal infections.

His skin was very pink for a Green sea turtle which can be an indication of septicemia, she said.

On Thurstons second day in care he ate a very small amount of red seaweed, then the next day he ate some squid.

After a week of antibiotics and worming treatment, his float dissipated and he is now eating close to 700 grams of a variety of seafood every day.

Ms Southwell said Thurston was an interesting rescue as he had one tag on his left front flipper.

We discovered that he had been caught in a shark net on the Gold Coast in November last year. He had been released and tagged as part of the Queensland shark control program, she said.

We have tagged his right front flipper so if he ever strands again, people will know that he has been rehabilitated by Australian Seabird Rescues Ballina Byron Sea Turtle Hospital.

Will Smith the turtle will be released on Thursday. (supplied)

Ms Southwell said the second turtle, Will Smith, was stranded at Casuarina Beach on the 19th October.

He had 80 per cent barnacle cover on his skin and only a few barnacles on his carapace, she said.

Will was very lethargic and started eating five days after his admission.

Will has recovered quite quickly and is looking extremely healthy. He has been the boss of our pre-release tank, always trying to steal food from the other four turtles that are housed there until they are ready for release.



Video: Top 10 brands polluting our beaches "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Every September, millions of people around the world participate in International Coastal Cleanup Day to take part in a larger effort to protect our ocean. Cleanups alone, however, will never solve the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean or on its shores. This year, the Break Free From Plastic global movement tried things a [...] full article 


Byron Bay developer clarifies four-storey DA "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Plans for the southern end of Jonson Street include two-level parking basement for 120 cars, 26 serviced apartments, 24 residential units, a 65-place childcare centre, shops and restaurant.

Hans Lovejoy

Further to last weeks report of a high density development proposed on the corner block at the end of Jonson Street opposite Byron Music, developer Graham Dunn says that the proposed height of his development complies with the current height of building for the B2 Town Centre zone of 11.5 metres.

The height of the building is not taller than some other existing developments, he says. For example, the Butter Factory apartments across the street are 11.5m.

The fourth storey is set back and barely visible from the street. The buildings are respectful of the Byron streetscape; the designers integrated significant gardens and planting to reduce the visual structure.

The design was directly in response to the need for more permanent rental accommodation in Byron Bay and also the need for more child care.

Also Mr Dunn says the 24 shops as reported last week are shop top houses which would be permanent longterm residential accommodation.

He says, There are two shops and one restaurant on the ground floor. Plus there is a child care centre on the ground floor.

Additionally, Mr Dunn has clarified that the estimated cost is $23.18m, not $21m as written on the DA.

The Echo asked Mr Dunn, Would you consider having this DA assessed by Byron Shire Council instead of the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) by reducing the capital investment to below $20m?

He replied, I would love it if the project were going to cost less than $20m to build; it would save us a lot of money. However, the quantity surveyors report states that it will cost $23,186,495...


Byron Spirit Festival We Are The Mandala First Line Up Announcement "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As Byron Spirit Festival prepares to move their festival of barefoot elegance into their namesake town for their 6th year, leaving the nurturing years in the arms of Mullumbimby, we are excited to present to you the first round of offerings from the 2018 program


Yoga is championed as the undisputed elixir of life, a moving meditation that is open to everyone, anywhere, at any time! A philosophy Angel and Gopala from Byrons Rainbow Yoga subscribe to, with their family friendly approach to teacher training focusing on kids, partners and families, bring the whole tribe to enjoy their workshop.

As does world renowned yoga teacher and author of The Yoga of Heart and The Promise of Love, Sex and Intimacy, Mark Whitwell who has been working to make yoga accessible to everyone for the past 25 years, teaching in the US, Asia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Zenthai Shiatsu founder Gwyn Williams began his first steps into the foundation of Zenthai as a teenager, a self-confessed life force fanatic, Gwyn developed this unique therapy that combines yoga, partner flow, body work infused with features of Chinese medicine.

Bondi Rescue Lifeguard, star of the channel ten hit reality TV series, and Lululemon ambassador, Deano Gladstone started his wellness journey as a result of a recovery mission from injury. It led him to yoga and a more rounded view of fitness and nutrition. He completed his yoga teacher training recently and is now sharing all of that knowledge.

Founder of the Byron Yoga Centre, John Ogilvie is one of Australias most respected practitioners with over 30 years of experience to...



Stallholder Profile for Bindi Rose Designs

Your name: Rachel Paddison 
Your business name and Facebook/website name and link: Bindi Rose Designs
The suburb/town you live in now: Bowen


Labor claims 47th seat but is yet to officially claim government "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Labor claims to have won the 47th seat it needs to form a majority in parliament but has not yet officially claimed government.

On Tuesday night Meaghan Scanlon won the Gold Coast seat of Gaven from sitting Liberal National Party member Sid Cramp.

Labor is yet to claim victory overall and LNP leader Tim Nicholls has not accepted defeat meaning both sides may wait until the Electoral Commission of Queensland declares a result.

As of Tuesday more than 30 seats have been declared late; 17 for Labor, 13 for LNP and one for Katters Australia Party.

Barking dog complaints website to be developed


MegaAnon Updates: December 2nd 5th, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

December 3 5 posts + December 3 12 posts + December 3 18 posts + December 3 8 posts + December 3 3 posts in Calling /our girl/

And not for nothing but this is why I like coming here and posting. Its why I called the Q kids out who literally moved fuckibg boards, knowing I knew EXACTLY who THEY were.

No 10 days of fucking darkness. No predictive happenings on the 3rd and 4th. No need for POTUS to be insulated and NO NEED FOR YOU TO WORRY, when you legitimately have NO NEED, to worry. I dont know what MORE I can do or tell you. Ive posted pretty frequently since May. Even when Im vague, I still give a shit ton of detail and stick around a thread to discuss so I dont feel like I left yall hanging. Ive posted my fucking feet, on same tile, even once with a timestamp and yall turned it into some sexual fetish muh, I POSTED PICS FROM WH LAST WEEK for fucks sake, and then on Friday I found myself getting a call back from David Wilcock on Ancient Aliens, who I ONLY CALLED IN THE FIRST PLACE because he first thought I was a man, whos posted a lot longer than I have and then told tens of thousands of people all the things HE thought I was. Im vague, but I DO NOT mislead. So, when he called me back, I answered, we chatted and that was that. He now knows and can personally confirm I am an actual woman like I say and not exactly who he thought I was. Hes not a bad dude, BTW. Hes nice, well-spoken and quick-witted. So if you see this, it was nice to chat with you, Mr. Wilcock! ;o)

Related David Wilcock Update: I can confirm that I did have a conversation with the one and only Mega Anon

A year will still be rough, but not AS rough. Rome wasnt built in a day, nor will decades worth of corruption in DC be restored in a year.

What youll start recognizing sooner than later over the course of the next year, is that there will be A LOT less people you...


What Is Causing These Mysterious Loud BOOMS Heard Around The World? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

By Shivali Best

Residents in Alabama were left baffled last week when a loud boom resounded across much of the state.

The boom, nicknamed Bama Boom, has left experts stumped, with suggested causes ranging from supersonic aircrafts to meteors exploding in the atmosphere.

This isnt the first time that the mysterious sound has been heard, and incidents are becoming more frequent according to some reports.

This year alone, similar noises have been reported 64 times this year, in locations including Michigan, Lapland, St Ives, Swansea and Yorkshire.

Scroll down for a full list of booms in 2017

Alabama, November 14

Cause: Unknown, suggested explanations include a sonic boom from an aircraft or a meteorite

The Birmingham National Weather Service tweeted:

The service suggested that the sound was either caused by a sonic boom from aircraft, or a meteorite from the Leonid shower.

But NASA has since cast doubt on these explanations.

Speaking to ABC 3340, Bill Cooke, head of NASAs Meteoroid Environment Office, said that the boom could have been caused by a supersonic aircraft, a ground explosion, or a bolide a large meteor that explodes in the atmosphere unrelated to the Leonid shower.

While the noise was picked up by the US Geological Survey, data suggests that the boom wasnt the result of an earthquake.

The boom may have been caused by a military flight by a supersonic jet, although the US Air Force is yet to confirm this.

The Bama Boom is just one of many mysterious booms heard worldwide this year.

Idaho, November 15

Cause: Unknown

The day after the boom in Alabama, a similar noise was heard in Idaho.

Multiple people reported hearing a loud boom over the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley aro...


Cambodia Keeps Perverting its own History for Cash "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

I have already written a lot about Cambodia, but each time I return to this ancient and scarred country, I get so outraged by the cynicism that confronts me there, at every corner, that I have to start writing again, re-addressing the same essential issues that I have already been covering for years and decades.

One question always comes back to my mind:

How could a nation that suffered so much, losing hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of sons and daughters (official number stands at 1.7 million), accept a totally twisted narrative fabricated in Washington, London, Paris and other Western capitals? And not only accept Cambodia is actually profiting greatly from helping to spread vitriolic anti-Communist propaganda on behalf of its lethal handlers.

In all the bookstores around the country, the official Western propaganda narrative (Khmer Rouge killed them all style) is on display and on sale: Pol Pots biographies, gruesome accounts from the so-called Killing Fields, from the torture chambers at the former high school S-21 in Phnom Penh, as well as countless and detailed testimonies of the victims.

I asked the owner of a bookshop in Siem Reap:

What about some books about the atrocities committed by the West? Do you have some volumes about the U.S. carpet bombing of Cambodian countryside, which alone killed several hundreds of thousands of people?

Me, not have, she replied, somehow defiantly.

Do you have books about how millions of Cambodian people were displaced by the carpet bombing of the U.S. and its allies; how they were forced to flee because of unexploded bombs and so-called bombies? Anything about those people starving to death?

No have, came the answer.

Why not? I asked, politely.

I dont know, she said, by now clearly annoyed.

Outside, my local driver was ready to pitch his services, taking me around, in search of the minefields. He thought I was European. Chinese mines, Russian mines He took long breath, made dramatic pause, and exhaled: Khmer Rouge no good.

Instead of engaging in a historical debate, I simply asked: This city Siem Reap has 230,000 inhabitants. Is it producing anything?

The driver hesitated for a while:

Why should we produce anything? It is cheaper to import goods from Thailand, China and Vietnam. Well, there is some farming outside of the city

He was correct. I checked several sources. Even Wikipedia describes the situation in no uncertain terms:

Economy: Tourism is a very important aspect of the economy of Siem Reap it was estimated in 2010 that over 50% of j...


Disability Day celebrated at Lismores new heart "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Lismore Regional Gallery and Quadrangle is the new heart of the city.

The new Lismore Regional Gallery and quadrangle is already proving itself to be the new heart of the city.

The quadrangle was the focal meeting place for Artstate events at the weekend.

Following its recent opening, the Gallery has provided the perfect backdrop for a number of events including the weekends Artstate activities, the marriage equality celebration, and today, International Day of People with Disability.

Todays celebration which is the 25th anniversary of the day will feature a community picnic which kicks off at 11am in the quadrangle, bringing together disabled people, their carers and families, and the various groups within the community that support them.

There will be  live performances, street art, dance workshops, face painting and much more.

Southern Cross Universitys School of Health and Human Sciences students and staff will also be on hand to offer free health checks and the Local Area Coordinators will be there to answer any NDIS questions.

Lismore Regional Art Gallery director Brett Adlington said it was wonderful to see the site being used by such

Fresh from shooting his latest video clip at the weekend, rapper Mocri$ will be performing in the quadrangle today. (Darren Coyne)

a broad section of the community.

I came down late Saturday night to Artstate and had s...


VIC gov calls for expressions of interest in Alpine Resort Management Boards "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Following the recent announcement by the Victorian government that it would restructure ski resort management boards at four resorts, there has now been a call for expressions of interest for 13 positions across the boards responsible for managing Falls Creek, Mt Buller/ Mt Stirling and Mt Hotham.

According to a statement from the government:

The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change is seeking expressions of interest for a number of positions on the Alpine Resorts Co-ordinating Council, Falls Creek Alpine Resort Management Board, Mount Buller and Mount Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board and the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board.

Up to seven people will be appointed to each Alpine Resort Management Board, with four positions common to each of the three boards.  Three positions on each Alpine Resort Management Board will be unique to each resort.

The terms of appointment for members will commence on 30 March 2018.

You should consider contributing your skills on the Board, if you have ties to the local community and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • public entity governance, financial management and risk management
  • strategic management of built and natural assets
  • organisational change management
  • climate change adaptation
  • stakeholder engagement
  • tourism and recreation; and
  • understanding of relevant law, policy, and obligations in relation to traditional owner interests in Crown land.

The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring boards represent the diversity of our communities. Women, Indigenous Australians, people with a disability, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, gender diverse and intersex people are encouraged to apply.

In an interesting move, the government has also advertised for new members for the overall co-ordinating body for the resorts the Alpine Resorts Co-ordinating Council (ARCC) rather than just the three boards that were identified as being subject to renewal.

The position description for both the ARCC positions and the individual boards are available here.



Police and Schoolies organiser at odds over Friday night fights "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Schoolies HUB co-ordinator Nicqui Yazdi with some of this years volunteers: James Wright, Ethan Berry and Kevin Stickl.
Photo Jeff Old Time Zoolie Dawson

Aslan Shand

While the significant numbers of young people who descended on the Bay for their end-of-school celebrations were well behaved and had a good time, Schoolies HUB co-ordinator Nicqui Yazdi says a large group of kids from Lismore were out to cause trouble last Friday night.

She wrote on social media, My estimate is that there were maybe 50 Lismore kids, who ranged from as young as about 11, to their mid 20s, but most in their mid to late teens.

Fights and scuffles broke out everywhere One of these fights saw one local boy end up with a fractured cheekbone.

Ms Yazdi said that the siege in Lismore that afternoon had taken police away from Byron Bay leaving them with only two police officers.

I wasnt happy about the lack of police presence, which has been a common theme over the last nine years.

Friday night is fight night in Byron all year round, but when the schoolies are around, these groups of teen gangs just have more moving targets to punch and [that] night made for the most uncomfortable night of this years entire [Schoolies HUB] operation, and maybe for any year to date.

The issues on Friday night are currently being investigated by police, who also believe that it involved a group of people from around the region.

But local Tweed-Byron LAC police inspector Stephen Dempsy denied there were only two police officers in Byron last Friday night.

Inspector Dempsy told The Echo that Friday night was not a standout night for street violence in Byron and that it could happen any night, is not regular and isnt always young people.

Ms Yazdi is calling for a Friday night youth program to help tackle violence in the Main Beach park.

Youth pro...


Blair Dunlop Announces Australian Tour Dates "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Blair Dunlop British folk singer-songwriter Blair Dunlop is returning to Australia in March for the Port Fairy Folk Festival and the Blue Mountains Music Festival and fans will be happy to know that hes added a couple of headline dates as well. Along with his festival shows Dunlop has announced two shows []


Robert Plants new Adelaide & Sydney Bluesfest sideshows just went on sale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

If you were already shaking with excitement at the prospect of Robert Plant heading back to Australia next year for the Byron Bay Bluesfest, then your day would have been made with the news that the former Led Zeppelin frontman would be putting on a bunch of sideshows while in the country. Now, Plant has brought forth even more good news, announcing a couple of extra shows for some very lucky fans.

Just two months ago, Plant announced the he and his Sensational Space Shifters would be making a number of stops in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth while in the country for Bluesfest next March. Of course, when you have a name as big as Robert Plant, you know that such a small number of sideshows was never going to be enough.

Now, Plant has added on to his list of sideshows, announcing a third and final date in Sydney, this time at the State Theatre instead of the Sydney Opera House, and a sole date at Adelaides Thebarton Theatre. Yes, the famously-overlooked southern capital has been lucky enough to score a show from one of rock musics most famous frontmen.

With a setlist consisting of brilliant solo tracks, classic Led Zeppelin tunes, and a few other covers here and there, you can be sure that Robert Plants shows with the Sensational Space Shifters are going to be one of the highlights of the Aussie touring calendar next year.

Tickets to Plants new shows just went on sale at 10am AEDT, so make sure you secure your ticket to see one of rock musics living legends in the flesh below, and check out his new video for Bluebirds Over The Mountain while youre there.

Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters Bluesfest sideshows

Friday, March 23 (New show)
State Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Tickets: Ticketmaster | 136 100

Monday, March 26 & Tuesday March 27
Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
Tickets: Sydney Opera House

Sunday, April 1 & Monday April 2
Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Tickets: Ticketmaster | 136 100



Real Neat Blog Award, congratulations, 14 nominees! "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Real Neat Blog Award

Late in 2014, I made this new award: the Real Neat Blog Award. There are so many bloggers whose blogs deserve more attention. So, I will try to do something about that

It is the first award that I ever made. I did some computer graphics years ago, before I started blogging; but my computer drawing had become rusty

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Charles Ortel updates on the Clinton Foundation investigations - and what Corrine Brown jail term means "IndyWatch Feed National"

Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, December 4, 2017 Former U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown and Two Others Sentenced to Prison for Fraud Scheme Involving Bogus Non-Profit Scholarship Charity Former U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown was sentenced to five years in prison today in federal court in...


Byron Councillors reject staff tree-removal report "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Byron Bays Railway Park. Photo by Mary Gardner.

A report by Byron Shire Council staff into the events that led to their cutting down three trees in Railway Park without warning at the end of October was rejected by councillors at their extraordinary meeting last Tuesday.

Such events are rare; usually staff reports are noted.

Mayor Simon Richardson penned the nine-point rejection of the report, which was authored by manager open space and resource recovery Michael Matthews.

He told the chamber, I was very disappointed in the report. It simply did not answer the questions we asked.

The communication strategy wasnt included in the report and didnt appear to be followed. [Regarding] process, there were no flora and fauna reports.

Cr Richardson said it gives councillors no choice but to get an independent consultant report to see how the process failed and what steps can be put in place for the future. 

I dont believe there was any wilful failing, he said.

Cr Alan Hunter was the only councillor who voted against and said while he hadnt had a chance to digest the motion, We could have handled this a lot better.

We owe staff the respect to sit down and resolve this in privateThere are no winners in this as a result of the motion. This is stubbing our toe and does not fix anything Im upset where its ended up.

Cr Cate Coorey said it was a very public issue for the community. I feel we have to deal with it in the public forum. It shows we are working for our community and thats why we need to go through this process.

In reply, the mayor said This is not a response to the loud voices whom we will never be able to please. We took a 30-year-old native tree down without consultation. That simply has to be explained.

Im not interested in a witch hunt; I just want to move on. The things...


Ken Lay says its time to stand up "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE global movement encouraging 16 days of activism to end violence against women took on a distinctly local perspective last Thursday at the Nobbies as Ken Lay shared some of his wisdom and insights into this important issue.
Approximately 80 people attended this Q&A session, including staff from the Phillip Island Nature Parks, Bass Coast Shire Council, Westernport Water, Bass Coast Health, and the South Coast Primary Care Partnership as part of these organisations ongoing commitment to increase awareness and ultimately put an end to family violence.
David Elder, Bass Coast Shire Council general manager of Healthy Communities & Governance was tasked with posing questions to Ken around the scourge of mens violence against women as well as his illustrious career.
Ken was most recently and famously known for his role as Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police from 2011 to 2014 during which time he created real culture change and raised awareness of issues around gender equality and family violence to put these issues on the public agenda.
Hailing from Korumburra, Ken has some very fond memories of the area, as well as some that are not held as fondly such as being on duty in Cowes for New Years Eve in his early policing days.
Ken also spoke of the moments he had to pinch himself when he thought about how a country lad from Korumburra had attained the highest office in the Victoria Police force.
Through his experience as a police officer, Ken spoke about how he witnessed first-hand how the destructive and controlling attitudes of some men towards women can lead to the tragedy of domestic violence.
Ken challenged all men to stand up, speak out and act against inappropriate jokes, attitudes and beliefs that are often the precursors to the control and abuse of women, and in cases that are all too regular, the rape and murder of women.
At the very core of the issue is the promotion and creation of a balance of power between men and women, and workplaces have the opportunity and indeed an obligation to help achieve this.
Workplaces are fundamental to fostering healthy, respectful relationships between men and women and promoting gender equality.
Once these positive behavioural foundations are established in workplaces, they transmit to domestic and social situations much more readily, and provide men with the confidence and the tools to challenge unacceptable behaviour towards women in their friends, family and colleagues.
If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit
In an emergency, call 000.

Helplines Women and Children
Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre 1800 015 188
SalvoCare Eastern 5662 6400, 1800 221 200
Gippsland Centre Against Sexual Assau...


Church interests put first: abuse inquiry "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Catholic Church put its interests ahead of those of child sexual abuse victims under a former Melbourne archbishop, a royal commission has found.

Frank Little led a culture of secrecy within the Melbourne archdiocese during his 1974-1996 tenure as archbishop and repeatedly failed to act on complaints, the child abuse royal commission found.

Complaints were dealt with in a way that sought to protect the archdiocese from scandal and liability and prioritised the interests of the church over those of the victims, it said.

Current Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart accepted the reports conclusion.

The church should be a safe place for children but the events point to it having been unsafe for all those who are victims, he said.

Where this abuse occurred resulting from the passivity or inactivity of predecessors of mine, I sincerely apologise and accept responsibility.

The commission said a system for responding to child abuse complaints where the exclusive authority for making decisions was vested in one person was deeply flawed.

While only the archbishop had the authority to remove a priest from the ministry, the commission also criticised some of Archbishop Littles advisers, church personnel and Catholic Education Office staff.

Archbishop Hart said he was confident the archdiocese, its schools and parishes had the policies, codes and processes required to ensure a child-safe environment and deal with complaints.

Other commission reports dealing with the Catholic Church in Ballarat and the Maitland-Newcastle region, as well as the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, may be released in coming days.

The commissions final report will be released on December 15 when the five-y

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Does The Push For Mass Vaccination Point Toward A Staged Bioterror Event? "IndyWatch Feed National"

biohazard toxic nuclear

Weve seen the signs. Ive been highlighting them. The infamous childhood mandatory vaccination law in California. Other states that are considering similar bills. The lunatic push in Australia to outlaw medical exemptions from vaccination. The all-out campaign in the press, in various countries, to stigmatize people who defect from official truth about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

On a larger stage, over the past 20 years, weve seen the promotion of fake pandemics demanding universal vaccination to ward off millions of deaths: SARS, West Nile, Swine Flu, smallpox, etc. All duds.

Now we have the boggling case of the University of Massachusetts, where two supposed instances of meningitis have triggered an immediate campaign to vaccinate all 20,000 students against meningococcal B meningitis.

Its clear that the logistics of carrying out such an extensive program have been in place for some time. The University just needed an occasion for a test launch of the system. Now they have it.

Yet USA Today reports: Sarah Van Orman, a physician and executive director of University Health Services at UW-Madison, saidthe new [meningitis] B vaccinemay not be as effective as the routinely given vaccine against the four other major bacteria strains.

In a study of 499 Princeton University students who received the new B vaccine during an outbreak there, up to a third did not show a good immune response eight weeks after the second dose, Van Orman said.

Some research suggests the vaccine also may provide immunity only for six to 12 months, she said.

But its full steam ahead for the U of Massachusetts. Other colleges have long been making preparations. For example, the University of Rochester, according to its Newscenter (September 19, 2014): On Thursday, Oct. 30, University Health Service (UHS) staff will attempt to vaccinate 5,000 students, faculty and staff against this years flu virus [in one day]. The effort will doubly serve as a test of emergency preparedness to practice delivering mass quantities of vaccine or drug in response to an urgent public health concern. The effort is being coordinated by UHS, RC/MERT (University of Rochester River Campus Medical Emergency Response Team), University Environmental Health & Safety and the Monroe County Office of Emergency PreparednessWe will have to give about 600 vaccinations an hour to meet our goal, said Ralph Manchester, MD, vice provost and UHS director.



Foreign dirty dozen named and shamed "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Nowhere in Australia is safe.

Thats the warning from the head of the nations Invasive Species Council, which wants levies on air and sea cargo to fund a biosecurity fighting fund to stop the arrival of deadly insects and plants capable of causing an ecological disaster.

Were calling them the dirty dozen because the case studies include some of Australias most deadly invasive species red fire ants, the eucalypt-killer myrtle rust, red-eared slider turtles and yellow crazy ants, council CEO Andrew Cox said on Wednesday.

Nowhere in Australia has been safe from these deadly incursions.

Queensland is battling fire ants. The Asian black-spined toad, which pumps out poison through its glands, has turned up in the cooler regions of Victoria and NSW and has now reached Western Australia.

Native plant killer myrtle rust which infests the eastern seaboard has now crossed the Bass Strait to Tasmania, Mr Cox said.

Australias environmental border controls are a leaky sieve and must be fixed, he said.

Mr Cox is calling on the federal government to act on the findings of a 2017 national biosecurity review.

These include setting up a biosecurity fighting fund paid for by air and sea levies, basing a biosecurity champion within the federal environment department and the compilation of a national priority list of invasive threats.

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Tweed Heads library reopening delayed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bookworms will have to go without the services of the Tweed Heads Library this Christmas, with Tweed Shire Council reporting the much anticipated reopening would be delayed while finishing touches are made to the building.

The library closed in December last year for renovations and the auditorium reopened in July this year, following some delays of its own.

Back in June, councils director of community and natural resources, Tracey Stinson, said the rest of the library was on schedule to reopen this month.

But in a media release yesterday, the council said the building contractors still have some works to complete before the building can be officially handed over and opened to the public.

Echonetdaily understands the work relates to the final installation and testing of fire and emergency systems.

Ms Stinson apologised for any further inconvenience caused by the delay, but added we need to make sure all the works are finalised and documentation is in place to ensure the safety and welfare of library staff and users.

So there will be added celebration by the council, the Richmond Tweed Regional Library and community members when this wonderful new library is finally open for business.

The process of transforming this ageing building into a very modern and functional library space has been a major project, and we are very excited about showing the public the finished product, she said.


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Labor MPs were hiding in plain sight "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Attorney-General George Brandis has accused some Labor MPs of hiding in plain sight amid questions over their eligibility to sit in parliament.

The federal government and opposition are in talks behind the scenes after disclosure documents tabled in parliament revealed more MPs who could be referred to the High Court over their citizenship status.

The coalition has at least four lower house Labor MPs in its sights David Feeney, Justine Keay, Susan Lamb and Josh Wilson alongside Senator Katy Gallagher.

Now we know that there are four of their MPs and one of their senators who basically have been trying to hide in plain sight over the last couple of months while this saga has been brewing, Senator Brandis told Nine Network on Wednesday.

He called on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to agree to refer his own MPs to the High Court, adding parliament had the right to do so if he did not.

It doesnt have to be a showdown if Mr Shorten does the right thing, Senator Brandis said.

Mr Feeney will ask to be referred to the High Court on Thursday if documents relating to his UK citizenship renunciation cant be found in time, potentially triggering a by-election in his Victorian seat of Batman.

The MP has been in the spotlight before.

He last year famously forgot to declare his $2.3 million Melbourne investment property in the parliamentary register of interests.

Ms Keay, whose father was born in the UK, received confirmation she had renounced her citizenship on July 8, 2016, six days after the 2016 federal election.

Ms Lamb, whose father was born in Scotland, filled out her renunciation form on May 24, 2016.

However, on August 10, 2016, the British bureaucracy told her: We cannot be satisfied from the documents available that you hold British citizenship. The application has therefore been refused.

Mr Wilson, who was born in London, completed his renunciation form on May 12, 2016.

However, the date of the UK Home Office letter confirming renunciation was June 24, well after the close of nominations for the 2016 election.

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke insists Ms Keay and Ms Lamb could not have taken any additional steps to renounce their foreign citizenship.

We cant have a situation where the onus is on the candidate to complete all their reasonable steps but the decision about whether or not their eligible is driven by a junior public servant in Great Britain, he told ABC radio.

Senator Brandis dismissed that argument as utter rubbish, accusing Labor of throwing up a smokescreen around its MPs.

Ms Keay and Ms Lamb were pre-selected more than a year....


Variety is the spice of life "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Its not just Rainbow Bee-eaters by the river at present theres every chance youll encounter a Sacred Kingfisher as well.

Rainbow Bee-eater (male), Loddon River @ Newstead, 5th November 2017

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