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Sunday, 20 August


The Adele and Amy Songbook "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturday 19th Aug, 8.30pm 10.30pm, Latrobe Performing Arts Centre

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Saturday, 25 February


Cool Stuff Friday. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Oh, so very cool, this! Watch. Theres awe-filled delight when the finches show up! You can read all about this here. Gobi was kind enough to share a couple photos from Sugar Spin:



Gobi, all rights reserved.


Indonesia denies plane carrying Israel's PM permission to fly overhead to Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Indonesia can do what it wants - but we are clowns for funding this sort of government. We should lodge a protest. What does Indonesia think would happen? It might get Jew germs?


Religion of Peace's Preston Mosque, Melbourne - venue for prayers and riot today "IndyWatch Feed National"

#Preston mosque this afternoon amid allegations of missing money HenryLawson (@HenryLawson55) February 24, 2017


War Criminal, Fascist: Netanyahus Australia Visit Draws Protests "IndyWatch Feed National"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus historic trip to Australia was marred by controversy, after protesters decried him a war criminal. The Sydney protests featured depictions of Netanyahu as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, along with Palestinian and Hezbollah flags. A large banner, depicting Netanyahu with Hitlers iconic toothbrush mustache and the word Fascist written underneath, garnered []

Friday, 24 February


Julie Bishop's Goldman Sachs speech - she LOVES globalisation, international law bodies and redistributing wealth "IndyWatch Feed National"

Our Julie is very proud of her keynote address to open the Goldman Sachs Global Conference. The Foreign Minister spoke to the firm formerly led by the Prime Minister about globalisation, redistributing wealth, the importance of global lawmaking bodies, the worry of Brexit and the 'challenges' posed by the election...


Queensland redistribution first draft released "IndyWatch Feed"

The first draft of Queenslands new state electoral map was released this morning, after a broad outline was leaked last night.

The redistribution is the first in almost a decade, and the redistribution will see four additional seats created in the Assembly. The combination of these factors has meant that the changes are quite dramatic.

Five new seats have been created, while two inner-city seats have been merged.

At least three prominent MPs face a significantly tougher task in winning re-election. Labor minister Steven Miles and LNP frontbencher Scott Emerson represent neighbouring seats of Mount Coot-tha and Indooroopilly. The two seats have both been abolished and replaced by the seat of Maiwar a seat with a margin of approximately 2.8% for the LNP. They now face the choice of a tough contest or looking for a safer seat elsewhere.

Shane Knuth, a member of Katters Australian Party, represents Dalrymple in north Queensland. That seat has been broken apart, with a majority of the seat going into the new seat of Hill but only 60% of that seat is areas previously contained in Dalrymple.

There are eighteen seats, including Hill and Maiwar, where the incumbent MP currently represents less than 70% of their new seats population.

The five new seats are Bancroft, in northern Brisbane; Bonney, on the Gold Coast; Jordan, in the Ipswich area; Macalister on the Gold Coast-Logan boundary and Ninderry on the Sunshine Coast. Some would count Hill as a new seat, but I think its an obvious successor to Dalrymple.

Numerous seats have been renamed, with the Commission moving away from the norm where state electorates are named after localities. The Commission instead chose to name a dozen seats after distinguished Queenslanders, following the practice of the Australian Electoral Commission, who traditionally name seats after people. The range of individuals selected for this honour are more diverse than those with federal electorates named in their honour less politicians, and a lot more women.

This map shows the old and new Queensland state boundaries red represents the 2009-2015 boundaries, while green represents the draft boundaries released today. Below the map Ive also posted my own estimates of the margin in each seat. Im sure others will do more precise analysis, but I thought I should nail my colours to the mast and post my own estimates.

Seat Margin ...


DARPA is Using Mind Control Techniques to Manipulate Social Media "IndyWatch Feed National"

DARPA Mind Control Social Media

There is a plan that is already in existence and it is designed to use mind control techniques through social media.  Read More


MSNBC just admitted: our job is to control exactly what people think "IndyWatch Feed National"



MSNBCs Mika Brzezinski just erased any lingering doubts the corporate press serves almost wholly to vomit propaganda in order to control public perception, in a rather stupefying statement during an exchange with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough about President Trump possibly trying to undermine the media.


Read More


Dodgy compensation law firm Maurice Blackburn TV ads "IndyWatch Feed National"

How does the saying go when the authorities speak down on the plebs:

"Nothing to hide, nothing to fear", 


Surely something is dodgy when a law firm "hides" Black Saturday bills, right?

Business is slow in the compensation claims department. 

As a result the Australian television airwaves are currently littered with advertisements from Maurice Blackburn for injured persons to seek compensation (read engage in commerce using 'justice' as the perceived product) through the law business.

Does a lawyer really give a stuff about your 'compensation'?

Do you know what happens when you 'hire' a lawyer for your matter?

For starters, ANY money awarded does NOT go to you but rather the law business, where the remainder (after their fees) is given to you.

When in court you are not allowed to speak as you are seen as incapable of handling your own affairs, a ward of the state, a dunce.

You are being used as a cash cow, to siphon as much money as possible from you to support the law business, the partners and the wages of the staff etc.

You can also be helping the lawyer fund their children's next school holidays trip to France.

Does a lawyer really work for you or do you work for them?


PTUA calls for Night Network to stay but must be made more efficient "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has proclaimed the Night Network trial a success, and that it needs to be a permanent feature of Melbournes public transport network[1] but said it must be reformed to improve the service and make it financially sustainable and more useful for passengers.

PTUA spokesman Daniel Bowen said that the hourly train services were very inefficient, with trains on some lines spending as much time idle at terminus stations that they do in service.[2]

On the Sandringham line, for every 30 minute trip end to end, another 30 minutes is spent waiting at the ends of the line.

Meanwhile, trains arriving at Belgrave spend over an hour there before returning to the City.

Right across the network theres a huge staff and PSO presence on stations for only one train service an hour. This is not just inefficient, but long wait times make connections between services very difficult.

Night Network should stay as a permanent feature of Melbournes public transport, but it must be made more efficient.[3]

On parts of the Night Network, services duplicate each other for instance the Upfield train and the 19 tram largely run within 200 metres of each other, while many other tram and bus routes have no night services. It might be that the tram and a connecting bus is a better option on the Upfield corridor after midnight, said Mr Bowen.

The PTUA believes that to make the Night Network permanent and sustainable, the government should remove route duplication, ensure more efficient timetabling and operation, and target resources to where they will be best used.

The aim should be a Night Network which provides:

  • train services on the busiest lines on Friday and Saturday nights, running at least every half-hour;
  • coordinated connecting rail buses or parallel trams on sections where patronage does not warrant all-night train services; and
  • 24-hour tram and bus routes filling in network gaps where no trains run.

Trains every 30 minutes on weekends may be possible for very little extra funding and would be much more attractive to passengers, said Mr Bowen.

The PTUA is also calling for rail bus services to run along train routes on weekday mornings, meaning 24/7 service along Melbournes rail corridors, a service that has run in Sydney since the 1980s[4]....


Justice and Human Rights Academic Style "IndyWatch Feed"

Writing for Foreign Policy magazine is Rebecca Hamilton who is described as:

an Australian, is an assistant professor of law at American University, Washington College of Law. She previously worked at the International Criminal Court.

Foreign Policy magazine is a broadly credible publication in which Professor Hamilton writes that:

last week, a veritable whos who of human rights lawyers, coordinated through Stanford Law Schools human rights clinic, lodged a 108-page brief with the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), urging her to investigate alleged crimes committed by Australian officials and the Australian governments private contractors.

Professor Hamiltons article is based on extensive allegations and provides no opportunity for the Australian government to reply.  It also fails to represent the contra case.

Professor Hamilton also states the following:

In addition to violence and sexual abuse, in particular of children at the centers, the general conditions of life are inhumane.

She does not allege violence and sexual abuse, in particular of children.  She represents this as a matter of fact without providing a shred of evidence.  This is not the only allegation she represents as fact.

If this is what passes for journalism and academia, then its no wonder .


Australian government supports the use of illegal drugs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Whoever said the Australian government is not 'liberal' has rocks in their head.

Sports stars who use drugs are labelled 'heros' or 'troubled' and get away without any criminal charges laid by police.

People in the music industry use drugs at awards WITHOUT any police raids.

But wait not all is lost.

The 'commoners' now can use illegal drugs with the support of government backed 'injecting rooms'.

HOORAY !!! !!! !!!

It's always a great feeling to go to music awards when you're 'pre-injected'.


Roundup Feb 24 "IndyWatch Feed"

Gerard Hendersons Media Watchdog. A really nuanced inside story on the situation in multicultural Sweden, h/t notofan from the Wed forum.
Dan Mitchell. Will Trump drain the swamp? Italy going down.

Agility in Action. At the cutting edge of innovation, a solution to the tomato sauce problem. How to get the last drops out of the bottle. Probably a spinoff from aerospace technology. h/t RWDB

Culture. The descent of the left into tribalism from reasonable social democracy into the hard left. A blast from the past but still sadly relevant. In Defence of Economic Rationalism. Living with bears. Bureaucracy versus the environment.

For nerds. A very perceptive and prescient piece by a CSIRO soil physicist published in 1991 making a number of points that are even more relevant today. Especially, too much use of mathematical models in place of fieldwork. After sketching the ideal of science that he grew up with he wrote.

You may well see this picture as a faded brown snapshot from a distant past that bears no relation to present-day reality. It is, of course, an ideal towards which it is increasingly difficult (and in some degree unrealistic) to aspire. But I do not invoke this ethos of science as an empty exercise. It stays with us as the standard, and deviations from it are a warning of danger. When it ceases to hold the loyalty of the leaders of science the whole scientific exercise is in peril.


Australia - Party set to hold debate on fluoride "IndyWatch Feed National"

Friday, February 24, 2017 

Dr Paul ConnettDr Paul Connett WAs Fluoride-Free political party is upping the stakes during this years election, with a community debate about fluoridation of public water supplies set for this weekend. The local leg of the Great Fluoridation Debate with fluoridation expert Professor Paul Connett takes place at Margaret River Community Centre on Sunday at 2pm. ...


Public Opinion Polls: Australians want climate action, renewables expansion "IndyWatch Feed"

Two sets of opinion surveys highlighted how far ahead the Australian population is on climate and energy policy than the Federal Government and Liberal and National party policy. The opinion polling by Essential Vision provides a national snapshot in areas such as belief in climate change, Labor's 50 per cent by 2030 renewables target, cause of the recent electricity blackouts in South


March In Your Patch "IndyWatch Feed National"

March, the month named after Mars, the Roman God of War, is an excellent month to wage war on your patch. Be it ripping out the weeds, mulching up a storm, or popping in a plethora of plants, March is the ultimate time to launch a full scale (but well planned) attack on you patch! So, all you weekend warriors March into action!

Warm Areas

Frost free or occasional light frosts (North from about Coffs Harbour and all the way across to the west to Geraldton)

  • Okay, its still pretty warm out there, but you could certainly consider popping in the following incredible edibles, especially towards the tail end of the month. Consider cabbage, Asian greens, rocket, silverbeet, cauliflower, peas, spring onions, zucchini, pumpkin, sweet corn, cucumber, capsicum, eggplant and watermelon.
  • Whack some lettuce in but consider popping them under a shade cloth tent if the days are still quite warm.
  • Hop into the herb patch with coriander (try a slow bolting variety if its still very warm), sweet basil, lemon grass and oregano.
  • Feeling fruity? Go Carmen Miranda with some strawberries, watermelon, citrus, rockmelon, pineapple and passionfruit!
  • Plants feel the need for a feed at this time of year. A seaweed tea, or any low environmental impact liquid fertiliser, is perfect for giving them a kick start as they establish. Apply to the soil early in the morning and in the concentrations mentioned on the packet.
  • Ave a go with an avocado!
  • Begin to prepare your potato beds now.youll be glad you did come April!
  • Pretty up the patch with these flowering fancies- marigolds, sunflowers and pansies, cornflowers, violas, snapdragons, stock, verbena and lavender (non-invasive varieties of course!). Popping these in around your veggies will give some colour and interest to the patch, and act as beneficial insect attractors!
  • Consider a green manure crop to add some life and love to an overworked patch. At this time of year, try millet, oats, lupins or field peas. This will improve your soil incredibly, and, as a bit of forward planning, youll find it well worth the effort!
  • Water smarter at this time of year. Water first thing in the morning, and instead of quickie irrigation, a nice, deep drink a couple of times a week is far more beneficial!
  • Top up mulch on your veggie patches, herb gardens and ornamental beds, especially important for weed suppression at this time of year....


Spotlight on Moonahs "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Coastal Moonah Woodland is a plant community that is listed as threatened under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 and can be found in our heathlands along the coast.


This plant species commonly occurs in dune systems along coastal Victoria, including the Great Ocean Road. The Coastal Moonah communities are highly valued ecosystems as they can form low open-forest, shrub lands or woodlands to help support the growth of mosses, grasses, animals and insects and more.

Our Environmental Education Leader Peter Crowcroft said the Moonah Woodlands are an important educational species as it highlights the impacts of development on our coast.



Mountain Black Pepper "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

One of SGAs subscribers, Zeljko Horvatin, is a chef and is studying horticulture. He writes:

Over the last couple of years, while studying, Ive learnt to appreciate and have even fallen in love with Australian native plants. Being a chef and a gourmand switches my brain into food mode with whatever I work with.  So it follows that Ive become fascinated with how Australian native plants can be part of the menu as well as part of the garden.

My first bush tucker experiment was with Tasmannia lanceolata, also known as the Mountain Pepper. 

The plant

Theres a lot of information out there about the plant in books and the internet. They all agree that T. lanceolata is a large shrub or a small tree, but when it comes to its size, theres a range of views, suggesting that the plant grows to anywhere between three and ten meters. These discrepancies should not be a problem, unless you are short of space. I guess it can be pruned, especially if you are going to use it in cooking.

Used by Aboriginals as both food and medicine, the plant belongs to the Winteraceae family which is part of the group of plants known as palaeodicots, which are considered amongst the most primitive flowering plants because of their floral anatomy and wood structure.  It is native to Tasmania and the Australian mainland, where it is mostly found in Victoria and southern NSW.  It thrives in cool moist environments, in either sun or shade with well-drained soil.

The leaves are glossy dark green, narrowly elliptic, alternate clustered towards the end of the branchlets, 3-13cm long and 0.5-4cm wide on short stalks.

Flowers are creamy white and about 1cm across, grouped in clusters with curled-back petals. Male and female flowers can only be found on separate trees and it is impossible to distinguish which sex from seed alone.  According to some articles it is possible to determine its gender when it flowers, with female flowers being smaller, pale cream and having only a few petals each, while male are bigger and have many more petals.



Attracting Birds to your Garden "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its wonderful to watch and identify all manner of birds who have chosen to pop into the garden for a drink and a stickybeak. From tiny, cheerful little wrens and pardalotes, to the cheeky parrots, gorgeous honeyeaters and bossy wattlebirds, its good to share space with our feathered friends. Just like a pot of basil and a shady spot, nothing makes a garden come alive like the twitter and chatter of a variety of Australian birds. They are essential in the garden, and not just to keep us backyard birdwatchers entertained, and there are many ways to attract them!

Get To Know The Neighbours

First things first: you need to know what kind of birds could be expected in your garden.  There is no point designing a habitat for a bird that hasnt been seen in your neighbourhood for ages or ever! Contact local bird watching groups to get an idea of what you should be attracting, and what is common to your area. You might be surprised.  Some suburban gardens have been visited by over 46 species of bird over the years thats impressive, and, with the right planning and processes, you may just be able to have that as well!

What about the cat?

Before adopting strategies to attract birds to your garden its worth thinking about cats. Are you enticing birds to their death? Suburban, rural and feral cats together kill many thousands of birds each night across the country. So if you or your neighbours own cats some thought is required.

Studies on suburban cats have reported different results on the role of cats as opposed to change in habitat in the decline of bird species diversity in suburbs.  Reports of the numbers of birds killed and the effectiveness of attaching bells to the cats collar vary.  What is clear, however, is that suburban cats do kill many thousands of birds and the bells are probably not making much of a difference. Interestingly, there is new idea, backed by research, that when cats wear a rainbow-coloure...


strypey: @nerthos @sim we would see that as authoritarian and unnecessary within countries, so why do we accept it *between* countries? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

@nerthos @sim we would see that as authoritarian and unnecessary within countries, so why do we accept it *between* countries?


strypey: @sim @nerthos what if the same checks were required to travel within a country, as was the case in the USSR ("papers please, comrade)? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

@sim @nerthos what if the same checks were required to travel within a country, as was the case in the USSR ("papers please, comrade)?


No place for nuclear enthusiasts in South Australias Liberal Party "IndyWatch Feed"

Edwards,-Sean-trashValdis Dnis ,  Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 24 Feb 17 

No room for nuclear spruikers in the Liberal party anymore, as two such people are fully out of the party now:

Former Senator Sean Edwards will not seek state preselection, citing policy differences with Steven Marshalls partyroom. Edwards, a pro-nuclear advocate who had toyed with the prospect of entering parliament in either Frome or Heysen, today confirmed: I will not be seeking preselection for the 2018 state election. My long-held position in obtaining cheap baseload energy with zero carbon emissions desperately required for SA is likely to put me at odds with the parliamentary teams newly-stated views on gas exploration and nuclear, and providing a contest of ideas in this space, he told InDaily.



1) Freeport Indonesian Workers Face Layoffs "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Jokowi warns Freeport
3) Blue Abadi Fund raises US$ 23 million to sustain Indonesias Birds Head Seascape
4) SOE Holding Ready to Take-in Freeport Shares

1) Freeport Indonesian Workers Face Layoffs
Friday, 24 February 2017 | 05:51 WIB


South Australias Spencer Gulf idea for pumped hydro energy storage "IndyWatch Feed"

If a project of this scale, a pumped hydro project of this scale, had been available recently in South Australia, there wouldnt have needed to been the load shedding that occurred there, Mr Turnbull said.
Pumped hydro power station ideal for SA Spencer Gulf site, EnergyAustralia says  PM By Khama Reid  A desert site at the top of Spencer Gulf in South Australia is perfect for a pumped hydro venture, EnergyAustralia chief executive Catherine Tanna has said.

hydro-pumped-hydro-plantWhat is pumped hydro?

  • Power is generated by releasing sea water from a top dam, through a turbine, into a lower dam
  • During times of plentiful energy on the network, seawater is pumped up into the top dam, like charging a battery
  • The top dam would hold about eight hours of power which can be switch on at short notice

Backed by federal funding, the company and its partners will investigate the proposal further, with hopes it could be operational by the end of the decade.

Whats required is to find a site, obviou...


Air pollution has masked the effect of climate change on sea ice "IndyWatch Feed"

The new study helps sort out the swings in Arctic sea ice cover that have been observed over the last 75 years, which is important for a better understanding of sea ice behavior and for predicting its behavior in the future

Air pollution may have masked mid-20th Century sea ice loss  Source:  American Geophysical Union

sea-ice-meltingfHumans may have been altering Arctic sea ice longer than previously thought, according to researchers studying the effects of air pollution on sea ice growth in the mid-20th Century.

Humans may have been altering Arctic sea ice longer than previously thought, according to researchers studying the effects of air pollution on sea ice growth in the mid-20th Century. The new results challenge the perception that Arctic sea ice extent was unperturbed by human-caused climate change until the 1970s.

Scientists have observed Arctic sea ice loss since the mid-1970s and some climate model simulations have shown the region was losing sea ice as far back as 1950. In a new study, recently recovered Russian observations show an increase in sea ice from 1950 to 1975 as large as the subsequent decrease in sea ice observed from 1975 to 2005. The new observations of mid-century sea ice expansion led researcher...


Harrassment and threats plague climate scientists "IndyWatch Feed"

Climate scientists face harassment, threats and fears of McCarthyist attacks
Researchers will have to deal with attacks from a range of powerful foes in the coming years and for many, it has already started, Guardian 22 Feb 17  .
The Texas Tech University professor Katharine Hayhoe, who has gathered a healthy following for her Facebook posts that mix climate science with evangelism, has opened her inbox to missives including Nazi Bitch Whore Climatebecile and a request that she stop using Jesus to justify your wacko ideas about global warming.

Threats and badgering of climate scientists peaked after the theft and release of the Climategate emails a 2009 scandal that was painfully thin on scandal. But the organized effort to pry open cracks in the overwhelming edifice of proof that humans are slowly baking the planet never went away. Scientists are now concerned that the election of Donald Trump has revitalized those who believe climate researchers are cosseted fraudsters.

Mann said climate scientists fear an era of McCarthyist attacks on our work and our integrity. The odd unfulfilled threat may be perturbing but a more morale-sapping fear is that the White House and Congress will dig up and parade seemingly unflattering emails, sideline or scrap research and attempt to hush the scientific community..


Toshiba corporation hugely burdened by its overseas nuclear business projects "IndyWatch Feed"

Overseas nuclear business a huge burden on Toshiba , Japan News, February 22, 2017, By Miho Yokoi / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer Toshiba Corp. has been facing a need to review its nuclear business because it has been a drag on the companys reconstruction efforts, mostly caused by the huge loss booked in reactor building projects in the United States and construction delays in other countries.


Nonetheless, it will not be easy for the major electronics and machinery maker to considerably shrink its nuclear business overseas because there are only a handful of entities that can build such facilities.

Toshiba will likely book a loss of more than 700 billion for the April-December 2016 period, and U.S. subsidiary Westinghouse Electric Co. is a major factor behind the result.

It is likely that Toshiba will face a ballooning loss if construction for the reactors [Plant Vogtle  in Georgia, USA) continues to be delayed. It would be a lie if we say theres no risk at all, said Corporate Vice President Mamoru Hatazawa.

Toshiba won contracts for building two reactors in Texas in 2009, but their construction has not yet started. The projects have been affected by the increase in the amount of U.S. shale gas production, which has caused fuel prices for thermal power generation to nosedive, thereby boosting needs for a method with cheaper running costs.

Meanwhile, Toshibas nuclea...


Shorten speaks out f or Labors 50% renewable energy target "IndyWatch Feed"

Shorten, BillShorten goes on front foot over 50% renewables target, The Conversation, Professorial Fellow, University of Canberra February 22, 2017 Australia could be the energy capital of Asia but instead it is going backwards, Bill Shorten will say in a speech on Thursday, vigorously defending Labors target of 50% of Australias electricity coming from renewables by 2030.

As the government floats the prospect of help for cleaner-coal power stations and attacks Labor for committing too strongly to renewables, Shorten will say that to achieve the ALPs 50% target much more private investment in renewable generation and technology will be needed than the amount required to get to the legislated Renewable Energy Target (RET). The RET is for 23.5% of Australias electricity generation in 2020 to come from renewable sources.

He will say that what is required is an emissions-intensity scheme (EIS) for the electricity sector, ongoing support for research and investments in renewable energy technology, and a plan to modernise the National Electricity Market.

The speech comes as an Essential poll this week found nearly two-thirds (65%) approved of Labors target of 50%; 18% disapproved. Support for the policy was 5...


Trip of a lifetime "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Mandy Oakham

An Ocean Grove mother and daughter are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime together with the goal of helping one of the worlds newest nations to grow.
The two, Nicola Goodwin and her 13-year-old daughter, Serena El-Hage, are off to help young East Timorese improve their learning through the use of musical instruments and they are looking for help.
The two have become passionately involved in the plight of the East Timorese people through their links to Christian College, which regularly sends groups of staff and students to help with building and educational projects in the emerging country.
This trip will focus on getting musical instruments made in country which can then be incorporated in various way into school curriculums.
So all monies raised will be directed towards these educational projects, as Nicola explained that all people travelling from Australia fund their own costs.
The country is still recovering from the invasion and occupation and there are a lot of mental health issues in the older population, Nicola said.
But the young people over there are just so enthusiastic and wanting to learn and they are always looking to upskill in whatever they can.
Daughter Serena shares her mothers passion.
Over here you take a bunch of flowers if you are visiting people but over there you take a bag of rice, so every $20 we can raise here buys a bag of rice for a family over there, she said.
I did a school project on the Santa Cruz massacre and that had a real effect on me.
One of the many activities to help young East Timorese that Serena is involved with is helping getting books translated into the local language.
A fund-raiser for the next East Timorese expedition will be held at the Christian College Bellarine campus auditorium in Collins Street, Drysdale, on Sunday 19 March.
Two short films will be shown at the event depicting the life and culture of Timorese people from Atauro Island. Both films are suitable for children.
Afternoon tea (included in the entry), will be available from 2.30pm, and the films will start at 3.15pm. Cost is $10 per adult, $5 per child and $30 for a family. Door prizes will be on offer.
All proceeds from the afternoon will go towards the Timor projects 2017. Local Timorese crafts, greeting cards and 2017 calendars will also be available. For tickets or more information contact Christian College Bellarine campus reception on 5253 2998.
Anybody who would like to help with the funding of East Timorese education projects should contact

The post Trip of a lifetime appeared first on Ocean Grove Vo...


Fight taken to City Hall "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Mandy Oakham

People power, with a little help from The Voice, has had a major victory in the long running battle of the bays, more specifically the disabled parking bays located outside of the Ocean Grove Medical Clinic in the Parade.
Local residents and business owners in The Grove are becoming increasingly frustrated over what is seen as a chaotic parking mess around the towns central shopping centre.
One of those residents was Ralph Wright who was one of several angry locals contesting their $155 fine for parking in a disabled bay outside the Ocean Medical Clinic.
A quick site inspection by The Voice quickly revealed that the problem with the bays was obvious.
There are two signs indicating disabled parking bays but one of the signs has been bent and is partially covered with a sticker and only one of the designated disabled parking bays had a disabled symbol painted on the ground.
Mr Wright said on the day he was booked on 27 January he spoke with several other people outside the clinic who had also been fined $155 each.
The whole situation is just ridiculous, Ralph said.
What about the situation if someone pulls in here with a medical emergency, they are not going to be checking where they can park and where they cant park.
I know from talking around the town with people that a lot of people have been caught by this inadequate signage.
While the Ocean Grove Voice was on scene at least two people were about to park in the unmarked bays until advised.
One of those was Sally Cordner of Point Lonsdale who uses the car park regularly to visit the medical clinic.
I did see the signs but when I saw only one bay had the disabled sign on it, I thought I was fine to park in the other bays, Sally said.
I would be very interested in the legality of fining people who park in the unmarked bays and I would be very worried about all the elderly people who would have trouble working out what was legal and what wasnt.
And now for the good news within 48 hours of the site inspection and the Voice contacting the council about the problem a crew had been dispatched and the parking bays have now been repainted with one new and very clear disabled sticker on the second bay.
Signs however are still a problem with one sign having been vandalised and is partially obscured by a sticker.
City of Greater Geelong General Manager Will Tieppo told the Voice that the City had conducted extensive work in relation to parking in the Ocean Grove town centre to ensure the right mix of parking options was delivered for the demands in the area.
After being alerted to this issue the City of Greater Geelong inspected the disabled parking bays in the car park next to the Ocean Grove Medical Clinic and repainted the parking bays and repaired the signage, Mr Tieppo said.


Movimiento de solidaridad con Palestina rechaza visita de Netanyahu a Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

La visita del primer ministro de Israel Benjamn Netanyahu a Australia ha sido recibida con protestas en varias ciudades. Un


The Weekend Quiz February 25-26, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz, which used to be known as the Saturday Quiz! The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. The private domestic sector cannot save if a nation's external sector is in balance (and thus making no contribution to real GDP growth) and the government runs a balanced fiscal position.

2. Continually expanding the money supply will inevitably be inflationary.

3. By voluntarily issuing debt to match its net spending, government borrowing from the private domestic sector reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk that public deficits will be inflationary.



Life Skills for an Age of Populist Rage "IndyWatch Feed"

Populism is everywhere at the minute. Its particularly pronounced in the rise of Trumpism and Hansonism, but is found on the left, the right and the centre whenever people seek to win over an audience with arguments that confirm the fears, biases and prejudices of that audience but fail to take account of the breadth and complexity of  the issue being addressed. And although I try my hardest to avoid it, I dare say that in the 400 odd posts in this blog, I may well have had occasions where I too have been guilty of populism.

Populism is ugly  because it posits simplistic solutions to genuine problems, and in the process people get hurt.  Here are seven principles that may  lead us to a better path.

1) Always read/dialogue with those who disagree with you with the intention of learning from them.

For many years of my life I read only those who saw the world through the same framework that I did, and surprise, surprise, the arguments of those I opposed seemed so fragile I almost felt pity for those who held them. When however I started to read the best representatives of the views in opposition to mine I discovered not only that they frequently possessed intellectual rigour but that they helped me see the issue more clearly.

2) Be critical of power, including  your own.

Some people have a rather benign view of power, assuming that people and institutions always act with purity of heart and mind. Others have a cynical view of power, assuming that those with power always use it in their own interests. The first approach yields uncritical trust in power that treats its favoured leaders as though they were Jesus himself, while the second yields a biting cynicism that can see nothing but the devil. Yet the world I live in is one in which people which human beings are neither all good or all bad. As Aleksander Solzenhytsen put it:

If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being The Gulag Archipelago

I expect those with power and the institutions the stand behind them to be capable of both misplaced self-interest and enlightened other-interest and to be capable of both at the same time. This demands that I be critical, recognising and exposing naked self-interest and praising genuinely good other-interest. It demands I do the same for myself, learning to practise the discipline of self-critique.

3) Listen to the affected

The most powerful moments of change and repentance in my life have come from listening to the stories of those wh...


strypey: I wonder if people are driving private combustion engine cars partly because of feeling uncomfortable with surveillance on public transport "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I wonder if people are driving private combustion engine cars partly because of feeling uncomfortable with surveillance on public transport


Regulars and locals in for a treat "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Locals are in for some gourmet treats at one of the areas most popular restaurants, Napona.
Chef and owner Will Swinton said that now that the summer tourist rush is easing, the eatery is focusing on tempting the taste buds of local foodies to come in and enjoy more than a coffee on the restaurants leafy decks.
Among the treats that will be on offer in the coming months will be monthly special dinners held in conjunction with local wineries. The offerings will include a special three-course meal with matched wines for $100 a head and Will hopes that the first one of these dinners will be held this month. Wines from northern Victoria and South Australia will be showcased at these dinners.
In addition to these special occasion feasts there are the regular special offers on for locals which include Wednesdays special which is a steak dinner with a glass of wine for $30 and on Thursdays diners can have free corkage on any wine they bring to the restaurant to have with their meals
The very popular tasting plates remain as one of the drawcards of the menu.
And a special tip is that the restaurants super delicious sourdough loaf which is baked in-house can be purchased, so place an order one day, and pick up your flavoursome favourite to take home the following day. And no-one will be able to see how many slices you have behind closed doors.

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Charter Hall Shares Are Soaring Today "IndyWatch Feed"

Shares of Charter Hall Group Forus [ASX:CHC] gained almost 5% today. Charter Hall has published its half-year results ended 31 December 2016.

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Lion is Insipid and Predictable, and Perfect Oscar Material "IndyWatch Feed National"

The director Garth Davis has powerful material to work with, but he does little with it.

Dev Patel in Lion

Dev Patel in Lion. Credit: Youtube

Halfway through Behind the Beautiful Forevers, a nonfiction account of a Mumbai slum, we learn about an anonymous injured man lying on a road near the international airport, someone in need of urgent medical attention. As the mans condition deteriorates, scores of people walk past him, indifferent to his presence, doing nothing. A few hours later, the man dies. Its later implied in the book that the man suffered that fate because the poor, especially in an Indian megacity, are so used to, and scared of, being exploited by the police that theyd rather be callous than helpful.

But theres another facet to this indifference: That Indiansrich, poor, and the ones in betweenare so inured to the concept of poverty, so used to its images, wails, and desperation that they either mentally autocorrect its despair or pretend it doesnt exist. Which is why our first reactionat most timesis no. Kids selling pens and books and trinkets on streets: no. Mothers begging for alms: no. Eunuchs promising blessings in exchange of a ten-rupee note: no.

In that case, in light of daily indifference and willful ignorance, can a fictional film, dealing with similar images and motifs, move us? Because if this is life, then what chance does cinema have? That question hit me hard in the first forty minutes of Lion. In this portion, a five-year-old boy, Saroo (Sunny Pawar), gets separated from his family, and, through a series of misfortunes, ends up in Calcutta, 1,600 kilometres from his home. A homeless kid in a big citysusceptible to pedophiles, organ traffickers, drug dealersis a heartbreaking sight, and yet much of Lions first 40 minutes left me unmoved. I wondered why. Was it the inbuilt indifference or shoddy filmmaking?

Garth Davis, the director of Lion, has access to powerful material, but he does little with it. His inability to stay close to Saroo, adopt his point of view, understand his fear and anxieties, waters down the film. A major part of this segment is the audience looking at Saroo, not him looking at the world, sprawled in all its unfamiliarity and chaos. Besides, Davis, like many foreign correspondents, strains to find the beauty and hope in squalor: Saroo surrounded by colourful moths, kids singing in an orphanage, his friend telling him about Australias good life. To be fair, Davis gaze is neither exp...


NEXTDC Reports Record Results Share Price Jumps Up "IndyWatch Feed"

NEXTDC has published its half-year results ended 31 December 2016. Revenue is up 39% to $58.7 million, and the company reported a jump in net profit to $19.3 million.

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Guardian Early Learning Group Opens Pedagogical Exchange "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Guardian Early Learning Group has officially its world-class Pedagogical Exchange in Melbourne, Victoria. The Exchange is the first of its kind in Australia, and sets a national benchmark in education training for the early learning sector. To celebrate the opening of the Pedagogical Exchange in Melbournes inner-city suburb of Richmond, Guardian is hosting the internationally []

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed"

1.00 AUD = 0.0007 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 1.50 AUD


Shameful Media & Criminal Trolls Stop David Avocado Wolfes, Sydney Event "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


How much longer are the Australian public going to allow the media & these criminal trolls to hold our heath freedoms at gunpoint?
Read More


President Trumps Gaffe Wasnt a Gaffe "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Trump said, in his speech today about human trafficking, at the federal level and the other highest levels.

Some are laughing at this.

However, if you read my twitter conversation with him these past five days, you will realize he didnt misspeak as bad as you might think.


Going into the Wood with Holly Throsby "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sydney musician, songwriter and recent novelist Holly Throsby has been a very business woman.

Her latest album, After a Time, was released February 17, several moths after the release of her dbut novel Goodwood.

Shes in Perth for the Writers Festival, and prior to her appearance she joined Breakfast with Caitlin to discuss recent ventures.

Play Holly Throsby


Thank Folk Its Friday 24th February "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was Irish trad group The Samus Begley Trio will be touring Australia this March. Details here Laura Marling released her lastest video Next Time. Details here The Summer Hill Folk Festival announced its 2017 lineup including Brian Campeau, Timothy James Bowen, []


The Hanging: Vernon Ah Kee, Not An Animal Or A Plant "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Vernon Ah Kee, George Sibley (detail) 2008, acrylic, charcoal and crayon on canvas, 180 x 240 cm. Courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane 

Anyone who has walked past a crowd of staring people will know the familiar unease of being watched.

Yet theres something about a direct gaze that asks for the respect of being returned. Its here at the line between respect and unease that we experience Vernon Ah Kees not an animal or a plant.

The title recalls the time when Aboriginal people were seen as non-people, born not as autonomous individuals but as property of the government. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the census.

Not an animal or a plant is Vernon Ah Kees solo exhibition about his experience as an Indigenous Australian. Large-scale portraits of family members are drawn with all the power and resonance of someone standing in front of you. From the strong gaze that bears down on you with persistence and endurance, to the detailed drawing of a womans hair as if caught in the wind Vernon Ah Kee isnt showing us sadness or frustration, but humanity and fierceness.

Alongside Ah Kees drawings and paintings, text-based works and installations verbalise racism most notably in two black and white canvases that remember the Palm Island and Cronulla riots. Reminiscent of protest placards, bold black text is squashed together to read palm island who let the dogs out and rush to judgement, Aust Racism. Below these words, empty space symbolises the lack of resolution following these events.

This is protest art, sending a strong and resounding reminder that Ah Kees family history and the experience that every Indigenous family in the country has endured deserves to be recognised, respected and confronted. Staring face to face with Vernon Ah Kees family, its important that we dont look away.

You can catch not an animal or a plant at National Art School until the 11th of March.


WHAT: not an animal or a plant by Vernon Ah Kee
WHO: Vernon Ah Kee
WHEN: 7 Jan  11...


Why George Washington Believed the British Were Using Bioterrorism "IndyWatch Feed National"


Why George Washington Believed the British Were Using Bioterrorism
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THE JEWISH ANGELA MERKEL "IndyWatch Feed National"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attend a joint press conference after their cabinets held a meeting at the King David hotel in Jerusalem on February 25, 2014. Merkel arrived in Israel with her cabinet yesterday to discuss nuclear talks with Iran and to encourage Prime Minister Netanyahu to reach a two-state solution with the Palestinians. AFP PHOTO/MENAHEM KAHANA

Via Luca Costa:

Her real name is Rebbekah Dorothea Kasner. This Jew is the head of the largest economy of Europe and the most dictator communist regimes in the world, where just questioning the Holo-hoax can lead you to 5 years prison, or opposing Multiculturalism or the Islamic future of Germany, even on Facebook, can get you fined for hate speech, or fired from your Job

This Jew is the head of the CDU Christian Democratic Union party, she pretends to be German and Christian while she is Polish and Jew and was member of the communist party who fought the German people

She was introduced to politics by her antecedent Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl, who was also Jew, his real name was Hennoch Kohn who also has been the leader of Christian Democratic Union party CDU and was pretending to be Christian and German while he was Austrian Jew and prominent member of the great Masonic lodge Bnai Brith that was made of only Jewish members

The Jew Angela Merkel is the biggest enemy of the German people and the most dangerous Jew in Europe.

Read More


White House petition launched to end Googles outrageous and malicious censorship of independent journalism "IndyWatch Feed National"

Handcuffed to her computer: very demanding job or censorshipImage: White House petition launched to end Googles outrageous and malicious censorship of independent journalism

(Natural News) As part of our epic battle against Googles outrageous censorship of the entire website, weve launched a White House petition. Read More


Reported back "IndyWatch Feed"

The Intelligence and Security Committee has reported back on the New Zealand Intelligence and Security Bill. Its being touted as a victory for oversight, and there's a little bit of that - and in particular stronger political neutrality clauses which do impose legal duties on spy agencies and limit their cooperation with foreign agencies which violate human rights (such as, you would hope, the NSA and GCHQ). But there's also a lot to be concerned about. In particular:

  • The definition of "national security" has been repealed, meaning that it is suddenly a nebulous, undefined term that (except in the case of issuing an intelligence warrant targeting a kiwi) can mean anything. We know that in the past the SIS have regarded Maori and women's rights movements, and the peace and environmental movements - entirely peaceful and democratic movements - as "threats" to "national security". This invites them to do it again. The clause they deleted invited them to do it too, but it at least nailed it down so that there were some things they clearly couldn't do, and invited the prospect of gutting it later. Now, they'll get to decide what it means in total secrecy.
  • Spy agencies can still use the "foreign organisation" dodge to target kiwis who are members of Greenpeace, Amnesty International, or similar NGOs.
  • The Select Committee has inserted a new subpart allowing intelligence agencies to compel the production of "business records" from banks, ISPS and telecommunications companies, including call metadata and IP addresses, but explicitly not "web browsing history". While this effectively duplicates the police production order scheme, there's no judges, and little oversight. The Commissioner of Security Warrants is involved in granting broad approvals to gain these records - basicly saying "SIS can demand call metadata from phone companies whenever they want" - but has no role in overseeing...


Gallery: FBi Click Presents Summer Dance with Harvey Sutherland, CC:DISCO & more "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FBi Click Presents Summer Dance #2 | 19.2.17 | Photo by Jethro Do Paco

Summer Dance turned into a summer storm Astral People nailed it again with Harvey Sutherland (live with Bermuda), CC:DISCO, Ben Fester and The Poss at the National Art School. Get tickets to the final Summer Dance event for 2017 here.


All photos by Jethro Do Paco, 19.2.17
FBi Click Presents Summer Dance #2 | 19.2.17 | Photo by Jethro Do Paco FBi Click Presents Summer Dance #2 | 19.2.17 | Photo by Jethro Do Paco FBi Click Presents Summer Dance #2 | 19.2.17 | Photo by Jethro Do Paco FBi Click Presents Summer Dance #2 | 19.2.17 | Photo by Jethro Do Paco FBi Click Presents Summer Dance #2 | 19.2.17 | Photo by Jethro Do Paco FBi Click Presents Summer Dance #2 | 19.2.17 | Photo by Jethro Do Paco ...


Pipped behind the post? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

They sought him here, they sought him there, they sought him everywhere that elusive glorious green and red Pip-ernell!
Pip, the Apple Fairs mascot, has been been busy playing hide and seek with excited Prep students at Ocean Grove primary school recently as preparations move into full swing for the schools annual big event.
The school will kick off the long weekend with this popular fun-filled event on Friday 10 March, from 4pm.
Now in its 22nd year, the twilight Apple Fair is hugely popular with families, locals and visitors to the Bellarine, as well as an important fund-raiser for the school.
There will be carnival rides, silent and live auctions, traditional village fair activities, delicious baked goods, fabulous hot food, Flying Brick Cider and fantastic live entertainment on stage all evening.
This year, the Apple Fair is introducing writstbands which can be pre-purchased from the school for $40 each and will then allow unlimited carnival rides and avoid the hassle of purchasing tickets on the night.
For more information, or to purchase ride wrtistbands, please contact Ocean Grove Primary School on 5255 1340.
This years special guests at the fair will include the Apple Fairies, the Ocean Grove Primary School parent band.
The Apple Fairies are Matt Shanahan, Aaron Wales, Bianca Forrester, Andrew Vickers, Phil Turnour and Tara Lynch. All of the fairies have performed as professional musicians for many years and decided to come together to create a fun night of music for the Apple Fair.
We have decided to go with an 80s theme as this is the music of our childhood. Many of the songs have been made popular by childrens movies and popular culture so the children will also relate. Expect to hear some Ghostbusters, Edge of 17, Boys in Town, Shook Me All Night Long and many more, band member Tara Lynch said.
We also have the Bec Fairy 80s dance troupe joining us as a flash mob for Footloose. There will be lots of big hair, shoulder pads, epic ballads and rock anthems.
The focus is on having a good time and getting all the children and parents on the dance floor. Hopefully we will not embarrass our children too much.

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So much more to cherish "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Giving your best friend a treat is going to be a walk in the park this weekend.
Cherished Pets will be running their annual dog-friendly outdoor cinema event at Ocean Grove Park on Saturday 4 March to raise money for their charity which provides a helping hand to isolated, elderly pet owners.
They will be screening the film Finding Dory at sundown as well as providing stalls, pre-movie entertainment and plenty of activities for the kids. A special attraction will be a photo booth where people and their pooches can be immortalised on their big night out in the park.
A range of food vendors will be on site and woofing down will be encouraged.
All dogs will be very welcome as long as they are on leads.
Gates will open at 5pm and while this is a free community event organisers are asking people to pre-register for the event.
The Cherished Pets Foundation, formed by Geelong region vet Alicia Kennedy, works to match two animal-loving volunteers to an elderly pet owner so they can help with exercise and other care as needed.
Frail, aged or disabled pet owners who meet the criteria for council HACC (Home and Community Care) services are qualified for help from Cherished Pets.
Volunteers can also help develop a plan for the animals care if its owner becomes ill or can no longer look after their beloved pet.
What weve developed is a community pet care project which has animal health and wellbeing at its heart, Dr Kennedy said.
The event has been made possible by sponsors such as Ocean Grove Connected Communities, RT Edgar, and Hire A Hubby. Organisers do warn that this event will be weather dependent so they are asking everyone to check early on the day.
For further information about the foundation or to make a donation you can go to

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National Sustainability in Business Conference "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

National Sustainability in Business Conference 2017 Renewables - Markets - Innovation - Opportunities - Capital Following feedback from Association members and partners the "National Sustainability in Business Conference" has been reconvened, and will be held the Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane from the 23-24 March 2017. The National Sustainability Conference themed 'Renewables - Markets - Innovation - Opportunities - Capital' will address the need for sustainable business practices, and what this means in today's ever-changing world.The Conference will bring together Business leaders, SME's, Academics and Practitioners from Australia and New Zealand while providing an opportunity to network with others who are building profitable and sustainable business models, services and products.The conference will update delegates on a range of effective sustainable business practises including Renewable Energy and Carbon initiatives. We will examine Governments' sustainability and business funding plans. Join us and discover new business opportunities and trends in the sector along with the findings of recent research. "Sustainability is the single biggest business opportunity of the 21st century." - Will Day, Former Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission (UK).All participants will have access to the podcasts of program presentations (included in registration). The program will feature over 50 presentations.


10th International Urban Design Conference "IndyWatch Feed"

International Urban Design Conference Smart Cities for 21st Century Australia The 2016 conference finished with an overview by the Conference Advisory Committee outlining the key issues discussed and each presenting a challenge for all the delegates. The Committee identified the major challenges of good urban design; that understanding what is meant by a 'smart city' is not easy and often complex; every project is different, so dissecting projects can help to formulate and conceptualise; professional organisations must act as leaders; the value of the personal experience within the urban context; role of government versus community and public engagement. Challenges put to the delegates included acting as agents of changes within the industry and working collaboratively for good outcomes.


In which the pond does a few bibs, bobs and a dribby drabby dog botherer ... "IndyWatch Feed"

The pond had thought of doing a bits and bobs TGIF lunchtime edition.

After all, it's surely worth noting that the barking mad Bettina Arndt has fully settled into her natural Spectator habitat ... scribbling this sort of nonsense ..

There must be a way of giving enthusiastic support for rightful claims for tolerance and understanding to minority groups without being bullied into absurd policies which subvert the needs of the general population.

There must be a way? How about send them up shitless, that's always great fun ... oh, and show them indulging in blood-sport warfare..

But make sure you contort the body to avoid showing the cock. It's the discreet conservative way ...

Then there was this from Michael Gove, found at the Graudian here ...

Goves flow of answers only dried up when he was asked about reports that Murdoch was present when he interviewed Trump for the Times, although Gove did indicate it could have been the case. The best thing to say I think, in fairness is, um, in securing the interview, I think the fact that it was the Times newspaper and the fact that we had the whats the word ... I think its probably better for me not to go into how the interview arose or how it came about but I think its entirely fair for people to make a set of conclusions or assumptions about that, he said, somewhat cryptically.

Somewhat cryptically?

As abstruse as anyone with their head stuck up their bum, while serving as an MP and shamelessly pocketing an abundance of cash in the paw from the chairman ...

And then there was a bunch of scientists ready to declare war on the carp and mocking alarmists ... also in the Graudian ...


No wonder Gillard wanted to hide the Trust Fund she set up for Bruce Wilson "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is the original Trust Deed for the AWU Fatal Accident and Death Benefits Fund. Note the Trustees are the gentlemen trustees of the AWU Mining Division. This is the Title Deed to the property at Burt Street purchased by the Trust. You will note the registered proprietor was the...


Americas Druggy Stupor "IndyWatch Feed"

The presidents Council of Economic Advisers tells us that about half of all working-age Americans without jobs are on some form of drug either prescription or illegal.

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One Thing Standing Between You and a From Fortune Share Trading "IndyWatch Feed"

This mistake can cost you dearly. I believe its the number one reason share traders fail. What action do you think this is?

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Australian Regional Development Conference "IndyWatch Feed"

The 4th Australian Regional Development Conference will be held in Coffs Harbour -11th - 12th September Australia's sustainability and future are reliant on the development of regional areas. Regional and Remote Communities know what they need, collaboration is key doing what we have always done will not generate different results.


What Are the Odds on an 80% Stock Market Correction? "IndyWatch Feed"

Are you excited, nervous or mystified by the US stock markets seemingly relentless march higher?

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Cuts to penalty rates may launch a new battle for rights and work "IndyWatch Feed National"

Editorial comment Yesterday, the Fair Work Commission decided to cut penalty rates for hospitality, restaurant, fast food, retail and pharmacy workers. Loadings for working Sundays...

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Mixed messages over Byron resort train "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jeremy Holmes, spokesperson for the Byron Bay Railroad Company (BBRC) claimed that a video of train serial number 721, shown on the (unofficial) Byron Bay Train Facebook site is a different train to the one it will operate and is operating under vastly different conditions (Byron Shire Echo, 8 February 2017).

In fact, the featured train is exactly the same train BBRC was then showing in its advertising, train carriage serial number 721. Readers can see side-by-side images to prove this on the same FB page.

While the train in the video might not be the exact same train, it is the same type of train, and it gives an indication of the very disturbing noise levels to be expected in the future.

If or when the BBRC train operates under solar generated electricity, there may be no exhaust noise, but Mr Holmes cannot counter that the screech and clatter from the steel wheels on steel rails in the video is substantial, and that this will be replicated in situ in Byron Bay.

It would be helpful if Mr Holmes released a video of the train BBRC intends to use to avoid further confusion and misinformation about the trains green credentials and noise.

We also ask Mr Holmes to be crystal clear about his companys intention to operate the train at higher frequencies than the initial 28 passes a day.

He and his employer clearly stated to our representatives that they could and would if they saw fit, run the train at a frequency of up to four times per hour in each direction or potentially 120 passes per day.

Such intensive use would presumably require a higher dependency on the diesel engine, which would not only add to the noise levels but also make it a non-solar train.

Mr Holmes has invited readers to contact him with any questions they might have over the train.

As residents, please ask him about his intentions to operate the train at the much higher frequencies it is capable of, and what this would mean for its solar credentials.

You should also ask if he is happy to cap the usage at a level that takes into account the requirements of those living along the corridor, or using the Kendall Street crossing.

Readers might also ask council how this train was approved in the first place, and whether it is prepared to place a formal cap on frequency that might limit the impacts on the environment and residential amenity to more reasonable levels.

The community needs more clarity from Mr Holmes and BBRC. And it needs council to stand up for the community and place a cap on the frequency with which the train can operate.

 Paul Belin, secretary, Action Group Association

The post...


Winter riding on the Sunshine Coast "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

If youre looking for a bit of sunshine this winter, head north to the Sunshine Coast which has some of the best riding roads in Queensland.

Many Brisbane riders head up to the Sunshine Coast for a day ride, but by the time they arrive and have lunch, its time to head home.

By the way, we highly recommend eating at motorcycle friendly Ricks Garage or Kenilworth Hotel, although you are not short for great eateries at this tourist mecca.

St Glide and Glasshouse Mts Winter riding on the Sunshine CoastRicks Garage is motorcycle friendly

However, we suggest staying a night or two in winter when temperatures are in their 20s from 8am and accommodation rates are often less than half the high season rates.

Central location

We chose to stay at the Ramada Marcela Beach Resort which is a redevelopment of the old Surf Air where we stayed as honeymooners some three decades ago.

Its now mushroomed from one to three modern towers with a bistro downstairs, massive pool, day spa, undercover secure motorcycle parking and easy beach access.

Its also right opposite the Sunshine Coast Airport, so interstate riders can easily fly in, hire a bike and base themselves here at a central point on the coast for day loops to the south, west and north.

Marcoola Beach is away from the heavily trafficked tourist areas with instant access to the looping, meandering roads into the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Ramada manager Luke Saunder says the location is great for riders as its central.

Its away from the hustle and bustle, its right opposite the airport and there is a bistro on site and restaurants across the road, he says.

And winter rates are very accommodating. For example, a single hotel room is about $115 a night.

Its even cheaper if you ride with friends. A nicely appointed three-bedroom apartment would cost $500 a night through the summer h...


Newsletter: Mitchell Humanitarian Award | AAC wrap | PNG currency "IndyWatch Feed"

Veterinarian Robyn Alders wins inaugural Mitchell Humanitarian Award

In front of a full house at the conference dinner, veterinarian Dr Robyn Alders was named the winner of the inaugural Mitchell Humanitarian Award for her career-long efforts to eliminate Newcastle disease in village chickens. She was presented the prize by Harold Mitchell AO, after whom the award is named. You can read Robyns fascinating story here  in our Aid Profiles series, or this story about her win that ran across Fairfax newspapers on the weekend. Weve also put up a blog on Robyns acceptance speech. Stay tuned for a new series of Aid Profiles this year, which will form the shortlist for the 2018 award.

AAC wrap

Read Camilla Burkot and Anthea Mulakalas wrap of the 2017 Australasian Aid Conference, and Ashlee Betteridges winning entry in the Three Minute Aid Pitch. You can also watch video of all plenary, keynote and a few parallel sessions here. Well be putting up podcasts and presentations for other sessions shortly, with more blogs to come. Fill in our feedback survey here.  Photos of the conference and conference dinner are now available...


Mango Upside Down Cake "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Picked the last of the mangoes this morning.  Maybe a week more of mango gluttony, then its over (except for the chutney and the pickles and the icecream) for another year.

So heres the mango upside down cake recipe, so I remember it for next year.

The Recipe:

Turn your oven on to heat up to medium (180C or 350F).

Grease a 20 cm cake tin and line the base with a circle of greaseproof paper.

Make the mango topping first.

Slice enough mangoes to nearly cover the bottom of the cake pan in a single layer.  Arrange them in a decorative circle if you like. Sprinkle half a cup of chopped macadamia nuts in the gaps.

In a frypan, melt a good dessertspoon of butter and a good dessertspoon of raw sugar. Cook for a few minutes till the butter sugar mix just starts to caramelise and go sticky, then drizzle this mix over the mangoes and nuts.

Now make the cake batter.

In a food processor, blend together 100 gm butter (just under half a cup, or most of a stick) with half a cup of  brown sugar.

When it is nice and fluffy, add three eggs, one by one, and half a cup of chopped mango.

Then a teaspoon of vanilla, or scrape half a pod, and a cup of self-raising flour.

Pour this over the mango topping.

Bake for around 40 minutes in a medium oven till a straw comes out clean.

Cool for ten minutes or so in the pan, then carefully turn out. I run a knife around the edge of the cake in the pan, put a plate over the top, then invert and tap lightly on the bottom of the pan.  Carefully peel off the paper. Voila!


SIX STRINGS: Small Town Romance "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Small Town Romance are a five-piece band but at their core they are Jim Arneman and Flora Smith, an Australian duo who weave authentic country sounds into a modern Americana context. Two beautiful voices that intertwine and tell tales of heartache populated with people and places. On their self-titled album of last year they created a Continue reading


Subsidised renewable energy: from little things bad things grow "IndyWatch Feed"

In his outstanding address launching the compendium Making Australia Right, Tony Abbott offered a fivefold agenda. Malcolm Turnbull recognised this as, in effect, throwing down a leadership challenge.

The key feature, as when Turnbull first lost the Liberal Party leadership to Abbott, is energy policy.  Turnbull is addicted to the renewable creed and will, as he once did before, sacrifice his leadership to keep it in operation.

Turnbulls lame response to Abbotts challenge was to claim that his government is on track to reduce emissions in accordance with our  international obligations, emssin reduction plans that are atrophying with the Trump ascendancy. He spouts the need for a coordinated plan between all governments otherwise, he says, we will end up like South Australia.

His prejudices against fossil fuels are reinforced by the technology fix approach of his Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, presently studying Ireland and Denmark, the worlds two least successful energy policy jurisdictions.  Turnbull wants more storage batteries when the issue is the high costs that the energy policy is creating by substituting renewables at three fold the cost of coal and nothing like its reliability

Turnbulls sledging of the hapless crow-eaters is a convenient way of deflecting criticism of his own (and in fact Abbotts) policy.  But it is totally inaccurate.  South Australia, in facilitating wind, was doing precisely what the Commonwealth sought it to do under the Renewable Energy Target.  Even though the government in Adelaide evinced the cockeyed optimism of the green loons, policy was driven by Commonwealth subsidies which South Australia attracted by putting fewer impediments in the way of new wind development than other states.

Turnbulls coordinated planning between government agencies is precisely what has got us into the present impasse.  Australian energy policy is a living proof that, as with a national plan for the supply of food, petrol or entertainment, management by high level committees of government is a prescription for inefficiency.

This is only worsened in the case of energy by having decision making dominated by a new class of renewable energy anti-carbon evangelicals. Government ministers determining how an industry should operate will inevitably mean political overrides of the nature that has transformed Australia from the worlds lowest cost to among the highest cost and unreliable electricity industry.

Even without meddling by ministers keen to win favors from vested interests and to please the elites, as demonstrated by the pathetic solutions of more intervention and more regulations offered by Finkel (see...


Bid to boost trucks for Tweed water-mining business "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The water extraction and bottling plant site at 477 Urliup Road. Operators want to boost the size of the current delivery trucks used from six metres to 19 metres long, which has raised the ire of neighbours. Image Tweed Shire Council

The water extraction and bottling plant site at 477 Urliup Road. Operators want to boost the size of the current delivery trucks used from six metres to 19 metres long, which has raised the ire of neighbours. Image Tweed Shire Council

By Luis Feliu

The expansion of controversial water mining in the Tweed looks set to draw further flak, with an extraction and bottling business at rural Bilambil pushing to treble the size of delivery trucks currently used from six metres to 19 metres long.

The mineral-water and bottling operation at 477 Urliup Road, approved 13 years ago, is much larger than the proposed controversial bore-water extraction and transport development plan by a former state agriculture minister for Rowlands Creek Road, Uki, currently being assessed by council planners.

Both the Urliup business, run by longtime Tweed business identities the Karlos family, and the Uki proposal by former Labor minister Jack Hallam, have stirred community unrest and opposition.

Tweed shire councillors next Thursday will consider a request from the Urliup operators to change their consent conditions to allow for the much larger trucks as well as a proposal to upgrade the road at their own expense to accommodate them.

Councils chief planner Vince Connell has also asked councillors for direction on whether there is a sufficient nexus or link between the plan to increase the size of the already-approved six-metre truck to 19 metres (with deliveries set at six or 12 trips a day) to justify the extent of the upgrade works being proposed given the rural roads current condition.

Both the applicant and Council staff agree that some work needs to be done to Urliup Road to make it safe for a 19m truck and other road users however what is in dispute is the level of work being required and who should be required to fund these works, Mr Connell said in his report.

The applicant is arguing that the road is in such a poor state of repair that their proposed improvements are more than adequate to accommodate the development being proposed.

The applicant is therefore asking counc...


Abbott positions himself again to lead assault against the interests of the majority "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Contributed by Joe Montero In a major speech in Sydney at the launch of a new book by James Allen, Making Australia Right, dumped former prime minister...

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Govt funds study into light rail from Qld to Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Could Gold Coast trams be running to Byron Bay sometime in the future? (pic youtube)

Could Gold Coast trams be running to Byron Bay sometime in the future? (pic youtube)

The NSW Government is funding a multi-million study looking at extending the Gold Coast light rail network south into the Tweed, and possibly as far as Byron Bay.

But the announcement has been met with skepticism by NSW Labors shadow minister for the North Coast Walt Secord, who said few people doubted it would ever happen.

Nevertheless, Tweed MP Geoff Provest said he would meet Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to discuss the link-up but pointed out that interstate negotiations had been ongoing since last year when the Gold Coast City council endorsed plans to take trams to the border.

The Tweed Shire Council has also backed the proposal, with Deputy Mayor Chris Cherry and councillor Warren Polglase telling Gold Coast media that there was strong political support for the light rail to stretch south of the border.

Byron Shire mayor Simon Richardson has also thrown his support behind the idea saying  a million visitors could visit Byron without their cars.

Mr Secord said however that he was skeptical.

In principle, I welcome the funding of a study on the possibility of extending the Gold Coast light rail project from the Queensland border down to Byron Bay, but it is like all National Party promises, Mr Secord said.

It is just a promise and very few people believe it will actually happen.

I will give Geoff Provest the benefit of the doubt this time if he gets a light rail track constructed from the Gold Coast down to Byron Bay, I will be the first person to shake his hand and congratulate him.

The Nationals and Tweed MP Geoff Provest have a dreadful track record when it actually comes to delivery. They promise big and deliver very little.

The North Coast is littered with broken promises. Geoff Provest promised to increase police numbers; upgrade the Tweed Hospital; a high school for Pottsville and a homeless centre for the region and in all cases, nothing has happened.

Deep down in my heart I want to believe Geoff Provest will deliver the promise, but his track record says otherwise.



The post...


President Trump Seems to be Trying- Give Him a Chance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Do you all understand the significance of President Trump going onto TV and talking about child trafficking- and DIRECTLY CONTRADICTING Ashton Kutchers bullshit in front of Congress?

It DOES happen here- and NO ONE understands the depth.

MUCH DIFFERENT from Kutcher- and I might be wrong- but could that be SINCERITY in President Trumps voice?

Because something tells me that it is.


strypey: @kuro sorry but that's the raw facts. How does that story have anything to do with a "debate about change"? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

@kuro sorry but that's the raw facts. How does that story have anything to do with a "debate about change"?


strypey: @kuro you redistributed a clickbait story, which misreports a bullshit "study", to reinforce insulting stereotypes about younger people "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

@kuro you redistributed a clickbait story, which misreports a bullshit "study", to reinforce insulting stereotypes about younger people


Team Leader Visitor Services "IndyWatch Feed National"

 Australian National Maritime Museum


Heterosexual privilege "IndyWatch Feed National"

For me, marriage equality has always been more of a political than personal issue. This, despite the fact I have several close friends in non-heterosexual relationships. But perhaps this was the root of the problem: Id approached the inequality intellectually and whenever I needed to personalise it, I always did so by way of my discriminated-against friends. I was that self-righteous heterosexual: I care because I have gay friends.


Suffolk Park man arrested for allegedly selling drugs online "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Some of the alleged drugs that were seized by police. (supplied)

Some of the alleged drugs that were seized by police. (supplied)

A 37-year-old Suffolk Park man appeared in the Byron Bay Local Court yesterday on charges related to the alleged supply of drugs online.

Tweed/Byron Local Area Command police arrested the man on Wednesday following an investigation into the sale of cannabis and cannabis-related products via an online website.

Police allege they intercepted packages sent by the man to people who had placed orders online.

The man was arrested at his Suffolk Park home on Wednesday and taken to the Byron Bay Police Station.

He was charged with eight counts of supplying a prohibited drug, possession of a prohibited drug and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

The man appeared in the Byron Bay Local Court yesterday and was granted conditional bail to reappear on 9 March.

Items seized by police after raiding a home in Suffolk Park on Wednesday. (supplied)

Items seized by police after raiding a home in Suffolk Park on Wednesday. (supplied)



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Will cuts to Sunday penalty rates become a textbook example of unintended consequences? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ABC News, 23 February 2017:

Let's start by calling a spade a spade. Sunday penalty rates have been cut by the Fair Work Commission. Not "equalised" or "brought in line" with Saturday rates. Cut.

Business, big and small, has been seeking this cut for years, saying Sunday penalties are a legacy of a bygone era where families went to church one that's costing them a tidy sum.

They also argue it's a legacy that's been costing jobs, with many employers choosing not to open on Sundays, or to maintain just a skeleton staff (although ask yourself, just how many retailers, restaurants, cafes and bars are actually shut on Sunday?).

But the cuts to Sunday penalty rates could become a textbook example of unintended consequences, where a move supposed to increase employment instead hurts the economy and increases business failures and job losses.

Why? Because the hundreds of thousands of retail and hospitality workers affected by this decision are also customers.

What do you think happens when you cut someone's pay packet by as much as 25 per cent for their Sunday shifts?

(For a typical permanent retail worker on the award who always works Sunday shifts this will cut their annual pay by about $3,500).

They either have to work more, or they have to cut their spending to match their new, lower wage....


Johnny Flynn Unveils New Single Heart Sunk Hank "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Johnny Flynn English singer-songwriter and actor Johnny Flynn has unveiled the latest single from his upcoming album Sillion (due on the 24th March), the stripped back Heart Sunk Hank. The production on the track is interesting kicking off as a wonky vinyl recording (courtesy of a 1940s Voice-o-Graph), moving into a []


Isolationism the historic force in US politics "IndyWatch Feed"

YOU have to go back to 1829 to find the beginning of a presidential term as chaotic as the one this year. In 1829 Andrew Jackson entered the White House after a handsome electoral victory. He thereupon removed 919 government officials about 10 per cent of the administration so he could fulfill numerous promises made to people during the election campaign. And so began the spoils or patronage system in US politics which has ebbed and flowed ever since and is now flowing bigly.

Jackson had other similarities with Donald Trump. He was very much an America first president. The previous six Presidents were more internationally inclined. Jackson also saw himself as the direct representative of the common man and very much anti-establishment. He was also in favour of abolishing the Electoral College, just like Trump at least until the 2016 election night.

Some of this history can help explain, if not the actions of Trump himself, at least historical trends behind the reasons people voted for him.

Jackson founded Democratic Party, which has obviously evolved for the better since, but it shows that party labels are not always helpful in understanding presidential positioning. Remember, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

Nor are the labels left and right especially helpful. It is difficult to pin either label on Trump. Radical, conservative and liberal are also not very helpful.

Somewhat more helpful is a presidents attitude to the outside world whether he (and they have all been hes) is an isolationist, on one hand, or an international engager, on the other.

The first six presidents were international engagers insofar as the times allowed. They thought that America had something unique to offer the world through the Declaration of Independences words that that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was not just Americans but all men. (Women and slaves were to get that equality later, at least theoretically.)

The first six presidents hoped that this first republican constitution with checks and balances and a Bill of Right would be an example to the world.

Jackson changed that, at least for a fair while.

Later, Lincoln took the world view despite being embroiled in the Civil War. At Getty...


Sweeping changes to QLD electoral map and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Redistribution Commission has proposed changes to Queenslands electoral map for the next election, with nineteen new or renamed electorates, including four extra seats across the state to be part of the changes. Image source: wikimedia

In Brisbane, Ashgrove, Mt Coot-tha, and Indooroopilly have been reshaped into two new electorates - Cooper and Maiwar - with MPs to have to move to one of the new electorates if they are to be re-elected.

Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk said the changes may alter the electorate Queenslanders belong to, guaranteeing the next election, due in 12 months, would be contested along the new boundaries. The draft boundaries are open for comments and objections until the end of May.


More Evocca College campuses set to close


The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Erskineville, New South Wales, Australia. Thanks for stopping by!


MG offers prospect of 3 cents/kg step up "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Murray Goulburn dairy farmers can only hope for a 3 cents a kilogram step up by the end of this financial year, after the company released its half yearly results this morning. See the full statement below.




Giving Comfort To The War Criminals: Benjamin Netanyahus Visit To Australia Shames Us All "IndyWatch Feed"

The prime Minister of Israel is visiting Australia. And our government and media are turning a conveniently blind eye to his horrendous war crimes, writes Michael Brull.

Remember when Donald Trump was running for President, and he said that he could shoot someone in the middle of New York without losing any voters? Thats basically the perfect analogy for the red carpet being rolled out to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this week.

Netanyahu is an overtly racist brute. He has murdered thousands of people, and openly announces his intention to offer de jure institutionalisation of de facto apartheid in Palestine. The reaction from Australias political class has ranged from warm welcome in the Coalition, to mild disapproval on the left extreme of the ALP.

Trump merely bragged what he could get away with. Netanyahu proves that no matter how extreme, racist and rejectionist Israel gets, the response from the two major political parties will at most consist of lukewarm expressions of concern.


Netanyahus record of savagery

For almost two months in 2014, from early July to late August, Israel bombed Gaza. The destruction was immense. Whole suburbs were levelled and razed. Entire families were wiped out at a time, as 216 people were killed in attacks on their homes. Gazas infrastructure was devastated. Ambulances and medical personnel were bombed at least 24 times. Some 18 000 homes were damaged or destroyed. 100,000 Palestinians were displaced, out of a population of close to 2 million. Israel damaged 63 water facilities, and destroyed 23. The only power plant in Gaza was bombed four times. 2,251 Palestinians were killed, including 1462 civilians, and 551 children. Over 11 000 were injured. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children were left needing direct and specialised psycho-social support.

Responding to mounting horror at all the death and destruction, Netanyahu urged people around the world not to respond too sympathetically to the horrifying images. The Palestinians want to pile up as many civilian dead as they can. They use telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause.

A file image of Gaza in 2009. (IMAGE: gloucester2gaza, Flickr)A file image of Gaza in 2009. (IMAGE: gloucester2gaza, Flickr...


Long-serving Saints fan meets her hero "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Wonthaggis Harper Lenny Pallot and Harvey Smith were named after St Kilda legends Lenny Hayes and Robert Harvey. The pair were happy to meet Saints Tim Membrey, Ray Connellan and Josh Bruce. rg090817

Huge St Kilda fan Shane Rout was thrilled to meet Saints Tim Membrey, Ray Connellan and Josh Bruce. rg110817

St Kilda big man Jake Carlisle and young gun Jimmy Webster put Inverlochs Archie ONeill through his paces at South Gippsland McDonalds Junior Academy training session at Foster on Saturday.

THE St Kilda Football Club was in town on Friday and loyal supporter Jessie Macaulay was as eager as anyone to meet some of the players at an official function at the Wonthaggi Club.
And there was no player who received more attention from the Wonthaggi resident than exciting forward Josh Bruce, who called Jessie to wish her a happy 100th birthday back in August.
Jessie was thrilled to meet her new favourite player in person on Friday night.
Hes my number one pin-up now, Jessie said.
I used to say Id like Nick Riewoldts boots under my bed, but I think hes too busy now with his own wife, so Ive got Josh now.
Jessie was at the MCG for St Kildas last premiership triumph as a 50 year-old in 1966, when the Saints overcame Collingwood by a point.
She still has fond memories of the day.
In those days, we were able to bring our drink in so we thought that we were going to win so we were all prepared with our champagne...


Hundreds protest against Israeli PM in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Pro-Palestine protesters against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Australia outside the Town Hall in Sydney on Thursday. AAP Image/David Moir

Pro-Palestine protesters against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahus visit to Australia outside the Town Hall in Sydney on Thursday. AAP Image/David Moir

Jodie Stephens

SYDNEY [AAP & other sources]

About 650 pro-Palestine protesters have gathered in Sydney to condemn Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he makes a historic visit to Australia.

A police helicopter hovered overhead and about 80 officers were on the ground as protesters marched through the city centre from Town Hall on Thursday evening.

They chanted Israel, USA, how many kids have you killed today, and carried signs describing Mr Netanyahu as a fascist and a war criminal.

Hilal Asmar, a Palestinian living in Sydney, told AAP it was unfair that Mr Netanyahu had received such a warm welcome from Australian politicians, when back home he was under investigation for corruption.

There were moments of tension during the demonstration and officers from the riot squad quickly removed a man who approached the crowd yelling long live Israel.

Background on Australias relationship with Israel:

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Evans Head group calls for Royal Commission into aviation safety "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome. (supplied)

The Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome. (supplied)

An Evans Head group has warned that the Essendon Airport crash must act as a wake-up call for the NSW Department of Planning and the Environment (DOPE) in NSW, planning authorities in other states, and the federal government with regard to residential and other forms of development such as shopping centres on and around airports regardless of location.

The group says the federal government seems to have left planning around airports including safety zones entirely to state governments despite the fact that aviation and aviation safety is a cross border issue.

President of the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome Committee Dr Richard Gates said the most concerning feature of planning around airfields and airports in NSW is that how close residential development is permitted to come to an airfield is determined by a noise nuisance measure, the Australia Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF).

The ANEF is a series of contours which reflect increasingly louder noise nuisance profiles for aircraft noise with developments of certain types not permitted within certain contours or with mitigation such as double glazing or sound insulation, Dr Gates said.

The problem is that the noise contours are used as a surrogate for safety zones around airfield, a quite inappropriate use of a noise nuisance measure.

Aircraft noise and risk of accident around airfields are two quite different profiles with accident risk for take-off and landing requiring a much larger land area particularly around the end of runways where accident data (widely respected and used California accident data sets) show that most accidents occur.

The problem with the federal aviation authorities is that they have moved to an affordable risk model for aviation safety.   This model is based on the fact that aviation accidents in Australia are relatively rare in Australia so if the chances of an accident are 3 in a million take-offs and landings then insurance risk is low and authorities can afford to cover such eventualities should there be a loss of a hull [aircraft].

The problem with the model is that you cant predict when such an accident will occur. While the incidence might be very low it could be the very next flight which crashes into a residential area with loss of life and consequent calls for an airfield to be closed as we have seen at Essendon yet....


Churchs obligation to protect children "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge departs after giving evidence at the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney on February 8. AAP Image/Paul Miller

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge departs after giving evidence at the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney on February 8. AAP Image/Paul Miller

Megan Neil


The Catholic Church has a solemn obligation to fix its colossal failure to protect children from sexual abuse and prevent it from happening again, its Australian leaders say.

The church as an institution has been responsible for shocking child sexual abuse and therefore has an obligation to be a significant part of the solution, Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe says.

There may be many people who would think that our record and our reputation is so damaged that we have nothing to offer, and I would understand that, but I think that, tragically and unfortunately, we have learnt an awful lot about this terrible scourge, he said.

The church has a most solemn obligation to be part of the solution but must work with others, Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge told the child sex abuse royal commission.

I say this as a leader of an institution that is hugely embedded in this society and therefore has a special responsibility to exercise responsible citizenship, which, in this particular regard, we have failed to do.

Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher described the churchs response to the child abuse as criminal negligence.

In other cases, I think there were people that were just like rabbits in the headlights. They just had no idea what to do, and their performance was appalling.

Archbishop Fisher said there was tremendous ignorance of the prevalence of this terrible evil and its damage, as well as a desire to protect the church and avoid scandal.

I dont mean that people didnt know it was evil, tha...


New boundaries to shake up Qld parliament "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk at a press conference in Brisbane on Thursday. The Queensland government has unveiled a real-time donation disclosure system in the lead-up to the next state election. The system will show all donations over $1,000 to any politician within seven business days. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk at a press conference in Brisbane on Thursday. The Queensland government has unveiled a real-time donation disclosure system in the lead-up to the next state election. The system will show all donations over $1,000 to any politician within seven business days. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Stuart Layt


The upcoming Queensland election is set to be fought on drastically redrawn electoral boundaries which have been inadvertently released a day early.

In a major political shake-up, set to impact on many sitting members of parliament, there are 18 new or renamed seats drafted by the Queensland Redistribution Commission.

The commission was due to unveil the states proposed electoral boundaries on Friday morning but regional media organisations published the changes on Thursday afternoon.

It created shockwaves around the state and some headaches for both the Labor government and the Liberal National Party opposition ahead of pre-selection battles.

Frontbench figures on both sides will be seriously affected, including education minister Kate Jones whose Ashgrove electorate has been redrawn and renamed, just like shadow treasurer Scott Emersons seat of Indooroopilly.

Six new seats have been created, while one has been scrapped and many existing southeast electorates merged, to take the number of electorates from 89 to 93.

Among the new seats are Hill in north Queensland, Jordan west of Logan, Bancroft north of Brisbane, Ninderry on the Sunshine Coast, and Theodore and Bonney on the northern Gold Coast.

More than a dozen other electorates have been renamed and many have had their boundaries changed, most...


Surfs Up for Byron Festival "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Byron Bay Surf Festival Directors James McMillan, his son Noah & Max Tischler. Photo by Maria Alves.

Byron Bay Surf Festival Directors James McMillan, his son Noah & Max Tischler. Photo by Maria Alves.

Close to 100 key sponsors, international VIPs and community members gathered at Stone and Wood last night to celebrate the opening of the 5th Byron Bay Surf Festival.

This three day event, which starts today and runs Saturday and Sunday features around 20 different free and ticketed events held across the Lone Goat Gallery, The Byron Theatre, The Beach Hotel, Wategoes Beach and the Byron Foreshore.

Founding Director of this non competitive event James McMillian welcomed new partner Max Tischler to the event as co-director declaring that the event he kick started back in 2010 Is better than the vision I had, or what I had seen coming.

McMillan credits his team for the breadth of programming and the impressive sponsors list that has made this years event such a stand out.

We pulled together an amazing team said James who went on to re-iterate the team and the events commitment to values of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Such initiatives include partnering with Certified: Encouraging Renewable Energy an innovative concept that encourages businesses to become energy aware and be certified as Renewable. With the aid of ENOVA, all Festival energy output will be produced from a renewable source in the local community.

Mr Tischler was clear that the two directors were very conscious of who we aligned with.

Brands like key sponsors Patagonia, Surf Stitch and Stone and Wood were clear choices as major event sponsors. Many of the other brands will have their wares on display at the Saturday beach side markets on the Byron Foreshore.

Theres no a brand on our banner than I havent researched about their ethos.. he said sipping the Stone and Wood signature beer, Tallows Gold.

The Directors were also part of the brewing process for this special event beer, which was based on a Belgian blonde style of beer with finger lime, sea salt and sea weed.

This year sees the Surf Festival move from October to February, a decision that was made says Max to take advantage of better surf conditions.

Although the event is largely held outdoors and in the surf with Sunset Cinema tonight, a surfiside beach market tomorrow and a day of fun s...



UN announcement highlights recent problems with the PNG Government's payment of bills Comes after state-owned electricity provider cut services to several government agencies over failure to pay bills Five other countries Venezuela, Libya, Sudan, Cape Verde and Vanuatu have also lost voting rights for non-payment Papua New Guinea has lost its vote in the United Nations General Assembly because it failed to pay its annual contributions. Papua New Guinea has lost its vote in the United Nations General Assembly because it failed to pay its annual contributions. PNG needs to pay the UN at least $180,000 to regain voting rights. It is one of six countries whose voting rights have been suspended for non-payment the others being Venezuela, Libya, Sudan, Cape Verde and Vanuatu. The UN's announcement highlights recent problems with the PNG Government's payment of bills. It comes after the state-owned electricity provider, PNG Power, cut services to the country's national parliament, Government House and several government agencies because of their failure to pay bills. PNG Power said government agencies owed $11 million as of the end of 2016. New Zealand's Foreign Minister raised the issue of PNG Government debts to NZ companies during a recent visit, and there are other examples of financial management problems. One of the most disturbing is a reported food shortage at a major prison, Baisu Jail in Mount Hagen. The jail's catering contractor ceased its services because it had not been paid and staff told local media they had to buy food themselves for 170 starving prisoners. The UN suspension also comes as PNG strives to become an influential international player. The country is preparing to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum meetings throughout next year, culminating in the expensive leaders' summit in November. There has been debate about whether PNG can afford the summit at a time of severe economic contraction and increasing public debt. The Australian Government has acknowledged it will spend roughly $100 million helping PNG host APEC, which is...


GO GIRLS! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Step Up & Go program aims to return women's self confidence and motivation in finding employment.

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In which the pond observes the return of the Messiah to his Terrorist stronghold ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Blink, and you'd miss the onion munching mad monk's front page appearance on the lizard Oz, tucked as it was down at the bottom on the left of the tree killing rag.

Couldn't they at least have tucked him to the right?

Every so often the pond regrets that its turf is the loon, right wing species, but it means, just like Troy Bramston, who drew the short straw for the reptiles, attention must be paid to the narcissist, attention-seeking, petulant failure, still dreaming of a return to the top job ... still doing his best to undermine Malware ... still proving to Cory that pissing inside the tent is much more fun than stepping outside the tent and going a discreet distance ...

Troy did his best to keep it short and sweet, and with just a few clips from one of the sources of the ruction ...

It's just more of the onion munching climate denialism bleating common to the species, but it gets particularly rich when the onion munche...


Julie Bishop doesn't see any problems for the Liberal Party with their Labor lite policies. "IndyWatch Feed National"

To the characterisation about plain speaking, I believe I fill that characterisation. Julie, how about, "I'm a plain speaker". Overnight Tony Abbott launched James Allen's book "Making Australia Right'. It sets out what's wrong with the place, particularly post-Turnbull. On the strength of Mr Abbott's speech I think he's on...


An Evening with Sebastian Barry "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A master storyteller
Wall Street Journal

Sebastian Barry is a playwright, novelist, and poet and is considered one of Irelands finest writers. He has twice been shortlisted for the MAN Booker prize and was named number one in The Guardians list of top ten writers to see live.

Join him in conversation with Chris Hanley to discuss his powerful new novel Days Without End, set in mid-nineteenth century America and described by Kazuo Ishiguro as a lyrical western offering a sweeping vision of America in the making.

We would like to thank Culture Ireland for supporting Sebastian Barrys visit to Australia.

Event Details

When: Thursday 2 March, 6:00 7.15pm
Where: Byron Theatre, 69 Jonson St Byron Bay.
Tickets: $35 / $30 members or students

Buy tickets at

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Dangerous poets help refugees "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

File photo of asylum seekers in the Mediterranean sea on 12 April 2015. EPA/Opielok Offshore Carriers

File photo of asylum seekers in the Mediterranean sea on 12 April 2015. EPA/Opielok Offshore Carriers

Supporting refugees in detention and those living in the community Dangerously Poetic Press will be doing a benefit evening in Mullumbimby on Saturday, 4 March.

A fun and dynamic night of poetry, music and performance is on the cards with local  songstress, Cass Curran performing from her new album, Travelling Home and troubadour Chris Mallory showing his talents alongside special guests. Up and coming young poet Jasmine Pierce will also be showcasing her work.

The theme of  hope and belonging will help highlight the plight of refugees both in Australia and around the world. Once a year we do a fundraiser, said organiser Laura Shore. This year we chose the Ballina Region for Refugees to be beneficiaries, a group that offers moral support for people in detention and homestay hosting of refugees in our area.

The event will take place at St. Martins Hall, 42 Stewart Street, Mullumbimby from 6.30 pm. A community dinner and wine will be available from 6.30 pm with events starting at 7 pm. A donation of $15 on the door.

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Netanyahu depicted as Hitler by Sydney protesters during historic Australia trip "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was met by pro-Palestinian protesters carrying a poster depicting him as Adolf Hitler during his official state visit to Australia. The visit marks the first from an acting Israeli premier to Australia. Around 650 pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in Sydney on Thursday to protest the visit, carrying a poster of Netanyahu with a Hitler-esque moustache and labeled 'Fascist'. Others in the crowd carried placards branding Netanyahu a 'war criminal' and 'terrorist', according to the Jerusalem Post, and lambasted the Australian government's strong ties with Israel.


1) Long-serving American Samoa congressman dies "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Indonesia seeks to strengthen cooperation with Australia

3) Freeport`s threat evokes a sense of nationalism: Hikmahanto

4) How Freeport Finds Deadlock with Indonesian Government
5) Jokowi to raise joint patrols in South China Sea
6) Govt Offers Three Options over Dispute to Freeport  
7) Airlangga University Supports Freeports Nationalization  
8) Jokowis visit to Australia special: Foreign Ministry


Deputy PM keeping an eye on historic rugby union match "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

NEWS OF this Saturdays historic Dingoes-Frillnecks rugby union test has rippled as far as the office of the deputy prime minister of Australia. Barnaby Joyce...


Detectives charge boy over crash, suspicious fires "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

POLICE HAVE confirmed a 15-year-old Cunnamulla boy charged with two counts of arson over two suspicious fires in Dalby last month is the alleged driver...


Netball legend makes points about resilience, personal responsibility "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

ITS NOT just a game for girls. That was one of the many messages netball legend Vicki Wilson brought home to students and adults alike...


Glimmer of hope for action on CBD facelift "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

IMPROVING THE central business district has been debated for nearly 15 years and so far nothing has come to fruition. But proponents of street ......


windigo: @jezra I might prefer getting my ass beat. It gets hot around here in the summer, probably hotter in Fresno. !tempfix "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

@jezra I might prefer getting my ass beat. It gets hot around here in the summer, probably hotter in Fresno. !tempfix


Airport breach leads to ice pipe, stolen cattle prods "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

POLICE FOUND an ice pipe and two stolen cattle prods after questioning a man about breaching airport security. Contract musterer Aidan ... To continue reading,...


Some wear out their welcomes at annual icebreaker "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

THE BEAUTY of the Welcome to Charleville party lies in its variety of welcomes. Newcomers, prodigal returns and temporary workers were all ... To continue...


Setback for Quilpies kitchen hope "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

FOODIE FRIENDS Della Whearty and Quilpies Sarah Tully felt the heat in the kitchen over the weekend in their instant restaurant. But perhaps ... To...


windigo: @postblue I do not - we might be running different versions of PHP. It doesn't look too hard to fix, though. I'll check into it. !tempfix "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

@postblue I do not - we might be running different versions of PHP. It doesn't look too hard to fix, though. I'll check into it. !tempfix


Street party to plug gap in Easter weekend "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

THE EASTER weekend will pack in more this year with a street party as a bridge between the Saturday rodeo and the races on Monday....


Stand in solidarity Defend the human rights of Fukushima survivors "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima remind the world how dangerous nuclear power is. But right now, the nuclear industry is trying to downplay the risks of a nuclear disaster. In Fukushima radiation exposure is still a very real threat despite failed decontamination.

The Japanese government is set to lift evacuation orders in heavily contaminated areas around Fukushima. It will cut compensation and housing support to survivors, who are still struggling six years later.

Their basic rights to health, housing, and environment are being violated. The government is desperately trying to minimize the disaster at the expense of survivors in an attempt to revive the dying nuclear industry and suffocate other cleaner energy sources. We must say no!

Sign now to demand the government provides fair compensation, housing support, and is fully transparent about the radiation risks.

Well deliver your signature to the Prime Minister so he hears the global wave

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High radiation risks in Fukushima village as government prepares to lift evacuation order Greenpeace "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

Tokyo, 21 February 2017 The Japanese government will soon lift evacuation orders for 6,000 citizens of iitate village in Fukushima prefecture where radiation levels in nearby forests are comparable to the current levels within the Chernobyl 30km exclusion zone an area that more than 30 years after the accident remains formally closed to habitation. Seventy-five percent of Iitate is contaminated forested mountains.

A recent Greenpeace Japan led survey team found radiation dose rates at houses in the village of Iitate well above long-term government targets, with annual and lifetime exposure levels posing a long-term risk to citizens who may return. Evacuation orders will be lifted for Iitate no later than 31 March 2017, to be followed one year later by the termination of compensation payments.

The relatively high radiation values, both inside and outside houses, show an unacceptable radiation risk for citizens if they were to return to

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Deputy chair role on state infrastructure committee "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

WARREGO MP Ann Leahy has been nominated as deputy chairwoman of the state parliaments infrastructure, planning and ... To continue reading, please log in or...



Radiation Free Lakeland


Radiation Free Lakelands Marianne Birkby is honoured to be invited to speak at the next Mystery Tea House film showing in Preston. Into Eternity organised by REAL, Friends of the Earth and Beautiful Planet

This eye opening film is of more relevance to Preston and the North West than we are being led to believe.   The film will be shown on 24th February at 7pm

Plans for the biggest nuclear power development in Europe on the West Coast of Cumbria, Geological Dumping of Nuclear Waste under the Lake District and the risks of fracking  just five miles from the worlds first nuclear fuel manufacturing plant will be discussed.

What has the planned geological dump for nuclear wastes in Finland got to do with Preston? More than you think!!

Hope to see you there!

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Fukushima 6 Years After: No Return to Normal "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

The Japanese government is set to lift evacuation orders in heavily contaminated areas around Fukushima. It will cut compensation and housing support to survivors, who are still struggling six years later.

Their basic rights to health, housing, and environment are being violated. The government is desperately trying to minimize the disaster at the expense of survivors in an attempt to revive the dying nuclear industry and suffocate other cleaner energy sources. We must say no!

Greenpeace has just published report on the Fukushima disaster entitled No return to normal. They made a study of the potential doses of the inhabitants who would return to the evacuated areas, with a focus on Iitate-mura.

The report is based on many on-site measurements and makes lifetime dose assessments.It should be noted that the samples were taken by the citizen laboratory Chikurin, founded with the support of the ACRO.

The authorities

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Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation placed under special administration "IndyWatch Feed National"

February 24: One of Australias largest Indigenous organisations is under special administration. Tennant Creek-based Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation is now in the hands of administrators appointed by Registrar of Indigenous Corporations Anthony Beven. The move follows ongoing concern about Julalikari, established in 1989 to alleviate poverty and improve the wellbeing of the Aboriginal people in the Barkly region of the Northern Territory. There has been increasing concern in recent years over the way Julalikari which employs more than 90 staff has been managed and run programs. Special administrators have been appointed until August 23.


Fortnightly links: humanitarian aid vs ice cream, DFIDs new strategy, cholera, and more "IndyWatch Feed"

Does the world really spend more than three times as much on on ice cream each year as it does on humanitarian assistance? The BBCs More or Less team have a look at this factoid and conclude its basically correct. Note though, that this is for humanitarian assistance, not all ODA. A comparison of More or Lesss number for ice cream consumption, and OECD data, shows that the world doesnt spend three times more on ice cream than it does on ODA, but it does spend more. Depressing.

Lisa Denney from ODI looks at likely consequences of the Global Gag Rule, with some horrifying anecdotes from her fieldwork in Sierra Leone.

Also at ODI Dirk Willem te Velde discusses DfIDs new international development strategy. And David Booth celebrates the same document, alongside the new World Development Report Governance and the Law. Plenty of useful food for thought for Australia here.

This excellent multimedia feature from the New York Times looks at the emergence of cholera in Bangladesh and the promise of a new, cheap and effective cholera vaccine developed and now manufactured in that country too.

Michael Edwards has a great piece musing on the future of advocacy oriented NGOs.

The post Fortnightly links: humanitarian aid vs ice cream, DFIDs new strategy, cholera, and more appeared first on Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre.


Does labeling bad behavior scientific misconduct help or hurt research integrity? A debate rages "IndyWatch Feed National"

Is eliminating the concept of misconduct a sign of progress in the fight for research integrity, or a step backward? Thats the debate playing out in Australia, where a proposal from national research bodies would make it the latest country to embrace a broader definition of ethical lapses in research, doing away with the term []

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Jason Morrison in a 1.5 hour interview about his career in the media "IndyWatch Feed National"

Well worth a listen!

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