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Sunday, 15 January


Andy Phillips and The Cadillac Walk "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturday 14th Jan, 9.00pm – 1.00am, The Spirit Bar & Lounge


Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits south of Fiji "IndyWatch Feed National"

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.1 hit Fiji region at 06:11 UTC on January 14, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). Geoscience Australia is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 0 km. According to the USGS, the epicenter was...... Read more »


What is AUSGOV for if it can't send Julie to the polo? #good-gov-lost-its-way "IndyWatch Feed National"

News Ltd reports this under the moniker, ahem: politics Julie Bishop pulls out of Portsea Polo JANUARY 14, 20179:36PM Staff writersHerald Sun FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop has been a last minute no-show at today’s prestigious Portsea Polo. Ms Bishop and her partner David Panton were listed as guests at the...


Australia’s biggest tax cheats? Kerry Stokes’ Seven Group Holding. $3.6 Billion revenue – No tax paid "IndyWatch Feed National"

The publicly listed Seven Group Holdings which is controlled by Kerry Stokes had $3,583,478,772 revenue in the 2014/2015 financial year but paid no tax. That is almost $3.6 billion but they apparently did so badly there was no tax to pay. It wasn’t much better the previous financial year of 2013/2014 when they had $3,975,156,028 […]

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IndyWatch Australian News All Topics Summary Today.

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Saturday, 14 January


Australia’s clean transition to renewable energy – theme for January 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"


The whole point of renewable energy is that it is clean. And, for sure, the major fuels – sun and wind – are undoubtedly clean. However, renewable energy does require some components – rare earths – that certainly have a dirty radioactive  history, and may still have a dirty radioactive present.

rare-earths-pollution-ChinaTwo notorious historic examples of pollution from the production of rare earths are the Bukit Merah  project in Malaysia , and China’s project in Inner Mongolia

China i...


Meet Mike Enoch &/Or Mike Peinovich : They’ve got ‘The Right Stuff’ "IndyWatch Feed National"

FTR & FWIW … In the last coupla weeks, various nazi dingbats active on the #altright in the US have been doXXed — seemingly as a result of some internecine online warfare. The latest casualty in this war is Some … Continue reading


Sam Dastyari. Shallow Halal. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Elvis anticipated this. The Shallow Halal tribute. For Sam. Because Elvis has left the building. And he liked a drink.


Tasmanian Gothic "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Excursions and Adventures 

Friday 13th– the only date to open an exhibition of new Tasmanian Gothic paintings.
I'm pleased to say the evening went very well; lots of friendly people and some nice red dots

Exhibition title: Excursions and Adventures
Many thanks to Comrad Xero, musician, songwriter and all-round talented person, in this instance an apparently disembodied voice emanating from beneath a dark veil, who spoke at the opening.

Several people have asked for a transcript and the author has kindly sent me a copy. Here it is.


When I think of Gothic, I think of those structures put up by late Middle Age builders - stone...


More truths emerge on U.S. 'regrettable mistakes' bombing in Syria "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 17 September 2016 aircraft of the so-called 'coalition', led by the United States, bombed Syrian Army troop positions at Deir Ez-Zor. Aircraft from the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia took part in the attack. Between 62 and 90 (reports vary) Syrian troops were killed and more than 100 injured. The attack allowed ISIS forces to take control of what was a vital area protecting the airport. Comment: Russia-brokered ceasefire shattered as US airstrikes against Syrian Army in Deir ez-Zor leaves 80 soldiers dead, over 100 injured (UPDATES) At the time, the attack was labeled a "mistake". Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull apologized, saying he regretted the loss of life and injury to Syrian personnel. A spokesman for the Syrian government said that the attack was "intentional", a view shared by Syria's ally, Iran. The US military ordered an inquiry into the incident. It is usually the case with such inquiries that little is done, nothing other than "regrettable mistakes" are admitted, and no-one is sanctioned. Often, some reason is found to attribute the "error" to the enemy's actions, as with the bombing of the Kunduz Hospital in Afghanistan. Comment: Switching tactics: U.S. now claims that the Kunduz hospital bombing was due to an 'intelligence systems failure'


M6.1 Earthquake Strikes SW of Nadi, Fiji "IndyWatch Feed"

Strong Earthquake Strikes 152km SW of Nadi, Fiji EQ Details Magnitude: 6.1 Location: 18.588°S, 176.230°E; depth=10.0 km Time: 06:11:41 UTC  2017-01-14 Source: USGS/EHP Analysis available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. Filed under: News Alert Tagged: Australia plate, earthquake, Fiji, FIRE-EARTH PULSARS, M6.1, Nadi


Malcolm Turnbull suffers turbulent start to 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Pretty much anything that could go wrong for our hapless Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this year has already gone dramatically pear-shaped.


New mail order site "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Well, long time no blog update! We’ve been rebuilding our mail order site, and it’s now ready for your perusal:

This website is built by us in Adobe Muse, and it’s a work in progress. Rather than put everything we have in stock up all at once – which would be incredibly time consuming – we’re adding things gradually on a weekly or fortnightly basis. You’ll find entirely new zines as well as Take Care staples like Huffin’ Textas, The Refugee Art Project zines, and of course free zines, which now have a page all to themselves! The free zines are by far the most popular items that we stock, and we have no problem with that! Our mission is to distribute zines that are conceptually rich and exciting and if they happen to be free then all the better! So yep, check out the Free zines page, if you order you’ll just have to pay for postage.


Oh yeah, and happy 2017! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram too, for regular updates!


Crowdfunding Terrorism Through Halal Certifications "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Middle East (SCF) – Although it is well known that the Wahhabist governments, royal families, and top businesses of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain directly finance jihadist terrorists in Syria, Iraq, and countries around the world, many consumers are unaware that percentages of their purchases of Muslim «halal» (imam-certified) food products eventually end up in the hands of jihadist organizations. Halal refers to any food product that can be eaten by observant Muslims. Anything other than halal is «haram» and prohibited for Muslims. Haram includes pork, blood, or meat from approved animals but which have been strangled or slaughtered with blunt knives.

Food and drink producers pay Muslim halal certifiers fees to certify their products as halal. According to Australian One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson and others, certain Muslim halal certification agencies use profits from certification fees to fund terrorist attacks around the world. During an election campaign in Queensland in 2015, Hanson told reporters: «ASIO [Australian Security Intelligence Organization] has picked up that this money has been funded through an organization to fund Syria and the terrorism there». ASIO, all too quickly, denied the charge.

Even if a small percentage of imams who certify products as being halal are passing the profits on to terrorist organizations, it potentially represents a large amount of money. Malaysian studies have valued the worldwide halal food industry as between $600 billion to $2.1 trillion. Halal certifications are usually paid by food companies at set annual rates. Considering all the firms worldwide that pay such fees to imam halal certifiers, this amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars. Some halal certifiers have become quite wealthy from the halal certification scheme. Halal certifiers have also been quite secretive about who receives donations, with some admitting only that the funds go to Islamic madrassa schools and mosques. However, many of these madrassas and mosques are linked to the Wahhabis.

Some Muslims have opined that halal certification is nothing more than a money-making scam, with the most ridiculous aspect being halal certification for dog food. It is ironic that the same imams who declare dogs to be «unclean» animals also willingly charge pet food manufacturers to certify food for the «unclean» beasts to be halal. Other Muslims have conceded that the halal certification scheme has become as financially corrupt as segments of the Jewish kosher product certification system. South African Muslim authorities have pointed out, to the dismay of the halal certification industry, that the Koran forbids imams from charging money to certify food as halal. Yet, the practice continues with fees charged for halal «stamps» on food, in some cases, i...


The Weekend Quiz – January 14-15, 2017 – answers and discussion "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Here are the answers with discussion for this Weekend’s Quiz. The information provided should help you work out why you missed a question or three! If you haven’t already done the Quiz from yesterday then have a go at it before you read the answers. I hope this helps you develop an understanding of modern monetary theory (MMT) and its application to macroeconomic thinking. Comments as usual welcome, especially if I have made an error.

Question 1:

The money supply is often defined to be the sum of currency on issue and demand deposits held in banks. The value of money always declines if the money supply rises.

The answer is False.

The question requires you to understand: (a) the difference between bank reserves and the money supply; and (b) the Quantity Theory of Money.

The mainstream macroeconomics text book argument that increasing the money supply will cause inflation is based on the Quatity Theory of Money. First, expanding bank reserves will put more base money into the economy but not increase the aggregates that drive the alleged causality in the Quantity Theory of Money – that is, the various estimates of the “money supply”.

Second, even if the money supply is increasing, the economy may still adjust to that via output and income increases up to full capacity. Over time, as investment expands the productive capacity of the economy, aggregate demand growth can support the utilisation of that increased capacity without there being inflation.

In this situation, an increasing money supply (which is really not a very useful aggregate at all) which signals expanding credit will not be inflationary.

So if nominal demand kept increasing beyond the capacity of the real economy to absorb it via increased production then the result will be inflation and the “value” of the dollar would start to decline.

The Quantity Theory of Money which in symbols is MV = PQ but means that the money stock times the turnover per period (V) is equal to the price level (P) times real output (Q). The mainstream assume that V is fixed (despite empirically it moving all over the place) and Q is always at full employment as a result of market adjustments.

In applying this theory the extreme mainstream position is to deny the existence of unemployment. The more reasonable mainstream economists admit that short-run deviations in the predictions of the Quantity Theory of Money can occur but in the long-run all the frictions causing unemployment will disappear and the theory will apply.

In general, the Monetarists (the most recent group to revive the Quantity Theory of Money) claim that with V and Q fix...


Birds, Bees, Snakes, and Spiders "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

1. Lowland Copperhead Snake  (Austrelaps superbus) in Backyard A family member sat down by our small pond to look for frogs only to find that a few feet away this Lowland Copperhead snake (Austrelaps superbus) was doing the same thing. I grabbed the camera to get a few shots. In the video you can see two frogs escape from the snake. It was fascinating to watch it as it slowly checked every nook


At home with Sussan Ley and It's Bin Cleaned's Graham Johnston "IndyWatch Feed"

At home with Sussan Ley and It's Bin Cleaned's Graham JohnstonRocky Dabscheck bugs one the bins in Ley's pantry to check on the impulsive lifestyle that brought her undone. read now...


Reader Comments & Observations "IndyWatch Feed National"


COMMENT #1:  Regarding your post Currency vs Language, I wanted to add that in NY I have an abundance of IT co-workers that are H1-B visas holders working as consultants from India. They are extremely nice and I’ve enjoyed learning about their culture. As I’ve stated before, these consults overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton. Some of the consultants were naturalized and voted for Hillary. People from India are social and they often gather and speak among themselves; therefore, as more before naturalized and vote, you can expect more Democrat voters. With regard to language, they’ve confirmed to me that they speak their India state language at home, not English. You are correct, even in NY, “If that subculture then becomes the majority, the culture of the state will change and therein lies the seed …”

COMMENT #2: The Xi Jinping article about the coming new world order, in it you provide a good explanation of why we think linearly and they think cyclically. My explanation lies along the lines of religious background. Even if/when people leave the confines of religion, the subconscious thought remains. I believe that we think linearly because our religion teaches us that things begin and end. They think cyclically because their religion teaches them that things begin and end and then begin again and end again.

COMMENT #3: Hi Martin, I appreciate the work you do and making your blog available for free. I thought you might like to know that Canada is also moving toward a cashless society. Yesterday I went into Scotia Bank and tried to buy foreign currency. I offered them cash and they refused it. They told me that the money had to be paid by cash transfer. Because I didn’t have an account with them I could not buy the foreign currency. The Canadian banking system is primitive compared to New Zealand and Australian banks where I have also lived. Another bank would not allow me transfer money online from my own bank to a relative’s bank account at their bank. I would have to personally go into...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed"

1.00 AUD = 0.0009 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 1.10 AUD


AFL manipulates media coverage of AFLgate scandal "IndyWatch Feed"

A few days ago we linked to Allan Hird’s interview on 3AW. There he made a very interesting comment – that a Herald Sun reporter got his AFL accreditation stripped by the AFL for his pro-Essendon reporting during AFLgate. The reporter has now confirmed the story:

The Herald Sun’s Mick Warner confirms he was denied access to an AFL Finals series after reporting on the Essendon supplements saga.
“I don’t know if it was the end of 2013 or 2014, I was denied an accreditation to the finals,” Mick told the FIVEaa sports show. “I suppose that was probably the direct result of some of the things that I was reporting on… but they pale into insignificance compared to what some other people in the game have said they’ve had to endure over the years.”

“I wouldn’t call it support of Essendon, I would just call it reporting on the facts of what happened.”

Mick reminded listeners that early in the Essendon saga it was alleged that then AFL boss Andrew Demetriou tipped off Essendon’s David Evans about the looming investigation…

“The investigation was compromised from that point on. That’s sort of what I think the AFL didn’t really like being explored,” Mick said.

“A lot of the things that came out — clearly the AFL weren’t happy about… the behind the scenes manoeuvring …”

That puts another allegation made in the press today into context (and the claim that the AFL intervened to prevent James Hird from getting a job at SEN Radio):

AFL Commission chairman Mike Fitzpatrick allegedly said fallen Essendon champion James Hird would “never get back into football”.

Ex-Bombers football boss Danny Corcoran has broken a four-year silence, following Hird’s drug overdose last week, to detail an explosive conversation he said he held with the league’s most senior official on March 19, 2016.

“I saw Mike Fitzpatrick by chance at an auction,” he told the Herald Sun on Friday.

“I approached him and asked if there was any chance I could speak to him about having some involvement back in the game.

“He never answered my question, he simply turned and said to me ‘Your mate [James] Hird will never get back into football’.”

James Hird was supposed to be the fall guy and distract attention from the Gillard government’s failings. I’m just wondering how much longer the Coalition government can ignore the...


To Jan 14 Climate and Nuclear News "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A week away from Donald Trump taking over the USA Presidency, and it’s anybody’s guess as to how bad the repercussions of that will be, for climate action, nuclear safety, and the public good. If there happen to be some accidental unintended benefits for they public good, I doubt that these will compensate for the world’s most powerful nation being run by the lead bully boy for corporate America. Barack Obama retires graciously, claiming that “we did”. Perhaps more accurately “we tried”.

Don’t for one minute think that nuclear power is in any way “green“.

Record loss of sea ice in 2016-both Arctic and Antarctic.

Alexei Yablokov, grandfather of Russian environmentalism, dies at 83


Australian not-for-profit, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) installs solar household systems in East Timor villages.

Loss of Great Barrier Reef will be part of major collapses of ocean ecosystems.

Australia and USA trail behind in renewable energy, as China and India lead.

ACT. Australian Capital Territory prepares for role as clean energy hub and exporter of renewable technology

South Australia. Pro nuclear former Senator Sean Edwards to run for South Australian Parliament, considers leadership of S.A. Liberals . Prominent wealthy nuclear industry fans back former Senator Sean Edwards.

Western Australia....


Minister Nahan "IndyWatch Feed National"

It has been a very long time since I have accused a Minister of the Western Australian parliament of Institutionalised racism. As many of you would know I have been at various times since 2001, the President, Treasurer and Secretary of the body known as the Ethnic Communities Council. I am, as we speak, the […]


Financial assistance needed urgently for Rod Culleton "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Rod has achieved more to restructure the illicit banking industry in his short tenure as a senator for Western Australia than most other politicians have in a lifetime. The banks have targeted him with the aid of the political parties and sections of the judiciary. The moves made by Rodney, such as getting the High Court of Australia to admit its rules were faulty by reinstating process under the Queen and the latest manoeuvre to summons Senate President Stephen Parry and Attorney General Brandis to the High Court will force it to determine if only the senate can remove one of its members, as stated in the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia.

Please dig deep to help Rodney, he is fighting for you, your family and your property. Rod described the banks yesterday as the “biggest asset strippers in our history.” Unfortunately making a deposit into a bank account is at present the only method of getting funds to help with court costs.

Maitland Lawyers Trust Account:

Commonwealth Bank

BSB 063840

Account  10237728

From the Cairns News team across Australia, thank you.


Australia’s taxpayers subsidise a private company set up by ANSTO to sell nuclear power produced isotopes "IndyWatch Feed"

ANSTO’s link This is a slide from the above link. ANSTO Nuclear Medicine (ANM) Pty Ltd is a commercial subsidiary of ANSTO.

So a company is going to cream off the profits while Australian taxpayers subsidise the reactor and the waste disposal – and communities have to deal with the costs of a nuclear waste dump. Another slide says “Full Cost Recovery Model” – the full cost can never be recovered when you are dealing with nuclear waste.



Canada develops nuclear-free production of medical isotopes, Australia subsidises nuclear production "IndyWatch Feed"

Steve Dale  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA., 14 Jan 17, Canada is moving towards clean Cyclotrons for Molybdenum-99 production – yet Australia decides it wants to undermine worldwide Cyclotron development by subsidising Mo-99 for the world. Waste taxpayer’s money to produce unnecessary nuclear waste.

“The ANSTO Nuclear Medicine (ANM) Project will enable ANSTO to triple production of Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99). The increased capacity will enable Australia to meet domestic demand, as well as being able to supply up to 25-30% of global demand.”

Medical isotope production



Will Trump Be Killed? What Would Happen Next? "IndyWatch Feed National"

New York Times photo of Donald Trump and Mike Pence by Mary W Maxwell Right now we’ve at least got a president-elect, Donald Trump, who makes leaderly noises. Does that mean he is a person of vision? I have no idea. He does talk a good game, though.  It will be nice if it turns […]


In which the pond endures Polonius but then perks up with an academic emetic ... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Talk about grim pickings this digital Saturday... throw in a typical fundamentalist Catholic contribution ...

... and no wonder the mental and physical humidity in Sydney - or is that the tumidity? - zapped the pond. 

No, that tumidity's not of the bulging, protuberant shape, kind, more the tumid political prose of the overblown bombastic our Gracie dog bothering kind.

No wonder the pond sought shelter with prattling Polonius ...

No matter what Polonius throws up, no matter how bleeding obvious, it's always a learning experience for the pond ...

Now all this - and the tedious more which follows - is true enough, but it entirely misses the point. 



Trump’s USA could drag Australia into a nuclear war with China "IndyWatch Feed"

  US ‘threatens to involve Australia in war with China’: Paul Keating condemns US secretary of state nominee’s comments, The Age, Fergus Hunter, 14 Jan 17  

Trump Former prime minister Paul Keating has rounded on President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of state nominee, accusing him of threatening to bring on war with China and making “ludicrous” comments on the tense South China Sea dispute.

In a statement released on Friday, Mr Keating warned the Australian government to reject Rex Tillerson’s declaration this week that a “signal” needed to be sent to Beijing that the construction of artificial islands in the contested region must stop and “access to those islands also is not going to be allowed”. The remarks from the former chief of Exxon Mobil, in which he also called for regional allies “to show backup”, have set the stage for sharply increased tensions between the US and China as the Asian superpower builds up its military presence on the islands to defend against competing territorial claims from neighbouring countries.

According to Mr Keating, Mr Tillerson’s testimony to his US Senate confirmation hearing “threatens to involve Australia in war with China”. And he has urged the Australian people to “take note” and recommended the government tell the Trump administration, which will take over on January 20, “that Australia will not be part of such ad...


The relaunch of the “peaceful” “clean” atom has fallen flat "IndyWatch Feed"


King CONG vs. Solartopia Harvey Wasserman “………On one side is King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes, and Gas), the corporate megalith that’s unbalancing our weather and dominating our governments in the name of centralized, for-profit control of our economic future. On the other is a nonviolent grassroots campaign determined to reshape our power supply to operate in harmony with nature, to serve the communities and individuals who consume and increasingly produce that energy, and to build the foundation of a sustainable eco-democracy…….

with this dangerous and dirty power have come Earth-friendly alternatives, ignited in part by the grassroots movements of the 1960s. E.F. Schumacher’s Small Is Beautifulbecame the bible of a back-to-the-land movement that took a new generation of veteran activists into the countryside. ……

As rising concerns about global warming forced a hard look at fossil fuels, the fading nuclear power industry suddenly had a new selling point. Climate expert James Hansen, former Environmental Protection Agency chief Christine Todd Whitman, and Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand began advocating atomic e...


Hitler defeated Lenin, Chiang defeated Mao "IndyWatch Feed National"

It is a commonplace that the victors write history. But which victors? The victors that are claimed to write history are normally taken to be those who win wars and other conflicts. But just because one side wins a war or conflict, it does not follow that its ideas triumph in the longer term.

Consider contemporary China. Mao Zedong defeated Chiang Kai-shek in their epic decades-long conflict, driving him and his Kuomintang forces to exile in Taiwan. Now, look at contemporary China–is it closer to Mao’s vision or Chiang’s?

Obviously Chiang’s. As a wit observed, the story of post-1979 politics in both “Chinas” (the People’s Republic and Taiwan) is the Communist Party of China trying to become the Kuomintang and the Kuomintang trying to become the Democratic Progressive Party. Mao may have won the military struggle, but Chiang’s vision won the wider social war. It turns out that social reality is not entirely plastic to our visions, and Chiang’s proved to be more human and achievable than Mao’s. That matters, in the end.

Lenin‘s successor Stalin, with huge help from the Anglo-Americans (who provided trucks, rolling stock, canned food, and munitions crucial to the Red Army while their bombing campaign diverted the Luftwaffe and many thousands of tank-killer 88mm guns from the Eastern Front), defeated Hitler on the Eastern Front. But consider contemporary postmodern identity progressivism (PIP), with its concern for authenticity, identity, emotion over reason, environment, obsessions with the Jewish state, dismissive treatment of workers and belief that a sufficiently interventionist state does not have to own firms to control them: whose obsessions does it better reflect, Hit...


Protest movement intensifies against Adani’s Carmichael coal project "IndyWatch Feed"

protestAdani coalmine activists gear up to fight: ‘This will dwarf the Franklin blockade’

As the protest against the Carmichael project – Australia’s largest proposed coalmine – moves beyond the courts and into the realm of civil disobedience, activists have a clear warning: ‘If you’re in bed with Adani, you’re a target’, Guardian, , 14 Jan 17, Across Australia a secretive network of activists are laying the groundwork for what they expect will be the biggest environmental protest movement in the country’s history.

Of course this won’t materialise if Adani and the rest of the miners proposing to open up one of the world’s biggest coalfields walk away from Queensland’s Galilee basin first.

But standing idly by on the assumption that the economics of the massive coal projects won’t stack up – at a time the world is trying to reduce carbon emissionsto limit global warming to under 2C – is not a choice these activists are willing to make.

And so the campaign to take the fight against Australia’s largest proposed coalmine, Adani’s Carmichael project, to a...


Man armed with syringe robs Ballina bank "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A man using a blood-filled syringe robbed a bank in the Ballina CBD last Wednesday afternoon.

Police say that just after 3pm on Wednesday, the man entered the bank in River Street and demanded money from the teller, while armed with the syringe.

The teller handed over cash and the man fled. He was last seen on River Street.

No one was injured during the incident.

Officers from Richmond Local Area Command are investigating. Anyone with information is urged to come forward by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The post Man armed with syringe robs Ballina bank appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Levelized cost of energy shows renewables winning over coal and nuclear "IndyWatch Feed"

solar,-wind-aghast“Our analysis suggests that solar could now infringe on gas’ market share and in some cases challenge its peak margins, and that gas and renewables collectively will continue to gain market share at the expense of coal and nuclear,”

Levelized cost of energy survey shows wind, natural gas cementing economic edge SNL, 06 January 2017   By  Lucas Bifera

A survey of levelized cost of energy, or LCOE, studies illustrates that onshore wind and combined-cycle gas have secured their place as the lowest-cost energy resources, with utility-scale solar not far behind.

Often used as a barometer for estimating the cost at which certain generation technologies can be deployed on an economic basis, LCOE has become a mainstay for policymakers, analysts and industry groups as a reference when comparing costs and benefits of various technologies on the grid.

Incumbent technologies like combined-cycle gas, onshore wind, utility-scale solar photovoltaic, nuclear and coal are uniformly included in studies…….the emergence of a cluster around onshore wind and combined-cycle gas across the different studies indicates an economic consensus, one that highlights the cost effectiveness of renewables on an unsubsidized basis and role of combined-cycle gas as the preeminent baseload resource.

“The demands of a developed economy will continue to require both traditional and alternative energy sources as the technologies driving renewable energy evolve,” observed George Bilicic, vice chairman and global head of power, energy & infrastructure group at Lazard, an investment bank that releases a widely-cited LCOE...


New York has big plans for clean nuclear-free energy. "IndyWatch Feed"

Statue-of-Liberty-solarNew York Bets On Renewables To Replace Indian Point Nuclear Plant   Originally published on Think Progress. By Jeremy Deaton

New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans this week to close the Indian Point nuclear power plant, which supplies electricity to New York City and surrounding areas. The plant’s two working reactors — which account for roughly 10 percent of the state’s power generation — are slated to go offline in 2020 and 2021, more than a decade ahead of schedule.

Nuclear power plants represent a range of risks, from hazardous radioactive waste to a full-scale meltdown. They also supply the bulk of Americ...


Inadequacy of Australia’s media reporting on environmental and renewable energy issues "IndyWatch Feed"

What also isn’t included in any of the above articles is that China is also investing 2.5 trillion yuan, the equivalent of $US361 billion in renewable power generation by 2020. 

media--BHP-slackEnvironmental spin: An example of media disunity on renewable energy, Independent Australia,  Melanie McCartney 14 January 2017We can’t keep ignoring the ginormous elephant that is renewable energy in our economic policy, writes Melanie McCartney

LAST SUNDAY, I surfed the ABC news website and clicked onto this headline:

‘China fights pollution: New environmental police squad to battle heavy smog’.

The article seemed a little threadbare. When this occurs I search further and ideally for an article in the country relevant to the article. I like to get more details this way. I decided to try something different this week and scanned the headline blurbs on the first Google page.

I noticed that all of the articles, bar two, started the same:



Imams,rabbis, priests, pastors and ministers join to reframe climate change as moral issue "IndyWatch Feed"

church green 1Flag-USAFaith leaders reframe climate change as moral issue  Marion Renault The Columbus Dispatch  •  Friday January 13, 2017

Priests, pastors and ministers nationwide are...


Greater Tastes: Port Albert Wharf Fish & Chips "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Port Albert Wharf Fish & Chips40 Wharf Street, Port Albert.  5183 
Review and photos byJohn Munns.
“A must do on the take-away circuit”
Location:When you go to Port Albert you have to try the takeaway fish 'n chips.  I am told there has been a fish & chip shop here for over 20 years.
Port Albert is, for most of the year, a sleepy seaside fishing village with plenty of history about it, being established in 1841 and Gippsland’s oldest port. It can also be a bustling holiday destination, popular with fishermen and their boats and RV/caravanners.  It is a mere 15 minutes off the South Gippsland Highway from Yarram and a pleasant drive.
The fish 'n chip shop is right at the end of the road, if you go any further you will get very wet, with street parking adjacent and nearby. The shop itself is part of the restaurant complex but has its own entry closest to the wharf end of the building.
Inside you will find a small basic fish n chip shop, nothing more. nothing less.  It is clean, functional and when I was there with a queue out the door.  That is a good sign.  It is a take-away business, if you want a sit down meal (and I will go back to try one), then go next door to the restaurant (“Wildfish” Ph: 5183 2007) right on the waterfront.  Once you have your chosen meal you can sit on one of the many park benches and enjoy the view over the water or watch those fishing on the wharf trying catch their lunch. My wife reckons fish comes ready battered, so when I go fishing it is strictly catch and release, I have to admit it’s easier that way too!   For the anglers among us, this area is a fisherman's paradise, with protected inland waters of Corner Inlet and “Nooramunga” providing catches of rock flathead, silver bream and garfish in winter, King George whiting, pike, calamari and gummy shark in summer.
Menu:This is easy and simple to describe: “fish and chips”.  All the favourites are there, but for me you just cannot go past a good piece of gummy and chips.  Depending on availability, flathead, flounder, King George Whiting and a few others are there to be sampled. Calamari is always a favourite and adds to the choice. While we are on the menu, it is important, as any good fish 'n chipper will tell you, that the right oil is used and it is fresh, and at Port Albert Wharf Fish & Chips they get it right on both counts. There is a certain aroma in a good fish 'n ch...


Screen Themes — Ten movies to watch in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Screen Themes — Ten movies to watch in 2017Entertainment editor John Turnbull takes a look at ten movies worth checking out in 2017. read now...


My Leonard Cohen "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

‘My Leonard Cohen’ was the toast of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016, with sold-out shows and rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The show returns to Sydney at the Sydney Opera House, Playhouse from Monday February 6 2017.

Performed by Stewart D’Arrietta and a six-piece band, featuring some of Australia’s best rock musicians. D’Arrietta’s musical interpretations are gutsy and arresting and the stories he tells give an insight into Cohen’s life and the motivations behind the songs with a sprinkling of laconic humour. In MY LEONARD COHEN, Stewart and his band perform 18 songs including the heartrending Suzanne. The iconic Tower of Song, the seductive I’m Your Man the rousing Hallelujah, Dance Me To The End of Love, Bird on A Wire, “So Long Marianne” plus many more.


Few bodies of musical work rouse, seduce and are of such great solace as that of the great singer songwriter Leonard Cohen. Soulful lyrics are laced with raw emotion and sheer seductiveness. D’Arrietta’s arrangements add an uplifting, upbeat feel.

Producer, Harley Medcalf added “Seeing the raw emotion in Stewart from Mr. Cohen’s passing, and knowing how he deeply loves this music, I felt driven to ask Stewart to perform this very special tribute at the Opera House”

For two decades, Stewart D’Arrietta and his collaborators have brought their own musical personality to the works of great songwriters, including Tom Waits, John Lennon and Randy Newman, and have received praise for shows in Australia and overseas.

D’Arrietta on piano and vocals is accompanied by a veritable ‘who’s who’ of Australia’s best rock musicians.

Expect Cohen’s best – all delivered as you’ve never heard them before.



LAUNCHED in powerful Guardian article. What next? "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"



We have launched our direct action campaign with a powerful feature article in The Guardian. Please post this amazing article on social media and encourage friends to register for action.

We’re currently organising get-togethers in capital and regional cities around Australia. Due to the risk of infiltration, these meetings will be open to known and trusted activists only. Send us some information about yourself and we can go from there. Encrypted connections also available.

Not an experienced activist? No worries! We have almost 8000 people committed to local direct action and will make sure we have events and direct actions you can be part of in your region. Follow us on social media for real time updates.

We’re totally self-funded so please contact us if you can donate or organise a fundraising event. Otherwise, please tell your friends about the campaign by email, social media, carrier pigeon or even in person. Together we will win!


Surprise, suprise: Bishop a no-show at polo "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Taxpayers footed the bill ... David Panton and Julie Bishop at the Portsea Polo in 2016.I guess she had forgotten to put the arrival of Japan’s prime minister in her diary; seems she has to be in Sydney and that clashes with the very important event, the Portsea Polo.  Gosh, she will be missing out on networking with everyone she ever wants to talk to at the one event.

And as for the suggestion in Fairfax this morning, that Julie Bishop should step up to the plate and take on the health portfolio; give me a break.  Anyone recall when she was shadow treasurer?

Swanning around the world attending important conferences and top-level meetings while pretending that Australia plays above its weight in foreign policy is so much more fun than getting into the nitty-gritty of health policy.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will not appear at Saturday’s Portsea Polo, citing the visit of Japan’s Prime Minister as the reason for her absence.

Ms Bishop had been scheduled to attend as a guest of naming sponsor Alfa Romeo but earlier this week it emerged she billed taxpayers to attend last year’s event, which left her attendance at this year’s event in doubt.

According to sources, her office notified organisers last night to inform them she would not be attending, citing the visit of Shinzo Abe as the reason.

Through the week-long expenses scandal that has plagued the government and on Frid...


Cheese "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A foodie tip: buy soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert or Fromage D’Affinois whenever they’re on special (the riper the better), wrap them carefully, and stash in the freezer. They will defrost overnight in the fridge to perfect, non-soggy ooziness for your next dinner party cheese platter. They’re also brilliant on pizzas – D’Affinois makes […]


Is the Dam of Disclosure About To Break? -- 2017 Could be the Year of Unveiled Truth "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source: Stillness in The Storm

There have been multiple stories in the area of Extraterrestrials and Ufology. On January 5th, The Huffington Post reported on a 9 minute video released by the Chilean Navy purported to be an official UFO sighting, with this even reaching the trending page on Facebook. Then, on January 4th through 6th, the BBC, CNN, and again the Huffington Post all simultaneously release a story on a "fast, strange, mysterious" radio burst detected by astronomers in Australia who have gotten 20 puzzling bursts over the past 10 years, emanating from a galaxy 2.5 billion light years away.

The Chilean government also released footage from a UFO captured by the Navy.

Related Chilean Navy Releases Shocking Declassified UFO Footage

We have also had disclosures on US intelligence agencies and Wikileaks front. On January 3rd, 4th, and 5th, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. This interview was split into three parts and aired during primetime television. On January 6th, Fox News also ...


The Solution to Exposing Gov’t Child Trafficking and Pizzagate As the Fraud It Is "IndyWatch Feed National"

Since the real foundation of these absurd allegations started with the fraud of Franklin Credit in Omaha, Ne in the 80’s- which was what caused the the horrible witch hunt that ensued as a result- until it was completely debunked as the hysteria based on falsehoods that is was- there is no better person to represent the facts of this than the VERY person who did so then- Col. Michael Aquino- Founder of Temple of Set, government official- and the one MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE as to what occurred back then.

He WAS the “unofficial” spokesperson for False Memory Syndrome Foundation- and was all OVER every media outlet at the time, and since he is the ONLY ONE left of that group- I believe that it just make sense that such a distinguished and educated government official- ranking as he does, who was THERE and fought it so well- should represent the accused and defend them against these allegations as he did before when it occurred the first time.

Now, since Ted Gunderson is dead, and John DeCamp doesn’t even know who he is anymore as he is suffering from Alzheimer’s- I believe that I- David Shurter- should represent the other side. I was there- I have an established reputation with MANY people as being an expert on the situation- and I would be willing to represent that side that Mr. Aquino did such a marvelous job defeating in the 80’s,

However- I have some stipulations.

One- it will be PUBLIC- and FACE TO FACE- just as he was willing to do with Ted Gunderson many years ago. I have absolutely NO history of violence- and so claiming he is afraid of me in public can’t really be argued effectively, although he can have as much protection as he deems necessary.

And two- it will be videotaped. This just makes sense- since we are doing this to resolve this insane issue that is so similar to the “satanic panic” hysteria that enveloped this country back in the 80’s- and so this is important for the PEOPLE to see as well as just a select group.

I think to put this country at ease- we must rise- as good American’s, and try to put this matter to rest- and the oaths that Col. Aquino took to protect and honor America I believe should compel him to agree.

We owe it to our country to do this- so that we can put our fellow American’s at ease and assure them that their children are safe. After all- this IS the land we all love and we ARE Americans after all.


Only 75? You’re Too Young to Retire! "IndyWatch Feed"

Tax receipts should help buffer coffers this year. And they need every cent they can get to help the burdensome age pension limp along a bit longer.

The post Only 75? You’re Too Young to Retire! appeared first on The Daily Reckoning Australia.


Hoodies face unfair fight in the dunes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The vulnerable beach-nesting Hooded Plovers are struggling for survival this breeding season with hundreds of footprints were spotted from holiday beachgoers near the nesting and dune areas in Point Roadknight in Anglesea.

Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Environment and Education Manager Katie Dolling said this type of behaviour is unacceptable and causing concern at the popular hoodie nesting area.


A group of Sandringham College students help brush mat the illegal track in December 2016

“Dunes are highly sensitive ecosystems that provide protection to the coastline and habitat for several native species, including the Hooded Plover. Dunes are easily damaged by people accessing these areas.

“Trampling vegetation in the dunes compromises dune stability and their ability to withstand other environmental factors including wind, waves and rainfall,” she said.

Hooded Plovers have one of the lowest survival rates from nest to adult of any species in the world and have a 90-95% nest failure rate.



Is the Dam of Disclosure About To Break? — 2017 Could be the Year of Unveiled Truth "IndyWatch Feed"

The Pitfalls of Partial Disclosure - Examining the Process of Disclosure and the Reasons why a String of Half-Truths Just Won't Cut It

By Jordan Sather

Only thirteen days into 2017, and there have been many breaking stories presented by the mainstream media that suggest grand changes are taking place behind the scenes. The truth that has been withheld and obfuscated for so long seems to be coming to light.

There have been multiple stories in the area of Extraterrestrials and Ufology. On January 5th, The Huffington Post reported on a 9 minute video released by the Chilean Navy purported to be an official UFO sighting, with this even reaching the trending page on Facebook. Then, on January 4th through 6th, the BBCCNN, and again the Huffington Post all simultaneously release a story on a “fast, strange, mysterious” radio burst detected by astronomers in Australia who have gotten 20 puzzling bursts over the past 10 years, emanating from a galaxy 2.5 billion light years away.

The Chilean government also released footage from a UFO captured by the Navy.

Related Chilean Navy Releases Shocking Declassified UFO Footage

We have also had disclosures on US intelligence agencies and Wikileaks front. On January 3rd, 4th, and 5th, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. This interview was split into three parts and aired during primetime television. On January 6th, Fox News also...


Circular Quay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We’ve had a series of warm nights in Sydney. You know? Those nights where you wake up in the middle of the night, look at your phone, and can’t possibly believe it’s 27 degrees. It was one of those nights last night, and so when I woke in the middle of the night, I hopped … Continue reading Circular Quay


Melanie Shaw and the UK Child Abuse Shit "IndyWatch Feed National"

Melanie Shaw, in a secret court hearing, was given two more years in jail. So if you fuck children in the UK- you are protected and given ZERO jail time. But if you make the mistake of trying to protect children- it is off to jail you go. And more than that- into solitary confinement.

And what do the people do? They sit back- entertained. And expect Heaven to serve them cake and ice cream for their efforts.

Yeah- the world- and ESP. The people in it- SUCK. Although I am sure if you ask any of them- they would argue the point.


In which the pond enjoys the sweet, succulent taste of an onion on a Saturday ... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Perhaps it's time for the pond to explain its editorial choices.

There are loons, and then there are tryhard loser loons, and the pond does its level best to try to weed out the wannabe dropkicks ...

There is, for example, no way that the pond would ever feature a character like Peter Rogers, and his story that a dog wrote his blog, while presumably also eating his homework.

For that, punters can shuffle off to the ABC here to get gems such as:

The blog also made mention of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. "The greatest social changes that happen in Australia are founded on total lies and a fabricated incident. Look at Port Arthur," it read.

As soon as the pond read the fatal words, "far north Queensland One Nation candidate", the pond knew that Rogers would never darken the pond's doors ... and his appearance at the top of the page is merely to illustrate the rigour with which the pond exercises its editorial choices ...

You see, it's possible to spend a lifetime following loons into the darkest recesses of their conspiracy theory minds - the pond uses the word 'mind' loosely - but the real pleasure is to watch professional loons go about their business, as in today's reptile digital rag.

Look at this poignant, piquant juxtaposition, separated only - but judiciously - by a story about Airbnb, thanks to a thoughtful, kindly reptile sub wanting to set up an obvious conflict ...but not too obvious puh-lease:


1) Papua Sees Better Economy, but Stagnant Politics, Security: Expert "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Silence equals complicity: Indonesia’s Jokowi blamed for human rights failures
3) TNI Should Be Indonesia-Centric, Not Java-Centric: Jokowi
4) Raja Ampat gears up to attract more tourists

1) Papua Sees Better Economy, but Stagnant Politics, Security: Expert



Byron Bay Surf Festival 2017 to Host the Next McTavish Trim "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Byron Bay Surf Festival is stoked to announce it will host the second edition of the McTavish Trim.

The McTavish Trim – Furthest Up The Beach, is a unique surfing event whereby the longest distance surfed is the goal for each of the 12 invited trimmers. Surfboards must be over 10 feet in length, requiring a significant amount of skill and panache to surf.

The event will take place during the always popular freestyle & stoke surf sessions, on the Sunday of the festival, which could not be better this year with the unique addition of the Trim. On this stoke-filled day you’ll also enjoy the classic surf sessions which this year includes, torpedoes (bodysurfing), finless (timber, surfmat or softboards), fish, logs, mermaids (gals only), Tandem and the partywave!


These sessions are non-competitive and are more or less based on artistic interpretation with a decided peer vote for which waverider showed the most pure stoke and freestyling fun on any particular wave during each of the sessions.

Also included on this day is the hunters & collectors show and demo…a mix of modern, collectable, handmade, art-driven and sustainably produced surf craft on show for demo or swapping, from Australian, Japanese, Californian and Hawaiian shapers.

Bring your kids, friends and your board and come enjoy surfing, trimming, live music and so much more at the freestyle & stoke on Sunday 26th of February at Wategos!

For further information visit

The post Byron Bay Surf Festival 2017 to Host the Next McTavish Trim appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


1) West Papua independence bid continues decades after 1969 UN backing "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Interpol: Red Alert!
1) West Papua independence bid continues decades after 1969 UN backing
Matt Connors, The Courier-Mail January 14, 2017 1:00am
Video Sorong Samurai - Airileke Feat. Twin Tribe
 They gathered on Biak, a small island nestled in the crystalline waters of Cenderawasih Bay.
In July 1969, hundreds of stoic Papuans stood and listened, sweating in the jungle heat. Standing witness were Reuters journalist Hugh Lunn and a Dutch newspaper colleague, Otto Kuyk.


Climate Change is not an “act of God” #auspol "IndyWatch Feed"


The threat of large-scale natural disasters and climate is growing across the world, leaving nations increasingly exposed to a myriad of risks.

As a result, many initiatives are under way at the international, regional, national and local levels by a diverse range of stakeholders to better ways to protect human lives and livelihoods, and reduce economic losses.

Human development and settlement patterns, such as growing urban population, wealth and concentration of assets in high-risk regions, determine if and how a natural hazard could turn into a disaster (World Bank Group and United Nations, 2010).

These impacts are further exacerbated by climate change, through changing characteristics of weather-related extremes, sea level rise and other environmental changes (IPCC, 2014; IPCC, 2012).

Whilst for a long time dismissed as ‘acts of God’, these socio-economic impacts can only be reduced through proactive integrated risk management.

Over the last three decades, international policy dialogue on…

View original post 407 more words


The link between creative problem solving and finding hidden pictures "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Information analysis, followed by step-by-step logical deduction is often our go-to method to solve problems we encounter in life. Yet, for some problems we seem to suddenly gain insight - we realize the solution in an "Aha!" kind of moment. Known as 'insight problems', they can seem impossible or unsolvable until creative insight appears and a solution is unexpectedly realized. Is it possible to increase the likelihood of the arrival of such creative insight? PhD candidate Ruben Laukkonen along with Dr. Jason Tangen at the University of Queensland in Australia, have recently published a study in the journal Consciousness and Cognition suggesting that it is. "We might be taking a walk, riding a bike, or having a shower, when we finally understand something we've been struggling with. One goal of this study, and ongoing research, is to understand what it is about those situations that evoke epiphanies," Laukkonen says.


He doesn’t know it but he’s talking about Say’s Law "IndyWatch Feed"

Why shouldn’t I write a post in Australia just because I am sitting on a train going from Aarhus to Copenhagen?

Anyway, this is from Captain Capitalism, in a quite nice post on Debunking the Multiplier Effect. To me it is essential to take his criticism of Keynesian theory back to Say’s Law since otherwise there is no reference point to hold onto when trying to explain what’s wrong with modern macro. This is his final para:

The truth is economic growth is caused by hard work, innovation, creativity, self-supportation, and increased efficiency. It’s nothing new or mysterious as human kind has, through trial and error (and not faux “studies” done by idiots in the economic departments of academia or Washington) figured this out over the millennia. And the fact something as stupid as “the multiplier” effect can not only be swallowed, but be so prominent among economist and professional circles, is more a testament to the human mind’s amazing ability to lie to itself than any kind of epiphany or “discovery” by the “profession” of economics. It is here I simply ask Americans and westerners to do something they pride themselves off of. Be TRULY independent minded people with genuine critical thinking skills. Wake the F up, use your brain, think things through and realize just what a bunch of frauds, posers, and charlatans most economists and politicians are.

Only an increase in the supply of products whose production costs are covered by their sales revenue will push an economy along. That is not 100% right, but it is close enough so as not to matter if you want to see what governments are doing wrong.


Lisbon Bus Tour – The Yellow Bus "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We are undisputed fans if the hop on hop off buses in Europe. Well, I should clarify this…our kids love cruising around in the big buses, especially if they score the very front seat up the top! Double decker buses are something of a novelty in Australia and even more so in country Australia where we live so once, a ride is promised the mood quickly changes.

Lisbon Bus Tour
The Yellow Bus hop on hop off buses run in 5 cities in Portugal. We had previously used the Yellow bus in Porto in the summer of 2015. We found it very useful in Porto is it was a city spread out in distance and Lisbon is much the same plus we were all very hot by this stage. To use public transport to see all the attractions is just not feasible for us.
The Lisbon version, much like many of these buses has two routes that can be seen. You can either buy a single ticket for one route or a combined ticket for both. It is always only a few dollars or euro’s more to buy the combined ticket and we recommend that you do. The Tagus Tour/Historic Route and The Olisipo Route. The Belem route starts out in the centre of Lisbon in Praca Da Figueira and takes in Avenida
Lisbon Bus Tour
 The Tagus Tour starts out in the centre of Lisbon in Praca Da Figueira. The Tagus tour powers up Avenida Da Liberdade include The Á...


If I were to call you something, it would not be a cynic "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, Comrade Elizabeth Farrelly writes about proposed (urban) planning changes in Sydney.

Call me a cynic, Sydney’s planning changes just won’t deliver.

I won’t bore Cats with the essence of her article, but highlight one particular sentence:

Planning has one job and, actually, only one; to defend the public interest against voracious private profit. In every decision, from mall to sprawl, airport to potting shed, planning need ask just a single, Solomonesque question. Wherein lies the public good?

To to defend the public interest against voracious private profit.  Really.

That does not sound like planning to me.  That sounds like central planning.

Call you a cynic?  Nope.  Call you a communist.  Yep.


Teenage surfer stable following shark attack at Ballina, Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

A teenage surfer was in stable condition after he was bitten by a shark Monday at the same Australian beach where a Japanese surfer was fatally mauled last year, officials said. Cooper Allen, a 17-year-old high school student, was surfing with friends on the first day of the students' spring vacation when he was attacked off Ballina's Lighthouse Beach at midmorning, Ballina Mayor David Wright said. The shark struck from behind and bit across the board's fins as the boy lay on the board paddling. The shark's lower jaw tore into the fiberglass as its upper teeth clamped his right hip and thigh, Wright said. "The shark lacerated his leg in three or four places fairly deep," Wright said. "Luckily the lifeguards were on duty and got down there quickly."

Friday, 13 January


Syria and the US: More Truths Emerge "IndyWatch Feed"

8634434On 17 September 2016 aircraft of the so-called ‘coalition’, led by the United States, bombed Syrian Army troop positions at Deir Ez-Zor. Aircraft from the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia took part in the attack. Between 62 and 90 (reports vary) Syrian troops were killed and more than 100 injured. The attack allowed ISIS forces to take control of what was a vital area protecting the airport.

At the time, the attack was labeled a “mistake”. Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull apologized, saying he regretted the loss of life and injury to Syrian personnel.

A spokesman for the Syrian government said that the attack was “intentional”, a view shared by Syria’s ally, Iran. The US military ordered an inquiry into the incident. It is usually the case with such inquiries that little is done, nothing other than “regrettable mistakes” are admitted, and no-one is sanctioned.

Often, some reason is found to attribute the “error” to the enemy’s actions, as with the bombing of the Kunduz Hospital in Afghanistan.

Two recent developments however, cast some new light on that “mistake” in September 2016.

The first is the release of the report into the investigation by the US Central Command based in Qatar on 29 November 2016. As is almost invariably the case, the report found “no evidence of misconduct.”

The report did acknowledge however, that the US did mislead the Russian military command about where the strike was to occur.

Further, the report acknowledges that the US Command ignored both actual information and intelligence analysis that the positions targeted were occupied by Syrian government troops and were not ISIS terrorists.

The third revelation was that the air strikes shifted from the strategy of “deliberate targeting” to one of an “immediate strike.” This violated usual US Air Force operational procedure. No explanation was given for this violation of normal procedure.

The fact that the Russians were misled, the ignoring of their own intelligence and factual information, both electronic and human, and the abrupt change in operational procedure without a good reason, all reinforce the conclusion reached at the...


Red and grey squirrels in Britain "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This is an Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) video from Germany.

By Peter Frost in Britain:

The battle of the squirrels

Friday 13th January 2017

PETER FROST’S affection for the native British red squirrel sends him in search of measures that would boost its survival chances

There were once three and a half million of our native red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) in the forests and woodlands of Britain.

Today that population is down to well under 150,000 and although still reducing dramatically a number of initiatives are reducing the rate of decline.

What happened? Well, in 1876 some stupid aristocrat decided to import grey squirrels (Scirius caroliniensis) from their native North America releasing them in Henbury Park, Cheshire.

It’s not clear why they were introduced, probably as a live novelty garden decoration. Rich Victorian land owners simply had no idea about the risks of introducing non-native species to their estates.

Other landowners in other parts of Britain also imported the greys which spread rapidly. There are now estimated to be about 2.5 million grey squirrels in Britain.

Unlike the bold and oft seen greys our native red squirrels are very shy and elusive and spend much of their time in the tree canopy. Telltale signs to look for include large dreys in trees, scratch marks on bark and chewed pine cones that look like chewed apple cores. You might also hear the distinctive “chuk chuk” noise they make.

Although the grey squirrels don’t actually attack the native reds they carry the squirrel pox virus which is fatal to red squirrels without harming its grey carriers. Squirrels come in all colours.

Entirely black ones are becoming common and originate in colder regions of Canada where their dark skins absorb more winter sun to keep them warm.

A family of at least...



White 3 Drawer Dresser "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

White dresser with two top drawers and one bottom drawer.
L 1070mm x D 501mm x H 801mm
Belonged to my grandma, my mum, me and my daughter.
Love to see it find a new home.
Txt Kate 0438 821 971
Pick up Reservoir


Flute for beginner "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Artley Flute 18-0 639376 Student Model
Silver plated, some surface damage to keys.
Plays well. In hard case. Great for a beginner

Txt Kate 0438 821 971
Pick up Reservoir


Glossy Black-Cockatoo at Blackrock, Coochin area near boonah. 28'06'56.39S 152'40'21.79E reported by Errol Stenzel on 12-01-2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Three birds flying slow ,real low and headed up creek to Mountain area. (there are lots of ROSE SHEOAKS up in the hilly areas.)


National Social Security Rights Network statement about the new online compliance system "IndyWatch Feed National"

13th January 2017

This statement about the Centrelink online compliance system calls for the suspension of the system until concerns about it are addressed


HR Watch says PNG has failed to protect women and children "IndyWatch Feed"


 A student protest in Port Moresby in June 2016. Human Rights Watch says PNG has failed to respond to corruption and police violence. Photograph: AAP

Author: Helen Davidson     Source: The Guardian

Papua New Guineans took to the streets to protest against government corruption and were met by gunfire, Human Rights Watch has said in a scathing assessment of Australia’s nearest neighbour.

In its annual assessment of more than 90 countries, Human Rights Watch has warned of the rise of populist leaders threatening the protection of human rights. It says PNG has failed to protect women and children, or to respond to corruption and police violence.

Anger against the Peter O’Neill government – linked to numerous and high-profile corruption scandals and allegations over recent years – became the focus of student protests, culminating in the march on parliament in Port Moresby in June calling for O’Neill’s resignation.

The students, who had boycotted classes, were stopped from boarding buses to parliament where O’Neill was set to face a vote of no-confidence. Police opened fire, and 23 people were injured.

O’Neill was defiant, and blamed “agitators” funded by the opposition for the protests, which spread and escalated across the country.

“People took to the streets to voice concerns about corruption, and the only government response was gunfire,” said Elaine Pearson, Australia director at Human Rights Watch.

“Corruption and abuse will only end when abusive officials are held responsible for their crimes.”

O’Neill, who continues to avoid an arrest warrant over a long-running corruption investigation, survived a no-confidence motion in parliament the next month.



Culleton summons Parry and Brandis to appear in High Court over senate vacancy "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Senator Rod Culleton says he has the numbers to bring the Attorney General and Justice Barker of the Federal Court before the Bar of the senate to show cause why they should not be sacked.

Senator Rodney Culleton is under siege ordered by the Federal Government aided by their political and judicial puppeteers, the banks, and is bunkering down for a battle before the Full Bench of the Federal Court.

Today his Melbourne solicitor, John Maitland, filed a Summons in the High Court of Australia, sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns requesting an order to stop the President of the senate, Liberal Stephen Parry from making any representations that Senator Rod Culleton is an undischarged bankrupt and/or disqualified to sit as a senator for Western Australia or to declare the seat vacant.

The Summons has been served on the Liberal Attorney General George Brandis and Senator Parry below.




1) Solomon PM on tour of MSG capitals "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Sogavare starts MSG tour amid West Papua impasse
3) Freeport, PT Amman Pay Rp2.5tn in Export Duty on Concentrates

1) Solomon PM on tour of MSG capitals
9:25 pm GMT+12, 12/01/2017, Solomon Islands



Sussan Ley resigns - still doesn't get it - Team Turnbull comes 1st, privilege to serve Turnbull "IndyWatch Feed National"

She's so crystal clear. She's doing this for Turnbull. Not because it's right. Not because she's done wrong. This one's for the team. Which creates obligations. And so the gravy train rolls on. At least Turnbull is making the right noises. Today we have announced the most significant reform of...


How to deal with the new Australian piracy law "IndyWatch Feed National"

Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4
The company called the 'Australian Government' told the mainstream media that there is going to be a crackdown on piracy "Big Time", and in turn the mainstream media passed on this message to the slave population.

This comes literally straight after the peasants were made aware that people in government are defrauding their slave population on a huge scale, more damage than any single 'pirate' ever could do.

So apparently Australia is full of pirates (the "haaar haaar mi maties", type), where one could say that all of them are in government. 

"Why's that?" could ask the beer gut footy lover.

'Cause they're not in office lawfully, nor the company called the 'Australian Government' is the de jure government of the people, as described in a document called 'An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia...


Troubled Waters. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Is it safe to drink from fast flowing pristine looking waters in the bush?


Dumpster Fire is Word(s) of the Year "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

At the end of each year the American Dialect Society picks the best words that give a sense to how the year travelled or unravelled (take your pick). And in […]


The Weekend Quiz – January 15-16, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz, which used to be known as the Saturday Quiz! The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. The money supply is often defined to be the sum of currency on issue and demand deposits held in banks. The value of money always declines if the money supply rises.

2. Economists note that the automatic stabilisers embedded in government fiscal policy increase deficits (or reduce surpluses) in times of slack aggregate demand. This sensitivity of the fiscal outcome to the economic cycle would not be eliminated if the government followed a fiscal rule such that it had to be in balance at all times.

3. If the nation is running a current account deficit, then domestic households and firms and the government cannot simultaneously spend less than their income.



Sussan Ley resigns: Socialism is on the march! "IndyWatch Feed"

Sussan Ley resigns: Socialism is on the march!Sussan Ley's resignation proves socialism is on the march and the peasants are revolting! read now...


Inglourious Basterd(s): John Howard's case to answer on invasion of Iraq "IndyWatch Feed"

Inglourious Basterd(s): John Howard's case to answer on invasion of IraqHad the ICC aggression amendment existed back in 2003, John Howard would have been tried as a war criminal. read now...


Was Einstein Right, Is Time Travel Possible? Scientists Tested it "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The University of Queensland Australia has done subsequent studies on time travel, its possibility aspects, and components. According to in-depth studies from the University, time travel is a possibility. The scientists used single particles of light photons to simulate quantum particles that travel through time. The study indicated that modern physics has strange aspects that were explained by Professor Timothy Ralph. Quantum particles are made up of fuzzy or uncertain components that make it possible for them to wiggle around and thus avoid inconsistent time travel situations. Therefore, nature behaves differently making the impossible possible.

Read more


I’ve Just Published A Book. This is What It’s About. "IndyWatch Feed"

I released a short book today, A Beautiful World. Reframing our Relationship to Creation.  It’s just four chapters and 70 pages long, plus a study guide at the back. The aim is for it to be short enough that a pastor could  comfortably  build a sermon around each chapter; that those who don’t regularly read books may find it surprisingly manageable to read a chapter a week and then join a  small group  using the discussion guide at the back; but that it will prove substantial enough that both voracious readers and those who don’t read much will find  plenty of food for thought.

The book asks the question, what does it mean to live as a follower of Jesus in the age of “the Anthropocene”? The Anthropocene is the term a number of scientists are using to describe  the age in which we live.  It identifies humankind  as the most significant natural force on earth, the species that has become so widespread and powerful that we are reshaping key environmental systems on which we all depend for survival. Our  greenhouse emissions are changing the climate; our insatiable demand for land on which to live and farm and build is one of the chief culprits in the terrifyingly rapid decline of wild animal populations;  our oceans are acidifying;  and nitrogen that we artificially create is leaching into the rivers and lakes creating large algal blooms that suck the oxygen from the water.

For Christians there’s a lot of catch up. Most of us are the heirs of a theological tradition that  undervalues the earth and its living creatures. This tradition taught us to see the drama of  history as the struggle for the salvation of the human soul. The planet on which we live  is but the stage on which this drama is played out and the nonhuman living creatures mere props designed to serve the real focus, which is the relationship of God and humanity.

I argue that from start to finish the story told by the Bible is far broader, richer, and exciting. The earth is imagined as the temple of God; the place God is to be found and that reflects God’s gracious and loving character, unrivalled wisdom, and extraordinary power. In the biblical universe God’s love blazes for every living thing and God’s attention is turned towards every living creature.

Far from the earth being merely the stage upon which the great drama of history is played out,  it is part of the drama. Salvation is not God taking us from the earth and from our bodies to an immaterial heaven, but the work of God to make all things new, to bring everything  to unity and completion under the reign of Christ –  people, communities, planet,  animals, environmental systems, and anything else you can think of.  The image of eternity that it offers me is not an angel on a cloud playing a harp but whales dancing through oceans;  humans  in bodies, minds and hearts that are turned towards love, generosity, kindness a...


Here is a question "IndyWatch Feed"

One of the many ideas around reform of the US Constitution is the repeal of the 17th Amendment.  The 17th Amendment essentially changed the election of US Senators from a vote of the State Legislatures to a vote of the people.

A repeal of the 17th would essentially restore and reconfirm the role of the US Senate as a state’s house.

There are clearly arguments against a repeal, hence the amendment in the first place and arguments for, hence the current arguments for repeal (hows that for circular logic!).

But what would happen in Australia if the Commonwealth Senate were to be appointed by State and Territory parliaments?  It would (probably) have to be aligned with State and Territory elections, but irrespective.  I wonder ….


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed"

1.00 AUD = 0.0009 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 1.10 AUD


Little Terns or Pigs Will Fly and Sawtell Dogs will be on a Leash "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Where the coastal town of Sawtell meets the National Park, Little Terns have their breeding grounds. The endangered Little Terns (Sterna albifrons subsp sinensis) have been nesting in this area for a log time. They like to make beaches, sand spits and sand islands near rivers, creeks and coastal lakes and mouths of estuaries their homes. Every spring and summer the migratory seabirds have been raising their families along the Australian coastline.

“Little Tern nests are a simple scrape in the ground, sometimes lined with feathers and eggshells. The highly exposed hatchlings are very susceptible to predators from both introduced and native species, as well as disturbance from human activities.” (source)

"Nesting sites are usually located where humans swim, walk, exercise dogs, picnic and drive off-road vehicles. The mere presence of people on the beach may cause these terns to desert their eggs and eventually leave the colony altogether" (source)

Unchecked coastal urbanisation spreads 'the package' (McMansions,...


ECCV in the news regarding proposed changes to Section 18C of the Racial Vilification Act "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Ethnic and religious groups have warned the federal government that any weakening of section 18C could see it lose multicultural community support.

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights has published 135 submissions from individuals and organisations for its inquiry into Freedom of Speech in Australia.

Many opposed any changes to 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria made a joint submission with 83 other religious and community groups, including Muslim, Christian, African, Sikh and Jewish organisations.

Council Chair Eddie Micallef said many migrants, especially the most recent arrivals, would be left feeling very vulnerable by the watering down of section 18C.

"I think it just gives those who have a racist bent some encouragement," Mr Micallef told SBS.

"It will encourage that group and it will potentially cut across the social cohesion that we've been able to build up in Australia over many years," he said.

Read more in this SBS TV report:




Gallery: FBi Presents Dinosaur Jr at The Metro Theatre "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FBi Presents Dinosaur Jr at The Metro Theatre - 13.1.17 - Photo by Mikki Gomez

In support of their 11th album, Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not, bonafide rock legends Dinosaur Jr played a sold-out headline show at The Metro Theatre. Despite the unfortunate absence of their original drummer, Murph, due to flight issues, the band smashed through their catalogue with raucous energy and precision.

Supported by folk duo Luluc, who hail from Melbourne but now live in Brooklyn.


All photos by Mikki Gomez, 12.1.17
FBi Presents Dinosaur Jr at The Metro Theatre - 12.1.17 - Photo by Mikki Gomez FBi Presents Dinosaur Jr at The Metro Theatre - 12.1.17 - Photo by Mikki Gomez FBi Presents Dinosaur Jr at The Metro Theatre - 12.1.17 - Photo by Mikki Gomez FBi Presents Dinosaur Jr at The Metro Theatre - 12.1.17 - Photo by Mikki Gomez FBi Presents Dinosaur Jr at The Metro Theatre - 12.1.17 - Photo by Mikki Gomez ...


NT Youth Justice Class Action | Maurice Blackburn "IndyWatch Feed National"

NT Youth Justice Class Action | Maurice Blackburn: Maurice Blackburn, Australia’s leading class action law firm, has filed a class action on behalf of current and former detainees at youth detention centres in the Northern Territory who were subjected to assault, battery, and/or false imprisonment during their detainment in excess of the lawful powers granted to prison guards. The class action was filed on 23 December 2016.


New book explains ‘what justice will look like’ "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

IN his new book Treaty and Statehood – Aboriginal Self Determination, Michael Mansell discusses models for a seventh state – or First State for the First People, designated Aboriginal seats in parliament and a treaty. The Tasmanian Aboriginal lawyer, activist and secretary of the Aboriginal Provisional Government spent three years wading through constitutional law, reading any High Court cases vaguely relevant and connected to the legal principal of designated Aboriginal seats in the parliament. He also researched the legality of treaty, what it would deal with and its effect on the Australian public, sharing of power and autonomous communities. “I really can’t remember what I set out to do other than to write up the political solutions that were available to us,” Mr Mansell said. “The book is for Aboriginal people who have a gut feeling that we have been denied justice and want to have someone explain what justice will look like.”


Lennon: Through A Glass Onion "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lennon – Through A Glass Onion returns to Sydney to celebrate 25 years on the international stage. The music, the mystery and the memory of John Lennon, starring John Waters and Stewart D’Arrietta.

It’s been 25 years since John Waters and Stewart D’Arrieta first performed “Through A Glass Onion” on the small stage at Sydney’s Tilbury Hotel. Little did they know that over an inspiring 25 year journey they would perform the show in New York and London, leaving their mark on audiences around the world.


Created and performed by renowned Australian actor/musician John Waters and esteemed singer/pianist Stewart D’Arrietta, Lennon – Through a Glass Onion is part concert and part biography and reveals the essence of the life and astonishing talent of one of the most admired icons of the past century. It’s a compelling story and features 31 iconic hits of Lennon and his collaborations with McCartney including Imagine, Strawberry Fields Forever, Revolution, Woman, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Working Class Hero, and Jealous Guy.

The ultimate goal for John and Stewart was to take their show to New York one day – and they achieved this in 2015.  “It was truly an emotional experience seeing Lennon – Through a Glass Onion in New York at its American premiere,” said lead producer Harley Medcalf.


John Waters – Performer/Writer
Stewart D’Arrietta- Performer/Co-Writer
Harley Medcalf – Lead Producer

John Waters is one of Australia’s most recognized, respected and critically acclaimed actor, musician and performer with numerous appearances on the Stage, Television and Screen.

Stewart D’Arrietta – musician, composer and musical director with a solid background in Theatre, Film and Television.

What: Lennon: Th...


Thank Folk It’s Friday – 13th January "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was – Indie folk duo Husky released their new video “Late Night Store”. Details here – Sydney summer concert series Courtyard Sessions announced their 2017 lineup including Imogen Clark, Leroy Lee, Jordie Lane, Taryn La Fauci, Skyscraper Stan, The Cruisin’ Deuces and more. Details […]


Malmsbury: Riot police storm juvenile prison to suppress riot "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Inmates during the riot at Malmsbury.

12 Jan – A riot at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre came to a dramatic end on Thursday night, with heavily armed police storming the facility.

Six inmates were arrested after rioting at the facility.

Teenagers at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre during the riot.

Police were called to Malmsbury at 1.50pm after the inmates armed themselves with metal poles and locked themselves in a secure exercise yard.

The situation came to a head shortly before 6.30pm, when heavily armed riot police carrying shields stormed the facility.

Six inmates were arrested and brought out by the riot police shortly after.

Riot police prepare to enter Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.

A police spokeswoman said the six inmates would be interviewed on Thursday night, with control of the facility due to be handed back to prison guards.

The whole centre had been put in lockdown to prevent any trouble spreading, sources said. The centre has capacity for 135 juvenile inmates, and is close to full at present.

A Department of Health and Human Services spokesman said the perimeter of the centre was secure. He said the incident was safely resolved without any injuries to staff or young people.

Teenagers inside Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.

The incident is the latest in a string of riots to hit the state’s youth justice centres.

Last September, rioting prisoners scaled the roof of the Malmsbury centre, about 100 kilometres north-west of Melbourne.

Violence erupted again at the facility in October, when a group of youths ripped benches from their fittings and armed themselves with metal legs before taunting guards.

Also last year, the Parkville Youth Justice Centre was crippled so badly by rioting teens that some units were left inoperable. The Andrews government moved some teen inmates from Parkville to a unit at t...


I Believe that Children Are Our Future "IndyWatch Feed"

Writing for the Fairfax “media“, journalist, early childhood education consultant Lisa Bryant took exception with Senator David Leyonhjelm’s recent comments on childcare.  Not only calling Leyonhjelm ignorant, Bryant extended her critique to those who voted for him.  Presumably, that included yours truly:

Ignorance. It’s a funny thing. By definition, it’s a lack of knowledge or information. Senator David Leyonhjelm owes his election as a senator to it.

Oh.  Bryant also has a go at Senator Pauline Hanson:

… the qualifications of those caring and educating them matter and why Leyonhjelm and Hanson’s ignorance really does matter.

Bryant then goes on to detail her views on why early childcare “educator” qualifications are important.  One might wonder if Ms Bryant actually makes a living from the heavily government subsidised childcare industrial complex; but this is not disclosed in her article.  But wait.  I have recently discovered this thing called googleweb and found this:

Lisa Bryant is a consultant in the early education and care sector. She has written multiple articles on the subject for national media and edits a number of industry publications.

Hmmm.  I wonder if this means she has a personal economic stake in this issue?  Notwithstanding, Ms Bryant writes:

One of the basic things we know about how young children’s brains develop is that they need interaction with a loving caregiver or caregivers.

Note how she speaks of loving caregiver(s) not qualified caregiver(s) – unless that is of course that the Certificate III qualification in childcare trains caregiver(s) to love children!  Ms Bryan also writes about:

decades of research proved that one of the main determinants of the quality of childcare is the qualifications of the educators delivering it.

I bet.  Is this the same researcher produced by those who have infiltrated and infected the ordinary school curricula?  Safe Schools anyone?

Ms Bryan then extols the virtues of the National Quality Framework for Education and Care Services, which according to her (and I would not know better)...


Coolbellup: Roe 8 protests ramp up as activists clash with cops "IndyWatch Feed National"

A protesters is hand-cuffed by police after the fences guarding the site were pushed down

12 Jan – Police have clashed with protesters at the Roe 8 building site, after the fences guarding the area were pushed down, a woman holed up in a tree platform and more people chained themselves to machinery.

Protests ramped up on Thursday morning in Coolbellup, where clearing of bushland is due to continue to make way for the controversial Roe 8 road, which is part of the planned Perth Freight Link.

Journalist Belinda Cameron said a large amount of people had gathered at the site early in the morning, singing and chanting “give it up Colin”.

“Things have really kicked off this morning. When I arrived there were about 1000 people lining the gates that surround the site.”

She said that at about 7am protesters pushed down the fences surrounding the bulldozers at the building site.

“Police were quite outnumbered and several arrests were made,” she said.

“At the moment there are about 200 people still here who performed a sit-in around the equipment.

“There are also people who chained themselves to the machinery.

“I saw several elderly women walking around the site which has been partially cleared – openly crying, seeing what’s happened to their bushland.

“There have also been a few flare-ups between police and protesters and security has been brought into the site with several large German Shepherds now guarding the equipment.”

Reports say a young woman called Jacinta had set up in a platform on a tree, which is tensioned across access tracks. Any clearing work conducted would be dangerous to her safety.

Two other people called Koro and Jan had attached themselves to machinery.

By 10:30am police had made over a dozen arrests, with six people charged for trespassing and resisting arrest.

City of Melville councillor Tim Barling and City of Fremantle councillor Sam Wainwright were among those arrested on Wednesday, with protesters wanting work to stop until the March state election.

More than 100 police officers attended the protest, including plain-clothed detectives, mounted police and the dog squad.



Melebourne: Youths transferred to adult prison after more riots at Parkville youth justice centre "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Police and paramedics at the Parkville youth justice centre

9 Jan – Seven young people have been transferred out of Melbourne’s troubled Parkville youth justice centre, some to Barwon Prison, after rioting for six hours overnight.

Paramedics and police, including dog handlers, were called to the centre on Park Street on Parkville shortly after 8:00pm.

Families and Children Minister Jenny Mikakos said a group of six inmates broke away during a sporting activity before accessing a roof cavity and freeing another detainee.

“[The group] broke away from staff. They then managed to gain access to one of the units, and gain entry into the roof cavity of that unit,” she said.

“Whilst they were in the roof cavity, they managed to free one of their co-detainees out of his locked cell.”

Ms Mikakos said the incident was resolved by about 1:30am and no-one was injured.

Ian Lanyon, director of secure services at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), said 13 beds were damaged, taking the facility’s number of usable beds to about 50.

“We hope to have [those beds] repaired in the next few days and that unit fully back online,” he said.

The youths had been playing basketball before they absconded, Mr Lanyon added.

Before November’s riots, Parkville had a 123-bed capacity.

Some of the seven youths transferred were taken to the Grevillia Unit at Barwon Prison — a maximum security adult jail.

The others were sent to another youth justice centre at Malmsbury, about 100 kilometres north-west of Melbourne.

Police dog handler at Parkville Youth Justice Centre

A DHHS spokesperson said damage was being assessed and police were investigating.

“There were no injuries to young people, staff or police and at no point was there a threat to the security of the perimeter of the facility,” a statement read.

“Damage to the facility will be assessed with repair work to start as soon as this is completed.”

The State Government has been holding young people at the Grevillia Unit since Nove...


In which the pond goes Friday feral thanks to the Currish Snail and a case of the WSJ yips ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Here's the thing, and it explains just how the Donald got as far as he did ...

When any passing loon comes out with a loonish idea and lets out a shriek at the wonder of it all, you can rely on the reptiles to go the big bash and faithfully regurgitate it ...

By the time it reached the Terrorists, they couldn't resist a little spin ...

It was the Currish Snail that let the hare loose ...

A stupid woman, with a stupid solution, though to be fair, no more stupid than the current Malware logarithm solution ...

But why did the Snailers give it the front page treatment? Why did they blow it up and blossom it forth?

The answer lies at the very bottom ...



WIRES 2017 Australia Day Photo Competition "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Open for entries from 13th January, 2017. To enter you simply have to like and then private message your wildlife images to WIRES facebook page. You can also register to receive emails notifying you of the finalists and the competition winners. 

Images should be native animals/birds ideally observed and photographed in the wild (or in care if you are a licensed wildlife care volunteer). We would also love a few details of how you came to capture the image. There is a limit of 3 images per entrant. Please also provide an email contact address with your message. 

Entries are open until 10 pm AEST Tuesday, January 24th, 2017. 

All submissions must be made by the photographer having read the competition terms and conditions


1st Prize: An A4 Original Watercolour artwork presented on cold heavy pressed 200gsm paper generously donated by Liz H Lovell, a local Sydney wildlife and nature artist....


Australia Meteorological Office Caught Covering Up Chemtrails "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is outrage in Australia after the Meteorological Office attempted to brush a chemtrails scandal under the carpet by declaring the geometric lines are a “beautiful natural phenomenon.” The rows of perfectly straight chemtrails were caught on camera by a passenger onboard a Virgin Australia flight and uploaded to social media. The extraordinary photos caused outrage on Twitter and Instagram, with Australians demanding to know the truth about the real nature of geoengineering in their country. Then the Meteorological Office entered the fray, claiming the rows and rows of perfectly straight lines are not man-made, but rather a “beautiful natural phenomenon.” A Met Office spokesperson attempted to explain the rows of chemtrails. “In terms of how they form, it’s about air rising, cooling and then descending again. The rising, cooling and falling of atmospheric waves creates the thin strips of clouds.” Right… Remarkably, many people are taking the official narrative on face value. The most unique cloud formation I have seen to date on route from Perth to Adelaide somewhere over The Great Australian Bite • • • • • #flying #clouds #rollcloud #nature #windowseat #wing #airplane #plane #boeing #737 #virgin #perth #adelaide #Australia #ocean #engine #turbofan #turbine #instagramaviation #avgeek #iphone [...]

The post Australia Meteorological Office Caught Covering Up Chemtrails appeared first on Your News Wire.


The next Sausage Sizzle and the next General Meeting dates "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The next sausage sizzle is at Bunnings this Monday, 16 January from 8am to 2:30pm.

The next General Meeting will be next month at Hervey Bay RSL Lakes Room on Thursday 16 February from 7:00pm.


China Daily: Tillerson’s “Disastrous” Actions Would Set The Course For A “Devastating Confrontation” "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

By Tyler Durden

We were surprised by how contained China was this morning after yesterday’s confirmation hearing of Rex Tillerson, in which the former Exxon CEO said that a failure to respond to China had allowed it to “keep pushing the envelope” in the South China Sea and added that “we’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first the island-building stops and second your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed” and that putting military assets on those islands was “akin to Russia’s taking Crimea” from Ukraine.”

Traditionally such a direct threat would be i) perceived as very undiplomatic and ii) prompt an immediate, and angry rebuke from Beijing, with China immediately shifting to the offensive.

“This is the sort of off-the-cuff remark akin to a tweet that pours fuel on the fire and maybe makes things worse,” Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Canberra told Bloomberg. “Short of going to war with China, there is nothing the Americans can do.”

But not today: during his press conference earlier today, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang could barely muster the will to sound defensive, saying China has been acting within the limits of its sovereignty. “Like the U.S., China has the right within its own territory to carry out normal activities,” he said at a regular briefing in Beijing. When asked repeatedly about Tillerson’s comments on blocking access to islands, China’s foreign ministry spokesman said he couldn’t make any guesses as to what Tillerson was referring to and would not answer hypothetical questions, Reuters reported.

As it turns out, China may not have had time to digest what Tillerson said. After all his South China sea remark was toward the end of his nearly all day long hearing, and so many local media outlets may have simply missed it. However, they caught up today, and first China Daily, then its nationalist tabloid, the Global Times took turns to first mock, then attack Tillerson.

Here is the gis...


Rally rider hopeful for 2018 Dakar "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Queensland rally rider Scott Britnell has been watching the Dakar Rally on TV while recovering from a crash six months ago that also crashed his hopes of competing in this year’s event.

However, Scott Britnell is still planning to join the gruelling rally next January and is busy raising funds with his KTM 450RR race bike arriving soon.

“I have been watching Dakar and it seems like this year’s edition is a cracker,” he says.

“It seems the complaints about the WRC-style first half of last year’s race have been answered by Marc Coma.”

2017 Dakar Rally riderFive-time Dakar champ and now motorcycle course organiser Coma grabs a selfie

Aussie’s mixed Dakar fortunes

He says it was disappointing that Australia’s first Dakar winner, Toby Price, crashed out on stage four. 

“I see it as a simple case of paying dues for living life on the edge as many of the top guns have in the past,” he says.

“This is a perception that I also carried into combat many times and have leant on to accept a far greater sacrifice made by several friends/colleagues along the way.”

Fellow Queensland Rod Faggotter also retired from the event on stage four with technical problems in his Yamaha.

Meanwhile, after two stages were abandoned because of rain and mudslides, the two remaining Aussies are battling on.

Todd Smith (Honda) is sitting in 21st outright and Dakar Debutante Matt Hart (KTM) is in 53rd.

Dakar Rally rider Matt Hart - Toby Price Dakar rally swamped...


Yabun Movie night! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Looking for something to do after Yabun?!? Get down to Leichhardt for Yabun Movie night. Starts at 8 with animations about Dreaming Stories and then the feature film Spear starts at 9. Takes place at Memorial Park on Norton Street in Leichhardt. It’s 100% FREE!

Yabun Movie Night


The End of Obamacare? Not So Fast… "IndyWatch Feed"

Obamacare has enrolled 20 million new people, lowering the uninsured rate to 9% from 16%. The newly insured, too, will fight to protect their benefits.

The post The End of Obamacare? Not So Fast… appeared first on The Daily Reckoning Australia.


A Job for David Leyonhjelm "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Writing for, Josie Appleton describes England’s Creeping Nanny State.

Her article has some corkers in it:

A church bell in Hertfordshire which had rung every 15 minutes for 140 years was silenced, after environmental health officers threatened the church with fines (the bell was recently reinstated, after some locals raised the money for a device to allow it to ring more quietly).


A lady in an Essex village is under threat of a fine and criminal record after complaints about free-roaming peacocks that issued from her farm. The council has issued her with a legal order that requires her to remove the birds by January. At one point the council sent a ranger down to spend a whole day sitting outside her house “monitoring peacock activity.”


In the Forest of Dean, in the West of England, sheep have roamed freely for centuries and are an essential part of the local land management. But they were also under threat of criminalization when some locals complained about sheep droppings and the fact that sheep could be heard “baaing loudly” outside their houses. The council set up an “irresponsible shepherding task group,” which recommended that sheep be banned from the village and that a warden be employed to monitor straying sheep and fine their owners, at the cost of £28,000 a year.

I wonder if the inner city councils of Sydney and Melbourne have their own “irresponsible shepherding task group”?


The Overthrow of the US dollar as Global Reserve Currency "IndyWatch Feed"

These trends will continue until the aims of the ‘Axis of Gold’ have been achieved. The overthrow of the US dollar as the benchmark global reserve currency.

The post The Overthrow of the US dollar as Global Reserve Currency appeared first on The Daily Reckoning Australia.


Could This Stock Market Pattern from 1994 Be Repeating? "IndyWatch Feed"

Many people will look at this chart with despair. The long stretch of trendless price action will put them off stocks.

The post Could This Stock Market Pattern from 1994 Be Repeating? appeared first on The Daily Reckoning Australia.


Brass Shells for my Black Powder DB Shotgun. "IndyWatch Feed National"

My youngest son bought me two boxes of brass shells for my black powder 12 gauge, so I have some hand loading to do.
Bring on the Zombies 😊 

No loader required, I can load these brass shells in just the same way as I load my muzzle-loading guns. The only difference is that I also need primers for the shells. More on this when I start reloading.


CNN has been caught out "IndyWatch Feed"

I think Trump has handled the CNN reporter is exactly the correct manner. While Americans have the right to a free press there is no obligation on anyone to pander to them or engage with their poor behaviour.


Newsletter: Julie Bishop @ AAC | Aid transparency declines | Blog poll "IndyWatch Feed"

Julie Bishop to open 2017 Australasian Aid Conference

We are pleased to announce that the Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, will deliver the conference opening address on 15 February 2017. Minister Bishop spoke at the first Australasian Aid Conference back in 2014, and we look forward to welcoming her again to learn of the government’s second-term aid agenda. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, there’s still time – details here.


New audit of Australian aid transparency

At the end of December, we launched the findings of our 2016 Australian aid transparency audit. The audit, conducted by Camilla Burkot and Virginia DeCourcy, examines the public availability of information about Australian aid projects on the DFAT website, and finds a significant decline. You can read our two-part blog series summarising the findings here, and download the full report here. ABC News and Radio NZ International also covered the audit.


Devpolicy Blog reader poll

We’re in the process of a blog redesign, and we want to get your input – so we’re running a short reader poll and invite you to give us your feedback. It’s completely anonymous and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. You can access the poll here. Meanwhile, if you missed it, check out our 2016 blog review and best blog.


People news

The New Year brings new beginn...


Leaked memo from Centrelink ordered Staff not to process disputes and more Zedlines.... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A leaked internal memo from Centrelink management ordered frontline staff working in branches not to process disputes over the Government’s debt collection scheme. (Image Source Flickr)


Obtained by the 7.30 Report, the memo says staff must not process any activities in relation to the Online Compliance Intervention, and should instead refer customers to the online portal… despite reports the portals availability has been patchy.


The memo appears to contradict Human Services Minister Alan Tudge’s who says those having trouble with the online and telephone services can go into a Centrelink office and see someone within 10 minutes.

Gold Coast MP Defends Misters using Taxpayer Money



Billy Bragg & Joe Henry Announce Australian Tour Dates "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Billy Bragg and Joe Henry Following the success of their amazing 2016 album Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad folk music legends Billy Bragg and Joe Henry have announced plans to tour Australia this March. The two singers will be in the country for Bluesfest followed by shows […]


Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia in Australian public hospitals 2015-16 (AIHW) "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia in Australian public hospitals 2015-16: Australian hospital statistics

* In 2015-16, 1,440 cases of hospital-associated Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia (SAB) were reported in Australian public hospitals

* The national rate of SAB in public hospitals was 0.73 cases per 10,000 days of patient care, and all states and territories had rates below the national benchmark of 2.0 cases per 10,000 days of patient care

* Between 2011-12 and 2015-16, rates of SAB decreased from 0.96 cases to 0.73 cases per 10,000 days of patient care

Download report: Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia in Australian public hospitals 2015-16: Australian hospital statistics


Family violence prevention programs in Indigenous communities "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The following report describes the latest levels of family violence in Indigenous communities. It has shown that family violence continues to be under-reported. The complexity of different issues made it hard to evaluate. The report discusses which strategies have been succesful. There is also a good bibliography on the topic.

Family violence prevention programs in Indigenous communities


Fanny Farm update…. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It’s raining again, and too wet for fencing… so I’ll keep my faithful readers up on what’s been happening for the past few days.

Firstly, my amazing neighbour who had the most unfortunate accident that caused his expensive ute to be written off (nobody got hurt, which I have to tell you was pretty amazing…), flew to Melbourne the other day to pick up a replacement. japanesebathHe offered to pick stuff up there for me, and lo and behold, I discovered that someone in Melbourne manufactured round Japanese plunge baths that would finish the circular theme of our new bathroom. Sometimes, things are just meant to happen…. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, but they were either unavailable, or just plain too expensive.

It turns out, this one was made by the bloke who sold it to me, and, wait for it, his factory was just two streets away from where Matt picked up his new car…!

Now I just need a house to put it in…. like the toilets, the bidets, the handbasins, the kitchen sink, the taps, I have accumulated a lot of stuff for this house already.

The same day the bath arrived, all the reinforcing steel was also delivered. On a very large truck, that the driver had to reverse the entire 400m back out to the main road…



STI rates burning as cases spike, and more Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Queensland STI cases spike, according to Queensland Health. (Image Source: JISC)

STIs on the rise

The amount of Queenslanders with sexually transmitted diseases is significantly higher according to Queensland Health, with cases of gonorrhoea increasing by 32% in 2016.

Figures show STIs have increased by 10% in the last year.

Dr Wendell Rosevear, who runs a Brisbane-based medical centre that specialises in sexual health, said a change in dating culture may be behind the spike in cases.

Dr Rosevear said the new ways people connect over the internet for ‘instant sex’ allows people to have multiple partners in a day.



Chamberlain: when the jury got it wrong "IndyWatch Feed"

THE death of Michael Chamberlain makes me recall sitting in the High Court on the day that the decision on Lindy Chamberlain’s appeal against her conviction of the murder of her baby daughter Azaria came down. It was 22 February 1984. All five judges who heard the case were there so they stated their reasons one by one.

Chief Justice Harry Gibbs wrote a joint judgment with Justice Anthony Mason. So it was 2-0 against Lindy. Then Justice Lionel Murphy stated he would allow the appeal.

It was 2-1 with two judges to come. Tension was high. The remaining two judges, Justice Gerard Brennan and Justice William Deane (later to be Governor-General) were both noted for their fundamental humanity, particularly in refugee cases. Could the appeal be allowed 3-2?

Brennan was senior to Deane so he gave his decision next.

And some history here. Brennan, when a judge of the Federal Court, was part of a Full Federal Court decision that decided the case of Duff. Duff had been found guilty in the ACT Supreme Court of kidnapping an Indian diplomat. Justice Brennan gave a very narrow view of appeal rights from territory courts to the Full Federal Court. So when the Chamberlain case from the Northern Territory arose he applied his earlier reasoning.

Of the five judges he was the only one to say that Lindy Chamberlain should not even be given the right to special leave to appeal to the High Court, let alone win the appeal.

So, in that tense courtroom, the judgment of Justice Deane no longer counted. Already three of the five judges had said no to Lindy. As it happened Justice Deane, like Justice Murphy, pointed to the prejudice against Seventh Day Adventists; the questionability of scientific evidence; and the concern that juries might be blinded by science.

So it was 3-2 against Lindy and she stayed in jail.

Who knows, if either of the other two High Court judges – Wilson or Dawson – had taken the place of Gibbs, Mason or Brennan, the result might have been different. This is an irrelevant aside, but you might recall that Justice Ronald Wilson co-authored the Stolen Generations report.

I reported the Federal Court appeal and the High Court appeal, but not the trial. I was utterly convinced that Lindy was guilty. In the Federal Court, I was completely taken with prosecutor Ian Barker’s “rope” argument. He argued said that an individual st...


How Much Did It Cost to Build the Titanic "IndyWatch Feed"

How Much Did It Cost to Build the Titanic by James Turk for FGMR I recently received a link to an article in The Vintage News with an eye-catching headline: “The replica Titanic cost $435 million & is set to launch in 2018”. I was intrigued, so I couldn’t resist reading the article. It reported that an Australian…

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The climate and nuclear scene, as 2017 begins "IndyWatch Feed"

We start the year with some concerning new evidence on climate change. Global warming is happening faster than previously estimated. Climate Change threat to global ocean circulation might be worse than we thought. The tipping point for climate change is nigh upon us.

The nuclear scene remains one of anxiety about the arms race. There are the nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan, with fear about ISIS. There’s anxiety about  the situation when the Trump administration takes over in America.

On the so-called “peaceful” nuclear industry a rather distressing tendency is becoming evident. That is simply, that despite overwhelming evidence that the industry is an economic disaster,  Britain, France, and in some States, America, are pressing on with it. The argument is always “JOBS”. It reminds me of the Bertolt Brecht play “Mother Courage and Her Children” – in which the mother continues her job, as that job gets all her children killed, one by one.

World Health Organisation confirmed that low dose radiation increases cancer risk.


CLIMATE.  2016 was Australia’s year of record-breaking extreme weather. It’s also tipped to be...



Australian Capital Territory prepares for role as clean energy hub and exporter of renewable technology "IndyWatch Feed"

text-relevantFunding boost for renewable sector to prepare ACT for green future  Clare Sibthorp  11 Jan 17 

The ACT government hopes a funding boost to the local renewable sector will take the territory one step closer to a green future.

Two new grant programs launched by Climate Change and Sustainability Minister Shane Rattenbury aim to shape the ACT as an export-oriented hub for renewable energy innovation and investment.

The new Direct Grants Stream will provide grants of more than $30,000 to businesses developing renewable technologies.

The Innovation Connect Renewables Stream will feed extra cash into the ACT government’s existing Innovation Connect grants program, allocating $120,000 to the development of innovative products and services in the renewable sector in 2017.

Mr Rattenbury said the programs would be financed from the $12 million industry-funded Renewable Energy Innovation Fund.

He said the ACT was on track to be fully powered by renewables by 2020. “The grants announced today are designed to grow the renewable energy industry, help organisations take the next step in commercialising their...


Transparency Market Research predicts rapid rise in Global Photovoltaic Installation Market "IndyWatch Feed"

solar-panels-and-moneyGlobal Photovoltaic Installation Market to Grow Nearly 11% through 2018    12 January 2017– Transparency Market Research announces the release of a new report titled “Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation Market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 2018”. According to the report, the global solar photovoltaic installation market is anticipated to expand at a 10.70% CAGR from 2012 to 2018 to reach a value of US$145.9 bn by 2018.

Solar photovoltaic is an excellent source of renewable energy that presents higher efficiency output. This is a key factor driving the solar photovoltaic installation market. In addition, wide range of applications in different sectors, the rising awareness regarding the reduction of carbon footprint, government initiatives and schemes, low cost of installation and maintenance, and constantly evolving technologies have also driven the global solar photovoltaic installation market over the years. Asia Pacific presents strong potential for growth, according to the report. On the down side, limited life of batteries, wet climate in certain regions deteriorating the quality of solar panels, revised feed in tariffs, irregular intensities of solar radiations, and oversupply conditions in certain regions are some of the major challenges that the solar photovoltaic installation market f...


Hole in one? Ocean Shores’ golfer has bin there, done that "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bill Nichols at the bin where he scored his 'hole-in-one'.

Bill Nichols at the bin where he scored his ‘hole-in-one’.

Some might call it a garbage shot, but Bill Nichols impressed his playing partners recently at the Ocean Shores Country Club with a tee shot that went straight in the hole.

Mr Nichols was playing his usual Monday round of skins with three mates when they got to the tenth hole.

His three partners had their shots and they were ‘fairly successful’, according to Mr Nichol’s mate Michael Krilich.

Then Mr Nichols stepped up and slammed his drive.

But instead of going straight down the fairway, the ball hooked to the left and travelled 48 metres … straight into a garbage bin.

After fishing his ball out and copping a penalty, Mr Nichols went on to par the hole, winning the skin in the process.

But the story doesn’t end there, according to his mates.

The very next Saturday another member, Steve Bravington, performed an identical feat … a hole-in-one into the same bin with his tee shot.





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Pro nuclear former Senator Sean Edwards to run for South Australian Parliament, considers leadership "IndyWatch Feed"

Former Liberal Senator Sean Edwards considers run for State Parliament, refuses to rule out standing for party leadership State Political Editor Daniel Wills, The Advertiser January 11, 2017 


As cost of renewables falls, revival of nuclear power looks unlikely "IndyWatch Feed"

Delays of years in construction times and the doubling of costs, are the new normal, while the prices of low-carbon alternatives, wind and solar, which can be deployed in weeks rather than decades, have continued to fall. It is now clear that solar farms and wind turbines produce cheaper power than new nuclear will ever be able to. In some cases even old nuclear stations are so costly to run that new wind and solar are cheaper.

poster renewables not nuclearNuclear Revival Looks Bleak as Solar and Wind Costs Continue to Drop By Paul Brown, 12 Jan 17 


Environmental win for indigenous tribes- sacred grounds saved from fossil fuel mining "IndyWatch Feed"

indigenousThirty years later, Blackfoot tribes see environmental win on sacred grounds
U.S. officials on Tuesday announced the cancellation of the final two oil and gas leases in a wilderness area bordering Glacier National Park that’s sacred to the Blackfoot tribes of Montana and Canada. 
Christian Science Monitor, Matthew Brown Associated Press JANUARY 10, 2017 U.S. officials on Tuesday announced the cancellation of the final two oil and gas leases in a wilderness area bordering Glacier National Park that’s sacred to the Blackfoot tribes of Montana and Canada, more than three decades after the tribes said the leases were illegally sold…….



Australia Day Lamb Ads: Vastly Improved, But A Pig In Lipstick Is Still A Pig "IndyWatch Feed National"

Perpetual killjoy Chris Graham is not amused. Here he explains why you shouldn’t be either.

At the outset, I’ll concede that Meat and Livestock Australia has come a long way from the days of Sam Kekovich staring into a camera and lecturing a nation about how to be an ‘ocker’.

The latest Australia Day Lamb ad, released yesterday, has 10 times the production values, and much better gags. But it was coming off a very low base.

In my kinder moments, I think there’s a lot to like about the ad. But only when I think about it purely as a piece of marketing and comedy, and ignore what the issue is really all about.

As a piece of advertising and marketing, it’s clever and well produced. But as a comment on Australian society and values…. well, no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it’s still a pig.


In a nutshell, the most exceptional thing about the MLA ad is its determination to avoid the elephant in the room. All it really is is an aspirational statement about what our national values should be. Blokey BBQs, everyone being made to feel welcome, emb...


Prominent wealthy nuclear industry fans back former Senator Sean Edwards "IndyWatch Feed"

greed-1Ex-Lib senator Sean Edwards backed by nuclear dump supporters The Australian, , 12 Jan 17  A high-powered group of South Australians, angry over the abandonment of bipartisan ­support to study a nuclear waste repository, are backing a push by former Liberal senator Sean Edwards to enter state ­parliament.

Mr Edwards, who lost his seat at last year’s election after being bumped down his party’s ticket, is an outspoken ­advocate of South Australia playing a greater role in the nuclear fuel cycle……

South Australians are due to go to the polls in March next year, with a redistribution putting the Liberals in the box seat.

The Australian understands Mr Edwards is set to nominate for preselection for the seat of Frome, a traditionally Liberal electorate seated in the industrial city of Port Pirie and the agriculture areas of Clare and Gilbert valleys, where the former senator owns a wine business…..

Several of those understood to be backing Mr Edwards were among a group of 21 who last month signed an open letter urging politicians to continue to explore a nuclear waste dump.

Adelaide Crows chairman Rob Chapman, Coopers brewery chief Tim Cooper, fo...


Australian not-for-profit, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) installs solar household systems in East Timor villages "IndyWatch Feed"


East Timor villages lit up by solar from Australian not-for-profit By Tom Kenning Jan 12, 2017 


An Australia-based not-for-profit, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), has installed hundreds of household solar lighting systems across 12 villages in East Timor.

The two-year project was completed in partnership with two local partners, CNFP and Natiles, and with funding from the Google Impact Challenge 2014, four East Timor Friendship Groups and public donations.

After pilot projects in 2015, now 607 solar systems have been installed in villages in the districts of Aileau, Viqueque and Baucau, affecting 4,000 people.

In each village, Natiles liaised with the community, providing training to a management committee and helping it set up its own maintenance fund, while CNEFP trained 30 local technicians to install, maintain and repair the systems. Participating villagers pay a US$10 installation fee, followed by a monthly subscription of US$2, which will be held by the management committee to fund ongoing maintenance and repairs.



Feeling hot? There's a heatwave. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Southern Queenslanders are set to swelter, as a heat-wave moves through, breaking records in its path.

Brisbane will reach a top of 34 degrees, five above the daily average for this time of year.

Acting health minister Stirling Hinchliffe urged residents to stay hydrated, saying if your urine is dark it’s best to increase your fluid intake, to best keep yourself safe. 

One Nation looks to Queensland election 

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is expected to announce a “game changing” shake-up to state politics today in the lead-up to the next election.


Trump and his nominated Secretary of State disagree on nuclear "IndyWatch Feed"

Flag-USATillerson and Trump at odds on nuclear JANUARY 12, 2017 US Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson says that he doesn’t agree with President-elect Donald Trump’s comments that it would not be a bad thing if other countries, including Japan, acquired nuclear weapons.

Asked by Democratic Senator Edward Markey about Trump’s comments, Tillerson said during his Senate confirmation hearing that he did not think anyone would advocate for more nuclear weapons on the planet.

Pressed further by Markey on whether he agreed with Trump’s remarks, Tillerson replied: “I do not agree.”


Loss of Great Barrier Reef will be part of major collapses of ocean ecosystems, "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Death of the Great Barrier Reef: One scientist’s planetary tipping point, Independent Australia  12 January 2017 Nearly a quarter of the Great Barrier Reef is dead and there has been no discernible political response, writes Dr Geoff Davies.

THERE WAS no big revelation, just a train of thought. Nearly a quarter of the Great Barrier Reef is dead and there has been no discernible political response. Global temperature is rising off the chart, only glancingly noted in the torrent of chatter. The decades-long trend of ever-more perverse and destructive politics continues. Societies are fragmenting.

For perhaps two decades I have held to the thought that while ever there was a chance of avoiding a planetary tipping point I would continue explaining how we can avoid the worst. Through that time, the path to a healthy, stable world has become clearer and more obvious, demonstrated in a thousand practical, small-scale ways. All that time, the window of opportunity was closing. It is, in my judgement, barely open any more.

Few seem to understand that even if we ceased greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow the world would still warm for two or three decades more. That is about the time marine scientists give for the rest of the Great Barrier Reef to be killed off on present trends. I can’t see how the Reef can survive. Its loss, along with vast stretches of mangroves in our north, kelp forests in the west and rich continental shelf life across the south, will be see major collapses of ocean....


Popular stores lined up for Lismore Masters site "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Masters signs will soon be coming down and a range of new shops are expected to be opened by April.

The Masters signs will soon be coming down and a range of new shops are expected to be opened by April.

More than 100 jobs are expected to be created with the transformation of the former Masters store in South Lismore.

The site has been purchased by Home Consortium, a joint venture of the Sydney-based Aurrum Group, Spotlight and Chemist Warehouse.

Stores which have been revealed as expected tenants include JB Hi-Fi, Forty Winks, Spotlight, National Tiles, Repco, Pet Stock, a cafe and BCF, which specialises in boating, camping and fishing.

A development application was lodged with the Lismore City Council just prior to Christmas and is now on display.

As part of the development, the single-tenant store will be converted into a multi-tenancy centre, incorporating eight distinct stores and the cafe.

The open-air garden centre at the north end of the existing building will be enclosed and all signage updated.

Submissions to the council regarding the development application close on February 1.

The $2.5 million building is expected to open in April, providing 100 jobs across the complex.


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Humanity In Crisis, Part 3: The Food Controllers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Careful, don’t touch the food! by Dee McLachlan Many years ago I mentored a young couple making a film about child soldiers in Uganda. In one sequence they filmed a huge warehouse stacked high with sacks of US corn. At the time there were literally mountains of this subsidized GM (genetically modified) corn. The young […]


Victims of Falls Festival crush come forward "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Lorne Falls Festival stampede victim 'Maddy' said she still doesn't have white in her eyes 'it's just blood' after she was trampled on. Photo: Triple J Hack

Lorne Falls Festival stampede victim ‘Maddy’ said she still doesn’t have white in her eyes ‘it’s just blood’ after she was trampled on. Photo: Triple J Hack

The law firm leading a class action law suit against Falls Festival organisers over the Lorne crowd stampede on December 30 claims many victims have responded to the call.

Maddens Lawyers from Warrnambool last week urged people affected by the incident to be part of the class action, and some victims came forward with graphic photos of their injuries caused by the crush.

The stampede happened as people moved between two stage areas where headline acts were playing or had finished.

At the recent Byron Falls festival held at Yelgun, organisers had improved the access to its main amphitheatre stage by making it one-way to avoid crushes at peak times.

Class action principal Brendan Pendergast said at least 40 people, many from south-western Victoria, had come forward and thus the law firm was likely to pursue the class action.

Mr Pendergast told the ABC that those who had been in contact had suffered broken bones or suffered psychological trauma.

In response, the festival’s organisers said they were still trying to contact everyone involved in the stampede.

Around 80 people were caught up in the crush and 19 people hospitalised as a result.

Mr Pendergast said it appeared from initial reports that the crush could have been avoided if the site was designed better.

WorkSafe Victoria is conducting an investigation into the incident that will look specifically at whether the festival broke rules and regulations around site design and safety procedures.

That probe is expected to be completed in around six months.

Co-producer of the festival, Jessica Ducrou, said after the incident that a ‘confluence of events’ led to the crush, and that patron safety was of paramount importance to organisers.


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Watch the Kathleen Mary Lee Video “Hey, Very Good Friend” "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Courtesy of Kathleen Mary Lee Kathleen Mary Lee is a young singer-songwriter from Melbourne. In mid 2016 she released her debut EP Nice Kind of Pain and now she’s treating us to the single from that EP, “Hey, Very Good Friend”. The video for “Hey, Very Good Friend” features footage captured in the 70’s […]

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