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Sunday, 27 March


1.4 billion people face severe risks in South Asia The Watchers » Latest articles

According to research released this week by risk analysis and research company Verisk Maplecroft, 1.4 billion people in South Asia, 81% of the region’s population, are acutely exposed to at least one type of natural hazard and live in areas considered to have...... Read more »


Major Disaster Declared for Mississippi Fire Earth

Destructive Weather Events: Federal Disaster Declared for The Hospitality State Mississippi Severe Storms and Flooding (DR-4268) Incident period: Beginning March 09, 2016 and continuing Major Disaster Declaration declared on March 25, 2016 The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the state of Mississippi in the areas affected by severe storms and flooding […]

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Saturday, 26 March


Big Food Says They Will Label GMOs … But Is There More to the Story? EcoWatch


Have consumers won the GMO labeling battle? Have these food companies that so fiercely fought to...


Are You Eating Toxic Chocolate? Lead Found in Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s and Other Chocolates EcoWatch


Legal notices have been filed against chocolate manufacturers, including Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s, Whole Foods, Godiva, Mars and...


Natural Hazard – New Phase of Eruptive Activity: Nyiragongo Volcano, DR Congo Head Space

Nyiragongo volcano (DR Congo): eruption update Africa  –  Democratic Republic of the Congo | Virunga Mountains, Nyiragongo Volcano Location: 1°31’12.0″S 29°15’00.0″E Stratovolcano: 3470 m (11,384 ft) Current Status: erupting Eruption Type: Large effusive eruptions; persistent lava lake in the summit crater. Update Monday, 21 March 2016, 17:49: New intracrater activity continues, no signs of lateral magma […]


Gee Pee Wee… Head Space

We are at war, even if we are told we aren’t. Expect more attacks? It’s reality , but you can enjoy your adventurous vacations and have fun in your make-believe playhouse as usual. Besides, who wants to worry about all that reality anyway?  Haa ha, ha ha…Filed under: Entertainment, Political View Points, Randomness Tagged: a.k.a. […]


Clean Line Project to Deliver Wind Power to 1.5 Million Homes and Businesses EcoWatch


The Clean Line will deliver more than 4,000 megawatts of affordable wind power to more than...


Monitoring volcanoes using ASTER satellite imagery The Watchers » Latest articles

The Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) sensor is one of five sensors on board NASA's Terra satellite. ASTER data and imagery are crucial tools for monitoring volcanoes for any clues of imminent eruptions, for studying...... Read more »



Applied Dystopia – The Cloward-Piven Strategy of Open Border Immigration, etc. Head Space

The parallels between the immigration debate in the USA and in Europe is striking, as are the politics that define this debate. It is worth looking a bit deeper to understand why the Left is trying to destroy Western life through mass uncontrolled immigration (AKA the ‘Open Border Movement’). THE CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY Leftists are trying […]


Taiji Whale Museum Convicted of Discrimination Against Westerners Latest News

Japanese court finds museum at fault for blocking entry of Australian anti-dolphin hunt activists


It’s Not Just Flint: Many Californians Don’t Have Access to Safe Drinking Water We All Live Downstream

Drinking water contamination

By Jennifer Clary, Water Program Manager, California

In the wake of the Flint water crisis, a lot of media attention has focused on the country’s aging water infrastructure, nationally. Many people are surprised, though, when they hear that a lot of people in California do not have access to clean drinking water.

There are two issues in California that contribute most to the lack of access to clean drinking water: The drought, and the failure of state and local governments to address problems with contamination and aging infrastructure in smaller water systems, which tend to serve poorer people in rural areas.

The drought problem is well documented. For example the town of East Porterville, in Tulare County, has been relying on water tanks and deliveries of bottled water a few times a week, ever since the wells started drying up in 2014. It’s a story that’s attracted international attention, as more than 3,000 wells have gone dry in California, most of them in the Central Valley, during the drought.

There are also contamination issues; in some areas, people haven’t had safe drinking water from their tap for more than a decade. Many of those affected by this contamination are people who rely on drinking water from small systems. As is the case with Flint, these problems disproportionately affect poorer communities of color.

California is a big state with more than 7,500 water systems, but just 10 percent of those systems serve 95 percent of the...


GE Tree Company ArborGen Settles Lawsuit With Defrauded Workers Global Justice Ecology Project

ArborGen workers take confidential settlement over $53M verdict in compensation case David Wren, Post and Courier, Mar 24 2016 12:50 pm Summerville [SC]-based biotechnology firm ArborGen Inc., which had been ordered by a judge to pay $53 million to former... Read More

The post GE Tree Company ArborGen Settles Lawsuit With Defrauded Workers appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


SEC Forces Exxon to Bring Climate-Friendly Accounting to Shareholder Vote EcoWatch


In a key win, As You Sow defeated ExxonMobil’s attempt to suppress an innovative, first of its kind...


Volcano Eruption Alert: Mt Nyiragongo Could Explode Imminently Fire Earth

Mount Nyiragongo Showing Signs of Imminent Eruption: Report Rwanda Red Cross has warned Nyiragongo volcano could erupt at any time, according to a report. Local researchers say the volcano has been showing increased signs of eruption since February 28, 2016. The volcano is currently spewing lava and ejecting up to 50,000 tons of volcanic matter […]


Maryland to Become First State to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides for Consumer Use EcoWatch


In an effort to curb its plummeting honeybee population, Maryland is...


Feds Choose Easternmost Route for U.S. Highway 95 Realignment Wild Idaho Rising Tide

In spite of years-long efforts to persuade transportation officials not to realign U.S. Highway 95 from Moscow to Thorncreek Road over Paradise Ridge and through an untouched area of the Palouse Prairie, the federal Record of Decision was signed this week verifying the choice to do just that.

“It’s a great day for the public,” said Ken Helm, project manager for the Idaho Transportation Department.

“It’s kind of what we expected,” Steve Flint, one of the board members of the Palouse Ridge Defense Coalition, said about what the group considers a disappointing choice.

In 2003, the coalition and other groups successfully argued the ITD failed to adequately examine the environmental effects of its plans for U.S. Highway 95, and a judge ordered a full environmental impact statement process be completed.

Last year, the group announced it was willing to take legal action based on the latest project documents, specifically the FEIS, if they appeared inadequate.

ITD describes the selected route, referred to as E-2, as following the current U.S. Highway 95 from Thorncreek Road north to the top of Reisenauer Hill, before realignment eastward. It would then reconnect to the existing highway near the grain elevators located south of Moscow.



Anti-Fracking Protest in DC: Pancakes Not Pipelines Earth First! Newswire

by Eleanor Goldfield /  Art Killing Apathy

blocking-the-path-copy-smallToday at FERC, Beyond Extreme Energy organized a pancake protest. Yep, environmental activist Tim DeChristopher and award-winning documentary film-maker Josh Fox were dressed in aprons, chefs hats and stood behind a solar powered grill cooking up some flapjacks for FERC employees and activists. Why? The Holleran family farm is one of the latest victims of FERC’s frack-happy agenda. A few weeks ago, FERC authorized the decimation of several acres of maple trees on the family’s property and brought in armed federal marshals to ensure that the destruction went through without a hitch. The most disgusting detail: the Constitut...


Reportback: Hambach Forest Activist Huba’s March 22 Trial in Germany Earth First! Newswire

from Hambach Forest Defenders


Sara has been found guilty by the municipal court Cottbus (trial from the 29.01.16) to have committed shoplifting of goods of low value. The penalty has been extraordinary high, instead of the usual fine she has been sentenced to 2 months of prison. She gave notice of appeal against the verdict of the local court.

On the trial of appeal the interested spectators had to face heavy controls at the entrance: personal data was recorded and IDs got copied, civil cops and criminal investigation department sat in the audience.

The defendant was led into the courtroom in handcuffs and during the 15 minute long break taken out in handcuffs as well, to spent the break in a cell in the basement of the court, to prevent her from having any contact to the audience.

Saras lawyer argued to put down the inappropriate high penalty to 30 daily rates. The prosecution persisted on making an example and found the prison-sentence of 2 months appropriate. They argued that the sentence has to be higher then usual, because the defendant stays anonymously in prison. The prosecution is afraid that this way people might elude from the judicial sentence and the state might lose its control. The prosecution added that they are in contact and exchange with the colleagues in cologne (the ones investigating in the Hambach forest).

The judge agreed with the defendant a...



by International RiversMarch 24, 2016

A little over two years ago, in October 2013, hundreds of indigenous villagers from the little-known Baram region in Sarawak state, Malaysian Borneo, took a courageous – and some might say foolhardy – stand.

In August, their government had made an unconstitutional move to seize their land to build Baram Dam – a dam the community had successfully fought for years. Now the government was taking the first steps to extinguish the land rights of people living near the proposed dam site. Enraged and afraid, several households launched court cases to demand the government return their rights to their customary lands.

But the villagers knew that wasn’t enough.

baramwin-790x443That October, hundreds of indigenous villagers headed to the dam site. They chased away 30 Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) workers who were in the forest doing geological studies for the dam. Then they set up a blockade to stop any other workers from returning.

Miles away, at the small village of Long Lama on the Baram River, other villagers set up a second blockade – to prevent cement trucks and workers from constructing the access road to the Baram Dam.

The project was at a standstill. The two road blockades did their job, successfully preventing surveying work, logging and construction at the proposed location of the Baram Dam for over two years. It was an ins...


Action Shuts Down Newcastle Coal Exports Earth First! Newswire

from Front Line Action on Coal


Community members have taken direct action to interrupt coal exports from Whitehaven’s Maules Creek mine this morning. One woman has occupied a coal line, stopping trains from entering the coal export terminal at Kooragang Island in Newcastle.They have taken a stand to preserve the remaining ecosystems & Aboriginal Sacred Sites in the Leard State Forest where the Maules Creek mine is situated.

Front Line Action on Coal is calling for an end to the coal industry and a shift into renewable energy sources stating that the coal industry and the Maules creek mine are detrimental to the environment, the Aboriginal cultural heritage of the local Gomeroi nation, native wildlife, ecology, water resources & community health.

Hundreds of people have been arrested over the past four years in protest against Whitehaven Coal’s destruction of the Leard State Forest since direct opposition began in 2012. Today’s action is a part of ongoing effort to protect Lawler’s well, one of the la...


Attention seeking terroristic behaviors… Head Space

Creating chaos and reeking havoc is one way of gaining attention, albeit a negative one. It is as though terrorists of all species migrate from their safe-spaces to strike out against imaginary enemies, which they have been psychically driven and indoctrinated into believing exist.  Obviously such cult programming is successful to those in the endless […]


Ten Worst-sited Wind Energy Projects for Birds Identified Earth First! Newswire

from American Bird Conservancy

abc-windAmerican Bird Conservancy (ABC) today released a list of 10 of the worst-sited existing and proposed commercial wind energy projects from the perspective of bird conservation. As the hunger for alternative energy grows, thousands of new wind energy projects are being planned and built—often without regard for the serious risks they pose to birds and other wildlife.

A leader in developing and supporting the concept of “Bird-Smart” wind energy, ABC identified these 10 poorly sited projects based on a number of factors, including whether they fall in areas considered to be of high risk to birds on ABC’s Wind Risk Assessment Map. ABC also examined pre-construction risk studies and related information about these 10 sites to assess the potential for impacts to federally protected species, and studied reports on post-construction mortality data where they were available.

Inadequate System of Checks and Balances



95% of Meteorologists Back Climate Consensus EcoWatch


According to a new survey of American Meteorological Society members, 95 percent of meteorologists conclude...


Renewable Energy Investments Set New Record, Twice That of Coal and Gas EcoWatch


Global investment in renewable energy was more than twice that of...


Observations of comet P/2016 BA14 while making one of the closest-ever comet flybys of Earth The Watchers » Latest articles

Astronomers were watching comet Pan-STARRS (P/2016 BA14) on March 22 as it made the third closest-ever comet flyby of Earth in recorded history. At the time of its closest approach, the comet was about 3.6 million km (2.2 million miles) away from the surface of our...... Read more »

Super-eruptions in Yellowstone Hotspot track ‘significantly larger’ than expected The Watchers » Latest articles

An international team of researchers led by the University of Leicester have identified a number of giant super-eruptions around the Snake River Plain in the United States between 8 and 12 million years ago. The 12 recorded giant eruptions were likely...... Read more »

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Friday, 25 March


Challenging Oil and Gas Industry Practice of Legally Polluting Sources of Drinking Water We All Live Downstream

By John Noël, National Oil and Gas Coordinator – On Twitter: @Noel_Johnny

On Wednesday, we sent a legal petition to EPA requesting the Agency revoke or amend its rules governing Aquifer Exemptions. The year and a half long effort, spearheaded by NRDC, is an escalation in the fight to protect all underground sources of drinking water from oil and gas industry pollution.

Map of Aquifer ExemptionsWhat is an Aquifer Exemption again?

Last year we released a first ever report exposing the practice of lifting federal protections on potential sources of drinking water. These underground sources of drinking water are protected at the federal level by the Safe Drinking Water Act’s Underground Injection Control program. However, there is a little known provision that allows certain oil, gas and mining activity to occur in groundwater that would otherwise be protected as a drinking water source. This is an Aquifer Exemption.

Oil and gas companies use Aquifer Exemptions for two primary purposes: to inject wastewater underground for disposal, or to inject water, steam and other fluids for enhanced oil recovery (ER).

We believe the fundamental premise of the...


Biological Health Hazard – Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EVD): Guinea flareup, Liberia border [Update] Head Space

EBOLA UPDATE (26): GUINEA FLARE-UP, LIBERIA ********************* Published Date: 2016-03-24 05:33:51 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Ebola update (26): Guinea flare-up, Liberia Archive Number: 20160324.4114807 In this update: [1] Guinea flareup, Liberia border ****** 21 Mar 2016 Guinea: Guinea government adopts drastic measures to stop spread of Ebola The national coordinator against Ebola, Dr Sakoba Keita, recommended the […]


Mark Ruffalo and Annie Leonard: We Must Rebuild Our Democracy EcoWatch


From the Flint water crisis to inaction on climate change, we see the will of the people distorted by a government that...


Biological Health Hazard – Lassa Hemorrhagic Fever (LHF) Fatal Migratory Disease Exposure: West Africa/Germany Head Space

LASSA FEVER – WEST AFRICA (20): GERMANY (NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA) LOCAL TRANSMISSION, TOGO, WHO ******************* Published Date: 2016-03-24 13:53:31 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Lassa fever – West Africa (20): Germany (NW) local transmission, Togo, WHO Archive Number: 20160324.4115285 In this update: [1] Germany ex Togo and local transmission – WHO [2] Togo – WHO ****** [1] Germany ex […]


Biological Health Hazard – Update (fatal) Elizabethkingia anophelis: Wisconsin, Michigan, USA Head Space

ELIZABETHKINGIA ANOPHELIS – USA (07): (WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN) FATAL, COMMUNITY ACQUIRED ******************************** Published Date: 2016-03-24 13:56:54 Subject: PRO/EDR> Elizabethkingia anophelis – USA (07): (WI,MI) fatal, community acq Archive Number: 20160324.4116626 In this posting: [1] News report [2] Wisconsin Department of Health Sciences report ****** [1] News report Date: Wed 23 Mar 2016 Source: Fox 6 Now […]


Growing Connections to our Food Latest News

How gardening brings us closer to our food, homes, and communities

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Thursday, 24 March


On Solar, Massachusetts Legislators Should Listen to Daft Punk We All Live Downstream

Photo by TNS Sofres, licensed Creative Commons, sourced from

Robots from the future know we have to work “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” to advance clean energy. Photo licensed Creative Commons by attribution and found here

By Joel Wool, Massachusetts Advocate for Energy and Environment (@joelwool)

Harder, better, faster, stronger. That’s what one hundred and two state representatives and a few dozen mayors told the legislature recently in twin letters on solar energy policy. One can hardly blame them: municipalities are beginning to fear long-stalled projects may soon falter, solar businesses are laying off workers, service providers are seeking ways to save on utilities at a time when the dominant government policy seems to be austerity, and legislators’ phones are ringing off the hook with angry constituents.

That anger is warranted.

For legislators on the 6-member conference committee examining solar policy to feel some frustration at this process is also warranted. No agent of government wants government to remain in gridlock, particularly...


A beekeeper for president? Pesticide Action Network


Maybe it’s time for a beekeeper for president. They can manage complex hives, provide critical support for farms and ecosystems, and ensure we get to eat an amazing array of fruits, nuts and vegetables. And they are some of the first to recognize that bee declines are a symptom of larger problems in our broken agricultural system.

The fact is, it can seem like everyone is taking meaningful action to protect bees from pesticides besides our federal government. Officials in France, for example, recently announced that country is moving forward with not only banning bee-harming neonicotinoids, but also advancing a larger effort to protect biodiversity. Minnesota publicly...

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Wednesday, 23 March


Another legal blow for Adani: Land Court refuses to award costs Edo QLD » News

Adani Mining has failed in a bid to shift the company’s legal expenses for last year’s landmark Land Court proceedings to community group Coast and Country, Queensland’s Land Court announced this morning.


“Environmental Defenders Office Queensland, legal representation for Coast and Country, welcomes the decision by the Land Court not to award costs to Adani due to lack of jurisdiction,” Principal Solicitor of EDO Qld Sean Ryan said.

“Community objections to mining are a normal part of the administrative assessment process; important to both the public interest and the protection of the environment,” Mr Ryan said.

“Everybody has a right to protect their family, their home and their environment. We all should be able to exercise this right without the fear of paying for the other side’s legal costs from the big end of town,” he said.

“Community objections lead to changes in conditions to better protect our environment and Coast and Country’s Land Court case is a prime example of the benefits of such objections.”

Mr Ryan said without the Land Court case brought forward by Coast and Country last year, the public would not have known that:

  • Adani overstated job benefits of the mine, with net job figures closer to 1400 than the 10,000 the company stated;
  • There would be serious damage to the continued survival of the largest remaining colonies of the endangered Black-throated Finch located in the mining lease area; and
  • ...

Monday, 21 March


Tackling illegal logging, deforestation and forest degradation: an agenda for EU action Illegal Logging Portal

A group of NGOs, including Fern, has issued a briefing paper calling on the EU to strengthen the measures contained in the FLEGT Action Plan as a way of tackling illegal logging. The briefing is the NGOs’ contribution to the policy debate related to the evaluation of the FLEGT Action Plan, the review of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), and the EU’s commitment to halt deforestation and restore degraded forests by 2020.

The recommendations of the NGOs are:

1. Demonstrate strong political commitment to the effective implementation of the VPAs and strengthen their impact, including through addressing governance, integrity and sustainability challenges.

2. Ensure the EUTR is strictly and effectively enforced, its product scope extended to all wood-based products, and green timber procurement policies are increasingly taken up.

3. Strengthen and encourage the development of rules governing the international timber trade and improve overall policy coherence.

5. Adopt additional measures to support the protection and restoration of forest ecosystems around the world and eliminate deforestation from the EU’s supply chains, as part of a new EU Action Plan on deforestation and forest degradation.

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