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Thursday, 17 March


3 Cities Disrupting the Local Electricity Market With Innovative Renewable Energy Projects EcoWatch


Many U.S. cities have taken the lead on sustainability efforts, particularly when it comes to adopting...


Nuclear Event – Degraded Condition: Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Unit 1, Wisconsin Head Space

North America – USA | State of Wisconsin, Two Rivers, Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 Location: 44°16’52.0″N 87°32’12.0″W Present Operational Age: ~46 years Event:  DEGRADED CONDITION IDENTIFIED PRESSURE BOUNDARY LEAKAGE “During a scheduled refueling outage, an inspection of containment components revealed a suspected through wall leak on 1CV-200B, Letdown Orifice ‘B’ Outlet Control. Non-destructive engineering inspection […]

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Wednesday, 16 March


Bees time is running out We All Live Downstream

By Brittani Gardner, Chesapeake Program Organizer Nyari Nyari

Maryland is well on its way to becoming the first state in the United States to limit the overuse of pollinator harming pesticides, neonicotinoids, or neonics.

In January, the Environmental Protection Agency released a preliminary pollinator risk assessment for the first of four neonics it is reviewing this year. As you can imagine, their preliminary findings are what over 1,100 peer reviewed, and independent, studies have been saying for years – neonicotinoids are a key contributor to bee decline.

Last week, the Maryland State Senate passed the Pollinator Protection Act (SB198) with bipartisan support. The Pollinator Protection Act would remove products off the shelves of big box stores that contain neonics. The intention of the bill is to educate folks like you and I, on what exactly we are putting on our roses or milkweed or plants in our garden – the same plants that help or are helped by pollinators such as honeybees. However, a report released in 2014 found that over half of plants labeled as “bee-friendly”, actually contained these pesticides linked to their demise!

While legislation doesn’t include...


World’s First Solar Airport No Longer Pays Electricity Bills EcoWatch


Cochin International Airport, the world’s first 100 percent solar airport, is generating so much power it...


A Hump-day’s Observations Head Space

Comments from the web inner-space: This alignment between Marxism and Islam has been in the works for a couple of generations and it’s current incarnation is propelled mainly by Cold War inertia as post Soviet Russia sees its Frankenstein monster gyrating out of control. The left thinks Moslem terrorists will do the wet work for […]


Severe weather hits US Midwest with heavy rain, very large hail and tornadoes The Watchers » Latest articles

First significant severe weather event of the year has hit the US Midwest on March 15 and 16, 2016, bringing heavy rain, damaging wind gusts, very large hail and tornadoes. As the day progresses, a storm system moving through the Upper Midwest will bring strong...... Read more »

Slow moving tropical low makes landfall in Queensland, Australia The Watchers » Latest articles

A tropical low that formed in the Gulf of Carpentaria late March 15 (TC 16P/JTWC) has moved rapidly eastward and made landfall on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia around 06:00 UTC on March 16. The main impact of this system is...... Read more »


Ok Tedi retrieves employee’s body from mine pit Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

ok tedi

Post Courier | March 16 2016

THE body of the Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) employee, lost as a result of a landslip in the Mine was recovered yesterday (Tuesday) morning.

The worker, whose details are yet to be released, was one of reportedly three workers who were buried after a landslide occurred at the main open pit mine, last Thursday at about 5pm.

“While it is a very sad day for the family and for OTML employees, it is a relief to have recovered our lost workmate after recovery efforts were hampered by weather and risk of further rock fall,” said OTML Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Peter Graham.

Mr Graham also extended his sincere thanks to those involved in the recovery for their persistence and diligence.

In a statement the company released yesterday OTML said arrangements for family and friends to pay their respects would be made, after his immediate family arrives on site.

Operations at the mine had been suspended soon after the incident and until further notice as a sign of respect.


Day 5 of the Accident in Kakrapar: Leak Continues, Just Assurances on Radiation, No Transparency

nuclear industry cartoon

Kumar Sundaram | Yesterday, the AERB issued a statement. It said the leak, which it earlier said is large, is continuing and the plant authorities continue to pour coolant. On radiation counts and condition of workers, again just reassurances and not actual radiation readings from inside and around the plant.

The post Day 5 of the Accident in Kakrapar: Leak Continues, Just Assurances on Radiation, No Transparency appeared first on


Multi-fault ruptures can unleash stronger California earthquakes, Stanford study The Watchers » Latest articles

A new research by Stanford scientists, based on California's deadly 1812 earthquake, demonstrates how the rupturing of multiple faults in California can trigger even more powerful quakes. It was assumed previously that infamous San Andreas Fault was the sole...... Read more »


Improving Legality Among Small-Scale Forest Enterprises: The Role of National-Level Indicators Within the Sustainable Development Goals Illegal Logging Portal

The small-scale forest sector is booming in many countries and playing a crucial role in their rural economies. However, much of the activity in this sector is informal, owing to poorly designed policy frameworks and the lack of political support for small-scale operators.

Research in Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia and Laos indicates that despite some success with initiatives aimed at formalizing small-scale enterprises, there has not yet been change on the scale required to establish a predominantly legal and well-governed small-scale forest sector in these countries. The main reasons are the lack of political support for the formalization of the sector and the tendency of these countries’ governments to prioritize large-scale export-oriented forest activities in their development strategies.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide an opportunity to change attitudes, both through helping to draw attention to the small-scale forest sector and by increasing the available resources that could be allocated to its development. A system of national-level indicators for the small-scale forest sector could serve both of those purposes. Such indicators would measure progress towards establishing an enabling environment for small and medium-sized forest enterprises and monitor the growth of the sector. Defining such indicators would have to be done through a process of national-level consultation.

The development of a framework of indicators could provide an effective way of galvanizing political support and of driving progress towards establishing a legal and sustainable small-scale forest sector.



A new round of geomagnetic storming sparked The Watchers » Latest articles

A new round of geomagnetic storming is in progress on March 15, 2016. Solar wind parameters are enhanced since late March 14 due to the onset of a negative polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS) and are expected to remain like that through March 16....... Read more »


Satellite observations miss more than half of the particles released by volcanic eruptions The Watchers » Latest articles

A team of scientists led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has developed a new method to measure how smaller volcanic eruptions are affecting the atmosphere and found that satellite observations are often missing more than half of the particles...... Read more »


25 Michigan Communities, Four Tribes Pass a Resolution to Stop the Oil Flowing through Enbridge’s Line 5 Pipelines in the Mackinac Straits Indigenous Environmental Network

EnbridgeLine5Four Indian tribes in Michigan, and the Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority that manages their fishery, also support stopping the nearly 23 million gallons of oil flowing through Line 5 in the Mackinac Straits, which University of Michigan experts have called the “worst possible place for an oil spill in the Great Lakes.


5-Year Draft Plan Protects Atlantic but Continues to Sacrifice Other Regions Indigenous Environmental Network

offshoreoffshoreEven with Atlantic exemption, President Obama's off-shore leasing plan remains a vibrant contradiction to all things that are supposed to mitigate climate change," states Dallas Goldtooth, Keep It In The Ground Campaign Organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network. "We cannot hope to see a Just Transition towards a renewable energy future, without a complete rejection of the dirty energy of the past. This plan is an affront to the lives of those Indigenous coastal communities of Alaska and the Gulf Coast, who are already carrying the brunt of our carbon addiction as quintessential sacrifice zones. For the benefit of Mother Earth and our future generations, we must Keep Fossil Fuels In the Ground. The President must take the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico off the oil and gas chopping block.


Arctic and Gulf Still Open to Offshore Drilling in Obama’s 5-Year Draft Plan EcoWatch


The five-year plan would still allow drilling in the Gulf and the Arctic. This endangers...


The Barred of Aitkin County & the End of Winter? The PhotoNaturalist

Mississippi River at Palisade, Minnesota. With temperatures predicted to be in the 50s (!) on Monday March 7th, I decided to take a cruise around Carlton and Aitkin Counties and see what I could find. The woods were still covered in snow, but the fields were pretty bare. I also included photos from March 11, […]


Meet the Koch-affiliated fracker behind Marco Rubio's energy policy The Ecologist

Barring a miracle Marco Rubio is set to be Trumped in the Republican primary tomorrow in Florida, his home state, putting an effective end to his campaign. But it's not for want of support from one of the US's biggest frackers, Devon energy, and its politically active CEO Larry Nichols. And with or without Rubio, Nichols's influence on the red states' energy policy is only going to get bigger.


Biological/Public Health Threat (Human) – H7N9 (highly pathogenic avian influenza): Hubei Province, China Head Space

AVIAN INFLUENZA, HUMAN (29): CHINA H7N9 (HUBEI) MODELING H7N9 ********************************* Published Date: 2016-03-14 19:58:36 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza, human (29): China H7N9 (HU) modeling H7N9 Archive Number: 20160314.4092108 In this update: [1] China (Hubei) H7N9 [2] Modeling seasonality of H7N9 ****** [1] China (Hubei) H7N9 Date: Mon 14 Mar 2016 Source: Xinhuanet News [edited] A […]


Lawn Pesticides Are Not Safe or Necessary We All Live Downstream

Photo: Beverly Lloyd-Roberts,

By Mara Silgailis, Ph.D, Board Member, Clean Water Action; Chair, Cedar Grove Environmental Commission

Who wants to send their pets and kids out to play in the yard, rolling in cancer causing chemicals? Nobody does, yet many of us think nothing of applying lawn care pesticides for that lush green look. It is once again early spring – when some homeowners start obsessing over their lawns and apply pounds of toxic chemicals in their quest for a lawn that looks like a lush green carpet. But what’s hiding underneath all that “perfect” green?

Unfortunately, the pesticide industry has convinced consumers that pesticides are safe, necessary for attractive and healthy lawns, easy and cheap to use, and harmless to people and pets. This leads people to think nothing of buying big bags of pesticides to use on their lawns and gardens or hiring others to apply pesticides. These large bags of lawn chemicals (typically “weed and feed”) are sold not just in home improvement stores and local hardware stores, but even in stores that sell groceries, such as Costco, which further sends a message that they are “safe and harmless”.

But all these assumptions sold by the chemical industry regarding pesticides are wrong: pesticides are not harmless and safe (they have to be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because they are dangerous), and using them has consequences on many levels. The EPA and NJ Department of Environmental Protection (N...


Historic Flooding: Texas Declares State of Disaster Fire Earth

Thousands of Homes Damaged or Destroyed in Historic Southern US Flooding Flooding along the Sabine River, the natural border between Texas and Louisiana, has forced hundreds of people to abandon their homes, prompting Texas Gov. Abbott to declare state of disaster for 17 eastern and southeastern counties. In Louisiana, more than 6,000 structures have been […]


Jury to Decide if Monsanto PCBs Caused Plaintiffs’ Cancer EcoWatch


Monsanto’s controversial history with PCBs is being played out in trial in...


5 Powerful Skin Care Products Found Right in Your Kitchen EcoWatch


Whether you’re going natural with your skincare or need a powerful ...


In Grassroots Victory, Obama Administration Protects Virginia and the Atlantic Coast from Offshore Drilling Chesapeake Climate Action Network

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Obama administration today released an updated draft five-year plan for oil and gas development in federal waters that would keep drilling off limits in the Atlantic, protecting coastal communities from Virginia to Georgia. This decision, a dramatic reversal from the administration’s previous plan, responds to the widespread and vocal opposition of more than 110 East Coast communities, more than 700 state and local elected officials, more than 1,000 business interests, and thousands of citizens.

Advocates have underlined that any new drilling in our oceans would usher in unacceptable risks to coastal economies while worsening global warming.

Mike Tidwell, director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, released the following statement in response:

“This is a great step forward for Virginia’s coast and our climate. Thanks to the strong and sustained opposition of coastal cities, business leaders, and citizens, the Atlantic coast will remain safe from oil rigs for years to come. This decision will prevent disastrous oil spills while helping to protect our vulnerable coast from rising sea levels. As rising waters flood Virginia’s coast on a routine basis, we need to be investing 100% in clean energy, not digging an even deeper hole of pollution.

“Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, the county governments on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, business and local leaders across Hampton Roads, and thousands of regular citizens deserve credit for telling the Obama administration ‘no’ to new drilling off Virginia’s coast. Thankfully, their call was heard above that of Governor McAuliffe, who stood on the wrong side of this decision. We urge Governor McAuliffe to stand up for our coast and climate now by affirming his support for President Obama’s decision.

“Ultimately, new drilling anywhere threatens our coastlines everywhere, which is why President Obama must remove the Arctic from his nex...


Robert Reich: The New Truth About Free Trade EcoWatch


That TPP would allow giant corporations to challenge any nation’s environmental laws, health and...


Beware the march of the authoritarians! The Ecologist

Is the UK sinking into authoritarian rule? That's how it looks, writes Jonathon Porritt, as the government joins with right wing media and fossil fuel companies to attack local democracy and environmental campaigners. Is this 'merger of state and corporate power' a sign of more, and worse, to come?


Major Disaster Declaration: New Jersey Fire Earth

Federal Disaster Declared for New Jersey due to Destructive Weather Events New Jersey Severe Winter Storm and Snowstorm (DR-4264) Incident period: January 22, 2016 to January 24, 2016 Major Disaster Declaration declared on March 14, 2016 Federal government has declared a major disaster exists in the state of New Jersey in the areas affected by […]


Stop the criminalization of environmental and human rights defenders! Free Ethiopian political prisoners! - english

One year after their arrest on March 15, 2015, three food, land, and human rights defenders continue to languish in an Ethiopian jail. After several court hearings, the prosecution has yet to present any evidence to support the spurious charge of “terrorism” under Ethiopia’s controversial counterterrorism law. A March 1 hearing was once again adjourned and rescheduled for March 15, due to the failure of witnesses to appear in court. 


Is Fracking Industry Too Wounded to Respond as Oil Prices Bottom Out? EcoWatch


The fracking industry has shed more than 100,000 jobs in the last year and these cannot be replaced at a...


Is Your Mutual Fund a Climate Change Denier or Climate Champion? EcoWatch


New proxy voting data showcasing how mutual fund companies voted on climate change resolutions in 2015 reveals a...


Obama Expected to Severely Limit Oil Drilling in Arctic and Atlantic Latest News

Environmental advocates call president’s reversal an outsize victory for reducing climate change


13 Maya Villagers Stand Trial in Belize

Photo courtesy of the Maya Leaders Alliance.

By Cultural Survival

Thirteen Maya villagers will be standing trial in Belize on March 30th, 2016, under fabricated charges. Like many Indigenous leaders fighting to protect their lands, they are being criminalized for these actions, and may face prison time.

On the early morning of June 24th, 2015, traditional leaders of the Maya people of Southern Belize were violently awoken in their homes by police. Charges were brought against 13 people, including 10 farmers, two traditional Maya leaders, and Q’eqchi community spokesperson Cristina Coc, advisor to the traditional leaders and mother of two.

The Maya leaders’ alleged crime relates to the defense of the Uxbenka archaeological site, a sacred site to the Maya people, located within traditional lands titled to the Maya people under national and international laws.  The disputed conflict arose after Mr. Rupert Myles, a Belizean citizen, illegally constructing a house on the grounds of the ancient temple against the advise of the community. According to the Maya community members, the Belize authorities failed to respond to their call  to stop Mr. Myles from doing further harm to the site. The community explained that Mr. Myles was invited to a community meeting to resolve the conflict where he became unruly and village police detained him. However, Myles later accused the Mayas of physically assaulting him at the community meeting, a claim the Maya lead...


‘Monsanto Rider’ Would Shield Chemical Giant From Liability for Injuries Caused by PCBs in Public Schools EcoWatch


The so-called “Monsanto Rider” would shield the chemical colossus from...


13 Million Americans at Risk From Rising Seas EcoWatch


More than 13 millions Americans could be at risk from sea level rise and ...


DARK Act Vote in Senate Imminent: Will Congress Protect American’s Right to Know? EcoWatch


We urge the Senate to reject this bill that favors the interests of corporations over those of ...


Obama to Limit Arctic, Atlantic Offshore Oil Drilling as Part of New Five-Year Plan EcoWatch


Virtually all of the Arctic and much of the Atlantic coast of the U.S. will become...

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Tuesday, 15 March


Earthquake swarm near the coast of northern Morocco The Watchers » Latest articles

An earthquake swarm that started after a magnitude 6.3 quake near Al Hoceima, northern Morocco (Strait of Gibraltar) on January 25 continues. This quake, preceded by M5.0 on January 21, occurred almost 12 years after the 2004 M6.3 Al Hoceima quake that caused more...... Read more »

The 2015/16 El Niño continues its steady decline The Watchers » Latest articles

The 2015–16 El Niño continues its slow and steady decline, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) reports in their latest ENSO Wrap-Up. The tropical Pacific Ocean has cooled further over the past fortnight, and trade winds are near normal....... Read more »



Finding our seeds - english

Interview with Han, Young-mi, Former General Secretary of the Korean Woman Peasant’s Association Gangwon-do Union on what at stake for the farmers from the trend of mergers and acquisitions of the transnational agroindustry.


Universities' love affair with fossil fuel companies must end The Ecologist

Climate change is perhaps our generation's greatest challenge, and few people are better placed to know it than academics in our top universities, writes James Dyke. But they are still accepting huge sums of fossil fuel money, in the process helping donors in their quest to extract and burn ever more coal, oil and gas. This must stop.


The sky is falling, we’re all gonna freeze, burn-up, and then drown… Head Space

Sea Level Rise Projected to Displace 13 million in U.S. by 2100 —Hmm ( Six months after giving birth to a cluster of nebulous Sustainable Development Goals that aim to dramatically change the economic, social and environmental course of the planet, the United Nations is working on a drastic renovation of global data gathering to measure progress […]


Greenland's darkening ice is melting faster The Ecologist

A dusty film of pollution is muting the reflective whiteness of Greenland's pristine icecap and making it vulnerable to accelerated melting rates, writes Tim Radford. And as warming continues, the declining reflectivity of the ice is accelerating the process.


Lies in conservation: the truth about big-game hunting and African nature reserves The Ecologist

Media furore over the shooting down of a helicopter in Tanzania masks a bigger picture of commercial hunting and evictions of indigenous tribes in the name of wildlife, writes Navaya ole Ndaskoi. It's time to rethink 'white saviour' mythology and develop new models of conservation that respect and engage with African communities, recognise their achievements, and inspire a new generation of conservation heroes.

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Saturday, 12 March


Coming Soon: ‘Synthetic Forests’ Showing Worldwide March 20-26

synth forests 8X10 j BProduced by Raindancer Media and Earthlinks Inc, ‘Synthetic Forests’ features lead researchers, activists and impacted communities to demonstrate the unknowns and knowns of how GE Trees will devastate ecosystems, forest dependent communities and the climate.

This month, audiences around the world will get a chance to see ‘Synthetic Forests’, with many locations including a discussion along with the documentary.

Is a ‘Synthetic Forests’ showing coming to your region? Find out below with our interactive map.

Sophia Painiqueo and Winnie Overbeek speak in Synthetic Forests about the impacts Eucalyptus plantations already have made on communities. With GE trees, these impacts will only be exacerbated:

“The land is dry, we can not do agriculture and we can not raise animals because of the lack of water…. Because of the aerial spraying and spraying by hand to have healthy trees, the birds are harmed, the bees are harmed, and they die. The people with the small projects end up with nothing.”
Sophia Painiqueo
 “They (herbicides) are used especially in the first years...

Thursday, 10 March


Dolphin selfies and performing whales: how our cultural narcissism is killing the planet The Ecologist

The craze for selfie photographs has reached an all-time low, after a recent spate of animal deaths have been linked to achieving the perfect picture, writes Laura Bridgeman. But why do people exhibit such a careless attitude to animal welfare when we normally show such apathy? Cultural conditioning may have the answer.

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