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Wednesday, 16 March


Wake Up World: LOVE Is The Zero Point Field "IndyWatch Feed National"

16th March 2016 By Lia Love Guest Writer for Wake Up World “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. IâŹ"ll meet you there.” ~ Rumi Our outer and inner environments are based on duality architecture and dictates that we are either in positive or negative consciousness, doing good or bad, feeling joy or feeling pain. One ...Continue Reading - LOVE Is The Zero Point Field


Wake Up World: 11 Relationship Tips for When the Shit Hits the Fan "IndyWatch Feed National"

16th March 2016 By Jack Adam Weber Contributing Writer for Wake Up World For many, intimate relationship is not easy, at all. For all the excitement of attraction and attachment, we also get stirred up, hurt, neurotic, frustrated, stressed, and challenged to the max. Whether itâŹ"s longing, disagreements, misunderstandings, or simply our own unhealed emotions ...Continue Reading - 11 Relationship Tips for When the Shit Hits the Fan


EcoWatch: 13 Million Americans at Risk From Rising Seas "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


More than 13 millions Americans could be at risk from sea level rise and ...


EcoWatch: DARK Act Vote in Senate Imminent: Will Congress Protect American’s Right to Know? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


We urge the Senate to reject this bill that favors the interests of corporations over those of ...


EcoWatch: Obama to Limit Arctic, Atlantic Offshore Oil Drilling as Part of New Five-Year Plan "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Virtually all of the Arctic and much of the Atlantic coast of the U.S. will become...


North Coast Voices: While we're waiting for the Turnbull Government to stop chasing its tail....... "IndyWatch Feed"

A look round at the political landscape in the lead up to this year's federal election.


Which Australian politician said this?

The Prime Minister cannot even summon up the courage to try to fix this mess. His threat of a double dissolution and an early election proves to all of us what this budget is really about. It is not about protecting the jobs of Australians, least of all the one million Australians it says will soon be out of work; it is about the job security of one man and one man only. A Prime Minister frightened of the consequences of his mismanagement now wants to cut and run before he is found out. [House of Representatives Hansard, 14 May 2009]

Why, it was Prime Minist...


North Coast Voices: Why Abbott's sex life is my business "IndyWatch Feed"

Cross-post with North Coast Voices' thanks and permission from No Place for Sheep:

6 March 2016

Mr & Mrs Abbott



political geometry: Practical Innovation: CSIRO's Idea Trebuchet "IndyWatch Feed"

Be counter-cyclical. Imagine a big red bouncy ball

 Some say it's awfully warm nowadays. My colleagues here and at our partner agencies have produced an awful lot of maps, and they just keep getting redder. Enough of that shit. 

I'm Doctor Larry Marshal of the CSIRO and I'd like to introduce  a practical innovation developed at my instigation by the CSIRO to jettison inconvenient lines of research. As it turns out, future applications are well-nigh limitless


new illuminati: Vitamin B17: The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Vitamin B17: The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

Apricots growing on a tree. Via: igor.stevanovic | Shutterstock
Apricots growing on a tree. Via: igor.stevanovic | Shutterstock

by Daud Scott


The phrase ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ could not hit any harder, especially when it comes to the present discussion related to cancer and our present state of nutrition and health. I do understand that ventu...

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Tuesday, 15 March


DISACCORDS: Sydney: Nuns Train To Resist Government Threat To Church Sanctuary "IndyWatch Feed National"


13 March – At Mary MacKillop Place, near where the tomb of Australia’s first saint rests, people – including nuns – gathered on Sunday to learn the principles of non-violent resistance.

They were shown how to body block and deal with police in preparation for the possibility they would need to protect asylum seekers looking for sanctuary in the church from being taken by Australian Border Force officers.

The North Sydney-based Sisters of St Joseph, along with more than 100 other church groups across Australia, have pledged to provide help to asylum seekers in the community who may seek refuge.

This includes the 267 asylum seekers in community detention in Australia who are slated for return to Nauru.

Sister Jan Barnett, social justice coordinator for the Sisters of St Joseph, said the Church’s tradition of providing sanctuary for those in need went back to the Middle Ages.

“It’s been used throughout the centuries. Our congregation offered sanctuary in the 90s to the Timorese people,” she told The Huffington Post Australia.

“It’s part of our culture, really. For us to be involved in it at this moment is, I think, really critical and it’s a real inspiration to me that we can do this.

“It seems to me that in no way can it be moral for us to send people to situations of danger. It can’t be moral for us to abdicate our responsibility and hand it on to other countries that are really poor.”

Those attending discussed ways they could non-violently act to prevent asylum seekers being taken from sanctuary if the government tried to deport them.

The lessons were based learned from the campaign to prevent baby asylum seeker, A...


DISACCORDS: Sydney: Man arrested at Riverstone after dousing himself and police in petrol dies in hospital "IndyWatch Feed National"

15 March – A man known locally as ‘Bear’, who armed himself with a chainsaw and doused himself and police in petrol before being tasered and arrested, has died in hospital.

The 51-year-old was involved in a dispute with an energy company whose employees arrived to shut down the electricity at his home on Regent St, Riverstone about 11.15am on March 8.

‘Bear’ became hostile at the thought of losing his power and took a chainsaw outside and started cutting down a power pole near his house.

Police responded to the incident and the offender threw petrol over officers and himself as they were talking to him.

Officers then used OC spray and a taser, which ignited the petrol and set him on fire, before they extinguished him at the scene.

‘Bear’ ran back into his house and refused to come out, as police set up a perimeter before he surrendered after 45 minutes of negotiations and was taken to Westmead Hospital under police guard.

He was treated at Westmead Hospital for burns and charged by police during a bedside hearing with burning or maiming using a corrosive fluid, resisting or hindering police in the execution of duty and destroying or damaging property.

He was later moved to Concord Hospital but a NSW Corrective Services spokeswoman confirmed he died today.

“An offender being treated at Concord Hospital has died this morning,” the spokeswoman said.

“Police will prepare a report for the coroner who will determine the cause of death of the 51-year-old man.”

‘Bear’ was well known in Riverstone after living in the area for 15 years.



DISACCORDS: Melbourne, Australia: Molotov attack against a police station in Pakenham "IndyWatch Feed National"

Insurrection News

From corporate scum media we have learned that on the night of 12.03.16. a masked individual carrying a molotov cocktail attempted to enter the Pakenham police station in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs. The individual made it through the first set of automatic doors but was unable to enter the second set  as they are kept locked at night as a security precaution. The individual threw the molotov cocktail at the second set of doors causing a brief explosion which can be seen in the video above. The individual then fled the scene and as of the time of this writing has not been apprehended. The attack occurred within the context of ongoing tensions between a local youth gang and police. According to other corporate scum media reports one police officer from the Dandenong police station has had to go on stress leave after a youth gang member threatened to walk into the…



DISACCORDS: NSW: Violent riot at Wellington Correctional Centre "IndyWatch Feed National"

11 March – Teargas was used to quell a fresh wave of violence that erupted yesterday in the state’s prisons, including a deliberate ambush of guards after two cells were set on fire.

The chaos occurred as the Baird government revealed it is considering new measures to ease prison overcrowding crisis including reopening the 580-bed Parramatta jail, which was shut in 2011.

“The government is considering a number of options to respond to the growth of the prison population,” Prisons Minister David Elliott said.

Public Service Union prisons boss Steve McMahon welcomed the idea: “Reopening Parramatta would bring some much-needed bed space and take pressure off other jails.”

The latest violence erupted at Wellington Correctional Centre yesterday afternoon as fires were set inside two cells. Guards who responded to fire alarms were assaulted by four prisoners who “came out swinging” as the doors opened.

The prisoners involved in the violence are said to be part of a Pacific Islander gang called the Outkasts, who have known links to bikies.

“The guards suffered some cuts and bruises but I’m told one of the guards gave as good as he got,” one source said.

Teargas was used to quell the violence, amid fears the four inmates may try to release other prisoners from cells.

“There was a further disturbance when staff were moving inmates due to smoke,” a Corrections spokesman said.

“Some staff and inmates were treated at the scene by Justice Health.’’

The violence at Wellington Correctional Centre is said to have involved a group of inmates moved to the jail after violence at Goulburn prison. Guards  used tear gas and live bullets, ‘as a warning’, to stop a brawl at Goulburn...


DISACCORDS: Melbourne: Teenagers riot at juvenile detention centre "IndyWatch Feed National"

A group of six boys rioted on the roof of the Youth Justice Centre in Melbourne (pictured) after climbing up there with metal poles on 2.30pm on Monday

Teenagers rioted on the roof of the Youth Justice Centre in Melbourne (pictured) after climbing up there with metal poles on 2.30pm on Monday

7 March – A group of six boys have surrendered to police after rioting on the roof of the Youth Justice Centre in Melbourne for almost seven hours on Monday.

The inmates at the justice centre in Parkville climbed on its roof while wielding metal bars around 2.30pm, a Victoria police spokeswoman told journalists.

The unruly group then began to smash windows, swing from the roof, kick in sheets of glass, and rip air conditioning units to shreds with their hands, according to Nine News.

Just before 10pm, the group voluntarily surrendered to the heavily armed officers at the scene.



The Watchers » Latest articles: Earthquake swarm near the coast of northern Morocco "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

An earthquake swarm that started after a magnitude 6.3 quake near Al Hoceima, northern Morocco (Strait of Gibraltar) on January 25 continues. This quake, preceded by M5.0 on January 21, occurred almost 12 years after the 2004 M6.3 Al Hoceima quake that caused more...... Read more »

The Watchers » Latest articles: The 2015/16 El Niño continues its steady decline "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The 2015–16 El Niño continues its slow and steady decline, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) reports in their latest ENSO Wrap-Up. The tropical Pacific Ocean has cooled further over the past fortnight, and trade winds are near normal....... Read more »



The Ecologist: Universities' love affair with fossil fuel companies must end "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Climate change is perhaps our generation's greatest challenge, and few people are better placed to know it than academics in our top universities, writes James Dyke. But they are still accepting huge sums of fossil fuel money, in the process helping donors in their quest to extract and burn ever more coal, oil and gas. This must stop.


The Failed Estate: Click Go the Fears "IndyWatch Feed National"

Journalism isn’t really a profession, much as some of its practitioners proclaim it to be. It’s much closer to being a trade or a craft. And like all crafts, success in journalism is usually achieved by getting not just one … Continue reading


No Fibs: Red room and the quest for Queensland fixed four year terms: @Qldaah #qldpol "IndyWatch Feed National"

Opinion The referendum this Saturday on fixed four year terms for the Queensland state parliament will fail. I know this because voters have two main concerns. They fear a return of a “Campbell Newman”; not being able to oust a bad premier for four long years. Queenslanders have also expressed a long harboured desire to restore the upper house which […]

Author information

David Marler

David Marler

Queensland reporter at No Fibs

David is a full time carer for his son and in quiet times contributes to the Fifth Estate. He believes that the role of citizen journalists is to question and collate mainstream media stories through social media and blogging.


Bill Mitchell – billy blog: The Heath government was not Monetarist – that was left to the Labour Party "IndyWatch Feed"

This blog provides another excerpt in the unfolding story about Britain and the IMF and the Monetarist sell-out by the British Labour Party once it was reelected in February 1974. As I noted in this blog – The British Monetarist infestation – I am currently working to pin down the historical turning points, which allowed neo-liberalism to take a dominant position in the policy debate. In doing so, I want to demonstrate why the ‘Social Democrat’ or ‘Left’ political parties, who still have pretentions to representing the progressive position (but have, in fact, become ‘austerity-lite’ merchants), were wrong to surrender to the neo-liberal macroeconomic Groupthink. This is a further instalment of my next book on globalisation and the capacities of the nation-state. Today, we trace the tensions within the Tory Party during the period 1970 to 1974, when the old school “One National Conservatism” represented by Edward Heath came into conflict with the growing Tory Monetarists, who would eventually be the bulwark of Margaret Thatcher’s pernicious regime later in the 1970s.

The Tory Party struggles with Monetarism 1970

As the Conservatives were formulating their election strategy for the June 1970 general election it appeared that they were preparing to implement a Milton Friedmanesque Monetarist agenda – to reduce inflation and bring the unemployment down to what Friedman had termed the ‘natural rate’, which was no more than some rate at which inflation was stable, although the Monetarists had convinced economists that this was the true full employment unemployment rate.

The Shadow Cabinet held a planning meeting over the weekend January 31-February 1, 1970 at the famous Selsdon Park Hotel in Surrey. In his memoirs, Edward Heath said the meeting was “to co-ordinat...


Catallaxy Files: Thoughts on Innovation Policy "IndyWatch Feed"

Last Thursday I gave a talk to the Victorian branch of the Liberal Democratic Party on innovation policy. Several people have contacted me asking for my notes and/or references so that they can follow up on some of the things I said. So rather than reply individually I thought I’d provide a general reading list.

First, overall general reading:
1. Terence Kealey, 1996, The Economic Laws of Scientific Research – simply magnificent.
2. Daniel Greenberg, 2003, Science, Money, and Politics: Political Triumph and Ethical Erosion – very highly recommended. How the R&D lobby works in the US.

Then, my own humble contributions:
1. Sinclair Davidson, 2006a, Back to Basics: Why government funding of science is a waste of our money.
2. Sinclair Davidson, 2006b, The myths of public science.
3. Sinclair Davidson and Robert Brooks, 2010, How Much R&D Should Australia Undertake?, Economic Papers: A journal of applied economics and policy, 23(2):165 – 174.
4. Sinclair Davidson and Heath Spong, 2010, Positive Externalities and R&D: Two Conflicting Traditions in Economic Theory, Review of Political Economy, 22(3): 355-372.
5. Sinclair Davidson and Jason Potts, 2015, Social Costs and the Institution...


Catallaxy Files: Conflicting stories on Australian universities "IndyWatch Feed"

This morning two stories in the Australian caught my eye. First an op-ed by the leadership of rent-seeking lobby group the Group of Eight:

Australia’s higher education sector is one of the best in the world. Fact.

Plus, Australia relies on its universities to deliver far more of its research than any other first world nation. Fact. Australia’s research is rated as world class. Fact. Australia’s innovation agenda will rely heavily on universities to drive it. Fact.

The evidence of innovation success in the very countries Australia wants to emulate — Israel, Britain, the US and Germany — has required significant public ­investment to build a dynamic university-industry ecosystem. Fact. Australian universities are significantly underfunded for the research work they do in comparison. Fact.

The emphasis is original. Fact. Must be true then. Seems to me that this sort of argument is an own-goal. If the Australian university system is performing so well with too little public money, then good. The taxpayer is getting a good bang for buck. Fact.

But then, I also saw this:

Westpac chief executive Brian Hartzer has slammed the lack of commercial thinking among Australia’s academics, describing the gap between Australian universities and business as a major issue holding back innovation and ­entrepreneurialism.

During a CEDA function in Perth yesterday as part of a panel discussing how to encourage everyday entrepreneurialism, Mr H...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Fight for the Reef: AMCS: New rehab bill puts Reef before mining industry "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has congratulated the Queensland Government for its new Environment Protection (Chain of Responsibility) Amendment Bill that will give the government strong powers to force companies to pay for environmental rehabilitation.

Imogen Zethoven campaign director at AMCS said this new bill, if passed by the Parliament, would mean that the Queensland taxpayer would not be left with the bill when companies become insolvent and leave behind a potential environmental hazard.

“This bill is the strongest environmental reform applying to the mining industry in the last 20 years. It will provide strong safeguards for our environment and the Great Barrier Reef.

“It is critical that businesses, when no longer profitable, are forced to pay for rehabilitation costs and not pass on those costs to the taxpayer.

“The mining industry is shedding jobs, and is struggling to turn a profit. There is a high risk that without this new law being passed, Queensland taxpayers will have to pay for massive clean up bills.

“AMCS welcomes the government’s decision to put the environment and the Great Barrier Reef before the mining industry. We call on the Opposition and Independents to support this important reform” said Ms Zethoven.

The post AMCS: New rehab bill puts Reef before mining industry appeared first on Fight for the Reef.


Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST: LinkedIn recommendations "IndyWatch Feed"

This young lady stands tall, she has the capacity and ability to fight the good fight.
As one of the top 7% of managers I would choose her to be with me, because I always say, don’t tell me just show me. And furthermore, I love her smile.

– Col

This lady has shown courage and resilience in her life and appears to pursue her goals with an attempt to gain an outcome.  This is a hard task in the days of bureaucracy and the media holding sway.  If I was running my department, I would like Jacqui on the team.  I am grateful that she has tackled the problem of ICe in the community and has spoken boldly for those with service acquired PTSD.

– Christopher

I like what she stands for. The Little guy.

– Ricky

As a Veteran, manager, retired police officer, I recognize the steel in this lady and her resoluteness to pursue an issue for whomever it accounts for. The only downside she has, she lives in the great state of Tasmania when she should be over here in the Mighty West! My endorsement means even more when I see her fight for her son when the chips are down. Guts, Girl.

– Karl

The post LinkedIn recommendations appeared first on Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST.


Papua New Guinea Mine Watch: Ok Tedi continues search for employee "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Ok Tedi mine

Post Courier | 15 March 2016

Following the tragic incident at the Ok Tedi mine last Thursday, efforts have focused on the safe recovery of one of the lost employees.

Ok Tedi mine management report stated that unfortunately their recovery efforts have been hampered by ongoing rain and continuing instability in the area where the rock fall occurred.

A statement issued by the company said that the safety of the recovery team remains the highest priority.

Ok Tedi said specialised equipment is being brought to site to aid the search.

Following a preliminary inspection by mine inspectors, work recommenced yesterday in all areas of the mine other than the centre pit where the incident occurred.

The statement said that work in the centre pit is limited to recovery efforts and drainage works, under strict access conditions.

It said that work in all other areas of the business resumed on Saturday, March 11.

A Haus Krai has been organised in Tabubil with large numbers of employees attending to pay their respect for a lost workmate.



loon pond: Primary appeal is Caterists' blather ... primary sense has gone missing ... "IndyWatch Feed"

It's that time of day when the pond must set aside any notion of pleasure and do its Caterist duty ... but first why not do a detour to Ralph Steadman's Animal Farm illustrations?

There's something about that drawing which, in an ineffable way, reminded the pond of the Caterists. Perhaps it was the hint of the way the pigs were managing to avoid the slush of taxpayer funding beneath their sodden, muddy feet ...

Never mind, hey nonny no, what's up for grabs today?

Oh sheesh, that's just what the pond didn't need ... but duty calls ...


Head Space: Then there’s Media-based Public Education "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Revising Geography too… Oops! CNN (conveniently) Makes (another) Glaring Historical Error in Documentary Fifth Columnist Collaborators (FCC) : a ​group of ​people who ​support the ​enemies of the ​country they ​live in and ​secretly ​help them… ——————– “It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. I am willing to know the […]


Renew Economy: Solar makes EV battery support for the grid complicated financially "IndyWatch Feed"

Some findings on a project in Germany which EVs provide ancillary services to stabilize the grid while these cars are charging.


Renew Economy: Why consumers are paying twice what they should for grid connection "IndyWatch Feed"

Consumers paying more than two times what they should for grid connection, according to new report. But networks tell investors that their revenue is safe because the regulator has them covered, and is resisting calls to "optimise" their asset base.


Papua New Guinea Mine Watch: Queensland’s $100 million clean up bill a dirty warning for PNG "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Australia loves to lecture PNG on the benefits of mining and spends a lot of ‘aid’ money promoting its mining companies, but a $100 million clean up bill in Queensland shows that in Australia, just like in PNG, it is ordinary people who ending up paying for mining company profits…

Clean-up bill estimate for Clive Palmer’s nickel refinery doubles to $100m

Taxpayers to end up footing the bill for environmental rehabilitation if the troubled business can’t be saved or sold

Queensland Nickel refinery at Yabulu near Townsville. Sacked workers are waiting to hear whether they will get their jobs back after Clive Palmer took control of the refinery back from administrators. Photograph: Andrew Rankin/AAP

Queensland Nickel refinery at Yabulu near Townsville. Sacked workers are waiting to hear whether they will get their jobs back after Clive Palmer took control of the refinery. Photograph: Andrew Rankin/AAP

Joshua Robertson | The Guardian | 12 March 2016

Clive Palmer’s nickel plant would cost Queensland taxpayers almost $100m – more than double what was previously thought – according to a new assessment by the state government.

Guardian Australia understa...


loon pond: In which the pond explores a Trove of copper and trivia ... "IndyWatch Feed"

The pond rarely gets itself involved in causes - reptile watching is the primary duty - and any way, given the way that Malware killed off community television in Sydney so that we might have gambling on the multichannels - don't try to tell the pond that they're games of skill - perhaps the pond's support is a certain sign of impending doom.

But the pond feels strongly about this one ...

Trove is a national treasure.

Trove is an agile, innovative response to the vast collective memory that once resided on film in the basement of the state libraries and was wretchedly hard to search and use ...

Declaration of interest: the pond was in on the vision at the earliest of days and now, in its other life, uses Trove on a daily basis.

Which is why Paul Daley's piece National Library's Trove: a great digital democracy under threat is well worth the read:



Indian Country Headline News: Forest Service Nixes Massive Commercial Development at Grand Canyon’s Edge "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Nearly 200,000 comments, letters, petition signatures and other opposition to a controversial attempt to build a massive commercial development just a mile from the south entran...


Renew Economy: Hunt caught out on “peak emissions”, but he may have a cheap solution "IndyWatch Feed"

Greg Hunt claims Australia has reached "peak emissions". That is not what the data is telling us, but as the world records a stunning rise in average temperature, a new report says emission cuts may be cheaper than thought.


Renew Economy: Australia renewables jobs still in decline, as policy uncertainty lingers "IndyWatch Feed"

Solar lobby group says Australian renewables sector still feeling impact of Abbott era attacks, as new statistics show a 27% slump in clean energy jobs.


Renew Economy: China state firm buys Taralga wind farm, as Banco Santander exits "IndyWatch Feed"

China state-owned utility adds 107MW wind farm to its Pacific Hydro purchase, as former world's biggest investor in renewable energy sells key Australian asset.


Head Space: The sky is falling, we’re all gonna freeze, burn-up, and then drown… "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Sea Level Rise Projected to Displace 13 million in U.S. by 2100 —Hmm ( Six months after giving birth to a cluster of nebulous Sustainable Development Goals that aim to dramatically change the economic, social and environmental course of the planet, the United Nations is working on a drastic renovation of global data gathering to measure progress […]


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Members vow to vote down any changes to Qld vegetation laws moved by Labor "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

“We do not want a return to the nasty era of tree police” – KAP member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth

An emotionally-charged meeting of Far Northern pastoralists, indigenous representatives, councils and farmers at Mareeba has urged three State Parliamentary crossbenchers to vote down proposed changes to the Vegetation Management Act.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, in a move to appease Brisbane environmentalists and bolster Greens Party preference support for the ALP, will introduce new VMA regulations to halt tree clearing in State Parliament this week.

Agforce hosted the gathering of nearly 80 primary producers and industry representatives from Innisfail to Cape York Peninsula, held at Mareeba Bowls Club on Tuesday.

In spite of the threat of a snap election, crossbenchers Rob Katter and Shane Knuth vowed they would vote against the new regulations that Mr Knuth said would set the state back 20 years.

Agforce Tablelands organiser Graham Elmes, Robbie Katter, Shane Knuth and Billy Gordon

“We have been telling the Premier for a long time that landowners cannot afford and will not support the return to the nasty era of tree police,” Mr Knuth said.

“We have just had one of the worst droughts in history with record numbers of bank foreclosures and the Labor Party wants to make farmers suffer even more.

“We will not support the new laws.”

After the meeting Mr Knuth said he did not know which way Member for Cairns, now independent Rob Pyne would vote after he deserted the Labor Party last week.

While addressing the audience, Member for Cook Billy Gordon tacitly approved the stance of his crossbench colleagues.

Agforce Gen.......


Independent Australia: Watch tonight's Gold Coast mayoral debate live online from 6.30pm "IndyWatch Feed"

Watch tonight's Gold Coast mayoral debate live online from 6.30pmIndependent Australia will be live streaming the Gold Coast mayoral debate, being held tonight at 6.30pm, Tuesday 15 March, at the Nerang Bicentennial Hall. read now...


Renew Economy: Who will be our Winston Churchill on climate? Malcolm, Bill, Richard? "IndyWatch Feed"

Malcolm Turnbull once voiced his support for 100% renewable energy. Given the latest surge in average temperatures, he should do so again.


Renew Economy: Solar module prices reached 57c/watt in 2015, to continue fall "IndyWatch Feed"

Tier-1 Chinese-produced solar PV modules fell 10 per cent year-over-year and reached US 57 cents per watt in the fourth quarter of 2015.


Renew Economy: February blows away global heat record "IndyWatch Feed"

February was the most anomalously warm month Earth has seen in 135 years of NASA record keeping.


Renew Economy: Photo of the Day: Fossil fuels on thin ice "IndyWatch Feed"

How do you adequately convey the state of global climate emergency in one striking image? Canada has got it covered.


No Right Turn: Nauru is not safe for refugees II "IndyWatch Feed"

Today's horror story of refugee abuse from Nauru:

The refugee, who works for Connect, an Australian service provider for the Nauru refugees,, was arrested after police were called to an argument between the refugee and a local shopkeeper.

Even though the shopkeeper declined to make any formal complaint, the Refugee Action Coalition said police still arrested the man.

At the police station, Nauru police would not allow the man to make a phone call; instead, the Coalition said, he was handcuffed, placed in a cell, and stripped naked.

And he was kept that way for 24 hours.

While its the Nauruan police doing this, Australia sent the refugees to this tropical hell-hole, and they are ultimately responsible for their care. Instead, they're just abandoning them to persecution.


Head Space: Geo-Space Environment "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A G1-class geomagnetic storm is brewing on March 14th as Earth enters a zone of negative-polarity solar wind. Magnetic fields in this region point south, a condition which can open a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras as solar wind pours through the opening. Planetary K-index Now: […]


Perth Indymedia: Militant mind fudge: Curse Ov Dialect’s Volk Makedonski "IndyWatch Feed National"

Legendary rap group Curse Ov Dialect have been spitting their anarchic experimental hip hop since 1994. Ahead of their upcoming release, Twisted Strangers, Ray Grenfell spoke to Curse Ov Dialect MC Volk Makedonski.


No Right Turn: If the government wants Treaty settlements to stick, it needs to obey them "IndyWatch Feed"

In 1995, the government settled most Treaty of Waitangi claims in the Waikato region with the Waikato Raupatu Claims Settlement Act 1995. In 2010 it settled most of the rest with the Waikato-Tainui Raupatu Claims (Waikato River) Settlement Act 2010. Both settlements included right of first refusal clauses, requiring government bodies owning land seized from Maori to offer it back to its owners before any sale. But Solid Energy, which is selling its assets after going bankrupt, is ignoring that law:

The break up of ailing state-owned mining company Solid Energy has hit a legal hurdle with iwi saying farms currently offered for sale should be offered to it first.

Waikato-Tainui will file a statement of claim in the High Court in Christchurch ​on Tuesday to stop debt-laden Solid Energy from proceeding with a tender process on land subject to a right of first refusal (RFR).


The company shut down the Huntly East mine in October and has now put more than 1000ha of farms near the Huntly power station on the market as part of its sell down.

Of those listed properties, 54ha was earmarked for return to Waikato-Tainui under their RFR mechanism in both the 1995 Waikato Raupatu Settlement Act and the 2010 Waikato River Settlement Act.

Papa said Solid Energy failed to comply with legislation despite the iwi's confirming its interest in purchasing the land.

This seems open and shut. The law says Solid Energy must negotiate with Waikato-Tainui first, and they're not....


Head Space: Quotes based on applied historical experience and reasonable belief… "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

“Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not” Thomas Jefferson. “An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.” “Guns have only two enemies, rust and politicians.” “Know Guns, know peace, know safety. no guns, no peace, no safety…” “The second amendment is in place in […]


No Right Turn: More authoritarianism in Turkey "IndyWatch Feed"

The big concern with the "war on terror" is the danger that the definition of "terrorism" will be expanded from people who use violence to oppose the government to people who do it peacefully and democraticly. And now, exactly that is happening in Turkey:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said it is necessary to redefine terrorism to include those who support such acts.

He said there was no difference between "a terrorist holding a gun or a bomb and those who use their position and pen to serve the aims" of terrorists.

Mr Erdogan added that this could be a journalist, a lawmaker or an activist.

What does that look like in practice? Academics signing petitions critical of government policy are arrested for "terrorist propaganda". Journalists who expose government wrongdoing are prosecuted for "espionage". Independent newspapers are taken over at gunpoint and turned into government propaganda organs. Classifying your political opponents as "terrorists" is a hallmark of authoritarianism and tyranny. And the longer democratic nations stay signed up to America's war, the greater the danger for democracy.


Independent Australia: Turnbull's media reform bill all about helping media moguls — not the public "IndyWatch Feed"

Turnbull's media reform bill all about helping media moguls — not the publicThe Turnbull Government's new "media reform" legislation is yet another capitulation to the interests of Big Media at the expense of the public. read now...


Perth Indymedia: Pia Mancini of the Open Collective on transforming democracy from the bottom up "IndyWatch Feed National"

We speak with Pia Mancini of the Open Collective on how this revolutionary new platform may be one of the keys to transforming democracy from the bottom up.


The Watchers » Latest articles: Sandstorm, heavy rain hit Cairo, Egypt "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

After days of unseasonably hot temperatures, Cairo and other Egyptian governorates were hit by a sudden sandstorm and heavy rain on the evening of March 13, 2016. Egypt's meteorological authority (EMA) said Monday's temperature will witness a drop...... Read more »



Renew Economy: Meter confusion as NSW prepares for end of premium solar tariffs "IndyWatch Feed"

NSW gazettes new rules for installations of smart meters, but confusion still reigns on what this means for 150,000 households who lose premium solar tariffs this year.


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Ms Dhu inquest: family walks out after being told death in custody 'regrettable' | Australia news | The Guardian "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Ms Dhu inquest: family walks out after being told death in custody 'regrettable' | Australia news | The Guardian: Almost three hours after the pair were checked into separate cells, Dhu, who had told police upon being processed that she had broken her ribs some weeks previously, and had later repeated that information to Sharples, began to complain of severe pain.

After asking her to rate her pain on a scale of one to 10 and getting a response of “10”, Sharples said she told her superviser, Sergeant Ronald Patchett, that Dhu had requested to go to hospital, which Patchett approved after assessing Dhu himself.

Then the junior police officer, who had only been out of the academy two years, decided to let Dhu wait with her until she could be taken to hospital.

“I went back down and she said, ‘Miss, I am in a lot of pain’, and I couldn’t justify leaving her in the cell, so I brought her up to the charge room and I saw with her,” Sharples told Philip Urquhart, the council assisting the coroner, on Monday.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Byron naked bike ride defies weather to be ‘biggest ever’ "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The body paint wasn't the only thing that was streaking during the 2016 World Naked Bike Ride in Byron Bay. Photo Jeff 'Naked Ambition' Dawson

The body paint wasn’t the only thing that was streaking during the 2016 World Naked Bike Ride in Byron Bay. Photo Jeff ‘Naked Ambition’ Dawson

Although it was her first year co-ordinating the World Naked Bike, Debra Conomy was ‘pretty sure’ this year’s head count of 165 was the biggest ever contingent in the history of the event in Byron Bay.

And the group would have been bigger had the ride not kicked off early.

While Nimbin’s ride on Saturday (March 12) went ahead in ‘perfect weather’, according to its organiser Mijimberri, nature didn’t smile so sweetly on Byron.

After a solid day of rain, one of the group’s self-appointed chiefs decided to make a break for it – and the rest followed.


Catallaxy Files: Dear Nick, Trump’s appeal is not all that hard to see "IndyWatch Feed"

Although I have to admit that the incredible obtuseness that seems to invade normally sensible people is beyond me. Nick Cater has an article in The Oz today on Donald Trump’s primary appeal is that he’s not a politician. This is his point:

The inconvenient truth for the political class is that in so far as Trump exploits hate, the principal object is not Hispanics, Muslims or homosexuals but them. The anger welling up from below is anger directed at urban sophisticates like themselves.

Americans regularly elect presidents who are not part of the political class. Eisenhower was the last, and military leaders are a consistent theme. It is executive experience that is valued, of which Obama has none at all while Trump has a lifetime of running things behind him. So for those who still don’t get it, here’s the list of policy issues that matter.

First border protection. Here’s an article by Victor Davis Hanson, who because he works for National Review, cannot actually say he supports Trump (similar to working for Murdoch), but read the article and imagine him voting for anyone else: The Weirdness of Illegal Immigration. Note the word “if” that runs through the para:

If the border were to be closed, if immigration laws were enforced, if there were some reduction in legal immigration, if entry were to be meritocratic, if we reverted to the melting-pot ideal of assimilation, if we cut –studies courses and jettisoned th...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Far North Coaster Magazine: Autism Awareness Month – Get Cyc’d on your bike! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


A charity ride and community party in support of Matthew Lyon a young Murwillumbah man living with autism and learning to ride his trikebike over the previous 2 years.

Matthew would now like to invite the community to join him on a charity ride and afterwards as he celebrates this achievement. With no speech and low muscle tone, Matthew has achieved something his family never thought possible and what’s more, he loves it!

‘At just 19 years Matthew wants to connect with his community and have fun like any other young man his age. The day will commence with a short bike ride followed by an afterparty under the stars at ‘The Lake’ in Cabarita Beach. Sponsors Tweed Shire Council and North Coast Holiday Parks have offered a weekend away valued at $540 as our major raffle prize drawn on the day and community services will be present on the day providing information, support, stalls and some great kids activities’. said event coordinator Jennifer Unwin of Eventzbiz Arts and Marketing.

So get Cyc’d on your bike, or just listen to some fabulous entertainment from your picnic rug or deckchair under the stars. The event will have it all so bring the whole family down to the beautiful Tweed Coast and celebrate with us!. Entry is FREE to the afterparty but get in early as the ride is strictly limited to 50 riders.

Register online for more details:

Held during National Youth Week and NSW school holidays this event will also support Autism Awareness Month. This condition affects many people in a variety of ways. Matthew Lyon
is just one of many people living with autism every day who need support and companionship as they struggle to understand their world.
To find out more



No Right Turn: A good turnout "IndyWatch Feed"

Like others, I've been watching the voting statistics on the flag referendum, and I'm impressed. Turnout in the first week was twice what it was in the first referendum, and looking at today's data, we'll almost certainly overtake it tomorrow:

While it will inevitably level off eventually, at this rate the referendum will get more than two million votes, and its not inconceivable that it will approach the general election turnout of 2.4 million. And no matter what the result is, that's a success for democracy. It should also put paid to any post-result claims of a "silent majority" secretly supporting the loser: if there is such a majority, they're not going to be a silent one.


Papua New Guinea Mine Watch: Deep sea mining hyped by vested interests, but serious concerns remain "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

nautilus machine 2

Serious concerns remain about largely untested deep sea mining practices

Duncan Roden | Green Left Weekly | 14 March 2016

A cost-benefit analysis released by the Secretariat of Pacific Communities (SPC) and the European Union on potential deep sea mining (DSM) projects in three Pacific countries found that the projects can be viable. But other research suggests there remain serious concerns about the new, untested DSM industry.

DSM involves mining rich deposits of minerals on the sea floor. Some deposits exist as nodules that can be vacuumed up. Others form from hydrothermal vents that spew out minerals over thousands of years, creating rich beds of deposits. These vents sustain unique deep sea ecosystems that rely on the venting chemicals for survival. DSM puts such ecosystems at risk.

The SPC-EU report looked at specific deposits of seafloor massive sulphides in Papua New Guinea, manganese nodules in Cook Islands and cobalt-rich crusts in the Marshall Islands.

It found that mining the deposits in PNG and Cook Islands would yield net benefits, but that the Marshall Islands deposit would not be economically viable.



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Byron group goes global with marine-debris program "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A group of youngsters in the Seychelles will take part in Byron Bay group Positive Change for Marine Life's Marine Debris Challenge. Photo PCFML

A group of youngsters in the Seychelles will take part in Byron Bay group Positive Change for Marine Life’s Marine Debris Challenge. Photo PCFML

Byron Bay based Positive Change for Marine Life (PCFML) has recently launched its Marine Debris Challenge in communities across Australia and overseas.

The challenge aims to reduce the marine debris through a combination of local education programs, beach clean-ups and awareness events over a seven-week period.

Teams in Coffs Harbour, The Tasman Peninsula, Gordons Bay and in the Seychelles, east of Africa will all participate and the group hopes the challenge will ’empower ongoing change’.

The challenge is an ideal activity to educate youth and the public generally about ‘harmful effects of plastic and how much it is affecting our beautiful small island chain,’ said Karine Rassool, the challenge’s leader in the Seychelles.

‘We want to make change through action!’

The challenge began right here in Byron Bay in 2012, when PCFML began their ‘Honour the Ocean’ campaign



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: New market in Lismore focuses on sustainability "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Gearing up for the first Lismore Recycled Market this Saturday are (front l-r) local musician Keith Hartley, Market Coordinator Robyn Kelly and Lismore City Council’s Waste Education Officer Danielle Hanigan with stallholders (rear l-r) jewellery craftsman Clive Wilson, Jennifer Edwards from Tribal Barbi, Paul Flood and Bob Sheldrick from Grumpy Grandpops Woodcraft and Johnny and Helene Thompson from Dirty Old Town Furniture. (Photo Terra Sword)

Gearing up for the first Lismore Recycled Market this Saturday are (front l-r) local musician Keith Hartley, Market Coordinator Robyn Kelly and Lismore City Council’s Waste Education Officer Danielle Hanigan with stallholders (rear l-r) jewellery craftsman Clive Wilson, Jennifer Edwards from Tribal Barbi, Paul Flood and Bob Sheldrick from Grumpy Grandpops Woodcraft and Johnny and Helene Thompson from Dirty Old Town Furniture.
(Photo Terra Sword)

A new monthly market in Lismore with a focus on sustainability will be held for the first time this Saturday.

The Lismore Recycled Market will be held on the third Saturday of every month next door to the Lismore Revolve Shop, which is located within the Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centre on Wyrallah Road.

The council’s...


No Right Turn: Creepy and intrusive "IndyWatch Feed"

For the last couple of years National has been muttering about dumping the decile-based school funding system. And now we know what for: spying on everyone:

The Ministry of Education has proposed using Government-wide data on every preschooler and school student, including their mother's qualifications, to give extra funding to those at risk of failing.

​Education Minister Hekia Parata has been on the record for years saying the decile system is too "blunt", and wants a model that targets resources to where they're needed the most.

A preliminary proposal floated the concept of paying schools more for students that met one of four risk factors: a parent who had been to prison; if they or a sibling had suffered child abuse; if their family had relied on a benefit for a prolonged period; or if the child's mother had no formal qualifications.

The obvious question is "how will that data be gathered". And the answer is that it will be pillaged from currently separate databases, to give every child a dossier from birth which labels them as a failure or a success. Which is more than a little creepy and intrusive. The concentration of such data also raises huge privacy problems, while labelling people based not on their own abilities, but on their parents, smacks of the hereditary aristocracy National imagines themselves to be. We should reject this proposal, and we should reject this sort of use of "Big Data". It may be more efficient for the government to label kids from birth, but its simply not the sort of society I want to live in.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: A fairer electoral system? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Re Colin Cook’s letter Just who is gaming the electoral system? (March 14).

After dodgy preselections, both party and micros, the single-seat electoral system ensures that the two-party duopoly will always rule.

Far fairer would be a form of proportional representation in both houses with members elected according to their party or individual vote. The results could be split as in NZ (why are they always ahead of us and not just in rugby?) with members elected to geographical seats as well as general party seats.

Actually we wouldn’t need a senate to control ideological nutters like Abbott if we went this way.

Of course the majors will die in a ditch before they agree to anything like a fair system.

Tom Tabart, Byron Greens, Bangalow

The post A fairer electoral system? appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Justice Department to Judges: Jailing People Who Can't Pay Fines is Unconstitutional | Colorlines "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Justice Department to Judges: Jailing People Who Can't Pay Fines is Unconstitutional | Colorlines: “The consequences of the criminalization of poverty are not only harmful—they are far-reaching,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a statement. “They not only affect an individual’s ability to support their family, but also contribute to an erosion of our faith in government. One of my top priorities as Attorney General is to help repair community trust where it has frayed, and a key part of that effort includes ensuring that our legal system serves every American faithfully and fairly, regardless of their economic status.”


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: No jab no pay penalties from Friday "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The federal government's 'no jab no pay' laws take effect from Friday (March 18). Photo Shutterstock

The federal government’s ‘no jab no pay’ laws take effect from Friday (March 18). Photo Shutterstock

Chris Dobney

The government’s controversial ‘no jab no pay’ laws, which will deduct welfare payments from parents who refuse to vaccinate their children from preschool age upwards, will come into effect this Friday.

But the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network has announced it may mount a last-minute legal challenge to the laws.

The Nationals duty senator for Richmond, John Williams, has warned parents who receive the Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate that their child’s immunisations must be up to date by this Friday or they will lose their payments under the federal government policy.

Sen Williams said following the announcement of the policy last year, the percentage of 12- to 15-month-old fully-immunised children rose from 90.69 per cent in 2014 to 92.28 per cent.

He said that while this was ‘fractionally higher’ than the New South Wales average, ‘there are many children… in the Richmond electorate who are not fully immunised’.

Mullumbimby like South Sudan

The Mullumbimby dis...


American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL): Native People Respond to Rowling "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Screen cap added 3/10/16
As fans of Harry Potter know, there are (at least) two distinct responses to J.K. Rowling's "History of Magic in North America" stories.

The first story, "Fourteenth Century - Seventeenth Century," was released on Monday, March 8, 2016. Fans were delighted to have more of her writing to read.

Native people--those who are fans of her books, and those of us who study or write about representations of Native peoples in popular culture and children's literature--had a different response.


When I read the first story in Rowling's series, I'd been deeply immersed in a study of a handful of best selling children's books. I was appalled to read "also called redskins for their custom of smearing red earth over their entire bodies" in the popular Geronimo Stilton's The Wild, Wild West:


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": A little gun history "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  • image


    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

  • In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
  • China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
  • Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

56 million defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control:

You won’t see this data on the evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

Gun-control laws adversely affect only law-abiding citizens.

The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, ple...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Sea level rise to displace millions in US "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A speech during the COP21 World Climate Change Conference 2015 highlights the rise of the sea levels due to increasing temperature in the US. New research suggests sea level rises will be higher than previous estimates. Photo EPA/JOSE RODRIGUEZ

A speech during the COP21 World Climate Change Conference 2015 highlights the rise of the sea levels due to increasing temperature in the US. New research suggests sea level rises will be higher than previous estimates. Photo EPA/JOSE RODRIGUEZ

WASHINGTON – 15/03/2016 06:20:57 AM [RAW]

More than 13 million Americans, including six million in Florida, could be displaced by rising sea levels this century, three times what has previously been estimated.

The researchers assessed sea level change scenarios by 2100 from the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for coastal states along with population growth trends and projections in high-risk areas.

With a sea level rise of 91 centimetres, locations forecast to house 4.2 million people would be at risk of inundation while a doubling of the rise would bring the number to 13.1 million.

With densely populated coastal locales, Florida faces the greatest risk, with up to 6.06 million residents projected to be affected if sea levels rise 1.8 metres, followed by Louisiana, where 1...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Aussies healthier after retirement, study finds "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australians are making positive health changes after they retire, a University of Sydney study has found. Photo contributed

Australians are making positive health changes after they retire, a University of Sydney study has found. Photo contributed

A landmark study led by University of Sydney has found that people become more active, sleep better and reduce their sitting time when they retire.

Published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine, the study followed the lifestyle behaviours of 25,000 older Australians including physical activity, diet, sedentary behaviour, alcohol use and sleep patterns.

‘Our research revealed that retirement was associated with positive lifestyle changes,’ said lead researcher Dr Melody Ding, Senior Research Fellow at the University’s School of Public Health.

‘Compared with people who were still working, retirees had increased physically activity levels, reduced sitting time, were less likely to smoke, and had healthier sleep patterns.

‘A major life change like retirement creates a great window of opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes – it’s a chance to get rid of bad routines and engineer new, healthier behaviours.’ she said.

The data revealed that retirees:

  • Increased physical activity by 93 minutes a week
  • Decreased sedentary time by 67 minutes per day
  • Increased sleep by 11 minutes per day
  • 50 per cent of female smokers stopped smoking

The differences were significant even after adjusting for factors such as age, sex, urban/rural residence, ma...


Independent Australia: Federal Parliament finally passes judgement on Craig Thomson's speech "IndyWatch Feed"

Federal Parliament finally passes judgement on Craig Thomson's speechThe Privileges Committee issues a reprimand to Craig Thomson for pointing out in Parliament that Michael Williamson, Kathy Jackson, Michael Lawler and Marco Bolano were all very likely to be crooks. read now...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Hundreds march out of Greek refugee camp "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Refugees from a camp near the Idomeni village using a rope as they are trying to cross the river on an alternative route to pass the border between Greece and the former Yiugoslav Republic of Macedonia, near Idomeni, northern Greece, 14 March, 2016. Photo EPA/YANNIS KOLESIDIS

Refugees from a camp near the Idomeni village using a rope as they are trying to cross the river on an alternative route to pass the border between Greece and the former Yiugoslav Republic of Macedonia, near Idomeni, northern Greece, 14 March, 2016. Photo EPA/YANNIS KOLESIDIS


Hundreds of refugees who marched out of a Greek transit camp to get around a border fence and cross into Macedonia will be sent back to Greece.

A Macedonian police spokeswoman said on Monday the ‘several hundred’ refugees who had crossed into Macedonia would be sent back.

A Reuters photographer put the number who crossed as high as 2,000.

Around 30 journalists who followed the refugees were also detained, witnesses said.

At least 12,000 people, including thousands of children, have been stranded in a sprawling tent city in northern Greece, their path blocked after Macedonia and other nations along the so-called Western Balkan route closed their...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Proposed Lismore gallery gets $500,000 donation "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An artist's impression of the new Lismore Regional Art Gallery. (supplied)

An artist’s impression of the new Lismore Regional Art Gallery. (supplied)

Even in death, artist Margaret Olley is supporting a new art gallery for her home-town of Lismore.

The Margaret Olley Foundation has pledged $500,000 towards a proposed new regional art gallery for Lismore, four times more than the state government is stumping up.

Lismore mayor Jenny Dowell described the donation as ‘wonderful’.

‘The money will be formally handed over later this week,’ Cr Dowell said.

‘A development application will be lodged in April and we would expect that work would start in the second half of this year, and be completed by the end of next year.’

Gallerist Philip Bacon, the executor of the Margaret Olley Trust, told Fairfax media that the artist and philanthropist, who died in 2011, had lobbied politicians on behalf of the Lismore gallery for years.

‘This was a project very close to Margaret’s heart, going as it did to her love of, and belief in, the value of regional galleries to their communities, with of course the added attraction that Lismore was her birthplace,’ he said.

The federal government has already pledged $2.85 million from its National Stronger Regions Fund for the construction of the Lismore Quadrang...


Catallaxy Files: Guest Post: Zeev Vinokurov: The cult of Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

While the possibility of authoritarianism is never easy to think about, the rise of Donald Trump to leading GOP presidential contender teaches us a valuable lesson. If Trump can win in the United States, an Australian much like him could win power here too. Trump has an awful record of prejudice, demagoguery and hysteria to his name. To avoid his like from coming to power here, we must recognise the immense danger of the powers our government already enjoys and abuses.

Trump’s key features are:

  1. A strongman’s attitude and behaviours. Trump’s only real belief is in himself and his ability to act as a “problem solver.” If only he enjoys the power of government, he promises to make things right. Otherwise he has few fixed beliefs. His policies can change frequently, sometimes in the space of days.
  2. Trump does not just regularly insult his critics–he threatens to introduce powerful libel laws in order to stifle them. This contempt for freedom of expression is wound up in his egotistical character: Trump must be free of criticism because he never deserves it.
  3. Trump’s prejudiced statements are well-known. He taps into widespread fears about migrants, calls for banning Muslim migrants entirely, and lambasts free trade. He believes free trade and immigration has destroyed employment in the United States.

The key problems with this agenda are:

  • No one man or group of men, be it Trump or anyone else, can govern us with perfect wisdom and foresight. We are all ignorant of many things. Typically, people know what’s best for themselves. More fundamentally, individuals have  a right to decide their futures for themselves. Freedom of choice matters. Trump’s promises fall flat because no government official can...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Call for AUSMIN to cover economic issues "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australia’s foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop MP (L) and, US secretary of state John Kerry (R) during AUSMIN 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts USA 13 October 2015 The talks should be expanded to cover the countries’ financial relationship, a new report suggests. EPA/CJ GUNTHER

Australia’s foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop MP (L) and, US secretary of state John Kerry (R) during AUSMIN 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts USA 13 October 2015 The talks should be expanded to cover the countries’ financial relationship, a new report suggests. EPA/CJ GUNTHER


High level ministerial talks between Australia and the United States should be expanded to cover economic matters, after the US felt blindsided by a decision to lease Darwin port to a Chinese company.

The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney released a report on Tuesday making the case for an economic dimension to the Australia-US Ministerial Consultations, saying this would in turn support the existing ANZUS treaty.

The Australian treasurer and the US Treasury Secretary should be included in the annual discussion involving defence and foreign affairs, it...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Nationals challenged to cross the floor on anti-protest laws "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Knitting Nannas have gathered outside the office of Lismore MP Thomas George for more than three years calling for a gas-free northern rivers. (Darren Coyne)

Knitting Nannas have gathered outside the office of Lismore MP Thomas George for more than three years calling for a gas-free northern rivers. (Darren Coyne)

Lismore MP Thomas George and Nationals  North Coast MLC Ben Franklin have been challenged to oppose new proposed penalties for anti coal seam gas and coal protesters.

The proposed laws could see protesters such as the Knitting Nannas thrown in jail for up to seven years.

Ballina MP Tamara Smith said if the pair MPs genuinely cared about keeping the Northern Rivers CSG Free and protecting the right to protest, then they should vote that way in Parliament.


The Baird Government has introduced the Inclosed Lands, Crimes and Law Enforcement Legislation Amendment (Interference) Bill 2016 that changes the definition of a ‘mine site’ so that peaceful protesters against coal and coal seam gas will face jail sentences of up to seven years for simply expressing their democratic rights.

Section 201 of the Crimes Act 1900 was originally intended to stop serious acts of industrial sabotage by protesting mine workers in the 1980s, but the Bill before...


Papua New Guinea Mine Watch: Drought leaves children malnourished in Western Province despite billions made from 30 years of mining… "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A mother and her malnourished child, Bimadbn Village, Morehead, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Photo: Penny Johnson

A mother and her malnourished child, Bimadbn Village, Morehead, Western Province. Photo: Penny Johnson

Malnourishment woes persist in drought-hit PNG

Johnny Blades, RNZ International

Water and food shortages remain critical in parts of Papua New Guinea such as Western Province and Milne Bay Province amid a prolonged drought.

The El Nino-linked drought, which began in the middle of last year, appears to finally be over in some parts of PNG, following recent bouts of rain.

However, a specialist in PNG agriculture and food, Mike Bourke, explained that large parts of the south had still not had any significant rain since the drought began.

Dr Bourke, who is an honorary associate professor at the Australian National University, said the drought situation remained bad in Western Province where many remote communities remain malnourished.

“The images that we’re seeing from particularly the Nomad Mogulu area up in the Strickland in the centre of that province, and also down the south of Morehead where Queensland islands...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Russian troops to withdraw from Syria "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In this file photo taken on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, shakes hand with Syrian President Bashar Assad as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, right, looks on in the Kremlin. President Putin has announced the Russian military will draw down its air force contingent from Syria but won't leave the country altogether. Photo Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik

In this file photo taken on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, shakes hand with Syrian President Bashar Assad as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, right, looks on in the Kremlin. President Putin has announced the Russian military will draw down its air force contingent from Syria but won’t leave the country altogether. Photo Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik


Russian president Vladimir Putin has said he is instructing his armed forces to start pulling out of Syria, more than five months after he ordered the launch of a military operation that shored up his ally, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Putin, at a meeting in the Kremlin with his defence and foreign ministers on Monday, said Russian military forces in Syria had largely fulfilled their objectives and ordered an intensification of Russia’s diplomatic efforts to broker a peace deal in...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Palmer lists demands to restart nickel plant "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Clive Palmer has issued a number of demands he says must be met in order to save his embattled nickel refinery in in Townsville. (AAP Image/Dan Peled)

Clive Palmer has issued a number of demands he says must be met in order to save his embattled nickel refinery in in Townsville. (AAP Image/Dan Peled)


Clive Palmer’s embattled north Queensland nickel refinery will only be saved if five demands are met, the businessman-turned-politician says.

The Fairfax MP on Monday fronted a media conference for the first time since Queensland Nickel was placed into voluntary administration and 237 workers were sacked in January.

The positions of another 550 people were terminated on Friday.

Mr Palmer said for the plant to be operational again, all relevant governmental approvals must be obtained by the new management company, Queensland Nickel Sales, which took over last week and signalled Mr Palmer’s re-entry into the venture.

Administrators must also return all assets, including cash, and the company’s financier must be convinced the state government will support its continued operation, he said.

In addition, the personnel required to run the facility...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Byron Bay Blog: Stephen Allkins Headlines Nudge Nudge Wink Wink 20 March "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Raising more than $2,500 for local charities in the first 3 months of operation, Cunning Stunts brings the community together in an all inclusive way, whilst raising much needed funding for beloved and deserving local charities.

Building momentum in dancers and donations, this fourth event is fundraising for Mullumbimby Women’s Resource Service, helping support women and their children experiencing domestic and family violence. A subject far too often in the news of late and one that needs all of our community support.

Locally based, internationally renowned DJ’s drop quality records they personally love to help raise awareness and funding for critically important local charities.

Headline act Stephen Allkins brings more then four decades experience in moving bodies on the dance floor. Stephen is considered dance-music royalty in Sydney. Delve a little into his long, long career and you start to understand why. As one of the true pioneers of dance music in Sydney & playing the very first disco clubs & warehouse parties circa 1978, he’s the original DJ’s DJ who has seen and done it all. His studio work with Paul Mac as “Love-Tattoo” has produced club classics including “History of Disco” amongst others.

Stephen was one of the the first Australian DJ’s to program RAGE on the ABC and to this day his live sets and productions are highly sought after.

New York had Larry Levan, Chicago had Ron Hardy, Sydney had Stephen Allkins and now Byron Shire luckily has him as a local resident.

You will get to hear him play a very special extended set at the 20th March Nudge Nudge Wink Wink FREE event.

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink events are family friendly with activities for the kids, with the chance to win great prizes whilst dancing for charity.

Fundraising at our events sees 100% of profits donated to local well deserving charities.

For further information on Cunning Stunts visit the...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: ABC pair held in Malaysia won’t be charged "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Four Corners cameraman Louie Eroglu (L) and reporter Linton Besser (R). Photo Twitter/Sally Neighbour

Four Corners cameraman Louie Eroglu (L) and reporter Linton Besser (R). Photo Twitter/Sally Neighbour


Members of an ABC news crew detained in Malaysia after trying to question the prime minister about a corruption scandal have now been told they will not be charged.

The ABC had reported that Four Corners reporter Linton Bresser and camera operator Louie Eroglu were likely to be charged with obstructing a public servant in the discharge of their duties.

But the broadcaster said on Tuesday the men’s lawyer was called by police and told no charges would be filed.

The pair were detained on Saturday when they tried to question Prime Minister Najib Razak about allegations that more than $1 billion was deposited into his personal bank account, were then released and told not to leave the country.

They had faced a charge under Section 186 of the Malaysian penal code, which carries a maximum penalty of a 10,000 ringgit ($A3000) fine and a two-year ja...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Thus Spake Mungo: Missed chances "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Malcolm Turnbull should have called his election months ago.

It is easy to say it in hindsight, but passing up the chance to capitalise on the all but universal wave of relief that greeted his ascension was a seriously missed opportunity.

He had every reason, every excuse: all he had to do was to say that while the party room had passed its judgment, he need a popular mandate from the voters.

And he had his double dissolution triggers ready: the abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation was not an obvious choice, but the establishment of Registered Organisations was a natural: in the absence of the Building and Construction Commission, it was a serious piece of union bashing that could be guaranteed to enrage the ACTU and the ALP.

There was plenty of ammunition; while Dyson Heydon had not yet concluded his findings, there was ample public evidence that could be used to target everyone involved, including Bill Shorten. The Employment Minister, Michaelia Cash, has since said it would do very nicely for a major campaign issue.

But in any case, in this heady atmosphere the issues would be utterly irrelevant. The event would be all about the endorsement – the celebration – of the new super star. Other players would feature as mere extras; Bill Shorten would be lucky to manage a cameo performance as a fall guy.

It would not be entirely flawless — a double dissolution would not necessarily clear out the crossbenchers entirely: that would have to wait until the amending legislation could be finalised and passed ready for next time. But it would certainly weed out some of the current lot of recalcitrants, and, given Turnbull’s then stratospheric popularity, there was even a chance that it could deliver control of the senate to the coalition.

And, best of all, there was a genuine hope that in the excitement of snap election, a dispirited and disconsolate Tony Abbott might be persuaded to retire – perhaps to the.........


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Vic gang crackdown after Moomba riot "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Melbourne's 60th annual Moomba parade saw an upsurge of gang violence that the Andrews government has vowed to resist. Photo AAP Image/David Crosling

Melbourne’s 60th annual Moomba Festival saw an upsurge of gang violence that the Andrews government has vowed to resist. Photo AAP Image/David Crosling


Police powers could be increased in the fight against gang crime after hundreds of young men stormed Melbourne’s CBD during Moomba festivities.

Members of the Apex gang, some as young as 12, stole phones, taunted police and terrorised people on Saturday night in full view of CCTV cameras in the city.

Premier Daniel Andrews said thuggery and criminal behaviour would not be tolerated and those involved could expect to pay for their crimes.

He did not rule out legislation to tackle the gang violence, saying his government would provide police with the powers and resources they need.

‘If there are things we need to do as a government, as a parliament, we will not hesitate in making sure Victoria Police have got what they need to smash these gangs and keep Victoria safe,’ Mr Andrews told reporters on Monday.

Opposition police spokesman Edward O’Donohue said mo...


loon pond: On the road to parrot purgatory with Paul Barry ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Sorry, the pond's not on it, but if everyone loves it, then everyone is particularly silly. Nobody might also love it, but that's what the pond would expect of nobody ...

'I see nobody on the road,' said Alice. 
 'I only wish I had such eyes,' the King remarked in a fretful tone. 'To be able to see Nobody! And at that distance, too! Why, it’s as much as I can do to see real people, by this light!'

And so to a non-reptile aside to start the day.

There was Paul Barry last night, ranting and railing at Niki Savva, primarily for not approaching Tony Abbott or Peta Credlin for comment.

It was pathetic, extraordinary, unfair and unprofessional, we were told. And so on ... until at the very end, there was a glib, one line note However, Savva tells Media Watch she has no regrets.

In short, Barry did everything he complained about Savva doing, and then, with a thin veneer of cynicism, gave himself an out line remarkable for its insolent brevity and lack of insight.

It's only when you head to the story online that you see that the line links to a response by Savva.

But there was no clue to this in the...


Chesapeake Climate Action Network: Exposé Shows Dominion’s Influence Clouds Top Levels of Coal Ash Decision-Making in Virginia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

WAMU reveals that Virginia’s top environmental regulator took a golf vacation on Dominion’s dime

RICHMOND—A major DC media outlet published an exposé this afternoon detailing how the money and political influence of Dominion Virginia Power has touched all levels of Virginia’s response to the company’s controversial plans to discharge toxic coal ash wastewater into rivers. In the most alarming example, Virginia’s chief environmental regulator, David Paylor, accepted lavish gifts from Dominion Virginia Power despite being the primary state official entrusted with overseeing Dominion’s compliance with state environmental laws.

The exposé, published this afternoon on Washington’s WAMU, shows that Paylor let Dominion — the state’s largest utility company and biggest polluter — pay his way to the 2013 Masters’ golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia, a trip valued at $2,300. Additionally, Dominion paid for Paylor’s $1,200 party tab at a nearby Irish pub.

Paylor was already serving as director of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality when he accepted these gifts — which Dominion admits would be illegal under recently updated state ethics laws. He is now the top state official responsible for regulating Dominion’s coal ash disposal plans.

“Dominion’s influence over Virginia’s General Assembly has been apparent for years, but now it appears to extend to the same regulators entrusted to police the company’s pollution,” said Mike Tidwell, director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. “David Paylor vacationed on Dominion’s dime while he was simultaneously entrusted with protecting the public from Dominion’s pollution. T...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Roundabout solution for Suffolk Park traffic problems "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A solution to traffic problems at the Clifford Street/Broken Head Road intersection, at Suffolk Park, could still be four years away, according to Byron Shire Council. Photo Google Maps

A solution to traffic problems at the Clifford Street/Broken Head Road intersection, at Suffolk Park, could still be four years away, according to Byron Shire Council. Photo Google Maps

Suffolk Park shoppers will have to put up with traffic congestion for quite a bit longer after a Byron Shire Council plan to install traffic lights at the busy Clifford Street/Broken Head Road intersection was knocked on the head by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

This leaves a single lane roundabout as the only solution for managing the T-intersection.

Council GM Ken Gainger said the traffic light option was canned as it ‘does not meet RMS’ mandatory traffic safety criteria’.

But despite being the only option left, the roundabout solution is no easy fix – and it could be four years before it is in place.

Mr Gainger said that it would require three parcels of land to be acquired from three different landowners before it can proceed.

‘Indications are that those land acquisitions may need to go through a compulsory acquisition process that would take up t...


Indian Country Headline News: Into the Breach: Rapid City Police Chief Seeks to Heal Fractured Community "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

“It’s very clear to me there is a tension in the air; an anger you can’t touch – yet, it’s there.”...

Indian Country Headline News: Home Rehab Plan Increases Assistance Limits for Natives "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

The Bureau of Indian Affairs isn’t the first federal agency most people think of when they consider Native housing....

Indian Country Headline News: Drunk Town, USA: The Ditch Patrol Trying to Save Drunks in Gallup, New Mexico "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

It’s past midnight on a cold February evening, and a woman staggers down the middle of the street, so intoxicated she c...

Indian Country Headline News: Ben Shelly Back in Politics, Running for NM District "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Former Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly has filed formal declarations in a New Mexico House of Representative race, w...

The Watchers » Latest articles: "Light pillars' observed over south Wales, UK "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A very rare atmospheric optical phenomenon called 'light pillars' was observed in the night sky above south Wales about 21:50 UTC on Friday, March 11, 2016, the same day a CME impact sparked surprising G2 - Moderate geomagnetic storm with auroras seen as far...... Read more »



The Ecologist: Feeding the bank balance: GMOs, development and the politics of happiness "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

To understand how technology is used in the real world we must appreciate who owns and controls it, writes Colin Todhunter: whose interests it serves, and how it works in an economic system driven by profit, geopolitics and the compulsion to capture and control markets - while the monopolists proclaim a noble ideology of 'free choice' and 'democracy'.


: Indigenous Environmental Network and Alaska Native REDOIL Respond to Obama-Trudeau Joint Statement on Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

redoilWashington DC – In a joint statement released last week, President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that their two countries would “play a leadership role internationally in the low carbon global economy over the coming decades.” They announced new commitments to work together to boost investment in clean energy; establish a pan-Arctic marine protection network and low-impact Arctic shipping corridors; limit greenhouse gas emissions, including methane; and pursue a number of other initiatives designed to slow global warming and speed up protection of the fragile Arctic.

Below is a response statement by the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Alaska Native network – REDOIL.

Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director of  the Indigenous Environmental Network states:

“We welcome President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bilateral dialogue and joint statement on Climate, Energy and Arctic Leadership.  IEN particularly welcomes the commitment to respect and promote the rights of Indigenous peoples in all climate change decision making. The stated commitment to cut methane emissions from oil and gas operations is admirable and is a strong step towards reducing North America’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It is encouraging to hear these leaders talk publicly about reducing GHG emissions and the threat methane poses to overall climate stability.

However, we are concerned that this U.S.-Canada shared vision also promotes a business as usual approach with no further commitments to building a 100 percent clean economy by 2050 and keeping at least 80 percent of fossil fuels in the ground. It appears to rely on carbon trading and offsets as solutions, which.....


Head Space: Is India’s Government Hiding A Serious Accident Underway In Gujarat? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

India’s Former Nuclear Regulator Says, Govt Might Be , CounterCurrents  By Kumar Sundaram 13 March, 2016 The retired chief of India’s nuclear regulator, Dr. A Gopalakrishnan has se… Source: Is India’s Government Hiding A Serious Accident Underway In Gujarat?Filed under: Education, News and politics, Science, Technology


Geoengineering Watch: More Mass Failure Of Geoengineering, Ocean Fertilization Can’t Work "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

6xDane Wigington Man's war with nature is ultimately a war against himself. How many "interventions gone wrong" will have to occur before the lesson is finally learned by the human race? Should it come as a surprise that attempting to "fertilize the oceans" with industrial waste can only do immense and irreparable harm? Massive aerosol


Head Space: Devolving to serfdom and the Dark Ages, or something "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Migrant Crisis: Two Thirds Of Arrivals Are ‘Basically Illiterate’ A senior German academic has joined the chorus of voices expressing concern over the low educational standards of newly arriving migrants, and the significant knock-on effects that is bound to have on the German educational system. President of the University of Hamburg and chairman of the German […]

04:47 Actually, the Internet is a Great Place for Victims but You Just Have to be Smart About It "IndyWatch Feed National"

After the McMartan fiasco in the 90’s, our government enmeshed themselves with anything and everything that had to do with ritual abuse and child rape so they could control the complete narrative to keep it from every getting out again. So, they not only formed the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and such, but they also set up groups that would attract survivors (as they were WELL aware that they really did exist and that eventually they would have to go SOMEPLACE) and this not only included hosting national conferences for survivors but also included completely infiltrating the internet.

Our government, doing its best to hide this whole child trafficking thing that was reported to go straight to the first Bush White House in the 80’s, became systematic in drawing out and containing anyone who would be bold enough to talk about their experiences and have become experts in the art of threats and intimidation.

Have NO doubt- our government minions are out in force trying to find victims and shut them up- and this is ESPECIALLY true on the internet. However, I have found that the internet is one of the SAFEST places to be if you are, indeed, a victim.

Now the question is- why would our government seek out victims of abuse? This is a good question- but I have an even better answer- and that is because each and every one of us is an expert on our abuse and our government knows that if we were ever to start talking in mass, people would actually listen.

That is why there has been this push by the government to isolate all of us and keep us apart because we are easier to control this way. Each of our stories validates everyone else, and when looked at as a whole, considering the details are so incredibly similar- it is impossible to dismiss us all as liars, lunatics, or attention seekers, and our government knows this.

Each victim has a unique perspective to this whole sordid ordeal and each of us have a key to opening the doo...


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Ex-South African President Mbeki Still Has His ‘Bizarre’ Beliefs on HIV and AIDS � Global Voices "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Ex-South African President Mbeki Still Has His ‘Bizarre’ Beliefs on HIV and AIDS � Global Voices: Former South African president Thabo Mbeki has reignited AIDS denialism controversy after writing an article titled “A Brief Commentary on The Question of HIV and AIDS.“

While in office, Mbeki and his former Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, nicknamed “Dr. Beetroot,” were accused of denying that the HIV virus causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), despite conclusive scientific evidence on the matter. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang promoted the use of lemon, beetroot, garlic and olive oil to treat AIDS.

During his presidency from 1999 to 2008, Mbeki accused scientists who linked HIV to AIDS of racism. He argued that accepting Western conventional wisdom on AIDS would be absurd and illogical. He opposed the use of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), saying that they were “poisons” and products of greed by Western pharmaceutical companies.


EcoWatch: 8 Health Benefits From Drinking Kombucha Tea "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Kombucha contains antioxidants, can kill harmful bacteria and may help fight ...


Head Space: Marxist Cacophony – Living the life of the Lumpenproletariat "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

“When you see the mobs, know that the mobs have controllers…“ The Red in the Streets of Chicago Date: 11 March 2016 Source: stopshouting.blogspot [edited] The raging 40 yard dumpster fire that is Chicago and the almost Trump speech has cleared the decks of all other news items.  Many Americans who might see the events […]


The Ecologist: BP doubles EU lobby spend, drops Tate sponsorship "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Oil giant BP is the UK's single biggest EU lobbyist, spending over £2 million reaching out to European policy makers in 2014, new figures show. But citing hard times, the company has dropped its controversial sponsorship of the London's Tate Galleries - and more such branding deals may bite the dust.



The Ecologist: Lies in conservation: the truth about big-game hunting and African nature reserves "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Media furore over the shooting down of a helicopter in Tanzania masks a bigger picture of commercial hunting and evictions of indigenous tribes in the name of wildlife, writes Navaya ole Ndaskoi. It's time to rethink 'white saviour' mythology and develop new models that engage with African communities, recognise their achievements, and inspire a new generation of conservation heroes.


Head Space: Technological Hazard – Chemical Warfare Event , (CBRNE – Sulfur Mustard gas susp): Iraq "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CHEMICAL WEAPONS – IRAQ: SULFUR MUSTARD (‎C4H8Cl2S) SUSPECTED ************************ Published Date: 2016-03-13 23:33:49 Subject: PRO/EDR> Chemical weapons – Iraq: sulfur mustard susp. Archive Number: 20160313.4090543 Date: Sat 12 Mar 2016 Source: NY Times [edited] Iraqi Officials: IS Chemical Attacks Kill Child, Wound 600 The Islamic State group has launched 2 chemical attacks near the northern […]


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Brazil Real is falling fast as commodities drop offsets protest ... - We Resist. "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Brazil Real is falling fast as commodities drop offsets protest ... - We Resist.: The real dropped 0.9 percent to 3.6186 at 9:37 a.m. in Sao Paulo. It earlier rose as much as 0.1 percent. One-week implied volatility rose 0.79 percentage point to 25.92 percent, the highest among major currencies. A Bloomberg index of 20 developing-nation currencies dropped for the first time in four sessions as raw materials declined. Commodities account for about one-third of Brazil’s exports.


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: | Video | BJP MLA beats up a horse in Uttarakhand | India Videos | - India Today "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

| Video | BJP MLA beats up a horse in Uttarakhand | India Videos | - India Today: The BJP's high voltage protest against Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat took a violent turn when local MLA Ganesh Joshi attacked and beat up a police horse deployed to control the protest.


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Could Someone Be Killed at a Trump Rally? St. Louis Activist Speaks Out on Friday Campaign Chaos | Democracy Now! "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Could Someone Be Killed at a Trump Rally? St. Louis Activist Speaks Out on Friday Campaign Chaos | Democracy Now!: In St. Louis, Missouri, another Trump rally made headlines Friday when 31 people were arrested. The cover of Saturday’s New York Daily News showed a bloodied African-American protester in St. Louis. The headline read: "Blood on Don’s Hands." We speak with Umar Lee, a freelance writer and community activist in St. Louis. His new piece for The Nation is called "Why the Trump Rally in St. Louis was So Different."

Please check back later for full transcript.


EcoWatch: 20 Stunning Photos of the World’s Most Beautiful Trees "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Aside from all of the crucial ecosystem services that trees provide, they're also often stunningly beautiful. Here are...


EcoWatch: Penguin Swims 5,000 Miles Each Year to Visit the Man Who Rescued Him "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Have you heard about the Magellanic Penguin and retired bricklayer in...


Fire Earth: FIRE-EARTH Program – March 14, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ Members Broadcast on FIRE-EARTH Channels… For details of program and the Q & A session, tune in to your local channels. Starting March 14, 2016 at 18:55 UTC Filed under: News Alert Tagged: 14 March 2016, CJ Members, Fire-Earth Alert, FIRE-EARTH Program, Members Notice, News Alert, Q & A


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Nestl� Makes Another Damning Admission: Slave Labor in Brazil May Have Produced Coffee Products - Atlanta Black Star "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Nestl� Makes Another Damning Admission: Slave Labor in Brazil May Have Produced Coffee Products - Atlanta Black Star: After this new revelation, the company released the following statement:

“We do not tolerate violations of labor rights and have strongly maintained that forced labor has no place in our supply chain. Unfortunately, forced labor is an endemic problem in Brazil and no company sourcing coffee and other ingredients from the country can fully guarantee that it has completely removed forced labor practices or human rights abuses from its supply chain.”

Nearly one-third of the world’s coffee supply comes from Brazil, and many other companies also may have obtained beans from plantations that use slave labor. For the country to meet the large demand of coffee makers, plantation owners cut costs by providing poor and inhumane working conditions for their laborers.

DanWatch reports that laborers are severely indebted to their employers, have inhabitable living quarters and no protective equipment. These new details came from an investigation of Brazilian farms over several months, which prompted Nestl� to come forth.

Another food supplier released a statement that tried to spin the situation. Jacobs Douwe Egberts and Nestl� account for an estimated 39 percent of the world’s coffee products.

“We are committed to working with governments, non-governmental organizations, suppliers, farmer cooperatives and the entire coffee supply chain to improve the working conditions for coffee farmers throughout the world. We currently support 15 such program in nine countries, including Brazil,” said a Jacobs Douwe Egberts statement.

Nestl� first told DanWatch about t...


Latest News: Dancing with Rivers "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Finding joy and peace in moving water


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Bellingen area: Freshwater Ecosystems and Cattle "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

"Today it's simply socially unacceptable to let stock in rivers; people view it in the same way as it's unacceptable to smoke in restaurants"  Conservation group raises alarm over river protection, 22.02.2016  

Bellingen graffiti: Cattle standing in the Bellinger river


EcoWatch: Palm Oil Scorecard: Find Out Which Brands Are (and aren’t) Helping Save Indonesia’s Rainforests "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


The palm oil industry is a leading cause of deforestation and peatland destruction in...


EcoWatch: Big Food Found Guilty in Multimillion Dollar Cover Up in GMO Labeling Fight "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


The Grocery Manufacturers Association violated “the spirit and letter” of...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": Fig Jam and Lime Cordial: Birthday Pendants "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the Festival of Fifty! So much has happened in the intervening 12 months and if I’m honest, I’d have to say it hasn’t been the easiest year of my life. But that’s what living is about, right? It’s hard to appreciate how gloriously good life […]


Wake Up World: The Complexity of Blending the Higher Flow with the Lower on the Spiritual Path "IndyWatch Feed National"

15th March 2016 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Okay, so more and more people are speaking of the importance of aligning with the natural flow in life — to find greater harmony, fulfillment and at-one-ment with the divine. But there’s an added complexity happening in the quantum field which I felt to ...Continue Reading - The Complexity of Blending the Higher Flow with the Lower on the Spiritual Path


Wake Up World: Sleep Problems Come From the Day Not the Night "IndyWatch Feed National"

15th March 2016 By Dawn Walton Guest Writer for Wake Up World Many people struggle with sleep. Some struggle to get to sleep, some wake up multiple times through the night and others donâŹ"t get a very long sleep. Some people have all of these problems. When most people try to address insomnia, they focus ...Continue Reading - Sleep Problems Come From the Day Not the Night


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": North Coast Voices: Am I being cynical in suspecting that the Liberal and Nationals parties are looking to the mining industry for political donations in this 2016 federal election year? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Am I being cynical in suspecting that the Liberal and Nationals parties are looking to the mining industry for political donations in 2016?

I cannot know the answer for certain as there is no real time reporting of political donations in Australia.

However, the timing of these moves by the Baird Government looks suspiciously like the Coalition has gone a-courting.

Penalties of just $5000 could be issued to coal seam gas companies who explore or mine without permission instead of a potential $1.1 million fine under changes introduced by the Baird government.
As energy minister Anthony Roberts unveiled plans to clamp down on anti-coal seam gas protesters, the government has ushered in smaller alternative penalties to court prosecution for a range of offences.


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": Flaming Hoop: Daddy Cool’s “Dali” rocks off "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Guitarist, singer and visual artist
1 December 1950 – 8 March 2016

To Daddy Cool bass player Wayne Duncan, Ross “Hanna” Hannaford was far more than just his eccentric DC band-mate since 1970. “He was the Salvador Dali of Australian rock”, said Duncan. “Everything he did, he did his way. Every guitar he had, he would adapt and change – he’d paint over it and make it a Ross Hannaford, an art object.”

For instance most guitarists have standardised sound effects pedal boards to stomp on. Hanna’s, however, another regular collaborator, Shane Howard, of Goanna, confirmed, were “like fantastic landscape paintings with artificial turf.” Howard recalled the lanky player rocking up for a session, his guitar painted in “reggae rainbow outbursts.” He’d be wearing “his fluoro vest, Afghani hat and some Blundstone boots painted gold – the full dude.

“Ross was a contrarian”, said Howard. “But he was very generou...

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Monday, 14 March


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": How many shooters in Victoria belonged to Muslim bikie gangs? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

15 shootings in 8 days leaves 1 dead, 7 injured

Former Prime Minister John Howard told Channel 9 news Monday night he did the right thing by disarming the population. He said since Port Arthur there have been no more mass shootings. What will he say about the bikie gang open warfare that has been happening in NSW and Victoria for many years? You didn’t get their guns Johnnie. All you did was disarm law abiding citizens.

by Jaydan Duck

One person has been killed and another seven people injured following an unprecedented 15 shootings in eight days across Victoria.Seven men have been arrested and charged over five connected drive-by shootings in Broadmeadows, Dallas and Thomastown last weekend, while another two shootings occurred in Geelong and Frankston on Thursday night.

The number of shootings reported in Melbourne and Geelong since March 4 has risen to 15. On March 5, a man in his 20s was shot dead inside a motel room at Kingsbury.

A man was shot in the ankle and another in the abdomen outside a bikie clubhouse at Yarraville on the same day, while a 36-year-old man was also found suffering from a gunshot wound on a street at Hadfield.

On March 7, a 23-year-old woman was dropped off at Geelong hospital with a single gunshot wound, and a 49-year-old man was shot outside his property at Lara.

Then, on Wednesday March 9, a man was shot at a house at Noble Park before a man was shot in the upper body with a suspected pen pistol at Frankston on March 10.

Police believe most shootings in the past week are linked to feud...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": tyto tony: Hello, sunny Cisticola, farewell wetted Wagtails "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bit of sunshine after about 10 days rain off and on and minor coastal flooding took me to a weir behind the Ingham sugar mill, looking for interesting fly-ins, but finding only flighty sparrows and a Golden-headed Cisticola (Cisticola exilis).

A charming cisticola, though, and so determined to show off to shining advantage.

But it seems my Yellow Wagtails have been driven away by all the rain. The departure usually comes with the normal deluges in early January. So they stayed an extra two months this year. Image above is one of last and best from Mungalla Station.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": : INTERVIEW: Ruby Boots "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Ruby Boots And the Balance Of Self-Preservation Amid a run of national dates and ahead of a USA tour, Ruby Boots talks to Chris Familton about writing new material, casts her opinion on the Australian country music scene and looks back at 2015. 2015 was a landmark year for Ruby Boots (Bex Chilcott) with numerous … Continue reading


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": The Gap Year and Beyond: Thornbill and the Magic Fantail "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I travelled down the Western Port Bay coastline over the long weekend and camped at Balnarring Beach with some friends. On Sunday I met up with my mate John and explored a new site – a long forested gully called Wuchatsch Reserve in Nyora.  The site had an impressive list of forest birds including Crimson and Eastern Rosellas, Spinebills, Silvereyes and a good number of honeyeaters. While watching the honeyeaters we found a small flock of Striated Thornbills and a Grey Fantail hunting flies off a branch.

Striated Thornbill, Wuchatsch Reserve, Nyora, Victoria

Striated Thornbill, Wuchatsch Reserve, Nyora, Victoria

Striated Thornbill, Wuchatsch Reserve, Nyora, Victoria




News from Survival International: Survival reports Italian corporation to OECD over dam disaster "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Up to half a million people face starvation as a result of the dam Salini has constructed on the Omo river.
Up to half a million people face starvation as a result of the dam Salini has constructed on the Omo river.
© Magda Rakita/Survival

Survival International has reported Italian engineering giant Salini to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) over its construction of a controversial dam which is set to destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people in Ethiopia and Kenya.

The dam has cut off the Omo river’s regular flooding, which 100,000 people rely on to water their crops and livestock and a further 100,000 depend on indirectly. According to experts, this could also spell the end for Lake Turkana – the world’s largest desert lake – and disaster for the 300,000 tribespeople living along its shores.

Salini did not seek the consent of local people before building the dam, but claimed that an “artificial flood release” would compensate them for their losses. However, t...


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Central Queensland Plane Spotting: First Visit of an Australian Army Boeing CH-47F ‘Foxtrot’ Chinook Helicopter at Rockhampton Airport Monday "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

New Australian Army Boeing CH-47F ‘Foxtrot’ Chinook helicopter A15-304 made what I believe to be the type's first visit into Rockhampton Airport on Monday 14 March as "Brahman 304".

It appears that the Chinook flew South from Townsville and later departed South where local plane spotter Kayanne H captured these two great photos.

Of interest, more of the Army's CH-47F 'Foxtrot' and older CH-47D Chinook helicopters have been spotted flying around the skies of Darwin, as they, and some of the Army's Eurocopter (ARH) Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters participate in an exercise named 'Vigilant Scimitar'.


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Central Queensland Plane Spotting: Airnorth Begins Embraer E-170 Jet Services from the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Although not in Central Queensland, we have been sent some fantastic photos as the privately owned Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (IATA: WTB / ICAO: YBWW) has welcomed another Regular Public Transport (RPT) carrier on Monday 14 March as Northern Territory based Airnorth commenced a daily service to Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport.

Local plane spotter Garry W has very kindly shared some awesome photos he captured as Flight TL130 departed Wellcamp (West of Toowoomba) just after 7.15am on Monday morning.  It touched down at Melbourne about two hours later.  The flight was operated by one of their Embraer E-170 regional jets - VH-ANT - which is configured with 76 seats.  VH-ANT was on the ground at Tullamarine for about an hour before returning to Wellcamp as TL131.


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": On The Convict Trail: Former Bellerive Institute Building "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Bellerive Institute was built in 1867 and is largely the result of the philanthropy of one man. Until it's construction, most public gatherings had to be accommodated at one of the local pubs and there had been long held feeling in the district that there was a need for a more suitable venue which could be used for lectures and social meetings.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Byron should go back to the future on bypass "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As a resident of Byron Bay for the last 27 years, and a surfer here since 1966 I am deeply concerned at the position Byron Council has taken since been elected last. We seem to have a council that doesn’t consider the local community’s views on anything.

I am part of a small group of residents (Grab The Rail) who are opposed to using Butler street as a proposed bypass, which even the mayor and councillors say will only alleviate 10 to 15 per cent of the traffic issue.

We had a state government that spent over $300,000 on finding the best solution for a bypass in 2001, which I might add should have been completed by 2015. This route was coming into town from the highway, turning right at the Caltex servo, (Kendall Street), left onto the gazetted road called Byron Street, across Butler Street then onto the rail corridor, all the way down to Cemetery Road, with turn offs on the way.

This would also be a great way of getting to the new car park area at the new shopping centre at the Woolies site, (no traffic going through town). So why is this being ignored by our council? this proposal will be cheaper, less impact on the environment, excellent access for emergency services (ambulance, fire trucks, SES, etc) from one side of town to the other.

Do the right thing, councillors, get it right. This is your best opportunity to really improve our traffic and also beautify our town, we can also leave the market right were they are, the corridor can be utilised for a train corridor (for future) bus interchange, lots of off-street parking, rail trail paths, improved pedestrian access, and garden areas – this corridor is wide enough for all this.

With a little bit of imagination we can have a showpiece right in the heart of Byron.

Byron Councillors, you were voted in by the people in our shire, and are paid by the people, shouldn’t you be listening to the people, get it right.

Ray Boots, Byron Bay

The pos...


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Motorbike Writer: Mean Machines project mixes bikes, cars, art "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Mean Machines

Story by Bill Buys

There’s the actual Mad Max motorbike from the famous movie to one side, a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow in the middle of the floor, magnificent Ashley Jones art on the walls and 20 or so collectible cars, custom motorcycles – even belts, hats and travel bags – at Mean Machines.

But it’s just the start of a multi-million dollar project in Perth by two unlikely partners: a prominent lawyer and a motorcycle customising whiz nearly 40 years his junior.

Neville Friedman and Wenley Andrews are the men behind Mean Machines, which will, later this year, move from its current premises in Rudloc Road, Morley, to a much more spacious site diagonally across the road, where the Mean Machines Emporium will be housed.

“Look it up. It really will be an emporium,” the hyper-enthusiastic Neville Friedman says.

“Apart from exotic motorcycles and cars, we will have entertainment – a 112-seat cinema – plus weekend cabaret, a coffee shop, a restaurant and a retro furniture store.

“There will also be a motocentric – I think that’s a good way to describe it – art gallery, with works from the celebrated Ashley Jones and others.’



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": The Witches Kitchen: City Mouse, Country Mouse "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This post was first published on Simple Green Frugal  some years ago.  It’s worth a re-run.

A post on Little Eco Footprints this week called Are we making a mistake living in the city? has been in the back of my mind at odd moments all week. I live in a rural community. I moved here as a young hippy mum nearly 30 years ago, living first in a caravan with no power, road access, or running water. I have never regretted it and although it was diabolically hard in those early years, I do have the best of lives.

But sometimes, like the deserted beach or the fantastic suburban restaurant, things are only fantastic so long as no-one else knows they are. Is living in the country like that? Is it only possible to do it without destroying it because most people don’t?

My “perfect world” fantasy has everyone living in permacultured villages with tiny ecological footprints, networked and linked with electric railways and internet (powered with geothermal or big desert solar installations), largely self sufficient in food, water, waste disposal, houshold and local energy, trading knowledge, culture, art, craft, manufactured goods and specialist crops.

The villages would be neither city nor country, but a bit of both. They would have enough population density so that people could get around by foot and bicycle – kids could walk to school and to their friends places to play, neighbours would be close enough to rely on in emergencies or even just to borrow a cup of flour or a tool or visit for a chat. But they would have a low enough density to allow most of the fresh food production to be local – kitchen gardens, fruit trees, chickens, geese, dairy cows.

That’s not a very different level of population density to th...


"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests: Kalimna set to burn, again "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Representatives of the Friends of Kalimna Park met with DELWP and Parks Victoria fire officers last week to discuss the planned burn of a section of the Park this autumn. The exercise is set to happen in the next five weeks, conditions permitting.

The fuel reduction exercise will cover a section of the western and southern part of the park, not including Kalimna Point [which has been groomed] or the eastern side of the tourist road [the Happy Valley side]. Part of this latter area may be burned next year, and part  groomed.

FOKP representatives expressed the following concerns about the upcoming operations:

1. Mineral earth breaks [used by DELWP as borders for its fires and to protect sites deemed significant] are often intrusive and not rehabilitated properly: they can end up as permanent trail bike or mountain bike tracks. In any case, some are so crudely done as to be erosion hazards.
2. The destruction of big trees is an ongoing annoyance, especially as everyone agrees they’re not a fire hazard. DELWP has undertaken to take measures to prevent fires taking hold at the foot of such trees, and to patrol the fire in the days following its ignition to ensure these measures work.
3. Bursaria vegetation which is habitat for Eltham Copper Butterfly colonies needs to be appropriately protected. The butterfly has recently been observed in sections of the park which were mosaic burned last year. It is important that DELWP has maps of bursaria which should enable it to focus fuel reduction where it matters, not on a precious biodiversity resource.

FOKP will pay careful attention to the operation when it happens. The Department’s approach to consultation has improved markedly in recent years, now it’s time to see improvements in results on the ground.

DELWP is also in consultation with local beekeepers concerned about smoke damage. As we’ve noted, Grey Box, a very important tree for honey and pollen, is flowering proli...


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Noosa Community Radio 101.3FM: Blue Monday playlist "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

G’day, I’m Al Hensley, host of the blues/soul/R&B music program Blue Monday. Each week I post the program’s playlist so you can find out more about the new releases and historic tracks featured. To see what was played this week click here

The following tracks were played on Al Hensley’s “Blue Monday” on 14 March 2016
  1. MUDDY WATERS ‘Deep Down In Florida’ Muddy ‘Mississippi’ Waters Live
  2. ROBERT PETE WILLIAMS ‘I’m Blue As A Man Can Be’ Vol. 1 – I’m Blue As A Man Can Be
  3. ALBERT COLLINS ‘The Highway Is Like A Woman’ Frostbite
  4. SON SEALS ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ Nothing But The Truth
  5. MITCH KASHMAR & THE PONTIAX ‘Long As I Have You’ 100 Miles To Go
  6. MICHAEL MESSER’S MITRA ‘You Got To Move’ Call Of The Blues
  7. TONI SWAIN ‘Isla Mae’ Deepest Water
  8. JOE RUSI ‘He Ain’t Good At Loving You’ Who Am I
  9. JIMMY JOHNSON ‘Cold, Cold Feeling’ Bar Room Preacher
  10. TORONZO CANNON ‘Midlife Crisis’ The Chicago Way
  11. BIG JOE TURNER ‘Crawdad Hole’ With Roomful Of Blues
  12. MAGIC SAM BLUES BAND ‘I Just Want A Little Bit’ Black Magic
  13. JANIVA MAGNESS ‘I Can’t Stop Cryin’ Do I Move You?
  14. BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA ‘Mother’s Children Have A Hard Time’ God Don’t Ever Change
  15. MUDDY WATERS ‘You Don’t Have To Go’ Live At Mister Kelly’s
  16. LUTHER ALLISON ‘It’s A Blues Thing’ Reckless
  17. INA FORSMAN ‘Before You Go Home’ Ina Forsman...


Bill Mitchell – billy blog: British Labour Party surrenders … back to its Monetarist roots "IndyWatch Feed"

Last week, the shadow British Chancellor, John McDonnell confirmed that the British Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn will not be part of a progressive realignment of the public debate regarding fiscal policy. By that I mean, they have chosen, probably for misplaced ‘political’ concerns (leaving aside total ignorance), to reinforce in the public mind the neo-liberal myths relating to the capacities of a currency-issuing government to spend and advance prosperity. I have no doubt that John McDonnell desires, genuinely, to advance the material well-being of the working class in Britain. His public career to date would suggest that. But like many on the Left, he has been seduced by the neo-liberal snake oil into believing that fiscal rules that bind a currency-issuing government to balance, in total or in part, the fiscal situation and that such a government should submit itself to the dictates of a technocracy full of mainstream economists, is a necessary requirement of responsible fiscal management. His most recent statements really amount to surrender. The British Labour Party is staying faithful to its Monetarist roots, which were established in 1974 under Harold Wilson’s second tilt at the top job. The distractions of New Labour and now Jeremy Corbyn has not really changed anything. This is a neo-liberal party no matter what they claim and their advice and underpinnings are firmly neo-liberal.

I have written about this in the recent past but there are some things that need repeating and further amplification.

Please read the following blogs for previous statements on this topic:

1. British Labour Party – U-turning towards oblivion.

2. British Labour Party is mad to sign up to the ‘Charter of Budget Responsibility’.



"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Spiritual Psychic News Awakening Oracle Meditation Magazine: Spiritual Meaning Of Elephant Spirit Animal "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Learn the symbolism and spiritual meanings of the elephant. Is elephant your spirit guide animal ? What lessons can we learn from mother elephant, by psychic medium Ian Scott


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": Damn the Matrix: Harvest time on the Fanny Farm "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

I’ve been here six months now.  Time flies when you’re having fun I guess, but harvest time has come in a rush…..  just ask Matt next door who’s been picking apples with his merry band of workers all last week.  I even spotted the first truck leaving with a full load on its way to Willie Smith’s cidery……

I recently ‘broke in’ the apple crushing gear that Werner left us as a thank you for the trailer load of apples they harvested last year, and which he turned into excellent cider.  I also discovered it takes an overflowing bucket of apples to make just two litres of apple juice. So when Matt invited me to join him in a cider making working bee, I knew I had my work cut out to fill a 60L fermenter with Fanny juice.  That’s Geeveston Fannies of course…..

20160314_112727Matt loaned me an apple bin (which he said to only fill 1/3 of the way to the top) and a picking bag.

Kari, one of the previous owners, had told me they had left two rows of Fannies on the far Eastern side of the block, but I had never walked over that section of the farm.  I now call it the Far East.  I could have called it the Wild East, because it’s quite overgrown with blackberries, especially down the steep bit towards the main road outside which is not only organic, but probably untouched by human hands for a very long time!  When I thinned the orchard last year, I didn’t even go near that area, and as a consequence, the apples look more like grapes than apples.  I decided to just strip the trees, no matter how small the fruit was.  It really doesn’t matter if you’re crushing for juice.  Just those two rows of neglected trees yielded almost enough apples to make my share of the...


"IndyWatch Feed Geelong": Barwon Blog: Making tracks: via Mt Mercer "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I initially began researching the route travelled by the diggers who flocked to the goldfields of Buninyong, Ballarat and beyond after noticing that a number of towns located on the rivers, creeks and gullies of the Barwon catchment claimed to be on the "main gold route" or on the "best line of road" to the goldfields. But how could places as far apart as Teesdale on the Leigh Road and the Eclipse Hotel at Durdidwarrah and Morrisons, along with all the towns which sprang up along the Geelong to Buninyong Track, justify their claims?
It quickly became apparent that there were several different routes which hopeful prospectors could take to the diggings and each had its own claim to being "the main route from Geelong to Ballarat" (or Buninyong for the current purpose as all roads from Geelong passed through or near that town). The shortest route was certainly the bullock track which lead from Geelong to Buninyong. It was well established by the 1840s and had been used by the mail coaches to travel between Geelong and Buninyong since 1846. If volume of newspaper content is anything to go by, this was certainly the busiest route to the goldfields and the topic of my most recent posts.
Teesdale of course, is not on this route. It was however on the road taken by another of the earliest mail coaches in the district - the Portland Bay Mail Coach. The mail from Geelong (and from Melbourne via the steamer) was carried by coach through Leigh Road (Bannockburn), Teesdale, The Leigh (Shelford), Rokewood and onwards to join the Melbourne to Portland Bay mail at Fiery Creek (Streatham/Beaufort). An 1856 survey map of the Teesdale area describes this road as the "main road from Fiery Creek to Geelong via Batesford".

... ... ...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Listen to the New Bears With Guns Single “Let Go” "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Image Courtesy of Bears With Guns Sydney based indie-folk stalwarts Bears With Guns have just released their awesome pop-rock single “Let Go”. The track, which has been chosen for the Cadbury sponsored New Zealand Paralympics campaign, is the band’s first singce their EP Taken For A Fool. Check out the lyric video for “Let Go” […]


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": FBi Radio: GALLERY: FBi Presents Freddie Gibbs at Manning Bar "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

FBi Presents Freddie Gibbs at Manning Bar | 11.3.16 | Photo by Liam Cameron

Legendary Indiana rapper Freddie ‘Gangsta’ Gibbs played a sold-out Manning Bar show on the back of his new record Shadow Of A Doubt.

FBi Presents Freddie Gibbs at Manning Bar | 11.3.16 | Photos by Liam Cameron

FBi Presents Freddie Gibbs at Manning Bar | 11.3.16 | Photo by Liam Cameron FBi Presents Freddie Gibbs at Manning Bar | 11.3.16 | Photo by Liam Cameron FBi Presents Freddie Gibbs at Manning Bar | 11.3.16 | Photo by Liam Cameron FBi Presents Freddie Gibbs at Manning Bar | 11.3.16 | Photo by Liam Cameron ...


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Fight for the Reef: Alarm as GBRMPA raises coral bleaching threat level "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is today calling for urgent and critical action to reduce pressure on the Great Barrier Reef following the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) raising its coral bleaching response level to two, as the threat to the Reef from coral bleaching continues to worsen.

Imogen Zethoven, the Great Barrier Reef campaign director at AMCS said the Turnbull Government needed to take its share of responsibility and swing into action to prevent future damage.

“In the last few weeks we’ve seen outbreaks of coral bleaching around Lizard Island, Low Isles near Port Douglas and reports of bleaching in Princess Charlotte Bay on Cape York Peninsula.

“All Australians will be alarmed to hear that the Reef is being put under increased pressure because of global warming.

“As the bleaching on the Reef continues to intensify we need an urgent response from the Turnbull Government to avoid widespread bleaching happening repeatedly in the future.

“This bleaching event has revealed the true cost of approving more coal mines, more coal export port terminals and refusing to listen to the warnings.

“The solutions are clear, we must make a rapid transition from mining and burning coal to 100% renewable energy.

“The Queensland Parliament must also support the Palaszczuk government’s proposed tightening of vegetation management laws which were weakened under the Newman government, resulting in a massive increase in tree clearing and carbon emissions from the state.

“Last year Queensland welcomed 1.1 million international tourists, with the industry bringing in $6 billion to the Queensland economy.

“The Reef is vital to Queensland’s tourism industry and the state’s economy.

“GBRMPA’s decision today should be a wake up call for the Turnbull Government that we need to prevent further devastating coral bleaching events,” said Ms Zethoven

The post...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: 1) New church report alleges ‘slow motion genocide’ in West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

2) Malnourishment woes persist in drought-hit PNG

1) New church report alleges ‘slow motion genocide’ in West Papua
Updated 28 minutes ago
Allegations of recent Ind...


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": NQCC: NQCC calls for stronger government action as coral bleaching worsens "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This is the text of a media release distributed by NQCC at 2.15pm on Monday 14 March: North Queensland Conservation Council is extremely concerned that coral bleaching in the Far North of the Great Barrier Reef is now so bad … Continue reading


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Edgar's Mission Farm SanctuaryEdgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Lessons in Love… "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Mr Miyagi

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Those are the words we used to introduce a wise old rooster who fly kicked his way into our lives here at Edgar’s Mission some years ago. And how prophetic those words proved to be. Mr Miyagi, a spectacular, yet somewhat world-weary old boy was as unique as he was handsome and he led us all on a journey we could never have predicted.

It was not only our hearts that Mr Miyagi left his indelible mark upon but also our shins! For this boy was known to come fly kicking toward you with a passion and precision that we are sure his cinematic namesake would have been proud of. And it mattered not whether you thought yourself to be proficient in chicken-speak and were the bearer of his breakfast grains or if you were the newest staff member who unwittingly happened to pass by a seemingly innocent old rooster in the yard. Mr Miyagi’s karate skills did not discriminate! He reminded us to be humble and that any skill we believed we had could always be improved upon. He also taught us lessons in bargaining! Watermelon was always the greatest bartering tool in Mr Miyagi’s mind when it came to saving your shins!

A little over a year ago, when the younger, more agile roosters began to woo Mr Miyagi’s ladies away and he started running toward our shins with a little less gusto we realised time was perhaps catching up with the old chap. Bringing him...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Ann Vriend Announces Australian Tour "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Image Courtesy of Ann Vriend Celebrated Canadian songstress Ann Vriend returns to Australia this month with a bunch of East Coast dates planned. Vriend’s unique retro-soul sound has captured audiences around the world and her Australian release coincides with the vinyl release of her album For The People In The Mean Time. “I love that […]


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Infinity in Hand: It's pi Day, and I'm going to celebrate by being completely irrational. "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

worldken: acalc: Since you got the irrational angle covered already, I’ll settle for being T R A N...


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests: The times really are changing "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Friends of the Earth have produced a paper discussing how climate change will affect the Loddon Mallee region of northern Victoria. The material in it mostly won’t be new to our readers, but it’s worth a look, all the same.

bendigo meme March 2016 (2)
Among other things, the report notes that

‘According to research from the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) (2) we are already experiencing a ‘new climate’, one that has become noticeable since about 2000.

‘The AEGIC analysis, based on rain records since 2000, shows rainfall zones have moved — in some cases up to 400 kilometres. Parts of the Mallee, North Central and Riverina are now designated as being ‘uniform’ rainfall zones, where rain is equally distributed over summer and winter seasons. This has significant implications for cropping in the region, which has traditionally relied on a winter rainfall pattern.’

Rainfall is predicted to drop in our region by 2.5% by 2030, and temperatures to rise by almost a degree.

These changes have implications for agriculture, tourism [blue green algae’s not a great drawcard for visitors], water supply for communities, and our struggling bushlands.

The FOE paper is going to be used in the Bendigo electorate during the federal election campaign. It can be found here.


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Living and Loving Hobart:: The Barrel Room at Velo Vineyard "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Seven Friends, Two Days, One Restaurant
A long overdue road trip had This Girl in Launceston last weekend.

I’d made arrangements to catch up with a couple of groups of friends. I dropped off my gear at the home of Running Sista where I was staying Saturday night. Round One came to collect me and announced a vineyard was in order on such a beautiful day. Off we zoomed.

Returning from lunch and barely across the threshold, Running Sista asked ‘So did you like Velo?
We like to mark our get-togethers with social m...


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Motorbike Writer: Honda motorcycle deals for end of year "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

2016 Honda CBR300R in new colours

2016 Honda CBR300R in new colours

It’s the Japanese end of financial year and Honda Australia is joining Suzuki in offering deals to clear unsold floor stock.

If you buy Honda a CBR300R/RA or CB300F learner-approved motorcycle before the end of March, Honda will give you $300 to spend in store.

They call it “Honda Dollars” which can be used at the dealership on a wide variety of accessories such as helmets, gloves and jackets, for servicing, or as a credit toward the motorcycle purchased.



"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: A little feast of India in Billinudgel "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


A vegetarian feast at Billi’s Indian – clockwise, house made raita (so yum), chilli cheese naan, mango chutney, Malai kofta (so, so, crumbly and creamy *drool*), dahl fry and basmati rice. Photo Tree Faerie.

Story & photos Eve Jeffery

I have never been to India but I have eaten at a lot of Indian restaurants. Love the stuff and I’m very picky.

When I first went to Billi’s Indian when they opened four years ago, the food was good but like most new eateries, I could tell they needed to settle in.

Recently a friend told me that every time she goes there the food keeps getting better and better and now she is addicted. She makes at least one visit a week!



"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney": All in the Name of Liberty: More cockatoos, and water dragon "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Due to popular demand etc etc(not a bad thing) - here are a pair of cockatoos and water dragon to add to those I painted earlier



"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: The Inaugural Jackie Orszaczky Music Lecture Announced "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The inaugural Jackie Orszaczky Music Lecture, in conjunction with APRA AMCOS, will be held at The Basement in Sydney on Tuesday 10th May.

Jackie Orszaczky – a Hungarian Australian bassist, bandleader and composer based in Sydney – had an enduring influence upon the musicians around him and it’s from these peers and players’ desire to honour Jackie’s memory that the concept for this lecture and concert was born.

In this special event the late composer/performer’s work, musical ideas and philosophy will be reflected and celebrated.  It will create a focus for his many colleagues in music, his audience, friends and family to remember him and his work. It’s hoped that this will be an annual event.

The lecture will be followed by a concert of Jackie’s music by members of his bands.
The night will perpetuate the legacy of a great Australian musician whose enormous influence over 30 years is not well known well to the general public. Jackie died in 2008.

Jackie Orszaczky

The first guest lecturer will be Lucky Oceans– performer, composer...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Divergence Jazz Orchestra @Foundry 616 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Led by composer Jenna Cave and trombonist Paul Weber, the 19 musicians of Divergence Jazz Orchestra perform, promote and record new music by Jenna Cave and other Australian composers. Under Cave’s direction, the DJO brings the spirit and tradition of improvised jazz music to the 21st century big band.


Jenna Cave

Captivating grooves, memorable melodies and expressive orchestrations are executed with outstanding musicianship and soul with rhythm as its cornerstone. Their 2013 debut album The Opening Statement has been highly praised, bringing the orchestra and the compositions of Cave national recognition.

“Divergence Jazz Orchestra is remarkably strong and consistently pleasing… Cave writes with depth and maturity well beyond her years, a virtue not lost on the DJO, which carries out her wishes to the letter.”.” – Jack Bowers, All About Jazz




"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: National Folk Festival Interview: The Company "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Image Courtesy of The Company For the first time in its 50 year history The National Folk Festival will be hosting celebrate Brisbane bluegrass quartet The Company. We sat down with fiddle and Banjo player George Jackson to find out what the band has been up to and what to expect from their shows at […]


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Me fail? I fly!: Ed Brubaker’s Fade Out ends "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, with colours by Elizabeth Breitweiser, The Fade Out, Act Three (Image 2016)

1632156296There’s a lot of old Hollywood anti-Communism around just now. On Thursday night I saw Jay Roach’s Trumbo at the movies. On Friday night we had a family birthday outing to the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar! On Saturday I read this birthday-present comic, the final ‘Act’ ofFade Out. All three deal with the House Un-American Activities Committee’s attack on Hollywood writers in the late 1940s and early 1950s.


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Natural Newstead: Bourke Street "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Thanks to one of our weekend workshop participants, Michael, for locating a series of pools in the Rise and Shine. Yesterday afternoon it was like ‘Bourke Street’, with a procession of birds visiting to bathe and quench their thirst before nightfall. The main participants were honeyeaters, dominated by Fuscous and White-naped, smaller numbers of Yellow-tufted and a fleeting appearance by a couple of Black-chinned Honeyeaters – one of my favourite box-ironbark species.


Black-chinned Honeyeater, Rise and Shine, 13th March 2016




Common Bronzewing


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Lennox local Stu Kennedy defeats Kelly Slater "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Stu Kennedy of Lennox Head has defeated world champion Kelly Slater in the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast on the weekend. Photo 'Wave Goodbye' Jeff Dawson

Stu Kennedy of Lennox Head has defeated world champion Kelly Slater in the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast on the weekend. Photo ‘Wave Goodbye’ Jeff Dawson

Stu Kennedy of Lennox Head (pictured) caused a massive upset by defeating 11 times World Champion Kelly Slater during Round 2 and eliminating the American from the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast yesterday (Sunday, March 13).

The result could see Slater take a break from surfing, even before Mick Fanning’s sabbatical kicks in.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": : TICKET GIVEAWAY: Steve Earle @Metro Theatre "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Steve Earle hits town this week for a couple of shows ahead of his appearance at Bluesfest over the Easter long weekend. We’ve got a double pass to his show with band The Dukes at the Metro Theatre on Thursday March 17th. In support are The Mastersons. To enter, just head over to our Facebook page. … Continue reading


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Shark spotters to visit Ballina on Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Shark Spotters program uses flags to warn beach users of the presence of sharks. (Sea Shepherd)

The Shark Spotters program uses flags to warn beach users of the presence of sharks. (Sea Shepherd)

Two South African shark experts will visit Ballina on Thursday to assess whether local beaches are suitable for the Shark Spotters project.

Shark Spotters project manager Sarah Waries and field manager Monswabisi Sikweyiya will also meet with local politicians, fisheries officers and beach safety groups.

A free community forum will be held at Dunes on Shelley Beach from 6.30pm.

The forum will provide information on the Shark Spotters program, along with advice on how to reduce the risk of shark bite.

In South Africa, the initiative employs 15 – 20 shark spotters at nine of Cape Town’s popular beaches.

The shark spotters scan coastal waters for sharks from an elevated platform during daylight hours, seven days a week.

They use a system of flags to let beach users know whether sharks have been spotted.

A green flag means ‘spotting conditions good, no sharks seen’, black means ‘Spotting conditions poor, no sharks seen’, a red flag means ‘High Shark Alert. Either a shark has been seen in the last two...

Sunday, 13 March


No Fibs: Greens launch bid for #Wills2016 reports @takvera #Ausvotes "IndyWatch Feed National"

Last weekend I attended the Greens campaign launch in Wills. This electorate is one of a very few around Australia where the battle is now between Labor and the Greens. The Greens have pre-selected a high profile local candidate: Samantha Ratnam is a local Greens Councillor and current Mayor of the City of Moreland. A […]

Author information

John Englart

John Englart

Citizen journalist at No Fibs

John Englart has always had a strong social and environmental focus and over the past 10 years climate change science, climate policy and climate protest have become an increasingly important and primary focus of his work as a citizen journalist.

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