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Friday, 11 March


Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre: New Free Legal Advice Service for Benalla "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LegalPressconference Final

Kaz Gurney (Goulburn Valley CLC), Debi Fisher and Sarah Rodgers (Hume Riverina CLC), Neil Stott (Benalla Health), Hannah Fiddelaers (Goulburn Valley CLC), Janine Holland (Benalla Health).

Earlier this month, members of the Hume Riverina and Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centres and Benalla Health launched the new partnership to provide free legal assistance services to disadvantaged residents in the Benalla area from the Ray Sweeney Centre at 45 Coster Street Benalla.

Benalla Health has been providing health care to the Benalla community for many years and has been working on enhancing the various services at the Ray Sweeney Centre, making it a ‘One Stop Shop’ that provides an even greater and more holistic service to its clients. This latest initiative now offers access to legal services at the Ray Sweeney Centre, enabling residents, who otherwise cannot afford them, to access legal support and justice opportunities.

Due to the level of demand, Hume Riverina Community Legal Service has expanded to a fortnightly service at Benalla Health with appointments now available on Tuesdays. For the first time Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre will provide a lawyer at the Benalla Family Violence court sessions each Tuesday and follow-up sessions with clients at the Ray Sweeney Centre on Wednesday.

Hume Riverina Community Legal Service Principal Lawyer, Sarah Rodgers, said ‘Too often, people in regional Victoria miss out on free legal help. T...

15:02 A lesson in climate change for Greens and the ABC "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Weather ripples and climate tides

by Viv Forbes, Science Writer

Every time a north wind blows hot air over Adelaide, some Chicken Little cries “Global Warming”. And when an El Nino predictably causes a hot year like 1998 or 2015/16, some sensation-seeker croaks “hottest year eevah”.

They are watching weather ripples and waves and ignoring the underlying climate tide. Daily, monthly and yearly temperature records will always be equalled or broken by extreme weather – that is what weather does. But to see what the climate is doing we must look long-term.

There are many signs that Earth’s climate is gradually cooling. Snow is accumulating. In the Antarctic, Mawson’s Hut and the Colbeck Hut are being progressively buried in ice. In Greenland, “The Lost Squadron”, which was forced to land on the Greenland Ice sheet in 1942, was rediscovered 50 years later buried under 268 feet of ice. Many glaciers are just a few thousand years old.

We live in the Holocene warm interval within the Pleistocene Ice Age – a time of recurring cycles of ice separated by brief warm interludes. Earth’s climate is driven by solar system cycles, and climate changes appear first in the Northern Hemisphere which has more land in the sensitive sub-polar regions. The GRIP ice core from Greenland shows the long-term average temperature there peaked 7,000 years ago and has trended down for 3,000 years.

We will still have hot days and heat waves but the climate mid-summer has passed and the temperature tide is going out. Spreading alarm about short-term temperature fluctuations of a fraction of a degree is a distraction.

And promoting damaging energy policies designed to prevent warming just as the next climate winter approaches will be seen by future generations as bizarre.

Further Reading:

Antarctic Stations getting buried:



Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Reports and Updates: Fishing Report "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Once again I am under the pump and so will be forced to keep this brief and to the point.

The river is up to 7000MLD (Yippeeee) and the fishing has been excellent. Well to be more precise, the sighting has been excellent and the fishing has been patchy but good. The fish are now back into their regular spots (and have been for about eight or nine days now). This has made for some superb edgewater polarising for those in the know.


Terrestrials are the go with just about every land borne insect you can imitate worth a try. While the big flies are still working, it can pay to scale things back and go for a more finesse infused approach. Evening rises are not as good as they were ten days ago but those willing to look may just get lucky as we are still seeing a pretty strong dun emergence on dark and afternoon spinner fall. There have also been spinners about in the mornings (wink,wink!).

As to nymphing I have not found it necessary and there is too much water on the gravel bars for this method to be fun. Lobbing thingamabobbers and double tungsten nymph rigs tends to get old quick. Especially when the whole lot come barrelling back at you at warp speed courtesy of the 7000 MLD!

Those able to find fish along the edges will spend countless hours stalking, cursing and changing flies while the river remains at this height or any height >5000MLD. The fish haven’t been easy but you can fool about one in every three through the patient application of every small fly in your box. Yes it has been tough at times. Some people have also reported that the fish have been eating sinking grubs in preference to the floating ones, so it’s that t...


Echonetdaily: The ‘no trains, more traffic congestion’ plan "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

According to the government’s Brisbane-Sydney Corridor Strategy (2007) traffic on the Pacific Highway crossing the Queensland border into NSW is projected to increase to 151,000 vehicles per day in the next ten years, an increase of almost 400 per cent on the 2007 number of 41,724 vehicles per day. We know a massive amount of this traffic comes into our towns.

Byron Bay alone has 1.6m visitors per year and Destination Byron expects this to increase due to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games to be held in 2018. Almost 40 per cent of the 5.8 million people who use Gold Coast Airport every year also travel south to the north coast by road.

What is the state government planning to do about this massive amount of traffic headed our way and the increased congestion and parking problems it will cause in our towns?

According to their Draft North Coast Regional Plan document 2016 they recommend ripping up the Casino to Murwillumbah (C-M) rail line, and replacing it with a cycleway. They also plan to ’work with local bus operators to develop routes and timetables to improve bus services in the region’s major centres and their connections with regional communities.’ As if our local roads can cope with more (mostly empty) large buses.

How ripping up the C-M rail line, which connects eight out of ten north coast communities, to replace it with a cycleway and more buses, will provide public transport options for people traveling to, and around the region, and reduce traffic congestion in our towns, is not explained. Why would any government even think of ripping up the one piece of infrastructure that, if the 22k connection is built to Coolangatta, could take many thousands of cars off our already congested roads?

What are our local state and federal MPs doing about this? Nothing. They seem happy to allow this valuable piece of public infrastructure be destroyed.

Perhaps it has something to do with the millions of dollars in don...


Far North Coaster Magazine: Tweed Regional Gallery hosts cultural conference "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Regional & Public Galleries NSW Conference explores ‘Re/framing the Future’

The Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre in Murwillumbah will host the Regional & Public Galleries NSW 2016 Conference next week, from 14 to 15 March.

The theme of the conference, Re/framing the Future, acknowledges the increasing need for regional galleries to be flexible in their approach, to adjust to shifting funding sources, technology advances and a revolution in modes of artistic expression.

The conference will include keynote addresses by three cultural leaders:

  • Michael Lynch CBE AM – Chief Executive of London’s Southbank Centre 2002-2009, among his many other key arts appointments in Australia and overseas, speaking on Arts funding in an age of disruption
  • Chris Saines CNZM – educator, curator and director in Australian and New Zealand galleries for 30 years, speaking on Re/Framing oppositon to an art musuem development project
  • Marcus Westbury – inaugural CEO of the new Collingwood Arts Precinct in Melbourne, speaking on Creation, connection, collaboration and consumption

The Re/framing the Future conference program format is short presentations by a range of cultural leaders, with each session finishing with a panel discussion.

The speaking lineup includes Tweed Shire Council General Manager, Troy Green and Tweed Regional Gallery Director, Susi Muddiman OAM, exploring the topic The impact of Tweed Regional Gallery’s Margaret Olley Art Centre on the region’s visitor economy.

“The Tweed Regional Gallery is honoured to be the venue for this year’s conference and I think it is an indication of how highly this gallery is considered within our industry,” Tweed Regional Gallery Director, Susi Muddiman, said.

“The biennial conference is a time for open dia...


Aidan Ricketts: NSW addicted to old habits "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

It’s time for a Drug Summit in NSW. Only a portion of the very sensible harm minimisation proposals put forward last time by experts were ever implemented. Those that were such as the heroin injecting trial; drug courts and cannabis cautioning policies have been great successes.

Australia was once a world leader in [...]


Aidan Ricketts: Senate voting reform causes a flurry "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The current impassioned debate about senate voting reform is a good debate to have. Voting systems certainly do affect the outcomes of elections and the complexion of future parliaments, but not always in easily predictable ways.

A lot of the heat in the argument over senate voting reform is being generated by political [...]


Echonetdaily: Shorten engages with Lismore people at town hall "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Labor leader Bill Shorten.

Labor leader Bill Shorten.

Darren Coyne

Thankfully the media conference was brief.

Nobody wants to listen to politicians at the best of times, let alone a pack of journalists when free sandwiches have just been served up outside.

Bill Shorten, Labor’s hope of wresting the Prime Minister’s mantle from Malcolm Turnbull, was in Lismore yesterday, working hard to portray himself as a man of the people.

And he was more interested in answering questions from voters, spending two hours discussing a range of issues, then setting aside just five minutes for local media.

Flanked by Labor’s Richmond MP Justine Elliott and former Page MP, and candidate Janelle Saffin, Shorten congratulated the crowd for turning out, describing Lismore voters as politically aware, and claiming the underdog tag from the government.


Northern Rivers Guardians: Greens MEDIA RELEASE – 10 March 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The Greens NSW Mining Spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today said it was outrageous that the NSW Government’s Inclosed Lands, Crimes and Law Enforcement Legislation Amendment (Interference) Bill 2016 currently before the parliament will change the definition of a mine site so that peaceful protesters against coal and coal seam gas will face jail sentences of up to seven years for simply expressing their democratic rights.

Section 201

of the Crimes Act 1900 was originally intended to stop serious acts of industrial sabotage by protesting mine workers in the 1980s, but the Bill before parliament expands the definition to encompass coal seam gas sites and construction sites after the courts ruled that protesters trying to stop the construction of Maules Creek coal mine could not be prosecuted under this section as it was a construction site, not a mine.

“Under these draconian laws, Wallabies Captain David Pocock and scores of ‘Knitting nannas’ could be thrown in jail for years simply for standing up for what they feel is important,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“This section of the law is intended for serious acts of sabotage.  It is wrong to apply this section to someone exercising their democratic rights by standing in front of a mining truck, or trespassing with a bike lock and a banner against coal or coal seam gas.

“The government is intimidating protesters with threats of long jail terms to please their mates running the big mining and gas companies.

“Mike Baird should recognise that the significant movement by farmers and others against coal seam gas and coal in NSW is an issue requiring a political solution, not one that will be solved by police arresting protesters and throwing them in jail or issuing crippling fines.”


Echonetdaily: Hemp experts to spruik benefits of medical cannabis "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A Canadian expert on medical cannabis is one of the keynote speakers at tomorrow’s workshop on medicinal marijuana at Nimbin Hall.

The series of medical cannabis workshops organised by Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy in the past year have been very popular with hundreds of people attending.

Carl Martel, a visiting Canadian hemp consultant, and Gregory James from Farmers Choice Organics, will address the workshop on Saturday (12 March) from 11am until 4.20pm.

Mr James, according to the embassy, ‘has been living with cancer and severe pain for a long time and understands attitude is the ultimate key on continuing to enjoy your life’.

‘It’s the only workshop we’ll be organising before MardiGrass at the tail end of April and we urge people to come and hear for themselves first hand the medical cannabis healing stories with this much aligned and controversial herb,’ embassy president Michael Balderstone said.

‘Doctor Pot’ (Dr Andrew Katelaris) is coming up from Sydney again to talk about his latest understandings of how to get the most out of using medical cannabis,’ he said.

Lismore-based solicitor Steve Bolt will be talking about the recent court cases with saliva testing cannabis users and also what new cannabis proposed legislation changes mean.

HEMP Party secretary Andrew Kavasilas will also speak about the changes, how they impact on the current situation and what to look out for when considering using cannabis for medical purposes.

Oganisers have urged ‘anyone else who would like to speak about their medicinal use or experience is welcome to just turn up or contact the HEMP Embassy beforehand to discuss if you want’.

‘Healthy hemp seed food’ will be available at the hall cafe.







The post...


Aidan Ricketts: Anti protest laws could arrest nannas, seize tractors "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

By Melissa Gulbin. Reprinted from the Northern Star, 10th Mar 2016.

A RAMPED-UP anti-protest bill proposed by the Baird government this week could see the forcible removal and mass arrests of Knitting Nannas and the seizure of bike locks – even tractors – under mere suspicion they could be used [...]


Echonetdaily: Call for action as suicide doubles road toll "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In Australia, double the number of people die from suicide that from road fatalities but support services receive less than half the funding. Photo Shutterstock

In Australia, double the number of people die from suicide than from road fatalities but support services receive less than half the funding. Photo Shutterstock

Chris Dobney

Our region is a hotspot for car accident fatalities and the same, just as sadly, has become true for suicide.

Lifeline Northern Rivers has joined its counterparts Australia-wide in calling for a new approach to suicide prevention following the release of ABS statistics showing that the number of deaths by suicide is more than double the road toll.

And while there has been a 25 per cent decrease in the number of motor vehicle deaths over the past 10 years, the number of suicides has increased significantly.

In 2014, 2864 people took their own lives in Australia– almost eight per day and an increase of almost 13.5 per cent from 2013.

Lifeline Northern Rivers counselling centre manager Niall Mulligan says while there are many reasons why people take the fateful decision, disconnection from community is a common theme.

‘Research indicates that one of the main drivers towards suicide is feelings of isolation and disconnectedness,’ he told Echonetdaily.

‘In any situation...


Echonetdaily: Chinese interests buy macadamia farms around Dunoon "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Macadamia nut farms on the north coast are prized by the Chinese for their efficiency.

Macadamia nut farms on the north coast are prized by the Chinese for their efficiency.

The recent purchase by Chinese interests of four large macadamia farms in the Dunoon area with around 130,000 trees was approved by the federal government under its national interest test.

The four farms in the ‘macadamia capital of Australia’, totalling 380 hectares, were bought by Chinese investment group Discovery for around $18 million.

But Member for Page, Kevin Hogan, says no local jobs will be lost as a result of the sale.

Mr Hogan said the purchase had to be approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board as it exceeded the foreign investment threshold of $15 million.

A spokesman for the new owner told the ABC that it would not make sense to bring in workers from overseas to manage the farms, as Australian farms were already highly-mechanised and efficient.

Company spokesman Alex Yum told the ABC that Australian macadamia farms were known for their efficiency.

’For the same size farms in Australia we use five people to manage them, but if you put this kind of...


Aidan Ricketts: Bob Brown Is Taking “Shocking” Anti-Protest Laws To The High Court "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

By Thom Mitchell. Reprinted from New Matilda on 10 March, 2016.

Former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown has launched a High Court challenge to Tasmania’s anti-protest laws – labelled “shocking” by a United Nations official – arguing that they breach the right to freedom of political communication implied in the Australian [...]


Echonetdaily: China rejects rights criticism at UN "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Protesters in Sydney in September 2007 act out alleged atrocities against Falun Gong members committed by China. The protest was timed to coincide with China's president Hu Jintao’s visit to Sydney for an APEC summit. AAP Image/Per Groth

Protesters in Sydney in September 2007 act out alleged atrocities against Falun Gong members committed by China. The protest was timed to coincide with China’s president Hu Jintao’s visit to Sydney for an APEC summit. AAP Image/Per Groth

Geneva [RAW]

China has strongly rejected US-led criticism of its human rights record at the UN Human Rights Council, saying the United States was hypocritical and guilty of crimes including the rape and murder of civilians.

‘The US is notorious for prison abuse at Guantanamo prison, its gun violence is rampant, racism is its deep-rooted malaise,’ Chinese diplomat Fu Cong told the Council on Thursday, using unusually blunt language.

‘The United States conducts large-scale extra-territorial eavesdropping, uses drones to attack other countries’ innocent civilians, its troops on foreign soil commit rape and murder of local people. It conducts kidnapping overseas and uses black prisons.’

Fu was responding to a joint statement by the United States a...


Echonetdaily: Unilever India settles poisoning claims "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Chennai-born rapper Sofia Ashraf joins local residents in a protest song against Unilever’s mercury poisoning in Kodaikanal, set to the tune of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.

New Delhi [AP]

The Indian arm of global consumer giant Unilever has reached a settlement with hundreds of former employees 15 years after its thermometer plant in southern India was shut following accusations of mercury contamination.

Hindustan Unilever agreed to provide payments to 591 former workers and their families for livelihood and skill enhancement programs, without accepting legal responsibility.

A company statement on Wednesday did not provide the size of the payments.

A workers’ group says mercury poisoning killed 45 workers and 18 family members over a period of 33 years.

Hindustan Unilever has denied that any employees were harmed.

It has acknowledged that some areas of the factory were contaminated but says they were cleaned up after the plant was shut in 2001.

S A Mahindra Babu, president of the HLL ex-Mercury Employees’ Welfare Association, welcomed the settlement.

‘We now consider this issue to be fully resolved and have no grievance against the company in this regard,’ he said on Thursday.

However, environmentalist Nityanand Jayaraman said Hindustan Unilever failed to meet international standards in its cleanup of mercury-contaminated areas.



Echonetdaily: US senator wants TPP scrapped "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Chief negotiator for New Zealand, David Walker (left) hongis with Andrew Robb, Australian minister for trade and investment, at the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement in Auckland, New Zealand, on February 4, 2016. AAP Image/New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade, Peter Meecham

Chief negotiator for New Zealand, David Walker (left) hongis with Andrew Robb, Australian minister for trade and investment, at the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement in Auckland, New Zealand, on February 4, 2016. AAP Image/New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade, Peter Meecham

Los Angeles [AAP]

A US senator has called for the Trans-Pacific Partnership with Australia and other nations to be scrapped and for America to instead use its leverage to strike one-on-one trade deals.

Senator Jeff Sessions also questioned why US President Barack Obama agreed to Auckland as the location for last month’s signing of the mega 12-nation Pacific Rim trade deal.

‘Obama had this thing signed in Auckland, New Zealand, which claims it is the most remote city in the world,’ Mr Sessions, speaking at an event at the National Press Club in Washington DC on Thursday, told reporters.

‘They didn...


Echonetdaily: Abuse inquiry to question NSW police "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Convicted pedophile Grant Davies prior to a court hearing at Burwood, Sydney, in December 2014. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

Convicted pedophile Grant Davies prior to a court hearing at Burwood, Sydney, in December 2014. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

Sydney [AAP]

NSW Police officers are set to give evidence about why a case against a pedophile dance coach was closed in 2007, allowing him to continue abusing children for another six years before he was finally arrested.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been examining the responses of police and child protection agencies in NSW to the case of RG Dance, a Sydney dance school founded by Grant Davies and his sister Rebecca.

NSW Police officers will give evidence to the commission on Friday.

Grant Davies was jailed last year after pleading guilty to 47 counts of sex offences against nine students at the once highly regarded school he helped start in 2001.

The commission has heard this week from students, parents, and former dance instructors, about evidence they gave to police in 2007 about Davies’ abuse which included sending students explicit text messages and touching them inappropriately.



Echonetdaily: Safe Schools review goes to govt "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

SafeSchoolsbookletCanberra [AAP & other sources]

The review of the Safe Schools anti-bullying program will be handed to the government.

The review, due on Friday, was launched in February after a group of coalition MPs raised their concerns with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during a party room meeting.

The MPs described it as having a Marxist and social engineering agenda and said it should be stripped of its $8 million government funding.

This program, directed at primary school children, deals with same-sex issues.

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong said it was designed to address the high rates of self-harm and attempted suicide among gay and lesbian youth.

‘This is not an ideological debate, this is about making sure our children are safe,’ she said.

Mr Turnbull asked education minister Simon Birmingham to report back to him on the operation of the program.

In response to criticism, 362 academics representing over 40 institutions across the nation have written an open letter of support. The letter said in part:

‘We are writing to express our support and backing for Safe Schools C...


Echonetdaily: Windsor comeback attracts mixed reviews "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Former independent MP Tony Windsor announce his run for the seat of New England at a press conference in Canberra on Thursday. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Former independent MP Tony Windsor announce his run for the seat of New England at a press conference in Canberra on Thursday. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Canberra [AAP]

Tony Windsor’s planned return to the political stage has attracted thumbs-down reviews from his political opponents.

Industry minister Christopher Pyne said sequels never worked.

‘I don’t think Tony Windsor’s comeback will be successful. He left in 2013 because he was going to lose,’ he told the Ten Network.

Mr Joyce, who holds New England with a 20 per cent margin, said if he was making an announcement about the seat of New England, he would probably do it in the electorate.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton speculated that Mr Windsor was motivated by relevance deprivation syndrome.

‘He’s a self-funded retiree whose got millions of dollars out of the sale of his farm to a mining company and now pretends to be the champion of farmers,’ he told Sydney Radio 2GB.


08:32 PORT ARTHUR INCIDENT UPDATE "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

“Wish I Knew How To be Free”   is this great song of Martin Bryant’s false incarceration from CHERRI BONNEY – (BONNEYBUSHTAYLOR Productions).

An update from Dr Keith Noble on his Port Arthur campaign

18 Feb 2016



Many thanks to all of you who replied so quickly with encouraging words re the email to David V.  AGHION (new Readers please see below).  Am unable to acknowledge all the emails that are coming in.  The Port Arthur incident is now prompting a lot of communication, supportive reactions, and many things are being planned for the 20th Anniversary of Official Lies in April 2016.


Senator Stephen Parry (google pics)

The documented fact that the now president of the Australian Senate – Stephen Parry, Liberal Party* TAS; see wikipedia – has known about the pre-planning related to Port Arthur confirms the official killing and wounding there was premeditated and professionally perpetrated.  It was a State psycho-terror operation undertaken to shock and enra...


Echonetdaily: Byron Bay FC delivers 6 of the best "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tyson Kaye found the net in the Rams emphatic victory over coastal rivals Lennox Head.

Tyson Kaye found the net in the Rams emphatic victory over coastal rivals Lennox Head.

Story & photo Dogwhistle

Byron Bay FC’s pre-season campaign produced some big numbers in Sundays Anzac Cup and Callan McMillan Shield matches.

In the Premier Division, the Great Northern Rams over came a rocky start to trounce a rebuilding Lennox Head squad.

The Byron boys struggled to find their magic for the much of the first half and despite spending most of the first session in the Lennox half, couldn’t find the net.

Lennox fought back valiantly but were completely out-gunned by the talented Byron team.

Newcomer Aaron Walker put Byron on the board shortly before the break and when play resumed, the scoring began to flow.



Echonetdaily: Mullum Golf Classic is where it’s at "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lynnette Kee from the Mullumbimby Golf Club. Photo Tree Faerie.

Lynnette Kee from the Mullumbimby Golf Club is ready for a great day at the Classic. Photo Tree Faerie.

This Saturday the Mullumbimby Golf Club is hosting the Mullumbimby Rural Co-op & Whites Rural Classic.

The event is a two-person Ambrose with a 7.30am / 12.30pm shotgun start.  Non-golfers are very welcome to participate. 

Earlier this week Geoff and Lynnette from the club were testing their balls for roll in anticipation of a great day.

Prize value for the day totals $3,000, plus a $10,000 Hole In One. There will also be a chipping competition. 

The cost is $20/member player and $30/non-member player and includes lunch.

Bookings for this event can be done through the Club Pro Shop  – 6684 2273.

The Mullumbimby Golf Club, which is a small club, would like to thank the many sponsors of the event without whose support they would not be able to host these community events. 



Echonetdaily: Autumn bowls is way fun "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Junior bowler Lenix McKenzie was getting into the roll of things at the Autumn Corporate Bowls last Friday.

Junior bowler Lenix McKenzie was getting into the roll of things at the Autumn Corporate Bowls last Friday.

The Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club’s Autumn Corporate Bowls comp is well underway with perfect conditions on the green last Friday evening.

In Pool A, the race for the top spot has become very tight with Mullumbimby Hot Bread and the IGA Invincibles on 48; Bananarama and CSR on 47; Toads at Leisure 46.

Also having tonnes of fun are the Darkside, Can’t Nail Us Down, Team Sassy, Ben Leeson Mechanical, Gusto, The Lifters, Take A Dump, Mullumbimby Milk and Dunno on 25.  

In Pool B, the Bruns Bums are still out in front on 58 points followed by KRP on 50; Mr Plug 47; SJE 43; Stay True 40; the Steel Men on 39; Pen Pushers and Unco-operatives on 38; In Line Carpentry and Tyrepower Jems 37; Five Blind Mice 35; Sack Bar and Grill on 32; the Brew Crew on 31; and the High Rollers on 29.

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Echonetdaily: Something in the basketball water "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Panha Doung from the Under-16 Byron Beez, who had a great match in Tamworth.

Panha Doung from the Under-16 Byron Beez, who had a great match in Tamworth.

There must be something the water in Byron Shire because with a population that is a tenth of most of the opposing teams the Byron Representative Basketball teams keeps everyone on their toes.

The opening Rep season was off to an interesting start with a rapid change of dates putting it a month earlier than planned and, as it was in Tamworth, it was a credit to all concerned to get the U18B and U16B teams together with a week’s notice.

Both the U18s and U16s teams won two of three matches played; though throughout many of the games the leaderboard swapped with alarming regularity. 

The last game played by the U18 was an example where they won by one point after a last-minute scramble by the opposition scoring a desperate three-point shot and then a foul called with nothing left on the clock. They missed one and the game was Byron’s.

With the rapid rise in popularity of basketball the competition is only going stronger.

Pictured is Panha Doung from the Under-16 Byron Beez, who had a great match in Tamworth.

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Echonetdaily: 7 years’ jail for democratic protest: welcome to NSW "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Northern Rivers Guardians’ Scott Sledge at the main entrance to Metgasco’s planned tight sands drill site at Bentley. Photo Wayne Penn

The Bentley blockade would be illegal under new laws planned by the NSW Government, designed to favour coal mining magnates and CSG companies. Photo Wayne Penn

Chris Dobney

According to the Greens’ Jeremy Buckingham, the state’s controversial new legislation targeting coal-mine and CSG protesters could see the Knitting Nannas jailed for up to seven years for their efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the state.

Democratic protest is everyone’s right in Australia except –we’re now told – anyone who questions miners’ rights.

Let’s have a look at what else attracts a seven-year prison sentence in the state.

One-punch attacks are high on the list. Shaun McNeill was sentenced to 7.5 years for the one-punch killing of Daniel Christie on New Year’s Eve 2013.

The Nannas would also likely be in the company of child sex offenders.

Former Bega Cheese boss Maurice Van Ryn was initially sentenced to seven years for the abuse of nine boys and girls between the ages of eight and 15, although this was later increased on appeal by the Crown.

However, until recently, the crime of aggravated indecent assault against a child aged under 16 carried a max...


Echonetdaily: Cricket finals are cool in Byron "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Man of the match Anthony Smith (far left) and teammates Eureka Grass, presented with the trophy for winning the Cool Promo Twilight Cricket Competition

Man of the match Anthony Smith (far left) and teammates Eureka Grass, presented with the trophy for winning the Cool Promo Twilight Cricket Competition

A large and vocal crowd packed out the Byron Bay Recreation Ground to watch the Cool Promo Twilight Cricket Finals last Sunday.

Eureka Grass, having beaten TNR in the semi-final earlier that day, went on to beat The Kronix, the form side of the season, in a sensational last-ball thriller. 

Man of the match, Anthony Smith, was left with seemingly too much to do, requiring 23 off the last over. Two sixes and some frantic running between the wickets with teammate Ashley Burke-Smith brought home the winning total of 109 on the last ball of the game.

The crowd invaded the pitch and with much ‘cricket love’ around after what some said was one of the greatest grand finals in the history of the competition.

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Echonetdaily: Murwillumbah library pond lacks water for dragons "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

dragonMurwillumbah Library Pond upgrade begun 1 February. On Monday 15 February I checked out the left side where the water dragons live but the pond had been drained as it is part of the main pond. I wondered if they had water to drink especially on hot days.

A cursory examination showed no water for them. I inquired at council’s front desk and was assured there was a water feature near the lower offices and near the Autumn Club.

Again I looked and saw nothing except a water dragon that scrambled under foliage. Back to the counter. Her computer showed that two water features for the dragons were planned with NRM supervision.

Not trusting there was water for them, I purchased a small bowl and filled it with water for them.

On Tuesday I phoned and was reassured the dragons had access to water.

On Wednesday I searched but still found nothing. A construction went to the left side and invited us to follow but found nothing. His supervisor confirmed the matter would be resolved in 30 minutes. Later that day we checked and again found nothing.

Thursday I finally found the ‘water feature’ – stiff grey plastic scrunched up between two big rocks with water in it. How would water dragons be able to scramble up the plastic to get out? With nothing to grip on to they would surely drown. So we put a thick log in so they could climb out.

A week later I checked to see if the water had been changed. It had not. It was putrid so I replaced it with clean water. This has become my weekly ritual because nobody else is doing it.

Out of 700 council employees not one could take the initiative to provide water to these amazing creatures without a member of the public harass...


Focus On Fauna: Wheel of life #2 "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Ronlit’s recent post Wheel of life on this blog described the mating habits of dragonflies. Our garden pond has been a magnet for a number of these attractive creatures, particularly Blue Skimmers (Orthetrum caledonicum) which are surprisingly approachable and obligingly performed the ‘wheel of life’ for the camera – see photo at left.     […]


North Coast Voices: Australian Federal Election 2016: and the slurs begin..... "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The federal election writs haven’t been issued yet and there was Robert Bou-Hamdan aka Big Rob on his "Lismore Radio" Facebook page scattering aspersions:

It seems unusual that the former MP, who states her strong opposition to coal seam gas locally and who should understand the need for Australia to secure its oil and gas needs into the future, would be working so hard for another country against us while also running as the Labor candidate for the seat of Page - a role designed to represent and protect our interests both locally, nationally and Internationally.
What information is the former MP providing to Timor-Leste as their Senior Legal Adviser?

Oh dear, it’s apparently ‘treason’ time at Big Rob’s place where he seems to be offended by the notion that a lawyer before entering politics should return to that same profession after losing at the 2013 federal election.

As for being "their Senior Legal Adviser" - it is m...


Echonetdaily: Outlawing peaceful protest is a fascist move "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The NSW Liberal government is tabling a law to outlaw peaceful protest. This is against all democratic, United Nations and moral principles. It is unconstitutional and it is fascism, defined as the collusion of the State and Big Business.

Armed with this law, police can brutally suppress protesters, jail and heavily fine them. These laws have been passed in other states, in many other countries, and are part of an international corporate stranglehold on the 99 per cent of us who do not benefit from Treaties such as the TPP, or degraded environments, or lost democracy.

The law to ban protest is in order to defend the right of the party’s financial sponsors, mineral corporations. These groups demand unfettered deregulated access to our mineral wealth regardless of local communities’ interests, other industries (tourism, farming) and ecological damage (such as water tables and climate).

Meanwhile, fines for unauthorised mining will be reduced to minor amounts.

It is frightening to imagine our state as one in which in which people and ecological awareness are suppressed. What have we come to?

Dr Liz Elliott, Mullumbimby


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All in the Name of Liberty: Piccolo Tales, season 2 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Vashti Hughes as Abe Saffron and Vitorio as his own guardian angel and a few members of the audience in the Piccolo. Vashti in a few other guises as well

Act 2 - I drew lots of profiles of Vito's head


Echonetdaily: MP’s bias shown at holiday-letting inquiry "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

I attended and gave evidence to the Legislative Assembly inquiry into holiday letting (HL) last Monday.

Byron shire mayor Simon Richardson (Echonetdaily) is correct in assuming that not much is to be expected from their recommendations, at least not much for councils or those oppressed by this illegal trade.

The holiday-let lobby turned up with seven delegates to community members three.

The HL boys entertained us for some hours. In the final break before community representatives we were called a member of the inquiry panel ran an impromptu 25 minute ‘advice seminar’ for the HL lobby representatives urging them to push hard for self regulation.

When community representatives were finally called the same panel member asked one very aggressive question then played with his phone for the rest of the session.

Apart from showing obvious bias this member of parliament was pushing very detrimental line for the community and for council. Self regulation is a time-honored method of avoiding responsibility and scrutiny, it has never worked for the community as clearly demonstrated by the Byron experience.

If adopted it will be used as an excuse to not fund councils as the compliance authority and the community will be back in ‘Dodge City’. It will of course be much cheaper and less troublesome for absentee landlords and multinational letting giants.

HL is now the biggest game in town it must  be controlled by strong legislation and pay its way. But don’t hold your breath.

Tom Tabart, Bangalow


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North Coast Voices: This was Malcolm Bligh Turnbull's NBN promise to the Australian people during the 2013 federal election campaign "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This was then Australian Communications Minister Malcom Bligh Turnbull’s promise to voters during the 2013 federal election campaign:

On 12 December 2013, less than three months after the Liberal-Nationals Coalition won government, ITnews reported:

the Coalition's own pre-election pledges proved overly optimistic, with costs expected to come in at "around" $41 billion rather than the promised $29.5 billion.

The 2016 forecast to bring 25 Mbps to all Australians has also been canned. Instead, the Coalition predicts it will be able to bring download speeds of up to 25 Mbps to 43...


Westender – West End 4101: Sinners alive and kicking at the Jazz Club "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A Brisbane favourite fronted up to the Jazz Club last night to launch a long-awaited CD. Karen Anderson and the Fortunate Sinners have lain reasonably low for a little while but that did not stop fans stepping out in style for the launch of Live and Kickin’ at the Jazz Club. The audience were indeed […]

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Thursday, 10 March


Black Mark: Nost Thoughts "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

A couple of thoughts about Nost’s massive tag/bomb capping all the tags and bombs that had accumulated along lower section of the 30 year old Smith Street feminist  mural. I haven’t been out to see or photograph the wall, I doubt that I will ever have time for that and I trust that others already have digitised it documenting it for history.

Tagging on this massive scale becomes a kind of buffing. The amount of block colour covering the wall makes it essentially buffing. This makes Nost in this case a kind of grey ghost, the anonymous men who in response to graffiti and street art unofficially buff walls.

Towards the end of the Fitzroy Flasher’s post there is a critique of Megan Evans and Eve Glenn’s original mural. Arguing “a faded, neglected and in my humble opinion, outdated public mural” that need to be refreshed. Fitzroy Flasher’s points out that the original mural is “poorly painted”, “the perspective is wrong, shadows not true to where they should fall” and that it was not as good as the work of Adnate or Kaffeine. They could have added faded to the list.

Fitzroy Flasher’s critique demonstrates the different priorities between street art and the Melbourne muralists of the 1980s. Clearly there differences in aesthetics, perspective, subject, politics and the work’s place in history between the muralists and graffiti writers. It would be good to examine these differences but that would mean going over the history of Mexican muralists, Union banners and I don’t have the time to go into all of that right now.

Expectations of progress on the part of the mural artists have not been fulfilled by the last 30 years of history, consider domestic violence or the gender pay gap. On the other hand graffiti write...


matthew schiavello: photos and words: braveorbeautiful: Going through the image selections with the... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"


Going through the image selections with the designer, as we try to work out the layout.


Found this image as i cleaned up my files from last year.



Steven Rhall | Blog: Made a lovely mess today removing past works from @thesubstation... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Made a lovely mess today removing past works from @thesubstation billboards, the odd remnant forming part of an installation I hope to finish by…

#100years — 17th March, 7pm @thesubstation in Newport.


Katie Writes Stuff: Not a New Bookmark "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Once upon a time, I was given a bookmark that quickly became my favourite.  It was made of fabric with glorious stars on one side and another pattern on the other that I can’t remember (clearly I didn’t look at this side quite as much).  Small weights were sealed in either end to keep the bookmark in place or to hold down fly-away pages if you happened to be reading in a breeze, which happens more often than you might think.

As time went by and the well-loved bookmark kept my place in book after book, certain wear and tear began to take place.  A little hole here.  A little patch there.

Eventually, I had to face facts: if I didn’t do something soon, the weights were going to fall out of the rapidly-developing holes and my bookmark would be no more.  But I didn’t want a new bookmark, so what could I do?

Make a new one, of course!

A couple of weekends ago, I set myself the task of having a new (but not new) bookmark by the time Sunday had rolled around.  So I found myself some likely material and set about measuring up the old bookmark and gutting it to scavenge the end weights.  As far as I could tell, the original bookmark had been sealed with a build-up of zig-zag stitches, but I wasn’t into that idea.  Surely bias binding would do just as well!

It wasn’t easy sailing.  I made a lot of extra work by pinning it all up the right way, deciding it was wrong, then pinning it the wrong way.  By this time, I couldn’t be bothered with doing any more pinning, so I just made the best of it.

Bookmarks Square

Next time, I’d do quite a few things differently (such as checking the direction of the pinning before placing a single pin).  There will be a next time, I’m sure, but hope...


The Channon Craft Market: Blakboi "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Blakboi, aka Tom Avery is a genuine one man band. Using Guitar, Percussion, Keys and Didj, Blakboi creates unique covers of popular songs as well as his own original music. His  relaxed vibe will put a smile on your face.  Blakboi is a Northern Rivers favourite, playing regular gigs around the region, including The Boomerang Festival and many community events.


St Kilda News: Acland Street Upgrade "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

By Paul Hart, local resident I am writing in reference to the ongoing tram terminus build process in Acland Street, St Kilda. Driven to a foregone conclusion by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and the City of Port Phillip (CoPP), the current plans now under detailed design, will delivery a poor outcome for locals, visitors and […]


North Coast Voices: A look back at Deputy-Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Now that Tony Windsor has announced he will stand at the 2016 federal election as an independent candidate in the New England electorate, it is perhaps time to briefly recap Nationals MP for New England and Deputy-Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s position on some of the issues which may be at play for voters in that seat or go to perceptions of his gravitas or otherwise.

Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce entered the Australian Parliament in 2005 as a senator for Queensland and resigned to contest the NSW seat of New England in 2013, a seat which was vacant due to retirement of its member Tony Windsor.

Until September 2013 he was a member of the Opposition.

A  former accountant, he is a man of property with a residence and commercial property in St. George, Queensland and two rural properties in Barradine on the Liverpool Plains, NSW.

In the first half of last year taxpayers spent ...


The Channon Craft Market: The Channon Hall & Landcare "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Channon Hall has played an important role in the social fabric of our beautiful village since 1907. It is the original home of The Channon Craft Market, with the first markets being held at the hall in 1976, until they outgrew the hall grounds.

The Channon Hall continues to be a popular venue for social gatherings, concerts, classes and workshops.

The Channon Land Care group acts to reverse the results of harmful practices that have perpetuated the spread of environmental weeds, erosion and general degradation of the land within and surrounding  The Channon Village.

Please support The Channon Hall and Landcare group via gate donations and their stall at the main shed.



Sustainable Living Armidale: Knitting Nannas are now in Tamworth! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Friday, 11 Mar; 9:30 am to 11:30 am. ] With great success we held our first Tamworth Knit-in on Friday March 4th. We are doing it again tomorrow and we'd love to see you there. We have a meeting with Mayor Col Murray in early April to voice our concerns. Are those opposed to more mining in New England North West really the vocal minority? Please [...] full article »


Sustainable Living Armidale: Member registration closes this Friday — 5 reasons not to miss next week’s Climate Assembly "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Thursday, 17 Mar to Friday, 18 Mar. ] Sustainable Living Armidale is a member of Climate Action Network Australia, so if you are a paid member of SLA you can attend this. Member registration closes this Friday 11 March, so get in quick if you've not yet registered. Here's 5 reasons you'll not want to miss the event: 1. Inspiring & entertaining session on collective action: when and [...] full article »


Sustainable Living Armidale: Please sign — Get Polluters out of Politics "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Dear Friends – I’m Robin Gunning from Tamworth and I’m the coordinator of our Pollution Free Politics campaign in New England. I’m a climate campaigner. New England is a big electorate and our MP Barnaby Joyce is one of the worst climate deniers in Parliament so, we have a big job to hold him accountable. Can you help spread [...] full article »

15:24 You are but a strawman, time for change "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

The story of how everyone has a strawman created for them at birth and how it is used to collect revenue for your government. A fun and informative animation made in the spirit of freedom. Please spread and upload with credits intact also link back to our channel if you do. Hi-res and mobile versions are avilable for download from our website.


Ocean Grove Voice: Owen left his mark on Ocean Grove "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


OCEAN Grove recently said goodbye to local identity Owen Holbrook, who was a resident of the town for 80 years.
Owen died on 1 March – just a few days short of his 91st birthday.
The Voice spoke to Owen’s son Adrian last week, who remembered his father as a community-minded man.
“He got involved in a lot of things for the benefit of the town,” he said
Owen was a founding member of Ocean Grove Bowling Club, and a member of local organisations including Probus and “Save Ocean Grove Park”.
He also served as a lieutenant and captain of Ocean Grove Fire Brigade from 1946 to 1957.
Owen’s family bought a Thacker Street farm in 1935 and was one of the first 15 to settle in Ocean Grove.
“It was all cart tracks back then,” Adrian said.
After putting out the Chalet guesthouse fire in 1948 he met his wife, Lorraine Archer, who was the proprietors’ daughter.
Owen’s road and concreting company built many local roads, which he and his wife named together.
Adrian remembered his father as an innovative and inquisitive man, who could redesign old machinery and return it to life.
“If you thought about it long enough, you’d come up with a practical solution – that was his motto,” he said.
Like many diggers, he put up his age when he was 17 to join the local militia during World War II.
He served in Papua New Guinea from 1942 to 1945, sustaining a shrapnel wound from a grenade in service of his country.

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Ocean Grove Voice: Dirty message in these bottles "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


MORE than 30 volunteers collected a “disappointing” amount of rubbish at Main Beach for Clean Up Australia Day on 6 March.
Barwon Coast’s Maddie Glynn said the group filled 16 bags of rubbish and recycling in less than 90 minutes.
“This may not sound like much, but when you look at the contents of the bags, it’s huge,” she said.
The bulk of the recycling the group collected was alcohol bottles.
“We haven’t even made a dint – the crew didn’t even get to cover the whole of the main car park area,” Maddie said. “There is just so much out there, and for some reason people are not getting the message.”
The bags filled nearly three 240-litre rubbish bins.
Barwon Coast thanked volunteers – most of whom were from Ocean Grove Coastcare and Friends of the Bluff.
Ocean Grove Coastcare is also looking for volunteers for its Festival of Sea stall on 20 March. To volunteer or for more information, email

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Ocean Grove Voice: Message sent, post-haste "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

FEDERAL Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson visited Market Place this month, to launch a campaign for a second post office in Ocean Grove.
“It is very disappointing that attempts to establish a second post office at Market Place Shopping Centre have been blocked by Australia Post,” she said.
Ms Henderson launched the campaign with Heather Waring on 5 March.
Heather and her husband Cameron own Market Place Lotto and Gifts and operate the Point Lonsdale Post Office.
“Delivering the infrastructure we need to support growing communities is vital – we need better postal services,” Ms Henderson said.
“That’s why I am backing a second licensed post office for Market Place Lotto and Gifts.”
Ms Henderson said she was delighted with the community support for a second post office.
“This is a service that the Ocean Grove community desperately needs,” she said.
The Corangamite MP asked Ocean Grove residents to visit her website and sign a community survey to support the campaign.
Australia Post invested $500,000 last year on renovations to Ocean Grove Post Office, which included a new fit-out and additional post office boxes.
An Australia Post spokesperson said a number of factors determined the need for another post office, including existing outlets, population, demographics and the volume of business.
“In the vicinity of Ocean Grove we already have three post offices operating and we believe the area is adequately serviced,” she said.
“However we are committed to undertaking a review of the needs of the community to determine whether any additional services are required.”

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Ocean Grove Voice: Day of delights "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

THOUSANDS enjoyed a day of strawberry delights this month at Wallington Primary’s 32nd Strawberry Fair.
Some of the fair’s treats were so popular they sold out well before the end of the day, fair committee member Tracey Frigo said.
“We ran out of choc-dipped strawberries and homemade jams – which is always a good problem to have,” she said. “People are always amazed that a little school can put on such a great fair.”
Wallington Primary welcomed new fair mascot, Berry Bliss, who was named in a school competition.
The school’s Grade 6 students took turns as Berry Bliss, much to the delight of youngsters.
“Kids love a mascot,” Tracey said. “There were little ones running up to hug it, which was very cute.”
Grade 5 students took charge of another fair-first, the kid’s stall, selling a multitude of strawberry-themed crafts they had made during the year.
School principal Leigh McLaren said the Strawberry Fair raised about $24,000, exceeding its target, with more than 7000 people attending.
Tracey said the fair went smoothly thanks to the school’s 154 students and their parents.
“Pretty much all the parents are involved in one way or another,” she said.

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After seeing this film, combined with Birdman being my absolute favourite film of last year, I can say without hesitation that Alejandro González Iñárritu has fast-become one of my new, all-time favourite directors of recent memory.

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The Channon Craft Market: Two Tears in a Bucket "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

 “Two Tears in a Bucket” is the musical collaboration of Nathan “Slyde” Petersen and Michelle Fitness. Thier sound is Swamp Grit meets Hillbilly Jazz, with a repertoire of original songs and unique interpretations of traditional blues and roots tunes.


Geelong Visual Diary: From a tennis club to units "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

A couple of years ago our Geelong East Uniting Tennis Club members were appalled when the head office property fellas sold our tennis courts to pay a Melbourne muck-up.  So here are photos to show what is currently happening to that land - from tennis courts to ten units - two bedrooms in each. Denman Street is a quiet street of excellent homes and the ten units seem to be a little out of touch with such an environment.


Zedlines: Tony Windsor announces return to federal politics and more 11AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Former MP Tony Windsor has said he will recontest for the seat of New England. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Queensland Parliament debates Stradbroke Island’s mining future  

The Queensland Parliament debated the future of sand mining on Stradbroke Island on Thursday. 


All in the Name of Liberty: Gab "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

I'm about to start another Gabrielle painting for one of her friends to make up for the one that got nabbed on the way. I'll do a few drawings as I go through the photos


All in the Name of Liberty: Cockatoos have a cracker "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Cockatoos eating - A painting I started last night

I know a few people who have been domesticated by sulphur crested cockatoos, so there's plenty of opportunity to do a few more

These are in Woolloomooloo, here's another in Newcastle

A cockatoo on a mophead eating a ritz cracker. Pigeons are underneath picking up the crumbs.


Ocean Grove Voice: Village thrives on coastal appeal "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

‘VILLAGE by the Sea’ Barwon Heads proudly proclaims itself.
The popular ABC series Seachange changed Barwon Heads from a sleepy hollow to a bustling, thriving town with all the amenities you could wish for, but it still managed to retain its village atmosphere in the process.
There are so many reasons to be in Barwon Heads. The kids will love the river beach next to the bridge, which is wave-free and safe. Surfers and wave seekers seek out Thirteenth Beach and you can try stand-up paddling at the river mouth.
Golfers have two world-class courses to choose from and fishing is popular off the bridge or at the river.
With a multitide of cafes and bars, the town caters for tourists, day trippers and locals. Boutiques line Hitchcock Avenue, but the town also has a bank, post office, primary school, child care, supermarket and a popular pub – the ‘BHP’.
With ample opportunities for walking, whether it be up to the Bluff or along the river or around the Village Park, humans and canines will love it. Check out the bollards that are displayed all around town.
The town boasts a proud sporting history, fielding Australian Rules football, cricket, tennis, bowls and soccer teams and there’s a thriving equestrian community.
Barwon Heads truly is a town for all to enjoy.

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The Witches Kitchen: Simple Hot Sauce "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Hot sauce

My partner is a chili fiend.  Hotter the better.  One of his favourite breakfasts is a poached egg with chilli sauce. He will put chilli on practically anything.

We have chillis in the garden, lots of them, but he spotted a bottle of chilli sauce at a market, labelled “Warning – very, very hot chillies”, so of course he had to take up the challenge.

And of course then I had to take up the challenge of reproducing it.

This is straight hot sauce – just chilies, vinegar and salt. Depending how hot your chillies are, it can be anything from magma to mildly spicy.  Its simplicity is its strength – you can add it to anything without muddying flavours.

The Recipe

It’s hardly worth a recipe.

Halve your chillies and remove some or most of the seeds.  Use gloves, or really really remember not to touch your face for hours afterwards. The seeds make it hotter, but I find that leaving all of them in gives it a bit too much bitterness.

Put them in a blender and cover with vinegar. I just use plain white vinegar, but it won’t matter what kind you use. Blend until it is semi-smooth – you want a little bit of texture in hot sauce.  Add half a teaspoon of salt for each cup of blend.

Pour the mix into a slow cooker, or into a non-reactive pot on a very low heat, and cook for as long as you like till it is thick and reduced.  Don’t use an aluminium or cast iron pot – the vinegar will pick up a metallic taste.  Use pyrex or enamel or stainless steel for anything with a lot of acid.

While the chillies are cooking...


Ocean Grove Voice: United they stand "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

CIERA Major and Ashleigh Pickett, two local Ocean Grovers, were a part of the new WNPL club Galaxy United’s first win.
They played in the under-13 girls team at Banyul Warri reserve against a strong Heidelberg United FC. The girls claimed the first win 2-0, with Pickett scoring the second goal to seal the win.
The under-15s were not so lucky, succumbing to a very strong HUFC side 0-5.
The under-18s faired better with a spirited performance that ended in a scoreless draw.
The day was capped off with a hard-fought win by the seniors (open age) taking a 1-0 win, that could have been 2-0 – with local talent Caitlin Pickett (Ashliegh’s older sister) having a number of exciting attacks on goal as she came on in the second half to strengthen the front line.

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Ocean Grove Voice: Through cold and ice to arrive in awe "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

OCEAN Grover Leigh-Ann Johnson took the trip of a lifetime recently.
After overnighting in Buenos Aires, she flew to El Calafate where she joined a 10-day tour across Patagonia through Argentina and Chile.
She then went to Antarctica and flew from Puerto Arenas to Pt William and then boarded the Polar Pioneer, only 48 passengers, 10 leaders and 23 Russian crew.
“As expected sailing across the Drake Passage was very rough and seasickness was apparent. The next 12 days were filled with awesome scenery, huge tabular icebergs, wildlife and interesting talks,” Leigh-Ann said.
She also braced herself for a polar plunge into the icy waters. She saw 30 humpback whales passing through the Dallman channel and then spent two days sailing (rough) and ending the tour in Ushuaia, Argentina.
“Antartica is very cold, very dry and very windy and very spectacular,” she said.

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the independent: Electoral Commission "investigating" Team Quirk tactics "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

NEWS   Brisbane Lord Mayoral independent candidate Jim Eldridge says the Queensland Electoral Commission is now investigating his formal complaints to it earlier this month over Team Quirk election material “that is misleading or likely to mislead voters” . As the only media outlet that has campaigned solidly since the 2012 poll against the LNP/Team Quirk’s copycat council cleat, The


Zedlines: Business women taking Brisbane by storm and more 10AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Brisbane business women are on the rise, with technology allowing women greater career advancement opportunities. (Source: Flikr)

Brisbane business women booming

The number of Brisbane women starting small businesses is on the rise according to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland.

Policy Advisor Catherine Pham, points to a 46 per cent increase in the number of women business operators over the past two decades, almost twice that of men.


Ocean Grove Voice: Lessons in respect "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

BELLARINE Secondary College took steps to prevent violence against women this month by signing up to the Respectful Relationships program.
The college will run the program for its Years 9 and 10 students in partnership with the Barwon Centre Against Sexual Assault (Barwon CASA).
College principal Alison Murphy said it would help “students understand what a respectful relationship is”.
“The professional training provided to our staff will ensure the messages from the program are embedded in the school,” she said.
“Our goal is for Bellarine students to develop as respectful and resilient individuals and this program will certainly support that.”
The six sessions for students include topics such as consent, the impacts of sexual assault, speaking up about sexual assault and being a bystander.
A number of other schools in Geelong have signed up to the program, which is part of the Sexual Assault Prevention Program in Secondary Schools (SAPPSS).
SAPPSS was developed by CASA House and has been operating for a number of years.
Last year the Department of Education and Training announced that respectful relationships education will be part of the Victorian curriculum.
Barwon CASA Prevention of Violence Against Women project officer Dr Pamela Bjork-Billings said this was due to the well-researched link between gender inequality and violence against women.
“Teachers are supported CASA staff who are experienced in this program and in dealing with the issues which arise when teenagers discuss relationships,” she said
“An important aspect is the training provided to the teachers before the program begins and the ongoing support that the CASA gives.”

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Ocean Grove Voice: Foot down on fitness "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


WESTERN Victoria Region MP Simon Ramsay jumped on his bike this month, joining Surfside Primary students for National Ride2School Day.
“Being physically active is so important for kids that age,” he said.
“It was great to see everybody get into the spirit of it.”
Mr Ramsay made the ride from Geelong to Ocean Grove on 4 March, arriving at the school in time for its 9am assembly.
“It was a beautiful ride,” he said.
The school’s shed was packed with bikes as more than 200 students rode to school.
As the State Liberal MP toured the school he was impressed by its efforts to promote healthy and active living, and its focus on sustainability.
Mr Ramsay made a small donation towards the school’s fundraiser for new play equipment and presented students with a Victorian flag.
So far the school has raised $13,500 of the $20,000 required for the equipment.
“I’ve been a president of a primary school and know what it’s like to try and raise money,” Mr Ramsay said.
Mr Ramsay, 60, is fast becoming a keen rider, which he said helps him stay in shape.
“I’ve caught the riding bug I’ve got to say,” he said.
He participated in the 68km Cadel Evans Peoples’ Ride for the first time this year, and hopes to do some more challenging rides in the future.
More than 350,000 students took part in National Ride2School Day across Australia.
The number of children riding or walking to school has fallen from 80 per cent in the 1970s to 25 per cent today, according to the Bicycle Network Australia.
Schools registered in the Ride2School Program have more than doubled this figure.

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Ocean Grove Voice: Do it for the kids "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Collection times for Good Friday:
Blue: 9-10.15am.
Purple: 10.15-11.15am.
Green: 11.15-12.30am.
Black: 14-15.30am.
The Terrace traffic lights will be manned from 9am to12.30pm.

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Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Animals, my teachers, my friends "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Animal friends

Like most, I have had important teachers in my life who have inspired and guided me, yet the most profound teacher I have ever had lies buried at the entrance of Edgar’s Mission. A landrace, large white pig I came to love and adore, and whom I named Edgar Alan Pig. Now he lies interned beneath a carved wooden sculpture of a pig with wings, with a rooster dutifully standing on his back, a stoic reminder to all who pass through our front gates of why we exist.

Edgar changed my life forever, as he taught me the most important things in life are not things, but rare moments in time that will live forever in one’s heart. Until the time Edgar trotted into my life all I had ever wanted to do was ride horses, and while it took some time convincing my parents to even allow me anywhere near a horse, it was something I was able to do with what many would call great success. However, amongst the trophies and accolades I always felt there was something missing. It took a little piglet with an incredibly big heart to show me just what that was.

Moreover, from my animal friends I have learned of their rich emotional worlds. From Edgar I learned that pigs could be chivalrous, just as he showed the day he came racing out of his straw bed (and there were very few things in life that could get him to do that) when he heard Pompy Pig doing her “someone’s killing me” routine as I gently tried to remove something that had become stuck on her. Although Edgar was not particularly fond of any other pigs, much preferring to keep to his own counsel, the thought that someone was harming one of his kind caused him to come charging my way with grunts that demanded I unhand that pig or far worse would inflicted upon me, and there was no doubt in my mind he wou...


Zedlines: Australia Border Force sends boats back to Indonesia and more 9AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Australian Border Force has turned-back vessels from Indonesia, just weeks out from a regional forum to combat people smuggling where Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, will be present. (Source: Flikr)

Ipswich mayor welcomes misconduct investigation

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale is subject to a new misconduct investigation over his alleged failure to disclose share ownerships in family company, Waltill.

Standing for a fourth term as Mayor in the March 19 elections, Councillor Pisasale was cleared of a previous 11-month investigation last year.


Zedlines: Campbell's bid for Canberra via Brisbane and more 8AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Former Premier Campbell Newman has not denied interest in the federal seat of Brisbane, leading to speculation of a political comeback. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Campbell Newman in contest for Canberra

Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has refused to confirm or deny whether he’ll make a bid for the seat of Brisbane in the next federal election.

With the possibility of a double-dissolution election currently slated for early July, Mr Newman has not denied any interest in the seat.


Natural Newstead: Mia Mia morning mixture "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

The following shots having been waiting since last weekend to appear. This pair of Hooded Robins was seen in the same place that I’ve been observing Red-capped and Scarlet Robins in recent weeks. It’s quite a hot spot it seems. It was while watching a group of pardalotes in the canopy that a lone White-throated  Needletail cruised over. A species that is commonly associated with storm fronts, there was not a cloud in the sky for this maverick.


Hooded Robin pair, Mia Mia Track, 5th March 2016


Male Hooded Robin


Female Hooded Robin


AWPA Sydney News: 1) Help us fight for independence - West Papua calls on Ghana "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) PAP : Only Two Options – Special Autonomy Law Changes or Special Autonomy Plus
3) Solomon PM to pursue West Papua issue
4) Nine Cross-border Stations to be Completed This Year
5) MRP Members Worry about Tenure to be Ended, says Councillor
6) From water bowl to prayer,  Jayapura welcomes solar  eclipse 
Wednesday, 9 March 2016
1) Help us fight for independence - West Papua calls on Ghana


The Network: The Dunera Boys and how Nicholas Gruen made my day on Facebook. "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

I had a most heart-warming experience on Facebook yesterday.  The original post is heart-rending if you go to the link and listen to the testimony of this particular woman and what she faced as a girl in state care in NSW.  She was imprisoned at Hay.  As well as re-posting the original post in the hope that people would become more aware of what has happened to this nation's children in the past, I asked the question if the prison at Hay could be the same place that the Dunera Boys were sent to in 1940.  

I often cite the Dunera Boys when speaking of the way refugees and asylum seekers have been treated by successive Australian Governments since the 1990s. Australian Governments and large sections of the Australian population have shown across decades that they dislike receiving people fleeing from all manner of hardship and life-threatening situations.  

The Dunera Boys were people who had sought refuge in England from the vicissitudes of Hitler's Europe.  They were a mixed bunch. Many of them were Jewish. Many of them were well educated.  Australia finished up being well blessed by those who came on the HMT Dunera when eventually the evacuees were settled into the broad Australian society and made lives for themselves.


Westender – West End 4101: Preventing forced marriage in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Angus Coleman looks at the campaign to prevent young women and girls in Australia being forced into marriage. In the recent years there have been an increasing number of high profile cases in the media of Australian girls and young women being forced through the use of threats or deception into marriages without their consent. […]

The post Preventing forced marriage in Australia appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.

03:50 Terrorism expert warns Australia: ‘You will be next’ "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

News Updates from CLG – 09 March 2016


Previous edition: Fukushima: Tokyo was on the brink of nuclear catastrophe; prime minister considered declaring martial law

Australia could be the next Paris, terrorism expert warns | 05 March 2016 | Progress in the bombing campaign against Islamic State has heightened the risk of the terror group lashing out and striking back on Australian soil, one of the world experts on suicide terrorism has warned. Professor Robert Pape, the director of the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism, has told a series of top-level meetings with Australian government officials and researchers that IS is purposely lashing out at members of the coalition involved in the air strikes.

Isis planning ‘enormous and spectacular attacks’, anti-terror chief warns | 07 March 2016 | Islamic State want to inflict an “enormous and spectacular” terrorist atrocity on Britain and may have people trained to a paramilitary level to carry out attacks, a counter-terrorism chief has said. Mark Rowley, a Metropolitan police assistant commissioner, said terrorists still wanted to kill soldiers or the police and now posed a real danger of attacking western lifestyle targets. Privately, counter-terrorism officials see no sign of Isis’s [I-CIA-SIS’S] internet propaganda campaign being thwarted by community and government efforts and believe the group still has the same ability to attract devotees.



Beachmere Blog: School Garden Grows Stuff For 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The school garden began the term with weeds a'plenty and all the impacts of the Summer heat and school break neglect.
But after a lot of recovery work the crops are a comin' on and the beds have been renovated. Because of the heat we've moved a lot of activities into the shade tunnel while outside has not been kind to many seedlings.
With the Autumn plantings due, the children have been growing our requirements from seed.
In production already are corn, luffas, zucchini, cucumbers, sunflowers, some herbs, lettuces, pumpkins, eggplant and tomatoes. 
With this rain all systems are go. 

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Wednesday, 09 March


News: Sustainable Breakfast Series 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Sustainable Breakfast Series 2016

The Sustainable Breakfast Series is in its third year on-air from Tuesday-Friday, 15-18 March, 7am-8:30am. Join us at Friends of the Earth Food Co-op for four days of live broadcasts, free breakfast and live music. Hear from 3CR breakfast presenters with campaigners, commentators and innovators talking about the most important challenge of our time: how to achieve environmental sustainability with social justice.


Tuesday, 08 March


Friends of the Earth Australia: We’re on the move – are you? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Speaking tour on the climate change precipitated relocation of atoll peoples in Papua New Guinea,

and the implications for climate justice in an Australian context


The visiting speakers will be:

  • Ursula Rakova, director of Tulele Peisa, the Carteret Islands relocation program in Bougainville, PNG, and
  • Pais Taehu, a representative of the Nukumanu (Tasman Islands) community of far eastern PNG.

The tour, scheduled from 9 – 22 April, will include speaking events in

  • Sydney,
  • Melbourne (April 14), and
  • Brisbane.

There will also be a range of networking opportunities, engagement with politicians, and media activities.  

Friends of the Earth Australia is proud to be hosting this tour with a range of partners, including:

  • Caritas



In 2007 the national government of PNG and the autonomous Bougainville government agreed to resettle the 6,000 inhabitants of the Carteret and three other atolls to the much larger island of Bougainville.

Some 3,500 Carteret Islanders and another 2,500 island dwellers from three other nearby atolls (the Mortlock Tasman and Nuguria Islands) will need to resettle on Bougainville due to increasing land loss, salt water inundation and growing food insecurity.

The relocation of the Carteret community is being co-ordinated by Ursula Rakova, of the NGO Tulele Peis...


News: If People Powered Radio: 40 years of 3CR at Gertrude Contemporary "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

3CR mural by Charlotte Clemens

Exhibition dates: 18 March–23 April
Exhibition opening: Friday 18 March 6–8pm

'If People Powered Radio: 40 Years of 3CR' is a collaboration between Fitzroy's oldest community radio station and one of Fitzroy's oldest galleries and studio complex, Gertrude Contemporary.



News: Current Affairs Coordinator (readvertised) "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

We have a position available as 3CR's Current Affairs Coordinator. The role of Current Affairs Coordinator is to maintain and resource current affairs programming blocks and special broadcasts at 3CR as detailed in the attached position description.  This is a part-time (25 hours per week) position until April 2017. Applications close 9am Monday 14th March. Check out the attached position description.


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