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Thursday, 10 March


Celilo Falls Commemoration, March 10th Portland Rising Tide

An open invitation to anyone who would like to share memories, stories, reflections on what Celilo means– an invitation anyone who knows what happened in just a few hours on that day.  White people descended from the colonial immigrants. First

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Perverse outcomes: Can conservation aid spur deforestation? Mongabay Environmental News

Conservation aid may sometimes result in a short-term increase in deforestation, a new study finds – highlighting the incredibly complex network of factors that drive forest loss. The study, published in Environmental Research Letters, examined deforestation rates in the wake of nearly $3.4 billion in conservation aid distributed to 42 Sub Sahara Africa (SSA) countries through 1,795 projects between 1980 and 2008. The researchers found that in many cases, a 10% increase in conservation aid resulted in a "small but significant" short-term increase in country-wide deforestation. However, this effect was not observed in better-governed countries with high forest cover, and the effect disappeared when the authors modeled results over 3-5 years. "Increases in the size and amount of protected areas (PAs) were associated with higher rates of forest loss," the authors note. This finding was not scale or country dependent, leading them to conclude that establishing PA's increases pressure on other forested areas as displaced populations seek new land for agriculture and livelihood. "Our hypothesis is that it's displacement," author Daniel Miller said in a press release, "The conservation aid may have gone toward a national park in, say, Benin, leading to less deforestation inside the park. That's the good news, but the bad news is that the funding may have just displaced forest clearing activities outside park boundaries." Further, the authors suggest that, "conservation aid may also indirectly encourage some degree of forest clearing to the extent it increases incomes of populations relying [on] forests for their livelihoods." This…


Phenomenon of Omen? Head Space

Study the image closely. “My magnetometer went wild on March 6th as Earth entered a fast flowing and highly geoeffective solar wind stream, creating bright aurora even down to lower latitudes over Europe,” reports Stuart Green of Preston, Lancashire, UK. “This is the largest response I’ve measured so far this year.” Colin Cooper took the […]


It is everything it appears to be… Now commence the Two Minute Hate! Head Space

BREAKING: Obama Just Dealt MASSIVE Blow To Oregon Militia Members, LIFE IN PRISON For THESE New Charges If only it would have been “Occupy Malheur”. Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – As you probably know, patriots took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in an attempt to keep a father and son pair of Oregon Ranchers, Dwight Lincoln Hammond, […]


Surely, All of America’s ‘G.I. Joe Dirts’ vehemently disagree with what is considered ‘White Privilege’… Head Space

Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal US Army Indoctrinated Soldiers on Dangers of ‘White Privilege’ ‘Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual.’ (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained documents from the United States Department of the Army revealing that in April 2015, 400 soldiers in the 67th Signal Battalion […]


Total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016 - best totality videos The Watchers » Latest articles

Total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016, is now long over. If you missed the show, here is a collection of the best totality videos available today. Be sure not to miss the Alaska Airlines flight 870 video. The Exploratorium and NASA went to Woleai, a tiny atoll in the...... Read more »


Tests in progress to analyse Ramu slurry Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

MCC pipe break

“The pipeline is not safe… I am concerned that this may be the first of more,”

Rosalyn Albaniel | Post Courier | 9 March 2016

TESTS are being carried out to ascertain if indeed the slurry that was released during last week’s pipeline spillage at Ramu nickel in Madang is non-toxic.

Usino Bundi MP Anton Yagama said this when contacted yesterday for his comments.

Mr Yagama said he was aware of the damage and concerned but unable to comment further until proper tests are completed and the results released by a government team.

His concern however related to the state of the roads where the pipeline owned by the Ramu NiCo Limited runs through.

He argued the terrain particularly in his electorate is unstable adding that since the commissioning and operation of the pipeline conditions had continued to worsen.

“The pipeline is not safe and had been showing signs there would be problems and it happened last week. I am concerned that this may be the first of more,” he said.

Mineral Resources Authority’s managing director Philip Samar said yesterday the developer has taken actions to clean up the environment.

“Given its impact to the environment, CEPA is currently in charge and the MRA will e...


Legal Internship Chesapeake Climate Action Network

The Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) is the first grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our mission is to build and mobilize a powerful grassroots movement and use our proximity to the nation’s capital to push for state, national and international policies that will put us on a path to climate stability. We take on the region’s worst climate polluters using many legal and regulatory tactics, while also advocating for the most effective clean energy policies for our region, the nation and the world. Learn more at


CCAN is looking for a part-time legal intern to expand our organization’s litigation and regulatory capacity. If you’re looking for a group that will challenge you, inspire you, and give you significant responsibility, we’d love to meet you. The legal intern will gain a wide range of hands-on experience associated with regional energy issues along with internal non-profit related legal matters. CCAN has been involved in a wide variety of environmental legal matters using regulatory frameworks under the federal Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Emergency Preparedness and Community Right-to-Know Act, as well as state-based environmental and greenhouse gas reduction laws.

Internship positions are unpaid; however, students may earn credit hours from their respective law schools or seek fellowships to fund their work with CCAN. Internships range from 10 to 20 hours per week.

RESPONSIBILITIES: CCAN’s legal intern should expect involvement in various projects which may include drafting briefs, legal research memos, regulatory filings, writing articles and fact she...


Condemning the Assassination of Berta Cáceres Indigenous Environmental Network

BertaBertaOn the occasion of International Women’s Day, we, the undersigned international human rights, environmental, social justice and Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, strongly condemn the murder of our colleague, indigenous leader, feminist and human rights defender Berta Cáceres on March 3rd, 2016 in La Esperanza, Intibucá, Honduras. We are profoundly concerned about how Honduran authorities are handling the investigation and the safety of key leaders within COPINH and other members of civil society directly linked to the case.


Climate Engineering, Final Fatal Folly Of The Human Race Geoengineering Watch

432Dane Wigington Planet Earth, and all that live on it, are in the throws of unimaginable and immediate upheavals.  Even at this late hour, with the walls closing in from every side, the vast majority are completely oblivious to the tidal wave that is towering above our heads. Earth's climate and life support systems are


Foreign mining companies ‘very concerned’ about changes to Mining Act Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

mine pit

Mining Act review ensures sustainability: Chan

Freddy Mou | LOOP PNG | March 9 2016

Mining Minister Byron Chan says the review into the Mining Act and the Mineral Re­sources Authority Act is aimed at ensuring “sustainability”.

Chan said the review will bring in six new mining policies.

“We must ensure the footprint left be­hind by mine development brings about tangible benefits that are sus­tainable after mine closure.”

Chan said the policies had been derived after wide consultations with provincial gov­ernments, landowners, the civil society, non-governmental organisations and State agencies over a four-year period with more than one-and-a -half-years of talks with the industry through the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petro­leum.

However, he did not mention that the industry was opposed to many of the proposed changes on the grounds they would adversely impact future in­vestments in the country.

Meanwhile, executive di­rector of the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Greg Anderson said the Chamber is very concerned that the proposed changes to the Mining Act and the Mineral Re­sources Authority Act could poten­tially curtail future exploration and development activity.

“We therefore hope that the Government will care­fully consider the implications...


Deadly flooding continues in Angola The Watchers » Latest articles

Less than a week after severe flash floods swept the city of Lubango, deadly floods hit the Cuanza Sul Province in Angola. At least 6 people died, and many were left missing. The flooding struck the Cuanza Sul Province between March 5 and 7, 2016. The Quissala and...... Read more »



Virginia Gives Dominion a Free Pass to Pollute. We All Live Downstream

Coal_Ash_National_Coal_Ash_Dump_800x533. Photo credit: Nenad Zivkovic / Shutterstock

By Michael Bochynski, Virginia Program Organizer

In January the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) issued Dominion Power two permits to drain over 300 million gallons of toxic coal ash wastewater into the Potomac and James River. The permits were granted despite the fact that untreated and unpermitted coal ash waste water has already contaminated local ground water and tributaries, like Quanitico Creek.

Virginia’s laws governing coal ash disposal are weak – household garbage is better regulated – and these controversial permits put Virginia at odds with local communities like Prince William County and neighboring states like Maryland. Virginia’s regulations have allowed unlined, unstable and unmonitored coal ash dumps to put our rivers and drinking water sources at risk.

Although documented coal ash contamination has occurred at eight sites, VDEQ does not require consistent monitoring of water supplies near coal ash dumps. Despite the abundant evidence of spills, contamination and unsafe dams, VDEQ has allowed Dominion to dump additional coal ash waste into our water ways and leave the remaining waste buried next to the Potomac and James Rivers.

Instead of allowing Dominion to “cap-in-place” coal ash waste, leaving future generations the task of clean up, VDEQ should require treatment of coal ash waste water pollutants to below toxic levels, and transport the dry, leftover ash to properly constructed, lined facilities located away from rivers and stream...


Open Letter Condemning the Assassination of Berta Cáceres Global Justice Ecology Project

The following Open Letter was presented during a Berta Lives! Rally in front of the  Honduran Mission to the UN and was delivered on International Women’s Day.  The letter was signed by OFRANEH, Friends of the Earth-US, JASS, Indigenous... Read More

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The Fracked Gas Power Plant That Could Put New York City Underwater EcoWatch


New York has banned fracking, but not the mass build out of fracked gas ...


EU puts the brakes on Monsanto's RoundUp Pesticide Action Network

Monsanto RoundUp

In a surprise move earlier this week, European officials put a hold on continued use of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's flagship herbicide RoundUp. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now well into its seventh year of reviewing the controversial chemical.

The European delay comes in the face of strong opposition to the proposed 15-year re-licensing agreement from Italy, France, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Public concern has been growing since the World Health Organization (WHO) labeled glyphosate a "probable human carcinogen" early last year. More than 1.4 million people have since signed a pet...


Climate Justice Forum: Matthew Fuller, Presidential Candidate Energy Positions, & Idaho Senate Bill 1339 3-9-16 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

The Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Climate Justice Forum radio program hosted by Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) features an interview with Matthew Fuller, who occupied the anchor chain of a Shell Arctic drilling support ship with Chiara D’Angelo during Memorial Day weekend 2015.  Matthew talks about his blockade experience and associated Coast Guard hearings using the climate change necessity defense. The show also discusses and airs footage of Democrat presidential candidate positions on dirty energy and Idaho oil and gas Senate Bill 1339 and its public resistance. Broadcast on progressive, volunteer, community station KRFP Radio Free Moscow every Wednesday between 1:30 and 3 pm PST, live at 90.3 FM and online, the show covers continent-wide climate activism and community opposition to extreme energy projects, thanks to the generous, anonymous listener who adopted program host Helen Yost as her KRFP DJ.

Filed under: Climate Justice Forum


Federal Court must uphold our children's right to a viable future The Ecologist

The US Constitution guarantees the rights of future generations, not just current ones, writes James E. Hansen. But those rights are being betrayed, knowingly and deliberately, by governments and politicians who are standing by and allowing climate change to wreak long term havoc on the planet. Today, this legal principle is being asserted in a Federal Court in Oregon.


California Widow Sues Monsanto Alleging Roundup Caused Her Husband’s Cancer EcoWatch


A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Monsanto by the widow of...


British Columbia Government Using ‘Judas’ Wolf in Unethical Hunt, Say Wildlife Advocates Latest News

Collared wolf may be kept alive to help government track and kill pack members time and time again


USDA Whistleblower Launches Regenerative Ag Farm to Train Next Generation of Farmers EcoWatch


Jonathan Lundgren filed a whistleblower complaint against the USDA for blocking his research on ...


7 Top NRC Experts Break Ranks to Warn of Critical Danger at Aging Nuke Plants EcoWatch


Seven top Nuclear Regulatory Commission experts have taken the brave rare step of publicly filing an...


Public Trust Doctrine requires governments to protect our oceans! The Ecologist

A legal principle dating from Roman times is ripe for use in protecting our waste-filled and over-exploited seas and oceans, writes Deb Wright. Under the 'Public Trust Doctrine' governments are entrusted to protect shared natural resources from abuse, and can be held accountable for neglect of their duties.


Severe weather hits UAE and Oman: thunderstorms, large hail and severe flooding The Watchers » Latest articles

Low pressure area passing from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman to southeastern Iran produced thunderstorms, fierce winds, large hail and severe flooding on March 9, 2016. The storm system is expected to advance to the north across Afghanistan and Pakistan...... Read more »


Brazil: Over 5,000 MST Women Destroy Monoculture Seedlings Earth First! Newswire

from MST

translated by Earth First! Journal

direct-action-mstAt dawn on Wednesday, March 8, around 5,000 women workers from the MST (Landless Movement) took part in a lightning-strike direct action against the corporation Araupel, in Quedas do Iguaçu, in the central region of Paraná.

Welcomed from all over the state, women destroyed eucalyptus and pine seedlings to denounce the destructive model of agribusiness and its impacts on the environment, specifying the expansion of pine and eucalyptus monoculture that turns the land into an unproductive “green desert,” from the perspective of [those who seek] food sovereignty.

The MST criticizes these “green deserts” of pine and eucalyptus monoculture, which destroy the biodiversity of the territory, deteriorating the soil, drying the rivers, occupying large tracts of land that could be used to produce a variety...


SeaWorld’s Famous Whale and ‘Blackfish’ Star Is Dying EcoWatch


Tilikum, the killer whale at the center of the documentary Blackfish, is in deteriorating health and SeaWorld has...


Italy: Update on the Trial Against Eco-Anarchist Comrades Silvia, Billy, and Costa Earth First! Newswire

from 325

billy silvia costa

2nd March: The last session of the trial took place at the court in Turin. Prosecutors and defence lawyers gave their statements. Prosecutors demanded 5 years and 8 months for Costa, 5 years and 4 months for Silvia and Billy.
The sentence is due 23 March.

[EF! Newswire Editor’s Note: For more info on these accused ELF activists, see the February 3rd update and call to action.]


Whole Foods Teams Up With SolarCity, NRG to Install Solar on 100 Stores EcoWatch


Whole Foods is teaming up with NRG Energy and SolarCity to install rooftop solar on ...


Resource Launches for Latest News on Geoengineering Global Justice Ecology Project

GJEP ally Oliver Munnion recently launched a newsletter for, a website that “aims to be a timely source for information and critical perspectives on climate engineering. Our goal is to serve as a resource for people around the... Read More

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Bloomberg: The Electric Car Revolution Is Here to Stay EcoWatch


Within six years, the cost of owning an electric car will be cheaper than ...


Break Free: Stop Dirty Fossil Fuels, Expedite Transition to 100% Renewable Energy EcoWatch


On the back of the hottest year in recorded history, communities worldwide are demanding governments...


Climate Deniers Mock ‘Feminist Glaciology’ Study EcoWatch


The paper draws on the literature of feminist political ecology and geography, which examines...


Dispelling the nuclear 'baseload' myth: nothing renewables can't do better! The Ecologist

The main claim used to justify nuclear is that it's the only low carbon power source that can supply 'reliable, baseload electricity', writes Mark Diesendorf - unlike wind and solar. But not only can renewables supply baseload power, they can do something far more valuable: supply power flexibly according to demand. Now nuclear power really is redundant.


Call for Support: Stop Timber Sales in Malheur Forest Earth First! Newswire

from Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

young-fawnComments needed by March 25th: Help us show public opposition to proposed timber sale degradation of the Magone Lake area on the Malheur National Forest, which threatens creek water flows for Steelhead, Redband, and Westslope Cutthroat trout; would eliminate suitable habitat for Pileated and Three-toed woodpeckers and Marten; and would fragment the integrity of wildlife habitat in an Inventoried Roadless Area and in other areas never logged or roaded before. (See bottom of post for where to send comments.)

The alternative 2 proposed action for the “Magone Project” timber sale would include commercial logging over 4,686 acres of Ponderosa pine, cool moist mixed conifer, and Lodgepole pine forest, including logging around Magone Lake, a popular recreation area; unnecessary wood placement in the lake instead of in creeks that need more large wood; logging, non-commercial thinning, prescribed burning and excessive miles of new mountain...


Natural Hazard – New Eruptive Phase: Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador Head Space

Natural Hazard – Volcanic Activity South America – Ecuador | Tungurahua Province, Tungurahua Volcano Location: 1°28’12.0″S 78°26’29.6″W Stratovolcano: Elev. 5,023 m (16,479 ft) Tungurahua webcams / live data Tungurahua volcano videos Tuesday March 08, 2016 Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador): large explosion this morning, ash to 36,000 ft (11 km altitude) (Volcano Discovery) The activity of the […]


Republican Mogul Opens Wallet to GOP Candidates Who Support Clean Energy EcoWatch


Jay Faison will financially support GOP candidates who...


It’s Official: This Winter Was America’s Warmest on Record EcoWatch


Every state in the lower 48 saw temperatures at least...


Elliott Rainforest Climb Camp, April 19-24, Oregon Earth First! Newswire

from Elliott Climb Camp 2k16 (email elliottclimbcamp2k16@gmail )

eccDo you ever dream of exploring the forest canopy, sleeping in the trees, or dangling from bridges? Would you like to join Blockadia, or create Blockadia in your home town? Join us in the Elliott rainforest from April 19-24 for a week of intensive training and climbing in the backwoods of so-called Southwest Oregon.


The Elliott Climb Camp will be on Coos land in the Elliott State Forest near Reedsport, Oregon. The camp is open to beginners and seasoned climbers alike, though we’d like first timers to commit to the whole week so we can give you all the skills you need to dangle with safety. Workshops will include: basic ascending/descending on a single rope, traverses, girthing and spurring, platform rigging, aerial pods and haul systems. The week will start with the basics and build so even the noobest of noobs can be a knot nerd by the end of camp. We’ll be bringing trainers from all over the West Coast with experience climbing in both professional and activist settings.

Why here? Why now? Our region is engaged in a critical struggle to stop the every spreading fingers of the fossil fuel industry by railroad, ship and pipeline, through our port cities and forests. The Umpqua, Coos, Coquille, Rogue and Klam...


Cloud seeding practice returns to Los Angeles, California The Watchers » Latest articles

The Los Angeles Department of Public Works said they seeded clouds over the county with silver iodide to increase the amount of rainfall during storms that battered California this week. DPW says this is their first cloud seeding since 2002. LA County has used cloud...... Read more »

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Wednesday, 09 March


South Florida’s Turkey Point Nuclear Plant is Pumping Polluted Water Into Biscayne Bay Earth First! Newswire

by Tim Elfrink / New Times

Turkey Point's cooling canals are leaking radiation into Biscayne Bay, a new study confirms.

Turkey Point’s cooling canals are leaking radiation into Biscayne Bay, a new study confirms.

As Florida Power & Light finalized plans to expand its nuclear reactors at Turkey Point three years ago, critics were aghast. The nuclear plant already stands on environmentally fragile land, and upping the power production would seriously threaten the ecosystem, they argued.

Turns out they may have been right. This morning, the county released the results of a study into whether Turkey Point has been leaking dangerous wastewater into Biscayne Bay. County water monitors found more than 200 times the normal levels of tritium, a radioactive isotope linked to nuclear power production, in the bay water, a finding environmentalists say justifies their concerns.

“This is one of several things we were very worried about,” sa...


ZIKV Transmission Documented in 55 Countries and Territories Fire Earth

Geographical distribution of Zika virus steadily widening A total of 55 countries and territories have documented Zika virus transmission between 1 January 2007 and 3 March 2016. Colombia reported 42,706 suspected cases of ZIKV btween  1 October 2015 and 20 February 2016, with 1,612 cases confirmed. Starting 2007, locally acquired Zika cases have been reported in […]


Extreme weather events expected to increase during 21st century on the island of Ireland The Watchers » Latest articles

New research conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Maynooth, Ireland, suggests the extreme weather conditions in Ireland will be on the rise throughout the 21st century. The study encompassed over 150 years of data and highly advanced modelling to...... Read more »


The Broken Maps of Fukushima

broken maps-3

These broken maps, co-mingling the dangers of external and internal radiation in one graphic, present the idea that the dangers from radiation near Fukushima are fixed and knowable. This is not true. Massive amounts of radionuclides have deposited along large areas of Fukushima, and they will now pulse and fluctuate within the dynamics of that ecosystem for as long as each particle remains radioactive.

The post The Broken Maps of Fukushima appeared first on


Lawrenceville residents call for accountability with steel foundry We All Live Downstream

By Cassi Steenblok, Clean Water Action

PA_West BaghouseWhen I was moving to Pittsburgh I conducted the arduous task of finding a place to live without being in the city. Everyone said the place to be is Lawrenceville, so I moved there and absolutely love my neighborhood. Lawrenceville is a great place to live, shop, and eat. It absolutely is the place to be.

But there’s one problem, the air quality. We know that Pittsburgh has some of the worst air quality in the country. In 2015, we received an ‘F’ grade in the American Lung Association’s State of the Air report and the McConway & Torley Steel Foundry in Lawrenceville is part of the reason. Based on 2014 reported actual emissions, McConway & Torley was the third largest stationary source in Allegheny County for benzene and fifth for manganese emissions, which can cause cancer and neurological problems. No wonder it earned a spot on Penn Environment’s 2015 Toxic Ten list, a look at the facilities contributing the most toxic pollution to residents in the Pittsburgh region.

Over the past year we’ve been organizing in the community to educate residents and businesses and get them to weigh in with the Allegheny County Health Department on the new permit for McConway and Torley. Our message...


Bill Gates: can we have an honest conversation about GMOs? The Ecologist

Some of the world's most powerful figures tout the benefits of GMOs, writes Stacy Malkan, but what's the real story? Facts on the ground expose the PR spin, half truths and outright propaganda that has come to dominate a public conversation that is not so much about engineering genes, but engineering truth for the benefit of multinational corporations.

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Tuesday, 08 March


Action! Demand Investigation into Murder of Berta Caceres Global Justice Ecology Project

COPINH: URGENT DENUNCIATION Sign this petition to urge the protection of Gustavo Castro Soto, an ally of Berta Caceres who was injured at the time of Caceres’ murder. The Council of Indigenous and Popular Organizations of Honduras (COPINH)... Read More

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International outcry grows over murder of Honduran indigenous activist CHANGING TIMES

12799437_1261028187247360_997364399903689824_nThere has been an international outcry over the assassination of Honduran indigenous activist Berta Cáceres Flores. Tributes continue to flood in, and there have been calls to action from diverse organisations around the world.

Assailants broke into Cáceres’ home in La Esperanza in the western province of Intibucá at around midnight on March 2, and gunned her down.

Cáceres’ murder has sparked immense grief. Environmental activists, politicians, and public figures have raised their voices in shock and outrage at the murder of a woman who touched hearts and minds far beyond her home country.

The activist’s assassination has brought into sharp relief the dangers faced by environmental campaigners, not only in Honduras. It has also turned a spotlight onto the causes Cáceres lived and died for – the fight for the rights of indigenous people, and the battle to defend their lands.

US senator Patrick Leahy said in a statement read at Cáceres’ funeral: “Berta was a champion of the rights of indigenous people and of the natural environment. She risked her life for those causes, braving the threats and the fear, knowing that any day could be her last.

“For her courage and commitment she was admired around the world, including in the Congress of the United States, and she will be forever remembered for it.”

Leahy said Cáceres’ represented a larger struggle for justice for all the people of Honduras, and her death could, and should, be a turning point in that struggle.



Community rallies to oppose mine waste dumping in Norwegian Fjords EARTHblog

Norway is a country known for both its affluence and progressive policies. But despite its sterling reputation, its government makes a highly destructive allowance to the mining industry: it permits mining operations to allow the direct dumping of toxic mine waste into the country’s famous fjords.

In February 2016, more than 100 local activists conducted a powerful act of peaceful civil disobedience to protect these stunning water bodies, which are channels of ocean carved out by glaciers. The group says more than 80 people were arrested during the protest.

Activists had many reasons to block test drilling of a mining site near Førde fjord last month, peacefully occupying the place for three weeks. Fjords are the site of spectacular mountain views that draw tourists from around the world. They also offer vital spawning areas for salmon and cod,  and some serve as congregation sites for whales and porpoises. They support diverse aquatic ecosystems, as well as a thriving fishing industry.

The group was protesting the government’s decision to grant  permission to Nordic Mining to mine Engebø mountain for rutile ore-- a mine which would dump its contaminated waste d into the nearby pristine fjord. (Rutile is a titanium mineral used for pigments in paints, plastics and other substances]).

Norway-based Nordic Mining plans to dump nearly 6 million tonnes of mine waste a year for 50 years into Førde Fjord. According to The Guardian, “the annual waste would include 1,200 tonnes of sulphuric acid, 1,000 tonnes of sodium, 1,000 tonnes of phosphoric acid, 360 tonnes of carbonic acid and 90 tonnes of acrylamide as well as other aci...


Scandal! Exxon knew about climate change, boosted denialism, misled shareholders, went carbon heavy The Ecologist

One of the world's biggest energy companies has been caught out in what may be the biggest ever climate scandal, writes Bill McKibben. Way back in the 1980s ExxonMobil knew of the 'potentially catastrophic' and 'irreversible' effects of increasing fossil fuel consumption, but chose to cover up the findings, spread misinformation on climate change, and go for high carbon energy sources.

Saturday, 05 March


French Polynesia and other Pacific Island Nations Join the Marshall Islands in the ICJ Case against Nuclear Weapon States

memoriale deplacee

The Marshall Islands submitted complaints at The International Court of Justice in The Hague in 2014 against the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and China for flagrant violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which was signed by these countries in 1968. India, North Korea, Israel and Pakistan are named as well, as they too are nuclear-armed states.

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