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Wednesday, 09 March


tyto tony: Floods bring terns from beach to road "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

White-winged Black Tern (Chlidonias leucopterus) drops in to mix with smaller Little Tern (Sternula albifrons). Just another morning at the beach? Not quite. The terns are in the middle of a high part of Orient Road, running through Orient Station southeast of Ingham. The local drought's broken with about 600mm of rain in the past 10 days. The first 200mm went straight through the cracks. Much of the past 300mm has backed up and caused minor flooding. It should mean an excellent beef and sugar cane year. And the terns will enjoy a change from the seaside.


Sustainable Living Armidale: Snow Gums Bushland Working Bee, Sunday, 20th March "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Sunday, 20 Mar; 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. ] Hello bushcarers, There was a fire towards the southern end of the reserve on Wednesday evening. It burnt part of the really high conservation value woodland and part of a 40-year old revegetation area before the fire brigade put it out . I have said more about the burnt area at the bottom of this post*. The [...] full article »


Echonetdaily: Police seek man wanted for violent offences – Northern Rivers "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police are calling for public help in trying to find a 27-year-old man wanted for domestic-violence offences in NSW.

Sam Webb is wanted in relation to five outstanding arrest warrants in NSW for domestic violence-related offences.

He is described as being of Caucasian appearance, about 165cm tall, of slim build, with a fair complexion, brown hair, brown eyes and no facial hair.

Police say Webb has a distinctive tattoo of a skull with a cross in the middle of it on his left forearm.

He was last seen in Broken Hill in early February and police believe he may have been seeking handyman work on farms in the state, or made his way to the Northern Territory.

Anyone who sees Webb is urged not to approach him, but to call Triple Zero (000) immediately.


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jacksjottings: Freeing the Bird. "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A smile and a peace sign make my day.

A smile and a peace sign make my day.

.We are One Family.

A paddle in a puddle make their day.

A paddle in a puddle make their day.

 Happiness is a by-product of having a purpose in life. Combined with the understanding life is not perfect. Seeking lasting happiness in an imperfect world is unrealistic. Pleasures are fleeting but understanding brings contentment.

Nourishment is important.

Nourishment is important.

 If we expect a pleasant sensation to last for ever we are in for disappointment.

Safety is important.

Safety is important.

Nothing la...


Echonetdaily: Zeta puts her locks on the block for charity "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Zeta Zahra enjoys the last few days of her long locks, admired by mum Lee, before they go on the block for the World’s Greatest Shave on Saturday at James Hardware Mitre 10. Photo Jeff 'Gone Tomorrow' Dawson

Zeta Zahra enjoys the last few days of her long locks, admired by mum Lee, before they go on the block for the World’s Greatest Shave on Saturday at James Hardware Mitre 10. Photo Jeff ‘Gone Tomorrow’ Dawson

Zeta Zahra is enjoying the last few days of her long locks before they go on the block for the World’s Greatest Shave at midday on Saturday at James Hardware Mitre 10, Mullumbimby.

The event is being held to raise funds for the Leukeamia Foundation.

A raffle will be drawn at 12.30pm with James Hardware donating a major prize of a 400-litre Aerobin composting system valued at $319.

The raffle will be drawn in store at 12.30pm on Sturday.

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Echonetdaily: Kingscliff CBD hi-rise plan ‘deceptive’ "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

downloadLuis Feliu

A controversial plan to allow five-storey high-rise buildings at Kingscliff has been slammed by a Tweed community group which says it goes against a 30-year battle by residents to preserve the town’s three-storey limit.

Tweed Shire Council managers say the Kingscliff Locality Plan, which is now on exhibition, is ‘the most important strategic plan to guide the seaside town’s future development’.

The plan looks at reviewing building heights and encouraging shop-top housing in the town centre as well as pedestrian and cycling connections to surrounding residential areas, and establishing a ‘business and knowledge’ precinct.

But locals are not amused and have vowed to fight the plan, saying its exhibition is ‘deceptive and unconvincing’.

Ron Cooper, convenor of the Our 490 group, says ‘tinkering with building heights weakens the council determination that has survived for 30 years’ and would ’encourage rogue developers to challenge the height controls.

‘You just have to stand on Kingscliff Beach and look north to see where this is all heading: metre by metre we’re going up.  It’s already happening at Casuarina Beach’.

‘Tweed Council will be flying in the face of...


Echonetdaily: Roundup concerns over rail clearing "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Residents are concerned that Roundup will be used to control weeds to make way for a train to run from Elements Resort . Photo: Shutterstock

Residents are concerned that Roundup will be used to control weeds to make way for a train to run from Elements Resort . Photo: Shutterstock

With extensive clearing needed along the corridor between Bayshore Drive and Lawson Street for the Elements resort train proposal, residents say they are concerned that ‘significant amounts of poisons such as Roundup/Glyphosate’ will be needed.

And while no development application has been submitted for the plan, two stations were approved last year by Council.

Representing Sunrise residents, Tanja Krebs told The Echo, ‘Soil along the railway corridor is very sandy with low phosphate levels (poor herbicide binding qualities) and research indicates that the poisons will leach out of the soil, into the adjoining Belongil Creek and estuary before it can be properly broken down. The rail corridor runs adjacent to homes, waterways and the wildlife corridor.’

‘In a letter received from the EPA in July last year it is clearly stated that the EPA understands that the project is being assessed under section 78c of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and that Council is the consent authority.



Echonetdaily: Nats cautiously promote CSG within new North Coast Regional Plan "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A new North Coast Regional Plan appears to leave the door open for CSG mining in some areas of the region. (File pic)

A new North Coast Regional Plan appears to leave the door open for CSG mining in some areas of the region. (File pic)

A new plan for the NSW north and mid coast has suggested that the potential coal seam gas (CSG) resource within the Clarence-Moreton Basin ‘may be able to support the development and growth of new industries and provide economic benefits for the region.’

Spearheaded by Nationals MP Chris Gulaptis (member for Clarence) and released by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, the report examines growth predictions within housing, transport, tourism, health, education, and mineral and energy resource sectors.

The 100-page North Coast Regional Plan covers areas from Port Macquarie to Tweed Heads.

And while Mr Gulaptis told The Echo, ‘There will be no coal seam gas industry on the north coast,’ the comment does appear to leave the door open for CSG development for the mid north coast.

Even the plan’s stated aims on climate change are at odds with its own suggestion that CSG could benefit the region.

Climate change

Regarding climate change, the report aims to ‘address the implications of a changing climate and build resilience to natural hazards.’

It reads: ‘The 2014 North Coast Cli...


Echonetdaily: Making the woeful wonderful with Hannah Gadsby "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

NORPA introduces a regular comedy event to its ever-expanding cultural calendar with Lismore Laughs, a two-day event that features comedians Hannah Gadsby, The Listies for the kids, and Nazeem Hussain.

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby is one of Australia’s most distinctive comic performers. A storyteller par excellence with a joke rate that most dads at a family barbecue would envy, Hannah is guaranteed to make you laugh, if not split your sides, as she takes you on an unforgettable journey through her unusual brain. Her droll delivery, delightful wordplay and self-deprecating observations have delighted audiences all over the world, drawn critical acclaim and a swag of awards. And did you know, she did her first-ever comedy performance here in the northern rivers?

That’s right. Gadsby was one of the community college comedy students taught by yours truly who did her first show at the Byron Bowlo and then went on to international acclaim!

Hannah’s shows are always an attempt at explaining her thought processes. It seems she’s a girl who’s made woeful choices a tax deduction.

Every morning when I wake up… I nap.

As a comedian, the question I hate being asked most is… what is the capital of Bur...


Echonetdaily: Putting comedy on your listie "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Want to take your kids to see comedy but worried it’s going to be terribly inappropriate?

the-listies-2And then worried that if it is appropriate it’s going to be completely naff? Well the Listies have the show for you.

If I could change one thing… it would be my underpants.

It’s important to remember… to change your underpants.

Loving yourself… is putting on clean underpants.

When I dance I… poop. Then I have to change my underpants  #problems.

People always assume… I’m joking about my underpants.

My mother told me… to change my underpants. She’s really worried about me.

The biggest disappointment… is when the elastic goes in my underpants

When I was a kid I thought babies… were on to a good thing with nappies.

If I won lotto I would… buy all the underpants in the world – YASSSS!

If I were PM the first thing I’d do… is change the Australian flag to a pair of underpants.

The world would be a better place… if I changed my undies.  #seriously

When you come to my show...


Echonetdaily: Music festival scores five-year approval "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival has gained five-year approval. (supplied)

The Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival has gained five-year approval. (supplied)

Richmond Valley Council has granted a five year development approval to the Rabbits Eat Lettuce outdoor dance festival.

The festival will be held on a 3,000 acre private property, surrounded by forests, mountains and sandstone cliffs, about 50 kilometres south west of Casino.

The four day festival will run 24-hours a day, with music, workshops and yoga on the Easter long weekend.

Festival organiser Mr Eric Mycle Lamir-Pike said the site at Kiddendaff would be developed into a ‘world class outdoor entertainment venue’ over the next five years.

‘This year we’re investing almost $400,000 to bring a host of international and Australian national artists to the festival, and to establish stage 1 of the venue infrastructure,’ he said.

‘In addition to providing a great four-day camping holiday with non-stop entertainment the REL Village will provide wholesome food and beverages and a colourful festive atmosphere.

He said the festival would also act as a Small Business Incubator, providing a venue and market for scores of small businesses to establish, develop and grow their enterprise.

‘We expect the Richmond Valley/Casino economy will...


Echonetdaily: Tasmania’s crazy lurch back into costly fossil-fuel era "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

hydro-tasGiles Parkinson,

Only just recently, Tasmania – courtesy of its rich hydro resources, excellent wind conditions, and even a little bit of sunshine – could boast of being 100 per cent renewable, with all the economic possibilities that could afford in a world rapidly transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

The state had closed down its last fossil fuel generator, and the combination of a large hydro fleet (2,200MW), a growing portfolio of wind farms (310MW) and a small amount of rooftop solar (80MW) accounted for its electricity needs.

It supplemented and profited from these resources through the BassLink cable to the mainland, more for exporting clean power rather than importing from the heavily coal-reliant Victoria.

Analysts suggested Tasmania, with its giant hydro battery, was perfectly positioned to become a fully green state, becoming the first to use renewables to supply all electricity, road transport and many industrial processes. A green Apple Island, if you like.

All it would require was a bit of vision and forward planning – encourage rooftop solar, build more wind farms, use the green electricity as a prompt to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles; maybe even build a new link to the mainland to become an export of green electricity.

Not any more. Due to a combination of bad luck and rotten planning, old school thinking and – guess what – climate change, Tasmania has found itself with little water in its dams to generate hydro electricity, no power link to the mainland, bushfires shutting down generators, and not enough renewables to fill the gap.

The Tasmanian government finds itself in the mids.....


Echonetdaily: Madness, aliens debated at Brisbane fair "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Legendary physicist Albert Einstein’s discoveries will be celebrated during two stage performances at the World Science Festival Brisbane, which begins today.

Brisbane [AAP]

Geeks, deep-thinkers and curious minds will gather in Brisbane over the coming days for the World Science Festival.

The five-day event, which kicks off on Wednesday, aims to bring science out of the laboratory and inspire Queenslanders through discussions and performances tackling some of the big issues facing humanity.

Topics will range from the stars to the depths of the ocean, the search for alien life, madness, creativity, robots and dinosaurs.

Nobel Laureate physicist Brian Schmidt, astronaut Andy Thomas as well as physicist, author and festival co-founder Brian Greene are among those speaking at the festival which originated in New York and is being held in Brisbane for the first time.

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Echonetdaily: NSW police urged to abandon pursuits "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Sydney [AAP]

NSW police are being urged to scale back high-speed car chases after the death of a veteran officer who crashed on his way to assist in a pursuit.

Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson, 43, was killed just before midnight on Saturday when his car left the road and ploughed into a tree at Allandale, in the Hunter Valley.

He had reportedly been authorised to use road spikes and was trying to get ahead of the pursuit.

Road safety expert John Lambert called for NSW to abandon or radically scale back police pursuits, as Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland had done.

He said there was an extremely high rate of deaths from police chases and Sgt Richardson would still be alive if NSW had a more conservative pursuit policy.

‘Police have a major role in road safety, so how can they be initiating probably the most dangerous activity on roads, from a road safety perspective, that there can possibly be?’ Mr Lambert told AAP.

‘It’s in total opposition to their role in trying to reduce deaths and injuries on roads.’

Greens MLC David Shoebridge called for a less ‘hot-headed’ pursuit policy, saying a more rational alternative would be to reserve them for when police had no other viable option.

‘We should be expecting far better from the NSW Police than the dangerous approach of 30 high speed chases a week,’ he wrote in a statement on his website.

Sgt Richardson was a decorated police officer who served 18 years in the force.

He left behind his wife, who is a serving NSW police officer, and two young sons.

Paul Robert Johnson, 34, was arrested on Monday over the Hunter Valley pursuit.

Police said he had been disqualified from driving for life in 2000.

He was denied bail after facing court on 17 charges, including dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and two counts laid under Skye’s Law, which relates to police pursuits.

NSW Police Ministe...


Echonetdaily: US tourist dies in Tel Aviv stabbing spree "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish burial society cleaning up blood and medical bandages at the scene a stabbing attack on a sea side walking area in old Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv, Israel, on Tuesday, after a Palestinian attacker went on a stabbing spree and wounded 10 people before he was shot and killed. EPA/Jim Hollander

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish burial society cleaning up blood and medical bandages at the scene a stabbing attack on a sea side walking area in old Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv, Israel, on Tuesday, after a Palestinian attacker went on a stabbing spree and wounded 10 people before he was shot and killed. EPA/Jim Hollander

Tel Aviv [RAW]

An American tourist has been stabbed to death and at least nine other people have been wounded by a Palestinian armed with a knife on a popular boardwalk in Tel Aviv, while US Vice President Joe Biden was in a meeting a few kilometres away.

The attack on Tuesday took place in the popular Jaffa port area, a favourite spot among tourists.

The Magen David Adom ambulance service said four of the wounded had severe injuries.

“A terrorist, an illegal resident who came from somewhere in the Palestinian territories, came here to Jaffa and embarked on a run … along...


Echonetdaily: Refugees’ plight deepens in Greece "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Refugees sit waiting to cross the Greek-Macedonian border near Idomeni, northern Greece, on Tuesday. Thousands of people remained stranded in the refugee camp at Idomeni, on the Greek border with Macedonia, hours after the European Union and Turkey failed to reach agreement on resolving the migration crisis. Around 1,000 people are expected to disembark 08 March in the Athens' port of Piraeus and to continue north, toward Idomeni. EPA/Valdrin Xhemai

Refugees sit waiting to cross the Greek-Macedonian border near Idomeni, northern Greece, on Tuesday. Thousands of people remained stranded in the refugee camp at Idomeni, on the Greek border with Macedonia, hours after the European Union and Turkey failed to reach agreement on resolving the migration crisis. Around 1,000 people are expected to disembark 08 March in the Athens’ port of Piraeus and to continue north, toward Idomeni. EPA/Valdrin Xhemai

Idomeni [DPA]

Thousands of people remain stranded in the refugee camp at Idomeni, on the Greek border with Macedonia, hours after the European Union and Turkey failed to reach agreement on resolving the migrant crisis.

Making matters worse, heavy rain fell on Monday night. It was the second massive rainfall in f...


Echonetdaily: Firearms stolen from Yamba property "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police are appealing for information after a number of firearms were stolen from a property in the Clarence River region this week.

A man was seen running from a home on Oyster Channel Road, Yamba, about 6.30pm on Monday before speeding away in a white Volkswagen, bearing Queensland plates.

Neighbours were aware the property owners were currently away and therefore attended the house immediately, and found it had been ransacked.

They contacted police who attended a short time later.

During a subsequent search of the home, police from Coffs Clarence Local Area Command discovered a safe had been forced open and five firearms had been stolen.

A crime scene was established and will be examined by forensic specialists.

The man seen at the home has only been described as being of Caucasian appearance and about 35-40 years of age.

There have also been two other break and enters in the region in recent weeks; one at The Pinnacles and another at Southgate.

Firearms were also stolen from The Pinnacles property.

Detectives are therefore investigating whether the incidents may be linked.

Anyone who may have witnessed the man at the Yamba home, and has not yet spoken to police, is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

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Echonetdaily: Federal Liberal MP questions plebiscite "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Perth [AAP]

An openly gay West Australian Liberal MP is questioning the proposed same-sex marriage plebiscite, citing its $160 million price tag and saying politicians have the authority to change the law without it.

Senator Dean Smith, a supporter of same-sex marriage, said he would voice his concerns in the party room and added it would be logistically difficult to hold the plebiscite in 2016 if the federal election was not called soon.

‘I’m uncomfortable with the cost, secondly I’m uncomfortable with us too readily abrogating the foundational principle of parliamentary sovereignty,’ he told ABC radio.

‘Once we set a precedent on this issue, how do we argue that we shouldn’t have a plebiscite on other issues, for example sending men and women off to armed conflict overseas. How do we argue that we don’t have a plebiscite on euthanasia?’

Mr Smith, once an opponent of same-sex marriage, said he began to advocate for change after reflecting on the key principles of the Liberal Party.

‘I came to the position that equality before the law is a core Liberal principal and I decided that a same-sex relationship should be accorded the same sorts of respect by the law as heterosexual relationships,’ he said.

The WA MP said his colleagues must disregard their personal beliefs on same-sex marriage in determining if a plebiscite was the most appropriate course of action.

‘Many people come to the issue of a plebiscite through the lens of what is their attitude to gay marriage, I’m taking a step back from that,’ Mr Smith said.

‘I’m asking as a conservative person interested in our democratic traditions, is this the sort of step we want to take, and if it is, we need to make sure it’s well considered.’

Mr Smith said he viewed recent comments by Attorney-General George Brandis that a plebiscite would be held later this year as an observation rather th...


Echonetdaily: UN warns EU-Turkey migrant deal illegal "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Geneva [RAW]

The United Nations and human rights groups have warned that a tentative European Union deal to send back all irregular migrants to Turkey in exchange for political and financial rewards could be illegal.

‘I am deeply concerned about any arrangement that would involve the blanket return of anyone from one country to another without spelling out the refugee protection safeguards under international law,’ UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi told the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

He was speaking hours after the 28 EU leaders sketched an accord with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Brussels that would grant Ankara more money to keep refugees in Turkey, faster visa-free travel for Turks and a speeding up of Ankara’s long-stalled membership talks.

Rights group Amnesty International called the proposed mass return of migrants a ‘death blow to the right to seek asylum’.

But the executive European Commission insisted the deal to put an end to a mass influx of more than a million people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and beyond, due to be finalised next week, was fully legal.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who pushed for the accord to assuage anxious voters before regional elections on Sunday, said things were finally moving in the right direction after nearly a million Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans and others flooded into Germany alone last year.

She denied accusations that Turkey was using refugees to blackmail Europe.

The 28 EU leaders were taken by surprise by the bold, last-minute Turkish initiative, which went beyond previous plans for more limited cooperation.

Unable to sign up to firm commitments immediately, they agreed to wrap up a deal at their next summit on March 17-18, but several points remain sensitive.

Migrants marooned in squalor on Greece’s frontier with Macedonia by the closure of borders further...


Echonetdaily: Heatwave warning for Victorians "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Melbourne [AAP]

Victoria’s unseasonably hot March has continued with record temperatures reached on Tuesday.

Melbourne city hit 38.9C, its hottest March day since 2008, says Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Rod Dickson.

And Moorabbin hit 40.8C, its hottest March day on record, he said.

There is not expected to be much relief through the night, with a minimum of 26C forecast for Melbourne.

Mr Dickson said temperatures in the 30s were forecast again across most of the state on Wednesday, with showers and thunderstorms developing.

Victoria’s Department of Health issued a heat health alert on Tuesday evening after the boiling temperatures led to three people being admitted to hospital after fainting at Port Melbourne.

All three were in a stable condition.

The health department warned people to drink plenty of water, not to leave people or animals in cars, seek air-conditioning and plan ahead to keep out of the heat.

Ambulance Victoria’s state health commander, Paul Holman, also warned people to adjust their activities to ‘respect the heat’.

‘It’s the overnight temperatures that are going to cause us grief, as people don’t recover from the heat and that’s when they start to get into trouble,’ he told reporters.

Wednesday is a very high fire danger for all regions apart from the South West.

Cooler conditions are forecast over the weekend but Victorians should not expect a large drop in temperature – it is still anticipated to reach the high 20s next week.


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Byron Bay Blog: Ursula Kelly’s Exhibition ‘Concept Creation Completion’ Opening "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

You are invited to come to see Ursula Kelly’s exhibition which starts this Friday, but her opening will be held on Saturday March 12th at 6pm.

Ursula has used a diverse range of source material for this exhibition, including environmental notions and concepts, and combined these sometimes with a sense of whimsy.

Her installation of 100 ceramic sea birds on the floor of the gallery, transform the space and leads the viewer to ponder the questions raised in her artworks, many of which make social comment, on the state of our coastal environment.

Originally from Europe, Ursula moved to the Gold Coast in 1990 with her husband. Today she multi tasks between working in the areas of commercial, fine art, teaching, workshops, and exhibiting her art.

79cfcb11-5b62-4c34-b64c-f778ed8e8ea4Ursula has scheduled two free special events for children. Details are below. We do hope you will make the most of this opportunity, and let your friends know who may be interested in bringing their children.

Drawing 4 Kids – Two sessions – FREE!
Sunday March 13 and Sunday March 20 – 11am>1pm – age 7-10 years – (penci...


North Coast Voices: What Nationals MP for Page Kevin Hogan did not tell the Grafton Chamber of Commerce's February breakfast meeting when he was asked about foreign ownership of land and overseas workers "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This was the incumbent Nationals MP for Page Kevin Hogan as reported in The Daily Examiner on 22 February 2016:

A member of the chamber executive, Mark Butler, asked Mr Hogan what the government was doing to combat countries like China buying up large tracts of Australian land and the prospect of those owners employing Australian workers……

Mr Hogan said the government, led by the Nationals, was fighting foreign ownership.

This included setting a minimum property sale of $15 million before the sale was brought to the Foreign Investment Review Board.

Mr Hogan said the limit in 2013 had been $250 million.

"Even then I think that's ($15 million) too high, but at least it's cumulative so, if they buy an $8 million and a $7 million property, they appear on the board's radar," he said.



Radio 2RDJ FM 88.1: Swinging The Blues Playlist 7.03.2016 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Track Title Artist Album Title
Shoe Boycotter Matt Stillert Shoe Boycotter   (new)
Bad Advice Foreday Riders Herding Cats
My Ideal Dan Barnett (Big Band) Some Where Some Place
Some Time
Give You Heaps Toni Swain Deepest Water
Junk Mail Blues Brendan Leggatt Paid My Dues
The Beach Shack Nick Wildgoose Dilettante Bluesman
Fair Go Andy Layfield Mad Time
Kings Lament Three Kings Here It Is
God Loves A Sinner Russell Morris Red Dirt – Red Heart
St James Infirmary Blues Sugarcane Collins Going Back To Clarksdale
Things You Want Nick Charles The River Flows


Bulga Milbrodale Progress Association: Bulga Beats Festival, Sat, Mar 12, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Bulga Beats Festival

After a very successful inaugural event in June 2015, Bulga Beats Festival 2016 is looking to be bigger and better than ever.

This music, market and arts festival focuses on community building, attracting people to the Hunter Valley and our district, supporting / promoting sustainable industries, local businesses and wine & tourism in our area.


Our little town’s big festival attracted people not only from the Hunter Valley but also from Sydney, the Central, Mid and North Coast. We even had some festival goers from Brisbane, from Victoria and even Tasmania. We received many fantastic reviews and the overall consensus from the crowd was that they would certainly be attending the next Bulga Beats Festival in 2016.

We are very excited to have amongst our special guests,  2015 Best Male Golden Guitar winner, Luke O’Shea who will be performing songs from his recent albums, other artists include, Zappo, Fred’s Ginger, Boneman, Crying Tree, William John Junior, Daheen among others. There will food & market stalls, art exhibition & sale, car & bike show and much more.

Again in 2016, we see the return of our famous Guitar Auction. This years guitars features signatures by famous performers such as Paul Kelly, Jimmy Barnes, John Butler, Luke O’Shea, Kasey Chambers, Troy Cassar-Daley...


North Coast Voices: Are we witnessing the beginning of the end for the global coal industry? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

While the Australian Coalition Government keep its head deeply buried in the sand on climate change policy and the future of fossil fuels the world has quietly begun to by-pass coal, one of this country’s biggest exports.

Senate Bill 1547 (ELIMINATION OF COAL FROM ELECTRICITY SUPPLY) passed the Oregon House of Representatives on a 39-20 bipartisan vote on 16 February 2016 and re-passed the Senate on 2 March 2016:

Requires each electric company providing electricity to retail...

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Tuesday, 08 March


Westender – West End 4101: March is all about architecture with the Asia Pacific Architectural Forum #aparchforum "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The UQ Architecture Lecture Tues. 1 March. SLQ. State Library Queensland review by Dr. Charles Zuber. The first speaker for the 2016 lecture series hosted by UQ and the Queensland State Library was Moon Hoon. It turned out to be an inspiring evening and a great way to start the series. So, make sure you […]

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Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens: Grow a Food Forest – Free Training "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Friday mornings 18th March – 8th April, 9am – 12 midday

In this 4 week TAFE OUTREACH course you’ll learn about soil, seed saving, propagation, looking after the health of plants and trees in a lovely community garden.

Places are FREE – Booking Essential. Call Jude on 0411506556



The Gap Year and Beyond: Too hot to be bothered… "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

By the time I had left the Nurcoung Bushland Reserve it was getting quite hot (by mid-afternoon it would be low 40’s). Driving out along the rough bush tracks,  I spotted a large male Grey Kangaroo resting in the hole he had scraped in the shade of a bit of scrub. He sat up as I walked closer and then decided it was too hot to leave the shade…he probably reckoned he could take me…I reckon he could too. I walked back to the car and left him to it…

Male Grey Kangaroo, Nurcoung Reserve, Victoria

Male Grey Kangaroo, Nurcoung Reserve, Victoria

Male Grey Kangaroo, Nurcoung Reserve, Victoria


Filed under: Animal, Victoria Tagged: Australia,...


Westender – West End 4101: Along the Boundary – the rich history of West End’s community hub "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

West End’s Boundary Street has a rich history. It has 15 buildings that are listed on the Brisbane City Council Heritage Register and the Kuripla Library was the first purpose-built municipal library in Queensland.  The West End Making History Group is currently in the early stages of planning a project to record the history of the […]

The post Along the Boundary – the rich history of West End’s community hub appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


The Vociferous Journalist: Who runs the world? "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

International Women’s Day encourages discussion on creative ways to combat gender inequality. Dr Leah Ruppanner has written an article offering community-based ideas for equalising gender relations and improving the status of families.  She says the battle for gender equality is not a battle of people but a battle of ideas.


Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: International Women’s Day: Sisters are Doing it for Others "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Womens Day

When Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart wrote “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves” they intended the song to liberate women and show they should no longer stand behind a man, but stand next to them. To show that women were now working on their own lives and careers as equals to men. But many women who have forged their way forward have chosen to work hard not for themselves, but for the good of others.

The contribution of women to the betterment of the world has been, and continues to be, great. Elizabeth I brought peace to England during her rein, Florence Nightingale pioneered modern nursing, Rosa Parks was a civil rights leader and instrumental in the fight for racial equality in America, Jane Goodall showed the world the emotional worlds of animals and continues to champion conservation, Malala Yousafzai stood against the Taliban and demanded girls be allowed an education, and who could forget Rosie Batty. These women make only the very tip of the iceberg and have achieved so much primarily for good of others, for humanity as a whole and for our feathered, furry and finned friends.

As you will already be aware, animals are incredibly intuitive and have a way of knowing when we need to be comforted and will offer it without reservation. For International Women’s Day we want to introduce you to, or remind you of, a few of our own female residents who are making a difference.

Vet Nurse Ruby


Once upon a time Ruby had a human who saw her failure to round up sheep as reason enough to have her shot, fortunately the friend he enlisted to carry out th......


AWPA Sydney News: POLITICAL STATEMENT of the ULMWP Indonesia Supports Palestinian Independence? What about West Papua? "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


Indonesia Supports Palestinian Independence? What about West Papua?

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) just held its extraordinary summit in Jakarta from 6 to 7 March, with the theme "Independence is the right of all nations". The Government of the Republic of Indonesia reaffirmed its support for the independence and sovereignty of Palestine. In fact, through a bila...


ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Savonarola! The Taliban were not the only ones who created religious dictatorships "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498) was born into a noble family in Ferrara, his father being a doctor. Girolamo was educated by another relative who was also a doctor and a man of rigid religious principles. So it was inevitable that the young lad would be directed towards medicine at university and devout Christianity at home.

Already repelled by the corruption that he saw around him, Savonarola left his medical studies and withdrew into solitude, meditation and prayer. He told his father that he could not suffer the blind wickedness of the peoples of Italy. He found unbearable the humanistic paganism that corrupted art, poetry and religion itself. But even if that was so, how did young Savonarola know that the cause of this spreading corruption was a vicious clergy, even in the highest levels of the church hierarchy?

In 1475 as an adult he chose to enter a Dominican monastery at Bologna. After living quietly there for 6 years, Savonarola moved to the convent of S Marco in Florence and began preaching in the church of S Lorenzo. His style, too medieval and scholastic, failed to attract the crowds. But in 1486, while preaching in Lombardy, he began to speak directly and passionately of the wrath of God. His popularity as a preacher grew immensely.

Savonarola's fame spread to Florence as he prophesied the doom of all tyrants who then prevailed in the world. In 1490, through the influence of Pico della Mirandola, he moved back to Florence and in July 1491 became prior of S Marco. His target evils in beautiful Florence were the vanity of the humanists and the viciousness of the clergy. Needless to say Lorenzo de' Medici, the ruler of Florence, was not happy with the fanatical preacher. But Savonarola would not desist, and in April 1492 Savonarola made his move - he refused to grant Lorenzo absolution because the ruler would not give liberty to the Florentines.



Friends of the Earth Australia: We’re on the move – are you? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Speaking tour on the climate change precipitated relocation of atoll peoples in Papua New Guinea, and the implications for climate justice in an Australian context


The visiting speakers will be:

  • Ursula Rakova, director of Tulele Peisa, the Carteret Islands relocation program in Bougainville, PNG, and
  • Pais Taehu, a representative of the Nukumanu (Tasman Islands) community of far eastern PNG.

The tour, scheduled from 9 – 22 April, will include speaking events in

  • Sydney,
  • Melbourne, and
  • Brisbane.

There will also be a range of networking opportunities, engagement with politicians, and media activities.  

Friends of the Earth is proud to be hosting this tour.



In 2007 the national government of PNG and the autonomous Bougainville government agreed to resettle the 6,000 inhabitants of the Carteret and three other atolls to the much larger island of Bougainville.

Some 3,500 Carteret Islanders and another 2,500 island dwellers from three other nearby atolls (the Mortlock Tasman and Nuguria Islands) will need to resettle on Bougainville due to increasing land loss, salt water inundation and growing food insecurity.

The relocation of the Carteret community is being co-ordinated by Ursula Rakova, of the NGO Tulele Peisa, an organisation formed to assist the displaced from the Carteret Islands.

“Tulele Peisa” in the Halia language is translated to mean “Sailing the waves on our own”.


For further information, please contact Wendy Fl...


Ballarat East Network (BE Net): Imagine Ballarat East "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Our long awaited Strategic Planning for the East has begun. Late last year a group of reps of the East, including BE Net discussed the boundaries of Ballarat East to kick start the process of gathering feedback about what is important to the East. While the East has been giving feedback informally for many years, […]


Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: We’re so sorry, Charlie Brown "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Charlie Brown

As a guardian of animals we are often faced with making difficult decisions on their behalf, and when we do, we base these decisions on sound reason and the best veterinary science we can find. And that is just what we did for Charlie Brown. Our pledge to every animal who passes through our farm gates is to give them a life worth living. Sadly, when little Charlie Brown arrived at our sanctuary he did not have a life worth living, the result of ahorrific and savage dog attack that had crushed several of the vertebrae in his neck, causing him to tilt his head at an almost ninety-degree angle. Surgery was attempted yesterday to rectify the dear little man’s woes but alas he passed away on the table before the surgery was complete.

Charlie Brown

Our hearts are heavy for the loss of Charlie Brown; however, we take great heart knowing that the many hours we spent in the stable with him, acquainting the sweet lad to wheetbix and human kindness, meant his last days on this earth were the best they could possibly ever have been. And he was in the constant company of his new buddies, Posy and Primrose, who we know will miss him very much too. We’re so sorry Charlie Brown that you didn’t get to grow old in the grassy fields of Edgar’s Mission, but in the fields of our dreams you will always dwell.

Charlie Brown...


Black Mark: Courtroom Artists "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Courtroom sketch artists go back to nineteenth century in an on again, off again relationship with printing technology and the courts permitting cameras. In Australia cameras are generally banned from the courts, so in order to have a picture of a defendant appearing in a trial courtroom sketch artists are employed by the media.


One of Wendy Black’s courtroom sketches

Melbourne painter and silk screen artist, Wendy Black has worked as a courtroom sketch artist for Network Ten and other media outlets. I interviewed her about this intersection of art and crime.

Black explained the job. “It is a bit like extras work, you stand around and wait and wait for hours and then you have three minutes of intense action. It is the same with this. You are just given one name and there could be thirty people going through the court that day and you just have to listen for that name. So you are looking very intently at everyone. When that name comes up you have to intensely draw for three minutes and remember what colour eyes, ties and shirts if you haven’t drawn enough in three minutes.”

There are a small band of court artists in Melbourne, about half a dozen courtroom sketch artists working on a freelance basis. Black started working for newspapers and moved to television when in 2005 she rang Network Ten to tell them she had just drawn the accused in a high profile murder at the time, Joe Korp, the husband of the women in the boot story.

In the UK courtroom sketch artists cannot draw in court but must work from memory and notes to produce their drawings outside the courtroom. In Australia and the USA artists...


South Gippsland Sentinel-Times: Nikki wins Australian Open of Surfing "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Nikki Van Dijk is chaired through the crowd at Manly Beach after winning the Australian Open of Surfing. Photo: Ethan Smith/Surfing NSW.

Nikki Van Dijk is chaired through the crowd at Manly Beach after winning the Australian Open of Surfing. Photo: Ethan Smith/Surfing NSW.

PHILLIP Island’s Nikki Van Dijk has taken out the Australian Open of Surfing with a commanding performance at Manly Beach.
After a couple of days with gruelling conditions, mother nature turned it on for a thrilling finals day with clean three-foot waves on offer for competitors.
Van Dijk built momentum through each of her heats, even eliminating local favourite and defending champion Laura Enever in the semi-finals.
The current world No. 10 left her best performance for the final, posting two excellent scores – 9.66 and 8.33 – leaving runner-up Malia Manuel needing a combination score of 17.94 for the majority of the heat.
Van Dijk posted her scores on lefts and rights, going hell for leather on every turn she did.
“I’m so over the moon to win here at Manly,” Van Dijk said.
“The waves were really fun today. I felt like I was surfing a rip-bowl at home.
“Malia was surfing really well all event so I’m stoked to get the win.
“There are so many people down here, it’s such an amazing atmosphere on the beach. I’ve had the best week.”
Van Dijk’s attention will now turn to the opener of the World Surf League...



Head to Brunswick's Howler this Thursday, where the Melbourne Playback Theatre Company will be kicking off their 2016 season with The F-Word: Celebrating International Women’s Day.



Castan Centre for Human Rights Law: The ALRC’s Freedoms Inquiry – Time for a ‘War’ on Rights Encroachments? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Last week the Attorney-General tabled the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC’s) Report Traditional Rights and Freedoms – Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws.


This Final Report from the ‘Freedoms Inquiry’ follows on from an Interim Report produced in August last year.  You can read our full thoughts on that report here, but in summary we questioned the whole premise of the inquiry. Not only did the terms of reference, which referred to ‘traditional’ rights and freedoms (which may not be so traditional – more on that in a minute) exclude some vital rights; they also effectively wound back the standard for assessing Commonwealth legislation by several years.

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights was created in 2011 to examine all new Commonwealth laws for compatibility with Australia’s international human rights obligations, which are the appropriate modern benchmarks for rights compatibility. This represented a big step forward from previous rights compatibility assessments by parliaments in most jurisdictions (other than Victoria and the ACT which have Charters of Rights). Other scrutiny committees such as the Senate Scrutiny of Bills Committee (distinguished though they are) only assess legislation against an unspecified set of ‘personal rights and liberties’ – a very uncertain benchmark. Nevertheless, with the combined work of......


The Star: A busy town to run "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

MIRBOO North may be small but there is plenty happening to keep the town busy with a new community project coordinator set to take the reins this year.

South Gippsland Shire Council’s Citizen of the Year Maxine Kiel has dedicated years of her life to organising community events around the township and said she looks forward to the appointment of a new coordinator to share the load.

“We are looking for a community coordinator to work in the town for two days a week,” Ms Kiel said.

“They would work from the Grain Store in organising Mirboo North’s many community events alongside council and the Mirboo North and District Community Foundation.”

Last month alone saw Mirboo North residents hop to and from events such as Mirboo North Idol and the Italian Festa, while the rest of the calendar year is jam packed with a plethora of events, from community markets to local charity fundraisers, art shows and everything in between.

“Everybody wants to see their town thrive and there are a number of groups who work to service the community here,” Ms Kiel said.

“So many people are working to keep money in the town and make the area a better place for everybody to live in.”

Mirboo North will also welcome new community events in the future with talk of a Mind, Body and Soul festival coming to town.

“We would like to bring together psychics, reiki, massage and other forms of alternative therapies to Mirboo North for people to try,” Ms Kiel said.

“They would all have stalls in the park and it would give people an opportunity to try something they would not otherwise explore.”

The appointment of the new community coordinator will mean a big shift in the organisation of such events in the town.

“It is going to be exciting having somebody step into these coordinator roles across the community,” Ms Kiel said.

“They will be responsible for planning markets and looking at grant applications. It will be a f...


The Star: Show shines again "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LEONGATHA’s ninth annual Show’n’Shine proved to be a massive success with a glorious range of vintage and custom cars parked at Leongatha Velodrome on Sunday.

The fine weather provided a wonderful atmosphere for the event with hundreds of families, tourists and car enthusiasts in attendance.

Mechanics and amateur motorists lined up at 9am to gain entry to the extensive swap meet, where a wide range of car parts and accessories were on offer.

Rotary Club of Leongatha was responsible for putting on another successful event with the club’sJohn O’Connor relieved to see another Show’n’Shine thrive.

“The great thing about our event is that our exhibitors know they are being fairly judged for their entries,” Mr O’Connor said.

“People who enter their cars put in a lot of time preparing their vehicles for shows. We have an incredible team of judges who look at every detail of every entry to ensure the very best win.

“This year has been fantastic. We have had some new teams come on board to bring in great attractions and it was a great atmosphere with plenty of people coming along throughout the day. It is a relief to have pulled off another successful year.”

Guests were welcomed at the velodrome by Jared Lovie’s V8 supercar, which was exhibited on its first outing in history.

Aspiring racers got a chance to go behind the wheel and experience the racetrack first hand at the Howell V8 Simulator.

Wonthaggi’s Daniel Zanella claimed the fastest time on the computer simulation track with a best of 1.10.284.

Leongatha’s very own Leon Watchorn took home the exhibitors choice award for his 1940s Ford Coupe while Gary Everitt of Wonthaggi, took home the two big prizes when he won the Shannon’s Insurance entry of show and the Meguiar’s best engine bay, both for his 1971 Ford SYGT.

Motorshow commentator Pinky Fellows kept the crowds entertained with his informative discussions with local part traders and som...


The Star: Countdown to cancer relay "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

THE countdown is on to the opening of the South Gippsland Relay for Life taking place at Terrill Park in Fish Creek on the weekend of March 19-20.

Teams have already raised almost $22,000 in the lead up to the relay, which bodes well for reaching the $25,000 goal set by the committee.

So far, 348 people have registered to walk laps of Terrill Park in an 18 hour marathon that kicks off at 3pm on Saturday, March 19.

Participants have signed up with 21 teams and will share the task of keeping someone on the track at all times from each team, walking through the night until the relay finishes at 9am Sunday.

Anyone not currently in a team who wishes to sign up can log on to the Cancer Council’s website and choose a team to help out or can register on the day.

The $25 registration fee goes towards the team’s fundraising total. Walkers do not need to spend the 18 hours of the relay walking; teams will determine their own rosters for walkers so the load is shared and no one is obliged to be there for the whole time.

If you can spare even just half an hour, please come along!

Businesses in Foster, Meeniyan and Fish Creek were encouraged to help ‘Paint The Town Purple’ by dressing up their windows in the purple and yellow colours of the relay. The committee thanks those who participated.

At the event, Davo’s Party Hire will be providing the ‘main event’ entertainment with a mechanical bull from 4-6pm.

From 3.30pm onwards there will be activities for young and old, including a jumping castle and face painting.

Get ‘inked’ with Deb from Tatt’s Terrific or have a putt with the Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower Men’s Shed mini golf.

If pampering is more your style, Catherine’s Hair Techniques will be braiding hair and masseurs will be available to pamper relay walkers.

The littlies will be kept busy with the Bush Link Mobile Children’s Network Toy area while m...

14:06 Katter castigates Members working for their party only "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"


Click picture to view video

In this video Bob tells parliament to start working for constituents and not their political party as we have already lost our ability to produce our own goods anymore.



: Locals Demand Referendum on Mergers "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Hunters Hill’s Community Coalition against the historic municipality’s forced merger with neighbouring Ryde and Lane Cove has demanded a referendum on the issue. The call follows a recent NSW Boundary Commission hearing at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club which saw 80 per cent of local ratepayers from the three threatened council areas oppose the [...]


: Wisekids World Charity Garage Sale "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Annual WISEKidsWORLD Mega Charity Garage Sale will be held on weekend of Saturday March 19 and Sunday March 20 in Beecroft Scout Hall, The Crescent Beecroft with plenty of bargains. Open 8am to 5pm on Saturday and 9am to 2pm on Sunday. The Garage Sale is run by local volunteers led by Sue Day of [...]


: Victor Dominello supports Scouts "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Ryde MP Victor Dominello rolled up his sleeves and helped 1st Meadowbank Scouts with their annual Clean-Up Australia Day Good Turn on the banks of Parramatta River at Meadowbank last Sunday. Victor is pictured with 1st Meadowbank Scouts Group Leader Ken “Freckle” Paton OAM and Young Liberal volunteers Jordan Lane and Cameron Dunder. Mr Dominello [...]

: New challenge for Concord Ryde sailors "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

CONCORD Ryde Sailing Club – which has sailed on the Parramatta River between Putney and Rhodes since 1945 – has accepted the challenge for a dinghy racing series issued by Lindisfarne Sailing Club. The event will be sailed on Lindisfarne’s local waters,Êthe Derwent River opposite HobartÊin homebuilt 8 foot (2.4 Metre) Firebug Dinghies on April [...]


: Be a legend because of your game – not your missing teeth "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

IT’S easy to take some things for granted until they are suddenly gone. Imagine what it would feel like if you lost one or more of your front teeth. Smiling, talking or eating would all probably be uncomfortable. Sporting accidents are one of the most common causes of dental injury. Every year thousands of people, [...]


: Harmony Cup kicks off in Eastwood this Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

BENNELONG electorate’s largest community based soccer tournament kicks off at Eastwood Oval this Saturday March 12 from 9.30am. The knock out tournament will see six teams compete for the Harmony Cup representing Ryde Local Area Command Police, the City of Ryde Council, Ryde Multicultural Community Centre as well as Chinese and Korean speaking community teams. [...]


: Poverty in Australia lecture "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

PROFESSOR ALAN MORRIS will present the Arthur Dowe Memorial Lecture titled “Poverty in Australia” on Saturday March 12 at 2pm at Henry George House, 122 Little Everleigh Street Redfern for the Association for Good Government.  The public is welcome and admission is free with an open forum following the lecture and refreshments will be served. [...]


: Oakhill College Art & Craft Show "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Oakhill College Art & Craft Show Oakhill College is hosting its 45th annual Art and Craft Show from Friday March 18 to Sunday March 20 at the school at 423-513 Old Northern Road Castle Hill. Art in the Hills showcases the work of more than 100 different Australian artists, along with a superb range of [...]


: Vale Raymond John Wilson OAM "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

RAYMOND JOHN (Ray) WILSON OAM was farewelled at All Saints Anglican Church Hunters Hill on Tuesday March 1, 2016. He was born on October 3 1925 the eldest of three children born to Hilda and John and grew up in the family home in Gladesville. Ray attended Gladesville Public School which he affectionately called GPS [...]

: Hyde Park Rally against Forced Council Mergers this Sunday "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Ratepayers and residents from Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde will descend on Hyde Park for a protest rally at high noon this Sunday March 13. The rally will be joined by people from across Sydney and from all walks of life who are angered by the Baird Government’s attack on local democracy and threat [...]


Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen: V/Line back on track: date set for return of 43 services "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

THERE is a light at the end of the tunnel for frustrated V/Line commuters with confirmation a further 43 rail services will be restored later this month. Click here to read.


darkly wise, rudely great: Are princesses real? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

My latest essay for Island magazine is out now. In 'Are Princesses Real?', I give my daughter's youthful question a grown up answer. A sample:
Princesses are real, but not in the same way as primates are real. Princesses require institutions, which have to be invented. And then princesses are celebrated or mocked, served or harassed, in light of the broader cultures within which these institutions flourish (or flail), and the stories they tell. 
So the fictions that embellish princess lore—from Disney and DC Comics to the myth of ‘royal blood’—go on to alter the reception and treatment of these individuals and their families. It is impossible to disentangle the childhood fantasy of princesses, for example, from their current popularity and influence. To speak of Princess Mary is to discuss a figure of artifice, fancy and longing (to say nothing of historical inequality, deceit and avarice), which is no less real for this. Her reality as a public figure is mediated by fiction. 
In other words, the question of whether or not princesses are real becomes about the ways in which they are real. 
Island #144 is available in bookshops and newsagents now. Or subscribe for home-delivered literary goodness.


Radio Blue Mountains 89.1: Three Piece Suite perform in Blackheath "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


In their first concert series for 2016, the musicians of string trio Three Piece Suite invite you to join them on a musical voyage through the lands and history of Europe. Departing from the Blackheath Presbyterian Church on the 3rd April at 4pm, Europa takes in 3 centuries and 4 countries in 5 varied works.

The journey begins in Madrid in 1772, with Boccherini’s colourful Trio in D major, then moves to Vienna in 1798 for Beethoven’s dramatic and stormy Trio in Cminor, where not many years later in 1816, Schubert wrote his wistful, unfinished Trio in Bb major. We then move to Terezin in 1944, the Nazi concentration camp where Czech composer Hans Krasa was interned. His Tanec (Dance) evokes the sounds and rhythms of trains, an eerie premonition of the one that would soon take him to his death in Auschwitz. Our final stop is England in 1975, with Howard Blake’s optimistic and pastoral Trio.

The musicians, Rachel Westwoo...


onlymelbourne: Melbourne Newsletter No.479 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

View Online What's On this Week | 8 - 14 March 2016 Dining & Drink | Shopping & Business | Things To Do | What's On Tuesday 8th March 2016 to Monday 14th March 2016 This week we celebrate International Women's Day (Tuesday 8th March 2016) and Labour Day with a public holiday on Monday 14th March 2016. Labour Day celebrates the eight hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. Tickets are now on sale for Squizzy Taylor's Ball (see below). Eight Melbourne MelB Women's Day International Women's Day 2016 International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. When: Tuesday 8th March 2016 Links: Desktop | Smart Phone Long Weekend Labour Day Melbourne celebrates Labour Day with a public holiday on Monday 14th March 2016 which gives us the Labout Day long weekend packed with fabulous things to do like Moomba. Our Labour Day weekend calendar has festivals, fairs, races, family fun days, so check out the guide and labour on. Moomba Festival Birdman Rally Labour Day Weekend Guide When: 12 - 14 March 2016 Links: Calendar Guide | Smart Phone Love Melbourne, Love Moomba Moomba Festival Celebrated in Melbourne for 61 years, Moomba is back with an exciting program of events and family entertainment. Held over four days, the festival attracts more than one million visitors to share in the vibrancy and spirit of our city. Fireworks: Saturday - Monday 9.30pm Birdman Rally: Sunday, 14th March 2016 - Birrarung Marr Moomba Parade: Monday 14 March 2016 When: 11 - 14 March 2016 Event Listing: What's On | Mobile Birdman Rally The Birdman Rally will be back for another year of splashes, spills and thrills as everyday Melburnian's dress to impress and flap to fly - or fall, all in the name of charity. Whether it be with the assistance of a fan-dangled flying machine or simply super-hero streng...


sunshinecoastbirds: Previously Undisclosed Night Parrot Sighting "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A previously unpublished report of a Night Parrot indicates that an extensive tract of spinifex country extending south-west of Winton in outback Queensland may be harbouring a greater population of this cryptic species than is thought.

Glenn Holmes, a highly respected field ornithologist, told me he saw a Night Parrot along the Winton-Jundah Road on May 21, 2012. This is 12 months before John Young filmed and photographed a Night Parrot (the first time the species had been photographed) at an undisclosed site. That site, on a cattle station, is thought to be in the same general region: huge, sparsely vegetated grazing properties in the vicinity of the Diamantina National Park.

Steve Murphy's netted Night Parrot: Pic by Rachel Barr


Zedlines: According to Brisbane top Schools; Op’s do not show the full story - And more 11am Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

THE principals of top south-east Queensland private schools have questioned the importance being placed on OP scores, arguing there are more pathways to a successful career than just a high OP score. (Image source: Creative Commons)

Local News

According to Brisbane top Schools; Op’s do not show the full story.

THE principals of top south-east Queensland private schools have questioned the importance being placed on OP scores, arguing there are more pathways to a successful career than just a high OP score.


Great Ocean Road Coast Blog: Volunteer today! Photo gallery "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Dedicated environmental volunteers have once again donated their time and effort to help keep the Great Ocean Road beautiful.

A dozen Lornecare volunteers of all ages spent their sunny Sunday morning removing invasive species cakile and coastal tea-tree from beach areas.


Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) Conservation Supervisor Georgie Beale joined the team of volunteers and captured the day in a series of photos.

Click on the photos in the gallery below to view in full.

don and olric ...


Radio 2RDJ FM 88.1: It’s Carnival Time at Ashfield "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Ashfield Carnival of Cultures kicks off at 10.00 am on Harmony Day, Sunday 20 March.

It’s a wonderful day of fun and entertainment for the whole family with an amazing line up of entertainment including Aussie icon, Archie Roach.

There’ll also be an array of international food and market stalls, creative and cultural workshops, a free native plant giveaway for local residents, as well as free activities for the kids to enjoy including pony rides, face painting and a giant slide.

Public transport to the Carnival is encouraged. Free, accessible shuttle buses will be running regularly from the Ashfield Civic Centre to the event. And, those who cycle to the Carnival can use the free bike valet service and will go in the draw for a prize.


Zedlines: Childcare union chained to Prime Minister’s office demanding fair pay and more 10am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Acmed Medical Centre at Redbank Plains saved thanks to people power, childcare union chained to Prime Minister’s office demanding fair pay, breath of fresh air on the way for world’s biggest polluter and more 10am Zedlines

Oxley Soccer Club continues to dispute council's decision to mow grounds

A  southwest soccer club says Brisbane City Council’s contract to mow its grounds is a waste of time and money, saying cuts weren’t enough to keep the grounds in good condition for matches and training.

The Oxley United Football Club president Michael Bailey says they made the decision to employ their own grass-cutter at a cost of $10,000 per year, and understood the mowing contract with the ­council was worth $16,000.


2RRR: Real World Gardener "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Wednesdays 5 – 6pm Real World Gardener

WhatâŹ"s eating your tomatoes? Plant Doctor takes a look at how to control pests on tomatoes. WeâŹ"re growing a remedy for tired feet in Vegetable Heroes. ‘Garden Challenges’ series continues with a look at what lies beneath the soil in Design Elements and  new varieties of fuchsias that grow in full sun most in Plant of the Week.
For all show information visit
if you like gardening, like our page


2RRR: Voices in Harmony & The Tartan Show "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Tuesdays 6-6:30pm Voices in Harmony
6:30-7:30pm The Tartan Show
To celebrate International Women’s Day it’s all about the ladies, with songs from women’s choirs, choruses & quartets including All Our Exes Live in Texas, Baby et Lulu, Wilson Phillips, 10 Sopranos, Circular Keys Chorus and more.  Plus plenty of local events news.

Tartan welcomes the return of guest host Robin MacKenzie (Music Director of The Australian Gaelic Singers) with his selection of Celtic folk & Gaelic language music from the highlands & islands of Scotland. Along with events info and what’s making news in Scotland. No kilt required.


2RRR: There Goes That Song Again "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Tuesdays 2 – 4pm There Goes That Song Again
In celebration of International WomenâŹ"s Day today, in our ‘Three OâŹ"Clock Special’ weâŹ"ll hear tracks from a CD by Frankie Laine called âŹSShe WorldâŹ. The theme is âŹSwomen in song⏠and includes songs Frankie recorded between the 1940’s and the 1990’s.


Zedlines: Clive Palmer secures personal assets against refinery's debt and more 9am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Clive Palmer secures personal assets against refinery's debt, remote Northern Territory town receives long-awaited boost and Brazil commended for efforts against Zika but more research needed and more 9am Zedlines

Clive Palmer secures personal assets against refinery's debt

Clive Palmer’s troubled Yabulu nickel refinery has been spared after the businessman turned federal politician secured the refinery’s 23 million dollar debt against his own personal and business assets.

Mr Palmer removed the voluntary administrator yesterday afternoon, retaking control of the Townsville company which ran into financial troubles last year.

The administrator will continue to evaluate proposals put forward for the possible restructure or liquidation of the company.


Mountain Journal: Backcountry film festival in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Saturday April 30 at 7.30pm.

The NSW Nordic Ski Club is hosting a screening of the Backcountry Film Festival – this Film Festival features 9 short snow and ski films selected by the American Winter Wildlands Alliance. The Festival is renowned for its mix of professional and grassroots films, from well-known filmmakers who search backcountry corners across the globe to submit their best work to first-timers who take a video camera out on their weekend excursions.


There are limited places in the hall.

There is a facebook page for the event available here.

For details on the films, please check here.


Zedlines: Northern light's mesmerize UK and Germany in rare appearance - And more 8am Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

On Sunday night, some lucky people in the UK and Germany were treated to a rare sighting of the Northern Lights. (Image Source: Huffington Post)

Local News

Queensland house an even split after Cairns MP quits labor party

Cairns MP Rob Pyne has quit the Labor Party, leaving Queensland parliament with even numbers on both sides of the house.

A lack of reform agenda, as well as the sidelining of regional issues in favour of Brisbane-centric policy, was cited as a cause in the first term member’s exit.

Mr Pyne says he still expects to vote with Labor except where legislation conflicts with his personal values.



MLUG - Melbourne Linux Users Group: start "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Address PlaceThe Dan O’Connell HotelAddress 225 Canning St, Carlton. Victoria. 3053 Pre-meeting 6pm front bar Time for Meeting 7:30pm in the function room out back ground level Parking Kay St has 4hr and finishes 6:30pmWebsite Phone (03) 9347 1502Email NEXT MEETINGS


AWPA Sydney News: 1) The multimillion dollar palm oil deal we should all be worried about "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Convicted cop Labora Sitars  brought to Jakarta

1) The multimillion dollar palm oil deal we should all be worried about
A tie-up is on the cards between two palm oil companies with worrying track records. If it goes ahead it could have huge implications for the palm oil sector


Natural Newstead: The red red robin "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

One of the main ‘tricks’ in getting close to birds is to be patient and observant.

The small Petroica robins, such as the familiar Scarlet and Red-capped Robins, are essentially ground feeders, often employing ‘perch and pounce’ strategies to locate and catch their insect prey.

Often, however, when you see these species they are high up in the canopy – that’s because you’ve disturbed them and they’ve retreated to a safe vantage point. If you wait at a safe distance they will often descend and resume feeding. Such was the case with this handsome male Red-capped Robin, spotted near Mia Mia Track at the weekend. Once it overcame my intrusion it happily dropped to a low perch, from where it snagged this larva which had been attacked by ants and was wriggling in distress – it was no match for a hungry robin.


Male Red-capped Robin, Mia Mia Track, 6th March 2016



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Monday, 07 March


Wild BNE: Successful fish survey in the North Pine River "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A fish survey I conducted in the North Pine River last weekend was productive, with seven different species being found in a quiet stretch of water alongside Mungarra Reserve.

Common silverbiddy, Lawnton.
Most numerous were estuary glassfish (Ambassis marianus), a native species which studies suggest is just as good at controlling mosquito larvae as the introduced eastern mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki), also present.

Another mosquito predator occurring in smaller numbers was the Pacific blue-eye (Pseudomugil signifer); between these fish species and recent aerial spraying, not a single mosquito bothered me all afternoon.

The river at this location is close enough to the ocean to be tidal, but far enough upstream to have low salinity, with the riparian vegetation being comprised of regular trees and not salt-tolerant mangroves.


Wild BNE: 'Mud-puddling' planthoppers a first "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Planthoppers, Eagle Heights.

Last week, I was contacted by Jerome Constant, an entomologist with the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, in regards to a photo I had shared on Facebook.

The photo in question, shown above, depicts a mixed-species group of planthoppers I found in November last year, congregating on a muddy track in Tamborine National Park.

Jerome, whose work focuses on planthoppers especially, was surprised by the photo, as the 'mud-puddling' behaviour it captures has never been reported before for this family of insects.

Mud-puddling, where insects gather en masse to obtain mineral salts that might otherwise be lacking in their plant diet, is best known in tropical butterflies, but has also been observed in leafhoppers, a close relation of the planthoppers I saw.

The experience of watching these colourful litt...


Wild BNE: Beauty out of the blue at Strathpine "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A male indigo flash, patrolling his territory at Pine Rivers Park.
A butterfly survey I conducted in the first week of 2016 acquainted me with a little-known species I had not encountered before, the indigo flash (Rapala varuna).

This species is a predominantly Asian butterfly, found in tropical areas of countries such as India, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, but it also extends patchily down the Queensland coast.

The individual I found was a male that was patrolling his territory in a rainforest regeneration area of Pine Rivers Park, in the Moreton Bay suburb of Strathpine.

Identifying features include the iridescent blue colouring of the upper wing surface just visible in the above photo, as well as the solid band running underneath both wings.

The Atlas of Living Australia shows only a handful of records in Brisbane of this species, centred around the western suburbs of Long Pocket and Corinda.



Wild BNE: Captain Bogart: Road Warrior "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Wild BNE fan Jonathan Pickvance is an urban wildlife ecologist with over six years of experience working with wildlife in South-east Queensland. Here he shares one of his most memorable encounters.

"A few years ago I was working on a large-scale koala movement study which aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of retrofitted structures as a means for the safe movement of koalas across roads.  My research group tracked 61 koalas throughout South East Queensland and I was required to track each koala on a weekly basis.  From this, I witnessed first hand the hardship of South-east Queensland koalas in the suburbs dealing with cars, dogs and disease.
Image supplied by Jonathan Pickvance.
Most of the koalas we tracked had a home range which overlapped at least one road and would frequently be found in the back yards of dog owners.  Although only one tracked koala was hit by a car (and survived after being treated at a wildlife hospital), 30 of......


darkly wise, rudely great: My Sister is a Superhero: OUT TODAY "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Bamm! Thwack! Shazammm!

My Sister is a Superhero is released today. It's my third children's picture book with illustrator Peter Carvanas, and I'm thrilled to see it out in the world, cape rippling in the breeze.

A few early reviews are in:
This is a rhyming fun filled frolic from the creators of My Nanna is a Ninja and My Pop is a Pirate. Another wacky celebration of diverse personalities infused with familial love and an ending that will warm your heart.
Carnavas’ delightful ink pen and watercolour pictures conjure four active sisters (the quirkiest being a superhero) from Young’s rich and smooth poetry – combining to produce a double shot of humour. Each sister is accompanied by her own animal ‘sidekick.’ It’s impossible to read this book without a smile on your face and a chuckle in your chest. 
- The Children's Book Council of Australia 
Damon Young's wackily inventive rhyming text is perfectly matched by Peter Carnavas's character-filled illustrations. [...] This is a gorgeous bedtime story, or anytime story. - Kids Book Review  
This picture book for young readers is the third book in what has proved to be a much-loved...


political geometry: Non tax evaders "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Apple aus boss Tim Cook

Peter Mandelson

old man rabbit


Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Fox on the run—meet Lex Luthor "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Click here to view the embedded video.

A fox on the run was our driving motivation to help the hapless lost Lex Luthor. A call came from a concerned member of the public who had sighted, on numerous occasions, a small black chicken darting about where a small black chicken shouldn’t. It came to pass that the chicken, who at this stage was thought to be a hen, had somehow become either lost or abandoned at a roadside dumpsite. With little cover to protect the bird, and vast open fields over which foxes regularly traversed, it was a miracle the tiny creature had dodged death for so long. But the little fella was not about to give up his liberty freely.

Lex Luther

Just as quickly as our little black hen morphed into a rooster, we too morphed into arborists to rein him in. As we triumphantly removed the last twig from our hair, a collective high five was given and Lex Luthor not only had a name but a new home as well. Featherweight indeed was Luthor; with his keel bone all too easily felt and his tiny shrivelled sparrow-like poops, it was clear that fending for himself was something this little guy had not been doing too well. Something many poultry keepers do not realise is that feathers can hid a multitude of maladies, and it is only through regular and routine inspection that a true picture of health can be obtained.

Lex Luther

Parasite treatment administered and recuperation therapy commenced, our task now at hand is to expose the true villain here—and that is those who abandon animals.......

Saturday, 05 March


Ballarat East Network (BE Net): And we are back… "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Hello Easties, have you missed us? The last 12 months have been very trying for me (Erin) personally, with the loss of both my gorgeous mum and my darling dad. Hence no posts, email troubles and the rise of the facebook page. It hasn’t stopped the over development of the East though! Now seems a […]


North Coast Voices: Fire on contentious Iluka development application site "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

This instance brings to mind certain Lower Clarence Valley fires (and other attempts at illegal land clearing over the last twenty years) which have sprung up on subdivision lands containing either koala habitat or tree/plant biodiversity considered worth p...


North Coast Voices: Say cheese! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Green tree frogs image by Michael Snedic, Australian wildlife and nature photographer, whose galleries can be found at

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