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Wednesday, 09 March


Federal Disaster Declared for Virginia Fire Earth

Severe winter storm and snowstorm: Major Disaster Declaration proclaimed for the Commonwealth of Virginia Virginia Severe Winter Storm and Snowstorm (DR-4262) Incident period: January 22, 2016 to January 23, 2016 Major Disaster Declaration declared on March 07, 2016 The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the areas […]


Peruvian Tribe Takes Government Officials Hostage Over Oil Spill Earth First! Newswire

from The Guardian

 Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP

Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP

An indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon has taken at least eight public officials hostage to demand help from the central government after an oil spill polluted its lands, according to authorities.

The Wampis community of Mayuriaga seized a grounded military helicopter late on Sunday, holding crew members and several officials to press for inclusion in the emergency response plan, said Germán Velásquez, the president of state-owned energy company Petroperu.

A rupture in Petroperu’s 40-year-old pipeline spilled 1,000 barrels of oil in Mayuriaga on 3 February, nine days after a leak in the same duct poured 2,000 barrels near eight other indigenous communities in the same Amazonian region.

Environmental regulator OEFA ordered Petroperu to replace parts of the pipeline after repeated leaks in recent ye...

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Tuesday, 08 March


MH370 interim statement sheds no new light on plane’s disappearance CHANGING TIMES

boeing_777-200er_malaysia_al_mas_9m-mro_-_msn_28420_404_9272090094-in-2011The international team investigating the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 two years ago today has released a second interim report. It is very brief, and reveals no new conclusions.

The three-page statement, which was made accessible to close relatives of those on board the missing flight prior to its public release, was produced to comply with International Civil Aviation Organisation requirements¹.

Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014. It was en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board.

The flight’s disappearance is the greatest mystery in aviation history and the air and sea search for the aircraft is the biggest ever carried out. A huge area of the ocean floor has been examined in detail.

The new statement makes only two main points: the wreckage of the aircraft has not been found, and only one piece of debris – a flaperon discovered on the French island of Reunion on July 29 last year – has been determined to have been a part of the missing aircraft.

The statement also lists the current areas of investigation.

The investigators say they are continuing to work towards finalising their analysis, conclusions, and safety recommendations and are focusing on eight areas:

  • air traffic services operations;
  • flight crew profile;
  • airworthiness, maintenance, and aircraft systems;
  • satellite communications;
  • wreckage and impact information (following the recovery and verification of a flaperon from the aircraft);
  • ...


EU postpones glyphosate decision: a good day for public health! The Ecologist

It has been an epic battle, writes Aisha Dodwell. Monsanto and other corporations are desperate to get the world's number one herbicide, glyphosate, relicenced in the EU. But their network of power has been challenged by doctors, scientists and a global movement of people. With today's postponement of the EU's decision, we have just scored a major victory.


Feinstein, Brown Promote Misinformed and Destructive Logging Programs Latest News

Current research shows that we have a deficit of critical snag forests in California


Berta Cáceres: her fight for human rights in Honduras continues The Ecologist

Last week the environmental and human rights activist Berta Cáceres was murdered by gunmen in an early morning attack on her home which may have been carried out by or in collusion with state agents. Now her friend and colleague Gustavo Castro, himself wounded in the attack and the only witness to Berta's murder, has been detained for questioning.


Rare huge sinkhole found in Donglan County, China The Watchers » Latest articles

Scientists have discovered a rare huge sinkhole in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The discovery was made during an eight-day expedition by scientists from France and China that began on February 26. Although such sinkholes, also known as...... Read more »



Government: The Ultimate Multi-level Marketing Program Head Space

“Elections have consequences” See: Diana West: The Post-Constitutional Election SeriesFiled under: Education, Political View Points Tagged: America, brainwashing, cronyism, democratic traditions, elections, elitism, government, History, mind-control, politics, social insanity, Statism, totalitarian rule, Tyranny


France’s EdF: Living with its ZOMBIE REACTORS!

In recent weeks there has been heavy media reporting about the crisis in the French nuclear industry that has come in the form of the corporate giants Électricité de France and Areva teetering on the brink of collapse. Some English language media have covered this story, while inside France both […]

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Women Stand in Unity on International Women’s Day to Save Aboriginal Sacred Site Front Line Action on Coal

Women Stand in Unity on International Women’s Day to Save Aboriginal Sacred Site

More photos available:

Maules Creek, 8th March 2016: United with Gomeroi Women on International Women’s Day, three women, Tash Jones, Clarity “Jen Hunt” Greenwood and Chelsea Lazar have locked themselves to habitat trees within the critically endangered Leard State Forest in North West NSW. While Gomeroi women gather on Leard forest road to show support and solidarity for today’s action. Gomeroi elders are requesting Greg Hunt grant protection under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protection Act (ATISHP Act) for Lawlers Well, the last remaining sacred site scheduled for destruction by Whitehaven Coal.

“As Greg Hunt’s first cousin I am deeply ashamed by his neglect of the Gomeroi, the elders and this sacred site and I am calling for him to permanently protect Lawlers Well, now.” said Clarity Greenwood, (aka. Jen Hunt), social worker.

Two years ago Gomeroi traditional custodians made an urgent application for Environment Minister Greg Hunt to use his powers under Section 9 and 10 of the ATSIHP Act to stop work in the area, following the destruction and desecration of 37 culturally significant sites. Minister Greg Hunt has refused to grant the urgent applications stating that “Whitehaven is not scheduled to clear Lawlers Well until 2017” and therefore he doesn’t need to make an immediate decision.

“It is so hard seeing the destruction of our country. The elders have been waiting too long for answers. It is completely unacceptable that Hunt has dragged his feet on the protection of Lawlers Well. We are asking Greg Hunt to commence an independent report including oral evidence to make an informed decision. We are asking him to do his job right and protect our Lawler...


‘World Class’ Chinese slurry pipe burst “unfortunate” – but no apology Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Chinese owned MCC love to describe the Ramu mine as world class...

Chinese owned MCC loves to describe the Ramu mine as ‘world class’, despite the obviously poor construction work. Landowners are now waiting for an apology from the company…

Ramu NiCo pipe breaks, destroys food garden
The National aka The Loggers Times | March 7th, 2016
MUD covered a section of the Usino Highway in Madang when a Ramu NiCo slurry pipe burst and sprayed its content 10 metres into the air.
It burst last Wednesday morning at the Igiruwe area in Usino LLG.
The welded pipes linked the Kurumbukari mine facility in Bundi and connected the processing plant at Basamuk refinery in Rai Coast.
Ward councillor of the area, Moses Kuruwara, said the pipe was leaking since the previous Sunday and was reported to the Ramu NiCo management last Monday.
Jacob Winis, a local from the area, said a woman saw the leakage.
Winis said the pressure forced the red mud mixture of nickel and chromite deposits high up in the air  and when it rained down, the  vegetation around the area  was covered in  mud.
 “The banana trees were destroyed, the grass on the side of the road laid flat,” Winis said.
The Ramu NiCo management told landowners along its 135 kilo metres slurry pipeline that the slurry at Iguruwe village was not a “disaster”.
The compa...


Indochine falls out with PNG authorities Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

The gloves are off in the dispute between Indochine and the MRA

Seems the gloves are off in the dispute between Indochine and the MRA

MRA slams licence refusal

The National aka The Loggers Times | 7 March 2016

THE Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) says it is concerned about statement made by Indochine regarding a mining licence held by its subsidiary Summit Development Company (SDC).
MRA noted the Australian Security Exchange announcement last Wednesday released by Indochine in relation to former EL (exploration licence) 1093, which was held by SDC since 2010.  
According to the announcement, Indochine was considering legal actions following Mining Minister Byron Chan’s refusal to award SDC to renew licence EL1093. 
The company said it was disappointed that it was not advised that its application was refused and the reason for the refusal, which may have provided the company an opportunity to deal with the reasons. 
It said this was after they had completed all key milestones required by the Mineral Resources Authority.
Mineral Resources Authority managing director Philip Samar said Indochine made 21 points in relation to the tenement renewal process for EL 1093 , which included:

  • At the end of the term of the tenement (28 August 2014), among...


Robust CME simulation model developed for future of space weather forecasting The Watchers » Latest articles

Japanese scientists have developed a new and robust simulation code for Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) events based on the realistic description of the mechanisms behind their generation and propagation through space. The method has been successfully validated using...... Read more »


Women of the Amazon Defend Their Homeland Against New Oil Contract on International Women’s Day EcoWatch


Unwilling to see their homelands fall to the same toxic fate as their ...


Biological Health Hazard – Toxoplasmosis Outbreak: Warta District, Brazil Head Space

TOXOPLASMOSIS – BRAZIL: (PARANA) ******************************** Published Date: 2016-03-07 11:25:33 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Toxoplasmosis – Brazil: (PR) Archive Number: 20160307.4074495 Date: Fri 4 Mar 2016 Source: Folha de Londrina [in Portuguese, trans. Mod.JW, edited] According to epidemiological surveillance, 20 cases of toxoplasmosis were confirmed in the Londrina unit of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). Five months […]


URGENT: Demand for Investigation into Murder of Berta Caceres Global Justice Ecology Project

COPINH: URGENT DENUNCIATION Sign this petition to urge the protection of Gustavo Castro Soto, an ally of Berta Caceres who was injured at the time of Caceres’ murder. The Council of Indigenous and Popular Organizations of Honduras (COPINH)... Read More

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Nuclear Event – Unanalyzed Condition/Plant Safety Hazard: Braidwood Station, Unit 1 & 2, Illinois Head Space

Nuclear Event – Equipment Failure/Plant Safety Hazard North America – USA | State of Illinois, Will County, Braidwood Generating Station Location: 41°14’37.0″N 88°13’45.0″W Present Operational Age: ~29 years Event: UNANALYZED CONDITION Nuclear Event in USA on Sunday, 06 March, 2016 at 20:00 [CST]. UNANALYZED CONDITION INVOLVING DIESEL DRIVEN AUXILIARY FEEDWATER PUMP AIR INTAKES “The Auxiliary […]


Nuclear Event – Reactor Trip, Fire/Explosion Main Xfmr: Oconee Nuclear Station, South Carolina Head Space

Technological Hazard –  Nuclear Reactor Shutdown North America – USA | State of South Carolina, Oconee County, Seneca, Oconee Nuclear Station Location: 34°47′38″N 82°53′53″W Present Operational Age: ~43 years Event:  EMERGENCY DECLARED – RPS ACTUATION – CRITICAL Current Event Notification Report: Nuclear Event in USA on Sunday, 06 March, 2016 at 15:20 [EST]. EMERGENCY DECLARATION […]


Rise of Fracking Wastewater Injections in Ohio Sparks Fears of Earthquakes, Water Contamination EcoWatch


Ohio has become a major wastewater dump for the fracking industry, sparking fears of...


Irrefutable Film Footage Of Climate Engineering Aerosol Spraying Geoengineering Watch

114The geoengineers continue to ramp up their ongoing aerial bombardment of planet Earth. In order to wake up the sleeping masses to the war being waged against them in skies around the globe, visual proof is essential. Numerous forms of jet aerosol dispersions have been captured on film which inarguably reveal that elements are in


New mega-treaty in the pipeline: what does RCEP mean for farmers’ seeds in Asia? - english

In February 2016, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a controversial new trade agreement covering 12 countries of the Asia-Pacific region, was signed in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The result of a US-driven process, the agreement aims to boost trade and investment among a select group of countries—excluding China. The TPP will have a major impact on farmers’ access to and control over seeds. But there is another “mega” trade deal sneaking into Asia: the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). In this report, GRAIN looks at what RCEP might mean for farmers’ seeds in the region, in the context of the recently signed TPP.


LISTEN: Tribe Says Drilling Project Would Have ‘Heartbreaking’ Consequences

Glacier1National Public Radio recently published a report on the battle between oil and gas developers and the Blackfoot tribe in Montana over a long delayed drilling project.

This area, this landscape, this wild, this solitude, this inextricably inalienable relationship we have with the Badger-Two Medicine would be destroyed if they came in here and started drilling and building pipelines and roads and bridges. – John Murray, Blackfeet tribal historian

The post LISTEN: Tribe Says Drilling Project Would Have ‘Heartbreaking’ Consequences appeared first on .


Renewable Energy Revolution Rocks On: All New Generating Capacity in January From Wind and Solar EcoWatch


Two new federal government reports underscore not only the continued rapid growth of...


International outcry grows over murder of Honduran indigenous activist CHANGING TIMES

12799437_1261028187247360_997364399903689824_nThere has been an international outcry over the assassination of Honduran indigenous activist Berta Cáceres Flores. Tributes continue to flood in, and there have been calls to action from diverse organisations around the world.

Assailants broke into Cáceres’ home in La Esperanza in the western province of Intibucá at around midnight on March 2, and gunned her down.

Cáceres’ murder has sparked immense grief. Environmental activists, politicians, and public figures have raised their voices in shock and outrage at the murder of a woman who touched hearts and minds far beyond her home country.

The activist’s assassination has brought into sharp relief the dangers faced by environmental campaigners, not only in Honduras. It has also turned a spotlight onto the causes Cáceres lived and died for – the fight for the rights of indigenous people, and the battle to defend their lands.

US senator Patrick Leahy said in a statement read at Cáceres’ funeral: “Berta was a champion of the rights of indigenous people and of the natural environment. She risked her life for those causes, braving the threats and the fear, knowing that any day could be her last.

“For her courage and commitment she was admired around the world, including in the Congress of the United States, and she will be forever remembered for it.”

Leahy said Cáceres’ represented a larger struggle for justice for all the people of Honduras, and her death could, and should, be a turning point in that struggle.



Racist housing? How postwar suburban development led to today's inner-city lead poisoning The Ecologist

The lead poisoning crisis in Flint, Michigan is just the tip of a vast iceberg of lead contamination afflicting mainly urban black communities, writes Leif Fredrickson. A rigid 'race bar' on postwar suburban housing and mortgages left black families in inner cities, exposed to flaking lead paint in run down housing, leaded gasoline residues and lead pipework. Now is the time to correct this shocking historic injustice.


Endangered Species Found Dead, Likely Result of Illegal Fishing EcoWatch


While patrolling the Vaquita Refuge in the Gulf of California, crew onboard Sea Shepherd's research vessel found...


35 Students Occupy DEQ Lobby Demanding Investigation of Illegal Coal Ash Dumping EcoWatch


Thiry-five students from the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition are refusing to leave the...


Community rallies to oppose mine waste dumping in Norwegian Fjords EARTHblog

Norway is a country known for both its affluence and progressive policies. But despite its sterling reputation, its government makes a highly destructive allowance to the mining industry: it permits mining operations to allow the direct dumping of toxic mine waste into the country’s famous fjords.

In February 2016, more than 100 local activists conducted a powerful act of peaceful civil disobedience to protect these stunning water bodies, which are channels of ocean carved out by glaciers. The group says more than 80 people were arrested during the protest.

Activists had many reasons to block test drilling of a mining site near Førde fjord last month, peacefully occupying the place for three weeks. Fjords are the site of spectacular mountain views that draw tourists from around the world. They also offer vital spawning areas for salmon and cod,  and some serve as congregation sites for whales and porpoises. They support diverse aquatic ecosystems, as well as a thriving fishing industry.

The group was protesting the government’s decision to grant  permission to Nordic Mining to mine Engebø mountain for rutile ore-- a mine which would dump its contaminated waste d into the nearby pristine fjord. (Rutile is a titanium mineral used for pigments in paints, plastics and other substances]).

Norway-based Nordic Mining plans to dump nearly 6 million tonnes of mine waste a year for 50 years into Førde Fjord. According to The Guardian, “the annual waste would include 1,200 tonnes of sulphuric acid, 1,000 tonnes of sodium, 1,000 tonnes of phosphoric acid, 360 tonnes of carbonic acid and 90 tonnes of acrylamide as well as other aci...


France, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands Rebel Against Relicensing of Monsanto’s Glyphosate EcoWatch


France, The Netherlands, Sweden and Italy are rebelling against the European Commission's plans to...


Bill McKibben Arrested + 56 Others in Ongoing Campaign Against Proposed Gas Storage at Seneca Lake EcoWatch


The fight over the fate of the Finger Lakes received national attention today when...


WATCH: Stand Up to Protect the 9th GMO Free Zone in the USA! Global Justice Ecology Project

Via Oregonians For Safe Farms and Families: Time to Defend the Win in Josephine County! STAND UP with us to protect the 9th GMO Free Zone in the USA! Please donate TODAY to our Legal Defense Fund Now... Read More

The post WATCH: Stand Up to Protect the 9th GMO Free Zone in the USA! appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Harmful algal bloom turns La Salina lagoon into blood red, Mexico The Watchers » Latest articles

The "La Salina" lagoon in Huatulco, Mexico, known for its pollution, has changed its color into blood red on February 25, 2016. Experts from the Universidad del Mar (UMAR) explained the phenomenon as algal bloom caused by pollution, lack of rain and high...... Read more »

2015 fireballs recorded by UK Meteor Observation Network The Watchers » Latest articles

The following video shows all fireballs recorded by the United Kingdom Meteor Observation Network (UKMON) in 2015. UKMON was set up in early 2012 with the aim of it becoming the first UK-wide network using CCTV cameras to capture meteor trails across the night sky....... Read more »


Anderson Cooper Takes In-Depth Look at ‘The King of Coal’ EcoWatch


Last night on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper did an exposé on the former CEO of Massey Energy Don Blankenship who is the...


FIRE-EARTH Science Team: Announcement 307 Fire Earth

CJ Members Announcement 307 FIRE-EARTH Science Team’s Announcement 307 will be broadcast on Ch-11 starting Monday, March 7, 2016 at 18:15UTC. Filed under: News Alert Tagged: Announcement 307, Ch-11, CJ Members, FIRE-EARTH Science Team


Woodburn Forest Day 21 (Sun 6th Mar) Frack Off

Some photos from ‘Walk in the Wood’ at the Woodburn Forest blockade. A very enjoyable and fun day for all in the forest! Fracking company Infrastrata are trying to construct an exploratary drill site in the Woodburn Forest.


Ocean ‘Artivist’ Creates Breathtaking Coral Reef Sculptures EcoWatch


Delicate is the adjective that Courtney Mattison most hopes viewers of her art will...


Clinton and Sanders Clash Over Fracking at Flint Debate EcoWatch


The debate saw a confrontation between the two candidates over the controversial practice of...


DR Congo Plans to Open its Rain Forests to Loggers Earth First! Newswire

by Kesavan Unnikrishnan / Digital Journal


The world’s second largest tract of rainforest, twice the size of Texas, is at risk of being cut down as Democratic Republic of Congo plans to lift the moratorium on industrial logging in place since 2002.

Congo had introduced a moratorium on the allocation of new logging titles in 2002, in an attempt to regain control of the country’s timber industry, which was riddled with illegal logging and corruption. The ban remained in place for most of country’s rainforests although around one tenth of Congo’s forests were outside the moratorium.

Recently, Robert Bopolo Bogeza, DRC’s Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development, stated that measures are being undertaken to lift the ban on the allocation of new industrial logging licenses to boost government revenues. The statement...


North Carolina Activists Stand Up To Duke Energy Earth First! Newswire

from Popular Resistance



Did you ever think protest was ineffective? Here in Asheville, even the threat of a small protest by a few people has derailed an important event that mammoth Duke Energy was planning in the coming week. We still have much work to do to stop their implementation of Obama’s Clean Power plan. But in Round One, we who have just begun to create the fledgling NC Power Forward declare victory.  Here’s the scoop.

Duke Energy is the largest utility in the US with assets of over $100 billion. It is the largest single emitter of green house gases. It emits 1.84 % of all GHG’s in the US. It is the 12th largest emitter of toxic water pollution. Although it is good at providing reliable electricity, it is a dangerous monster juggernaut corporation.

In NC it has rigged our political system. Our governor, Pat McCrory worked for Duke for 28 years. Ed Finley, who leads the NC Utilities Commission, did legal work for Duke before being appointed to the Commission. Duke is a “regulated” monopoly, which means it is guarant...

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Monday, 07 March


Heavy rain and hailstorm hits Himachal Pradesh, lightning kills 3 in Madhya Pradesh, India The Watchers » Latest articles

High altitude regions of northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, received up to 25 cm (9.8 inches) of fresh snow on Sunday, March 6, 2016, while the state's capital Shimla was lashed by intense winds, followed by intermittent rain and hailstorm. On the same...... Read more »

Negative polarity CH HSS causes geomagnetic storming on Earth The Watchers » Latest articles

A negative polarity, coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS) became geoeffective early March 6, 2016, causing an increase in solar wind speeds and an enhanced interplanetary magnetic field. A G1 - Minor geomagnetic storm began at 17:28 UTC, increased to G2 -...... Read more »


Switching Cosmetics Can Help Teens Reduce Exposure to Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Latest News

Using off-the-shelf products labeled free of these chemicals for even three days can lead to a big drop in exposure levels, study shows


Dumping toxic oil and gas wastewater into unlined pits—How is this still a thing? We All Live Downstream

still in the pits jpg blog

By Andrew Grinberg—National Campaigns Special Projects Manager

For some reason, California STILL allows oil and gas companies to dump their toxic wastewater in open and unlined pits. This industry isn’t exactly known for being environmentally enlightened, but a disposal method that has the INTENT of putting harmful chemicals into groundwater, soil, and air, is shocking, even by oil industry standards. Dumping toxic wastewater in unlined pits seems like the ultimate in corner cutting for an industry always looking to make an extra few bucks. But it really shouldn’t still be a thing.

This week, Clean Water Action released a new report, Still in the Pits, that documents what we’ve learned about oil and gas wastewater pits and why they shouldn’t be a thing anymore. Here are our top 10 reasons why wastewater disposal into pits shouldn’t still be a thing:

Number 10: Oil and gas wastewater contains harmful chemicals, ranging from high concentrations of salt, to heavy metals, to known carcinogens such as benzene. Contaminants are naturally occurring underground and come from a host of chemicals added throughout the lifespan of an oil well.

Number 9: Dumping wastewater into unlined pits INTENTIONALLY puts those chemicals into the environment – our air, nearby groundwater and soil.

Number 8: State sanctioned science recommends ending unlined pit disposal. The California Council on Science and Technology (CCST), in their July 2015 s...


Monday Oil & Gas Talk & Idaho House Vote Wild Idaho Rising Tide

Calvin Tillman in Boise

On Monday, March 7, at 6:30 pm, Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability (CAIA) is hosting a talk/presentation by the former mayor of Dish, Texas, Calvin Tillman, entitled How Will Oil and Gas Activity Change Your Community?, at the Lincoln Auditorium in the Idaho State Capitol, 700 West Jefferson Street in Boise, Idaho [1, 2]. Currently an Aubrey, Texas, city council member, Mr. Tillman will share his years of direct experience with oil and gas development, as an elected official and impacted father and homeowner.  Please see the attached flyer for further information about this event that Idaho Public Television will livestream at this link, for Idahoans and friends to watch it on their computers [3].

Stop S1339 in the Idaho House

The full Idaho House of Representatives has delayed voting on Senate Bill 1339 (S1339), the industry-promoted law that would expedite oil and gas development permits, reduce opportunities for public input and appeals, further advance forced pooling and leasing of unwilling mineral interests owners, and thus compromise private property rights, not to mention more essential human rights to healthful air, water, and soil [4]. Please comment to your legislators and all House members before their probable full chamber vote on S1339 on Monday, March 7.  See the last two Wild Idaho Rising Tide alerts on this issue, for further information and talking points [5, 6], and call 208-332-1000 or 800-626-0471 and/or email lawmakers at these listed addresses [7].  S1339 will affect all the citizens of Idaho and their rights to defend themselves from oil and gas development invasions.

Thanks for all you do to oppose dirty energy!

[1] How Will Oil and Gas Activity Change Your Community?, Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability...

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Saturday, 05 March


Iraq's greatest danger yet: collapse of 'world's most dangerous dam' The Ecologist

As if Iraq has not suffered enough under Saddam Hussein, the vicious UN sanctions regime, the US-UK occupation and the depradations of Daesh, a new threat looms that could kill a million people or more, and destroy Baghdad and a string of other cities along the Tigris river. The porous rocks beneath the Mosul dam are dissolving away and the entire edifice could collapse at any moment, releasing 11 cubic kilometres of water.

Friday, 04 March


The assassination of our sister in in struggle: Bertha Cáceres - english

The assassination of Bertha Cáceres took place in her home, while she was resting, which drastically increases the risk to women and men defenders, to the indigenous peoples who resist in communities, and to members of popular and social movement organizations who have taken up our legitimate struggle. A statement and call to action from La Via Campesina in response to the assassination of our sister in in struggle: Bertha Cáceres


Would you believe it? Yet another UK solar energy cut! The Ecologist

After ten massive renewable energy cuts that are leaving the UK falling well short of EU renewable energy targets, an eleventh! The axe is now falling on solar heating, writes Oliver Tickell - even though it's meant to be at the core of the government's renewable energy strategy.


Honduran indigenous activist assassinated CHANGING TIMES

12805968_958420670878518_813473681682584008_nHonduran indigenous activist Berta Cáceres Flores has been murdered in her home.

Cáceres was the coordinator and co-founder of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organisations of Honduras (COPINH), and won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize (South and Central America) last year.

According to local reports, assailants broke into Cáceres’ home in La Esperanza in the western province of Intibucá at around midnight on March 2, and gunned her down.

Tributes flooded in from around the world and there was a wave of shock, outrage, and deep sadness at Cáceres’ murder. The chairman of the SAVE Rivers community organisation in Sarawak, Malaysia, which Cáceres visited last October, was one of many who condemned what he described as a “heinous act”.

Amnesty International said: “The brutal killing of a vocal indigenous leader in Honduras paints a terrifying picture of the dangers faced by human rights defenders and social activists in the country.”

Cáceres was a woman of great courage and strength, and deep spirituality. She knew that her life was in danger and had received numerous death threats, but she continued to fight for the rights of indigenous people and battled against massive odds to protect Lenca land.

The president of the Goldman Environmental Foundation, John Goldman, said: “She was a fearless environmental hero. She understood the risks that came with her work, but continued to lead her community with amazing strength and conviction.”

The Canadian author and environmental campaigner Naomi Klein said on Twitter: “Devastating news. Berta was a critical leader and fierce land defender. Part of a glo...

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