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Monday, 07 March


Liberal MP for Warringah Tony Abbott on the subject of 'what a great man I am' North Coast Voices

This was former prime minister and MP for Warringah Tony Abbott donning his ‘journalist’ hat in The Australian on 27 February 2016 in order to trot out an increasingly tired old defence of his failed leadership.

We have courageous Tony, strong Tony, honest Tony, reforming Tony, fiscally responsible Tony, union busting Tony, tax killing Tony, boat stopping Tony, free trade Tony, war leader Tony, I'm better than Mal Tony,  et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…..

“The first law of governing is that you can’t spend what you can’t raise through taxes and borrowings; and the second law is that today’s borrowings have to be paid for — with interest — by tomorrow’s taxes. Governments, like households and businesses, have to live within their means.

With more than $250 billion of cumulative deficits under the former Labor government, the need for budget repair was the constant refrain of the Abbott opposition and the task of budget repair was the most important work of the Abbott government. We were far from fully succ...


Australian Federal Election 2016: one for the FFS! file North Coast Voices

Cory Bernardi going to the United Nations and staying on script? *shakes head*

The Advertiser, 1 March 2016:

SENATOR Cory Bernardi’s colleagues have voted to send him to Siberia for three months.
‘Siberia’ being the rarefied air of the United Nations in New York.
The Advertiser understands the firebrand’s mates were keen to give him the opportunity, but it took a few frenemies who wanted to see the back of him to give him the votes needed.
Senator Bernardi has been front and centre in recent weeks as the conservatives rock Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s boat.
Now he’ll disappear overseas for three months, just as speculation mounts about...

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Sunday, 06 March


Why Abbott’s sex life is my business No Place For Sheep

  There’s only one circumstance in which I consider the sexual lives of politicians to be my business, and that’s when they legislate about what goes on in other citizens’ sexual lives. Failed Prime Minister Tony Abbott operates from a platform that is largely based on his personal morality, drawn from Catholic dogma. This morality advocates […]


Breaking News: James Paterson goes to Canberra Catallaxy Files

James Paterson just won the number 1 spot on the Liberal Senate ticket 210 – 188.


Australian workers replaced with foreign labour using Liberal’s 457visa scam Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the Liberal / National government to stop their 457 visa scam – which now means Australian workers’ jobs are being taken by foreign Labour.

“ After talking to two Maritime Engineers (see above YouTube Link) who are about to lose their jobs to foreign workers – it’s time that all Australians stood up and said No to the conservative government’s 457 visa scam,” said Senator Lambie.

“457 visas are only supposed to be used when there are no skilled Australian workers to do the job.  It’s clear after talking with Maritime Engineers Ralph Nicholson and Garry Trotter, there are plenty of skilled Australian professionals who can service and run refueling vessels in the Melbourne Port.

And the fact that this Liberal / National government is happy to hand out 457 visas to overseas Maritime Engineers while there is an oversupply of Australian Maritime Engineers is a national shame – and further evidence of corrupt political behavior,” said Senator Lambie

How can this Turnbull / Joyce government stand silent while an Australian registered, domestic refueling vessel with its Australian crew be replaced with an overseas registered vessel and foreign crew?” said Senator Lambie.

“It’s time that all Australians took notice and protested.  Today it may be the maritime workers, but tomorrow if the Liberals and National parties are allowed to continue their 457 visa scam, no Australian job will be safe from overseas workers.” said Senator Lambie.

The post Australian workers replaced with foreign labour using Liberal’s 457visa scam appeared first on...


East Timor and the Emperor's "old" clothes (Part 2) Independent Australia

East Timor and the Emperor's "old" clothes (Part 2)Dr Adam Henry continues his insights into newly released documents exposing self-righteous and dispassionate attitudes by Australian diplomats during the invasion of 1970s East Timor. read now...


Let’s talk about tax The Political Sword

Taxes are the things that provide services to the community. They provide transport, social security, defence, education, parks, rubbish removal and so on.

While state and local government provide most of the services we Australians consume on a daily basis, the federal government is the level of government with the majority of the powers to enable taxation to be collected to provide those services. So state governments have to go to the federal government to ask for money, and local governments rely on grants from the state government (because local governments are prevented by the constitution to go directly to the federal government). Yup — it’s as clear as mud but that’s the system as it currently operates. How it works is complicated. You may remember when the Victorian state government changed in 2014 and the new premier Daniel Andrews wished to replace a road tunnel under central Melbourne with a train tunnel. Then PM Abbott, who admitted he wasn’t a fan of public transport, wanted his road-tunnel funding back. Current PM Turnbull, who posts selfies on buses and train stations, is in the process of returning the funding taken from Victoria. Clearly, the higher level of government can impose its will over the subordinate levels.

It seems that when Mike Baird (Premier of NSW) suggested he would look favourably at a GST increase during 2015, he started (either consciously or unconsciously) the great tax debate of 2016. Baird’s rationale for the comments about a GST increase was that the federal government was planning to rip $80 billion from the grants given to the states to run...


An Instance Of Failure To Contact Civil Authorities In Relation To Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse In Ballarat, Victoria North Coast Voices

The subject of child sexual abuse is always distressing and nevermore so than during the four days in February-March 2016 when Cardinal Prefect George Pell gave evidence from Rome to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Below is a brief background of one of the convicted paedophiles, excerpts from Cardinal Pell's evidence with regard to this former Christian Brother and the Vatican response to the evidence.

This is not the only recorded instance where Cardinal Pell and the Catholic Church failed to contact civil authorities after it was discovered that schoolchildren were being sexually abused.

BACKGROUND - Edward Vernon "Ted" Dowlan



East Timor and the Emperor's "old" clothes (Part 1) Independent Australia

East Timor and the Emperor's "old" clothes (Part 1)Dr Adam Henry discusses newly released documents exposing self-righteous and dispassionate attitudes of Australian diplomats during the war in 1970s East Timor. read now...


Roundup 6 March Catallaxy Files

Spiked on line, a prickly libertarian view from Britain. Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. The Spectator Culture House.

Killing Greece by kindness to moochers, cronies and regulators. How far are Australia and the US down this road? The illusion of recovery in the US. Get with the Foundation for Economic Education, FEE. Americans today are better off than John D Rockefeller. How John Dewey wrecked American education. Negative interest rates.

Weather. Science on the rack. Pervasive falsehoods in scientific publications. Pseudoscience vs John Christy.

Pictures. WW2 Lancaster over the Niagr...


How to fetche an heretike ouer the coles, or at least make a fuss over a tie ... loon pond

The Sunday Terrorists are all agush and aglow this day, and who can blame them? Such happy days, such a glowing, gushing couple ...

The pond felt a rush of affection almost as deep as Rowe's (and more Rowe here):

Being of an age, you won't find the pond joining in any cheap shots at the elderly.

There's something deeply romantic about a man so infatuated that he would foreswear and abjure twitter, leaving us with just a few final thoughts ...

Ten whole days at least! And yes, he's a Trump man now, so that the wall paid for by Mexicans and a ban on all perfidious Islamics, and sundry forms of torture might flourish in the land.

And happily the Sunday Terrorists were in peak wedding party form ...



The "Bob Jelly Gazette" has its say on an Iluka development application North Coast Voices

Below is a copy of an excerpt from the March 2016 newsletter put out by Iluka resident, Graeme Lynn and his small group of predominately enthusiastic pro-development fellow travellers calling themselves the Ratepayers Association of Iluka Inc.

Mr. Lynn, who besides being president of this particular ratepayers association and president of the Iluka Golf Club, is also a real estate agent.  

Readers may him remember from this premature online advertising of the proposed 162 lot subdivision at Lot 99 Hickey Street:


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Saturday, 05 March


She fed him tenderly, as if he were a baby bird No Place For Sheep

In Nikki Savva’s EXPLOSIVE NEW BOOK the author describes a dinner at which then Prime Minister Tony Abbott was observed being fed food from a fork by his then chief of staff, Peta Credlin. Ms Credlin, it’s reported, took the food from her own plate. Obviously the two of them had a pretty interesting thing […]


Safe schools and marriage equality: An open letter to John Howard Independent Australia

Safe schools and marriage equality: An open letter to John HowardJohn Haly writes an open letter to John Howard, calling out the former PM on his recent dismissive comments about the Safe School initiative and the same sex marriage bill. read now...

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Friday, 04 March

Wednesday, 02 March


Safe Schools, Unsafe Politicians The Political Sword

Now we see it, the Christian-Right Liberal reactionaries digging their cruel claws into PM Turnbull over the ‘Safe Schools’ program, one specifically designed to help kids understand that different individuals have different feelings about their sexuality, and that all of us ought to understand, respect, and accept these differences.

‘Safe Schools’ is aimed at helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex (LGBTI) school students. According to its website, the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ offers “…resources and support to equip staff and students with ‘skills, practical ideas and greater confidence’ to create a safe and inclusive environment for same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families.”

One end point of the program is to lessen the bullying which differences in sexual identity and sexual preferences too often engender. Bullying and ridicule of those whose sexual orientation does not match their gender have superseded the bullying and ridicule heaped upon kids with red hair or freckles or short stature that we once saw when we were young. This pernicious social transformation has resulted in distress, depression and sometimes suicide. ‘Safe Schools’ was developed as an antidote; its website explains that it is: “…aimed at creating safe and supportive school environments for these same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse people by reducing homophobic and transphobic bullying and discrimination in schools"

Do the reactionaries see it that way? No, they see it as an assault on their ‘Christian’ beliefs. As they see it, God has ordained that there should be men and women with clearly defined and different sexual attributes. Men should be attracted to women and...

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