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Sunday, 06 March


The "Bob Jelly Gazette" has its say on an Iluka development application North Coast Voices

Below is a copy of an excerpt from the March 2016 newsletter put out by Iluka resident, Graeme Lynn and his small group of predominately enthusiastic pro-development fellow travellers calling themselves the Ratepayers Association of Iluka Inc.

Mr. Lynn, who besides being president of this particular ratepayers association and president of the Iluka Golf Club, is also a real estate agent.  

Readers may him remember from this premature online advertising of the proposed 162 lot subdivision at Lot 99 Hickey Street:



An Instance Of Failure To Contact Civil Authorities In Relation To Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse In Ballarat, Victoria North Coast Voices

The subject of child sexual abuse is always distressing and nevermore so than during the four days in February-March 2016 when Cardinal Prefect George Pell gave evidence from Rome to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Below is a brief background of one of the convicted paedophiles, excerpts from Cardinal Pell's evidence with regard to this former Christian Brother and the Vatican response to the evidence.

This is not the only recorded instance where Cardinal Pell and the Catholic Church failed to contact civil authorities after it was discovered that schoolchildren were being sexually abused.

BACKGROUND - Edward Vernon "Ted" Dowlan


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Saturday, 05 March


She fed him tenderly, as if he were a baby bird No Place For Sheep

In Nikki Savva’s EXPLOSIVE NEW BOOK the author describes a dinner at which then Prime Minister Tony Abbott was observed being fed food from a fork by his then chief of staff, Peta Credlin. Ms Credlin, it’s reported, took the food from her own plate. Obviously the two of them had a pretty interesting thing […]


Safe schools and marriage equality: An open letter to John Howard Independent Australia

Safe schools and marriage equality: An open letter to John HowardJohn Haly writes an open letter to John Howard, calling out the former PM on his recent dismissive comments about the Safe School initiative and the same sex marriage bill. read now...


Senator Di Natale catches McDevitt on a falsehood Catallaxy Files

From Hansard (emphasis added):

Senator BACK: Do you know if they were told that that particular product was legal to be used?

Mr McDevitt : There have been various accounts about exactly what players were or were not told. Whilst I appreciate this is a very important point about what information they were given by, for example, support personal, ultimately the onus rests always on the individual. If they were unsure then they should have sought advice from their doctor. Their doctor gave evidence to say that none of them did. They should have gone to the website where you can look up the substances that are banned but we have no evidence that any of them did. They did not make the inquiries.

Senator DI NATALE: That is not true. Sorry. One of the players went and did some research on the product, that is well-documented.

WADA itself has told that very lie:

WADA director-general David Howman said last month the players’ lack of curiosity about the Bombers’ controversial supplements regime was one aspect that contributed to their suspensions.

Yet last year The Australian reported:

In February 2012, when Essendon players were asked to sign consent forms to be administered with four substances including the Thymosin peptide at the centre of the doping case, Crameri took the form home to his mum. Together, mother and son researched the v...


When the magic water slows to a trickle, remember there's always prattling Polonius and pompous "Ned" Kelly ... loon pond

Muh lud or luddess, the pond wishes to explain its overlooking of this important statement, which manages to avoid saying anything of interest.

First there is the pond's grave concern at serious damage this matter has done to the proud tradition of loonacy at Fairfax, though the pond does appreciate Mike Carlton's offer to step into the breach:

The pond encourages all to aspire to a place in its banner. Surely Moorice can't last forever ...

Then there's the pond's own business model.

Where would it be without its expert Fairfax advisor on Krispy Kremes, magic water,  high priced sourdough bread, junket cruises, climate science, Lord Monckton and damned pesky furriners?

And worse still, there's the yearning and the saucy doubts and fears factor.

Why only suspended? Is he still being paid for being a blunderer who brought the brand into even more disrepute than it currently enjoys?

Why not sacked, why not...


Bluff and bluster from Ben McDevitt Catallaxy Files

From the Hansard:

CHAIR: I am going to start with Senator Madigan and then go to Senator Back.

Senator MADIGAN: Mr McDevitt, my questions pertain to the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal and the 34 Essendon footballers. Is it correct that the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal cleared the 34 Essendon footballers of an alleged violation of the AFL doping code?

Mr McDevitt : Yes, Senator, that is correct.

Senator MADIGAN: Was the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal chaired by two retired Victorian County Court judges and an eminent barrister?

Mr McDevitt : That is correct, Senator.

Senator MADIGAN: Mr McDevitt, did ASADA believe there was something fundamentally wrong with that decision of those two retired Victorian County Court judges and eminent barrister, who actually convicted and sent people to jail in their professions previously?

Mr McDevitt : Senator, I might make some opening comments. The first one is to say that at no time have I questioned the integrity of the individuals who sit on the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal. These are people with great integrity and great experience. As you yourself pointed out, their experience basically emanates from the criminal jurisdiction, which is a jurisdiction that looks at issues generally through the lens of beyond a reasonable doubt. I believe and WADA believed that in this case the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal simply got it wrong, and I believe that for several reasons.

Firstly, I do not believe that due weighting was given to pieces of evidence that were presented to that tribunal. Secondly, I believe that they held the bar of ‘comfortable satisfaction’ so high that, if allowed to remain, it would have set a precedent which would have made it extremely difficult if not impossible,...


Abbott steering govt into troubled waters Drag0nista's Blog

Tony Abbott’s sudden escalation of his destabilisation campaign has all the hallmarks of a bad movie we’ve seen before.


New Music Through Old Ears – Hilltop Sia Wolf & More Independent Australia

New Music Through Old Ears – Hilltop Sia Wolf & MoreIt's time for some new music as entertainment editor John Turnbull checks out a trio of Aussie albums and the latest release from U.S. hitmakers Macklemore & Lewis. read now...


Let the mania and the manic phase and the white-anting and the sniping continue, thanks be unto the bromancer ... loon pond

Quelle surprise, quelle surprise ...

The pond, as always, is only here to help the reptiles and their failing business model, and so it faithfully maintains an interest in all their efforts ...

But talk about pitiful. Only the HUNsters tag teamed with the lizard Oz on the book designed to rock the nation, yet sadly in its core function as gossip, the Savva turned into a damp squib ...

Along with much well-rehearsed and repeated ancient history, the pond came to this central bit of the burnt offering ...

That's it, a comparison to Wallis Simpson, but not meaning to imply an affair? No wonder they've already knocked 35% off RRP for dedicated reptile lovers ...



Reflections on Obama’s presidential legacy Independent Australia

Reflections on Obama’s presidential legacyAbdullah Ahmed examines Barack Obama's presidency and finds a substantial legacy of reform alongside a tainted record on civil liberties. read now...


A president Donald Trump would wreak havoc far beyond America Catallaxy Files

Today in The Australian

Donald Trump’s march to the Republican nomination took another leap forward this week as his Super Tuesday wins added 237 delegates to the 82 he had already gained. Having secured about 44 per cent of the GOP delegates chosen so far, Trump seems increasingly difficult to beat, heightening the tensions within the Republican Party.


Fire on contentious Iluka development application site North Coast Voices

This instance brings to mind certain Lower Clarence Valley fires (and other attempts at illegal land clearing over the last twenty years) which have sprung up on subdivision lands containing either koala habitat or tree/plant biodiversity considered worth p...


Say cheese! North Coast Voices

Green tree frogs image by Michael Snedic, Australian wildlife and nature photographer, whose galleries can be found at


Quotes of the Week North Coast Voices

Ms Furness assisting the Royal Commission: And human beings talk among themselves about their colleagues, don't they, Cardinal?
Cardinal-Prefect George Pell: Human beings in different categories have very different approaches to these matters. We work within a framework of Christian moral teaching. {Loud burst of laughter from people in Rome interview room} Pardon?
Ms.Furness: And what does that mean –
Cardinal Pell: Wo...

Friday, 04 March


Will the Turnbull Government finally move against Abbott's boy? North Coast Voices

It has been over-long in coming and, probably wouldn’t be contemplated now by the political mates' club if this wasn’t a federal election year, but it finally looks as though another Tony Abbott appointee is about to leave the stage.

The Australian, 26 February 2016:

Fair Work Commission vice-president Michael Lawler could face unprecedented action to ­remove him from office within weeks after taking almost a year of sick leave on full pay of $435,000 a year.

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash said yesterday that she had received an independent report on February 15 into a complaint against Mr Lawler.

The report, written by barrister and former Federal Court judge Peter Heerey followed a four-month investigation.

The report deadline was ­extended by t...


In which Pell crosses to the other side of the road No Place For Sheep

He Qi: The Good Samaritan   Over the last few days of his questioning at the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, Cardinal George Pell demonstrated the opposite of what his saviour, Jesus Christ, taught about helping those in need. Pell has proved himself to be about as far from the Good Samaritan as it […]

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