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Friday, 04 March


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": North Coast Voices: National Indigenous Times to be revived "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Australian Newspaper History Group, Newsletter, No 86, February 2016:

86.1.9 Revival of National Indigenous Times to be attempted

Aboriginal businessman Wayne Bergmann has taken control of the collapsed National Indigenous Times, with the aim of transforming it into a newspaper that celebrates indigenous achievement in business, politics and sport. A company majority-owned by Bergmann has bought the paper from liquidators and is expected to relaunch it within weeks. Veteran Perth journalist Tony Barrass will become the editor of the publication, which will be resurrected online before a decision is made whether to resume in print. The old Times had enraged some aboriginal le...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": North Coast Voices: Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights still not happy with the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Public Interest Advocates and Other Matters) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Excerpts from Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, Human rights scrutiny report, 25 February 2016:

2.33 Accessing telecommunications data relating to a journalist, or their employer, where the purpose is to identify a journalist's source, together with the journalist information warrant and PIA scheme, engages and may limit multiple rights, including:

* right to an effective remedy;
* right to a fair hearing;
* right to privacy; and
* right to freedom of expression.

2.35 The committee considered that the journalist information warrant and PIA schemes seek to better promote the protection of privacy and the right to freedom of expression by prescribing a warrant process for accessing journalists' information, but that the regulation may lack sufficie...

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IndyWatch All AU State News Feed Today.

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Thursday, 03 March


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": matthew schiavello: photos and words: Seminal works #10 110116If you are in Melbourne, Australia this... "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Seminal works #10 110116

If you are in Melbourne, Australia this Friday, come along to my solo show!

The opening event- “Seminal and non-seminal works”

Balkon Art Incubator
Date: Friday 4th of March
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Location: 635 Plenty Rd, Preston (Near Tyler st).


Living and Loving Hobart:: Peacock and Jones "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Peacock and Jones
There is something to be said for elegant, intimate dining. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a business lunch, Peacock and Jones is classy and discreet.

The restaurant is in the heart of the tourist precinct – the Rocks of Hobart, at the eastern end of the IXL complex. It is the latest restaurant from the Federal Group.


Central Queensland Plane Spotting: RAAF Challenger 604 Bizjet A37-003 Missed Approach at Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

On Thursday 3 March, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet A37-003 was noted performing a missed approach at Rockhampton Airport.

File photo taken by 'IAD'  ©

The Challenger, flown by the VIP 34 Squadron in Canberra, was seen on radar and heard to approach Rocky from RAAF Base Amberley as "Envoy 69".  After the missed approach, A37-003 continued North to Townsville.


Practising Simplicity: a 1st birthday giveaway with lucas loves cars "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

First birthdays are synonymous with heirloom gifts so I've spent the past few months collecting a few treasured keepsakes for Percy.

If I'm being completely honest, Percy only cares for the dustpan and broom, crinkly paper and my wallet so I've bought gifts that will hopefully be adored when he's a little bigger. Instead of following my gift giving rule of something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read, I've opted for two special gifts that will last for years to come and are uniquely Percy's (rare considering he's the third child).

I enlisted the help of a talented quiltmaker to make him something that will be warm and comforting for years to come and I went on the hunt for a sweet wooden toy that was ha...


Central Queensland Plane Spotting: A Possible Trio of Flight One (Archerfield) Charter and Training Aircraft at Longreach Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

It was interesting to note that over the weekend it appeared that as many as three aircraft operated by Archerfield Airport-based Flight One Professional Charter and Flight Training services looked to fly into Longreach Airport at various times.

As shown above from their Facebook page ( it certainly appears that their Cirrus SR22 VH-FOH was at Longreach Airport over the weekend on what appeared to be a navigational exercise.

A well-known flight tracking website also indicates that Flight One's Beech B200 King Air VH-FON called into Longreach Airport on Monday 29 February.  It appears that VH-FON also called into Emerald Airport on Sunday 28 February before flying on to Mount Isa and Newcastle Waters in the Northern Territory.  VH-FON then returned to Archerfield on Monday.

Finally, Cessna 182 also of Flight One looked to possibly call into Longreach Airport on Saturday 27 February before departing to Roma.

To learn more about Flight One Professional Charter and Flight Training check out their website:


Central Queensland Plane Spotting: APLNG Meeting Brings Corporate and Chartered Aircraft Galore to Gladstone Airport on Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

What a busy day!

A reported Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (APLNG) meeting has brought a great variety of corporate and chartered aircraft to Gladstone Airport on Thursday 3 March.

The first arrival late on Wednesday 2 March was the Queensland Government (State of Queensland) Raytheon Hawker 850XP bizjet VH-SGY which called into Gladstone from Mackay where it spent most of Wednesday after arriving earlier in the day from Brisbane.  VH-SGY remained at Gladstone for the night and departed mid-afternoon on Thursday.



"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": matthew schiavello: photos and words: A.K. and I were hanging/installing the work the other night... "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A.K. and I were hanging/installing the work the other night (with much help from Monique, Jake and Christine) for Friday’s opening event: ‘Seminal and non-Seminal works’, at Balkon Art Incubator.

Photograph by Christine Georgiou.


Birdline Central & Southern Queensland: Lesser Crested Tern, Wandering Tattler at Mooloolaba Headland reported by Brandon Hewitt on 03-03-2016 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Walking along the rocky section of Mooloolaba Beach (not a local, so don't know what it is known as) this morning. Wandering Tattler allowed an approach of <10m and Lesser Crested Tern seen flying up and down the beach; it flew past me 4 times... also Eastern Osprey and Whistling Kite in the vicinity.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": : Donation enable us to continue to work "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Ellen White - founder of BSCFL and inventor of the Bitou Bush Crowning method - working with volunteer Terry Hamil

Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare volunteers are passionate about implementing sustainable land management. We are currently working on 5 hectares of dunes at Brunswick Heads removing Bitou Bush and Glory Lily using very effective chemical free techniques. The results have been even more effective that we could have hoped for.

We are supported by Mullum S.E.E.D. inc. which also runs the award winning Mullumbimby Community Garden, but it is donations from local businesses and individuals that enable us to continue our work.

We would like to thank The Sunglass Fix for their recent donation. Did you know that you can replace a broken sunglasses lens? Sunglass Fix is a Byron Shire company manufacturing up to 42,000 Australian made lenses per day. They export any model of lens that you can think of, all around the world, for around 10% of the total cost of the original sunglasses. So check their web site and feel happy that you don’t need to buy new sunglasses, you can fix them. Very cool.

Your donation over $2 to BSCFL through Mullum S.E.E.D. is tax deductible, so if you can’t get to the dunes at Brunswick Heads to help us remove Bitou Bush, but you are like us and want to care for our country, you can donate to us online at Mullum Seed and choose our project from the list.

All donations given to BSCFL are used for the payments of tools, administration expenses and chemical-free bush regenerators.

If you have any questions please email


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Dick Smith, Bob Katter and Ian ‘Macca’ MacNamara oppose sale of Kidman to Chinese "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Selling Kidman pastoral empire to the Chinese is ‘complete madness’, says Dick Smith, Ian MacNamara and Bob Katter

Dick Smith says Australia’s agricultural land is becoming more valuable and should not be sold to foreign investors.

by Matthew Cranston AFR

Australian entrepreneur and aviator Dick Smith has called the imminent sale of Australia’s largest landholder S.Kidman & Co to a Chinese company an act of madness and says that with the value of agricultural land rising, Australian super funds should be competing to buy the cattle stations.

Speaking from his 1214 hectare property outside Canberra, Mr Smith, who funded the first major book on his “hero” Australia’s greatest pastoral king Sir Sidney Kidman back in 1987, said he was shocked that Australian investors could not compete with foreign investors.

“I am totally opposed to a sale to the Chinese. It’s complete madness,” Mr Smith told The Australian Financial Review.

“Farming land is going to be incredibly valuable – it is going to generate a lot of wealth into the future so you don’t want all that wealth creation to go overseas.”

Pengxin chief executive Andy McLeod and Gary Romano chief executive of Hunan Dakang Pasture Farming Co

S.Kidman & Co, which has cattle...


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": darkly wise, rudely great: On the charge of 'obsolete' "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott: are his ideas obsolete or just false?
My recent Canberra Times column was on the charge of obsolescence: 'Saying something's obsolete doesn't make it so'.

I'm arguing that this notion is often ill-suited to ethical and political debate: it suggests finality where none exists; progress where only struggle exists. A sample:
I don't believe that history is somehow on my side; that we can stop arguing now, because of some inherent historical momentum. If we accept our ideas and values can triumph over others, we also recognise the opposite can occur: strife is our political and ethical condition, and it does not magically fade when my clan is victorious. 
Phones and floppy discs become obsolete – humans must endure less convenient categories of failure.


Motorbike Writer: What is the future of smart helmets? "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Smart helmets of the future may not only have integrated Bluetooth, GPS, communication, head-up display and noise-cancelling technology but also air pollution alerts!

The first four technologies are now being offered in the Skully helmet, while the upcoming Sena will feature noise-cancelling technology.

However, helmets seem to be capable of much more technology, according to iHelmet inventor Ganindu Nanayakkara, a young Sri Lankan engineer.


Under the Primal Influence: Recipe: Chocolate Orange Bisuicts "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Last night I was in the mood for making some recipe ideas for my green banana flour ebook, but unfortunately I’d run out of eggs and since all the recipes I wanted to attempt needed eggs… I was kind of bummed (cue sad violin music). I really felt like cooking something, so I decided to throw together a few things and ended up making a really yummy batch of choc orange biccies! And with so few ingredients… that’s a huge win in my books!!

I really felt like cooking something, so I decided to throw together a few things and ended up making a really yummy batch of choc orange biccies! And with so few ingredients… that’s a huge win in my books!!

I didn’t use eggs, I didn’t use nuts, and what I did use was really basic stuff, so it’s a no-brainer I share this new recipe with you all!


orange choc biscuits 1


You’ll need:

2 tbsp chia seed meal (chia seeds ground down well in a good blender)

2 tbsp arrowroot flour

1/4 cup organic desiccated coconut

2 tbsp coconut oil (liquified)

2 tbsp pure organic cocoa powder

1/4 cup pure coconut milk (I use Ayam)

2 tbsp honey

Fresh orange zest, or dehydrated orange peel, or orange essential oil – to your liking

Optional: 2-3 tsp cacao nibs for crunch

Note: this made 10 small biscuits, double quantities to make larger batch

Do this:

  1. Pre-heat ove...


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": The Greening of Gavin: Wholesome Home Grown Dinners "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

We’ve been eating simple fare of late, all unprocessed, wholesome, and mostly home grown dinners. Due to the crazy heat we’re having in March (which is actually supposed to be autumn), we have been serving salads from the newly repaired Vegtrug, with organic or free-range meats. However, last night was a special treat. During a lovely  [Continue Reading …]

The post Wholesome Home Grown Dinners appeared first on The Greening of Gavin.


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": The NORTHSIDER: RAINBOW SERPENT 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Having recently returned from Rainbow Serpent Festival, I feel compelled to share the best and the not so best bits of this stupendous event.

The post RAINBOW SERPENT 2016 appeared first on The NORTHSIDER.


Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation: Call for Rangers, Police in Tarkine – Bob Brown "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Media Release 3 March 2016


Environmentalist Bob Brown has called on Premier Hodgman to enforce the Federal Court ruling keeping part of the Tarkine coastline free of destructive off-road vehicles.

‘Rangers and police should uphold the Federal Court’s judgement, as with any other court decision. A dozen police were sent to enforce the Lapoinya logging, the same should apply in enforcing protection of the Tarkine rich Aboriginal and natural heritage.’ Bob Brown said.

‘The Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation’s call for more 4WD access is as illogical as its previous backing of failed mining ventures in the Tarkine, but I welcome any moves by them to appeal the Federal Court ruling,’ Brown said.

Jenny Weber 0427 366 929



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: Summer Dance with Jeremy Underground (FRA), András, Sadar Bahar and Ariane "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Al fresco parties are the best and the Summer Dance team (Astral People, V Movement and National Art School) really know how to imbue a Sunday with day-to-night fever. These parties are like well-oiled friendly doofs, only remove the druggy dreads and add good quality music and National Art School's creamy sandstone. Have a geez at our glorious gallery from a coupla weekends ago for proof of the revelry.

This Sunday is their last one for the season and brings more international flair with France's Jeremy Underground along with local party classics, András, Sadar Bahar and Ariane. There's also food provided by the silver gilded burger flingers, Nighthawk Diner. It's a good line up for a celebratory sway after last week's Keep Sydney Open Rally, party wherever you want, this is your town.


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: Swagger Like Us with Big Dipper, davO, boy_friend, Kelly Lovemonster and more "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

San Francisco's insane queer hip hop party is back in Sydney for one night only. Lucky it goes until 2am because there's performances by Big Dipper, Bhenji Ra, davO, boy_friend, Kelly Lovemonster, Koco and heaps more. Prepare to wear little and sweat a lot as Red Rattler is transformed into one big killer grind fest.


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: No Refunds #8 with Meat Tray and Jack T Wotton "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This week No Refunds pulls out another pearler with the effervescent purges of Meat Tray and the Right Said Fred vocal stylings of Jack T Wotton.

Entry is zero dollars and there's really cheap food and booze. This week also sees the addition of a literal meat tray raffle and nothing says glamour like carting a slab of raw steak down Paramatta road. There really needn't be anymore coercing, this is an alarmingly generous event for people who enjoy music and drinking on a Thursday.


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Light+Shade: Foo Fighters post response to break-up rumours "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

And it’s pretty funny!! Watch it here. Even producer Butch Vig has got involved! Filed under: bands, music, video, youtube Tagged: break-up, Foo Fighters, split


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: Simon Bernhardt, 'BDSM' "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Adding to the celebratory sideshows of Mardi Gras, Simon Bernhardt turns an intimate lens to members of the BDSM community at Black Eye contemporary photography gallery. Presented in high contrast monochromes, the striking portrait series delves into the textural costumery and the essence of the people behind the masks. The exhibition is complemented by a catalogue of the photographs and accompanying personal stories.


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Light+Shade: Mogwai returns with beautiful new single "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Ether is the new single from Mogwai and has been shared by the Scottish post-rockers this week. You can check it out here. The track is part of the band’s upcoming new album Atomic, which is to be released on 1 April. It’s a slight departure from the full noise post-rock we’re used to from these guys,…Read more Mogwai returns with beautiful new single


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: Anna McMahon, 'On the Turning Point of Becoming and Returning' "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Anna McMahon fuses ikebana and sports equipment into dreamy zeitgeist still lifes. The balanced combination of fresh wattle, palm fronds and plastic basketball hoops and neon have the uncanny head-spin of digital collage come to life and make you feel contemplative about floristry, philosophy and marketing trends. 'On the Turning Point of Becoming and Returning' provokes ideas of precarious life – the flowers and leaves will all perish quickly – making you evaluate material worth. It's sort of like that feeling of rubbing a flower petal in your hand; it feels sooo nice on our oafish human finger skin but you leave a brownish bruise on a delicate surface, Anna's installations evoke this same hovering of fragility, guilt and curious adoration.


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Julia Johnson and Vorn Doolette Announce Joint House Concert Tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Julia Johnson Julia Johnson (Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens) and Vorn Doolette are two folk singers who we’ve been following pretty much since the very beginning of Timber and Steel. So when we heard they’re getting together for an upcoming house concert tour. Both Johnson and Doolette have gone through a […]


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": St Kilda News: Lentil As Anything – The Radiohead of Restaurants "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

By Mantis Kane The systems of trade are in constant flux. Once the bartering of pig’s trotters for a basket of turnips was part of the banking practice. Then came coins – then notes – then coins again (Bitcoins). Now the transaction world is a shifting paradigm, a new zeitgeist of pay-what-you think is emerging. […]


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": Steven Rhall | Blog: How are ya? I tried to find you on instagram but couldn't. Did you delete your account? What's happening? Hope you're well. X "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Afternoon fade at the moment! Otherwise really well. Doing all the right things I hope! Yes deleted the account which was part of a ‘performance’ of sorts where I had an IG account for a year. Might get back on there (in the normal sense) but I end up wasting a lot of time there… perhaps I should consider will power! Doing my art thing, Footscray still, just started a teaching job for Melb Uni which is a big learning curve. Maybe we have a chat about potentially getting you in as a guest lecturer one day, talking about your practice? This is the subject: Hoping you’re well too xx


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Community Billboard 3rd of March – 10th of March "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

City of Sydney

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydney’s Plan for the

future – Sydney 2030 – making our city more green, global and connected

The post Community Billboard 3rd of March – 10th of March appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Calamity for Shepparton "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Calamity for Shepparton

SHEPPARTON has been a thriving community for more than 155 years, and throughout that time many people and events have helped to shape the township into the community that it is today.

With the help of former local, Marlene Kuhn, the team at Lost Shepparton and the wider community, The Adviser has decided to share some of those moments in time with you through a series of photographs.

If you have an old photograph of a local event or moment in time that you would love to see published, feel free to email the image to


Western NSW & Far West Health Libraries Blog: Mental health experts gather to talk about ice addictions, treatment and solutions "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Drug treatment services are still waiting to receive the $241 million the Federal Government promised in response to the National Ice Taskforce's report. It's due to flow in the next couple of months.

While they wait, mental health experts are getting on with the job of helping users deal with the impact of the illicit drug. Some are meeting in Sydney today to learn about new treatments.

And as Lindy Kerin reports, they'll also hear a very personal story from a recovering addict about his treatment. See more at:


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Coppice exhibition opening at Verge Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

From the 3rd of March, an upcoming exhibition will be held by Siân McIntyre at Verge Gallery titled Coppice with University Art Gallery assistant curator Katrina Liberiou. The exhibition features new and recent works from Bonita Bub, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Aideen Doran, Deb Mansfield, Lena Nyadbi along with paintings and photographs from the University of Sydney Union collection by George Duncan, John D. Moore, David Stephenson and a selection of fungi models from the Macleay Collection.


Lena Nyadbi Untitled (2013) 90×90 cm Ochre and pigments on canvas

The exhibition opens this Thursday March 3 from 6-8pm and will be continuing to April 2 in conjunction with Art Month Sydney. 

On Saturday March 19 from 1-3pm we will be hosting a panel discussion at Verge Gallery owith exhibiting artists and academics from the University of Sydney and on Saturday April 3 from 1-3pm art crits and artist talks hosted by SCA postgraduate group Collective Club will take place in the gallery.

About the exhibition : 

Coppicing is an early forestry process that involves the cutting back or removing of part of a tree, shrub or plant in order to stimulate growth. This action of disrupting and interrupting natural growth in order to increase productivity is an English approach to agriculture, and could be used as a conceptual tool to discuss land, site, history, colonisation,...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Cornucopia opens at SAM "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Cornucopia opens at SAM

ENJOY SAM’S EXHIBITS… Australian commercial ceramics as part of the 2016 exhibition at the Shepparton Art Museum, Cornucopia, c.1930s -1960s, dimensions variable, Collection Shepparton Art Museum. Photo: Christopher Hawking.

THE Shepparton Art Museum’s (SAM) first major exhibition for the year, Cornucopia, was officially opened for public viewing on the weekend, showcasing a range of works by established and early career artists that utilise food and/or flora as an artistic medium or point of departure.

The exhibition explores the production, consumption and distribution of food, as well as its socio-cultural uses and religious significance.

SAM Director, Dr Rebecca Coates said, “Cornucopia complicates the art historic lineage of the still life by interrogating and raising questions around the ethics of food today. Located within the Greater Shepparton region, known as the ‘food bowl of Australia’, the show also celebrates the culinary traditions of regional Victoria.

“SAM welcomes the Shepparton icon, the Campbell’s Soup can in to the museum, with Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup II – Cheddar Cheese

(1969). The exhibition also includes Flooded McDonalds (2009) by SUPERFLEX and a specially designed vending machine, 31 Dinner Options While Waiting for the Last Train Home (2015) by Kenny Pittock.

“As part of the exhibition program SAM will also be running a series of diverse food related programs with the community.”

For further information on food related programs running throughout the exhibition, visit


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Truck rides the rainbow "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Truck rides the rainbow

COLOURFUL CURTAIN… From left, Fairleys SUPA IGA store manager, Craig Bramley, Hicks Transport Group CEO, Warren Hicks and Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation CEO, Allan Turner at the launch of the Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation truck curtain. Photo: Emma Hillier.

“IT’S a big step forward for Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation and I mean big,” Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation CEO, Allan Turner said during the launch of the Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation truck curtain billboard last week.

The Hicks Transport Group truck, which has been fitted with a curtain containing the all-important message of organ and tissue donation through Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation, was brought about thanks to a $5,000 donation from Fairleys SUPA IGA Community Fund Grants program and a discounted cost passed on for the curtain.

Allan said, “We are very proud to have Hicks’ and IGA on board and offering their support.

“This is unique and a first of its kind in the way of promoting organ and tissue donation. You can’t miss it.

“This truck will travel over 200,000km per year, which when you add up the number of eyes that will see this truck per day, would run into the thousands and then into millions of eyes per year.”

Fairleys SUPA IGA General Manager, Craig Bramley said, “IGA is very supportive in all aspects of Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation and have been involved with them many times in the past.

“Organ and tissue donation is an important topic to draw attention to and this truck is a great way for that to be done.”

For more information, con...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: $6,000 to support local kids "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

$6,000 to support local kids

GENEROUS DONATION… From left, Telstra general administration staff member, Leanne Lester, field technician, Joan Hunter and GV Health Child and Adolescent Unit play therapist, Bronwyn Cole with Sophie Booth, 2, who is enjoying one of the four new iPads that the hospital was able to purchase for the Children’s Ward thanks to a $6,000 donation from Telstra. Photo: Emma Hillier.

KIDS in the GV Health Children’s Ward have benefited from a $6,000 donation from Telstra, with the funding being used to purchase four new iPads and part of it planned to go toward a sensory wall, which will be installed soon.

The donation was made as part of the Telstra Kids Fund, the Telstra Foundation’s $1M per year commitment to caring in local communities.

Telstra Country Wide Area Northern Victoria and Sunraysia general manager, Steve Tinker said the Telstra Kids Fund grants are about backing the little things that can make a big difference.

“All around Australia, kids are building on ideas, playing in a team, making music and creating art. But sometimes little projects, like the GV Health Kids Music and tactile wall, need a bit of a hand to get started.

“That’s why each year, the Telstra Kids Fund provides $1M in grants, on behalf of Telstra employees, for projects that help our kids play and learn.”

GV Health Foundation director, Carmel Johnson said, “We are incredibly appreciative for this support.

“GV Health and Telstra have always had a generous partnership and this is a further...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Dealerships awarded for excellence "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Dealerships awarded for excellence

DOUBLE DEALERSHIP AWARD… Local BMW and Renault dealer principal, Aaron Brain was pleased that the Shepparton BMW dealership was awarded Rural Dealer of the Year and the Shepparton Renault dealership was awarded the Managing Directors Award recently. Photo: Emma Hillier.

LOCAL BMW and Renault dealer principal, Aaron Brain says that it is because of customers that both the BMW and Renault dealerships were recently awarded during special presentations in Sydney.

At a presentation at the Sydney Opera House, the Shepparton BMW dealership went up against 15 other rural dealers from across Australia, but came out on top to be awarded Rural Dealer of the Year.

The local Shepparton Renault dealership also received recognition, recently taking out the Managing Directors Award and being the first dealership to ever win the award in their first year of operation.

Aaron said, “The BMW award’s criteria had a focus on customer satisfaction in sales and service, and we needed to have reached our new car sales target of 100 percent, which we beat by 19 percent. We make sure we are community-minded and that our customers are number one. We are a family owned business and when you join BMW, you become a part of the family.

“The Renault award is given to dealerships for general excellence across all areas of the business. We hold the highest in Australia customer satisfaction for service and sales and on top of that we reached 38 percent above our new car sales target, which is a great result f...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Drivers nabbed speeding after concerns raised "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Drivers nabbed speeding after concerns raised

“It is only a matter of time before there is an accident that will be regretted”

SPEEDING has long been an issue on our roads, but there is one local resident who is fed up with the reckless behaviour of some drivers along Channel Road. After urging local police to do something about it, Bryan Mitchell of Lifestyle Communities Shepparton, is now looking to VicRoads to make changes to the speed limit in the area.

Responding to Bryan’s concerns, the Shepparton Police Highway Patrol have been out to the stretch of road between Archer Street and Doyles Road two to three times a week since December, nabbing a number of speeding drivers in the area. VicRoads have also stated that they would be looking into a possible speed limit change in the future.

The Adviser witnessed first-hand the work that the Shepparton Police Highway Patrol are doing to help stem the speeding issue on Channel Road, observing Shepparton Police Highway Patrol, Leading Senior Constable Richard Ivory nabbing a speeding driver during an interview carried out along Channel Road last week.

Bryan said, “This area of Shepparton is expanding and I just question what has been done with regard to infrastructure looking toward the future.

“Lifestyle Communities will be finished by mid next year if not earlier, with an estimated 260 vehicles coming in and out of there, and that’s not taking into account Kensington Gardens across the road.

“There are also two new and d...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Roe sprints to win "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Roe sprints to win

LOCAL businessman, Alan Roe has announced his arrival in the sport of tarmac rallying with a definitive outright win in the Mt Baw Baw Sprint, the first round of the 2016 Australian Tarmac Rally Championship.

In only his second tarmac event, and the first with Perth-based co-driver Michael Lloyd, Roe came home two minutes and 17 seconds ahead of Adam Kaplan and Aleshia Penney (1985 Mazda RX7).

With a background in gravel rallying at state and national level, Roe said, “The aim for the weekend was to have fun, go fast and keep the car tidy, so we’re very pleased with the result.

“It was a bit of a shakedown for us, to see how we’d go together, but we worked really well in the car and I’m certainly keen to come back and do more of these events. We really enjoyed it.”

The next round in the series is the Lake Mountain Sprint near Marysville in the Yarra Ranges National Park over the weekend of May 28 and 29. Competitors then have to wait until the weekend of September 24 and 25 for their next fix during the Snowy River Sprint at Lakes Entrance, before the 2016 ‘grand final’ during the Great Tarmac Rally near Marysville on December 10 and 11.


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Community benefits from $150,000 in funding "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Community benefits from $150,000 in funding

CLOSE to $150,000 has been distributed back into the local community, thanks to funds raised last year during the Tatura 200 Charity Bike Ride and Walk event.

Since beginning eight years ago, the event, driven by Tatura Milk Industries, has seen $750,000 raised that has been passed along to community organisations.

Among those to receive funding from the latest event include GV Health to go toward men’s health programs, Collins Bookstores vouchers for 50 primary schools, Rebel Sports vouchers for 50 primary schools, the Lighthouse Project, the Tatura Rotary Club to go toward their Men’s Shed program, the Tatura Lions Club to go toward a community barbeque and the Tatura SES to go toward new equipment.

Others to benefit from this round will be the Tatura Fire Brigade for tablets with updated maps for two vehicles, Kiwanis Club of Shepparton Sunrisers to go toward VincentCare, Shepparton Respite House and Juvenile Diabetes programs, the Ulysses Club to go toward FamilyCare, One and All to be used for their inclusion project and Give Me Five for Kids to be used to purchase new equipment for GV Health’s Children’s Ward.


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Vic"



GV COMMUNITY ENERGY – SOLAR & LED LIGHTS INFORMATION SESSION will be held from 8pm to 9pm on Thursday, March 3 at Kyabram Community and Learning Centre, Lake Road, Kyabram. Options for local businesses to reduce electricity bills using solar panels and LED lighting.


NUTRITIONIST, ACCREDITED PRACTISING DIETITIAN AND AUTHOR, SALLYANNE PISK will be talking about her book ‘Eating for you: your personal guide to mindful eating and living for health and wellbeing’ at Yarrawonga Library at 10:30am on Monday, March 7, at Shepparton Library at 10:30am on Tuesday, March 8 and at Euroa Library at 10:30am on Wednesday, March 9. Bookings are needed. Please phone the library where you wish to attend the talk on 1300 374 765 by Friday, March 4 for Yarrawonga, by Monday, March 7 for Shepparton and by Tuesday, March 8 for Euroa.


THE SHEPPARTON AND DISTRICT PARKINSON’S SUPPORT GROUP meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Legacy House, 20 Edwards Street, Shepparton. The next meeting is on the March 8 at 1:30pm following a BYO lunch at 12:30 pm. All families and friends are welcome for support and friendship. For further details, contact Kevin Robins on 0448 265 104 or Peter Leahy on 5829 9411.


SHEPPARTON SAFER COMMUNITIES NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH MEETING will be held on Tuesday, March 8 at 7:30pm in the Senior Citizens Rooms, Welsford Street, Shepparton. Residents interested in and concerned with community safety and crime prevention are invited to come. For further information contact, Cathie on 0434 343 327.


NORTHEAST HEALTH WANGARATTA FRIENDS OF THE HOSPITAL are holding their March cake stall on Wednesday, March 16 at the hospital café from 8:45am until sold out. All proceeds go towa...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Local supermarket bakes their way to the top "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Local supermarket bakes their way to the top

BAKERY WINS… From left, Fairleys SUPA IGA bakers, Timothy Stephens and Steven Lowe, apprentice baker and pastry chef, Stephanie Edyvean and bakery manager, Jarrod Taylor with their eight awards won during the Baking Association of Australia’s annual baking show. Photo: Emma Hillier.

BEING named the winner in one category of the Baking Association of Australia’s annual baking show is a feat all on its own, but at the weekend, Fairleys SUPA IGA came away with eight trophies.

As the third year entering the competition, the supermarket’s bakery walked away with two first place awards for their 680g White Loaf Condensed Square in Class 1 and Class 19 as well as first place awards in their Class 2 450g White Vienna Baked, Class 6 680g Wholemeal Loaf Upright and Class 18 450g 3 Strand Plait.

The bakery was also awarded second place for their Class 2 450g White Vienna Baked and Class 4 680g White Hi Top Half Married as well as third place for their Class 23 Gourmet Seafood Easter Pies.

Fairleys SUPA IGA bakery manager, Jarrod Taylor said, “This is the first time any of us have been involved with the baking show before, so it is a pretty big achievement.

“The awards to hang our hat on though would have to be our white loaves, which took away two firsts. The judges said out of almost 50 entries in that class, we came out on top.

“It is great to know that we were the only in-store supermarket bakery competing against mainstream bakeries in the competition this year, and we walked away...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: A Double Dose of Dasent "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Umbrellas will play their first gig of the year this Saturday 5 March, 9pm at the Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre, cnr City Rd and Cleveland St.

It’s part of an evening to introduce the new Artistic Director for SIMA (the Sydney Improvised Music Association) who happens to be the wonderful bass player Zoe Hauptmann.Umbrellas SMH photo Frankie Lee - Small

Led by Peter Dasent since 1985, The Umbrellas have evolved to become of one of Sydney’s most beloved jazz ensembles. Their “unpredictable, surreal, Italian-film-music influenced jazz” (Lucky Oceans, The Daily Planet), makes any performance a joy to behold. His stellar band realises Peter’s quirky humour and music vision as they play original music inspired by Frank Zappa, Thelonious Monk, Nina Rota and Tango.

Peter Dasent (piano/organ/accordion) James Greening (trombone, pocket trumpet, sousaphone) Andrew Robson (alto and baritone saxophone) Andrew Wilkie (vibes and marimba) Zoe Hauptmann (bass) Toby Hall(drums)

What : The Umbrellas

Where : The Sound Lounge at the Seymour Centre

When : Saturday the 5th of March, 9pm



Motorbike Writer: EBR resumes production and plans racing "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Erik Buell racing

EBR 1190 RX in the World Superbikes at Sepang

EBR (Erik Buell Racing) has resumed production of 1190RX and 1190SX models with the first bikes rolling off the production line on March 17, 2016, and plans a return to racing.

It’s been a long haul back from extinction for the innovative motorcycle company after closing their doors in April 2015, fighting off bankruptcy and being sold to Michigan company Liquid Asset Partners.

We reported last month that EBR would be returning to small-scale production after Australian EBR importers Urban Moto Imports confirmed that Erik was keen to recommence business with UMI as Australia was one of the biggest markets for his bikes outside of America.



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Car runs off Wilsons Creek Road causeway "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Car run off causeway on Wilsons Creek Road on March 3, 2016, after floods in the area. Photo Alex Olup

Car run off causeway on Wilsons Creek Road on March 3, 2016, after floods in the area. Photo Alex Olup

Upper Wilson’s Creek residents and people using Wilsons Creek Road are advised to avoid crossing the still-flooded causeways after a car ran off the edge of one and was partially washed into the creek this morning.

Byron Shire Echo distributor Alex Olup spotted the blue 4WD being picked up by a tow-truck earlier today. It is not known if anyone was injured.

Mr Olup says he has left the copies of the Echo that he would normally have distributed beyond the causeway at Threeways Store for collection once the waters subside, which he hopes will be in time for their weekly pizza night tomorrow.

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"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: March at Firstdraft "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Firstdraft flaunted the opening of four fab new solo shows by Daniel McKewen, Mish Meijers, The Cosmic Centre and Peter Dudding. Philippa papped the art and its admirers.


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": FBi Radio: FBi‘s Dance Class 2015: Ellie Locke video "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Multi-talented Ellie Locke has surrounded herself with music all her life – from school choir to street busking and learning guitar and clarinet. Her passion for jazz and funk led her to DJing, and we’re thrilled to have had her as a trainee in FBi’s Dance Class supported by V MoVement. Watch out for this ray of sunshine!

Check out Ellie’s debut mix here; read more about FBi’s Dance Class here.


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"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Me fail? I fly!: The book group has Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See (Fourth Estate 2014)

0007548672.jpg Before the group: In short chapters that for the most part alternate between their two stories, this novel of the Second World War tells of a German orphan boy with a gift for radio technology (a geek before the word) and a blind French girl who flees Paris with her father when the Germans invade.

They finally meet in the aftermath of the Allied bombing of St Malo on the French coast in the last days of the war.  The two young people’s war experiences are vividly realised. The account of the making of dedicated Hitler Youth is chilling. The story telling is masterful, and motifs of light and darkness, touch and sound, snails and gems are woven intricately into the novel’s fabric.

Actually I just told a lie. There is one paragraph that snagged me. Young Werner is deeply into his work with the German armed forces when he hears on his radio receiver some music that he and his sister Jutta used to listen to back on the orphanage:

Now the piano ma...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Listen to the New Joe Mungovan Single “Rivers” "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Joe Mungovan Kiama based singer songwriter Joe Mungovan this week released his amazing new single “Rivers”. The single is the second from Mungovan’s upcoming EP Way Down South which is due for release later this year, Take a listen to “Rivers” below:Filed under: News, Single News Tagged: folk music, joe mungovan, singer […]


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Lismore quarry seeks to reduce community consultation "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Champions Quarry. Photo

Champions Quarry. Photo

Chris Dobney

The department of planning and environment (DoPE) is calling for feedback on plans by Champions Quarry at Tuckurimba, near Lismore, to seek variations to its approval, including the number of community consultation meetings it is required to hold each year.

In 2012, the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) approved an increase in production for the quarry from 60,000 to 250,000 tonnes of rock per year.

It came despite a prior refusal by Lismore City Council and gave the quarry the right to excavate 50,000 tonnes more per year than the company had applied for.

The company now seeks to vary some of the conditions the PAC set out.

One of the more contentious issues is the reduction of community consultations from two to one per year. DoPE says this is as a result of a request from the committee members themselves.

The company is also seeking to avoid having to pave an internal road at the quarry, instead using water trucks to keep dust down and away from neighbouring properties.

Up to 100 truck movements a day are allowed in and out of the quarry, with 50 ‘laden truck’ movements permitted daily and up to five per hour.

Another controversial request by the company is to vary the boundaries of the biodiversity offset areas, which the company says is to ‘correct an error and reflect the actual boundaries’.

A fourth condition var...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Photographic gallery opens in Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A section of the crowd at the opening of the Fox Photo Den gallery in South Lismore.

A section of the crowd at the opening of the Fox Photo Den gallery in South Lismore.

About 200 people turned out last night for the opening of Lismore’s first dedicated photography gallery and meeting place, the Fox Photo Den.

Housed in the old Hurford’s building in Union Street, South Lismore, the opening featured photographs from some of Lismore’s finest photographers.

Photographers included Denise Alison of Humans of Lismore, wildlife photography by Meg Gordon, landscape photographer Alex Clarke, artistic nudes by Cloud Nine’s Simon Fraser, and local artist Michael Whitey White.

Gallery founder Natalie Barovsky also exhibited some of her work.

Ms Barovsky said the gallery space aimed to foster a creative spirit based around all things photographic, encouraging sharing, learing and collaborating on projects.

There will be regular photographic exhibitions and workshops as the space develops.

Lismore mayor Jenny Dowell attended last night’s opening, which featured live music from Deana Beau Julia Belle.


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Emily Barker Returns to Australia West Coast and East Coast Dates "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Emily Barker West Australia’s favourite absent daughter Emily Barker is returning home this March and has announced a bunch of dates through March. Barker will be performing at Australian screenings of the film Hector, for which she composed the music for, as well as fitting in a couple of solo dates. Check […]


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: The GumBall, Music Lovers Paradise "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The popular Hunter Valley camping festival has announced the remaining artists for its highly anticipated return to Dashville on 22-24 April 2016.GBall_Poster_Full_Lineup

Joining the first round of acts which included headline artists You Am I and Dan Sultan, is another list of 14 diverse acts that compliment a stunning weekend program.

Leading the list are indigenous electro dub outfit OKA and instrumental surf psychedelic supergroup The Break.

The irrepressibly charming 10 man 80’s funk  organisation Sex on Toast join Brisbane’s psych rock act The Belligerents  and local artist on the rise William Crighton  who will both deliver highly anticipated new albums at the festival.

Indie rock icon Kristin Hersh and folk troubadour Devon Sproule are coming over from the USA.

The Davidson Brothers are an exciting inclusion, bringing  the country bluegrass addition.

Other local acts include Mucho Sonar, Baghead, Grace Turner, Dr Peach and the infamous super band Dashville Progress Society.

The Breakfast Club is a new creation, featuring a conglomerate of artists set to ignite the festival  for Sunday breakfast.



"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Hop into action for bunnies "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


Lend me your lopped ears, Easter is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to bring these nose twitching, foot thumping honey bunnies into the limelight. Rabbits are gentle, sensitive and can be incredibly affectionate creatures, yet their needs are often overlooked. Here are a few ways you can help our little fluffy friends this Easter.


Be bunny aware

Hop on board with Choose Cruelty Free and make sure you aren’t unintentionally supporting animal testing. Rabbits are used in cruel cosmetic and household product experiments, in 2013 around “6.7 million animals were used in research and teaching in Australia in 2013”1 with rabbits being the second most experimented on animal.2

Housed in barren wire cages for the most part of their lives, rabbits are primarily used in Draize eye and skin tests. Here they are confined in full body restraints and have chemicals trickled into their eyes or rubbed onto their scraped skin, the restraint ensures they don’t rub the irritated area and affect the results.3 Testing cosmetics and household products on animals is cruel and completely unnecessary, there are a number of “scientifically validated” alternatives to skin tests with equivalent eye tests well on the way – it’s also possible for companies to use ingredients already.......


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Pixel Sounds @ Campbelltown Arts Centre "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Now in it’s fourth year, PIXEL SOUNDS returns to Campbelltown Arts Centre this Saturday March 12 as part of the centre’s Contemporary Music Program.


Incorporating a workshop element with a musical performance, PIXEL SOUNDS brings you some of the best chip tune creators and performers from across Australia and around the world. 

Featuring  Tuberz McGee, Peaches the Whale, Harleylikesmusic (UK), Chibi-tech (Jpn) as well as Toydeath, the event encourages 8-Bit music enthusiasts and lovers of electronic dance music from all over Sydney to congregate at Campbelltown Arts Centre and learn how to create music on ‘archaic’ gaming consoles such as Nintendo GameBoy, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Mega Drive.

Workshops will be hosted by the artists in the afternoon preceding the performance and will include Little Sound DJ and programming demonstrations. Throughout the event’s history these workshops have become a very popular and important feature of PIXEL SOUNDS.



"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Animals, my teachers, my friends "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Animal friends

Like most, I have had important teachers in my life who have inspired and guided me, yet the most profound teacher I have ever had lies buried at the entrance of Edgar’s Mission. A landrace, large white pig I came to love and adore, and whom I named Edgar Alan Pig. Now he lies interned beneath a carved wooden sculpture of a pig with wings, with a rooster dutifully standing on his back, a stoic reminder to all who pass through our front gates of why we exist.

Edgar changed my life forever, as he taught me the most important things in life are not things, but rare moments in time that will live forever in one’s heart. Until the time Edgar trotted into my life all I had ever wanted to do was ride horses, and while it took some time convincing my parents to even allow me anywhere near a horse, it was something I was able to do with what many would call great success. However, amongst the trophies and accolades I always felt there was something missing. It took a little piglet with an incredibly big heart to show me just what that was.

Moreover, from my animal friends I have learned of their rich emotional worlds. From Edgar I learned that pigs could be chivalrous, just as he showed the day he came racing out of his straw bed (and there were very few things in life that could get him to do that) when he heard Pompy Pig doing her “someone’s killing me” routine as I gently tried to remove something that had become stuck on her. Although Edgar was not particularly fond of any other pigs, much preferring to keep to his own counsel, the thought that someone was harming one of his kind caused him to come charging my way with grunts that demanded I unhand that pig or far worse would inflicted upon me, and there was no doubt in my mind he would make good on his threat. O...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: NORPA’s new season is generating excitement "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Chris Dobney

One of the great joys of living in the northern rivers is getting out to see a NORPA show.

As someone who haunted Sydney and Melbourne theatres for decades, my one fear in moving from the big smoke was of losing the chance to enjoy live theatre.

Well, after eight years and many, many NORPA shows, I’m here to tell you that I should never have worried.

Some of the best theatrical moments of those two cities find their way to Lismore, polished and perfected.

And best of all, each year NORPA produces at least one of its own productions through its Generator program.

Dreamland is NORPA's 2016 Generator production.

Dreamland is NORPA’s 2016 Generator production.

This year’s new Generator work is called Dreamland (they seem to like ‘land’ in the title – last year, of course we saw a sell-out reprise of NORPA’s runaway success, Railway Wonderland).

Created by the same team, Dreamland has been developed as part of Arts Northern Rivers’ project If These Halls Could Talk, and will be performed in and around the Eureka hall...


"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Where are they now – Roz, Burke, Wills and Rambo "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Every month we’ll shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals.

It always warms our hearts to hear how our former residents are settling in to their new abodes and causing their new families to wonder just how life existed before they shared their world with a farm animal. If you’ve never had the honour of spending time with a barnyard friend, you may be surprised by the love, friendship and fun they add to your life.


“The boys and lady are all doing well. They are very spoilt and very loved. Rambo in particular loves a cuddle. And Wills thinks he is a dog. He loves to jump up on the fence to collect his weetbix. Roz is still the most timid (she escaped the bushfires) even though we have had her the longest. Makes me wonder how badly she has been treated in her past. At least they all have a beautiful life now on our little Warrenheip farm.” – Zeta

If you also have the love, commitment, space and more to welcome new animals family members into your world, please take a look at our adoption page.



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Possible MH370 debris taken to Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A searcher scans the ocean during the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. (AFP)

A searcher scans the ocean during the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. (AFP)

Debris believed to be part of a Boeing 777 jet found off Mozambique is being taken to Australia to be examined by investigators involved in the search for the missing Flight MH370.

Malaysia’s transport minister Liow Tiong Lai said there is a “high possibility” that the piece of debris belonged to a 777 jet but added he could not conclude yet that it was from the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner.

‘The debris will be taken to Australia for further examination,’ he told Reuters.

The piece of debris was discovered off the east African coast between Mozambique and Madagascar.
Liow said a team of investigators had been sent to Mozambique on Tuesday to inspect the object.

He said Malaysian authorities had sought the help of Australian investigators to secure the debris, as Malaysia did not have an embassy in Mozambique.

Earlier on Wednesday, NBC News reported the piece could be a horizontal stabiliser from a Boeing 777, citing US, Malaysian and Australian investigators who looked at photos of the debris.

Flight MH370 disappeared two years ago when it was carrying 239 people, including six Australians, en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

Last year authorities found a...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: UN imposes harsh sanctions on N. Korea "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un with his generals and other officers. (AAP)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un with his generals and other officers. (AAP)

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution that dramatically expands existing UN sanctions on North Korea.

The tough new sanctions, largely negotiated by Washington and Beijing, came in response to North Korea’s January 6 nuclear test.

US Ambassador Samantha Power said the new sanctions voted for on Wednesday go further than any UN sanctions regime in two decades and are aimed at cutting off funds for its nuclear and other banned weapons programs.

Under the sanctions, all cargo going to and from North Korea must be inspected and North Korean trade representatives in Syria, Iran and Vietnam are among 16 individuals added to a UN blacklist, along with 12 North Korean entities.

Previously states only had to inspect North Korean cargo shipments if they had reasonable grounds to believe they contained illicit goods.

‘Virtually all of the DPRK’s (North Korea) resources are channelled into its reckless and relentless pursuit of weapons of mass destruction,’ Power told the council after the vote, adding that the cargo inspection provisions are “hugely significant”.

After nearly two mo...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Bin Laden’s $40m inheritance for jihad "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Osama Bin Laden. (file pic)

Osama Bin Laden. (file pic)

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden outlined how at least $US29 million ($A40 million) of his fortune should be used after his death – most of it for global jihad.

One of the letters – part of a cache of 113 documents taken in the 2011 US Special Forces raid that killed bin Laden – was described by intelligence officials as what they believed was a last will.

Reuters and ABC Television were given exclusive access to the documents, which were translated from Arabic and declassified by US intelligence agencies.

They were part of a second tranche of documents seized in the operation and have been declassified since May 2015.

A large number have yet to be released.

One document, a handwritten note the Saudi militant is believed to have composed in the late 1990s, laid out how he wanted to distribute about $US29 million he had in Sudan.

One per cent, bin Laden wrote, should go to Mahfouz Ould al-Walid, a senior al Qaeda militant who used the nom de guerre Abu Hafs al Mauritani.

‘By the way, (al-Walid) has already received 20,000-30,000 dollars from it,’ bin Laden wrote.

‘I promised him that I would reward him if he took it out of the (Sudanese) government.’

Bin Laden lived in Sudan for five years as an official guest until he was as...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: ISS crew back after record spaceflight "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

International Space Station (ISS) crew member Scott Kelly of the U.S. gestures after landing near the town of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan, on Wednesday. (AAP)

International Space Station (ISS) crew member Scott Kelly of the U.S. gestures after landing near the town of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan, on Wednesday. (AAP)

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko have returned to earth after nearly a year on the International Space Station.

A Soyuz capsule carrying Kelly, Kornienko and Sergey Volkov, another Russian cosmonaut, made a parachute landing on the steppe near the Kazakh city of Zhezkazgan at 10.26am (1526 AEDT) on Wednesday, about 3-1/2 hours after departing the station.

Kelly and Kornienko have been aboard the space station for 340 days, about twice as long as previous crews.

Their flight sets a record for the space station and for the longest US space mission, intended to pave the way for human travel to Mars.

Volkov, who has been in space for 5-1/2 months, was the first to emerge from the capsule, to be greeted by his father Alexander Volkov, also a cosmonaut.

Kelly, emerging next, waved his hand energetically and smiled before beginning a satellite telephone conversation.

In their nearly year-long stay in space, Kelly, 52, and Kornienko, 55, have been the subjects of dozens of medical experiments and...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Pell denies attempt to silence victim "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Cardinal George Pell. AP Photo Gregorio Borgia

Cardinal George Pell. AP Photo Gregorio Borgia

Cardinal George Pell has again denied asking a nephew and victim of pedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale what it would take to keep him quiet.

David Ridsdale has told the child abuse royal commission when he told Cardinal Pell in 1993 he had been abused by his uncle, the then Melbourne bishop asked him: “I want to know what it will take to keep you quiet.”

Cardinal Pell has repeatedly denied the claim, which he did again before the commission on Thursday.

The hearing via video link from Rome began an hour earlier at 9pm Rome time, 7am Sydney time.

Cardinal Pell is facing questioning from sex abuse victims’ lawyers on his fourth day on the stand in Rome on Thursday.

Cardinal Pell told the commission on Wednesday the church in the 1970s and 1980s was a world of crimes and cover ups and he was left in the dark about serious sex abuse allegations against priests and brothers in Ballarat and Melbourne.

Cardinal Pell also said he regretted his choice of words when he told the commission on Tuesday he had no interest in Father Ridsdale’s offending in the mid-1970s.

Cardinal Pell said he completely messed up the sequence of events while giving evidence and had believed he was responding to questions about when...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": Fig Jam and Lime Cordial: Comic Relief "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sometimes, when we’re a bit out of sorts, it’s easy to forget that life is actually hilarious. Here are a few things that have made me laugh this week… . . . . . My gorgeous neighbour Emmeline attempted the Focaccia Tutorial for 23 Year Olds a few days ago. She came up the road and picked […]


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Micro parties to hold war room meeting "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

parliament-house-300x225Micro parties set to be obliterated under the Turnbull government’s changes to how Australians vote for senators will convene a “war room” meeting on the weekend.

Glenn Druery, the man known as the “preference whisperer” for his ability to devise vote-swap deals, told ABC TV about 40 micro party representatives will meet to work out a game plan.

Mr Druery signalled an attack on Liberal and Green marginal seats is an option, as well as flooding electorates with pop up party candidates to bring down the quota needed to be elected.

Meanwhile, Mr Druery predicts if it comes to a double dissolution election a mixed bag of senators will emerge holding the balance of power.

He believes the half quota used in double dissolution elections could see the independent senator Nick Xenophon’s party pick up three to four seats, the Jacqui Lambie Network securing at least one and Clive Palmer having a fighting chance of retaining his seat in the lower house.

‘If we do go to a double dissolution… the joke could be on the government,’ he said.

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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: NSW parole laws questioned after alleged rape "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The NSW government is looking into parole laws after a convicted pedophile allegedly raped a teenager just hours after he was released from prison.

Arthur Alliband, 26, is accused of assaulting the 16-year-old at a western Sydney reserve on the same day he was released on automatic court-based parole for a prior sex conviction.

At an emergency meeting on Wednesday, the NSW State Parole Board revoked Alliband’s parole.

Alliband had been serving time for having sex with a child aged between 10 and 14 after he was sentenced to jail in December 2015, backdated to August 2014.

‘Where a sentence is less than three years, the court sets the date for automatic release on parole,’ a Corrective Service spokeswoman said.

In a recent Law Reform Commission review of parole, a recommendation was made that automatic parole be scrapped.

‘The LRC recommended that court parole be replaced with statutory parole which allows the State Parole Authority to revoke parole or put further or different conditions on an offender before they are released,’ a NSW government spokeswoman told AAP.

She said the state government was currently considering this and other recommendations of the report.

Alliband, who did not appear in court on Wednesday, will next appear at Penrith Local Court on April 29 via video link.

He faces a charge of sexual intercourse without consent and assault with act of indecency.

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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: ALP picks indigenous leader for Senate "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Bill Shorten has picked prominent indigenous leader Pat Dodson to replace retiring Labor senator Joe Bullock.

Mr Dodson is the second Aboriginal leader to be hand-picked by Labor for federal parliament in as many days, following NSW state MP Linda Burney’s recruitment to run for the seat of Barton on Tuesday.

Senator Bullock on Tuesday night announced he would leave parliament within weeks, citing his disagreement with Labor over a binding vote for MPs on same-sex marriage.

Mr Dodson is expected to get the nod from senior ALP figures at a meeting convened by national secretary George Wright this week, before being formally endorsed by the West Australian parliament for the casual vacancy.

The decision will head off a messy factional brawl in WA.

‘We should put aside the rough and tumble of the party system and give someone of Pat Dodson’s remarkable qualities the opportunity to serve as a senator,’ Mr Shorten said.

Mr Dodson, who has not been a member of the ALP since the 1980s, said he was honoured by Mr Shorten’s support.

‘After many conversations it became clear to me that this was a good opportunity and one that should not be passed up,’...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Bluesfest defends Eagles of Death Metal over social media attacks "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Eagles of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes makes the heart sign supporting those who died. Photo supplied

Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes makes the heart sign supporting those who died. Photo supplied

Bluesfest director Peter Noble has hit out at detractors of the band Eagles of Death Metal, and defended removing attacks on them from the event’s forum page.

The band survived a terrorist attack that killed 89 people the night they were playing Paris’s Bataclan Theatre in November and returned to play again at the reopened venue last month.

They are due to perform at Bluesfest over Easter.

Following the attacks, lead singer Jesse Hughes told the media that if people in the theatre had been allowed to carry guns fewer might have died.

‘Gun control kind of doesn’t have anything to do with it, but if you want to bring it up, I’ll ask you: Did your French gun control stop a single f**king person from dying at the Bataclan?’ he said in an emotional interview with French TV channel iTélé.

‘I don’t think so. I think the only thing that stopped it was some of the bravest men that I’ve ever seen in my life, charging headfirst into the face of death, with their fi...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Byron Bay Blog: Dynasty8 Presents Bright Sadness "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Dynasty8 is the Byron Shire’s newest chamber choir, directed by Elizabeth Swain. Eight voices singing some of the most beautiful music ever written, from ancient to modern, Dynasty8 and Song Dynasty Music present a concert of devotional music approaching Easter – the traditional time of growth, rebirth and renewal.

The concert is called Bright Sadness – a title reflecting the choice of music from the early middle ages, to Bach, Mozart and modern compositions that all explore the fragility and wonder of humanity, our eternal questions about why we are here, what is our purpose, how long do I have left on this earth, and how can I live deeply, with joy, love and peace.

Featuring soprano soloist Katie Rutledge and organist Hamsa Arnold, the concert will be held on Saturday 12 March, 5pm at St Mary’s Anglican Church, Ballina, and on Sunday 13 March, 2pm at St Martin’s Anglican Church, Mullumbimby.

Admission is $20 or $15 concession, and tickets are available at the door, or through, or at art piece gallery, Mullumbimby.

The post Dynasty8 Presents Bright Sadness appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Great start t0 ANZAC Cup for Byron Rams "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

New boy Chris Watts scored on his debut for the Rams Premier division squad.

New boy Chris Watts scored on his debut for the Rams Premier division squad.

The first round of Football Far North Coast’s preseason competitions, the Anzac Cup and Callan McMillan Shield, produced a mixed bag of results for the Great Northern/Rails Hotels Rams and Wildcats.

With so many familiar faces and new recruits lining up to play for Byron, the Club has entered four teams in this year’s Cup – one in the Premier Division, two in the Open A competition and the Wildcats womens team in the B Division of the Callan Macmillan Shield.

The weekend’s opening round saw the return of many Byron regulars and the debut of some talented new signings.

Byron’s Wildcats women’s team hit the ground running with a resounding 8–1 win over Lismore’s Rovers Rangers.

The Open A – Pool A Rams had a strong opener, but went down 1–0 to a more seasoned Ballina crew. The Open A – Pool C boys copped a bit of a hiding with a 7–1 loss to a strong Lismore Thistles.

The Great Northern Premier Rams lined up with a mix of seasoned Byron campaigners and new signings for 2016. While the team is obviously still in...


"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Natural Newstead: This is it … I promise! "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Last views of Rainbowbirds for the summer … they are still around as I heard a few this evening (March 2) along Bell’s Lane Track … but this is it folks!


Rainbow Bee-eater, Spring Hill, 29th February 2016








Motorbike Writer: Should motorcycle rider courses be subsidised? "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Senator Ricky Muir - courses

Senator Ricky Muir backs rider training

With the motorcycle toll reaching new high levels in Victoria and other states, maybe it’s time to consider incentives for riders to do training courses, such as First Aid for Motorcyclists.

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator Ricky Muir has thrown his support behind the course after attending one in Sale, Victoria.

“There’s always a good case for either the federal or state governments to fund all sorts of prevention programs,” he says.

“Given the huge cost of serious casualty crashes, and the apparent importance of the ‘Golden Hour’ (the care that is provided in the first hour after a serious injury), there could be a case for a subsidy for a course of this type. Where such a subsidy might actually come from is a different question.”

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Wednesday, 02 March


Central Queensland Plane Spotting: American Registered LearJet 36A Bizjet N82GG at Rockhampton Airport Again! "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Making another surprise visit at Rockhampton Airport on Saturday 27 February was American registered and privately operated LearJet 36A bizjet N82GG.

Local plane spotter Don W was at the right place at the right time and captured this great photo as it parked on the Rockhampton Airport General Aviation (GA) Apron.  It later departed to Sydney.

N82GG visited Rocky in October 2015 and it was noted that the LearJet has a camera on the forward-starboard side of the fuselage.  There are reports that the aircraft is operating aerial mapping sorties for Nearmap - the international provider of high resolution aerial imagery.

File photo

Meanwhile, another bizjet to call into Rockhampton Airport this week - Light Jets Australia Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 bizjet VH-TFW - departed to its Archerfield base on Friday 26 February.  It had arrived on Wed...


"IndyWatch Feed": Cheeseburger Gothic: BALLS After Dark.37 Reverse Patreon "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

In which Beeso and Dr Yobbo (still whinging about his manflu) talk Beesoap, pleasurable drives, playing to the crowd, the blame game, peak cock, Very L.A., the Doc can't remember which RHCP album he's talking about, pornographic basslines, skipping practice, Adam is wrong (although he's right about this), headphone lust, Also Very L.A., all that you'd pay good money to leave behind, the Simpsons vs King Wally, Kanye vs Molly vs Lexapro, competitive drug abuse, and getting it right in the orchestras. Album reviews this week were the Jezebels' Synthia, Buckcherry's unironically titled latest Rock 'N' Roll and RHCP's 1991 classic Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Next week we get the Frights, troll boomers from the Hilltops with an orchestra, and crank a recent Australian classic by The Vasco Era. As always, this week and next's tunes are on the BALLS Spotify playlist. by Dr Yobbo


Dr Kevin Bonham: Poll Roundup: The Wobbles Just Got Worse "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

2PP Aggregate: 51.8 to Coalition (-1.1 in a week, -2.5 in five weeks)
Coalition would win election "held now" with substantially reduced majority

Just over a week ago I noted that the Coalition had an attack of the February wobbles, a common pattern of government polling tanking around this time in an election year.  A shock Newspoll result this week has seen this get a lot worse, as the Turnbull government looks rattled and tired and above all confused about its own tax reform steps, and for the first time in a long time, Bill Shorten has a spring in his step.  A robotic spring, true, but a spring nonetheless.  Government polling seems to be in freefall and no-one really knows where the bottom might be if it doesn't snap out of its tax funk sometime soon.  I've started a Not-A-Poll for anyone with a view on when or whether in this term Labor might get its nose in front.

Since the bullish ReachTEL and the bearish Ipsos discussed in the previous article we've seen the startling 50:50 2PP Newspoll (down three), a status-quo 52.5 to Coalition from Morgan (which has recently leant to the Coalition, but this seems to be diminishing) and a status-quo 52:48 from Essential.  Essential hasn't moved much for a long time, coming out at 51 or 52 for almost every poll since Turnbull became PM, but most of the others seem to be coming back to it rapidly, so I've cut its house effect and could well remove it altogether in another week or two.  Essential's read that voting intention has barely changed since just after Turnbull became PM is so at odds with the story from the others that I can hardly blame Mark the Ballot for saying that he doesn't aggregate it because he doesn't understand its behaviour.

The 50:50 from Newspoll is the first draw Labo...


Dr Kevin Bonham: Senate Reform: It's Finally On! "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Today the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, introduced the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment Bill 2016 (see explanatory memorandum) to Parliament.  This bill primarily reforms Senate voting to remove Group Ticket Voting and eliminate the broken preference-dealing system that led to many farcical outcomes at the 2013 election.  The defects of that system have been covered exhaustively on here before (click the "senate reform" tab) and I will not discuss them further here.  This article concerns the system in the new Bill, how it will work and whether it is any good.  I expect to update this article over coming days as news and comments come to hand.

The Bill was read in the parliament today and debate was immediately adjourned.  The Bill will now be scrutinised by the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM) with a reporting date of 2 March.  Possibly the JSCEM scrutiny will still result in minor changes.  After that it can be sent to the Senate, where barring anything unexpected it will pass with support from the Coalition, the Greens, Nick Xenophon and possibly others.  Labor's stance on the Bill is not clear at this stage.  The Australian Electoral Commission has said it will need three months to implement the changes, which in theory keeps a July double dissolution in play.

Proposed Changes: Above The Line

The core recommendation of the JSCEM inquiry into the 2013 count was to scrap Group Ticket Voting and replace it with optional preferential voting.  B...


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": andypaine: Rewriting the political script "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

I met an Australian guy in a hostel in India. “I love politics,” he told me. “Especially American politics. I follow it every day. It’s like a TV show.”

At this point an American sat down and joined us. “Are you feeling the Bern?” he asked. She looked at him somewhat quizzically. “You know, Bernie Sanders. Are you a fan?”

The conversation went on, talking about Democrat primary votes, comparing the virtues of the safety of Clinton versus the hope for change of Sanders. Our friend reiterated his love for the drama and intrigue of American politics.

Meanwhile back in Australia it’s an election year too. If American politics with its mass rallies and larger-than-life personalities can compete for drama with Game Of Thrones though, the Australian equivalent is more like Days Of Our Lives – lower budget, less credibility, grand narratives replaced with petty backstabbing and personal feuds. Like a soap opera, Australian politics endlessly regurgitates storylines that stretch credulity with vengeful acts of sociopathy and characters being resurrected, each time seemingly a desperate grab for ratings. And like any good soapie, you know that watching it is bad for you, but out of morbid fascination you just can’t drag yourself away.

Not long after our conversation in that hostel though, something happened back home that broke the usual nightly soap opera routine. A one year old baby of Nepalese asylum seekers, given the pseudonym “Asha”, was taken from immigration detention on Nauru to Brisbane for treatment of serious burns. The burns healed, but the medical staff at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital refused to discharge her; saying that with deportation imminent, there was no safe environment for her to return to and releasing Asha would be a breach of their duty of care.

It was a welcome break from the inhumanity of politicians that normally domi...


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Elders block mine entrance in protest - and more 11am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Aboriginal elders from the Gamilaraay and Githabul nations have locked themselves to concrete barrels, blocking entrance to Whitehaven’s Maules Creek coal mine.

Environmental groups call for climate action

Environmental groups have responded to an announcement yesterday from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority that the reef is suffering a level 1 bleaching event, saying it shows a need for Queensland to take climate action.

The report released by the marine park authority says the reef is in danger of turning into an underwater desert if climate change and localised pollution is not dealt with.


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: George Pell gives evidence via video link - plus more 10am zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Cardinal George Pell today gives evidence at the royal commission into church sexual abuse. (image source: creative commons)

Bankruptcy on the rise in Central Queensland

A study has found alarming levels of bankruptcy in Central Queensland.

The study found that Rockhampton and Mackay are the worst affected towns, with over 20 people a month filing for bankruptcy in the last two years. It also raised concerns about the numbers in Gladstone and Biloela.


"IndyWatch Feed": Cheeseburger Gothic: Please do not insert that goose quill in my bottom "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Wrote this for my bro's site.

Apple does not advise you stick the primary wing feather of a large bird into your iPhone, but the US Government is insisting on doing just that anyway. It won"t be good for your phone. The All Writs Act, the nail-studded legislative club with which the FBI intends to beat Cupertino into submission, was written before electricity was even a thing.

In those days, the US Supreme Court did all of its work with giant goose quill pens. In one of those strange anachronisms which so delight lawyers, twenty goose quill pens - neatly laid out like the crossed bones of a pirate flag - are still placed at the four counsel tables in front of the full bench of the Court every hearing day.

Apple"s lawyers will undoubtedly souvenir a couple for themselves when they go all the way to the Supremes to protect your phone from the FBI"s figurative but pointy goose quill. The Feebs have been planning to jab Tim Cook like this for years.

Read the rest over at Which-50.


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Call for Julian Assange to be given freedom of movement - plus more 9am zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been stuck in the Ecuadoran embassy in London since 2012, but a new statement calls for his release (image:creative commons)

Barrett Centre Inquiry; doctor feared patients too unwell to be moved

In the ongoing Barrett Centre Inquiry, the inquiry has heard from the centre’s clinical director, Dr Trevor Sadler, that some patients were too unwell to be moved and represented a risk if moved to services not as well equipped to help.

Sadler says that he signed off the alternative service locations because there was no other option as the centre was closing.

Within eight months of the closing, three former patients from the centre died.



"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: 10-year plan launched to help with Indigenous middle ear disease - and more 8AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A new plan has been launched to help with middle ear disease.

10-year plan launched to help Indigenous middle ear disease

A new 10-year plan has been launched by Queensland health authorities to help with middle ear disease which is commonly experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

The state is aiming to help around 5,000 children over the next year and the plan ensures that 500 Queensland health professionals will undergo training to better identify the disease.

Middle Ear disease falls under the top 20 diseases commonly experienced by Indigenous communities.


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": the independent: Independent candidate joins "cheating" chorus "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

NEWS Independent Brisbane Lord Mayoral candidate Jim Eldridge has fully backed this newspaper's long-running campaign against the LNP/Team Quirk's ongoing use of their copycat council cleat to try to cheat their way back to the keys of City Hall. And Mr Eldridge has used three simple one-word answers to show what he thinks of the tactic that this paper has always claimed - and one we believe a


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Stanhope Forbes: from Newlyn (in Cornwall) to Geelong (in Australia) "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

I have lectured on Edwardian art history in the past and knew the artists very well. Before the start of this new academic year, I went to have a look at the Edwardians again and focused on my old paintings. Two weeks later, out of the blue, the Weekend Australian promoted Stanhope Forbes’ The Pier Head (1910), now on display at the Geelong Gallery in Victoria. Small world!

Who was Dublin-born Stanhope Alexander Forbes (1857–1947) and why did his painting end up in a regional gallery in Australia? The family moved to London where young Stanhope studied at the Dulwich College and then Lambeth School of Art. Finally he became a student at the Royal Academy School in 1876 where his mentors were Leighton and Alma-Tadema. Forbes was one, very fortunate lad!

After spending a few years in France, Forbes returned to London and showed works he made in Brittany at the 1883 Royal Academy and Royal Hibernian Academy shows. My interest in Forbes was piqued in 1884 when he moved to Cornwall, part of the growing colony of artists in beaut­iful, sunny Newlyn, a fishing village. But I must admit that at least one influence from France remained – Cornwall had the same quality of light he had enjoyed so much in France.

Timing was also important. Newlyn’s Old Harbour was extended between 1884-94 with the construction of two piers enclosing forty acres of water. South Pier was created in 1887 and North Pier one year later. The local council believed the harbour was, from then on, one of the safest harbours built in SW Britain, one which could be accessed at any tide.

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Tuesday, 01 March


Motorbike Writer: How riders should deal with a tailgater "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

lane filtering - tailgater

Almost every rider will have experienced a tailgater following way too close.

Why does this happen?

It’s probably for the same reason that drivers pull out in front of you – they just don’t seem to see motorcycles.

There is something about the size of the bike that makes drivers perceive them as further away.

Drivers tend to stay a long way back from a truck because of its size, but they don’t realise how close they are to much smaller motorcycles.



Tasmanian Times: A much more serious plague ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

As I listened to Tim Minchin’s ‘paean’ ( HERE ) to Cardinal Pell, I was reminded of a scene of an alpha vulture daring enough to start ripping the gizzards out of a still living, but dying animal, no longer able to offer resistance. It is not that I want to deny my feelings of schadenfreude, or my shameless pleasure at watching a public killing. I am just as fond of watching torture and the spilling of blood as the next guy. … And at this level, the failure of Pell and his fellow bishops to really come down fast and hard on deviants within their own ranks, takes on a special significance.  I doubt that if a priest had sodomized me I would have been as permanently scarred in quite the same way the Catholic kids were, because for me, sex just didn’t have quite that negative compulsive and repressed significance that it did for them. And priests never had much influence on me. But if I had been interfered with by someone of enormous ‘divine’ authority that I absolutely trusted and who had taught me that disgusting homosexual sex meant hellfire and damnation, and I totally believed that, there is no language that could describe the kind of catastrophe that that would represent. Every time a coconut; maximum damage that would totally destroy the victim’s existential infrastructure. It was a bit like murder, except that the victim wasn’t dead. • David Marr, Guardian: George Pell wasn’t much interested in stories of abuse by priests. Which was lucky for his career ... Had Pell made a big fuss about the abuse going on all around him as a young priest, he would not be at the Vatican. But as he told the royal commission, he stayed clear of such ‘sad stories’

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Monday, 29 February


Tasmanian Times: MLC Ivan Dean claims false evidence sparked $50m fox hunt "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

LEGISLATIVE Councillor Ivan Dean says he has proof the state’s controversial fox hunt was based on fabricated evidence. • Examiner report ... • Advocate report ... • Examiner: Fox collection doubts: QVMAG

Sunday, 28 February


Tasmanian Times: Mayor Peter Coad responds to Cr Mike Wilson’s allegations "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

MR, FEBRUARY 27 ... • Mayor Peter Coad responds to Cr Mike Wilson’s allegations As Huon Valley Council’s elected mayor, and as a councillor, I believe it is important that I respond to comments, some of them ludicrous, by Cr Mike Wilson in an advertisement in last week’s Huon Valley News (24 February). • Shane Johnson in Comments: … Proper scrutiny of the credit card use must occur. If not by this Council then by an Administrator appointed by the Minister. This will help to restore trust in Council from all members of the community. I have faith that Minister Gutwein will do this job with impartiality and will set aside Cr. Mike Wilson’s very public support of the Liberal Party in the past.  Readers of the Huon News may remember that in 2013 the then Opposition Leader, Will Hodgman, and local Liberal member, Jacquie Petrusma, were given the honour of launching Wilson’s new tourist boat providing an excellent media opportunity in the run up to the last State election. This bypassed the Premier and local Labor member, Lara Giddings and the then Tourism Minister, Scott Bacon.  … MR, FEBRUARY 26 ... • Huon credit card review ‘destroyed’ Peter Coad, speaking as a councillor and not as mayor of Huon Valley Council, said he was disappointed that the council, at its meeting on 24 February, 2016, had voted to delay implementation of council’s January credit card review resolution, and also to restrict the scope of the requested report. EARLIER on Tasmanian Times ...

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