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Friday, 04 March


nellibellingen: The war of the camphor laurels – 360documentaries – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A million camphor laurel trees have spread throughout the Bellinger valley in northern New South Wales. It’s only taken them a hundred years. As one lover of Australia’s native bush says, ‘Big is beautiful in tree aesthetics. To a tree-lover they look magnificent, while to a lover of native forest they look like giant weeds.’ Nothing grows under a camphor laurel – or nothing much.

Source: The war of the camphor laurels – 360documentaries – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Filed under: nellibellingen ...

15:20 Martin Bryant show by Channel 7 Sunday Night will not tell the truth about Port Arthur "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"




Deception & Lies Presented to Australians



AUSTRALIANS will again be told lies about Port Arthur in Tasmania by

Channel 7 this Sunday 6th. Saying the shooting incident that took

place there in April 1996 is “Australia’s worst massacre” is absolute hype.

Many massacres in Australia have resulted in more people being killed.

The truth about the official killing at Port Arthur has been covered up

by complicit officials who have denied truth and justice to all the families,

relatives, and friends of the victims. It is the corrupt official narrative that

Channel 7 will broadcast again. Mainstream media deception continues.


_ In the supreme court on 22 APR 1994, two years before the Port Arthur

incident, Martin Bryant was placed under a guardianship order – he could

NOT manage his life. He was represented by Griffits & Jackson lawyers;

Martin Bryant is mentally handicapped. His IQ was/is(?) 66 (lowest 2%

of pop.) At best, he is an 11-year-old boy. He could NOT have premeditated,

planned, and perpetrated the incident over seven crime scenes;

_ Carleen Bryant relates the behaviour of her poor son Martin in her book

My Story. She describes how he could NOT operat...


tyto tony: A bird's gotta do what a bird's gotta do "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

A nest-building Crimson Finch (Neochmia phaeton) tries to pick up every white feather it sees. Because the small soft ones are the ultimate in nesting comfort. And she who must be obeyed is fussy about what she'll accept for her coming clutch.
But it seems the birds lack much sense of timing or scale and can't discriminate between perfect bedding and impossibly large challenges. Eventually they find that some feathers just won't fly.

What's in a colour? Young Mistletoebird (Dicaeum hirundinaceum) comes with bright orange bill and gape. Parents carry plain old dull dark grey. Presumably because no one is going to try to poke food into them while inside a dark cute nest shaped like baby's bootee. Possibly also the colour helps parents locate their you...

11:54 Australia to become a Green Utopia "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

by Viv Forbes, Science Writer

Making things does matter

Recent headlines exulted: “Real estate makes bigger profits than mining”.

This is an omen, not a signal to celebrate.

In peacetime, societies may survive without making “things” providing they have valued skills, assets to sell or barter, or savings in sound currencies. But during military or financial crises, “things” may not be available unless they are made locally. Then we must rely on the primary producers of new wealth – miners, farmers, foresters, fishermen, engineers, builders, tradesmen and skilled workers.

Back in war-torn 1943, Australia had ration cards for petrol, food and clothing, and insufficient copper to make cartridges for our own defence.

Now, because of the war on carbon, Australia will soon have no oil refineries to produce fuel and lubricants for our tractors, ships, tanks and cars. Mines and base-load power plants are closing. There are fewer smelters and refineries producing steel, copper, aluminium, lead or zinc, and no factories making engines, rifles, ships, planes, cars, trucks or dozers. Our children are more skilled in soft options and electronic gadgetry than in maths, science and engineering; too many despise trades, soldiering, farming and manual work.

This industrial decay will become obvious one still, dark, winter evening when wind turbines stand idle, solar panels have logged off, batteries are flat, and overloaded standby generators fail. There will be no power for trains, lifts, heaters, stoves, fridges, traffic lights, retail checkouts or electronic money. With every addition of intermittent electricity (wind/solar), and every closure of reliable base-load power (coal), this blackout danger increases.

Real estate speculation, bureaucracy, parliamentary debates, games, entertainment, and arts are froth on the river of basic industry where things are made.



Echonetdaily: Tweed invites all to celebrate the great outdoors "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Free Day in the Park on Sunday features storytelling.

The Free Day in the Park on Sunday features storytelling.

To celebrate the great outdoors and natural beauty abounding in the Tweed Valley as part of Park Week 2016, a free skateboard workshop for beginners, plus yoga and story-telling, are among a number of activities offered at Murwillumbah’s Knox Park on Sunday.

The inaugural Free Day in the Park will be held at the Nullum Street park from 10am to 12.30pm and also includes arts and crafts, drumming and a free barbecue for participants.

Tweed mayor Katie Milne has invited ‘everyone’ to the community event ‘to celebrate our great outdoors’.

‘We hope to see the park packed out with people having fun, trying out all the different activities, enjoying the park’s fantastic new facilities, and catching up with friends and locals’, Cr Milne said.

Council’s director of community and natural resources, Tracey Stinson, said there would be activities for people of all ages, to ‘celebrate the Tweed’s wonderful outdoor spaces’.

‘Tweed residents are particularly passionate about ou...


Echonetdaily: Police crack down on heavy-vehicles in Richmond Valley "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police conducted a joint operation targeting heavy vehicle compliance in the Richmond Valley area this week.

The operation, conducted at the Pacific Highway and Bruxner Highway interchange at West Ballina, saw nearly 50 vehicles inspected from 5pm on Wednesday.

A total of 18 defects were issued by RMS Inspectors, eight of which pertained to major defects regarding faulty brakes.

Two of the vehicle issued major defects were also grounded.

In addition, two drivers were directed to cease work for a 24-hour period for failing to keep proper driving records.

Police issued 18 infringements notices in relation to the operation.

They also conducted 48 random breath tests as well as numerous vehicle searches.

One driver, a 32-year-old Grafton man, was charged with driving under the influence and possessing a prohibited drug.

His vehicle was also grounded regarding faulty brakes and he was directed to cease work for not maintaining an accurate driving log.

Local police were helped in the operation by Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, as well as inspectors from Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and Ballina Shire Council.

The post Police crack down on heavy-vehicles in Richmond Valley appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Echonetdaily: Iron Gates opponents accuse NSW Planning Department of bias "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The site of the proposed Iron Gates development. (supplied)

The site of the proposed Iron Gates development. (supplied)

Opponents of the proposed Iron Gates development at Evans Head have accused the NSW Department of Planning of bias.

In an objection letter to the Iron Gates masterplan, Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome Committee president Dr Richard Gates said the government had no choice but to reject the master plan.

The draft master plan for the subdivision would allow for 176 residential lots and four public reserves with fire trails.

DoPE says the land to be developed for residential purposes is ‘already zoned as general residential land by the Richmond Valley LEP’ and that ‘no additional residential land is proposed on the site’.

A DoPE spokesperson said the department recognised ‘the environmental and cultural value of the Evans Head site, including its location on the Evans River, its native vegetation, wetlands and rainforest, as well as the places of Aboriginal cultural significance present on the land.’

Dr Gates said the Department, in a media release issued on 24 February, had stated that it would be ‘taking into consideration he NSW Government’s proposed coastal reforms, which aim to make the management of NSW coastal areas simpler and more strategic’.

‘The Department is clearly stating that it is going to assess the Iron Gates case on other than its ‘le...


Echonetdaily: Tweed locals fear more noise if airport curfew lifted "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tweed residents under or near the Gold Coast Airport flight path fear a review of existing curfews will  lead to more night flights and are calling on the government to rule them out.

Fresh on the heels of federal approval for the airport’s controversial runway expansion into the Cobaki wetlands across the border in NSW, the news of the review has taken many by surprise.

Greens candidate for the federal seat of Richmond, Dawn Walker, says community groups are concerned that lifting the curfew will bring more noise from increased night use of the airport.

Ms Walker said locals were suspicious about the intentions of the curfew review, given the proposed destruction of the ecologically-sensitive NSW wetland to make way for the runway expansion and a new landing system.

‘Since approving the controversial Project Lift and ILS expansion into NSW Crown land, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development has now announced it is conducting an internal review of airport curfew administration arrangements at the Gold Coast Airport,’ she said.

‘The review will “examine opportunities for increasing industry productivity through refinements to current regulatory controls and administrative arrangements”, and is expected to be completed by June.

‘I’m concerned to see that on top of the unwanted runway expansion into sensitive wetlands, the Gold Coast Airport curfew arrangements are now under review.

‘This curfew review was not mentioned at last week’s Aircraft Noise Abatement Consultative Committee. (see

‘You have to question the Gold Coast Airport’s commitment to consulting the community when this curfew review was not mentioned at last week’s Aircraft Noise Abatement Consultative Committee which is attended by community representatives from the Tweed and Gold Coast.

‘When the previous federal government approved the Gold Coast Airport’s current master plan, the a...


Echonetdaily: Magistrate questions 12-hour drug driving advice "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A Lismore magistrate has again questioned the state government's drug driving laws.

A Lismore magistrate has again questioned the state government’s drug driving laws.

Lismore magistrate David Heilpern has questioned the NSW Government’s claim that cannabis can only be detected in a person’s saliva up to 12 hours.

With local court lists featuring an average of 50 people on a list day, Mr Heilpern said he had heard from hundreds of drivers over the past few months who claimed to have waited days, if not weeks, before driving after using cannabis.

The NSW Government Centre for Road Safety website advises motorists that a saliva test would ‘typically’ detect THC for up to 12 hours after use.

According to the ABC, Mr Heilpern on Monday noted that the word ‘typically’ had been added after his recent decision to acquit of a man of a drug driving charge because he claimed to have not smoked for nine days before testing positive.

Joseph Ross Carrall was found not guilty of driving with an illicit drug in his blood because he mistakenly believed he would no longer test positive for the drug.

On Monday, Mr Heilpern said when the Road Transport Legislation Bill was introduced in 2006, “Parliament did not intend to stop people from driving or take away their licences three days or six days after they had consumed cannabis”.

‘It is clear … ministers had in mind that it would be drugs that were ‘active’ and ‘affect the skills’ that were the mischief,’ he said.

He made the comments while placing two men on two...


Echonetdaily: Byron council singles out Palestine friends "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Referring to my previous correspondence on this issue it does appear that Byron Shire Council rangers discriminate against Byron Friends of Palestine (BFOP) because our unattached trailer carrying pro-Palestine messages was very quickly pounced upon with threats that unless it was immediately moved it would be impounded.

The Boot Camp trailer on the other hand has remained unmolested and, as usual, is currently parked on Tennyson Street.

I am therefore going to park our Palestinian support trailer in the near vicinity of Boot Camp’s and I do not expect to be harassed by rangers.  It is intolerable that Council responds with alacrity to any Zionist complaint about our stalls or trailer but then turns a blind eye to the many other infringements of the rules, for example, real estate agency signs on footpaths and nature strip ‘garage sales’.

The brutal occupation of Palestine and the dramatic expansion of Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land is an outrage.

Councillors may be excused for being ignorant of the details of Israel’s colonisation of Palestine because our media and government are complicit in Israel’s crimes.

For example, war criminal General Benny Gantz, the mastermind of Operation Protective Edge which killed 2,310, injured 10,626 and made 100,000 homeless, is currently in Australia having met with no entry problems.

BFOP will continue to speak out against Israel’s infamy and we expect our Rainbow Region/Byron to continue its long tradition of resisting environmental and human rights tyranny and to be 100 per cent supportive of the long suffering Palestinians.

Gareth Smith, Byron Friends of Palestine


The post Byron council singles out Palestine friends appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Echonetdaily: Aust ignoring border dispute: Timor MPs "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Trainee doctors at the Comoro Health Centre welcome Australian governor-general Sir Peter Cosgrove in Dili on Wednesday. AAP Image/Neda Vanovac

Trainee doctors at the Comoro Health Centre welcome Australian governor-general Sir Peter Cosgrove in Dili on Wednesday. AAP Image/Neda Vanovac

Neda Vanovac, AAP

Australia took advantage of East Timor’s weakness and is now dodging its international obligations over the disputed marine border, a Timorese MP says.

During a special session of parliament in Dili on Thursday, the heads of all four major political parties entreated Australian governor-general Sir Peter Cosgrove to ask the Australian government to come to the negotiating table over the disputed marine border between the countries.

Since 2002 there has been uncertainty over the exact parameters of the border because Australia is ignoring the issue, said Natalino dos Santos Nascimento, of the CNRT party.

‘The Australian government did everything to prevent an agreement for the sea and made sure we had no other choice than to accept their proposal,’ he said via an interpreter.

‘That was a very difficult choice for us because we were a very weak country;...


Echonetdaily: Indonesia’s tsunami warning buoys inoperable "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A man pushes a relative on a bed after they were told to leave the hospital following an earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra, on Wednesday. AP Photo/Rivo Andries

A man pushes a relative on a bed after they were told to leave the hospital following an earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra, on Wednesday. AP Photo/Rivo Andries

Jakarta [RAW]

All 22 of the early-warning buoys Indonesia deployed after the 2004 tsunami disaster were inoperable when a massive undersea earthquake struck off the coast on Wednesday, a National Disaster Mitigation Agency official says.

The 7.8-magnitude quake did not trigger a tsunami, and there were no deaths and no major damage, but it did expose gaps in the systems put in place to prevent a disaster similar to the Indian Ocean quake that killed more than 200,000 people 11 years ago.

In addition to the malfunctioning of buoys designed to warn of massive waves, authorities said there were not enough evacuation routes or shelters in Padang, a Sumatra island port city of around one million people that felt the quake.

‘There was definitely panic last night, that cannot be denied,’ said Zulfiatno, the head of the disaster management agency in Padang who...


Echonetdaily: Work begins on Lismore’s big new office tower "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The construction site for the new CBD office block.

The construction site for the new CBD office block.

Construction on Lismore’s biggest commercial development in over a decade begins next week when the Bennett Constructions multi-million-dollar office block gets underway in Molesworth Street.

This morning (Friday) at 10am, Lismore mayor Jenny Dowell and Bennett Constructions director Darryl Piper will officially turn the first sod of the new development to mark the occasion.

The four-storey, 16-metre high office building will be built at a cost of around $9 million and will house three floors of commercial office space and a ground-floor carpark and café.

The Molesworth Street block has been vacant for more than 50 years and mayor Jenny Dowell said the development would provide huge economic stimulus for the CBD.

‘This is the first development of its kind in 15 years, and we are thrilled to see work begin’, she said.

‘This block has been an eyesore for many years, and instead we will now have modern commercial office space, improving the city’s streetscape and bringing hundreds of workers into the CBD.’

Council’s executive director sustainable development, Brent McAlister, said the new development was positive for the CBD and reflected council’s desire to facilitate new development wherever...


Echonetdaily: New drug routes opening in Southeast Asia "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Indonesian police after a large drug bust in November 2015. A wide array of contraband is on display, reportedly including 12kg of methamphetamine and 37,000 ecstasy pills. AAP Image/NewZulu/Ahmad Ridwan Nasution

Indonesian police after a large drug bust in November 2015. A wide array of contraband is on display, reportedly including 12kg of methamphetamine and 37,000 ecstasy pills. AAP Image/NewZulu/Ahmad Ridwan Nasution

Jakarta [AAP]

The growing amount of methamphetamine being trafficked into Southeast Asia suggests crime syndicates have set up new routes within the region and are linking previously unconnected markets, the UN has warned.

Collie Brown, Country Manager at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said on Thursday that it is believed these crime syndicates are using these new routes to move not only drugs, but also migrants and weapons.

‘People are not just dealing in one thing. We haven’t seen clear connections between drug smuggling and migrant smuggling yet but we have seen some areas where the routes look almost the same.’

He said it was imperative that law enforcement agencies within the region work together to share information so they can better police these r...


Echonetdaily: Pell ‘wasn’t asked to act’ on abuse claims "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Anthony Foster, member of the Australian group of relatives and victims of priestly sex abuses, shows reporters the photo of his two daughters, who were both abused by the same priest and one of them later committed suicide, outside of the Quirinale hotel after their meeting with Australian cardinal George Pell. AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca

Anthony Foster, member of the Australian group of relatives and victims of priestly sex abuses, shows reporters the photo of his two daughters, who were both abused by the same priest and one of them later committed suicide, outside of the Quirinale hotel after their meeting with Australian cardinal George Pell. AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca

Peter Trute, AAP

Cardinal George Pell was told over four decades ago that a pedophile Christian Brother was ‘misbehaving with boys’.

Asked in the child abuse royal commission on Thursday what he did with this very serious matter, Cardinal Pell replied: ‘I didn’t do anything about it.’

‘The boy wasn’t asking me to do anything about it, but just lamenting and mentioning it,’ Cardinal Pell told Commissioner Peter McClellan.

With the experience of the intervening 40 years since that 1973 conversation, Cardinal Pell ac...


Echonetdaily: New pollution fears for Sydney Harbour "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The iconic Sydney Harbour. Photo David Lam

The iconic Sydney Harbour. Photo David Lam

Miranda Foster, AAP

Sydney Harbour is in line for a ‘pollution injection’ under a plan to funnel more sewage overflow into its waters during heavy storms, residents are being warned.

Plans are under way for more than a dozen new overflow pipes designed to release stormwater mixed with untreated waste water directly into Sydney Harbour and other NSW waterways during extreme rainfall.

The pipes are designed to stop wastewater flowing back into people’s homes at times when the city’s sewage pipes flood, on average twice per year.

Sydney Water says there are already 3,000 in the network, and the overflow released is more than 99 per cent water.

However, environmentalists and the NSW opposition have slammed the plan as a dirty, cheap and old-fashioned fix, and called for greener alternatives.

Conservationist Jeff Angel from the Total Environment Centre said overflow water contained a hazardous mix of chemicals, microplastics and street runoff that created a ‘toxic plume’ in Sydney’s wa...


Echonetdaily: Pyne defends Abbott over leak claims "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Anthony Alabanese compared the Liberals’ internal conflicts to the movie Sharknado. Image Syfy Films

Anthony Albanese compared the Liberals’ internal conflicts to the movie Sharknado. Image Syfy Films

Canberra [AAP]

Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne has defended former prime minister Tony Abbott over a damaging security leak.

Mr Pyne says he doesn’t believe Mr Abbott is destabilising the Turnbull government and he doesn’t assume Mr Abbott is responsible for a national security leak being investigated by the Australian Federal Police.

‘I wouldn’t raise matters like the leak with Mr Abbott because I wouldn’t immediately assume it was him,’ Mr Pyne told the Nine Network on Friday.

Meanwhile, Labor has seized on the signs of internal tensions in the Turnbull government by comparing it to a horror movie.

Frontbencher Anthony Albanese told the Nine Network watching the Liberal party was like a movie where it rains sharks.

‘Another week of conflict, this is like watching the Sharknado movie as they eat each other on the other side,’ he said.

Liberal backbencher Dennis Jensen believes the story is a media beat-up and journalists were going ‘way...


Echonetdaily: Infiltration problems of Brunswick Valley sewer system "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Following Mr Rees’ response to an analysis of data on inflow to the Brunswick Valley STP given to Byron Shire Council and councillors, I can report that the infiltration problem into the collection system during wet weather events continues, and has been a ‘standing problem with Council reports going back to 1973.’

But it has been the analysis of the data, for which I take responsibility, that signals the magnitude of the problem.

Whilst Mr Rees has yet to disclose the data on which he states that average dry weather flow into the STP is between 1,300-1,500kL/day, he does concede that recorded inflow has been 19,599kL/day in wet weather in the licensing period 27 September to 26 April 2015.

This means infiltration has been recorded at 1,407.62 per cent above dry weather of 1,300kL/day. Furthermore, of the 211 days for which inflow data was collected, 138 days or 65.4 per cent had above average dry weather flow of 1,300kL/day.

Mr Rees states that ‘The Brunswick Valley STP has been operated successfully for 5 years. The high flows due to stormwater ingress present operating challenges for staff but are manageable’.

Households within the catchment area of the Brunswick Valley STP, one of the wettest areas in NSW, should not be confident of this position.

Inadequately treated bio-solids have been spread signalling a plant that is hydraulically overloaded during wet weather.

Infiltration into the collection system, because of its degraded state, cannot be solved unless it is replaced.

The alternative is to shorten the life expectancy and standard of performance of the $30 million STP by continuing to work it beyond what it was designed.

Patricia Warren, Brunswick Heads

The post Infiltration problems of Brunswick Valley sewer system appeared first on...


Echonetdaily: Cr Longland and Tweed Coast koalas "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

If anyone wants an insight into Tweed shire Cr Barry Longland, they should read his letter to Echonetdaily of  22 February.

Why is Barry surprised that a petition is directed to him, when he has done more to threaten the Tweed Coast koala colonies than any other councillor?

We all knew how Shrek the Donkey and Princess Fiona would vote from the time they were elected. Likewise with the other two (it was three… ).  Barry, on the other hand, conned everyone. He supposedly stood for reasonable, responsible development – which in part meant protecting our koalas and wider environment. But in practice, he seems to have just chased a favourable headline.

He claims to have been ‘associated’ with ‘many koala protection achievements’.

Really? We all remember the years of campaigning for koala protection at Kings Forest – in particular for it to have a dog ban. When the chance came in 2012 for council to support a ban Barry voted against the measure.

It took another year and intense community pressure for the dog-ban measure to be considered again. This time Barry flipped back and voted for it in an appeal to the federal government on Kings Forest. Too little too late. We know how that ends.

He claims to have ‘launched’ the Koala Connections program, but that had nothing to do with Barry.

Years of work went into this initiative by individuals who used to work in Tweed Shire Council’s Natural Resources Management Unit. Sally Jacka deserves the credit. The scheme was later expanded with federal funding. Barry issued a press release. Thanks Barry.

The bottom line is that Tweed Coast koala numbers are crashing. So how well does Barry appreciate the seriousness of the situation? Read his letter. It’s like watching words commit suicide.

He breezes over the pressing issue of koala survival in the Tweed with a statement that is at best complete fantasy: ‘Pri...


Common Ground North Coast: Secrets by the sea "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

_M8A0016Hidden away in the hidden streets of Kingscliff’s new crown jewel, Salt Village, is a handful of five-star luxury abodes waiting for you to discover them.

It’s Thursday afternoon. The late summer sun douses the Northern NSW Coast in golden rays and a dense heat that lures visitor and denizen alike to its famous shores.

Half an hour north of its celebrity cousin, Byron Bay, and twenty easy minutes to cosmopolitanism-by-the-sea, and a major airport, Coolangatta, is the burgeoning new sea-side dream: Kingscliff.

There hasn’t been a more contemporary family holiday destination like this in years. Driving through the beach-side main street, you’ll meet an impressive surf beach, complete with a passionate surfing community, surf club, and an abundance of alfresco dining options. All in walking distance is Cudgen Creek, grass-lined banks decorated by water sports and activities for all ages, public covered BBQs, and dog-friendly, wide open spaces for ball games.

Drive only minutes through National Park, and you come to Salt Village, which raises the bar for family holidays from arrival. Located right on North Cassurina Beach, Salt melds upmarket beach living with community spirited holiday-making. There is a large park for outdoor activities and gatherings, as well as a choice of cafes, boutiques, and restaurants to suit all palettes.

Further into the village, a quiet, tree-lined suburban setting, are some magical holiday homes, just yours for the taking.
_M8A0080One such property is Corporate Boardies Beach Retreat; a beautifully lit, paradisiacal mansion with manicured gardens, tucked away, only minute......


Echonetdaily: Cinema Review: 45 Years "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


We all live in our own heads, do we not? Years of co-habitation, of deep and enduring love and friendship can still never fully erode the wall surrounding a secret enclave of indelible memory that is the author of our true, intensely personal story. Pop psychology insists that it all be let out, that everything be revealed, but maybe it goes against the grain to not keep a little something just to ourselves. As close now as they have always been, Kate and Geoff Mercer (Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay) are preparing for a party at which they will mark forty-five years of marriage. Kate is fully aware of the ill-fated relationship her husband had with a German girl, Katya, before she met him, and to Kate it is water under the bridge… until Geoff receives news in the mail that will send a tremor through the emotional bedrock of their life together. Katya had been killed when she and Geoff were hiking through the Swiss Alps and her body, after all this time, has been discovered frozen in a glacier. The result is to launch the elderly, childless couple on different trajectories of introspection and self-discovery. Set in the wintry Downs of Kent, details unravel bit by bit in the leadup to the weekend’s celebration. Geoff seems rejuvenated by the memory of Katya – he and Kate dance in their living room, they make love, and walk together with their German shepherd, Max. But Kate, increasingly uncertain of her own standing in the...


Echonetdaily: Flashback to the 80s "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Strap on some shoulder pads, break out the big hair and dive into that blue eyeshadow! The 80s was a decade of being larger than life. The Absolutely 80s show features some of Australia’s favourite pop music icons – from Uncanny X Men’s Brian Mannix to Boom Crash Opera’s Dale Ryder and Scott Carne from Kids in the Kitchen. Scott Carne talks about the show, the concept and what it’s like playing those hits…

What do you think it is about the 80s that has such a timeless appeal? When I listen back to the music I often love how unselfconscious we seemed to be – even the fashion. Is that part of the appeal?

It’s the whole box and dice… 80s music was the birth of the garage band, where everybody was making it up as they went along: every fashion, videos, music and attitude!

What is your favourite memory of the 80s?

Countdown, drinkcards, hair-gel and when shoulder pads were hip and lunches were tax deductible…

What were the highlights for you in that era with Kids in the Kitchen?

Countdown, meeting Princess Di and Chuck, Andy Warhol and travelling the world… the list goes on!

Pretty much everyone watched...


Wild BNE: Suburb Guide: Keperra "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Chequered swallowtails are often found resting in long grass.

Featured areas: (1) Suburban Keperra, (2) Grovely Sports Ground,
(3) Kindlinen Place, (4) Keperra Bushland Reserve, and (5) Dash Street Park.
Image courtesy of Google Maps.
Located just 9km outside of the Brisbane CBD, Keperra is a busy suburb that has been fortunate enough to retain a decent amount of bushland. The reason behind this lies in the suburb's topography, as much of its southern region lies atop a sharply-rising escarpment. Alongside Kedron Brook, which forms the northern border of the suburb, the gentler inclines have allowed more development to occur. Once used as a military camp, the area underwent a ho...


North Coast Voices: National Indigenous Times to be revived "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Australian Newspaper History Group, Newsletter, No 86, February 2016:

86.1.9 Revival of National Indigenous Times to be attempted

Aboriginal businessman Wayne Bergmann has taken control of the collapsed National Indigenous Times, with the aim of transforming it into a newspaper that celebrates indigenous achievement in business, politics and sport. A company majority-owned by Bergmann has bought the paper from liquidators and is expected to relaunch it within weeks. Veteran Perth journalist Tony Barrass will become the editor of the publication, which will be resurrected online before a decision is made whether to resume in print. The old Times had enraged some aboriginal le...


North Coast Voices: Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights still not happy with the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Public Interest Advocates and Other Matters) "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Excerpts from Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, Human rights scrutiny report, 25 February 2016:

2.33 Accessing telecommunications data relating to a journalist, or their employer, where the purpose is to identify a journalist's source, together with the journalist information warrant and PIA scheme, engages and may limit multiple rights, including:

* right to an effective remedy;
* right to a fair hearing;
* right to privacy; and
* right to freedom of expression.

2.35 The committee considered that the journalist information warrant and PIA schemes seek to better promote the protection of privacy and the right to freedom of expression by prescribing a warrant process for accessing journalists' information, but that the regulation may lack sufficie...

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Thursday, 03 March


matthew schiavello: photos and words: Seminal works #10 110116If you are in Melbourne, Australia this... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Seminal works #10 110116

If you are in Melbourne, Australia this Friday, come along to my solo show!

The opening event- “Seminal and non-seminal works”

Balkon Art Incubator
Date: Friday 4th of March
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Location: 635 Plenty Rd, Preston (Near Tyler st).


matthew schiavello: photos and words: A.K. and I were hanging/installing the work the other night... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

A.K. and I were hanging/installing the work the other night (with much help from Monique, Jake and Christine) for Friday’s opening event: ‘Seminal and non-Seminal works’, at Balkon Art Incubator.

Photograph by Christine Georgiou.


: Donation enable us to continue to work "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Ellen White - founder of BSCFL and inventor of the Bitou Bush Crowning method - working with volunteer Terry Hamil

Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare volunteers are passionate about implementing sustainable land management. We are currently working on 5 hectares of dunes at Brunswick Heads removing Bitou Bush and Glory Lily using very effective chemical free techniques. The results have been even more effective that we could have hoped for.

We are supported by Mullum S.E.E.D. inc. which also runs the award winning Mullumbimby Community Garden, but it is donations from local businesses and individuals that enable us to continue our work.

We would like to thank The Sunglass Fix for their recent donation. Did you know that you can replace a broken sunglasses lens? Sunglass Fix is a Byron Shire company manufacturing up to 42,000 Australian made lenses per day. They export any model of lens that you can think of, all around the world, for around 10% of the total cost of the original sunglasses. So check their web site and feel happy that you don’t need to buy new sunglasses, you can fix them. Very cool.

Your donation over $2 to BSCFL through Mullum S.E.E.D. is tax deductible, so if you can’t get to the dunes at Brunswick Heads to help us remove Bitou Bush, but you are like us and want to care for our country, you can donate to us online at Mullum Seed and choose our project from the list.

All donations given to BSCFL are used for the payments of tools, administration expenses and chemical-free bush regenerators.

If you have any questions please email

18:46 Dick Smith, Bob Katter and Ian ‘Macca’ MacNamara oppose sale of Kidman to Chinese "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Selling Kidman pastoral empire to the Chinese is ‘complete madness’, says Dick Smith, Ian MacNamara and Bob Katter

Dick Smith says Australia’s agricultural land is becoming more valuable and should not be sold to foreign investors.

by Matthew Cranston AFR

Australian entrepreneur and aviator Dick Smith has called the imminent sale of Australia’s largest landholder S.Kidman & Co to a Chinese company an act of madness and says that with the value of agricultural land rising, Australian super funds should be competing to buy the cattle stations.

Speaking from his 1214 hectare property outside Canberra, Mr Smith, who funded the first major book on his “hero” Australia’s greatest pastoral king Sir Sidney Kidman back in 1987, said he was shocked that Australian investors could not compete with foreign investors.

“I am totally opposed to a sale to the Chinese. It’s complete madness,” Mr Smith told The Australian Financial Review.

“Farming land is going to be incredibly valuable – it is going to generate a lot of wealth into the future so you don’t want all that wealth creation to go overseas.”

Pengxin chief executive Andy McLeod and Gary Romano chief executive of Hunan Dakang Pasture Farming Co

S.Kidman & Co, which has cattle...


darkly wise, rudely great: On the charge of 'obsolete' "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott: are his ideas obsolete or just false?
My recent Canberra Times column was on the charge of obsolescence: 'Saying something's obsolete doesn't make it so'.

I'm arguing that this notion is often ill-suited to ethical and political debate: it suggests finality where none exists; progress where only struggle exists. A sample:
I don't believe that history is somehow on my side; that we can stop arguing now, because of some inherent historical momentum. If we accept our ideas and values can triumph over others, we also recognise the opposite can occur: strife is our political and ethical condition, and it does not magically fade when my clan is victorious. 
Phones and floppy discs become obsolete – humans must endure less convenient categories of failure.


The Greening of Gavin: Wholesome Home Grown Dinners "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

We’ve been eating simple fare of late, all unprocessed, wholesome, and mostly home grown dinners. Due to the crazy heat we’re having in March (which is actually supposed to be autumn), we have been serving salads from the newly repaired Vegtrug, with organic or free-range meats. However, last night was a special treat. During a lovely  [Continue Reading …]

The post Wholesome Home Grown Dinners appeared first on The Greening of Gavin.


The NORTHSIDER: RAINBOW SERPENT 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Having recently returned from Rainbow Serpent Festival, I feel compelled to share the best and the not so best bits of this stupendous event.

The post RAINBOW SERPENT 2016 appeared first on The NORTHSIDER.


St Kilda News: Lentil As Anything – The Radiohead of Restaurants "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

By Mantis Kane The systems of trade are in constant flux. Once the bartering of pig’s trotters for a basket of turnips was part of the banking practice. Then came coins – then notes – then coins again (Bitcoins). Now the transaction world is a shifting paradigm, a new zeitgeist of pay-what-you think is emerging. […]


Steven Rhall | Blog: How are ya? I tried to find you on instagram but couldn't. Did you delete your account? What's happening? Hope you're well. X "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Afternoon fade at the moment! Otherwise really well. Doing all the right things I hope! Yes deleted the account which was part of a ‘performance’ of sorts where I had an IG account for a year. Might get back on there (in the normal sense) but I end up wasting a lot of time there… perhaps I should consider will power! Doing my art thing, Footscray still, just started a teaching job for Melb Uni which is a big learning curve. Maybe we have a chat about potentially getting you in as a guest lecturer one day, talking about your practice? This is the subject: Hoping you’re well too xx


Zedlines: Coffee companies admit slave labour could be in production line and more 11AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Nestle and Jacob Douwe Egberts hold almost 40% of the global coffee market, and have admitted slave labour may be involved in their plantations. (Source: Freestock photos)

Barrett inquiry told centre "badly handled" closure

A leading Australian adolescent psychiatrist has found the closure of Brisbane’s Barrett Adolescent Centre was incorrectly handled.

Professor Patrick McGorry has told an inquiry the closing of any mental health facility, without adequate transitional support, is an issue that has plagued mental health reform on a global scale.


Zedlines: Australia's female workers still face "stubborn" pay gap and more 10AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A new study shows that while full-time female employees earn less than male counterparts, measures can be taken to narrow the gap. (Source: Flikr)

Brisbane public transport a key election issue

Public transport is becoming a key issue for the upcoming Brisbane City Council elections.

A local survey in consultation with six public transport stakeholders has shown a cross-river rail system and altered CBD bus routes could potentially ease peak-hour congestion and faltering standards.


Echonetdaily: Govt under fire for pill-testing stance and roadside swabs "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police testing drivers in Lismore. (Darren Coyne)

Police testing drivers in Lismore. (Darren Coyne)

The state government’s hard-line stance against pill-testing at festivals and ‘propaganda’ over its controversial roadside drug-testing regime has come under attack following the latest police operation in which drivers in Lismore and Murwillumbah were charged after saliva tests.

And the Nimbin-based HEMP Embassy says there’s an urgent need for lawmakers to separate cannabis from other, much harder drugs, and treated as the medicinal herb it is, especially with governments trialling it as such.

The NSW Greens this week slammed deputy premier and police minister Troy Grant for ‘showing his naivety and lack of knowledge’ on the proposed pill-testing trials in a radio interview, and the fact not one NSW Liberal or National MP attended yesterday’s Parliamentary Drug Summit in Canberra.

The Canberra Declaration, which came out of the summit, showed clear support for a trial of pill testing, or drug checking, at music festivals and other events.

Police say its roadside drug-testing operation throughout the state on Sunday resulted in more than 130 drivers ‘detected allegedly drug driving’, but there is no breakdown in the figures of which drug was detected.

The contentious saliva-swiping testing does not measure driver impairment and only detects the presence of a...


Zedlines: Federal sources say negative gearing reform could be completely scrapped and more 9AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Mounting pressure from LNP backbenchers may see negative gearing policy reform completely dropped from government agenda. (Source: Flikr)

Alleged one-punch partner attempts second bail application

One of the two young men accused of the alleged one-punch death of Brisbane teenager Cole Miller claims he is not a violent person, as he seeks a second-chance at bail.


Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Hop into action for bunnies "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"


Lend me your lopped ears, Easter is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to bring these nose twitching, foot thumping honey bunnies into the limelight. Rabbits are gentle, sensitive and can be incredibly affectionate creatures, yet their needs are often overlooked. Here are a few ways you can help our little fluffy friends this Easter.


Be bunny aware

Hop on board with Choose Cruelty Free and make sure you aren’t unintentionally supporting animal testing. Rabbits are used in cruel cosmetic and household product experiments, in 2013 around “6.7 million animals were used in research and teaching in Australia in 2013”1 with rabbits being the second most experimented on animal.2

Housed in barren wire cages for the most part of their lives, rabbits are primarily used in Draize eye and skin tests. Here they are confined in full body restraints and have chemicals trickled into their eyes or rubbed onto their scraped skin, the restraint ensures they don’t rub the irritated area and affect the results.3 Testing cosmetics and household products on animals is cruel and completely unnecessary, there are a number of “scientifically validated” alternatives to skin tests with equivalent eye tests well on the way – it’s also possible for companies to use ingredients already......


Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Animals, my teachers, my friends "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Animal friends

Like most, I have had important teachers in my life who have inspired and guided me, yet the most profound teacher I have ever had lies buried at the entrance of Edgar’s Mission. A landrace, large white pig I came to love and adore, and whom I named Edgar Alan Pig. Now he lies interned beneath a carved wooden sculpture of a pig with wings, with a rooster dutifully standing on his back, a stoic reminder to all who pass through our front gates of why we exist.

Edgar changed my life forever, as he taught me the most important things in life are not things, but rare moments in time that will live forever in one’s heart. Until the time Edgar trotted into my life all I had ever wanted to do was ride horses, and while it took some time convincing my parents to even allow me anywhere near a horse, it was something I was able to do with what many would call great success. However, amongst the trophies and accolades I always felt there was something missing. It took a little piglet with an incredibly big heart to show me just what that was.

Moreover, from my animal friends I have learned of their rich emotional worlds. From Edgar I learned that pigs could be chivalrous, just as he showed the day he came racing out of his straw bed (and there were very few things in life that could get him to do that) when he heard Pompy Pig doing her “someone’s killing me” routine as I gently tried to remove something that had become stuck on her. Although Edgar was not particularly fond of any other pigs, much preferring to keep to his own counsel, the thought that someone was harming one of his kind caused him to come charging my way with grunts that demanded I unhand that pig or far worse would inflicted upon me, and there was no doubt in my mind he would make good on his threat. O...


Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Where are they now – Roz, Burke, Wills and Rambo "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Every month we’ll shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals.

It always warms our hearts to hear how our former residents are settling in to their new abodes and causing their new families to wonder just how life existed before they shared their world with a farm animal. If you’ve never had the honour of spending time with a barnyard friend, you may be surprised by the love, friendship and fun they add to your life.


“The boys and lady are all doing well. They are very spoilt and very loved. Rambo in particular loves a cuddle. And Wills thinks he is a dog. He loves to jump up on the fence to collect his weetbix. Roz is still the most timid (she escaped the bushfires) even though we have had her the longest. Makes me wonder how badly she has been treated in her past. At least they all have a beautiful life now on our little Warrenheip farm.” – Zeta

If you also have the love, commitment, space and more to welcome new animals family members into your world, please take a look at our adoption page.



Zedlines: Supporters push for Tivoli heritage listing and more 8AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

With historic music venue the Tivoli back on the market again, local supporters and The Greens are petitioning the government to give the building heritage status. (Source: Pixabay)

Tivoli at tipping point: save or sell?

Local music venue the Tivoli is back on the market again, with music fans now calling on the State Government to intervene.

With a reported asking price of more than $10 million, current owner and seller John O'Rourke says he hopes a new owner-operator will continue with what his family has done.


Fig Jam and Lime Cordial: Comic Relief "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Sometimes, when we’re a bit out of sorts, it’s easy to forget that life is actually hilarious. Here are a few things that have made me laugh this week… . . . . . My gorgeous neighbour Emmeline attempted the Focaccia Tutorial for 23 Year Olds a few days ago. She came up the road and picked […]


AWPA Sydney News: 1) Papua`s economy grows 7.97 percent far above national average "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

1) Papua`s economy grows 7.97 percent far above national average

2) Lion Air Group Plans to Operate More Services out of Timika


Natural Newstead: This is it … I promise! "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Last views of Rainbowbirds for the summer … they are still around as I heard a few this evening (March 2) along Bell’s Lane Track … but this is it folks!


Rainbow Bee-eater, Spring Hill, 29th February 2016








Westender – West End 4101: A WELCOME ADDITION TO THE SENATE "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Westender wishes to add its voice to the chorus of congratulation engendered by the announcement that indigenous elder Patrick Dodson is to replace retiring WA ALP Senator Joe Bullock. Here’s just one media release, received from the Balaku Development Corporation in far North Queensland. Pat Dodson’s nomination by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as a […]

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Westender – West End 4101: The Vinyl Revival revs up. "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

New contributor Angus Coleman looks at what’s driving the revival of vinyl and what does it means for your iPod? The so-called “vinyl revival” is at no risk of slowing down, with the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) releasing its annual figures for 2014 recently showing that vinyl record album sales are up 127% in the […]

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Wednesday, 02 March

20:09 Dick Smith, Bob Katter, Ian McNamara start vege garden on Mornington Island "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Katters want to stop the diabetes epidemic among indigenous communities

Mornington Island Mayor Bradley Wilson, CEO Frank Mills, Dick Smith, Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, Ian ‘Macca’ McNamara from the ABC and State Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter at the opening today (photo credit Brad Thompson)

02 March 2016: Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today joined Great Australian and Entrepreneur Dick Smith and ABC radio personality Ian ‘Macca’ McNamara to open a market garden for First Australians on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria located in Mr Katter’s electorate of Kennedy.

Mr Katter has long championed community market gardens as a simple way to improve the health standards of First Australians by providing cheap locally grown fresh produce to tackle the diabetes epidemic.

Yet he said today that it took a private donation from Mr Smith as well as the will of the local Mornington Island Council to achieve what successive Governments had failed to do.

“We deeply appreciate Dick helping out here because with Dick comes national attention,” Mr Katter said.

“Our nation has to be measured on how we treat our poorest people and this is one of the most important things that needs to be done.

“I recently asked all of the Shire Councillors in a First Australian community how diabetes was affecting them – sadly every single one of them had a close relative dying of diabetes.

“The problem was simply not there 25 years ago, but it is now, and something has to be done about it.”

The majority of grocery shops in First Australian communities in Queensland are State Government run operations. While t......


AWPA Sydney News: Tolerance called for after request to ban mosque in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"
Tolerance called for after  request to ban mosque in  Papua 
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Wed, March 02 2016, 9:05 AM - 
Papua Governor Lukas Enembe called on residents on Tuesday to maintain tolerance and respect following a demand from a group of churches to ban the construction of a mosque in Jayawijaya regency.

“In Papua, we have 250 [local] languages. There are different religions, but we can maintain peace and avoid conflict. Religious conflict in Tolikara was settled properly,” Lukas said during a meeting of the Regional Leadership Communication Forum at the Papua Police headquarters.

The meeting was attended by Papua Police chief Isp. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw, Cendrawasih Military Commander Maj. Gen. Hinsa Siburian, chairman of the Papua Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) Bishop Leo Laba Ladjar, Jayawijaya Regent John Wempi Wetipo, chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama Jayapura Kahar Yelipele, chairman of the Jayawijaya Churches Communion (PGGJ) Abraham Ung...


Noosa Community Radio 101.3FM: Jazz Plus playlist "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Hello, this is Al Hensley. Wayne Carlson and I alternate with one another week about presenting the Jazz Plus program heard every Wednesday at 2PM. Each week I post the program’s playlist in case you’d like to track down any of the new releases or classic sides featured. To see what Wayne played this week click here

The following tracks were played on Jazz Plus” on 2 March 2016.
  1. Nina Ferro ‘Since I Fell for You’ Just You, Just Me
  2. Erroll Garner Trio ‘Misty’ Jazz Around Midnight
  3. Gerry Mulligan Sextet ‘Sweet and lovely’ Jazz Around Midnight
  4. Paul Baker, Jim Elliot & Friends ‘Hard Hearted Hanna’ In It For The Money
  5. Society Syncopators ‘Cushion Foot Stomp’ Got No Blues
  6. Scobey’s Frisco Band ‘Jazz Me Blues’ Doctor Jazz 1955 – 1956
  7. Charlie Christian/Goodman Group ‘Solo Flight’ Bebop, Vol. 3
  8. The Atomic Fireballs ‘Caviar and Chitlins’ Torch This Place
  9. Bay City Jazz Band ‘Alligator Crawl’ Cafe Jazz
  10. Ben Webster ‘Just A-Sittin’ And A-Rockin’ Big Ben Time
  11. Bessie Smith ‘Trombone Cholly’ Classic Jazz – Bessie Smith
  12. Black Eagle Jazz Band ‘Lina Blues’ Black Eagle
  13. Blossom Dearie ‘Teach Me Tonight’ Once Upon a Summertime
  14. Cell Block 7 ‘Cinderella Girl’ Most Wanted
  15. Maryborough Jazz Band ‘Buddy’s Habit’ Out’N’ About
  16. Ray Brown Trio ‘Exactly Like You’ Soular Energy
  17. Ruby Braff ‘Ruby Got Rhythm’ Hear Me Talkin’
  18. Bourbon Street Jazz...


ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Stanhope Forbes: from Newlyn (in Cornwall) to Geelong (in Australia) "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

I have lectured on Edwardian art history in the past and knew the artists very well. Before the start of this new academic year, I went to have a look at the Edwardians again and focused on my old paintings. Two weeks later, out of the blue, the Weekend Australian promoted Stanhope Forbes’ The Pier Head (1910), now on display at the Geelong Gallery in Victoria. Small world!

Who was Dublin-born Stanhope Alexander Forbes (1857–1947) and why did his painting end up in a regional gallery in Australia? The family moved to London where young Stanhope studied at the Dulwich College and then Lambeth School of Art. Finally he became a student at the Royal Academy School in 1876 where his mentors were Leighton and Alma-Tadema. Forbes was one, very fortunate lad!

After spending a few years in France, Forbes returned to London and showed works he made in Brittany at the 1883 Royal Academy and Royal Hibernian Academy shows. My interest in Forbes was piqued in 1884 when he moved to Cornwall, part of the growing colony of artists in beaut­iful, sunny Newlyn, a fishing village. But I must admit that at least one influence from France remained – Cornwall had the same quality of light he had enjoyed so much in France.

Timing was also important. Newlyn’s Old Harbour was extended between 1884-94 with the construction of two piers enclosing forty acres of water. South Pier was created in 1887 and North Pier one year later. The local council believed the harbour was, from then on, one of the safest harbours built in SW Britain, one which could be accessed at any tide.


AWPA Sydney News: 1) Police Stop Humanitarian Action To Fiji in Jayapura "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) PNG close to getting electricity from Indonesia

A google translate of article in Jubi. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link at
1) Police Stop Humanitarian Action To Fiji in Jayapura
MARCH 1, 2016

Monday, 29 February


New England, Australia: Joyce v Windsor - a first poll "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A very slow start to the new year for posting here.

Early in February in a post on my personal blog Placing Barnaby Joyce in his Northern NSW context, I mentioned the pressure on former independent member Tony Windsor to run against Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce in the seat of New England.

I also referred to the GetUp! email seeking member advice on whether to mount a campaign to persuade Mr Windsor to stand against Mr Joyce. Organised by Liverpool Plains' farmer and environmental activist Rosemary Nankivell.(Twitter @nocsg), the GetUp! move is just one element in a rolling and very active campaign against coal mining and coal seam gas that I have mentioned a number of times over the year.

One of the things that interested me was the extent of Mr Windsor's continuing su...

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