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Wednesday, 02 March

20:09 Dick Smith, Bob Katter, Ian McNamara start vege garden on Mornington Island "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Katters want to stop the diabetes epidemic among indigenous communities

Mornington Island Mayor Bradley Wilson, CEO Frank Mills, Dick Smith, Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, Ian ‘Macca’ McNamara from the ABC and State Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter at the opening today (photo credit Brad Thompson)

02 March 2016: Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today joined Great Australian and Entrepreneur Dick Smith and ABC radio personality Ian ‘Macca’ McNamara to open a market garden for First Australians on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria located in Mr Katter’s electorate of Kennedy.

Mr Katter has long championed community market gardens as a simple way to improve the health standards of First Australians by providing cheap locally grown fresh produce to tackle the diabetes epidemic.

Yet he said today that it took a private donation from Mr Smith as well as the will of the local Mornington Island Council to achieve what successive Governments had failed to do.

“We deeply appreciate Dick helping out here because with Dick comes national attention,” Mr Katter said.

“Our nation has to be measured on how we treat our poorest people and this is one of the most important things that needs to be done.

“I recently asked all of the Shire Councillors in a First Australian community how diabetes was affecting them – sadly every single one of them had a close relative dying of diabetes.

“The problem was simply not there 25 years ago, but it is now, and something has to be done about it.”

The majority of grocery shops in First Australian communities in Queensland are State Government run operations. While t......


Echonetdaily: Celibacy to blame for priests’ perversions "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Cardinal Pell has given evidence at last. The churches, however, like countries, are often deemed more important than the truth. The immoral reasoning that is used for this action is that the whole, or the many, is more important than the individual and therefore the individual may be sacrificed, along with truth.

In regard to the current outrage of religious men such as priests taking sexual advantage of young children, the root of the problem is never broached. The simple fact is this: If any person is forced to swear that they will never have sexual intercourse for their entire life, as these poor priests are made to do, then it may take one year, or even ten years, but eventually this thought combined with nature obviously drives them to have sex with anyone, even innocent children.

No religion can defeat nature or common sense.

To put this even simpler, if you make any person swear to never, ever, think of elephants, then they will eventually think of elephants and see them in their dreams.

Priests must be allowed to be original, not try to copy a man who has been dead for over 2000 years.

Darrell Mcdowall,  Byron Bay


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Echonetdaily: Missing woman’s body found in Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

An image of Natalie Perkins released by police at the time of her disappearance on February 15.

An image of Natalie Perkins released by police at the time of her disappearance on February 15.

Police have discovered the body of a woman believed to be that of a 36-year-old Canadian woman missing from the Byron Bay area for the past fortnight.

Around 10.45am this morning (Wednesday), police and SES members were searching bush land near Butler Street, Byron Bay, when they found the body.

Although identification is yet to be confirmed, it is believed it is the body of Ms Perkins.

Police have established a crime scene as they continue investigations in the circumstances surrounding her death, which they don’t believe was suspicious.

A report will be prepared for the information of the Coroner.

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Echonetdaily: Byron Bay chef in bid to help save mate’s life "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Sergio Martinez. Photo Eve Jeffery

Story & photo Eve Jeffery

Like two little boys with two little toys, Byron man Sergio Martinez is doing all he can to help his mate Ivan beat the cancer that threatens his life.

A friend that Sergio says is his soulmate, Ivan (left) needs al the help he can get and Sergio plans to give everything he can.

A friend that Sergio says is his soulmate, Ivan (left) needs all the help he can get and Sergio plans to give everything he can.

Sergio and Ivan have been best mates since they were two and even though Sergio has made his life here in Australia he still feels as close to his friend in his native Spain as if he were still next door.

‘My soulmate Ivan has recently been diagnosed with cancer’, says Sergio. ‘It has extended to his pleura, spinal cord, kidneys and vertebrae D4.’ 

Sergio says that Ivan, a professional drummer, is a loving father of a two year old and a devoted husband. ‘Due to his...


Echonetdaily: Men arrested at Evans Head over drugs, ammo haul "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Images of the Evans Head drugs haul from the NSW Police Facebook site.

Images of the Evans Head drugs haul from the NSW Police Facebook site.

Police have arrested two men at Evans Head and seized methylamphetamine, cocaine, cannabis, steroids, ammunition, fake identification documents and cash following an operation in the northern rivers region.

Police say that as part of ongoing inquiries into the supply of drugs in the region, police stopped two men as they entered a vehicle on Riverview Street, Evans Head.

The men were searched, with one of them found to be in possession of 28 grams of methylamphetamine and more than $11,000 in cash.

The duo were arrested on the spot, before police executed a search warrant in a nearby residence.

Inside the home, officers found a further 280 grams of methylamphetamine, 11 grams of cocaine, six grams of cannabis, more than $3,000 in cash, fake driver’s licences and ATM cards, vials of steroids, and ammunition.

The two men, both aged 28, were taken to Lismore police station, where one of them was charged with numerous offences relating to commercial drug supply, drug possession and dealing in the proceeds of crime.

The other man was charged in relation to a Queensland Police warrant for armed robbery and deprivation of liberty.

Both men have been refused bail to appear in Li...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

saltLuis Feliu

Tweed shire councillors are set to consider defending an appeal against their refusal of a plan to convert a boathouse on a prominent beachfront site at Kingscliff into a combined dwelling/boathouse with road access and parking.

At tomorrow night’s planning committee meeting, shire planners have recommended defending the appeal lodged by the developer of the Casuarina township nearby, Consolidated Properties, on behalf of the owner of the boathouse at Point Break Circuit in the Salt development, Lindstro Pty Ltd.

Last November, council refused the development application to alter the boathouse to include a dwelling, with the developer saying it was needed mainly for protection against vandalism from parties in an adjoining reserve by having a caretaker living there and keeping an eye on things.

Vehicle access over community land to get to the boathouse, currently a pathway, had also been sought for the caretaker and visitors.

But council planners deemed the plan inappropriate for several reasons, including inconsistency with the tourism objectives of the Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2000, coastal protection and vehicular access over public land.

The application also sought two car-parking spaces, one in a garage.

Council planning chief Vince Connell said in his report that during the public exhibition of the plan last September, 29 submissions were received objecting to it.



Echonetdaily: Byron councillor Wanchap censured over conflict breach "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Shire Cr Rose Wanchap, a real-estate agency owner, would be banned from being a councillor under a Labor plan

Byron Shire Cr Rose Wanchap, a real-estate agency owner, has been censured over a breach of council’s code of conduct.

Hans Lovejoy

A state-government investigation into a complaint against Cr Rose Wanchap was tabled at last week’s Byron Shire Council meeting, resulting in her being censured by her fellow councillors for breaching the Code of Conduct policy.

Held in confidential session in the afternoon, the mayor used his casting vote to support a motion which says she failed to ‘acknowledge and declare a significant non-pecuniary conflict of interests… thereby failing to manage the conflict in accordance with the Code of Conduct.’

The motion also says the matter will ‘be referred to the division for further action under the misconduct provisions of the Act.’

Echonetdaily understands the  ‘division’ is the office of local government, while a first- time ‘censure’ has no ramifications or consequences.

The original complaint, which is said to be 150 pages long, is by David Beattie from the Nungkari Treatment Centre, based in Myocum.

It was taken seriously enough to be reviewed by the Office of Local Government, which reported that Cr Wanchap ‘may have had a non-pecuniary conflict of interest’...


The Witches Kitchen: We’ve started picking the olives "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The last post I did about olives in 2013, we were having to pick them green to beat the birds. Maybe it’s because our trees are a bit more mature and the olive harvest is bigger. Maybe it’s because climate change is bringing the harvest forward a little. Maybe it’s because the rainforest trees are bigger and native figs are in season too.  The last few years though I’ve been able to harvest them fully ripe.  We’ve just started picking this year’s olives but it looks like there will be a good year’s supply for us and enough to give away again this year.

Olives are easy to process.  You just have to allow them time.  I pick them over to remove any damaged ones, then put them in big glass jars and cover with water and drain and change the water every day for a fortnight.  This is the work part. The rest is mostly just waiting.

Make up a strong brine – one-third of a cup of salt to each litre of water – and soak them in that for three months.  The only hard part in that is stopping them floating in the brine, for which you need something heavy that will fit inside the jar to push them down.  I have some little ceramic saucers that do the job nicely.  After three months, I drain off the brine and cover them with olive oil, some jars with some preserved lemon, chili, garlic, or herbs added.  They are good at this stage, but it takes another month or two to get to superb.


Echonetdaily: Pell ‘knew nothing’ about Ridsdale’s rampant sex abuse "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A small protest group gather with placards outside an inquiry into child sex abuse in Sydney, Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Photo AP Photo/Rick Rycroft

A small protest group gather with placards outside an inquiry into child sex abuse in Sydney, Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Photo AP Photo/Rick Rycroft


Cardinal George Pell has arrived at a Rome hotel for his third night of testimony to the child sex abuse commission sitting in Sydney.

Plain-clothes state police officers kept journalists back as the cardinal walked the few steps to the hotel door, refusing to answer questions about the hearing.

He is being questioned about what he knew of pedophile priests operating in Ballarat and Melbourne when he served there in the 1970s and 1980s.

On Tuesday, he told the commission he did not know about repeated complaints against the now-imprisoned pedophile Father Gerald Ridsdale because former Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns did not tell him.

The former senior Australian Catholic, now the third-most powerful man in the Vatican, shocked abuse survivors who are in Rome to watch him give evidence via video link, when he said on Tuesday Ridsdale’s offences were ‘a sad story’...


Echonetdaily: Crusty Labor homophobe quits "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Quitting over same-sex marriage. ALP Western Australian Senator Joe Bullock. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Quitting over same-sex marriage. ALP Western Australian Senator Joe Bullock. AAP Image/Alan Porritt


Labor senator Joe Bullock  has announced his retirement from federal politics because of his refusal to vote along party lines in support of same-sex marriage.

In a remarkable twist of fate, openly gay former WA senator Louise Pratt will nominate for the vacancy left by his departure.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has paid tribute to admits the pair did not agree on a number of issues, but thanked Senator Bullock for his service in parliament and for Australian workers.

He described Senator Bullock as ‘a man of deeply held faith and convictions’ and said he respected his decision to step down.

Openly gay opposition Senate leader Penny Wong echoed her boss, also admitting she and Senator Bullock disagreed on ‘many things’.

But she said he had spent his life fighting for the things Labor believed were worth fighting for, including fair wages and conditions at work.

Senator Bullock, who opposes same-sex marriage, told the Senate on Tuesday his ‘troubles start...


Echonetdaily: Move over for cyclists or face a hefty fine "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Council_Road_Safety_Officer_Alana_152141Motorists have been warned they must give cyclists a wider berth, at least a metre in clearance, when passing them on the road under new state cycling laws which came into effect yesterday (Tuesday).

Cyclists also face harsher penalties for breaking the road rules, including a $319 fine for not wearing a helmet or $425 for running a red light.

But a controversial new rule requiring cyclists to carry photo identification or face a hefty $400-plus fine has been delayed till March next year following a public outcry.

Tweed Shire Council yesterday issued a press release on the new laws, saying they were designed to keep cyclists safe and reduce crashes, reminding locals that three cyclists have been killed and 65 injured on Tweed roads over the past five years.

Council’s road safety officer Alana Brooks said that in 88 per cent of the reported crashes, a motor vehicle was involved.

Ms Brooks said the distance between the car and the bike must be at least one metre at 60kph or less and 1.5 metres at more than 60kph.

‘At times, motorists will find there is not sufficient space to provide this clearance while remaining in their lane. Then, if safe to do so, motorists are allowed to cross the centreline, st...


Echonetdaily: Bamboo’s many benefits include supporting youth "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Saturday’s Byron Youth Service fundraiser at Byron Bay Bamboo in Myocum attracted hundreds who enjoyed displays by artisans, horticulturists and even ‘bio-charists’. Pictured is property owner Kaye Wood with Lance Seadon, who created the boat. Photo Jeff Dawson

Saturday’s Byron Youth Service fundraiser at Byron Bay Bamboo in Myocum attracted hundreds who enjoyed displays by artisans, horticulturists and even ‘bio-charists’. Pictured is property owner Kaye Wood with Lance Seadon, who created the boat. Photo Jeff Dawson

Last Saturday, Myocum business Byron Bamboo held a benefit for Byron Youth Service to show off the diverse benefits of the fast-growing plant.

It was the first time owner Kaye Wood’s property, which boasts hundreds of varieties of bamboos, gingers and heliconias, has held an open day.

From the decorative, to the edible, to serious construction, workshops showed the benefits of growing and working with bamboo in our area.

One popular workshop showed how bamboo offcuts can be used to create biochar for soil fertilisation.

Another bamboo pioneer demonstrated how steaming can be used as a non-toxic way of treating bamboo, which is essential if it’s being used for building.

Bamboo’s unique properties as a construction material were shown off in the shape of th...


Echonetdaily: Secret Service investigates assault on photographer at Trump rally "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The US Secret Service is investigating a confrontation between a Time magazine photographer and a Secret Service agent at a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Virginia that ended with an agent apparently placing his hands around the photographer’s throat and forcing him to the floor.

‘The Secret Service is working with local law enforcement to try to get to the bottom of what exactly happened,’ White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters during a briefing.

‘The leadership of the Secret Service has indicated that they’ll take appropriate steps based on the conclusion of that investigation.’

The rally on Monday was interrupted by protesters, including some from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Video footage of the altercation, which was posted on the internet, shows Time magazine photographer Christopher Morris getting close to the agent, who threw him to the ground and Morris kicking the agent from the floor.

The magazine said Morris was knocked to the ground after stepping out of the press hold to take a picture of protesters.

A Trump campaign spokeswoman acknowledged the incident, but said the campaign was not aware of the details.

In a statement published in Time, Morris said he had covered the White House for nine years without altercations with the Secret Service.

‘The rules at Trump events are significantly stricter than other campaigns and make it very difficult to work as a photographer, as many others have pointed out before me,’ Morris said.

‘I regret my role in the confrontation, but the agent’s respons...


Echonetdaily: Lennox Head set for ‘groundbreaking’ recycled water service "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In what Ballina Shire Council believes is a first for regional NSW, a groundbreaking recycled water service is set to begin at Lennox Head in July.

That’s when almost 80 new houses will begin receiving recycled water for household uses with council supplying both recycled and drinking water to properties through a dual reticulated water system.

A council spokesperson said that while the water had been treated to very high standards and safe to use around the home, it was not suitable for drinking.

Purple pipelines and taps have already been installed at households set to receive recycled water, and they will be contacted by council before the start-up date.

Council’s water manager, Tim Mackney, said Ballina shire was at the forefront of the country’s recycled water technology in regional NSW.

‘We are in the extraordinary position of saying that Ballina Shire Council will soon have the biggest recycled water service in regional NSW’, Mr Mackney said.

‘In the first phase of the program, 77 houses in Lennox Head are set to benefit from the delivery of dual recycled and drinking water services in July.

‘From there, we will roll-out the program to more than 600 new households in Ballina, East Ballina, and Cumbalum. They will have recycled water on tap for uses such as washing clothes, flushing toilets and watering the garden.

‘When this service starts we will be at the forefront of the nation’s recycled water sector.’

Mr Mackney said the shire’s water services were adapting to the growth in demand and the need to ensure a sustainable water supply for future generations.

‘The delivery of recycled water for local household uses is going to really change the way we think about water’, he said.

‘We are not just going to think about using water for household purposes but recycling it to ensure sustainable water supplies for future generations.

‘What this really means is that more water will...


Echonetdaily: Health premiums to rise but less than last year "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Federal health minister Sussan Ley during Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016 Photo AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Federal health minister Sussan Ley during Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016 Photo AAP Image/Mick Tsikas


The federal government has trumpeted ‘millions of Australians are set to have more cash in their pockets this year as health insurance premium hikes hit a four-year low’.

But the ABC has revealed that the increases will still be three times higher than the cost of living index.

Premiums will increase an average of 5.59 per cent from April 1, down from almost 6.2 per cent last year.

It comes after health minister Sussan Ley stepped in, asking health insurers in January to either lower their premium increases or justify the hikes.

Ms Ley said 20 health funds had resubmitted a lower increase, with some cutting back as much as 1.5 per cent, easing costs for more than 93 per cent of Australians with private health cover.

Families and couples with a combined hospital and general treatment policy will on avera...


Echonetdaily: North Korea to boycott UN rights council "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Minister for Foreign Affairs of North Korea Ri Su Yong delivers his statement during the 31st session of the Human Rights Council, Tuesday, March 1, 2016, at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo Laurent Gillieron/Keystone via AP

Minister for Foreign Affairs of North Korea Ri Su Yong delivers his statement during the 31st session of the Human Rights Council, Tuesday, March 1, 2016, at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo Laurent Gillieron/Keystone via AP


North Korea will no longer attend any UN Human Rights Council sessions focused on the communist country and will ignore decisions of the UN body, Foreign Minister Ri Su-yong says.

The Geneva-based body ‘has been turned into a mechanism full of politicisation’ by hostile Western powers, the chief diplomat of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) said at a session of the Human Rights Council on Tuesday.

North Korea possesses a nuclear deterrent and a strong military, and these ‘constitute major reasons that drive those ill-minded forces to be hell-bent on a human rights racket against the DPRK,’ Ri said.

A panel of UN investigators reported in February...


Echonetdaily: Airport strikes planned for Easter "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

PSU national secretary Nadine Flood at Sydney Airport, Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015. Further such strikes are planned for the Easter school holidays. Photo AAP Image/Toby Mann

PSU national secretary Nadine Flood at Sydney Airport, Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015. Further such strikes are planned for the Easter school holidays. Photo AAP Image/Toby Mann


Easter travel plans could be thrown into chaos with Border Force and immigration department staff at international airports across Australia to take strike action on the eve of Good Friday.

The Community and Public Sector Union says thousands of public servants from agencies such as Medicare and Centrelink will also take industrial action in the week of March 21 to protest against pay offers and rights and conditions being stripped away.

The union is considering a three week campaign of rolling airport strikes over the Easter school holidays “if the government continues with their attack on workplace rights”.

It is the third such strike in 12 months, with previous stoppages held in September and November...


Echonetdaily: Bluesfest site approved for extra events "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Bluesfest director Peter Noble, right, with supporters at last week's Byron Shire Council meeting. Photo Jeff Dawson

Bluesfest director Peter Noble, right, with supporters at last week’s Byron Shire Council meeting. Photo Jeff Dawson

Hans Lovejoy

Bluesfest was given approval for additional events and permanent infrastructure at last week’s Byron Shire Council meeting.

But it was met with resistance from neighbours – residents rallied to oppose the plans at morning access while Bluesfest director Peter Noble brought along employees to support his case for expansion.

So what has been approved?

Called a ‘Recreation Facility (major)’, the approval means that a range of event types and sizes are now approved, but must meet conditions.

Small events are described as up to 2,000 people and 100 days per year have been approved. Medium events are up to 15,000 people, and a maximum of ten event days per annum were approved.

Large events are defined as up to 25,000 people, with a maximum ten event days per year approved.

The staff report said, ‘Bluesfest is an example of a ‘large event’, while the Boomerang Festival is an example of a medium event. Potentially a caravan show, wedding, a 15-theatre production would be a small e...


Echonetdaily: Apple, FBI in encryption debate "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The high-stakes legal fight between Apple and the US Justice Department over a locked iPhone is moving from the courts to Congress.

FBI Director James Comey and Apple chief lawyer Bruce Sewell are appearing before the House Judiciary Committee for a hearing on encryption on Tuesday afternoon (Wednesday morning AEDT).

The hearing comes amid two significant and conflicting court rulings in New York and California on whether Apple can be forced to help the FBI gain access to locked phones.

Comey warns in his prepared testimony that technological advancements have been accompanied by “new dangers”.

He says those can prevent law enforcement from collecting critical evidence in criminal and terrorism investigations.

But Sewell says the FBI is asking Apple to weaken the security of its products, which he says could create a dangerous precedent.

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Echonetdaily: Man, police in standoff south of Brisbane "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Police have set up an exclusion zone around a caravan south of Brisbane as a standoff with a man continues.

Police were called to a disturbance at a property in the Logan suburb of Brassall just after midnight and were confronted by the man in the driveway.

He made threats before retreating into the caravan and six hours later, he’s still refusing to come out.

Police say the man is alone and an exclusion zone has been set up as officers try to talk him out.

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Byron Bay Blog: DISCOVERY feat. Norm De Plume at The Sticky Wicket Bar "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

5th March 2016 – Saturday: DISCOVERY (Deep House & Disco Edits)
feat. Norm De Plume (UK) & Dale Stephen (Bay FM) @ The Sticky Wicket Bar, Byron, 9pm-3am, $5/$10 OTD

DISCOVERY, a new monthly party hosted by Norm De Plume (UK) & Dale Stephen (Bay FM). Rotating all night long the pair will explore the music they both love: deep house & disco. From the classic to the obscure, from modern edits to original 12″ vinyl versions, but always containing that special funky-deepness….Byron’s answer to NYC’s Body & Soul!

Norm De Plume from London-based deep house label: Delusions Of Grandeur also releases on and runs his own vinyl-only imprint Plumage.
He’s released on Kolour Ltd (Detroit) and spun at Fabric & Corsica Studios in London. He’s toured to Berlin, Mexico City, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Melbourne & Sydney.

Dale Stephen aka DJ Brevil, founder of Electric Larry Records is an Australian DJ & producer, currently based in the Byron area. Dale works locally, nationally and internationally as a DJ, musician and producer. His style is similar to Sir Norman Jay and Greg Wilson, both of whom he’s supported on a number of occasions. He also co-hosts the Solar Love Machine show on BayFM.

Listen at and

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Echonetdaily: Bin pickup service should be user pays "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Byron Shire Echo last month had a great article regarding council green bins and their success in relieving pressure on landfill. Which is great news indeed. The article also reports that mayor Simon Richardson says that ‘we can do better’.

Which prompts me to suggest how. A few days after receiving my green bin, I called council and told them I didn’t need it and wanted to give it back.

Solo came and reclaimed the bin. I find, however, that I am still to be charged weekly for my pickup, even though there will be no pickup.

I also know that even though I only put both my yellow bin and my red bin out once every two months, I get charged as though I put them out every time.

If one puts the bin out every week even when it’s not full, sustainably speaking there’s more wear and tear on the bins and more wear and tear on the truck.

Surely a ‘user pays’ system would help reduce the number of pickups.    Most people need incentive to cut down.

I know it would take some doing, but wouldn’t it be worth the effort and fairer to those who conscientiously work to keep their footprint small?

I first started writing to council about this, I think in 2008,  but to date no changes have been effected. What do others think?

Bronwyn Sindel, Mullumbimby

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Focus On Fauna: Creek life "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

There was perhaps some degree of scepticism after the Strath Creek Landcare Group’s recent Platypus Group Watch on King Parrot Creek when one of the organisers was the sole person to spot a platypus, but had no photo to confirm it. Ron at least had the presence of mind to get a picture of the […]


Echonetdaily: Culture Roundup: Wednesday 2 March, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


The Spirit Awakens

Now in its fifth incarnation, the Byron Spirit Festival embraces yoga, music, dance, tantra, healing, indigenous insight, along with guided meditations, sound baths, gourmet organic food, and unforgettable celebrations so all can commune and awaken in the most connective means available. This year’s exceptional lineup includes Lulucruza from Colombia and Argentina, Elijah Ray (USA), the inimitable Srikalogy (USA), the Kirtaniyas (USA), the return of world songstress Peia (USA), Vijay Krsna, Wild Marmalade and more. The yoga stream features new and returning master teachers such as Louisa Sear, Dena Kingsberg, Daniel Aaron (Bali), Beth Borowsky, Clive Sheridan, Delamay Devi et al. The program also includes Conscious Dance, Tigress Yoga, Somatic Sex Education and other cutting-edge practices that make up our popular Tantra stream featuring experts from Australia and beyond. The Healing Arts will see leaders in their fields such as Ly de Angeles initiate participants into ancient and modern modalities that heal body, mind and spirit. 15–17 April in Mullumbimby.

Tickets are selling swiftly, and are available online now. 

International Women’s Day

Women are invited to celebrate International Women’s day at Luscious, an event that features...


North Coast Voices: Australian Federal Election 2016: another opinion poll puts Labor & Coalition neck-and-neck on two party preferred vote distribution "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

As national polling of voter intentions begins to tighten, the Turnbull Government options are also narrowing.

The term of this House of Representatives expires on 11 November 2016 and, writs for a normal half-Senate election cannot be issued before 1 July 2016. 

Thus the first available date for a general election would be on or about 6 August 2016 - which would see Parliament dissolved and the Abbott-Turnbull Government in caretaker mode from as early as 21 June, approximately five weeks after delivering its third set of budget papers. 

Leaving Prime Minister Turnbull and Treasurer Morrison very little time to tweak any unpopular measures or errors found in their 2016-17 budget before Coalition MPs went on the campaign trail in their respective electorates.


North Coast Voices: Think you're paying too much for your domestic gas supply in Australia? You're right! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Who is too blame for the situation set out below?

It is not just the rapacious gas industry we should be  pointing a finger at – it’s also the pro-mining Abbott & Turnbull federal governments and successive state governments which have failed to rein in these environmental and social vandals.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 8 February 2016:

After all the heartache, trenchant opposition from local communities and a towering $1.8 billion in write-downs, AGL has jettisoned its coal seam gas program. Santos will likely to follow suit and walk away from its controversial Pilliga project.

It makes no sense after all. Like Gloucester, Pilliga gas is high-cost to produce and environmentally high-risk to extract.

Unsurprisingly, the exit of AGL has lent fresh oxygen to t...


North Coast Voices: The Member for Fairfax voices our worst fear......... "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In the House of Representatives last week Queensland MP Clive Palmer voiced the fear of many – that Malcolm Bligh Turnbull will win this Coalition Government a second term, then swiftly be deposed and replaced as prime minister for the following three years by former prime minister John Anthony “Tony” Abbott:

Mr PALMER (Fairfax) (14:21): My question is to the Prime Minister. As Australia's third-oldest Prime Minister, if you are still Prime Minister after the election, will you serve a full term in parliament or will you retire to your unit in New York and do a switcheroo with the member for Warringah, sustaining yourself with innovation and growth opportunities your investments have provided for the people of the Cayman Islands? It has never been a more exciting time to be a Cayman Islander! Are you a seat warmer? [Hansard, 25 February 2016]

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Tuesday, 01 March


onlymelbourne: Melbourne Newsletter No.478 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

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Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: It’s National Pig Day somewhere "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

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With heavy thighs atop dainty trotters, satisfyingly curly tails and love heart snouts, pigs are trotting their merry way into the affections of people the world over. Here at Edgar’s Mission, we’ll take any excuse to celebrate pigs, so we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on our resident porcine princes and princesses on (America’s) National Pig Day.

Pigs are considered one of the smartest species to roam the earth, but we’re just scratching the surface on understanding their worlds and capabilities. If you’ve never had the pleasure of spending time with one or more of these affable creatures, you won’t be privy to their remarkable intelligence, persistence and playfulness.

Candice Croney, animal behavior bioethicist from Oregon State University, realised that “pigs are able to make comparisons and grasp the relationship between those objects based on color, odor, or location.”[1] This means pigs are able to work through an abstract problem to find a solution, for example if there are 9 yellow balls and 1 pink ball, they’re able to pick out which object is the odd one out without being given any direction.

Every day we see the intelligence of pigs shine first hand. In Piggy Paradise we had a self-service shower installed so the pigs can have a rinse off after a long day of foraging and wallowing. They are incredibly clean after all, even piglets shortly after birth will leave the nest to do their “business” – and we don’t mean wheeling and dealing.

They also have an irresistible desire to play, piglets learn to be more confident and outgoing, while older pigs can become bored and depressed without access to a comfortable space to frolic and play in.[2] Their childlike playfulness keeps them youn...


Westender – West End 4101: Local lawyer comments on Kylie vs Kylie "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Australian pop princess, Kylie Minogue, has accused Kylie Jenner of being a “secondary reality television personality”. The dispute between the two Kylies erupted when Kylie Jenner tried to register a slew of trade marks including the word “Kylie”.   Queensland patent attorney Cathryn Warburton, winner of 2015 Stevie Award for Women In Business awarded in New […]

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Refugee Action Coalition: Protests over points and food as tensions rise on Manus Island as court challenge looms "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Around 9.00am this morning (Tuesday, 1 March), people found to be refugees staged a protest at the canteen in Oscar Compound.

The protest stopped the opening of the canteen, and local staff were withdrawn to the gates of Oscar Compound, as staff faced a crowd of refugees fed-up with being denied “privileges” like excursions or access to the canteen as a way of trying to force them to leave the detention centre and live outside in the so-called transit accommodation in East Lorengau.

Refugees, or “double positives”, as they are known in the detention centre are tired of the injustice.

Asylum seekers and those who have been rejected obtain 50 points each week – 25 from involvement in certain activities and 25 from the Immigration Department.

Points can be used at the canteen, run by Broadspectrum, to obtain such things as phone cards, shampoo and cigarettes. Fifty points gets you six packets of cigarettes.

Those who are found to be refugees get no points.

Refugees are given the choice – accept the unfair treatment or agree to leave the centre. There are only around 50 refugees who have been willing to leave the detention centre and live at the transit accommodation at East Lorengau.

Tensions are rising as the injustice has continued as the months drag on. Conditions at the East Lorengau detention centre are also deteriorating as refugees there are subject to a curfew and have recently been told they now have to pay for their own prescriptions.

A major standoff erupted later, at lunchtime in Delta Compound over the food. More than half the 200 detainees in Delta Compound have been found to be refugees. There have been increasing complaints over the food over the last weeks as food presented is out of date and is the same day after day.

More than 30 security guards are now in Delta Compound after a confrontation between detainees and the detention manager who told the detainees to put their complai...


ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Stanhope Forbes: from Newlyn (in Cornwall) to Geelong (in Australia) "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

I have lectured on Edwardian art history in the past and knew the artists very well. Before the start of this new academic year, I went to have a look at the Edwardians again and focused on my old paintings. Two weeks later, out of the blue, the Weekend Australian promoted Stanhope Forbes’ The Pier Head (1910), now on display at the Geelong Gallery in Victoria. Small world!

Who was Dublin-born Stanhope Alexander Forbes (1857–1947) and why did his painting end up in a regional gallery in Australia? The family moved to London where young Stanhope studied at the Dulwich College and then Lambeth School of Art. Finally he became a student at the Royal Academy School in 1876 where his mentors were Leighton and Alma-Tadema. Forbes was one, very fortunate lad!

After spending a few years in France, Forbes returned to London and showed works he made in Brittany at the 1883 Royal Academy and Royal Hibernian Academy shows. My interest in Forbes was piqued in 1884 when he moved to Cornwall, part of the growing colony of artists in beaut­iful, sunny Newlyn, a fishing village. But I must admit that at least one influence from France remained – Cornwall had the same quality of light he had enjoyed so much in France.

Timing was also important. Newlyn’s Old Harbour was extended between 1884-94 with the construction of two piers enclosing forty acres of water. South Pier was created in 1887 and North Pier one year later. The local council believed the harbour was, from then on, one of the safest harbours built in SW Britain, one which could be accessed at any tide.



Feeling frustrated by a lack of focus on wellbeing and compassionate communication in the current political arena, North Fitzroy local Ben Irvine decided to take matters into his own hands and initiate the type of political party that he and his friends would feel happy to vote for.



Northey Street City Farm: February E-News "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

To find out about what’s happening at the farm, check out our monthly e-news by clicking here

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Northey Street City Farm "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The segdo logo copycond annual Green Day Out (formally Recycle Expo) returns just around the corner from Northey Street City Farm on Sunday 10th April.
Green Day Out promotes sustainable products, education & services, and offers eco-friendly workshops & presentations through out the day. A large array of sustainable exhibitor stalls showcasing products, services & education can also be enjoyed alongside live music and delicious healthy food & drinks.
Connect with a community of like-minded eco conscious people at this fun & inspiring day.
Green Day Out is held at the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre, 86 Green Tce, Windsor (just around the corner from the Northey Street Organic Farers Markets) on Sunday 10th April, 9am – 4pm.
Entry is only $5 adults and free for kids 12 & under (entry price includes workshops)
If you are involved in a sustainable business, exhibitor stalls start at only $95.
Visit or ph Jonathan Murphy on 0404 0505 01 for further details.


Sustainable Living Armidale: March Forum: Clark’s Gully mining development application "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Thursday, 3 Mar; 7:00 pm; ] Arthur Bain is a founding member of ‘Save our Macleay River’ (SOMR) group and will join us via Skype to speak about how SOMR started and impacts of Hillgrove antimony/gold mining downstream. Tim Collins is our second speaker to talk about potential impacts of the Clark’s Gully development application on the threatened Eucalyptus magnificata (Northern blue [...] full article »


Sustainable Living Armidale: Working Bee to plant Eucalyptus, Tea Trees and Snow Grass near Niagara Street bridge "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

[ Sunday, 13 Mar; 8:30 am; ] Small Community Grants Funding has been approved and Bruce Whan and Gordon Bell have been busy preparing further sites for planting. Our volunteers planted 440 trees, shrubs and grasses at our February working bee. The working bee will involve planting of Eucalypts, Tea Trees and Snow Grass. This will be promoted as a Community Day so [...] full article »


Far North Coaster Magazine: Drivers must give at least one metre clearance to bike riders from today "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Three cyclists have been killed and 65 injured on Tweed roads over the past five years. In 88 per cent of the reported crashes, a motor vehicle has been involved.

These and other shocking statistics have prompted a change in the NSW road rules from today (Tuesday 1 March), dictating that motorists must give cyclists a wider berth when passing them on the roadway. The distance between the car and the bike must be at least:

  • 1 metre at 60km per hour or less
  • 1.5 metres at more than 60km per hour

At times, motorists will find there is not sufficient space to provide this clearance while remaining in their lane. Then, if safe to do so, motorists are allowed to:

  • cross the centreline
  • straddle the lane line, and /or
  • drive on a painted island

If a motorist cannot provide the required clearance and it is not safe to move out of the traffic lane, they must slow down and sit well behind the rider until it is safe to pass providing the required clearance.

“These new road rules are designed to keep cyclists safe and reduce crashes,” Council Road Safety Officer Alana Brooks said.

“If you can’t pass a cyclist safely, be patient and wait until you can leave a safe clearance.”

Of the reported crashes in the Tweed involving cyclists, 20 per cent involved a vehicle hitting a cyclist travelling in the same direction, 17 per cent occurred at an intersection and 11 per cent occurred when a vehicle was exiting a driveway.

“While we could put a ‘watch for cyclists’ sign at high-risk locations, the reality is cyclists should be expected on all our roads, at intersections, around bends and on pathways and drivers should be on the lookout for them.”

With cyclists in mind:

  • check your blind spots before changing lanes
  • don’t open your door without first looking behind, and...


Far North Coaster Magazine: Additional audit to inspect adventure playground trees at Knox Park "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

An additional inspection of trees at Murwillumbah’s Knox Park adventure playground will be undertaken by Council this week, after a tree fell at the site last weekend.

“Council’s arborist conducts regular audits of the site, including fortnightly inspections, because of the close proximity of trees to play equipment,” Council’s Manager Recreation Services, Stewart Brawley, said.

“However, an additional detailed audit will be done this week because there was some evidence of previous termite damage which could have contributed to decay in the fallen tree.”

The playground’s location amid many large established trees, planted as part of a Peace Walk in Knox Park, is a key feature of the playground’s design and this shady and natural setting has been one of the most popular features among members of the public.

“It was integral to providing essential shade but also to create an inviting and sensory-rich location for the adventure playground,” Mr Brawley said.

“Council was also conscious of safety at the site and its arborist inspected all the trees retained as part of the playground development.

“Our arborist undertakes a fortnightly inspection, checking for any decline in the trees, die back of branches and any works that need to be carried out.”

He said the termite damage and subsequent decay would not have been evident from a visual inspection and could have only been confirmed by a sonic tomograph test, which uses sound waves to determine a tree’s internal structural integrity.

“If this week’s audit finds any evidence that requires further examination, a consultant could be engaged to complete sonic tomograph testing,” he said.

Council received reports on Saturday that the tree had fallen, with no reports of anyone injured during the incident.

Council Parks and Gardens staff responded qui...


The Star: University dreams become reality "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

FISH Creek resident Adeline Collins’ academic dreams will become a reality, thanks to one of Australia’s leading scholarship programs.
The Toora and Foster Community Bank Scholarship is awarded to first time tertiary students whose financial circumstances might mean a university degree is out of their reach.
Ms Collins said she was thrilled to be able to start university with the financial security a scholarship provided.
“I can’t wait to get started and work towards my goal of Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science at Monash,” she said.
Robert Liley, chairman of the Toora and Foster branch of Bendigo Community Bank, said he was thrilled to offer Adeline the chance to further her education.
He was also pleased to announce Fiona Saliakos has qualified for her second year of funding too. Fiona is studying Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Deakin University and doing really well.
“The board was happy to be able to help both Adeline and Fiona with their tertiary education. It is pleasing to think our community bank can help young people reach their goals in education and perhaps even one day come back into our community and help make a difference,” Mr Liley said.
“This is another way our community bank company commits to building stronger communities.
“Adeline and Fiona are very deserving recipients of our scholarships and the board wishes them well on their journey to reach their career goals.”
The Toora and Foster Community Bank Scholarship is part of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Scholarship Program, with more than 40 community bank branches and other partners taking part from across Australia.


The Star: Young ambassadors’ big business brekkie "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LEONGATHA Secondary College’s Beacon Ambassadors pulled out all the stops to host a networking breakfast with local business owners on Friday.
The four Year 10 students took the opportunity to speak with local entrepreneurs over toast and cereal at the campus as their first major project for the year.
“To become Beacon Ambassadors we attended an interview and spoke with coordinators about what the role entails. They then selected the students they thought would be best for the job,” Beacon Ambassador Evie Dekker said.
“This is probably our biggest event of the year. We went around town and invited business owners to join us for breakfast and talk about their experiences.”
Ambassador Hannah Box said, “It has been a very successful morning. We had more businesses come than we expected and it has been a good opportunity to speak with them.”
Jenny Goss and Kate Lafferty are coordinating the program which is now in its fifth year at Leongatha.
“We have four ambassadors this year who are doing Leongatha Secondary College very proud,” Ms Lafferty said.
Evie Decker, Hannah Box, Mark Beattie and Ruby Martin were chosen to represent the school and will also be responsible for organising the Polish Program and mock job interviews later in the school year.
“It was pretty nerve wracking going up to business people and striking up a conversation but it is more comfortable now,” Ruby said.
Mark agreed the program has helped him attain new social and networking skills.
“I have had the opportunity to speak to business people who are in the line of work I would like to go into. It has been great getting firsthand information from them,” he said.


South Gippsland Sentinel-Times: Island takes Division 1 flag "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Inverloch’s Mick Bowman sends one down during the opening moments of the South Gippsland District Bowls Association grand finals last Saturday. M160916

Inverloch’s Mick Bowman sends one down during the opening moments of the South Gippsland District Bowls Association grand finals last Saturday. M160916

PERFECT conditions at Leongatha brought out the best competition in bowlers at the South Gippsland Bowls Division Saturday Pennant grand final on Saturday.
Phillip Island Blue defeated Inverloch in Division 1 in a thrilling game, 78 to 61.
Inverloch started better, settling nerves quicker, but Phillip Island was not disturbed, working to peg back the lead.
Phillip Island went into the tea break just one shot up.
After the break Phillip Island continued on its way, taking a 17 shot win: Phillip Island’s David Hanlon with Peter Forrest, Paul Brown and Arthur Denny won 33 to 15; Daryl Major with Bill Francis, John Batty and Graeme Cornell won 25 to 17; John Newcombe with Russell May, Russell Taylor and Kevin Wagner lost 20 to 29.
The Division 2 match went down to the wire, Inverloch pulling away for the win, in front of an army of Inverloch supporters 12/68 to 4/65.
The final result was in the balance until the last end on each rink – Inverloch winning by three shots.
In Division 3 Wonthaggi started off slowly against Foster.
However, Wonthaggi’s steady start saw Wonthaggi Blue eke out a win.
In Division 4, Inverloch White took the win over Inverloch Blue by a healthy margin: 16/98 to 0/49. Inverloch White will return to Division 3 following the loss.
Phillip Island’...


The Star: Dry cleaners folds "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LEONGATHA’S Best Dry Cleaners officially closed its doors last Wednesday after a confusing couple of weeks.
The Peart Street business has long served the town of Leongatha which will now rely on dry cleaners from other towns to send for dry cleaning.
While the shop was set to shut last week, clients found the facility locked up and vacant when they went to retrieve their garments in the weeks prior.
Wonthaggi’s John Betts said he had curtains at Best Dry Cleaners which were supposed to be ready for pickup on Tuesday, February 16, however when he attended the business the doors were shut.
“I tried to contact the operators and I did not get a response,” Mr Betts said.
“There were a number of people outside who wanted to get their things. It worries me that people have got our goods. They should have told us they could not do it in the first place.”
Mr Betts was later contacted on Tuesday, February 23 with a last minute opportunity to collect his goods before the business closed its doors for good.
“I was very relieved. I was concerned that I may not have had my things returned to me,” he said.
Inverloch resident Liz Blain was also concerned about her garments when she attended the shop earlier on Monday, February 15.
“I rang both of the business’ phone numbers and they were disconnected. I later attended the business and found there were people inside,” she said.
“When I asked them about the disconnected phones and lack of communication, they acted like they knew nothing about it.”
Business owner Narelle Stephenson said she did all she could to get in touch with clients before the store’s closure.
“I have now rung all customers twice over the last couple of weeks and left messages. However we do still have some things that need to be picked up,” Ms Stephenson said yesterday (Monday).
The Star received a report of one customer who went to collect pants that were not ready for a funeral on...


The Star: Our farmers are first class "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

TWO South Gippsland farming families are among the best farmers in Victoria, after being named finalists in The 2015 Farmer of the Year competition run by The Weekly Times.
Toby, Lyn and Nick Leppin and his partner Sarah of Bena were finalists in the dairy farmer of the year category, while Phil, Brad and Irene Gale of Waratah Bay were finalists in the beef farmer of the year section.
The Gales run a self replacing herd of 600 breeders, and also trade 300 to 400 head of cattle a year.
In May 2015, the Gales won the JBS Producer of the Year. They aim to produce cattle that suit the JBS Swift Great Southern Farm Assurance brand.
“To ensure this happens, we need to supply adequate nutrition throughout all stages of the animal’s life, regardless of the seasonal conditions,” Irene said.
“We also use low stress animal handling techniques which maximises carcass performance.”
Irene said the family appreciated farmers being recognised for their achievements.
“It is always great to see the hard work of anyone pay off,” she said.
The Leppins pay attention to measurements – soil nutrients, pasture consumption, milk production and cost of production – to get the most from their land.
“You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it and that’s just not peculiar to farming,” Toby said.
The family runs Aussie Reds due to their lower incidence of mastitis and better fertility.
The Leppins choose to artificially inseminate cows to improve calving rates to avoid bringing new stock on to the property.
The winners will be announced in tomorrow’s Weekly Times.


The Star: Bigger farms pay dividends "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

DAIRY farms around South Gippsland are becoming larger as many of the region’s smaller farms are consolidated into single enterprises.
“For quite a while now there has been a trend of consolidation of smaller farms into much larger enterprises,” Burra Foods milk supply officer Reno Tomaino said.
He said consolidation has varying impacts on the industry, depending on a number of factors.
“For example, dairy farms with less than 130 cows are becoming less viable due to continually increasing overhead costs,” he said.
“Consolidation becomes a viable option as it generally means lower production costs.”
Mr Tomaino said consolidation of farms with more than 250 cows can have the opposite impact on production costs.
“But it can mean there are increased employment opportunities, as larger farms tend to have higher labour units per cows milked,” he said.
Large scale dairy farmer Les Bland from Welshpool said he started with 100 acres and has since grown the business.
Formerly known as Bland Dairies, the family business now milks 3000 cows, produces 26 million litres of milk and employs around 20 staff across four farms in the Foster area.
Mr Bland said he was lucky to get his start, however even with 100 acres, he was twice refused finance.
“It was just persistence that finally enabled us to take the next step,” he said.
Since then, Mr Bland and the rest of his family have worked together to build and enhance the business.
“The final step was for the four children to step up into the management of the properties. We have four normal farms now,” he said.
Mr Bland said without big farms getting bigger, a lot of farms would be unable to produce sufficient quantities of milk to remain viable.
He said he does not think large scale operations are inhibitive for the industry, rather a way to move the industry forward.
“What is detrimental to the industry is the incapacity of the system to...


The Star: Rebate calls for ROPS "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

THE Victorian Farmers Federation is calling on the State Government to support a rebate on fitting roll-over protection devices (ROPS) to quad bikes.
“If WorkSafe is going to move towards ‘effectively’ mandating ROPS on quad bikes, then we need a rebate on the $700 cost, especially when we’ve got many farmers running several quad bikes,” VFF president Peter Tuohey said.
The VFF’s call for a rebate follows Worksafe Victoria’s announcement it deemed ROPS devices “an appropriate means of reducing risks when quad bikes are used in the workplace”.
WorkSafe has told the VFF it’s developing a risk assessment tool farmers, as employers, will need to use in determining if a ROPS needs to be fitted to a quad bike or other action needs to be taken.
“If there’s a risk of rollover, then Worksafe is saying farmers will need to reduce the risk by choosing a safer vehicle or fitting a ROPS,” Mr Tuohey said.
“It’s basically coming down to if you think the quad can roll over then you’ll have to fit a ROPS or buy another vehicle, like a two-seater.”
Mr Tuohey said WorkSafe would not be rolling out the new assessment tool overnight or racing out to prosecute people.
“We’ll be negotiating with WorkSafe on how they develop this new assessment tool, what they deem to be an ‘appropriate’ ROPS and encouraging the State Government to provide a rebate for farmers to fit ROPS,” he said.
The VFF’s current policy is to support the voluntary fitting of ROPS on quad bikes.
“However if the government and WorkSafe want to ‘effectively’ mandate ROPS then it needs to work with the VFF and others on developing a rebate to cover the $700 cost of fitting these devices,” Mr Tuohey said.
Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford said the safety of employees must always come first.
“For farmers, their employees are often their loved ones, so safety must always be the number one priority,” she said.
From 2001 to 2015 there have been 42 f...


The Star: A class above the rest "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

BEN Perry might be only a 16 year old but he is well established as an A Grade cricketer in the Leongatha and District Cricket Association playing for Koonwarra Leongatha RSL.
He was the club’s youngest ever debutante to play in its A Grade Division Two side at 14 years of age and if Koonwarra Leongatha RSL make it through to the season grand final, at 16 years of age Perry will have played 50 A Grade matches.
It is believed at the club the milestone is a district record.
President of Koonwarra Leongatha RSL Nigel Grimes said, “Ben lives, breathes and eats cricket.
“He’ll play all day in the sun and at the end of the match when the rest of us retire to the shade, he’s in the nets with his mates.”
In Year 10 at the Leongatha Secondary College Ben says any subject involving sport is likely to be his strongest but he also has an interest in mathematics.
He has not made up his mind what field he wants to move into at the end of his secondary schooling but says he is interested in being a ground curator and is enrolled in a horticulture subject at school this year.
Like most children, especially boys growing up in Australia, cricket is introduced by way of the television and for Ben it was no different; his cricket was inspired by watching it played on television.
As a young boy his favourite cricketer was Ricky Ponting, even his first bat was a Ricky Ponting.
Having a hero like Ricky Ponting is a good start for a young and aspiring cricketer.
Nerrena Under 12s used to train at the Leongatha Primary School before its relocation and so began his association with his first cricket club.
“You wouldn’t have picked me out from the crowd; I was just another person playing cricket.”
He must have stood out from the crowd to some degree because he played for the Under 14s LDCA representative side in Country Week.
He made 180 runs that week which made him the second highest run maker at the tournament...


The Star: Good cattle make the difference "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

THE Powlett River Downs Campdraft is a ‘must attend’ on a serious campdrafter’s calendar.
President of the Campdraft Association Gippsland and judge Allan Mitchell said it is one of 13 drafts on the GCA calendar and is renowned for the beautiful venue and the quality of the cattle.
Campdrafting always supports worthy causes in raising money for local charities.
Last year funds raised were used to purchase a palliative care bed for the Bass Coast.
Kieran Gilliland from Won Wron said the cattle at Powlett Creek Downs are always fantastic and this year was no different.
He said, “The cattle are trackable and honest and it is only rider error if you can’t get around the course with cattle like these.
“It also makes such a difference to the way things flow when you have quality cattle,” he said.
Cattle were supplied by the Jelbart family 600, the McLeod sisters 120, Mark Garnham 100 and from the owner of Powlett River Downs, Allan Mitchell.
Catering was provided by the Dalyston Football Netball Club.

13:57 Woolworths survey is a scam – do not reply "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Customer Satisfaction Survey! Win 50$,


You have been selected by Woolworths Online Department to take part in our quick and easy reward survey. In return we will credit $50 to your account – Just for your time!
To access the form : Click here and Complete the form

Helping us better understand how our members feel, benefits everyone.

With the information collected we can decide to direct a number of changes to

improve and expand our services.

The information you provide us is allnon-sensitive and anonymous.

No part of it is handed down to any thirdparty groups.

It will be stored in our secure database for maximum of 3 days

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No virus found in this message.
Checked by AVG –
Version: 2016.0.7442 / Virus Database: 4537/11722 – Release Date: 02/29/16


The Star: Superclinic turnout disappoints "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

A TURNOUT of 10 boys and girls following a three week promotion of its Friday evening Superclinic was a heartbreaking outcome for the MDU Football Netball Club.
Flyers were displayed in supermarkets and sent out to schools, there was a radio interview and newspaper coverage of the event and it all comes at considerable cost.
In the end perhaps that cost is to club morale and the shockwaves extend out to other clubs in the region where the same struggle to attract players to the grass roots, their junior teams, is being faced.
It is a significant issue for the community as the junior teams are the future of the clubs.
If clubs aren’t supported in their endeavours to attract boys and girls to play football and netball then their future looks uncertain.
Few would argue that local football and netball clubs aren’t close to the heart and soul of their respective communities; places where people come together and feel their identity in a strong and tangible way.
MDU Football Netball Club is a magnificent organisation, second to none.
President Andrew Mackie said, “The club has done its best” in response to the disappointing turnout to the drive to attract Under 10, 12 and 14 players.
Andy Horvath the club secretary pointed the finger at nearby Leongatha’s fielding of two teams at each junior level.
“We’re blindsided,” Mr Horvath said.
Leongatha plays in the premier Gippsland League which makes it a more attractive club to play football for; the stakes are higher and recruiting is easier.
Chelsea Capel AFL Gippsland football development manager was at the Superclinic; AFL Gippsland had provided equipment, to support the activities.
She said, “AFL Gippsland can’t put restrictions on clubs fielding more than one side.
“Our role is promoting junior football. Hopefully the children who are here tonight will talk to their friends and that will help to bring more in.
“MDU is a proactive club a...


The Star: Timmins takes silver in nationals "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LEONGATHA Cycling Club’s Austin Timmins’ was the silver medalist in the M17 team pursuit at the National Titles on the weekend.
Timmins participated at the titles held in Tasmania in the Victorian Junior team.
The club has had several Juniors come along to training on Wednesday night over the past few weeks and Friday night saw Caleb Murphy line up for his first race night; a big learning curve for him.
This Friday the club will run the Senior track titles and earlier at 3pm is expecting some members to be on hand for the Koonwarra section of The Great Southern Koonwarra Rail Trail opening.
As usual members have been busy racing at other venues: Harrison McLean grabbed a win at the Sunday morning criteriums at Warragul and Bernadette Fitzgerald was part of the Gippsland Girls team racing in the State cycling road series in East Gippsland.
Thomas McFarlane is putting in some impressive training behind the motor pacer on Wednesday night training in preparation for his ride in the Bendigo Maddison over the March long weekend and many of the road riders are getting ready for a road season start in mid April.
The great weather is also seeing a number of girls/women getting out on the bike with the club moving to try and get a regular girls riding group out and about.
Friday night saw a good roll up of Junior track riders and helped the club run the club track titles for this group.
First racing for the night last week was the one lap time trial.
In the Senior field the best time went to Steve Allen 32.18 followed by Rob Waddell 35.90 and Graham Hans at 36.00.
In the Juniors Oliver McLean was feeling the pressure from Thomas Fitzgerald from the previous week and responded well with a new personal best and quickest time of 34.93 even with a poor start.
Next was Thomas at 37.08, down on his best due to some dental work the previous day.
Kaleb Jans was in third place at 39.00.
The Senior scratch...


Zedlines: Eastern Quoll rediscovered on mainland - And more 11am Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

There is hope the eastern quoll, thought to have disappeared from the Australian mainland more than 50 years ago, might still be surviving in New South Wales, after a specimen was recently discovered in Gloucester. (image source: ABC News)

In local news…

Election signs are causing controversy

More election signs are popping up multiple times on the side of the road, billboards and vehicles than has occurred in previous years.

According to Logan City’s deputy mayor Russell Lutton, people probably wouldn’t know there was an election if it weren’t for the signs. One councillor pointed out, if a business put up as many signs as some candidates have done they would be fined.


Zedlines: Students instigate an online reporting system for cyber bullying - And more 10am Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

AN anonymous online reporting system will make it easier for students at a Brisbane private school to speak up about their concerns in regards to Cyberbullying. (Images source: creative commons)

In local news…

Students instigate an online reporting system for cyber bullying

An anonymous online reporting system will make it easier for students at a Brisbane private school to speak up about their concerns in regards to Cyberbullying.

Moreton Bay College sports captain Amelia Brown said the Big Sister system had three bright pink faces representing levels of concern measured as unsure, worried and deeply concerned.


Westender – West End 4101: ALP acts on medicinal cannabis "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

More Queensland patients will have access to medicinal cannabis under new legislation proposed by Palaszczuk Government. The government today released for public consultation the Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2016, which creates a formal process for doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis for their patient’s treatment. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Bill was a key step […]

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political geometry: Divine Hopoate Tactics "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Would George Pell query his God ?

Maybe in retrospect, but God doesn't like gossip and he appointed me, so shut up and read the documents he provided.

Hypothetically speaking of course, if I in the 70s had seen a priest offering pastoral guidance to a 14 year old in his bed I would have applauded his vocation for children, you know there was a desperate shortage of men with a calling for the priesthood... Of course I see things differently nowadays

Does Pope Frank agree, Who knows?


Ballarat Animal Advocates Association: Duck Season "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

duck billboard1


The "Coalition Against Duck Shooting" has erected this billboard just down the road from the Ballarat electorate office of Jaala Pulford.  The billboard is opposite Sovereign Hill, on Main Road.

With the  slaughter of our native waterbirds about to commence with the opening of "duck season" on March 19th, it is a stark reminder that cruel "sports" continue, and that although an activity may be legal, and endorsed by our political leaders, the activity causes immense suffering and devastation to another species, and is both morally and ethically wrong.  



2RRR: Bad Boy’s Theme Train "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Wednesday 11pm-midnight

This week the Bad Boys Theme Train presents songs about looking back on fond memories

It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our future

All aboard!!


Bulga Milbrodale Progress Association: BULGA to appeal Warkworth decision "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Bulga Community will appeal the PAC decision which approved the Warkworth Open Cut Mine

After six years battling to save the township of Bulga and the unique endangered ecology that surrounds it, the residents of Bulga and Milbrodale through their local progress association have decided to challenge the recent PAC decision which approved the expansion of the Warkworth Open Cut Mine.
We believe the PAC in arriving at its decision to approve the Warkworth Continuation Project has fallen into legal error. The laws that are designed to protect the environment have not been properly applied or have been misinterpreted by the PAC and so we are applying to the Courts to correctly apply the law and overturn this PAC decision on Warkworth.

Further details are provided in Bulga Bugle No. 3


The Community must act to save the Village and the environment

The Bulga community must act to ensure that the Warkworth Mine and the Minister are held ac-countable to the laws that protect the environment. We are particularly concerned about the way in which the Department and decision makers are applying current policies in-tended to protect the environment and communities from open cut mining. The community cannot allow to go unchallenged a decision which was not made in accordance with the law, and will destroy their village and destroy a world unique ecological community.


Rio Tinto’s Warkworth coal mine faces fresh legal challenge



MLUG - Melbourne Linux Users Group: start "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Address PlaceThe Dan O’Connell HotelAddress 225 Canning St, Carlton. Victoria. 3053 Pre-meeting 6pm front bar Time for Meeting 7:30pm in the function room out back ground level Parking Kay St has 4hr and finishes 6:30pmWebsite Phone (03) 9347 1502Email NEXT MEETINGS


Zedlines: Mermaids have been locked out of public pools - And more 9am Zedlines.... "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Mermaid tails are no longer permitted at Moreton Bay Reginal public swimming facilities, due to the potential risk of drowning, particularly in younger swimmers. (Image Source: Creative Commons)

In local news…

Baby crocodile eggs hatch at Billabong Sanctuary

Dozens of baby saltwater crocodile eggs have hatched at Townsville’s Billabong Sanctuary after 85 days of incubating since being removed from their mother Bonza’s nest.

While some of the baby crocs managed to exit the eggs by themselves, others needed the help of the rangers, who cracked the shell for them which is similar to what crocodile mothers in the wild do.


Wild BNE: Wild BNE's first meet-up! "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

King Island Conservation Park, Wellington Point.

Eastern curlew (Numenius madagascariensis) and
grey-tailed tattler (Tringa brevipes), Wellington Point.
Last year, one of my favourite places to visit was King Island Conservation Park, off the coast of Wellington Point. It is linked to the mainland at low tide by a sandbar which provides good views of migratory birds, crabs and marine life. The island itself is home to interesting coastal plants, insects and a mysterious...


Zedlines: Inner city large capacity venue shouldn't impact on BEC - And more 8am Zedlines... "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Operators of the Brisbane Entertainment Centre say the venue will still have a future if the proposal for a new 15,000 capacity inner-city venue is signed off by the state government. (Image Source: Creative Commons)


Wilderness Society reports land clearing could jeopardise climate change targets

Land clearing in Queensland could undermine the Federal Government’s climate action policy by exhausting the emissions reductions fund within two years, according to a new report commissioned by The Wilderness Society.

The report shows climate change targets of a 5 per cent reduction in emissions by 2020 could be jeopardised if current tree clearing rates continue.


Natural Newstead: In the moment "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

The last day of summer.

My early evening walk in the Mia Mia was punctuated with the sounds of migrants about to depart and residents alike. Rainbow Bee-eaters were trilling in the distance, while local stayers could be heard calling as evening approached – Red-capped Robin, Chestnut-rumped Hylacola and Speckled Warbler – all within metres of each other. The highlight was watching one of the more mundane residents – a Brown Treecreeper. I’ve photographed them a bit lately but was delighted to witness a tiny cameo –  the bird removed a spent feather from its wing, then perched displaying it for a minute or so before gently letting go … the feather fluttering gently to the ground at my feet. Not a bad way to usher in the autumn.


Male Red-capped Robin, Mia Mia Track, 29th February 2016


Brown Treecreeper


Sandy Straits and Beyond: Seary's Creek "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

I went out with my friends Sarah and Graham a couple of days ago. They have a big 4 wheel drive vehicle which lets them get into beautiful areas where I cannot usually go. Thanks Sarah and Graham - it was a great trip!
We first took a quick look at Inskip Point. We hoped that we might see some interesting birds that had been brought in by the ex-tropical cyclone. When we got out there it looked like everyone else from around the district had had the same idea - vehicles and people everywhere! There were a few terns roosting on the point but even those were being disturbed!

Some of them did come back in for a few moments and I was able to get this photo of Little Terns in partial breeding plumage.
Then we drove off to follow the road through the National Park down to where Seary's Creek flows into the bay. If I had thought about it I could have taken enough photos for a whole post about the kind of roads/tracks that go through the Park. Parts of the road were covered with areas of deep dry sand. Other parts had steep rocky drops over low parts that were covered with water. It would be impossible to drive this road without a 4 wheel drive vehicle - and a good driver too! 
We stopped and walked around for a while where t...


North Coast Voices: Clarence Valley Council administration spat the dummy and is now hiding behind closed doors "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

It is often said, only partly in jest, that the form of local government Clarence Valley Council General Manager Scott Greensill favours has no elected representatives and a population of silent, almost invisible ratepayers and residents.

Since Greensill became the head of local government administration in the valley in 2011, a number of council policies have been created which in whole or part limit the ability of local people to seek explanations from council or to follow through on complaints they have lodged.

One of the most recent was Clarence Valley Council Unreasonable complainant conduct (21 July 2015):

Unreasonable complainant conduct (UCC) is any behaviour by a current or former complainant which, because of its nature or frequency raises substantial health, safety, resource or equity issues for our organisation, our staff, other service users and complainants or the complainant himself/herself. UCC can be divided into...


Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Hidden panther, crouching kitten…. "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Snow Leopard

Legend has it that the hills surrounding the district of Lancefield are home to a black panther (or two, given the longevity of the tale); moonlight sightings and carcasses of sheep savagely ripped apart being cited as evidence of the elusive beast. More recently a large black metal sculpture stalked its way into the centre of the town under the cover of darkness. And now it seems Lancefield is also home to more strange creatures of the feline family, with leopards and tigers being discovered at the local post office!

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard and Snow Tiger, as they were affectionately christened, are two very fortunate wee kittens, who behind their hisses and scratches were found to be little bundles of love and purrs. Whilst another kitten found a loving home with a kind heart, two others mysteriously disappeared. With a local animal rescue organisation working to catch the mother cat and her buddies, the true villains of this story are those who do not desex their pets. Responsibility for animals in humans care should not be as mythical as the Lancefield panther.

Snow Leopard Snow Leopard...


AWPA Sydney News: Numerous Trans-Papua road sections prone to landslides "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Numerous Trans-Papua road sections prone to landslides

Senin, 29 Februari 2016 16:49 WIB | 536 Views
Jayapura (ANTARA News)......

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Monday, 29 February


Barwon Blog: Making tracks - to Corduroy Bridge "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

And so the diggers made it to the site of Burnt Bridge. According to Mary Akers' "Hold fast the Heritage" (2010), an account of Narmbool's pastoral heritage, the original "burnt bridge" was a log bridge built by Henry Anderson and William Cross Yuille who travelled to the Buninyong area in 1837 prior to their taking up their squatting runs in the area. According to Akers, the bridge was destroyed when a bushfire took hold in the area some time later and so the name stuck.
As I mentioned in my previous post, Burnt Bridge the settlement, first appeared in the newspapers of the day in 1852 and by 1853 John Morrison was replacing his original inn on the old track from Geelong, with a new, larger building facing the new road alignment.
At around this time, on the 22nd January, 1853 the Geelong Advertiser and Intelligencer reproduced a description of a journey from Geelong to the Ballarat gold fields, given by a Mr Bonwick. This was that gentleman's description of the land surrounding Burnt Bridge:

No surface rock appeared for miles. The verdure was good. One mile from the blue flag [of a previous coffee tent] rose the Burnt Bridge Coffee Tent. A fine running stream, gentle rises, plenty of grass, and a white-gum forest, give considerable attractions to this quarter.
The stream in question was most likely Williamson's Creek or a branch a little to the south known as Salt Creek. Williamson's Creek is a tributary of the Leigh River. It rises to the south of the present Midland Highway, about 2.5 km south east of the town of Scotsburn and forms part of a network of creeks and gullies draining the rather swampy land which lies beneath Mt Buninyong before emptying into the Yarrowee River around 2 km north of the...


Geelong Visual Diary: Fundraising in Geelong for Fiji Cyclone Appeal "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

We had a story in the local paper on Friday about our Fiji Geelong Friendship Club and our effort to collect money and goods for Fiji.


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Sunday, 28 February


Greg's Role: Successful blockade of Swan Island "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

What better way could we spend our short lives on this beautiful planet? 2016 marks the seventh straight year of nonviolent direct action at the secretive Australia Secret Intelligence Services (ASIS) base. From Swan Island trained Special Air Services 4 Squadron troops go international to do the bidding of the USA, under the command of […]

Thursday, 25 February

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