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Wednesday, 02 March


Democrats Slam GOP Candidates on Climate Change: ‘Do Your Job’ EcoWatch


The Democratic Party released a video on Sunday slamming the ...


FIRE-EARTH Science Team: Announcement 301 Fire Earth

CJ Members Announcement 301 FIRE-EARTH Science Team’s Announcement 301 will be broadcast on Ch-11 starting Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 18:15UTC. Filed under: News Alert Tagged: Announcement 301, Ch-11, CJ Members, FIRE-EARTH Science Team


16 School Lunch Programs Making a Difference EcoWatch


More than 31 million children in the U.S. consume most of their daily caloric intake at ...


Vast Gap Seen in Climate Adaption Spending Across 10 of the World’s Biggest Cities EcoWatch


The amount of money going towards adapting to climate change in 10 of the world’s biggest cities has...


Presidential Candidates and Renewable Energy: Where Do They Stand? EcoWatch


Renewable energy is a particularly hot issue in this year’s presidential ...


World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm to Provide 10 Million People With Clean Drinking Water EcoWatch


The Thames Water floating solar farm will be the largest floating solar farm in...


5 Years Later Fukushima Still Spilling Toxic Nuclear Waste Into Sea, Top Execs Face Criminal Charges EcoWatch


Five years after the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, three former executives of ...


Protests Continue as Whitehaven Coal Destroys Habitat Earth First! Newswire

from Front Line Action

zoomed-150x150Protests continued in North West NSW yesterday morning, with one man stopping stopping coal trains near Willow Tree. Three more are locked to bulldozers in the Whitehaven Coal Maules Creek mine, delaying clearing of the Leard State Forest, on Gomeroi/Gamilaraay Country.

This follows similar protests on Saturday, where three people were arrested halting Whitehaven’s operations (Media Release 27 Feb 2016). These actions follow allegations that Whitehaven have illegally cleared forest during extreme heat, in breach of their Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) (Media Release 26 Feb 2016).

23 year old jazz saxophonist Reuben Legge, is one of the people locked to a bulldozer. “Whitehaven is brutally destroying a forest which has supported life on this planet for thousands of years, and unless we act together all our natural places will be lost” he says.

On Friday the Environmental Defenders Office, on behalf of their client South East Forest Rescue (SEFR), wrote to Whiteh...

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Tuesday, 01 March


Fifty Pheasants Liberated from Game Farm in OR Earth First! Newswire

from It’s Going Down

clement-mericOn the night of February 28th, in an act of love, 50 ringnecked pheasants were liberated from the Estacada Game Farm in Beavercreek, Oregon. These birds would have otherwise been sold to sport hunting outfitters and killed for entertainment. The pheasants thrashed through the air in all directions as they made their way to freedom in the surrounding fields and meadows.

This action is dedicated to the memory of Clément Méric, an anti-fascist vegan who was murdered by neo-nazi skinheads in Paris, France in 2013. We will never forget, we will never forgive.


Powerful blizzard hits northern Japan The Watchers » Latest articles

Northern Japan has been hit by one of the worst winter storms of the season on Monday, February 29, 2015. JMA warned another blizzard, the worst in years, was expected to hit Hokkaido early Tuesday, March 1. Hokkaido Shimbun reported on Monday one person was found...... Read more »


Another rapid beach erosion event at Inskip Point, Australia The Watchers » Latest articles

Months after a major 'sinkhole' swallowed a campsite near popular Rainbow Beach in Queensland, Australia, another rapid beach erosion event occurred in the same area on March 1, 2016. According to Queensland Parks and Wildlife, the activity started at the...... Read more »


Dazzling meteor lights up skies over Scotland The Watchers » Latest articles

A dazzling meteor lit up skies over Scotland at 18:49 UTC on February 29, 2016, turning night into day for several seconds. The white light, seen across Perthshire, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands, was followed by a rumbling sound that lasted about 10 seconds,...... Read more »


Sudden stratospheric warming to bring a snap of cold weather over UK The Watchers » Latest articles

Meteorologists from the UK Met Office have predicted a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) will occur in early March 2016. The phenomena could affect the surface weather, increasing the risk of prolonged wintry conditions over parts of northern Europe and the UK. The...... Read more »


Night sky guide for March 2016 The Watchers » Latest articles

There will be, at least, two special celestial events during March 2016 - total solar eclipse at 01:58 UTC on March 9 and penumbral lunar eclipse at 11:48 UTC on March 23. March Equinox, the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the northern hemisphere and the...... Read more »



Animal Liberator Kevin Olliff Sentenced: Only Three More Months in Prison! Earth First! Newswire



In August of 2013, Kevin Johnson (aka Kevin Olliff) and Tyler Lang were arrested and charged with possession of burglary tools while driving in rural Illinois, and each served time in state custody. The next summer, they were both indicted under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act — federal charges related to the same allegations as the state charges — for allegedly releasing thousands of mink from a fur farm and painting “Liberation is Love” on the side of a barn on the farm. Kevin and Tyler both accepted non-cooperating plea agreements in which they plead guilty to conspiracy under the AETA.

This morning, after spending over a year in state custody and then more than another year in federal custody awaiting sentencing, Kevin finally had his federal sentencing hearing. Kevin was sentenced to 36 months, with credit for time served (both state and federal time) — which means that Kevin is expected to be out of prison in about three more months! Following that, he will be on three years of supervised released.

Leading up to this point has been a long road for Kevin, already having served time in multiple facilities, dealing with many sentencing delays, and being away from family and friends. Now that his sentencing has happened, Kevin is able to prepare for what lays ahead with a few more months in prison followed by supervised release and recreating life outside of the walls of prison. And now is also the time that we need to prepare to support Kevin through this process. Please continue to support Kevin through letters and donations, which are still critically needed to h...


Three problems with the way we think about nuclear power

Three problems with the way we think about nuclear power by Olav Muurlink , Senior Lecturer, organisational behaviour, management, CQUniversity Australia Disclosure statement: Olav Muurlink previously received funding from the British government and British Nuclear Fuels Limited for work that lead in part to this article. He is chair of […]

The post Three problems with the way we think about nuclear power appeared first on


Constitutional Pattycake Head Space

Developed From Comments: What Is This ‘Constitution’ Of Which You Speak? [Excerpt] Is the USC/BoR/amendments/case law edifice worthy of our efforts? “Is the Constitution/BoR worth killing over, or is it the ideals supposedly protected by that document that are worthy of taking others’ lives?” US constitutional law along with ‘the good stuff’, includes statements such as: […]


EU and SPC peddling dangerous misinformation Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

cardno eu spc

The European Union and SPC have published a new report [see below] claiming the money to be made from experimental seabed mining in PNG far outweighs the costs. Unfortunately the expensive report:

  1. Fails to put a monetary value on many of the potential environmental costs
  2. Fails to deal with the fact billions of dollars in mining revenues have already FAILED to improve the lives of ordinary people in PNG
  3. Fails to acknowledge the past failure of PNG authorities to manage land based mining and its terrible social and environmental impacts
  4. Assumes, totally against the evidence, that any environmental damage will be fixed by the mining company

The Report has been written by Cardno, an Australian firm who also work for the Mining Industry, including Newcrest and Harmony Gold in PNG, and AusAID!

Good to see no potential conflicts of interest there!

Cardno seabed mining report [4.4 MB]

Cost benefit analysis of deep sea mining in Pacific released

SPC-EU Deep Sea Minerals Project | 29 February 2016

Various scenarios for mining deep sea minerals in the waters of three Pacific Island countries are assessed in a cost benefit analysis report commissioned by the Pacific Community (SPC) and the European Union.

The report aims to assist Pacific Island countries with their decision making concerning deep sea minerals and provide information about the potential magnitude of the impacts of...


Russia uses guns to access Fiji’s seabed minerals and fisheries Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

“The Russians… want to get access to the region’s resources, such as seabed mining and fishing”

Mr Bainimarama visited Moscow in June 2013 and discussed bilateral relations and Fiji’s defense needs with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev

Mr Bainimarama with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev

Russian deal a shot-in-the arm for Fiji

Venkat Raman | Indian NewsLink | 29/02/2016

Fiji’s decision to purchase military weapons from the Russian Federation and the recent delivery of equipment in 25 containers not only demonstrated the Pacific country’s right to self-determination but also stupefied New Zealand and Australia, among others.

International media was awash with varying interpretations to the latest development in this otherwise peaceful region. The Opposition in Fiji cried foul and said that arms had come into the country illegally and that there was no discussion about any military purchases, but none of these would impact on the thinking of the government led by Prime Minister Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama.

Pact in Moscow

According to information made available to us, the seal to the deal was made when Mr Bainimarama visited Moscow in June 2013 and discussed bilateral relations and Fiji’s defense needs with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Radio Tarana s...


Heavy flooding in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia The Watchers » Latest articles

The Malaysian state of Sarawak on the Borneo Island suffered a third wave of flooding this year since another round of heavy rainfalls began on February 27, 2016. In total 631 people were evacuated at the peak of flooding. Luckily, no deaths or injuries occurred....... Read more »


Chiapas Communities Organize to Protect Sacred Lagoon from Tourist Highway

The reeds and grasses are as tall as Sebastián Pérez Méndez, if not taller. The vegetation is so thick it’s hard to see the water in the Suyul Lagoon that he and other local Maya Tzotzil residents are working hard to protect. Pérez Méndez crosses the road to point out where aquatic plants serve as a natural filter for the water as it flows out the lagoon, located in the highlands of Chiapas, in southern Mexico.

“The water is under threat,” he said. Pérez Méndez is the top authority of the Candelariaejido, a tract of communally-held land in the municipality of San Cristóbal de las Casas. “We’re not going to allow it.”

Communities in Chiapas are organizing to protect the Suyul Lagoon and communal lands from a planned multi-lane highway between the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas and Palenque, where Mayan ruins are a popular tourist destination. Candelaria residents continue to take action locall...


Preventing another disastrous gas leak at Aliso Canyon We All Live Downstream

By Keith Nakatani — Oil & Gas Program Manager, California.

Invisible methane gas leaking into the atmosphere from a huge leak in the well at Aliso Canyon, photo courtesy of Earthworks. During the 16 weeks the leak was uncontrolled, it emitted greenhouse gases equivalent to the annual emissions of 450,000 cars. 

It’s not often that I’m pleased to see our lawmakers speed-up the legislative process, because it can mean special interests, such as oil and gas companies, are able to unduly wield influence behind closed doors.

With Senate Bill 380, however, Senator Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills), a staunch supporter of environmental protections, has acted quickly to try and prevent another disastrous natural gas leak at Aliso Canyon, thereby protecting the health of nearby residents and the environment. SB 380 will also buy time to fix the larger problem of weak and non-existent regulations that allowed this disaster to happen in the first place. On Monday, February 22, I testified in support of the bill at a hearing of the Assembly’s Utilities and Commerce Committee. You can watch my testimony (which begins at 36:50) or just take in the whole hearing, here.

During my testimony, I highlighted great reporting by Associated Press (AP) journalists Brian Melley a...


Oil: $30-35 per barrel. Synthetic biology diesel: $3,180 to $7,949 per barrel. Game over? The Ecologist

A synthetic biology plant producing the anti-malarial drug artemisinin has just shut down as it's much cheaper to use wormwood grown by African farmers, writes Almuth Ernsting. The technology is even further from making affordable diesel, with a production cost of $20-50 per litre. No wonder investors are losing patience - and confidence - in loss-making synbio companies.


Prague: Police Vehicles Set on Fire Earth First! Newswire

Network of Revolutionary Cells take responsibility for incendiary attack in solidarity with imprisoned vegan anarchist Martin Ignačák (Czech Republic)

from 325

Martin, as a fighter against capitalism is facing attacks from those, who want to keep the continuity of capitalism exploitation. Imprisonment is one of those attacks. The other one then is refusing to give him the food he needs. Martin is vegan and he has good reasons for being so. He doesn’t want to eat bodies of unnecessarily killed animals. He also doesn’t want t...


With Some Tar Sands Oil Selling at a Loss, Why Is Production Still Rising? Earth First! Newswire

Credit: Ian Willms/Getty Images

The Syncrude tar sands site, on April 27, 2015 outside of Fort McMurray, Canada. Tar sands oil production in Canada is expected to increase by 9 percent in 2016, even though the oil currently sells for less than the cost of production. That’s because the wells can’t be shuttered without significant financial losses.

Like a supertanker unable to make quick turns, production from tar sands in the Canadian oil patch continues to increase despite prices so low producers have to sell their output at a loss.

The industry’s inability to cut production could have a profound impact on the climate as well as corporate bottom lines. Despite reductions in greenhouse gas emissions across Canada, continued tar sands oil pr...


8 Processed Foods You Can Easily Make at Home From Scratch EcoWatch


Here are eight processed foods that you can easily make at...


2015 Was Record-Breaking Year for Investment in Renewable Energy EcoWatch


Investment in renewable energy significantly overtook new fossil fuel investments, with...


China’s Coal Use and Carbon Emissions Fall as Renewables Have Record-Breaking Year EcoWatch


China witnessed a historic fall in CO2 emissions in 2015 as its coal use fell for the...


WATCH: ‘Globalising Aotearoa’ on the Nature of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and its Impact on Te Tiriti O Waitangi

A short film discussing the nature of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and its impact on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the treaty representing the bicultural relationship in Aotearoa New Zealand. Jane Kelsey, Hone Harawira, Marama Davidson and Margaret Mutu provide their insight on the matter and call on this generation to stand up for our rights.

For more on the threat of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, see:


France: Statement From the ZAD Earth First! Newswire

from Zone A Défendre


Statement from occupants of the ZAD struggle against the airport and its world on February 27, 2016.


We here present a statement from the occupants of the ZAD, which we tried to create collectively. It was done through open discussions to enact proposals, and we reread it repeatedly in the weekly meeting of the occupants of the ZAD. The result is a voice that, although it certainly does not reflect all the opinions of everyone, is a voice that we created together.

Each week, month, and year that passes, we see the merchants’ empire colonizing the last areas that escaped the widespread privatization: seeds, carbon, soon retreats…

From endured massive exploitation, the planet is exhausted, and so are the people and all the other living beings. And it’s not those fashioned masquerades like the COP 21 that will change anything about it. For those whose profits will never be enough, our lives, our homes, and our imaginations are only markets to conquer.

But the economic war is not enough for them. Recently, the state of emergency, the enhanced surveillance of the people, the imprisonment of those that don’t fit into the mold, and the closure of borders all testify to the repression of the state empire.



Former Tepco Executives Charged Over 2011 Fukushima Meltdown Latest News

Indictment marks first criminal action to be taken since disaster, which forced evacuation of 160,000 residents


Leonardo DiCaprio Devotes Oscars Speech to Climate Change EcoWatch


Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Best Actor Oscar for his role in "The Revenant" and used his acceptance speech to...


Climate change is killing off India’s bees The Ecologist

A warming climate and the loss of natural areas are driving Indian bee colonies to the brink, writes Premila Krishnan. Losing this cousin of our European honeybee could be disastrous, as rural communities depend on their honey for food and income, and the bees perform vital pollination services.


No, GMO Labeling Won’t Increase Food Prices EcoWatch


The truth is, food companies change their labels all the time to highlight innovations or...


Nation’s First Vegan-Certified Farm Is Booming in Philly EcoWatch


Metropolis Farms is not only the first indoor hydroponic vertical farm in Philadelphia, it's the first...


EDF's leaked Board Agenda: Zombie nuclear projects and 'beyond the grave' reactors The Ecologist

French nuclear parastatal EDF is facing problem after problem - zombie nuclear projects in the UK, Finland, China and France, a fleet of 'beyond the grave' reactors, a dropping share price and its drooping credit rating. But is it really as bad as all that? Jonathon Porritt has exclusive access to the leaked Agenda of its latest board meeting. And the answer is - no. It's even worse.


Greens commit to Rights of Nature law The Ecologist

At its Spring Conference in Harrogate yesterday the Green Party of England & Wales gave formal recognition to the Rights of Nature in an overwhelming vote, committing it to passing a new law to that effect at the earliest opportunity.


Love the Oscars? You’ll Love These 6 Eco-Films Too EcoWatch


Rising seas, severe droughts, catastrophic storms, people foraging for food ... Sounds like a...


Anti-Geoengineering Legislation In Rhode Island Is Still Alive Geoengineering Watch

44Dane Wigington Rhode Island State representatives are showing a level of morality and courage that has so far been lacking from all other states. Representatives of the state, Karen MacBeth and Justin Price, are still pushing forward with their efforts to expose and ban the ongoing climate engineering programs that are decimating the biosphere and human health. has been


Floods, landslides and abundant snow across Italy claim 5 lives The Watchers » Latest articles

Torrential downpours and snowstorms lashed Italy since February 27, 2016. Strong storms caused floods and a landslide, widespread power outages, and infrastructural damage. Five people were reported dead so far. The low pressure Atlantic front "Golia"...... Read more »

Close view of the world's largest lava lake at Nyiragongo volcano, Congo The Watchers » Latest articles

Award winning photographer and self-proclaimed adventure seeker Bradley Ambrose from Auckland, New Zealand recently ventured into treacherous Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo to help assist a team of Japanese scientists. Nyiragongo volcano has...... Read more »

Pollinator species worldwide driven toward extinction, UN body warns The Watchers » Latest articles

According to the first global assessment of pollinators, a growing number of pollinator species worldwide are declining and are being driven toward extinction by diverse pressures. The decline is primarily due to changes in land use, intensive agricultural practices...... Read more »

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Monday, 29 February


PA: Eddie Africa of MOVE 9 Denied Parole Earth First! Newswire

from Move 9 Parole

[EF! Journal Editor’s note: See Political Prisoners of Allied Struggles for more information on MOVE]

move-9When the Move 9 became eligible for parole in 2008 the Pennsylvania Parole Board took on the responsibility of officials of this system in keeping innocent Move members in prison for the rest of their lives. From 2008 up until as recent as this past week all of the Move 9 have been denied parole. We received a call last night from our brother Eddie Africa who was calling to let us know he was denied yet again by the Pa Parole Board and was given a two year hit where he would not go before the board again until 2018.

The Parole Board has cited the issue of Eddie being a risk to the safety of the community. At Eddie’s parole hearing the parole board was presented with a petition of 300 signatures of members of the community who would welcome him on parole into the community and who in fact felt no threat to their safety with Eddie in the community. It’s obvious that this community that the parole board is talking about is none other than the law enfo...


Mexico: Terrorism Charges Against Zapatistas Expire After 20-Plus Years of Autonomy Earth First! Newswire

from TeleSurTV

subcomandante-marcosSubcomandante Marcos has faced charges for terrorism and illegal firearms possession since 1995, one year after the Zapatistas declared war on Mexico.

The iconic leader of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, subcomandante Marcos, is no longer wanted for any crimes after a Mexican federal judge announced Tuesday that the 1995 order for his arrest had expired.

Subcomandante Marcos, now known as Subcomandante Galeano, has faced charges for terrorism, sedition, and possession of firearms used by the Mexican military, among other crimes, but prosecution period for those charges have expired.

Arrest warrants for 10 other EZLN members have also expired, authorities announced Tuesday.

IN DEPTH: Zapatista Road to Resistance

The EZLN declared war against the Mexican state on January 1, 1994, launching the Indigenous...


Harnessing the power of evolution in participatory seed breeding The Ecologist

Conventional agriculture has made an enemy of evolution as pests and diseases develop resistance to biocides and over-bred hybrids succumb to them, writes Salvatore Ceccarelli. But there is another way - for farmers to participate in breeding seed lines that are continuously adapting to their environment, with ever improving yields, flavour, pest-resistance, and other sought-after qualities.


GeoNet response to February 14, 2016 M5.7 Christchurch quake The Watchers » Latest articles

In this video, scientists from New Zealand's GeoNet report the results of their monitoring of cliff collapses, liquefaction and tectonic deformation around Christchurch following the M5.7 earthquake of February 14, 2016, also known as the Valentines Day 2016...... Read more »


Claimed micro-encephaly 'conspiracy theories' are rooted in science The Ecologist

Article awaiting publication on or before 31st February


Fukushima: Nuclear Terraforming – Another Inevitable Anthropocene Cataclysm Head Space

The effects of a prolonged station blackout (SBO) caused by a 9.0 earthquake and 46 foot tall tsunami are catastrophic. The trick is to convince the American public, and indeed the world, that the worst-of-the-worst has not already happened at Fukushima. Even if that means a media campaign of fear-mongering based around a fantasy doomsday […]


Multiple Crop Disasters Hit Eight U.S. States Fire Earth

Multiple disasters destroy or damage crops in 130 counties across eight states USDA has designated 29 counties across four states—Nevada, California, Idaho and Oregon—as crop disaster areas due to damages and losses caused by drought that occurred from Jan. 1, 2015, through Dec. 31, 2015. Those counties are: Nevada. Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, Elko, Esmeralda, […]


Protests continues as Whitehaven Coal destroys habitat Front Line Action on Coal

MAULES CREEK and WILLOW TREE, 29 February 2016: Protests continue in North West NSW this morning, with one man stopping stopping coal trains near Willow Tree. Three more are locked to bulldozers in the Whitehaven Coal Maules Creek mine, delaying clearing of the Leard State Forest, on Gomeroi/Gamilaraay Country.

This follows similar protests on Saturday, where three people were arrested halting Whitehaven’s operations (Media Release 27 Feb 2016). These actions follow allegations that Whitehaven have illegally cleared forest during extreme heat, in breach of their Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) (Media Release 26 Feb 2016).

23 year old jazz saxophonist Reuben Legge, is one of the people locked to a bulldozer. “Whitehaven is brutally destroying a forest which has supported life on this planet for thousands of years, and unless we act together all our natural places will be lost” he says.

On Friday the Environmental Defenders Office, on behalf of their client South East Forest Rescue (SEFR), wrote to Whitehaven Coal and the Department of Planning, calling for an immediate investigation of the alleged non-compliance and stricter measures to prevent Whitehaven coal ignoring the rules.

Whitehaven were found to be clearing both Thursday and Friday. Both days had temperatures well above 35C, and it is alleged that clearing seems to have occurred at times when temperatures exceeded that limit.

“The 35 degree C limit was set because when it is too hot the animals hide in their hollows to conserve energy. Clearing during this heat results in higher mortality” said local ecologist Phil Spark, Front Line Action on Coal spokesperson.

“We are calling for Whitehaven to disclose their on-site readings, and for...


Viral Imagery: Bread and Circuses Head Space

“You sent a message (to) America.  When we stand together, there is no (Constitutional) barrier too big to break.” Hillary Emails: State Discussed ‘Cooperating,’ ‘Increased Investment’ With Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Government Cover-ups are all about control of information. In the case of Benghazi, the reality of the event, the evidence of the conspiracy itself must […]

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Saturday, 27 February


UPDATE: Mrs. Justinah Ojo Safe After Release from Abduction in Nigeria

UPDATE: Earlier this week, we posted a release about Mrs. Justinah Ojo, who was abducted in Nigeria. Friends of the Earth International sent along this update, stating that Mrs. Justinah Ojo has been released and is safe. Read on to see the letter from Friends of the Earth International, and the original release below.

Dear friends,
we have just got news that Ms. Justina Ojo, Godwin’s wife, has been released and that she is safe. More details will come soon from ERA, be patient as they  all need some rest tonight, as same as Justina, of course.

Thank you all wonderful people and organisations who helped to put an international pressure to the Nigerian authorities, thank you for the quick response and true solidarity. I am so proud of this Federation. As saying says, true friends are known in time of trouble, and indeed, there are not better friends than Friends of the Earth (and of course Friends of the FOEI – or our allies). And not to forget, thanks to IS and Erik to act in true comradeship spirit.

Godwin, my dear brother, such a relief. I am sending you a virtual hug. And people of ERA, I admire you for the agility and hard work.

Dear FOEI, your proved how real solidarity matters!

I apologize, if this email is not the most coherent, but to be honest with you, I am bit overwhelmed with emotions and tearful.

In solidarity,


Jagoda Munic
Friends of the Earth International


Demand the Release of Mrs. Justinah Ojo, Abducted in Nigeria

The Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) has urged the abductors of Justina Ojo to release her unconditionally and unh...


HS2 or HSUK - the quicker, cheaper, emissions-cutting, low impact high speed rail network? The Ecologist

High Speed UK is the greener, well-connected alternative to HS2, write Colin Elliff, Andrew Coulson & Stephen Stretton - and it would save taxpayers billions. Financed by taxing property owners in connected cities on their windfall gains, HSUK would create a low fare, high capacity, interconnected railway network which would generate huge long-term profits for the nation.

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Friday, 26 February


From pit mines to power plants, Wales must lead the UK out of coal The Ecologist

Wales should lead the UK in bringing an end to the entire coal industry from opencast mining to highly polluting power stations, writes Gareth Clubb. A new report by Friends of the Earth Cymru shows the Aberthaw plant alone imposes social and environmental costs of nearly £1 billion per year on the country and global climate.


Open letter to the people of China, President Xi Jin-ping and Premier Li Ke-qiang concerning ChemChina's acquisition of Syngenta - english

The undersigned representatives of civil society organisations convey our concerns and express our opposition to what would be the biggest acquisition by a Chinese company to date—ChemChina's bid to acquire Syngenta Corporation, the inventor and primary manufacturer of highly hazardous agrochemicals, including atrazine and paraquat.


Committee to scrutinise planning bills; CCC warns of potential corruption increase Edo QLD » News

EDO Qld and community groups will provide oral submissions on the State Government’s proposed planning bills at 9am on Friday (26 February 2016) at the Parliamentary Annex, Brisbane.

Queensland’s Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Parliamentary Committee will hear from EDO Qld, alongside community groups Brisbane Residents United, Park it Toowong and Kurilpa Futures Campaign Group as part of Committee’s scrutiny of planning bills.

EDO Qld law reform solicitor Revel Pointon said they would be recommending the LNP Private Member bills not be passed.

“The LNP bills would be a seriously retrograde step in Queensland planning – they provide no certainty, no transparency, no accountability in decision making, nor adequate protections for community rights and for our precious ecosystems,” she said.

“We will also be asking the Committee to recommend amendments to the bills proposed by the Government – principally, changes must be made to the Government’s bills to ensure Queenslander’s can have far greater certainty in our planning framework.

“The Crime and Corruption Committee has even highlighted their concerns as to the potential for increased corruption due to the amount of discretions decision makers will be given under the new planning framework.

“Planning decisions involve significant amounts of money and vested interests; Queensland needs strong safeguards in our planning framework to ensure decision makers make the best decisions for Queensland so that they do not abuse their power, and applicants cannot easily ‘work the system’.

“We hope the Committee closely considers the submissions put to them to ensure that community rights and the environment are protected in our new planning framework”.

Kurilpa Futures Campaign Group spokesperson Phil Heywood highlighted the need for changes in...

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Thursday, 25 February


Five ways to slash London's lethal air pollution The Ecologist

Today's threats of legal action by ClientEarth against the UK Government highlight the problem of London's poisonous air, which is killing some 10,000 people a year, writes John Weeks. Fortunately there are simple, low cost, effective measures that could be taken to bring about big improvements to the city's air quality, fast.

Tuesday, 23 February


Bill important step towards return of community objection rights Edo QLD » News

Ms Jo Bragg, CEO and solicitor of EDO Qld said today:

Minister Lynham and the Queensland Government are to be congratulated for taking another step to fully restore community objection rights to mining proposals with the Mineral and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016.

Unless they are scrutinised, the mining industry routinely exaggerates the benefits of their mining proposals and underplay the costs. We have seen this in the Adani Carmichael mine case, where it took the community group objecting in the Land Court to expose that the 10,000 jobs claimed by Adani was actually a mere 1,464 net jobs across the country.  We have also seen this in the Alpha Coal case, where the serious groundwater impacts were only exposed through community and landholder objectors to the Land Court.

The reality is the mining industry doesn’t like the scrutiny of legitimate, valid objections to their massive mines. Rather than accepting that in a democracy massive projects need thorough scrutiny, the mining industry now wants to rush objector timeframes in the Land Court. There is no credible basis for complaints from the mining industry about timeframes in the Land Court. The Queensland community and our children will thank the objectors for looking after the future of Queensland.  Minister Lynham has done the right thing for the future with this Bill.

EDO Qld has raised many suggestions for improvement that will increase access to justice for the community. The reforms that EDO Qld say are needed, relating to improve the objection process, include: stricter quality guidelines on data in Environmental Impact Statements (earlier in the assessment processes) from mining companies and more assistance for objec...

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