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Tuesday, 01 March


Rooftop solar providing 7.4% of demand in south-east Queensland Renew Economy

Energex says rooftop solar now accounting for 7.4 per cent of all demand, with more than 40% of households having solar in some areas.


What we’re reading: Scrutiny for ex energy ministers, defence mans up on climate Renew Economy

Greens proposes scrutiny and new rules for ex energy ministers; defence department mans up on climate change; and UK nuclear disaster punted for another year.


Have solar households really sold out on their environmental goals? Renew Economy

Network chief says solar households using grid more than others, and appear to have forgotten their "green" aspirations. But does the data really support that? And why are networks so determined to alienate consumers looking to solar and storage and other technologies?


Another big industrial trims demand as Tasmania energy crisis deepens Renew Economy

Big industrial users slash demand by more than 110MW as Tasmania turns to gas and diesel to address the lost link to mainland and declining dam levels.


March Forum: Clark’s Gully mining development application Sustainable Living Armidale

[ Thursday, 3 Mar; 7:00 pm; ] Arthur Bain is a founding member of ‘Save our Macleay River’ (SOMR) group and will join us via Skype to speak about how SOMR started and impacts of Hillgrove antimony/gold mining downstream. Tim Collins is our second speaker to talk about potential impacts of the Clark’s Gully development application on the threatened Eucalyptus magnificata (Northern blue [...] full article »


Soaring electricity costs take toll on new clean energy retailer Renew Economy

New retailer GO Energy says rapid growth and high electricity prices force it to scale down business and postpone investment in Redback Technologies.


Working Bee to plant Eucalyptus, Tea Trees and Snow Grass near Niagara Street bridge Sustainable Living Armidale

[ Sunday, 13 Mar; 8:30 am; ] Small Community Grants Funding has been approved and Bruce Whan and Gordon Bell have been busy preparing further sites for planting. Our volunteers planted 440 trees, shrubs and grasses at our February working bee. The working bee will involve planting of Eucalypts, Tea Trees and Snow Grass. This will be promoted as a Community Day so [...] full article »


Warren Buffett: solar and wind may erode economics of incumbent utilities Renew Economy

In his annual investor letter, Buffett addresses the new set of risks faced by electric utilities.


Leonardo DiCaprio uses Oscars speech to call for climate action Renew Economy

Leonardo DiCaprio had a message for Oscar viewers Sunday night: climate change is real, and we need to act on it now.


Coal use falls further as China plans massive layoffs Renew Economy

China on Monday reported that its coal consumption dropped 3.7 percent between 2014 and 2015 as the country grapples with a struggling economy and urban air pollution.


Property big short is long on price Prosper Australia

A letter in today’s Australian Financial Review by Dr Philipp Hoflin, a member of Lazard Asset Management’s equities team soberly expresses the discomfort among sharemarket investors about the Giant Australian Land Bubble. Property big short is long on price In reference to the piece by Christopher Joye (‘‘Don’t believe the big short’’, February 26), I […]


After Brutal Dzud Winter, Mongolia Seeks Foreign Aid The Diplomat » Pacific Money

For the first time since 2010, Mongolia has suffered at the hands of another brutal dzud winter.


Good Morning Future Wealth, Vietnam The Diplomat » Pacific Money

For reformers, the country’s economic and political rise could be just about to start.

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Monday, 29 February


Big 3 battery storage offerings not rational, but can still slash bills Renew Economy

New survey says of Big 3 energy retailer offerings shows battery storage still a "non-rational" economic investment. But who cares, given that customers can still obtain big savings on their electricity bills?


Finland would be better off outside the Eurozone Bill Mitchell – billy blog

Towards the end of last year, I wrote a blog – Finland should exit the euro. I had been undertaking some detailed research on the plight of this relatively small Eurozone nation for a number of reasons. First, it had recently undergone a major industrial decline as Nokia/Microsoft missed market trends and went from world leader to irrelevance. Second, Finland was a vocal proponent of the view that Greece should be pillaried into oblivion by the Troika – to ‘take their medicine’ (more crippling austerity). Third, the data trends were unambiguously pointing to Finland descending into the Eurozone ‘basket case’ category itself as its own conservative government imposed harsh fiscal austerity on the tiny, beleagured nation. Two things are clearer than ever about the Eurozone. First, it is a dysfunctional mess and efforts to reform it so far have only made matters worse. Second, any single nation (and all together) would be unambigously better off exiting the mess and restoring their own currency sovereignty and letting their exchange rate take up some of the adjustment. The following text covers an article that I have written for a Finnish Report coming out in May 2016 to be published by the Left Forum Finland, which is a coalition formed by the political party Left Alliance, the People’s Educational Association (KSL) and the Yrjö Sirola Foundation.


The European Project – overextended and in the thralls of neo-liberal Groupthink

Thrall … slavery, bondage … a state of servitude or submission. (Merriam Webster online dictionary)

Groupthink … a pattern of thought characterized by self deception, forced manufacture of consent, and conformi...


Electric vehicle numbers hit 1.3m as costs predicted to beat petrol cars Renew Economy

Global electric vehicle numbers increased worldwide by almost 750,000 to around 1.3 million over the 2014-15 period.

Saturday, 27 February


China’s Battle to Regain Economic Control The Diplomat » Pacific Money

From clamping down on media to finding scapegoats, Beijing is trying everything to reassert control over the economy.

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