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Monday, 29 February

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Sunday, 28 February


FIRE-EARTH Summation: Blocks 1, 3 and 5 Fire Earth

CJ Members FIRE-EARTH Summation: Blocks 1, 3 and 5 This session will be broadcast on Ch-10 starting Sunday,  February 28, 2016 at 12:15UTC. Filed under: News Alert Tagged: 28 Feb 2016, 29 Feb 2016, CJ Members, FIRE-EARTH Summation


Eavesdropping, Insect Biobots (Bugs), and Surveillance Head Space

Cockroach Cyborgs Use Microphones to Detect, Trace Sounds (are cameras next?) North Carolina State University researchers have developed technology that allows cyborg cockroaches, or biobots, to pick up sounds with small microphones and seek out the source of the sound. The technology is designed to help emergency personnel find and rescue survivors in the aftermath […]


Space Environment: Asteroid 2013 TX68 Fly-by Head Space

Small Asteroid to Pass Close to Earth March 8 UPDATED ON FEB. 25 AT 2:40 P.M. PT: Additional observations of asteroid 2013 TX68 have been obtained, refining its orbital path and moving the date of the asteroid’s Earth flyby from March 5 to March 8. The observations, from archived images provided by the NASA-funded Pan-STARRS […]


The Audacity of Reality: “Hope and Change” Head Space

U.S. Has Record 10th Straight Year Without 3% Growth in GDP “Obama recovery, with an average GDP growth rate of just 2.1 percent, is among the slowest in history.” Before this period, the longest stretch of years when real GDP did not grow by at least 3.0 percent, as calculated by the BEA, was the […]


Large pyroclastic flows recorded as Mount Sinabung erupts, Indonesia The Watchers » Latest articles

Indonesian Sinabung volcano erupted on February 26, 2016, sending thick smoke and ash up to 4.2 km (14 000 feet) a.s.l. and producing very large and impressive pyroclastic flows. According to Agus Salihin, a volcanologist at the Sinabung observation post,...... Read more »


“visions of the future” and then some… Head Space

Utopians must always stop human progress and ingenuity, thus creating a false stability based on the notion of one person, group, or generation.  “There is always provision made for the renegades those who don’t or won’t follow the rules: prison, enslavement, exile, exclusion, or execution,” Margaret Atwood (In Other Worlds, 86) ————————————————— The following is […]


Sticks and stones will break our bones, but pseudoscience corrupts them for ever… Head Space

Is any science trustworthy? The Marxists accuse conservatives of being Flat Earthers who are anti-science to dehumanize their view, but the Marxists are actually the ones who do not follow the true science model. Science requires a skepticism of its theories until it becomes a fact beyond doubt which very few things are in the […]


Analyzing Cassini data on Jupiter and Saturn climate to search how the climate changes on Earth The Watchers » Latest articles

According to new research, data being collected from Jupiter, Saturn and Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, can provide the new information about the Earth’s past and future atmospheric conditions. A team of scientist will analyze the vast amount of data...... Read more »


The Siberian Crater Saga is More Widespread — and Scarier — Than Anyone Thought Earth First! Newswire

A member of an expedition group at the edge of a newly formed crater on the Yamal Peninsula in northern Siberia on Nov. 9, 2014. (Vladimir Pushkarev/Russian Centre of Arctic Exploration via Reuters)

A member of an expedition group at the edge of a newly formed crater on the Yamal Peninsula in northern Siberia on Nov. 9, 2014. (Vladimir Pushkarev/Russian Centre of Arctic Exploration via Reuters)

by Terrence McCoy / Washington Post

In the middle of last summer came news of a bizarre occurrence no one could explain. Seemingly out of nowhere, a massive crater appeared in one of the planet’s most inhospitable lands. Early estimates said the crater, nestled in a land called “the ends of the Earth” where temperatures can sink far below zero, yawned nearly 100 feet in diameter.

The saga deepened. The Siberian crater wasn’t alone. There were two more, ratcheting up the tension in a drama that hit its climax as a probable explanation surfaced. Global warming had thawed the permafrost, which had caused methane trapped inside the icy ground to exp...


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 27, 2016 Geoengineering Watch

2pDane Wigington The siege of planet Earth and the web of life continues on all fronts. All the while the delusion of perpetual growth on a finite planet with finite resources is alive and well. Many populations around the globe remain completely oblivious to implosion of the biosphere, this is especially true in the US. From


#SaveOakFlat Year in Review News

Honor the Earth is proud to be supporting the Apache Stronghold in our most recent grant release. On February 7, 2015, March was held from San Carlos Apache to Oak Flat to Protect Oak Flat from mining by Resolution Copper. They have Occupied Oak Flat for one year. 


NASA's El Niño new animation study compares the 1997/98 and 2015/16 phenomenon The Watchers » Latest articles

NASA's scientists produced a new animation showing the 2015 El Niño event unfolding the Pacific Ocean. Observed changes in the sea surface temperature (SST) vary greatly from those typical for the 1997/98 phenomenon; they are stronger and deeper. The La...... Read more »


Anti-Aviation Protests in France and the UK Mark a New Wave of Climate Disobedience Earth First! Newswire

The ‘Heathrow13′ were on trial for occupying Heathrow's northern runway last July. Photo: Plane Stupid

The ‘Heathrow13′ were on trial for occupying Heathrow’s northern runway last July. Photo: Plane Stupid

from Global Voices

This article is based on a piece written by Melanie Mattauch for, an organisation building a global climate movement, and was republished on Global Voices as part of a content-sharing agreement.

On 24 February, 13 individuals who blockaded a runway to protest against expanding Heathrow Airport in London were expected to be sent to prison, but ended up receiving six-week suspended sentences instea...


Trident Rally is Britain’s Biggest Anti-Nuclear March in a Generation Earth First! Newswire

 Protesters take part in a demonstration in London against the renewal of Trident. (Photograph: Paul Hackett/Reuters)

Protesters take part in a demonstration in London against the renewal of Trident. (Photograph: Paul Hackett/Reuters)

by Mark Townsend / The Guardian

Thousands of protesters have assembled in central London for Britain’s biggest anti-nuclear weapons rally in a generation.

Campaigners gathered from across the world: some said they had travelled from Australia to protest against the renewal of Trident. Others had come from the west coast of Scotland where Britain’s nuclear deterrent submarines are based.

As the huge column of people began moving from Marble Arch after 1pm, the mood was buoyant and spirited despite the cold.



Fallow deer and robins at Ashridge Estate wonderful world of wild

As I approach Ashridge Estate, I always start to look out for the fallow and muntjac deer from the road. In the evenings, I always take extra care in case the deer are crossing, which has happened on occasion right in front of my car.

Then, upon pulling into the car park, with the woodland right next to it, the opportunities to see or photograph wildlife begin.

Ashridge Estate is over 5,000 acres of countryside offering diverse habitats including woodland and open fields and for this reason it is one of the best places in Britain to see fallow deer. Part of the land is in Hertfordshire, including the stunning Ashridge House, and some of the land is in Buckinghamshire.

I visited on Tuesday, the 23rd February 2016, and took the below picture, as I just loved the afternoon sunlight peering through the woodland on the chilly, crisp day. All the pictures in this post are taken on a Canon 400D.IMG_9311

I remembered that last time I went to Ashridge Estate at this time of day, a huge fallow deer herd were grazing in one of the fields by the woodland and near some farm houses. I headed straight there and I was in luck. There, stood a large herd all peacefully grazing in the winter sunshine.


Does on the left and bucks on the right


A buck leads the way



Irish Banker in NY Charged with Torturing Roommate’s Cat Earth First! Newswire

from Irish Times

 cat-abuserAn Irish banker living in New York has been arrested after allegedly torturing his roommate’s cat over a period of three months.

The cat, named Lucy, is in intensive care and has already undergone $12,000 (€10,900) worth of medical treatment.

Declan Garrity, from Omagh, was put on leave by Barclays following the arrest, US news company CNBC reported.

Reports said the cat was found to have suffered a dislocated and fractured bone in her leg, several broken ribs, broken teeth, burns across various areas of her body, as well as broken claws.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Mr Garrity (24), an analyst who was in New York on a work visa, moved into an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in November.

Shortly afterwards, his roommate allegedly noticed a change in her...


The Aurora Australis research ship successfully rescued after strong blizzard strands it on East Antarctica The Watchers » Latest articles

The Aurora Australis, a polar research ship was left stranded on February 25, 2016, after an intense blizzard hit Mawson Station on East Antarctica, a day before. 37 people have been rescued on February 26 and 31 remained onboard to refloat the vessel. A 94-meter...... Read more »


New South Wales: Coal Train and Bulldozers Halted by Forest Defenders Earth First! Newswire

from Front Line Action on Coal


MAULES CREEK and WILLOW TREE, 27 FEB 2016: Today the rail line for coal in north west NSW has again been shut down by activists concerned over Whitehaven’s forest clearing. A bulldozer has also been halted in the Leard Forest forest by 2 women, delaying clearing. These actions follow allegations that Whitehaven has cleared during extreme heat in breach of the conditions of their Biodiversity Management Plan (Media Release 26 Feb 2016).

Whitehaven are clearing the environmentally and culturally significant Leard State Forest, on Gomeroi/Gamilaraay Country, for the expansion of their controversial Maules Creek Mine. These actions prevent any coal reaching port from all mines north of Willow Tree, including the Maules Creek Mine, as well as delaying clearing of the forest.

“Whitehaven are clearing critical habitat for over 35 threatened and endangered species. When it is t...

Saturday, 27 February


Rare triple waterspout caught on camera near New Orleans, US The Watchers » Latest articles

A rare triple waterspout was spotted and captured on camera on Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans, US on February 23, 2016. The large central waterspout has two smaller ones spiraling around it. Video courtesy News24 According to NOAA, there are two main...... Read more »


Major Disaster Declaration Proclaimed for Georgia Fire Earth

Federal Disaster declared for Georgia Georgia Severe Storms and Flooding (DR-4259) Incident period: December 22, 2015 to January 13, 2016 Major Disaster Declaration declared on February 26, 2016 The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of Georgia in the areas affected by severe storms and flooding during the period of […]


February 28th, 1989 – Birth of the anti-nuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk”

One of the more important but more forgotten dates of the anti-nuclear movement is February 28, 1989. This was the day when Kazakh writer Olzhas Suleimenov broke from the plan of a televised poetry reading to speak about the effects of nuclear weapons tests in eastern Kazakhstan. His act of […]

The post February 28th, 1989 – Birth of the anti-nuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk” appeared first on


VINPEARL LAUNCHES SMEAR CAMPAIGN | NAUGHTY. Speak Up For The Voiceless – International Animal Rescue Foundation – Environmental News and Media



The Vinpearl Group fronted by Viet Nam’s most richest man has recently launched a very humorous smear campaign, AGAINST I.A.R.F. Now we don’t normally play smear, or even dirty, but if we’re going to play smear lets pull the big clangers out of the hat here.


We recently ran a trace on where Vinpearl recently purchased some 330+ animals from in South Africa. No, it wasn’t from Harrods, although that wouldn’t surprise us to be honest. The so called ‘professional group’ fronted by some rather illiterate journalists seems to be forgetting that whilst their BIG BOSS MAN may have money, we have experience and some 8.9 million supporters to share share that experience with. Opps.


Who in their right mind purchases animals from hunters, knowing that the money given to them hunters will purchase more animals to kill? BACK in DECEMBER 2015 – The Vinpearl Group purchased lions, tigers, kudu, monkeys, and zebra from SHINGALANA LION & RHINO GAME RESERVE, now did the Vinpearl Group inform their ‘paid journalists to look that one up’? Moreover why are paid ‘Vinpearl journalists supporting killers that support others killers’?



World Trade Organisation smashes India's solar panels industry The Ecologist

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has found India's huge solar initiative 'guilty' of breaking trade rules, write Dipti Bhatnagar & Sam Cossar-Gilbert, because it gives domestic manufacturers a small 10% quota for the supply of panels, leaving up to 90% for foreign competitors. It's a warning for perils of the entire WTO system, and of even harsher trade rules like those in TPP, TTIP and CETA.

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