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Sunday, 28 February


The Aurora Australis research ship successfully rescued after strong blizzard strands it on East Antarctica The Watchers » Latest articles

The Aurora Australis, a polar research ship was left stranded on February 25, 2016, after an intense blizzard hit Mawson Station on East Antarctica, a day before. 37 people have been rescued on February 26 and 31 remained onboard to refloat the vessel. A 94-meter...... Read more »


New South Wales: Coal Train and Bulldozers Halted by Forest Defenders Earth First! Newswire

from Front Line Action on Coal


MAULES CREEK and WILLOW TREE, 27 FEB 2016: Today the rail line for coal in north west NSW has again been shut down by activists concerned over Whitehaven’s forest clearing. A bulldozer has also been halted in the Leard Forest forest by 2 women, delaying clearing. These actions follow allegations that Whitehaven has cleared during extreme heat in breach of the conditions of their Biodiversity Management Plan (Media Release 26 Feb 2016).

Whitehaven are clearing the environmentally and culturally significant Leard State Forest, on Gomeroi/Gamilaraay Country, for the expansion of their controversial Maules Creek Mine. These actions prevent any coal reaching port from all mines north of Willow Tree, including the Maules Creek Mine, as well as delaying clearing of the forest.

“Whitehaven are clearing critical habitat for over 35 threatened and endangered species. When it is t...

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Saturday, 27 February


Rare triple waterspout caught on camera near New Orleans, US The Watchers » Latest articles

A rare triple waterspout was spotted and captured on camera on Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans, US on February 23, 2016. The large central waterspout has two smaller ones spiraling around it. Video courtesy News24 According to NOAA, there are two main...... Read more »


Major Disaster Declaration Proclaimed for Georgia Fire Earth

Federal Disaster declared for Georgia Georgia Severe Storms and Flooding (DR-4259) Incident period: December 22, 2015 to January 13, 2016 Major Disaster Declaration declared on February 26, 2016 The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of Georgia in the areas affected by severe storms and flooding during the period of […]


February 28th, 1989 – Birth of the anti-nuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk”

One of the more important but more forgotten dates of the anti-nuclear movement is February 28, 1989. This was the day when Kazakh writer Olzhas Suleimenov broke from the plan of a televised poetry reading to speak about the effects of nuclear weapons tests in eastern Kazakhstan. His act of […]

The post February 28th, 1989 – Birth of the anti-nuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk” appeared first on


VINPEARL LAUNCHES SMEAR CAMPAIGN | NAUGHTY. Speak Up For The Voiceless – International Animal Rescue Foundation – Environmental News and Media



The Vinpearl Group fronted by Viet Nam’s most richest man has recently launched a very humorous smear campaign, AGAINST I.A.R.F. Now we don’t normally play smear, or even dirty, but if we’re going to play smear lets pull the big clangers out of the hat here.


We recently ran a trace on where Vinpearl recently purchased some 330+ animals from in South Africa. No, it wasn’t from Harrods, although that wouldn’t surprise us to be honest. The so called ‘professional group’ fronted by some rather illiterate journalists seems to be forgetting that whilst their BIG BOSS MAN may have money, we have experience and some 8.9 million supporters to share share that experience with. Opps.


Who in their right mind purchases animals from hunters, knowing that the money given to them hunters will purchase more animals to kill? BACK in DECEMBER 2015 – The Vinpearl Group purchased lions, tigers, kudu, monkeys, and zebra from SHINGALANA LION & RHINO GAME RESERVE, now did the Vinpearl Group inform their ‘paid journalists to look that one up’? Moreover why are paid ‘Vinpearl journalists supporting killers that support others killers’?



Porter Ranch ‘Monster’ Gas Leak Largest in U.S. History EcoWatch


The Porter Ranch natural gas well blowout has been confirmed as the...


Impressive fireball events light up skies over Iberian Peninsula The Watchers » Latest articles

At least four bright meteors, of which two exceptionally bright, were observed over the skies of Spain, Portugal and Morocco on February 19, 21, 23 and 24, 2016. The first was observed in southern Spain and Morocco at 19:06 UTC on February 19 and recorded by several...... Read more »

Severe floods affect Jakarta, traffic disruptions and evacuations reported The Watchers » Latest articles

Torrential downpours triggered severe flooding in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia, and surrounding areas on February 25, 2016. Traffic disruptions and infrastructural damage were reported across the affected areas, and 40 people were forced to leave their homes in...... Read more »

Can privatization save parks? Mongabay Environmental News

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]anaging national parks and conservation areas is expensive. Paying staff salaries, maintaining buildings, managing land, and conserving wildlife: these things don’t come cheap. Traditionally governments have carried the tab, but when economies tank and funds dwindle, protected areas often pay a heavy price. Governments rich and poor are increasingly turning to the private sector to help fill this chronic funding gap. Some critics argue, however, that this comes at a cost. Current spending on conservation and management of protected areas is far less than what experts think is needed, particularly in the developing world. At the moment, around 14 percent of land is designated as some form of protected area, and by 2020 this figure is expected to grow to 17 percent, as agreed at the latest Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2014. “But even with the current 14 percent protected, a lot of the areas aren’t managed and are severely underfunded, and are therefore being degraded,” said Tom Dillon, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)-US’s Senior Vice President of Forests and Freshwater. Dillion has been heavily involved with a WWF project to broker a partnership between a coalition of private organizations and the Brazilian government to protect vast tracts of the Amazon rainforest. [caption id="attachment_181134" align="alignnone" width="800"] The Uatumã Biological Reserve in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. The reserve is part of WWF’s Amazon Region Protected Areas program, which brings together private financers and the Brazilian government to establish and manage protected areas.…


Moor of the same …. atrocious indoctrination Head Space

British pupils ordered to ‘CONVERT TO ISLAM’ for bizarre homework assignment * City fights new Trojan Horse Islamic schools plot * * State schools isolate non-Muslims * h/t Western Rifle Shooters/MoonbatteryFiled under: Education, News and politics, Political View Points Tagged: atrocious indoctrination, brainwashing, current-events, disastrous consequences, environment, Government disgust, History, human history, Islamic activists, Islamic […]


Maybe it’s more than just a fairy tale… Head Space

Scandinavia’s Trees respond to invasive species. The Scream appears in a freshly sawn plank Nature does have a way of letting us know when things are wrong.Filed under: Education, News and politics, Political View Points, Randomness Tagged: brainwashing, disastrous consequences, environment, fatal liberalism, History, Immigration hazard, migrant crisis, mind-control, nature, Scandinavia, social engineering, State religion


Tungurahua erupts sending ash more than 6 km above the crater, Ecuador The Watchers » Latest articles

Ecuador's Tungurahua erupted at 17:02 UTC on February 26, 2016, sending ash more than 6 km (19 685 feet) above the crater (11 km / 36 089 feet a.s.l.). IGEPN reported there have been four explosions so far today. Ash emissions were observed traveling north-west....... Read more »

Tropical Cyclone "Yalo" lashes French Polynesia and Austral Islands with strong rainstorms The Watchers » Latest articles

The fourteenth tropical cyclone is active in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Tropical Cyclone "Yalo" formed on February 25, 2016, at 03:00 UTC, about 600 km (373 miles) west-southwest of Papeete, Tahiti. The system brought heavy rainfall and strong winds to...... Read more »


EU Decision Process Hinders Use of Genetically Modified Trees?

ge poplar

By Anne Petermann 

In this confused little piece from our friends at European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), GE tree researchers in the EU arguing for more lax regulations on GE trees also seem to imply that more stringent requirements are needed.

The article point outs, for example, that “trees have a huge number of interactions with their environment, so an enormous amount of data needs to be collected to draw up a risk analysis. Trees also have a long growth cycle , so study of the long-term consequences through field tests takes a very long time.”

GE tree proponent Wout Boerjan (whom I have personally witnessed twice wishing severe physical harm on anti-GE activists) adds, “it’s also difficult to predict exactly how detailed the risk analyses need to be.  This all means that the risk-analysis process for GM trees in Europe demands a huge amount of time and money.”

This all seems to imply that the risk assessment process needs to be more rigorous and over a much longer period, but the article wraps up with a different conclusion.

Another GE tree proponent Rene Custers takes all of this information about the complicated risk assessments with trees to conclude that “there is no reason to assume trees would be different [than GMO crops].” So therefore, time to streamline the process and speed it up so that Europe can catch up to China, as well as North and South America.

I challenge you to follow that logic!

Enjoy the entire piece here.

The post...


Demand the Release of Mrs. Justinah Ojo, Abducted in Nigeria

The Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) has urged the abductors of Justina Ojo to release her unconditionally and unharmed. Justina Ojo is the wife of the current executive director of ERA/FoEN, Dr. Godwin Uyi Ojo.
ERA/FoEN also urged the Nigeria Police to do all within its statutory powers to ensure that she is located and returned to her family in good health.

Justina was whisked away by unknown gunmen at about 8pm on Monday February 22, 2016 in front of their Benin City residence and the abductors are yet to contact the family at the time of this release.

In a release issued in Lagos, ERA/FoEN deputy director, Akinbode Oluwafemi said the incident was highly regrettable when viewed in the light of the modest lifestyle and humility of the Uyi Ojo family and particularly Ojo’s selfless service in the environment community.

Oluwafemi said that, “We feel this should not be the lot of a woman who has been very humble and has stood firmly behind her husband in his campaigns for a just society. It is truly regrettable

Ojo has sacrificed a lot to ensure social justice particularly for communities in the Niger Delta and other impacted communities of the Niger Delta. He does not dersve this agony.

Going further, he pointed out that, though the Nigeria Police has been up to task in nipping some high profile crimes in the society, abductions have remained on the increase hence the need for the police to do more in this area.

“We urge the abductors to do a total rethink and release Justina unharmed. We also ask international NGOs to pile pressure on the Nigerian police to locate Justina Ojo. The Ojo family does not deserve this trauma. Certainly not at this time or ever”, Oluwafemi noted.



DC Decision to Pave Way for Exelon-Pepco Merger is a Win for ‘Pay-to-Play Politics’ Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Mayor Bowser betrayed DC citizens while the Public Service Commission has now failed to protect ratepayers and the environment

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a decision marred by pay-to-play politics, the DC Public Service Commission (PSC) today paved the way for local utility Pepco to be sold to an ailing, out-of-state company, an outcome that advocates say would tarnish Mayor Muriel Bowser’s reputation forever.

In her dissenting remarks, Chairman Kane stated that the fundamental “conflict of interest” remains, the revised settlement terms could “make the situation worse,” and there is “no alternative that will address the fundamental structural problem.”

Exelon, Pepco, and other settling parties will have 14 days to decide whether or not to accept the modified settlement terms. If they do, the merger will be automatically approved by way of the 2-1 PSC vote.

Mike Tidwell, director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, released the following statement in response:

“This is a disappointing day for the nation’s capital. If these wholly inadequate changes are agreed to, the result will be the same. While Mayor Bowser and Exelon lobbyists celebrate, DC residents will brace for big rate hikes and new roadblocks to...


Vandana Shiva: Make Monsanto Pay EcoWatch


Monsanto’s ruthlessness is central to the crisis Indian farmers are facing. Farmers leveraged their land holdings to...


Analysis: EU Decision Process Hinders Use of Genetically Modified Trees Global Justice Ecology Project

By Anne Petermann  In this confused little piece, GE tree researchers in the EU arguing for more lax regulations on GE trees also point out why more stringent requirements are needed. The article point outs, for example, that... Read More

The post Analysis: EU Decision Process Hinders Use of Genetically Modified Trees appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


New GM banana bound for Uganda set for human testing at Iowa State


Bananas are a part of Uganda’s social and cultural fabric and supply an estimated 30 percent of daily calories. (Photo credit: Sunisa Kanchanasuwan via Flickr / Creative Commons)


Originally published by Free Speech Radio News, republished under Creative Commons License.

 You may wonder what protesters clad in banana costumes have to do with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But then you may not be up on a multi-continental GMO banana experiment funded by the foundation whose stated goal is to reduce Vitamin A deficiency in Uganda. The FDA doesn’t require clinical trials for genetically modified food stuffs, but scientists developing the GM banana want to see just how effectively the human body can derive the vitamin from their banana.


Trade Rules Trump Climate Action: U.S. Blocks India’s Ambitious Solar Plans EcoWatch


India has been told that it cannot go ahead as planned with its ambitious plan to...


FIRE-EARTH Submissions: Cases 13700 – 14200 Fire Earth

CJ Members Cases 13700 – 14200 This session will be broadcast on Ch-10 starting Friday,  February 26, 2016 at 16:00UTC.  Filed under: News Alert Tagged: 26 Feb 2016, Cases 13700 - 14200, CJ Members, FIRE-EARTH Submissions


World’s Carbon Budget Is Only Half as Big as Thought EcoWatch


Climate scientists have bad news for governments, energy companies and...


David Suzuki: We Must Save the Honeybees and Here’s How You Can Help EcoWatch


About three-quarters of flowering plants and more than a third of food crops worldwide depend on...


SeaWorld Admits Using Employees to Spy on Animal Rights Activists Earth First! Newswire

from Common Dreams


SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby has for the first time admitted that the company’s workers have posed as animal rights activists to spy on critics of the park’s treatment of captive marine creatures.

Manby made the admission during an investor relations call on Thursday, saying, according to the Orlando Sentinel, that the company’s board has “directed management to end the practice in which certain employees posed as animal-welfare activists. This activity was undertaken in connection with efforts to maintain the safety and security of employees, customers and animals in the face of credible threats.”

His statement was also posted online.



Colombia: 400 Mining Licenses Cancelled to Protect “Páramo” Earth First! Newswire

from Contagio Radio

translated by Earth First! Journal

paramoThe [Colombian] Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the Alternative Democratic Pole members who sued the National Development Plan for having allowed permanent mining licenses in páramo areas [high, treeless plateaus; moors; tundras]. The challenge now, for the State and specifically for the Ministry of Environment, will be to implement this decision by removing 400 mining licenses.

This year, the Ministry of Environment announced that it will begin the process of delineating the páramo zones so that the Ministry is forced to take into account social and environmental conflicts, as well as the opinions of communities who have a relationship to the ecosystem, in a manner that guarantees the protection of the páramo, explained the lawyer Natalia Gómez, of the...


Why a Rockefeller Donated $400,000 in Exxon Shares to Nonprofits Fighting Climate Denial EcoWatch


Neva Rockefeller Goodwin recently decided to gift her Exxon shares to nonprofits so the proceeds can be used to...


Germany: Nine Cars Burnt in Mulheim by Wildfire Cell – ALF/ELF/FAI Earth First! Newswire

from 325

cars burning 1

In the early hours of February 14th, we set fire to the urban-cemetary of Mulheim An Der Ruhr, burning nine cars by placing home made incendiary devices on the tires. To us all cars are equally disgusting and toxic machines of the techno-industrial system, so we burn them indiscriminately, choosing not to limit ourselves to targeting some abstract definition of “luxury” cars.

This attack was an act of vengeance for all the nonhuman comrades crushed on the roads of human “progress”, and whose lives and homes are destroyed every day to produce cars for the smooth functioning of society and the accumulation of power to the hands of the corporations destroying our home, the natural environment.

We chose to act one day before the original date of the court case for the attempted escape of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Imprisoned Members Cell, to stand with them until all prisons are ashes and ruins, and all human and nonhuman comrades are free.

We also send our greetings, love and rage to Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, whose court trial has been set for the 8th, 9th and 10th of March for the bombing of two churches in Spain.

This is a gesture of complicity in the war for total liberation.

Onward with the violent rejection of civilization and its values.



Al Gore: 3 Questions We Have to Answer About Climate Change EcoWatch


Watch Al Gore's TED Talk where he discusses the powerful shift that is...


Iceland’s Fin Whale Hunt Cancelled for 2016 Earth First! Newswire

by Willie Mackenzie / EcoWatch

 Photo credit: Joerg Modrow / Greenpeace

Photo credit: Joerg Modrow / Greenpeace

This article was reposted with permission from EcoWatch

Great news. Word today from colleagues in Iceland and now reports in both Icelandic and English-language media confirm that the planned hunt for fin whales will not happen this summer. The man behind that whaling is claiming that he’s stopping because of “hindrances” in exporting the meat. That’s great news for whales and everyone who has been opposing this needless, senseless hunt.

Great news. Word today from colleagues in Iceland and now reports in both Icelandic and...

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Friday, 26 February


Zika, microcephaly, and pesticides: half-truths, hysteria, and vested interests The Ecologist

Those who dare suggest that pesticides might be implicated in Brazil's microcephaly outbreak are being furiously attacked as irrational, nonsense-spouting 'conspiracy theorists', writes Claire Robinson. But the attackers have an uncanny ability to get their own facts in a twist. And among them are writers linked to industries with huge economic interests in the matter.


Climate policy after COP21: Implications for the European forest-based sector Illegal Logging Portal

15 Mar 2016
International Press Centre, Brussels, Belgium

Hosted by Elisabeth Köstinger, MEP and chaired by Göran Persson, ThinkForest president. Keynote speakers include: Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Finland. The Climate policy after COP21: Implications for the European forest-based sector aims to ask:

  • What do the Paris COP21 decisions mean for the European forest-based sector?
  • What happens next in EU climate policy?
  • What role will forest sinks, carbon mitigation and carbon storage play in the 2030 climate and energy framework?
  • From Science to Policy: what new issues should be considered?

See the full programme and speaker detailsRegister now! Registration will close 7 March.

Please note the change in venue: the event will be held at the International Press Centre, Brussels from 13.30-17.00.

More information

If you have any questions about events, please contact Ulla Vänttinen, European Forest...


Racial Fascism exposed Head Space

Black Lives Matter members display appropriate uniforms As for restitution and white privileged guilt… Amazing Fact About the Negro No. 1: How many Africans were taken to the United States during the entire history of the slave trade? The most comprehensive analysis of shipping records over the course of the slave trade is the Trans-Atlantic […]

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Tuesday, 23 February


Brazil’s new Forest Code: A guide for decision-makers in supply chains and governments Illegal Logging Portal

The Forest Code in Brazil is a piece of legislation on land management that legally requires that landowners in the Brazilian Amazon should permanently maintain a proportion of the land (80%) as forest. It was passed in 1965 but with little implementation until it was revised in 2012. Since then new legal instruments have been introduced which should lead to better environmental management and land use planning in Brazil including the reforestation, restoration or offset of historically illegally deforested areas.

Produced by WWF-Brazil, this guide provides an overview of the updated Forest Code in Brazil and gives recommendations for decision makers in supply chain companies, financial institutions and Governments on how to take action to implement and ensure compliance to the Forest Code. It is particularly important for those in the supply chain who promote, regulate, produce, consume, export or import Brazilian agricultural and forest commodities.

This guide is designed for investors, businesses, governments, rural agriculture and forestry producers associated with Brazilian agricultural, livestock and forestry commodities. It provides information on the Forest Code law and outlines some recommendations to ensure effective implementation as well as highlighting the need to go beyond this, particularly if we are to achieve zero net deforestation and forest degradation (ZNDD) by 2020.


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Monday, 22 February


The inside story of how Great Bear Rainforest went from a ‘War In The Woods’ to an unprecedented environmental and human rights agreement Illegal Logging Portal

When the final Great Bear Rainforest Agreement was announced earlier this month, it was not only a historic moment in forest conservation but also represented a significant shift in how conservation efforts support human well-being and sustainable economies in local forest communities.

Eighty-five percent of one of the largest remaining tracts of intact temperate rainforest left in the world is now permanently off-limits to industrial logging.

That’s a huge victory for forests as well as for the fight to slow down global warming, given that the ancient trees in the Great Bear Rainforest store a lot of carbon in their towering trunks — as much as 1,000 metric tons per hectare (or about 2.5 acres), according to some estimates.

It’s also great news for the wildlife that call Great Bear Rainforest, including cougars, salmon, wolves, and the Kermode or spirit bear, the subspecies of black bear that can sometimes have a white coat for which the forest is named.

Just as importantly, the agreement enshrines First Nations’ rights as co-decision makers in their traditional territories, along with the provincial government. A number of measures were also agreed to that will protect areas of cultural and ecological significance for First Nations as well as provide a variety of economic opportunities, such as revenue sharing and access to conservation funds.

The agreement was finalized with a formal legislative package announced on February 1, 2016 by the Province of British Columbia together with Coastal First Nations, an alliance of First Nations from B.C.’s North and Central Coast, and Nanwakolas Council, comprised of six First Nations whose traditional territor...

Sunday, 21 February


About Genetically Modified Organisms - english

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an animal, plant or micro-organism that has been modified in the laboratory by adding or subtracting a gene such that a given characteristic—which was not present before—is expressed. The example closest to us is Bt cotton. 

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