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Saturday, 27 February

11:36 Australian Digger writes outstanding letter of concern to Senator Payne "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"


Dear Senator Payne,

I am a seventy year old, Vietnam Veteran with a long standing involvement within the defence industry.  Thus, I believe I can present some credible views as to the  release of the new “White Paper”.  These views, questions and concerns, are common topics of conversation amongst members of an extensive network of ex service personnel: though non service people are increasingly joining our ranks, mostly revealing their deep concerns at the direction this country is being driven.

Senator,  in order to save time and a lengthy diatribe, I shall present the views, questions and concerns in dot point. Hopefully, you shall endeavour to respond, rather than directing this email to be dispensed with by programmed office sycophants.

  • Seventy one years ago, Australians freely gave their lives to prevent a most fearful enemy into this country.  Government of those days, clearly recognised the threat and countered it with the only means at its disposal. Our current Government, is obviously failing to realise the terrible internal threat to this nations security, and in obvious fear of the horror it has itself created, continues to allow the flood of Islamic pseudo refugees into this country, providing food, shelter and funding, all at the expense of needy Australians.  The problems in the ME have all been orchestrated to create an invading army of pseudo refugees. A most brilliant strategy by Islam. Their awareness of the western weakness of blind benevolence, and using this weakness against us, rather leaves our western Governments in the shadows.  Senator, what is the accurate current number of Muslims in this country, and what are the projected figures, extrapolated out to say, ten years???  ......

07:53 Major parties panic, change voting rules as intelligent electors join forces with disenchanted voters "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"


People and the party faithful now are awakening they are being controlled by the major parties who are feeling this serious trend.

With battle lines being drawn in the Senate the major parties are experiencing their power base being dismantled by independent senators out of their control that has forced desperate action for survival at the coming election. Again they shift the goal posts by changing the rules to allow themselves preferential treatment on the senate ballot paper.

Liberal and Labor become allies when their decades of government dictatorship become threatened by the people.

The cross benchers represent people in parliament not party rooms engaging the agendas of big business.

Attracting detrimental comments from the threatened party room machines who control the stream of  intimidating press releases from their spin doctors and fiction story tellers, the cross bench threat to the parties needs to be removed.

“If you play by their rules, you lose”

“Your rules apply on polling day, and they lose”

 Make the most of it.

Will you vote with the SHEEPLE or the PEOPLE ?




Byron Bay Blog: 4th Byron Spirit Festival awakens Mullumbimby April 15 – 17, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Some festivals are designed to get you out of it. At Byron Spirit Festival we get you into it! The program is created to get you into your heart, your consciousness, your body, your mind and your immediate and broader community. It’s a big task. With our first state grant received, and the success of the inaugural Hampton Spirit Festival in New York last year, we’re excitedly preparing an absolute feast of depth experiences for our anniversary.

Now in its fourth incarnation, this local and international event embraces Yoga, Music, Dance, Tantra, Healing, Indigenous insight, along with guided meditations, sound baths, gourmet organic food, and unforgettable celebrations so all can commune and awaken in the most connective means available.

Byron Spirit Festival, the mob that first brought you Nahko and Medicine for the People, is known for breaking new musical acts that connect to heart and spirit. This year’s exceptional line up includes Lulucruza from Colombia/Argentina, Elijah Ray (USA), the inimitable Srikalogy (USA), the Kirtaniyas (USA), the return of world songstress Peia (USA), Vijay Krsna, Wild Marmalade and more.

The Yoga stream features new and returning master teachers such as Louisa Sear, Dena Kingsberg, Daniel Aaron (Bali), Beth Borowsky, Clive Sheridan, Delamay Devi et al. Different genres are well represented, and all levels of practitioners are welcome.

Our indigenous cultural component will be lead by Eshua Bolton, Uncle Magpie and Jarmbi Githabul so that all festival attendees will be tuned in to this land we walk upon.

The worldwide boom in conscious Dance is reflected in the international line up of dance leaders this year. No experience or particular level of fitness is required to experience the bliss of full body expression.

Tigress Yoga, Somatic Sex Education and other cutting edge practices make up our popular Tantra stream featuring experts from Australia and beyond.

Ly de...

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Friday, 26 February


Bellingen area: The hills around Bellingen could burn for a year... "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

NSW Forestry Corporation will log, bulldoze and burn Tarkeeth State Forest. “Residents have been told by Forestry Corporation that waste vegetation would be bulldozed into windrows and burnt over a period of a year or more...Imagine the smoke pollution right across the Valley." (source)

Study indicates 'biomass burning' may play larger role in climate change than previously realized. "Based on aircraft observations, satellite data and models, the findings indicate 'biomass burning' may need to be addressed with future regulations. Following closely after COP21, the results could suggest a need to look at other sources of greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to industrial activities and fossil fuel combustion in industrialized nations." (source)

Smoke - "Globally around 340,000 deaths per year are thought to be attributable to the additional pollution from landscape fires. Ending deforestation by burning would have m...


Melbourne Jeweller: thoughts on ‘Unclasped’ @ Hellenic Museum "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

I’m terribly disappointed that an intense period of (office) work has meant that I’ve not been able to revisit the ‘Unclasped‘ exhibition at The Hellenic museum yet. I’m not able to go next week either … but I wanted to write a few thoughts I’ve had on it: > I was glad to be able […]


Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group: Ocean 12 Welcome to NSW Parliament "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

On Tuesday 23 February Julia Finn MP, member for Granville welcomed the Oceans 12 cricket team to the NSW Parliament. The team is comprised of Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers. They entered and won the Last Man Stands Sydney Sports League competition and went on to win the statewide competition. They are the current Sydney


AWPA Sydney News: AHRC urgent action-INDONESIA: Children and adults die of whooping cough due to government neglect "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

INDONESIA: Children and adults die of whooping cough due to government neglect


Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-FUA-001-2016

February 22, 2016

INDONESIA: Children and adults die of whooping cough due to government neglect
ISSUES: Indigenous People, physical and mental health, remedy 
Dear Friends, 

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to forward an appeal from the Human Rights and Peace for Papua–the Inter...


Autonomous Action Radio: Broadspectrum: out-of-date food/mouldy tents "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Broadspectrum holds the contracts for both of Australia’s offshore detention facilities, on Nauru Island and Manus Island.

Recently they changed their name from Tran field due to the controversy over offshore processing.

It just announced it had tripled its profits, having just posted a statutory profit of $25 million.

Yet men women and children live in mouldy tents on Nauru and the men at Manus are served out-of-date food.




Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Tell a Fairy Tale Day: Wave your Magic Wand with Kindness "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Captain Jack

Once upon a time, a pregnant pig felt her piglets would be coming soon and she wanted desperately to make a big, protective nest for them. But there was nothing to build with and aside from that she could barely move, she was held in place by a metal cage and unable to shift any further than one step forward or back. Instead, all she could do was bite on the restrictive bars in frustration and then, when the time came, give birth on the hard barren floor.

A delicate little piglet opened his eyes to a world of darkness, metal bars and cold slatted floors. His mother tried to nuzzle him, but he was just out of reach. At around a week of age, he heard his brothers and sisters squealing in pain. It was finally his turn and he was grabbed around the head, his teeth were clipped with metal pliers and then he was thrust upside down where his was tail cut off. His distressed mother could do nothing to protect her piglets, but she made a wish and even though she had never seen the sky, her wish fluttered upwards and hung in the air until it was sucked into the supernova of an enchanted star.

Captain Jack

When old enough to be weaned, at around three weeks, the little piglet would have been moved to another shed. This one was even more barren than the last, except for the surplus of other growing pigs he was packed in with. This was no life for a pig – here pigs were converted from curious, intelligent and engaging creatures to shadows of their potential selves. The little piglet would get excited at his favourite time of the day: feeding time. He would spend his days eating and exi......


AWPA Sydney News: 1) West Papua Action Auckland letter to Hon Murray McCully "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Four new orchid species discovered during Lengpuru 2014 expedition, West Papua, Indonesia

1) West Papua Action Auckland letter to Hon Murray McCully

West Papua Action Auckland...

17:10 7000 Syrian refugees will be resettled in NSW "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Churches in Sydneys Northern Beaches suburbs have been targeted in a poster campaign by the Party for Freedom which has garnered public support to keep refugees out of their iconic area.

St Stephens Belrose is one of 30 churches on the northern beaches working with the Settlement Services International (SSI) on a refugee support initiative.

The church asked those wanting to help, to offer low-cost self-contained accommodation for at least three months, help refugees find paid employment or help them become familiar with the Australian way of life.

With many thousands of Australians genuinely out of work in the Sydney district, housing refugees of doubtful origin has fired up Party for Freedom spokesman Nick Folkes

Anglican Minister Michael Aitkin says the church would continue to help the Muslim refugees.

Many of the refugees are Christians seeking safety, Mr Aitkin said. But we welcome Muslims too as Jesus taught us to love our neighbour.

If, despite all the government stringent screening, an extremist does come, the best remedy is to welcome them into an Australian home and to love them.

This Minister epitomises the combined stupidity of the churches, thinking that Muslims with an inherent desire to kill all infidels, will somehow convert to Christianity.

This email more than clarifies the treason practiced by many misguided churches on the northern beaches that have shamelessly committed to the invasion initiative by donating money and paying of rental properties in the area, Mr Folkes said.



2RRR: Sonic Stew "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Monday 29th February

7 – 8pm Sonic Stew
Sonic Stew dusts the jackets off a bunch of records from the Sun Record Label… arguably the birthplace of rock & roll.


the independent: Team Quirk tricking and conning voters: Harding "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

NEWS   Labor’s pick for the city’s top job has labelled Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s use of "pseudo" city council branding in political advertising as a dishonest ploy to trick and con voters. And Rod Harding (pictured) challenged Team Quirk and the LNP to stand on their own records and plans rather than "try and cheat to win votes". "For a political party like the LNP to use the


Ocean Grove Voice: Second breath of life "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


OCEAN Grove double-lung transplant recipient Chris Teece is enjoying his second chance at life.
The 45-year-old has returned to work as a draftsman and running around with his kids at Auskick, tennis, netball and basketball.
“The difference between now and pre-transplant is just amazing,” he said. “I’ve never known anything like it.”
Chris will speak at Lorne this Friday in support of Tour de Transplant.
The 600km tour, along the Great Ocean Road, has raised $99,852 for the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust of Victoria (HLTTV) so far.
HLTTV provides accommodation for transplant recipients and their families, and helped Chris to stay near The Alfred Hospital in the months following his surgery.
This was especially helpful for Chris when suffered a “hiccup” in his recovery and needed medication for infections.
“Being around the corner from The Alfred was sensational,” he said.
Chris was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at the age of five when his younger sister was born, who also had CF. Most of his childhood was spent in and out of hospital.
Despite periods of good health as a teenager, he would still have to go to hospital for weeks at a time for “tune-up”. After finishing high school, university seemed a long way off.
“I didn’t know if I had four or five years,” he said.
“When I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in the 1970s you would be lucky to reach early or mid-twenties.”
He lost his little sister to CF in 2000, when she was only 25, after she had a transplant in 1996.
“I guess that was in the back of my mind when I eventually went for my transplant – I wasn’t very confident,” he said.
By his mid-thirties, Chris’s lung function gradually decreased to about 38 per cent and was put on 24/7 oxygen at home.
He was in hospital in late 2012 and in May 2013 Chris began assessment for transplant, which involved numerous tests.
He was too unwel...


Ocean Grove Voice: Harriet leads the way in leadership "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

FIVE-time Pier to Pub winner Harriet Brown will attend a Life Saving Victoria session aimed at females staying in lifesaving at Ocean Grove SLSC this week.
The 25-year-old former competitor with Ocean Grove SLSC, who resides on the Gold Coast, will be a keynote speaker at the 14th session of the Female Leadership network on Thursday 3 March.
The session dubbed ‘Active Living and Healthy Lifestyle’ will run from 5pm to 9pm, supported by Greater City of Geelong and the LSV Female Leadership Network, invite females aged 16+ to attend the session.
Brown is an elite surf ironwoman, ocean swimmer, exercise physiologist, pilates instructor and speaker.
She was a top young pool swimmer who was drawn to the beach at Ocean Grove by her elder sister Alexandra. Brown began her career in the surf at Ocean Grove SLSC.
The former Geelong based local currently competes for Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club on the Gold Coast.
Voice sports reporter Mark Heenan (MH) spoke with Harriet Brown (HB) ahead of her visit to Ocean Grove SLSC this week.

(MH) Thanks for Harriet for interview. What is the purpose of your visit to Ocean Grove SLSC this week?

(HB) “This week’s visit is a female leadership network and to promote females within lifesaving and surf lifesaving in active and healthy living and leadership.”

(MH) What are the main reasons why you are targeting 16+ aged females to attend?

(HB) “It is hard as females as you get older as a female to stay involved in sport. There are a lot of females dropping out of sport to pursue other things and there is that responsibility to be there as a role model for women in sport to promote active and healthy living. In surf lifesaving there is a dropout rate of females and males as well. To try and improve that and to continue the participation rate in females is a big thing in sport.”

(MH) Your connection to Ocean Grove SLSC goes back a while with your nipper days at the...


Ocean Grove Voice: Local surfers compete at Phillip Island "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Compiled by Stephanie Asher

THE sky was the limit for young Ocean Grove local surfers in tough conditions at Phillip Island at the second Victorian Junior Series competition last month.
Ocean Grove teenager Emma Walker was the standout surfer after finishing third in the Under 18 girls’ division across two days of competition on 20-21 February.
The wild and changing rips meant surfers were advised to cut their losses at certain points, to catch the wave in, run around on the sand to the rip point and go back out.
Many surf-savvy youngsters made the most of their fitness, took the on-shore run in their stride and made the most of the strong rip currents to get out and find a better ride to add to their point score.
Under 14 Ocean Grove competitors, Bohdie Williams and Charlie Mahoney both placed second in their heats during competition on Saturday, 20 February.
Older brothers Arkie Williams and Harry Mahoney from Ocean Grove showed great creativity and good form against strong competition.
Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club nipper Ellie Harrison finished fourth overall in the Under 14 girls’ competition.
THE third and final round of the Victorian Junior Series will be held at Jan Juc on 16-17 April.

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Ocean Grove Voice: Busking like they mean it "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


OCEAN Grove teenager Noah Hodgson and his band “The Last Man on the Moon” are getting excited for this month’s Bellarine Busking Competition.
“It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this,” said the Christian College student.
“We are just keen to get out there and play.”
Noah sings and plays lead guitar for the band, and is joined by fellow local secondary students Ben Scott on bass and Heath Robertson on drums.
“Myself and Ben have been family friends forever and we’ve known Heath for ages,” Noah said.
“We just thought we’d throw the band together.”
Each of the band members has played for different groups, but Noah said he enjoyed playing with his friends most.
They’ve written several original songs together and Noah described the band’s sound as “somewhere between the Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys”.
Like many musicians their age, they’re looking to record their first EP. Noah said the competition could be a good step.
“I just love the feeling of being up there playing in front of people,” he said.
“Especially my music – it’s the experience of sharing it with other people.”
Noah is hoping to study a Bachelor of Music after he finishes Year 12 and dreams of entering the music industry one day.
“I’m not sure where but just somewhere in the industry is what I want,” he said.
The Bellarine Busking Competition begins at 9am on 13 March at the Point Lonsdale Bowling Club.

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Ocean Grove Voice: 50 years for the birdies "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

OCEAN Grove Golf Club president Collin Stephens thanked Geelong Council and local councillor Jan Farrell last week, for approving a 50-year lease.
Mr Stephens said the club originally approached the council to purchase the land under its clubhouse to secure its future.
This was not accepted but council negotiated a 50-year lease with the club last month.
Mr Stephens said the club started many years ago as a make-shift course on a tip with some funding from the council.
“Over the years the club has put some millions of dollars back into the course and clubhouse,” he said.
“Neither council nor the community have to pay anything for our club due to our wonderful volunteers, who have worked so hard over the years.”
It was a welcome decision for the club, which needed a loan for planned renovations to the course, including bridge and water strategy works.
“Because we are self-funded – unlike some of the other council courses – we found ourselves in a vulnerable situation,” he said.
“This 50-year lease will allow us to do that work with a loan that has a realistic period that we can repay.”
Cr Farrell said the future of the Ocean Grove Golf Club was significantly clearer following council’s decision.
She was thrilled for the club’s management and said they could now concentrate on planning course facilities.
“The Ocean Grove Golf Club is situated in a unique and stunning location next to the river,” she said.
“The new lease secures the location and means the club can become a real drawcard for our region.”

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Ocean Grove Voice: It’s so berry, berry good "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


WALLINGTON Primary School students have been busy sewing, crafting and creating strawberry themed-goods for the 32nd Wallington Strawberry Fair this Sunday.
The goods will be on display at the all-new Wallington Kids Crafts stall, and parents have been equally busy, making gourmet strawberry jam.
Fair committee member Tracey Frigo said the school would host a record 50 market stalls – not including its own.
“This year’s fair offers rides, excellent food, live performances, sporting displays, pony rides, and of course strawberries galore!” she said.
Wallington’s own Bellarine Bears Baseball Club will pitch some balls, and local clubs will put on demonstrations including karate, calisthenics, dog obedience, drumming and juggling.
The fair will feature the Indy-folk music of Bellarine teenager Jamie Pye and talented Wallington Primary music teacher, Tayla Haigh.
Bellarine music stalwarts Andrea Robertson and Elandel will also perform, as will Dazzling Dan the Magic Man.
“Our spectacular Grand Auction will be conducted by the indomitable Ken Drysdale – from Elders Real Estate – a long-time supporter of the fair,” said Tracey.
“He always concludes his auction with a traditional three cheers for the best little primary school in the world.”
This Saturday Wallington will families gather for the traditional strawberry hulling day – gathering strawberries for pavlovas, scones, strawberries and cream, and chocolate dipping.

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Ocean Grove Voice: What a way to relax "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

WHAT’S not to love about St Leonards?
In a world that’s spinning at ever increasing speeds, the gorgeous coastal hamlet of St Leonards takes you back to simpler times – sand, sea, a smile in the street – completely devoid of the hustle and bustle that tends to dominate our lives, it is a relative oasis of what we once took for granted.
Visit St Leonards and you feel young again – or it’s a town where childhood memories will be made.
Whether relaxing with a drink in the St Leonards Hotel, sipping coffee with friends at one of the eateries on the shopping strip, taking the boat out for a day on the bay, building sand castles, splashing in the ocean or going for a walk on the beach, St Leonards is a town designed for a much desired laid-back lifestyle – and some are even lucky enough to live there.
During summer, the expansive camping grounds along the St Leonards/Indented Head shoreline make it a haven for holidaymakers.
Campers arrive in droves with caravans and tents at the ready, preparing themselves to do as little as possible for as long as possible.
Beach cricket, swimming off the pier, fishing until dusk, playing tennis, laying on a towel reading a book, licking a lemonade icy-pole, cracking a beer – coastal leisure personified.
Due to its timeless appeal, St Leonards became well known as one of the backdrops for the hit ABC television series Seachange; the most recognisable inclusion being the ‘local pub’ which boasts a magnificent beer garden with views of the bay and local pier … maybe pretend you are ‘Diver Dan’ for a while …
The towns have excellent sporting amenities such as a golf course, tennis club, bowling club and yacht club. The St Leonards Yacht Club and Motor Squadron is located on Lower Bluff Road with its members regularly competing in local races.
St Leonards Golf Club on Blanche Street boasts 18 holes lined with tea-trees and gums.
St Leona...

15:33 ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE IN GERMANY "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Citizens Want “Refugees” Gunned Down At Borders


Enough is enough! German citizens are witnessing the fast-track decline of their nation. Does America need to look any further than Germany to see that bringing in hundreds of thousands (in Germany’s case millions) of Muslim men from countries who have no interest in assimilating in the Western world, is a serious threat to its citizens?  Liberal open-border policies that have been put forth by Angel Merkel and other progressives in power have clearly put their citizens in grave danger. 

OVER one-in-four Germans say they back a policy to open fire on unwanted illegal refugees at their borders.

Watch massive brawl break out in refugee camp over torn Quran:

The Alternative for Germany (AFD) party leader Frauke Petry caused a storm a week ago when she advocated the right of border police to gun down migrants. But her comments have struck a nerve in a country being pushed to the brink by the crisis with 29 percent of respondents in a weekend poll backing her extremist plan. Via: Express UK



Sunshine Coast Environment Council: Clean Up Australia Day 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

cleanup2016Now in its 26th year, Clean Up Australia Day is still going strong with more than 27.2 million hours devoted towards the environment and over 288,650 tonnes of rubbish collected over the years. What started in 1989 as a community event bringing 40,000 Sydney-siders together to clean the harbour has become a worldwide movement with an estimated 40 million people from 130 countries taking part annually in Clean Up the World.

Australia is leading the way with community-led environmental action, and while we can proudly claim Earth Hour and Clean Up the World movements as our own, we must keep up the hard work! We removed over 3,000 tonnes of rubbish in Queensland alone last year, and the number of volunteers increased by a third from 2014 to 2015… Let’s increase it by 50% this year!

Many of our member groups take part in Clean Up Australia Day each and every year and 2016 is no exception. The support from volunteers at each clean up site is invaluable and we hope to see many of you on the 6th of March working together to keep our beaches, parks and waterways clean, healthy and beautiful.



Ocean Grove Voice: Aussie as apple pie "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


IT’S all apples at Ocean Grove Primary School this week as students prepare for the annual Apple Fair.
The kids have been having fun in the school’s kitchen, cooking apple pies and devouring apple slinkies.
As well as the usual apple-themed food, this year’s fair will feature a wide variety of music to get people moving.
Six-piece collective Junglebeat will play reggae, African jazz and funk, while the Blueliners will perform old-school blues.
They’ll be joined by long-time Bellarine songwriter Andrea and The Apple Fairies.
“The Apple Fairies are a collective of Ocean Grove Primary School parents playing the hits you love,” said fair music co-ordinator Phil Turnour.
“They’ve been a highlight for every fair back to 2010.”
The twilight fair will include the usual kids’ activities and carnival rides, including the Cha Cha, the Cup and Saucer, ponies and inflatables.
Also getting the students excited are posters around the school asking “Who’s Pip?”
“They’ll just have to wait until the fair to find out,” said fair organiser and teacher Em Kaiser.
The Fair starts at 4pm on 11 March.

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Ocean Grove Voice: Jeff’s the wheel deal "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


JEFF Shiels will don the lycra for the Wally Wheelers in the annual MS Melbourne Cycle on Sunday.
The Ocean Grover is riding for a cause – good mate David Muller, who has multiple sclerosis – for the playfully named Wallington-based team.
The event is in its 10th year in support of MS, which is the most common neurological disease in young adults, typically affecting people between the ages of 20 and 40, with three-quarters of those affected being female.
This is Jeff’s third crack at the ride, which bills itself as a fun family event. “The idea of the ride is a fun family event, not a race,” Jeff said.
“The event has changed over time. Last year they had it in April and we absolutely froze so they moved it forward.”
The Wally Wheelers team will be kitted out in specially made shirts from White Cross Independent Lifestyle Solutions.
In his first year Jeff raised around $300 and last year he upped it to $700. So far this time around he is sitting at around $1000. The ride winds its way over the West Gate Bridge and around Flemington Racecourse.
“I get to enjoy a good ride and get to go over the West Gate and test out the legs on the upward and cruise on the downward,” he said.
“It’s not only a good ride, but a good location.”
Local David Muller, a keen cyclist himself, won’t be able to compete in the event due to his MS and will be there to cheer on the Wally Wheelers.
His 70-year-old uncle is coming all the way from Canada to take part.
“He’s one of those people who has it (MS), but doesn’t let anyone know about it and just gets on with life,” Jeff said.
“It’s great that we can do a joyride and support a great cause and work towards a solution for it.”
Jeff has been training for the event by competing in the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race and did a 50km round-trip to Torquay last weekend. “Each year we are amazed at how much generosity people have,”...


Ocean Grove Voice: Mervin wins triathlon "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"


OCEAN Grove local Georgie Mervin said it was a nice surprise to be the first ever female winner of last month’s inaugural Barwon Heads’ triathlon.
“It was a bit of fun and bit of a surprise,” Mervin told the Voice.
“I was just there (to compete) and re-motivate and have fun.”
The mother-of-two who works as a nurse competed in the 40-49 age group, finished in a time of 53 minutes on Sunday 21 February.
Mervin, who has a strong running background, said she had worked on her swimming and bike riding legs to help achieve good results in triathlon competitions.
Former St Albans GFL footballer, Kirby Bourke won the men’s race in 43:50.
Georgie is the wife of multiple Ocean Grove Football Club senior premiership player Greg Mervin.

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Refugee Action Coalition: Almost 300 more asylum seekers join PNG constitutional challenge to Manus detention "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

PNG lawyer, Ben Lomai, will today (Friday, 26 February) file another 287 submissions from Manus Island asylum seekers to join them to a PNG Supreme Court constitutional challenge to the Manus Island detention centre and the denial of their human rights.

This second tranche of submissions takes the total number of asylum seekers joined to the case to around 600.

A third tranche is expected to be filed in March and will effectively mean all of the asylum seekers will be a party to the action to enforce their rights under the PNG constitution.

Besides the constitutionality of the agreement to establish the detention centre, asylum seekers are seeking orders regarding their imprisonment without charge; being denied access to lawyers; denied due legal process; subjected to abuse and torture, etc.

A ‘status conference’ on Monday 29 February in Port Moresby is expected to set a date for the Supreme Court hearing of the challenge.

The constitutionality of the Memorandum of Understanding between PNG and Australia, that initially established the detention centre, is also being considered by the Supreme Court in a matter brought by the Opposition leader Beldan Nemah.

A decision in that matter is expected to be handed down very soon.

The PNG Constitutional Challenge has drawn a lot of attention in light of the recent Australian High Court decision finding that offshore detention on Nauru was legal under Australian law. That decision also affected 34 asylum seekers from Manus Island who were attached to the case.

In the aftermath of the Australian High Court finding, a “Let Them Stay” campaign is demanding that the Turnbull government allow all 267 asylum seekers attached to that court case be allowed to remain in Australia.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

The post Almost 300 more asylum seekers join PNG constitutional ch...


The Vociferous Journalist: Greens support Qld Premier’s vote to #LetThemStay "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Queensland Greens have expressed support for the Premier’s offer of support and assistance to asylum seekers currently in the Queensland community. Greens spokesperson Andrew Bartlett says Annastacia Palaszczuk is right to say that these people deserve our compassion and support.


Black Mark: Citizen Sunfigo "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Sunfigo emailed me.

For years I have wondered about Sunfigo’s art. The first work that I saw in 2012 was the Banksy Little Diver tribute was such a masterpiece, a tribute not just to Banksy but to that era of Melbourne’s street art. Since then I have been looking for more. I have been rewarded by a rich variety of experiments in media, image and message.

Sunfigo Banksy tribute

Sunfigo wanted to have an exhibition.

I tried to help but unfortunately I am amongst the least powerful people in Melbourne’s art world. I am just this blogger, part-time artist writer. I don’t have much money because I write about art, mostly for free in this blog. I don’t have an art gallery, nor as it turns out do I have much influence with anyone with a gallery, after these eight years of blogging. I kept on asking people but I wasn’t making any progress.

I wasn’t making any progress on gleaming any details about Sunfigo from my exchange of emails. I mean nothing; you will notice that I am avoiding pronouns in this post. In the emails Sunfigo was always “Sunfigo”.



Zedlines: Sexual abuse survivors fly to Rome to hear George Pell face royal commission and more 10AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

No convictions for illegal land clearing in past year.

Illegal land clearing prosecutions by the Queensland Government have not resulted in a single recorded conviction in the past twelve months.

Figures obtained by the ABC show there has only been one successful prosecution in the past year despite more than 200 complaints.

Ending large scale clearing was a major election promise by Annastacia Palaszczuk, and the government now faces criticism for failing to stop the practice.


the independent: A cowardly silence: it's what we're used to "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

NEWS LNP state director Lincoln Folo has failed to answer questions from The Independent over the ongoing use of a copycat council cleat by Team Quirk candidates. This paper believes its readers would regard as fair and reasonable the questions put to Mr Folo as the person who authorises election material carrying the copycat council cleat. The questions are similar to ones Lord Mayor Graham


Great Ocean Road Coast Blog: Photographer captures the spirit of volunteering "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Professional photographer Ferne Millen recently captured the breathtaking and iconic GORCC managed coastline in a series of stunning photographs.

The photos feature some of the dedicated volunteer groups who work tirelessly along the picturesque coast to protect the natural environment.

The spirit of volunteering and the importance of the protection of the natural environment is encapsulated throughout the series of photos taken last year.

Below is a gallery which includes some of the many photos featuring our wonderful volunteers.

10_167 ...

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Thursday, 25 February


Byron Bay Blog: Double Barrel Australian Premiere – Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Tickets Sold Out

The official Australian Premiere for the much anticipated Double Barrel Film is here!

The Double Barrel team will be fresh off their Global Premiere Tour of Peru and California, bringing it home to Byron Bay, hosted by Angie Davis, Dustin Hollick, and Rhian Slapp.

A Karma Keg will be tapped, and food catered by HARVEST will be for sale, with all proceeds of the keg and food going to Juntos Por Las Playas Del Norte, a charity project in north Peru run by surfers who are pushing to have the Lobitos marine area protected by national peruvian law.

We also are stoked to have musicians who scored some of the Double Barrel soundtrack performing live at the event, including James Greer and Aquila Young, and more artists to be announced.

When: Saturday 27 February
Where: Stone & Wood Brewing, 4 Boronia Place, Byron Bay

Tickets are limited and only very few will be available on the door if they don’t sell out earlier.

Buy tickets here and join the Facebook Event.

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Wednesday, 24 February


Castlemaine Art Gallery: Join Our Team "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"


We are looking for a Relief Receptionist/Administrator to join our team!

What is the Role?

Relief Reception/Administration

Castlemaine Art Gallery & Historical Museum is currently seeking a professional and enthusiastic Receptionist/Administrator to be part of its team. In our Reception area our visitors expect friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff. The successful candidate will be focused on delivering the best possible service and work effectively and harmoniously as part of a team.

This casual position is a relief position to cover staff on leave as well as weekend work.

Reporting to the Director the key responsibilities of the role include:

  • Welcoming visitors on arrival
  • Providing assistance to visitors at any point during their visit
  • Maintain registers and databases for membership sign up and renewal accurately
  • Cashiering and reporting
  • General administrative duties with attention to detail
  • Professional and welcoming telephone manner to internal and external customers as well as conveying accurate messages
  • Project a professional image at all times

To be successful in the role you will possess:

  • Previous experience in a front of house role in an Art Gallery or similar retail environment
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Excellent personal presentation with a high level of communication skills
  • Energy and passion for excellent customer service
  • Proficient computer skills and point of sale
  • A willingness to help and work effectively within a team
  • Current RSA and RCG certificates (or ability to attain)
  • Ability to work across a seven day roster essential

If you believe you have the skills set to cover this casual relief role, please submit your application covering the outline...

Tuesday, 23 February


Ballarat Animal Advocates Association: Next meeting of BAAA "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Next meeting of BAAA

Tuesday 29th March, 2016

Brown Grain Thai Restaurant

212 Sturt St, Ballarat

6pm for dining

7pm for meeting

All welcome

 RSVP via


Ballarat Animal Advocates Association: vegan festival update "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

vegan festival banner 2

The Inaugural Vegan Festival recently held in Ballarat was a great success, with a variety of events held over the week of January 17 - 24.


The week began with "Today I am Voiceless", a global vegan activism campaign to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence.

In Ballarat, this was comprised of a 24 hour vow of silence, incorporating a walk around Lake Wendouree.


tiav2IMG 2289


The vegan cooking demo and lunch, and the vegan high tea, by Cindy of "Bright Life Catering" were two amazing, informative and delicious events held during the festival.

Cindy's food was cruelty free, simple, and sometimes decadent.  It showed that you really dont need animal products to make great food.


IMG 2314IMG 2316IMG 2317IMG 2318IMG 2319IMG 2320


The "wrap party", closing the festival, gave us some fantastic music from talented local musicians, and the guest speaker, Andy Meddick from the Animal Justice Party, gave  an inspiring, intelligent and articulate talk.


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