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Friday, 26 February


Fire Earth: Fiji Forecast "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

FIRE-EARTH Alert  Fiji Forecast broadcast on CH11 today at 14:32 UTC Filed under: News Alert Tagged: Fiji Forecast, Fire-Earth Alert, FIRE-EARTH FORECAST


new illuminati: 9 Ways to Stop Cooperating with the Ruling Elite’s Control System "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Thursday, 25 February


Fire Earth: Crop Disasters Declared in Montana "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Frost, hail and high winds destroy crops in Montana counties The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated four counties in Montana as crop disaster areas due to damages and losses caused by frost, hail and high winds that occurred on July 4, 2015, through July 5, 2015. Those counties are Blaine, Chouteau, Hill and […]


Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research: New book alert - "Bad UFOs." "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi all,

"Both skeptics and "sceptical believers" agree that the UFO field, as it now stands, is filled to the brim with rubbish. The latter group expects that, when the rubbish is cleared away, there will be a signal in the noise, while the former expects that nothing will be left." So writes Robert Sheaffer in the acknowledgements section (p.ix)  of his new, 2016, book titled "Bad UFOs: Critical Thinking About UFO Claims," "made in the USA." San Bernardino, CA, on 06 February 2016." ISBN 978-1519260840.

The book's back cover tells us that "He is a fellow of the well-known Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI, formerly CSICOP) of UFO Sightings (1998), Psychic Vibrations (2011), and has appeared on many radio and TV programs...He is a regular columnist for The Skeptical Inquirer ...His website is and his blog is"
The book covers "big picture" areas of the UFO subject; including sightings, videos and photographs; crashes and retrievals; abductions; conspiracy and "disclosure."
In each of thee areas; Sheaffer describes the subject material, then provides his perspective, based on the evidence he, or others, have gathered.


Fire Earth: M4.0 Shock Shakes Oqulahoma "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

M4.0 quakes strikes 7km SW of Langston, Oklahoma Earthquake Details Magnitude: 4.0Mw Location: 35.898°N, 97.319°W; depth=5.0 km (3.1 mi) Nearby Cities 7km (4mi) SW of Langston, Oklahoma 9km (6mi) ENE of Guthrie, Oklahoma 30km (19mi) NNE of Edmond, Oklahoma 33km (21mi) SW of Stillwater, Oklahoma 50km (31mi) NNE of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Filed under: News […]


The Ecologist: #Heathrow13: the systemic violence of climate change "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Plane Stupid's Heathrow 13 escaped immediate incarceration yesterday for occupying Heathrow's northern runway last summer. But the threat of imprisonment remains firmly in place, writes Ali Tamlit, from a state determined to defend the corporations that are inflicting the systemic violence of climate change on us all. The peaceful fight for a better world must go on.


(We) can do better: To the aged (and soon to be aged) of Australia - Article by Vanda Amandanstone "IndyWatch Feed National"

From the Minister for the Aged:

I need to let you people know that you have had it pretty good so far but you cannot expect things to continue as they are. You Baby Boomers are in fact an impending liability on the country. Having said that (and in a way, I wish I hadn't) you are probably mostly still in the workforce, but think what a drain you will be when you have finished your useful, paid, working life. I warn you that you will all need to pull in your belts, in the interest of Team Australia (pardon the expression but it is so very suitable in this context!)

Necessary reality check

There are the three areas where the expectations built up over your working lives will need to undergo a reality check.

1. Aged Pension

The first is superannuation. You thought that superannuation was a good way to save for your retirement and you have been saving in this way for at least two decades. Well, in fact, this has been very selfish of you as putting money away for 30 years (instead of using it for holidays or to buy a house) has given you a tax break. So although you are saving for your own retirement so as not to be on an Age Pension when you retire, there is no need to feel any satisfaction about this because you have been doing this at the tax payer’s expense! The country cannot afford this rort that you have been willingly participating in, thinking you have been doing the right thing. Your gains need to be clawed back! Just watch this space for what is in store for you,.... you greedy hoarders.

Now we don’t want you on the Age Pension and we don’t want you to accumulate too much money in "super" for your retirement either. At least not with the tax advantage......

20:16 Fiona Barnett and I Are Validated by the Washington Post "IndyWatch Feed National"

There is nothing like getting validation by having someone steal your shit. lol. This article is ALL ABOUT the ranch that Scalia was murdered at- and validates almost everything we said in our article a week or so ago.

The thing is- if they are reporting all of this- chances are- now people are looking for the 13 yr old boy who slit Scalia’s throat. And I just find it interesting that so many people have died at this ranch that John Poindexter can’t give a tally as to how many. What the fuck?

Dave Valentine is the first researcher who broke this information- and word has quickly spread through the survivor community. They won’t be able to hide all of this for very long- esp. since people are now AWARE and LOOKING FOR IT.

It is a bad time to be a child killing pedophile. Seems their days are numbered…


Bill Mitchell – billy blog: The British Monetarist infestation "IndyWatch Feed"

I have been on the search for historical turning points again today. The famous Mitterand austerity turn in 198Z is one of these points. Another, which I will consider today, was the British Labour Prime Minster James Callaghan’s speech to Labour Party Conference held at Blackpool on September 28, 1976 was laced with pro-Monetarist assertions that have been used by many on the Left as being defining points in the decline of the state to run independent domestic policy aimed at maintaining full employment. This is a further instalment of my next book on globalisation and the capacities of the nation-state, which I am working on with Italian journalist Thomas Fazi. We expect to finalise the manuscript in May 2016. Today, I am writing about the background events that turned Britain on to Monetarism. Margaret Thatcher was, in fact, a ‘johnny-come-lately’ in this respect. The British Labour Party were infested with the Monetarist virus in the late 1960s and Callaghan’s 1976 Speech just consolidated what had been happening over the decade prior. Further, it was not the oil crisis in the early 1970s that provided the open door for governments to reject Keynesian policy. In Britain, the Treasury and Bank of England were captivated by the ideas of Milton Friedman some years prior to the OPEC price push.

To understand how Callaghan’s Speech has been viewed over the decades, we only have to read a relatively recent article written by Liam Halligan in the UK Telegraph (August 18, 2012) – A message from the 1970s on state spending – which considered Callaghan’s speech to be “among the most important uttered in the history of modern British politics”.

The Telegraph...


Catallaxy Files: Negative gearing "IndyWatch Feed"

As promised my paper on negative gearing has come out.

Low and middle income earners benefit most from negative gearing. To abolish negative gearing would make investment more difficult for low and middle income earners.

80 per cent of Australians who utilise negative gearing have an income of under $150,000, and the median income of Australians negatively geared is $88,751.

Changing negative gearing will make it more difficult for these Australians to provide for themselves in retirement.

Negative gearing is not distorting the Australian taxation system – it reflects efforts to make the tax system neutral across asset classes.

The Labor Party’s proposal would result in barriers to entry for those who would be forced to buy new expensive housing stock instead of potentially cheaper existing housing stock.

The Coalition’s policy to reduce “excessive” negative gearing is contrary to their philosophy of encouraging investment.

It got a very nice write up in the Australian this morning.

“These findings fly in the face of the class-war rhetoric that has so far dominated the case of removing negative gearing and abandoning tax neutrality, one of our tax system’s greatest strengths,” said Sinclair Davidson, who wrote the report. “Negative gearing is not merely a plaything of the rich.”

The interesting thing is that I did a robustness test using the ATO 2% file that allowed me to calculate a gross total income figure (including revenue from negative gearing and not net income from negative gearing) and that analysis showed that 80%...


Indian Country Headline News: Dahkota Kicking Bear Brown, 17, Youngest White House Indian Education Advisor Ever "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

When President Obama announced last Friday that several individuals would be appointed to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education (NACIE), few realized...

The Watchers » Latest articles: Greenland 'Warm Blob' surface water responsible for abrupt climate swings in the last ice age "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

New research shows a "warm blob" of surface water in the Atlantic played a significant role on the wild climate swings in Greenland during the last ice age. Researchers used the foraminifera fossils to compare the changes in the ocean temperature with the...... Read more »


Fire Earth: Fiji Declares a State of Disaster "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

TC WINSTON kills 48, leaves 45,245 displaced Category 5, Severe Tropical Cyclone WINSTON struck the island nation of Fiji on 20 and 21 February  cutting a path of destruction across the country. Summary from NDMO SITREP NO. 26 • The cyclone is estimated to be the most severe ever to hit Fiji, and probably the […]


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: Divorce Can Be challenging-- Get The truths prior To Proceeding "IndyWatch Feed National"

One reaction to divorce cases could be to hang around with friends and pour down with alcohol and try to gather as much fun as possible from your surroundings and try to keep yourself from thinking about the divorce. It is generally not the easiest of process to get separated. Comparatively marriage is an easier process compared to divorce. It is always after marriage that people realize that they had made the wrong choice of a wrong life partner and that is exactly when they want to separate their ways and fall apart from the relation of husband and wife. To get divorce you need to file a case in court and if you do not know any lawyer of anyone in the legal field it is most likely that you will have to hire an Austin Divorce Attorney. This could be taken as a therapy for some, but on other terms, it can get you in deeper trouble. When a person is filing for a divorce case, DUI charges can have devastating effects.

The charges of the Austin Divorce Attorney lawyers are comparatively low as their requirement and demand in the market is also low. The best way in which you can find a good divorce lawyer at a really reasonable price in the market is to go through various case files. They may charge you a certain amount of money but that is worth the service that they provide you in your divorce proceedings. They are the ones who do all the running and keep you informed and up to date about what's going on in the court. They will facilitate conditions on your behalf so that you can be at peace of mind and await the news that you desire to hear from them. They may as well provide you with valuable advice on many other matters that may be legal in nature.

Unless you are extrem...


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: the Best Ways To select The Right lawyer In San Diego "IndyWatch Feed National"

1. Does your cheap divorce lawyer, actually have prior experience in your kind of divorce case?Before you begin, you need to assess the type of divorce case you are going to be involved in. Divorce lawyers specialize in different types of cases and you need to choose an attorney who best suits your type of case. Just because you opt for a cheap divorce laywer, doesn't mean you have to settle for one that is incompetent too. You will have to choose between mediating and negotiating your divorce.If you are going to deal with a drag out litigation, then you will not need a mediation lawyer to protect your personal interests. Keep in mind, although you would like find an ideal cheap divorce lawyer due to cost constraints, the reality, you may end up paying a premium price for them to handle your case. Due your own due diliegence and call up the law office to find out the kind of cases he deals in.2. What are your fees?Most of the divorce lawyers will charge an hourly rate depending on their experience and other factors such as the town the Court is situated in. When hiring a cheap divorce lawyer, you should get a contract that states his fees and when he should be paid. Few of them charge a flat fee which implies a set amount of money irrespective of how many hours they work on the case.Lawyer fees can be negotiable, even so called cheap divorce lawyers.3. Will other attorneys in your firm be working on the case?You may want to know the basic arrangement if multiple lawyers are going to be dealing with your case. The reason for that, is because adding on additional lawyers, can easily increase the cost significantly. Just because you want and need a cheap divorce lawyer, doesn't mean yo...


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: What Schools Near San Francisco Supply A Hospitality Management Degree? "IndyWatch Feed National"

gcse pe leisure and recreation powerpointTo keep and improve the function of Crystal Palace Park as a principal strategic park for south-east London and to recognise its value as open parkland and as an crucial cultural, recreational and sporting asset.

Created by the American Economic Association, EconLit is the principal study tool in economics: financial improvement, forecasting, and history fiscal and monetary theory business and public finance international, wellness care, regional and urban economics, and a lot more. It provides bibliographic citations, with selected abstracts, of journal articles, books, dissertations and working papers, articles in collective functions, conference proceedings, collected essay volumes and full text book testimonials.leisure recreation tourism cab direct

Recreational time for me has normally incorporated the beauty of the outdoors. In my twenties I vacationed several times in Colorado, camping and hiking in the southwestern portion of the state. Later I started snow skiing in the winter and taking canoe trips into the Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada....


The Tally Room: Federal electorate map of NSW finalised "IndyWatch Feed"

The AEC has released the final maps for the NSW federal redistribution today, after the decisions were first announced in January.

I had made a Google Earth map of my best estimates of the electoral boundaries in January, and these are largely accurate.

The only spots where I was incorrect were:

  • Hume/Eden-Monaro border
  • Grayndler/Reid
  • Hume/Werriwa
  • Fowler/McMahon

You can download the final map here.


(We) can do better: Cane toads and developers take over Brisbane almost unresisted "IndyWatch Feed National"

I am shocked at the number of cane toads in Brisbane and wonder why the residents of Brisbane have allowed this to happen. Two years ago, in Roma Street Parklands (an exotic garden with high-rises towering at one end) I saw a cane toad riding a water dragon. A small group of bystanders gasped in horror. The pink toad, with its robust thighs and humanoid arms, looked like a naked imp in an Hieronymous Bosh Judgement Day. Obviously it was attempting to copulate with the lizard, in an ecologically blasphemous act. But Brisbane is an ecologically blasphemous state in an ecologically insulted Australia. What does it tell us about the progress paradigm to have to live with a constant plague of ugly flesh-pink toads like helpless Biblical Egyptians?

Back in Brisbane for a while

We used to have a lot of articles from Queensland on That is because the person who built, James Sinnamon, lived, networked and campaigned politically there. Due to a severe injury when his bicycle collided with a car, he now lives in Melbourne. However he still has to travel to Brisbane from time to time and we are down here on business again. The dogs are with us this time. They are becoming grey nomads.

From Melbourne to Brisbane we drove down or up or round (depending on your orientation) via the Newell Hwy and sadly saw nearly 50 kangaroo corpses and only two live kangaroos on the way. We also encountered a herd of cattle grazing the long paddock with only a temporary sign warning us 'Cattle on Road', yet no-one had skittled them. It was a long time since I had met c...


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: offering your Very Own House "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cases of mortgage fraud are increasing across Pakistan, posing a potential threat to Pakistan real estate sector, affecting its financial growth as well as making property transactions an increasingly risky process for novice buyers. It has become a common practice of so-called professional experts who 'advise' borrowers to hedge a little here and puff a little there while applying for mortgage loan. Let's review what mortgage frauds really are and how to avoid them.

Nature of Mortgage Frauds

Most of the time, consumers in Pakistan unknowingly commit mortgage fraud because they lack information about the nature of mortgage loan frauds. Be it a bank or a financial institution, if borrowers provide them false or inaccurate information in mortgage loan application, they commit fraud against the lender.

In some cases, the borrowers are kept completely unaware of the loan process and the appointed person commits fraud without bringing it in borrowers' knowledge and thus causing them substantial loss. For instance, you commit mortgage fraud when you flip property without the lender's permission, use fake identities to purchase property in Pakistan, show false equities or lie about your income.

Following pointers will help you avoid committing mortgage fraud.

How sellers can protect themselves against mortgage frauds?

In order to make sure that nobody drags you into a mortgage fraud, you must carry out a check to find out if your real estate agent is a felon! Before relying on any property seller from Karachi, Islamabad or Lahore real estate, do not forget to ask for his references, see if he is a reliable dealer and enjoys a good reputation in the marke...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Motorcyclist killed in Murwillumbah crash "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A male motorcyclist has been killed after the bike he was riding collided with a car near the intersection of Tweed Valley Way and Stokers Road, near Murwillumbah, at about 10.20am this morning (Thursday, February 25).

No other injuries were reported.

As a result of the accident Tweed Valley Way was closed for much of the day.

According to the LiveTraffic website, travelling conditions are returning to normal after earlier delays.

Kingscliff pool closed

Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre Kingscliff closed for the day after electricity supplies to the complex were disrupted by the accident.

TRAC aquatic facilities supervisor Glenn Nott said the power cut disrupted the pool filtration system.

‘We apologise for the inconvenience but we can’t have members of the public using the pools while the filtration system isn’t operating,” Mr Nott said.

‘We’re hopeful electricity supplies will be restored in time for Kingscliff TRAC to reopen tomorrow morning at 5.30am.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

The post Motorcyclist killed in Murwillumbah crash appeared first on Echonetdaily.


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: exactly What Makes crowds My Online Business approach Different "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is not a program regarding fancy sales pages, brainless buzz, comical distractions or hundreds of artificial reviews. This program does not guarantee that you could obtain abundant off a formality or off a market that's undiscovered. Honestly, this is a rewarding business but it's a competitive one just the exact same. Only real pioneers and also difficult workers could make huge money. In order to be one of them you have to have a complete understanding of the system. You have to recognize the basics in addition to the technical elements of beginning your very own company.

Otherwaysto makerenovationsconsist of taking little unsecured financingsbent onassistremove executive managementinterim management some debtand sodevelop the lowcredit historybecausemethod. This takes a while to be efficient, with perhaps 4 or 5 payday loansneeded over a period of 6 or 8 months.

While an excellent wealth production approach could possibly do marvels for the working lesson in regards to retiring at old age, it could possibly do more to relocate that age up substantially, to make sure that even more of life can be appreciated in the more youthful years. Wealth development leave approaches are not only for the retiring, they are for all which would wish to leave the working globe and delight in even more control over their life.

Using company interim management executives - simply click the next document - software program is not a brand-new idea. There have actually been various software application items which have been in use given that the 1980s, in order to aid companies manage their compan...


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: Becoming An Interim administration Executive "IndyWatch Feed National"

Organization tactic is all regarding constructing a sensible program for sustained firm development, most likely expanding right into new markets or go across marketing to present customers. Adequately skilled elderly execs are inclined to have clear views of just what their company strategy implies. Quite excellent strategies are not lustrous documentations made to be piled on racks to accumulate dirt, yet fairly to be interacted, carried out as well as checked.

A crucial facet of sales management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is its comprehensive interactions system including email, fax as well as telephone with car feedback as well as synchronization with Outlook. Accessibility to all records and also consumer information is immediately available offline and online and also sales personnel are provided with the capability to answer any consumer query promptly with making use of a laptop or PERSONAL ORGANIZER system. This distant accessibility to all appropriate client information is a prime attribute of sales management with Microsoft Characteristics CRM which not just promotes a high degree of client service and also fulfillment, however likewise job satisfaction to sales workers.

Everything is accelerated when security is supplied as component of the personal financings for bad credit history application. In fact, approval comes to be incredibly most likely when the there is something from which a lender could take payment, in the event that the financing is skipped after. Yet the advantages associate more than just convincing the lender to allow.

Small companies that choose to use tiny business management software soon see the perks of doing so in terms of boos...


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: What Your property representative Knows That You Don't "IndyWatch Feed National"

First time home sellers often make lots of mistakes, but most can be avoided with advance planning and knowledge of what to expect.

Not detaching yourself.

You've decided to sell, so it is time to start thinking of your home as a product, by looking at it from a financial perspective. Put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers, and think about minor changes and improvements that will appeal to their emotional, buying state. Set the stage for people to be able to envision themselves living in the home and making memories for their family, and you'll bring in maximum profit for yourself.

Not getting help.

Selling without an agent is possible, and it will save you 5% to 6% of the sale price of your home. Selling on your own means that you are totally responsible for the sale; taking the calls, answering questions, setting appointments, showing the house, negotiations, and the mountain of paperwork that goes along with a home sale are all tasks you'll need to handle.

A good real estate attorney will be able to offer some guidance through the sale, as well as take care of all the necessary documents. If you feel comfortable showing the house and talking with potential buyers, you may be able to sell by owner with your attorney's assistance.

On the other hand, a chicago il real estate lawyers (just click the following web page) estate agent can help in a number of ways. Setting a competitive price increases the chance that it will quickly sell, and no one knows the market better than someone who works in it each day. Another service agents provide is qualifying customers for you. They know the question...


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: the Best Ways To Find The ideal Divorce attorney In Philadelphia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Riverside County has over 4,000 Riverside County attorneys or Riverside County lawyers registered with the State Bar of California. Some popular cities within Riverside County where Riverside County attorneys may be practicing law are Aguanga, Anza, Banning, Beaumont, Bermuda Dunes, Blythe, Cabazon, Calimesa, Canyon Lake, Cathedral City, Cherry Valley, Chiriaco Summit, Coachella, Corona, Desert Center, Desert Hot Springs, Hemet, Homeland, Idyllwild, Indian Wells, Indio, La Quinta, Lake Elsinore, Mecca, Menifee, Mira Loma, Moreno Valley, Mountain Center, Murrieta, Norco, North Palm Springs, Nuevo, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Perris, Pine Cove, Quail Valley, Rancho Mirage, Riverside, Romoland, Rubidoux, San Jacinto, Sky Valley, Sun City, Temecula, Thermal, Thousand Palms, Wildomar, Winchester, and others. With so many attorneys practicing law in Riverside County California, how do you find the right Riverside County divorce attorney or Riverside County divorce lawyer who can help you with your particular divorce case and/or child custody case?

First, an experienced Riverside County divorce attorney or Riverside County divorce lawyer should have experience and legal expertise in the field of family law. Family law covers a variety of topics such as divorce or dissolution of marriage, paternity, domestic partnerships, child custody and visitation, domestic violence, restraining orders, spousal support, child support, guardianship, adoptions, community property, division of property, and more. Some Riverside County divorce attorneys may specialize or have more experience than others in specific areas of family law. For example, some Riverside County attorneys are certified by the St...


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: Why Is A Houston Family Law lawyer Required "IndyWatch Feed National"

Are you fed up of being taken to court so many times to settle a simple divorce or are you the one who has to pay your frankfort illinois Divorce lawyer lawyer an amount more than you get in your settlement. These issues and complications prove that not just any lawyer can handle divorces and more importantly not any lawyer can handle it well with you getting the maximum alimony in the bargain. Divorce lawyer NY is the answer to all those problems.

Divorce lawyer New York helps you settle your divorce process in an easy and uncomplicated way with you getting the most out of the divorce and that too with not much garbage thrown on each other. The professionalism, the finesse and skill required is not ordinary and someone who has more than 5 years of experience in the relative field would only be able to carry it out in that manner.

At a time when you are emotionally stressed with the trauma of divorce, your lawyer calling you to get minute details of the incident makes you want to get out of all that and run to someplace where no one knows you. This way you will lose all the rights and the money that should have been rightfully and lawfully yours. An easy way to help you out in that time of need is Divorce Lawyer NY. It's a very challenging time for a woman to go through and if there is a child involved a bad lawyer could spoil your life to come. Like it's always said getting married is easy staying married is tough and getting divorced sometimes leads to the death of you.

Divorce lawyer is the best service provider and would do his best to get an out of co...


The Toxic Environment of Child Protection: Helicóptero Policial Casi Choca Con Drones De Juguete "IndyWatch Feed National"

stringLos drones se han transformado a lo largo del año en el aparto electrónico pero anhelado por chicos y por si fuera poco por adultos y es que no solo volar les encanta a los pequeños, porque a los mayores estos artefactos electrónicos les han cautivado, sobre todo por sus oportunidades para crear imágenes grabar vídeos. El Nissan ZEOD RC competirá como partícipe del Garage cincuenta y seis del ACO (Automobile Club de l'Ouest), categoría reservada para turismos con tecnologías renovadoras (que lo hacen a modo de demostración, y no compiten por ganar). Mas este AR Drone dos.0 que hemos probado en Xataka es un juguete tan bien hecho que cuesta resistirse. Yo tengo hecho un proyecto de uno semejante mas con base completa para subir una excavadora mi buggy sin andar adaptando, con unas gomas (por poner un ejemplo de las lechugas la fruta) podeis amarrar la rueda del coche que subais y en mi caso añadi suspension al remolque para hacerlo pero estable en el campo.

Empezado por ToysRus tienen en su inventario libres drones para chicos como el Space Comet por setenta y nueve con noventa y nueve euros el air Hogs por solo 36,99 euros. Este año de dos mil doce la Asociación Alavesa de Miniaturas y Maquetas cumple su 25º Aniversario y, precisamente por ello, queremos rendir un sentido homenaje a nuestro miembro de mayor edad. Hola Jose Maria, tiene pinta que el programador se haya quedado bloqueado, prueba a ir moviéndolo paso a paso a ver si se lúcida.

En el siglo...


Independent Australia: Australia found to have breached the rights of David Hicks "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia found to have breached the rights of David HicksHicks has been treated abominably by both the U.S. and Australia. The UNHRC decision is a measure of vindication for him, reports Sarah Joseph (via The Conversation). read now...


Renew Economy: Paris pact promotes but complicates carbon trading "IndyWatch Feed"

The mishmash nature of national climate pledges made under the Paris agreement is creating fresh complications for the growth of pollution trading.


Catallaxy Files: Guest Post: Zeev Vinokurov – Anti-Corruption Commissions are intrusive and unnecessary "IndyWatch Feed"

Despite recent calls to establish a federal anti-corruption commission and to further empower its Victorian equivalent, IBAC, the fact remains that these commissions unnecessarily violate fundamental civil liberties. Nor do they substantially affect corruption, because public sector corruption is a product of the way government operates.

Anti-corruption commissions differ from police because they can force people to answer self-incriminating questions. Ordinarily, forced confessions are regarded as coercive, unreliable, and evidence of police misconduct. They are inadmissible at trial, so they do not assist in bringing criminals to justice. There is also no evidence that coercing witnesses to answer questions reduces corruption, or that it was necessary to do so in order complete any of the investigations undertaken by any commission. The commissions’ greatest power is not just intrusive but unnecessary.

In addition, because these commissions cannot lay charges, suspects can be left clueless about the case against them. NSW MP Mike Gallacher, for one, has been left in this position for the last 18 months after being accused by the NSW commission, ICAC, of improperly soliciting donations. He is still unable to defend his name.

Presently, Victoria’s anti-corruption commission, IBAC, must be reasonably satisfied that “serious corrupt conduct” has occurred before it can use its powers. It cannot do so if there is not enough evidence or if the allegations are trivial. This prevents law enforcement from engaging in unnecessary harassment.

By contrast, the NSW anti-corruption commission, ICAC, can investigate allegedly corrupt conduct even if it is not reasonably satisfied that it occurred or t...


Prosper Australia: Reform Negative Gearing Now! "IndyWatch Feed"

Are you locked out of the housing market? Do you want to see an end to market distorting subsidies to property investors? Sign the petition! This petition calls for the Federal Government to reform negative gearing NOW! Negative Gearing must be limited to new housing only and in time should be removed entirely. It is time […]


Renew Economy: California says Australia has nothing to fear from more renewables "IndyWatch Feed"

California energy commissioner says world is seeing beginning of the end of fossil fuels, and high renewables will not crash the economy, and they won't cause blackouts.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Far North Coaster Magazine: Power cut closes Kingscliff TRAC for a day "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre Kingscliff will be closed for the rest of today, after a nearby car accident disrupted electricity supplies to the complex.

TRAC Aquatic Facilities Supervisor Glenn Nott said the power cut would disrupt the pool filtration system.

“We apologise for the inconvenience but we can’t have members of the public using the pools while the filtration system isn’t operating,” Mr Nott said.

“We’re hopeful electricity supplies will be restored in time for Kingscliff TRAC to reopen tomorrow morning at 5.30am.

“In the meantime, both the Murwillumbah and Tweed Heads TRAC complexes are open for business today until 7pm.”

Further information is available at or by phoning (02) 6670 2750.


Renew Economy: Infigen sees end to renewables investment drought, market ‘starting to move’ "IndyWatch Feed"

Infigen Energy CEO Miles George says Australia's LGC market now working as intended, to drive investment and meet the LRET.


No Right Turn: Metastasis "IndyWatch Feed"

The first rule of the "war on terror"? You're not allowed to criticise the "war on terror":

A puppet show at an open square in Madrid during Carnival festivities this month featured a policeman who tried to entrap a witch. The puppet officer held up a little sign to falsely accuse her, using a play on words that combined Al Qaeda and ETA, the Basque separatist group.

Angry parents complained, and the real police stepped in. They arrested two puppeteers, who could now face as much as seven years in prison on charges of glorifying terrorism and promoting hatred.

Which you'd think rather proves their point: that anti-terror laws are being used for witch hunts. But they're not the only case. Last year Spanish authorities brought 25 cases under this law - ten times more than they did when Spain faced an actual terror threat from ETA - and convicted nearly everyone. And in this case, they're very obviously doing it not to punish the "glorification" of terrorism or public expressions of support for terrorists, but to punish those who raise questions about the "war on terror" and the abuse of the law. Just another example of how America's war has metastasized and now threatens democratic values.


Renew Economy: Graph of the Day: The myth about energy subsidies "IndyWatch Feed"

Fossil fuel and nuclear subsidies dwarf those for renewable energy, notes California Energy Commission. "There is no such thing as an unsubsidised unit of energy".


Catallaxy Files: Time to embrace the inevitable "IndyWatch Feed"

Here’s the best advice from Roger Simon: The Republican Establishment Needs to Stop Worrying and Love the Donald. I will highlight the particular para that is most to the point:

Now that Donald Trump has wiped the floor yet again with the other Republican candidates in the Nevada caucuses, it’s time for the GOP to face reality — barring force majeure, they have a presidential candidate, like it or not.

The so-called establishment has a choice: Get on the Trump bandwagon or try some desperate maneuver to stop him. But what would that be? A Rubio-Cruz ticket, assuming they would do it? At the time of this writing, the two men added together don’t equal the Trump vote in Nevada — and that’s even assuming their voters would hold, which is a risky assumption, given the current momentum. I mean — Donald won 46% of the Hispanics! Enough already.

A lot of my Republican friends are depressed about this situation. They worry that Trump is not a real conservative. They cringe at his vulgarity. They are concerned he’s a bully, even totalitarian.

I’m not. And I am not depressed, even though I admire many of the other candidates in the race. Given the gravity of the situation, what Obama has done to this nation and the candidates being offered by the Democrats, a world class liar and a Eugene V. Debs retread, a personality as large as Donald may be necessary to revive our country. In fact, I think I’ll take the “may” out of that.

This is what I think the electorate senses and what the Republican establishment fears. Rather than being afraid that Donald wil...


Catallaxy Files: Guest Post: Terry Barnes – Don’t over-regulate e-cigarettes "IndyWatch Feed"

Using electronic cigarettes (ECs) is becoming an increasingly popular way to beat the smoking habit.

Most ECs heat flavoured liquids into steamy vapour (hence “vaping”), with one key difference to smoking: the vapour doesn’t contain the tars and other deadly chemicals contained in tobacco smoke.  In Australia, too, the liquid doesn’t contain additive nicotine.

This week, a South Australian parliamentary inquiry into ECs, headed by Labor MP Annabel Digance, released its long-awaited final report.  It is a thorough and measured report, and that it didn’t call for a ban on ECs in South Australia was welcome.  It also rightly warns against selling or marketing ECs to minors, and recommends more research into their benefits and risks.

But Digance’s report also disappoints for several reasons.  First, it endorses following other states, notably Queensland, in wanting to regulate ECs as if they are the real tobacco deal.  For selling, marketing and using ECs in legislatively smoke-free places, it recommends extending prohibitions on cigarettes in the state’s Tobacco Products Regulation Act.  It also sees ECs simply as quitting aids, not general alternatives to coffin nails.  The fact that, as things stand in Australia, e-cigarettes don’t contain nicotine, has been disregarded.

Second, it accepts the standard orthodoxy of the Australian public health establishment.  It assumes that ECs are inherently dangerous, and swallows the prevailing World Health Organisation tobacco control fanaticism hook, line and sinker.  It repeats the furphy about vaping “re-normalising” smoking, and assumes vaping is a path to smoking for young people.  And it condemns tobacco companies for “infiltrating” the EC industry, totally missing that if tobacco companies move in that direction, over time they will move out of manufacturing coffin nails.

The report makes perfectly clear that the Digance committee wants to strangle the EC industry at near-birth so it....


Papua New Guinea Mine Watch: Has the Treasurer signed off on PNG’s EITI report? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

PNG’s first Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Report has been published but the signature of Patrick Pruaitch, the Treasury Minister and Chairman of PNG EITI, is noticeably missing.

History of the World Bank’s EITI project in PNG

Why has the Minister not signed?

In the interests of TRANSPARENCY can someone give us an honest explanation?

EITI report

eiti pruaitch


Renew Economy: South Australia now the lightning rod for renewable energy myths "IndyWatch Feed"

South Australia’s energy system has become an unfair target for myths and alarmist claims about renewables.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Byron Bay Blog: Double Barrel Australian Premiere – Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The official Australian Premiere for the much anticipated Double Barrel Film is here!

The Double Barrel team will be fresh off their Global Premiere Tour of Peru and California, bringing it home to Byron Bay, hosted by Angie Davis, Dustin Hollick, and Rhian Slapp.

A Karma Keg will be tapped, and food catered by HARVEST will be for sale, with all proceeds of the keg and food going to Juntos Por Las Playas Del Norte, a charity project in north Peru run by surfers who are pushing to have the Lobitos marine area protected by national peruvian law.

We also are stoked to have musicians who scored some of the Double Barrel soundtrack performing live at the event, including James Greer and Aquila Young, and more artists to be announced.

When: Saturday 27 February
Where: Stone & Wood Brewing, 4 Boronia Place, Byron Bay

Tickets are limited and only very few will be available on the door if they don’t sell out earlier.

Buy tickets here and join the Facebook Event.

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"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": Shepparton Interfaith Network: What It Is Like to Have Interfaith Dialogues "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I have been an active member of Multi-Faith Student Council at the University of Minnesota for two years now. I have been fortunate to learn so much about other people and their faith. I am no expert on interfaith dialogues but did pick up some things along the way. The beginning can be awkward because ... Read more...


No Right Turn: Auckland's decisions are for Auckland II "IndyWatch Feed"

And while we're on the subject of local democracy, the government appears to be threatening Auckland if they vote for the "wrong" mayoral candidate:

[Bill English] also sent a coded signal he was concerned about the impact of the Auckland local body elections, and the possibility former Labour leader Phil Goff would win the mayoralty.

"It is my hope that election year in Auckland won't affect the positive relationship between central government and Auckland city, developed in recent years."

This simply isn't acceptable. Who Auckland elects is a decision for Aucklanders, and central government shouldn't be using threats to try and alter the result. And if I lived in Auckland, I'd be voting for Goff, just to give the finger to English.


No Right Turn: Auckland's decisions are for Auckland "IndyWatch Feed"

The big news today is Auckland's planning debacle, which saw the Auckland Council suddenly withdraw support for urban intensification (and an increase in housing supply) when faced with intense pressure from ageing boomers wanting to protect their lifestyle by maintaining a (highly profitable, for them) artificial housing shortage. Normally, this wouldn't concern me - I don't live in Auckland, and I'm not enthused by urban planning. But what does concern me is the suggestion that the government could or should respond by dissolving the Auckland Council and appointing a Canterbury-style dictatorship.

To point out the obvious, that would be undemocratic. What Auckland looks like is properly a decision for Aucklanders and their elected council, and no-one else. If Wellington doesn't like those decisions, they just have to suck it up - because the decisions are not Wellington's to have an opinion on, let alone to make. As for Aucklanders, if (like many) you are appalled by this decision, then there's an election in October. Your vote is a weapon; use it.


Renew Economy: Coalition digs deeper into fossil fuels with new “growth centre” "IndyWatch Feed"

Coalition pours $15.4m into fossil fuel “growth centre”, which aims to position Australia’s oil, gas, coal and uranium sectors for "the next wave of investment".


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Anti-vaxers and their taxes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Err, message to you anti-vaccination people out there.

You do have freedom of choice as if you refuse to vaccinate your children you simply do not receive taxpayer provided family benefits.

It’s your choice based on ignorance and irresponsibility to your children’s welfare. Still,  as it is likely that you are of the cohort that are net takers from our welfare system (the taxes that you pay are exceeded by the benefits you take) you are doing the rest of us a favour in that regard

Colin Clarke, Ocean Shores


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Renew Economy: Energy markets: the planet’s unlikely new ally in the emissions effort "IndyWatch Feed"

The Paris climate agreement has sent important market signals, promoting increased investment in renewables and driving down the profitability of fossil fuels.


Renew Economy: SA must adapt energy infrastructure for changing times "IndyWatch Feed"

South Australia on the front line of a transformation that will by necessity flow much deeper through the energy networks of the entire nation.


Renew Economy: Rooftop solar net metering under attack across the United States "IndyWatch Feed"

Changes to policies which affect rooftop solar are being considered in most U.S. states.


Renew Economy: German electricity exports once again more valuable than imports in 2015 "IndyWatch Feed"

The value of the average kilowatt-hour that Germany exported last year was greater than the price of the average imported kilowatt-hour.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Mick Fanning to make 2016 a ‘personal year’ "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tweed Heads champion surfer Mick Fanning takes a moment to look up to the heavens before his quarterfinal heat against Kelly Slater (USA) at the Billabong Pipe Masters on Thursday. Photo World Surf League

Tweed Heads champion surfer Mick Fanning will make 2016 a low-key year after his ‘annus horribilis’ in 2015. Photo World Surf League

SYDNEY – [AAP] Three-time world champion, Tweed’s Mick Fanning, plans to compete part-time in this year’s World Surf League – but he will return to the scene of his shark attack.

The 34-year-old will contest the first two events in Australia – at Snapper Rocks in Queensland and Bells Beach in Victoria – before skipping some others throughout the season as he makes 2016 a ‘personal year’.

Fanning was left feeling ’empty’ after a tumultuous 2015, during which he split from his wife, survived a shark attack in competition at Jeffreys Bay in South Africa and learned of his older brother Peter’s death while vying for the world title at the season-ending event in Hawaii, which he narrowly lost.

‘Last year was definitely intense … I got to a point at the end of the year where I felt empty,’ Fanning said.

‘I didn’t feel like I had much to give back.’

After some ti...


Sustainable Gardening Australia: March In Your Patch "IndyWatch Feed National"

March, the month named after Mars, the Roman God of War, is an excellent month to wage war on your patch. Be it ripping out the weeds, mulching up a storm, or popping in a plethora of plants, March is the ultimate time to launch a full scale (but well planned) attack on you patch! So, all you weekend warriors … March into action!

Warm Areas

Frost free or occasional light frosts (North from about Coffs Harbour and all the way across to the west to Geraldton)

  • Okay, it’s still pretty warm out there, but you could certainly consider popping in the following incredible edibles, especially towards the tail end of the month. Consider cabbage, Asian greens, rocket, silverbeet, cauliflower, peas, spring onions, zucchini, pumpkin, sweet corn, cucumber, capsicum, eggplant and watermelon.
  • Whack some lettuce in but consider popping them under a shade cloth tent if the days are still quite warm.
  • Hop into the herb patch with coriander (try a slow bolting variety if it’s still very warm), sweet basil, lemon grass and oregano.
  • Feeling fruity? Go Carmen Miranda with some strawberries, watermelon, citrus, rockmelon, pineapple and passionfruit!
  • Plants feel the need for a feed at this time of year. A seaweed tea, or any low environmental impact liquid fertiliser, is perfect for giving them a kick start as they establish. Apply to the soil early in the morning and in the concentrations mentioned on the packet.
  • ‘Ave a go with an avocado!
  • Begin to prepare your potato beds now….you’ll be glad you did come April!
  • Pretty up the patch with these flowering fancies- marigolds, sunflowers and pansies, cornfl......


Sustainable Gardening Australia: Leanne’s Permaculture Garden "IndyWatch Feed National"

IMG_0002 (640x480)

Leanne’s garden, based on permaculture principles, was one of those opened recently in our Open Gardens and Tours program. She describes it as being a kind of album of the different garden crazes she has lived through. It has elements of formal and cottage ornamental planting, all white garden, scented garden, something in flower every month garden, native plant garden, sustainable veggie gardening and, of course, permaculture. Because the house was rebuilt about 15 years ago most of the garden, except for some trees, was demolished in the process.  She says that she didn’t plan – just started digging and that things just worked out.

Front Garden

Leanne says she wanted something easily maintained so that it wouldn’t annoy her when her when she walked past all the weeds – something soothing and restful, to unwind going through the garden to the door. So it was ‘designed’ with the following factors in mind:
* It was not used for recreation, was south facing, so not the best for veggies.
* It couldn’t be watered easily from the tanks which at the back of the house, so the plants needed to be hardy.
* It was open to passers-by and slopes down to the front door.

It ended up predominantly native, heavily mulched with wood chips, planted with trees, strappy grasses and a few shrubs, a gravel path to the front door. After a while she found it a little bit boring, so added whimsical items and decorates for events such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Several episodes o...


Sustainable Gardening Australia: Overwintering Capsicum "IndyWatch Feed National"

image1 (525x640)

One of SGA’s staunch supporters and volunteer, Gianni Montalto, tells us his experience with growing capsicum.

“Over the last few years I have reduced the veggies I grow in garden beds, and instead have been growing more in large pots. Mostly along the east facing back wall of the house.

The main reasons for the gradual move include:

– the fruit trees in the garden have grown up, don’t let much light through and they drink up practically all the water and any fertiliser I apply, before annual summer veggies can get a foothold. This has become even more of an issue with the earlier and hotter starts to summer in the last few years. Winter growing crops like broccoli that can get established before Spring turns to summer, do fine under the deciduous fruit trees or in the exposed beds, but I then mulch and rest that ground over summer.

– easier access – The pots are close to the back door and rainwater tanks for quick picking and watering.

– more favourable light conditions at the east facing wall – they get full morning sun until the middle of the day and then shade in the hotter afternoon, but still mostly open to the sky. The plants may wilt on really hot windy mornings, but recover in the shady afternoons.

– better control of water – the pots sit in large dishes to catch runoff, which the plants wick up during the day.

So being more efficient with water has been an unexpected benefit. Another revelation was finding that capsicum...


No Right Turn: More beatings in Australia's gulags "IndyWatch Feed"

In February 2015, refugees in Australia's Manus Island concentration camp in Papua New Guinea went on hunger strike to protest against their treatment. Australia's response? Send its paid thugs to beat them, leaving some with lasting injuries:

Asylum seekers have also alleged that they were beaten by private security guards during an operation to end a January 2015 Manus Island hunger strike, and have told Fairfax Media in a series of letters that they were jailed in the nearby Lorengau police cells for up to 21 days.

Leaked files from Broadspectrum, the company contracted to run the Manus Island and Nauru centres, support some of the claims of injury and placement in the police cells.

The company's files show detainees sought medical treatment after complaining of nerve pain in their arms, which they claimed was the a result of having their wrists tightly bound by plastic restraints during the hunger strike.

One detainee wrote in a letter that he was kicked in the head by security guards while he was in the Lorengau police cells and was left shirtless during his 21 day stint in the cells. Another said the cells were filthy and that "the toilet sewage would come to where we slept".

An Iraqi asylum seeker has claimed in a letter that he was beaten about the head with a stick by security staff, resulting in damage to his eyesight and the loss of teeth.

Beating people because they peacefully protest against their treatment is not the action of a peaceful and democratic state. Instead, its the action of a tyranny. And that's what Australia's racist, anti-refugee policies are gradually turning it into: a country which uses torture and oppression...


Sustainable Gardening Australia: Economic Value of Trees "IndyWatch Feed National"


Many people would take it as a given that parks, gardens and trees have their own aesthetic and intrinsic values. However, so often in capitalist societies, decisions are based on the economic or monetary value of systems and their components. In such systems, as soon as something performs a function or provides a service that is valued, then it too has an economic value. It worth thinking about the economic value of the benefits provided by our gardens and trees because it increases their status in decision making processes1.

Reducing Temperature

schooltrees (640x426)The shade from trees can lower temperatures by up to 8°C, which can reduce air conditioner use by 12-15% and also decreases carbon emissions from our largely brown coal generated electricity2. Two medium sized trees, planted in the right position (usually to the north or west) can save up to $180 per year off a domestic electricity bill through lower air conditioner use. The removal of large tre...


Ronald's space: Part 21: Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity. Once more the Federal Police are asked to investigate these crimes. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Based upon available such as the Denley Letter and Federal Agent Pearce, both of which have been published in a number of previous Ronald’s space postings, it appears that the policy of the The Australian Federal Police is to officially ignore any and all Crimes against Humanity perpetrated against welfare recipients by the Australian Federal parliament of federal government agencies acting to enforce unconstitutional, human rights violating laws. Below is my my “Plan B” submission to compel the Queensland Justice3 Minister, Yvette D`Arth, to provide me with contact details for Gerard Baden-Clay and his solicitor. By using the ‘Forward’ button in  Microsoft Outlook, I forwarded my last email to Ms. D`Arth to the Federal Police and will again ‘Forward’ the AFP email back to Ms. D`Arth to underscore the fact that if she continues to ignore my requests for Gerard Baden-Clay’s contact information, then there is a risk that she could wind up facing Obstruction of Justice charges under s 132 of the Queensland crimes Act and s 149 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act. 

The irony is that if the Federal Police Commissioner, Andrew Colvin, continues to stonewall on my repeated requests to investigate the unreported, secretly classified, “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity that may have impacted the lives of several million people over the last 3- – 40 years, then he too may face the same obstruction of justice charges.  Please note that the original email text contained some typos which are edited out in this Copy & Paste of the email sent to Commissioner Colvin.


Tue 23/02/2016 8:45 PM

Attention: Commissioner Andrew Colvin,


 The email daisy-chain is g...


Independent Australia: Will Syrian Kurds defeat ISIL , helping Democrats win White House in 2016? "IndyWatch Feed"

Will Syrian Kurds defeat ISIL , helping Democrats win White House in 2016?ISIL's defeat in Syria in 2016 would vindicate Obama's strategy and bolster the security credentials of the Democratic Party. Professor Juan Cole tracks the latest advances of the Syrian military backed by the Kurdish militia including ISIL's biggest threat: the female fighter. read now...


AFTINET: Robb promises US longer TPP monopolies on biologic drugs "IndyWatch Feed"

Media Release February 25, 2016

The US Politico publication reported this week that trade envoy Andrew Robb has reassured US pharmaceutical companies that the TPP will provide “at least eight years of market protection” for expensive biologic drugs, and “potentially as long as 12 to 17 years in Australia’s case”.

Mr Robb is in the US to try to persuade a reluctant U.S. Congress of the benefits of the TPP.

All presidential candidates are opposing the TPP, and Congress will not vote on it until after the November presidential election.

Biologic drugs are used to treat cancer and other serious diseases, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a course of treatment. The government subsidises the price through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. The price falls dramatically when monopoly protection ends and cheaper versions of the drugs become available. Studies have shown that each year of extended monopoly costs the PBS hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

“Mr Robb is telling one story in the US and another story in Australia,” Dr Patricia Ranald, Convener of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network said today.

Dr Ranald said that Mr Robb’s reassurance in the US contradict his claims in Australia that the TPP will not resul...


Papua New Guinea Mine Watch: Uncertain future for Simberi mine "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


St Barbara weighs its options at Simberi

Esmarie Swanepoel | Mining Weekly

Gold miner St Barbara has launched a strategic review of its Simberi operations, in Papua New Guinea, which would evaluate “various options” for the assets, including continued ownership, exploration and development, possible joint ventures and divestment of some or all of its assets in the country.

St Barbara this week pointed out that the Simberi operation produced 107 553 oz of gold during the 2015 calendar year, with production for 2016 forecast at between 100 000 oz and 110 000 oz.

The ASX-listed company was currently conducting a prefeasibility study into a sulphide project at Simberi, which could extend the existing oxide mine life by about three years by producing an additional one-million ounces of gold-in-concentrate over a further seven-year period.

The proposed sulphide project would use the existing infrastructure at Simberi, but would require a capital investment of about $100-million, with funds partly going towards a new mining fleet.

The prefeasibility study was due for completion in April.

To avoid any interruption in production, St Barbara was expected to make a decision on the sulphide project later this year.

The company, meanwhile, reported a statutory profit after tax of A$77-million for the half-year ended December, which was significantly up from the statutory loss of A$19.8-million reported in the previous corresponding period.

Revenue for the interim perio...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Mardi Gras ’78ers finally get an apology "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Members of the 78ers the original marchers take part in the 35th Sydney Mardi Gras parade on Oxford Street in Sydney, Saturday, March 2, 2013. The NSW Government and the Sydney Morning Herald have both issued apologies to them, almost 40 years after the police rounded up and bashed them and the SMH reported their names. (AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy)

Members of the 78ers the original Mardi Gras marchers take part in the 35th Sydney Mardi Gras parade on Oxford Street in Sydney, Saturday, March 2, 2013. The NSW Government and the Sydney Morning Herald have both issued apologies to them, almost 40 years after the police rounded up and bashed them and the SMH reported their names. (AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy)

Persecuted members of Sydney’s first Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras are set to receive a formal apology from the NSW Parliament, just a day after the Sydney Morning Herald apologised for naming them.

More than 500 activists descended on Darlinghurst in June 1978 in solidarity with New York’s Stonewall movement, while protesting the criminalisation of homosexual acts and discrimination against the community.

The movement ended in violence, ill-treatment and public shaming against the gay rights activists at the hands of the police, government and media.

Liberal MP...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Sustainable Living Armidale: Registration is now open: Beyond Coal and Gas gathering at Myuna Bay, 8-11 April "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

[ Friday, 8 Apr to Monday, 11 Apr. ] Beyond Coal and Gas is the national gathering of communities from across Australia working to move beyond coal and gas. Bringing together people from one end of Australia to the other, it is a rare and important opportunity for communities to come together, share experiences and to learn from one another. Registration is now open! The program for [...] full article »


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Living or Surviving on Native American Reservations - "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Living or Surviving on Native American Reservations - Immediately it is possible to think of many reasons why tribal members are often focused on economic survival. The high unemployment rate on many reservations does not provide a stable economic base. Most reservation people either work at low paying jobs or receive some government assistance. Since a significant portion of tribal members are supported by government resources, they often have time, but few funds.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Rail corridors ‘up for grabs’ with new bill "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

 The Baird government is trying to bypass parliament and give itself discretionary power to shut down rail lines across the state with a new bill before parliament.

A report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald has been seized on by the NSW Greens who say the government is trying to remove the ability of parliament to scrutinise the shutting down of rail lines, and give itself the discretionary power to make these decisions.

Greens NSW MP and transport spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi said ‘they might claim that the current rules are “archaic” and foster “legal uncertainty”, but the law is there for a good reason: to provide a basic check-and-balance on the government’.

‘There are really concerning implications here for potential unwanted development on rail corridors and encroachment on public land,’ Dr Faruqi said.

‘We saw last year in Newcastle, after a long fight, the government couldn’t wait to rip up the Newcastle rail line despite the lack of a clear transport plan for its replacement, and this bill would simply make it much easier for them to do things like that.

‘Rail infrastructure and rail corridors are protected under the current legislation because we know that these are invaluable and precious assets, and they must not be touched without the full authorisation of the elected parliament.

‘The Upper House numbers were very tight last year on the Newcastle rail closure bill, so the government will face a tough fight this time around. The Greens will be working hard to defeat it,’ she said.


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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Sustainable Living Armidale: Climate change and vegetation — letter to Armidale Dumaresq Council "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This is a recent letter to council: Greg Meyers Director, Planning and Environmental Services 25/2/16 Dear Greg, I would like to acknowledge the many excellent projects the Armidale Dumaresq Council has initiated in previous years to move towards environmental sustainability. However, I would like express extreme concern at some recent developments, which have seen numerous large native trees felled. The [...] full article »


Skepticlawyer: Post-Enlightenment is the Counter-Enlightenment rebooted "IndyWatch Feed"

There is a clear difference between the modernist Left and the postmodern progressivism. The modernist Left was an Enlightenment project, and proud to be so. This is the stream of political analysis and commentary represented in our time by such figures as the late Christopher Hitchens and Norman Geras, by Terry Eagleton’s jeremiads against post-modernism and by the Euston Manifesto. They are the anti-fascist Left; as they will not have a bar of the Counter-Enlightenment in any form. (And can get their heads around the complicated idea that there could be brown-skinned fascists and non-Western movements which are analogues of fascism.)

Conversely, postmodern progressivism is Post-Enlightenment and proud to be so. The trouble is, the Post-Enlightenment just turns out to be the Counter-Enlightenment rebooted–whether engaging in the romanticisation of nature, emphasising emotion (particularly “compassion”), deprecating reason (especially reasoned debate) or using hierarchical identity politics (heterosexual white male has become an accusation as much as a description). All of which reboots of classic features of Counter-Enlightenment thought and movements.

Thus, what economist Thomas Sowell calls...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": The Witches Kitchen: Willy Wagtail Nest "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

willy wagtail on nest

The figbird is not the only one nesting in our pecan tree, just off the verandah.  The wagtail makes such a classic, neat nest. Come on baby wagtails. Hatch in time to knock out the cabbage moths.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Bluesfest seeks festival event extension "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bluesfest managers and fans descended on Byron Shire Council chambers at Mullumbimby this morning where councillors were to consider approving an extension of their use of the Tyagarah festival site for amplified music from five to 20 days per year.


Festival supporters (above) rallied in support of cultural diversity and live music, while affected residents and their supporters (below) questioned the independence of the festival’s noise-level recordings and the veracity of their background noise decibel rating.

Speaking for the group, John Bailey said, ‘A lot of my neighbours go away over Easter; we live with that – we do not accept there should be another 15 event days per year.’


[Photos Jeff Dawson]

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"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Do you want to learn to fly? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Do you want to learn to fly?

FLY IN FOR INFORMATION DAY… Goulburn Valley Aero Club member, Lucy Simkin is looking forward to the Goulburn Valley Aero Club Ladies Information Day this weekend. Photo: David Lee.

THE Australian Women’s Pilot Association will be flying into Shepparton on Sunday, February 28 to take part in the Goulburn Valley Aero Club Ladies Information Day.
Local women interested in learning to fly or looking for a career in flying are encouraged to go along and have the chance to be taken up for a flight, and possibly take the reigns for a hands on flying experience.
Goulburn Valley Aero Club member, Lucy Simkin said, “There are many women in the industry and it’s nice to see, but there aren’t a lot in the Shepparton area. I know of young women in the area who are interested in learning to fly and this information day is a great place to start.
“It was the history and the beauty of it all that drew me to flying. It’s very peaceful up there, especially when you are by yourself.
“But it also gives you the ability to travel and see a lot of people. It can be very social.
“For those who are interested in taking the step toward flying, this opportunity is a great way to go about it.”
For further information, phone Goulburn Valley Aero Club member, Lucy Simkin on 0435 885 212.


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Holistic approach to women’s health "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Holistic approach to women’s health

NEW CLINIC OPENS… From left, Shepparton Women’s Health Centre obstetrician/gynecologist, Margreet Stegeman, Dorevitch Pathology collector, Zowie Brooks, general practitioner, Lang Lang Yii, physiotherapist, Fiona Wieland, medical receptionist, Susy Bevilacqua, practice manager, Josie Murdoch and clinical psychologist, Carole McGregor. Photo: Emma Hillier.

A FIRST of its kind practice offering a holistic approach to women’s health opened its doors last week, offering women across the Goulburn Valley access to a centre specifically designed for women’s health issues.
The Shepparton Women’s Health Centre, located at 100-104 Corio Street in Shepparton, is the brainchild of gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr Margreet Stegeman, who has been working in the area for 14 years and practicing for 16 years.
The new centre will bring together specialists in the fields of physiotherapy, psychology, pap smear nursing, as well as pathologists and GPs and will offer services including advice and treatment of fertility issues, menstrual problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, sexually transmitted infections, per-conception counselling, per-menopausal complaints, antenatal services, endometriosis, continence issues, contraception issues, prolapse issues and all psychological aspects of women’s health.
Dr Stegeman spoke with The Adviser, saying she had seen a gap in the services in the region, which sparked her to open the doors of the specialised clinic.
“There have been a lot of local women...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: An emporium of goods joins Renew Shepparton "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An emporium of goods joins Renew Shepparton

NOW OPEN… KE Emporium owner, Kitty Rees, who just opened her new store in the Harris Scarfe plaza and is the newest addition to businesses who have joined the Renew Shepparton program. Photo: Emma Hillier.

RENEW Shepparton program has just seen its newest addition to the program, with KE Emporium opening its doors on Monday.
Following the successful continuance of stores including Vintage Chics, Lost Shepparton and DOTZ Educational Aids Products, KE Emporium, located in the Harris Scarfe plaza beside DOTZ Education Aids Products, will offer something unique to the local community, stocking organically grown teas, bath salts made in Daylesford, vintage giftware, esoteric style books and candles.
Owner, Kitty Rees said, “I am driven to support small businesses. I want to make sure that anything grown and made locally are put into the spotlight and make sure people are aware to the fantastic products created locally.”
Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry executive officer, Lucy Cerrone said, “It’s great to see that the program is gaining momentum. We are also currently working on a fifth store to open, which is very exciting.
“We have also now secured new spaces in Wyndham Walk, Wyndham Street, Tirana City Walk which are all very central and we need involvement of new enterprises which are not conflicting with existing businesses.
“The success of the Renew Shepparton program hinges on landlords getting involved and we are still looking for more to come on board.”
To regis...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Local grower appears on prime time "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Local grower appears on prime time

ROCKY RULES… Local Ardmona based fruit grower, Rocky Varapodio will appear in promotional ads for Coles during this year’s series of My Kitchen Rules. Photo: Supplied.

LOCAL Ardmona based fruit grower, Rocky Varapodio has gone from the farm gate to prime time, after being selected to appear in upcoming product promotional segments for Coles created for the TV hit My Kitchen Rules.
For the past 15 years, Rocky has been growing a variety of stone fruit including plums in their state-of-the-art facility and supplying his product to Coles, which is why he was chosen to promote fresh products during the segment, which will air throughout the program’s season.
Rocky said, “It was great to go in-store and promote our produce, and more to the point, have an opportunity to put a grower’s face to the product. I think it’s a good thing for the consumer to see the grower behind the product on the shelf.
“It was nice to meet the contestants. I think it’s impressive that they give up a large chunk of their life to participate in a show over a long period, but they obviously enjoy it.”
During his product segment, Rocky said his rule for plums is to, “pack them with a chilled drink bottle to keep them cool.”
Coles general manager of fresh produce, Brad Gorman said Coles was pleased to support Rocky’s first time working with My Kitchen Rules because of his commitment to quality produce.
“Coles source fabulous food from the Goulburn Valley. Highligh...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: 20th Shepparton Festival "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

20th Shepparton Festival

ART FESTIVAL APPROACHES… From left, Madelyn, 2, Mackenzie, 2, Lottie, 2, Chloe, 4, Jersey, 2 and Shepparton Festival chair, Mike Molloy practising for the Shepparton Festival Mass Art Class event where this year it is hoped a world record will be broken. Photo: Emma Hillier.

An event the whole family will be consumed by

THE 20th Shepparton Festival – Be Consumed begins on Friday, March 4 and features 49 unique events in unusual places.
Festival chair, Mike Molloy says this year the Shepparton Festival features a range of great, free events suitable for the whole family.
“The Mass Art Class and Future Postal Service are two fun, free events happening during the festival, that children of all ages can participate in.
“The Mass Art Class on Sunday, March 13 is an Australian Book of Records attempt to have the largest art class, hosted by prominent Tasmanian artist Roz Wren, right here in Shepparton.
“We fell 50 registered participants shy of the record last year, and this year we want to ensure we beat Brisbane’s record of 488 this year to coincide with our 20 year celebrations.
“You don’t need to be an artist to participate, all experience and skill levels are welcome and all materials will be provided including paints and canvases.”
Another free event for young families is the Future Postal Service in the Maude Street Mall on Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19.
Future Postal Service places children in control, transforming an adult dominated space into their playground, as they r...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: IGA welcomes council’s decision "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

IGA welcomes council’s decision

CENTRE TO GO AHEAD… An artist impression of what the completed, newly proposed Fairleys SUPA IGA Shepparton North Village centre would look like. Image: Supplied.

AFTER Greater Shepparton City Council adopted the Commercial Activities Centres Strategy, albeit an amended strategy, last week, Fairleys SUPA IGA are continuing to move forward with expansion plans with a little less weight on its shoulders.
During the ordinary council meeting held on Tuesday last week, Greater Shepparton City Council, Cr Jenny Houlihan proposed an amendment to the strategy, which was carried 6 to 1 after much debate on the topic.
Cr Houlihan moved that the council discourage the allocation of an additional 6,000m2 of retail floor space in the proposed north Shepparton site, 600m north of Fairleys SUPA IGA, as she believed it would have a detrimental affect on the CBD.
Having recently released plans for a $30M expansion of their current site in north Shepparton, Fairleys and Michaels IGA general manager, Len Morabito expressed how much the company welcomed the council’s decision.
“We were committed to proceed whether it was adopted or not, pending processes and approvals. Council seem to be pretty keen for us to go ahead.
“It was common sense for Cr Houlihan to make the amendment.
“What we need to do is prove that the proposed retail space just north of IGA is actually needed. Maybe in 2025 there may be the need for another centre built.
“At this s...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Fundraising points ambulances in the right direction "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Fundraising points ambulances in the right direction

HELPING AMBULANCES FIND THEIR WAY… Ambulance Victoria group manager Western Hume, John Morris is grateful to Shepparton Taxis and the local businesses, who have raised funding to donate new Navmans that will be installed in local ambulances. Photo: Emma Hillier.

AMBULANCES in Mooroopna and Numurkah are set to have Navmans fitted, after a second fundraising effort by local businesses, driven by Shepparton Taxis, saw the purchase of the 4 navigation devices.
The donation amount of $1,020 was raised by nine local businesses and the Navmans were purchased at a discounted rate, thanks to the generosity of The Good Guys.
Ambulance Victoria group manager Western Hume, John Morris said, “All of our ambulances are fitted with Navmans in Shepparton thanks to the prior fundraising efforts, so this will allow us to spread the donations around the region.
“It’s good to see the community and ambulance working together to raise these funds to allow for the purchase of these devices, which assist in locating cases.
“All of our cars do have emergency services maps in them to ensure drivers take the most direct route, but these Navmans will help to work alongside that.
“We are very appreciative of Shepparton Taxis and their donators.”


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Tara Houska, Ojibwe, Named Native American Advisor to Bernie Sanders - "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Tara Houska, Ojibwe, Named Native American Advisor to Bernie Sanders - In a Tweet on Tuesday, Sanders lamented that 47-percent of Native American kids live in poverty.

Houska told ICTMN she plans to thrust Native American voices and concerns to the forefront.

“I hope to elevate Native American issues at a high level,” she said. “Too much of America is unaware of the plights our communities face, and we are tired of hearing more of the same from politicians. I look forward to continued and expanded outreach in Indian country. Our voices and our votes matter.”

Houska attended the University of Minnesota with a triple major in Biology, Art History, and American Indian Studies. She holds a law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School.


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Policies promise to build a skilled workforce "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Policies promise to build a skilled workforce

SUPPORT FOR SKILLS… From left, Kreskas Bros Transport general manager, Peter Hill, Shadow Minister for Investment and Jobs and Trade, Craig Ondarchie and Member for Northern Victoria, Wendy Lovell at Kreskas Bros Transport during the shadow minister’s visit to the region last week. Photo: Emma Hillier.

“THE Victorian Government doesn’t know Shepparton exists,” claimed Shadow Minister for Investment and Jobs and Trade, Craig Ondarchie during his visit to the region last week, where he met with both Greater Shepparton City Council and Moira Shire Council as well as visiting industry in the area, including Kreskas Bros Transport.
“My visit was about helping to assure the business community that we will focus on the needs of this area and will be putting policies together to take to the next election that will support regional employers,” Minister Ondarchie said.
“We spoke with employers such as Kreskas Bros Transport, who employs 80 full time staff, to provide them with the opportunity to help us build our policies. Essentially, it was about asking what it is they want.
“We recognise that people want a job and want to keep a job and to do that we need to attract investment to the area, and in the way of the transport industry, we need improved road infrastructure.
“Greater Shepparton is aspirational and inspirational and we will be developing policies for skills and training tailored to the local area.”
Member for Northern Victoria, Wendy Lovell said,...


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Trump Supporters Wear Ku Klux Klan Robes at Nevada Caucus "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Trump Supporters Wear Ku Klux Klan Robes at Nevada Caucus: []

people in Klan clothing said they supported the New England Police
Benevolent Police Association — a group that endorsed Trump in December.
They were photographed by a number of attendees outside the
Cimarron-Memorial High School location in Las Vegas.
in parking lot of Cimarron HS during Republican caucus. They keep
saying take our country back. I have never ever seen this in Las Vegas.
I’m speechless,” one eye witness wrote on Instagram.


Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST: Labor should preference JLN and other independents over Greens, in a principled stand against Senate Voting Changes: Lambie "IndyWatch Feed"

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on Labor Leader Bill Shorten to commit his party to preferencing minor parties over the Greens in the Senate after the Greens did a rushed backroom deal with the Liberals to wipe out independents.

“ In the last 24 hours, I’ve listened carefully to the feedback from Tasmanians and the debate in the Senate about these rushed voting changes.  It’s become obvious to me that the Liberals and Greens in doing this deal have underestimated the intelligence and anger of the Australian people,” said Senator Lambie.

“Because of the contrived, last minute rush to ram changes through the Parliament, many people view the actions of the Greens and Liberals as too tricky.  The people who have contacted my office from all over Australian broadly believe that this is a sneaky attempt by the Greens and Liberals to steal a double D election – and the voting preferences of the 25% of Australians who don’t vote for a major political party and vote independent.”

I agree with Senator Conroy who says the changes will disenfranchise 3 million people and insists it is a sign the Government is moving to call a double dissolution election for July.  The government have deliberately set up their ABBC legislation for failure, which will then provide them with a 2nd double D trigger.  There’s no genuine will by the Liberals to negotiate on the ABCC legislation,” said Senator Lambie.

“I also congratulate the Labor Party and Senator Conroy for calling out the Greens on ABC radio by saying that, They’ve sacrificed all principle and all policy here to ensure that they get ten bums on the seats

Click here to listen to interview

So that’s why I believe that Labor must not reward the Greens bad and unprincipled behavior on this important matter – by...


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Missing Native American Woman Murdered and SCALPED in Kentucky : Political Blind Spot "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Missing Native American Woman Murdered and SCALPED in Kentucky : Political Blind Spot: Forensic analysis shows that this was a recent murder, not something from generations past. The woman was tall, and Native American. Apart from that, she had no identification on her, and the investigative trail has run cold.

“She’s someone’s daughter, mother, sister, auntie,” Thomas Pearce emphasized. Pearce is the co-chair of the American Indian Movement of Indiana and Kentucky, and is of Ojibway ancestry.

“It was a hate crime,” said Guy Jones of Dayton, Ohio. Jones is Hunkpapa Lakota and the co-founder of the Miami Valley Council for Native Americans, in Dayton, Ohio.

“The person who did it is still out there,” Jones emphasized. He is urging the public to get involved and spread the word to help “shake loose” information that can be used to help the police finally solve this case.

“When we read about the case in a local newspaper in 2011,” Pearce recalls, “we were shocked. What happened to her was ferocious and gruesome. We were also surprised by where she was found—a place where few Native people live. We wondered if she died elsewhere and was taken there.”


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


THE SENIOR CITIZENS CONCERT will be held on Thursday, February 25 from 1:30pm. Guest artist will be Kerran and Rupe. Entry is $5, which includes afternoon team. Everyone welcome. For enquiries, phone 5825 2642 or 5821 9580.

GV JUNIOR MOTOCROSS TRACK FREE COME AND TRY DAY will be held on Sunday, February 28. The day is for all new riders who have never had an MV Licence, from pee wee to seniors to have a go out on all of our tracks and have the chance to meet the committee and find out what the club has on offer for riders in and around the Goulburn Valley area in 2016. For more information, contact Gail Danaher on 0429 315 325.

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER SERVICE in Dookie will be held at the Dookie Uniting Church at 7:30pm on Friday, March 4. On this day, more that 3 million people in over 170 countries will be praying together during a global annual day of prayer. For more information, contact Beth Stewart on 5828 5211.

will run on Friday, March 4
at 6:30pm to 9:30pm at Tatura’s Victory Hall, Hogan Street, Tatura. Entry is
$7 for primary aged children (6 to 13). For enquiries, contact Sgt Darryl Phillips on 5824 3099.

AUTHOR, NUTRITIONIST AND ACCREDITED PRACTISING DIETITIAN, SALLYANNE PISK will be holding a talk about her book ‘Eating for you: your personal guide to mindful eating and living for health and wellbeing’ at Shepparton Library on Tuesday, March 8 from 10:30am, at Yarrawonga on Monday, March 7 from 10:30am and at Euroa Library on Wednesday, March 9 from 10:30am. For further information and bookings, please phone the library where you wish to attend the talk on 1300 374 765.

COOL CAT ROCKERS INC SHEPPARTON will be holding rock n’ roll dance classes on Tuesdays from 7pm to 8pm for beginners combined with intermediate, followed by a coffee break, and then advanced classes from 8:20pm to 9:30pm at Wesley Hall, M...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: CBD to come alive with Summer City Market "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

CBD to come alive with Summer City Market

SUMMER CITY FUN… From left, Shepparton Show Me marketing coordinator, Mat Innes-Irons, Wendy’s City Central Shepparton store owner, Annmarie Michel and Greater Shepparton City Council, economic development officer, Rohan Sali, who are gearing up for the Summer City Market where the inaugural hot dog eating competition will be held. Photo: Emma Hillier.

THE streets of Shepparton’s CBD are set to come alive, with preparations being finalised for the 2016 Summer City Market this Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27.
This year, the community has the chance to look forward to a few new additions to the jam packed entertainment across the CBD including a much anticipated hot dog eating competition run by Wendy’s, SPC Perfect Fruit Van, People Supporting People food truck and the Australian Hearing Bus. The Victoria Police Pipe Band will also be back this year as well as the ever popular Adrian Parsons with Loose Goose jazz band, and an African dance performance and much more.
Greater Shepparton City Council, economic development officer, Rohan Sali added, “This year we are going to see a few new things that have never been seen at the Summer City Market.
“Excitement is building for the hot dog eating competition.
“Across both days we will have entertainment from Enchanted Rainbow, face painting, balloon creations, roving entertainment, an undercover sand pit play area, giant games and craft workshop, a shark obstacle course and jumping castle as well as an undercover animal nu...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Trump trumps Rubio, Cruz in Nevada "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, accompanied by Rev. Pat Robertson, gives a thumbs up to the crowd after speaking at Regent University in Virginia Beach., Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, accompanied by Rev. Pat Robertson, gives a thumbs up to the crowd after speaking at Regent University in Virginia Beach., Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

WASHINGTON –  [AP] Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is building a momentum that may sweep away challenges by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, with his crushing win in the Nevada caucuses marking a third straight victory in state contests.

Florida Senator Rubio captured second place with fewer than 2000 more votes than Texas Senator Cruz as final vote totals were reported on Wednesday morning.

Trump, the billionaire New York businessman, can now claim victories in the west, the south and northeast – a testament to his broad appeal.

His rivals are running out of time to stop him.

“We’re winning, winning, winning the country,” Trump declared o...


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: University of Free State violence: ‘It was a matter of survival’ | Daily Maverick "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

University of Free State violence: ‘It was a matter of survival’ | Daily Maverick: On Monday, she woke up as normal, attended class and then went to support the workers’ strike. Protesters were out for their third day since Thursday, complaining that the agreement reached with UFS last year against outsourcing has not been implemented. “What was different from the other days was they were locked out,” said Luthando, who, like other students, had been supporting the worker rallies for a few hours each day.

Employee issues at UFS have a history. Back in 2009, recently-appointed Vice-Chancellor Jonathan Jansen decided to drop charges against students who urinated in food and fed it to cleaning staff. That was just one in a list of alleged racist incidences at the varsity.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Abuse inquiry hears from former Ballarat bishop "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Former Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns. Photo File

Former Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns. Photo File

BALLARAT – [AAP] A Victorian Catholic bishop who knew about pedophile priests and moved them between parishes could help reveal the extent of the church’s knowledge of abuse.

Former Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns has only months to live and clergy abuse victims and their supporters hope he is open and honest when he appears before the child abuse royal commission appearance on Thursday.

The questioning of Bishop Mulkearns may, however, prove to be a futile exercise.

Bishop Mulkearns has told his doctor his memory of relevant events is vague and the commission has been warned his cognitive impairments mean he may not be able to effectively answer questions.

The bishop, who has terminal cancer, will give video link evidence to the commission in Ballarat from his nursing home in the Victorian regional city.

His lawyer has told the commission Bishop Mulkearns wants to give evidence about his 1971-1997 time in charge of the Ballarat diocese, which covers the western third of Victoria.

Some victims fear Bishop Mulkearns wil...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Tweed museum’s Collectors Cabinet showcases reel stories "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

 Just a few of Barry Waters' fishing reel collection, part of Collectors Cabinet at the Tweed Regional Museum.

Just a few of Barry Waters’ fishing reel collection, part of Collectors Cabinet at the Tweed Regional Museum.

Passion for collecting is widespread, including on the north coast where the Tweed Regional Museum in Murwillumbah has launched a new program for March titled Collectors Cabinet to showcase some of the Tweed’s private collections.

Topics based on the museum’s collection and featuring stories with fascinating connections to the Tweed include one collector’s love of fishing reels, International Women’s Day, and the world of heritage bricks.

‘Our program of talks and displays during March demonstrates just how varied stories of Tweed history and heritage can be’, museum director, Judy Kean, said.

‘Many people collect, and what they collect can be surprising and fascinating. There’s a reason why programs like Bargain Hunt and the Antiques Road Show are so popular.’

‘The museum’s collection, like many other public collections, has benefited from the generosity of private collectors, but there are real limits to what we can acquire.

‘Through Collectors Cabinet we’ll work with private collectors to...


American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL): AICL's Recommended/Not Recommended Reads in 2015 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

This is a list of books I read in 2015, sorted into categories of Recommended (total of 14), and Not Recommended (46 in all). As you see, it is not a list of books that came out in 2015. Grand total: 60. There is one writer on the recommended list who is not Native (Daniel José Older) and one on the Not Recommended list who is Native (Tara White).

This is not a comprehensive list. There are books that I bought or received but wasn't able to read or finish writing up. One example is Ann Martin's Claudia and the First Thanksgiving. That's a book in the Babysitters Club series. It was one that will end up with a Recommended tag when I write it up. 



Indian Country Headline News: Tara Houska, Ojibwe, Named Native American Advisor to Bernie Sanders "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

On Tuesday, attorney and ICTMN contributing columnist Tara Houska was appointed as Native American advisor to the Bernie Sanders campaign, according to officials....

The Watchers » Latest articles: The formation of Zanzibar, East Africa "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

An interdisciplinary team of scientists from the University of York have conducted the first comprehensive study concerning the formation of Zanzibar Island in East Africa. Researchers charted the history of sea level change, and the extinction of various animals,...... Read more »



Catallaxy Files: Carbon abatement’s snake venom: diluted but still poisonous "IndyWatch Feed"

Motley events offer hope of a fraying of the policies stemming from climate change hysteria.

While the UN is trying to organise a reaffirmation meeting in April by national leaders of the sacred emission reduction pledges they made in Paris last December, reality is moving against it.  The UN climate change agreement was engineered and negotiated by the Obama administration which pressured the (mainly willing) OECD nations to accept 26 per cent emission reductions and allowed developing countries to emit want they want as long as they paid lip service to them levelling out at some distant time.

The Supreme Court’s stay of execution on Obama’s attempt to by-pass Congress by using regulations on electricity generators to kill coal was a blow for sanity.  The death of Antonin Scalia may still clear the way for the US to kill its coal by these means.  But the Obama administration is taking no chances.  Chief climate negotiator, Todd Stern, is touring the world proclaiming that even if that ruse by Obama fails he has other economy-crippling shots in his locker.

In this the US is faithfully supported by international appendages like the International Energy Agency (IEA).  But the collapse of energy prices is undermining the policy and shifting still further into the future the mirage of competitive renewable energy.  The disappointment of this to green advocates is a position shared by IEA chief Fatih Birol,  who regrettedly said, “all the strong renewables and energy efficiency policies therefore may be undermined with the low fossil fuel prices.”  Birol was recently in Australia promoting his economic poison to Ministers.  Why do we finance such harmful bodies?

In the UK, success of...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Get in the McCue "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Polka Dot Productions welcomes Australian-born East Nashville resident Anne McCue back to Mullumbimby following her four full-house performances during Mullum Music Festival last November.

How did you enjoy playing Mullum last time for Mullum Music Festival?

I had a fantastic time playing at Mullum Fest. The people in the area are real music lovers – great audiences. I love getting to swim in the ocean. The nearest beach to Nashville is nine hours’ drive – and there are no beaches within that range that are as beautiful as Australian beaches.

For you what is the essence of good songwriting?

Well, I have always loved a great melody. I love writing music and there’s nothing better than finishing a song and thinking it’s good – especially before anyone else has heard it and given their two cents. It’s like that with albums – you have a short space between the final mastering before the press hear it and you can enjoy it for what it is. An album takes an immense number of hours to write, arrange, record.

A great song? Intense, soulful ly...


Independent Australia: Scary Malcolm: Forget the boats, Mr Turnbull, try stopping the lies "IndyWatch Feed"

Scary Malcolm: Forget the boats, Mr Turnbull, try stopping the liesMalcolm Turnbull's disunited Government is bumbling along in chaos, as the PM himself descends into undignified Abbott-style fear campaigns. read now...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Refugee crisis could push UK from EU: Tusk "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

European Council president Donald Tusk at the 'Thermatic Pledging Session' at in London on Thursday February 4, 2016. He warned Britain could quit the EU over strain from mass migration. Photo Ben Stansall / Pool via AP

European Council president Donald Tusk at the ‘Thermatic Pledging Session’ at in London on Thursday February 4, 2016. He warned Britain could quit the EU over strain from mass migration. Photo Ben Stansall / Pool via AP


European Council president Donald Tusk has warned European Union leaders that if they fail to end disputes over how to handle the migration crisis they could help drive Britain out, undermining the bloc.

Addressing a debate in the European Parliament on issues discussed by the summit he chaired last week, Tusk said how the EU handles migration would be ‘of key significance’ to the outcome of June’s British referendum on whether to leave the EU.

‘All those who want to keep the unity of the European Union, the unity of the whole of the West … should back such a common plan with the fullest determination possible,’ the former Polish premier said of EU plans for a common policy on migration on Wednesday.

‘If this emerging unity of action on the migration crisis is violated – by anyo...


Wild Idaho Rising Tide: Climate Justice Forum: Idaho Senate Oil & Gas Bill Hearing & Protest 2-24-16 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Climate Justice Forum radio program hosted by Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) discusses southwest Idaho oil and gas legislation and a subsequent protest and rejected fossil fuel infrastructure on the Columbia River, and airs excerpts of oral testimony during a recent committee hearing on Idaho Senate Bill 1339 that would limit the public participation processes of oil and gas development proposals.  Broadcast on progressive, volunteer, community station KRFP Radio Free Moscow every Wednesday between 1:30 and 3 pm PST, live at 90.3 FM and online, the show covers continent-wide climate activism and community opposition to extreme energy projects, thanks to the generous, anonymous listener who adopted program host Helen Yost as her KRFP DJ.

Filed under: Climate Justice Forum


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Canada patients can grow own pot "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Uruguay's President Jose Mujica says direct marijuana sales to consumers will be delayed until next year. (file pic)

Canadians can now grow their own marijuana for medicinal purposes, following a federal court ruling. Photo: File

VANCOUVER – 25/02/2016 06:46:50 AM [RAW]

A federal court judge in Vancouver has ruled that medical marijuana patients have the constitutional right to grow their own cannabis, striking down a ban introduced by Canada’s previous Conservative government.

The court suspended its decision on Wednesday for six months to give Ottawa time to respond.

A group of British Columbia residents took Canada to court in 2013, arguing a new law requiring medical marijuana patients to buy their cannabis from licensed producers, instead of growing their own, was unconstitutional.

They said marijuana grown under the government system was too expensive and did not allow them to control the strains and dosages of their treatment.

The government, which overhauled its medical marijuana program in 2013, argued that its mail order system was safer for both the patient and other Canadians, who could be negatively impacted by unsafe home grow-ops.

In his decision, Federal Court Judge Michael Phelan said that restrictions imposed by the Marihuana for Medical Purposes law were arbitrary.

‘The access restrictions did not prove to reduce risk to healt...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Obama cautious on Syria plan "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

President Barack Obama has said he'll raise human rights issues and other US concerns with Cuban president Raul Castro during a history-making visit to the island nation in mid-March. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

US President Barack Obama  AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

WASHINGTON – [RAW] US President Barack Obama has expressed caution about a plan to stop fighting in Syria, while the main opposition group says it has yet to commit to the deal.

Combatants are required to say whether they will agree to the ‘cessation of hostilities’ by noon on Friday (2100 AEDT on Saturday), and to halt fighting at midnight on Saturday.

The United Nations hopes the planned halt in the fighting will provide a breathing space for Syrian peace talks to resume.

The last round in Geneva broke up earlier this month without progress after the Syrian government launched a Russian-...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Turnbull gives security post to far right-winger Nikolic "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Liberal far-right winger Andrew Nikolic has been promoted to chair of a key security committee. Photo AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Liberal far-right winger Andrew Nikolic has been promoted to chair of a key security committee. Photo AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

CANBERRA – [AAP] The federal opposition has raised concerns about the prospect of a Liberal backbencher with extreme right wing views becoming chair of a key joint intelligence and security parliamentary committee.

Labor shadow attorney general Mark Dreyfus cast doubt over whether Andrew Nikolic could bring the ‘necessary attitude of bipartisanship and negotiation’ to the important role of replacing newly minted minister Dan Tehan.

‘What we’ll be seeing is in fact turning a national security matter into a plaything of internal political machinations,’ Mr Dreyfus told ABC.

Mr Tehan defended Mr Nikolic.

‘I really think this is a pathetic attempt of cheap politics,’ he told ABC Radio.

The post Turnbull gives security post to far right-winger Nikolic appeared first on Echonetdaily.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Zika virus threat in Rockhampton "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A fumigation brigade sprays an area of Chacabuco Park in a Aedes mosquito control effort, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Wednesday. Zika virus is spread by the same Aedes mosquito as dengue fever and chikunguya. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says researchers have found strong evidence of a possible link between Zika and a surge of birth defects in Brazil. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

A fumigation brigade sprays an area in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the  Aedes mosquito that transmits Zika virus. Similar brigades will be on patrol in Rockhampton today. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

BRISBANE – [AAP] Queensland health authorities will begin spraying mosquitoes in the yards of homes and businesses within a 200m radius of a Rockhampton hotel where the mosquito that carries the Zika virus has been found.

Spraying began on Wednesday around the Globe Hotel in Depot Hill after a man was confirmed to be infected with the virus.

The man, who had recently returned from South America, had spent time at the hotel.

Acting Queensland chief health officer Sonya Bennett said Zika could spread if one of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes bit an infected person and went on to bite someone else.

Health officials will also be door-knocking the Rockhampton area ...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Cricket going well for Bruns-Mullum "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

cricket-alstonville-brunsBrunswick Mullum’s Lachlan Stubbings spanked a six off Jack Scarlett’s bowling, but spooned this next ball up to be dismissed in his mid-twenties. The close game went to top-of-the-table Alstonville leaving Bruns/Mullum doing well at third spot in the fourth grade comp. Photo ‘Jeff ‘Spank me again’ Dawson.

Whenever your sports teams or individuals are out and about this season, take a pic and send it to us here at Echo sport and we will put it in our sports coverage. 

Email to with a quick description,plus the name of the photographer.

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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Teachers must stand up for children in detention "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As we have heard, doctors are protecting a baby at the Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane from deportation.

As teachers we are supposed to be mandatory notifiers of child abuse.

I want to call on all teachers to make their voices heard regarding the plight of 37 babies and many children currently incarcerated in detention centres or facing deportation at the hands of the federal government.

I’m not going to be silent any longer. Please write to the Teachers Federation and demand stronger action.

Rod Murray, Ocean Shores

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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Byron Bay Triathlon refreshed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

byron triathalon130511114

Following its 20th anniversary in 2015, the iconic Byron Bay Triathlon is bringing a new look, new website, new locations, and revitalised event in 2016 to honour another great 20 years of racing and community coming together.

Traditionally the last Olympic-distance race on the Queensland and New South Wales triathlon calendar, the Byron Tri is scheduled on Mothers Day weekend each year, with this event being held on 7 May 2016.

The Byron Tri is renowned by Australians as a ‘must-do’ event and is the pinnacle of high-quality sport in an unbeatable location.

Race director Mike Crawley says that the refreshed logo and website are the beginnings of an effort to return the Byron Tri back to its roots: ‘With its sublime surf culture, the iconic bay, and a host of colourful characters, Byron is truly a must-visit destination for both Australians locally, and interstate’. And competitors just love it.

‘Having the triathlon in this environment creates an event and celebration of sport uniquely Byron and something really special.’

The Olympic-distance event attracts more than 1,000 competitors from across South-East Asia each year and is regarded by many as unique, and one of the friendliest triathlons on the coast.

Competitors enjoy a 1.5km ocean swim in the cry...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Child approached at Tweed Heads: police "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Police are investigating an incident in which a child was approached by an unknown man at Tweed Heads yesterday.

They say that around 9am on Tuesday, a nine-year-old girl was running around an oval inside school grounds on Stuart Street, Tweed Heads.

Police were told a man was parked outside the fence of the school when he attempted to speak to the child, who responded and quickly ran away.

Officers from Tweed/Byron Local Area Command were alerted and an investigation was launched.

They are now seeking public help.

The man is described as being of large build, with short grey hair with a tanned complexion and facial hair.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Meanwhile, the incident has again prompted police to encourage parents to discuss the ‘Safe People, Safe Places’ messages with their children, including:

* Avoid walking on your own and instead walk with other family members, friends or an adult they know when going to and from school;

* Walk near busier roads and streets, or use paths where there are lots of other people;

* Make sure your parents or another adult you know knows where you are at all times;

* Always walk straight home or to the place you are walking to;

* Know where safe places are – a shop, service station, police station, library or school. If you are ever frightened, you should go to one of these places and ask them to call the police;

* Learn about safe adults you can look for and talk to if you need help – police officers, teachers at school, adults you know and trust;

* Don’t talk to people you don’t know and never get into a car with someone you don’t know. If a car stops on the side of the road and you don’t know the person inside, do not stop; and

* If you are scared and can use a phone, call 000 and tell them you are scared.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to cal...


loon pond: In which the pond is inconsolable at sundry irreconcilable differences, thanks be unto to David Lipson ... "IndyWatch Feed"

(Above: and more tremendously agile, swinging all ways Rowe here).

Once again the pond had retired in the night to the television in the bedroom - oh the Roman decadence of the concept - when lo and behold, one David Lipson was summoned to Lateline to deal with the 'ABC merging with the SBS' controversy, and he spaketh ...

DAVID LIPSON: A lot's changes since then, and today, many within Australia's vast ethnic community see inconsolable differences between the two broadcasters. (the pond hadn't believed its ears, but accepts the fidelity of the transcript here).

The pond was inconsolable. The gulf between the ABC and literacy seemed irreconcilable. A lotsa stuff's a changes since them old days and old ways of the dinner-suited radio broadcast ...

The pond wished this was a rare, relatively unique event - thanks as always, ABC style guide - but it seems that it now happens a relatively infinite number of times ...

Was there any bonus by way of good humour?

Well, yes, because in the very same show, the hideously grimacing Erica turned up, delivering what he seemed to think was a smile - though suddenly the pond understood what the word 'rictus' meant...



"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": How Russian police deal with Muslims "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

No bleeding hearts here, a new look at political correct problem solving



"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Senate changes a sneaky trick to muzzle the people says Bob Katter "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

bob-katter-video-2Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today rallied against changes to the voting system in the Senate as the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment Bill 2016 was debated in Parliament, saying it was a sneaky trick to ensure the major parties have all of the say.


Nick Xenophone supports the Bill along with the Greens

The Bill was introduced into the Lower House on Monday, with the Government making no secret it is designed to reduce the number of minor parties in the Senate.  The Bill reportedly has the support of the Greens and Senator Nick Xenophon.

“Everyone knows the major parties are controlled by the party machine, which is controlled by the major corporations,” Mr Katter said.

“The majority of the money coming into the ALP comes from big corporations, and that is even more true of the Liberal Party and their lapdogs the National Party.

“But what you’re watching here is the muzzling of the people.

“We are nearly the only country on earth that has the two-party system –  but over 10% of the population do not want to vote for the mainstream parties, they are disenfranchised.

“I think people like Dio Wang, John Madigan, Glenn Lazarus, Ricky Muir and Jacqui Lambie are outstanding examples of independents and small parties who make a very valuable contribution.

“They vote, in my opinion, infinitely more intelligently than those in the mainstream major parties who have destroyed our economy with their fanatical free-marketism.



EcoWatch: 180+ Infrared Videos Show Methane Pollution All Across America "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


The 180+ infrared videos expose otherwise invisible air pollution from oil and gas development that...


Geoengineering Watch: Climate Engineering Denial And Deception, Holding Mainstream Media Accountable "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

37Dane Wigington Should we consider it acceptable for mainstream media news anchors and their "chief meteorologists" to completely ignore and marginalize the legitimate and verifiable concerns of the public that they claim to represent? Should we just stand silently by while media and meteorological "professionals" (that the community depends on) willfully blackout critical issues (that


EcoWatch: Climate Protesters Avoid Jail "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


They had packed suitcases and set up their "out of office" email messages anticipating...


News: Grantee Forced to Flee Home by Climate Change, Wins $40m to Relocate "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Honor the Earth is proud to be supporting the Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw in our most recent grant release.  This Louisiana tribe is now America's first official climate refugees.  

The plight of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians, who have called this land home since the mid-19th century, was documented in the 2010 documentary, Can't Stop the Water, and relocating the tribe has been the subject of a 13-year-long advocacy campaign by Chief Albert White Buffalo Naquin.

"This award will allow our Tribe to design and develop a new, culturally appropriate and resilient site for our community, safely located further inland," Chief Naquin said, according to the Institute for Southern Studies.


The Ecologist: Making a killing from 'austerity': the EU's great privatisation fire sale "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Europe's economic crisis has offered vast business opportunities to an all-powerful nexus of financial interests that have snapped up valuable state assets at bargain basement prices, defrauding the poorest countries of countless billions of euros, write Sol Trumbo & Nick Buxton. The EU's highest institutions are in the grip of a deep, systemic corruption that knows no boundaries.


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Natives Struggle to Overcome Okla. Race Disparity | Al Jazeera America "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Natives Struggle to Overcome Okla. Race Disparity | Al Jazeera America: Today, 60 miles east in Custer County — named for the officer — the battles fought in the local Native American community are still fierce and deadly. Poverty, mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse are huge problems in Oklahoma, home to 39 federally recognized tribes.

“The alcoholism and drug addiction rates are staggering in the Native American population. It’s staggering,” said Rosemary Stephens, the editor and chief of The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribune, based at tribal headquarters in tiny Concho, west of Oklahoma City.

Cheyenne and Arapaho tribal lands are scattered throughout Custer County and elsewhere in western Oklahoma.

The killing of two Native Americans by law enforcement has fed racial tension in the majority-white law enforcement forces and minority Native population, she said.

“Custer County,” said Stephens, “is our Ferguson.”


EcoWatch: Wal-Mart, Kraft Sued Over Selling Parmesan Cheese With Wood Pulp Filler "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Wal-Mart is facing a lawsuit for selling "100 percent" parmesan cheese that contains...


EcoWatch: 7 NASA Selfies Show Just How Much Our Climate Is Changing "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


To bring home what’s happening to our planet, we rounded up a series of pictures ...


We All Live Downstream: Supporting Local Solutions to Stormwater Pollution "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Photo credit: Abramov Timur / Shutterstock

Photo credit: Abramov Timur / Shutterstock

By Michael Bochynski, Virginia Program Organizer

Northern Virginia is facing increasingly stressed drinking water supplies. Rampant growth and development in watersheds that supply the region’s drinking water has led to increased sedimentation and bacteria from stormwater runoff above water intakes and around wellheads. The resulting downstream impacts include financial costs for treatment plus costs to human health from chemical treatment of raw water, including disinfectant byproducts from chlorine, or lead leaching from pipes.

Land conservation programs reduce polluted runoff by preserving open space, farmland, forests and historic resources. Both the Senate and House will be considering amendments to the budget that would provide $100 million for the Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF). SLAF grants provide 50% matching funds to localities for construction of facilities or structures or implementation of best management practices that reduce or prevent pollution of state waters caused by stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces.

Tell your senator and delegate this investment is essential to the continued health and economic vitality of our communities.

To learn more, contact me. To take action, click here or conta...


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Stop Police Terror Which Side Are You ON? | Facebook "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Stop Police Terror Which Side Are You ON? | Facebook: Wednesday, March 2, 3 to 6 pm
No Business as Usual as Long as Murdering Police Walk Free,
Protests will disrupt the evening rush hour, meet-up place downtown (to be announced)
Protests will disrupt the evening rush hour. This action will be announced publicly well in advance, it will be controversial. It is meant to draw the line to challenge people from all walks of life -- from the people most under the terror of the police, to people from the suburbs who feel this outrage is intolerable to take a stand: POLICE MURDER MUST STOP! WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? There is no neutral. We cannot allow the police to continue to murder with impunity and get away with it with the approval and complicity of the institutio...


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Elderly Palestinian woman killed in possible settler hit-and-run "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Elderly Palestinian woman killed in possible settler hit-and-run: BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- An elderly Palestinian woman was killed and her daughter wounded when they were hit by a car allegedly driven by an Israeli settler in the eastern West Bank district of Jericho Tuesday night, according to the Palestinian Authority's official news agency Wafa.

It was not initially clear whether the incident was an attack or accident, and Wafa's report that the car was driven by an Israeli settler could not initially be verified.


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Mexico: Charges Against Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos Ruled Invalid 20 Years Later | Democracy Now! "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Mexico: Charges Against Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos Ruled Invalid 20 Years Later | Democracy Now!: In Mexico, a federal court has ruled criminal charges against Zapatista leader Subcomandante Marcos are no longer valid—more than two decades after they were first lodged. The Zapatistas launched an uprising on the day the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect, January 1, 1994, declaring that NAFTA meant death to indigenous people. Subcomandante Marcos was charged with rebellion, terrorism and other crimes. But under Mexican law, such charges expire when half the possible prison term for the most serious charge has lapsed. The court said that renders Marcos’ charges invalid.


EcoWatch: Massive Starfish Die-Off Linked to Warming Oceans "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Starfish have been suffering the effects of a mysterious disease that has...


We All Live Downstream: When Sharing Is Scaring "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

By Neil Bhaerman, Communications Associate – Follow Neil on Twitter – @neilanalien.

water_blog_lead_screenshot_NBA couple of weeks ago, the online news outlet Vox published an article headlined: “18 cities in Pennsylvania reported higher levels of lead exposure than Flint.” Below the headline is a preview image of a video, showing a woman holding up two bottles of brown tap water.

That’s a scary headline, and a scary image. People around Pennsylvania began sharing the Vox article and the numerous local news stories that reported on Vox’s findings. In many instances, when shared on social media, the article would be accompanied by an image showing either brown tainted drinking water, a water faucet, or a child drinking from a glass of water. I even started to see facebook posts from my friends wondering if our water in Pittsburgh was safe to drink.

People who actually read the article will see a couple important items. First, the article says that the data is from 2014 to 2015, while the water source for Flint was switched to the Flint River in April 2014. Without more specificity about when the tests were done, it’s hard to tell if the full scope of the lead contamination in Flint is reflected here.

More importantly, when you get to the fifth paragraph, you read the buried lede: “it is important to note that the lead exposure rates in Pennsylvania are largely linked to aging, deteriorating lead-based paint.” That’s right, despite all the drinking water imagery that went along with d...


EcoWatch: Erin Brockovich on Oklahoma Earthquakes: ‘It’s Fracking, Let’s Just be Honest’ "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Erin Brockovich is speaking out on Oklahoma’s alarming earthquakes and she's not afraid to...

03:14 There Isn’t A “Witch Hunt” Happening Just Because Society is Focused on Child Killing Pedophiles "IndyWatch Feed National"

Back in the early 90’s, a CIA based group of accused pedophiles claimed that society was engaging in a “witch hunt” and thus, gave us the coined phrases such as “false memories” and “satanic panic”. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation- (which has since been discredited- as we now know that there is no actual syndrome of any sort concerning “false memories”), blatantly attacked victims of child abuse and did their best to protect and secure their protection concerning pedophiles. Ralph Underwager- one of the main founders of the CIA group- went on to a UK magazine called Padika and spoke about the special nuances of adults having sex with children and how it should be reveled and not demonized- as he saw society doing. But this was the specific group that claimed that the ritual abuse of children wasn’t happening- all the while going around promoting that if it WERE to happen- that this would be a good thing. (Of course, we all need to remember that it was the SAME CIA that coined the phrase “conspiracy theorist” in order to discredit those who felt that there was more to the JFK assassination than what the public was officially told). Still- their tactics worked; up until now that is.

A new CIA group has been formed with the Satanic Temple. Their leader- Doug Mesner/Satanist Lucien Greaves, has been called out by one of his former best friends Shane Bugbee as being connected to the CIA and working for them. This is a group that CALLS itself the Satanic Temple- who spent 100,000 dollars to build a statue of the devil- and who has gone around “performing” satanic rituals- but will tell everyone over and over that they don’t actually worship the devil- despite their every action showing otherwise. But because they SAY they don’t worship the devil- our media has decided that they are telling the truth- despite their EVERY ACTION showing otherwise. It is like someone shoving a knife in your throat all the while telling you that they aren’t trying to k...


Indian Country Headline News: Surviving for the Love of Hope "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

WARNING: This is part of a series of stories to be published over the next few weeks that contain potentially traum...

Indian Country Headline News: Living the Life: Limited Support for Adult Trafficking Survivors "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

WARNING: This is part of a series of stories to be published over the next few weeks that contain potentially traum...

The Watchers » Latest articles: Ash plume and incandescent bombs ejected from Etna's NE crater, Sicily "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

An unusual eruption was observed from Etna volcano's NE crater on the morning of February 23, 2016. INGV reports several hundred meters high ash plume and incandescent bombs ejected above the rim of the crater. The video and thermal cameras of the...... Read more »

The Watchers » Latest articles: Hazardous tornadoes wreak havoc across Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama, US "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

An outbreak of dangerous tornadoes was reported across Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi during February 23, 2016. 22 tornadoes were reported, and 5 were confirmed by the National Weather Service (NWS) so far. Extreme weather conditions claimed, at least,...... Read more »


News from Survival International: 'First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon' – Survival responds to new documentary "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Still from footage of a recently contacted Sapanawa man, featured in the documentary
Still from footage of a recently contacted Sapanawa man, featured in the documentary
© Channel Four/ Ronachan Films

A documentary broadcast in the UK yesterday, entitled “First contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon”, examined the situation of a group of formerly uncontacted Brazilian Indians known as the Sapanawa, who made contact in 2014.

As one of the group explained, they were fleeing from a series of massacres in which many members of their families had been killed. The perpetrators remain unidentified.

Illegal loggers and drug smugglers have operated with impunity in the region for decades, especially on the Peruvian side of the border. The authorities have consistently failed to protect the many indigenous peoples who live in this area from these invaders, and this is the principal reason why some of these once-uncontacted Indians are now coming into contact with outsiders.

Stephen Corry, Survival International’s Director, said today: "We’re glad that this programme has highlighted the violence and atrocities that are still being committed against uncontacted tribes, but much of the programme was pretty dismaying.

“To describe uncontacted tri...


EcoWatch: Epic Drought and Food Crisis Prompts South Africa to Ease Restrictions on GMOs "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


In the face of a food crisis and a devastating drought, South Africa is...


EcoWatch: Humpback Whale Entangled in Illegal Gillnet Saved by Sea Shepherd Crew "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


This is not the first humpback whale entangled in an illegal gillnet found by...


EcoWatch: Fracking Cases in Pennsylvania Expose the Human Cost of Drilling "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


As jury selection kicks off in the notorious fracking water contamination case in Dimock...


Earth First! Newswire: Activists Block Secret TTIP Talks "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Jennifer Baker / Revolution News

Greenpeace activists have blocked EU and US negotiators from holding secret talks in Brussels for a trade deal that would give multinational corporations unprecedented power. The protesters warned that TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement – is a threat for democracy, environmental protection, health standards and working conditions

Greenpeace activists have blocked EU and US negotiators from holding secret talks in Brussels for a trade deal that would give multinational corporations unprecedented power.

 The protesters warned that TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement – is a threat for democracy, environmental protection, health standards and working conditions. Greenpeace calls for an immediate end to TTIP negotiations.

Thirty activists from seven countries [1] chained themselves at the entrances of a conference centre where the meeting...


Wake Up World: Can Medical Marijuana Relieve Migraines? "IndyWatch Feed National"

25th February 2016 By Christina Lavers Contributing Writer for Wake Up World While a small minority has long been singing the praises of medical marijuana, until very recently it has been vilified by the mainstream. Portrayed as a dangerous, gateway drug that kills brain cells [1] and causes untold ills, this natural herb is slowly emerging ...Continue Reading - Can Medical Marijuana Relieve Migraines?


Wake Up World: Mind Control, Subliminal Messages and the Brainwashing of America "IndyWatch Feed National"

25th February 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World “Is the purpose of the TV ad to make you an informed consumer?” asks Noam Chomsky. “The purpose of the ad is to delude and deceive you with imagery so you’ll be uninformed and make an irrational choice.”  In October of 2011, the ...Continue Reading - Mind Control, Subliminal Messages and the Brainwashing of America


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Here & Now #146 Stuff happens "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Here & Now 146 picS Sorrensen

Rock Valley. Thursday, 7.15am

You never know what life has in store for you.

This is a truth, but you live as if it weren’t. You trundle on, like a Subaru through an early morning fog, assuming the road ahead is clear. Roads should be. But try telling a wallaby that.

You assume that you will drive to work, labour dutifully, drive home, cook a meal of spinach and pumpkin (which you buy from the supermarket near work), watch a movie with your girl, sleep, and then drive to work again tomorrow.

This is life. You act like you know what will happen.

Silly you.

Sometimes, things just happen from out of the blue and knock you for six. There you go: two cliches that I have mixed – just because I can. I don’t normally do that, because I’m careful about the way my sentences hang. A well-hung sentence is a joy to me (like baked pumpkin topped with organic brie and the lot draped in steamed spinach). But I don’t care now.

Living 35 kilometres out of Lismore through rolling waves of ridges and valleys, I drive carefully when the curtains of mist are pulled. Like a sensible driver, I reduce my speed and turn my fog lights on. So, I guess the wallaby saw me coming.

Fat use that is. Now, if the wallaby had fog lights, that would be helpful…

I wonder if the wallaby knows that the widening gap between those two lights – behind which is a man who assumes he will reach Lismore, do his work, buy his dinner ingredients, return home, cook, eat alone, watch a movie (tonight, The Matrix), barely sleep, and then drive to work the next day – heralds danger, and sig...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": North Coast Voices: WA Parliament votes the state back into colonial era "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

United Nations press release, 15 February 2016:

UN human rights experts urge Western Australia’s Parliament not to pass proposed anti-protest law

GENEVA (15 February 2016) – Three United Nations human rights experts have urged the State Parliament of Western Australia not to adopt new legislation which would result in criminalising lawful protests and silencing environmentalists and human rights defenders.

Members of the regional parliament have indicated that the Bill aims at preventing protestors from locking themselves onto equipment, trees, and other objects with innovative methods in order to frustrate or delay development sites. The anti-protest Bill is scheduled to be debated on Tuesday 16 February. 

Wednesday, 24 February


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": MLUG - Melbourne Linux Users Group: start "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Address PlaceThe Dan O’Connell HotelAddress 225 Canning St, Carlton. Victoria. 3053 Pre-meeting 6pm front bar Time for Meeting 7:30pm in the function room out back ground level Parking Kay St has 4hr and finishes 6:30pmWebsite Phone (03) 9347 1502Email TOPIC: General geeky discussions on open source, system admin and programming. Feel free to volunteer for a talk on our mailing list.


Latest News: Yellowstone: A Wild Place of Perpetual Discovery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Wolves draw visitors to national park in cold winter months


Fire Earth: M4.9 Quake Strikes SoCal "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Earthquake jolts Bakersfield, CA Centered at 35.542°N, 119.373°W (37km NW of Bakersfield) the event occurred at a depth of 22.1 km (13.8 mi), reported USGS/EHP. The quake was followed by at least two aftershocks. EQ Details Magnitude: 4.9Mw Location: 35.542°N, 119.373°W; depth=22.1 km (13.8 mi) Time: 2016-02-24 00:02:23 (UTC) Nearby Cities: 6km (4mi) SSW of […]


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Geelong": Barwon Blog: Making tracks: One Eye Gully "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Gold seekers from all over the world flocked to Ballarat after the August, 1851 discoveries of John Dunlop and James Regan at Poverty Point and as the numbers of diggers increased, the township of Ballarat was established. Initially, the Ballarat diggings were a rough collection of huts and canvas tents spread out along the creeks and gullies of the Yarrowee River, but as more and more people arrived - not just single men roughing it, but whole families including women and children - the tents gave way to timber buildings and then as mining practices moved on from shallow alluvial workings to more established deep lead mining, permanent, brick buildings were erected.
The early township grew up in a haphazard fashion around the sites where the miners pitched their tents and along the routes of the original bullock tracks. As a result, the Ballarat CBD as it exists today, was not the centre of town during the early years of the gold rush. Instead, East Ballarat near Golden Point and the Eureka Lead became the focus of activity. Businesses lined the old tracks which became the first roads.

... ... ...
The North Grant Hotel (1859), located on the south east corner of Peel and
Main Street (now Bridge Street), built mid-1850s. Image held by the State
Library of Victor...


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Sunshine Coast Birdlife Australia Blog: Doonan Creek Restoration Day "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Doonan Creek Restoration Day

Thursday 17 March 2016
8 – 11.30am
Doonan Creek Environmental Reserve
219 Doonan Bridge Road, Verrierdale (at the reserve sign – see map)

Join us in restoring this endangered wetland habitat by planting fruiting trees for our visiting hinterland birds.

The planting session will be followed by a demonstration in habitat pile construction and you will learn about their purpose and the animals they attract.

Free event. Morning tea and equipment for planting is provided. Water will be available to refill your water bottles.

Sturdy enclosed footwear, gloves and protective clothing must be worn (i.e. hat, sunglasses/eye protection, sunscreen and long sleeves).

RSVP by 14 March 2016

To book click ...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: Mei Saraswati, 'Devotions' "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

I wrote the line “Mei Saraswati is a jewel in the crown of West Coast Australian music”. Then I had to revise it to say she is the crown. Now you can get both versions, and a third shiny object - her Devotions EP.

Devotions is another instance of Mei dropping a thing of beauty straight into our laps. No Instagrammed process photos, no courting of blogs; the antithesis of all this. This is real devotion.

The five tracks span Mei’s repertoire of aesthetics - soul, RnB, electronica, loops - with her recognisable melange of intimate samples and produced beats, all woven through with her aurally edible voice.

Lyrical inspiration comes directly from Bahai writings, a nice reminder amongst all contemporary evidence to the contrary that religion can produce something beautiful. And full credit: it’s quite a feat to make “wherefore hast thou turned away and contented thyself with that which is less good?” into a mellifluous offering.

Sonic inspiration comes from the swamplands Perth used to be. It’s a 101 of how to use birds, frogs and water samples without sounding like a cassette covered in pastel psychedelics with puffy-eyed dolphins on the loose in crystal spheres.

Mei has been known to get nude, or at least wild during her performances; where heaving waves of euphoria pulse through the audience mid-gig. On this EP we can see the track ‘Fruits’ being dropped as a reflective pause on the dance floor. Eyes close, people sway, a sensual connection if not with the divine at least with the image of landscapes resurrected or re-sunk into their pre-invasion or even primordial forms. It's a real banger, if by banging we can mean gently rubbing your temples as you lounge in a bathrobe surrounded by ferns contemplating the divine.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": Planet Erland: crossconnectmag: Fredrik RättzénThe ephemeral, mysterious art... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


Fredrik Rättzén

The ephemeral, mysterious art of Fredrik Rättzén sometimes descends into the darkness, then shimmers with hope. Proficient in both painting and digital illustration, Fredrik works as an editorial illustrator as well as a creator of detailed, intimate portraits in oils and acrylics. The atmosphere in his pieces ranges from tense and oppressive to bright and serene. Fredrik lives and works in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Keep up with Fredrik on his Tumblr and Instagram

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Fire Earth: Deadly Storm System Slams Southern US "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Tornadoes kill or injure up to 50 people A powerful storm system pummeled southern U.S. spawning deadly tornadoes that left at least eight people dead and dozens more injured. At least 27 tornadoes have raked across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida  and Georgia, destroying homes, businesses and just about anything else standing in their paths. The […]


The Ecologist: The noble cause of the Heathrow 13 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

With the 'Heathrow 13' protestors expecting custodial sentences today for their occupation of a Heathrow runway last July, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP writes that their direct action followed years of official lies and broken promises, and forms part of a long tradition of direct action protests in defence of democracy.


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Birdline Central & Southern Queensland: Eastern Whipbird at Kingaroy reported by Angus Oliver on 24-02-2016 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Heard calling from close by in late afternoon, unusual as it was in open farmland with only a small area of roadside shrubs and long grass. Has been heard occasionally over the past few weeks however has not been sighted yet.

"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Birdline Central & Southern Queensland: Musk Duck at Picnic Grounds/BBQ area Kobble Creek reported by Marie Tarrant on 24-02-2016 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Musk Duck is still on Lake Samsonvale and best viewed from the picnic grounds. It seems to favour the island between the picnic grounds and the cemetery so a scope is best.


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": On The Convict Trail: Hamilton Council Chambers "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Hamilton Council Chambers consist of a couple of buildings, one which was constructed in the period 1833 to 1835 and the main, central building around 1879. The earlier building is the old police building and is on the right hand side of the main council chamber.

Following many letters and petitions about the increasing number of robberies in the district, Lieutenant Governor Arthur approved the appointment of a police magistrate and supporting constables in 1833. In 1835, Colonial Architect John Lee Archer arrived to inspect the new police office and to which he arranged the addition of two more rooms. There was also a spacious loft for the storage of stolen property. By 1837, the police magistrate, Mr Torlese had a formidable staff consisting of a clerk, district constable, two divisional constables, eleven petty constables and...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney": James O'Brien: Can Of Tuna "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

For the last couple of weeks or so I’ve had a can of tuna sitting prominently on my desk at work. I picked it up on the way to work one morning as a “freebie” from people handing them out on the street. Given my Scandinavian interests, the idea of tasting some tuna from Finland definitely appealed. But, as I usually buy my lunch, it’s just been sitting there doing nothing much at all until today.

Today, I picked up some bread rolls and some tomatoes, and had firmly decided I was going to have it for lunch today. Imagine my surprise when I opened the can, only to discover there was no tuna inside at all. In fact, it was just a can full of water, along with some advertising for John West.

As revealed on Mumbrella

The whole thing was in fact a huge marketing stunt by the John West brand to spruik the fact that 95% of its tuna is now sustainably sourced, to help stop tuna stocks dying out.

“Ripped off!”, I told my colleagues, “…and I was so looking forward to it”. Thankfully, one of my colleagues came to my rescue with a can of ACTUAL tuna.

tuna Finnish Tuna
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"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Central Queensland Plane Spotting: Redcliffe Aero Club Fly-away to Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport - Plus a Bizjet Last Week! "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Redcliffe Aero Club held a fly-away to Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) Airport on Sunday 21 February.  At least four of the club's aircraft were noted participating including Piper PA-28-181 Archer VH-FRF, along with Cessna 172s VH-RAQ, VH-IVW and VH-YRE.

Meanwhile, as reported on our Facebook page, last Thursday 18 February, Business Aviation Solutions Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet VH- BLM called into Hervey Bay briefly from the Gold Coast.  It returned there shortly after.


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Central Queensland Plane Spotting: QGAir Rescue (State of Queensland) Agusta AW139 Helicopter VH-ESZ Ferries North via Gladstone and Mackay Airports "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Presumably after a period of maintenance, Queensland Government (QGAir) Rescue (State of Queensland) Agusta AW139 helicopter VH-ESZ has taken to the air and ferried North from Archerfield to Cairns via Gladstone and Mackay Airports on Wednesday 24 February.

VH-ESZ at Mackay last year  (File photo taken by 'AC'  ©)

It will be interesting to see if another QGAir Rescue helicopter ferries South in the coming days as a part of the 'rotational system' the service utilised to ensure the even distribution of flying hours on each of the QGAir Rescue helicopters.  This system avoids the need to have multiple helicopters offline for simultaneous scheduled maintenance.

Finally, it has been interesting to note that QGAir Rescue Bell 412EP VH-ESB has called into Bowen, Mackay and Proserpine Hospital heli-pad in recent weeks while operating out of Townsville as "Rescue 521".


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Central Queensland Plane Spotting: Light Jets Australia Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 Bizjet VH-TFW Back at CQ Airports "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Light Jets Australia Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 bizjet VH-TFW has again popped into Central Queensland, touching down at Biloela / Thangool Airport on Monday 22 February from its Archerfield base.

VH-TFW at Rocky on a previous visit  (File photo taken by Paul Tyler  ©)

On Wednesday 24 February, VH-TFW flew up from Bilo to Rockhampton early in the morning, and at the time of writing, remains parked on the Rocky General Aviation (GA) Apron.


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Central Queensland Plane Spotting: RAAF Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A (MRTT) A39-001 Missed Approaches at Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

It was interesting to note that Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Airbus A330-203 / KC-30A (MRTT) A39-001 performed missed approaches at Rockhampton late on Sunday 21 February and then again mid-afternoon on Monday 22 February.

A39-001 on a previous visit to Rocky  (File photo taken by 'IAD'  ©)

On both occasions it looked to fly up from and then return to RAAF Base Amberley.  On Monday it flew as "Dragon 17", while on Monday it flew as "Dragon 20".


The Watchers » Latest articles: Mapping sea level from space using GPS reflections "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

New research conducted in collaboration between the scientists from the National Oceanography Center (NOC) in the UK and the University of Michigan and Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US, has utilized the GPS signal, commonly used for 'sat-navs' to map the sea...... Read more »


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Dr Kevin Bonham: Senate Reform: It's Finally On! "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Today the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, introduced the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment Bill 2016 (see explanatory memorandum) to Parliament.  This bill primarily reforms Senate voting to remove Group Ticket Voting and eliminate the broken preference-dealing system that led to many farcical outcomes at the 2013 election.  The defects of that system have been covered exhaustively on here before (click the "senate reform" tab) and I will not discuss them further here.  This article concerns the system in the new Bill, how it will work and whether it is any good.  I expect to update this article over coming days as news and comments come to hand.

The Bill was read in the parliament today and debate was immediately adjourned.  The Bill will now be scrutinised by the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM) with a reporting date of 2 March.  Possibly the JSCEM scrutiny will still result in minor changes.  After that it can be sent to the Senate, where barring anything unexpected it will pass with support from the Coalition, the Greens, Nick Xenophon and possibly others.  Labor's stance on the Bill is not clear at this stage.  The Australian Electoral Commission has said it will need three months to implement the changes, which in theory keeps a July double dissolution in play.

Proposed Changes: Above The Line

The core recommendation of the JSCEM inquiry into the 2013 count was to scrap Group Ticket Voting and replace it with optional preferential voting.  But whereas the original J...


Catallaxy Files: Sometimes you need to read the actual paper "IndyWatch Feed"

Simon Chapman quotes a paper on Tobacco Control:

A study was conducted from April 2012 (six  months before plain packaging) to March 2014 (15  months after), by the Cancer Council Victoria, using national telephone samples of 8,679 smokers.

It found for those buying factory-made cigarettes bought in Australia, there were no significant increases in the use of so-called “cheap whites” (0.1%), international brands costing 20% or more below the recommended retail price (0.2%) or packs purchased from informal sellers (0.1%). The prevalence of any use of unbranded illicit tobacco (“chop chop”) remained around 3% throughout the study period. Unsurprisingly, smokers didn’t ditch legal packs for illegal supplies.

That sounds definitive. Yet the paper by Michelle Scollo, Meghan Zacher, Kerri Coomber and Melanie Wakefield has somewhat more subdued conclusions.

While unable to quantify the total extent of use of illicit manufactured cigarettes, in this large national survey we found no evidence in Australia of increased use of two categories of manufactured cigarettes likely to be contraband, no increase in purchase from informal sellers and no increased use of unbranded illicit ‘chop-chop’ tobacco.

Then there are the limitations of the study – that the authors admit! – that need to be considered:

  • It excludes people who don’t speak English,
  • It excludes any cigarettes bought overseas or online,
  • The study suffers from observation bias:

Since we limited the analysis to categories of contraband cigarettes for which we could obtain reliable objective data, our study was unable to assess chang...



"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: Doughnut Time "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

When I was a kid my prized possession and only friend was the VHS of Wayne’s World I’d taped off channel ten. I lived / breathed WW and dreamed of some awesome far country where Guns ‘n’ Roses guys hung out all day in doughnut stores and did the foxy lady to unsuspecting blonde models.

Now I’m a grown-ass man and Mike Myers makes me go De Niro face, but I know watching that video one thousand times must’ve done something Clockwork Orangey to my subconscious, because a doughnut store just sprung up around the corner from my house and coming back from buying bagels and detergent I was suddenly in a queue and buying things I did not need.

Doughnut Time is the newest contender in the cut-throat King Street food safari. The idea is refreshingly simple; no funny business, no kitsch gimmicks, not even much customer interaction, just what the sign says, doughnuts, now get outta here! It is a vivid-turquoise, un-enterable hole-in-the-wall with just a display window and a dutch door. It’s easy breezy and unapologetically primed to corner the emergency doughnut market.

Demure, these things are not. As you come in close you see each one is thick and adventurous and, for an age where a single bought meal is often ‘shared’ with many, they’re totally photogenic. Some look like candy bejewelled underwater creatures. Some look like undulating, cinnamon IED’s. They have tradish ideas like glazed and jam, cool less-common options like nutella-pumped and oreo-encrusted, and then hardcore shit like Ferrero Rocher and Splice (as in the ice cream). The webpage boasts a whole back catalogue of psychotic designs that each day could be randomly rotated onto shelves, including a purple hard-shelled blueberry crumble, an over-powdered-sugared Pablo Escobar, a legit bacon one and something called a Karl Stefanovic(?).

Delicious though, these things are. They’re fresh, spongy and heaps sweet and im...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: 1) Indonesian police hound Catholic human rights priest over ‘treason’ "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

2) Boundaries of West Papua completed This Year
3) Special Autonomy Fund and Authority Issue Trigger Conflict of Papua and Central Government
4) 49 Children Suffer Dengue in Merauke

5) Nine Die of Malaria in Yahukimo Regency
6) President Jokowi to Keep His Promise to Papuan Women Traders
7) Regulation on West Papua Province DOBs Being Drafted 
8) Fund Sharing Not Improving Public Welfare in Papua


The Political Sword: The year of the union "IndyWatch Feed"

For the Chinese, 2016 is the ‘Year of the Monkey’ but I think in Australia it may well be the year of the union — although not in a positive way. As it is an election year, and in the light of the Trade Union Royal Commission (TURC) report in December, we can expect the Coalition government to have a lot to say about unions during the year. Turnbull, in releasing the TURC report, has already indicated that he will make union ‘corruption’ an election issue if his legislation to implement the TURC recommendations, including the reintroduction of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), does not pass parliament.

Unions of course will not take this lying down. The ACTU responded to the release of the TURC report by stating:

The ACTU rejects any accusation of widespread corrupt, unlawful behaviour in the union movement. We take a zero-tolerance approach to unlawful conduct, whether in the union movement or elsewhere. Isolated instances of unlawful conduct must always be referred to the police. Unions stand united to ensure any individuals convicted should feel the full force of the law. There is no place for crooks in our movement.

The ACTU welcomes sensible discussions about best practice governance. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull must allow space and time for these discussions to occur. This report should not be used to rush legislation that removes employee rights.
It also saw that the TURC report and a Productivity Commission review, which recommended a reduction in penalty rates, were related:
It is clear from the timing of the Royal Commission’s report that these two reports....


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Motorbike Writer: Victory Judge retains muscular aggression "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Victory Judge

Will the Victory Octane replace the Judge and Gunner as the company’s most aggressive muscle cruiser?

The Octane is the company’s first water-cooled model with a 1200cc engine to compete against the Harley-Davidson V-Rod.

While the high-revving sporty machine is an aggressive muscle cruiser, there is still plenty of bare-knuckle appeal about the Judge and the Gunner.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: No Refunds #7 with Nathan Roche and Community Centre "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

This week No Refunds pulls out another pearler with the return of charismatic warbler Nathan Roche and the unveiling of Community Centre, a new solo jaunt from Jay Cruikshank of the Rangoons. This one's a corker!

Entry is zero dollars and there's really cheap food and booze. There really needn't be anymore coercing, this is an alarmingly generous event for people who enjoy music and drinking on a Thursday.


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": darkly wise, rudely great: My Sister is a Superhero: OUT TODAY "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Bamm! Thwack! Shazammm!

My Sister is a Superhero is released today. It's my third children's picture book with illustrator Peter Carvanas, and I'm thrilled to see it out in the world, cape rippling in the breeze.

A couple of early reviews are in:
This is a rhyming fun filled frolic from the creators of My Nanna is a Ninja and My Pop is a Pirate. Another wacky celebration of diverse personalities infused with familial love and an ending that will warm your heart.
Carnavas’ delightful ink pen and watercolour pictures conjure four active sisters (the quirkiest being a superhero) from Young’s rich and smooth poetry – combining to produce a double shot of humour. Each sister is accompanied by her own animal ‘sidekick.’ It’s impossible to read this book without a smile on your face and a chuckle in your chest. 
- The Children's Book Council of Australia 
This picture book for young readers is the third book in what has proved to be a much-loved series celebrating the diversity of family. [...] Damon Young...writes this fun-to-read book in rhyming verse with lots of alliteration...which is excellent for reading aloud to children from 3 years and up. [...] The watercolour illustratio...


Catallaxy Files: ASADAgate may get its own Senate inquiry "IndyWatch Feed"

The Age is reporting:

The push for a Senate inquiry into how the Essendon supplements saga was handled has intensified, with high-profile independent senators calling for a review.
Senators Glenn Lazarus, Nick Xenophon, Dio Wang, Jacqui Lambie, Ricky Muir, Bob Day and David Leyonhjelm on Wednesday endorsed a motion by Victorian independent senator John Madigan for the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority to be grilled over its handling of the Bombers’ probe.
ASADA says it would be happy to front any inquiry, and its handling of the 2013 joint investigation with the AFL was backed through two Federal Court cases.

Madigan wants the inquiry to also examine the national anti-doping framework and what it means for professional sport.

In the meantime Senator John Madigan is running hard on the issue:

Madigan had appealed to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last month to release three confidential documents relating to the investigation of the Bombers’ 2012 injecting program. This included a request for the full report produced by the Australian Crime Commission, featuring its two-day interview with sports scientist Stephen Dank.
However, Madigan said on Tuesday that Turnbull had “handballed” his earlier request for documents to Health Minister Sussan Ley.

“I am concerned with whether the footballers in question have been fairly treated,” Madigan said.

“Did they get due process? Was justice done and seen to be done? Did the players get a fair go? This issue is not resolved and questions remain and must be answered.”

Madigan said the saga was about drugs in sport, the outsourcing of justice to overseas organisations and the fair and lawful direction of employees in a workplace....



"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Geelong": Bellarine Bayside: Clean Up Australia Day on the Northern Bellarine "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Help us to clean up our little piece of Australia

Bellarine Bayside is holding three separate Clean Up Australia Day activities in Portarlington, St Leonards and Indented Head on Wednesday 2 March 2016 from 2 – 4pm. Meet our staff in St Leonards on the left hand side of the pier, at Half Moon Bay opposite the Ozone wreck in Indented Head or outside the Bellarine Bayside depot in Portarlington. Come along and help our staff and the community clean up the Northern Bellarine foreshore for us all to enjoy!

If you can’t make it Wednesday, then you can join the Woofers and Walkers Clean Up Australia Day, Sunday 6 March 2016 on the Portarlington foreshore at the end of Fairfax St.

Clean up Australia Day


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Castlemaine Art Gallery: Join Our Team "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


We are looking for a Relief Receptionist/Administrator to join our team!

What is the Role?

Relief Reception/Administration

Castlemaine Art Gallery & Historical Museum is currently seeking a professional and enthusiastic Receptionist/Administrator to be part its team. In our Reception area our visitors expect friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff. The successful candidate will be focused on delivering the best possible service and work effectively and harmoniously as part of a team.

This casual position is a relief position to cover staff on leave as well as weekend work.

Reporting to the Director the key responsibilities of the role include:

  • Welcoming visitors on arrival
  • Providing assistance to visitors at any point during their visit
  • Maintain registers and databases for membership sign up and renewal accurately
  • Cashiering and reporting
  • General administrative duties with attention to detail
  • Professional and welcoming telephone manner to internal and external customers as well as conveying accurate messages
  • Project a professional image at all times

To be successful in the role you will possess:

  • Previous experience in a front of house role in an Art Gallery or similar retail environment
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Excellent personal presentation with a high level of communication skills
  • Energy and passion for excellent customer service
  • Proficient computer skills and point of sale
  • A willingness to help and work effectively within a team
  • Current RSA and RCG certificates (or ability to attain)
  • Ability to work across a seven day roster essential

If you believe you have the skills set to cover this casual relief role, please submit your application covering the outlined s...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Sustainable Living Armidale: UNE Seminar — Population and consumption: the death of nature and the failure of science "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

[ Wednesday, 2 Mar; 12:00 pm; ] This is a seminar about people; their environment, their future, and whether they will have either. Some in the audience will find my words confronting. I make no apologies. There is no time for apologies. Nor do we have choices. We act now, decisively, and with pain or we will be hated by our children's [...] full article »


Bill Mitchell – billy blog: Real wages falling in Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

The Australian Bureau of Statistics published the latest – Wage Price Index, Australia – for the December-quarter yesterday and annual private sector wages growth fell to 2.0 per cent (0.5 per cent for the quarter). This is the fourth consecutive month that the annual growth in wages has recorded its lowest level since the data series began in the September-quarter 1997. Real wages in the private sector are now in decline. In the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook published in December, the Government assumed wages growth for 2014-15 would be 2.5 per cent rising to 2.75 over 2016-17. They also assumed real wages (the difference between growth in the nominal Wage Price Index and the Consumer Price Index would be positive (0.5 per cent in 2016-17). On current trends, neither assumption will be realised, means the forward estimates for taxation revenue are already falling short and the fiscal deficit will be larger than assumed. There will be then the typical hysteria about the size of the fiscal deficit and the need to cut it which will be missing the point entirely. The rising deficit is just responding to a generalised decline in economic activity, falling employment and suppressed wages growth. Depending on how we measure inflation, the annual wages growth translates into a small real wage rise or fall. Either way, real wages are growing well below trend productivity growth and Real Unit Labour Costs (RULC) continue to fall. This means that the gap between real wages growth and productivity growth continues to widen as the wage share in national income falls (and the profit share rises). The flat wages trend is intensifying the pre-crisis dynamics, which saw private sector credit rather than real wages drive growth in consumption spending. The lessons have not been learned.



Catallaxy Files: Tax Change Argle Bargle "IndyWatch Feed"

Breathtaking.  It is utterly breathtaking that the main current political debate is around which political team can increase taxes in the most responsible way.  How did this happen?

We should perhaps be grateful that they are at least talking about a better match between taxes and expenditures and not about how much debt is reasonable to leave to the next generation.  Although there seems to be some crazy consensus that our current, and rapidly growing levels of public debt are not too bad, particularly when compared to the Europeans and Americans!  How do you like that one?  To enter the land of the blind, you need to gouge your eyes out.

Where has the conversation on expenditure reduction gone?  Yes.  The prior “administration” was exceptionally ham-fisted in the way they approached it, but was not that part of the reason for the leadership change?

There are billions to be saved even before touching the welfare state.  None of this efficiency dividend business.  There needs to be a real review as to why certain commonwealth functions exist at all.  Education and health are constitutionally the responsibility of the States.  And why on earth is there a Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science?  What would Canberra based officials know about industry, innovation or science?

Yes.  Let’s avoid a war and carve out the CSIRO, but why does there exist an organisation whose sole purpose is to take money from successful businesses and give it to unsuccessful businesses?  Why, why, why?

Our political leaders have been captured.  Lock stock and barrel.  They have received advice that cutting outlays will impact on economic growth.  Knock me over.  Those who will be adversely personally affected are arguing against it.  Knock me over.

So what is left then?  Tax increases.

Is there a tax kite left to fly?  We have seen the GST kite taken out and brought back.  Now we have the negative gearing and capital ga...


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": Steven Rhall | Blog: Gesture from Steven Rhall on Vimeo.*Ok, it’s sideways... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Gesture from Steven Rhall on Vimeo.

*Ok, it’s sideways because this was made to be displayed on a vertical monitor*. The scene here depicts the gesture of activating two lights beneath the bridge which sits alongside the Maribyrnong River in West Melbourne / Footscray. A performance I’ve undertaken on four occasions, lighting the space beneath this bridge is a re-activation, an acknowledgement of the Birrarung (Yarra River) which (from my research) formally met with the Maribyrnong River prior to being rediverted in the early 1900’s. Through this work, I am questioning the idea of a River and it’s existence beyond it’s physical form – that it still flows here (even physically as a shallow stream) and that the spirit of the Birrarung has not left this site. Activating this space acknowledges this spirit and celebrates the Birrarung that has had it’s range of challenges since European contact.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: A mixtape by Nathan Roche "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Nathan Roche has been living in Europe for the past couple of years, a real shame for those who relished seeing him play regularly and even more of a bummer for those who nourish an unquenchable thirst for his use of Sydney puns and local. You remember him right? Camperdown & Out, Wentworth Avenue Breeze Out, Angie and author of a myriad self published novels? Of course you do.

We wrote about it ALL: here, here, here, here and here.

He's back in Australia for a bit to renew his visa and in his distinctive brand of casual genius is playing shows in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney and has bloody called it the 'VISA Renewal Tour'. We asked Nathan to make a playlist for us to commemorate and like the man himself it's a rambling, confusing, loveable mix imbued with addictive narrative.

~ Googles how to say 'Enjoy' in French ~

prendre plaisir!

Pierre Paul Ou Jacques - 'Je Suis Turc'

“I am Turk” is what it means in English. But do we ever know what anything
really means? Especially if it came out of the 60s. I know this one sounds good, the drums are wild, that little rollin' piano - look at it go! Its just wh...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: A DIY hologram projector for your phone "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Holograms are cool. They were cool in Star Wars and they're cool as a silly thing to do on a Saturday night. It's true they may be lacking in practical applications but we promise you'll still be astonished when your useless experiment is complete.

Tip: If you're feeling really ambitious you could use increase the dimensions and use more sophisticated materials like perspex, glass, ect to make a massive projector (or at least an iPad-sized one).

You will need:


Transparent sticky tape
A stanley knife
A cutting board
Cuttable, transparent plastic (we used a clear plastic folder, CD covers will also work)
A ruler
Graph paper

Step 1


Draw a rhombus (1cm x 3.5cm x 6cm) and cut it out.


Step 2


Place your rhombus underneath the clear plastic and carefully trace around the paper with your stanley knife. Do it lightly at first then go over your first cut again to complete it.

Step 3



Prosper Australia: “How to Simplify Government” with Phil Anderson "IndyWatch Feed"

Presenter: Phil Anderson When: Friday March 18th, Where:  Level 1/ 64 Harcourt St, North Melbourne Time: 6.30pm Tickets $25 Phil’s annual Prosper talk has become one of our most popular events. Book quickly, this will sell out. This year he will stretch our thinking with a critical look at the role of government and its impact on […]


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Liam Gerner Announces Summer/Autumn Tour "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Image Courtesy of Liam Gerner Melbourne based singer-songwriter Liam Gerner has just returned to Australia after a successful tour of New Zealand at the start of this year and is hitting the road. This is Gerner’s first Australian tour since he supported Paolo Nutini last April and will see him sharing sounds new and old. […]


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": Western NSW & Far West Health Libraries Blog: Research pinpoints devastating impacts of fetal alcohol syndrome "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Research reveals the tragic results of alcohol use in pregnancy.Children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are affected by a range of problems, including anxiety, depression, aggression, delinquency and diminished learning capacity a new review of evidence reveals.
Published today in the journal Pediatrics, the research is the first to comprehensively describe behaviours in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) observed by teachers and parents using an empirically based assessment system.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": Western NSW & Far West Health Libraries Blog: Home based health care can be safer and cheaper than hospital care: report "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Treating patients in their homes can be a safer and significantly cheaper alternative to hospital care, a report has found, potentially saving state and federal governments tens of millions of dollars annually.
The paper by the University of Western Sydney's Centre for Health Research found home-based health care improved patient satisfaction and quality of life while reducing hospital readmission rates.
In some cases it was also associated with a 20 per cent lower mortality rate.

Please see more at:


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney": Larktalk's Blog: H2O and the Paddington Reservoir Gardens "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

These award winning Paddington Reservoir Gardens still have a freshness about them. It was last used as a water reservoir in 1899 and after various uses was transformed in 2009, where the framework of the reservoirs was retained and various contemporary elements added. The sunken lawns, gardens and plaza areas are a haven in the blistering and humid heat of this summer. There are numerous vantage and entry points and spaces where people can both have some privacy or be in groups. The current exhibition, H2O Water Bar,  is a tasting bar with a difference. It draws on its former use with a playful approach to bars and water by artist, Janet Laurence.



"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Brisbane Folk Club Announces March Lineup "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Image Courtesy of Brisbane Folk Club After the massive success of the first three Brisbane Folk Clubs since December the monthly night is streaming ahead with the announcement of their March lineup. Appearing at The Foundry in Brisbane on Wednesday 2nd March will be Adelaide folk-stompers The Timbers (as part of the Timber and Steel […]


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": The unholy Liberal/ Greens/ National/ Xenophon cartel … has issu ed the cross-bench with a death warrant – senator Day "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Senate voting proposal avoids telling voters they will be disenfranchised

Another Greens initiative

· The proposed new Senate voting method will ‘wipe out’ minor parties

· but ALP points out cheating re donations to political parties is untouched

· but cheating to get false enrolments onto the Electoral Roll is untouched

· but cheating by multiple voting (18,770 at last election) is untouched

· but Electoral Rolls still in a shambles, as stated by the National Audit Office

Yesterday’s “Matter of Public Importance” (MPI) debate on the government’s new Senate voting method proposal yielded the truth about it and some quotable quotes, according to elections-monitoring group, Australians for Honest Election (AFHE), which warns that all of the big problems in our electoral systems have been ignored while this minor side-issue of Senate voting methods is being pushed forwards.

Senator Bob Day, Family First Party – voting changes a “…death warrant….”

The topic of the MPI was “The rushed changes to voting laws that will extinguish Senate diversity

ALP Senator Dastyari said, This is an electoral gerrymander masquerading as reform. Let’s be honest about the result – only 3 parties in the Senate and Xenophon. This is the behaviour of a bunch of schoolyard bullies … Hypocrisy of the Greens … The government wants a more compliant Senate. It’s not about openness and transparency. The introduction of optional preferential voting will result in massive exhaustion of votes.

Senator Leyonhjelm pointed out the unfairness, “Many Au.........

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