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Thursday, 25 February


Ash plume and incandescent bombs ejected from Etna's NE crater, Sicily The Watchers » Latest articles

An unusual eruption was observed from Etna volcano's NE crater on the morning of February 23, 2016. INGV reports several hundred meters high ash plume and incandescent bombs ejected above the rim of the crater. The video and thermal cameras of the...... Read more »

Hazardous tornadoes wreak havoc across Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama, US The Watchers » Latest articles

An outbreak of dangerous tornadoes was reported across Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi during February 23, 2016. 22 tornadoes were reported, and 5 were confirmed by the National Weather Service (NWS) so far. Extreme weather conditions claimed, at least,...... Read more »


Epic Drought and Food Crisis Prompts South Africa to Ease Restrictions on GMOs EcoWatch


In the face of a food crisis and a devastating drought, South Africa is...


Humpback Whale Entangled in Illegal Gillnet Saved by Sea Shepherd Crew EcoWatch


This is not the first humpback whale entangled in an illegal gillnet found by...


Fracking Cases in Pennsylvania Expose the Human Cost of Drilling EcoWatch


As jury selection kicks off in the notorious fracking water contamination case in Dimock...


Activists Block Secret TTIP Talks Earth First! Newswire

by Jennifer Baker / Revolution News

Greenpeace activists have blocked EU and US negotiators from holding secret talks in Brussels for a trade deal that would give multinational corporations unprecedented power. The protesters warned that TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement – is a threat for democracy, environmental protection, health standards and working conditions

Greenpeace activists have blocked EU and US negotiators from holding secret talks in Brussels for a trade deal that would give multinational corporations unprecedented power.

 The protesters warned that TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement – is a threat for democracy, environmental protection, health standards and working conditions. Greenpeace calls for an immediate end to TTIP negotiations.

Thirty activists from seven countries [1] chained themselves at the entrances of a conference centre where the meeting...

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Wednesday, 24 February


Yellowstone: A Wild Place of Perpetual Discovery Latest News

Wolves draw visitors to national park in cold winter months


M4.9 Quake Strikes SoCal Fire Earth

Earthquake jolts Bakersfield, CA Centered at 35.542°N, 119.373°W (37km NW of Bakersfield) the event occurred at a depth of 22.1 km (13.8 mi), reported USGS/EHP. The quake was followed by at least two aftershocks. EQ Details Magnitude: 4.9Mw Location: 35.542°N, 119.373°W; depth=22.1 km (13.8 mi) Time: 2016-02-24 00:02:23 (UTC) Nearby Cities: 6km (4mi) SSW of […]


Deadly Storm System Slams Southern US Fire Earth

Tornadoes kill or injure up to 50 people A powerful storm system pummeled southern U.S. spawning deadly tornadoes that left at least eight people dead and dozens more injured. At least 27 tornadoes have raked across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida  and Georgia, destroying homes, businesses and just about anything else standing in their paths. The […]


The noble cause of the Heathrow 13 The Ecologist

With the 'Heathrow 13' protestors expecting custodial sentences today for their occupation of a Heathrow runway last July, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP writes that their direct action followed years of official lies and broken promises, and forms part of a long tradition of direct action protests in defence of democracy.


Mapping sea level from space using GPS reflections The Watchers » Latest articles

New research conducted in collaboration between the scientists from the National Oceanography Center (NOC) in the UK and the University of Michigan and Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US, has utilized the GPS signal, commonly used for 'sat-navs' to map the sea...... Read more »


Strange "musical" sounds recorded during Apollo 10 mission in 1969 now public The Watchers » Latest articles

NASA has released a recording of unusual "musical" sounds the Apollo 10 astronauts reported in 1969 while on the far side of the Moon, out of radio contact with the Earth. The Science Channel broadcasted a story behind the strange sounds on February 21,...... Read more »


Seabed mining conservation strategies insufficient Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

New research reveals proposed conservation strategies at seabed mining sites are inadequate

seabed mining research

Seafloor massive sulfide deposits support unique megafaunal assemblages: Implications for seabed mining and conservation

Open Channels

Authors: Rachel Boschen, Ashley Rowden, Malcolm Clark, Arne Pallentin, Jonathan Gardner

Mining of seafloor massive sulfides (SMS) is imminent, but the ecology of assemblages at SMS deposits is poorly known. Proposed conservation strategies include protected areas to preserve biodiversity at risk from mining impacts. Determining site suitability requires biological characterisation of the mine site and protected area(s). Video survey of a proposed mine site and protected area off New Zealand revealed unique megafaunal assemblages at the mine site. Significant relationships were identified between assemblage structure and environmental conditions, including hydrothermal features. Unique assemblages occurred at both active and inactive chimneys and are particularly at risk from mining-related impacts. The occurrence of unique assemblages at the mine site suggests that the proposed protected area is insufficient alone and should instead form part of a network. These results provide support for including hydrothermally active and inactive features within networks of protected areas and emphasise the need for quantitative survey data of proposed sites.

PDF File [2.7MB]...


Intense flash floods batter eastern Israel The Watchers » Latest articles

Following a week of high temperature, strong rainstorms lashed eastern and southern Israel and triggered flash-floods on February 22, 2016. Rain and winds battered eastern Israel, causing intense flash-floods and traffic disruptions across the affected areas. Ein...... Read more »


Five people missing after a landslide at Mt Annapurna, Nepal The Watchers » Latest articles

A dry landslide was reported at the base of Mt Annapurna South at Narchyang VDC - 1, Nepal on February 23, 2016. The landslide occurred in the area that suffered deformation at the time of the massive Nepal earthquake in April 2015. Five people went missing. The...... Read more »


Cooks Islands fails to find suitor for seabed mining Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Mark_Brown cook islands

Cook Islands Finance Minister Mark Brown. Photo: Phillipa Webb / Cook Islands News

Cooks to take more direct approach to seabed mining

Radio New Zealand

The Cook Islands government says it will consider a more direct approach to find investors to mine its sea floor after a five month open tender process failed to register a single bid.

The country’s finance minister said he was not surprised by the lack of interest in the open tender process given the depressed state of global minerals markets and the high risk, high cost nature of deep sea mining.

Mark Brown said while the Cook Islands was reviewing its tender process, negotiations were already underway with various international companies from Europe, America and Canada.

“One of them we are engaged in discussions in a partnership arrangement also in the international seabed authority area in the northern Pacific in the Clarion Clipperton Zone.

“And the others we are in discussions with are looking at options for exploration in our own EEZ.”

The Cook Islands open tender process was launched in August last Year and expired last month.

The Cook Islands Seabed Minerals Authority said it received enquiries from companies in Japan, Korea, China, the US, UK and Germany but no formal applications were lodged.



Coast Guard Drops Controversial Proposal to Ship Toxic Fracking Waste EcoWatch


In a win for clean water and public health, the U.S. Coast Guard quietly dropped its...


The Biggest Oil Leak You’ve Never Heard Of, Still Leaking After 12 Years EcoWatch


Far away from TV cameras and under the radar of the nightly news, oil has been...


Virtual Reality Film Takes You to Rome for March for the Earth EcoWatch


The People’s March for Earth, starting at the Colosseum and progressing through the wide avenues of Rome to...


Sustainability Management in Practice: Student Work Helps Establish Conservation Act in Palau EcoWatch


The Manta Ray Conservation Act of the Republic of Palau helped to create the sixth largest...


Mysterious noise in Oregon puzzles residents The Watchers » Latest articles

Residents of Forest Grove, Oregon are reporting a loud alarm-like sounds randomly ringing near Gales Creek Road. The noise was first heard three weeks ago. For KOIN 6, Paula Lynch and her neighbor, who asked that her name not be used, described the sound as loud and...... Read more »

A new plan to pull the “forest giraffe” back from the brink of extinction Mongabay Environmental News

The rare “forest giraffe,” a native of the lowland rainforests in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, faces numerous threats, including habitat loss, armed conflict, poaching, and, increasingly, the mining and oil industries. Okapi, sometimes referred to as “forest giraffes” because they are the only other member of the Giraffidae family besides giraffes, are mostly solitary animals. They’re about the size of a small horse and have distinctive black and white stripes, similar to a zebra’s, on their legs. Okapi are currently listed as Endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species. Now the IUCN, together with the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), has announced a new global effort to prevent the okapi (Okapia johnstoni) from going extinct in the wild. The DRC has established protected areas to preserve critical populations of okapi, but armed militias and illegal extractive operations in these key conservation areas have proven difficult to rein in, despite increased patrols and law enforcement. Perhaps no episode illustrates that reality more clearly than the attack at the DRC’s Okapi Wildlife Reserve headquarters in 2012, when members of a militia group killed seven people and 14 “ambassador” okapi that lived at the facility. The lead author of a new strategy to save the okapi, ZSL’s Dr. Noëlle Kümpel, said that while the okapi is an iconic species for the DRC, we still don’t know much about them, largely due to security…


Massive Methane Leaks From Texas Fracking Sites Even More Significant Than Infamous Porter Ranch Gas Leak EcoWatch


Every hour, natural gas facilities in North Texas’ Barnett Shale region emit thousands...


How to Treat ADHD Naturally EcoWatch


One diet has been shown to improve symptoms in up to...


Widespread extinction after Earth's hyperactive magnetic field reversals The Watchers » Latest articles

Research results of the new study indicate the rapid reversals of Earth's magnetic field which occurred about 550 million years ago is responsible for destroying a huge portion of the ozone layer. This destruction has, in turn, allowed a higher concentration of...... Read more »


Why Hydropower Is Not ‘Cheap’ or ‘Clean’ EcoWatch


Rivers are the living, breathing blood veins of the planet. Hydroelectric dams are...


Stephen Colbert: This Is the Road to the White House EcoWatch


"This primary had more winners than a little league awards banquet. Possibly the biggest winner was...


Members Notice Feb. 23, 2016 Fire Earth

CJ Members Program in progress on FIRE-EARTH Channels… For details of program and the Q & A session, tune in to your local channels. Starting Feb. 23, 2016 at 17:00 – 23:00, and 22:32 – 04:32 UTC Filed under: News Alert Tagged: CJ Members, Fire-Earth Alert, FIRE-EARTH Program, Notice to Members, Q & A


40,000 air pollution deaths a year, say doctors The Ecologist

A new report from leading physicians published today reveals the excess mortality caused by UK air pollution, writes Vanessa Amaral-Rogers. The Government has already been found in breach of the EU's Air Quality Directive, but its policies remain weak. Will it finally step up to prevent early deaths from this silent killer?


MD Senate advances major climate bill by huge, bipartisan margin Chesapeake Climate Action Network

CCAN Applauds MD Senators for Resounding, Bipartisan Vote to Require Deeper Cuts in Greenhouse Gas Pollution

ANNAPOLIS—Today the Maryland Senate voted overwhelmingly – by a 38-8 bipartisan margin – to approve one of the nation’s strongest state requirements for reducing climate pollution. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2016 (SB 323/HB 610) requires Maryland to slash emissions economy-wide by 40 percent by 2030, in line with what scientists say is necessary to avert the worst impacts of climate change.

The bill, which renews and extends a landmark law first passed in 2009, now heads to the Maryland House of Delegates for final approval. The new, forty-percent emission reduction goal was unanimously recommended by Maryland’s bipartisan Commission on Climate Change last fall – including union leaders, business and environmental advocates, and six Republican cabinet secretaries from the Hogan administration.

Mike Tidwell, director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and a member of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change, had the following statement in response:

“This vote sends a resounding message that climate action is a bipartisan, economic and health imperative in the state of Maryland. Maryland is acting in line with the Pope, with the world’s leaders in Paris, and with our proven best interests. While solar and wind power take off, so are the devastating impacts of climate disruption, driven by our reliance on dirty energy.

“By being a national leader in cutting carbon pollution, Maryland can lead the nation in capturing the benefits of clean energy. Our current carbon-cutting programs are on t...


10 Reasons to Oppose the Senate Version of the DARK Act EcoWatch


Nine out of 10 Americans want the right to know what’s in their food and how...


Fight Senate Bill Seeking Voluntary GMO Labeling, Say Right to Know Advocates Latest News

Draft legislation an attempt to block Vermont’s mandatory labeling law that goes into effect on July 1


Bulusan volcano erupts, ashfall reported, Philippines The Watchers » Latest articles

Bulusan volcano in Luzon, Philippines, erupted on February 22, 2016, sending a short column of steam and ash 500 m (1 640 feet) above the west-northwest fissure vent of the volcano summit. The explosion was registered as a high-frequency earthquake, followed by a...... Read more »


Stanford Scientist Finds People Living Near Shallow Fracking Wells at Risk of Drinking Water Contaminated With Methane EcoWatch


Regions of the U.S. with the highest risk for groundwater contamination from fracking...


One-Year Anniversary of Chi’chil Bildagoteel, aka Oak Flat, Occupation Earth First! Newswire

from Apache Stronghold

save-oak-flatApache Stronghold is marking the one-year anniversary of the occupation of sacred Chi’chil Bildagoteel, also known as Oak Flat. The year-long encampment has drawn support to protect Oak Flat from destruction by the proposed largest copper mine in North America.

Apaches, Tribal leaders and supporters, representing scores of groups that have endorsed the struggle, will “walk off the reservation” on Friday February 26th and spend the night in Globe, Arizona. The walk will continue the next day and end at Oak Flat with ceremonies and a unification of tribes and others committed to protect this sacred place.

The public is invited to join Apache Stronghold in the march and the events that will take place February 26-27, 2016.

Schedule of Events (see flyer for detailed schedule)

Thursday, February 25:  events begin at Old San Carlos at 10 a.m.

Friday, February 26:  7:30 a.m. Run begins at Old San Carlos, runners and walkers will continue to Fry’s(Globe, AZ)

Saturday, February...


Sea Levels Rising at Fastest Rate in 3,000 Years EcoWatch


Sea levels in the 20th century rose faster than at any time in the last ...


Climate Experts to American Geophysical Union: Reject Exxon Sponsorship EcoWatch


More than 100 climate experts have signed an open letter pressing the AGU to end...


Maison de la Résistance in Bure, France

While nations in Africa and Asia are coming under tremendous foreign pressure to adopt nuclear energy as the answer to their energy problems, the nations that are trying to sell nuclear reactors to them are actually at the end of the road of their nuclear dreams. Nuclear energy is no […]

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Tuesday, 23 February


After Malheur, the end of the beginning: war for America's public lands rages on The Ecologist

Those who value public lands - for economic, environmental, recreational and aesthetic values - owe a debt of gratitude to Harney County, Oregon, writes Peter Walker. A violent branch of the Sagebrush Rebellion came to town, and the community told it to go away: the decisive factor in the occupiers' defeat. But the greater war for America's public lands has only just begun.


Shoot first, ask no questions later: more badger culling, less science The Ecologist

With 29 applications for new badger culls, writes Lesley Docksey, the government still has no idea how many badgers there are in the cull areas, or how many of them have TB. Nor does it want to find out. The badger culling project is getting less scientific by the day - or should that be by the square kilometre?


Beyond Coal and Gas: The Transition is Now! The Sunrise Project

8-11 April Myuna Bay, New South Wales

Beyond Coal and Gas is the national gathering of communities working to move beyond coal and gas. Bringing together people from one end of Australia to the other, it is a rare and important opportunity for communities to meet, share experiences and to learn from one another. Registration is now open!

The program for the 2016 gathering will be an exciting line up of National and International speakers, workshops and plenaries. The major theme for the conference this year is The Transition is Now and will feature case studies on the transition away from coal and gas to a new energy economy based on renewables. The program will also cover major themes of the movement beyond coal and gas, including health, finance and economics, coal closure and rehabilitation and plenty of practical workshops on skills development. As with previous years, a large portion of the program will be open spaces to allow participants to define the workshops they want to see at the conference. All the information you need, including the impressive line up of speakers, is available on the conference website.


The Democratic Affect: Chicago Crime Statistics – Homicide for the Masses Head Space

Homicides in Chicago this year double same period last year “…any influence, which destroys the individual, can also destroy the whole society.“ February To Date Shot & Killed: 29 Shot & Wounded: 113 Total Shot: 142 Total Homicides: 39 Year to Date Shot & Killed: 82 Shot & Wounded: 359 Total Shot: 441 Total Homicides: […]


Attempts to Soften Scientists’ Critiques of EPA’s Fracking and Drinking Water Study Come Up Short We All Live Downstream

Photo Credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

Photo credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

By John Noël, National Oil and Gas Coordinator – On Twitter: @Noel_Johnny

The oil and gas industry inside game is alive and well in 2016.

The Science Advisory Board (SAB) Panel is out again with another draft of its report on EPA’s fracking and drinking water Assessment. The Panel is tasked with reviewing and offering recommendations on how EPA should improve its Assessment of threats to water resources from fracking activities.

The Panel retained most of its strongly worded critique of the Assessment. Critiques like these are largely in line with what communities on the front-lines of oil and gas development and environmental groups have been saying for months:



Wearing a respirator in Bakersfield—where the town motto is “life as it should be.” We All Live Downstream

Oil & Gas program organizer Rosanna Esparza wears a respirator in front of the sign for Bakersfield, Ca.

“Life as it should be?”—Oil & Gas program organizer Rosanna Esparza wears a respirator in front of the sign for Bakersfield, Ca., to make a fairly strong point about the irony of the town motto, given the air quality in the district.

—By Rosanna Esparza, Program Organizer for the Oil and Gas Program, California

Lately I’ve been thinking about signs I’ve seen scattered around neighborhoods in Bakersfield with the proclamation, “Bakersfield – Life As It Should Be.” They’re kidding, right? Almost everywhere you turn in Bakersfield is an homage to oil production: Abandoned storage tanks dripping oil onto the ground, idle pump-jacks, and rusted-out pipes grace the landscape.

By all rights I’m a newbie in Kern County. I’ve lived here since 2014 when I accepted an organizing position with Clean Water Action. I spent two years in Wasco, CA working on my dissertation in 2008. You can’t compare life in Wasco with life in Bakersfield. The welcome sign as you enter the City of Wasco reads, “Grow with Us.” That makes sense. Wasco was known as the “rose capital of the U.S.”, but “life as it should be?”

In 2008 I used to smell the sweet scent of roses almost every afternoon when the wind blew from the north-west to the south-east across the rose fields. Hundreds of acres of roses fluttering in the wind were glorious gifts to the nose and memory. Today the roses are gone. In their place oi...

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Friday, 19 February


Joining the Team to Fight for Maryland We All Live Downstream

By Jennifer Kunze, Maryland Program Organizer

Jennifer profileI’d like to introduce myself as Clean Water Action’s new Maryland Program Organizer! I started just two weeks ago, and I could not be more excited to work with you to protect clean water and healthy environments in our state.

I have lived in Maryland my whole life – I spent my childhood hiking in the Catoctin Mountains near my hometown of Frederick, swam in the St. Mary’s River while attending St. Mary’s College in southern Maryland, and now love exploring the shores of the Patapsco and its streams near my home in Baltimore City. I know how beautiful, vital, and threatened our communities are, and I am thrilled to be joining an organization with such a long history of protecting both the environment and people’s health.

I’ve spent the past three years working as the Environmental Programs Organizer at the Center for Grace-Full Living in East Baltimore, a small but vibrant community center that focuses on meeting people’s immediate needs, finding ways to heal as individuals and communities, and pursuing restorative justice across our society. There, I coordinated community gardens, taught environmental education classes, created courses on healthy cooking and nutrition, and organized watershed restoration programs from rain barrels to rain gardens. There are so many ways that we can come together in our own neighborhoods to contribute to a healthier environment in ways that make our communities healthier, too.

But I also saw the ways that invisible influences on our environment have enormous impacts on our health. When particulate pollution fro...

Thursday, 18 February


26th Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation Meeting Illegal Logging Portal

16 Jun 2016
The Crystal, Royal Victoria Docks, London, E16 1GB

This meeting will take place 16th-17th June, 2016 and will address a range of emerging issues central to discussions on the trade in illegal timber, including the interactions between Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT), sustainable development and climate change. 

This event is part of a series of illegal logging update meetings, and will bring together more than 250 participants from civil society, industry and governments around the world.

More details and registration for the event will be available soon.

For more information about this event please contact Alison Hoare.

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