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Wednesday, 24 February


Bulusan volcano erupts, ashfall reported, Philippines The Watchers » Latest articles

Bulusan volcano in Luzon, Philippines, erupted on February 22, 2016, sending a short column of steam and ash 500 m (1 640 feet) above the west-northwest fissure vent of the volcano summit. The explosion was registered as a high-frequency earthquake, followed by a...... Read more »


Stanford Scientist Finds People Living Near Shallow Fracking Wells at Risk of Drinking Water Contaminated With Methane EcoWatch


Regions of the U.S. with the highest risk for groundwater contamination from fracking include...


One-Year Anniversary of Chi’chil Bildagoteel, aka Oak Flat, Occupation Earth First! Newswire

from Apache Stronghold

save-oak-flatApache Stronghold is marking the one-year anniversary of the occupation of sacred Chi’chil Bildagoteel, also known as Oak Flat. The year-long encampment has drawn support to protect Oak Flat from destruction by the proposed largest copper mine in North America.

Apaches, Tribal leaders and supporters, representing scores of groups that have endorsed the struggle, will “walk off the reservation” on Friday February 26th and spend the night in Globe, Arizona. The walk will continue the next day and end at Oak Flat with ceremonies and a unification of tribes and others committed to protect this sacred place.

The public is invited to join Apache Stronghold in the march and the events that will take place February 26-27, 2016.

Schedule of Events (see flyer for detailed schedule)

Thursday, February 25:  events begin at Old San Carlos at 10 a.m.

Friday, February 26:  7:30 a.m. Run begins at Old San Carlos, runners and walkers will continue to Fry’s(Globe, AZ)

Saturday, February...


Sea Levels Rising at Fastest Rate in 3,000 Years EcoWatch


Sea levels in the 20th century rose faster than at any time in the last ...


Climate Experts to American Geophysical Union: Reject Exxon Sponsorship EcoWatch


More than 100 climate experts have signed an open letter pressing the AGU to end...


Maison de la Résistance in Bure, France

While nations in Africa and Asia are coming under tremendous foreign pressure to adopt nuclear energy as the answer to their energy problems, the nations that are trying to sell nuclear reactors to them are actually at the end of the road of their nuclear dreams. Nuclear energy is no […]

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Tuesday, 23 February


Malheur occupation is over. The war for America's public lands rages on The Ecologist

Those who value public lands - for economic, environmental, recreational and aesthetic values - owe a debt of gratitude to Harney County, writes Peter Walker. A violent branch of the Sagebrush Rebellion came to town, and the community told it to go away: the decisive factor in the occupiers' defeat. But the greater war for America's public lands has only just begun.


Shoot first, ask no questions later: more badger culling, less science The Ecologist

With 29 applications for new badger culls, writes Lesley Docksey, the government still has no idea how many badgers there are in the cull areas, or how many of them have TB. Nor does it want to find out. The badger culling project is getting less scientific by the day - or should that be by the square kilometre?


Beyond Coal and Gas: The Transition is Now! The Sunrise Project


Beyond Coal and Gas is the national gathering of communities from across Australia working to move beyond coal and gas. Bringing together people from one end of Australia to the other, it is a rare and important opportunity for communities to come together, share experiences and to learn from one another. Registration is now open!

The program for the 2016 gathering will be an exciting line up of National and International speakers, workshops and plenaries. The major theme for the conference this year is The Transition is Now and will feature case studies on the transition away from coal and gas. The program will also cover major themes of the movement beyond coal and gas, including health, renewables, finance and economics, coal closure and rehab and plenty of practical workshops on skills development. As with previous years, a large portion of the program will be open spaces to allow participants to define the workshops they want to see at the conference. All the information you need, including the impressive line up of speakers, is available on the conference website.


Natural Hazard – Geo-space Event: South Atlantic Ocean Head Space

Largest fireball since Chelyabinsk falls into the ocean: NASA reports huge explosion of seven meter space rock over the Atlantic The Event took place February 6 at 14:00 UTC, 620 miles off Brazil’s coast The explosion released a blast equivalent to 13 kt of TNT (40 times less that the Chelyabinsk fireball) To put this […]


The Democratic Affect: Chicago Crime Statistics – Homicide for the Masses Head Space

Homicides in Chicago this year double same period last year February To Date Shot & Killed: 29 Shot & Wounded: 113 Total Shot: 142 Total Homicides: 39 Year to Date Shot & Killed: 82 Shot & Wounded: 359 Total Shot: 441 Total Homicides: 96 Source: 2016 Stats The Weekend’s Stupidity See: 2014 Chicago Crime & […]


Cursed Generation: People along Angabanga river doomed to chemical poisoning Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

tolukuma cursed

Gloria Bauai | Post Courier | 23.02.2016

A cursed generation is how pathologist Dr Sylvester Kotapu describes the fate of the people living along the length of the Angabanga River in the Kairuku-Hiri district of Central Province.

“The physical derangement of the environment, we don’t need an expert opinion on this. You go there, you’ll see: the chaotic flooding because of the buildup of sediments, the loss of food crops.

“But what’s more specific affecting the people there is the chemical poisoning coming about because of practice of a tailings management which is unlawfully deemed in the world,” he says.

Dr Kotapu had been commissioned by the Central Provincial Government in 2007 to carry out a study on the communities along the river.

He has released his report which was to identify the cause of peculiar diseases being reported by Veifa and Bereina health centres. Dr Kotapu’s finding was in par with other preceding studies which reported high levels of mine-related chemicals in the river system, biota and bloodstream of people.

It was concluded with the understanding that these groups of people have been exposed to very dangerous toxic chemicals believed to be discharged from mining activities upstream.

“From there we realised that high chemicals of mercury and lead and all that, was affecting the people.

“In one or two of the post-mortems that I’ve done, the brains, lungs, kidney, everywhere are full of these chemicals,R...


Biological Hazard – Toxic Cyanobacteria Algae: Cardrona River, New Zealand Head Space

TOXIC ALGAE – NEW ZEALAND (02): (OTAGO) BLUE-GREEN ALGAE, CANINE DEATHS *********************************************************************** Published Date: 2016-02-21 20:35:05 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Toxic algae – New Zealand (02): (OT) blue-green algae, canine deaths Archive Number: 20160221.4039687 Date: 20 Feb 2016 Source: Otaga Daily [edited] River warning after dog deaths —– The Otago Regional Council (ORC) says the toxic […]


Attempts to Soften Scientists’ Critiques of EPA’s Fracking and Drinking Water Study Come Up Short We All Live Downstream

Photo Credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

Photo credit: Leonid Ikan / Shutterstock

By John Noël, National Oil and Gas Coordinator – On Twitter: @Noel_Johnny

The oil and gas industry inside game is alive and well in 2016.

The Science Advisory Board (SAB) Panel is out again with another draft of its report on EPA’s fracking and drinking water Assessment. The Panel is tasked with reviewing and offering recommendations on how EPA should improve its Assessment of threats to water resources from fracking activities.

The Panel retained most of its strongly worded critique of the Assessment. Critiques like these are largely in line with what communities on the front-lines of oil and gas development and environmental groups have been saying for months:



Biological Health Hazard – Lyme disease Outbreak (new Borrelia species): USA, upper Midwest Region Head Space

LYME DISEASE – USA (02): (UPPER MIDWEST REGION) NEW BORRELIA SPECIES ******************************************************************** Published Date: 2016-02-22 17:11:56 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Lyme disease – USA (02): (upper Midwest region) new Borrelia species Archive Number: 20160222.4040006 Date: Thu 18 Feb 2016 Source: Medscape, Reuters report [edited] US researchers say they have discovered a new bacterial species that causes Lyme […]


Extreme Weather Event: Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston-16, Southern Pacific, Fiji, Vanuatu Head Space

Winston (was 11P- Southwestern Pacific Ocean) Feb. 21, 2016 NASA Sees Category 5 Southern Pacific Tropical Cyclone Hit Fiji [Images at Source] NASA satellites provided data on Tropical Cyclone Winston before and after it made an historic landfall in eastern Fiji. The GPM, Suomi NPP and Aqua satellites provided forecasters with data that showed rainfall, […]


The role of geomorphic and seismic processes in occurrence of massive landslides The Watchers » Latest articles

The scientists have conducted an investigation aimed at understanding how the long-term effects of seismicity on rock slopes and their interaction with geomorphic processes induces landslides. In the case study of the massive 1959 Madison Canyon Slide in Montana,...... Read more »


Safe Spaces, Microaggressions, Liberty, and Devolution – Uncomfortable Reflections of life in the Ancient City State Head Space

Chapter XVII: The Omnipotence of The State. The Ancients Knew Nothing of Individual Liberty. The city had been founded upon a religion, and constituted like a church. Hence its strength; hence, also, its omnipotence and the absolute empire which it exercised over its members. In a society established on such principles, individual liberty could not […]


Central Govt to look into Tolukuma pollution issue Papua New Guinea Mine Watch


Gloria Bauai | Post Courier | 22.02.2016

PARTIES involved in the toxic pollution of the Angabanga River system from the Tolukuma gold mine can and will be held accountable.

Member for Kairuku-Hiri Peter Isoaimo told Post-Courier that this possibility has come with the release of counter study results commissioned in 2008 by Petromin Holdings Limited.

A pathologist, Dr Sylvester Kotapu, said this counter-study confirms his own study in 2007 of high chemical levels in the blood stream of people living along the Angabanga River.

However, Dr Kotapu said these results compiled under the “Aquatic Biological Monitoring 2009” study was never made public until December 5, 2015.

Mr Isoaimo said the release now has given the Central Provincial Government a good footing to deal with the issue.

He said they are considering either a class action or mitigation on this matter.

“People involved in the pollution issue have now confirmed with that doctor’s report which places us in a better footing legally if we have to take the matter up at that level.

“We also considered mitigating the matter with the Government of the day for a specially tailored medical package for people affected.

“But if there’s any undertaking they may want to take up trading all this, we are left with no choice but to file a class action against everybody involved,” he said.

Dr Kotapu assured the member that together as a team, they will see that the peopl...


Eight Activists Arrested in Dominion Protest on Virginia Capitol Steps Saturday Earth First! Newswire

from RVA Mag


RICHMOND – Eight people were arrested for trespassing on the Capitol steps Saturday, following a rowdy march of environmental activists against Dominion Power’s plans to release treated water from coal ash ponds into the James River.

The event – “Dump Dominion, a march for our rivers” – was sponsored by the group No ACP. That abbreviation stands for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which Dominion plans to build across western Virginia to carry natural gas. Many environmentalists oppose the pipeline as well as the company’s plans for disposing of coal ash.

Hundreds of environmental activists and other citizens rallied at noon at the Bell Tower in the Capitol Square, protesting what they see as Dominion’s environmentally destructive practices. The environmentalists want the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to rescind state permits that Dominion has received to release treated water from the coal ash ponds into waterways.

According to the organization’s pamphlet, “spreading toxic coal ash throughout our communities and poisoning our water is not a solution. The DEQ must repea...


Intense thermal anomaly over Alaid volcano, Russia The Watchers » Latest articles

An intense thermal anomaly was observed over Alaid volcano in Northern Kuriles, Russia on February 20 and 21, 2016, Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT) reports. A thermal anomaly was detected at 20:00 UTC on February 20 and at 00:56 UTC on February 21....... Read more »


Multiple pesticides, magnified harms Pesticide Action Network

A new report by scientists at UCLA highlights the risks of exposure to multiple pesticides at a time. Learn more

Slideshow Category: 


It’s true: Dominion dumped toxic coal ash waste into our rivers Chesapeake Climate Action Network

It’s bad enough that Dominion wants to crisscross Virginia with a massive new gas pipeline and undermine federal clean power rules. But flagrantly contaminate our rivers with millions of gallons of toxic coal ash wastewater?

It’s true. News broke last week that, in May 2015, Dominion Power dumped 33.7 million gallons of untreated wastewater from its Possum Point coal plant into Quantico Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River.1

This happened eight months before Dominion received two highly controversial state permits that actually do allow the company to dump that much — plus half a billion more gallons — of coal ash wastewater into the Potomac and James Rivers.

This much is clear: Neither Dominion nor regulators at the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) are doing their job to protect our waters. Coal ash is a toxic byproduct of burning coal that contains arsenic, mercury, lead and other heavy metals — the last things we need in our rivers.

Last month, despite an outpouring of public opposition, DEQ and the State Water Control Board signed off on permits allowing Dominion to dump 215 million gallons of coal ash wastewater into Quantico Creek and 350 million gallons into the James River. Those permits have raised so many alarm bells that our neighboring state of Maryland, led by Republican Governor Larry Hogan, is planning a legal challenge.2

Meanwhile, for months, Dominion and the director of DEQ, David Paylor, had denied that any waste had already been drained into Quantico Creek. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Potomac Riverkeeper Network, the truth is finally coming to light. Dominion and DEQ are now admitting that water was dumped last spring. Now they’re just saying it was all legal.3

Our friends at Potomac Riverkeeper aren’t buying it. They’ve asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to launch a crimina...


Welcome to Cacotopia … “Technology is the answer – but what is the question?” Head Space

“Those who choose to have their opinions installed or reinforced by people who can’t even get basic facts about the physical world correct probably aren’t interested in adapting their views to objective reality.“ Our technological efforts to manage the world of living things are not really working out too well. At first they may seem […]


Severe flooding in northern Morocco The Watchers » Latest articles

Severe flooding was reported in parts of northern Morocco on February 22, 2016 after heavy rainfalls lashed the region over the last two days. One person is suspected dead, according to the current reports. The regions of Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoecima, including the...... Read more »


Thousands affected by floods and landslides in Malaysia and Indonesia The Watchers » Latest articles

Heavy rainfalls that have been battering Malaysia and Indonesia since February 19, 2016, triggered flooding and landslides. Almost 8 000 people have been evacuated in Malaysia while 6 000 homes in Indonesia have suffered damage over the last few days. Several...... Read more »


Organic Milk and Meat Is Healthier for You, Scientists Say EcoWatch


The new research finds that organic meat and dairy have higher levels of healthy...


Pamela Anderson: If Louisiana Prisons Go Vegan, I’ll Come Cook and Serve Lunch to the Inmates EcoWatch


"If Louisiana follows Arizona’s lead in switching to meat-free meals in jail, I’d be happy to...


Meteorologists And Climate Engineering Denial, Perpetuating The Lie For A Paycheck And A Pension Geoengineering Watch

Weather ChannelHow expansive and deep is the cancer of payed denial and deception which has long since permeated so much of the science community on countless fronts? How many so called "experts" have long since sold any shred of honor and honesty they may have once possessed in exchange for a paycheck and a pension? The


URGENT ACTION- Calls Needed Now for COPINH and Rio Blanco Global Justice Ecology Project

HONDURAS – In a peaceful walk that COpINH was carrying out at this moment, employees of DESA-Agua Zarca and the mayor of San Francisco de Ojuera and the National party are detaining and harassing more than 100 compañeros that are part... Read More

The post URGENT ACTION- Calls Needed Now for COPINH and Rio Blanco appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.



Should a precious ecosystem that provides for the culture and physical survival of the Anishinaabe people be sacrificed for a couple pipelines? Enbridge probably wouldn’t have a problem with that. In fact, they’d answer with a smile; but if you were to ask Winona LaDuke, she would stare at you with unflinching eyes and answer from the heart. She would say, no. And then she would explain why.

A part of the WOMAN film collection, Food, Water, Earth profiles the well-known Native American environmentalist, economist and writer, as she leads Honor The Earth and her wider community in a battle to stop Enbridge and the Koch Brothers as they try to push forward with a set of tar sands pipelines that would run straight over Anishinaabe lands; permanently endangering a delicate wetland ecosystem that is home to Manoomin, a sacred food to the Anishinaabe that is of great spiritual and cultural importance.


  • Executive Producer: Maggie Wachsberger
  • Director: Suez Taylor
  • Producers: Suez Taylor and Jason Motlagh
  • Director of Photography: Vanessa Carr
  • Guest Camera: Sadie Luetmer
  • Sound: Alek Roselik
  • Executive Editor: Rose Kang
  • Guest Editor :David Zlutnik
  • Produced by: Goddess in Progress and Blackbeard Films
  • Website:

The post...


‘Ende Gelände’: Stop Coal – Protect The Climate Global Justice Ecology Project

Here and no further (“Ende Gelände”) for lignite coal in Lusatia: climate justice in action! 13. – 16. May 2016 In 2016, the farewell to coal continues: Vattenfall, owner of the coal field in Lusatia is trying to... Read More

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Catastrophic Global Water Shortages Affecting Children Mostly —World Vision Fire Earth

Six million people need clean water, sanitation aid: Ethiopian Government Severe water shortages are putting millions of lives at risk and forcing mass migration as people search for water, says international humanitarian aid agency World Vision. Life-threatening drought conditions persist globally, including in Central and South America, Southern and Eastern Africa and the Pacific Islands. […]


NBA Superstar Ray Allen to Open Organic Fast-Food Restaurant EcoWatch


NBA Superstar Ray Allen and his wife Shannon are launching an organic fast-food restaurant in...


Scientist who discovered that GMO’s cause tumors wins lawsuit Global Justice Ecology Project

A court has ruled that French Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini was correct when he concluded that GMO food, when fed to rats, caused serious health problems including tumors. reports: Now, Prof. Séralini is in the news again –... Read More

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Talk of Climate Change and Renewables Will Likely be Sidelined at Oil Industry’s “Davos” Latest News

High Noon in Houston: Saudis and US shale industry face off on oil prices


Warren Buffett Wages Quiet War on Solar in the West EcoWatch


Not a month goes by without a story of some assault on solar-friendly ...


DARK Act Is Back With New Bill in the Senate EcoWatch


The draft bill in the Senate would prevent states from requiring labeling of...


Horrible! This Guy Drags Shark From Sea Just to Pose for Photos EcoWatch


What is going on here? Wasn't it already bad enough that a baby dolphin was killed after...


Fifth Anniversary of Abdul Haqq’s (Formerly Walter Bond) Sentencing in Denver, CO Earth First! Newswire



Before he was sentenced by the judge that day, Walter Bond said this …

Statement to the court in Denver, Colorado, February 11, 2011


I know many people think I should feel remorse for what I’ve done. I guess this is the customary time where I’m suppose to grovel and beg for mercy. I assure you if that’s how I felt I would.

But, I am not sorry for anything I have done. Nor am I frightened by this court’s authority. Because any system of law that values the rights of the oppressor over the down trodden is an unjust system.

And though this court has real and actual power, I question its morality.

I doubt the court is interested in the precautions that I took to not harm any person or by-stander and even less concerned with the miserable lives that sheep, cows and mink had to endure, unto death, so that a Colorado business could profit from their confinement, enslavement, and murder.



Key evidence in EU's risk assessment of glyphosate must not remain 'trade secret' The Ecologist

The chemical industry and the European Food Safety Authority are refusing to disclose key scientific evidence about glyphosate's risks, citing 'trade secrets' protection, writes Corporate Europe Observatory. They must be compelled to publish the 'mysterious three' scientific studies EFSA used to assess glyphosate as 'unlikely' to cause cancer to humans - contradicting the IARC's view.


'Unlawful'! EU's hasty approval of pesticides condemned The Ecologist

The European Commission was guilty of maladministration and acted unlawfully in approving pesticides for which there was insufficient safety data, the EU Ombudsman has ruled. It must now reform its practices, writes Vanessa Amaral-Rogers, or face legal action.


Strongest Ever Southern Cyclone Crashes Into Fiji EcoWatch


Cyclone Winston struck Fiji Saturday, leaving a trail of...


Petition demanding Moratorium on approval of any and all genetically engineered product patents Global Justice Ecology Project

Petition by Catie Faryl To be delivered to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama We, the People, demand the Federal Government (including the White House, the U.S. Congress, the U.S.... Read More

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Deadly Unrest in India Leaves 10 Million Without Water Fire Earth

Caste Riots in India Paralyzes a Northern State Kills at Least 19 People The Indian Army has intervened to regain control of New Delhi’s water supply following days of deadly rioting and looting by Jats, a rural caste, which is demanding better access to government jobs. Delhi government has announced closure of schools on Monday […]

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Monday, 22 February


Australia: Werris Creek Occupation Grinds Coal Railments to a Halt Earth First! Newswire

from Front Line Actions on Coal

zoomed-150x150Two women have peacefully occupied a fully-laden coal train in Werris Creek Sunday morning to call for a moratorium on further coal and gas production in Australia as the world moves to restrict fossil fuels and move to renewable energy.

The action has halted all railments of coal to the Port of Newcastle, the world’s busiest coal port, and comes in the wake of moves by Indonesia, the United States, France and Vietnam to leave more fossil fuels in the ground.

“While the world is accepting that coal and gas are dying industries, my community is bearing the brunt of our government’s addiction to mining” said Roselyn Druce, a resident of Maules Creek, where Whitehaven Coal is poised to begin another round of forest clearing for open-cut coal mine expansion.

“Malcolm Turnbull told Townsville residents last week that the end of the mining construction boom ‘always had to happen’, but our communities are being left out in the lurch”.

“Coal and gas companies are devastating our health, our communities, our water and our wildlife,” said Elise Chatterton, 23, one of the two women participating in the action.

“With coal and gas prices collapsing globally, we urgently need a transition...


TTIP talks resume today - but the wheels are wobbling! The Ecologist

As the twelfth round of negotiations over the EU-US TTIP mega-trade deal begins in Brussels today, the chances of a treaty being concluded are looking weaker than ever, writes Guy Taylor. Time is running out, complex legal issues are crowding in, and most important of all, public opinion on both sides of the Atlantic is turning against the massive 'bill of corporate rights' that TTIP represents.


Woodburn Forest Day 8 (Mon 22nd Feb) Frack Off

Fracking company Infrastrata are trying to fell trees at the Woodburn Forest site. Dozens of police, security guards, and workers with chainsaws. They sneaked in through a small access track at the back of the site. More support needed.


Queensland's land clearance is costing Australia and its wildlife dear The Ecologist

Australia's rainforest state, Queensland, is destroying well over 100,000 hectares of native vegetation a year, and rising, write Martine Maron, Bill Laurance & colleagues, including 'at risk' habitats and Koala bear forests. This is more than reversing the entire nation's eco-restoration programs and pushing endangered species ever closer to extinction.


Woodburn Forest Day 7 (Sun 21st Feb) Frack Off

Blockade of fracking company Infrastrata planned exploration drilling site the Woodburn Forest in County Antrim to the north of Carrickfergus continuing, with the community blocking the access to the site. Come down and support the blockade.

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Saturday, 20 February


Science Board Checks EPA on Fracking Water Study EARTHblog

Last August, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a draft of their long-awaited study of water pollution from fracking. Readers of the 1000+ page voluminous report were treated to a parade of horribles describing numerous incidents of water contamination from across the country.

Yet the headline from the EPA’s press release belied that conclusion: 

Assessment shows hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts to drinking water resources

The EPA report is currently undergoing a peer review process from their Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is holding open meetings and has made their initial suggestions available for public comment.

Widespread, Systemic Water Pollution

SAB pushed back against EPA’s headline. During their first public meeting back in October, SAB listened to our friends’ stories from Pavilion, WY, Parker County, TX, and Dimock, PA. In each case, EPA conducted investigations finding water contamination from hydraulic fracturing only to later turn away from the impacted communities. When SAB heard this, no one could deny we have a widespread and systemic problem. As a result, SAB implo...


Woodburn Forest Day 5 (Fri 19th Feb) Frack Off

Blockade of fracking company Infrastrata planned exploration drilling site the Woodburn Forest in County Antrim to the north of Carrickfergus continuing, with the community blocking the access to the site. Come down and support the blockade.

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Friday, 19 February


Report: Multiple pesticides, magnified harms Pesticide Action Network

Danger Peligro sign

A new report by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) reminds us that we have a lot to learn about the risks of exposure to multiple pesticides at a time. Hmmmm. "Exposure to multiple pesticides at a time" — isn't that what we face in the real world? Yes, it is. Read on.

The researchers, who work with UCLA's Sustainable Technology & Policy Program, looked specifically at exposures to three fumigant pesticides: Telone (or 1,3-dichloropropene), chloropicrin, and metam sodium. Here's what they found:

  1. Some California residents are exposed to all three pesticides, either all at once or over a period of time;
  2. These pesticides can interact in ways that increase risks to human health; and...


Woodburn Forest Day 4 (Thurs 18th Feb) Frack Off

Blockade of fracking company Infrastrata planned exploration drilling site the Woodburn Forest in County Antrim to the north of Carrickfergus continuing, with the community blocking the access to the site. Come down and support the blockade.

Thursday, 18 February


Temperatures over 35 degrees will halt felling of Leard State Forest Front Line Action on Coal

Media Release from the Leard Forest Research Node

Little lorikeet

Photo: Clive Heywood Barker

Temperatures over 35 degrees will halt the felling of Leard State Forest, under conditions imposed on the Boggabri and Maules Creek Coal mines, but community observers have extreme doubts that the condition will be observed, say members of the Leard Forest Research Node.

“The condition is there because over 35 degrees many animals are simply too stressed to flee from the destruction of their nests and habitat,” said Anna Christie of the Leard Forest Research Node, a community group established to conduct observations and scientific analysis of mine impacts at Leard Forest.

“Each mine has its own weather station and they told the Department of Planning they would not even accept eachother’s weather station readings. We fear if the temperature limit is invoked, Idemitsu Resources and Whitehaven Coal companies will start disputing the temperature and lead to a collapse in regulation of this condition.”

The community is reliant on two University of NSW weather stations, at North Avoca (Elfin Crossing) adjacent to Maules Creek, and Middle Creek, both easily accessible via the OzForecast Narrabri web page.

“We have heard that 28 ecologists are on hand to observe the felling of Leard Forest and ensure it takes place according to the conditions,” said Ms Christie. “But the community has no confidence in these consultants nor indeed any scientific i...


26th Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation Meeting Illegal Logging Portal

16 Jun 2016
The Crystal, Royal Victoria Docks, London, E16 1GB

This meeting will take place 16th-17th June, 2016 and will address a range of emerging issues central to discussions on the trade in illegal timber, including the interactions between Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT), sustainable development and climate change. 

This event is part of a series of illegal logging update meetings, and will bring together more than 250 participants from civil society, industry and governments around the world.

More details and registration for the event will be available soon.

For more information about this event please contact Alison Hoare.


Nestlé Pumps Millions of Gallons for Free While Flint Residents Pay for Poisoned Water EcoWatch


As Flint residents are forced to drink, cook with and even bathe in bottled water, Nestle is allowed to...


Wind power with 'windgas' is cheaper and greener than Hinkley Point C nuclear plant The Ecologist

If the UK really wants 3.2GW of 'baseload' power in Somerset, then the Hinkley C nuclear power station is not the only way, write Marie-Louise Heddrich, Thorsten Lenck and Carlos Perez Linkenheil. Wind power with 'wind to gas' plant and CCGT gas power stations could do the same - faster, cheaper, more flexibily, and at much lower technical and financial risk.

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