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Monday, 22 February


EcoWatch: 6 Island Hikes to Add to Your Bucket List "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


If you're looking to add some physical activity to your next...


Earth First! Newswire: Chile: Claim for Arson of Andrés Bello University in Santiago "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Insurrection News


This is a complete English translation of the communique claiming responsibility for the arson attack against the science faculty of Andrés Bello University that we previously reported on and provided some brief translated excerpts of the claim of responsibility.
This communique was translated into English by Palmer Amaranth.

“Civilization is the war that some humans have unleashed against nature a few thousand years ago in order to increase their own power. This war continues today. A system of domination increasingly powerful and invasive, thanks to the support of its technological control devices, but which has failed to eliminate from the face of the earth the resistance of certain individuals, of some not yet civilized communities, of the wild which is reborn in every place abandoned by humans. All is not yet domesticated, wrought, alienated. Tangible signs of this are the countless...


Fire Earth: WINSTON Devastates Fiji "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

TC WINSTON, strongest ever storm to hit Fiji, wreaks destruction across the island nation Authorities in Fiji say the most powerful storm on record to hit the country has killed at least five people, razing  entire villages and destroying hundreds of homes. TC WINSTON slammed the tiny nation with 330-km winds, torrential rain and tsunami-like […]


EcoWatch: 11 Ways You Could Be Exposed to Lead in Your Everyday Life "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


This toxic metal lurks in a wide variety of products that we’d otherwise think were...


EcoWatch: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to Keynote SXSW Eco "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will keynote the sixth annual SXSW Eco in...


EcoWatch: 4 Reasons Ted Cruz Is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


According to Robert Reich, Ted Cruz is more dangerous than Donald Trump. In this video...


North Coast Voices: The sad and sorry saga of an Iluka development application notice sign "IndyWatch Feed"

Not good enough! say Iluka residents over at ILUKA DA...Have Your Say - and with good reason.

This is a notice that Clarence Valley Council "erected" to notify Iluka village that a development application ha been lodged for a 162 lot subdivision:



North Coast Voices: Apple and FBI in far-reaching legal fight over the security of all our digital devices "IndyWatch Feed"

Last week the world became aware of this sticky situation.......

Business Insider Australia, 18 February 2016:

On Tuesday, a US judge ordered Apple to assist the FBI in unlocking an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernadino shooters. The FBI says it needs to investigate the shooters’ potential links to Islamist terror groups.

This is what the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California court order of 16 February 2016 stated in part:

For good cause shown, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that:

1. Apple shall assist in enabling the search of a cellular telephone, Apple make: iPhone 5C, Model: A1532, on the Verizon Network, (the “Subject Device”) pursuant to a warrant of this Court by providing reasonable technical ass...


new illuminati: Pravda’s Russian Apollo Revelations US astronauts spotted UFOs on the Moon? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...

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Sunday, 21 February


Press gallery reform: The credibility gap "IndyWatch Feed"

There is a myth in the press gallery that Tony Abbott had a deep and abiding concern about Indigenous people. There was never any evidence of it, but it has become the stuff of unshakeable press gallery myth.

Another myth in the press gallery is that Malcolm Turnbull might be more moderate and accommodating than Abbott.

It's worth examining this to work out how these myths form, what effects they have, and how impervious they are to proof and reason - which goes to the question of what the press gallery is for, and what its members mean when they insist that they respect their audience.

Abbott and Indigenous people

Unlike Whitlam, and even Fraser, Abbott had a long record as a minister in areas affecting Indigenous people directly (Employment, then Health), where evidence of commitment to Indigenous people and issues might have been evident. Not much to see there, and a genuine surprise that none of the experienced press gallery journalists went looking for it.

Tony Abbott doesn't have a deep and abiding concern about Indigenous people. Actual Indigenous people never rated Abbott they way they did for politicians who actually listened to them and came through for them, like Gough Whitlam or Malcolm Fraser or Fred Chaney. They did not vote Coalition in greater numbers when Abbott was leader than they had when Howard was leader, and apart from Pearson there are no spontaneous outpourings of thanks or support from Indigenous people, as there might have been for someone who made a real difference or who really gave a damn and did his best.

He might have a deep and abiding concern about Noel Pearson, but that isn't quite the same thing as a commitment to Indigenous issues and people.

If The Australian had decided, say, Marcia Langton or Gary Johns rather than Pearson as the tribune of all things Indigenous, perhaps Abbott would have hung out with them instead. Pearson can churn out variations...


slackbastard: antifa notes (february 21, 2016) : Whitelaw Towers, United Patriots Front, Etc. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Whitelaw Towers Above : Nathan Sykes. For those of you coming in late, ‘Whitelaw Towers’ (WLT) is a neo-Nazi blog that often functions as a kind of online shit-sheet for Dr Jim Saleam’s ‘Australia First Party’ (AFP). Thus, while there … Continue reading


Fire Earth: Another Nuclear Reactor in Japan Leaking Radioactive Water "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Takahama nuclear power plant west of Tokyo leaks radioactive water A pressurized water reactor (PWR) at Japan’s Takahama nuclear power plant, located in Fukui Prefecture, about 120km northwest of Osaka metropolitan area (pop: ~ 19 million) and 380km west of Tokyo, is leaking radioactive water. The reactor would have been the fourth resume operation after […]


The Watchers » Latest articles: 50 m (164 feet) deep sinkhole opens up in Nordhausen destroying two buildings, Germany "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A huge sinkhole opened up between two buildings in the city of Nordhausen, Thuringia, Germany on February 19, 2016. Nobody was injured, and the cause is still unknown. According to Jessica Piper, the spokesperson of the Nordhausen district, the crater is 30 meters...... Read more »


John Quiggin: Turnbull opposes affordable housing "IndyWatch Feed"

Responding to Labor’s proposals on negative gearing and capital gains tax, Malcolm Turnbull has warned that property values will fall as a result. He is surely correct. To put the same point in different words, Turnbull agrees that Labor policy will make housing more affordable and thinks that this is a bad thing.

There are some obvious electoral advantages in Turnbull’s scare campaign. As I observed when this topic came up during Abbott’s Prime Ministership, most voters own houses and therefore benefit from making housing less affordable. For this reason, Australian public policy has long been to make housing as unaffordable as possible.

The difficulty for Turnbull arises from precisely this point. He has more or less promised to do something about the tax treatment of property. But, from our current starting point, almost any change must make existing owners worse off. So, when and if he does anything, he will be hoist on his own petard.

Labor’s response to Turnbull has been interesting and, I suspect, effective. The line has been to accuse him of a dishonest scare campaign, without explicitly denying that property values will decline with the removal of unjustified tax concessions.

While this is an example of a non-denial denial, it is I think, defensible. Turnbull is mounting a scare campaign, and doing so dishonestly, attacking policies he might otherwise embrace. This is a much fairer use of the term than when it was used to apply to Labor’s reiteration of its longstanding opposition to expansion of the GST at a time when the government was clearly floating the idea. Pointing out that it was never formal government policy is a silly evasion – it wasn’t as though Labor was inventing the idea.


Ronald's space: Part 20: Australia’s “irrelevant” crimes against humanity. Another email to Queensland’s Justice Minister, Yvette D`Arth, with yet another example of Centrelink’s Waivergate rip-off. "IndyWatch Feed National"

 Below is another email to the Queensland Justice Minister, Yvette D`Arth, with details of another victim of Centrelink’s civil rights violating “Account payable” scam. I strong recommend that readers check out the ABC’s AM program web link below for details of how Centrelink tried to defraud a woman of $25,000 by falsely accusing her of failing to provide information when in point of fact a human error, i.e. a “Commonwealth error” had occurred and the Waiver of Debt rule in paragraph 1,237 (A) of the Social Security Act should have been applied.

Keep in mind that the civil rights issue is simple; Centrelink has NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, and therefore no legal right, to issue demands for repayment until a court has independently and impartially determined “the primary facts of the matter.” Consequently, anyone who gets hit with a demand for repayments should immediately ask “When did a court decide that I was to blame for the over-payments and why didn’t the court ask for my input?”

REMEMBER: If there is no court decision, then there is no legally valid claim.

Okay, below is my email to Yvette D`Arth:


Dear Minister D`Arth, In case you think that the information that I am providing to you is a load of bunkum, check out this ABC AM web link from 6th February 2016. Complaints against Centrelink soar, Govt blames IT can be found at the following web link.

I would draw your attention to the following comments on that ABC webpage:

MEREDITH WARD: I received a phone call from somebody from Centrelink just saying, “You owe us $25,000.”



Real News Australia: The Port Arthur Case in a Nutshell "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted on Gumshoe News:
by Mary W Maxwell Starting around 1972, the WG (world government) folks introduced the idea that Arabs are terrorists. The âŹSArab⏠factor initially dominated over âŹSMuslim;⏠later it was decided to refer to âŹSIslam,⏠and it has now evolved into IS, an âŹSIslamic state.⏠Any other group could have been…


Catallaxy Files: So it’s all but settled then: Trump v Clinton "IndyWatch Feed"

trump portrait

With Donald Trump’s convincing win in South Carolina and Hillary Clinton’s win in Nevada, the dust has settled early this time on the respective party nominees. You must not think of this as carrying a great deal of satisfaction on my part in relation to Trump. He is the only candidate who had a chance to beat Hillary and even do some good if elected. More than ever do I see how the 2012 election was the one that mattered. But he remains a high risk candidate who will change the nature of politics in the US and across the world.

Perhaps to help us all see clear of what’s involved is an article by Jacob Heilbrunn, editor of the right-side National Interest, on Trump Is Trampling Over the GOP’s Corpse. He has no more satisfaction in seeing this outcome than I do, but also has something else to say about how out of touch the Republican establishment had become. I might say that the comparison in my own mind has been to Andrew Jackson, which you’d have to know a bit about American history to see the parallel. This is his conclusion but there’s lots more at the link.

Militaristic unilateralism is fine for a conservative nationalist like Trump who displays a macho Jacksonian attitude about American honor—calling Iran’s seizure of American sailors an “absolute disgrace” that evinced a “lack of respect for our country and certainly our president.” But he’s also made it clear that he’s ready to give Russian president Vladimir Putin a free hand when it comes to Ukraine. And when it comes to Syria he’s cast doubt about the rebels by implicitly backing Bashar al-Assad...


Catallaxy Files: We paid $3 million for what? "IndyWatch Feed"

The Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011 describes its objectives as follows:

3  Objects of this Act are

(1)  The objects of this Act are:
(a)  to improve public health by:
(i)  discouraging people from taking up smoking, or using tobacco products; and
(ii)  encouraging people to give up smoking, and to stop using tobacco products; and
(iii)  discouraging people who have given up smoking, or who have stopped using tobacco products, from relapsing; and
(iv)  reducing people’s exposure to smoke from tobacco products; and
(b)  to give effect to certain obligations that Australia has as a party to the Convention on Tobacco Control.

(2)  It is the intention of the Parliament to contribute to achieving the objects in subsection (1) by regulating the retail packaging and appearance of tobacco products in order to:
(a)  reduce the appeal of tobacco products to consumers; and
(b)  increase the effectiveness of health warnings on the retail packaging of tobacco products; and
(c)  reduce the ability of the retail packaging of tobacco products to mislead consumers about the harmful effects of smoking or using tobacco products.

So I read that as follows: The objective of the act set on section 3(1) is to reduce the incidence of tobacco consumption, while section 3(2) sets out a strategy for doing so.

That provides some interesting background to this exchange at Senate Estimates:

Senator LEYONHJELM: Put that on notice as well, if you can, to please provide it. Your department’s website says that the key findings of the survey were that the objectives of tobacco plain packaging were achieved. Given that is a departmental website—we are not referring to Professor Wakefield’s here—can you tell me: was there a key finding from the......


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": jacksjottings: Be Yourself. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

They look pretty but not Chinese.

They look pretty but not Chinese.

It is a shame if you are a sham.

Something looks strange.

Something looks strange.

For true recognition drop the act, be your self. Pretending to be something you are not is not a good idea. Because we can not take the credit, the applause go to the actor. We know we are pretending and we can not deceive our self. We can not accept a complement when we know we do not deserve it. We have to earn it to enjoy it.

Pick the poser.

Pick the poser.

 To be trusted we have to be trustworthy and honest. To be respected we must be respectable. To be loved we must give love. Our lives are a reflexion of ourself.



Independent Australia: Lady Cilento, Baby Asha and the rebirth of reason "IndyWatch Feed"

Lady Cilento, Baby Asha and the rebirth of reason

Events at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital may presage the rebirth of compassion and the end of modern Australian savagery towards the vulnerable and stricken, writes Alex McKean.

IN THE DARK DAYS of 1943 there was controversy over whether Australia should adopt a policy where the northern half of the continent should be effectively abandoned to the Japanese — a policy known as the "Brisbane Line".

In the more cruel and indifferent Australia of 2016, Brisbane has once again come to represent a border; a fault line in the seismic undercurrents of the politics of race and xenophobia.

The actions of the courageous staff at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, in refusing to deliver an infant back to the horrors of our dirty little camp on Nauru may signal the turning of the tide. A groundswell of community support has built up, with a vigil being held to support the Hospital staff, and prevent the "Australian Border Force" and their mercenaries, Serco, from disappearing baby...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Friends of the Earth Kuranda: Mareeba Shire Council Election March 2016: Candidates views "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Friends of the Earth sent a brief questionnaire to all candidates for the forthcoming Mareeba Shire Council elections to find out what the candidates think about local environmental issues. Answers were requested before the Kuranda paper deadline, necessitated a fast response. Their replies to our questions have been summarised in tabular form on a PDF document […]


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: AMA Forum: The Health Care of Asylum Seekers and the Harms caused by Immigration Detention, especially for Children | Australian Medical Association "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

AMA Forum: The Health Care of Asylum Seekers and the Harms caused by Immigration Detention, especially for Children | Australian Medical Association: The current Government’s policy, supported by the Federal Opposition, poses significant risks to the health and wellbeing of asylum seekers, especially children. As an organisation representing medical practitioners, we are compelled to advocate for an urgent change in policy.

All asylum seekers and refugees, independent of their citizenship or visa status, should have universal access to basic health care. This is clearly not happening.

All children being held in immigration detention facilities should be immediately released to a safe environment. This is a matter of human decency and human rights. Regardless of the High Court decision, there is absolutely no reason why children should continue to be held in detention facilities.

Children in detention are being harmed. Detention has long-term consequences on their psychological, physical, and emotional health. This is morally and ethically unacceptable. Infants and children must be removed from immigration detention.


loon pond: Your ABC? "IndyWatch Feed"

It would be remiss of the pond not to note a recent outpouring by a valiant fighter for freedom of ideas and speech, still fighting the culture wars of the last century ...

Indeed, indeed. The revolutionary Mr Uhlmann ...

Now of course there are dangerous radicals bemused by other spectres ... you know the sort that read The New York Times and What Happened to Jane Mayer When She Wrote About the Koch Brothers ...

But it seems these lickspittle lackeys are just followers of the wicked Frankfurt School academics who have introduced a virus into the United States ...

Indeed, indeed.

Now some might be off enjoying The Psychologists Take Power (currently outside the paywall), in which sundry shrinks sell their soul and the capac...


Independent Australia: Pathological economics: A socioeconomic malady "IndyWatch Feed"

Pathological economics: A socioeconomic maladyStuart Andrews discusses the First World's addiction to “wealth creation” and how long our finite resources can sustain us. read now...


Catallaxy Files: Left/progressives and government vs women at the start of C20 "IndyWatch Feed"

How the progressive left pushed women out of the US workforce. By 1910, fully 45 percent of the professional workforce was made up of women.

New clerical jobs, unknown a century earlier, were everywhere to be had. Women’s wages were rising quickly, by an impressive 16 percent from 1890 through 1920. Nor were women working at “exploitative” wages. A Rand corporation study of wage differentials discovered an interesting fact: women’s wages relative to men’s were higher in 1920 than they were in 1980.

Many now credit government for past progress in gender equality, mostly because of late 20th-century legislation that appeared to benefit women in the workplace. This is a distorted view. Few know that government at all levels actually sought to prevent that progress.

A century ago, just as markets were attracting women to professional life, government regulation in the United States specifically targeted women to restrict their professional choices. The regulations were designed to drive them out of offices and factories and back into their homes — for their own good and the good of their families, their communities, and the future of the race.

The new controls — the first round of a century of interventions in the free labor market — were designed to curb the sweeping changes in economics and demographics that were taking place due to material advances in the last quarter of the 19th century. The regulations limited women’s choices so they would stop making what elites considered the wrong decisions.

The real story, which is only beginning to emerge within the academic literature, is striking. It upends...



"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Budapest Train Station after Syrian refugees had departed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sarah Hanson Young (centre) of the Greens billed the Australian Parliament $2700 to attend last years gay mardigras in Sydney

Sarah Hanson Young wants unlimited Islamic Syrians to move into Australia. Will you give them a room in your house Sarah, now that you are pregnant? Could be cheap home helpers!

This is what Budapest Train Station looked like after the migrants from Syria left for Germany



Can hardly wait to welcome those people to live here in Australia





Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Carri� apunt� contra el Papa por su regalo a Milagro Sala y dijo “a Roma no voy” "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Carri� apunt� contra el Papa por su regalo a Milagro Sala y dijo “a Roma no voy”: Elisa Carrio today performed using your Facebook account "desperate call to non-violence" and aimed against the Pope Francisco. "It is extremely dangerous fueling violence especially from the spiritual plane," she launched "Lilith" in social networks, a message which was read as a criticism of Francisco, a few days ago sent him a rosary blessed Milagro Sala, prey for quite a month.The message Carri�, one of the leaders Cambiemos- comes just 10 days of the meeting between the President Mauricio Macri and the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic church, to be held in the Vatican on 27 February.


Catallaxy Files: Another bad negative gearing proposal "IndyWatch Feed"

The Australian is reporting:

The Turnbull government could set a cap of $20,000 a year in individuals’ income-tax deductions for negative gearing on their property investments under proposals for the May budget, it is being reported today.

So some back story to the analysis I’m about to show you. Last week I showed some analysis using ATO Total Income data to demonstrate that negative gearing was mostly undertaken by low and middle income earners. Unfortunately, what the ATO call Total Income is in fact net of various business deductions as threadster Legham reported in the comments. But he did have a possible solution – the ATO release a de-identified subset of the underlying data that can be analysed. So I downloaded that data and re-constructed a Gross Total Income figure that includes all personal income and business income before various business and personal deductions and have been playing around with that data. In the analysis below I compare my estimate of Gross Total Income to the ATO Total Income and the ATO Taxable Income.

Next thing we need to think about is what exactly is negative gearing? Is it:

  • Interest deductibility?
  • Having an interest expense greater than rental income thereby making a loss?

To my mind it is the latter – but much of the commentary around negative gearing seems to suggest it is the former.

In the ATO data I coded anyone reporting Gross Rent income as being a “Landlord” and any Landlord with Interest Deductions greater than Gros...


Corporate Australia: Off-duty cop busted drink driving, three times the legal limit "IndyWatch Feed National"

(Former police commissioner Ken Lay - not amused!)

AN off-duty police woman has been busted for drink driving through a Melbourne suburb at more than three times the legal limit.

The Victoria Police senior constable who works in Victoria’s western region returned a positive reading after being pulled over in North Rd in the southeastern suburb of Ormond at 11.50pm last night.

A subsequent evidentiary breath test returned a reading of 0.179 per cent.

The officer’s driver’s licence was immediately suspended and she is expected to be charged on summons with drink driving offences.

The force’s internal investigators at Professional Standards Command have been briefed and the officer faces internal disciplinary action.  1 Feb 2016

It's 'amazing' how the corporate media publish the names of people who commit similar offences but not the name of people in public office, in this case the  police officer.

Are they working in collusion to suppress criminals in the police force which are a danger to the general populous?

It's all part of the 'nanny state' agenda.


Real News Australia: History of Forced Vaccinations in Nations Indigenous Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

There was a forced vaccination campaign in 1970-1 in the Northern Territory where forced vaccinations had a 50% fatality rate. This was reported by Dr Archie Kalokerinos, who was there during that time. He later wrote a book on it, called ‘Every Second Child’. Originally posted on Seasonal flu vaccinations have recently been offered […]


Papua New Guinea Mine Watch: Romanian civil society wins key victory against proposed gold mine "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Romanians protest the Rosia Montana mining project in 2013

Romanians protest the Rosia Montana mining project in 2013

Romanian civil society is celebrating its success after a decade-long fight against a gold mining project in Rosia Montana. The site was recently included in the country’s tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage.

Deutsche Welle | 17.02.2016

Streets were full of people protesting. There were no “typical” protesters: They were students, retirees, leftist intellectuals, liberals, nationalists. That was Romania in 2013, opposing the Rosia Montana mining project. Protests were billed as the largest since the revolution in 1989, when Romania gained independence from the Soviet Union.

Recently, the movement has taken an important step forward. The village of Rosia Montana and the region surrounding it in Transylvania have been included as candidates for the UNESCO World Heritage List, fulfilling one of protesters’ key demands. The Ministry of Culture declared the village site one of historical interest, and has prohibited all mining activity there.

However, the status of the mining project remains unclear. The Canadian mining company Gabriel Resources – which owns almost 81 percent of the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation – still presents the project as “fully scoped and currently in the permitting phase” on its website.

So, how did...


Catallaxy Files: The attacks on Pell are the terrible symptoms of a much worse disease "IndyWatch Feed"

I am with Andrew Bolt on this, Defend justice. Oppose this lynching of Pell. But for as much as I deplore every bit of it, this is now par for the course. The very essence of left ideology is an anti-Christian socialism. Pell is the latest focus for this hatred. Our latter-day Voltaires, who think they are écrasezing l’infâme, are just the handmaidens of a national socialist future across the West.

As a kind of measure of where we are, we went to see the film Trumbo last night [Rotten Tomatoes: critics 73% - audience 80%; IMDb: 73%]. Here is the dialogue that mattered, right at the start:

“Are you a communist?”


A communist, Trumbo explains to his daughter, is someone who would share their lunch with another student who didn’t have a lunch of their own. There was no need to hide his communist past or beliefs although they were naturally distorted to keep the narrative free of any complications that might have arisen by knowing any of the facts. The producers were perfectly sure that in the world the film was being projected into, someone who was a communist while Stalin was still alive, would not be seen in a bad light by virtually anyone.

This is a war on our institutions and our traditional values waged by approximately half of our own population, the kind of people who need a trigger warning before being told that Stalin murdered thirty million people as part of his attempt to introduce socialism in one country.


Corporate Australia: Putting the spotlight on global retailers’ darkest secret "IndyWatch Feed National"

The time has come for Australian shoppers to ask where their groceries have come from.
Ingrid Landau
AUSTRALIAN shoppers need to ask their leaders: What are we doing to encourage companies to address labour abuses in their supply chains?

There’s a flurry of activity in the United Kingdom right now as companies and consumers gear up for the supply chain transparency provision in the Modern Slavery Act to kick in.

From April 1, companies carrying on a business in the UK with an total annual turnover of $72 million (£36 million) or more must report on steps they are taking to ensure that slavery, forced labour and human trafficking is not taking place in their own businesses— or in their supply chains. About 12,000 companies will be caught by this new rule.

The UK Act reflects growing global recognition of the problem of forced labour and other forms of labour exploitation in supply chains and the need to take action.

The International Labour Organisation reports that there are almost 21 million people worldwide trapped in forced labour alone. Some 19 million are in the private sector, with illicit profits totalling $209 billion (US$150 billion) annually.

Revelations of serious labour exploitation within the Australian and global supply chains of major Australian companies are increasingly frequent. This includes clothing, c...


The Political Sword: More about Puff the Magic Malcolm "IndyWatch Feed"

In the first of this short series, I described how after the disaster of Tony Abbott, the promise that Malcolm Turnbull brought to prime ministership was already fracturing as he fails, day after day, to live up to his own values, and reneges on his strongly held views. Abbott flagrantly and unashamedly broke his promises. With Turnbull it is subtler; he is saying and doing things that we all know are contrary to his position. This is perhaps most obvious with the issue of climate change, a matter that was covered exhaustively in the first in the series.

This the second, deals with Turnbull’s position on marriage equality, the Gonski reforms, the NBN, Australia becoming a Republic, his immigration policy, his cities policy, and his economic policy.

Marriage Equality. Everyone who has been listening to Turnbull knows that he is strongly in favour of marriage equality. He has said so many times in parliament and out. Moreover, he advocated a vote in parliament to determine the matter. But once he became PM he reverted to Abbott’s delaying tactic of a plebiscite after the next election. Although he would regard the result as binding on the parliament, his old guard of conservatives, Eric Abetz, Cori Bernardi et al vow to vote as they wish, irrespective of the views of the electorate. It seems as if this conservative clique is calling the shots, and Turnbull does not feel secure enough in his hold on leadership to stand up to them. What a disappointment from the one who challenged Abbott on the grounds of poor leadership!

The hope that Turnbull would reverse the Abbott tactic, and either have a vote in the parliament or at least hold the plebiscite at the time of the election, ther...


loon pond: Some amazing facts for a meditative weekend ... "IndyWatch Feed"

Amazing fact ... if you wake up early in the morning and discover some damn fool left the television on commercial television - namely the Seven network - you can of a Sunday morning cop a spray of luddite, anti-evolution, anti-science religious drivel, as silly as anything an Islamic fundamentalist might offer.

Thanks Seven, thanks Malware ...

The pond also confesses to doing a channel hop every so often, purely for scientific research purposes and is astonished at the pervasiveness of junk thanks to the spread of the info channels on commercial television.

Relentless spamming, relentless aggregations of the crappiest television known to humanity ... including specious game shows designed to fleece punters who ring in to try to answer simple clue games...

And yet, in the name of freeing up spectrum, Malware killed off community television - home to all forms of harmless eccentricities - in Sydney.

Well you can...


Independent Australia: Fossil fuel industry spending millions on 2016 presidential candidates "IndyWatch Feed"

Fossil fuel industry spending millions on 2016 presidential candidatesSuper PACs, fossil fuels and the money behind the presidential candidates. A DeSmogBlog report by Alex Kotch. read now...


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: THE #LJfiles: Museveni wins Uganda elections by 60% "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

THE #LJfiles: Museveni wins Uganda elections by 60%:

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has won another term as President of Uganda.

Electoral Commission announced him winner of the February 18
Presidential Polls with 5, 617,501 votes , a percentage of 60.75%.

EC results 

Museveni    - 60.75%

Besigye     - 35.37%

Amama     - 1.43%

Abed        - 0.93%

Barya       - 0.55%

Kyalya      - 0.44%

Biraaro     - 0.27

Mabirizi    - 0.26%


The Ecologist: Nuclear zombie? Hinkley C build won't start until 2019 - if at all! "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Nuclear giant EDF can't afford to write off the £2 billion sunk into the Hinkley C nuclear project, write Paul Brown & Oliver Tickell. So it's cunning plan is to turn it into a 'nuclear zombie' - officially going ahead, but actually stone cold dead - until EDF can find a way out of the hole it has dug itself into.


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Drought brings hunger to Colombia's Guajira | World War 4 Report "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Drought brings hunger to Colombia's Guajira | World War 4 Report: According to the National Health Institute, 897 children currently suffer severe malnutrition in La Guajira. Indigenous leaders charge the government is ignoring an order from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to take urgent action against extreme poverty in the region, where more than 4,000 indigenous children have died of malnutrition in the past eight years.


Earth First! Newswire: Canada’s Wild Rice Wars "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from al Jazeera

Our people have been using the rice for thousands of years,' says Whetung [Ryan Edwardson/Al Jazeera]

Our people have been using the rice for thousands of years,’ says Whetung [Ryan Edwardson/Al Jazeera]

How a conflict over wild ricing on Pigeon Lake is drawing attention to Indigenous rights and traditional foods.

Ennismore, Ontario Owners of cottages near Canada’s Pigeon Lake have a bone to pick with James Whetung.

For years, Whetung has been seeding the lake with wild rice. He harvests the crop and then sells packaged products through his company, Black Duck Wild Rice. But some cottage owners aren’t happy.

Pigeon Lake is one of the 250 lakes and waterways in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario, Canada. Located two hours east of Toronto, it is a popular destination for summer getaways, fishing, hiking, recreational boating, and building cotta...


The Watchers » Latest articles: Massive landslide leaves remote town of Elk City isolated, Idaho "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A massive landslide slid onto Highway 14 in Idaho on February 18, 2016, trapping about 250 people in the small remote town of Elk City. According to Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), about 14 tons of debris slid onto a section of the highway, some 16 km (10...... Read more »

The Watchers » Latest articles: Very deep M6.0 earthquake hits south of Fiji "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A very deep earthquake registered by Geoscience Australia as M6.0 hit south of Fiji at 15:51 UTC on February 20, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 600 km (373 miles). USGS is reporting M5.8 at a depth of 579.4 km (360 miles). According to the USGS, the...... Read more »



Earth First! Newswire: Maple Syrup Farmers vs. the Constitution Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Reposted with permission from EcoWatch

At the U.S. District Court in Scranton, family spokeswoman Megan Holleran speaks with the landowners. attorney, Michael Ewall after the hearing that found insufficient evidence to charge five of her family members with contempt. Photo credit: Colleen Boland

At the U.S. District Court in Scranton, family spokeswoman Megan Holleran speaks with the landowners. attorney, Michael Ewall after the hearing that found insufficient evidence to charge five of her family members with contempt. Photo credit: Colleen Boland

The civil disobedience movement of which I’m a part, We Are Seneca Lake, opposes the transformation of a beautiful upstate New York lakeshore into a giant storage depot for natural gas from out-of-state fracking operations.

To that end, whenever possible, we like to lend a hand to those who are also fighting out-of-state...


Earth First! Newswire: Germany: Fledermaus is Free! "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Hambach Forest


At today’s review of custody, four weeks after he was nearly run over, Fledermaus was set free. We are very happy !

There’s a report about it on this blog: Security guard strikes activists with his jeep
As well as a YouTube Film about it.

By the way, Fledermaus means Bat. Only since the research of BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), the importance of the Hambach Forest is known as a habitat of the Bechstein’s bat (Myotis bechsteinii), which is strictly protected under Annex II and IV-FFH-RL. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the species is considered “seriously threatened....


Geoengineering Watch: Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 20, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

plModern industrialized society has been incredibly well trained to revere certain circles in our society. Trained to follow their dictates without question. The science and mainstream medical communities have enjoyed this blind societal obedience that the population has given it to its own detriment. We live in a paradigm of injustice and lies which is


BC-ESP Seismograms: Magnitude 5.1 – 32km NW of Fairview, Oklahoma – February 13, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


“Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma Residents (CNN)”

Seismograms are plotted on the same scale, so that you can see the wave energy decay as it moves across the US: Texas vs. New England.

Oklahomaupload 5.1Feb2016
USGS Tectonic Summary

2016-02-13 17:07:06 (UTC)
Magnitude 5.1
32km (20mi) NW of Fairview, Oklahoma
Location:  36.485°N   -98.726°W
Depth:  8.3 km





EcoWatch: 10 Mesmerizing Photos of Earth Taken From Space "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Astronauts at the International Space Station have snapped some stunning photos from...


EcoWatch: 3 Ways Climate Change Impacts Our Pets "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Have you noticed that the flea situation in the past few years has...


EcoWatch: This City Just Banned Single Use Coffee Pods: Will Others Follow? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Amid growing concern over the environmental impact of these single use ...


EcoWatch: 6 Foods That Cause Inflammation "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


The foods you eat can have a major effect on inflammation in your...


Earth First! Newswire: Court Support for Tyler Lang’s AETA Sentencing Hearing in Chicago "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff are animal liberation activists from Los Angeles who have pleaded guilty to violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act by releasing thousands of mink from a fur farm in rural Illinois.



Tyler likes to ride bikes.

On March 23, Tyler Lang has his sentencing hearing for his charges under the AETA for releasing thousands of animals from a fur farm. If you can be in Chicago, please attend the hearing to show support for Tyler. It is important that on this difficult day for Tyler that he feel surrounded by love and solidarity, and that the judge see that Tyler is part of a community that is there for him....


EcoWatch: Maple Syrup Farmers vs. the Constitution Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


We attended the court hearing where Judge Malachy Mannion of the U.S. District Court in Scranton was ruling on...


Earth First! Newswire: France: Arson and Sabotage to Over 20 Vehicles "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from attaque

fireAbout twenty new cars parked in a closed parking of a Renault dealer located in Thorez Boulevard in Avion were completely burnt out during the night, at around 2 am.

According to Dominique Ducarin, owner of the concessionary, it was a question of arson, “as footprints were found on the safety barriers.” “They went over 2.50 metre barbed wire fences. They weren’t able to take what they wanted so they started a fire so as not to leave any traces. They pushed one car”, notes Mr Ducarin, who visited the site at around 2.30, while fire fighters were working with three hoses to put out the flames.

As well as the 20 burnt out vehicles, others were partially affected by the flames or the heat. According to Dominique Ducarin, waiting to take stock with his insurer, the damage could amount to at least 500 000 euros.


from attaque

translated by...


Indian Country Headline News: Youth Suicide Epidemic: Doctor Blames ‘Possession’ "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Alerted by a neighbor’s emergency call, Rita Catashunga raced back to her home in Nauta, in northeastern Peru, early on...

The Watchers » Latest articles: Alison Canyon massive gas leak finally sealed, California "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The natural gas leak in Porter Ranch, California, was officially declared sealed on February 18, 2016. Four months passed since the pipeline rupture spewed massive amounts of methane and displaced thousands of Los Angeles residents from their homes. Tests performed...... Read more »

The Watchers » Latest articles: Fiji on high alert: Severe Tropical Cyclone "Winston" hits with violent force "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Severe Tropical Cyclone "Winston" is heading toward Fiji and is expected to slam into the island with violent winds, equivalent to Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale, within the next 24 hours. Expert meteorologists warn Fiji residents...... Read more »


Wake Up World: Stevia Kills Lyme Disease Pathogen Better Than Antibiotics (Preclinical Study) "IndyWatch Feed National"

21st February 2016 By Sayer Ji Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Lyme disease is exceedingly difficult to treat, due to its well-known shape-shifting (pleomorphic) abilities, with conventional antibiotics often failing to produce a long-term cure. Could the commonly used natural plant Stevia provide a safer, and more effective means to combat this increasingly prevalent infection? ...Continue Reading - Stevia Kills Lyme Disease Pathogen Better Than Antibiotics (Preclinical Study)


Wake Up World: Escaping the Matrix of Depression – The Truth About Depression Shall Set You Free "IndyWatch Feed National"

21st February 2016 By Nanice Ellis Contributing Writer for Wake Up World If life is meant to be joyful, why are we faced with a global pandemic of depression? The combination of seven intense years as a crisis counselor in New York plus twenty years as an Awakening Life Coach allows me to offer you this ...Continue Reading - Escaping the Matrix of Depression ⏠The Truth About Depression Shall Set You Free


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": North Coast Voices: Come down from your citadel Cardinal Pell and tell us what you knew "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Vatican Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy Cardinal George Pell has always enjoyed due process in any Australian court case, state inquiry or royal commission concerning child sexual abuse at which he was a witness and, observation over time would lead an ordinary person to conclude that his various religious titles have afforded him what amounts to favoured treatment by both the police and legal profession.

Fair treatment was also afforded Pell in the 2002 internal Catholic Church inquiry into his past conduct as a seminarian in the early 1960s.


Kangaroo Court of Australia: Cardinal George Pell is doing the work of the devil while being protected by Pope Francis "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pope Francis’s and the Vatican’s ongoing support and protection for Cardinal George Pell will make it clear to the whole world that Pope Francis and the church at the highest level are complicit in at least concealing the sexual abuse of children. They are still supporting Pell even though there are new allegations against Pell […]


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": : Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably causes cancer’ "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably carcinogenic, said ABC News headlines on February 16th. It was great to see that long term public concerns regard the broad scale use of herbicides with Glyphosate as an active ingredient finally is reaching the general public.This pesticide is the main tool for weed control in use by Landcare, Dunecare, local Councils, National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW, Road Traffic Authority, farmers, etc On March last year the World Health Organization change the status of Glyphosate from 2B to 2A (probably carcinogenic). Please see the article below.

Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably causes cancer’

The post Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably causes cancer’ appeared first on Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare.

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"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Rafael Karlen awarded Churchill Fellowship "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Composer and saxophonist Rafael Karlen is one of Australia’s bright emerging performers and composers, and his passion for contemporary music is taking him international.

Brisbane based Rafael Karlen is one of 109 people across Australia who has been announced as a recipient of a Churchill Fellowship, awarded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, who are now celebrating their 50th Year.

Composer and saxophonist Rafael Karlen is one of Australia’s bright emerging performers and composers, and his passion for contemporary music is taking him international.

Brisbane based Rafael Karlen is one of 109 people across Australia who has been announced as a recipient of a Churchill Fellowship, awarded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, who are now celebrating their 50th Year.


Rafael Karlen

As a Churchill Fellow, Rafael hopes to gain valuable insights through private study with many of Europe and America’s leading musicians in contemporary composition, ensemble direction and advanced saxophone performance by researching abroad.

Rafael will be travelling to America, Holland, Germany, England, Denmark and Norway, with the ultimate aim to research how some of the world’s leading ensembles, composers and performers work and to bring these insights back to the Australian cultural community.

My goal is to seek out people and ensembles that I admire and respect that are producing some of the most exciting music in the........


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: The Blue Trees By Konstantin Dimopoulos "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Blue Trees is an environmental art installation that draws attention to global deforestation by turning living, breathing trees bright blue, demanding we notice them before the planet’s old forests are gone for good.

It will take place from Friday the 4th of March to Friday the 11th of March.


Using a biologically safe water-based colourant, artist Konstantin Dimopoulos will transform living trees in Pirrama Park in scenic Pyrmont to create The Blue Trees in Sydney for the first time.

The Blue Trees briefly transforms a familiar urban landscape, the local park into a surreal, unfamiliar, and even uncomfortable reminder of human impact on the environment.


Konstantin Dimopoulos is an Egyptian born, New Zealand-raised, Melbourne-based artist who has created The Blue Trees in locations including outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London and around the USA. In 2015, The Blue Trees will feature at the Vancouver Biennale.

Of the project, he says:

“I have always known that art is and has always been an extended part of nature and that art can effect social change.
For that to happen, one has to move out of the art institutions and galleries and move outside among nature and people in their living spaces.”

The Blue Trees continues Art & About’s tradition of public artworks that are both eye-catching and thought provoking. When you share your selfie at The Blue Trees......


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation: Tasmanian Government shows disregard for Aboriginal community, globally significant cultural and natural values "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Media Release 20 Feb 2016

4WD tracks on takayna/Tarkine coast documented during the past twelve months when a court injunction was in place to prevent access to these cultural significant areas. Photo: Chris Crerar

Bob Brown Foundation calls on the Tasmanian Premier and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Will Hodgman, to reverse the decision to open off-road vehicle tracks on takayna/Tarkine coast.

Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber stated today, ‘It is internationally embarrassing that a Minister of the Government would support damaging off-road vehicle access to one of Australia’s richest examples of Aboriginal cultural heritage such as we saw today by Minister Adam Brooks.’

‘The thousands of years of indigenous history on the takayna/Tarkine coast is more important than a short generational history of people who have driven damaging vehicles across this vast landscape of wild country that has recognisable global significance. Worse still is the fact that despite a High Court injunction that forced closure of the tracks, there has been ongoing users on these tracks, breaking down fences, trashing middens and zero effort by the Tasmanian Government to bolster resources to police and prevent these acts of vandalism,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘Aboriginal heritage sites on the takayna/Tarkine coast are under-recognised, inadequately protected and repeatedly disrespected. Their values are degraded by a lack of funding, mismanagement, neglect and wilful abuse such as vehicular damage to middens, vandalism and theft. Rather than encouraging racist attitudes that purport recreational driving across middens sites and environmental desecration is acceptab...


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Tasfintalk: Negative gearing "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

At last the public discussion on the subject of negative gearing seems making progress.

Matt Ellis writing as  Rational Radical sums up the arguments to perfection here. If you've got a few minutes it's a must read.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": : Privately owned chemical free bush regeneration project "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Don Drinkwater

During 1977,  I  purchased the land after 70 years of human occupation leaving a very visible  mark on what was once red cedar tree country. Red gold it was called by the  coastal  brokers, men who paid the red cedar tree getters next to nothing to mill them. Then in 1977, 2 red cedar trees remained.

Don Drinkwater
 Don Drinkwater

Following the century of the removal of the trees, it attempted to run as a dairy farm, a futile quest when the rain fall averaged out at 2 and a half metres a year. Hooved animals and fragile soils do not mix. I bought into bare and severely eroded hillsides, stripped of all native grasses, with sad skinny cows roaming the scarred slopes. Then, with  half an hour of rain, the creeks would be red with the soil run off. The resident tenants at the time had harvested what remained of the elk and stag horns and tree ferns.
In 1996  I returned to this  73 hectares of steep end of valley country.  Lantana had completely established itself over the severely eroded hill sides, giving the remaining soil a chance to recover after years of being completely exposed to the elements, including the hooves of overstocked and starving cattle. Wallabies had returned. In flower, pink, orange and white, the lantana looked beautiful.
So I had a challenge and needed to create my own working environment.  The encouragement was almost nil as the herbicide called Round-up was starting to appear on the market.
MY method of regeneration is simple. Hard labour and the ability to never get discouraged at the immensity of the task. I soon learnt, my best teacher, over seer, guide was nature itself.
i grew up in a no pesticide/herbicide environment.  Naysayers jeered my non herbicide approach with words like, you could spray that patch and it would be done for...


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": Refugee Action Collective (Vic): Send a solidarity message to the Brisbane doctors and hospital workers! "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

To send a solidarity message to the Brisbane doctors and hospital workers currently protecting baby Asha send an email to this address: For up-to-date information about the unfolding situation with Baby Asha in Queensland, Mums4Refugees are comprehensively live tweeting from their handle here:


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": matthew schiavello: photos and words: Fitzroy Abstract #abstract #fitzroy #street #streetart... "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Fitzroy Abstract

#abstract #fitzroy #street #streetart #instaphotography #instaart #photography #urban #urbanart #melbourne #modernart #matthewschiavello


John Quiggin: Another fearless prediction "IndyWatch Feed"

As longterm readers know, my record on political and other predictions is mixed, not as bad as some have made out, but by no means uniformly accurate. Still, I’m going to venture my most fearless prediction in some time.

Bill Shorten will be Prime Minister after the next election.

Like most Australian voters, I have no great enthusiasm for Shorten. But, I’ve come to the view that Turnbull is, as the Fin remarked recently, “all hat and no cattle”, and the same can be said of most of his ministry. In particular, Scott Morrison is the most striking instance of the Peter Principle I’ve seen in some time. Brutally effective as Immigration Minister, he handled the Social Services portfolio quite deftly, but has floundered as Treasurer.

Turning from personality to policy, Labor certainly deserves a win. They have stuck to their guns on issues like carbon pricing, and advanced serious and credible policies on tax and public expenditure, something that hasn’t been attempted since John Hewson’s Fightback! disaster in 1993.

By contrast, the Turnbull government is an enigma. Will it go to the election with the policies Turnbull inherited from Abbott? Or will be asked to “let Malcolm be Malcolm”? Or will we see a continuation of the studied ambiguity of the last five months? No one seems to know.

For the moment, Turnbull’s popularity looks like the trump card. The experience of his last stint as leader suggests that this is a fairly weak reed.

The best hope for the government is that the post-Turnbull surge was not so much driven by support for Turnbull as by an underlying LNP majority, submerged by Abbott’s absurdities.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": : Australia women strip to protest against Glyphosate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australian women strip to protest against GlyphosateChemical Free Landcare volunteers and supporters strip naked to show their support for an end to the use of gylphosate. Photo ©Trevor Avedissian

A group of north coast women have put their bodies on the line, literally, in an effort to stop councils and government authorities spraying glyphosate in their weed reduction activities.

Glyphosate, which was invented and is widely marketed by multinational chemical company Monsanto under the name Roundup, was named a ‘probable carcinogen’ by the World Health Organisation in March this year.

This action, together with the forthcoming trial of Monsanto at the International Court of Justice next year has prompted the women to take a stand.

With ‘I am water’ written on their bodies, the women are bringing attention to the protection of the essential resource from ongoing pollution with herbicides in the region.

‘Our bodies are made of water and we are one and the same as the environment. If we pollute the water with pesticides, we pollute ourselves,’ said Pietramale, local bush regenerator and co-ordinator of Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare Nadia de Sousa Pietramale.

‘While Monsanto will go on trial for crimes against humanity and nature, in Byron shire, glyphosate, a product developed by the company and an active ingredient of many herbicides, is still being poured into the environment where it ends up in our local rivers and catchments’ she added.

‘In Byron shire we see evidence of the latest herbicide use as the death of grasses along roadsides and drains. But the use of glyphosate doesn’t stop there. It’s the main tool used by Council staff and contractors in nearly all bush regeneration sites from the top of the catchment along creeks to the lowlands. It’s also used by other governmen.....


Fire Earth: M4.3 Quake Strikes ENE of Lucerne Valley, California "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Earthquake strikes Camp Rock-Emerson-Copper Mountain fault zone The quake struck Camp Rock-Emerson-Copper Mountain fault zone at Emerson section, NE of Red Hill, reported SGS/EHP. Magnitude: 4.3Mw Time: 2016-02-20 06:13:20 (UTC) Location: 34.610 °N 116.629 °W depth=7.6 km (4.7 mi) Nearby Cities: 36km (22mi) ENE of Lucerne Valley, California 44km (27mi) NNE of Big Bear City […]


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Motorbike Writer: Matt LeBlanc adds motorcycles to Top Gear "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Matt LeBlanc joins Top Gear

Former Friends star and motorcycle fan Matt LeBlanc is the new addition to the reformatted Top Gear in the wake of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond leaving the BBC show.

Matt has long been a motorcycle fan and when asked by BBC Top Gear Magazine for his favourite drive, he said: “Going through the Alps on a motorcycle with my wife on the back on our honeymoon. We only crashed once, so all in all it was a great ride.”

Matt LeBlanc joins Top Gear

Matt has been a motorcycle fan since he was a kid and apparently his father, Paul, upset Matt when he gave away a $15,000 bike to a relative.



Fire Earth: Cat. 5 Cyclone WINSTON Buffeting Fiji Islands "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Powerful Cyclone packing destructive winds moves towards Fiji capital, Suva WINSTON, a category five storm packing destructive winds, is impacting Fiji’s biggest islands as it moves towards the capital, Suva. Fijian authorities have issued a curfew for the entire Fiji, effective 6:00pm local time, said a report. “This latest measure is designed to restrict movement […]


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": 89.3 FM 2GLF: Programming Update "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Programming Committee has completed the first round of program allocations for the 2016/2017 Programming Grid. There are still a number of timeslots available for interested program makers.


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": Refugee Action Collective (Vic): 6:30pm 26 Feb | Vigil at MITA detention centre: closethecamps and letthemstay "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Vigil at MITA detention centre: closethecamps and letthemstay When: 6:30-9pm Friday 26th February Where: MITA, 120-150 Camp Rd, Broadmeadows VIC 3047 Join with us in a candelight vigil at MITA (Broadmeadows detention centre). Stand in solidarity with the Lady Cilento Hospital workers, the unionists, the churches and the refugees here and on Manus and Nauru and(...)


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": The Witches Kitchen: Fending Off the Zucchini Glut "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

zucchini glut

There is a Marge Piercy poem that I think perfectly sums up zucchini called Attack of the Squash People.  I think of it every year around this time.  I learned some time ago to plant just a couple of zucchini seeds at a time, but then I discovered tromboncino.

Tromboncino substitutes for zucchini in pretty well any recipe. I like it a bit better – the texture is a bit firmer and it doesn’t have that edge of bitterness that larger zucchinis get.  But then, I like that bit of bitterness too, and bitterness in vegetables is often a sign of antioxidant phytochemicals that are very good for you.  Not always, alkaloids that do nasty things to your liver also taste bitter, which is probably why we omnivore humans have evolved to enjoy a bit of bitterness as adults, with full grown livers and a bit of education about what is safe to eat, but reject it as children.

Tromboncino fits better into my late summer garden. It is a rampant climber, like a very vigorous climbing cucumber in growth habits – a nifty trick that keeps it up off the ground conserving ground space and protecting it from mildew diseases.  It lasts a long time – I’ve had tromboncinos overwinter and bear right through into the next spring.  And if you think zucchini are prolific…

So this is my dilemma. A nice sequence of zucchini plants, so there is zucchini if I want it.  For rattatouille for instance, that I think needs that bitterness.  A nice range of tromboncino plants, so I can save seed without it being inbred.  A...


Independent Australia: Does Australia’s STEM problem start at the top? "IndyWatch Feed"

Does Australia’s STEM problem start at the top?Turnbull's talk of innovation is hampered within his own party which is made up mostly of lawyers with a lack of expertise in, or appreciation for, STEM fields, writes Sameer Murthy. read now...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: 1) National scene: Luhut tells ULMWP to leave the country - "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) NZ film hopes to start West Papua conversation
3) PLN to Provide Electricity to Island’s Rural Residents
4) PT. Miyeda Papua Voew to Create 1000 Entrepreneurs by 2020



Catallaxy Files: A giant Swiss cheese? "IndyWatch Feed"

It’s very cute, albeit glib and inaccurate, to describe Australia’s tax system as a giant Swiss cheese.

Here’s the quote from the man who thinks he knows everything about tax but doesn’t understand the first principles:

Economist Saul Eslake describes Australia’s personal tax system as being “like a giant Swiss cheese”.

In his words, it is a system ”riddled with holes” that allow people to pay less tax on “particular types of income, earned in particular ways”. These holes, he notes, are “disproportionately” used by higher income earners.

“There is no compelling public policy rationale for any kind of preferential tax treatment”.

This is complete blather.  In fact, Australia has a tax system that has very high rates of compliance and transparency.  We know that income tax will raise around $190 billion this year and the total deductions will be $28 billion or 15 per cent of the total.

Rather than being a giant Swiss cheese, this looks like a very solid block of cheddar.

And when it comes to company tax, it is expected that more than $68 billion will be raised. This puts us in the top quartile of company tax as a percentage of GDP in the world.  Not too many holes there (see ATO Tax Transparency Report).

Compared with many other countries, there is extremely high compliance in our system, although Sinc may have a point that tobacco excise, which has been ridiculously jacked up, may be avoided in the future through a rise in the importation of illicit tobacco.

As to the curious notion of preferential tax treatment, here’s the thing: only an idiot would think that current income should be taxed in the same way as saving and capital accumulation.  It is not a case of preferential tax treatment; it is appropriate rules for the different...


Head Space: Biological Hazard – Parechovirus (HPeV): Queensland, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Biological Health Hazard  – Human Parechovirus (HPeV) PARECHOVIRUS INFECTION – AUSTRALIA: (QUEENSLAND) CHILDREN ********************************************************* Published Date: 2016-02-19 19:18:40 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Parechovirus infection – Australia: (QL) children Archive Number: 20160219.4035899 Date: Wed 17 Feb 2016 Source: Northern Star [edited] Parents of babies on alert for contagious parechovirus —————————————————— Parents of newborn babies in Queensland are being […]


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group: Vale Tony Sharpe "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tony Sharpe has died. Tony was an exceptional man, full of life, warmth and energy. It was impossible not to like him. He gave generously of his time, money, energy to those in need; used his intelligence and ingenuity to achieve positive results for others. Had a huge capacity for work and was a brilliant


John Quiggin: Something doesn’t add up here "IndyWatch Feed"

The papers are abuzz with speculation about an early election. This is one of the favorite games of the political punditariat, and it usually comes to nothing, but the story this time seems to make even less sense than usual. Part of the problem is that there are three different ways an early election could be held, and the proponents seem to be assuming a “unicorn” or “Pixie horse” (to use Scott Morrison’s evocative terminology) that combines the best of all three from the government’s position.

First, we could have an immediate dissolution of the House of Representatives. This would have a chance of achieving the biggest selling point of the early election idea, cashing in on Malcolm Turnbull’s popularity while it lasts. But such obviously cynical moves have failed in the past, as Campbell Newman could tell you. Also, it would (as I understand it) necessitate a separate half-Senate election in the second half of the year. The political class, with the exception of minority and micro-parties, really hates this idea.

Second, we could have a double dissolution, based on the Senate’s failure to pass anti-union laws, and held under the existing rules. Apparently, the election would have to be called the day after Budget Day (11 May), and couldn’t be held until July. So, it would only be a few months early, invalidating the whole idea. And, of course, it would guarantee a Senate with lots of micro and minor party members.

The third idea, is the second, plus a deal with the Greens to reform the Senate voting rules to allow preferential above the line voting. This would kill off the “preference whisperer” deals that have allowed the election of candidates with almost no votes. The reform makes sense, but why on earth would the Greens rush it through to make life easy for the government? All they have to do is hold off until the Budget session and they can get the reform with no possi...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Australian Vets slam General Morrison "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1. In 2008, General David Morrison had urged the federal government NOT to recognise the 2nd D&E Platoon because ‘amending archives was high risk’ and ‘could open the floodgates to others to might want to correct the official records.’In other words, this bastard preferred the official records to remain false and inaccurate- and to hell with military integrity and the service histories of the men involved in such units.

This also explains why the Australian War Memorial refuses to release the 235 documents it holds concerning the 2nd D&E Platoon despite its own (and the government’s FOI policies).

How can anyone support the deliberate falsification of war records?

2. And it’s interesting to note that before he retired, General Morrison wanted the Army website ‘revamped’ and paid Deloitte Australia $2,600,000 to do it- and now, Deloitte is paying him $200,000 to advise it on because he is an ‘amazing role model and advocate for diversity and inclusion, gender equality and fairness.’

What a load of want!

Don Tate
Ex-4RAR; ex-2nd D&E Platoon; ex-9RAR;
Ex-1MIL Hospital




"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Natural Newstead: Rotunda Park #5 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

To round off my series on Newstead’s Rotunda Park I thought I’d feature one of its signature species, the White-browed Babbler. At present there is a group of ~ ten birds resident in the Park – the shrubs near the memorial cairn providing ideal shelter and foraging habitat.


White-browed Babbler, Rotunda Park Newstead, 17th February 2016

Ten years ago I was worried about the future for this species in the local area – numbers were dropping and I wasn’t seeing family groups in the same places as I’d grown used to finding them back in the mid-1980s. Their comical cousins, Grey-crowned Babblers, plunged to local extinction around this time and it seemed the ‘White-brows’ might go the same way. Happily their future seems more secure now. The key to their survival is good habitat – deep leaf litter for foraging and shrubs in which to make their roosting and breeding nests, is the key.




"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: World Day of Social Justice: The tide of kindness "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Social Justice

Something is happening. Great minds are coming together in ever-increasing numbers and a groundswell is slowly but surely edging further into the social conscious. Never before has such mainstream narrative discussed and tussled with the rights and wrongs of our treatment of farmed animals. Never before have so many so loudly spoken out to stand with animals, and never before has the eye of scrutiny peered so severely at those who seek to push back against the wave compassion. But the battle is far from over.

Ghandi once said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Yes, caring for the most vulnerable and showing kindness where once there was harm and ambivalence is selfless and just. But when thinking about Australia, we have to ask which animals? And with so much secrecy around the precise form and extent of animal cruelty, how can it be a true marker of society’s progress?

In the United States, animal cruelty laws are beginning to be taken seriously and ground-breaking sentences handed out. Back in Australia, our animal cruelty legislation is forcing perpetrators to explain their actions in court rooms, but unfortunately conviction is only leading to light punishments, if at all. Although the hardest pill to swallow isn’t the weak precedent for animal cruelty offenders, it’s the legal loopholes in Australia’s animal protection laws that, rather than protect animals from cruelty, protect individuals from persecution.

How could this be – that the very laws designed to protect animals actually work to sanction the cruelty they suffer? In a very simplistic sense, it can happen because we’re not doing enough to fight it.



"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": OCCUPYMELBOURNE.NET: How do you say “Howdy Partner” in Arabic? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Haha, my life is complete : X- files producer and writer Chris Carter has – predictably- been  accused of Islamophobia, because, shock, horror, Muslim terrorists in episode 5 of the new X -files (Babylon) blow stuff up and  speak Arabic,omg, Who would have thunk ?. But it gets worse…ah…better, because “red neck music” is celebrated in this episode, along with Stetson hats. And then Mulder utters “we need something to trump all hate. “Trump” all hate. Let that sink in for a moment.

The X-files reboot  currently enjoys huge ratings success. With his episode Carter has done the unthinkable : far from turning the X-files into a space alien chasing nostalgia show , he has decided to do what the X-files did  at the height of it’s popularity : examine our worst fears (and then make fun of them). And currently human terrorism trumps that of monsters and aliens. Carter still has his finger on the pulse of society and doesn’t shy away from controversy either.

In this (badly written) article the writer accuses Chris Carter of doing  the very thing he wants to critique :inciting hatred.

The usual chestnuts :”killing infidels is not prescribed in the Koran (It is). Most Muslims don’t speak Arabic (a lot of the terrorists sure do). But it appears that the writer has completely misunderstood Carter’s intentions :Carter was not out to criticize Islamophobia, he came to criticize Islamic terrorism. On the Fox network of all places (which is why it was allowed to happen.)

Needless to say, the episode has garnered mostly bad reviews from the politically correct mainstream press.

But who car...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": FBi Radio: Diary of Death :: 20 Feb – 26 Feb 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Diary 7_20152

A life-threatening list of recommended events happening in Sydney and surrounds this week. 



Mountain Sounds: Albert Hammond Jr (US), Alpine, Art Vs Science, The Delta Riggs, Green Buzzard, Harts, Hockey Dad, Holy Holy, I Know Leopard, Jack Beats (UK), The Jezabels, The Lazys, Motez, Nina Las Vegas, Odd Mob, Sea Legs, Set Mo, Slumberjack, Tropical Zombie, World Champion, Bass RQ, Bodega Collective, Catalyst, Elwood Myre, Goonz, Ivy, J-Ray, Jaket, Jimmi Walker, Man To Moon, The Moving Stills, Paperfox, Pear, Peekay, Savilian, SnilluM, Stay Sane, The Sea Gypsies, Tom Hogan, Twin Caverns, Voyage IV – Mount Penang Parklands – Nearly sold out
Leftfield (UK) – Calais Estate, Hunter Valley
Lunatics On Pogosticks, Hunch, Buddy Holiday, Mack The Knife – Brighton Up
The Gooch Palms, Wild Honey, Raave Tapes, Wavevom – Cambridge Hotel, Wollongong
The Tongue – Newtown Social – Club Album launch
Beastwars, Sumeru, Buffalo Trio – Frankie’s Pizza – FREE
Infinity Broke, Adam Gibson and the Ark-Ark Birds, Milkk –...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: 1) Papuan protesters want local control of Freeport mine "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Government Urged to Send Teachers to Wamena, not Build Brimob Headquarters
3) Blog to Build Warehouse for 3,500 Tons of Rice in Merauke
4) Island in focus: Tolikara  defendants get two months  in jail 
5) Indonesia environment ministry detects 370-500 hotspots in Papua
6) Nabire: Akudiomi village government forbids forest and marine resource exploitation.
1) Papuan protesters want local control of Freeport mine...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Byron Bay Blog: Angus McDonald Local Exhibition First in a Decade "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Northern Rivers community is warmly invited to White Noise, the first local exhibition in ten years by Australian artist Angus McDonald.

Since the Lennox Head based artist was awarded a Brett Whiteley Scholarship at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney twenty years ago he has exhibited across Australia and around the globe, from Europe and the UK, the United States and Japan. He has been a finalist in numerous National Art Prizes including Australia’s biggest portrait competition, the Archibald Prize, where he has been selected as a finalist on four occasions, most recently for his portrait of West Australian singer songwriter Abbe May in 2015.

White Noise is his 30th solo exhibition. “I guess becoming a dad again has brought me home!” mused Angus. “I’ve lived in this area for fifteen years so exhibiting locally is pretty special. Especially at an amazing state museum like the Tweed Regional Gallery. If you placed that gallery, complete with the Margaret Olley Art Centre, in the middle of New York or London it would be constantly busy. It’s a world class facility”.

The term “White Noise” refers to the background noises of our existence. “The noises of the in-between, the noises we never really get a chance to contemplate in busy lives” said McDonald. “The work explores moments of realization and loss. There is an ethereal quality to it. The two large figurative works were based on photographic shoots undertaken in my studio. My partner Beata modelled for Rise. For the other, I set up a single Pieta image carefully configured to approximate Michelangelo’s sculpture in St Peter’s. It’s a classical Christian image but I think of it as something more universal. It deals with loss and a senseless death occasioned by fearful violence and prejudice. This is a lesson we are as yet unable to learn as a race”.

McDonald encourages the local community to attend exhibitions as a way to “jump off the business of surviving for a while”. “To go....


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Tasmanian Times: What Premier Will Hodgman should have said about the fires ... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

I have this morning returned from visiting the site of recent fires at Lake Mackenzie. What I saw was heartbreaking: beautiful places unlike any other on Earth are now lost to the world. … To those in the tourist industry who continue to play the petty game of presenting environmentalists as your enemy, I say this: they are not. They are the best friends you have. Without them, without their courage, without their lives given to saving our wildlands, there would be no World Heritage Areas, and there would be no tourism industry in those places. It is a terrible slander to pretend otherwise, and we can no longer afford the lazy and poisonous politics of division on such issues if Tasmania is to have a prosperous future. …


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Motorbike Writer: Meet the new Victory Octane muscle cruiser "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

2016 Victory Octane

Australians will be among the first in the world to see the new Victory Motorcycles Octane muscle cruiser in the metal when it is unveiled tonight (February 20, 2016) at the Sydney showroom.

The first Victory to feature a water-cooled engine will arrive in Australia in April/May at $18,995 ride away, but pre-orders are being taken now.

Four pre-production models have arrived in the country and they will be transported around Australia for public viewing with one in Melbourne on Tuesday night, another in Brisbane on Thursday and similar events at independent dealerships over the next month.

The Octane muscle cruiser will compete against the Harley-Davidson V-Rod ($27,995 Night Rod Special and $27,495 Muscle) and the new Ducati XDiavel ($27,490 and $32,490 for the S model) with forward controls and belt drive.



"IndyWatch Feed Qld": "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Invisible Member Billy Gordon decides to work for the southern end of Cook "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I noticed our previously invisible member Billy Gordon has had a change of heart and now says he wants to do something for the people of Mareeba.

That is very noble of him, but wasn’t he elected a year ago? What has he been doing over the last 12 months?

Apart from attracting the attention of national newspapers over his photographic ability, has he done anything positive instead of voting with his beloved Labor Party on almost every motion in Parliament?

Relocating from Cairns to Mareeba will at least give him kudos for being the first Member for Cook in many years to live here. Maybe he just realised there are others in his electorate who don’t live on the Cape.

Seeing he has done very little for the southern end of Cook, do local people think he should pay back his government salary for the last 12 months?


Queensland MP Billy Gordon votes himself out of office

He had a chance to get more state representation for people living outside of bigger cities but no he voted with the ALP to water down rural representation and give three more seats to Brisbane. By continually voting with the ALP he has helped himself to get voted out at the next election after the electoral commission changes the boundaries in the far north redistribution, expected in August.

I have been told that Atherton will be added to Mareeba again and their seat of Dalrymple will be abolished. It is not hard to work out who the Atherton people will vote for.

Mr Gordon might find himself running...


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Motorbike Writer: Win biker jewellery in our motorcycle quiz "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Bico biker jewellery quiz

How would you like to tease your brain with our motorcycle quiz and also be in the running to win some biker jewellery from Australian company Bico?

This week you’ll need a good mix of motorcycle, racing and pop culture knowledge.

To win, just do our weekly motorbike trivia quiz below and share your score on Facebook by clicking on the button at the end of the quiz as proof.

Then find our post on the Motorbike Writer Facebook page to add your score or leave it in the comments section below.


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Tasmanian Times: Waking in Fright In the Tasmanian Justice System "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

In the early evening of 29 May 2012, Registered Nurse G was travelling on the Bass Highway from Deloraine to Launceston to attend a training seminar. An SUV travelling in the opposite direction strayed across double white lines and the vehicles collided head-on. Her injuries were horrific – 14 fractures to the ribs, pelvis, wrist, femur, tibia, fibula, cervical and lumbar spine vertebrae, lung injury, severe brain injury, lacerations, and an eye injury. She remained in a state of post-traumatic amnesia for 96 days following the accident. …


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Jeanne Lanvin - who was France's star couturier in the Inter War era? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Jeanne Lanvin (1867-1946) was born in Brittany. Her career began after her training as a very young apprentice at the House of Talbot, dressmaker and milliner. By 1890, this young woman had moved to Rue de Faubourge St Honore in Paris and opened her own millinery shop.

In 1895, Lanvin married Count Emilio di Pietro, an Italian nobleman, and two years later they had a daughter, Marguerite. The marriage didn’t last.. but the daughter’s influence did. Lanvin's second husband, whom she married in 1907, was Xavier Melet, a journalist at the newspaper Les Temps and later the French consul in Manchester.

Lanvin career was progressing nicely. She joined the Syndicat de la Couture in 1909, indicating her arrival as a fashion designer. While making her hats, she started to make dresses for a younger sister and daughter – clearly she believed there was basically no distinct­ion between dress designs for young girls and those for their mothers. The mother and daughter theme was an enduring one; even today the original 1923 Paul Iribe design of a mother and her daughter is the logo for the House of Lanvin.

Lee Miller in a Lanvin broad-rimmed hat.
Photo credit: Edward Steichen, Vogue, June 1928 

If her dresses were not cheap, it was not necessarily because her designs were complex. The materia...


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Tasmanian Times: Road safety, government and the individual ... A different view "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Over the last few weeks Mark Temby has written several opinion pieces in the Tasmanian Times under the title ‘Road Safety: Inaction by our local and state politicians and relevant authorities’ ( HERE ).


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Tasmanian Times: Theoretical Malcolm "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The latest controversy regarding Australia’s refugee crisis has been embodied by 267 men and women seeking refuge, 37 Australian born infants and one prime minister. Despite immense backlash from the Australian public and 4 of 6 state and territory premiers offering to house the refugees, they will continue to be “sent back to a life of physical and emotional trauma” (Daniel Andrews, Victoria State premier). • PLOS Medicine: The Health Consequences of Australian immigration policies • SMH: Australian doctors should boycott working in detention centres Working in immigration detention is contrary to the medical code of ethics.


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Tasmanian Times: STATE: Paul Harriss disease spreads to WA ... HARRISS QUITS! Why? Gutwein opposed clearfelling ... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

SATURDAY February 20 ... • Mercury: Tourism entrepreneur Graeme Wood has warning for Tassie politicians TOURISM entrepreneur Graeme Wood has revealed he was close to pulling the pin on a multimillion-dollar development at Triabunna because of what he calls political interference. In response to questions by TasWeekend, Mr Wood unleashed a tirade of abuse against Tasmanian politicians, warning them to keep their noses out of his development plans. “If they interfere too much, I’ll go away,” Mr Wood said. “I’ve got so many investment opportunities outside Tasmania.” His anger stems from the parliamentary inquiry set up by the State Government to investigate the sale of the former Gunns mill at Triabunna to Mr Wood and fellow environmentalist Jan Cameron. The inquiry committee concluded Mr Wood’s tourism plans should be supported. “I do not engage in political discussion in Tasmania any more,” Mr Wood said … A LITTLE HISTORY ... • Dec 11, 2002, Chris Johnson, The Examiner: While Opposition Leader Rene Hidding remains overseas, Mr Gutwein flagged his intention to push for a rethink of the party’s policy, which currently mirrors the Government’s approach to logging. The move is certain to put him at odds with his leader, who is due back tomorrow. It will also be seen as an attempt by Mr Gutwein to position himself for a leadership challenge. THURSDAY February 18 ... • WILL’s NEW-LOOK MINISTRY: Read what Will says in Comments ... • Sawmiller and ex-Greens Leader KIM BOOTH in Comments: … “Newly anointed Forest Minister Gutwein now must put his money where his mouth was. In 2013, when Peter Gutwein was trying to knife Rene Hidding, he called for an end to clear felling of native forest. Prior to the 2014 election, Gutwein brayed long and loud that the Liberals would remove the subsidies from Forestry Tasmania.” “Since then, the Liberals have plundered the public purse of over $50 million to prop up native forest logging, causing massi...


No Fibs: Beyond Paris: @takvera reports from #Wonthaggi forum on climate "IndyWatch Feed National"

The recent Paris United Nations Conference on Climate Change resulted in a world agreement to attempt to limit global warming to 1.5°C, but is Australia doing enough? Then again, is limiting global warming to 1.5°C feasible? And what must we do to limit global warming both as a nation and individually? I travelled the 150km […]

Author information

John Englart

John Englart

Citizen journalist at No Fibs

John Englart has always had a strong social and environmental focus and over the past 10 years climate change science, climate policy and climate protest have become an increasingly important and primary focus of his work as a citizen journalist.

Friday, 19 February


No Fibs: Lessons from the Fracking Front Line – How #protectgloucester beat AGL by @coolmccool "IndyWatch Feed National"

Earlier this month AGL announced that it was pulling out of the beautiful Gloucester valley in NSW and ceasing its controversial CSG (coal seam gas) operations. Although AGL maintained that it had made the decision on purely economic grounds, local environmentalists claim otherwise. The community involved in the anti-CSG campaign gathered recently in Gloucester to […]

Author information

Jim McCool

Jim McCool

Jim McCool (@coolmccool ) is an IT Consultant and father of three, who has previously contributed to No Fibs on the March in March in Sydney. A keen camper and fisherman, Jim is dismayed by the threat to the Australian landscape from extreme forms of fossil fuel extraction for short term profits.


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": PERTH SWAT team snipers and 10 police with pistols drawn evict farmer at request of ANZ Bank "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Evidence given at NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Into Banking

ANZ Bank features prominently in unlawful foreclosures. The largest non-institutional shareholder in ANZ is Queen Elizabeth of England!

Biggest bank heist by the banks in the history of rural Australia

ABC Rural  Feb 17, 2016

Photo: Brett Fallon shows his maimed and burnt hands, from self-immolation. He claimed in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry to being traumatised after ANZ claimed he defaulted on a bank loan.

Farmers whose properties were foreclosed on by the ANZ bank since 2010 have made explosive claims about the devastation suffered by those who were accused of defaulting.

Two have given evidence at a parliamentary inquiry hearing, in Sydney, into the banking industry’s practice involving loans.

Rod Culleton, of Williams in Western Australia, and Margaret Menzel, Townsville, representing sugar cane farmers, gave evidence.

Mr Culleton was a cereal and sheep farmer until he lost the farm in 2013 and has been fighting the ANZ in the courts and in the media ever since.

He said ANZ had admitted to overcharging in fees incurred during the transition [from Landmark to ANZ] and “is giving a lot of that back”.

In answers to the committee, Mr Culleton said he, and others in positions of default to ANZ, were “held at gunpoint” after receivers were sent in.

“That’s reality,” Mr Culleton said.



Catallaxy Files: These people are charlatans "IndyWatch Feed"

Having looked at how out to lunch The Economist is I picked up The AFR over lunch and found this: OECD blasts reform fatigue, downgrades growth and calls for more rate cuts. They called for more than that, and this being the OECD, is the collective economic wisdom of the West. It is no wonder we are heading so deeply into recession.

Warning that global growth is faltering so fast there now needs to be a fresh wave of budget spending and interest rate cuts, the OECD demanded governments spend more money on investments and infrastructure, and get serious about productivity-boosting reform.

Officials at the Paris-based organisation also described the risk of another financial mishap on global markets as “substantial”. . . .

In the absence of fresh economic reform momentum, the OECD acknowledged there was now an urgent need to raising government spending on investments such as infrastructure, which they said would generate a strong growth dividend.

“Quality infrastructure projects would help to support future growth, making up for the shortfall in investment following the cuts imposed across advanced countries in recent years.

“A commitment to raising public investment collectively would boost demand while remaining on a fiscally sustainable path, the OECD said, pointing out that governments in many countries can borrow for long periods at very low interest rates.

“Many countries have room for fiscal expansion to strengthen demand.” . . .

“A recovery in private sector investment and wage growth is needed for global economic activity to accelerate.”

Anyone educated in economic theor...

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