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Monday, 22 February


6 Island Hikes to Add to Your Bucket List EcoWatch


If you're looking to add some physical activity to your next...


Chile: Claim for Arson of Andrés Bello University in Santiago Earth First! Newswire

from Insurrection News


This is a complete English translation of the communique claiming responsibility for the arson attack against the science faculty of Andrés Bello University that we previously reported on and provided some brief translated excerpts of the claim of responsibility.
This communique was translated into English by Palmer Amaranth.

“Civilization is the war that some humans have unleashed against nature a few thousand years ago in order to increase their own power. This war continues today. A system of domination increasingly powerful and invasive, thanks to the support of its technological control devices, but which has failed to eliminate from the face of the earth the resistance of certain individuals, of some not yet civilized communities, of the wild which is reborn in every place abandoned by humans. All is not yet domesticated, wrought, alienated. Tangible signs of this are the countless...


WINSTON Devastates Fiji Fire Earth

TC WINSTON, strongest ever storm to hit Fiji, wreaks destruction across the island nation Authorities in Fiji say the most powerful storm on record to hit the country has killed at least five people, razing  entire villages and destroying hundreds of homes. TC WINSTON slammed the tiny nation with 330-km winds, torrential rain and tsunami-like […]


11 Ways You Could Be Exposed to Lead in Your Everyday Life EcoWatch


This toxic metal lurks in a wide variety of products that we’d otherwise think were...


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to Keynote SXSW Eco EcoWatch


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will keynote the sixth annual SXSW Eco in...


4 Reasons Ted Cruz Is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump EcoWatch


According to Robert Reich, Ted Cruz is more dangerous than Donald Trump. In this video...

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Sunday, 21 February


Another Nuclear Reactor in Japan Leaking Radioactive Water Fire Earth

Takahama nuclear power plant west of Tokyo leaks radioactive water A pressurized water reactor (PWR) at Japan’s Takahama nuclear power plant, located in Fukui Prefecture, about 120km northwest of Osaka metropolitan area (pop: ~ 19 million) and 380km west of Tokyo, is leaking radioactive water. The reactor would have been the fourth resume operation after […]


50 m (164 feet) deep sinkhole opens up in Nordhausen destroying two buildings, Germany The Watchers » Latest articles

A huge sinkhole opened up between two buildings in the city of Nordhausen, Thuringia, Germany on February 19, 2016. Nobody was injured, and the cause is still unknown. According to Jessica Piper, the spokesperson of the Nordhausen district, the crater is 30 meters...... Read more »


Romanian civil society wins key victory against proposed gold mine Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Romanians protest the Rosia Montana mining project in 2013

Romanians protest the Rosia Montana mining project in 2013

Romanian civil society is celebrating its success after a decade-long fight against a gold mining project in Rosia Montana. The site was recently included in the country’s tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage.

Deutsche Welle | 17.02.2016

Streets were full of people protesting. There were no “typical” protesters: They were students, retirees, leftist intellectuals, liberals, nationalists. That was Romania in 2013, opposing the Rosia Montana mining project. Protests were billed as the largest since the revolution in 1989, when Romania gained independence from the Soviet Union.

Recently, the movement has taken an important step forward. The village of Rosia Montana and the region surrounding it in Transylvania have been included as candidates for the UNESCO World Heritage List, fulfilling one of protesters’ key demands. The Ministry of Culture declared the village site one of historical interest, and has prohibited all mining activity there.

However, the status of the mining project remains unclear. The Canadian mining company Gabriel Resources – which owns almost 81 percent of the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation – still presents the project as “fully scoped and currently in the permitting phase” on its website.

So, how did...


Nuclear zombie? Hinkley C build won't start until 2019 - if at all! The Ecologist

Nuclear giant EDF can't afford to write off the £2 billion sunk into the Hinkley C nuclear project, write Paul Brown & Oliver Tickell. So it's cunning plan is to turn it into a 'nuclear zombie' - officially going ahead, but actually stone cold dead - until EDF can find a way out of the hole it has dug itself into.


Canada’s Wild Rice Wars Earth First! Newswire

from al Jazeera

Our people have been using the rice for thousands of years,' says Whetung [Ryan Edwardson/Al Jazeera]

Our people have been using the rice for thousands of years,’ says Whetung [Ryan Edwardson/Al Jazeera]

How a conflict over wild ricing on Pigeon Lake is drawing attention to Indigenous rights and traditional foods.

Ennismore, Ontario Owners of cottages near Canada’s Pigeon Lake have a bone to pick with James Whetung.

For years, Whetung has been seeding the lake with wild rice. He harvests the crop and then sells packaged products through his company, Black Duck Wild Rice. But some cottage owners aren’t happy.

Pigeon Lake is one of the 250 lakes and waterways in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario, Canada. Located two hours east of Toronto, it is a popular destination for summer getaways, fishing, hiking, recreational boating, and building cotta...


Massive landslide leaves remote town of Elk City isolated, Idaho The Watchers » Latest articles

A massive landslide slid onto Highway 14 in Idaho on February 18, 2016, trapping about 250 people in the small remote town of Elk City. According to Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), about 14 tons of debris slid onto a section of the highway, some 16 km (10...... Read more »

Very deep M6.0 earthquake hits south of Fiji The Watchers » Latest articles

A very deep earthquake registered by Geoscience Australia as M6.0 hit south of Fiji at 15:51 UTC on February 20, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 600 km (373 miles). USGS is reporting M5.8 at a depth of 579.4 km (360 miles). According to the USGS, the...... Read more »



Maple Syrup Farmers vs. the Constitution Pipeline Earth First! Newswire


Reposted with permission from EcoWatch

At the U.S. District Court in Scranton, family spokeswoman Megan Holleran speaks with the landowners. attorney, Michael Ewall after the hearing that found insufficient evidence to charge five of her family members with contempt. Photo credit: Colleen Boland

At the U.S. District Court in Scranton, family spokeswoman Megan Holleran speaks with the landowners. attorney, Michael Ewall after the hearing that found insufficient evidence to charge five of her family members with contempt. Photo credit: Colleen Boland

The civil disobedience movement of which I’m a part, We Are Seneca Lake, opposes the transformation of a beautiful upstate New York lakeshore into a giant storage depot for natural gas from out-of-state fracking operations.

To that end, whenever possible, we like to lend a hand to those who are also fighting out-of-state...


Germany: Fledermaus is Free! Earth First! Newswire

from Hambach Forest


At today’s review of custody, four weeks after he was nearly run over, Fledermaus was set free. We are very happy !

There’s a report about it on this blog: Security guard strikes activists with his jeep
As well as a YouTube Film about it.

By the way, Fledermaus means Bat. Only since the research of BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), the importance of the Hambach Forest is known as a habitat of the Bechstein’s bat (Myotis bechsteinii), which is strictly protected under Annex II and IV-FFH-RL. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the species is considered “seriously threatened....


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 20, 2016 Geoengineering Watch

plModern industrialized society has been incredibly well trained to revere certain circles in our society. Trained to follow their dictates without question. The science and mainstream medical communities have enjoyed this blind societal obedience that the population has given it to its own detriment. We live in a paradigm of injustice and lies which is


Magnitude 5.1 – 32km NW of Fairview, Oklahoma – February 13, 2016 BC-ESP Seismograms


“Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma Residents (CNN)”

Seismograms are plotted on the same scale, so that you can see the wave energy decay as it moves across the US: Texas vs. New England.

Oklahomaupload 5.1Feb2016
USGS Tectonic Summary

2016-02-13 17:07:06 (UTC)
Magnitude 5.1
32km (20mi) NW of Fairview, Oklahoma
Location:  36.485°N   -98.726°W
Depth:  8.3 km





10 Mesmerizing Photos of Earth Taken From Space EcoWatch


Astronauts at the International Space Station have snapped some stunning photos from...


3 Ways Climate Change Impacts Our Pets EcoWatch


Have you noticed that the flea situation in the past few years has...


This City Just Banned Single Use Coffee Pods: Will Others Follow? EcoWatch


Amid growing concern over the environmental impact of these single use ...


6 Foods That Cause Inflammation EcoWatch


The foods you eat can have a major effect on inflammation in your...


Court Support for Tyler Lang’s AETA Sentencing Hearing in Chicago Earth First! Newswire

Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff are animal liberation activists from Los Angeles who have pleaded guilty to violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act by releasing thousands of mink from a fur farm in rural Illinois.



Tyler likes to ride bikes.

On March 23, Tyler Lang has his sentencing hearing for his charges under the AETA for releasing thousands of animals from a fur farm. If you can be in Chicago, please attend the hearing to show support for Tyler. It is important that on this difficult day for Tyler that he feel surrounded by love and solidarity, and that the judge see that Tyler is part of a community that is there for him....


Maple Syrup Farmers vs. the Constitution Pipeline EcoWatch


We attended the court hearing where Judge Malachy Mannion of the U.S. District Court in Scranton was ruling on...


France: Arson and Sabotage to Over 20 Vehicles Earth First! Newswire

from attaque

fireAbout twenty new cars parked in a closed parking of a Renault dealer located in Thorez Boulevard in Avion were completely burnt out during the night, at around 2 am.

According to Dominique Ducarin, owner of the concessionary, it was a question of arson, “as footprints were found on the safety barriers.” “They went over 2.50 metre barbed wire fences. They weren’t able to take what they wanted so they started a fire so as not to leave any traces. They pushed one car”, notes Mr Ducarin, who visited the site at around 2.30, while fire fighters were working with three hoses to put out the flames.

As well as the 20 burnt out vehicles, others were partially affected by the flames or the heat. According to Dominique Ducarin, waiting to take stock with his insurer, the damage could amount to at least 500 000 euros.


from attaque

translated by...


Alison Canyon massive gas leak finally sealed, California The Watchers » Latest articles

The natural gas leak in Porter Ranch, California, was officially declared sealed on February 18, 2016. Four months passed since the pipeline rupture spewed massive amounts of methane and displaced thousands of Los Angeles residents from their homes. Tests performed...... Read more »

Fiji on high alert: Severe Tropical Cyclone "Winston" hits with violent force The Watchers » Latest articles

Severe Tropical Cyclone "Winston" is heading toward Fiji and is expected to slam into the island with violent winds, equivalent to Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale, within the next 24 hours. Expert meteorologists warn Fiji residents...... Read more »


Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably causes cancer’

Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably carcinogenic, said ABC News headlines on February 16th. It was great to see that long term public concerns regard the broad scale use of herbicides with Glyphosate as an active ingredient finally is reaching the general public.This pesticide is the main tool for weed control in use by Landcare, Dunecare, local Councils, National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW, Road Traffic Authority, farmers, etc On March last year the World Health Organization change the status of Glyphosate from 2B to 2A (probably carcinogenic). Please see the article below.

Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably causes cancer’

The post Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably causes cancer’ appeared first on Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare.

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Saturday, 20 February


Privately owned chemical free bush regeneration project

By Don Drinkwater

During 1977,  I  purchased the land after 70 years of human occupation leaving a very visible  mark on what was once red cedar tree country. Red gold it was called by the  coastal  brokers, men who paid the red cedar tree getters next to nothing to mill them. Then in 1977, 2 red cedar trees remained.

Don Drinkwater
 Don Drinkwater

Following the century of the removal of the trees, it attempted to run as a dairy farm, a futile quest when the rain fall averaged out at 2 and a half metres a year. Hooved animals and fragile soils do not mix. I bought into bare and severely eroded hillsides, stripped of all native grasses, with sad skinny cows roaming the scarred slopes. Then, with  half an hour of rain, the creeks would be red with the soil run off. The resident tenants at the time had harvested what remained of the elk and stag horns and tree ferns.
In 1996  I returned to this  73 hectares of steep end of valley country.  Lantana had completely established itself over the severely eroded hill sides, giving the remaining soil a chance to recover after years of being completely exposed to the elements, including the hooves of overstocked and starving cattle. Wallabies had returned. In flower, pink, orange and white, the lantana looked beautiful.
So I had a challenge and needed to create my own working environment.  The encouragement was almost nil as the herbicide called Round-up was starting to appear on the market.
MY method of regeneration is simple. Hard labour and the ability to never get discouraged at the immensity of the task. I soon learnt, my best teacher, over seer, guide was nature itself.
i grew up in a no pesticide/herbicide environment.  Naysayers jeered my non herbicide approach with words like, you could spray that patch and it would be done for...


Australia women strip to protest against Glyphosate

Australian women strip to protest against GlyphosateChemical Free Landcare volunteers and supporters strip naked to show their support for an end to the use of gylphosate. Photo ©Trevor Avedissian

A group of north coast women have put their bodies on the line, literally, in an effort to stop councils and government authorities spraying glyphosate in their weed reduction activities.

Glyphosate, which was invented and is widely marketed by multinational chemical company Monsanto under the name Roundup, was named a ‘probable carcinogen’ by the World Health Organisation in March this year.

This action, together with the forthcoming trial of Monsanto at the International Court of Justice next year has prompted the women to take a stand.

With ‘I am water’ written on their bodies, the women are bringing attention to the protection of the essential resource from ongoing pollution with herbicides in the region.

‘Our bodies are made of water and we are one and the same as the environment. If we pollute the water with pesticides, we pollute ourselves,’ said Pietramale, local bush regenerator and co-ordinator of Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare Nadia de Sousa Pietramale.

‘While Monsanto will go on trial for crimes against humanity and nature, in Byron shire, glyphosate, a product developed by the company and an active ingredient of many herbicides, is still being poured into the environment where it ends up in our local rivers and catchments’ she added.

‘In Byron shire we see evidence of the latest herbicide use as the death of grasses along roadsides and drains. But the use of glyphosate doesn’t stop there. It’s the main tool used by Council staff and contractors in nearly all bush regeneration sites from the top of the catchment along creeks to the lowlands. It’s also used by other governmen...


M4.3 Quake Strikes ENE of Lucerne Valley, California Fire Earth

Earthquake strikes Camp Rock-Emerson-Copper Mountain fault zone The quake struck Camp Rock-Emerson-Copper Mountain fault zone at Emerson section, NE of Red Hill, reported SGS/EHP. Magnitude: 4.3Mw Time: 2016-02-20 06:13:20 (UTC) Location: 34.610 °N 116.629 °W depth=7.6 km (4.7 mi) Nearby Cities: 36km (22mi) ENE of Lucerne Valley, California 44km (27mi) NNE of Big Bear City […]


Cat. 5 Cyclone WINSTON Buffeting Fiji Islands Fire Earth

Powerful Cyclone packing destructive winds moves towards Fiji capital, Suva WINSTON, a category five storm packing destructive winds, is impacting Fiji’s biggest islands as it moves towards the capital, Suva. Fijian authorities have issued a curfew for the entire Fiji, effective 6:00pm local time, said a report. “This latest measure is designed to restrict movement […]


Biological Hazard – Parechovirus (HPeV): Queensland, Australia Head Space

Biological Health Hazard  – Human Parechovirus (HPeV) PARECHOVIRUS INFECTION – AUSTRALIA: (QUEENSLAND) CHILDREN ********************************************************* Published Date: 2016-02-19 19:18:40 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Parechovirus infection – Australia: (QL) children Archive Number: 20160219.4035899 Date: Wed 17 Feb 2016 Source: Northern Star [edited] Parents of babies on alert for contagious parechovirus —————————————————— Parents of newborn babies in Queensland are being […]


No bliss in this ignorance: the great Fukushima nuclear cover-up The Ecologist

The Japanese were kept in the dark from the start of the Fukushima disaster about high radiation levels and their dangers to health, writes Linda Pentz Gunter. In order to proclaim the Fukushima area 'safe', the Government increased exposure limits to twenty times the international norm. Soon, many Fukushima refugees will be forced to return home to endure damaging levels of radiation.

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Friday, 19 February


Joining the Team to Fight for Maryland We All Live Downstream

By Jennifer Kunze, Maryland Program Organizer

I’d like to introduce myself as Clean Water Action’s new Maryland Program Organizer! I started just two weeks ago, and I could not be more excited to work with you to protect clean water and healthy environments in our state.

I have lived in Maryland my whole life – I spent my childhood hiking in the Catoctin Mountains near my hometown of Frederick, swam in the St. Mary’s River while attending St. Mary’s College in southern Maryland, and now love exploring the shores of the Patapsco and its streams near my home in Baltimore City. I know how beautiful, vital, and threatened our communities are, and I am thrilled to be joining an organization with such a long history of protecting both the environment and people’s health.

I’ve spent the past three years working as the Environmental Programs Organizer at the Center for Grace-Full Living in East Baltimore, a small but vibrant community center that focuses on meeting people’s immediate needs, finding ways to heal as individuals and communities, and pursuing restorative justice across our society. There, I coordinated community gardens, taught environmental education classes, created courses on healthy cooking and nutrition, and organized watershed restoration programs from rain barrels to rain gardens. There are so many ways that we can come together in our own neighborhoods to contribute to a healthier environment in ways that make our communities healthier, too.

But I also saw the ways that invisible influences on our environment have enormous impacts on our health. When particulate pollution from coal plants throughout the state is giving kids asthma, when aging sewer infrastructure dumps fecal bacteria into streams running through our neighborhoods, when trash incineration threatens already overburdened communities with mercury and lead pollution for decades to come – we have no choice but to join hands across the state to protect o...

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Thursday, 18 February


Review finds EU plan to curb illegal logging has had little success Illegal Logging Portal

In 2013, the European Union enacted the EU Timber Regulation law (EUTR) to help stem the tide of illegally sourced timber into EU states. But a recently released report by the European Commission (EC) finds relatively little progress has been made on that front in the last few years.

Illegal logging is a big problem in forests around the world, particularly in tropical forests where valuable tropical hardwoods are often targeted. The impacts of illegal logging aren’t just felt in the forests themselves the timber comes from; between 7 percent and 14 percent of the global load of human-caused CO2 emissions are estimated to come from illicit timber harvesting, according to EC estimates.

Much of this illegally sourced timber is marketed to European countries due to a favorable exchange rate and a big appetite for flooring, furniture, and other wood products. Indeed, the EU is one of the largest consumers of wood products in the world.

Because of its big-buyer status, the EU holds significant sway when it comes to the timber market. Unlike many producer countries that have little capacity to affect change in their forestry sectors – often due to corruption – the EU has the potential to stem the tide of illegally sourced timber through its borders. To this end, the EU defined a policy in 2003 called the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Action Plan (FLEGT AP). A subset of the FLEGT AP focused on curtailing the demand side of illegal logging materialized in 2010 as the EUTR, which was put into action in March, 2013.

In short, the EUTR lays out traceability requirements across member states when it comes to both timber providers and customers. Failure to comply with these requirements is supposed to re...

Wednesday, 17 February


BREAKING: Climate activists launch daring occupation of the California PUC, calling for agency to shut down all gas storage facilities Rising Tide North America

SAN FRANCISCO – Two Bay Area residents have occupied the ledge above the entrance to the headquarters of the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) today to protest the PUC’s failure to protect the Golden State from the climate and health impacts of methane from underground natural gas storage facilities.
A well blew out at SoCalGas’ Aliso Canyon facility near Porter Ranch on October 23, 2015. Since then, 96,000 metric tons of methane have escaped into the atmosphere, the equivalent of an additional 505,000 cars on the road for a year. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 86 times more climate-intensive than carbon dioxide. While SoCalGas reported last week that the leak had been plugged, the Aliso Canyon leak has been responsible for 25% of the state’s daily greenhouse gas emissions.
Aliso Canyon is one of 12 underground natural gas storage facilities in California, and one of 326 nationwide that use depleted oil and gas wells for storage for urban customers.
“While plugging the leak at Aliso Canyon has been a good step, today we are demanding that the PUC shut down all gas storage facilities; until they do, we are occupying the PUC,” said Christy Tennery-Spalding from Diablo Rising Tide, the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Rising Tide North America.
The PUC is one of two agencies responsible for oversight of underground natural gas storage facilities. The leaking well had not been inspected since 1976. The CEO of SoCalGas reported to the LA Weekly that a safety valve on the well had been removed in 1979.
“It is unconscionable that these regulators are putting people at risk while giving companies a pass. The last time Aliso Canyon was inspected by the PUC was the last time Jerry Brown was governor,” said Kelsey Baker, from Occupy San Francisco Environmental Justice, currently occupying the ledge over the PUC’s headquarters entrance.
SoCalGas is a division of Sempra Energy and uses the Aliso Canyon facility to store nat...


In search of the unseen: an investigation into plastics in our oceans The Ecologist

One of the biggest threats facing marine life is the 'microplastic' particles found in ocean ecosystems from bottom to top of food chains. Just back from a voyage of environmental exploration in the tropical Atlantic sampling the waters to build up a global picture of this ubiquitous pollutant, Ana Stanič writes of the joys and trials of life on the waves, and the need to keep our oceans clean.

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