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Sunday, 21 February


Echonetdaily: Black hole or money pit? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Interesting to read the article on the Clunes mobile reception black hole (February 18). Great to see black holes fixed but I am astounded at the level of corporate welfare handed out to the mobile phone companies.

Telstra is massive company raking nearly $4 billion profit per year out of Australia; Optus earns nearly $1 billion profit and is owned by a Singapore corporation; and Vodaphone is a large transnational corporation.

The government does not have the backbone to tell these companies that if they wish to operate in Australia they must build the coverage across Australia at their own cost.

Instead the government proudly announces that they have decided to spend $100 million of our money supporting these huge companies. They certainly look like they are having a hard time and really need the help, those poor homeless corporate giants!

I wonder if the government has even bothered to take some ownership rights over the new towers it is helping fund – or did they just hand the money over as a grant?

And we are constantly told that there is not enough money for essential services.

Just more govcorp corruption at high levels.

Love to see the justification for such high level corporate welfare.

Maybe MP George or regional development minister John Barilaro ‘who worked closely with the Commonwealth and the mobile phone carriers to maximise the funding’ could give us a short reply on why the three large telcos need such a level of corporate welfare.

Great to see the black spots being fixed but why the corporate welfare?

Richard Hughes, Upper Main Arm


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20:10 Australian Jewish billionaire Frank Lowy conceals $US68 million from tax office "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Letters to Editor

The Zionist Jews for years are rumoured to have their own very well equipped Jew army in Sydney and Melbourne. They have got millions of dollars worth of the best weaponry. They hold their clandestine meetings in a Frank Lowy complex ( Westfield Centres ). Successive Australian Federal Governments have allowed them ( the Lowys ) to control the substantial Temora Air force facility. The Temora locals think it’s great – it brings jobs and tourism. They are ready to move and takeover. They’re ready to pounce, like they did when they took over and massacred 100s of thousands of simple living Palestinians in their own country, like they did when the New York Jew funded Jews took over Russia in THEIR ” revolution” and then proceeded to massacre 66 million Christians over the next 38 years. They have their plants at the top in every government department ( ASIO, ASIS, Signals, Police forces, Australian defence forces, every conceiveable government funded body and major company ). They control government policy through bodies such as the Lowy Institute and ALL the other Jew funded institutes and all their politician bribes. Bob Hawke Jew funded Rhodes ” scholar “, Tony Abbott Jew funded Rhodes ” scholar “, Malcom Turnbull – Jew, Josh Frudenstien – Jew and you wonder why Australia has been sold out. For the whole of my 72 years of life Australia has been sold out by these traitor arseh—s. Most of them lawyers and do they know how to rob Australians blind.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission’s head office in Sydney has been run by the Jewish faction for three decades: Editor

When a US Senate committee alleged Frank Lowy, 84, concealed $US68 million from the Australian Tax Office in Liechtenstein, Lowy said he had given the money to Israeli charities and insisted he had met all his tax obligations. As an Australia...


Echonetdaily: Man critical after car rolls at Chinderah "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police are investigating a serious crash on the Pacific Highway, Chinderah, on Saturday (February 20).

At about 5.25pm, a Holden Jackaroo was travelling south when it left the road and rolled multiple times.

The 18-year-old female driver and a 21-year-old male passenger were trapped in the car, while an 18-year-old female front seat passenger was able to extricate herself.

The two trapped passengers were subsequently freed and all three were taken to Gold Coast University Hospital.

The 21-year-old man, a German national, is in a critical condition with head and chest injuries.

The 18-year-old driver has spinal and internal injuries, while the other 18-year-old woman has a fractured ankle.

Police from Ballina Crash Investigation Unit are conducting inquiries into the incident. Any witnesses are urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page:


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Echonetdaily: Man seriously injured in Brunswick Heads hit and run "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Police are appealing for public assistance after a hit and run crash accident on the Old Pacific Highway at Brunswick Heads on Friday night, which left a man with serious injuries.

At about 11.40pm  (February 19), a 23-year-old man was walking west along the northern shoulder of the road with two other men.

Near the intersection with Newberry Parade, the man suddenly walked into the middle of the road where he was struck by an eastbound utility.

The ute did not stop after the accident but drove off at high speed towards Brunswick Heads.

The injured man was taken by ambulance to Gold Coast University Hospital where he was treated for serious head injuries. He remains in hospital where he is understood to be a serious condition.

Police from the Far North Coast Crash Investigation Unit are making inquiries into the collision.

The vehicle police are looking for has been described as a single cab utility, white in colour, possibly an early ’90s model, which has lowered suspension, a ladder rack at the rear of the tray, and is likely to have damage to the driver’s side front lights and grill.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page:


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jacksjottings: Be Yourself. "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

They look pretty but not Chinese.

They look pretty but not Chinese.

It is a shame if you are a sham.

Something looks strange.

Something looks strange.

For true recognition drop the act, be your self. Pretending to be something you are not is not a good idea. Because we can not take the credit, the applause go to the actor. We know we are pretending and we can not deceive our self. We can not accept a complement when we know we do not deserve it. We have to earn it to enjoy it.

Pick the poser.

Pick the poser.

 To be trusted we have to be trustworthy and honest. To be respected we must be respectable. To be loved we must give love. Our lives are a reflexion of ourself.



Friends of the Earth Kuranda: Mareeba Shire Council Election March 2016: Candidates views "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Friends of the Earth sent a brief questionnaire to all candidates for the forthcoming Mareeba Shire Council elections to find out what the candidates think about local environmental issues. Answers were requested before the Kuranda paper deadline, necessitated a fast response. Their replies to our questions have been summarised in tabular form on a PDF document […]

12:05 Budapest Train Station after Syrian refugees had departed "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Sarah Hanson Young (centre) of the Greens billed the Australian Parliament $2700 to attend last years gay mardigras in Sydney

Sarah Hanson Young wants unlimited Islamic Syrians to move into Australia. Will you give them a room in your house Sarah, now that you are pregnant? Could be cheap home helpers!

This is what Budapest Train Station looked like after the migrants from Syria left for Germany



Can hardly wait to welcome those people to live here in Australia





North Coast Voices: Come down from your citadel Cardinal Pell and tell us what you knew "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Vatican Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy Cardinal George Pell has always enjoyed due process in any Australian court case, state inquiry or royal commission concerning child sexual abuse at which he was a witness and, observation over time would lead an ordinary person to conclude that his various religious titles have afforded him what amounts to favoured treatment by both the police and legal profession.

Fair treatment was also afforded Pell in the 2002 internal Catholic Church inquiry into his past conduct as a seminarian in the early 1960s.


: Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably causes cancer’ "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably carcinogenic, said ABC News headlines on February 16th. It was great to see that long term public concerns regard the broad scale use of herbicides with Glyphosate as an active ingredient finally is reaching the general public.This pesticide is the main tool for weed control in use by Landcare, Dunecare, local Councils, National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW, Road Traffic Authority, farmers, etc On March last year the World Health Organization change the status of Glyphosate from 2B to 2A (probably carcinogenic). Please see the article below.

Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably causes cancer’

The post Local councils still using weed killer glyphosate despite WHO warning it ‘probably causes cancer’ appeared first on Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare.

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Saturday, 20 February


Gouldiae's Blog: Nangara Notes Feb 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

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: Privately owned chemical free bush regeneration project "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

By Don Drinkwater

During 1977,  I  purchased the land after 70 years of human occupation leaving a very visible  mark on what was once red cedar tree country. Red gold it was called by the  coastal  brokers, men who paid the red cedar tree getters next to nothing to mill them. Then in 1977, 2 red cedar trees remained.

Don Drinkwater
 Don Drinkwater

Following the century of the removal of the trees, it attempted to run as a dairy farm, a futile quest when the rain fall averaged out at 2 and a half metres a year. Hooved animals and fragile soils do not mix. I bought into bare and severely eroded hillsides, stripped of all native grasses, with sad skinny cows roaming the scarred slopes. Then, with  half an hour of rain, the creeks would be red with the soil run off. The resident tenants at the time had harvested what remained of the elk and stag horns and tree ferns.
In 1996  I returned to this  73 hectares of steep end of valley country.  Lantana had completely established itself over the severely eroded hill sides, giving the remaining soil a chance to recover after years of being completely exposed to the elements, including the hooves of overstocked and starving cattle. Wallabies had returned. In flower, pink, orange and white, the lantana looked beautiful.
So I had a challenge and needed to create my own working environment.  The encouragement was almost nil as the herbicide called Round-up was starting to appear on the market.
MY method of regeneration is simple. Hard labour and the ability to never get discouraged at the immensity of the task. I soon learnt, my best teacher, over seer, guide was nature itself.
i grew up in a no pesticide/herbicide environment.  Naysayers jeered my non herbicide approach with words like, you could spray that patch and it would be done for...


matthew schiavello: photos and words: Fitzroy Abstract #abstract #fitzroy #street #streetart... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Fitzroy Abstract

#abstract #fitzroy #street #streetart #instaphotography #instaart #photography #urban #urbanart #melbourne #modernart #matthewschiavello



: Australia women strip to protest against Glyphosate "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Australian women strip to protest against GlyphosateChemical Free Landcare volunteers and supporters strip naked to show their support for an end to the use of gylphosate. Photo ©Trevor Avedissian

A group of north coast women have put their bodies on the line, literally, in an effort to stop councils and government authorities spraying glyphosate in their weed reduction activities.

Glyphosate, which was invented and is widely marketed by multinational chemical company Monsanto under the name Roundup, was named a ‘probable carcinogen’ by the World Health Organisation in March this year.

This action, together with the forthcoming trial of Monsanto at the International Court of Justice next year has prompted the women to take a stand.

With ‘I am water’ written on their bodies, the women are bringing attention to the protection of the essential resource from ongoing pollution with herbicides in the region.

‘Our bodies are made of water and we are one and the same as the environment. If we pollute the water with pesticides, we pollute ourselves,’ said Pietramale, local bush regenerator and co-ordinator of Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare Nadia de Sousa Pietramale.

‘While Monsanto will go on trial for crimes against humanity and nature, in Byron shire, glyphosate, a product developed by the company and an active ingredient of many herbicides, is still being poured into the environment where it ends up in our local rivers and catchments’ she added.

‘In Byron shire we see evidence of the latest herbicide use as the death of grasses along roadsides and drains. But the use of glyphosate doesn’t stop there. It’s the main tool used by Council staff and contractors in nearly all bush regeneration sites from the top of the catchment along creeks to the lowlands. It’s also used by other governmen.....


89.3 FM 2GLF: Programming Update "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Programming Committee has completed the first round of program allocations for the 2016/2017 Programming Grid. There are still a number of timeslots available for interested program makers.


The Witches Kitchen: Fending Off the Zucchini Glut "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

zucchini glut

There is a Marge Piercy poem that I think perfectly sums up zucchini called Attack of the Squash People.  I think of it every year around this time.  I learned some time ago to plant just a couple of zucchini seeds at a time, but then I discovered tromboncino.

Tromboncino substitutes for zucchini in pretty well any recipe. I like it a bit better – the texture is a bit firmer and it doesn’t have that edge of bitterness that larger zucchinis get.  But then, I like that bit of bitterness too, and bitterness in vegetables is often a sign of antioxidant phytochemicals that are very good for you.  Not always, alkaloids that do nasty things to your liver also taste bitter, which is probably why we omnivore humans have evolved to enjoy a bit of bitterness as adults, with full grown livers and a bit of education about what is safe to eat, but reject it as children.

Tromboncino fits better into my late summer garden. It is a rampant climber, like a very vigorous climbing cucumber in growth habits – a nifty trick that keeps it up off the ground conserving ground space and protecting it from mildew diseases.  It lasts a long time – I’ve had tromboncinos overwinter and bear right through into the next spring.  And if you think zucchini are prolific…

So this is my dilemma. A nice sequence of zucchini plants, so there is zucchini if I want it.  For rattatouille for instance, that I think needs that bitterness.  A nice range of tromboncino plants, so I can save seed without it being inbred.  A...


AWPA Sydney News: 1) National scene: Luhut tells ULMWP to leave the country - "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) NZ film hopes to start West Papua conversation
3) PLN to Provide Electricity to Island’s Rural Residents
4) PT. Miyeda Papua Voew to Create 1000 Entrepreneurs by 2020



Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group: Vale Tony Sharpe "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Tony Sharpe has died. Tony was an exceptional man, full of life, warmth and energy. It was impossible not to like him. He gave generously of his time, money, energy to those in need; used his intelligence and ingenuity to achieve positive results for others. Had a huge capacity for work and was a brilliant


Natural Newstead: Rotunda Park #5 "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

To round off my series on Newstead’s Rotunda Park I thought I’d feature one of its signature species, the White-browed Babbler. At present there is a group of ~ ten birds resident in the Park – the shrubs near the memorial cairn providing ideal shelter and foraging habitat.


White-browed Babbler, Rotunda Park Newstead, 17th February 2016

Ten years ago I was worried about the future for this species in the local area – numbers were dropping and I wasn’t seeing family groups in the same places as I’d grown used to finding them back in the mid-1980s. Their comical cousins, Grey-crowned Babblers, plunged to local extinction around this time and it seemed the ‘White-brows’ might go the same way. Happily their future seems more secure now. The key to their survival is good habitat – deep leaf litter for foraging and shrubs in which to make their roosting and breeding nests, is the key.




Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: World Day of Social Justice: The tide of kindness "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Social Justice

Something is happening. Great minds are coming together in ever-increasing numbers and a groundswell is slowly but surely edging further into the social conscious. Never before has such mainstream narrative discussed and tussled with the rights and wrongs of our treatment of farmed animals. Never before have so many so loudly spoken out to stand with animals, and never before has the eye of scrutiny peered so severely at those who seek to push back against the wave compassion. But the battle is far from over.

Ghandi once said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Yes, caring for the most vulnerable and showing kindness where once there was harm and ambivalence is selfless and just. But when thinking about Australia, we have to ask which animals? And with so much secrecy around the precise form and extent of animal cruelty, how can it be a true marker of society’s progress?

In the United States, animal cruelty laws are beginning to be taken seriously and ground-breaking sentences handed out. Back in Australia, our animal cruelty legislation is forcing perpetrators to explain their actions in court rooms, but unfortunately conviction is only leading to light punishments, if at all. Although the hardest pill to swallow isn’t the weak precedent for animal cruelty offenders, it’s the legal loopholes in Australia’s animal protection laws that, rather than protect animals from cruelty, protect individuals from persecution.

How could this be – that the very laws designed to protect animals actually work to sanction the cruelty they suffer? In a very simplistic sense, it can happen because we’re not doing enough to fight it.



OCCUPYMELBOURNE.NET: How do you say “Howdy Partner” in Arabic? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Haha, my life is complete : X- files producer and writer Chris Carter has – predictably- been  accused of Islamophobia, because, shock, horror, Muslim terrorists in episode 5 of the new X -files (Babylon) blow stuff up and  speak Arabic,omg, Who would have thunk ?. But it gets worse…ah…better, because “red neck music” is celebrated in this episode, along with Stetson hats. And then Mulder utters “we need something to trump all hate. “Trump” all hate. Let that sink in for a moment.

The X-files reboot  currently enjoys huge ratings success. With his episode Carter has done the unthinkable : far from turning the X-files into a space alien chasing nostalgia show , he has decided to do what the X-files did  at the height of it’s popularity : examine our worst fears (and then make fun of them). And currently human terrorism trumps that of monsters and aliens. Carter still has his finger on the pulse of society and doesn’t shy away from controversy either.

In this (badly written) article the writer accuses Chris Carter of doing  the very thing he wants to critique :inciting hatred.

The usual chestnuts :”killing infidels is not prescribed in the Koran (It is). Most Muslims don’t speak Arabic (a lot of the terrorists sure do). But it appears that the writer has completely misunderstood Carter’s intentions :Carter was not out to criticize Islamophobia, he came to criticize Islamic terrorism. On the Fox network of all places (which is why it was allowed to happen.)

Needless to say, the episode has garnered mostly bad reviews from the politically correct mainstream press.

But who car...


AWPA Sydney News: 1) Papuan protesters want local control of Freeport mine "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Government Urged to Send Teachers to Wamena, not Build Brimob Headquarters
3) Blog to Build Warehouse for 3,500 Tons of Rice in Merauke
4) Island in focus: Tolikara  defendants get two months  in jail 
5) Indonesia environment ministry detects 370-500 hotspots in Papua
6) Nabire: Akudiomi village government forbids forest and marine resource exploitation.
1) Papuan protesters want local control of Freeport mine...


ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Jeanne Lanvin - who was France's star couturier in the Inter War era? "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Jeanne Lanvin (1867-1946) was born in Brittany. Her career began after her training as a very young apprentice at the House of Talbot, dressmaker and milliner. By 1890, this young woman had moved to Rue de Faubourge St Honore in Paris and opened her own millinery shop.

In 1895, Lanvin married Count Emilio di Pietro, an Italian nobleman, and two years later they had a daughter, Marguerite. The marriage didn’t last.. but the daughter’s influence did. Lanvin's second husband, whom she married in 1907, was Xavier Melet, a journalist at the newspaper Les Temps and later the French consul in Manchester.

Lanvin career was progressing nicely. She joined the Syndicat de la Couture in 1909, indicating her arrival as a fashion designer. While making her hats, she started to make dresses for a younger sister and daughter – clearly she believed there was basically no distinct­ion between dress designs for young girls and those for their mothers. The mother and daughter theme was an enduring one; even today the original 1923 Paul Iribe design of a mother and her daughter is the logo for the House of Lanvin.

Lee Miller in a Lanvin broad-rimmed hat.
Photo credit: Edward Steichen, Vogue, June 1928 

If her dresses were not cheap, it was not necessarily because her designs were complex. The materia...

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Friday, 19 February

20:25 PERTH SWAT team snipers and 10 police with pistols drawn evict farmer at request of ANZ Bank "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Evidence given at NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Into Banking

ANZ Bank features prominently in unlawful foreclosures. The largest non-institutional shareholder in ANZ is Queen Elizabeth of England!

Biggest bank heist by the banks in the history of rural Australia

ABC Rural  Feb 17, 2016

Photo: Brett Fallon shows his maimed and burnt hands, from self-immolation. He claimed in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry to being traumatised after ANZ claimed he defaulted on a bank loan.

Farmers whose properties were foreclosed on by the ANZ bank since 2010 have made explosive claims about the devastation suffered by those who were accused of defaulting.

Two have given evidence at a parliamentary inquiry hearing, in Sydney, into the banking industry’s practice involving loans.

Rod Culleton, of Williams in Western Australia, and Margaret Menzel, Townsville, representing sugar cane farmers, gave evidence.

Mr Culleton was a cereal and sheep farmer until he lost the farm in 2013 and has been fighting the ANZ in the courts and in the media ever since.

He said ANZ had admitted to overcharging in fees incurred during the transition [from Landmark to ANZ] and “is giving a lot of that back”.

In answers to the committee, Mr Culleton said he, and others in positions of default to ANZ, were “held at gunpoint” after receivers were sent in.

“That’s reality,” Mr Culleton said.


14:32 Lock out laws rile some Cairns night clubs, but majority agrees says Knuth "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Changes to State Government liquor ‘lock out’ laws have divided the community in Far North Queensland, with letters to newspapers and radio talk back callers equally opposed and agreeing to the changes.

Taxi operators, nightclub owners and young patrons have criticised the Labor Party’s legislation that will see a reduction in drinking time, with last drinks at 1am instead of 3am.

Some venues can apply for last drinks at 2am with an additional 30 minutes grace before lock out.

Shane Kunuth KAP (google pics)

Shane Knuth KAP (google pics)

The new regulations come into force on February 1, 2017, allowing a 12 month phase-in provision insisted on by Katters Australian Party MP’s Shane Knuth and Robbie Katter.

Those with a criminal history of violence or drug dealers will not be allowed entry to venues.

The regulations are to be reviewed in July 2018.

Emergency services personnel have shown total support for the new laws, praising the KAP for its insight into the burgeoning alcohol culture of young people.

The Australian Medical Association welcomed the changes, believing the shorter hours will go a long way towards halting ‘coward punches’ and drug-fuelled violence.

“The police asked us to include the banning of known drug dealers and users within night club precincts and the management of this is up to the night clubs,” Mr Knuth said.

“We indicated from the beginning we would not support the regulations in their original form.

“In Sydney, with its similar laws, clubs introduced food towards closing time, helping patrons to sober up before leaving.”

Our Nightlife Queensland Secreta...


Echonetdaily: Kids fighting back against bullying "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Anti-bullying poster competition entry from Alstonville Public School. Image Interrelate

Anti-bullying poster competition entry from Tia Dawes, who is in year six at Alstonville Public School. Image courtesy Interrelate

When you drop your kids off at school, on their way to what you hope is going to be a world-class education, it is awful to think that they might return bruised and battered as a result of schoolyard bullying.

Research has found that one in four Australians in years 4-9 report being bullied every few weeks or more.

Just as scarily, Australia has the unenviable reputation of being the top of the list worldwide when it comes to instances of bullying on social media.

Luckily one group is fighting back.

Since 2000, some 26,000 students across NSW have benefited from Interrelate’s Bullying Awareness program, which now includes a stronger focus on cyber safety and cyberbullying, recognising the growing trends in this area.

Now the group has also organised a state-wide anti-bullying poster competition, with some notable local entries.

The competition theme is Differences Make Us Special. Don’t Bully and invites p...

Thursday, 18 February


Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: How you doing Charlie Brown? "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Charlie Brown

It’s a question we are asking our little buddy at each and every opportunity these days. You see, Charlie Brown’s surgery, which was scheduled for Monday, has been postponed until early next month due to his surgeon having to head overseas. In the meantime, your good wishes, our tender loving care and the company of Posy and Primrose are helping him bide his time.

For those unfamiliar with little Charlie Brown’s plight, the plucky male Dorper lamb was attacked by a large dog some time before being surrendered into our care. Seizing the tiny lamb with his teeth, the dog bore down violently and shook the terrified creature, not only puncturing holes in Charlie Brown’s delicate face and neck but crushing and damaging several of his vertebrae—a most awkward twist in the wee lamb’s neck the legacy. Ironically, this crushing blow to Charlie Brown has actually spared him his life because all his flock mates have since been killed, although not by the dog but by humans…

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