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Saturday, 20 February


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": James O'Brien: Barney Frank "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

“I was once described to have a very radical gay agenda. I’m in favour of getting married and allowing people to join and stay in the military. I don’t think that’s such a radical agenda. In fact, I think that’s a rather bourgeois agenda”, said US Congressman, Barney Frank as he spoke tonight at Sydney’s Masonic Centre in a talk organised by the McKell Institute.

Why is he here? Well, he was invited by the McKell Institute, a left-leaning think tank,  but the “clincher” was the fact his partner, Jim Ready loves to surf. “I’ll come so long as you can organise for Jim to go surfing”, he told us, adding that Jim had been surfing “four days in a row”. Though I’m sure there are many other reasons, there’s also possibly the fact we’re in the midst of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Though Congressman Frank is known worldwide for his support of gay and lesbian issues, he remembers a time when things weren’t as positive. “I spoke to someone who told me he remembered when LGBTQ was ‘just G’, and I told him I remember when it was just ‘F'”, he told us, as he spoke about how he attempted to join the US military as a young man, and was faced with the question of whether or not he was a homosexual.

Times have changed, and marriage equality has been achieved in the United States, in stark contrast to Australia. As he spoke, I reflected in my own mind, about how odd it was that the United States (traditionally, more recently more socially conservative on so many issues than Australia) was now leading on the issue of marriage equality. Thus, when he said, “Puritans moved to America because they didn’t want to be told how to live their lives, and ever since they’ve been telling other people how not to live their lives” (or words to that effect), I wondered more deeply about the issue.



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": North Coast Voices: Best Political Meme of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Journalist Lenore Taylor listening to incoming Federal Minister for Trade and Investment Steve Ciobo


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": North Coast Voices: Quote of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

“People say, ‘It’s OK, you can have another, you weren’t really attached, you didn’t know them’,” she said.
“There’s this feeling you shouldn’t grieve, and that’s wrong. From the moment you fall pregnant, these hopes, dreams and thoughts are in your head and heart. You love them from the moment they’re conceived.” [Grieving mother quoted in an article concerning neonatal death published online at, 30 January 2016]


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Friday, 19 February


"IndyWatch Feed Geelong": Great Ocean Road Coast Blog: Volunteer profile: Dennis Leavesley "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

GORCC works alongside and supports many volunteer groups who operate on coastal Crown land reserves from Torquay through to Lorne. These hard working groups spend thousands of hours each year undertaking vital conservation work and raising awareness in thecommunity. 

Dennis Leavesley is one of the hundreds of dedicated volunteers working towards creating an environmentally sustainable future.  


Friends of Aireys Inlet Coastal Reserve Convenor Dennis Leavesley stands at a lookout point at Aireys Inlet.

Friends of Aireys Inlet Coastal Reserve (FoAI) Convenor Dennis Leavesley has been an active volunteer along the Surf Coast since he moved to the area in 1998.

FoAI was established in 1991 as a sub group of ANGAIR (Anglesea, Aireys Inlet Society for the Protection of Flora and Fauna) to focus on removing woody weeds from the 3.7km of land along the cliff top between Boundary Road and the Inlet.

Mr Leavesley said he believes FoAI is winning the battle against the woody weeds and hopes it only takes few more working bees to remove all woody weeds from the area.

“It’s taken many years and a mountain of hard work from volunteers and GORCC to transform the clifftop area,” he said.


The Surf Coast Walk is now framed with native vegetation after FoAI spent more than two decades removing woody weeds from the area.

Originally from the Goulburn Vall...


New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine: Where Does Consciousness Reside? Eben Alexander & the Brain-Mind Problem "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Universal Mind


Why has Eben Alexander’s story caught the public imagination so intensely? Admittedly, not everyone has looked favourably upon his revelations. Much of the materialistic press has groped around to find holes in his arguments (usually by casting aspersions upon his good faith), but their attempts to rebut him have been someplace between weak and nonexistent. As we shall see.

To begin with, here is one of the most important challenges that Alexander makes to current scientific dogma: his experience strongly suggests that consciousness is not produced (or produced exclusively) by the brain.

In the simplest possible terms, his argument goes like this. The standard scientific view says that all higher cognition – conscious, human experience – is the result of brain states. Furthermore, different parts of the brain govern different states. Higher cognition is performed mostly by the front part of the brain: the cerebral cortex. If this part of the brain doesn’t function, there is no cognitive experience.

Alexander’s case shows something different. During his experience, his cortical areas showed no activity, according to the medical apparatus. The parts of the brain associated wi...


New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey to Worlds Beyond: An Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Dr. Eben Alexander (Photo Credit: Deborah Feingold Photography)

Dr. Eben Alexander (Photo Credit: Deborah Feingold Photography)


Today the intellectual world is facing an insurrection. It has nothing to do with politics or economics. It is about worldviews. Contemporary intellectual thought is hidebound by a materialistic view of the universe that automatically shuts out anything of the “spiritual,” or, God forbid, “mystical.” More and more evidence is coming to light that refutes this narrow view of reality. And more and more intellectuals are standing up against it.

Eben Alexander is one of the most famous examples. An American neurosurgeon, in 2008, he fell into a coma during a case of severe meningitis and – at a time when, from the conventional point of view, he should have had no consciousness whatsoever – he had a profound and inspiring vision of worlds beyond this one.

Alexander describes this journey in the best-selling Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. The book sent a shock through the United St...


New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine: Weapons of Mass Distraction: The Media, Advertising & Social Programming "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"



The mass media is the biggest remote control ever built, and we all exist within the four-walled idiot box it controls. Manipulation of thought and behaviour is a part of our accepted daily lives. Each time we lock eyes on a news story, whether on the tube, the screen, the tablet or the old fashioned way, via a newspaper, we are buying into a perspective that may or may not be our own. We read stuff, and readily accept it as reality, often without ever bothering to source the information or take the time to perform due diligence and research the subject more deeply. We then pass on some of that information to others, and the viral effect can now, with the Internet and cell phones, travel on a global scale in a matter of minutes.

If you wanted to truly control the minds of the masses, what better way than buying time on the media outlets the masses most visit? And the most effective types of media most able to manipulate our behaviour and change how we think… and even consume? News media, advertising… and now, social networking.

Get ready to have your channel changed, because with the sheer amount of social programming faced on a daily basis, you are no longer in control of your own remote.

Media Manipulation

It’s all bad news, all the time. The stories that bombard us on television, radio and even social networking often tend to be depressing, fearful and anxiety provoking… and they spread like wildfire. But we all know that good things happ...


New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine: Poisoned Mind: Social Media in the 21st Century "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"



According to an article on the website of ‘Radio Free Europe’, a nondescript modern 4-storey building on Savushkina Street, St. Petersburg, houses the innocuously titled ‘Internet Research Centre’.

Inside the building operate government controlled and tasked teams of professional ‘trolls’. Spread across approximately 40 rooms, the trolls prowl the Internet in 12 hour shifts, generating pro-Kremlin comments and ‘gaming’ Internet forums and online conversations.

St. Petersburg blogger Marat Burkhard recently came forward to describe the apparent covert activities in detail. Burkhard describes his co-workers as “politically illiterate young people” who must be briefed on current topics at the beginning of each shift and continually supervised.

At this point it would be pertinent to note the source of the article – Radio Free Europe – notoriously a CIA funded propaganda outlet for decades (now financed, more obtrusively, through the State Department and ‘private donors’). While only the congenitally naive would doubt the veracity of the article’s basic claims, what is (unsurprisingly) lacking is context. Whether financed and operated by Russia’s intelligence agency FSB, or some other shadowy enclave, it is estimated that the entire Russian security establishment currently operates with just one twentieth (1/20) of the US equivalent (not even including the UK and other close Western allies).

What that means, in a nutshell, is that for every Internet Research Centre in Russia, the CIA/NSA/GCHQ/private contractor nexus would be operating the equivalent of (at least) 20 such centres. Flooding t.....


New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine: The Mystery of Flight MH370: Looking for Clues in All the Wrong Places "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"



As we marked the first anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 on 8 March 2015, the mystery has demonstrably deepened over time. The lack of substantial news over the past year spawned much speculation – some of it over-imaginative, some of it plausible.

If we are willing to disengage from officialdom’s misinformation, we can follow some credible suggestions that lead us into that twilight zone where quantum physics has settled in as an uneasy neighbour alongside the paranormal.

Some observers, including former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad1 and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, have accused the Malaysian government of holding back “missing bits of information.”2 If we are to believe that an aircraft over 60 metres long, with an equally wide wingspan and weighing more than 250 tonnes, can vanish with no-one knowing where it is, then concerns about the alleged spying capabilities of the major powers may be overstated.

Of particular interest is the plane’s last known position (LKP). In all possible scenarios, from crashing into the sea to being shot down by military fire, from cyber-hijacking to paranormal interference, the real indications are that the incident took place between Malaysia and Vietnam, above where the Gulf of Thailand meets the South China Sea. Witnesses who say they observed an event in MH370’s last recorded neighbourhood have been discredited and testimonials ignored. Australia has taken on the role of sheriff, perhaps at the behest of the USA, in drawing the scent away from the actual geographical vanishing point to the Indian......


New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine: Vietnam: Encounters with the Spirit World "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


A medium is an individual who has a connection with the spiritual world, or the “other side” as some people call it. The spirits on the other side of the veil between life and death can communicate with them. In the West, there is a long tradition of mediums relaying messages from the deceased to family and friends left behind. This is known as “mental mediumship.” Another more intriguing form of mediumship known as “physical mediumship” prospered in the 19th century. In this form, mediums would sometimes go into a trance and spirit controls would subsequently speak through them. These controls would harness subtle forces as well as the medium’s own energies to levitate objects and produce materialisations. These displays stunned great men of science like Alfred Russell Wallace and William Crookes.

In Vietnam, mediumship has been turned into an art form. Far from the table tipping and communication with deceased loved ones in the West, Vietnamese mediumship more resembles divinely inspired performance art. These spirit possession rituals are known as Lên đồng. With an array of beautiful glittering costumes, heavenly music, and dancing, watching a mediumship ritual in Vietnam is akin to visiting Broadway. However, mediumship in Vietnam is not completely uniform.

There are two basic camps of mediums – those affiliated with St Tran Hung Dao and those associated with the goddesses, princesses, princes, and mandarins of the Four Palaces. The latter mediums are associated with elaborate performance rituals. The former don’t often give elaborate performances, but play a key role in protecting people via the power.....


New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine: The Mystique of the Manor: Australia’s Occult Centre Revealed "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Manor in Mosman, Sydney, stands as a living monument to the rise of the

The Manor in Mosman, Sydney, stands as a living monument to the rise of the “New Age” in Australia during the first half of the 20th century.


Pilgrims have been drawn to the other-worldly auras of hallowed sites, both natural and man-made, all around the globe since antiquity. One such sanctuary sits right in the heart of Sydney and, although it has slipped from prominence today, it played a significant role in Australia’s spiritual and esoteric history.

While its narrative has primarily been expressed through the descriptions of the characters who have occupied it, the magnetism of the building and the ground it stands on are worthy of examination in their own right. Today it has become less visibly conspicuous, surrounded as it is by so many other grand dwellings. However, a century ago the world was a different place and it was quite the topic of conversation in Sydney society.

The late nineteenth century saw a surge of spiritual and metaphysical pursuits in the Western world, springing from Europe and Britain and streaming into the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. While the British Victorian era is generally associated with industrial and scientific advances, not to mention Darwinism, many Victorians (including the Queen herself) embraced Spiritualism, séances and other forms of mysticism. At what is now considered the birth of the New Age movement, independe...


New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine: What Happened to the New Age? Sorting Truth from Nonsense "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Not long ago I was walking through the aisles of a New Age fair in the suburbs of Chicago. All the usual suspects were there: booths for Baha’i and Eckankar; ladies selling essences and fragrances; bodyworkers offering ten minutes of chair massage; psychics inspecting the etheric fields of their subjects. Like most New Age events I have gone to over the past decade, the fair had a tired quality to it.

I could simply be jaded. I’ve been going to such gatherings for over thirty years now, and at this point they hardly impress me with their novelty. But I may not be alone. One has the sense that for many, the energy that gave rise to the New Age has ebbed.

Even the term “New Age” has come to sound stale, harking back to the ’80s and the Harmonic Convergence, and, still further, to the spirituality of the 1960s counterculture. Commercial interests have backed away from the name, preferring the term “mind-body-spirit” or “MBS.” In January 2012, New Age Retailer, the primary trade magazine for this field in the US, changed its name to Retailing Insight.

Was the New Age a fad? Was it a noble but misguided hope that the world was ready for an enlightenment to which it now seems indifferent or hostile? Probably neither. More likely this is the case: much of what the New Age pioneered, including yoga, meditation, and organic foods, has become mainstream. Thus you could say the New Age won out in many ways – but at the cost of seeming fresh.

What about its ideas? Many of them too entered the mainstream and have even become clichés. At this point it may be useful to ste.....


New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine: The Nightmare World of Austin Osman Spare "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Austin Spare Death Posture Self-Portrait 1907


If you were an art student in Britain in the last decades of the 20th century, you would have been extremely fortunate to learn of the existence of Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956), “one of the greatest living draughtsmen” as he was described within his lifetime, and certainly “the greatest artist you’ve never heard of,” as the cliché goes.

In an item on the BBC’s ‘The Culture Show’ aired to coincide with a major retrospective of Spare’s work in 2010, no less a commentator than Andrew Graham Dixon introduced him as:

An intriguing Edwardian artist of the magical, the otherworldly and the grotesque, whose claims that mystical practices lay behind his disturbing imagery brought him admirers and detractors in equal measure.

As the subtitle of a recent highly acclaimed biography of Spare described him, he was truly “London’s Lost Artist” – or perhaps even England’s… But Austin Spare, the ‘lost’ artist, is apparently lost no more, judging by the fact that his popularity is on the increase, and his work fetches ever-higher prices these days.

If you had a talent for drawing and were deeply interested in representing the human figure – not just by itself, but also within a meaningful,...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": NSW SWAT team snipers and 10 police with pistols drawn evict farmer at request of ANZ Bank "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Evidence given at NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Into Banking

ANZ Bank features prominently in unlawful foreclosures. The largest non-institutional shareholder in ANZ is Queen Elizabeth of England!

Biggest bank heist by the banks in the history of rural Australia

ABC Rural

By Sarina Locke

Feb 17, 2016


Photo: Brett Fallon shows his maimed and burnt hands, from self-immolation. He claimed in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry to being traumatised after ANZ claimed he defaulted on a bank loan.

Farmers whose properties were foreclosed on by the ANZ bank since 2010 have made explosive claims about the devastation suffered by those who were accused of defaulting.

Two have given evidence at a parliamentary inquiry hearing, in Sydney, into the banking industry’s practice involving loans.

Rod Culleton, of Williams in Western Australia, and Margaret Menzel, Townsville, representing sugar cane farmers, gave evidence.

Mr Culleton was a cereal and sheep farmer until he lost the farm in 2013 and has been fighting the ANZ in the courts and in the media ever since.

He said ANZ had admitted to overcharging in fees incurred during the transition [from Landmark to ANZ] and “is giving a lot of that back”.

In answers to the committee, Mr Culleton said he, and others in positions of default to ANZ, were “held at gunpoint” after receivers were sent in.

“That’s r...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Bob Brown’s disastrous bushfire legacy destroys vast World Heritage areas and tourism in Tasmania "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

by Robert J Lee


The Greens should be proud of these burnt landscapes in Lake Mackenzie World Heritage areas that will never recover from January wildfires

Decades of detritus accumulated under the forest canopy forming two metre thick beds of tinder have caused utter devastation across large areas of once pristine forest in Tasmania.

Uncontrollable wildfires in January wiped out 38,000 acres of forest ecosystems in the Central Plateau that once attracted many thousands of bushwalkers and tourists every year.

The State Government has not yet revealed the magnitude of other devastated areas in World Heritage and forestry.


Much of Tasmania’s World Heritage forest has been destroyed


Unique alpine flora including pencil pines, king billy pines and cushion plants, some more than 1,000 years old have been lost forever.

Wilderness photographer and bushwalker Dan Broun has returned from the Central Plateau. He told the ABC he walked four hours into the bushfire affected areas just after the fires.

“The scene is complete and utter devastation. There is kilometres of burnt ground, everything is dead,” he said.

He said small pockets of areas protected by rock escaped the fire.

“I also witnes...


Damn the Matrix: Just goosing around…… "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Out of the blue, another acquaintance of mine in Geeveston who actually bought a block of land I had my eye on a few years ago offered me some geese. With twenty five of them, and having problems trying to stop them flying away to greener pastures, Dave decided he just had too many.  I on the other hand have always been a firm believer that mowers that don’t use fossil fuels are the best there are, and it was always my intention to keep geese and ducks (Muscovies in particular) to keep the grass down in the apple orchard.


Dave’s farm, one stunning morning…..

Not only do they eat lots of grass, they also produce enormous quantities of very wet poo, the ideal fertiliser for my apples.  Permaculture 101, really, and eventually they reproduce supplying either eggs or meat when their numbers grow.  In exchange for the free birds, I’ve spent all day having fun on Dave’s farm (which I can clearly see from our place) with Matt and his tractor, ploughing hundreds of metres of windrows in preparation for planting a windbreak of native trees.  I also showed Dave how to clip wings to stop the birds from flying, and how to kill one the quick and humane way I’ve used for years with my ducks back in Queensland.  All in all, a very productive day…….


wheel assembly



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: Punks for West Papua DVD is now available "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Hi All,

The Punks for West Papua DVD is now available at Jura books 440 Parramatta Road , Petersham. For  $20.

 Remember all proceeds go to the cause and its a simple way people can help West Papua.



Motorbike Writer: MV Agusta bikes in AMG car dealerships "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Mercedes-AMG solarbeam MV Agusta F3

Mercedes-AMG solarbeam MV Agusta F3

While MV Agusta will be sold through AMG/Mercedes dealerships in Europe and the USA, Australia will only display the bikes in the luxury car showrooms.

MV Agusta importers Urban Moto Imports (UMI) bosses Joseph and Alan Elasmar say MV dealers will supply the bikes and train some of the car sales staff, but interested buyers will be referred to the nearest MV dealer.

At the recent launch of the new MV Brutale 800, MV Agusta boss Giovanni Castiglioni said Mercedes will start selling MV Agusta bikes directly from its car dealerships.

This is unique and even BMW doesn’t sell bikes in BMW car showrooms.

The move comes after AMG/Mercedes bought a 25% minority stake in MV in 2014 and announced plans for a strategic marketing and research.


Birdline Central & Southern Queensland: Pacific Bazas at Kobble Creek, SEQ reported by Marie Tarrant on 19-02-2016 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Pacific Bazas appear to be dispersing at the moment. Today I've had 4 overhead of the property displaying while calling and yesterday another two were doing the same. Also noticed a small group over Lake Samsonval (Postman's Track) last Saturday (13th) when bird surveys were being conducted.


Tasmanian Times: Andrew Nikolic Chucks a Wobbly "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

In local journalism, Nikolic asserts the Power of One ... You have to admit when it comes to the politically outrageous Andrew Nikolic has few equals. On TASMANIAN TIMES, Mr NIKOLIC’s colourful history ...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": FBi Radio: DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith talks ‘Is the Is Are’ on Mornings "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


  • DIIV :: Interview with Greta Balog on Mornings


“I think all debut records should be a short statement of purpose; a kind of ‘in and out’ thing… But this record I wanted to have a real human quality. I wanted it to be vulnerable, kind of like I was, or I am. I wanted it to be something that on the surface might seem easily criticised, but hopefully, through the course of listening to it and immersing yourself in the world of the record, will win you over.”


In town for St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith spoke with Greta Balog on Mornings about their long-awaited new record, Is the Is Are. 

Named FBi’s album of the week shortly after the interview, this double album has been a vessel through which DIIV have poured the narrative of their last few years. Cole spoke about how the band has tried to move on from the negativity that has plagued them between their debut album Ocean and Is the Is Are:

“I definitely wanted to shift the conversation back to the music. But also, that whole story and everything that happened is an important part of the narrative of the record… It’s a part of my life no matter what. I hear everything that people say abou...


"IndyWatch Feed Geelong": HOME: Celebrating 25 Years of Broadcasting "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 years of community radio on OCR FM.

Click here for more information.

Click here to get in contact as a former member or presenter, or to send a birthday message to OCR FM.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Cinema Review: Spotlight "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

By John Campbell

As memorable as any film’s content may be, the emotional toll it takes on its audience can be equally so. The session of this that I attended was composed entirely of mature-age punters – the sort of people who go to the cinema in the middle of the day. At the end, we left in a hush of bleak resignation, deeply angered by what we had seen and frustrated in thinking that the power and influence of the Catholic Church remains undiminished. The story deals with the Boston Globe’s exposé of the wicked maltreatment of children by the city’s Catholic clergy through the eighties and nineties. Sadly, we are all familiar with the scenario. In my case, as a non-believer, Tom McCarthy’s movie added another layer to my understanding of the priests’ sickening activities. That their sexual abuse of helpless young victims was unpardonable is a given, but what I’d not appreciated before is that it was also an abuse of faith, enough to shatter lifelong convictions. A straightforward narrative delivered with a subdued palette (costumes are almost entirely neutral) and free of clever time-jumps moves inexorably into realms of venal criminality as the newspaper’s reporters unearth repeated cover-ups. McCarthy does not shy away from the unpalatable truth that the dire state of affairs had been partly underpinned by the media’s apathy. Whistleblowers in the past had made submissions to the Globe that were not followed up on – ‘silence like a cancer grows’. It took an outsider, the new, Jewish editor Marty Baron (Liev Schreiver) to encourage the Spotlight team to focus on the organisation rather than the individual. A revitalised Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams (‘my Nanna goes to mass every day’), John Slattery and the slow-boiling Mark Ruffalo are fan...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": 2RRR: Gem & Lewi "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Saturday 20 February
4 – 5pm Gem and Lewi
We chat to Sydney Hip Hop artist Samuel Dobson, who has just released his debut album “Samuel”.

Sydney artist Le Pie chats to us about her love for care bears and 1960’s girl groups. She plays OAF Gallery next Friday the 26th Feb.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Sustainable Living Armidale: Arts in the Pub: Can Art save the planet? 7pm next Tuesday, The Armidale Club "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Tuesday, 23 Feb; 7:00 pm; ] Join the conversation with: Robert Heather, Director of NERAM Bimblebox and the art of protest Andrew Nicholson, Researcher, University of New England Environmental art as communication David Curtis, EcoArts Australis Arts as means of shaping environmental behaviour 23 February at 7pm The Armidale Club 91 Beardy Street Find Arts in the pub on Facebook full article »


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": 2RRR: Everyone Welcome at the Community Information Expo "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The City of Ryde Council is once again joining forces with Relationships AustraliaâŹ"s Ryde Community Hub to present the annual Community Information Expo on Thursday 24 March at Eastwood Plaza, 9.30am ⏠12.30pm.


Part of Harmony Week celebrations, the Information Expo is billed as a celebration of inter-culturalism and community spirit.  The multi-lingual one-stop-shop of Expo provides information on local services available to residents and new migrants, on aged/home and community care, housing, education, volunteering, as well as family and legal services.  It also showcases some wonderful local talent, including community choirs, dance groups and more.


To cater to the more than 50 nationalities represented in the local community, information is available in a number of community languages including English, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Farsi and Tamil.


City of Ryde Mayor, Clr Jerome Laxale, said:  âŹSThis Expo is a great demonstration of how welcoming a community we are.  While it is primarily about information exchange and networking, the entertainment and social elements add a celebratory aspect and showcase the diversity and generosity of our community.âŹ


The morning program offers a combination of information, fun and entertainment and includes:

  • Welcome to Country
  • 30 information stalls
  • Interactive fun
  • Kids Corner
  • Cultural performances
  • Chai tea


Service providers at the Expo include:

Benevolent Society

Community Migrant Resource Centre

Christian Community Aid

Ryde Family Services

Ability Links NSW

NSW Police Force

Department of Human Services

NSW Health

NSW Tafe

Local NGOs and charities


For more information on the Community Information Expo, call Relationships Australia Community Hub Ryd...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Lock out laws rile some Cairns night clubs, but majority agrees says Knuth "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Changes to State Government liquor ‘lock out’ laws have divided the community in Far North Queensland, with letters to newspapers and radio talk back callers equally opposed and agreeing to the changes.

Taxi operators, nightclub owners and young patrons have criticised the Labor Party’s legislation that will see a reduction in drinking time, with last drinks at 1am instead of 3am.

Some venues can apply for last drinks at 2am with an additional 30 minutes grace before lock out.

Shane Kunuth KAP (google pics)

Shane Kunuth KAP (google pics)

The new regulations come into force on February 1, 2017, allowing a 12 month phase-in provision insisted on by Katters Australian Party MP’s Shane Knuth and Robbie Katter.

Those with a criminal history of violence or drug dealers will not be allowed entry to venues.

The regulations are to be reviewed in July 2018.

Emergency services personnel have shown total support for the new laws, praising the KAP for its insight into the burgeoning alcohol culture of young people.

The Australian Medical Association welcomed the changes, believing the shorter hours will go a long way towards halting ‘coward punches’ and drug-fuelled violence.

“The police asked us to include the banning of known drug dealers and users within night club precincts and the management of this is up to the night clubs,” Mr Knuth said.

“We indicated from the beginning we would not support the regulations in their original form.

“In Sydney, with its similar laws, clubs introduced food towards closing time, helping patrons to sober up before leaving.”

Our Nightlife Queensland Secret...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": city of tongues: Aurealis Awards "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

aurealis-awards-finalist-high-resThis week saw the announcements of the shortlists for the 2015 Aurealis Awards, and I’m thrilled to be able to say Clade is one of the nominees for Best Science Fiction Novel, alongside Evelyn Blackwell’s Crossed, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff’s Illuminae, Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner’s Their Fractured Light, Joel Shepherd’s Renegade and the conclusion to Sean William’s fantastic Twinmaker series, Fall. The winner will be announced at Easter at NatCon in Brisbane, but it’s a great honour and it’s fantastic to be in such terrific company. If you have a moment you might want to check out the shortlists for the other categories, which feature work by many, many excellent people.

Filed under: Books Tagged: Amie Kaufman, Aurealis Awards, Clade, Sean Williams...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Thank Folk It’s Friday – 19th February "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was – Alt-country favourite Fanny Lumsden released her new video “Land of Gold”. Details here – Central coast duo Eagle & The Wolf released their new video “Mama, Son and the Holy Ghost”. Details here – Indie-folker Radical Face released his new single “Secrets […]


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Death of Supreme Court Justice suspicious-made recent judgement on intertwined TPP and climate change "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Justice Scalia murdered? Sealed his fate 4 days before his death?

by Jon Rappoport

Judge Antonin Scalia

Judge Antonin Scalia

Four days before he died, Supreme Court Justice Scalia voted to stall Obama’s plan to force drastic climate-change rules on the American economy.  The vote was 5-4.  (see: The Hill, 2/13, “Greens faced with nightmare scenario at the Supreme Court”)

With Scalia now gone, the vote would be 4-4.

With a new Obama Supreme Court appointee, if Obama could ram his choice through, the vote would be 5-4 in the President’s favor.  Ditto, if the next President shares Obama’s position.  And the climate-change agenda would roll ahead.  (see: The Washington Times, 2/16, “GOP showing signs of backing down from vow to block Obama SCOTUS pick”)

We’re not talking about small climate-change rules.  We’re talking about the Big Ones.

And note: such rules could very well dovetail with the Brave New World spelled out in the upcoming TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership).

It’s a wedge formation, a squeeze play, a pincer movement featuring new EPA climate-change regulations on one side, and new draconian possibilities embedded in the TPP.

If Scalia was murdered, the above agenda was sufficient reason, because the climate agenda has the force to transform life on the planet.

If Scalia’s murder were a movie, he would have been told, as a warning: “You have no idea how big this thing is; you really don’t...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": NQCC: So much for lessons from Paris "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Queensland Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural Resources and Mines is considering a subsidy to assist the search for more coal…! Read the NQCC media release here.


"IndyWatch Feed Geelong": Great Ocean Road Coast Blog: Invasive orchids get the boot "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Jan Juc Coast Action (JJCA) faced an unusual task during their last working bee for 2015 – finding and removing the tenacious South African orchid Disa bractreata.

The highly invasive orchid species first appeared in Victoria in the mid-1990s after being introduced in Western Australia in 1946.

Volunteer pulling up orchid

Ian Edwards removes one of 15 South African orchids from the Jan Juc clifftop in the December 2015 working bee. Photo: Faye Milligan.

A group of volunteers successfully removed more than a dozen plants along the fenced area in the Jan Juc reserve behind Carnoustie Avenue by spreading out in an emu parade fashion, walking a few meters apart to ensure no weeds were missed.

JJCA founder Ian Edwards said the working bee had been a very valuable exercise.

South African Orchid

One of the 15 South African orchids that was removed during the working bee. Photo: Faye Milligan

“When it comes to these orchids, it’s imperative for us to be as thorough as possible and I believe we’re making good progress,” he said.

“We’re keen to keep on top of the orchids as much as possible and we’ll be watching out for them each year from about mid-winter onwards.”

Each orchid has dozens of flowers on the stem, potentially releasing thousand...


Practising Simplicity: how do you get your baby to sleep? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A lovely reader emailed me recently and asked me about how I encourage Percy to go to sleep. The answer is simple: breastmilk - for as long as he wants it.

I know, it doesn't make going out to dinner or being away from the home all that easy. But these early years of mothering are best if I'm near. It's the way I've always done it and it's the way I'll always choose to do it. I've fed all my babies to sleep from the day they were born to the day that they weaned. And after that? There's an unsettled period for 3-4 days and then they succumb to the new rhythm of back rubs and stories and songs.

Percy has been my most unsettled sleeper and while it took a while to adjust to the middle-of-the-night screams and waking every two hours, I managed to move through that phase with a relatively level head. "This too shall pass" was mentally repeated come 3am and my days were slower and foggier than any I had experienced. I admit, there were some days when the exhaustion was overwhelming but generally I embraced the perspective that naturally comes with the third child; no use stressing about it, that will only make it worse.

But now? He sleeps quite well at night but still wakes two or three times for milk (sometimes more if he's waking with teething pain). He'll sleep in his cot during the evening and will come to bed with me at about 10pm so when he does feed I'm not always aware.

Night times are fine but day sleeps are probably my biggest challenge. Poet was never a great day-sleeper and Percy is following her lead. I realise that the noise of...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": FBi Radio: St Germain on Malian hunting music, African instruments & being nocturnal "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Mysterious, hard-working and well-respected, French producer St Germain has remained quiet for over a decade, leaving a noticeable gap in new electronic music.

Finally, at the end of last year, he made his return with St Germain. Different to Navarre’s previously offerings, the Malian inspired sounds bring complicated layers of beats and tones mixed with modern influences, in true St Germain style.

For the first time in fifteen years, St Germain, aka. Ludovic Navarre, returns to Australia, playing a series of shows this March to celebrate the new release. Rachel Sibley picked his brain ahead of his arrival.

Interview translated from French.


Rachel Sibley: This is the first time in fifteen years that you’ll be playing to an Australian audience, so what have you been up to in the meantime?

St Germain: After Tourist’s release I did around 250 shows around the world during two and a half years. After that I needed to take a break from music. I produced an album for Soel, the trumpeter who plays on Tourist and on tour.

The preparation of this album started in 2006, with the same European musicians. I wiped everything and started again with root musicians from Mali in 2011.


This new album, St Germain, has a very different sound to your earlier work. Was this a challenge for you to utilise different instruments and sounds?

My favourite music is Blues for a long time.  I think there are two kinds of Blues. One is coming from Africa and the other comes from the US.  I tried to mix the two in the song ‘How Dare You’.

‘Real Blues’ is incorporating the vocals of blues legend Lightnin’ Hopkins and the participation of African musicians w...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Hauschka "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

German musician and composer Hauschka will be in Australia for 2 concerts on February 24 & 25.

On February 24 he will perform at The Chevron Festival Gardens in Perth with The Necks.

On February 25 he will be in Sydney at Venue 505 with Chris Abrahams from The Necks.

Hauschka was born Volker Bertelmann in Germany in 1966. His performance name is a reference to Bohemian composer Vincenz Hauschka.

He specializes electronic and avant garde music and is the foremost world exponent of the “prepared” piano. Preparation of the piano involves attachment of tins, gaffer tape, bottle caps, ping pong balls and other materials to the strings and hammers of a piano to modify the sound.

Hauschka has also composed film scores. in 2012 he composed a film score for the film SILFRA, named for the Silfra rift in Iceland and recorded in Iceland.

Hauschka also releases electronic music under the name Tonetraeger.





Motorbike Writer: Biggest Kiwi motorcycle museum closing "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

New Zealand Classic Motorcycles

The biggest motorcycle museum in New Zealand is closing to due to ill health of the owner but there are rumours an international consortium may take over.

New Zealand Classic Motorcycles opened in late 2014 in Nelson on the north coast of the South Island with an enormous private collection of about 300 machines from more than 60 manufacturers.


Businessman Tom Sturgess and his wife Heather collected the bikes over the past decade, but they have now decided to close the doors after Tom had major cancer surgery last year.



"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Study finds waste water from CSG fracking causes cancer "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Here’s The New Study The Fracking Industry Doesn’t Want You To See

TOPICS:  – FEBRUARY 17, 2016


Though fracking industry proponents scoff at any intimation their so-called vital industry poses even scant risks to the public, a new study published in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology just proved those critics right — fracking wastewater causes cancer.

Using human bronchial epithelial cells, which are commonly used to measure the carcinogenesis of toxicants, researchers confirmed fracking flowback water from the Marcellus Shale caused the formation of malignancies.

After conducting further tests on live mammalian subjects, researchers found five of six mice “injected with cells transformed from well water treatments developed tumors as early as 3 months after injection,” including a tumor in one mouse that grew to over 1 cm in size in just five months. A control group did not develop any tumors for the six months of the study period.

According to the study, performed by scientists from the Department of Envir.........


"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: They moved like hairy mammoths amongst the trees—meet the (not so) woolly bottoms… "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Woolly Bottoms

The woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) trekked the earth during the Pleistocene era, each thunderous footfall deafening those around them and sending fear into the hearts of many. Today its closest living relative is the Asian elephant, or so we thought until we recently spied four decidedly large and mammoth-like sheep, sans tusks, weaving across not the bitter Arctic tundra but a heavily wooded area of the Macedon Ranges. As their overgrown coats slowly rose and majestically fell almost in slow motion with each arduous stride they took, we quickly realised that their main predator was no fabled sabre-toothed tiger but the very fleece that engulfed them. Sheep of today, unlike the long-gone woolly mammoth, most certainly need regular human contact for survival; shearing, hoof trimming, drenching and vaccinations are right up there with the Good Shepherd. And whilst it was no 8,000kg burden we removed from their backs, it was indeed a much-welcomed relief for the three black Suffolk ewes and their male buddy as they were shorn.

Wooly Bottoms

Quickly christened the “woolly bottoms” for obvious reasons, our new sheepy friends are now acclimatising themselves to an entire new age of kindness. Welcome Warren, Wendy, Winona and Wynnie.

Wooly Bottoms...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Sustainable Living Armidale: ALF stall at Farmers’ Market is back for 2016 now with a new seed savers club "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Sunday, 21 Feb; 8:00 am; Sunday, 6 Mar; 8:00 am; Sunday, 20 Mar; 8:00 am; Sunday, 3 Apr; 8:00 am; Sunday, 17 Apr; 8:00 am; Sunday, 1 May; 8:00 am; Sunday, 15 May; 8:00 am; Sunday, 5 Jun; 8:00 am; Sunday, 19 Jun; 8:00 am; Sunday, 3 Jul; 8:00 am; Sunday, 17 Jul; 8:00 am; Sunday, 7 Aug; 8:00 am; Sunday, 21 Aug; 8:00 am; Sunday, 4 Sep; 8:00 am; Sunday, 18 Sep; 8:00 am; Sunday, 2 Oct; 8:00 am; Sunday, 16 Oct; 8:00 am; Sunday, 6 Nov; 8:00 am; Sunday, 20 Nov; 8:00 am; Sunday, 4 Dec; 8:00 am; Sunday, 18 Dec; 8:00 am; ] The Armidale Farmers' Market is on first and third Sundays of the month at Curtis Park kicking off at around 8am and going through to lunch. If you are a paid up member of Sustainable Living Armidale you are welcome to sell produce at the Armidale Local Food stall with a slice of profits going [...] full article »


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Sustainable Living Armidale: ZNET Uralla Public meeting for election of office bearers "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Saturday, 5 Mar; 1:30 pm; ] Public meeting for election of office bearers for ZNET Uralla 1.30pm 5th March 2016 Uralla Community Centre. By: Peter Low full article »


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": 2RRR: Radio Active "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Saturday 20th February

8 – 10pm Radio Active

Sydney band The Waster are in the studio


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": World Wildlife Fund spruiking lies and misconceptions about koala population "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

WWF trying to gouge more funding from a gullible public. Urban encroachment along the eastern coastline dislodges most koalas. Western areas of Queensland recently cleared are not koala habitats Wildfires on North Stradbroke Island decimate koalas and other wildlife thanks to custodians of country

(republished from cairnsnews 2014)

North Stradbroke Island lies just off the coastline from Brisbane and is a popular tourist destination for adventurers from the mainland. With its long sandy beaches and easy surf fishing it attracts thousands of anglers each year who make the short journey from the mainland by barge.

Straddie, covering 54,500 hectares is the second largest sand island in the world. Its only industries are sand mining and tourism, which support its 2000 permanent inhabitants.

On any weekend and during holiday season the beach becomes an extension to the Pacific Highway where hundreds of four wheel drives converge, turning the beaches into major thoroughfares.

Last week, due to lightning strikes, fires broke out across the tinder dry island, eventually causing some settlements to be evacuated. A lack of hazard control burning in the cooler months of the previous 10 years created the most dangerous fuel load ever seen on the island.

The Rural Fire Service had a major incident on its hands with volunteers battling kilometres long fire fronts fanned by gusty winds. Fortunately there was no loss of human life but the islands flora and fauna copped a savage beating.

Fires with such a large fuel load burn extremely hot for a more prolonged period, in many cases far too hot for standing eucalypts and other flora to survive. Most of the islands scorched eucalypts will sucker from the trunk and limbs rendering their function in the natural habitat as useless.

In the aftermath of the searing flames, the environmental damage is strikingly evident. Ho...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": 2RRR: Pop Heads Hour of Power "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Friday 19th February

3 – 4pm Pop Heads Hour of Power



Super Songwriting Teams of the Swinging 60s!


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Ballina playgrounds ‘all need shade structures’ "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


A renewed bid to provide shade-sail structures to 12 children’s playgrounds in Ballina shire that currently lack them will be made next Thursday.

Cr Jeff Johnson said he was disappointed that fellow councillors did not support the shade plan when he put it to council at the January meeting.

But supporters of the move, mayor David Wright and Cr Keith Williams, have joined Cr Johnson in a rescission notice to be debated at next week’s meeting in a bid to gather majority support for the plan.

Staff say Ballina shire has 47 children’s playgrounds, 12 of which don’t have a shade structure.

‘The majority of the councillors didn’t support the proposal to amend our policy to ensure that all new playgrounds are constructed with a shade structure,’ Cr Johnson told Echonetdaily.

The Greens councillor says council should ‘undertake a program, funded over two years to install shade structures on the existing playgrounds that currently don’t have a shade structure’.


Ballina Shire councillor Jeff Johnson.

Ballina Shire councillor Jeff Johnson.

‘As a father of a young child I see the difference that a shade structure makes to our playgrounds,’ he said.

‘Playgrounds without a shade structure are unable to be used for most of the day because the equipment is too hot.

‘This results in...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Fossil-fuel donations loom as Richmond poll issue "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Greens’ candidate for the federal seat of Richmond, Dawn Walker, has called on her Labor rival, sitting MP Justine Elliott, to back their bill to ban controversial political donations from mining companies.

The call comes as a report revealed this week that fossil-fuel companies receive around $2,000 in subsidies for every dollar donated by the mining sector to political parties.

But Labor is mute on the issue, despite questions this morning by Echonetdaily.

Ms Walker urged Mrs Elliot to join her in signing the ‘Pollution Free Politics’ pledge and to support the  Donations Reform Bill 

Richmond Greens candidate Dawn Walker.

Richmond Greens candidate Dawn Walker.

She said the Greens did not accept donations from fossil fuel companies ‘and in order to stop the corrupting influence of political donations that the Liberal, National and Labor parties receive from the fossil fuel sector we simply need to ban these donations’.

‘The fossil fuel sector receives multi-million dollar subsidises annually from government,’ she said.

‘Labor, the Liberals and the Nationals have collectively taken $3.7 million from foss...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": NQCC: Paperbark: February 2016…The monthly e-news of NQCC "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

In this issue: Welcome back; Feeling the heat; NQCC News in brief; Carmichael Mine; Contaminated dust deposition; Water issues; A GLOBAL agreement on climate change – Paris December 2015; Divestment – Westpac commitment, Market Forces ‘Burned’ Report; improved SuperSwitch; Decarbonisation – … Continue reading


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Biennale of Sydney works on show at Lismore gallery "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Deborah Kelly and collaborators, Ramesh Mario Nitiyendran from No Human Being Is Illegal (in all our glory) (detail) 2014 pigment ink print on Hahnemühle papers bonded to aluminium, with collage from books and found materials, glue and UV protective varnishes, 200 x 109 cm. Courtesy the artist. Portrait photographer: Sebastian Kriete. Created for the 19th Biennale of Sydney

Deborah Kelly and collaborators, Ramesh Mario Nitiyendran from No Human Being Is Illegal (in all our glory) (detail) 2014
pigment ink print on Hahnemühle papers bonded to aluminium, with collage from books and found materials, glue and UV protective varnishes, 200 x 109 cm. Courtesy the artist. Portrait photographer: Sebastian Kriete. Created for the 19th Biennale of Sydney

Lismore Regional Gallery’s latest exhibitions include a collaboration commissioned for the 19th Biennale of Sydney two years ago which drew wide acclaim,

‘No Human Being Is Illegal (in all our glory)’ is comprised of 20 life-sized collaborative collage portraits ‘and a collective collage process of learning and exchange’, conceived and co-ordinated by artist Deborah Kelly for the Biennale.

A video of the Biennale show is at:



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Sustainable Living Armidale: Tamworth Farmers’ Market is back for 2016! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Sunday, 14 Feb; 8:00 am; ] We have had a break since mid December due to dates falling on Christmas & then the Country Music Festival taking over our venue. We start again on Sunday the 14th February back through the Sandstone gates entrance to Bicentennial Park, Kable Avenue Tamworth. The market is held at this venue on the 2nd Sunday & 4th [...] full article »


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": 80-year old Hindmarsh spring manufacturer to close; 54 jobs to go; management points finger at free trade deals "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Another one bites the dust as government closes this 80 year old Australian business accredited to:

Andrew Robb, according to Malcolm Turnbull has been the most successful Trade Minister in our country’s history landing three enormous free trade agreements with Japan, South Korea and China. In addition, he has secured agreement of the historic Trans Pacific Partnership, eliminating tariffs on 98 per cent of traded goods and creating better access for Australia’s innovative service industries in 11 leading economies, including the US, Japan and Canada.

Cairns News

Industrial Engineers and Springmakers’ Chris Coxon is both sad and angry about the impending closure of the 80-year-old business.

THE management of an 80-year-old Hindmarsh family business that announced its closure this morning, costing 54 jobs, has lashed out at the recent spate of free trade agreements that it says has made its future unviable.

Family owned business Industrial Engineers and Spring Makers will cease operations on March 24, with all 54 employees — the majority of whom are older than 50 — to be made redundant.

The company makes springs for cars, trucks, trailers and industrial applications, along with other allied products. However, management said the demise of the local automotive industry was not the driving factor of its predicament.

Instead, senior manager Chris Coxon, whose grandfather Jack Marsh founded the company in 1935, laid blame on the increasing number of free trade agreements, which he says has created a uneven playing field.

In recent years, former trade minister (now trade envoy) Andrew...


"IndyWatch Feed Gippsland": Mountain Journal: Documenting the impacts of wild horses on the Australian Alps. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

This is the ultimate bit of research into the negative ecological impacts of brumbies on indigenous ecosystems in the Alps.

It is explained in three reports, and the primary author is Graeme L. Worboys. A range of other researchers were involved in the work. It is peer reviewed and based on observations by the author in the Australian Alps protected areas that covers a period of 42 years.

From the introduction:

The iconic Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves are a National Heritage Listed Place in recognition of their “outstanding heritage significance for Australia”. Few Australian natural areas attain this special status and the Alps share their listing with other famous protected areas such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Uluru–Kata Tjuta, Kakadu and Blue Mountains national parks. The Alps are special because the vast majority of Australia’s alpine and subalpine environments are found there. Relative to the Australian continent, it is very small, and for many Alps species it is the only place in the world where they can exist.

Some of the National Heritage inscription values for the Alps parks include: “Glacial and periglacial features; fossils; karst features; biological heritage; moth feasting; transhumance grazing; scientific research, water harvesting; and recreation values” 

Many of these heritage listed Alps values are being degraded and in particular the biological and water harvesting values. A non-Australian (introduced) pest animal, the wild horse is causing serious, landscape scale impacts in the Alps and especially to its wetlands and their associated plants and animals. This statement identifies the devastating impact of these wild horses on the Alps fragile wetlands. It shows that Australian heritage values are being lost and the consequent negative implications for the Alps catchments in a climate change world. Through many...


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": The NORTHSIDER: THE VEGETABLE CONNECTION "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Vegetable Connection is a family owned business with a strong focus on sourcing the more unusual, specialist fruit and vegetables. Eva Perroni has a chat to owners Nick and Josephine about their commitment to diversity in the domestic food scene.



"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Natural Newstead: Rotunda Park #4 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


The view ‘upstream’ along Mia Mia Creek

The benefit of visiting places on a regular basis is that you start to pick up the rhythms and patterns that otherwise go unnoticed. I’ve been to the Rotunda Park each evening this week – on all occasions a family of Laughing Kookaburras have arrived, as if on cue, to perch (and sing) in the trees along the Mia Mia creekline. Just when you think you’ve got things ‘sorted out’ though the unexpected happens … in the form of a flock of Rainbow Lorikeets. These noisy visitors have been seen in ones and two around Newstead in recent years (including a recent observation at Newstead Natives), but I can’t recall a flock of a dozen before. Over the past couple of decades Rainbow Lorikeets have become a feature of urban environments around Australia – local places including Bendigo, Castlemaine and Maryborough now have well established populations,  where they were previously absent or rare. I rarely see them in intact bushland – this is where their smaller relatives (Little, Purple-crowned and Musk Lorikeets) appear to hold the advantage. Interestingly the Rainbows were feeding mainly on Box Mistletoe, in the company of a few Musk Lorikeets.



Motorbike Writer: Aborted World Motorcycle Rally ‘abandons’ riders "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

World Motorcycle Rally riders left out by trip cancellation

Riders who have paid a substantial deposit for the world’s longest motorcycle rally, appear to have been left high and dry after the organiser closed down the website, apparently cancelling the trip.

The 132-day World Motor Rally across Europe, Asia, the US and back to Europe allegedly attracted 22 registrations in its first day in 2014.

Cost of the rally was US$10,000 (about A$14,000) which was to include GPS route, live tracking via satellite, support vehicles with mechanics, and assistance with visas, border crossings, tyre ordering, and emergency tyre and bike transport.


"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club: 20 Feb 2016 – Roadside Clean-up help sought "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Along the Pyrenees Hwy between Castlemaine and Newstead, you will have noticed some large roadsigns promoting a particular section maintained by the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club.  This is wonderful publicity for the club, and covers a very nice patch of roadside bushland.  However, it does also mean that the club is responsible for keeping the rubbish levels down to a low level.

Approximately 3 times per year, club members Geoff and Geraldine Harris organise a roadside clean-up, the first of which is this Saturday 20 February from 9am.  If you have 1-2 hours to spare to help out, it would be greatly appreciated (non-members are also welcome, but all participants must be no younger than 16 years of age).  Garbage bags and reflective vests are provided.

Where:  Meet at the corner of Pyrenees Hwy and Golf Links Rd, near Tait Decorative Ironworks store.
When:  Sat 20 Feb, from 9am
You need to bring:  Sturdy footwear.  Gloves.

Thursday, 18 February


"IndyWatch Feed": The Thousands: Brisbane: Diana Smith and Kelly Doley, 'The Lucy R. Lippard lecture' "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

It was 1975, when Lucy R. Lippard spoke out to transform the path of one-sided gender matrixes, questioning its divided nature in the arts. Her talk was legendary, and to this day continues to be a focal point for many feminist discussions in the arts. Lippard is an American art critic and curator who has held a number of informal lectures and discussions about gender inequality in the arts as well as conducted studio visits with women artists.

'The Lucy R. Lippard Lecture' is part of an ongoing project by artist/researchers Diana Smith and Kelly Doley. Within the lecture, they will revisit the historic, epiphanic moment of Lippard's speech through re-enactment and a discursive program held at Sydney's Artspace.


"IndyWatch Feed": The Thousands: Brisbane: Hannah Gadsby, 'Dogmatic' at the Powerhouse "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

There are lots of words which you wouldn't really want to be called, but specifically it would not be a great feeling to be called dogmatic. The first word that comes up in a google search is 'arrogant', another pretty unfortunate thing to be called. By definition, dogmatic people have very strong opinions that can be based on unproven theories or even despite plain facts. With the task of unpicking these tough, bull-headed, curly opinions is the ever hilarious Hannah Gadsby, who is sure to fire up the big guns with a host of corkers to get you rolling on the floor laughing.


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": The Vociferous Journalist: Greens condemn push to allow discrimination in marriage debate "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Australian Greens marriage equality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms is calling on the Government to reject the Australian Christian Lobby’s push to suspend anti-discrimination laws in any plebiscite on marriage equality. I spoke to the senator about this issue and its implications.


"IndyWatch Feed": Jugglers Art Space Inc: Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Marie Corella Ellis OAM (1918-2003) was a dressmaker and long-term resident of Fortitude Valley. Born in the Valley in February 1918, Marie was named after the Victorian-period celebrity author Marie Corelli. For 60 or more years, Marie resided at 101-103 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, where Jugglers Art Space is now situated. Marie contributed a lifetime of service to the community, inspired by her love of the Girl Guide movement, children and arts & crafts.

The recipient of many awards throughout her life, in 1979, Marie was recognised for services to handicapped children through the Girl Guide Association of Queensland, with the award of the Order of Australia Medal.

Marie passed away in March 2003 and The Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing was subsequently established to help perpetuate Marie’s memory, her love of art and her dedication to helping others.

The Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing further seeks to encourage excellence in drawing as an important foundation for any arts practice.

25 Finalists will be chosen by a specially-selected judging panel and their works exhibited at Jugglers Art Space during August 2016.

The Major Prize Winner & Honourable Mention, selected by the judges, will be announced at the opening night of the exhibition. The People’s Choice Award is determined by visitor vote and announced at the closing party for the exhibition.

– Major Prize Winner is awarded $4000 in acquisitive prizes
– Honourable Mention is awarded to the value of $500
– People’s Choice Award is awarded to the value of $500

Entries open March 7th and close June 13th, 2016.

Jugglers is grateful to the ongoing sponsorship of the Hopkins-Wei...


"IndyWatch Feed": The Thousands: Brisbane: Brisbane Comedy Festival "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

If you've played Card's Against Humanity, you'll have experienced the hilarity of questionable comedic undercurrents. The combinations of cards you can read out in the game can form sentences which are admittedly funny because they are so ignorant and belligerent to anyone who lives in our diverse and multicultural society today that you can't help but laugh. The Comedy Festival is on again this year, and just like playing C.A.H, expect to hear many mundanities and politically incorrect statements turned into rip snorting, thigh slapping crudities for your enjoyment.

Comedians include: Adam Richard, Anne Edmonds, Aunty Donna, Becky Lucas, Brisbane Born and Bread, Brisbane Comedy Festival Gala, Cam Knight, Celia Pacquloa, Class Clowns, Damian Callinan, Damien Power, Danny Bhoy, Danny McGinlay,Dave Thornton, David O'Doherty, David Quirk, Frank Woodley, Gen Fricker, Greg Larsen, Hannah Gadsby, Harley Breen, Heath Franklin's Chopper, Jude Pearl, Laura Davis, Lucky Dip, Matt Okine, Martini Time, Mel Buttle, Nazeem Hussain, Nick Cody, Not 4 Kidz, Peter Helliar, Rhys Nicholson, Rowena Hutson, Sam Campbell, Sam Simmons, Steen Raskopoulos, Steve Hughes, Sunday Showdown, Titanic: The Movie The Play, Tom Ballard, Tom Gleeson, Tom Green, Tommy Little, Tripod, Wil Anderson.


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Westender – West End 4101: People Decide announce candidates for BCC election "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

People Decide, a relatively new political party whose main policy is participatory democracy, has announced its candidates for the upcoming Brisbane City Council. Karel Boele, who was to have stood for the Ward of The Gabba (and attended our recent Meet the Candidates event in that capacity) has set his sights a little higher and […]

The post People Decide announce candidates for BCC election appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


"IndyWatch Feed": The Thousands: Brisbane: 'Body Shop', House of Cards A/W16 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Remaining innovative during winter isn't ordinarily a bowl of laughs. All many of us want to do most of the cold season is don that big coat that covers up the warm and unsightly undergarments we've been wearing for days/to bed, and let our fashion-fervent brains take the back seat. Sometimes remaining hip during winter is just too much of an effort. But House of Cards (sadly no affiliation to Kevin Spacey much to my chagrin…) has been known to completely quash the norm of fashion. Designer Ashiya Omundsen is one of those few lucky suckers born with the knack for turning way, waay OTT ideas into wearable artistic pieces for both women and men. Why fly under the radar when you can stand on top of it?

'Body Shop', HOC's A/W16 collection launching in March and April, is another tempest of crazy design from Ashiya. An unorthodox ode to anatomy, the collection channels a distortion of the human form that aptly mimics the sensory disillusionment in the transition of Summer to Winter. Think dismembered limb prints, suture-esque hemlines, sinewy ribbons tied to shower curtain rings… and pretty much anything else within the realm of 'human anatomy' and you've got yourself 'Body Shop'. The collection also warps summer tones of lime green, blues, baby pink and lilac into its twisted limb prints and kaleidoscopic shapes, making it perfect for complimenting basics (or those aforementioned undergarments). Additionally intriguing is the way the clothing circumambulates through a hybridity of decade specific styles - from oversized zips, bell sleeves and denim jumpsuits to shift dresses, turtle necks and tennis skirts – it borrows from all periods.

Why be bland when you can step out in glossy green overalls paired with a skin tight turtle neck sweater in a print that resembles blood cells under a microscope that has us thinking the all consuming question...


"IndyWatch Feed": The Thousands: Brisbane: The Harpoons 'mini world tour' mixtape/tour dairy "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Last time the Harpoons made us a mix it was a very life-affirming time indeed. The beat-curious soulsters recently returned from their first “mini world tour” and they've managed to sum up the highs and lows of the experience inside another impeccable mix. Have a listen. Oh, and keep your nose to the ground for future Sydney shows, you might even make it on to one of their future recordings of airport altercations.

屋久島恋花, 'Azami' 

Just before our tour started Henry stayed in an Airbnb which was hosted by two incredible legends: KC, who worked on the Akira soundtrack(!), and Azami, a beautiful singer and dancer. They make Enya-influenced music together in their house in the Japanese Alps and this is what it sounds like.

Towa Tei, 'Let Me Know'
We got a lot of good advice from our tour organiser in Tokyo, Vaughan Allison – make badges, posters, flyers, tote bags, have photos to sign (lol) and do covers! We knew about Towa Tei from his Deee-Lite 'Groove is in the Heart' days, and so we covered his cute track ‘Let Me Know’.

Lawrence, 'Blue Mountain'
Incidental techno I heard on a Toshiya Kawasaki mix, he runs the Mule Musiq label and is the absolute best.
Saori Yuki, 'Yoake no Scat (Marsheaux Remix)'
We had a suggestion from our friend Rie to try the classic Japanese 60s pop ballad ‘Yoake no Scat’ which was great because the first half is essentially humming. Still, Bec got around the Japanese pretty well by the end of the Japan leg.
Towa Tei feat. Kylie Minogue, 'German Bold Italic' 
This art pop 90s weirdo-banger with Kylie Minogue as a typeface and Towa Tei constructing a strange spacey thing underneat...


"IndyWatch Feed": The Thousands: Brisbane: A guide to exploring abandoned amusement parks and buildings "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Many of us pass crumbling structures and overgrown fun parks of the past on highways without much of a second thought, the relics of forgotten entertainment and function barely registering in our peripheries. We may on occasion think 'Huh, what ever happened to that place?' but the curiosity often ends there, or after a lethargic scroll through Wikipedia. Urban explorers (urbex for short) are a community that does pretty much the opposite, hungrily seeking out deserted places for further investigation. Urbex-ers get right in there, beyond the fences and cracked doors and try to grasp what the place is – or was – all about. It's a practice that can be quite contentious, both in and out of the community. For starters, it can be construed as recreational trespassing and there's a whole slew of local and national restrictions on navigating man-made properties. There's also the tricky socio-politics of fellow urbex participants, which a quick spin around the online forums can show. Mostly though, they're just curious, enthusiastic people who bother to examine forgotten places, many of them lovingly documenting as they go with photography and recordings.

Gia Cattiva is one-such urban explorer. She catalogues her findings and her appreciation for “beauty in the abandoned” on her blog ShhSydney with an infectious kind of atmospheric wonderment. Particular highlights include her discovery of the Drummoyne Boys club house and the eery abandoned slides of the Magic Kingdom. It's fascinating stuff and it makes you feel really, really lazy.

We asked her to share a few tips 'n' tricks f...


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Westender – West End 4101: GOVERNMENTS ALL AT SEA ON MARINE PLASTIC "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The Commonwealth government is a major obstacle to action on plastic pollution, two major environment groups have told the Senate Inquiry Into the Threat of Marine Plastic Pollution. With a Senate report on the science, sources and impacts of plastics on Australia’s waterways due in April, representatives of the Boomerang Alliance and Total Environment Centre […]

The post GOVERNMENTS ALL AT SEA ON MARINE PLASTIC appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Brothers in Arms, WW1 - a book by Louise Wilson "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

We know what the senior politicians and military men thought about WW1. But what did the ordinary Allied soldier think? Undoubtedly most British, Belgian and French soldiers saw the German threat as very real. For ordinary soldiers in 1914, few really thought that the war would be over quickly, at least after the first few months. Many served to protect their famil­ies, to show loyalty to their country or to earn a regular salary. But soon the soldiers began to despise the flag-wavers and white-feather brigade back home.

It was only with hindsight that Erich Maria Remarque and the war poets were proved correct. The horrors of the trench, rotting horseflesh, mud, poor food, shoddy weapons, poison gas and the sheer terror of waiting for death, these were the Big Lie futilities of the Great War. [Perhaps read How Did Soldiers Cope With War by Matthew Shaw at this point].

Ordinary soldiers were too cold, too hungry, shell shocked in trenches, too illiterate or too wounded to write detailed analyses. And in any case, mil­itary censorship would have deleted any proper information that soldiers wrote. Yet as Louise Wil­son wrote, many WW1 soldiers did send postcards home. What is diff­erent about her book, Brothers In Arms (BookPOD 2015) was that this long and literate set of letters from the Boulton brothers survived intact.

Nigel (left)...


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Greens call for sniffer dog removal - and more 11am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Greens MP Jenny Leong has introduced a bill to the NSW parliament proposing the repeal of the use of drug detection dogs in the state. Image: Wikipedia

Warrego MP facing charges

Warrego MP Ann Leahy has been found in contempt of parliament and could face severe punishment.

Ms Leahy was found to have distributed confidential Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee material about former police minister Jo-Ann Miller, and also intentionally misled those who investigated the disclosure.


"IndyWatch Feed": The Thousands: Brisbane: Bakehouse by Gramercy "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

There’s not much in this world that I love more than a donut, but it’s becoming harder and harder to find places that spend as much time focusing on the actual taste of them as they do on some supposedly witty name or contrived novelty. Things are becoming too gimmicky. A syringe should be in a hospital or the corner of a seedy alleyway, not in a dessert. I don’t want some straw leading through my donut hole into a sub-par milkshake, and the UN needs to pass a treaty that says donuts and hamburger buns are not interchangeable. Gramercy must understand what I’m going through because, in addition to their stellar breakfasts, lunches and coffee, they’ve been serving up delicious, gimmick-free pastries for years. And now, soundtracked by the joyous cheers of anyone who doesn’t work in the CBD, they’re doubling down on their baking chops and opening up a pop-up bakehouse on James Street.

Bakehouse by Gramercy has set up shop next door to Sass & Bide and will sling its delectable treats from 8am to 3pm (or until sold out*) every Tuesday to Sunday between February 18 and April 30. Baked fresh every day, look forward to a rotating menu that includes donuts, croissants, Danishes, cakes and tarts, as well as housemade jams and preserves.

Expect simple creations that let their flavours speak for themselves. Expect to come for a single treat only to leave with a whole boxful. Expect to come back for another box.

They’ll also be debuting a housemade range of pre-bottled iced coffees. Both black filter and milk options will be available, and if you’ve been to their city store you know: these guys know their caffeine.

*They will sell out.


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Mental health unit closure deaths were predicted - and more 10am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The deaths following the closure of a mental health unit in Brisbane were 'probable' according to a senior psychiatrist. Image: Flickr

Deaths could have been avoided

The closure of a mental health unit in Brisbane last year was likely to result in deaths, according to a senior psychiatrist.

An inquiry into the former LNP government’s decision to close the Barrett Adolescent Centre in January 2014 is underway after three former patients died in the eight months following the centre’s closure.


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Puppy-farm crack down - and more 9am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The state government is looking to introduce a new bill that will crack down on puppy-farming.

Worst QLD suburbs for immunisation

Some of Queensland’s most prestigious suburbs are failing to reach acceptable immunisation levels, according to new national data.

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"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: QLD lockout laws approved - and more 8am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

New lockout laws for Queensland have been approved and will come into effect in July.

Lockout laws approved

New lockout laws for Queensland have been approved by State parliament, and will come into effect in July.

Proposed by the Labor government, and backed by Katter’s Australian Party MPs, the legislation calls for a ban on alcohol sales from 2am in nightclubs and pubs.


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": darkly wise, rudely great: Can technology save us? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

I've an essay in the latest New Philosopher magazine: 'Can technology save us?'

Remember when the internet and world-wide-web were doing to democratise things? THE RHIZOME IS COMING TO SAVE US.

I'm looking into the nature of our tools, and the dubious belief that they necessarily make life better. A sample:
Technology is about problem-solving. As Aristotle revealed in his study of techne, or craft, its rationality is instrumental. Technology realises possibilities which would not otherwise be, and it does so reliably—or is supposed to. It is a specific means to specific ends. 
But it is naïve to believe that technological innovation always embodies the ends we desire, or will achieve only those ends. Most obviously, engineers and scientists do not always make objects because they care about the outcomes. David Hume noted in his Treatise of Human Nature that experts sometimes labour because they enjoy their work, not because they esteem the welfare of their community.  
This is no attack on so-called ‘blue sky’ research, which is vital to the enrichment of knowledge. What’s dubious is the belief that widgets exist because they are helpful—sometimes their genesis is curiosity. 
More often, other motives drive novelty....


Tasmanian Times: Paul Harriss disease spreads to WA ... and now HARRISS QUITS! Why? Gutwein once opposed clearfelling "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

A LITTLE HISTORY ... • Dec 11, 2002, Chris Johnson, The Examiner: While Opposition Leader Rene Hidding remains overseas, Mr Gutwein flagged his intention to push for a rethink of the party’s policy, which currently mirrors the Government’s approach to logging. The move is certain to put him at odds with his leader, who is due back tomorrow. It will also be seen as an attempt by Mr Gutwein to position himself for a leadership challenge. THURSDAY February 18 ... • WILL’s NEW-LOOK MINISTRY: Read what Will says in Comments ... • Sawmiller and ex-Greens Leader KIM BOOTH in Comments: … “Newly anointed Forest Minister Gutwein now must put his money where his mouth was. In 2013, when Peter Gutwein was trying to knife Rene Hidding, he called for an end to clear felling of native forest. Prior to the 2014 election, Gutwein brayed long and loud that the Liberals would remove the subsidies from Forestry Tasmania.” “Since then, the Liberals have plundered the public purse of over $50 million to prop up native forest logging, causing massive damage to the timber industry, as well as serious environmental and social harm.” “Gutwein must demonstrate that he stands for what he said and put an end to the Hodgman/Harriss ideological war on forests.” “The resignation of Forest Minister Harriss is the best news that the Forest Industry, the community and the economy has had for years.” “It is way past time that the Hodgman Government stopped interfering in the Forest Industry by using public money to drive an ideological agenda.” “The Hodgman/Harriss interference in the timber industry, has caused the ruin of efficient, viable businesses and prolonged the misery of those who should not be in the industry.” “That wasted $50 million could have gone a long way towards front line fire fighting services rather than cutting down rainforests” said Mr Booth. WEDNESDAY, February 17, PM: • ABC: Tasmania’s controversial Resources Minister Paul Harriss retires from...


Tasmanian Times: Lapoinya: The Blog ... "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

THURSDAY February 18 ... • Ruth Groom: Letter from Lapoinya #6 • Stewart Hoyt, Convenor for Forests of Lapoinya Action Group (FLAG). There is Still Time to Save Lapoinya. Stop Clear-felling Native Forests Rally on the Parliament Lawns Saturday 21 February 2016 12 Noon • Jenny Weber, Campaign Manager, Bob Brown Foundation ( ): FILM NIGHTS ... MONDAY, TUESDAY February 15, 16 ... Letter from Lapoinya #5 Protesting has been placed on the back-burner at Lapoinya due to increased threat of fires in the area in the last few days. … THE WEEKEND February 13, 14 ... • Letter from Lapoinya #4 … A fully loaded log truck from coupe Lapoinya was documented crossing the single lane wooden bridge on Lapoinya road contrary to the goodwill agreement made between Forestry Tasmania and the local community… THURSDAY February 11 ... • Stewart Hoyt: Forestry Tasmania, Forest Operations Hobart and Murchison District Office  To Whom It May Concern, Re: Safe Operating Procedures in FD053a,  Lapoinya Watch the video, below ... WEDNESDAY, February 10 ... Wednesday saw no peaceful community action in the Lapoinya coupe. Pictures speak a thousand words, take a look at this youtube video (see below) and see why a community of forest guardians and respectful peaceful protesters decided to delay actions until guarantees could be given that forestry workers and contractors would adhere to Work, Health and Safety regulations ... TUESDAY, February 9 ... On Monday night new arrivals received their “Peaceful Community Protest” training.  All participants learned about the basic principles of peaceful protest including why non-violence is quintessentially important, consensus decision making, and all agreed to abide by the following agreements ... MONDAY, February 8 ... Letter from Lapoinya (Mon 8th Feb) The peace of the forest is broken; instead of bird song the whine of the harvester screams its de...

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