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Wednesday, 17 February


Unpredictable Tropical Cyclone "Winston" to intensify and become quasi-stationary in South Pacific The Watchers » Latest articles

Tropical Cyclone "Winston" formed over the warm waters of South Pacific Ocean between Vanuatu and Fiji on February 11, 2016, and passed east of Tafea Province (Vanuatu) on February 12, as an Intense Tropical Cyclone. The system will intensify into a...... Read more »


BREAKING: Climate activists launch daring occupation of the California PUC, calling for agency to shut down all gas storage facilities Rising Tide North America

SAN FRANCISCO – Two Bay Area residents have occupied the ledge above the entrance to the headquarters of the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) today to protest the PUC’s failure to protect the Golden State from the climate and health impacts of methane from underground natural gas storage facilities.
A well blew out at SoCalGas’ Aliso Canyon facility near Porter Ranch on October 23, 2015. Since then, 96,000 metric tons of methane have escaped into the atmosphere, the equivalent of an additional 505,000 cars on the road for a year. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 86 times more climate-intensive than carbon dioxide. While SoCalGas reported last week that the leak had been plugged, the Aliso Canyon leak has been responsible for 25% of the state’s daily greenhouse gas emissions.
Aliso Canyon is one of 12 underground natural gas storage facilities in California, and one of 326 nationwide that use depleted oil and gas wells for storage for urban customers.
“While plugging the leak at Aliso Canyon has been a good step, today we are demanding that the PUC shut down all gas storage facilities; until they do, we are occupying the PUC,” said Christy Tennery-Spalding from Diablo Rising Tide, the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Rising Tide North America.
The PUC is one of two agencies responsible for oversight of underground natural gas storage facilities. The leaking well had not been inspected since 1976. The CEO of SoCalGas reported to the LA Weekly that a safety valve on the well had been removed in 1979.
“It is unconscionable that these regulators are putting people at risk while giving companies a pass. The last time Aliso Canyon was inspected by the PUC was the last time Jerry Brown was governor,” said Kelsey Baker, from Occupy San Francisco Environmental Justice, currently occupying the ledge over the PUC’s headquarters entrance.
SoCalGas is a division of Sempra Energy and uses the Aliso Canyon facility to store nat...


Farmers Key to Bringing Monarch Butterflies Back From the Brink of Extinction EcoWatch


With an unlikely ally on board, new solutions are emerging with the potential to...


No coal, no fracking: end fossil fuel production on UK soil by 2020! The Ecologist

The government makes bold claims about tackling climate change and phasing out coal power stations, writes Guy Shrubsole. Yet it's 'relaxed' about two huge new coal mines that would produce ten million tonnes of coal, blighting landscapes and afflicting the health of vulnerable communities. It's time to say no to all onshore fossil fuel production.


Fiji Becomes World’s First Country to Ratify Paris Agreement EcoWatch


Fiji is the first country in the world to formally approve the...


Roofs of Big Box Stores Key to Shifting America to a 100% Renewable Energy Future EcoWatch


The rooftops of America’s big box stores and shopping centers could host...


Notice to Members Fire Earth

CJ Members Program in progress on FIRE-EARTH Channels… For details of program and the Q & A session, tune in to your local channels. Starting Feb. 16, 2016 at 15:00 – 21:00, and 22:00 – 04:00 UTC  Filed under: News Alert Tagged: CJ Members, Fire-Earth Alert, FIRE-EARTH Program, Notice to Members, Q & A


Earth Institute Students Help an Urban Farm Rethink Its Future EcoWatch


A team of students in the Earth Institute’s Master of Science in Sustainability Management program traveled to...


3 Reasons Flint’s Water Is Poisoned EcoWatch


The catastrophic lead poisoning of the water supply in Flint is an appalling condemnation of...


What Is Nutrient Timing and Why Does It Matter? EcoWatch


Nutrient timing involves eating foods at strategic times in order to...


World’s First Vegan Supermarket Chain to Open in Portland EcoWatch


Veganz, the world's largest vegan grocery store chain, will open in...


Message from Mumia Abu-Jamal on Flint Water Crisis Earth First! Newswire

Mumia Abu Jamal / Counter Punch

flint-water-crisis“The state’s emergency manager created an emergency.”

If ever one wondered about the efficacy of a state government agency imposing officials on local governments, Flint has answered that question forever.

In April, 2014, the state-appointed emergency manager, in order to save money, ordered that the city’s water source be changed from Lake Huron to the notoriously polluted Flint River.

The switch unleashed a citywide disaster of disease, destruction, and death. Flint was a toxic river, rich in lead, a major pollutant that has devastating effects on brain development, speech and I.Q. levels in children. As soon as it was pumped into municipal water systems, the corrosive waters leached lead from the old pipes, and sped it to some 90,000 homes into the city.

Flint is now a poisoned city, because of its toxic water.

It also illustrates how officials from afar can cause a catastrophe at home. Now, tens of thousands of children who drank the water, and were bathed in the water, may suffer...


Obama’s Shortlist to Replace Antonin Scalia EcoWatch


Nearly 30 years ago, Antonin Scalia was approved by the Senate in a ...

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Tuesday, 16 February


Yellow fever outbreak reported in Angola The Watchers » Latest articles

An outbreak of yellow fever was reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) by the National IHR Focal Point of Angola on January 21, 2016. First cases of yellow fever were identified in the district of Viana in Luanda province on December 5, 2015. The infection...... Read more »



HATE CRIMES: ANIMAL RIGHTS GONE BONKERS. Speak Up For The Voiceless – International Animal Rescue Foundation – Environmental News and Media




Hi, my name is Dr Jose C. Depre. I run the International Animal Rescue Foundation, which is a self funded organisation founded by myself, and other [unnamed] environmentalists from around the globe. International Animal Rescue Foundation doesn’t ask for donations, however there are links upon our Facebook pages, and websites of which the public can send a donation. All donations go to good causes. Meanwhile, when or if we do urgently require donations, they are banked for anyone of the projects that we require urgent financial assistant for. Donations are then used for that particular [emergency animal or environmental project that we are trying our hardest to resolve], within some of the most hospitable regions on the planet.

Unfortunately even when we show evidence of expenditure, or projects that we have worked on to improve animal welfare past and present, we occasionally fall under some pretty nasty, and at times derogatory criticism from so called animal rights activists. The Vietnamese project of which we are still [self funding], and relying on public funding to establish this rescue has attracted some p...


Severe flooding and landslides hit Papua New Guinea The Watchers » Latest articles

Heavy rainfalls since February 12, 2016, triggered series of floods and landslides in Papua New Guinea. At least 3 people have been reported dead so far, and 200 homes have been damaged. The rescue attempts for survivors is ongoing in Sigiwagi, Chimbu Province, and...... Read more »

Cliff collapse and large sinkhole in response to Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand The Watchers » Latest articles

A cliff collapsed near the Taylor's Mistake Bay, Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 14, 2016, following an M5.7 earthquake recorded east of the city. Also, a large sinkhole formed on a Bower Ave, a local street in Christchurch, and the local road workers are...... Read more »


Will a $1billion cost saving at Lihir be a great outcome for local people and the environment? Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

“The company has spoilt our environment…I don’t know what the future holds for us”. Mrs. Francisca Wesparo and Thecka Inial are the only remaining elderly women at Londolovit.

“The company has spoilt our environment…I don’t know what the future holds for us”

Newcrest to expand Lihir for less

Esmarie Swanepoel | Mining Weekly | 15.02.2016

Australian gold producer Newcrest Mining on Monday reported that its board had approved the Lihir pit optimisation feasibility study, after a prefeasibility study (PFS) into a new plan proved viable.

The purpose of the new PFS was to optimise the integrated life-of-mine plan for the Lihir operation, in Papua New Guinea, including different mine sequencing and ore scheduling options, the most appropriate mining methods and civil engineering options.

The PFS estimated a forecast reduction in the estimated capital expenditure (capex) requirement for the seepage barrier to $125-million compared with the $1.29-billion price tag in a 2013 PFS, which included a cofferdam.

The mine plan now being evaluated under the feasibility study was based on three main stages, the first of which would occur from 2017 to 2021, and would include mining the Minifie and Lienetz deposits, using medium-trade stockpiles and prestrip work for successive cut backs.

Stage 2 would occur between 2022 and 2026, and would include mining at the Lienetz and Kapit deposits, medium- and low-grade stockpiles and prestrip for successive cutbacks....


New Gulpu mine will blow a hole in Vision 2050 and the Constitution Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

According to the government’s Vision 2050, strong economic growth has not translated into better living standards for the majority of the population and therefore Papua New Guinea needs to move away from an economy based on resource extraction and mineral exports to a more stable and resilient future based on local industries.

Vision 2050 says we need to shift an economy currently dominated by the mining and energy sectors, to one that is dominated by agriculture, forestry, fisheries, eco-tourism and manufacturing. This means reducing the level of mineral and energy export from their current 80% level to just 30% by 2050. Only in this way can we improve our human development and living standards.

But instead of following its own Vision, and honouring our National Goals, which demand self-reliance and national sovereignty and a respect for PNG ways, our government is committing itself to continuing along the same failed path that we have seen over the last twenty or thirty years – more mining, more logging and more misery for ordinary people while foreign corporation and a small elite make massive profits…

Zero external funding a possibility for new $2.6bn Harmony mine 

Martin Creamer | MIning Weekly | 15.02.2016

Gold mining company Harmony said on Monday that its current expectation was that it would not require any external funding to build the Golpu copper/gold mine with its 50% joint venture partner Newcrest and buy-in from the government of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The JSE-listed company estimated the first-stage project capital on a 100% basis at $2.6-billion, with an internal rate of return (IRR) of 16%.

Announcing the results of the initial feasibility study and the second-stage prefeasibility...


Climate Engineering, Runaway Climate Collapse, Dead Judges, And The Push Toward WWlll, What’s The Connection Geoengineering Watch

33Dane Wigington Connecting the dots involves standing back far enough to examine the bigger picture, all are a part of the picture. End games are being played out on many fronts as the walls close in from every direction. The quest for total control (including the weather), pursuing remaining resources, and the collapsing climate system, all are intertwined.


The race to avert disaster at the NT’s McArthur River Mine Papua New Guinea Mine Watch



Jane Bardon | ABC | 12.02.2016

When a giant toxic waste dump spontaneously ignited at one of the world’s largest zinc mines, serious questions were asked about how it could have happened. Jane Bardon investigates how regulators allowed a mine to operate with no known solutions to its massive waste problem.

In the Northern Territory’s Gulf country, Indigenous residents fear they’re on the cusp of an environmental disaster.

They’re calling for the McArthur River Mine, the world’s largest bulk zinc-lead-silver concentrate exporter, owned by the Anglo-Swiss company Glencore, to be closed because its waste rock dump and tailings dam are leaching acid, metals and salts into the McArthur River system.

But Glencore says its operation hasn’t contaminated fish in rivers outside its mine lease. It’s hoping to find solutions to the challenges it faces managing reactive waste rock on its site so it can get approval under a federal and Northern Territory government environmental impact statement (EIS) to keep on mining.

Approved as an underground mine in 1995, the mine was allowed to go open cut in 2006. In an move that outraged the area’s four Indigenous clans, the m...


Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hit near Auckland Islands, New Zealand The Watchers » Latest articles

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by Geoscience Australia as M6.3 hit near Auckland Islands, New Zealand at 19:28 UTC on February 15, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 15 km (9.3 miles). USGS is reporting M6.2 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles)....... Read more »

Extreme cold wraps the East US The Watchers » Latest articles

Extremely cold weather conditions wrapped 20 cities across the US East on February 14, 2016. Heavy snowfall and reduced visibility caused numerous traffic accidents. 3 people were reported dead and more than 70 injured. Lake-effect snow has been observed near...... Read more »



Government ban on fossil fuel divestment threatens future pensioners The Ecologist

The government is set to ban local authorities and their £14 billion pension funds divesting from companies they deem unethical, writes J W Bode. The law will specifically forbid divestment from fossil fuels - and that could put the pensions of future public sector retirees at risk.


Another Animal Dies at SeaWorld Bringing Death Toll to 4 Large Mammals in Just 4 Months EcoWatch


Yet another animal has died under SeaWorld’s watch, bringing the embattled...


The Skeena River Storm Latest News

In northern British Columbia, river communities band together to fight gas export terminal, protect salmon


Dr. Mark Hyman: Why Scientists Now Call Alzheimer’s ‘Type 3 Diabetes’ EcoWatch


What’s the link between Alzheimer’s and diabetes? New research shows...


A spell of unseasonably warm weather in Japan The Watchers » Latest articles

Parts of central and western Japan experienced a spell of spring-like weather over the weekend of February 13, 2016. Warm conditions, usually observed in July, were reported across the affected area, accompanied by heavy rainfall and strong winds. A warm air mass,...... Read more »


Earth First! Winter Moot next weekend: nourishment, inspiration and solidarity for eco-activists The Ecologist

Whether you're fighting fracking, coal mines, new roads or a third Heathrow runway, next weekend's Earth First! Winter Moot is for you, writes Louise Somerville Williams. Campaigners and activists from across the UK and beyond will gather in Stroud to build common strength in our struggle against ecological destruction, and to work for a world of social and environmental justice.


In Venezuela, “Socialism works” It Fixes Nothing – It Breaks Everything … Head Space

| Hungry people are easier to control. –Louis XVI | Venezuela Is Out of Food: Here’s What an Economic Collapse Really Looks Like (Excerpt) Venezuela is out of food. After several years of long lines, rationing, and shortages, the socialist country does not have enough food to feed its population, and the opposition government has declared […]


Brazilian State Suspends Larvicide Used to Combat Zika, Monsanto Slams ‘Rumors’ Regarding Virus EcoWatch


The "suspicion" of the larvicide's link to microcephaly led the organizations to decide to...


Warning to Fossil Fuel Investors: Coal and LNG Markets Shrinking Due to Competition From Renewables EcoWatch


Investors in fossil fuels are being warned that they may risk losing their ...


History Repeats Itself: National Socialism – Past and Present (The Psychology of Nazism) Head Space

PSYCHOLOGY OF NAZISM The automatization of the individual in modern society has increased the helplessness and insecurity of the average individual. Thus, they are ready to submit to new authorities which offer them security and relief from doubt. There are special conditions that are necessary to make this offer accepted; it will show that for […]


NASA: 4 Billion People at Risk as ‘Water Table Dropping All Over the World’ EcoWatch


A new analysis reveals that global water scarcity is a far greater problem than previously thought, affecting...


Rainforest Rescue Petition to Yahoo: Stop Ivory Trafficking NOW! Global Justice Ecology Project

Yahoo’s Japanese online commerce platforms are a hub for ivory from dubious sources. The internet giant is thus making itself an accomplice to the poachers that are driving the world’s elephants to extinction. Tell Yahoo to get out... Read More

The post Rainforest Rescue Petition to Yahoo: Stop Ivory Trafficking NOW! appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Watch John Oliver Slam Republicans for Attempting to Block Scalia and Access to the Ballot Box EcoWatch


HBO's John Oliver was back Sunday night with his first new episode of Last Week Tonight and he...


EDF's Hinkley C offices occupied as UK nuclear hopes wither The Ecologist

An occupation of EDF's site office for Hinkley C turned into a celebration today as the EDF Board postponed its 'final investment decision' for the tenth time. With strong opposition among French unions and the project afflicted by severe technical and financial problems, it's not just Hinkley that's going down, but the UK's entire nuclear programme.

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Monday, 15 February


Despite threats, Africa is looking to nuclear with Russia and China’s help

Scott Firsing, Monash University Many African countries are in the grip of a nuclear fad. They believe nuclear energy will bring with it an international currency of prestige. Countries with nuclear energy programs are seen as rich and technologically advanced and as a result possess advanced status compared to other […]

The post Despite threats, Africa is looking to nuclear with Russia and China’s help appeared first on


Republic of Congo awards two million hectares of timber concessions Mongabay Environmental News

[caption id="attachment_178634" align="alignleft" width="768"] In 2008, scientists with the Wildlife Conservation Society boosted Republic of the Congo population estimates for the Critically Endangered western lowland lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) to around 125,000 individuals. These animals and their habitat could be seriously threatened by poorly regulated logging operations. Photo by Rhett A. Butler[/caption] [dropcap type="3"]T[/dropcap]he Republic of the Congo announced the allocation of 6 timber concessions on January 8 covering 2 million hectares (7,722 square miles), an area about the size of Israel. Two of the concessions were awarded ahead of government-established bid deadlines, an apparent breach of protocol, with little explanation as to why. “Past operating modes no longer correspond to current issues,” said Henri Djombo, minister of the forest economy and sustainable development, who presided over the January forestry commission meeting. He was quoted in the newspaper, La Semaine Africaine, saying: “It is about changing culture.” Djombo’s office did not respond to Mongabay’s requests for comment. Simon Counsell, executive director of London-based NGO, Rainforest Foundation UK, said in an email that the fact that the commission did not wait for the completion of the bidding cycle hinted “very strongly at illegal or corrupt allocation processes.” The concession announcements come amid escalating criticism from researchers, conservation groups and forestry observers that the Republic of the Congo’s claimed progress toward a more legitimate logging sector may not be all it seems. [caption id="attachment_178642" align="alignleft" width="768"] Around 90 percent of the Republic of the Congo’s forests are earmarked for logging concessions,…


Genocide in Yemen Fire Earth

Saudi-led coalition exposing Yemeni population to a ‘deadly combination of violence, disease and deprivation’ The following statement is attributable to the UNICEF Representative in Yemen  “With no end in sight to the deadly conflict in Yemen, nearly 10 million children inside the country are now facing a new year of pain and suffering. “Continuous bombardment […]

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Sunday, 14 February


Zika spreads like wildfire, and there are more questions than answers CHANGING TIMES

_88082024_zika_virus_past_present_624_01022016The Zika virus is spreading like wildfire in Brazil and other countries of South America, and is causing international alarm. The symptoms of the virus itself are usually relatively mild and it is suspicions that Zika may be causing complications after infection that are causing the most concern.

However, some specialists have cast doubt on the suspected link between Zika (ZIKV) and the birth defect microcephaly, saying there could be other reasons for the increase in microcephaly cases in northern Brazil.

It is the suspicion that Zika is causing microcephaly that prompted the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare a global health emergency.

It is also believed that Zika may be to blame for an increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), in which the body’s immune system attacks peripheral nerves. The syndrome can cause devastating paralysis, and can be fatal.

Colombian health officials say that three people who died after contracting GBS were infected with the Zika virus.

WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier urges caution, however, and says the connection between Zika and GBS has not yet been proven.

The Venezuelan authorities report that three people have died from complications related to the Zika virus and officials in Brazil are investigating three deaths that they also think may be Zika-related.

There is now active local transmission of the Zika virus in 33 countries and territories, mostly in the Americas, and there are millions of reported cases.


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Saturday, 13 February


Arms, agribusiness, finance and fossil fuels: the four horsemen of the neoliberal Apocalypse The Ecologist

The world is in the grip of a structural war against people, land, economies and ecosystems, writes Colin Todhunter. It is being waged by a quartet of organised criminal interests bent on monopolizing energy, money, food and violence across the globe. But a deep-rooted resistance against their 'neoliberal' doctrine of death and destruction is fighting back.


In the footsteps of Gandhi: an interview with Vandana Shiva The Ecologist

Vandana Shiva is more than just a leading scientist, author and campaigner on green issues and anti-globalisation, writes Scott London. She is also among the most prominent of Mahatma Ghandi's intellectual heirs. In this interview, she discusses how this led her to be an outspoken voice on such crucial environmental issues as seed legacy, biopiracy and economic injustice.

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Friday, 12 February


Why Norway may open up its spectacular Lofoten archipelago to oil and gas firms The Ecologist

The Lofoten peninsula Norway’s Arctic North is not just stunningly beautiful. It's also home to the world’s largest deep water coral reef and full of wildlife. So why is the government saying it will have to be opened up to the oil and gas industry? Never mind the country's warm words on environment and climate change, writes Joseph Dutton. It's fossil fuels that rule the roost.


Forests for the Future – New Forests for Africa Working Conference Illegal Logging Portal

16 Mar 2016
Accra, Ghana

Reforestation and landscape restoration as means of combating climate change are now high on the agenda of many governments and organizations, especially in the wake of COP21 in Paris. Close cooperation between businesses and investors is needed to meet this challenge and to develop plantation forestry into a stable and sustainable business that will be beneficial to all involved. The opportunities for all stakeholders are huge.

A number of projects are already in place, and initiatives such as AFR100 are demonstrating a strong commitment, but the pace and scale of operations is still far too low to reverse forest loss.

The successful creation of new forests requires close, long-term commitment and cooperation between all parties. It is for this reason that we have set up a working conference on March 16 and 17, 2016 in Accra, Ghana.

The challenge of reforestation goes far beyond simply planting trees. Its impact on the planet and its inhabitants is far greater. The far-reaching implications of the topic under discussion will be reflected in the conference program and a number of best practices in reforestation will be shown and discussed. We are proud to announce that one of our keynote speakers will be the Honorable Mr. Kofi Annan, Chairman of the Kofi Annan Foundation...

Wednesday, 10 February


A green Wales is taking off - in spite of UK government policies The Ecologist

Despite Cameron's promise to lead the 'greenest Government ever', the environment has taken a heavy bashing since the 2015 election, writes David Clubb - whether on oil, fracking, renewable energy or planning policy. But Wales is doing its best to follow a sustainable path, and demonstrating badly needed environmental leadership that the whole UK would do well to follow.

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