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Sunday, 14 February


Liberal MP Stuart Robert's resignation as Australian Minister for Human Services raises more questions than it answers North Coast Voices

The following is a rough timeline covering the the not-so-illustrious political career of Stuart Rowland Robert, Liberal MP for Fadden (QLD) since 2007.

On 10 September 2010 Stuart Robert changed his Statement of Registrable Interests to reflect that he and his wife were no longer trustees for the Robert Family Trust and Robert Investments Family Trust, as well as ceasing to be directors and shareholders in Robert International Pty Ltd.

It is understood that new trustees are close family members of Robert.

In June 2013  then Shadow Minister for Defence, Science, Technology and Personnel  ...


Nationals MP for Page Kevin Hogan enthusiasically behind Nationals' federal leadership change? North Coast Voices

If the glum face is anything to go by, Nationals MP for Page Kevin Hogan may have shared the feelings of many on the NSW North Coast when the new Nationals leadership team of Deputy Prime Minister & Leader of the Nationals Barnaby Joyce and Deputy Leader Fiona Nash was announced.

Original image found on Twitter

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Saturday, 13 February


A very disingenuous sentence Catallaxy Files

Now, children in detention are not being tortured by the Australian government.

Gerard Henderson.

Yes. I have no doubt that sentence is strictly legally true. Yet I find myself uncomforted by reading it. Much like:

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.


“parasites living off the state” Catallaxy Files

Them’s fighting words. That’s Peter van Onselen describing our political classes.

It’s hard to know where to start when picking over what factors turn good people into parasites living off the state, all the while extolling their own virtue as public servants: frontbenchers (on both sides) creating work near the venues of weddings and special events they want to socialise at, so that you, the taxpayer, have to cover the travel costs rather than themselves; or when going on book tours or family holidays. Want to attend the Melbourne Cup or the Australian Open tennis? Just grab a coffee with someone, anyone, connected to your portfolio responsibility as a minister and you are there, at the taxpayers’ expense. While the sports minister has good reason to attend such events, when any other minister does so (much less with their spouse) it is an out-and-out rort, even if it’s technically within the rules. “Within entitlements” is the phrase spat back at inquiries about such (mis)use of expenses, as though that somehow justifies the action.

I don’t disagree with this part of his argument – I have argued before that entitlements should be managed as standard work place deductions through the tax system.

PVO, however, touches on other things too and to my mind confuses the issues.

It was Joe Hockey who during the Howard years exclaimed that the prices businesspeople had to pay to have access to ministers at party fundraiser events were pretty good value. But I also can confirm that Hockey (among many others) loathed attending fund­raisers as some sort of performing seal. The retiring father of the house, Philip Ruddock, was auctioned off for a walk at his 30-year celebration in parliament (a...


CSIRO cuts slammed around the world Independent Australia

CSIRO cuts slammed around the worldFar from being seen as "innovative", Australia has been internationally condemned for the latest sweeping cuts to the CSIRO, which undermine Australia's ability to meet its Paris promises. DeSmogBlog's Graham Readfearn reports. read now...


“The assumption of permanence is the illusion of every age” Catallaxy Files

The great Mark Steyn is in Australia and has a posting on his website with the cryptic title Wanted: More Warts. Read the post, and then read the interview with Christian Kerr his post is based on: Europe’s open doors are a civilisation death wish (so, by the way, are America’s). This is from the interview:

Free speech is at the heart of Steyn’s message. He is surprised that the controversial section 18c of our Racial Discrimination Act is still standing when his own country successfully repealed the equivalent parts of its Human Rights Act in 2013.

“Free peoples are losing the habit of free speech,” he says. “They’re taught, not really just at university but in fact from kindergarten, that there is a correct view of certain subjects and that incorrect views are distressing. The last two generations raised in the Western world, they don’t do that thing, the apocryphal Voltaire line, ‘I disagree with what you say but I’ll fight to the death for you to.’ They’ll fight to the death for you not to be allowed to say it.”

The consequences can be disturbing. “People can actually lose the spirit of liberty and once you’ve lost that there are not a lot of easy paths back,” he cautions.

How stupid we are in not protecting what we have from marauders. It is not too late, but it is getting later by the day.


Medical indemnity insurance: Is it worth it? Independent Australia

Medical indemnity insurance: Is it worth it?Notwithstanding the recent announcement by Senators Nick Xenophon and John Madigan of a senate inquiry into bullying in the health profession, Dr Don Kane asks whether medical indemnity insurance is worth it. read now...


The Lavrov and Kerry Show political geometry

Foreign Ministers Lavrov and Kerry of the Undead States of the Soviet Union and Amerika respectively, proposing novel solutions to the carnage in Syria

eg sowing dragon's teeth and raising voodoo armies


Acting Prime Minister political geometry

Malcolm Turnbull can't wait to leave the country so Barnaby Joyce can have a go as acting PM. Noone can

He'll set up a caravan and some fishing rods next to the tailings dam of some huge coalmine, put on a funny hat and stick a piece of grass in his mouth, cause he loves the environment


Earth is running a fever - not that the CSIRO will be reporting on it now Independent Australia

Earth is running a fever - not that the CSIRO will be reporting on it nowThe earth is running a fever but PM Turnbull thinks the CSIRO has more important things to do than investigate climate changes, says Peter Boyer. read now...


There's just time to bang the bigoted reptile drum one more time ... loon pond

But enough of politics and the notion of the pond taking a short break, because the whole world is waiting on the cabinet shuffle of the deck chairs on the Maltanic.

How Malware must be pleased that he has Bill Shorten to save him, and yes, the pond is staying tucked safely inside this day in bed, for fear of stumbling across a Shortenista in the streets, on the way to the town hall ...

If Bill turns up on the TV, the pond can be relied upon to reach for the remote, but strangely, the pond gazed in awe last night at The Drum, transfixed like a wedding guest in company of an ancient mariner ...

Now Polonius has prattled in his usual ineffable way about The Drum ...

Well the goose would say that, wouldn't he? If it isn't B A Santamaria, it shouldn't be on the telly. Oh unless it's a doc about Ming the Merciless ...

Ah, the fine, almost lost a...


You go to war with the army you have Catallaxy Files

I read the comments on Donald Trump in 2013 with some dismay. We are now down to seven people who might become President of the United States:

Jeb Bush
Hillary Clinton
Ted Cruz
John Kasich
Marco Rubio
Bernie Sanders
Donald Trump

Maybe Joe Biden might get into this at some stage, or Michael Bloomberg, or Ben Carson may come back into it, but that’s all that’s left. That’s it. No one else. It is one of the above and no other.

Then there are the problems the United States now confronts – the US being our last hope for a defence of the West – problems from open immigration, a rapidly descending economy and a clueless millennial generation who you could easily imagine voting in a Hugo Chavez. And so I said, after watching the video of Trump in 2013, that Trump is the best of the lot. He not only has sentiments that match my own [92% as it happens] but he has the force of personality that might actually bring it off. He is our Churchill circa 1940.

I can see just as easily as anyone else that he is not your standard issue highly polished product of the elite establishment in the US. He is crass and loud and bumptious and vulgar. All true, but he is also smart, and shrewd, and tuned in and hard edged. But most of all, the things he wants are the things I want, the most important ones being the preservation of the United States as the land of the free and the defender of our values. He also has the one element none of the others on the Republican side have, a fighting will that will not be pushed around by the media and the left.

And I am not even going to say something like he’s not perfect, because, for all I know, given the way things are and what now needs to be done, he may well be exactly what is needed. He may exactly suit the times we are in.



Quote of the Week North Coast Voices

"Four banks, and we all know who they are – the Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Westpac, and ANZ – three big mining companies, in Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, and Fortescue Metals, you've got your two big grocery chains, and you've got your big telco, which is Telstra…..They have "unprecedented concentration of corporate influence" in Australia…...
The entire political debate has become so dominated by the interests that they're pushing, and the agenda that they're pushing. And [we've] ended up with this complete crowding out of a proper political discourse in this country because there is one sectional interest that is so much louder than every other voice out there combined." [Labor Senator Sam Dastyari quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 February 2016]


Friday, 12 February


Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce Independent Australia

Prime Minister Barnaby JoyceIt's been a week of ructions and divisions, belated resignations, bizarre promotions, perplexing awards and humiliating backdowns — all of them on the conservative / reactionary side of politics, writes managing editor Dave Donovan. read now...


Shorten must show courage and back Senate Inquiry into Super Rich Death Tax: Lambie Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie and Victorian Senate Candidate Hugh Dolan have called on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to show some political courage and back a Senate Inquiry into a Super Rich Death Tax.

“A brilliant article today by Peter Martin (see here) proves that the Liberal’s GST increase was a sly attempt at a reverse Robin Hood (give to the rich, while taking from the poor).

Rare photo of Treasurer at time of GST debate

Rare photo of Treasurer at time of GST debate

And while I know the Liberal party and Malcolm Turnbull will fight any tax like hell that targets their super rich friends, I still have hope Bill Shorten and Labor will be reasonable,” said Senator Lambie.

“Even though the Labor party receives in political donations hundreds of thousands from Australia’s BRW top 200 rich list – (see table 1 below), its now time for Bill, as leader, to show he has the courage to stand up for the battlers, while making the rich pay their fair share,” said Victorian Senate Candidate Hugh Dolan.

“After listening to charity leader Tim Costello yesterday, it’s clear that he informed our nation that his new tax would only affect 0.8% of Australians while it raised an extra $5B a year for budget repair – from our rich.

“However, after listening to Scott Morrison and our Prime Minister during the recent GST debate, it’s clear that they informed o...


Absent even the drover's dog, Barnaby snags the Nats leadership unopposed Independent Australia

Absent even the drover's dog, Barnaby snags the Nats leadership unopposedAbsent even the drover's dog (apologies to Bill Hayden), the clownish Barnaby Joyce seized the leadership of the Nats unopposed and, to an astonished public, became our new deputy prime minister. David Tyler reports. read now...

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