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Thursday, 11 February


Echonetdaily: Sewage overload "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

I have written several letters over the past years concerning Byron Shire Council, including my concerns about the level of infiltration occurring during high rainfall into the gravity sewer mains in Mullumbimby. The previous director of water and recycling and his engineering staff submitted to council in 2011 that the infiltration of the Mullumbimby gravity mains had been resolved. The evidence used to support this was a reduction in sewer-pump run hours. What the director failed to add was that this had been done by replacing the existing pumps with substantially larger pumps. This meant that pump-run hours would be reduced.

There was a consultant’s report supplied to the then Brunswick Waste Water Steering Committee in 2006. That report in part stated that unless the Mullumbimby infiltration was stopped Vallances Road STP would be hydraulically overloaded within four years.

The Vallances Road Sewage Treatment Plant was commissioned in 2011 and the Clause 45 ‘Sewerage Moratorium’ was lifted.

There have been reports of biosolids being dumped on the riverbank from the Vallances Road STP during high rainfall that are extremely offensive in odour. This is a sign that a plant of this design is showing signs of being hydraulically overloaded.

The only way to substantiate that the infiltration had been stopped would be to examine the daily inflow and daily rainfall figures recorded by the operator in charge on the operational sheet at the Vallances Road plant to see if there are larger inflows during rain periods in Mullumbimby. This data recording is required by government authorities.

If the data confirm that infiltration problems exist then the information given to the elected Council by BSC’s sewer management should be re-examined.

Alan Dickens, Brunswick Heads


The post Sewage overload appeared first on...


Shepparton Interfaith Network: Leadership Victoria Course for Shepparton "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Shepparton Interfaith Network is a partner in the forthcoming New and Emerging Communities Leadership Program to be conducted in Shepparton. The New and Emerging Communities Leadership Program (NECLP) provides an outstanding opportunity for potential and current leaders from new and emerging communities across Victoria to build their leadership skills and capacity in order to contribute ... Read more...


jacksjottings: All Surfing is Good. "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

It is all out there.

It is all out there.

Give me a Wave.

Go for it.

Go for it.

To navigate through the World Wide Web, is called ‘surfing the web’ or spending time on the Internet. Cyberspace is like a vast ocean. So surfing the net is an appropriate metaphor. Surfing the ocean waves is physically good for you and surfing the Webb is a good mental exercise. Surfing the web is mentally surfing invisible waves.

Go for it in the library on the computer or real ocean waves.

Go for it in the library on the computer or real ocean waves.

To learn I read mostly nonfiction. Educational, do it yourself type books I struggled with what I called ‘heavy books’ they were like trying to read a foreign language. I found a dictionary helpful but the going was a tedious slog.



Echonetdaily: And the award goes to… "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Bluesfest director Peter Noble. Photo Eve Jeffery

Bluesfest director Peter Noble. Photo Eve Jeffery

The Countdown is now on to the 27th Byron Bay Bluesfest. On 26 January festival director Peter Noble, who ironically describes himself as ‘an old angry motherfucker!’ was awarded the very prestigious OAM – Order of Australia medal for his services to the music industry.

With fifty years plus in the industry the man and his event have garnered a lot of awards. You’d need a trailer to move them.

Just last year there was the Best Major Event for North Coast Tourism and Festival of the Year at the Pan Australasian Award. There have been not one, or even two, but four Helpmann Awards for Best Contemporary Music Festival, a Rolling Stone award  back in 2007 for Contribution to Australian music and even a Grammy Award in 2008 for Best Zydeco or Cajun Music Album for Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience. Something like 28 awards in fact, and numerous nominations, the most impressive being on the global stage alongside festivals such as Glastonbury for International Festival of the Year Pollstar Awards.

So how does an ‘angry old motherfucker’ celebrate his OAM?

‘Annika [his partner] went to the opening of Elements the night before so my family celebration in the morning didn’t happen because they couldn’t get out of bed! Must have been a good opening! So I went down to...


Echonetdaily: Terrific Talking Twats! "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Zenith Virago at the 2015 V-Day celebrations on Byron's Main Beach. Photo Tree Faerie.

Zenith Virago at the 2015 V-Day celebrations on Byron’s Main Beach. Photo Tree Faerie.

This Sunday is Valentines Day. And before you think it’s all wine and roses and corny cards about true love, remember that it’s also V Day – part of a global revolution to protest against violence against women and children around the world…

Starting at 7.30am on Main Beach with a flashmob (wear red!) and culminating in a powerful contemporary show created by local women: Vagina Conversations at the Byron Theatre in the evening.
Organiser and event MC Zenith Virago spoke with The Echo.

Tell me about the concept of Vagina Conversations.

Having been involved as MC in the Vagina Monologues productions for the past two years here, and for another production which you were also part of some years ago, it is always abundantly clear that women want to talk about, listen about, laugh and cry and shout about their vaginas.

I have been thinking for a while that we need to tell new, more contemporary, evolved stories. Our stories. ...


Echonetdaily: Music Roundup – February 11, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

daveraw_img02_hiresThe Music of the Machine

2015 Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement for Songwriting award winners

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings have made their long-awaited return to Australia with two very special shows at the Bangalow A&I Hall this weekend.

‘We are very excited, once again, to be bringing our songs and ourselves, and a few of our good friends, all the way from Tennessee to the land of Australia way down under.

‘We will be driving the wild back roads from Perth to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane… come out and say howdy when we roll in to town!’

– Gillian Welch & David Rawlings.

The dynamic duo were last here a long 11 years ago in 2004. No-one had quite expected the sublime beauty and simple complexity of their voices and instruments in their live shows. From the grandious Forum Theatre in Melbourne to the tiny Meeniyan Town Hall, they slayed ’em all in shows.

Dave Rawlings Machine play in support of the recently released and critically acclaimed album Nashville Obsolete, which features seven original compositions written by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. The Machine live band will feature Dave and Gillian, a...


Echonetdaily: Lismore woman a finalist in regional woman of the year "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Jodie McRae, who won the Lismore Citizen of the Year is now in the running for the NSW Regional Woman of the Year. (Facebook)

Jodie McRae, who won the Lismore Citizen of the Year is now in the running for the NSW Regional Woman of the Year. (Facebook)

Jodie McRae of Lismore has been named a finalist for the 2016 Rex Airlines Regional Woman of the Year Award.

Mrs McRae, who has been battling cancer, founded ‘Jodie’s Inspiration’ , a non-profit organization which raised more than $100,000.

The money was used to buy two cold cap therapy machines for a local oncology unit that help people retain their hair during chemotherapy.

Lismore MP Thomas George said Mrs McRae had been chosen from a field of almost 250 nominees.

‘She is truly an inspiration and a role model for us all,’ Mr George said.

The 2016 NSW Women of the Year Awards are a chance for the NSW Government and the community to officially recognise the outstanding contribution of exceptional women in NSW.

Nominees for the 2016 NSW Women of the Year fall into five categories – the Premier’s Award for Women of the Year, Harvey Norman Young Women of the Year, A.H. Beard Community Hero, REX Airlines Regional Woman of the Year and NSW Aboriginal Woman of the Year.

Mr George said too often successful women don’t get the recognition that they deserve, particularly for those in the field of volunteering.

‘These awards are our chance to honour some of the many women, like Jodie, who have contributed so much to this state and to their local community,” Mr George said.

‘I urge everyone in the local communi...


Echonetdaily: Environmentalists celebrate end of ‘dead koala’ power plan "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The North Coast Environment Council (NCEC) has congratulated the Labor opposition for refusing to allow woodchipping of north-coast native forests for energy generation. Photo NCEC

The North Coast Environment Council (NCEC) has congratulated the Labor opposition for refusing to allow woodchipping of north-coast native forests for energy generation. Photo NCEC

North coast environment groups have praised the state opposition for ruling a line through the government’s plan to use woodchips from local forests to fuel furnaces in the pursuit of so-called renewable energy.

Susie Russell, vice-president of the North Coast Environment Council (NCEC), who travelled to Sydney for a meeting with opposition leader Luke Foley and shadow environment minister Penny Sharpe MLC yesterday, said their commitment not to allow forests to be burnt in power stations, would see the industry ‘dead before it gets off the ground’.

‘We are heartened that Luke Foley has given a categorical undertaking to not allow forest wood to be substituted for coal, or for stand-alone forest fired power stations to be part of the energy mix in NSW,’ Ms Russell said.

‘We know that the government-run Forestry Corporation is pinning its hopes on a new woodchip industry to try and...


Echonetdaily: Cattle spooked by chopper searching for cannabis "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A police officer with cannabis photographed during a previous northern rivers raid. (supplied)

A police officer with cannabis photographed during a previous northern rivers raid. (supplied)

Darren Coyne

Growers (and farmers) beware … the choppers are in the air.

The police helicopter and its ground troops were spotted out Uki way earlier this week, with reports that their low-level surveillance for cannabis was again scaring livestock and children in the area.

A property owner along Blue Knob Road received a call while she was at work in Nimbin that almost 30 of her cattle had ended up on the road.

The cattle reportedly escaped through a barbed wire fence after being spooked by the choppers, with a number of the animals receiving injuries.

This morning, an Echonetdaily source has reported a large contingent of police – dressed in black t-shirts with ‘Police’ on the back – were congregating at Durrumbul Hall near Mullumbimby.

Further social media posts indicate properties in the Main Arm area were being buzzed mid-morning.

Tweed Byron Local Area Command has been contacted about the sighting but had not responded to a request for information prior to deadline.

Hemp Embassy president Michael Balderstone said the annual cannabis eradication pr...


Echonetdaily: Ewingsdale siege "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

There are moves afoot, well underway, to have the Byron Shire LEP amended to suit developers of the site known as Lot 101, being the property next to the new hospital. In order for this mega development (under the pretentious name of ‘senior housing’) to proceed, the LEP needs to be adjusted.

Why do we have an LEP in the first place if anybody can come along and get it changed?

Ewingsdale has been and still is a rural residential subdivision. When we bought there, over 20 years ago, we bought for that reason. We wanted space around us. We didn’t want to chop up our garden to make a profit. We enjoyed having certain amounts of privacy and freedom. We also expected this to last.

Is it ‘selfish’ to want what we were promised to remain that way? Is it unreasonable to expect the councillors that represent the people of Byron Shire to do the job they are paid to do and look after the interest of the people and not kowtow to outside developers with their over-the-top plans to denude and destroy our way of life with the stroke of a pen?

If this development goes ahead, including a shopping centre the size of the IGA complex, it will forever change the gateway to Byron Bay. No matter what the architects tell us they intend to do with their fancy words and modern ideas, it will be a sprawling blight in the Byron Shire.

This is all about money and profit, not caring for the elderly, and I assure you that if this goes ahead we will all look back and wonder ‘How did we let this happen?’

Jenny Gordon, Ewingsdale


The post Ewingsdale siege appeared first on Echonetdaily.

10:21 Government slips another $25m to Syria and Iraq while food producers and regional towns struggle to survive "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"


Does this make you proud Julie and Malcolm you are both a bloody disgrace

Federal Government creates emergency relief fund for Indo-Pacific region yet leaves our farmers and small business in regional areas to cope with predatory banks and their dodgy receivers selling off farms and closing businesses. Where is the Labor Party Opposition?

The federal government has announced it will provide a further $25 million in funding towards aid in Syria and Iraq.

The funding will be drawn out of Australia’s emergency relief fund, which is usually provided to disaster-stricken areas in the Indo-Pacific region. There is no relief fund set up by government for Australian disasters to draw from.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced the funding at the Syria Donors Conference in London on Thursday. It brings Australia’s total assistance to Iraq and Syria to $258 million since 2011.

On Tuesday, Bishop met with a small group of foreign ministers, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Syria and how they can combat the Islamic State.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull congratulates Julie Bishop for donating yet another $25m to Syria as Australian farmers and regional towns struggle to survive bank foreclosures and s...


Echonetdaily: Death or injury ‘inevitable’ on Coolamon Scenic Drive "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Multiple wet-weather single-vehicle accidents are happening on the same stretch of Coolamon Scenic Drive. Photo Brad Garnham

Multiple wet-weather single-vehicle accidents are happening on the same stretch of Coolamon Scenic Drive. Photo Brad Garnham

A resident of the Byron Bay hinterland says Byron Shire Council has ‘dragged its feet for a year’ over a dangerous stretch of Coolamon Scenic Drive near St Helena hill.

The section of road is located about 100 metres past the house with the old petrol bowser out front.

Brad Garnham told The Echo that it is particularly dangerous owing to it being the first tight corner when travelling west from the highway.

‘The evidence of multiple and regular wet-weather single-vehicle accidents here should be more than ample motivation for the council to sort it out. It’s a disgrace that nothing has been done here’.

Mr Garnham says he followed up his initial contact with Council a few months later but no action has been taken. He said, ‘Disturbingly it’s been 12 months since I lodged the alert.’



Echonetdaily: Putting a positive spin on helping needy kids "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Get fit and help needy kids by joining the annual Variety Cycle, which passes through Byron Bay.

Get fit and help needy kids by joining the annual Variety Cycle, which passes through Byron Bay.

In 2016, Australia’s most ‘spoketacular’ charity cycling event, the Variety Cycle is urging participants to challenge themselves for Aussie kids in need.

Now in its third year, the new route for 2016 will see cyclists take in the beautiful east coast of Australia, cycling from Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef

Participants can take on the full 15 day ride, or choose their challenge with a range of one, two day and seven day routes, including Sydney to Byron Bay.

This life-changing journey will see a philanthropic peloton clip themselves in and travel through some of Australia’s most scenic regions from April 2nd to 16th. The Variety Cycle 2016 boasts a greater range of shorter cycles than ever before, making it the ideal adventure for everyone from novices through to elite athletes.

The range of options include the full 15 day Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef cycle (2002 kms), challenging seven day cycles from Sydney to Byron Bay route (1023 kms) or Brisbane to Great Barrier Reef (979 kms) as well as three choices of two day cycles (Sydney to Maitland (223kms), Brisbane to Noosa (229kms) or Bundaberg to the Great Barrier Reef (358kms) and the one day ride from Sydney to The Entrance (104kms).

‘The Variety Cycle is more than just a bike ride; it gives participants an exclusive insight into Variety’s vital work and how their fundraising supports Aussie kids in ne...


Echonetdaily: NORPA’s Bundjalung Brothers funded "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Left to right: Mikael Smith - Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council (project partners) Mick Ryan - Bundjalung Elders Council (project partner) Mitch King - NORPA Trainee Associate Producer Julian Louis - Artistic Director NORPA & co-director/devisor 'Three Brothers' Thomas George MP - Member for Lismore

Left to right: Mikael Smith – Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council (project partners)
Mick Ryan – Bundjalung Elders Council (project partner)
Mitch King – NORPA Trainee Associate Producer
Julian Louis – Artistic Director NORPA & co-director/devisor ‘Three Brothers’
Thomas George MP – Member for Lismore

NORPA’s collaborative project Bundjalung Nghari – Three Brothers is the latest of the company’s locally created Generator productions to receive a Regional Partnerships grant from Arts NSW.



Echonetdaily: WHO urges safe sex in Zika areas "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

New generation condoms being developed by donations from Bill Gates will offer greater sexual pleasure, promoting their wider use.

Women in Zika infected areas are being encouraged by WHO to require their partners use condoms in an effort to halt the spread of the disease, even though regular sexual transmission has yet to be established.

GENEVA – [AAP] Women in areas with the Zika virus can protect themselves, especially during pregnancy, by covering up against mosquitoes and practising safe sex through the use of condoms, says the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Geneva-based United Nations agency issued recommendations on Wednesday for women regarding microcephaly and other neurological disorders linked to the mosquito-borne Zika virus that has been found in more than 30 countries including Brazil, where babies with birth defects have been reported.

It did not recommend travel restrictions, instead suggesting that women consult their doctors or authorities if travelling.

More evidence is needed to confirm whether sex commonly transmits the Zika virus, WHO said, noting that Zika has been found in semen and citing a report of sexual transmission in the United States.

There is no vaccine or treatment for Zika.

Pregnant women in general, including those who develop symptoms of Zika virus infection, should see their health care provider for close monitoring.

But WHO was also somewhat reassuring, declaring: ‘Most women in Zika-affected areas will give birth to normal infants.’

Microcephaly is a rare condition where a baby...


Echonetdaily: Greens, ALC want targets to Close the Gap "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

NSW Aboriginal Land Council president Roy Ah See. Photo ABC Open

NSW Aboriginal Land Council president Roy Ah See. Photo ABC Open

The Greens and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) have said the Australian government needs to put teeth into its Close the Gap policy if it is to have any significant affect.

The NSWALC believes federal and state governments need to ‘close the knowledge gap’ and directly involve Aboriginal people in decision-making if they are serious about closing the gap on disadvantage.

NSWALC Chair Roy Ah-See welcomed prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s continued commitment to ‘closing the gap’ but warned progress would only be achieved by increasing Aboriginal participation in decision-making.

The Aboriginal-led Close the Gap Steering Committee has made nine detailed recommendations to Government about how the Closing the Gap strategy can be improved. These include the adoption of targets to reduce imprisonment and violence, improvements in data collection, more action on mental health and increased funding to tackle smoking.

‘NSWALC urges the Government to act on what the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experts in the field are telling it and adopt the Close the Gap Committee’s recommendations.

‘Aboriginal people must be front...


Echonetdaily: Suicide bombs kill more than 60 in Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Germany's President Joachim Gauck, left, greets woman and children during a visit to the camp of people displaced by Boko Haram extremists in recent years, on the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria, Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Two female suicide bombers at a another camp in the town of Dikwa have been linked to the group. (AP Photo/Olamikan Gbemiga)

Germany’s President Joachim Gauck, left, greets woman and children during a visit to the camp of people displaced by Boko Haram extremists in recent years, on the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria, Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Two female suicide bombers at a another camp in the town of Dikwa have been linked to the group. (AP Photo/Olamikan Gbemiga)

MAIDUGURI – [AAP] Two female suicide bombers have killed more than 60 people at a camp for people displaced by an insurgency of the jihadist Boko Haram group in the northeast Nigerian town of Dikwa.

The attack occurred 85km outside the capital of Borno state, centre of the seven-year insurgency, military officials said on Wednesday. It took place on Tuesday, but a breakdown in the telephone system prevented the incident being made public earlier.

The tw...


Echonetdaily: Mum of IS fighter widow ‘devastated’ "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Karen Nettleton. Photo ABC

Karen Nettleton. Photo ABC

CANBERRA – [AAP] The mother of an Australian woman who followed her Islamic State supporter husband to Syria is devastated at her death.

Tara Nettleton died of an infection – either kidney or appendix related – in the IS stronghold of Raqqa around September, according to The Australian and Fairfax Media.

‘I am devastated because I wasn’t able to be at my daughter’s side,’ her Sydney-based mother Karen Nettleton told The Australian.

Nettleton leaves behind her five children with IS fighter Khaled Sharrouf, as well as a baby granddaughter.

Sharrouf is believed to have been killed during the fighting last year, although this has never been officially confirmed and there’s been some speculation he might still be alive.

Information from inside Syria and Iraq on the fates of Australians who have joined IS is scant and difficult to substantiate due to the war being waged across both middle eastern countries.

Last year, it was revealed Tara Nettleton’s eldest daughter, Zaynab, 14, had been married to Sharrouf’s Australian mate and fellow IS fighter Mohamed Elomar.

The teenager later gave birth to a daughter, now believed to be about eight weeks old.

But Elomar was already dead,...


Echonetdaily: Life in jail recommended for former Chad dictator "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Former Chadian leader Hissene Habre (C) is escorted in to stand trial at the Palais de Justice in Dakar, Senegal, 20 July 2015. This is the first universal jurisdiction case to proceed to trial in Africa. EPA/STR

Former Chadian leader Hissene Habre (C) is escorted in to stand trial at the Palais de Justice in Dakar, Senegal, 20 July 2015. This is the first universal jurisdiction case to proceed to trial in Africa. EPA/STR


Prosecutors in the landmark human rights trial of former Chad ruler Hissene Habre recommended life in prison if he is convicted of war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture, according to Senegal state radio.

Habre, who ruled Chad from 1982 to 1990, went on trial in the Senegalese capital last July and a verdict is expected this year. It is the first time a domestic court system in one country has tried a former leader of another on rights charges.

Rights advocates say the case offers an alternative avenue for justice to the International Criminal Court based in The Hague. Many African leaders have voiced scepticism about the ICC on the grounds that it has investigated abuses mainly in Africa.

Habre was deposed in a coup in 1990 and fled into exile in Senegal. He was detained in 2000 and in 2012 a Belgian judge obtained a ruling f...


Echonetdaily: Truss tipped to follow Robb and retire "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Deputy prime minister Warren Truss. Photo AAP

CANBERRA –  [AAP] Deputy prime minister Warren Truss is expected to reveal his retirement from politics one day after trade minister Andrew Robb confirmed he was calling it quits.

Mr Robb on Wednesday announced he won’t contest the next election, saying he felt the time was right to leave politics and hand over the baton to the next generation in the Liberal Party.

He believes the Turnbull government is in ‘great shape’ and no longer requires his assistance.

His announcement came amid reports Mr Truss was expected to make his retirement intentions clear on Thursday.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull hailed Mr Robb the most successful trade minister in the country’s history, noting three ‘enormous’ free trade deals with China, Japan and Korea signed on his watch.

The prime minister also pointed to his work securing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a historic trade agreement between 11 countries including the United States and China.

Mr Robb, 64, has ambitions to work in the private sector and mental health and doesn’t want to leave it too late.

‘I’d be 68, 69 after the next term, and I felt that was leaving it too late,’ he told ABC’s 730 on Wednesday evening.

But he won’t be leaving the ministry in a hurry, confirming the prime minister wanted him to stay on potentially fo...


Echonetdaily: NATO to ‘deter’ Russia on Europe attacks "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lithuanian Defence Minister Juozas Olekas. EPA/Wojciech Pacewicz

Lithuanian Defence Minister Juozas Olekas. EPA/Wojciech Pacewicz

BRUSSELS –  [RAW] NATO has agreed to its boldest steps yet to deter Russia from any attack in the Baltics or eastern Europe, setting out ways to rapidly deploy air, naval and ground forces without resorting to Cold War-era military bases.

In an effort to dissuade Moscow after its 2014 annexation of Crimea, NATO defence ministers decided to rely on a network of new alliance outposts, forces on rotation, warehoused equipment and regular war games, all backed by a rapid-reaction force.

‘Russia is a threat,’ Lithuanian Defence Minister Juozas Olekas told Reuters on Wednesday at an alliance meeting in Brussels.

‘It is Moscow’s actions in Crimea, their support for separatists in Ukraine and their snap exercises that concern us’.

The measures, which British Defence Minister Michael Fallon said proved that ‘NATO means what it says’, showed a unity the West has not been able to muster against Russia in Syria, where the United States faces criticism for not stopping the Russian-backed assaults on reb...


Focus On Fauna: To Bee or not to bee? "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

In a recent photo competition run by the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network one of the most popular subjects was the Blue-banded Bee (Amegilla cingulate), pictured above. Speaking to the photographers it appeared that this was the first time that they had seen these striking insects in their respective localities. Indeed a blog on this very […]


Echonetdaily: Dietary control of diabetes could save millions: CSIRO "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

CSIRO associate professor Grant Brinkworth. Photo TheConversation

CSIRO associate professor Grant Brinkworth. Photo TheConversation

Adelaide researchers have developed a diet and exercise program which has proven to be highly effective in reducing the burden of type 2 diabetes, with an average 40 per cent reduction in medication levels.

The diet incorporates an eating pattern that is very low in carbohydrates and higher in protein and unsaturated fats. The program is based on the findings from a $1.3 million National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) funded study, which compared the low carbohydrate eating pattern with the current best practice approach of managing type 2 diabetes with a high-unrefined carbohydrate, low fat diet.

‘The research results are ground breaking,’ Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth, principal research scientist at the CSIRO said.

‘Health professionals have been divided over the best dietary approach for managing type 2 diabetes, and the ongoing uncertainty is a hotly debated topic amongst clinicians and researchers.

‘The most amazing benefit of the low carbohydrate diet was the reduction in the patient’s medication levels, which was more than double the amount than the volunteers following the lifestyle program with the high-carbohydrate diet plan.

‘Some of the participa...


the food eXchange radio show: 5 February 2016 food eXchange radio show "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

From kale to kohlrabi or taters to tommies, whether its stick or carrot, it’s time to veg out with Farmer Robbie from Somerset Heritage Produce on episode 5/2/16 of the food eXchange radio show. Podcast avaiable at or on ‪#‎iTunes‬


the food eXchange radio show: 29 January 2016 food eXchange radio show "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

We find out what’s cookin’ in the Seymour Salvos Community Kitchen with special guests Heather Stamp & Rachael McCracken. We also check what’s in store at this year’s Seymour Alternative Farming Expo Paddock to Plate on episode 29/1/16 of the food eXchange radio show. Podcast avaiable at


Andrew Bartlett: Teaching & schooling "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Last year I did some high school teaching, which I found to be the most difficult paid work I’ve ever done. Definitely way harder than being a Senator – apart from anything else, Senators have staff to help them do what they need to do (& get paid 3 times the money of course). And there is of course also ready access to other resources – apart from anything else, when I was a Senator I didn’t need to go to Officeworks to make sure I had enough pens to do my job the next day, and I didn’t have to be worried if I was blowing the printing budget each time I clicked OK on extra copy of an exam sheet for my class.

Having said that, the teaching I’ve done was not as hard as some of the unpaid work – also known as volunteer work – that I’ve done, but I guess that’s a separate story. I should also emphasise that sometimes I found teaching to be very fulfilling and rewarding (in a non-financial sense), but there is still no doubt that to do it well, day after day – which of course is what every parent hopes/demands and our community needs – is bloody hard.

In any case, I think teaching is much harder than it needs to be because teachers are ridiculously underpaid and undervalued (despite all of the nice sounding words about how we have to invest in our children’s future, etc), and the expectations on what every teacher is meant to cover and be fully across as a matter of course verge on the ridiculous.

So even with my limited direct experience, I’m not surprised that the recent resignation statement of a Brisbane based school teacher of thirty+ years standing has got so much attention. Although this statement is from a primary school teacher, I think many aspects of it are als...


North Coast Voices: Australian international aid and community sector agencies united behind churches across the country who are opening their doors to asylum seekers facing removal back to Nauru & Manus "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Media Release, 4 Feb 2016:

JOINT MEDIA STATEMENT: ACOSS, Australian Council for International Development, Anglicare Australia,Catholic Social Services, Mission Australia, Oxfam Australia, St Vincent de Paul Society, Save the Children, and World Vision.

Australian international aid and community sector agencies today united behind churches across the country who are opening their doors to asylum seekers facing removal back
to offshore detention centres.

The groups, including ACOSS, Australian Council for International Development, Anglicare Australia, Catholic Social Services, Mission Australia, Oxfam Australia, St Vincent de Paul Society, Save the Children, and World Vision, urge the Australian
government to allow the families and their children to stay in Australia.

“The High Court of Australia may have ruled against the challenge to the legality of ou...

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Wednesday, 10 February


Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group: Take ACTION! Write to your politician #LetThemStay "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

TAKE ACTION to help stop babies and families being returned to Nauru. Sample letters you and cut and paste to contact our politicians. Hints for contacting politicians and their contact details.
Start writing NOW.


Echonetdaily: Here & Now #144 I can’t fly "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Image S Sorrensen

Image S Sorrensen

S Sorrensen

Fortress of Solitude. Sunday, 2.35am

Okay World. I’m coming out. Are you ready?

I’m going to tell you a truth that the more astute of you may have already guessed, but will shock the rest of you. Are you sitting down? Do you need a tea? Or a Valium? Maybe pop a Val in your Darjeeling…

I can’t pretend anymore. I’m worn out. Maintaining the deception has robbed me of just about everything. All I have left is a single truth:

There. I’ve said it. I am not Superman.

I don’t really have x-ray vision.

I’m sorry, grandkids, but I saw your dad walk up the path. (Saw him through the kitchen window.) That’s how I knew it was him when there was a knock at the door.

I can’t really see through things. I’m sorry, lovers, but, try as I might, I can’t see through the horror of Catholic abuse to the shining heart of love. I can’t love without looking over my shoulder, fearful that the devil (or Luthor) will appear; to find me out; to applaud me for the pleasure I feel.

Despite misappropriating a personal commitment to truth, justice and the sustainable way, l can’t see the way out of the mess we’re in. Things need to change – quickly. And, despite the Subaru, I’m not faster than the speeding bullets in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, US, France…

I can’t really fly. Not without Rex or Vietnam Airlines.

Sometimes, when I...


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James O'Brien: Memories Of Mardi Gras 1978 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

I recently had an email from someone interested in the oral history project I had been involved in back in 1998, celebrating twenty years since the first Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Although I have a copy somewhere in my extensive CD collection, I needed to touch base with my friends Glen and Greig who had been instrumental in putting the project together. They came up with the idea, they found the talent, and they made it happen. All I did was chat with a few people, and hopefully got them to tell their stories as well as they could, and create the audio. The premise for the project was simple: for Sydney Pride Centre, we would get together a bunch of people who had participated in the first Mardi Gras and ask them to tell their stories.

As I wrote in 2007,

I remember at the time of doing the interviews of being in awe of these people who had quite simply participated in something quite amazing, but who hadn’t really thought of it in those terms at the time. The aim of the project was to document in some way the experience of the many “ordinary people” who had taken part in the first parade and protest.

Thankfully Glen and Greig were able to find the original audio files, and so to make these more widely, here they are, hopefully never to be lost again.


Filed under: Blogging Tagged: gay, lesbian, sydney gay...


Beachmere Blog: SoulSteppers: urban soul line dancing "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

I've been running Soul Line Dancing sessions in Beachmere for several years at various venues. We've even danced weekly on Clayton  Park's basket ball court.

Soul Line Dancing is different from what folk usually assume is line dancing. The repertoire is taken from soul music, funk, disco, rhythm & blues and zydeco. It is popular among Afro American communities on the east coast  of the United States as well as in the states of Louisiana and Texas.

Choreography is shared via video but  new routines are developed from all over -- generating fresh moves to particular songs.  It's a very creative and generous collective choreography.

As far as we know, our little club, SoulSteppers, in Beachmere is the only one of its kind in Australia.

Not that we're great dancers.Soul Line dance is driven by shuffles and slides on the 4x4 beat...and we usually adapt routines to suit our shared skill level. Soul too is more about moving the hips rather than investing a lot of effort in foot work.

Its 'cool' rather than technical.

And since I run the sessions -- really you can dance how you like, just so long as you don't run anyone over. There are no prizes for getting it (supposedly) right...and no one cares one iota if you get any move very much 'wrong'.

At the moment we have a couple of vacancies in our line up -- so if anyone is interested in a weekly convivial d...


Bendigo Community Farmers Market: – Nizza Effektive Aufsatz Verlag Unternehmen "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

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Sunshine Coast Environment Council: Minister defends National Parks "IndyWatch Feed Seq"


The Agriculture and Environment Committee reported on the Nature Conservation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 on 05 February.  

The report is available here

The restoration of fundamental provisions in the Act such as the cardinal principle which recognises National Parks as cornerstones for conservation was crucial to protecting the Kondalilla National Park from an inappropriate zip-line.

The Nature Conservation Act is also an integral part of the legislative framework  to protect our small, diverse conservation estate from potential commercial activities and intensive uses which would compromise the natural and amenity values of these special places.

Minister Steven Miles MP  issued the following statement on 09 February


Qld Parliament

Ministerial media release



Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef...

18:55 TPP treaty opposed by alliance of crossbenchers "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Bob Katter Peter Whish-Wilson Glenn Lazarus

Bob Katter Peter Whish-Wilson Glenn Lazarus

A university in the United States has found that the much-heralded Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal will cost the American economy 448,000 jobs and significantly decrease their Gross Domestic Product.

One of 12 nations in the deal, Australia signed the agreement in New Zealand last week.

The Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University near Boston said President Obama’s promises of sweeping economic benefits are wrong and the treaty would actually harm America.

The analysis said U.S. jobs would be “hardest hit” of all the nations in the agreement.

Meanwhile the TPP along with the National Interest Analysis was tabled in the Australian House of Representatives today prompting the Member for Kennedy and leader of Katters Australian Party, Bob Katter to form a cross bench alliance, citing the TPP as the “greatest threat to Australia’s sovereignty in decades.”

Mr Katter, Senator Glenn Lazarus and Greens’ Trade Spokesman Senator Peter Whish-Wilson fronted a joint press conference at Parliament House to oppose the ratification of the TPP, which is expected within weeks.

Whilst full details of the TPP Agreement were laid before Parliament, all three attacked the Government’s own analysis of the Agreement – an analysis which is unlikely to highlight the real losses to Australian manufacturers and producers.

“There has been a hole a mile wide torn in the sovereignty of Aus...


Noosa Community Radio 101.3FM: Jazz Plus playlist "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Hello, this is Al Hensley. Wayne Carlson and I alternate with one another week about presenting the Jazz Plus program heard every Wednesday at 2PM. Each week I post the program’s playlist in case you’d like to track down any of the new releases or classic sides featured. To see what I played this week click here

The following tracks were played on Jazz Plus” on 10 February 2016
  1. RALPH TOWNER ‘Waterwheel’ Batik
  2. AARON DIEHL ‘Flux Capacitor’ Space Time Continuum
  3. JOHN SURMAN ‘Brewster’s Rooster’ Brewster’s Rooster
  4. CHRISTIAN MCBRIDE TRIO ‘Interlude’ Live At The Village Vanguard
  5. KRISTIN BERARDI ‘Cool Baby’ Where Or When
  6. ROY HARGROVE ‘Invitation’ Nothing Serious
  7. GARY BURTON & SWR BIG BAND ‘Touch’ Hommage A Eberhard Weber
  8. DIANA KRALL ‘Frim Fram Sauce’ Stepping Out
  9. HOUSTON PERSON ‘Teardrops From My Eyes’ Something Personal
  10. ROBERT GLASPER ‘Jelly’s Da Beener’ Canvas
  11. CARMEN MCRAE ‘Little Butterfly’ Carmen Sings Monk
  12. SAMMY FIGUEROA ‘Mysterious Energy’ Imaginary World
  13. MICHAEL WOLLNY TRIO ‘Ellen’ Nachtfahrten
  14. TORE BRUNBORG ‘Now’s The Time’ Slow Snow
  15. CASSANDRA WILSON ‘Fragile’ Glamoured
  16. BRAD MEHLDAU TRIO ‘Jam’ Where Do You Start
  17. WES MONTGOMERY ‘Sandu’ Movin’ Along
  18. ALAN BROADBENT & NDR BIG BAND ‘Between The Lines’ America The Beautiful

18:32 Commonwealth Bank’s Brendan French. Is he Australia’s biggest bank fraudster? "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

New post on Kangaroo Court of Australia


Commonwealth Bank’s Brendan French. Is he Australia’s biggest bank fraudster?

by Shane Dowling

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s senior executive Brendan French, who is one of Australia’s biggest fraudsters, recently won a defamation case against a whistleblower. This is quite amazing given that it is French’s role at the Commonwealth Bank to cover-up multi-million-dollar fraud and theft by Commonwealth Bank staff and others and Brendan Fren...

18:30 Hundreds of crazed Islamics riot and injure police in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

How many Australians outside of Sydney saw this Channel 10 news segment?


Hundreds of fanatical Islamics rioted in Sydney on September 9, 2015, claiming they were objecting to the release of an anti-Muslim film. Police were caught off guard and a number were seriously injured while trying to contain the mob surging through the CBD. Police were forced to shut down Market Street sending the rioters back to Hyde Park to regroup. There police dogs and capsicum spray were used to break up the crazed Muslims. The chanting, mindless mob took to police with missiles and boots hospitalising six officers.

The blame for these disgusting anti-Australian attacks on the majority of peaceful citizens by several hundred Muslim immigrants can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the Labor party, the Liberal Party and the equally crazed Greens.

North Queensland MP Bob Katter has called for an end to all immigration tying the annual 600,000 influx of immigrants to job availability. Until the nation can absorb existing immigrants and place them in meaningful jobs, Katter says from today no more, finished, don’t apply.

Video link-



Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary: Lights, action, shears! "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Click here to view the embedded video.

Shining the kindest light on two most dishevelled alpacas has unearthed one of the most dramatic makeovers not-for-profit animal sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission, has ever seen. Director Pam Ahern explains: “I was shocked beyond belief when I first saw the girls, although I couldn’t even determine what gender they were because of the overgrown fleece that burdened them. Not only was their matted fleece covered in sticks, twigs and leaves, but several pieces of barbed wire had become entangled as well.”

Alpaca Rescue

The Macedon Ranges Council had earlier discovered the two abandoned alpacas on council land. Fearing for their welfare, they contacted Edgar’s Mission to assist. Days later Grace Kelly and Lauren Bacall (as they have been christened) were whisked away to the safety of the local animal charity where a set of shears was on hand to greet them. Pam said: “The transformation has been dramatic and clearly shows the dire state into which they have fallen.”

Alpaca Rescue

“It is incomprehensible how anyone could allow this to happen to an animal, they rely on us for everything. Sadly we saw evidence that a third alpaca had died some time earlier. Their heavy fleece is a burden in so many ways and could well lead death.” Local alpaca shearer, John Tully, who expertly shore Grace and Lauren, trimmed their overgrown toenails and administered vaccinations and vitamin shots, estimates the alpacas had not been shorn for up to four......


St Kilda News: St Kilda Festival: Plan smarter, party better "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Valentine’s Day Sunday 14 February 2016 St Kilda Festival is a celebration of community spirit, Australian music and the beautiful St Kilda Foreshore. It’s a day of fun in the sun, thrills on the beach and awesome sounds after dark. Just remember to come prepared and treat the ‘hood with utmost respect’. The Festival is […]


Goulburn Valley Pride Inc.: Buy your tix to The Danish Girl NOW "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Click here for tickets – we look forward to seeing you on 16th March!



St Kilda News: St Kilda Festival’s 2016 New Music Stage "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

St Kilda Festival’s 2016 New Music Stage line-up has been announced; a landmark event and exciting platform for Australia’s hottest new music aims to support emerging artists and the growth of the Australian music industry. This initiative offers the nation’s best emerging talent the opportunity to play at Australia’s largest music festival on Sunday 14 […]


Barwon Blog: Making tracks: beside Yuille's Swamp "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

When gold was first discovered at Hiscock's Gully in August, 1851, the track from Geelong led to Buninyong. There was no town at Ballarat. At the time, the only European settlement in the area that would become Ballarat, was a squatting run. It was occupied in 1838 by 19 year old Scottish settler, William Cross Yuille and his cousin Archibald Buchanan Yuille who had left their earlier run on the Barwon River at Murgheboluc after coming into conflict with the local Wathaurong tribe.
In March, 1838 therefore, they selected 10,000 acres north west of Mt Buninyong on the shores of a swamp. This run which in today's terms included the inner suburbs of Ballarat and extended south as far as Sebastopol was known as "Ballaarat". When William Cross Yuille first arrived (shortly before his cousin), he camped on the edge of what was then known as Black Swamp. Soon it became known as Yuille's Swamp and today is recognised as Lake Wendouree.

A memorial erected in 1938 on the banks of Lake Wendouree
(near the end of Pleasant St) commemorating the arrival of
William C Yuille, the first European to live in the district
Whilst William remained only a short time in the district before heading to New Zealand in 1840, his cousin retained the lic...


St Kilda News: Chinese New Year "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Hands up if you would like to start 2016 all over again! The great news is with Chinese New Year is just around the corner, we all get a second chance on kicking off 2016. According to Chinese beliefs, there are some important customs one must follow in order to gain some good fortune! To […]


St Kilda News: Barely Standing debut EP Launch Party "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

EP Launch Party at Prince Bandroom on 24 Feb 2016 Barely standing is an up-rising Melbourne based duo that have been packing out venues with their high octane performances, up and down the east coast over the last 12 months. Originally from Byron Bay, they are heavily influenced by their barefoot, free-spirited, native town. With […]


St Kilda News: Swipe right: 5 cities that are made for Australian solo travellers "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Forget Tinder, it is time to swipe right for travelling solo! According to the recently released 2015 Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, nearly 25% of people travelled alone on their most recent international vacation. This is a significant increase from 15% in 2013. Solo travel is definitely “trending”. While holidays with loved ones are undeniably […]


Autonomous Action Radio: The Failure of Christianity by Emma Goldman "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

no gods no masters
The counterfeiters and poisoners of ideas, in their attempt to obscure the line between truth and falsehood, find a valuable ally in the conservatism of language.
Conceptions and words that have long ago lost their original meaning continue through centuries to dominate mankind. Especially is this true if these conceptions have become a common-place, if they have been instilled in our beings from our infancy as great and irrefutable verities. The average mind is easily content with inherited and acquired things, or with the dicta of parents and teachers, because it is much easier to imitate than to create.
Our age has given birth to two intellectual giants, who have undertaken to transvalue the dead social and moral values of the past, especially those contained in Christianity. Friedrich Nietzsche and Max Stirner have hurled blow upon blow against the portals of Christianity, because they saw in it a pernicious slave morality, the denial of life, the destroyer of all the elements that make for strength and character. True, Nietzsche has opposed the slave-morality idea inherent in Christianity in behalf of a master morality for the privileged few. But I venture to suggest that his master idea had nothing to do with the vulgarity of station, caste, or wealth. Rather did it mean the masterful in human possibilities, the masterful in man that would help him to overcome old traditions and worn-out values, so that he may learn to become the creator of new and beautiful things.


News and Events - 2SER - Real Radio 107.3 FM - 2SER - Real Radio 107.3 FM: Around Town is a brand new segment on 2SER Breakfast! "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Around Town is a brand new segment on 2SER Breakfast!

When the weekend is closing in, wouldn't it be great to have a friend to let us know what's going on so you don't miss out on anything?

With our new segment Around Town on 2SER Breakfast Thursdays your buddy Mitch will let you in on a few cool things you can check out around Sydney over the weekend each week!

Got a cool event or happening you'd like to let us know about? Email!


Sunshine Coast Environment Council: e-Bulletin February 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"


10 February 2016 

It’s been a colourful start to the year for SCEC, with lots of action on the community engagement front. On January 24, SCEC joined the Boomerang Alliance, Surfrider Foundation and Noosa Community Biosphere Association on Noosa Main beach to send a clear message to local politicians – we want a Container Deposit Scheme on the Sunshine Coast! A recent reader poll in the Sunshine Coast Daily revealed that 96% of respondents supported the idea, with 23% of those 96% saying it should be extended to more than just drink containers. Now it is up to us to lo...


matthew schiavello: photos and words: Making cards for my upcoming solo show, friday 4th of march at... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Making cards for my upcoming solo show, friday 4th of march at Balkon Art Incubator. More info will follow. Am hand making a very small batch of 6 cards per design. Nothing like a small run of cards to get people excited! And I like to make my cards affordable!

#cards #art #melbourne #melbourneartist #matthewschiavello @balkon_art_incubator_ #mixedmedia #instaart


Friends of the Earth Australia: 2016 - a big year for nuclear issues in South Australia "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The Nuclear Royal Commission continues its investigations and will hand down the final report in May. The Commission is looking into the risks and opportunities of furthering a nuclear industry here in SA including increased uranium mining, uranium enrichment, nuclear power and dumping international nuclear waste. 

Three sites in South Australia, two at Kimba and one in the Flinders Rangers have been shortlisted to become a national nuclear waste dump. South Australians have a long history of opposing waste dumps and have state legislation opposing it. We are working hard to have a voice in the debate and represent many South Australians who don't want us to go down the radioactive path.

For more information on both the nuclear Royal Commission and the National Radioactive Waste Management project check out the nuclear page on the Conservation SA website.

South Australia – too good to waste

Join our postcard campaign!

This February, Conservation SA, the Australian Conservation Foundation and Friends of the Earth have launched a postcard campaign calling for a renewable not radioactive South Australia. We are collecting signed postcards to hand to the SA Government when the Nuclear Royal Commission delivers its final report in May 2016. Watch out for postcards around town in the Avant Card displays or drop into the Joinery in Franklin St to grab some.
Can you help us collect signed postcards? If you think you could get 10, 20, 50 or even 100 signed in your community - please give Cat a call on 08 8223 5155 or email...


Zedlines: First cloned cow gives birth to calf - and more 11am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The first and only calf in the world to be created using handmade cloning technology in Central Queensland has reached another milestone

First cloned cow gives birth to calf

The first and only calf in the world to be created using handmade cloning technology in Central Queensland has reached another milestone.

Three-year-old Brangus cow Eve, named after the biblical first woman, now has her own natural bull calf and is said to be more fertile than her original.

Reproductive scientist Simon Walton, who created Eve, says her successful pregnancy should dispel any concerns that cloned animals were anything to be afraid of like Frankenstein.


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Create with Passion: A thesis on periods – bloody hell! "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

Hello Dear Readers, I was lost in outer space on the planet Zoob and hence no blogging – forgive me?   But now I’m back, with news. Erm, no – publishing contract of my dreams has not fallen into my inbox – BUT I’ve decided to put my nose to the grindstone and return to […]


Zedlines: North Korea restart plutonium reactor - and more 10am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

According to US officials, North Korea has restarted a plutonium reactor that could potentially fuel nuclear weapons.

Queensland's propsed lockout laws should be evaluated adter 18 months

The Queensland Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee has recommended that reduced licensing laws for nightclubs be evaluated after 18 months.

However, the Committee could not reach a majority decision on whether the proposed new laws should be passed.

The laws would impose a last drinks time of 2am across the state, except in prescribed Safe Night Precincts where alcohol could be served until 3am, but with a 1am lockout.


Zedlines: Turbull to deliver 'Close the Gap' report - and more 9am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will today deliver the government’s report card on Close the Gap

RSPCA: Animal cruelty on the rise in Queensland

RSPCA officials have been left in shock after two recent cases of animal cruelty in the Gympie region over the last week.

A juvenile possum was found alive with an arrow through its body along with the 16 swallows who were rescues from children who were throwing and stomping on the birds.

Spokesmen for RSPCA Queensland Michael Beatty says it is shocking that children believe it is ok to treat animals in this manner.

The RSPCA pleads that anyone with more information step forward.



Wild BNE: 'Mud-puddling' planthoppers a first. "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Planthoppers, Eagle Heights.

Last week, I was contacted by Jerome Constant, an entomologist with the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, in regards to a photo I had shared on Facebook.

The photo in question, shown above, depicts a mixed-species group of planthoppers I found in November last year, congregating on a muddy track in Tamborine National Park.

Jerome, whose work focuses on planthoppers especially, was surprised by the photo, as the 'mud-puddling' behaviour it captures has never been reported before for this family of insects.

Mud-puddling, where insects gather en masse to obtain mineral salts that might otherwise be lacking in their plant diet, is best known in tropical butterflies, but has also been observed in leafhoppers, a close relation of the planthoppers I saw.

The experience of watching these colourful litt...


Castan Centre for Human Rights Law: Our Damning report on the Intervention "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

By Caitlin McInnis

In anticipation of the Prime Minister’s “Closing the Gap” report to Parliament this morning, on Monday we released a study on the Northern Territory Intervention’s impact on this signature government policy. Our report is a damning assessment, and the numbers shocking.

The Intervention was introduced in 2007 by the Howard Government and, although it has been amended since, it survives to the present day under the name “Stronger Futures”.

Our report reviews the Intervention as a whole, evaluating its effects on a range of human rights indicators as well as each of the official Closing the Gap targets. Those targets were set by the former Labour government in four key areas: health and life expectancy, education, safer communities and employment and economic participation. In our report, we named an issue that we (and many others) believe should be made a fifth target: lowered incarceration rates.

Incarceration rates for Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory have risen by 41% during the Intervention and do not seem to be slowing. One figure that particularly stands out is that Indigenous Australians make up only 3% of the population but about 27% of the prison population. This is significant, as negative contact with the justice system can be a large contributor to disadvantage.

Overall, we gave the Closing the Gap targets the following scores:

  • Health and life expectancy: 4/10
  • Education: 5/10
  • Safer communities: 4/10
  • Employment and economic participation: 3/10
  • Incarceration: 0/10

On the human rights front, the results were equally poor. One glaring human rights violation was the suspension of s10 of the Racial Discrimination Act under the in...


Natural Newstead: Seen on the perch "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

It’s been a long while since a dragonfly featured on Natural Newstead. On Sunday evening I was captivated by these Wandering Perchers Diplacodes bipunctata buzzing around a small dam along Spring Hill Track.


Wandering Percher, Spring Hill Track, 8th February 2016







To build on the perching theme this male Red-capped Robin gave the birds a look in as well. The colours are there in the drab, dry bush – you just have to search for them!



AWPA Sydney News: 1) UPDATE 2-Indonesia mines ministry backs new Freeport copper export permit "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Oppenheimer reflects on  implications of Oscar-nominated  documentary The Look of  Silence 

1) UPDATE 2-Indonesia mines ministry backs new Freeport copper export permit
Markets Tue Feb 9, 2016 7:43pm IST
* Recommendation linked to payment of 5 pct export tax

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Tuesday, 09 February


Barwon Blog: Making tracks - Hiscock's Gully at last! "IndyWatch Feed Geelong"

For those very first gold seekers who had arrived wet, tired and hungry at "Mother Jamieson's" Buninyong Hotel in the tiny township of Buninyong, there was only one place they really wanted to be: Hiscock's Gully. It was there in August, 1851 that Buninyong blacksmith Thomas Hiscock first found gold.

Plaque erected by the Buninyong and District Historical Society, marking the
site where Thomas Hiscock first discovered gold
Within days of the news of his find reaching Geelong, a stream of diggers began flowing into Buninyong. Whether they stopped or merely passed through, their course took them past the front door of Mother Jamieson's Buninyong Hotel and onto the bullock track which headed west towards Portland Bay.
As discussed in a previous post, the Portland Bay Road was an important route which was already well-established and regularly travelled by 1851. Originally established by squatters as they moved stock between their runs and the markets in Geelong and Melbourne during the early 1840s, this was also the route which had been used by the mail coach from Portland to Melbourne since 1844. A little later, a route via The Leigh (Shelford) and Linton to Buninyong was established as part of a postal route from Portland to Geelong, followed...


Byron Bay Blog: New Tour Offers an Ultra Fun Way to Dance to Dinner in Byron "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

In what is a world first, discoDtours has create a unique mobile silent disco tour lead by a dancing guide. The tours have been a hit in Sydney and are now launching in Byron.

Hundreds of locals and tourists alike are set to experience the delight and freedom of dancing on the streets of Byron. Each participant is given a set of wireless headphones linking the group and allowing discoD’s high energy dance instructors to lead the participants in a 1hr flash-mob-style dance-a-thon to the tunes of Kylie

Minogue, Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson. Founder and social entrepreneur Alison Harrington says “discoDtours give participants permission to lose their inhibitions.”

Participants can sign up for scheduled tours or can organise a group tour with as few as 8 people. discoDtours offers the ultimate fun way to experience the magical Byron environment on the beach and in the streets.

They are also a great option for hen’s nights and corporate team building events and they do it enroute to a dinner. Innovative corporates such as Yahoo7 and Google have already been dancing through the streets of Sydney. “I was a bit nervous as to what to expect, but as soon as the team got pumped, we lost all inhibitions and had such a funny night! We laughed the whole time and danced the night away. It was really liberating!” said Meg Keely of Yahoo 7.

discoDtours is a social enterprise business that encourages people to both feelgood and do good. With discoDtours any charity or any supporter can organiser can organise a group tour and a portion of the ticket price is automatically goes to the charity they nominate“ We have already raised over $1000 for various charities and want to dance to raise more. We think the community minded locals of of Byron will be totally supportive of this concept” says Ms Harrington.

Whilst everyone has extreme fun on tour the experience also generates real post event social media buzz with everybody posting fun......


: BACK OFF BAIRD! "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Aboriginal Elder to Premier BY OUR CHIEF CIVIC ROUNDSMAN Prominent and highly respected local Aboriginal Elder Uncle Max Harrison has called on the Baird Government to stop its proposed forced merger of Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde Councils. In an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with The Weekly Times Uncle Max says the forced merger is a [...]


: Lifeline Thornleigh Book Fair "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury will hold their 2016 Thornleigh Book Fair on April 16-17 at Thornleigh Community Centre, corner Phyllis and Central Avenue, Thornleigh. The Fair will be open both Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm with all money raised to go directly to Lifeline in assisting the community with much needed support in [...]


: Wakakirri success for Gladesville school "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Gladesville Public School took out the Division 1 NSW Sydney Trophy as winners of the Best Adventure Story-Dance in the 2015 Wakakirri Primary Schools Challenge. The School’s Deputy Principal and Wakakirri co-ordinator Alicia Elsinga was one of ten teachers involved in the two year process. She praised the 100 students involved in the production for [...]


: Uncle Max says forced mergers endanger sacred Cammeraygal sites "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A prominent local Aboriginal elder has called on the Baird Government to stop its proposed forced merger of Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde Councils. In an exclusive interview with The Weekly Times Elder Uncle Max Harrison said the forced merger is a breach of Native Title and other protocols which require Australian governments to [...]


: Council urges residents to express their views on Council mergers "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

HUNTERS HILL HAPPENINGS With Mayor RICHARD QUINN LAST week the Public Inquiry into the proposed merger of Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde City Councils was held at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club. It was encouraging that so many residents attended and were able to address the Delegate in person to make known their views [...]


: North Ryde music clinic inspires special children "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Sound Expression – a friendly and professional music therapy clinic for children with special needs living in Sydney’s north is to run a free interactive workshop for parents on how to use music to enhance their child’s communication skills. The workshop will be held on Saturday February 27 at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club from 10am [...]


: Eastwood Lunar New Year "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Celebrations Start this Saturday with Cooking Contest on Plaza Eastwood’s 8th annual Lunar New Year Festival commences this Saturday on Eastwood Plaza with the Community Cooking Competition at 11am. Among the VIP guests and community leaders competing this year will be last year’s winner Bennelong MP John Alexander OAM defending his title. Grand Celebration Next [...]


: How to add more value to your heritage home "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Hunters Hill Guest Column To The POINT With ADELE WESTLAKE THE approach of a New Year heralds new starts, new ideas, and new projects. Re-vamping and updating your home is often on the list of beautiful changes you plan to make. However, when approaching the refresh of an olderstyled home, it is important to revitalise, [...]


: Gladesville Ryde Physie Club girls are determined to dance "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

BEING focused, dedicated and determined at age 8 and 12 is inspiring. Turning disappointment into determination, having fun and achieving your goals is impressive. Dancing on the National Stage of a sport that you adore is awesome. Ruby Hensley and Amy Coward of Gladesville Ryde Physie Club managed to do exactly that in 2015, reaching [...]


: Talented singer for all occasions "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Her career is going from strength to strength, just coming off her 11th annual performance at the TWT Rotary Christmas Carols Show. For Nata, performing in front of big crowds is a real joy: “I’ve been singing all my life and performing professionally over the past 16 years” she says. Forte is a fixture on [...]


All in the Name of Liberty: Marion's Yurt "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A classic hippy yurt at Bundagaree, it could be heritage listed.

Below are earlier versions of the painting


sunshinecoastbirds: Parklakes: Another Wetland Down the Drain "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Newly "renovated" Parklakes wetland
Updated February 9, 2016
The Parklakes Wetland near Bli Bli on Queensland's Sunshine Coast had rightly been hailed as a model for private sector environmental responsibility and good corporate citizenship. Two years ago I congratulated the developers of the large Parklakes residential housing estate for establishing in its midst a vibrant habitat for waterbirds of numerous species. Parklakes adopted an illustration of a waterbird as its promotional emblem. The company reprinted some of my congratulatory blog post in its promotional material, with my approval.



Sandy Straits and Beyond: New Signage "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A few days ago friends told me there was a new sign at Norman Point - the most northerly point at Tin Can Bay. Of course, I had to go and see it. It is set under a protecting roof and is big and bright and beautiful! It is double sided with three panels on each side. One panel gives a general overview of what can be expected to be seen around the Strait, one is about the marine Turtles, one about the Dugongs, one about the Whales and Dolphins, one about the Mangroves, and one about the shorebirds. The sign has been put up by Queensland Parks and Wildlife.

I am especially pleased to see a sign like this because when I retired up here about 12 years ago I had difficulty in finding any local knowledge about the wetlands and especially the shorebirds. I was hoping to just enjoy my retirement but I also wanted to know some details about this area - which was totally new to me. I read books, bought a kayak and started exploring. I soon discovered I needed a camera with a zoom lens and so bought a point and shoot with the best zoom I could afford! What I discovered was beautiful and not like anything I had seen before. I shared what I was finding with anyone who would listen! I bought better cameras - (I am now into my second DSLR and a couple of good long lenses.) I also got to know some of the Parks and Wildlife officers. This is a huge area and no-one can be expected to see or know it all so I coaxed some of these Parks people out with me during their free time. I also told them that anything they could do to protect the shorebirds and make more people aware of them would be great!...And please,...

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Monday, 08 February


Common Ground North Coast: The Greats: masterpieces from the national Galleries of Scotland "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Joseph Mallord William (JMW) Turner The Bell Rock lighthouse 1819 watercolour and gouache with scratching out on paper 30.6 x 45.5 cm Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh © Trustees of the National Galleries of Scotland ***This image may only be used in conjunction with editorial coverage of The Greats exhibition, 24 Oct 2015 - 14 Feb 2016, at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This image may not be cropped or overwritten. Prior approval in writing required for use as a cover. Caption details must accompany reproduction of the image. *** Media contact:

Joseph Mallord William (JMW) Turner – The Bell Rock lighthouse 1819

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.51.42 pmSandro Botticelli -The Virgin adoring the sleeping Christ child (‘The Wemyss Madonna’) c1485
Titian – Venus rising from the sea (Venus Anadyomene) c1520-25

I’ve just returned from a dash to Sydney where I managed to fit in a visit to The Greats: masterpieces from the national Galleries of Scotland exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery. While standing almost nose-to-nose with the lady in A woman in bed by Rembrandt, I realised I’ve never before experienced intimacy with such masterworks. For a masterwork-virgin like me, with only about 70 works, the standing-staring-looking interested fatigue at this exhibition didn’t have time to set in. And although it was nicely busy, I could be alone for minutes at a time with my favourites, and favourites there were.

How could I have foreseen that I’d fall in love w...

08:49 Legalising dirty tricks by Queensland Police is dangerous "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"


On 20th January 2016, the Courier Mail reported that it had seen a secret submission to the Taskforce on Organised Crime from the Queensland Police Service (QPS); a submission allegedly fully endorsed by the Police Union. The Taskforce, due to report back on the 31st March 2016, is reviewing the suite of so-called anti-bikie laws enacted by the former Premier Campbell Newman and his Attorney-General, Jarrod Bleijie. As the date for the report looms near, the LNP has embarked on an intense propaganda campaign. It, along with a hysterical media, assert that if the laws are repealed, the Gold Coast will turn into a violent cesspool of criminal activity.

Introduced in November 2013, the laws were slammed by the judiciary and criticised heavily by academics and professionals. They violate almost all of the common law protections set down over centuries to ensure innocent people are not arbitrarily detained and punished by the Government. They have resulted in absurd arrests, including a librarian with no criminal record being charged for having lunch with her boyfriend and a mate.

Queensland Police are fighting to legalise threats, intimidation and dirty tactics for ‘crime fighting.’ Letters to Cairns News would suggest the QPS has been adopting these measures for decades. “This is nothing new,” according to a retired traffic officer.

The QPS and LNP are adamant the laws are keeping Queenslanders safe. Yet despite boasting of thousands of arrests and charges, almost no one has been successfully prosecuted. Lauding success in the absence of convictions seems a little strange....

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Sunday, 07 February


James O'Brien: Melodifestivalen 2016 #1 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Over the last couple of years, there’s been an inverse relationship between the quality of the songs and the quality of the program presenters/comedy interludes for Melodifestivalen, the Swedish finals which lead to the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent memory, the combination in 2012 of Sarah Dawn Finer, Helena Bergström and Gina Dirawi was probably the best, combining intelligence, talent, and humour. In contrast, the low point was definitely 2014, when the program began to resemble The Footy Show. It was great to see Gina and Petra Mede together, as I watched the show this morning (Australia time).

I concede it must be a difficult thing to decide who should host. On the one hand, you have the (hopefully) artistic vision of Christer Björkman, on the other you have the demands/requirements of Swedish TV bureaucrats. I can’t help but feel some of the recent decisions about program presenters have been the result of a “committee vote”.

And then you have the songs themselves. I have previously written about the apparent problem of having too few songwriters contributing the songs. Fredrik Kempe was back again this year, and I can only presume he’ll be back again over coming weeks. Though he has contributed some terrific material to Melodifestivalen, I can’t help but feel his apparent cookie-cutter approach to songs and artists (Popular and Manboy by Eric Saade were basically the same song) adds little to the contest and doesn’t really advance the plot much.

For me, there were no outstanding songs this year, though there were many songs I liked. Last year, for example, I really liked “Groupie” by Samir and Viktor as a “fun, topical song with a great tune”. This year, their song lacked a little of the same appeal, ultimately resulting in them taking their shirts off to, presumably, a...

Saturday, 06 February


James O'Brien: Noma Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

As we entered Noma (Sydney) for lunch yesterday, there was a real sense of “showbiz”. As we were shown to our table, the four of us were greeted by probably twenty or thirty staff. “Hello, hello, welcome”. Having lived all my life in Australia, I often feel cynical about such displays of hospitality. Though such displays often feel contrived, this seemed to me very genuine. Over the next two and half to three hours, as we enjoyed our meals, and chatted with the staff, it became pretty obvious the staff were, too, lovers of fine food.

Though I’ve visited Copenhagen a few times, I’ve never been to Noma. Their seasons are always sold out weeks/months in advance. But I have read about Noma, and its reputation as a world class restaurant. In particular, I’ve been interested in the work done by the chef and co-owner, René Redzepi in re-inventing Nordic cuisine, and by his innovative use of unusual/interesting ingredients. When they announced a ten week season in Sydney, I was certainly interested, though not confident I’d be lucky enough to secure a seat/table. There are still 27,000 people (or something like that) on the waiting list. Thanks to the perseverance of Damien (running a couple of computers simultaneously) we were lucky enough to secure a table. And so yesterday, after months of anticipation, four of us sat down and enjoyed a remarkable lunch.

From the opener (macadamia in a spanner crab broth) to the closer (a fresh take on bon bons), everything was a surprise and a delight. There were many highlights. For me, they included the “dumpling” of marron and magpie goose (eat it like a taco), the sea urchin with tomatoes and berries, and the marinated fresh fruit (which included teaming up watermelon with a very bitter native plum). There were thirteen courses in all, and absolutely no sense of “I’m still hungry, let’s get some Maccas on the way home”.


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