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Sunday, 07 February

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Saturday, 06 February


Demolition of Klamath mega-dams comes one step closer CHANGING TIMES


The removal of four mega-dams on the Klamath river in the United States has come a step closer with the announcement of an agreement in principal that won’t need Congressional approval.

The dams have caused serious pollution, and, in 2002, 65,000 adult salmon died in the Klamath in the biggest fish kill in history.

After the dams were constructed, the Klamath was polluted by a cesspool of algae and there was a dangerous level of level of toxins in the water.


The new agreement in principle has been signed by representatives from the state governments of California and Oregon, the federal government – via the departments of the interior and commerce – and the dams’ owner, PacifiCorp.

Anti-dam protestors had succeeded in obtaining historic restoration accords under which the four dams on the Klamath, which flows through Oregon and California, were due to be demolished in the biggest dam removal in world history.

However, one of the agreements, the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA), which did need Congressional approval, was blocked at committee stage and expired on December 31, 2015.

There were two other documents in the restoration plan: the...


Second sinkhole opens along the Beach Boulevard, California The Watchers » Latest articles

A second sinkhole opened along the promenade of Beach Boulevard, Pacifica in California, US, local authorities reported on February 4, 2016. The new void, located near the intersection of Paloma Avenue, is 7.6 m (25 feet) long, 0.9 m (3 feet) wide and 1.2 m (4 feet)...... Read more »


Major Disaster Declaration Proclaimed for Arkansas Fire Earth

Federal Disaster Declared in the State of Arkansas Arkansas Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds, and Flooding (DR-4254) Incident period: December 26, 2015 to January 22, 2016 Major Disaster Declaration declared on February 05, 2016 The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of Arkansas in the areas affected by severe storms, […]


Federal Emergency Declared for Louisiana Fire Earth

Emergency Declaration for Louisiana Issued by White House (EM-3376) Flooding during the period of December 28, 2015 to February 1, 2016 has prompted the White House to declare a federal emergency in the State of Louisiana. Areas that were most affected by “threat of a catastrophe” include in the parishes of Concordia, Plaquemines, Pointe Coupee, […]


Watch today’s snowstorm as seen by BC-ESP seismographs – February 5th, 2016 BC-ESP Seismograms

Holy Name Parish School, West Roxbury, Seismograph:


The thick dark lines starting at about 15:00 (10:00 AM Boston time) are the strong ground vibrations generated by the atmospheric storm activity.

Bellingham Public Library Seismograph:



O’Neill Library, Boston College, Seismograph:

From, “Watching the Weather Using a Seismograph” by
Dr. John E. Ebel, Boston College, Weston Observatory:

“Seismologists have a name for natural background vibrations. We call them microseisms. Microseisms are observed at all frequencies on seismograms, although there are some frequencies at which they are especially strong. Microseisms at frequencies above about 1 Hz are generally associated with local weather conditions, while below 1 Hz they reflect regional weather and ocean conditions. For seismic stations near the ocean, a particularly strong microseismic signal at a frequency of about...


Destructive M6.7 earthquake hit southern Taiwan The Watchers » Latest articles

A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the CENC as M6.7 hit southern Taiwan at 19:57 UTC on February 5, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 15 km (9.3 miles). USGS is reporting M6.4 at a depth of 23 km (14.3 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth...... Read more »


Ok Tedi board approves PNG copper mine restart from March 1 Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

The mighty Fly River twisting through the Western Province

The mighty Fly River twisting through the Western Province

Melanie Burton | Reuters | 5.02.2016

Papua New Guinea copper miner Ok Tedi Mining Ltd said its board has approved a restart of its operations on March 1, more than five months after the mine was put on care and maintenance when drought cut off its transport links.

The move will bring further metal to a copper market which is already reeling from a prolonged downturn in prices and a surge in mine supply just as demand from China cools, forcing high cost producers to cut output or shut down.

Ok Tedi, which declared force majeure on its sales contracts on Aug. 17, said at the time that it expected to lose 65,000 tonnes of copper in concentrate after the El Nino weather pattern sank river water levels.

“Our plans for the progressive restart of operations on 1 March 2016 were today approved by the OTML Board of Directors,” Managing Director Peter Graham in a statement on its website on Friday.

The company was still awaiting safety approval from the country’s Mineral Resource Authority prior to the restart, the statement said.

Drought made river traffic on the Fly River into Ok Tedi’s main river port at Kiunga unreliable and also affected operations at the Ok Menga power station, the mine’s main source of power.

El Nino disrupted production across a swathe of commodity producers from late last...


Harmony back in black, eyes Golpu advancement Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Harmony Gold and partner Newcrest Mining look for further profits out of PNG

Natasha Odendaal | Mining Weekly | 05.02.2016

Shares in dual-listed Harmony Gold surged some 15% on the Johannesburg bourse on Thursday after the gold mining group turned the corner in the second quarter of the current financial year, posting positive earnings after a prolonged period in the red.

Harmony achieved headline earnings of R74-million for the three months to December 31, a jump of more than 100% on the headline loss of R523-million reported in the quarter to September.

Headline earnings a share reached 17c, compared with the headline loss a share of 120c in the September quarter.

“We ticked all the boxes [this quarter . . . and] revealed a solid set of results for the second quarter of this financial year,” new CEO Peter Steenkamp said in Sandton on Thursday, presenting his first set of results after five weeks at the helm.

Harmony’s production profit increased 84% to R1.29-billion quarter-on-quarter, as the average gold price increased 7% in rand terms to R507 490/kg, or $1 109/oz.

Revenue for the quarter under review increased 10% to R4.57-billion, attached to a 3% increase in gold sold to 289 323 oz during the second quarter.

Gold production increased 2% to 287 074 oz and underground grade was 7% higher, with the majority of Harmony’s operations producing higher kilograms and generating net free operational cash flow.

Despite a traditionally weak March quarter, owing to late start-ups post the December quarter and the upcoming Easter holidays, Harmony’s guidance for the full year of 1.1-million ounces would be maintained.

“Higher production means that Harmony’s cash flow is strengthened, our...


Sakurajima volcano eruption level intensifies to moderately strong The Watchers » Latest articles

A moderately strong explosive eruption was observed from the Showa crater of Sakurajima volcano, 50 km from the Sendai nuclear station in Japan on February 5, 2016. An ash plume rose to approximately 3 km (10 000 feet) altitude. The explosive eruption occurred at...... Read more »


Legal Updates from MICATS’ Fight Against Enbridge Earth First! Newswire


Lisa and Vicci in Mason, MI at Vicci’s probation violation hearing.

Lisa and Vicci in Mason, MI at Vicci’s probation violation hearing.

Hello kitties. Yesterday was a busy day. Dylan and Vicci both had court dates for probation violation for failure to pay restitution. Chris has received a notice for a coming violation hearing.  Here are the updates:

Dylan, who along with Duncan stopped construction on the expansion of Enbridge Line 6B 7n 2014, was released from probation after completing a year. Of the $38,000 for restitution, he paid $30 in total. The restitution is meow a civil matter, he’s no longer at risk of going to jail for not paying restitution. We are very happy that he is free of papers and get can get back to the shenanigans.

Vicci, one of our #micats3 who also halted construction of the...


Noam Chomsky’s New Doc Gets Huge Praise EcoWatch


In the new documentary Requiem for the American Dream, Noam Chomsky argues that the collapse of...


Accelerating Into Total Collapse, The Consequences Of Denial And Inaction Geoengineering Watch

44The propensity of the human race to deny unpleasant and frightening realities until the last possible moment is truly profound. The power structure (and the mainstream media they control) are using every imaginable means at their disposal to fuel the constant distraction of the masses. The current facade is disintegrating on every front and even


20 years ago today ... What have we learned since the GMO Flavr Savr tomato? The Ecologist

Two decades ago the world's first GM foods went on sale, writes Pat Thomas. The consumer flirtation with GMOs soon died away, yet the biotech industry has grown into a global behemoth, driving agricultural intensification and sending agro-chemical sales through the roof. It's time for us to take a stand once again and insist: there are better, healthier ways of growing food.


Are Toxic Fragrances Making You Sick? EcoWatch


Joyce Miller is among the many Americans sensitive to “fragrance,” the cryptic ingredient added to...


Pharma Executives Worried Over Presidential Candidates Demand for Drug Price Reform EcoWatch


Responding to tough talk by presidential candidates about price gouging by...


These 13 People Could Become ‘Britain’s First Ever Climate Prisoners’ EcoWatch


A judge in the UK is set to jail 13 non-violent protestors who occupied one of...


Utah Tar Sands on Hold! Earth First! Newswire

from Calgary Herald


The Calgary-based company building a controversial $60-million oilsands project in Utah that has been targeted by environmentalists is putting it on hold, but not because of the protesters.

US Oil Sands Inc. announced late Thursday it would halt construction on its 85 per cent complete PR Spring Project after a review prompted by low oil prices and delays caused by the closure of Utah-based operations of two key contractors.

“The oil industry is facing one of the most challenging environments it’s ever seen and it is prudent for us to adjust our construction plan accordingly,” said chief executive Cameron Todd in a statement.

“But the company’s value proposition remains sound. Low oil prices accentuate the need for a new approach in our industry.”

The company said it needs additional capital for commissioning, start-up and operations to validate its unique extraction technology. It plans to employ a biodegradable solvent made from citrus fruit, thus avoiding the use of tailings ponds, at the 2,000-barrel-per-day project.

It said it has not completed its previously announced US$10 million royalty finan...


Japan Deports Dolphin Activist after Airport Detention Earth First! Newswire

From Al Jazeera

dolphin documentarian detained

The star of an Oscar-winning documentary that shows how dolphins are hunted and slaughtered in Japan was deported to the United States after Tokyo airport officials held him for more than two weeks.

American Ric O’Barry said on Friday he was determined to come back and keep fighting to save the dolphins by working with Japanese people.

“The work will continue,” he told the Associated Press news agency from aboard his plane. “Taking me out of the picture won’t stop it.”

Japan’s government rejected an appeal of the decision by immigration officials to deny O’Barry entry, according to his lawyer, Takashi Takano.

O’Barry, 76, had been held in a detention facility at Tokyo’s Narita airport since he landed on January 18. He and his lawyer said officials accused him of lying during his past visits to Japan. He denied that and said he was a tourist who came for dolphin watching.



Ozone hole behind colorful nacreous clouds over the UK and Ireland The Watchers » Latest articles

Polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) are appearing over the United Kingdom and Ireland since January 31, 2016. An extremely rare occurrence for this area, usually restricted to the Arctic Circle, has been photographed by numerous skywatchers. According to experts, the...... Read more »

China publishes new high-quality images of the Moon's surface The Watchers » Latest articles

The China National Space Administration has published hundreds of previously unseen high-quality images, videos and scientific data of the Moon. The information was gathered by the Chang'e-3 lunar rover and is now available to anyone who is interested in it. ...... Read more »

Torrential rainfalls trigger flooding and landslides in Ecuador The Watchers » Latest articles

Torrential rainfall during late January 2016 triggered severe flooding and landslides in parts of Ecuador. 9 people have lost their lives in weather-related incidents, and numerous homes and infrastructure suffered extensive damage. The worst affected areas,...... Read more »


Dr. Mark Hyman: The Secret Fat That Makes You Thin EcoWatch


Researchers attributed this to the increased metabolism and fat burning that comes with consuming...


Nuclear Event – Automatic Reactor trip: Salem Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2, New Jersey Head Space

Nuclear Event – Reactor Trip North America – USA | State of New Jersey,  Lower Alloways Creek Township, Salem Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 Location: 39°27’46.0″N 75°32’08.0″W Present Operational Age: ~31 years Damage Level: RPS ACTUATION – CRITICAL Nuclear Event in USA on Thursday, 04 February, 2016 at 11:21 [EST] AUTOMATIC REACTOR TRIP DUE TO MAIN […]


REDD is dead. What’s next? Global Justice Ecology Project

Originally published by By Chris Lang A new paper in Conservation Biology starts with the following sentence: “Increasingly, one hears furtive whispers in the halls of conservation: ‘REDD+ is dead; it’s time to cut our losses and... Read More

The post REDD is dead. What’s next? appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Adding Insult to Injury (and then some) … Head Space

“Many believe they have the right to criticize whomever they wish. Well, I’m here to correct them. It is not right nor is it your right (?) to say anything about Muslims which in any way is negative. You have helped us so much in the past and are working to keep us safe in […]


An accurate consensus – Sometimes, the arrows of Truth hit their mark. Head Space

John Kerry’s hurt locker – When Foreign affairs chickens come home to roost… Video: John Kerry attacked in Rome; attacker cried “You created ISIS!” (Jihad Watch) John Kerry did aid in creating the vacuum that the Islamic State filled, with the precipitous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the American support for the weak […]


Erin Brockovich: Porter Ranch Gas Leak Is ‘the BP Oil Spill on Land’ EcoWatch


Erin Brockovich has once again spoken out about against the Porter Ranch gas leak, calling the situation...


Cultural Economy: Black History Highlights – “Where did they learn that?” Head Space

Fla. 8-year-old (child soldier) stole mom’s gun, tried to rob store Mom explains – Child endangerment is relative. Politicians – “It’s all the gun’s fault!” West Palm Beach, Fla. — Police have an eight-year-old Florida boy in custody after he allegedly (?) stole his mother’s gun and tried to rob a store with it. Eboni […]


Starving Sea Lion Takes Refuge at Upscale San Diego Restaurant EcoWatch


"Rescuers found an 8-month-old female pup asleep in a dining booth. The pup was severely ...


Bangladeshi farmers ditch GM brinjal The Ecologist

Cornell’s 'no pest' Bt brinjal project in Bangladesh appears to be going great with 200 farmers signed up, reports Farida Akhter. Only its not - hardly any of the farmers who grew the GM plants in previous years have come back for more after their crops wilted, failed to ripen, or were devastated by pests.


Teachable Moments – Bad Karma and Unexpected consequences Head Space

Refugees Go Clubbing In Russia, Harass Girls, Wake Up In Hospital … Next time reality will set in. (Daily Caller) A group of 51 refugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday. The refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway […]


Sparks Fly in Most Explosive Democratic Debate Yet EcoWatch


In their most testy and substantive debate yet, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders argued over ...


Pro-GMO Group Crosses Ethical Line EcoWatch


The Genetic Literacy Project has been accused of unethical journalistic practices after it published...


It’s a penalty, not a tax. It’s a tax not a penalty. Whatever — How about Extrajudicial punishment? Head Space

“In fact, our ruling is that whoever does get to decide this or that is allowed to do it, and that it’s not unconstitutional, that it’s consistent with (totalitarian) law,” “But we often have no policy views on the matter at all, and that’s an important distinction.” —  Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. (4 […]


Climate Change Linked to Spread of Zika Virus EcoWatch


Since first detected in April 2014, there have been more than 4,000 births that...


Venezuela’s Madurocide: “If you can’t handle your (government), hand it over to the people…” Head Space

Venezuela’s Maduro: “Nationalized everything, triple-digit inflation, commodity shortages? I dinnin’ do it.  It was somebody else“ Maduro Calls Owner of Largest Food Company `Thief’ and `Traitor’ (Bloomberg) President Nicolas Maduro called the owner of Venezuela’s largest privately-held company a “thief” and a “traitor” Thursday, blaming him for the country’s economic woes. In televised address, Maduro […]

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Friday, 05 February


Volcanic Event – New Eruptive Phase: Aira Caldera – Sakura-jima Volcano, Kagoshima, Japan Head Space

Volcanic Hazard – Eruptive Phase Asia – Japan | Ryukyu Islands and Kyushu, Sakura-Jima Volcano Location: 31°35’34.8″N 130°39’25.2″E Type: Stratovolcano Elevation: 1,117 m (3,664 ft) VEI: 7 Sakurajima webcams / live data Sakurajima volcano videos Last earthquakes nearby Recent Earthquakes Near Kagoshima, Japan Sakurajima volcano (Japan): new vulcanian explosion Friday Feb 05, 2016 10:38 AM […]


Technological Hazard or Economic extortion: WiFi Diseases – Electronically-induced Madness (or something) Head Space

“Electromagnetic hypersensitivity” and “wifi allergies”: Bogus diagnoses with tragic real world consequences Excerpt from Science-Based Medicine (edited) 7 Dec, 2015 This topic, is another sad technology story it is nothing more than a  nefarious condition, called “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” or “electro-hypersensitivity” (EHS) was so horrific that a more detailed, SBM-level discussion was indicated, particularly in light […]


The Risks of Digital Delusion Latest News

Despite the online world, civilization is still subject to physical laws


Sun Power – Renewable Energy in South Dakota in 2016 Dakota Rural Action

[iframe style=”border:none” src=”” height=”100″ width=”480″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen]

Wondering if we’re further ahead on solar power in 2016? Find out in our conversation with Dennis Williams of Williams Power Systems.

Check out this episode!


The deprivation of liberty of Mr. Assange is arbitrary and in contravention of his human rights The Ecologist

The human rights campaigner Julian Assange has suffered arbitrary detention by the governments of Sweden and the UK, the HRC's Working Group on Arbitrary Detention ruled today. Here we present the key elements of the Ruling so readers can form their own opinion on the issue free of the universal condemnations of Assange and the Ruling evident in mainstream media.


Saying 'No!' A last chance for the world's forests The Ecologist

Roads, mines, dams, power lines, pipelines and other infrastructure projects are fast eating into the world's 'core forests', writes Bill Laurance. These rare and precious places where wildlife and ecological processes can flourish undisturbed must come before the evanescent gains of 'development'. To save what's left, governments and funders must learn the word 'No!'


We did it. Biggest climate lobby day of the year. Now it’s time to keep the pressure on. Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Yesterday was a truly inspiring day. I joined over 100 climate activists from across Virginia for the Virginia Conservation Network’s Conservation Lobby Day.

We descended on the General Assembly in Richmond for what was certainly the biggest climate lobby day of the year. We met, we rallied. We called for bold climate action NOW – urging our legislators to protect Virginia’s most vulnerable communities from climate-change fueled flooding by supporting the Virginia Coastal Protection Act (SB 571/HB 351), calling on Governor Terry McAuliffe to “do the right thing” when deciding how Virginia will respond to new federal climate rules, urging our leaders to oppose offshore drilling and hundreds of new miles of fracked-gas pipelines, and protect Virginia’s rivers from dirty coal ash.


Activists from Norfolk, Newport News and Virginia Beach on a chartered bus to Richmond

For some of our most ardent activists, the day started at 6 AM, as nearly 50 community members from coastal Virginia climbed on a bus for the two hour ride to Richmond.

For all of us, kicking yesterday’s lobby day off with a pep talk from Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam was a big highlight. The Lieutenant Governor was an inspiring keynote speaker at CCAN’s celebration of Virginia’s Coastal Climate Champions in Norfolk last May, and he didn’t disappoint yesterday. The Lieutenant Governor urged us to ask for what we want, which, I’m proud to say, is exa...

Thursday, 04 February


A sustainable UK needs a 'one planet' Budget The Ecologist

When Chancellor George Osborne delivers his Budget next month, we can be sure that climate and environment won't take a high priority, writes Alan Simpson. All the more reason for the Labour leadership to develop a new 'one planet' economics for the 21st century that delivers social justice and respects ecological limits.

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