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Saturday, 06 February


Ozone hole behind colorful nacreous clouds over the UK and Ireland The Watchers » Latest articles

Polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) are appearing over the United Kingdom and Ireland since January 31, 2016. An extremely rare occurrence for this area, usually restricted to the Arctic Circle, has been photographed by numerous skywatchers. According to experts, the...... Read more »

China publishes new high-quality images of the Moon's surface The Watchers » Latest articles

The China National Space Administration has published hundreds of previously unseen high-quality images, videos and scientific data of the Moon. The information was gathered by the Chang'e-3 lunar rover and is now available to anyone who is interested in it. ...... Read more »

Torrential rainfalls trigger flooding and landslides in Ecuador The Watchers » Latest articles

Torrential rainfall during late January 2016 triggered severe flooding and landslides in parts of Ecuador. 9 people have lost their lives in weather-related incidents, and numerous homes and infrastructure suffered extensive damage. The worst affected areas,...... Read more »


Dr. Mark Hyman: The Secret Fat That Makes You Thin EcoWatch


Researchers attributed this to the increased metabolism and fat burning that comes with consuming...


Nuclear Event – Automatic Reactor trip: Salem Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2, New Jersey Head Space

Nuclear Event – Reactor Trip North America – USA | State of New Jersey,  Lower Alloways Creek Township, Salem Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 Location: 39°27’46.0″N 75°32’08.0″W Present Operational Age: ~31 years Damage Level: RPS ACTUATION – CRITICAL Nuclear Event in USA on Thursday, 04 February, 2016 at 11:21 [EST] AUTOMATIC REACTOR TRIP DUE TO MAIN […]


REDD is dead. What’s next? Global Justice Ecology Project

Originally published by By Chris Lang A new paper in Conservation Biology starts with the following sentence: “Increasingly, one hears furtive whispers in the halls of conservation: ‘REDD+ is dead; it’s time to cut our losses and... Read More

The post REDD is dead. What’s next? appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Adding Insult to Injury (and then some) … Head Space

“Many believe they have the right to criticize whomever they wish. Well, I’m here to correct them. It is not right nor is it your right (?) to say anything about Muslims which in any way is negative. You have helped us so much in the past and are working to keep us safe in […]


An accurate consensus – Sometimes, the arrows of Truth hit their mark. Head Space

John Kerry’s hurt locker – When Foreign affairs chickens come home to roost… Video: John Kerry attacked in Rome; attacker cried “You created ISIS!” (Jihad Watch) John Kerry did aid in creating the vacuum that the Islamic State filled, with the precipitous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the American support for the weak […]


Crop Disasters Declared in Two U.S. States Fire Earth

Excessive rain and flooding destroy crops across 18 counties in Georgia, North Carolina Continued excessive rain and flooding destroy crops across 18 counties in North Carolina and Virginia . The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated a total of 18 counties in North Carolina and Virginia as crop disaster areas due to damages and […]


Erin Brockovich: Porter Ranch Gas Leak Is ‘the BP Oil Spill on Land’ EcoWatch


Erin Brockovich has once again spoken out about against the Porter Ranch gas leak, calling the situation...


Cultural Economy: Black History Highlights – “Where did they learn that?” Head Space

Fla. 8-year-old (child soldier) stole mom’s gun, tried to rob store Mom explains – Child endangerment is relative. Politicians – “It’s all the gun’s fault!” West Palm Beach, Fla. — Police have an eight-year-old Florida boy in custody after he allegedly (?) stole his mother’s gun and tried to rob a store with it. Eboni […]


Starving Sea Lion Takes Refuge at Upscale San Diego Restaurant EcoWatch


"Rescuers found an 8-month-old female pup asleep in a dining booth. The pup was severely ...


Bangladeshi farmers ditch GM brinjal The Ecologist

Cornell’s 'no pest' Bt brinjal project in Bangladesh appears to be going great with 200 farmers signed up, reports Farida Akhter. Only its not - hardly any of the farmers who grew the GM plants in previous years have come back for more after their crops wilted, failed to ripen, or were devastated by pests.


Teachable Moments – Bad Karma and Unexpected consequences Head Space

Refugees Go Clubbing In Russia, Harass Girls, Wake Up In Hospital … Next time reality will set in. (Daily Caller) A group of 51 refugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday. The refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway […]


Sparks Fly in Most Explosive Democratic Debate Yet EcoWatch


In their most testy and substantive debate yet, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders argued over ...


Pro-GMO Group Crosses Ethical Line EcoWatch


The Genetic Literacy Project has been accused of unethical journalistic practices after it published...


It’s a penalty, not a tax. It’s a tax not a penalty. Whatever — How about Extrajudicial punishment? Head Space

“In fact, our ruling is that whoever does get to decide this or that is allowed to do it, and that it’s not unconstitutional, that it’s consistent with (totalitarian) law,” “But we often have no policy views on the matter at all, and that’s an important distinction.” —  Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. (4 […]


Climate Change Linked to Spread of Zika Virus EcoWatch


Since first detected in April 2014, there have been more than 4,000 births that...


Venezuela’s Madurocide: “If you can’t handle your (government), hand it over to the people…” Head Space

Venezuela’s Maduro: “Nationalized everything, triple-digit inflation, commodity shortages? I dinnin’ do it.  It was somebody else“ Maduro Calls Owner of Largest Food Company `Thief’ and `Traitor’ (Bloomberg) President Nicolas Maduro called the owner of Venezuela’s largest privately-held company a “thief” and a “traitor” Thursday, blaming him for the country’s economic woes. In televised address, Maduro […]

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Friday, 05 February


Volcanic Event – New Eruptive Phase: Aira Caldera – Sakura-jima Volcano, Kagoshima, Japan Head Space

Volcanic Hazard – Eruptive Phase Asia – Japan | Ryukyu Islands and Kyushu, Sakura-Jima Volcano Location: 31°35’34.8″N 130°39’25.2″E Type: Stratovolcano Elevation: 1,117 m (3,664 ft) VEI: 7 Sakurajima webcams / live data Sakurajima volcano videos Last earthquakes nearby Recent Earthquakes Near Kagoshima, Japan Sakurajima volcano (Japan): new vulcanian explosion Friday Feb 05, 2016 10:38 AM […]


Technological Hazard or Economic extortion: WiFi Diseases – Electronically-induced Madness (or something) Head Space

“Electromagnetic hypersensitivity” and “wifi allergies”: Bogus diagnoses with tragic real world consequences Excerpt from Science-Based Medicine (edited) 7 Dec, 2015 This topic, is another sad technology story it is nothing more than a  nefarious condition, called “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” or “electro-hypersensitivity” (EHS) was so horrific that a more detailed, SBM-level discussion was indicated, particularly in light […]


The Risks of Digital Delusion Latest News

Despite the online world, civilization is still subject to physical laws


Sun Power – Renewable Energy in South Dakota in 2016 Dakota Rural Action

[iframe style=”border:none” src=”” height=”100″ width=”480″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen]

Wondering if we’re further ahead on solar power in 2016? Find out in our conversation with Dennis Williams of Williams Power Systems.

Check out this episode!


The deprivation of liberty of Mr. Assange is arbitrary and in contravention of his human rights The Ecologist

The human rights campaigner Julian Assange has suffered arbitrary detention by the governments of Sweden and the UK, the HRC's Working Group on Arbitrary Detention ruled today. Here we present the key elements of the Ruling so readers can form their own opinion on the issue free of the universal condemnations of Assange and the Ruling evident in mainstream media.


Sakurajima Volcano Explodes Fire Earth

Sakurajimsa erupts at Showa crater The explosive eruption occurred at 09:56UTC producing a large plume of smoke and ash followed by lava flow. Authorities upgraded the volcanic warning to a “Level 3 (Do not approach the volcano).” One of the most active volcanoes in the world, Sakurajima is located in Kagoshima Bay, southern Kyushu, Japan […]


Saying 'No!' A last chance for the world's forests The Ecologist

Roads, mines, dams, power lines, pipelines and other infrastructure projects are fast eating into the world's 'core forests', writes Bill Laurance. These rare and precious places where wildlife and ecological processes can flourish undisturbed must come before the evanescent gains of 'development'. To save what's left, governments and funders must learn the word 'No!'


Food sovereignty can stop climate change and feed us all - english

The global food system is not only extremely inefficient and environmentally costly; it is also profoundly unjust. But governments look at the problem through a very narrow lens. Figures from the COP 21 negotiations in Paris place the impact of agriculture on climate change at 24%. Our data reveal that they are missing the bigger picture. A GRAIN opinion piece for the Korean International Strategy Centre.


Active volcanoes in the world: January 27 - February 2, 2016 The Watchers » Latest articles

New activity/unrest was observed at 7 volcanoes from January 27 - February 2, 2016. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 15 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Egon, Flores Island (Indonesia) | Heard, Kerguelen Plateau | Masaya, Nicaragua | McDonald...... Read more »


Big sinkhole forms in Wildwood, Missouri The Watchers » Latest articles

A huge sinkhole opened on the late afternoon of February 2, 2016 (local time) in Wildwood, Missouri, US. The void is approximately 6 m (20 feet) wide and up to 12.2 m (40 feet) deep in places. "Safety is the biggest concern. It’s a rural road. It just...... Read more »



Mental Poverty, Scholastic Fact-factories and Educational Seppuku Head Space

The Role of Education The formative years of a child are spent under the guidance of parents first and then teachers; jointly they influence its future behavior. The educational system can either reinforce or correct parental errors and attitudes, either strengthen the child’s desire to grow toward freedom and maturity or stifle its need to […]


The Fight for a Good EIS on Sandpiper/Line 3 News

Tribal and citizen groups are asking Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and the relevant state agencies to transfer control of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Sandpiper and Line 3 Replacement pipeline corridor into the correct hands.  In December 2015, the White Earth Nation filed a motion to the Public Utilities Commission asking them to relinquish their status as the Responsible Government Unit (RGU) for the EIS and transfer that status to the state's environmental agencies.  White Earth also asked to be included as a cooperating agency.  Honor the Earth filed a motion in support of these requests.  Now it's up to the people to demand they become a reality.  Read more and download our sample letter to Governor Dayton to add your voice....


Maryland legislators move forward major climate bill Chesapeake Climate Action Network

The seas are rising, and we are rising to the challenge.

That is the simple message that lies at the heart of what we do here at CCAN. That was the message of over 200 Marylanders this summer who attended and testified before the Maryland Commission on Climate Change calling for deep and science-based cuts in climate-warming emissions. That was the message of over 85 Maryland congregations that rose up climate justice from the pulpit last fall.

And now, finally, Maryland leaders have heard our call and have put forward a bill to meet the scale of the climate crisis. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2016 (SB 323/HB 610), sponsored by Delegate Kumar Barve and Senator Paul Pinsky, would renew Maryland’s statewide commitment of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020, and extend that goal to achieve a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The legislation follows up on the historic bi-partisan vote last fall by the Maryland Commission on Climate Change – made up of union leaders, businesses, environmental groups, and six Republican cabinet secretaries from the Hogan administration. That Commission voted unanimously to endorse the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act to slash Maryland’s greenhouse gas emissions 40% by the year 2030.

Under a Republican Governor, Maryland is showing that climate change is not a political issue. It’s a scientific fact. And by choosing to acknowledge reality, and seize the very real economic g...


Shedding Light on the Shady Industry of Crude Oil Trains in Baltimore Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Over the last year and a half, our campaign to stop dangerous and explosive oil trains in Baltimore has built some serious momentum. This is a blog post about what we’ve accomplished, and what we have planned next.

In the winter of 2014, CCAN submitting hundreds of public comments in opposition to Targa Terminals’ proposed crude oil and tar sands shipping terminal in Curtis Bay. As a result, state regulators listened and halted the company’s permit, stopping construction of the terminal and potentially keeping over a million gallons of oil from running through our city every day. During that process, the Baltimore Sun reported that another terminal was already shipping crude oil out of the city, and that explosive crude oil trains were likely running through the center of the City, but rail companies CSX and Norfolk Southern were suing the state of Maryland to keep route information secret.

A DOT-111 Train running through Baltimore along 26th street near Charles Village.

A DOT-111 Train running through Baltimore along 26th street near Charles Village.

So, in July of 2015, nearly a hundred of us rallied outside of City Hall as part of a National Week of Action to stop oil trains, calling for public disclosure of train routes. That same day, the City Council held an informational public hearing about crude oil trains, and, slowly, us and the City Council started to learn more about this shady industry. Of course, the rail companies refused to show up, prompting even more questions from the C...


Momentum building against Virginia pipelines Chesapeake Climate Action Network

A year and a half ago when Governor McAuliffe and Dominion CEO Tom Farrell unveiled their plans for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, I was scared. Shortly thereafter, three more proposals for mega pipelines came forward – I was really scared.

Virginia was in the crosshairs of the fossil fuel industry, but over the last year we’ve built something. And dare I say it, we’re heading into 2016 with momentum.

Over the past few months we have racked up victories.

The US Forest Service has proven to be a staunch ally. In October they asked Dominion to reroute the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to avoid the endangered Cow Knob Salamander. A month later, they flatly rejected the current proposed route. They cited unavoidable environmental damages, dealing an enormous setback to Dominion’s plans. Considering the original route took almost a year to design before submittal to FERC, one can only guess as to how long it will take to design a reroute.

Further exemplifying the shoddiness with which Dominion has approached this process, the US Forest Service blasted Dominion for misrepresenting their soil samples. The US Forest Service thoroughly documented the instructions they gave to Dominion. Not only did their soil surveying team disregard instruction after instruction, they falsely presented th...


Will China Dam Its Last Wild River? EcoWatch


"The dam builders who have set their sites on the Nu River are like poachers who...


4 Year Global Journey Ends in Must-See Documentary: ‘A Plastic Ocean’ EcoWatch


A Plastic Ocean explores the increasingly devastating crisis of ocean plastic that has...


Jet of particles, three times bigger than Milky Way, blasting from a supermassive black hole in Pictor A The Watchers » Latest articles

NASA's scientists obtained images of a huge jet of particles blasted from a supermassive black hole at the center of the Pictor A galaxy. The continuous X-ray emission spread across the distance of 300 000 light years which is three times the diameter of Milky...... Read more »

Asteroid 2013 TX69 to safely pass Earth on March 5 The Watchers » Latest articles

2013 TX68, the small asteroid that flew by our planet two years ago is now coming back again for another flyby on March 5, 2016. This time, the asteroid might make a much closer pass though still at a safe distance. Two years ago, 2013 TX68 flew by Earth at a...... Read more »


6 Foods That Can Actually Make You Hungrier EcoWatch


If you’re hungry, you should be able to eat food and your hunger will subside. However, it’s not always quite that...


Watch This Zebra Escape From a Tokyo Zoo EcoWatch


The panicked zebra gave one worker a heart attack and injured ...


This Is What a Soda Commercial Would Look Like If They Were Telling the Truth EcoWatch


This hilarious video shows what soda commercials would look like if...


Paul Watson: Join World Love for Dolphins Day to Put an End to the Slaughter EcoWatch


There are only a few places in the world where these beloved creatures are captured...


3 Things You Should Know About the Hottest Year Ever Recorded EcoWatch


Not only was 2015 the warmest year on record globally, it beat the previous record, set in 2014, by a...


Banana Milk: The Newest Alternative to Milk EcoWatch


Did you know there is an incredibly cheap and easy-to-make vegan milk alternative that you...


Meet Me In Annapolis Chesapeake Climate Action Network

This is our moment. This year, climate activists across Maryland have the opportunity to pass bold climate legislation that will pave the way for a clean energy future.

This year, we can slash climate-disrupting emissions by not only renewing the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act, but also strengthening and extending its goal — to achieve a 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

This year, we can chart the way to power our homes and communities with wind and solar. The Clean Energy Jobs Act will raise our clean energy standard to 25% by 2020 and invest a landmark $40 million into workforce development training in under-served communities.

With the support of legislative champions, including Senators Catherine Pugh and Mac Middleton and Delegate Dereck Davis, we are in a strong position to reach the finish line.

But to get this legislation to Governor’s Hogan’s desk, we need one critical thing: For you to raise your voice in Annapolis and demand that your legislators vote YES!

We are hosting a series of regional lobby nights to ensure our legislators hear our voices before every key hearing and vote. Come to Annapolis and raise your voice for clean energy with fellow climate activists from your community.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with fellow climate activists in your district and receive the latest political updates on where your legislator stands on our priority climate bills. Following a training and orientation, you’ll meet face-to-face with your legislator.

Sign up for your regional lobby night by clicking on the link that corresponds to your area:

  • ...


CCAN Joins Challenge to WB XPress Fracked Gas Pipeline Project Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Groups in Two States Challenge WB XPress

On behalf of conservation groups in Virginia and West Virginia, Appalachian Mountain Advocates today filed a formal protest and motion to intervene in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s permitting process for the WB XPress, an $850 million natural gas infrastructure proposal from Columbia Gas Transmission.

The project consists of two new compressor stations, 26 miles of pipeline replacement, and 2.9 miles of new pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia. Construction would impact the Monongahela National Forest, as well as privately owned forest and agricultural lands.

“The WB XPress would fragment prime forest habitat, endanger family farms and homes, and amplify the threats to drinking water and air quality in communities plagued by fracking operations,” explained Ben Luckett, Staff Attorney with Appalachian Mountain Advocates. The WB XPress is intended to boost Columbia’s capacity to pipe fracked natural gas from West Virginia’s Marcellus region. The fracked gas would be sold in markets farther south and perhaps abroad.

“We’re also highly concerned that this project will increase the pressure to build the Mountaineer XPress, which would have even more destructive impacts throughout our region,” explained Luckett. The Mountaineer XPress, proposed by a consortium owned in part by Columbia Gas, involves constructing three new compressor stations and approximately 165 miles of new pipeline in West Virginia.

This fall, these same groups filed similar challenges to the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline. These groups hope to shed light on the rash of gas projects currently pending FERC review. “Appalachian communities have been hard-hit by the fracking boom, and now face the threat of a huge build-out of natural ga...


Grain by Grain, Truck by Truck: How Myanmar Is Losing its Beaches Latest News

Booming construction fuels sand mining, threatens coastal environment and tourism


Record high temperatures in Akron, Ohio after 126 years The Watchers » Latest articles

While other parts of US are covered in a thick snow blanket, record warmth wrapped the city of Akron in Ohio. The winter, in general, appears to be milder than usual with thinner layers of snow making it seem rather wet, according to local residents. Temperatures of...... Read more »


How to Watch the Democratic Debate Tonight EcoWatch


Now that Iowa is in the rearview mirror, anticipation for the New Hampshire primary is...


Chile: “Fire to the Projects that Destroy Nature” Earth First! Newswire

from Contra Info

translated by Earth First! Journal

A road was blockaded and a banner dropped on February 1 at 7AM on Avenue General Velasquez, Villa Portales.

Claudio Paredes was a young 18 year old militant of FPMR and neighbor of Villa Portales, who died in an explosion on January 31, 1988, in one of the Villa’s buildings while preparing an explosive charge against the dictator Pinochet, along with Fernando Villalón y Nelsón Garrido.

We have come out and set fire, we want to stop the party.

We have not been able to stay quiet nor calm, hushed nor submissive against the reality which we see before our very eyes, which has been robbing life for so many years.

Today we have seen how the powerful who lack shame and modesty continue to log our milenarian forests [thousands of years old] in the South, devastating the rivers with their dams, contaminating, deforesting the grounds, getting brutally rich from the Earth which blankets us, turning every bit of flora and fauna into products to be sold, murdering. Today we have seen how the Mapuche continue to be murdered and jailed for their legitimate fight and resistance to recuperate the lands which have been stolen; the massacre which the invaders began over 500 years ago continues.

Today we have seen how the State maintains over 25 political prisoners in jails which they continue to build for the poor and for tho...


1999 Press Release Announces Joint Initiative that would become ArborGen Global Justice Ecology Project

While Monsanto and ArborGen like to insist they have no formal connection to each other, the entity that would become ArborGen was announced on April 6, 1999 with a press release titled “Fletcher Challenge Forests, International Paper, Monsanto... Read More

The post 1999 Press Release Announces Joint Initiative that would become ArborGen appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Monsanto’s glyphosate now most heavily used weed-killer in history, study says

Monsanto’s glyphosate is now most heavily used weed-killer in history, according to a new study. A paper published Feb. 2, 2016 in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Sciences Europe reports that 18.9 billion pounds (8.6 billion kilograms) of glyphosate have been used globally. Glyphosate use has risen almost 15-fold since so-called “Roundup Ready” genetically engineered crops were introduced in 1996.

The study is summarized in an article published by Here are some highlights and insights provided by Claire Robinson of

  • This is the first peer-reviewed paper ever to report agricultural, non-agricultural, and total glyphosate herbicide use in the U.S. from 1974-2014.
  • The detailed supplemental tables provide in-depth information on glyphosate use on crops in the U.S. from 1982-2014.
  • It is the first paper to report global data on glyphosate use in agriculture, non-ag uses, and overall from 1994 through 2015.
  • This is the first paper that clearly documents the dominant role of GE, herbicide-tolerant (HT) crops in driving glyphosate use higher both in the U.S. and globally.
  • This is the first paper that reports that glyphosate is the most heavily applied pesticide in history, again both in the U.S. and globally.
  • Lastly, it’s the first paper showing that ~2/3 of the total volume of glyphosate applied since 1974 has been sprayed in just the last 10 years. This finding has important public health implications, given that glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen linked to c...


World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Will Power More Than 1 Million Homes EcoWatch


"This project means secure, clean energy for the country, jobs and financial security for...


Monsanto’s glyphosate now most heavily used weed-killer in history, study says Global Justice Ecology Project

Monsanto’s glyphosate is now most heavily used weed-killer in history, according to a new study. A paper published Feb. 2, 2016 in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Sciences Europe reports that 18.9 billion pounds (8.6 billion kilograms) of glyphosate have... Read More

The post Monsanto’s glyphosate now most heavily used weed-killer in history, study says appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Morocco Flips Switch on First Phase of World’s Largest Solar Plant EcoWatch


“With this bold step toward a clean energy future, Morocco is pioneering a greener...


We did it. Biggest climate lobby day of the year. Now it’s time to keep the pressure on. Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Yesterday was a truly inspiring day. I joined over 100 climate activists from across Virginia for the Virginia Conservation Network’s Conservation Lobby Day.

We descended on the General Assembly in Richmond for what was certainly the biggest climate lobby day of the year. We met, we rallied. We called for bold climate action NOW – urging our legislators to protect Virginia’s most vulnerable communities from climate-change fueled flooding by supporting the Virginia Coastal Protection Act (SB 571/HB 351), calling on Governor Terry McAuliffe to “do the right thing” when deciding how Virginia will respond to new federal climate rules, urging our leaders to oppose offshore drilling and hundreds of new miles of fracked-gas pipelines, and protect Virginia’s rivers from dirty coal ash.


Activists from Norfolk, Newport News and Virginia Beach on a chartered bus to Richmond

For some of our most ardent activists, the day started at 6 AM, as nearly 50 community members from coastal Virginia climbed on a bus for the two hour ride to Richmond.

For all of us, kicking yesterday’s lobby day off with a pep talk from Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam was a big highlight. The Lieutenant Governor was an inspiring keynote speaker at CCAN’s celebration of Virginia’s Coastal Climate Champions in Norfolk last May, and he didn’t disappoint yesterday. The Lieutenant Governor urged us to ask for what we want, which, I’m proud to say, is exa...


New Faces at CCAN Chesapeake Climate Action Network

We’re fighting important fights across the region this spring – from creating the largest clean energy jobs plan in Maryland to capping carbon in Virginia to putting a price on it in DC. We’re lucky enough to be joined, as we are every year, by a talented group of spring fellows and interns who will be working alongside our field organizers and volunteers over the next several weeks and months to build the people-powered movement it’s going to take to win.

Please join us in welcoming these talented young people to the CCAN team!

Caleb Drake, No New Pipelines

Caleb-DrakeCaleb is working with CCAN’s Virginia Field Organizer, Drew Gallahger, to stop an unprecedented expansion of natural gas infrastructure in Virginia, from Dominion’s proposed 564-mile, $5.1 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline through central Virginia, to a new gas plant in Greensville County to a new compressor station in Fairfax. Caleb attends J. Sargeant Reynolds in Richmond and plans to major in Environmental Science and Policy.

Caleb is a Richmond native, and loves living between the beach and the mountains, with the James in his backyard.



Darien Pusey and Nicholas (Cole) McCarren, Don’t Frack Maryland



Signing Polluter-Friendly TPP Trade Deal Is Gambling Away Our Future EcoWatch


The U.S. Trade Representative is gambling away our jobs, our clean air and water, and our...


Save the habitat of 26,000 Humboldt penguins! Global Justice Ecology Project

Chile wants to build two industrial ports in the habitat of the Humboldt penguin, endangering 13,000 breeding pairs of this vulnerable species. The first planned port has already been approved by the authorities. Local environmentalists fighting the project... Read More

The post Save the habitat of 26,000 Humboldt penguins! appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Pennsylvania Fracking Water Contamination Much Higher Than Reported EcoWatch


Contrary to the EPA fracking study’s conclusion, the prevalence of drinking water contamination is...


Which Is the Biggest Threat to Americans: Zika, Cancer or ISIS? EcoWatch


We let our politicians tell us what should be our greatest fears. And they serve us...


Promises be damned: TPP 'benefits' are strictly for the corporations The Ecologist

Boosters of 'free trade' agreements - like the Trans Pacific Partnership that's being signed today - like to make big promises, writes Pete Dolack: trillions of dollars of economic gains, billions of dollars of investment, millions of new jobs. But there's only one certainty, and it's one they never mention: the permanent redistribution of power and income from working people to capital.


Jimmy Carter: Citizens United ‘Gives Legal Bribery a Chance to Prevail’ EcoWatch


Jimmy Carter has taken aim at the "erroneous" Supreme Court ruling that "gives legal ...


Countdown to Kickoff: The Solar-Powered Super Bowl EcoWatch


“This year’s big game is making environmental history as fans root for their favorite team...

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Thursday, 04 February


Never mind today's signing charade: TPP is heading for the rocks The Ecologist

Trade ministers will sign the Trans Pacific Partnership 'free trade' deal today, writes Sam Cossar-Gilbert. But don't be fooled by the razzmatazz. Resistance to the agreement is growing fast, and the more people find out about it and its devastating impact on jobs, health, human rights and environment, the less they like it.


A sustainable UK needs a 'one planet' Budget The Ecologist

When Chancellor George Osborne delivers his Budget next month, we can be sure that climate and environment won't take a high priority, writes Alan Simpson. All the more reason for the Labour leadership to develop a new 'one planet' economics for the 21st century that delivers social justice and respects ecological limits.


Glyphosate 'the most heavily used weedkiller in history' The Ecologist

The global use of glyphosate has rocketed over the last decade thanks to the introduction of 'Roundup ready' GM crops, writes Vanessa Amaral-Rogers. But since IARC classified the chemical a 'probable carcinogen', and with the spread of resistant superweeds, the tide may finally be turning.


New Science Study Examines Methods To Gain Public Acceptance Of Climate Engineering Geoengineering Watch

wxDane Wigington A shocking percentage of academia has completely sold out to the cabal that is currently controlling the world. What is the primary objective of this core of global power? To perpetuate at any cost. The inevitable killing of the host, planet Earth, is not a consideration for them. The true consequences of climate engineering are


Wild Jaguar Caught on Camera Outside Tucson, Threatened by Mine Earth First! Newswire

from Center for Biological Diversity


Conservation CATalyst and the Center for Biological Diversity released new video today of the only known wild jaguar currently in the United States. Captured on remote sensor cameras in the Santa Rita Mountains just outside Tucson, the dramatic footage provides a glimpse of the secretive life of one of nature’s most majestic and charismatic creatures. This is the first ever publicly released video of the jaguar, and it comes at a critical point in this cat’s conservation.

The camera project is part of ongoing efforts to monitor mountain ranges in southeastern Arizona for endangered jaguar and ocelot. Chris Bugbee, a biologist with Conservation CATalyst, has been collecting data on the Santa Rita jaguar for the past three years (formerly through the University of Arizona).

“Studying these elusive cats anywhere is extremely difficult, but following the only known individual in the U.S. is especially challenging,” said Bugbee. “We use our specially trained scat detection dog and spent three years tracking in rugged mountains, collecting data and refining camera sites; these videos represent the peak of our efforts.”

“These glimpses into his behavior offer the keys to unlocking the mysterie...


TPP: Not a done deal Pesticide Action Network


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has just been signed by all twelve participating countries. But the massive and highly controversial trade agreement still has a long and rocky road ahead before it can go into effect.

The deal must be ratified by Congress, whose leadership is increasingly opposed to letting the TPP become law. Meanwhile, the growing movement against the TPP even has presidential frontrunners in both parties criticizing aspects of the agreement, if not opposing the whole thing.

Bad for farming

President Obama continues to tout the agreement as one of his top legislative priorities for his remaining time in office, despite widespread and persistent opposition from labor unions, environmental groups, and even industry groups like automakers and tobacco companies. We've written before about...

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Wednesday, 03 February


Bernie Sanders Shares Stage with Native Organizer Tara Houska News

Last November, Honor's new National Campaigns Director, Tara Houska, spoke alongside presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the introduction of #KeepItInTheGround legislation.

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, this was an occasion in which some of the top U.S. leaders recognized the voice and importance of inclusivity of indigenous peoples. We fight for the seventh generation. #LoveWaterNotOil #IndigenousRising

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Freedom beckons for Pongky the orangutan after more than a decade in captivity CHANGING TIMES

Pongky's tiny dirty cage at the police officer's house

A Sumatran orangutan who was kept for more than a decade in a tiny cage, then was rescued, only to end up back behind bars in a zoo, is now at a rehabilitation centre and there is every chance he will be released into the wild.

Pongky, who is now about 14 years old, was kept in captivity by a high-ranking police officer in Sumatra’s Aceh province until he was discovered by a team from the Medan-based Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) in July 2013.

Pongky was locked in a small cage with no access to open space, very limited room to move, and only a single rope, on which he swung back and forth obsessively.

Pongky in his cage at police officer's house

The OIC reported the case to the authorities, and the Department of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation (BKSDA) intervened and confiscated the primate from the police commissioner, but, instead of being taken to a rehabilitation centre, the primate was sent to Medan zoo.

Helen Buckland, the director of the UK-based charity, the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS), which co-founded the OIC, said: “When Pongky was confiscated, but then transferred to Medan zoo, he simply swapped one life behind bars for another. He should never have been sent to the zoo; he should have been given a second chance at a life in the wild.”


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Tuesday, 02 February


Ojibwe Harvesters Assert Rights of 1855 Treaty News

On February 1, 2016, four enrolled Ojibwe band members given citations last summer for exercising their treaty rights, appeared in court and pled not guilty, with a pre-trial conference scheduled for April 26, 2016.  The MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR) gave the 4 citations on August 28, 2015.  Two were cited for harvesting wild rice on Hole in the Day Lake without a Minnesota DNR permit (Morningstar and Harvey Goodsky) and two were cited for casting a gill net on Gull Lake (Todd Thompson and Jim Northrup).  The four individuals were exercising their constitutionally-protected right to subsist off the land in the 1855 Treaty area.  The civil disobedience action was organized by the 1855 Treaty Authority in an effort to have these rights clarified and validated by federal courts.  Read more.....


Monday, 01 February


Going organic in India Pesticide Action Network

Organic farming India

What does it take to turn 75,000 hectares of farmland organic? Well, people in the state of Sikkim can now speak to that. A mountainous region in eastern India, Sikkim recently became the first state in that country to go fully organic.

The Chief Minister of Sikkim announced this vision for the state's 290 square miles of agricultural land in 2003, in response to the serious environmental and health problems resulting from chemically intensive farming methods. A combination of political will, use of local farmer's traditional knowledge and the willingness to share technical know-how made this vision a reality.

This news is especially encouraging coming from India, which has very high rates of pesticide use — and wh...

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