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Wednesday, 03 February


Animal Defenders Confront CEO of Skanska USA at His Home Global Justice Ecology Project

Note: See this follow up from, BREAKING: No New Animal Lab Fights Back Against Skanska SLAPP Injunction HUNTINGTON, NY – On the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 16 animal rights defenders launched a march from Heckscher Park and immediately took... Read More

The post Animal Defenders Confront CEO of Skanska USA at His Home appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Science Museum must get out of bed with anti-science Big Fossil funders The Ecologist

Why is BP sponsoring the Science Museum's 'Late' event? It's all part of creating 'scientific consent' for fossil fuels, writes Drew Pearce, in the face of scientific certainty about climate change and the need for drastic cuts in carbon emissions. That's why we gatecrashed their latest show last week.


14 Cases to 4 Million: 10 Things You Should Know About Zika Virus EcoWatch


The World Health Organization declared the Zika virus an international public health emergency as...

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Tuesday, 02 February


Major Disaster Declaration Proclaimed for Idaho Fire Earth

Federal Disaster Declared in Idaho due to Severe Winter Storms (DR-4252) Incident period: December 16-27, 2015 Major Disaster Declaration declared on February 01, 2016 The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of Idaho in the areas affected by Severe Winter Storms during the period of December 16-27, 2015.  The areas […]


Zika Virus Outbreak Result of Bioweapon? Fire Earth

ZIKV outbreak possibly resulted from  biological warfare: Russian expert Russia’s former Surgeon General has said that the Zika virus (ZIKV) outbreak could be due to the use of biological warfare, said a report. One of the possible causes for the spread of the deadly Zika virus outbreak could be the use of biological warfare, Russia’s former Chief State Sanitary […]


My Spiritual Journey The Ecologist

Satish Kumar, environmental activist and editor of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, is giving a talk at Alternatives on 14 March about his personal journey both spiritual and physical.


Brussels biotech lobby's last push for 'GM 2.0' technologies to escape regulation The Ecologist

Biotech corporations have invested billions in a range of new 'GM 2.0' technologies designed to redesign the world's germplasm and create new generations of super-GMOs, writes Nina Holland. And powerful investors have no intention of letting tedious EU regulations get in the way of the profits they are now poised to reap - no matter what the laws actually say.


Deconstructing Loyalty Head Space

“As soon as a government starts to search the souls of its citizens, it begins to intrude on their rights and interests”  “The government that searches the soul of any thinking individual can always find a case against them” The Development of Loyalty What we call treason takes place more in the emotional than in […]


WHO declares an international state of emergency over Zika virus The Watchers » Latest articles

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an international public state of emergency on the Zika virus currently spreading across South and North America. Despite uncertainties about the disease, the WHO decided to take prompt action on the rising issue. The...... Read more »

Rare video footage of the Big Ben eruption, Heard Island The Watchers » Latest articles

A group of geoscientists onboard Investigator, the CSIRO's research ship, managed to capture a rare video footage of the Big Ben volcano eruption in the sub-Antarctic. Because of its extensive ice coverage, very little is so far known about its structure. Heard...... Read more »


No New Animal Lab Fights Back Against Skanska SLAPP Injunction Earth First! Newswire

from No New Animal Lab


Multinational, multibillion dollar corporation, Skanska, attempts to chill grassroots protest campaign through SLAPP injunctions; No New Animal Lab fights back with anti-SLAPP Special Motion to Strike

Hillsboro, OR — On January 29th, No New Animal Lab, with representation from the Civil Liberties Defense Center, filed an anti-SLAPP Special Motion to Strike against injunctions filed on behalf of two executives of Skanska USA. Skanska and its key decision makers have been the subject of a year-long protest campaign, organized under the banner of No New Animal Lab, for their $90 million contract to build a large, undergr...


NEWS 1855 Treaty Assertion News

Original intent? History, language blur Minnesota Indian treaty disputes



Strong and deep M6.6 earthquake hit Kermadec Islands region, New Zealand The Watchers » Latest articles

A strong and deep earthquake registered by New Zealand's GeoNet as M6.6 hit Kermadec Islands region, New Zealand at 19:00 UTC on February 1, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 366 km (227 miles). USGS is reporting M6.2 at a depth of 382 km (237 miles)....... Read more »


Honor the Earth Grants $90K to Indigenous Organizations to Protect Sacred Sites, Cultural Traditions News

Honor the Earth Grants $90K to Indigenous Organizations to Protect Sacred Sites, Cultural Traditions


Nuclear Event – Cold Reactor Shutdown: River Bend Station, Unit 1, St. Francisville, Louisiana Head Space

Nuclear Event – Nuclear Reactor Shutdown North America – USA | State of Louisiana, St. Francisville, River Bend Nuclear Power Station Location: 30°45’24.0″N 91°20’00.0″W Present Operational Age: ~30 years Event: VALID SPECIF SYS ACTUATION Nuclear Event in USA on Friday, 29 January, 2016 at 15:18 [CST]. SPECIFIED SYSTEM ACTUATION AFTER LOSS OF ONE OFFSITE POWER SOURCE “On January […]


Multiple Nuclear Events – Automatic Reactor Trip/Equipment failure: Davis–Besse Nuclear Power Station, Ohio Head Space

Nuclear Event – Nuclear Reactor Shutdown North America – USA | State of Ohio,  Oak Harbor, Davis–Besse Nuclear Power Station Location: 41°35’48.0″N 83°05’11.0″W   Present Operational Age: ~38 years Events: RPS ACTUATION – CRITICAL/VALID SPECIF SYS ACTUATION Nuclear Event in USA on Friday, 29 January 2015 at 13:22 [EST] AUTOMATIC REACTOR TRIP DUE TO REACTOR PROTECTION […]


Government and Barrick point finger of blame at each other over Porgera Papua New Guinea Mine Watch


Canadain mining company Barrick Gold and the PNG government are blaming each other for the failure to relocate people living inside the Porgera mining lease area.

Local MP Nixon Mangape says it is not safe for people to live within the mine area but people are still living there after 25 years of mining because of the failure of Barrick and the State to relocate them

According to Mangape, Barrick Gold says it is waiting for the State but when the issue was raised with the Prime Minister the PM said it was Barrick’s responsibility.

Perhaps MRA should explain why they allowed the mining to start and have since allowed it to continue for 25 years without the issue of relocation being settled…

Unlawful to live in mine site: MP
Jeffrey Elapa | Post Courier
THE landowners of the world class [sic] Porgera Gold mine in Enga Province have abused all laws as they continue to live in the Special Mining Lease area for the past 25 years, a Member of Parliament has said.
Lagaip-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape said the laws of the country did not allow people to live within the vicinity of the mine area.
But it was normal for the people although it is not safe because of the failure of the developer and the State.
He said when he inquired with the mine management, he was told that the company has budgetted for the relocation and permanent resettlement of the SML landowners but they were waiting for the State to do its part by negotiating with them.
Mr Mangape said from Porgera yesterday that when he raised the question to the Prime Minister in Parliament, he was assured that th...


The ‘lipstick on a pig’ syndrome – Reparations Lost and Other stories Head Space

Occupy Trespassed for Months, Ranchers Arrested After 24 Days of Trespassing “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late” Political correctness has invaded […]


Crushing El Niño, Engineering Winter From Warmth Geoengineering Watch

11Dane Wigington "Winter storm Kayla" is the latest creation from the climate engineering cabal that now controls Earth's life support systems (following "winter storm Jonas"). There is no longer any weather that can be considered "natural", the entire climate system has long since been completely derailed. Is it just a coincidence that the engineered winter


Gov. Kasich Admits Renewables Are the Future, So Why Did He Freeze Ohio’s Clean Energy Mandate EcoWatch


It’s time Gov. Kasich start leading by example and support clean energy at home, not just touting...


Global earthquake numbers stable in 2015, increasing in central US The Watchers » Latest articles

According to a report published by the USGS on February 1, 2016, our planet experienced a total of 14 588 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater in 2015. While this is an average number of M4+ events per year (prior year averages are about 40 M4+ earthquakes per...... Read more »


Want to Get Off the Grid and Live in Harmony With Nature? Build an Earthship EcoWatch


Michael Reynolds believes that we can get off the grid entirely and generate our own...


Hottest Year Ever Recorded + Collapsing Oil Prices = Broken Fossil Fuel Economy EcoWatch


Two overlapping news stories in the past few weeks must focus our attention on the need to...


Lumber Liquidators Sentenced to $13.2 Million for Smuggling Illegal Wood Into the U.S. EcoWatch


Lumber Liquidators had imported flooring manufactured in China, made from...


From salt to GMOs - resistance is fertile The Ecologist

How can progressive movements rise above merely being right, to mount effective mass opposition to corporate rule and the dictatorship of the super-wealthy? By learning from Gandhi, writes Colin Todhunter, and devising new campaigns that engage with people's everyday concerns - like access to safe, wholesome, affordable, 'open source' food.


NATO: Renewable Energy Can Save Soldiers’ Lives EcoWatch


NATO plans to increase its investment in renewables and energy efficiency as they “reduce the risk” to...


11 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Bananas EcoWatch


Aside from being very nutritious, bananas are a highly convenient...


Update from Lax U’u’la (Lelu Island) Earth First! Newswire

from It’s Going Down

Lelu Island Update

On Thursday, January 28th two of our boats went out to a hot spot for catching crabs near the Flora Bank. Unfortunately, one of the drilling barges was right on top of the spot. Upon approaching the area, the Pacific Northwest LNG contractor boat “Glacial Mist,” owned by Brian Catherall, started in our direction to catch up with us. As we got close to the crabbing spot the “Glacial Mist” turned into our boat, ramming us at a high speed. The ridges on their hull got stuck on our bow. The skill of our vessel operator prevented our boat from capsizing.

After the ramming, our boats proceeded to the fishing spot and the Glacial Mist, carrying three private security guards, cut in front to block us again. At this point we asked them to move their boat so we could fish, and they refused, despite their attempts at preventing us from fishing. We set the trap anyway and after only a few minutes caught a couple crabs for supper.

These events took place days after the Salmon Nation summit where the Flor...


What Role Does Nutrition Play in ADHD? EcoWatch


A substantial amount of research has examined how nutrition affects ADHD...


France: Recent Actions in Defense of the ZAD, Call to Mobilise Earth First! Newswire

from Rabble and Squat!net


This article is about developments in the ZAD (‘Zone to Defend’), the site in Western France of a 9+ year occupation against the construction of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport by French construction giant, Vinci.

Things have been heating up in France following the decision by a Nantes court to press ahead with the eviction of the last remaining official residents on site, who refused to sell their land. The court ruled that, of the residents, the farms and three families could be evicted straight away, but gave a two month delay to the eight other families. With this legal hurdle out of the way, it looks likely that attempts will be made to evict the occupations in the coming weeks.

Attempts to build an airport have been ongoin...


This Solar Road Will Provide Power to 5 Million People EcoWatch


The French government plans to pave 621 miles of its roads with...


Huge Victory for Environmentalists: Offshore Fracking Moratorium Now in Effect Off California’s Coast EcoWatch


The federal government will not issue any new permits for offshore fracking after...


Massive sinkhole closes coastal highway in southwest Oregon The Watchers » Latest articles

A massive sinkhole, the largest in the last 20 years, formed in a parking lot between the Fireside Diner and a Chevron gas station along US 101 in Harbor, Oregon, and caused a part coastal highway in the area to close down during the last week. The hole, caused by...... Read more »


Cancer Prevention Needs Attention Too: What if We Weren’t Exposed to 80,000 Toxic Chemicals Every Day? EcoWatch


Vice President Biden and I have something in common that I wish we did not share. We both...


Vermont Residents, Climate Advocates Prevent Eminent Domain Proceedings for Pipeline Earth First! Newswire

from Rising Tide Vermont


Monkton, VT — Dozens of Addison County residents and climate advocates from across the state prevented a land appraisal by the Department of Public Service and Vermont Gas Systems on January 28, 2016. The appraisal was intended to facilitate the condemnation of Claire Broughton’s land in order to construct the proposed fracked gas pipeline. Opponents of the pipeline formed a human chain across the edge of the property and appraisers decided to turn around and not conduct the appraisal.

“I’ve lived in Addison County for half a century,” said Broughton. “This is my home. They think they can just come in here and build an explosive gas pipeline through my land, and all it takes was buying the support of state government. Well, just because they bought a permit from the state doesn’t mean they have permission to destroy my home. I won’t have it.”

Broughton, 77, has declined to sign a right-of-way easement with Vermont Gas, citing concerns about their project management, safety, and the environmental impacts of the pipeline.

In spite of out-of-control costs and rampant public opposition, the Public Service Board (PSB) reaffirmed state support for...


The Inside Story of How a University Professor Quietly Collaborated With Monsanto EcoWatch


Emails released through a Freedom of Information Act request show that...


Revamping Electric Grid for Renewables Offers Quick Fix for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions EcoWatch


The U.S. could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation by...


Italy: Two Repeaters Sabotaged in Solidarity with Silvia, Costa, and Billy Earth First! Newswire

from Act for Freedom Now

against-all-2From informa-azione:

We receive from anonymous email and spread:
“On January 14 we burned and destroyed two repeaters in Trento.
Let’stop electronic control and electromagnetic pollution.
For Silvia, Costa and Billy, still on trial.”

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Monday, 01 February


Pandora's box: how GM mosquitos could have caused Brazil's microcephaly disaster The Ecologist

In Brazil's microcephaly epidemic, one vital question remains unanswered: how did the Zika virus suddenly learn how to disrupt the development of human embryos? The answer may lie in a sequence of 'jumping DNA' used to engineer the virus's mosquito vector - and released into the wild four years ago in the precise area of Brazil where the microcephaly crisis is most acute.


Trans Mountain and Energy East Pipelines Delayed in Face of Mounting Protests Latest News

Trudeau government announces new climate test and consultation with Indigenous Peoples on all major resource projects


The Gomeroi invite you to sacred Emu ceremony Front Line Action on Coal


The Gomeroi elders and other Gomeroi people of the local community would like to invite everyone to a sacred ceremony to be held in the Leard State Forest 15th February 2016 for a ceremonial evening meet at the travelling stock route across from Velyaama gate entrance at 10am

Please bring your own food and camping gear. No pets allowed (due to permit) please RSVP (below) by Friday 4th February.

February is a special time for our emu ceremonies . Because Whitehaven Maules creek is planning to clear the forest and our sacred place will be destroyed as a result. This will be the last time we are able to hold this ceremony- ambient lights of the mine, the clearing of the forest will forever destroy the footprint of our ancestors and the dreaming of our belief systems.

Given that many people will be in the region at the time we invite you to peacefully and respectfully join us for this sacred ceremony.

  • ...


Burkina Faso calls time on Monsanto's GM cotton, demands $280m damages The Ecologist

After a run of low quality GM cotton crops with unusually short fibres, Burkina Faso has ended its love affair with Monsanto's Bt cotton, writes Claire Robinson. In a further blow to the company, growers are demanding $280 million compensation for their losses.

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Saturday, 30 January


EU must not re-approve glyphosate based on flawed EFSA study The Ecologist

The European Commission must not re-approve the 'probably carcinogenic' weedkiller glyphosate so long as its assessment is based on secret industry studies, actual products are not investigated, and in the absence of scientific criteria for endocrine disruption, write 66 MEPs in this Open Letter to Commissioner Andriukaitis, in charge of health and food safety.

Friday, 29 January


Stand up for us, not the chemical industry We All Live Downstream

By Marley Kimelman, Massachusetts Environmental Health and Justice Intern

It was an unseasonably warm November day when I sat down in my political ecology class at Northeastern University. My professor, Danny Faber, an environmental justice champion in the Boston area, was showing us a film called “Toxic Hot Seat.” The topic seemed mundane: flame-retardants. But after sitting through the compelling and borderline shocking documentary, I was outraged. I had just watched a step-by-step breakdown about how flame-retardants, chemicals that are supposed to protect us from essentially bursting into flames, were nothing more than a tool in an industry ploy buried in a maze of misinformation.  I am living in buildings and on furniture that are covered in toxic chemicals, and I didn’t even know about it.  In addition, flame-retardants are being found all over the earth and are even accumulating in breast milk. I learned that firefighters are dying at incredibly high rates due to cancer and other diseases. Yet, similar to most situations like this, big industry was winning. They were denying the science, and putting profits over people’s health. The difference in this case was there was an actual tangible opportunity to make a difference.

Professor Faber told us that there was a public hearing and an opportunity to testify on a flame-retardants bill that would update The City of Boston’s fire code for public spaces.  Under the current fire code, theaters, universities, office buildings and hospitals, for example can only meet the requirements by using flame retardant chemicals in furniture. At first I had no idea what I would say, or how I could possibly sound cohe...


A Food Renaissance The Ecologist

Colin Tudge reports on The College of Real Farming and Food Culture; a project designed to tackle the current issues in global food production. The current system is not fit for purpose but through a holistic approach and an overhaul of current mainstream agriculture, achieving a balance between feeding the world and conserving the environment is within grasp.

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