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Tuesday, 02 February


Massive sinkhole closes coastal highway in southwest Oregon The Watchers » Latest articles

A massive sinkhole, the largest in the last 20 years, formed in a parking lot between the Fireside Diner and a Chevron gas station along US 101 in Harbor, Oregon, and caused a part coastal highway in the area to close down during the last week. The hole, caused by...... Read more »


NOTHING SHORT OF GENOCIDE: When Did Human Life Lost Value? Fire Earth

Since human life has been so grossly devalued… The last 5 miles: Some 39 migrants/refugees, including at least 10 children, from three countries drowned in the Aegean Sea on the way from Turkey to Greece Saturday. The victims were from Afghanistan, Myanmar and Syria, said reports. A Turkish gendarme is about to throw the body of […]


Cancer Prevention Needs Attention Too: What if We Weren’t Exposed to 80,000 Toxic Chemicals Every Day? EcoWatch


Vice President Biden and I have something in common that I wish we did not share. We both...


Vermont Residents, Climate Advocates Prevent Eminent Domain Proceedings for Pipeline Earth First! Newswire

from Rising Tide Vermont


Monkton, VT — Dozens of Addison County residents and climate advocates from across the state prevented a land appraisal by the Department of Public Service and Vermont Gas Systems on January 28, 2016. The appraisal was intended to facilitate the condemnation of Claire Broughton’s land in order to construct the proposed fracked gas pipeline. Opponents of the pipeline formed a human chain across the edge of the property and appraisers decided to turn around and not conduct the appraisal.

“I’ve lived in Addison County for half a century,” said Broughton. “This is my home. They think they can just come in here and build an explosive gas pipeline through my land, and all it takes was buying the support of state government. Well, just because they bought a permit from the state doesn’t mean they have permission to destroy my home. I won’t have it.”

Broughton, 77, has declined to sign a right-of-way easement with Vermont Gas, citing concerns about their project management, safety, and the environmental impacts of the pipeline.

In spite of out-of-control costs and rampant public opposition, the Public Service Board (PSB) reaffirmed state support for...


The Inside Story of How a University Professor Quietly Collaborated With Monsanto EcoWatch


Emails released through a Freedom of Information Act request show that...


Revamping Electric Grid for Renewables Offers Quick Fix for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions EcoWatch


The U.S. could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation by...


10+ Million Iraqis Need Humanitarian Assistance Fire Earth

Third of Iraqi population urgently require some form of humanitarian assistance: UNAMI The Government of Iraq and the United Nations have called for international help to respond to the growing humanitarian crisis in Iraq. Ten million Iraqis, nearly one third of the population, urgently require some form of humanitarian assistance, including 3.3 million people who […]


Italy: Two Repeaters Sabotaged in Solidarity with Silvia, Costa, and Billy Earth First! Newswire

from Act for Freedom Now

against-all-2From informa-azione:

We receive from anonymous email and spread:
“On January 14 we burned and destroyed two repeaters in Trento.
Let’stop electronic control and electromagnetic pollution.
For Silvia, Costa and Billy, still on trial.”

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Monday, 01 February


Pandora's box: how GM mosquitos could have caused Brazil's microcephaly diasaster The Ecologist

In Brazil's microcephaly epidemic, one vital question remains unanswered: how did the Zika virus suddenly learn how to disrupt the development of human embryos? The answer may lie in a sequence of 'jumping DNA' used to engineer the virus's mosquito vector - and released into the wild four years ago in the precise area of Brazil where the microcephaly crisis is most acute.


Trans Mountain and Energy East Pipelines Delayed in Face of Mounting Protests Latest News

Trudeau government announces new climate test and consultation with Indigenous Peoples on all major resource projects


Our doubts are traitors, and sometimes so are those that would lead us… Head Space

— Our Treacherous Intellect — Perhaps the most tragic form of unobtrusive treason and self-betrayal is caused by the inertia of the human intellect. We are often betrayed by our own minds. We forget completely what we want to forget. We deny the existence of real problems in order to retreat into wishful thinking. As […]


What Part of Unethical Conservation Don’t You Understand? | Endangered Species Monday Special. Speak Up For The Voiceless – International Animal Rescue Foundation – Environmental News and Media



Last week we wrote an article in relation to the GoEco student/tourist travel firm, and the Zanchieta Wild Cat Farm. As usual we came under some pretty heavy criticism as apparently we were yet again in the wrong. Within many of the emails that we have received, students have literally blasted us for depicting themselves holding, petting or interacting with African predator cats, many of them cubs that seem to have no mother insight, and could be re-rehabilitated into the wild to boost wild predator populations up.

Back in 2015 from January to December we rolled out yet again another mass educational and awareness campaign aimed at mainly students and overseas tourists that paid up to $1,200USD for a two week visit to the many petting farms, lodges and resorts on the African continent, that was projected onto our main Facebook platform.

I.A.R.F.A’s educational and awareness campaign (2015) saw over 200 students give up this practice (one of many articles you can read here). Furthermore Zebula Golf and Spa...


Obama’s early release program: Collateral damage, foreseen circumstances and electoral consequences… Head Space

“You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”  — Barack Hussein Obama, 2008 — Man charged with killing woman, 2 daughters had early prison release (Edited) The man charged with killing an ex-girlfriend and two of her children in a North Side stabbing rampage early on Tuesday likely would […]


The Gomeroi invite you to sacred Emu ceremony Front Line Action on Coal


The Gomeroi elders and other Gomeroi people of the local community would like to invite everyone to a sacred ceremony to be held in the Leard State Forest 15th February 2016 for a ceremonial evening meet at the travelling stock route across from Velyaama gate entrance at 10am

Please bring your own food and camping gear. No pets allowed (due to permit) please RSVP by friday 4th february.

February is a special time for our emu ceremonies . Because Whitehaven Maules creek is planning to clear the forest and our sacred place will be destroyed as a result. This will be the last time we are able to hold this ceremony- ambient lights of the mine, the clearing of the forest will forever destroy the footprint of our ancestors and the dreaming of our belief systems.

Given that many people will be in the region at the time we invite you to peacefully and respectfully join us for this sacred ceremony.

The post The Gomeroi invite you to sacred Emu ceremony appeared first on Front Line Action on Coal.


As “…the political winds shift in an ugly direction…” Obama visits Baltimore mosque with Islamic extremist ties… Head Space

Collaboration is working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals. It is a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals, (this is more than the intersection of common goals seen in co-operative ventures, but a deep, collective determination to reach an identical objective. […]


Night sky guide for February 2016 The Watchers » Latest articles

February 2016 starts with the conjunction between the Moon and Mars. The pair will be located in the constellation Libra and visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars on February 1. The best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies...... Read more »



MRA annual report: PNG to continue its dependence on foreign mining Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Porgera mine pit

Porgera mine pit

PNG Today

Despite the slump in the world mineral commodity prices and its negative impact on investment climate, a good number of existing mining and advanced exploration projects, progressed their work programs, while a number of project acquisitions were undertaken between investors last year.

The Managing Director of the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) Philip Samar reported in the entity’s 2015 annual report to the government, that although times were tough on the investment and commodity market fronts, projects like Simberi saw a turn-around in its production levels reaching an output of 107, 553 ounces of gold and 21,387 ounces of silver last year. This will be an increase of over 100% from previous years. It is expected that the company will maintain its production at this level due to the recent upgrades to its processing plant.

Both the Kainantu mine and Tolukuma mine are moving towards reopening under new owners K92 Holdings Ltd and Aisdokona Mining Resources respectively. Both mines are scheduled to recommence commercial production within the next 2 years.

The only new mine to commence production last year was Crater Mountain with an anticipated initial low production of 10,000 ounces of which they reported production of 59 ounces of gold in the first 4 months.

Ramu continues to ramp-up production of nickel and cobalt having reached 90% capacity after its first export shipment in 2012.



Burkina Faso calls time on Monsanto's GM cotton, demands $280m damages The Ecologist

After a run of low quality GM cotton crops with unusually short fibres, Burkina Faso has ended its love affair with Monsanto's Bt cotton, writes Claire Robinson. In a further blow to the company, growers are demanding $280 million compensation for their losses.


Very shallow M6.0 earthquake hits Balleny Islands region, Antarctica The Watchers » Latest articles

A very shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit Balleny Islands region, Antarctica at 17:39 UTC on January 31, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 40 km (25 miles). According to the USGS, the...... Read more »


UK Tax Dodgers PLC - Google outrage is the tip of an iceberg The Ecologist

Why are we so surprised at the Google tax heist? It's not because there's anything new about it, writes Donnachadh McCarthy. It's because our own political class have long their noses in the trough, and the tax-dodging billionaires that own our mainstream media are anxious to hide the swindle that's keeping them rich, and us poor.


Converted citizens, political traitors, and collaborators: Spreading fear, terror, and hunger Head Space

The Traitor who consciously takes option for the other side In the study of political traitors and collaborators, it is found that most of them shared two common characteristics: they were easily influenced by minds stronger than their own, and none of them would admit their disloyalty as an act of treason. The traitors interviewed […]


How Iowa Caucus Could Place Urgency of Climate Action to Forefront of National Debate EcoWatch


The road to my caucus location in Iowa on Monday will wind along an...

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Sunday, 31 January

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Saturday, 30 January


The Invisible Epidemic: How Diesel Pollution is Suffocating American Families We All Live Downstream

zeroemissionsnowBy Ashley Flach, Clean Water Action, Follow on Twitter

Clean Water Action co-leads the Coalition for Healthy Ports NY/NJ and has joined the national Moving Forward Network urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to address global climate change caused by diesel emissions at our ports, warehouses, and highways across the country. Together, our goal is to gather hundreds of thousands of signatures to demand #ZeroEmissionsNow – sign the petition here.

Deadly Diesel Impacts Us All

Infant mortality, asthma, heart disease, lung and bladder cancer, and neurological disorders are just a few symptoms associated with exposure to diesel emissions. Nationally, more people are killed every year by diesel emissions than gun homicides or drunken driving accidents.

In New Jersey, 68,000 people are treated for asthma attacks and 1,000 premature deaths occur every year due to this lethal pollutant. Families that...


The specter of elections past: Here is some of what “doing a lot better” really amounts too… Head Space

In Baltimore, of all places with plenty of “space to destroy,” and a mosque full of radical Islamic extremists, Obama said the country is “doing a lot better” than when he took office, citing progress against Islamic State forces and curbing Iran’s nuclear program – as well as lower gas prices, 18 million people gaining […]

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Friday, 29 January


Failing on Stormwater Protection We All Live Downstream


By Representative Lauren Carson, House District 75 (Newport)

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has been called out by the federal government for years of failure to comply with the Clean Water Act, neglecting its drainage systems and allowing runoff from highways to pollute more than 200 bodies of water in our state for years on end.

According to a complaint filed by the U.S  Department of Justice, RIDOT failed to evaluate the impact of its systems on water bodies or detect illicit connections and discharges of pollutants, didn’t inspect, clean or repair its drainage systems or catch basins; and neglected to adequately sweep streets to reduce contaminants. The result was 235 polluted water bodies that, in turn, also dumped pollutants into Narragansett and Mount Hope Bays.

Now, under a consent agreement currently before U.S. District Court, the state will have to immediately inventory its drainage systems and submit comprehensive plans for cleaning, repairs and regular maintenance; identify and eliminate illicit connections and pollution sources, and pay a civil penalty of $315,000.

There was a significant failure of management, lack of planning and inadequate funding that went unchecked for a decade and a half leading Rhode Island to this point. This is extremely disappointing to me as a Rhode Islander who appreciates the environment, a taxpayer...

Monday, 25 January


Aceh citizens launch class-action lawsuit to protect Sumatran rainforest CHANGING TIMES

An aerial view of the Leuser Ecosystem, 19th November 2013. Photo: Paul HiltonConcerned citizens have launched a civil lawsuit against Indonesia’s minister of home affairs in a bid to protect the Leuser Ecosystem – the last place on Earth where orangutans, rhinos, tigers, and elephants can be found living together in the wild.

The Ecosystem covers 2.6 million hectares and straddles the border of Aceh and the neighbouring province of North Sumatra. It has been listed as one of the world’s most irreplaceable areas.

It includes the Gunung Leuser National Park, which is listed as a World Heritage Site.

The class action plaintiffs are demanding a cancellation of the current spatial plan for Aceh and “a thorough and comprehensive revision” of its proposals, which they say must include the recognition of the Ecosytem’s special status.

The new spatial plan for Aceh would open up swathes of the Ecosystem for roads, mining, and palm oil and timber concessions. It threatens to destroy the area’s biodiversity and increase the risk of flooding and landslides.

There has already been extensive illegal burning of land in the area and there is large-scale encroachment for illegal logging and plantations. Environmentalists say the new spatial plan would effectively dissolve protection of much of Aceh’s remaining tropical rainforest.


The class-action lawsuit is the latest development in a two-year fight by an alliance of concerned citizens – Gerakan Rakyat Aceh Menggugat (GeRAM) – against the spatial plan.

One of the plaintiffs, Farwiza Farhan, says...

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