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Sunday, 31 January


Michael Moore: 10 Things They Won’t Tell You About the Flint Water Tragedy, But I Will EcoWatch


Here are 10 things that you probably don’t know about this crisis because the media, having come to the story so late...

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Saturday, 30 January


M7.2 Seismic Event: Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia Head Space

The earthquake occurred in the Russian Federation , Region of Kamchatskaya oblast. The nearest places are Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Sharomy, Krasnoye Znamya, Upper-Kamchalka, D’yakonova, Pushino, Pushchino, and Ganaly. The maximum altitude nearby is 3266m . Natural Hazard – Seismic Event  Asia –  Russian Federation | Kamchatka Peninsula, Region of Kamchatskaya oblast near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy Location: 91km N of […]


Very strong M7.2 earthquake hit Kamchatka, Russia The Watchers » Latest articles

A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.2 hit Kamchatka, Russia at 03:25 UTC on January 30, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 161 km (100 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.2 at a depth of 158 km. CENC is reporting M7.0 at the same depth. According to...... Read more »


Biological Hazard – Naegleria fowleri – Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM): Kolkata, India Head Space

AMEBIC MENINGOENCEPHALITIS, PRIMARY – INDIA: (WEST BENGAL) ********************************************************** Published Date: 2016-01-29 17:43:46 Subject: PRO/EDR> Amebic meningoencephalitis, primary – India: (WB) Archive Number: 20160129.3976801 Date: Thu 28 Jan 2016 Source: The Times of India, Times News Network (TNN) [edited] A fatal microbe that invades the body through the nose and travels through nerve fibres into brain […]


2015 weather as seen from space The Watchers » Latest articles

This visualisation, courtesy of EUMETSAT's data visualisation team, shows an entire year of weather across the globe during 2015, with audio commentary from Mark Higgins, Training Manager at EUMETSAT. It is comprised of imagery from the geostationary satellites...... Read more »


First estimate of Congo Basin’s pygmy population comes with warning about increasing threat of deforestation Mongabay Environmental News

As many as 920,000 pygmies live in the forests of the Congo Basin, and deforestation of Central Africa’s rainforests is not only intensifying the threats to their lives but the survival of their very culture, a new study suggests. Pygmy communities occupy a large amount of territory in central Africa, from the Congo Basin to Lake Victoria. It has been virtually impossible to determine their population numbers and geographic distribution until now due to a number of factors, primarily the fact that they live in remote forest areas and, as hunter-gatherers, tend to move around a lot. To arrive at the first scientific estimate of Africa’s pygmy population, researchers gathered data on 654 known camps in five of the nine countries where pygmies are known to live. The researchers then turned to spatial distribution models developed for estimating population size and distribution of plants and wildlife to map out the terrain that was favorable to the pygmy lifestyle, allowing them to predict where other encampments were likely to have developed. Because pygmies largely live by fishing, hunting, and gathering other forest foodstuff, they’re more likely to live deep in the rainforest, near rivers and far from urban centers. [caption id="attachment_176711" align="aligncenter" width="780"] Batwa (a pygmy people) women with traditional pots. Taken in Burundi, in the village of Kiganda in the province of Muramvya in July 2007. Women are watching a community event, but not involved. Photo Credit: Doublearc / Wikimedia Commons[/caption] According to the report published in PLOS One summarizing…


Yukon River Inter–‐Tribal Watershed Council, Yukon Indigenous Environmental Network

YukonYouthThe Yukon River Inter-­‐Tribal Watershed Council is an Indigenous grassroots organization, consisting of 70 First Nations and Tribes, dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Yukon River Watershed. This is accomplished by providing Yukon First Nations and Alaska Tribes in the Yukon Watershed with technical assistance in: facilitating the development and exchange of information; coordinating efforts between First Nations and Tribes; undertaking research; and providing training, education and awareness programs to promote the health of the Watershed and its Indigenous peoples.


To Nizoni Ani, Arizona Indigenous Environmental Network

ToNizhoniAniTo Nizhoni Ani (TNA) was founded in 2001 in response to Peabody Coal Company’s excessive use and waste of the only potable water source the Navajo people have on Black Mesa. TNA is working to educate young people about coal, and is developing solar projects at a number of sites on Black Mesa that would produce energy needed for the Navajo Nation and decrease dependence on fossil fuel and importation of electricity made elsewhere.


The Invisible Epidemic: How Diesel Pollution is Suffocating American Families We All Live Downstream

zeroemissionsnowBy Ashley Flach, Clean Water Action, Follow on Twitter

Clean Water Action co-leads the Coalition for Healthy Ports NY/NJ and has joined the national Moving Forward Network urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to address global climate change caused by diesel emissions at our ports, warehouses, and highways across the country. Together, our goal is to gather hundreds of thousands of signatures to demand #ZeroEmissionsNow – sign the petition here.

Deadly Diesel Impacts Us All

Infant mortality, asthma, heart disease, lung and bladder cancer, and neurological disorders are just a few symptoms associated with exposure to diesel emissions. Nationally, more people are killed every year by diesel emissions than gun homicides or drunken driving accidents.

In New Jersey, 68,000 people are treated for asthma attacks and 1,000 premature deaths occur every year due to this lethal pollutant. Families that...


Southern Appalachian Labor School, West Virginia Indigenous Environmental Network

SASThe Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) was founded in 1981. Its board makeup represents the individuals and communities it serves: those facing health and economic crises, the disabled, and those affected by toxic wastes. Members include also civil rights activists, union members, and veterans. SALS is involved in community development, housing, and youth transformation.


Purpose Focused Alternative Learning Corporation, Arizona Indigenous Environmental Network

img_purp_02Purpose Focused Alternative Learning Corporation was founded in 2008 in the State of Arizona and is also a registered Charitable Corporation on the Navajo Nation. The organization was developed around the concept of creating synergies between committed and engaged people to implement sustainable change in their communities. To accomplish their goal, Purpose Focus engages in incorporating Alternative Education in the Environmental Sciences, Advanced Remediation Technologies and Renewable Energies that will promote environmental, social and economic justice.


Five Big Cats Rescued from Thailand’s Tiger Temple Latest News

Fate of remaining 142 big cats still uncertain


Northwatch, Ontario Indigenous Environmental Network

NorthwatchA founding member of Mining Watch Canada, Northwatch was founded in 1988 to provide a regional voice on environmental concerns in northeastern Ontario. Work over the last two decades has focused on mining, forestry, and energy issues, both at the policy and project level, as well as, successfully campaigning against a series of proposals to bring foreign wastes – solid waste, medical waste, toxic waste, and nuclear waste – for dumping in northeastern Ontario. Northwatch holds a seat on the Ontario Minister’s Mining Act Advisory Committee, and works with local groups and concerned residents, including trade unions and First Nations, in responding to mining-related projects.


Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness, Minnesota Indigenous Environmental Network

NMWorgNortheastern Minnesotans for Wilderness (NMW) was founded in 1996 by local citizens from wilderness-edge communities to protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Today, NMW is the lead organization in a national coalition known as the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters, which seeks to protect Boundary Waters, its watersheds, and Voyageurs National Park from proposed large-scale sulfide-ore copper mining projects in the Superior National Forest.


Copenhagen Set to Divest Funds Out of Coal, Oil and Gas Holdings EcoWatch


The Danish capital will join a movement worth more than...


New Mexico Environmental Law Center, New Mexico Indigenous Environmental Network

NewMexicoLawCenterThe New Mexico Environmental Law Center (Law Center) is a nonprofit, public interest law firm founded in 1987 that provides low-cost and free legal services to primarily low-income and minority clients on environmental matters throughout the state of New Mexico. The Law Center’s mission is to protect New Mexico’s natural environment and to achieve environmental justice for the state’s communities through legal representation, policy advocacy, and public education.


KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, Ontario Indigenous Environmental Network

KAIROSKAIROS, founded in 2001, is a grassroots organization based in Toronto and made up of eleven national churches and church organization, twenty-three international partner organization, and Indigenous partner organizations in Canada. KAIROS works for Indigenous rights, ecological and social justice, and human rights in Canada and globally, relying on our strong international partnerships.


Court Issues Order to Hold Biggest Polluters Accountable for Cleanup Costs EARTHblog

It was good news all around today for the millions of families that live near polluted industrial sites, and the American taxpayers who have footed the cleanup bill all too often. Today, the Court ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop letting polluters off the hook for the contamination they cause.  

For 30 years, the EPA has failed to issue rules under CERCLA, the “Superfund” law, to hold industries accountable, up front, for cleanup costs. As a result, company after company has found a way to pass the cost of environmental disasters on to taxpayers.

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals issued a decision that will help to fix that.

In response to litigation filed by Earth Justice on behalf of Earthworks and our coalition partners, the court ordered the EPA to complete new regulations that require the polluting companies to post financial assurance up front for the cost of cleaning up the hazardous materials they generate – a critical step in protecting public health and clean water.

The court acknowledged the problem: "It is a common practice for operators [of sites that produce hazardous substances] to avoid paying environmental liabilities by declaring bankruptcy or otherwise sheltering assets," and that financial assurance rules would prevent these polluters from skipping town on their toxic messes.

The nation’s biggest polluters weighed in against the new regulations - the National Mining Association, American Petroleum Institute, and American Chemical Council. Fortunately, public health and corporate accountability prevailed. 

As the nation’s...


Grassy Narrows Youth Organization, Ontario Indigenous Environmental Network

GrassyNarrowYouthThe Grassy Narrows Youth Organization was formed in 2013 to empower a new generation of youth leaders in the community with the skills and support needed to protect land in Anishinabe traditional territory, while promoting and empowering traditional land use activities. AOK was also created to address some of the specific environmental threats including a planned rare earth mine at Separation Rapids, and the expansion of Goldcorp’s (and other) gold mining operations around Red Lake and elsewhere on the territory.


Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, Minnesota Indigenous Environmental Network

FriendsBoundaryThe Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness was established in 1976 to bring full wilderness protection to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). Currently the primary focus of their organization is preventing pollution from proposed sulfide mining projects and mining exploration that would impact area water, cultural resources, human use and enjoyment of the region, and wilderness character.


Tropical Cyclone "Stan" to hit Western Australia with destructive winds and heavy rainfall The Watchers » Latest articles

Tropical Cyclone "Stan" formed in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Western Australia, on January 29, 2016. The system will reach Category 3 strength before making landfall between Wallal and Whim Creek on January 30. Some areas might experience dangerous...... Read more »


Elon Musk: ‘You Can Easily Power All of China With Solar’ EcoWatch


"China has actually an enormous land area much of which is...


Europe's summers hottest for 2,000 years - and you ain't seen nothing yet! The Ecologist

The last 30 years of European summers have been the hottest in thousands of years, writes Alex Kirby, and we had better start getting used to it - most of all in the Mediterranean and the Arctic, where a 1.5C global temperature rise could be amplified to 3.4C and 6C respectively.


World’s First Solar-Powered Jacket Keeps You Warm All Winter Long EcoWatch


Do you love the outdoors, but hate being cold? Well, this company might have a...


Learning From SHAC: Winter European Speaking Tour Earth First! Newswire

from Squat!net


We are pleased to announce our Winter European Speaking Tour across France, the Basque Country & Spain.

About the Talks

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) was the most powerful and effective international grassroots animal liberation campaign the world has ever seen. After more than a decade of using innovative and groundbreaking activism against Europe`s largest animal testing laboratory HLS, the campaign finally ended in 2014, following years of state repression and the imprisonment of dozens of activists.

This presentation will analyse and critically reflect on the history, tactics and repression of the SHAC campaign. It will look at the importance of SHAC and what can be learned from the successes and failures of the campaign. There will be discussion of the use and effects of repression on the animal liberation movement and how this is affecting our activism today. We will learn about the importance of solidarity and understanding the role of the state when fighting dom...


Land Grabbing: New Documentary Sheds Light on ‘Big, Big Problem’

Oil palm

By Chris Lang

Originally appeared in

“It’s very attractive. The earnings are very high and we’ve got hybrid material now. You harvest in the 24th month, and the repayment period is about seven years at the most… For the next 20 years it’ll be laughing yourself all the way to the bank.”

That’s Suriya Moorthy, a consultant for agricultural investments in Malaysia, talking about oil palm investments. The quotation is from a documentary film, “Land Grabbing“.

It’s well worth a watch – if you’re in London, it’s showing at Bertha DocHouse from 29 January to 4 February 2016 (details here).

Director Kurt Langbein visits the scenes of land grabs and talks to farmers, local communities and to the investors behind the schemes.

Here’s a trailer for the film:



Earth Watch: Chris Zinda on Red Rocks Biofuels in Oregon Global Justice Ecology Project

Margaret Prescod interviewed activist Chris Zinda on this week’s Earth Watch segment, which airs weekly as part of the Sojourner Truth Radio Show on KPFK Radio in Los Angeles. Zinda takes issue with the Oregon-based Red Rocks Biofuels... Read More

The post Earth Watch: Chris Zinda on Red Rocks Biofuels in Oregon appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


8 Battleground States in the GMO Food Labeling Fight EcoWatch


As the food fight over the labeling of GMOs stalls in Congress, states are...


How Much Energy Does It Take to Power Your Everyday Life? EcoWatch


Did you know that taking a 10-minute shower and blow-drying your hair uses the...


ZIKV: Additional Information on Transmission Fire Earth

Microcephaly:  Zika virus or Guillain-Barré syndrome? ZIKV is transmitted primarily by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (1,7). Aedes albopictus mosquitoes also might transmit the virus. Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus mosquitoes are found throughout much of the Americas, including parts of the United States, and also transmit dengue and chikungunya viruses. In addition to mosquito-to-human transmission, Zika […]


Host ‘Synthetic Forests’ Documentary in Your Hometown in March Global Justice Ecology Project

As you know, 2015 was a busy year in our fight against the commercial release of genetically engineered (GE) Trees. From coordinating resistance on six continents against the commercial release of GE Trees in Brasil, speaking across the Pacific... Read More

The post Host ‘Synthetic Forests’ Documentary in Your Hometown in March appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Over 70 groups urge Justin Trudeau to reject new pipelines News

More than 70 North American groups, including Honor the Earth, are urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada’s premiers to turn away from new pipeline and fossil fuel projects in order to meet the country’s international climate change commitments.



Monsanto to Cut 3,600 Jobs as Public Protests Continue to Stymie Profits EcoWatch


Monsanto Co. plans to slash another 1,000 jobs worldwide, bringing total planned cuts to...


10 Superfoods That Will Keep You Healthy This Winter EcoWatch


Try incorporating these 10 superfoods to keep you...


Ancient 'dead seas' offer a stark warning for our own future The Ecologist

For long periods animals in ancient oceans could live only in shallow surface waters, above vast 'dead zones' inhabited only by anoxic bacteria, writes Richard Pancost. Human activity is now creating immense new dead zones, and global warming could be helping as it reduces vertical mixing of waters. Could this be the beginning of something big?


Copenhagen’s Mayor Announces Plans to Divest City from Fossil Fuels Latest News

Denmark's capital will withdraw investment fund out of all holdings in coal, oil, and gas if proposal is approved


Two Protesters Chain Themselves to Tractor in Protest of Gill Tract Development Earth First! Newswire

by Jessica Lynn / The Daily Californian


Two protesters from the agricultural advocacy group Occupy the Farm were arrested and cited for trespassing on a plot of land on the Gill Tract — a site of university-owned land in Albany — during a Thursday protest of the university’s plans to develop the land.

The piece of land has been shrouded in controversy since the university first introduced plans to develop it in 2007 and has been the focus of several protests by Occupy the Farm, whose members say they want the land used to support agricultural research and urban-based sustainable farming.

The latest occupation was sparked by the placement of five pieces of heavy machinery on the property for construction Tuesday, according to Jackie Hermes-Fletcher, a member of...


Important: Final Plunge logistics for Saturday Chesapeake Climate Action Network

We’re so excited that after the historic blizzard “Jonas,” you’re ready to make our 11th annual Polar Bear Plunge historic as well. Are you ready to run into the Potomac with a beautiful, snowy backdrop? Please read this entire post for important updates!

First, it is ABSOLUTELY possible to hit our $90,000 goal if everyone does the following 2 things before Saturday:

  1. Post a final request for donations on social media with a link to your fundraising page;
  2. Re-send email requests to everyone you’ve asked so far (you can save time by forwarding the last email you sent with a short note at the top reminding folks that the Plunge is less than 2 days away!)

We have big plans to use those gifts to bring more clean energy to Maryland, fight back against dirty fossil fuel pipelines proposed in Virginia, and put a price on carbon in the District. Thanks in advance for helping ensure we have the funds to do this great work!

Second, don’t forget that everyone who raises at least $100 qualifies for an “I took the plunge” t-shirt and everyone who raises $350 or more will be entered into our free drawing for a slew of awesome prizes from around the region (restaurant gift certificates, Patagonia and The North Face gear, and more). The drawing will be at the after-party in McLoone’s directly following the plunge.

Here’s all the important information for the big day:

1. Waivers: The plunge is a fun, family friendly event, but it’s not completely risk-free. If you completed your registration on CrowdRise, you signed a waiver form. But any plungers under 18 years of age need to have the waiver form signed by a parent or guardian. If you’re bringing a plunger who is under 18, click here to print a waiver for their parent or guardian to sign an...


Rooftop Solar Wars Continue EcoWatch


The fierce counterattack by utilities against the disruptive surge of rooftop solar...


Judge Says Lawsuit Can Move Forward for Lucky the Elephant Who Was Captured From the Wild 53 Years Ago EcoWatch


Lucky, an endangered Asian elephant, was captured from the wilds of...


Get Off the Road, Cyclists! Kidding, You Can Stay. Dakota Rural Action

[iframe style=”border:none” src=”” height=”100″ width=”480″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen]

HB 1073, brought by Republican Representative Mike Verchio from Hill City, South Dakota, proposed legislation this year that would have required cyclists dismount and get off the road if someone in a car wanted to pass. The bill understandably brought out the cycling community in force. Listen today as two bike activists, Michael Christensen and Jessica Andrews, as they talk about how they organized against this bill and what is next for cy...


Erin Brockovich to Stephen Colbert: ‘Flint, Michigan Is the Tip of the Iceberg’ EcoWatch


Erin Brockovich appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about...


Study: ‘Frontiers of plantation expansion’ losing more trees to deforestation than harvesting

GE tree company ArborGen’s motto is “more wood less land”.  They insist that their faster growing GE and other trees will take the pressure off of forests by increasing the harvest per acre of land.
This study puts an end to that nonsense. – GJEP

Global Forest Watch shows the Malaysian Borneo state of Sabah lost around 15 percent of its tree cover between 2001 and 2015, mostly from official plantation areas. recently published an article by John C. Cannon analyzing a study showing that emerging countries of plantation expansion are losing more trees to deforestation than harvesting.

The article highlights the following:
  • An international research team mapped tree plantations in seven tropical countries that are currently experiencing plantation expansion.
  • They found that those countries contained 45 million hectares of plantations – an area bigger than the U.S. state of California. While the more plantation-heavy countries were losing much of their tree cover inside plantations, several were losing upwards of 90 percent outside of them in areas of natural forest.
  • The authors hope their study can help in land-use planning that directs plantation development and expansion to already-degraded areas rather than supplanting....


Study: ‘Frontiers of plantation expansion’ losing more trees to deforestation than harvesting Global Justice Ecology Project

GE tree company ArborGen’s motto is “more wood less land”.  They insist that their faster growing GE and other trees will take the pressure off of forests by increasing the harvest per acre of land. This study puts... Read More

The post Study: ‘Frontiers of plantation expansion’ losing more trees to deforestation than harvesting appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


The specter of elections past: Here is some of what “doing a lot better” really amounts too… Head Space

In Baltimore, of all places and plenty of “space to destroy,” Obama said the country is “doing a lot better” than when he took office, citing progress against Islamic State forces and curbing Iran’s nuclear program – as well as lower gas prices, 18 million people gaining health insurance and 5 percent unemployment.  Of course […]

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Friday, 29 January


Energize Rhode Island – Working the Legislature We All Live Downstream

Three power plant smoke stacks

By Dave Gerraughty, Rhode Island Program Coordinator

Sometimes when you’re trying to get folks up at the statehouse to embrace big ideas for progressive change, you have to look for indirect signs of movement in your direction. It’s kind of like the way astronomers deduced there might be a ninth planet in our solar system because of the behavior of other objects in the vicinity.

Clean Water Action is a member of the Energize Rhode Island coalition, which is promoting legislation to place a fee on fossil fuel companies based on the amount of CO2 released when their products are burned. The money would be used for rebates to homeowners and businesses to cover any increase in power rates and to support weatherization and energy efficiency programs.

Anticipating heavy resistance from business interests, we scheduled a series of briefings with key lawmakers before going public to promote the economic benefits of carbon pricing (1,000 new jobs in the first two years, incentivizing local renewable energy firms, keeping some of the $3 billion that goes to out-of-state energy providers in the Rhode Island economy).

We wanted a chance to frame the debate a bit before our public announcement of the bill’s introduction at a press conference on Jan. 26. That morning, I opened the largest newspaper in the state to find an interview with the president of the Senate touting her own package of recommendations to “Grow Green Jobs.” And a round-table discussion was scheduled with stakeholders at the statehouse to take place an hour befor...


Active volcanoes in the world: January 20 - 26, 2016 The Watchers » Latest articles

New activity/unrest was observed at 3 volcanoes from January 20 - 26, 2016. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 15 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Masaya, Nicaragua | Planchon-Peteroa, Zhupanovsky, Eastern Kamchatka (Russia). Ongoing activity:...... Read more »

Madden-Julian Oscillation: Massive thunderstorm cluster in tropical Indian and Pacific Ocean explained The Watchers » Latest articles

A team of scientists from the University of Washington (UW) have devised a new mathematical model for the purpose of explaining and forecasting the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), a huge thunderstorm cluster originating in the waters of tropical Indian and Pacific...... Read more »

Cosmic radiation intensifying as we enter another Solar Minimum The Watchers » Latest articles

An increased activity of cosmic rays has been observed around the Arctic Circle by the neutron monitors during the last year. The same trend was also noted in an independent measurement project carried out by the and the students of Earth to Sky...... Read more »


Video: seeds in the hands of farmers - english

In this video, Henk Hobbelink of GRAIN contrasts the approaches to seed conservation that have emerged since the so-called ‘green revolution’. He advocates for on-farm, farmer-led conservation which secures the control of seed in the hands of small farmers.


Failing on Stormwater Protection We All Live Downstream


By Representative Lauren Carson, House District 75 (Newport)

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has been called out by the federal government for years of failure to comply with the Clean Water Act, neglecting its drainage systems and allowing runoff from highways to pollute more than 200 bodies of water in our state for years on end.

According to a complaint filed by the U.S  Department of Justice, RIDOT failed to evaluate the impact of its systems on water bodies or detect illicit connections and discharges of pollutants, didn’t inspect, clean or repair its drainage systems or catch basins; and neglected to adequately sweep streets to reduce contaminants. The result was 235 polluted water bodies that, in turn, also dumped pollutants into Narragansett and Mount Hope Bays.

Now, under a consent agreement currently before U.S. District Court, the state will have to immediately inventory its drainage systems and submit comprehensive plans for cleaning, repairs and regular maintenance; identify and eliminate illicit connections and pollution sources, and pay a civil penalty of $315,000.

There was a significant failure of management, lack of planning and inadequate funding that went unchecked for a decade and a half leading Rhode Island to this point. This is extremely disappointing to me as a Rhode Islander who appreciates the environment, a taxpayer...



Submitted by a reader Genocide is being committed against people of Syria by all those who destabilized the country In 2010, there were no Syrian refugees drowning in the Mediterranean while escaping the Wahhabi block terrorists. Even polio had long been eradicated across the country… When President Barack Obama secretly authorized the Central Intelligence Agency […]


Oil Industry Takes Aim at the Atlantic Coast EcoWatch


Sharks are circling in the Atlantic ocean and we’re not referring to the majestic wildlife...

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Thursday, 28 January


'No Pasaran!' After two years, Argentina's Monsanto blockade is fighting on The Ecologist

Protesters have now blocked a Monsanto seed factory in Córdoba, Argentina for over two years, writes Ciara Low. Another eviction attempt is now imminent, and campaigners are calling for a big mobilization this Sunday to fortify the blockade and send out a strong message to Monsanto and its acolytes: 'No Pasaran!' - 'They shall not pass!'

Tuesday, 26 January

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