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Wednesday, 27 January

20:51 Aircraft designer and pilot John Lear says 9/11 was bullshit "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

from our US desk

Former CIA and commercial pilot John Lear has come forward and sworn an affidavit stating that the Twin Towers were not bought to the ground by planes crashing into them.

An affidavit is serious business in law. Unlike any other form of statement, an affidavit becomes “truth in law” if it is not rebutted. It is now up to the opponents of John Lear’s theory to present evidence and attempt to disprove his statement point by point.

If they cannot or do not rebut the theory, the US Government will by omission be allowing that the official account provided by the 9/11 Commission is not the truth.

And believe me, John Lear’s statement makes a very strong case. He is not just a simple pilot throwing his opinion around. He is as close as you can come to being American intelligence and aerospace aristocracy.

The grandson of Learjet founder Bill Lear, John himself is a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot who has flown over 100 different types of plane during 40 years of active flying. He h...


jacksjottings: Improving Your Garden. "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

What can be achieved if we work at it.

What can be achieved if we work at it.

Weeding the Garden.

Pauline at work.

Pauline at work.

Every problem is an opportunity for growth. Life is a problem if we think what is taught in the school room is all we need to know. Learning should extend beyond the classroom. We must think for our self and look for facts to substantiate what we are told. We need more than blind faith in others.

Jack plaing in the garden.

Jack playing in the garden.

Weeds grow and flourish with no assistance from the gardener. In the garden of our mind weeds can thrive if we are not aware and constantly weeding out the unwanted negative thoughts.


17:00 Turnbull puts republic on hold until the Queen is no longer on the throne "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Malcolm Turnbull Republican 1999

Upsetting a substantial portion of liberal party faithful when unceremoniously removing Tony Abbott to steal Prime Ministership, Malcolm Turnbull’s second goal to establishing Australia as a republic now would overload his ego driven conquests.

In a public backdown from his republic crusade, Prime Minister Turnbull stated to media;

“Now is not the time for an Australian republic, we must wait until the Queen is no longer on the throne”.

 “I’ve led a ‘yes’ case for a republic into a ­heroic defeat once. I’ve got no ­desire to do so again”.

When he lost the 1999 referendum, Mr Turnbull said the monarchist PM of the time John Howard had “broken our hearts”.

October 1st 1999 the government issued writs announcing polling day 6 November 1999 for a referendum vote seeking electorate approval;

To alter the Constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic with the Queen and Governor-General being replaced by a President appointed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament

Not one state voted in favour.

Even the dead vote in Australia

Having established a power base under our current constitution by...


The Shepparton Adviser: True blue award winners "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

True blue award winners

AWARDS RING OUT… Shepparton Access CEO, Wendy Shanks was named the Shepparton Citizen of the Year during the naming of yesterday’s Australia Day Awards, which saw 20 locals honoured with an award, including Toolamba resident, Christine McKenzie, who took out the prestigious Greater Shepparton Citizen of the Year award. Photo: Supplied.

Twenty citizens receive Australia Day honours

WITH true blue patriotism flowing through the community yesterday in celebration of Australia Day, Toolamba resident, Christine McKenzie took out the prestigious Greater Shepparton Citizen of the Year and Shepparton Access CEO, Wendy Shanks was named Shepparton Citizen of the Year.
Twenty locals and organisations were honoured with awards across Greater Shepparton, including Ella Westblade, who was named as Greater Shepparton Young Citizen of the Year and Murchison Tomato Festa winning Greater Shepparton Community Event of the Year.
Arcadia’s Citizen of the Year award went to Ray McManus, while Dookie’s Young Citizen of the Year award was taken out by Emily Shields, Citizen of the Year was awarded to John Sims and the Dookie A&P Show was named Community Event of the Year.
Mooroopna’s George Vearing was named Mooroopna Citizen of the Year, with the Fruit Salad City’s Young Citizen of the Year being awarded to Maddie Steiszkal.
In Murchison, Brian Burke was awarded Citizen of the Year, Grace Blackley received the Junior Sports Award and the Murchison Tomato Festa took out the Community Event of the Year award.
In Tatura, the Senior Citizen of the Year award went t...


The Shepparton Adviser: $1.4M works begin at Katandra "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

$1.4M works begin at Katandra

STATE-OF-THE-ART CENTRE… An artist impression of the new $1.4M Katandra West Community Centre, which construction works began on last week. Image: Supplied.

CONSTRUCTION works began last week on the new $1.4M Katandra West Community Centre, which is set to become a hub for the Katandra community upon its completion in late August.
The new building was made possible through the State Government’s Regional Development Victoria fund contributing $500,000, Greater Shepparton City Council contributing $750,000 and Katandra West Community Facilities Committee of Management fundraising $150,000 towards the project.
The centre will include a community meeting room, commercial kitchen, bar, function room, umpire change rooms, female change rooms and toilets and will bring a number of benefits to residents and user groups including Katandra Kats Football and Netball Club, local cricket and tennis clubs, the Country Women’s Association, the CFA, Girl Guides and Katandra West Primary School.
Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Dinny Adem said, “Council has been working with the local Katandra West community to ensure this project gets off the ground.
“This is great news for the community who have been working really hard to ensure this new centre would proceed. The new centre will be a great facility to host functions for 250 people seated and more standing. They will be able to host a number of functions including community meetings, weddings, parties and co...


The Shepparton Adviser: New blood welcomed to steer youth activities "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

New blood welcomed to steer youth activities

ARMY OF YOUTHS… From left, Word and Mouth Army Youth Committee Members, Afrah Abkar, Nimi Jumapili, Ally McEwan, Nathan Barker, Chelsea Smith, Jack Clark, Izzy Treacy, Isabelle Ryan, Jarrod Keep, Natalie Dobbyn, Kane Wilson, Joseph Farren, Tyler De Jong and Renae Penfold. Photo: Emma Hillier.

AFTER a recruitment drive in early December, Word and Mouth have welcomed 22 young people into the youth organisation, creating a new record for the most recruits in one year.
The new recruits, who have committed to join Word and Mouth for 12 months, are from various backgrounds, ages, faiths and schools, with the youngest being 12, the eldest being 24. The recruits will assist in putting on events and other activities in Greater Shepparton during the year.
Word and Mouth Project Manager, Jim Gow said, “They’re a very diverse group from various backgrounds. It will be interesting to have new blood in the water and to have fresh ideas floating around. We have some members from last year who have set themselves new challenges and goals so we are really hoping to see some great things in 2016.
“We are also hoping to see the young people leave this year with something more that previous years, such as a first aid certificate.”


The Shepparton Adviser: ‘Be Consumed’ in the Shepparton Festival "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

‘Be Consumed’ in the Shepparton Festival

GUIDE LAUNCHED… Shepparton Festival Board Member, Jamie Lea at the launch of this year’s Shepparton Festival guide of events, which are running under the theme, ‘Be Consumed.’ Photo: Emma Hillier.

IN true Shepparton Festival style, Mr Whippy rocked his way down Fraser Street to the grassy knoll in the Maude Street Mall, where tables and a rug were set up for a picnic and all to quirkily celebrate the launch of the 2016 Shepparton Festival guide and the festival’s 20th year.
This year’s theme, Be Consumed is all about encouraging the community to get involved in the 49 events that will run across the region over 17 days, from March 4 to 20.
Festival Director, Ros Abercrombe said, “This year is an important year for us with the celebration of the festival’s 20th year.
“But it’s more than just a celebration of 20 years, we are also celebrating being one of the longest running annual festivals in all of Australia, which is a great achievement.
“Our creative concept this year is a trifle, which fits perfectly with our theme. A trifle is a matter of careful construction. It is a classic dish made with tradition, laden with nostalgia and is a dessert of indulgence.
“A trifle has seven layers and these represent the seven layers of the festival. The jelly is the gathering of people, the cake represents the performances, the fruit is the music, the custard is the visual arts, the second layer of fruit is the film, the second layer of custard is...


The Shepparton Adviser: Minor rise in school enrolments "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

GREATER Shepparton is about to see a minor rise in the number of students enrolled for the school year, with an estimated three more students hitting the school yard in government schools for the start of 2016.
In the 2015 year, a total of 7,597 students started the school year, compared with 7,600 who will be starting this year.
706 preps began their first year in 2015 and 600 will put on their uniforms for the first time and say goodbye to their parents on their first day this year.
397 began their first day as a secondary school student last year, while 400 will begin year 7 this year. 358 began the 2015 year looking forward to their final year of secondary school, with the 2016 year seeing 400 students set to tackle year 12.
A total of 4,609 students were enrolled in primary school for the start of the 2015 year, but the 2016 school year is seeing 4,700 enrolled to attend primary school.
2,791 students were enrolled in secondary school at the start of 2015, with 2,700 students set to hit the school yard at secondary schools this year.
The number of students attending special schools hasn’t changed much, with 198 being enrolled in 2015 and 200 enrolled for 2016.


The Shepparton Adviser: Students to parade new look "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Students to parade new look

LOOKING SMART… From left, Gowrie Street Primary School students, Steele, 5, Louis, 7, Shanikwa, 9, Bella, 9, Cruz, 8, Crystal, 9, and Anttwon, 7 wearing the new Gowrie Street Primary School uniforms. Photo: Emma Hillier.

STUDENTS at Gowrie Street Primary School will be starting the new school year with a new look, after the school announced it was set to introduce new uniforms carrying the school’s new logo.
The new uniforms, which include a summer dress, winter skirt, jackets and shirts with a stylish black strip running down the left hand side, are all a part of the school’s plans to create a unique uniform for their students.
The new logo, which depicts children, a tree that symbolises the school’s closeness to the river and the four ‘caring values’ of the school, was created to better reflect the current values and where the school is today.
Gowrie Street Primary School Principal, Travis Eddy said, “We had been talking about the change for a couple of years. The old logo had been around for more than 20 years and we decided it didn’t reflect our school as it is today very well, so we decided it was time for a change.
“We chose the black strip on the shirts to break up the red and help our students to be better identified.
“Our school community have been very supportive of the changes. It’s been a long journey and we are very proud of our results.”


The Shepparton Adviser: The Adler is nothing new "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

The Adler is nothing new

SHOOTING CONTROVERSY… Trelly’s Fishing and Hunting World Pro Staff, Nick Hillman with an Adler A110 20 inch model shotgun, which has been the topic of controversy due to misinformation being expressed about its technology being new. Photo: Emma Hillier.

FIREARMS have long been in the spotlight and the topic of controversy, and the Adler lever action shotgun is no different. Recently, the Adler was wrongly perceived as a rapid-fire shotgun made from new technology according to Trelly’s Fishing and Hunting World Proprietor, Steve Threlfall.
Steve said, “There is a perception that it is a new firearm that can fire rapidly and that it should be a controlled firearm, however this is just not the case.
“In actual fact, the technology behind this firearm is over 100 years old and this type of shotgun has been in the country for as long as firearms have been sold in Australia.
“It has been manufactured by a number of different firearm manufacturers including Winchester, in a number of different calibres from 12 gauge to .410.
“It fits in with the criteria of Australian laws to be sold to the public.
“The anti-firearm lobbyists have brought out this misconceived idea as an effort to discredit or restrict genuine shooters the access to firearms like this.
“At the end of the day the anti-firearm lobbyists don’t want guns in the community at all, and this is just another attempt at removing them.
“Firearms are used as everyday tools for farmers, in sporting events, for the control of vermin and hunting and so restricting access...

14:53 Christopher Pyne’s comments to Channel Nine about Clive Palmer and Queensland Nickel angers KAP’s Rob Katter "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Angered: Mount Isa State Member Rob Katter believes minorities have a vital role in parliament. Photo: Chris Burns.

Angered: Mount Isa State Member Rob Katter believes minorities have a vital role in parliament. Photo: Chris Burns.

 A FEDERAL Cabinet Minister has used the financial woes of Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel to justify why people should not vote for minor parties.

Christopher Pyne told Channel Nine this week that Queensland Nickel’s voluntary administration was; “an example of why people shouldn’t play with independents and minor parties, because of the instability they create.”

The comment angered Katter’s Australian Party State Member for Mount Isa, Rob Katter.

Mr Katter said; “I had steam coming out of my ears when I heard that.

“It is absolute nonsense and it’s part of the game for the major parties to really remove proper debate from the parliaments and operate as it’s intended to.

“Christopher Pyne sadly confuses simple government with stable government now.”

Mr Katter said a parliament kept to only two parties was not necessarily stable or effective.

For example, the Queensland Labor Government has been spending the first 12 months of its term undoing policy decisions made by the former LNP government.

“The poor people of Queensland keep getting this whole revolving door of policy,” he said.

Mr Katter said the two major parties in the Queensland Parliament had for at....


The Shepparton Adviser: Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Greater Shepparton Police Service Area Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 2 from 7:30pm at the Shepparton Police Station, Welsford Street, Shepparton. Representatives from all Greater Shepparton towns and areas are invited to become involved in community safety and crime prevention in their areas. For further information, phone Cathie McMaster on 0434 343 327.

TWILIGHT TENNIS MIXED DOUBLES COMPETITION will be held at Shepparton Lawn Tennis Club from Wednesday, February 3 for eight weeks at 5:30pm Teams of two men and two ladies. Grades A,B,C and D. For further information, contact Paula on 0400 913 597 or visit


SING AUSTRALIA GROUPS Shepparton meets Tuesdays from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at the Baptist church Shepparton (except school holidays). To participate in singing (no auditions needed), contact Meryl on 5831 2202 or 0418 578 369. Also on the Sing Australia website

GV CHRONIC PAIN Support Group meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 1pm to 2:30pm at Primary Care Connect, 399 Wyndham Street, Shepparton. Come along and share in support. For more information, email or phone 0458 510 416 between 10am and 4pm.

SHEPPARTON PUBLIC Cemetery is announcing that the second stage of the mausoleum is completed and now on sale. The historic cemetery reminds the community it is not run by council and still has room available. For information, phone Jeanette Doherty on 5821 2289.

FREE BREAKFAST FOR EVERYONE at St Georges Road Post Office and Milkbar, 102 St Georges Road, Shepparton from Monday to Friday from 7am to 9am.


14:33 Air Force officials won’t say if radioactive material was released when nuclear missile was damaged "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

News Updates from CLG
26 January 2016


Air Force officials won’t say whether radioactive material was released when Minuteman III nuclear missile was damaged: Nuclear missile ‘mishap’ costs Air Force $1.8M Air Force officials did not specifically address whether radioactive material was released when the missile was damaged. | 24 Jan 2016 | Three U.S. Air Force airmen were stripped of their nuclear certifications after a “mishap” caused approximately 1.8 million in damage to an intercontinental ballistic missile in 2014, officials said Friday. The incident occurred when the Minuteman III nuclear missile, assigned to the 90th Missile Wing at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, became “non-operational” during a diagnostic test, according to a statement released by the Air Force…Further details about the nature of the “mishap” are murky, as the full report from the military’s Accident Investigation Board remains classified.


Islamic State video purports to show Paris attackers, threatens Britain | 25 Jan 2016 | A video published on Sunday by the media centre of Islamic State [Langley, Virginia?] purported to show images and last statements of nine of the people who took part in the Paris attacks that killed 130 people on Nov. 13. Reuters could not independently verify the authenticity of the footage, which showed the men delivering anti-Western diatribes and concluded with an apparent thre...


The Shepparton Adviser: Hit the dance floor with Cool Cat Rockers "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Hit the dance floor with Cool Cat Rockers

ENJOY A ROCKING TIME… Cool Cat Rockers can help you have a rocking time, with their beginner dancing classes for people of all ages starting from Tuesday, February 9. Photo: Supplied.

HAVE you ever wanted to learn how to Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘50s and ‘60s style or are you looking at brushing up on your dancing skills? You can hit the dance floor with Cool Cat Rockers’ beginner’s lessons when they kick off early next month.
This year, beginner’s classes commence on Tuesday, February 9 from 7pm at Wesley Hall on Maude Street, Shepparton and even if you don’t have a partner the Cool Cats’ friendly social group of like-minded people will ensure a ‘rocking time’ will be had by all.
Kaye Rossignoli from Cool Cat Rockers said, “Rock ‘n’ Roll is a pastime that combines the art of socialising, meeting new friends, having lots of fun and all whilst also keeping fit.
“We have the first of our big dances for the year coming up on Saturday, February 20 from 8pm until late, which will be held at the Shepparton High School Hall and feature top Melbourne band, Who Was That Cat. We encourage people to come along for an enjoyable and rocking night,” Kaye said.
For further information, contact Kaye on 5821 5465 or drop into Wesley Hall at 7pm from Tuesday, February 9.


The Shepparton Adviser: Letters to the Editor "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Dear Editor,
I read with interest Jenny Houlihan’s comments in regard to the re-opening of the mall to one way traffic.
I note that she has totally disregarded the comments of business owners in the mall and also their evidence gathered over many years, that the mall as it stands is well and truly passed its use by date. I was also very interested to read that she noted that many had been in business for decades and if they weren’t able to make a living they would be out of there. I wish to point out that over the years there has been many businesses who have closed up shop as the foot traffic wasn’t there. Shops where these businesses were are still vacant – I suggest Jenny should walk through the mall and check on the empty shops – a mass exodus has happened and maybe there are more that are thinking of going.
I also agree with Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Leanne Hulm that the mall has had a long history of debate with regard to the merits of opening or not. The council is of the opinion that it isn’t broken so we won’t fix it. The Commercial Activity Centres Strategy report after much consultation, has suggested that the mall needs fixing and some ways to go about this.
We need a strong and vibrant CBD if we are to have a strong and vibrant city and as the mall is integral to this we need to fix it before it is too late.
Yours sincerely,
Shelley Sutton

Dear Editor,
How people forget. Some two decades or more ago when the Maude Street Mall was built it had problems from the word go.
The first complaints were the concrete was causing such a glare in Summer – further work was required. It used to have water features near Identity (shop) and the cinema for people to throw cigarette buts in or urinate in after midnight...


Echonetdaily: Women’s crisis centre in Tweed ‘still open’, as petition launched "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Services for victims of domestic violence and homelessness are still open and operating in northern NSW, despite the controversial recent axing of funding for the Tweed Valley Women’s Service (TVWS).

The assurance came from On Track Community Program’s (OTCP) housing and homelessness manager Nerilee Scott who said there was ‘confusion about the service in the area and it is important people understood that help was there if they needed it’.

A refuge, which was previously operated by the TVWS in Tweed Heads and closed before Christmas, has now been re-opened and being operated by OTCP.

The agency also opened another three properties in the area for women and children at risk.

‘These four services are now offering victims help around the clock, which was not the case previously,’ Ms Scott said.

It follows the launch this week by Richmond MP Justine Elliot this week of a petition demanding the coalition restores NSW government funding for the women’s service.
(See our previous story at

‘The complete inaction by the NSW government over the closure of the Tweed Valley Women’s Service is both shameful and irresponsible,’ Mrs Elliot said.

‘The NSW government, which includes north coast Nationals MPs, has chosen to ignore locals by failing to assist in this desperate situation.

‘We have a domestic violence crisis across this nation and here on the north coast we have Nationals State MPs Geoff Provest and Thomas George who have gone into hiding over the closure of the local women’s service.

‘I condemn both Geoff Provest and Thomas George who are refusing to help the community. They are also refusing to speak to our local media about this issue.

‘As both state members have shown they are unwilling and unable to do the job they were elected to do, I have now launched a petition demanding the NSW go...


Echonetdaily: Push to retain Lake Ainsworth road on agenda "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head. (pic

Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head. (pic

A Ballina shire councillor is pushing to retain vehicle access to the eastern side of Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head despite a previous council decision to close off the area.

Cr Ben Smith has lodged a notice of motion that will be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting of the council, which is the first general meeting of the year.

Cr Smith motion coincides with a petition from the Stop the Road Closure committee, which was formed followed the council’s decision to close the road and turn it into open space.

The committee has collected more than 1300 signatures, and a representative is expected to speak at tomorrow’s meeting.


Echonetdaily: Cannabis testing is ruining lives say protesters "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Activists have vowed to continue the fight against roadside drug testing as the current regime does not test for impairment. (file pic)

Activists have vowed to continue the fight against roadside drug testing as the current regime does not test for impairment. (file pic)

Activists say they are undeterred that Lismore MP Thomas George was not present when they gathered outside his office this week to protest against the roadside drug-testing regime.

About 70 people gathered to voice their concerns against the tests, which detect cannabis and other drugs, but do not test for impairment.

Recent figures show that up to one in four drivers tested in the northern rivers were returning positive tests, although NSW Police do not say which drug – cannabis, Ice or Ecstasy – is most prevalent.

Hemp Embassy president Michael Balderstone said a number of people present at the protest had stories of losing their licences, and the impact it as having on their lives.

He said a petition online had garnered more than 10,000 signatures and the popularity of north coast based Facebook site showing random drug testing locations showed that people were increasingly aware of the unfairness of the testing regime.

‘No one tries to cheat or get around the breathalyser do they?’ he said.

‘Because we all agree impaired driving is not on and we know alcohol does impair driving.

‘Cannabis users are devising all sorts of ways to avoid testing positive because there is no respect for these tests.’

‘Unfortunately it is looking more and m...


Echonetdaily: Rescued sea turtle released in celebration at Ballina "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Austral;ian Seabird Rescue volunteers, university student Kaitlyn Cavanagh and well-known north coast musician Xavier Rudd, during the release of Evie the Hawksbill Sea Turtle at Ballina yesterday.

Australian Seabird Rescue volunteers, university student Kaitlyn Cavanagh and well-known north coast musician Xavier Rudd, during the release of Evie the Hawksbill Sea Turtle at Ballina yesterday.

A Hawksbill Sea Turtle rehabilitated by Australian Seabird Rescue (ASR) volunteers recently was released yesterday morning at Flat Rock Beach, Ballina, in a special celebration for the endangered marine animal.

Affectionately named Evie by its ASR volunteers, the turtle was rescued from Woody Head on 22 December, with 80 per cent of its body covered in barnacles that had become a parasite due to it being so unwell.

ASR acting general manager Tiffany-lee said Evie was treated for pneumonia and fluke ‘and we were lucky that such a young sick hawksbill responded so well’.

‘As a critically endangered species with a survival rate of one in ten thousand, that is usually a really hard to rehab species, we got lucky with Evie,’ Tiffany-lee said.

‘This is especially wonderful as every single Hawksbill that we save gives the species that little bit more of a chance of survival.

‘Evie came to us weighi...


Echonetdaily: NSW Police praise good Aust Day behaviour "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A 14-year-old who wandered drunk through Sydney’s CBD and an intoxicated man who fell from a tree were two of very few disappointments for NSW Police on Australia Day.

Police have praised the behaviour of revellers who soaked up the public holiday, with less than 30 people nabbed for relatively minor offences by 10pm on Tuesday.

‘Swift and early action by police prevented these issues escalating into something more serious and ruining the day for everyone else,’ Acting Assistant Commissioner Kyle Stewart said.

Mr Stewart said the main issue for police who attended public events was excessive alcohol-fuelled criminal, anti-social and dangerous behaviour.

‘This included a 14-year-old boy wandering around drunk in Sydney’s CBD, and an intoxicated man who was seriously injured after falling from a tree in a park,’ he said.

‘Thankfully, police and other emergency services were on hand to assist these people, and we hope they think twice before overdoing it next Australia Day.’

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Echonetdaily: MPs not bound by gay plebiscite: Abetz "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Conservative Liberal senator Eric Abetz. (AAP image)

Conservative Liberal senator Eric Abetz. (AAP image)

Conservative Liberal senator Eric Abetz insists coalition MPs would not be bound by any plebiscite on gay marriage.

‘I would need to determine whether (the plebiscite) really is an accurate reflection, whether it is all above board or whether the question is stacked, whether all sides received public funding,’ he told Guardian Australia on Wednesday.

The dumped cabinet minister says every member of parliament will make up their own mind after the plebiscite and that some will not support the outcome, regardless of which way it went.

Government frontbencher Steve Ciobo said Senator Abetz was entitled to his view but insisted it would be “passing strange” for any politician to ignore the wishes of the Australian people.

‘Any politician, any member of parliament, would really have to think twice before they snub their nose at the view of a majority of Australians,’ he told Sky News.

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Echonetdaily: PUP won’t be repaying donations: Palmer "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Clive Palmer (file pic)

Clive Palmer (file pic)

Clive Palmer says his political party won’t be repaying donations from his troubled nickel business so sacked workers can be paid.

The federal MP says neither he nor his Palmer United Party is responsible for paying the entitlements of 237 workers made redundant at his troubled nickel refinery near Townsville.

He says he could have pocketed millions from Queensland Nickel, which is now in administration but instead chose to use it to bankroll his party so he could campaign on important issues.

‘Rather than me take the $15 million and buy a new plane or a new house or a new resort, I decided to donate the money – the company decided to donate that money – to Palmer United,’ he told reporters this week.

‘Now you tell me what other chief executive would go into parliament, set up a political party, get the balance of power in Australia, save the jobs of his workers. There isn’t one.

‘It doesn’t expose me to any claims because the money only would have been paid to me anyway.’

Mr Palmer stepped down as director of the company when he was elected to parliament in 2013 and says his involvement since then has been confined to a supervisory role.

But the Australian Workers Union has asked the corporate regulator to investigate whether Mr Palmer has been exerting control over the company as a shadow director and if so, if he can be held personally liable for workers’ entitlements.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is yet to respond to the union’...


Echonetdaily: Iran, climate deals stop Doomsday Clock "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The Doomsday Clock remains unchanged, although threats remain. (file pic)

The Doomsday Clock remains unchanged, although threats remain. (file pic)

The Iran nuclear deal and movement on climate change have prompted the scientists who maintain the Doomsday Clock, a symbolic countdown to global catastrophe, to keep it unchanged at three minutes to midnight.

The Doomsday Clock, devised by the Chicago-based Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, is widely recognised as an indicator of the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe.

Positive developments in 2015 centre on the international accord that limited Iran’s nuclear program, and the agreement among almost 200 countries in Paris on a process to reduce output of climate-changing carbon dioxide, the Bulletin said in a statement on Tuesday.

The accords “are major diplomatic achievements, but they constitute only small bright spots in a darker world situation full of potential for catastrophe,” the Bulletin said.

The Doomsday Clock’s hands “are the closest they’ve been to catastrophe since the early days of above-ground hydrogen bomb testing” in the 1950s.

Areas of concern include heightened tensions between the United States and Russia, continued conflict in Ukraine and Syria, and tensions over the South China Sea, it said.

Russian and American nuclear weapons modernisation programs and growing...


Echonetdaily: Brazil ‘losing battle’ against Zika virus "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A city worker fumigates insecticide to combat the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes that transmit the Zika virus, at the San Judas Community in San Salvador, El Salvador. (AAP)

A city worker fumigates insecticide to combat the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes that transmit the Zika virus, at the San Judas Community in San Salvador, El Salvador. (AAP)

Brazil’s health minister says the country will mobilise some 220,000 troops to battle the mosquito blamed for spreading a virus linked to birth defects – but he was also quoted as saying the battle was already being lost.

Marcelo Castro on Tuesday said nearly 220,000 members of Brazil’s armed forces would go door-to-door to help in mosquito eradication efforts, according to Rio de Janeiro’s O Globo newspaper.

It also quoted Castro as saying the government would distribute mosquito repellent to some 400,000 pregnant women who receive cash-transfer benefits.

And all major Brazilian dailies quoted Castro as saying the country is “badly losing the battle” against the Aedes aegypti mosquito that transmits Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.

‘The mosquito has been here in Brazil for three decades, and we are badly losing the battle against the mosquito,’ Folha de S Paulo newspaper quoted him as saying as a crisis group on Zika was meeting in the capital, Brasilia.



Echonetdaily: Bluesfest chief awarded OAM "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Peter Noble, OAMBluesfest director Peter Noble, right, has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia, ‘For service to live and recorded music, to tourism, and to the community.’

The governor-general’s office says Bluesfest supports Australian Seabird Rescue, Bay FM 99.9, Boomerang Festival, Byron Youth Service, Cancer Council, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Playing For Change, The Uncle Project and Westpac Helicopter Rescue.

And part-time Main Arm resident Adrian Newstead has been awarded an OAM, celebrating his 35-year commitment to the promotion of Indigenous Australian artists.

The citation reads: ‘For service to the museum and galleries sector, particularly through the promotion of Indigenous arts’.

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Echonetdaily: Kitty-in-Boots: new Potter story found "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

The character Peter Rabbit makes an appearance in a newly discovered book by children's author Beatrix Potter. (AAP)

The character Peter Rabbit makes an appearance in a newly discovered book by children’s author Beatrix Potter. (AAP)

A story by children’s author Beatrix Potter, written more than a century ago, is to be published for the first time after the rediscovery of the tale which features some of her best-known characters such as Peter Rabbit.

The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots, written by Potter in 1914, was found by publisher Jo Hanks after she came across an out-of-print biography of the author from the 1970s which referred to the story in a letter Potter had sent to her then-publisher and an unedited manuscript.

Hanks then discovered three handwritten manuscripts in children’s school notebooks which were in the archive of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum along with a rough colour sketch of Kitty-in-Boots.

‘The tale really is the best of Beatrix Potter. It has double identities, colourful villains and a number of favourite characters from other tales (including Mr Tod, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, Ribby and Tabitha Twitchit),’ Hanks said in a statement.

‘Most excitingly, our treasured, mischievous Peter Rabbit makes an appearance – albeit older, slower and portlier.’

Penguin Random House are to...


Echonetdaily: Mojo Juju feeling blue at Blues "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Mojo-Juju-Eve-IVAs ever, Bluesfest will bring an awesome lineup of Australian acts to their Tyagarah stages this Easter, not in the least Mojo Juju.

Smooth, shiny and loaded with sin. Mojo Juju sings songs that sound just like that night you can’t quite remember, in that bar you swear you weren’t at, with that girl you promise you’ve never met. Mojo spoke to The Echo about Seeing Red / Feeling Blue and going from nine to three.

Mojo Juju – is that Mojo for short? or Juju? 

Yep, people call me Mojo. That’s what’s on my driver licence.

People seem to go off their nut after your performances, and folk loved your last Bluesfest appearance. How are you dealing with the love in general?

Oh it’s always nice to know people appreciate what you do. I’m always experimenting with taking my songwriting different places, so I just hope that people continue to enjoy what I’m doing even when I’m trying new stuff. This Bluesfest performance will be quite different from the last (it’s been six years!). The Snake Oil Merchants bro...


Echonetdaily: Abbot event not `intentionally secretive’ "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Former prime minister Tony Abbott. AAP Image/Paul Miller

Former prime minister Tony Abbott. AAP Image/Paul Miller

The conservative US group that invited former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott to speak in New York says the event is not “intentionally secretive”.

The Alliance Defending Freedom dinner will be held in New York later this week, but the organisation has not publicly announced the date and location.

The pro-Christian, Scottsdale, Arizona-based ADF opposes gay marriage, adoption by same-sex couples and abortion.

Mr Abbott arrived in Los Angeles on a Qantas flight on Tuesday (Wednesday morning AEDT).

‘I don’t know if it is intentionally secretive,’ ADF media relations director Bob Trent, discussing the event, told AAP on Tuesday.

‘For us, it was never intended to be a public event.

‘It was a dinner ADF was having and Tony Abbott aligned on some of these issues, and I think they thought he would be an interesting fella to hear from, so they invited him to come.’

Mr Abbott is also reportedly scheduled to meet News Corp executive chairman Rupert Murdoch in New York.

The ADF is surprised by the media interest in their event.

‘It is going to be in New York, we have invited variety of people,’ Mr Trent said, declining to detail who would attend.

‘It’s a private gatherin...


Echonetdaily: Byron shire honours local achievers "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Byron Shire's Australia Day Ambassador Dr Clio Creswell with the shire's Citizens Of The Year, Holley Somerville–Knott and Delta Kay

Byron Shire’s Australia Day Ambassador Dr Clio Creswell with the shire’s Citizens of the Year, Holley Somerville–Knott and Delta Kay

Byron shire’s Australia Day award winners were announced at a special celebration at Byron Bay Services Club yesterday.

Delta Kay, Holley Somerville-Knott, Sage Nara and Elizabeth Watts have all scooped categories for Byron Shire’s Citizen of the Year.

Community Event of the Year has been awarded to the Byron Bay Writers Festival.

Mayor Simon Richardson said of Byron Shire’s Citizen of the Year, Delta Kay, has ‘many admirable skills and qualities including her ongoing enthusiasm, leadership, ability to connect and educate, patience and her motivation to build on her own personal awareness of Indigenous culture and her knowledge as an Aboriginal woman.’

Byron Shire’s Young Citizen of the Year, Holley Somerville-Knott, has been an activist since she was eight years old, where she founded her charity, Stardust Entertainment.

Now 12, her charity has been selected as one of seven global charities to be a recipient of Reachers Philanthropy Global Social Media Person of the Year Sage Nara volunteers as a marine radio operator...


Focus On Fauna: Aliens IV: Infestation "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Those who are fans of sci-fi will know that when aliens invade earth they multiply in egg-shaped sacs hidden somewhere safe like in an underground cave or cellar. Those sacs may or may not contain a human host on which the developing alien might feed. The photo above taken recently could be of a terror […]


Echonetdaily: Culture Roundup – Wednesday 27 January, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


When your Boomerang won’t come back

After a successful debut in 2013, Boomerang Festival, held as an independent event on the Bluesfest site, was nominated for the Best New Event at the 2014 Australian Events Awards and Best Indigenous Tourism for the 2014 NSW State Tourism Awards.

The festival includes dance, weaving, carving, talks and ideas, workshops, music, and authentic cultural exchanges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Despite resounding critical, industry and audience acclaim, Boomerang was unable to secure funding in order to present in the same format this year.

Recognising the importance of this ground-breaking event, Bluesfest director Peter Noble and his team have been working with Boomerang Festival director Rhoda Roberts to ensure it survives and thrives despite a temporary obstacle, and invites audiences and the wider community to join them in celebrating and supporting this wonderful local event.

To this end the Boomerang Festival is in its final weeks of a crowdfunding campaign and is hoping the northern rivers public will contribute.

Byron Shire mayor Simon Richardson has just joined with Archie Roach, Paul Kelly, and Troy Brady in doing a video of support.

Boomerang festival organisers are asking the progressive, forward-thinking leaders and members...


Echonetdaily: Tweed mayor, her deputy versus Cr Longland and ‘the three amigos’ "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

How sad it is that the Tweed has only two councillors who are concerned about costs incurred by ratepayers, councillor expenses and local jobs.
If anyone noticed several months ago it was Crs Carolyn Byrne, Warren Polglase and Phil Youngblutt who vacated the building when mayor Katie Milne announced it was time some expenses claims were looked into because she was not prepared to simply ‘rubber stamp’ claims for the maximum amounts without original receipts.
After an independent review of the councillor expenses policy, a new draft policy was considered at Thursday’s council meeting.
Cr Barry Longland submitted a long list of amendments by email after lunch on the same day as the meeting. This meant that most councillors had not seen them until council staff ran off copies during the meeting.
Was this coincidental or planned?
Many of the expenses limits were queried by community members in the public gallery. As an example, $250 a month was allowed for phone and internet provision. This seems to be excessive, with most of us agreeing that a suitable ‘bundled’ account can be found for much less than $250 a month.
Aside from the questionable costs it also became obvious that councillor Barry Longland was seeking to remove the role of the mayor in approving expenses claims, instead giving the responsibility to bureaucrats. One has to ask, why?
The draft policy will now be open for public comment for a period of time. Every ratepayer should have a look and tell the council what they think. I would like to thank Crs Milne and Gary Bagnall for being the only two who stood up for ratepayers on the night.
It has always been the ‘three amigos’ who have pushed...


onlymelbourne: Melbourne Newsletter No.473 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

View Online What's On this Week | 26 January - 1 February 2016 Dining & Drink | Shopping & Business | Things To Do | What's On Tuesday 26th January 2016 to Monday 1st February 2016 Schools go back starting this Friday as Melbourne begins another year of education. Happy Australia Day. MelB Tennis | Final Week Australian Open 2016 Join the biggest names in tennis as the world’s top tennis players fight it out for the first Grand Slam® title of the year. Federer Djokovic Williams and Sharapova – the stars of the sport make Melbourne Park their own as the on-court action and off-court entertainment of Grand Slam® tennis take over the city. Watch all the action of the Australian Open live and free on Channel 7. When: 18th - 31st January 2016 Where: Melbourne Park Links: Book Tix | Desktop | Smart Phone Australian Open Festival 2016 Open every day of the Australian Open, get a taste of Melbourne’s famous world-class dining and food, activities and live entertainment day and night at the free, family-friendly festival. When: 18 - 31 January 2016 Where: Birrarung Marr Links: Desktop | Smart Phone LGBTIQ Festival Midsumma Festival 2016 Midsumma Festival celebration of queer arts and culture with parties, shows, music and art. When: 17 January — 07 February 2016 Links: Program | Desktop | Smart Phone Marriage Equality Pride March 2016 Melbourne's Pride March recognises and celebrates Victoria's gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex and transgender community. When: Sunday 31 January 2016 - 2pm Where: Fitzroy St, St Kilda Links: Desktop | Smart Phone Model Aircraft Expo F-1 Air Race Sandown 2016 Australia’s top display and racing model aircraft pilots will put on a spectacular show for Melbourne that’s fast, furious and fun. When: Sunday 31 January 2016 Where: Sandown Racecourse Links: Book Tix | Desktop | Smart Phone Melbourne Bike Ride Critical Mass After a break, Melbourne's own Critical Mass ride celebrating non-motorised transport a...


Echonetdaily: Israel builds on illegally annexed Palestinian land "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Mr Alhadeff (letters, 21 January) needs to brush up on international law to prevent his nose getting longer and longer…

Gilo is in East Jerusalem, according to Haaretz, Israel’s moderate newspaper, but is included in the Municipality of Jerusalem. It is well documented that the USA , EU, and UN always slam Israel’s plans to expand Gilo.

Gilo is built on West Bank land, ILLEGALLY annexed in 1967. The annexation of land by military conquest is illegal in violation of both the Hague Regulations (1907) and UN Charter (1945). Apropos this also applies to Palestinian land gained by the zionists in 1948.

Furthermore all settlements are held illegal under international law, Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war states: ‘The occupying power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own population into the territories it occupies’.

Archeology is used as a propaganda tool to justify the theft of Palestine.  According to Israeli Prof. Shlomo Sand– ‘The Land of Israel is not the homeland of the Jews. It becomes a homeland at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th − only upon the emergence of the Zionist movement’.

Finally land swaps are an infringement of the rights of an occupied people and illegal as enshrined in the Regulations Annexed to the Hague Convention IV Respecting the Laws and Customs of Wars on Land of 1907 (Hague Regulations), reflective of customary international law, and in the Fourth Geneva Convention Concerning the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 1949 (Fourth Geneva Convention), for the most part reflective of customary international law.

Dr Vacy Vlazna, co-ordinator, Justice for Palestine Matters (...


North Coast Voices: "ILUKA DA Have Your Say!" is online at Facebook "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

A number of Iluka residents have created a public Facebook page alerting the community to a proposed 162 lot residential subdivision bounded by Hickey and Elizabeth streets and, by Iluka Road adjacent to Iluka Nature Reserve and World Heritage littoral rainforest.

It can be found at:

One of the interesting posts contains this image of the formal development application notification sign which besides being so modestly sized as to be almost unnoticeable also has an incorrect submission p...


Echonetdaily: In the Tweed, it’s a dam shame "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

I and community members stood in silence with shame written on our T shirts at the Tweed Shire Council meeting last week.

We are really disillusioned that councillor Barry Longland reneged on his negotiated deal with mayor Katie Milne regarding raising Clarrie Hall dam, while concurrently examining the best solution to water management through an independent review, which he supported at the December meeting.

On 16 January, he wrote ‘I am not against the idea of an independent review. I believe though, that the idea needs to be uncoupled from the decision on the preferred option'( i.e. Clarrie Hall Dam).

Councillor Longland was offered this choice, and has again proven he is not a man to honour his own words.

There are so many projects throughout Australia in which in different shires have implemented sustainable water management such as recycling, storm water harvesting and water sensitive urban design.

It’s not new thinking, its established best practice, its affordable,and is happening all around the globe.

This is essentially why we need an independent review, not to hold up the approval of Clarrie Hall Dam, but to seriously examine all of Tweed’s water options and to find out the experts’ opinion on the most sustainable way forward.

This should have been done years ago, as was requested by the Community Working Group (CWG) with the input of the community from the very beginning.

Rous Water began its water review by involving all those interested from the start and that agency does not have the debacle that Tweed has been going through the last seven years.

This is not helped by certain councillors who keep rescinding motions which they have previously voted support for.

J. Gardner, Uki (CWG Member)

The post In the Tweed, it’s a dam shame appeare...

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Alive 90.5: Delta Society "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Delta Society Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation with one core belief: that the human-animal bond remarkably improves our quality of life and leaves a lasting paw print on our hearts. Delta’s amazing and devoted volunteer Therapy Dog Teams brighten the (More...)


Alive 90.5: Glenwood Men’s Shed opens "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Men’s Shed Glenwood will be open to the public on Saturday 6th February at 10 a.m. This new Men’s Shed is located at the back of Emmanuel Church in Glenwood. We are anticipating that men from the community will (More...)


Alive 90.5: PROSPECT RESERVOIR "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Prospect Reservoir was built in 1886 to provide water for Sydney; although superceded by Warragamba Dam it is an emergency Sydney supply, hence not used for swimming and water activities. There are many shady, scenic places for a picnic, a (More...)


Alive 90.5: Raise Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Raise Foundation is a registered Australian charity which provides mentoring programs for young people in high schools and in the community. Our mentoring programs provide a community of support around young people. Mentoring from a positive role model during the critical teenage (More...)


Alive 90.5: Ceramic Exhibition "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

“Made in Australia” A National and International Ceramics Exhibition A pop-up exhibition of ceramic work titled “Made in Australia” coinciding with Australia Day events will be presented by The Study Group NSW (CSG). “Made in Australia” includes works by 29 (More...)


pocitsoq: #invasionday "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

It’s not possible for all Australians to celebrate being Australian on the 26th of January.



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Will Type For Food: To do list for Australia Day "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

To do list for Australia Day

Take the notes off your echidna
Polish up your kangaroo
Update your dingo's rego
Plug in your wombats, too. 

Put your ocker through the washer. 
Hang it on the windowsill. 
Give marsupials an extra pouch.
Give a platypus the bill. 

Wear pavlova to a party - 
Say it's just fancy dress. 
But most important, don't forget -
Repaint your H&S.


AWPA Sydney News: 1) Freeport yet to Pay Indonesia Smelter Deposit as Export Deadline Looms "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) New Vanuatu government to face further instability - Nathan
3) Sport: West Papua Warriors gunning for title in Cabramatta debut
1) Freeport yet to Pay Indonesia Smelter Deposit as Export Deadline Looms
Wilda Asmarini | on 12:05 PM January 26, 2016
Jakarta. Freeport McMoRan Inc has yet to pay a $530 million deposit for a new Indonesian smelter, which the government is demanding before renewing the US company’s export permit for copper concentrate, a mines ministry official said on Tuesday.
Freeport, which has seen its stock plummet over 70 percent in the last three months as commodity markets plunge, could be forced to halt exports from its massive Grasberg copper and gold mine in Papua if it fails to meet government obligations.

Freeport executives are expected to discuss the issue with the government at 1 p.m. on Tuesday.


ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Modern design - Charles & Ray Eames, and the Bauhaus "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

I was at least an average art history student at university, so I could certainly identify the work of Christopher Dresser, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Peter Behrens, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, Herbert Bayer and Marcel Breuer. After university I could identify Robin and Lucienne Day’s work with my eyes closed. But not Charles and Ray Eames.

Now an exhibition of Charles and Ray Eames’ work is on at the Barbican (Oct 2015 until mid Feb 2016), and I knew nothing about them. So I am citing the home page of the exhibition called The World of Charles & Ray Eames at the Barbican Art Gallery in London.

Eames House Living Room, 1948 
Credit: Barbican Art Gallery
Nature comes from the outside, into their living room

The husband and wife are more famous now than when they were alive, their work the ultimate examples of mid-century style. But Catherine Ince, curator of a retrospective show at the Barbican, said: “A mid-century lifestyle choice is not what they were. Their pioneering and influential work was about much more. It covered not only furniture, product design, architecture, exhibition and interior design, but graphics, photography, film, multi-media inst...


Byron Bay Blog: Free Post Breast Cancer Exercise Program – Byron Bay "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"

Did you know that Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in Australia (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer)? And did you know that shockingly, one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime?

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can change life in a moment. The YWCA NSW after breast cancer exercise program “Encore” helps women stay well after experiencing this adversity. Whilst each program has a strong focus on specifically targeted exercise, the sessions also include information sharing through guest speakers and links into local community services and resources, as well as enabling participants to meet others who have had similar experiences. In the last year alone, YWCA NSW’s Encore program has worked with over 500 women throughout New South Wales.

Encore Program Coordinator, Alison Todd has seen the positive influence the program has on its participants “The program really can change lives” says Alison “There are a number of groups of women who still regularly catch up years after being involved in the program. Many life-long friendships have been formed through Encore, and without the program, their paths may never have crossed.”

Women who have experienced breast cancer at any time in their lives are being invited to register now for the free after breast cancer exercise program – Encore, which is running in Byron Bay from Thursday 4th February – 24th March.

“Exercise is one of the ways of supporting the body to recover after cancer treatment and it’s also a good way of keeping spirits up” says NSW Program Manager Kate Guthrey. “Encore not only offers women the proven benefits of exercise, but it also allows them the opportunity to connect with others who share a similar experience and speak without judgement. Understanding that there are others with similar thoughts and feelings has been shown to be very therapeutic and an important part of recovery” says Ms Guthrey.

The Encore...

17:33 Download the concert video to assist West Papuan people "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

                                      View this video trailer

The genocide of the West Papuan people at the hands of the Indonesian military, is one of the saddest yet rarely told stories of modern times.

Right on Australia’s doorstep, West Papua is a land of untold riches and in 1969 was hijacked with a violent and rigged vote by Indonesia.

wespt-papua-2With the support of Australia, the USA and the United Nations, the Indonesian Military have slaughtered nearly half a million indigenous West Papuans in the years since, all in the name of a mountain of gold.

All of this kept secret by a ban on journalists and foreign aid from entering West Papua.

Thus the cry of the West Papuans has gone unheard for nearly 50 years. But Australian Punk is loud, Very loud.

Punks for West Papua is an Australia wide movement, and the brain child of Jody Bartolo.

Jody and his band ‘Diggers with Attitude’ spearhead Punks for West Papua with the aim to raise money and awareness for the Free West Papua cause.

A midnight text message to film maker and friend, Ash Brennan, started the wheels in motion for a small video think piece at the original Punks for West Papua benefit show at Sydney’s Town & Country Hotel.

But Jody and the Australian punk rock community would turn this event into a no holes barred Australia w...


tyto tony: So very very Peaceful "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia"

Peaceful Dove (Geopelia striata)

So peaceful

So very very peaceful


ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Le Corbusier's architectural masterpieces "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Swiss citizen Charles-Édouard Jeanneret aka Le Corbusier (1887-1965) needed to broaden his horizons. During the decade before WW1, he travelled to Paris and found work in the office of the modernist French pioneer of reinforced concrete. Then he studied architecture in Vienna and Berlin with the Bauhaus architects Josef Hoffmann and Peter Behrens, even before Bauhaus had been planned. Presumably he also met Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius there.

In 1922, Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret opened an architectural studio in Paris at 35 rue de Sèvres. And since Paris was going to be his permanent home, Charles-Edouard became a French citizen in 1930.

In a new industrial spirit, Le Corbusier contributed to a journal called L'Esprit Nouveau that advocated the use of modern industrial techniques and strategies to transform society into a more efficient environment ....with a higher standard of living for all. He argued that this transformation was necessary to avoid the spectre of revolution that would otherwise shake society. His "Architecture or Revolution" rule, developed in his articles in this journal, became his rallying cry.

His book Toward an Architecture was made from scholarly articles he con­tributed to L'Esprit Nouveau between 1920-3. In this book, Le Corbusier followed the influence of my second favourite architect, Walter Gropius!

Le Corbusier was certainly an innovator, but he originally based himself on the existing models he knew and loved. By examining the work of Theo van Doesburg and other architects of the De Stijl Group, Le Corbusier reviewed their principles and then created his own five...


Echonetdaily: Mandy Nolan’s Soap Box: Charged about chargers? "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


There is a question that we used to ask ourselves to work out what was most important in life: If you had two minutes to get out of your house, what would you grab? Everyone used to say ‘the photo album’. But who has one of those cumbersome things any more? Our photo albums are on our iCloud and apparently virtual formations of data don’t catch fire or suffer water damage.

I thought about it the other day and I came up with ‘All the chargers’. I don’t mean white horses that were left out the front from the continual appearance of dashing men trying to rescue me from myself; I mean those fricking things you plug in the wall that power your devices that keep you in touch with your fricking iCloud. How can there be so many chargers?

Chargers for my iPhone, for my laptop, for my iPod, for the iPad, for my camera. And that’s just me. I have five children. Between them they have a minimum of three chargeable devices. So counting my load, and John’s and the kids, there should be approximately 30 chargers in the house. It would be far too economically rational to make one universal device. No, each charger has a slightly different sized plug-in. They don’t stay with their device. They move. They become unrecognisable. On every desk they sit curled in clumps. They collect in baskets, under beds, in handbags, some are even left dangling in power points. The most often asked question in our house is ‘Who took my charger?’ It is never a polite question. It could be asked more delicately, perhaps phrased ‘Has anyone seen my charger?’ But n...


Radio 2RDJ FM 88.1: Swinging The Blues Playlist 25.01.2016 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


Track Title Artist Album Title
Get Bent Jack Derwin Bent   (new)
Give Me Back My Train Jack Derwin Bent   (new)
Sister Be Good Rick Melick Sister Be Good   (new)
My Only Love Simon Kinny-Lewis Behind The Blue Mask
One Hundred Years PJ O’Brien Jefferson Blues
With A Kiss Isaiah B Brunt Just The Way That It Goes
I Can’t Get Along
Without You
Geoff Bull & The Finer Cuts S’Wonderbull
I Go Around Russell Morris Red Dirt – Red Heart
Isla Mae Toni Swain Deepest Water
Mind Your Manners Liza Ohlback Give You Hell!
Good Morning,
School Girl
Wilson & White


Echonetdaily: Tommy in his Elements "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast"


Nicqui Yazdi whips out the mobile as Tommy Franklin water-wrestles an inflatable white swan at Elements’ lavish opening pool party.

Elements’ opening pool party on Monday was indeed ‘lavish’. Delta Kay and a troupe of Arakwal dancers performed on the ceremony space overlooking the beach, a helicopter rested in the grounds and women held horses as more than 200 mostly local guests wandered the grounds sipping the new Veuve Cliquot Rich.

It was also an opportunity for Mullumbimby artist Suvira McDonald to see his steel-rod sculpture ­Chorus in place at the grand entrance.

Executive chef Justin Dingle-Garciyya proved his worth, serving up a great range of delicacies around the infinity pool while a DJ played, spotlights raked the clouds and firetwirlers and drummers did their thing. Owner Peggy Flannery said that it was her ‘greatest wish to contribute positively to the Byron tourism experience’.

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News: David Bowie Pinups with Paul Elliot, Jan 26th 4-6pm "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Vale David Bowie who was the subject of a sell-out exhibition that visited cities such as Berlin, London, Toronto, Chicago, and Sao Paulo. In 2015  'David Bowie is...." arrived in Melbourne with it's rare memorabilia, photos and video clips much to the delight of thousands of Australian music fans. 3CR music coordinator Paul Elliott visited the exhibition and was suitably impressed . A pair of Melbournites Cass Moore and Bruce Butler attended many more times, contributed memoribilia and gave talks at the ACME exhibition.



The Greening of Gavin: New eBookstore and Aussie Hosting "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Hands up those of you who knew I wrote sustainable living eBooks?  Not many I reckon, and I believe I know why. Because it wasn’t very visible on the blog or the web for that matter.  It wasn’t search friendly or easy to find via google either. Well to fix that, I created a subdomain of  [Continue Reading …]

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: Ryde Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

  JOY PIOTROWSKI of North Ryde is the 2016 Ryde Citizen of the Year and NICHOLAUS PURCELL is the 2016 Ryde Young Citizen of the Year. They are pictured with Ryde City Mayor Clr Jerome Laxale and official guests at Tuesday’s Australia Day ceremony in North Ryde School of Arts Community hall. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO. [...]


: Hunters Hill Australia Day celebrations "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Hunters Hill Citizen of the Year GARY TRAIL is congratulated by Hunters Hill Australia Day Ambassador Sam Cawthorn and Mayor Clr Richard Quinn at The Deckhouse Woolwich Australia Day ceremony. Also pictured Hunters Hill Clr Peter Astridge chairman of the Hunters Hill Military Memorabilia Restoration Advisory Committee winner of the Community Event of the Year, [...]


Westender – West End 4101: Brisbane “Artivists” reflect on Paris climate deal for free public event "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Brisbane “Artivists” reflect on Paris climate deal for free public event. Artists and activists from Brisbane who traveled to Paris for the global climate talks will reflect on their experience as part of an evening of reflection and discussion on 1st February in West End. The historic Paris climate deal followed weeks of intense negotiations […]

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South Gippsland Sentinel-Times: Wildcats to represent Australia Country in NZ "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Brodie Mabilia played for the Victoria Country Goldminers at the Southern Cross Challenge.

Brodie Mabilia played for the Victoria Country Goldminers at the Southern Cross Challenge.

Scott McKenzie in action with the Victoria Country U14 Bushrangers at the Southern Cross Challenge.

Scott McKenzie in action with the Victoria Country U14 Bushrangers at the Southern Cross Challenge.

A NUMBER of Korumburra Wildcats players and coaches were involved in the recent Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup (ACJBC) and Southern Cross Challenge.
Three of the players, Sam Flanders, Flynn Materia and Tyla Angwin, had stellar tournaments, impressing enough to be selected in the Australian Country sides to play in the Pacific Rim Championship at Easter this year.
Sam, playing for the Vic Country Goldminers made the Gold medal game but went down to the other Vic Country side in a see-sawing affair.
Sam had a fantastic tournament, his athleticism a dominant factor against many of his opponents.
Flynn was the player everyone was flocking to watch, becoming somewhat of a cult f...


Sandy Straits and Beyond: Shorebirds at High Tide "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A good high tide and no wind make perfect conditions to view any of the shorebird roosts around the bay. This time I went with friends around to the Mullens roost. It is possible to view this roost by walking there but you can only see a small number of birds unless you can kayak or canoe to the opposite bank.
We got an early start and were on the water about quarter past six. The reflections were perfect making even a common bird like this Silver Gull look rather special.

Around at the roost the reflections were even better. This was one of the two Little Egrets that were around there and roosting in the mangroves.

One leg tucked up in front makes a funny looking little pouch under the feathers.

The larger shorebirds were spread out along the water line on the far shore.


Ben Cruachan - natural history: 2016, first moth session. "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

The block of old bush at Glenmaggie was the location on a calm warm night, ideal conditions, with kookaburras and treecreepers calling, and micro bats flitting as darkness fell. With the light shining things were quiet for quite a while, as often happens, then a couple of metres away I spotted something on the ground, a Golden Notodontid, Neola semiaurata with its wings spread. This species is widespread in Victoria, but I have only recorded it at this spot, it flies from October to March, several came to the light last November.



A second Notodontid arrived later, Destolmia lineata, the Streaked Notodontid, a variable moth that may be more than one species (MOV 2)


Black Geometrids, Melanodes anthracitaria were very numerous as the night wore on, more than a dozen were moving about the sheet and the ground.


Two Cossids came in, the first was Endoxyla secta, a nice specimen.

endoxyla secta

And secondly a big Endoxyla encalypti that flapped around frantically for quite a while, often upside down. I finally photographed it on the ground, unfortunatel...


: Club Rego "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Title for Carlingford CARLINGFORD Cougars U/10 Div 2 premiership squad Anthony Attinger, Melissa Davoren, Alex Ibrahim, Jackson Lansdown, Svetan Leckovski, Jack Marsden, Raphaella Perigo, Jonah Pham, Luke Simpson (captain), Angus Smith, Lachlan Smith, Ciara Symon, Will Vickers, Aden Zeitoun. Co-coaches: Brad Davoren-Whereat & Anthony Zeitoun; Manager: Kathy Lansdown; Trainers: Jack Kelly & Michael Lansdown.   [...]


Zedlines: Invasion Day rallies to highlight counter-narrative to First Fleet arrival - and other 8AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Invasion Day rallies will be held in Brisbane today.

In local news…

Invasion Day rallies to highlight counter-narrative to First Fleet arrival

Invasion Day rallies will be held in major cities across the country today with Brisbane marches kicking off at 9am at the Inala Civic Centre and 11am outside Parliament House.

Organisers said the action will call to attention continuing injustice rooted in the First Fleet arriving on this day in 1788 and the ensuing genocide of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests: Here’s a reason to celebrate "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

There seems to be some kind of controversy bubbling about the Australian flag and Australia day in Castlemaine. FOBIF doesn’t get involved with debates of this kind, but we’re always looking for an excuse to celebrate, anyway.

And if we need to commemorate events which took place in 1788, how about this: in that year the Eucalyptus genus was first named for science, and the first description of a Eucalypt species published.

Messmates on Mount Alexander: it's a tree which can vary in size from a small mallee to a forest giant, depending on conditions.

Messmates on Mount Alexander: it’s a tree which can vary in size from a small mallee to a forest giant, depending on conditions. Australians are a pretty variable lot.

Seeds of an unknown species had been collected from Bruny Island in Tasmania on Cook’s 1777 expedition, and taken to England. It took until 1786 for them to be got out and studied, by an amateur French botanist, Charles Louis L’Heritier de Brutelle, who invented the name, Eucalyptus, and called the tree in question, Eucalyptus obliqua—now commonly known as Messmate. The publication in which this was revealed to the world for the first time: Hortus Anglicus, publication date, Paris 1788.

Unfortunately, it seems that scholars have found that the book didn’t actually appear till 1789—but we don’t care. Isn’t it good Aussie practice to accept that near enough is good enough? And if you want to celebrate something Australian, surely  it’s hard to get anything more Australian than a Eucalypt?


Natural Newstead: Unpacking the puzzle "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

A family of raptors have been a noisy feature of the neighbourhood over recent days. There are at least three and possibly four birds, the parents and two juveniles, with the youngsters calling enthusiastically whenever the adults are about, in anticipation of a meal.

As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, Brown Goshawks and Collared Sparrowhawks are not only closely related raptors, they can be devilishly difficult to tell apart. These are, I’m pretty certain, Collared Sparrowhawks – some of the distinguishing features are shown in the photographs below. The adults are much warier than the youngsters and I’ve been unable to photograph them properly to date.


Juvenile Collared Sparrowhawk, Wyndham Street Newstead, 23rd January 2016

A stare as opposed to a glare

The elongated middle toes



Westender – West End 4101: A day of Unity for Australia Day "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Boundary Hotel’s new events team, a committed crew of respected West End musicians and event professionals, has prepared a very special cultural event for the 26th January Australia Day Holiday – a celebration of Multicultural Australia that will showcase music from across the globe, provide a story-telling space and open mic discussions, and a […]

The post A day of Unity for Australia Day appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


Ben's Blog: CAPTAIN COOKED "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Cook & Scrotum copy
Those who did not pay attention in primary school may not be aware of the fact that Australia was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770. Some of you may be suffering from the delusion that it was discovered some 40,000 years earlier by a bunch of blackfellas. Some may believe it was Willem Janszoon, purportedly the first white man to set foot on this land, in the vicinity of Cape York way back in 1606 would you believe, or maybe Dirk Hartog who mapped the west coast in 1616, or William Dampier in 1669. But you see, the problem with all these people is they were not Englishmen and we all know that Australia was discovered by the English, the very pinnacle of human evolution according to the social Darwinism that was all the rage at the time. So there fore logically speaking they could not have discovered Australia because they were Dutchmen weren’t they? But hang on, what about good old Able Tasman who discovered Tasmania several times, way back in 1642. Well as luck would have it, bad luck as it turns out he has the dubious honour of circumnavigating the largest island in the whole world without an inkling of its existence. After circumnavigating Tasmania he set his compass due north in the hope of coming across the fabled Great Southern Land, alas, a wild storm cropped up in the night and the woke up in Aetearoa (the land of the wrong white crowd) renowned for its bloodthirsty savages. They didn’t stay long but headed north again, eventually ending up in the Philipines, then heading south-west to Batavia, (Jakarta) then returning to Drizzle & Fog a broken man where he lived out his days telling anyone who would listen: “Australia doesn’t exist, l know l’ve been there.”
Some time later Captain Cook did actually stumble across the place. Some of you may not b...

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Monday, 25 January



Farcical ‘Public Inquiry’! BY OUR CHIEF CIVIC ROUNDSMAN Dictator Baird has stooped to his lowest level of contempt for the citizens of Hunters Hill, Ryde and Lane Cove Council areas scraping the bottom of the barrel with his latest insult to them over the forced amalgamation issue. He has moved the goal posts and changed [...]


: Margie Abbott supports Lifeline Giant Book Fair "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Former First Lady Margie Abbott has congratulated the volunteers who present the Lifeline Giant Book Fair that returns to Chatswood this Saturday and Sunday January 30 and 31. Thousands of books at unbelievable low prices will be available from 8am to 5pm in the Civic Pavilion at The Concourse 409 Victoria Road Chatswood with all [...]


sunshinecoastbirds: A Feast of Feathers: Seeing All the World's 234 Bird Families "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Hypocolius - Greater Rann of Kutch, India: Family Hypocolius (1 spp)
It didn't exactly take the breath away, but there it was. A drab, olive-green bird sitting motionless in a heavily forested gully in Darien National Park, in the far south of Panama. The bird was a Sapayoa, an enigmatic bird with a family of its own, and the only one of the world's 234 bird families that until that moment in October 2015, I had not seen.

Black-lored Parrot - Buru, Indonesia: Family Old Wo...

Friday, 22 January


Mountain Journal: TAS fires pose threat to high-altitude areas "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Lightning strikes lit well over 100 fires across Tasmania in mid January. As of Jan 22, more than 80 are still burning, and there have been significant impacts on townships, especially in the north west and north of the state.

Scroll down for updates.

The information below was compiled by Dave Reynolds based on materials from Nick Monk and Nicole Anderson, and explains why the risk of fire in the sub alpine areas in TAS is so significant.

“I want to explain why the current fires are so devastating to the ecology down here, which is not fire adapted.

Tasmanian endemic alpine vegetation does not, and never has, used fire to regenerate. Nor rainforest for that matter. So the pencil pines, King Billy pines, deciduous beech etc are lost forever. All are extremely slow growing (we have pencil pines in excess of 1000 years old). The fact we have these growing still means that no fire has touched those areas for at least that sort of period of time. Also, the rainforests do not use fire to regenerate. Heath, Buttongrass and eucalyptus – yes they do.

Unfortunately it seems many are misled by the deliberate “regeneration burns” of Forestry as being something akin to a natural event. It is not. They log transitional rainforest then burn it to encourage the faster growing, but fire loving, eucalypts for a faster rotation time.

The rainforest species do not regenerate after fire, return to transitional rainforests and myrtle dominated forests takes hundreds of fire free years to establish. I might add that up here in the northwest, the fires have been the biggest & most destructive where there is forestry activity (logging/”regen”/plantations/regrowth etc). Check the satellite pics on the TFS maps. Pretty compelling. By c...

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