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Sunday, 24 January


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": North Coast Voices: The outcome of three complaints about newspaper articles "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Australian Press Council dealing with unsubstantiated serious allegations and unfairness, lack of balance and inadequate remedial action:

Adjudication 1659: Complainant/WA Today (December 2015)The Press Council has considered a complaint about an article in WA Today on 9 May 2015 headlined “Bong claims Santa Maria teacher’s job: You’ve got to be toking?”, which was also posted by the publication on Twitter and Facebook.
The article referred to a teacher losing her position at a named Catholic girls’ school as a result of a “social media incident”, said to involve a photograph of her holding a bong . The incident had been referred to in a local radio station’s “Rumour File” segment. The WA Today article was accompanied by a stock image of a person apparently smoking a bong. That article suggested a topless photograph of the teacher may also have been behind the loss of her position.
The Council concluded that drugs played no part in the teacher’s resignation and accepted that no photograph of the teacher with a bong or topless existed. As the article had originated from the radio station’s “Rumour File” segment and the allegations were serious, the publication was required to take greater care to establish the facts. In addition, even after the school Principal's denials, the publication repeated the allegations and the article remained online without sufficient remedial action,...

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IndyWatch All AU State News Feed Today.

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Saturday, 23 January


The Idiot Tax: Grange Smokescreen As Real Estate Prices Burn "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

On Friday afternoon North-West Tasmania was again shrouded in smoke. It was the fifth straight day of Beijing style air quality and visibility. So it seemed appropriate, that later in the day, as all...

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Central Queensland Plane Spotting: Bizjets and More at Longreach Airport - Qld Gvt Hawker 850XP VH-SGY - Citation VH-KXL "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A few interesting movements at Longreach Airport over the previous couple of days including visits by a nice pair of local bizjets.

File photo taken by 'AC'  ©

The Queensland Government (State of Queensland) Raytheon Hawker 850XP bizjet VH-SGY touched down at Longreach Airport from Brisbane and Roma on Thursday 21 January.  After spending the night, VH-SGY departed Longreach to Windorah before returning to Brisbane.

Another bizjet to visit Longreach Airport on Friday 22 January was Edwards Coaches Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 VH-KXL which made a late night arrival from Armidale and the Gold Coast.  It later departed to Mount Isa where it landed in the wee small hours of Saturday 23 January.

Then, later on Saturday 23 January, VH-KXL returned to Longreach Airport from Mount Isa and later departed to Brisbane and Armidale.

Meanwhile, on Friday 22 January, Air Link Piper PA-31-350 VH-DVR called into Longreach Airport from Dubbo and Charleville.  It later departed further North to Normanton.

Finally, a couple of light General Aviation (GA) movements on Saturday 23 January included the return of Julia Creek-based Beech A36 Bonanza VH-BZY which arrived from Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast-based Mooney M20J VH-KDC was noted o...


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": Will Type For Food: The advantages and disadvantages of nudism "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The advantages and disadvantages of nudism

1. It's nice and cool to let all weathers
Play on your nipples and your nethers.

2. It's nice and cool - until it's cold.

3. It's lots of fun for young and old.

4: But: mum won't like it if she's told.

5. It feels delightful to be free
For breakfast, dinner, lunch, and tea.

6. You could get caught in nooks and chinks
Or doors, drawers, cupboards, laundry sinks.

7. Sunshine gives you a pleasant zing.

8. But sunburn, also, is A Thing.

9. It's very economically efficient.*

10. What if, by chance, the neighbours see?

11. What if, by chance, the neighbours see?

12. It's such a very simple way
To be at one with Nature every day

13. Being nude, you cannot wear a tie.


"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Ben's Blog: Australia Day History "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

As we all learnt in grade bubs, Invasion day is the day the first batch of convicts arrived on our fair shores. The few members of the invasion party who were not chained up in the hold, ran up the nearest hill, stuck a Union Jack in the ground and proclaimed the entire island now belonged holus bolus, to the king of England.
I don’t think they realised just how big the island really was, and still is. Were the rightful owners of the place consulted in this serious matter? Were they even informed of their newfound status as chattels of King So and So? A rhetorical question, of course.
Some of us in our blissful ignorance however, may not be aware that fateful day of January 26th also commemorates the only coup de tat ever to take place in Australia. In 1808, exactly 20 years to the day after the arrival of the first fleet, a bunch of disgruntled officers from the New South Wales Corp overthrew the government of the fledgling colony. I do not mean to besmirch the good name of the gentlemen involved, but it has been reputed that they were drunk at the time. Not surprising considering that the legal tender of the colony was rum. Giving Australia the dubious distinction of being the only place in the world to employ such a form of currency.
Legend has it that when the said soldiers arrived, singing ribald sea shanties no doubt, Governor Bligh was found cowering under the bed. He was discovered there by one Captain Thomas Laycock no less, a distant relative of mine, I do believe.

Of course, that was not the infamous Captain Bligh’s only claim to fame was it now? This is the very same Captain Bligh that, some 20 years previously was set adrift, as depicted so dramatically in ‘Mutiny on the Bounty.’ The story goes that the lads were having a high old time in Tahiti with the local lasses, a welcome relief from their own sore bottoms, when Captain Bligh had the audacity to order the anchors reeled in and the sails set for a return to the land of...


Central Queensland Plane Spotting: Careflight Queensland (Aeromed) LearJet 45 Bizjet VH-VVI "Ambulance 451" at Mackay Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Careflight Queensland (Aeromed) LearJet 45 bizjet VH-VVI "Ambulance 451" was noted calling into Mackay Airport from Brisbane late on Friday 22 January.

File photo

It later departed to Townsville.


Central Queensland Plane Spotting: RAAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III A41-212 Back at Rockhampton Airport Friday "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Making its second appearance this week in the skies over Rockhampton on Friday 22 January was Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing C-17A Globemaster III A41-212.

On this occasion A41-212 was flying as "Stall...


Central Queensland Plane Spotting: Vanderfield Pilatus PC-12/47 VH-WPH at Biloela/Thangool and Mackay Airports Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

On Wednesday 20 January, Toowoomba-based Vanderfield Pilatus PC-12/47 VH-WPH made yet another visit to Central Queensland, calling into both Biloela/Thangool and Mackay Airports from Toowoomba during a busy day of flying.

This photo is one of many that were captured early last year when VH-WPH also visited Mackay Airport.  Click HERE to check out the rest as we were able to 'walk-around' the smart little corporate turbo-prop.

File photo taken by 'AC'  ©


Motorbike Writer: Waiting on Honda RC213V-S arrival "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Honda RC213V-S arrival

Honda RC213V-S

While the Honda RC213V-S – their street-legal MotoGP machine – is starting to be delivered around the world, Australia is still waiting on the arrival of its one and only order.

Honda Australia spokesman Glyn Griffiths confirms only one order has been placed, although he says they also have “a couple of interested parties”.

He could not confirm when the bike will arrive in Australia.

The first official owner to receive his bike is English rider John Brown who received his keys at the Honda Racing HQ in Louth, Lincolnshire, UK.

Honda RC213V-S road-legal MotoGP bike arrival

Honda RC213V-S road-legal MotoGP bike

The spo...


Damn the Matrix: Raul Ilargi at his best…… "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Square Holes and Currency Pegs

When David Bowie died, everybody, in what they wrote and said, seemed to feel they owned him, and owned his death, even if they hadn’t thought about him, or listened to him, for years. In the same vein, though the Automatic Earth has been talking about deflation (for 8 years, it’s our anniversary today) and the looming China Ponzi disaster for a long time, now that these things actually play out, everybody talks as if they own the story, and present it as new (because, for one thing, well, after all for them it is new…).

And that’s alright, it’s how people live, and function, they always have, and no-one’s going to change that. It’s just that for me, I’ve been wondering a little about what to write lately, because I’ve already written the deflation and China stories, many times, before most others tuned into them. But still, it’s strange to now, as markets start plunging, read things like ‘Deflation is Here’, as if deflation is something new on the block.

Deflation has been playing out for years. Central bank largesse has largely kept it at bay in the public eye, but that now seems over. Debt deflation is inevitable when -debt- bubbles burst, and when these bubbles are large enough, there’s nothing that can stop the process, not even miracle growth. But you’re not going to understand this if and when you look only at falling prices as the main sign of deflation; they’re merely a small part of the process, and a lagging one at that.

A much better indicator of deflation is the velocity of money, the speed at which ‘consumers’ spend money. And velocity has been going down for years. That’s where and how you notice deflation, when combined with the money and credit supply. Which have soared in most places, but were...


The Bulli Times: Corrimal pedestrians ‘lookout’ "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Remember to look left at the traffic, look right, and then left again and then cross the road … fine guidelines for crossing our busier roads today.

To help you remember this basic safety guide for crossing the road, Wollongong City Council has stencilled LOOK signs at 125 sites throughout the city., including Corrimal.

The signs have been stencilled at key intersections, signals and pedestrian refuges where there are high volumes of pedestrians crossing in Corrimal, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, Dapto, Warrawong.

Wollongong City Road Safety Officer Naomi Reid said the stencils are a reminder for pedestrians to look in the direction of the oncoming traffic before crossing the road and encouraging pedestrians to think twice before they cross.

“Across Wollongong about eight per cent of crashes involve pedestrians,” Ms Reid said. “So it’s important to remind people that they should slow down, pay attention and look both ways before they cross any road.

“It’s also timely to remind pedestrians they shouldn’t be using their mobile or tablet when attempting to cross the road.”

Statistics from Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety (2009 – 2013) show across NSW about 9.5 per cent of crashes involve pedestrians who are injured or killed. In Wollongong LGA, this figure is 8 per cent. The most prominent age groups involved in pedestrian casualties are those over 70 years and those aged between five and 16 years.

For more information you can contact Council’s Customer Service on (02) 4227 7111.


RISE: Refugees Survivours and Ex-detainees: “Australia Day” message by Ex-detainees, Asylum seekers and Refugees at RISE "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

RISE does not endorse any movement or individuals who claim to be pro-refugee but celebrate “Australia day”.

To link our refugee community to such events and white-wash this history is not just insensitive to the Indigenous communities of Australia but also to most of us from ex-detainee/refugee/asylum seeker communities who are ourselves victims of colonisation, occupation and imperialism, and many of us who are also victims of genocide.

To parallel the 1788 arrival of white occupiers who came with the purpose of colonising this land and its people, with the arrival of refugees who come to seek protection, is offensive and disingenuous.

As refugee communities seeking protection and freedom, we acknowledge that we live on colonised land where Indigenous peoples are the traditional owners and where sovereignty has never been ceded.

The racism that pervades this country’s institutions and public spheres – the racism that our community members are subjected to in the form of mandatory, indefinite detention – has its foundations in the systemic and structural violence that Indigenous peoples in Australia continue to experience to this day.

RISE: Refugees, survivors & Ex-detainees, acknowledges that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the original owners and custodians of the land that we live and work on.



Queensland Begonia Society: 2016 Annual Show of Begonias on Parade "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Queensland Begonia Slideshow Date Venue Event 27 FEB Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Auditorium Annual Begonia Show Begonias on Parade is the theme for the begonia display. The show is a “One Day Affair” from 9am to 4pm and the Admission fee is $3. This is the largest and only show of Begonias in Queensland. The […]


Refugee Action Collective (Vic): 2pm March 20 | Walk for Justice for Refugees "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Palm Sunday: Walk for Justice for Refugees When: 2pm 20 March (Palm Sunday) Where: State Library, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne In 2014 nearly 10,000 attended the Palm Sunday rally. In 2015, 75 organisations endorsed the event and an estimated 15,000 people attended. We want the 2016 gathering to be bigger still. New Prime Minister Malcolm(...)


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": Melbourne Jeweller: Upcoming: ‘Unclasped’ @ Hellenic Museum "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

It’s not usual for me to write a special post to talk about an upcoming exhibition … but I like to do this for friends from my RMIT days. Dr Nicole Polentas … yes, she’s a Doctor now! … is curating an exhibition that will shortly open at Hellenic Museum in Melbourne. ‘Unclasped: Discovering Contemporary […]


"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": The Network: Freedom ride for refugees - all the way to Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children Ballarat are participating - with other Grandmothers groups in...
Posted by Brigid O'Carroll Walsh on Friday, 22 January 2016


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Whooping cough vaccine makes father of 5 quadriplegic "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

This is typical of what is happening in Australia since the Murdoch media started vilifying parents who question vaccination.

Ben and Tanya Hammond, two days after the birth of their 8 week premature baby, were forced into having DPaT vaccine, as otherwise the hospital refused them access to see their premature baby. Both parents Ben and Tanya had the shots and Ben became paralysed within 11 days of receiving the vaccines. Ben has been through horrendous health problems and although he can finally take steps now, however, from chest down Ben is completely numb and is now legally disabled. Ben was a strong very health man working as a mine manager, however, now is unable to ever work again.

His distraught wife Tanya has been very public about the need for a No Fault Vaccination Compensation Scheme, doing TV, Radio and newspaper interviews since this happened. Tanya and Ben believe if they had to have the vaccine then there should be a compensation plan for injuries like Ben’s. Not only have they had to struggle with Ben’s health issues, but also been left high dry with 5 children and a mortgage. The disability benefit Ben is paid is insufficient to pay the mortgage and feed the children.



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": FBi Radio: Diary of Death :: 23 Jan – 29 Jan 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Diary 7_20152

A life-threatening list of recommended events happening in Sydney and surrounds this week. 



Irish Mythen (CAN) – Paragon Cafe, Katoomba
Exit Strategies: The Australian Art Orchestra and Ensemble Offspring – Sydney Conservatorium of Music – Two world premieres
Outernational: Deadly Dragon Soundsystem Ft. Screechy Dan & Lord Echo (JAM/US/NZ) – Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent
You Beauty – Vic On The Park – FREE
In Retrospect: 15 Years Of Splinter Orchestra – An Immersive Four Hour Compositional Evening Featuring Ensembles Large And Small – Tempe Jets – 5 til 9.30PM
Foreign Kings – Brighton Up
Horace Bones – Rad, Wollongong
Bad Day Out: The Laurels, Big White, Angie, Polish Club, Deafcult, Australia, Den, Marcus Whale, Phantastic Ferniture, Sydney2000, Main Beach – Petersham Bowling Club – Midday til midnight
Electric Gardens: Fatboy Slim (UK), Dubfire (IRA), John Digweed (UK), James Zabiela (UK), Nic...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: 1) Indonesia’s Papua Reporting Paranoia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

2) MSG Chair to facilitate Indo-Papua discussion

4) US continues cooperation with Indonesia to combat terrorism




"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Me fail? I fly!: Ed Brubaker’s Fade Out "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, with colours by Elizabeth Breitweiser, The Fade Out
Act One
 (Image 2015)
– Act Two 
(Image 2015)

1632151715I’ve no sooner decided that superhero comics bore me than the universe, mediated through the generosity of my sons, sends me an apparently endless stream of comics in other genres: investigative journalism, space opera, fairytale epic, domestic comedy, and now Hollywood noir.

It’s 1948. Our narrator, Charlie Parrish, is a Hollywood writer. Traumatised by his experience in World War Two he can’t write a thing, but he keeps his job by secretly taking dictation from his friend Gil, who has been blacklisted by the House Unamerican Activities Committee and so can’t get any work in his own name.

1632154471A beautiful woman is murdered in the first couple of pages, and the crime scene is altered to make it look like suicide. Charlie sets out to investigate and uncovers as much corruption, secretiveness and deranged viciousness as Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade could ever have wished for. He also gets beaten up quite a bit and gets involved with the beautiful woman who has replaced the murder victim in the film they’re all makng. He and Gil have a difficult relationship, not helped by Gil’s alcohol intake and his tendency to want to speak truth to power without regard for the consequences. Some real characters appear: Clark Gable knows Charlie from his war days, and Dashiell (‘Sam’)...


Tasmanian Times: Professor West and the Lone Soldiers of Lapoinya "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Professor Jonathan West was Chairman of the Independent Verification Group of the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement. His report is on Tasmanian Times HERE.


Motorbike Writer: Celebrity motorbike trivia quiz "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Celebrity trivia motorcycle quiz

How good is your motorcycle trivia and your celebrity knowledge? This week, our trivia quiz will test both.

How much do you know about Top Gear, The Great Escape, Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber?

Our motorcycle trivia quiz master, Dale, has been trawling his paparazzi files for the best celebrity brain-teasers.

The above image actually contains a few hints, so study it carefully.

See if you can get 10 out of 10 and then share the result with your friends on Facebook or Twitter by clicking the relevant button at the end of the quiz.

As you answer the questions, the right answer will be highlighted with green and the wrong answer in red.

Good luck!

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"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: CS Lewis' secret lives and loves "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

I was not a CS Lewis fan myself, but The Chronicles of Narnia series, especially The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1950) was one of my sons’ favourite literature, bar none. So I ensured I watched the BBC 4’s programme called Narnia's Lost Poet: the Secret Lives and Loves of CS Lewis. It was narrated by Lewis’ biographer, AN Wilson. The theme was the three important women in Jack’s life, and the impact of their deaths.

From April-September 1917, CS Lewis (aka Jack 1898–1963) was a student at University College Oxford. He was described at the time as intel­lect­ually precocious, socially unskilled and emotionally stunt­ed. Presumably this had been caused by grevious loss #1 in his life; his beloved mother Flora died when Jack was only 9. And because he had been bundled off to boarding school, to mourn alone.

Late in the history of WWI, Jack enlisted in the British army and started officer’s training. His roommate was fellow Irishman Paddy Moore (1898-1918). These two young men promised to look after each other’s parent, if one of them was killed in the trenches. Paddy’s mother Janie Moore was a divorcee who had left Ireland to live in Bristol; Jack’s father had never remarried.

The two brothers, CS Lewis and Major Warren Lewis
Brothers and Friends: The Diaries of Major Warren Lewis 


"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": The Network: John Menadue and his blog. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Dear Networkers, thought you should be aware of John Menadue and his blog. Please don't take this as a complete endorsement of his thoughts. Menadue is a distinguished Australian.  For those of you too young to have known of Menadue in his prime, please go here.


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Friday, 22 January


Dr Kevin Bonham: What Scientists Do: More On That Penalty Rates Poll "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

In Monday's Crikey subscriber email, Ben Oquist of The Australia Institute (paywalled) took issue with some comments I made about TAI's recent polling in a piece entitled Polling And Penalty Rates.  While I could have just added my reply as an update to the original article, some of Oquist's comments are too cheeky by half - in a way that typifies the general rottenness of commissioned-poll-spruiking in Australia - and I think that dealing with these issues deserves a fresh article.  Peter Brent has also replied and my reply is quite similar.

Oquist's comments concern objections I raised about the use of forced-answer methods in an issue poll conducted by robopolling rather than allowing a don't-know option.   That said, of the two statements he says that I "confidently state", one (“a ‘don’t know’ option would certainly have changed the numbers considerably’’.) was in fact stated by Brent!

It is true that my initial response (on Twitter) that most voters who went for the "stay the same" option would actually have no opinion was overconfident and probably incorrect, but I'd already said that in my article which Oquist links to, so here Oquist is flogging a horse that has already run away, which must be convenient for him. Oh, except that anyone with enough attention span to read my article that he links to will see that this is so!  The problem remains that some substantial number of respondents would have had no actual view, and that these were forced to give an answer (or hang up) and then claimed (by TAI) as supporters of the existing system.  I add that when questions like this have an available "meh!" option ("stay the same...


"IndyWatch Feed": Live Delay: EP 149: El Gordo; Velociraptor "IndyWatch Feed Qld"




Recorded by Branko Cosic, Mixed by Reuben Aptroot.
Recorded at The Triffid, Brisbane, 13th December 2015.

Formed in 2008 by local legends Jeremy Neale, and DZ Deathrays members Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley, Velociraptor began adding members for each letter in their name. Now their the music equivalent of The Avengers featuring 10-14 band members, including members of Running Gun Sound, Teen Sensations, and The Strange Attractors. After an EP, Mini Album, and Full Length Album, their only goal left to kick is to take over the world


el gordo Recorded and Mixed by Branko Cosic.
Recorded at The Triffid, Brisbane, 13th December 2015.

Hailing from Brisbane, El Gordo deliver a tight, zero-gimmick sound where minimalist, crunching and head-nodding riffs are layered with dissonant melodies, and executed with a focused, abrasively anti-mainstream aggression. Formed by ex-Helmet, and Handsome guitarist Peter Mengede, El Gordo are heavier than lead.



"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Egypt: Mubarak faces retrial, and more 11am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Former Egyptian President Mubarak faces retrial for murder. Source: Wikicommons

Greens mayoral candidate promises free cat desexing

The Greens candidate for Brisbane Lord Mayor has announced a $6.5 million plan for free desexing of cats.

Ben Pennings says unwanted cats pose a significant threat to wildlife, causing millions of native animal deaths each week.

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty says the plan seems sound
and would result in cost savings for his organisation as well as


Nuclear waste on Darling Downs


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Adani let off the hook, and other 10am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Federal Government decides no sanctions for miner following failure to disclose charges of environmental harm. Source: Wikicommons

Maryborough to host First Nations mural

Maryborough is set to be home to a new mural celebrating Southern Queensland’s First Nations history.

Buthchulla woman Fiona Foley started work this week on the piece
entitled Legends of Moonie Jarl, at the entrance to the Maryborough

The mural is named after a book of First Nations legends published in
1964 and written by Butchulla man Wilf Reeves, who traditional name was
Moonie Jarl.


Banana disease resurfaces


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Giles to privatise Alice town camps and more 9am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The NT Government has handed service provision for Alice Springs town camps to private company Zodiac. Source: Wikicommons

Rural women less likely to survive breast cancer

A new Queensland study has found rural women with breast cancer are
less likely to have additional treatments like radiotherapy, leading to
lower survival rates.

The study found that women living in urban areas were around
two-and-a-half times more likely to have radiotherapy and that women
living further away from treatment centres were less likely to opt for
adjunct therapies.


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Bee semen to fight disease, and more 8am Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Scientists have discovered antibodies in bee semen that could protect bee populations worldwide. Source: Wikicommons

Former CCC chair dies

Former Crime and Corruption Commission Chairman Ken Levy has died of cancer aged 66.

Dr Levy presided over the Commission during a controversial period of changes under former Queensland premier Campbell Newman, and faced calls to resign after he wrote an opinion piece for the Courier Mail praising Mr Newman’s anti-bikie laws.

Following his CCC tenure Dr Levy continued to take an interest in a number of fraud cases on the Gold Coast and sought justice for victims.

A funeral service will be held on January 25.



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": All in the Name of Liberty: BRAINBEAU, ICKI SWEET, OH FEMALE, NEON HEXES, FRONTIER DOMINION ! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Bands last night at the Record Crate. 

I was a bit pissed and in a cloud so I didn't get the names of the acts sorted out, and the drawings are a bit rougher than I'd like. I've fixed them now, 


Frontier Dominion

Jefferson Sky Chariot looking a bit like Lawrence of Arabia in a chador.



"IndyWatch Feed": Everyone's Blog Posts - Redlands Creative Alliance: RADF GRANT ROUND IS NOW OPEN "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The 2015-16 RADF Grant round opened on Monday,25th January and closes on the 26th Feb.

Please have a look on Council’s website at to download forms and guidelines.


"IndyWatch Feed": Cheeseburger Gothic: Putin down your enemies "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Gotta love the Brits. From The Atlantic:

A British inquiry into the 2006 death of Alexander Litvinenko has found that the killing of the former Russian spy was “probably approved” by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Russia"s intelligence agency.

The results of public inquiry, published Thursday, suggest that Putin and Nikolai Patrushev, then the head of FSB, the Russian intelligence agency that succeeded the KGB, signed off on the operation, wrote Judge Robert Owen.

“Taking full account of all the evidence and analysis available to me, I find that the FSB operation to kill Mr. Litvinenko was probably approved by Mr. Patrushev and also by President Putin,” Owen said.


"IndyWatch Feed": Cheeseburger Gothic: I thought I invented the word 'bloodpot' "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

But apparently I owe some licensing fees to Woody Guthrie, who first used the term when writing about Donald Trump's racist old man, who used to be his landlord.

I suppose Old Man Trump knows

Just how much Racial Hate he stirred up

In the bloodpot of human hearts

When he drawed That color line

Here at his Eighteen hundred family project ....

The whole, strange story is at Quartz.


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": New age of road surveillance snares innocent drivers in Queensland "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

big-brotherWhile far northern motorists have been discussing and complaining about a greatly increased traffic police presence on highways, the former Queensland LNP Government ensured the game was sewn up, with no escape.

Contractors with roadside cameras and cameras fitted to all highway patrol cars are busily recording your every move sending images of your vehicle and in some cases its occupants to a massive data bank held by the Main Roads Department and police.

The cameras record the registration number, speed, time, date and direction of a vehicle whenever it passes a camera.

Well that’s probably not such a bad thing, some motorists reckon, “why I don’t have anything to hide”, said a Cairns truck driver.

It does seem rather innocuous, and after all motorists have been exposed to mobile radar speed devices for many years.

The new age of surveillance by Big Brother has been in full swing since the former state government abolished car registration stickers, to save a measly few million dollars when the Treasury is raking in more than six million dollars a week in traffic fines.



Cairns News recently interviewed a Townsville builder who had a very disturbing story to tell about state government surveillance that he got caught up in October last year.

He was completely unaware that he had been on “police radar” for some weeks.

The consequences of this roadside spying could have cost him his livelihood,   yet he broke no laws in pursuit of his occupation.

We will call the builder Mike.

His story:

Mike,42, is a normal hard-working ‘chippie’...


Tasmanian Times: PETA letter to schools ‘outrageous’ "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

The recent letter from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to Tasmanian schools is a political stunt pushing their anti-farmer sentiments onto teachers and parents. • Claire Fryer, Claire DiCarlo: The Education Minister could use an education in nutrition himself • Kate Mascall in Comments: We have known for a long time that a plant based diet is optimal for human health. Mr Rockliff’s response shows pure ignorance on his part of the detrimental health impacts of consuming animal products, the negative impacts on the environment and of course the immoral exploitation of billions of animals worldwide each year. As a primary school teacher and a vegan, I found the daily food choices pushed in schools to be frustrating and disappointing. And on one hand we teach compassion and empathy and a love for the Earth and the species that inhabit it, while on the other, we keep quiet the daily violent slaughter and abuse of thousands of animals each day and the overwhelmingly negative impact our food choices have on the environment. • Scott in Comments: Typical emotive, guilt-inducing unbalanced output from another holier-than-thou crew. Don’t want your kids to eat processed meat at school?  Simple - pack their lunch and and avoid the canteen. Don’t support the “sausage-sizzle” fundraiser or join P&F and ensure a vegetarian/gluten-free/dairy-free/lactose-free/nitrate-free option is available (sorry I forgot, you are too busy doing important self-fulfilling things). Oh, but doing that might make your child feel different or not as included - guess what - they are part of a minority! They are not wrong, but they are different to the majority of their peers. Not your job to tell me to change my choices or beheviour so that you feel better about yours. What a week on TT.  First the anti-vaxxers, now the “meat is murder” mob. • Molliemouse in Comments: A meat eating politician promoting brain development? That is so funny. Mi...

Thursday, 21 January


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Still standing – SMS images of Billy’s willy terrify women – blackmail charges dropped "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

from Robert J Lee in Brisbane

Billy Gordon

Billy Gordon MP -invisible  member for Cook

Billy Gordon, the indigenous and invisible Member for the far northern Queensland seat of Cook, who shot to notoriety for sending SMS messages of his penis to several women, yesterday withdrew the complaint he made against Cairns woman, Christine Gibson.

In October Ms Gibson, 50, was charged with blackmail by police allegedly for demanding Mr Gordon give her $10,000 or she would show the media images of his penis.

Speaking on ABC radio this morning Mr Gordon said he had withdrawn the charges , in part, so he could “stay off the front pages for all the wrong reasons.”

Christine Gibson

Christine Gibson

After police charged Ms Gibson two other women came forward claiming they too had been sent lewd SMS messages of Mr Gordon’s appendage.

The solicitor acting for Ms Gibson, Paul Richardson, had asked police for copies of the statements from the two women who came forward, because they formed a part of the “factual matrix” of the case.

Mr Richardson said the requested documents had not been forthcoming and he planned to call for a directions hearing, however police offered no evidence at yesterday’s hearing in Cairns Magistrates Court and the case was dropped.

He said Ms G...


Tasmanian Times: Dual names to preserve Aboriginal heritage "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Dual names have been assigned to seven Tasmanian geographical icons in an important step in the ongoing recognition and preservation of our Aboriginal heritage and culture. • ABC: Aboriginality test changes will ‘swamp the community with white people’, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre fears

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