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Saturday, 23 January


Find Out How Close Your City Is to Going 100% Clean Energy EcoWatch


All Americans deserve access to good jobs, healthy communities and affordable clean energy choices. We can...

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Friday, 22 January


Snow-Deprived Ski Industry Wants to Know What Ted Cruz Plans to Do About Climate Change EcoWatch


While Ted Cruz was campaigning in New Hampshire, he was approached by...


How Is Climate Change Affecting the Philippines? EcoWatch


The Philippines has long been particularly vulnerable to extreme weather. But in recent years...


Why is Cornell University hosting a GMO propaganda campaign? The Ecologist

Cornell, one of the world's leading academic institutions, has abandoned scientific objectivity, writes Stacy Malkan - and instead made itself a global hub for the promotion of GM crops and food. Working with PR agencies, selected journalists and industry-supported academics, Cornell's so-called 'Alliance for Science' is a vicious propaganda tool for corporate biotech and agribusiness.


The last time Earth was this hot, Britain was a land of hippos and elephants The Ecologist

Last time the Earth was this warm, 130,000 years ago, England's Thames Valley was home to hippos and elephants, write Emma Stone & Alex Farnsworth. But the closest climate analogue is actually the Miocene Climate Optimum, 11 million years ago, when CO2 levels were similar to today's. As for the ice age that's due, scientists believe it will be postponed for at least 100,000 years.


LA’s Gritty Sodbusters Latest News

In Review: Can You Dig This


Polygonal patterns on Mars The Watchers » Latest articles

The HiRISE Camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured an intriguing image of polygonal patterns within a crater at the Martian north pole. A report states of these features: “The entire crater is around 5 km (3 miles) across...... Read more »



Deadly Swine Flu Sweeps Much of Russia, Neighboring Countries Fire Earth

Deadly swine flu hits 49 Russian regions Dozen of swine flu cases, including fatalities, have been registered in 49 Russian regions including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Crimea and Sevastopol and in neighboring countries, said a report. Report Highlights At least 14 lethal swine flu cases have reportedly been registered across Russia since December 2015. Swine flu […]


Major Disaster Declared for Missouri Fire Earth

Missouri declared Federal Disaster Area Missouri Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds, and Flooding (DR-4250) Incident period: December 23, 2015 to January 09, 2016 Major Disaster Declaration declared on January 21, 2016 The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of Missouri in the areas affected by severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds, […]


Vegan Friday: Chinese Potato Pancake. Speak Up For The Voiceless – International Animal Rescue Foundation – Environmental News and Media


Chinese Potato Pancake

Since 2014 we have been running our vegan and vegetarian (Monday’s and Friday Recipe sharing posts). We run these posts every Monday and Friday and not every day as we don’t believe in pushing such diets, cultures, or way of eating down the general public’s throat. We also believe its the best option for any would-be starter planning on going vegan or vegetarian.

If everyone gave up meat once a week, and then consumed their normal diet during the remainder of the days, it does indeed have a big impact (on you and the planet around us). Once you’ve tried Monday, you may then want to try a non-meat or dairy day on Friday. There is no such thing as can’t, give it a try, one day a week, if you like it then try Friday.

And if you just don’t like it full stop – then simply stop. We’re not going to moan, shout, scream, bully, make you feel guilty, or show you horrific and graphic images of “dead and diseased slaughterhouse animals”, simply because you don’t want to take the vegan or veggie plan up.

That’s just crazy, and bullying, furthermore pressuring someone into doing something that they do not want to do, has shown in market and sociology research that the individual is likely to never return again (should they have that little inkling they may want to give it a try in the future). You are not at liberty whatsoever to view anyone the recipes hereto, or even on our Facebo...


Endangered Species Friday: Gastropholis prasina. Speak Up For The Voiceless – International Animal Rescue Foundation – Environmental News and Media


Endangered Species Friday: Gastropholis prasina

In this Fridays Endangered Species Watch Post (ESP), I focus briefly on this rather elusive species of Green Keel bellied Lizard, that’s endemic to the continent of Africa. I’ve long adored our African reptilians, unfortunately they’re own habitat like many larger species of fauna is under threat… (Image credited: S. Spawls) Green Keel bellied Lizard.

Listed as (near threatened) the species was primarily identified by Dr Franz Werner (15 August 1867 in Vienna – 28 February 1939 in Vienna) was an Austrian zoologist and explorer. Specializing as a herpetologist and entomologist, Werner described numerous species and other taxa of frogs, snakes, insects, and other organisms.

I thank Dr Werner (despite not being alive today), for his truly amazing journeys all over the African continent of which he located many hundreds of different reptiles, snakes, frogs, worms, and an assortment of other mammals. Had Dr Werner not followed on from his fathers footsteps its quite likely the Green Keel bellied Lizard wouldn’t be known today (among many other animals this amazing man identified).

Gastropholis prasina was originally identified back in 1904, then re-classified by Dr Loverbridge back in 1936 as (Bedriagaia moreaui ). However today this is not the species true name, G. prasina remains the true identity. Endemic to Kenya and Tanzania, the species is commonly known found along the eastern arc of Kenya and TanzaniaR...


Warning over PNG PM’s Bougainville manoeuvres Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

panguna wcf

Radio New Zealand

A Papua New Guinea opposition MP Sam Basil has warned about the prime minister Peter O’Neill’s interest in the Panguna mine in Bougainville.

Mr O’Neill last month met with the president of the autonomous Bougainville region, John Momis, over a reported government proposal to purchase 53% of Rio Tinto’s shares in Bougainville Copper Limited.

Mr Momis, whose administration has been in recent discussions with BCL about a possible re-opening of the mine, rejected the proposal.

The prime minister has since denied that the government is interested in buying in on Panguna.

But Mr Basil says Mr O’Neill’s latest move to appoint himself Minister for Bougainville Affairs is ominous.

“With his actions, in terms of dealing with other mines – Tolukuma and Ok Tedi – I think the people of Bougainville should be very wary of the prime minister’s actions, and they should be very careful on how they allow the prime minister to deal with their mine. So we should be very careful with Mr Peter O’Neill. He has lied to us many times.”


Strong and shallow M6.6 earthquake registered off the coast of Jalisco, Mexico The Watchers » Latest articles

A strong and shallow earthquake registered as M6.6 by the USGS hit off the coast of Jalisco, Mexico at 18:06 UTC on January 21, 2016. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.6 at a depth of 40 km (24.8 miles). According to the...... Read more »


Bauxite in Malaysia: The environmental cost of mining Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

malaysia bauxite

Bauxite mining has become a controversial political issue in Malaysia. As the government implements a temporary ban on extracting the aluminium ore, BBC South-East Asia correspondent Jonathan Head visits the most-affected area.

Amid the monotonous dark green lines of Malaysia’s endless palm oil plantations, there are now vivid red gashes in the hills behind the east coast town of Kuantan.

These have appeared only in the past 18 months, as a frenzy of open-cast bauxite mining gripped Pahang province.

Tonnes of bauxite are being transported out of the region. It is the world’s main source of aluminium so is vital for the construction of everything from airplanes to saucepans and cooking foil.

The numbers are staggering.

Annual output of bauxite ore has increased from a little over 200,000 tonnes in 2013, to nearly 20 million tonnes last year. Malaysia is now the world’s top producer, accounting for nearly half of the supply to China’s massive aluminium industry.

What is bauxite?


  • It is an aluminium ore and the world’s main source of aluminium.
  • Not a mineral itself, it is a rock comprised mostly of aluminium hydroxide, typically alongside small amounts of silica, ir...


Magnitude 6.6 – 215km SW of Tomatlan, Mexico – January 21, 2016 BC-ESP Seismograms

MexicoUSGS Tectonic Summary

215km (134mi) SW of Tomatlan, Mexico
Magnitude 6.6
Time:  2016-01-21 18:06:59 UTC
Location:  18.841°N   -106.954°W
Depth:  10.0 km


Why Are Flint Residents Being Forced to Pay for Their Toxic Water? EcoWatch


“In 2016, it’s shocking that an entire U.S. city cannot drink its...


Feds Kick In Millions to Help Virginia Fight Sea-Level Rise. Now it’s the General Assembly’s Turn to Act Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Bipartisan state bill would create Virginia’s first dedicated funding stream for adaptation—a key missing piece in the race to combat flooding

NORFOLK—Dawone Robinson, Virginia Policy Director at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, had the following statement in response to the federal announcement that Virginia will receive a $120.5 million grant for urgently needed sea-level rise adaptation projects in the Hampton Roads region:

“The federal government has come through with a critically needed down payment toward adaptation solutions in Hampton Roads. But much more is needed to help localities across Virginia deal with the mounting costs of flooding driven by sea level rise and climate disruption.

“So far, local governments have largely shouldered these costs alone, and they urgently need help. To put the federal award in context, Norfolk alone needs at least $1 billion to fully prepare for rising seas, which is equal to the city’s entire annual government operating budget. Today’s award does not cover Virginia Beach, the state’s largest city and one of the most vulnerable to storm surges. We need shared solutions at all levels of government, and a key missing piece is a dedicated state revenue stream to share the burden of adaptation costs with localities.

“Our state lawmakers must step up now by passing the Virginia Coastal Protection Act. This bipartisan bill will generate Virginia’s first dedicated source of funds to help localities statewide fight sea level rise and flooding. Virginia will receive more than $250 million per year in new revenue under a regional, market-based system that reduces carbon emissions, the key driver of rising seas. The legislation put forward by Senator McEachin (D-Henrico) and Delegate Villanueva (R-Virginia...


Active volcanoes in the world: January 13 - 19, 2016 The Watchers » Latest articles

New activity/unrest was observed at 5 volcanoes from January 13 - 19, 2016. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 17 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Egon, Flores Island (Indonesia) | Masaya, Nicaragua | Nevados de Chillán, Chile | San...... Read more »


11 Tricks to Stop Unhealthy Food Cravings EcoWatch


Cravings are one of the biggest reasons why people have problems losing weight and...


Australia: Treesit Set Up, Logging Halted, Endangered Species Protected Earth First! Newswire

by Ed Hill / GECO


Conservationists have halted logging in the Kuark forest in far East Gippsland this morning.  A person is positioned on a tree platform 30m above the ground. Ropes from the platform are attached to machinery, preventing logging from continuing.

The contentious logging coupe contains high quality habitat for threatened species. State owned logging company VicForests has not conducted a pre-logging threatened species survey, as required by law.

Citizen science surveys conducted by GECO have recorded two listed endangered species in the area. An endangered Long-footed potoroo was recorded on a remote fauna camera two weeks ago and last week a population of critically endangered East Gippsland Galaxias fish were photographed in streams bordering the logging coupe.

The critically endangered East Gippsland Galaxias fish is only found in the Kuark forest and was only described as a species in late 2014. Logging impacts the species by increasing sediment run off, reducing...


Who Really Benefits From Global Giving of Billionaires Like Bill Gates? EcoWatch


A new report argues the Gates Foundation "is undemocratically and unaccountably skewing...


Ecuador to Sign Contracts for Two Controversial Amazonian Oil Blocks Indigenous Peoples Reject Oil Plans, Vow to Resist Project

Originally appeared on Amazon Watch.


Kevin Koenig: +593.9979.49041,

Adam Zuckerman: +1.510.281.9020 x309,


Quito, Ecuador – The Ecuadorian government has announced imminent plans to sign contracts for two controversial Amazonian oil blocks which are facing adamant opposition from local indigenous people residing within the roughly half-a-million acre concessions and beyond. The blocks, known as 79 and 83, overlap with the territory of the Sápara indigenous people, a small threatened group of only 300 which has official recognition by UNESCO as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

 The two problematic blocks border Yasuní National Park and a government protected area for the nomadic Tagaeri and Taromenane indigenous groups living in voluntary isolation, exacerbating their vulnerability as oil drilling and infrastructure expands north, east, south, and west of them. The blocks also overlap a portion of territory of the Kichwa of Sarayaku, and are upstream from millions of acres indigenous territory. The blocks are in the center of Ecuador’s pristine, roadless southeastern Amazon, where indigenous groups have been successfully kept oil co...


China's renewables drive down CO2 emissions The Ecologist

China's 2015 carbon emissions fell for the second year running, by an amount equal to all of Poland's, while total power consumption increased, writes Lauri Myllyvirta. Credit goes to the massive expansion in renewable energy, with a record-breaking 47GW of wind and solar capacity added.


300 Sea Turtles Found Dead on Indian Beach EcoWatch


While the exact cause of this horrific mass death is currently unclear, some suspect...


NASA Scientist Dying of Cancer Attacked by Climate Deniers EcoWatch


"This diagnosis puts me in an interesting position. I’ve spent much of my professional life thinking about the...


Abu Dhabi Desalination Plant to be Powered by Off-Grid Rooftop Solar EcoWatch


French engineering company Mascara will use off-grid, rooftop solar to power...


New date: Polar Bear Plunge moved to January 30th Chesapeake Climate Action Network

It’s official: In the face of possible blizzard conditions, we have decided to postpone the Polar Bear Plunge — to next Saturday, January 30th at National Harbor.

That means we can all stay warm this weekend. And we have one extra week to fundraise — and hit our goal of raising $90,000 to fight climate change! (Plus, a photo of you plunging will look even more impressive against a snowy backdrop.)

Thanks to your outreach, we’re 66 percent of the way to our goal. We have just under $31,000 more to raise to get there, and we know we can do it! We raised $30,000 in the week leading up to last year’s plunge — and that was without a giant snowstorm to set the stage for serious bragging rights.

The website is updated with the new date — next Saturday, January 30th — and you can continue using it to recruit sponsors.

Meanwhile, all the logistics for the Plunge will remain the same — just taking place one week later. We’ll be sure to update you next week with all the final details.

Finally, stay safe and warm this weekend, and thank you for your continued dedication to fighting climate change.


Direct Action in Defense of Historic Farmland in California Earth First! Newswire

Press Release / Occupy the Farm


On Monday, January 11, contractors with the UC administration began construction work on the southern portion of the Gill Tract, a historical farm sold to the University of California in 1928 under the condition it would be used for agricultural research and education. Contractors Ghilotti Bros. laid surveying stakes on the ground, pulled down fencing with an excavator, and began trampling the land with a bulldozer.

The next day after working hours, about fifteen individuals entered the Gill Tract to remove surveying stakes marking the paths for the heavy machinery brought to pave over the last large-scale plot of high-quality urban farmland still available on the East Bay. The mobilization by the group Occupy the Farm was led by senior citizens from the community.

The UC is privatizing this section of the Gill Tract for the construction of a high-end senior assisted living facility by the Belmont Village corporation, alongside construction of a Sprouts supermarket and a parking lot.

On a separate location, senio...


2015 Officially the Hottest Year on Record Global Justice Ecology Project

  “It’s getting to the point where breaking record is the norm.”   By Nadia Prupis, staff writer at The final tally is in: 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history—by a record-breaking margin. On Wednesday, NASA... Read More

The post 2015 Officially the Hottest Year on Record appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


10 Most Ethical Travel Destinations for 2016 EcoWatch


Ethical Traveler also makes sure the destinations that make the list offer...


5 Brightest Planets Align for First Time in a Decade EcoWatch


For the next few weeks, stargazers are in for a treat. It's the first time in more than a decade that...


California to Investigate Exxon on Climate Cover-Up EcoWatch


According to "a person close to the investigation," the office of Attorney General Kamala Harris is ...


Benefit Show in Denver for Nicole and Joseph Earth First! Newswire



Hello, Denver, Colorado! Escape the cold on February 6th, check out a hip-hop show, and support Nicole and Joseph! Not only is the show itself a benefit , but there will also be a vegan bake sale to check out while you’re there. So, if you’re in the Denver area please come, check out the show, enjoy some snacks, and meet others who are against government repression and are interested in taking a stand and supporting Nicole and Joseph.

Here are some specifics on the event:

Where: The Deer Pile – 206 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

When: February 6th at 8 pm

Performing live:

Man Mantis

French Kettle Station



Kill McKinley (DJ set)


Ecuador: Indigenous Peoples Reject Oil Plans, Vow to Resist Oil Project Earth First! Newswire

from Amazon Watch


The Ecuadorian government has announced imminent plans to sign contracts for two controversial Amazonian oil blocks which are facing adamant opposition from local indigenous people residing within the roughly half-a-million acre concessions and beyond. The blocks, known as 79 and 83, overlap with the territory of the Sápara indigenous people, a small threatened group of only 300 which has official recognition by UNESCO as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

The two problematic blocks border Yasuní National Park and a government protected area for the nomadic Tagaeri and Taromenane indigenous groups living in voluntary isolation, exacerbating their vulnerability as oil drilling and infrastructure expands north, east, south, and west of them. The blocks also overlap a portion of territory of the Kichwa of Sarayaku, and are upstream from millions of acres indigenous territory. The blocks are in the center of Ecu...


5 Disturbing Things Porter Ranch Methane Leak and Flint Water Crisis Have in Common EcoWatch


They might seem different, but the ongoing disasters in Michigan and California are...


Why 2015 Was the Hottest Year on Record EcoWatch


Last year topped the chart as the warmest year in the modern record, according to data from...


Biological Health Threat – Fatal Hantavirus (HPS) [Update]: Navajo Nation, Coconino County, Arizona Head Space

Biological Hazard  –  Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) HANTAVIRUS UPDATE – AMERICAS (03): USA (ARIZONA) COMMENT ******************************************************** Published Date: 2016-01-16 16:52:43 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Hantavirus update – Americas (03): USA (AZ) comment Archive Number: 20160116.3942572 Date: Fri 15 Jan 2016 From: Joseph Dudley <> [edited] Epidemics of human cases of the Sin Nombre hantavirus among human populations […]


Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Roundup Ready Alfalfa Has Gone Wild EcoWatch


The latest evidence refuting USDA’s co-existence fairytale comes from a ...


Biological Hazard – Plague (Yersinia Pestis) Animal Infection: Santa Fe, NM Head Space

PLAGUE, ANIMAL – USA: (NEW MEXICO) PETS *************************************** Published Date: 2016-01-17 22:54:09 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Plague, animal – USA: (NM) pets Archive Number: 20160117.3944780 Date: Thu 14 Jan 2015 Source: KOB4 [edited] The city of Santa Fe sent a public notice Thursday [14 Jan 2016] warning that plague has been confirmed in pets that may be […]


NASA’s Van Allen Probes broaden view on the shape of Van Allen Belts The Watchers » Latest articles

NASA's Van Allen Probes enabled the scientists to gather a more precise picture of the structure of Van Allen Belts that shield our planet from the solar radiation. New research shows their shape varies depending on the energy of charged particles constituting...... Read more »

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Thursday, 21 January


Gates Foundation is spearheading the neoliberal plunder of African agriculture The Ecologist

The Gates Foundation - widely assumed to be 'doing good', is imposing a neoliberal model of development and corporate domination that's opening up Africa's agriculture to land and seed-grabbing global agribusiness, writes Colin Todhunter. In the process it is foreclosing on the real solutions - enhancing food security, food sovereignty and the move to agroecological farming.


Metgasco returns to Dobies Bight Coal Seam Gas Australia

Just weeks after selling its northern rivers CSG licences to the state government, Metgasco’s trucks have been spotted at its former Corella site at Dobies Bight,

CSG Free Northern Rivers spokesperson Dean Draper returned to the scene of one of the group’s earliest confrontations with the gas explorer yesterday to witness the company capping off its test wells there.

‘Metgasco is here closing off wells. Apparently they have two drill rigs onsite although only one is apparent,’ Mr Draper told Echonetdaily yesterday afternoon.

‘They seem to be pumping cement down the wells to close them off,’ he added.

But Mr Draper said he was not convinced of the longevity of the method the company was using to close the wells.

‘My concern is that there are 50 wells across the northern rivers that Metgasco have drilled and supposedly filled with cement but I’m worried that they will break down over time. Then who’s going to be left to clean up the mess?’

Mr Draper said he was not convinced the government buybacks in the northern rivers were sufficient to ensure the region remained gasfield free in perpetuity.

‘They bought back those licences but I’d like to see legislation brought in that would permanently ban in the northern rivers. Until that time we’re not permanently protected.’



EPA Mulls Ban on Nation’s Most Heavily Used Insecticide Latest News

Numerous studies have shown that Chlorpyrifos causes serious harm to children and farmworkers


Pennsylvania Citizens Shut Down Infrastructure Task Force Meeting on Fracking Earth First! Newswire


from Beyond Extreme Energy #BXE

Residents impacted by fracked gas infrastructure from across Pennsylvania came together today to shut down the final meeting of Governor Wolf’s Infrastructure Task Force. Exactly one year after members of frontline communities from across the state disrupted Governor Wolf’s inauguration to demand an end to fracking, Pennsylvanians again convened in Harrisburg to demand a stop to the buildout of fracked gas infrastructure.

“My friends and neighbors in Butler County have already been harmed by the reckless practices of the gas industry and the enablers in Pennsylvania’s government. This rubber stamping farce has done nothing but increase the likelihood that the destruction will continue,” said Michael Bagdes-Canning.

In total, over twenty people from across the state participated in the disruption while more protested outside. As they took the center of the m...


Biological Health Hazard – Malaria Outbreak: Rwanda Head Space

MALARIA – RWANDA **************** Published Date: 2016-01-19 18:10:17 Subject: PRO/EDR> Malaria – Rwanda Archive Number: 20160119.3949246 Date: Tue 19 Jan 2016 Source: All Africa [edited] The sharp rise in malaria cases is exerting pressure on Rwanda’s blood bank, raising fears that, should the infections continue at the current rate, hospitals across the country will be […]


Biological Health Hazard – Fatal Pneumococcal Meningitis Outbreak: Ghana Head Space

MENINGITIS, PNEUMOCOCCAL – GHANA (02): (BRONG-AHAFO) FATAL, REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ******************************* Published Date: 2016-01-20 04:57:44 Subject: PRO/EDR> Meningitis, pneumococcal – Ghana (02): (BA) fatal, RFI Archive Number: 20160120.3950154 Date: Tue 19 Jan 2016 Source: Citi FM Online [edited] The pneumococcal meningitis outbreak has so far killed 15 people in the Tain, Wenchi, Techiman and Bruohan […]


Biological Health Hazard – Extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB): India Head Space

Biological Hazard – Health Threat: Tuberculosis (XDR-TB) TUBERCULOSIS – INDIA: (MAHARASHTRA) XDR, MORE CASES, MORE LABORATORIES ************************** Published Date: 2016-01-20 12:47:24 Subject: PRO/EDR> Tuberculosis – India: (MH) XDR, more cases, more labs Archive Number: 20160120.3952031 Date: Tue 19 Jan 2019 Source: The Times of India, Times News Network (TNN) [edited] Maharashtra recorded 779 cases of […]


Psychological Warfare, Aggression, and Nuclear Trepidation Head Space

Mass Suicide and Atomic Fear Is there any imminent danger of mankind exterminating itself? Is there such a thing as a hidden desire for the doom of the world? In the insect world, among ants, mass reactions of this type do exist. When they are forced by great danger, ants surrender to their fate. The […]


Proposed methane rule could protect Pennsylvanians’ health and climate EARTHblog

Pennsylvania officials often boast about having the second highest natural gas producing state in the nation, usually while playing up purported economic benefits and downplaying documented environmental impacts. But today the ranking was invoked as a reason to stem pollution caused by oil and gas operations.

Governor Wolf's Administration announced a new plan to reduce methane pollution from fracking and fracking-related development, including gas wells and processing and transmission facilities.

At 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year time period, methane—the primary component of natural gas—is a major driver of climate change. In 2014, Pennsylvania’s oil and gas producers reported wasting nearly 100,000 metric tons of methane, or enough natural gas to heat nearly 65,000 homes

Curbing methane pollution will directly help the many Pennsylvanians suffering the environmental and health consequences of living near oil and gas operations. Stemming leaks and releases of methane would also lower emissions of pollutants like nitrogen oxides, which cause health-harming smog, and hazardous substances such as benzene, a known carcinogen, and toluene, which is related to kidney and liver problems. Several years into the Marcellus Shale boom, it’s definitely high time for change. The state's own data show...


No More Mine Waste Spills in 2016 EARTHblog

Last year was a disastrous one for mining companies.

Some of the world’s largest mining companies failed to control the massive dams in which they store the toxic waste that’s left over when minerals such as gold are extracted from ore. The result was spills that polluted rivers in Canada, Mexico and Brazil. In the case of Brazil’s Samarco mine spill, a reported 17 people died and hundreds more were displaced.

Communities in all three countries are still struggling in the aftermath of these disasters. In the case of Samarco, the most recent and devastating disaster, mine waste engulfed a village in the state of Minas Gerais with massive quantities of mine waste filling houses and ripping off roofs. The sludge polluted 300 miles of the Rio Doce before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. Experts predict the spill could destroy entire ecosystems, including species that have yet to be discovered. The spill also sent shockwaves through the markets, as the Brazilian government cancelled the mine license for Samarco, the company operating the mine, and a federal court ordered BHP Billiton and Vale -- Samarco’s co-owners and two of the world’s 5 largest mining companies -- to pay $5 billion in fines. US investors have also sued Vale for financial losses they would incur as a result of the catastrophe.

But while the Brazilian government has taken strong action, global response to these failures — in terms of both company management and government regulation — has been dangerously tepid.

The International Council on Mining and Metals, the trade organization of the mining industry, announced in December that it is conducting a review of tailings dam management standards of its 23...


A Veto to Protect Clean Water We All Live Downstream

Thank President Obama

By Michael Kelly, Communications Director – On Twitter (@MichaelEdKelly)

Despite massive popular support for the Clean Water Rule, Republicans in Congress have tried to stop it since the day it was proposed. They finally got enough votes in both Houses to get something to the President’s desk – SJ Res 22, a “Resolution of Disapproval” under the Congress Review Act.

President Obama vetoed Congress’ latest attempt to kill commonsense safeguards for our water last night. It seems like it took him all of 30 seconds to make the decision. This a huge win for anyone who cares about clean water – thank the President here.
I love the veto – it’s a powerful statement about a President’s priorities. It is a tool that this President has rarely used. In the past hundred years only Warren Harding vetoed fewer bills. Despite working with a hostile Congress determined to undermine his agenda, President Obama only vetoes bills when he absolutely must. Last night was one of those times.

Unfortunately, it’s not over. Even if this is the last attempt to kill the Clean Water Rule (a big if), the polluter-powered agenda will go after protections for streams from coal mining waste, the Clean Power Plan, the...


Communities at the heart of a Green Wales The Ecologist

This May the Greens are hoping to win their first seats in the Welsh Assembly, and become a strong force for social and ecological progress, writes Alice Hooker-Stroud, newly elected leader of the Wales Green Party. At the heart of the vision: sustainable, prosperous, empowered communities.


“Weather Made To Order”, Connecting The Dots Geoengineering Watch

mDane Wigington recently acquired 2 excellent condition original copies of "Collier's" magazine from May of 1954. The title on the cover of the 61 year old magazine is "Weather Made To Order….. Man's Progress In Weather Control" (our previous post from a 1958 edition of Popular Science, "Weather As A Weapon" is also important to examine).  This kind

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Wednesday, 20 January


And there you have it… Head Space

Not to forget, Hope and Change Housing And for those “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” boosting the U.S, Economy:  January Announced U.S. Layoff Total (Est.) – 14,949 Jobless claims jump to 7-month high Layoffs up to January 19 , 2016 — And as for Business Closures, that’s another success story. Tiffany – Job Cuts, No # Noble […]

Saturday, 16 January


Mums - let's use our consumer power to keep GMOs and deadly herbicides out of food The Ecologist

No matter how concerned we are about the quality of food we and our families eat, we can be sure governments are putting corporate profit first, writes Sally Beare. But we - Mums in particular - still have our power as consumers to push supermarkets and other retailers into going GM-free and keeping toxic agrochemicals out of the food chain. Let's use it!

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