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Thursday, 21 January


Indian Country Headline News: Dennis Banks Declares War on Drugs with Longest Walk 5 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Dennis Banks, a co-founder of the American Indian Movement, will be leading the Longest Walk ...

Indian Country Headline News: Isleta Pueblo Score Largest Parcel of Trust Land in Single Application "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Typing the address for the Isleta Pueblo courthouse into Google maps will deposit the curious driver in front of a mode...

The Watchers » Latest articles: New class of atmospheric waves, producing strong temperature ripples, discovered over Antarctica "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder discovered a new class of mesospheric waves by observing the high parts of the atmosphere over Antarctica. These waves seem to send constant ripples through the Earth's atmosphere and probably affect high-level...... Read more »

The Watchers » Latest articles: Carbon emissions from Earth's interior quantified "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A team of scientists, led by the researchers at the University of New Mexico (UNM), has studied carbon emissions through fault systems in the East African Rift (EAR). The goal of the research was to gain a better understanding of carbon emissions from the interior...... Read more »


EcoWatch: Solutions Wanted: Do You Have a Solution That Will Create a Cleaner, Greener World? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


By identifying the top 100 from thousands of submissions, Sustainia will pinpoint...


EcoWatch: Pope Francis Part of Amicus Brief Filed in Support of Teen’s Landmark Climate Change Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


The Catholic brief details how youth’s constitutional litigation “seeks to...


EcoWatch: Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘Enough Is Enough’ Corporate Greed Must Stop "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Leonardo DiCaprio blasted the "corporate greed" of the fossil fuel industry at the ...


EcoWatch: There Will Be More Plastic Than Fish in the Ocean by 2050 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Every year “at least 8 million tons of plastics leak into the ocean—which is equivalent to...


EcoWatch: A Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Eating "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Eating has become a mindless act, often done quickly. This can be problematic, since it...


Geoengineering Watch: “Weather Made To Order”, Connecting The Dots "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

mDane Wigington recently acquired 2 excellent condition original copies of "Collier's" magazine from May of 1954. The title on the cover of the 61 year old magazine is "Weather Made To Order….. Man's Progress In Weather Control".  This kind of straightforward reporting on the issue of global climate modification (geoengineering/solar radiation management) has long since been


Wake Up World: Fukushima: 5 Years of Fire – Global Day of Action, March 11, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed National"

21st January 2016 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Happy New Year! No, I’m not talking about 2016, I’m talking about Year 5. Fukushima, Year 5. It’s almost 5 years since the initial meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor, and although the disaster continues today it is not being treated by authorities with the ...Continue Reading - Fukushima: 5 Years of Fire ⏠Global Day of Action, March 11, 2016


Wake Up World: Let’s Practice “White Magic†in 2016 "IndyWatch Feed National"

21st January 2016 By Lissa Rankin, MD Guest Writer for Wake Up World About five years ago, things that seemed like miracles ⏠things my mind couldnâŹ"t explain ⏠started happening around me. Patients were having âŹSspontaneous⏠remissions. Synchronicities were unfolding around me as if I had been swept up in some current of magic. ...Continue Reading - LetâŹ"s Practice âŹSWhite Magic⏠in 2016


North Coast Voices: Japanese whalers active again in Antarctic waters "IndyWatch Feed"

Snapshot, Google Earth image of Antarctica, 14 December 2015

Sea Shepherd Australia, Monday 18 January 2016:

Sea Shepherd’s Flagship, the Steve Irwin, has departed Fremantle, Western Australia for the Southern Ocean. The ship’s departure marks the official commencement of the organization’s 12th Southern Ocean Defense Campaign, Operation Icefish 2015-16.

Led by returning Captain, Siddhar...


AFTINET: Canada taking its time to consider TPP text "IndyWatch Feed National"

While there has been talk that the official TPP signing ceremony will be held in the first week of February, reports suggest that Canada has not yet decided whether or not to participate.

It appears that Canada’s new Government is taking its time to consult with stakeholders and fully understand the contents and impacts of the deal before making any commitments. Read the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation article here.


North Coast Voices: Clarence Valley Council in residents & ratepayers' bad books "IndyWatch Feed"

It's a local government election year in the Clarence Valley (unless the NSW Boundaries Commission decides otherwise) and locals are getting restless as Saturday 10 September is marked in red on many a fridge calendar.

A vague suspicion is developing that a whole lot of payback may be going down at polling booths across the valley on that date.

Clarence Valley Independent, 14 January 2016:

Forum campaigns against CVC's 'secrecy'
Story By: Geoff Helisma
Convenor of The Clarence Forum lodges a petition with Clarence Valley Council last week. It asks the counc...


EcoWatch: Hillary Clinton’s Complicated Ties to Big Oil "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Does money from fossil fuel lobbyists count as donations from the industry? According to...


new illuminati: Did This Scientist Just Discover How the Universe Works? "IndyWatch Feed National"

800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...

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Wednesday, 20 January


The Ecologist: Mother Nature's 'invisible hand' strikes back against the carbon economy "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

According to classical economics Adam Smith's 'invisible' hand' of free markets produces the greatest good for us all, writes JP Sottile. But what happens when rip-roaring 'external costs' are left out of the equations? Wars, repression, pollution, resource destruction and climate change. And because that invisible hand is connected to Mother Nature, it's coming back to strike us.


News from Survival International: Revealed: “Pygmy” children paid in glue and alcohol "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Forced from their forest homes, many central African hunter-gatherer tribes face exploitation on the fringes of mainstream society
Forced from their forest homes, many central African hunter-gatherer tribes face exploitation on the fringes of mainstream society
© C. Fornellino Romero/Survival

Tribal children in the African rainforests have been paid in glue to sniff, and alcohol, in return for menial work, a new Survival International report has revealed.

The report found instances of market traders in the Republic of Congo plying children from the Bayaka tribe with glue in 2013, in exchange for cleaning out latrines.

In Cameroon Baka tribespeople, illegally evicted from their forest homes, are often paid in five glasses of moonshine in exchange for half a day’s manual labor. A combination of poverty and depression caused by the theft of their land forces many to turn to heavy drinking as an escape from their troubles.

Across much of central Africa, dispossessed hunter-gatherer peoples are frequently paid in addictive substances, most commonly home-brewed alcohol.

Atono, a Baka man forcibly evicted from his land said: “Now we are falling ill because of the change in our diet. Our skin doesn’t like the sun and life in...


Fire Earth: Major Snowstorms Forecast in China, U.S. "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Cold wave sweeps across China [Source: Xinhua] Much of China will experience a rapid drop in temperatures together with heavy snow and rain in the coming days as a strong cold front approaches the country. The National Meteorological Center forecast sharp drops in temperatures across northwestern, northern and northeastern China, with the mercury plunging by […]


The Political Sword: Framing the political debate - the key to winning "IndyWatch Feed"

Why did Tony Abbott thrive as Leader of the Opposition, but turn out to be such a dud as Prime Minister?

What was it about his period in opposition that was so different from his period as the nation’s leader?

There are many possible answers to these questions.

This piece asserts that the most plausible reason for the difference is that in opposition he had the uncanny ability to frame the political debate in his favour, but in government that ability deserted him.

Let’s begin by defining what framing means. In common parlance, to frame something is to provide it with a surrounding; objects of art are commonly framed. A suitable frame contributes to the appeal of the object. An attractive object can be diminished, made unattractive or even repulsive if placed in a discordant frame.

In the political arena, suitable framing is crucial. It has been around in politics since time immemorial, but perhaps not well known by that name. Concepts that have a name are more easily understood simply because they are named. The name ‘framing’ makes it easier to understand what the concept means. Framing creates a perspective, an orientation, a way of viewing. Suitable framing is a winner, unsuitable a loser. Cynics diminish the concept of framing when they label it simply as ‘spin’. Framing is much more than spin. Spin conflates with misinformation.

By way of illustration, let’s begin with a classic example of framing in our own federal political arena. During the global financial crisis, Labor framed the stimulus package as saving jobs, spurring economic growth and supporting communities. After the first tranche, the Coalition strongly opposed the package, framing it as needlessly running up unmanageab...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Roofing conmen spotted in Mullumbimby "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe today issued a warning to consumers and businesses in Mullumbimby particularly and the northern rivers generally not to deal with itinerant traders offering roof repair work.

Mr Stowe said Fair Trading had received reports of a man offering and undertaking roof repair work.

‘These reports appear to relate to an individual previously known to Fair Trading and we are investigating,’ he said.

‘The man has been cold calling consumers, entering into agreements and taking money but the actual work is apparently completed by two males with Irish accents.

‘When consumers contact the man, he states that any problems with the work are not his problem, and deflects all complaints to the two male workers but refuses to supply their details.’

Mr Stowe said travelling conmen continue to defraud consumers throughout Australia but regulators across all jurisdictions are maintaining the fight against this scourge of scammers.

‘People should report any sightings to the national Travelling Conmen hotline on 1300 133 408 or to local police,’ he said.

Travelling conmen do not restrict their business to one form of work. They may offer to do bitumen work, line marking, roof repairs, restoration and painting or other general household trades such as concreting.

They often targeting the frail and the elderly and can become quite intimidating and threatening when challenged.

Fair Trading recommends using local, reliable tradespeople who have a stake in maintaining their reputation.

People offering or carrying out home building work valued at more than $5,000 (labour and materials) on residential properties in NSW must be licensed.

Consumers should ask to see a licence, which is similar to a credit card with details o...


(We) can do better: Bernard Salt reverses take on Australia's population as aging "IndyWatch Feed National"

A business blog, calling itself, The Advisor, is advertising its 'Better Business Summit' with an article quoting the well-known population growth spruiker, Bernard Salt, who they describe as 'One of the nation’s leading demographers'. This would hardly be news for, except that Mr Salt, who does a line in growth 'demography', has suddenly changed his well-known tune. Previously a household word in pushing the aging population bogey, Salt has suddenly begun describing Australia as 'young and vibrant'.

Apparently decrying rumours of a property crash which he perceives to be rampant in the mass media, 'Mr Salt said Australians need to take a “bigger picture view†and argues that we are a young, vibrant country with strong levels of population growth, very aspirational, and we’re rich in terms of income per capita.' (

read more


Fire Earth: ZIKV Infection Cases Reported in Illinois "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Two pregnant Illinois women test positive for the Zika virus Two pregnant Illinois residents, who recently traveled to countries where Zika virus is spreading, have tested positive for the virus, said the Illinois Department of Public Health.  The latest development follows the case of a ZIKV infected infant in Hawaii who was born with microcephaly, […]


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: 'Staggering' civilian death toll in Iraq: UN report | World War 4 Report "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

'Staggering' civilian death toll in Iraq: UN report | World War 4 Report: The report, compiled by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), is based largely on testimony obtained directly from the victims, survivors or witnesses of violations of international human rights or international humanitarian law, including interviews with internally displaced people.

"During the reporting period, ISIL killed and abducted scores of civilians, often in a targeted manner," the report notes. "Victims include those perceived to be opposed to ISIL ideology and rule; persons affiliated with the Government, such as former Iraqi security forces (ISF), police officers, former public officials and electoral workers; professionals, such as doctors and lawyers; journalists; and tribal and religious leaders."


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": A Snail's Eye View: Nature Photo Challenge #4: Fungi "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

When the monsoon trough made a brief appearance at Christmas, the fungi soon followed. Fallen timber sprouted slabs and plates, shelves and brackets, and parasols of little mushrooms. All of them were photogenic. And all of them were less than 20 cm from the forest floor or, as I like to think of it, that damp, decaying carpet of leaves all set about with leeches, scrub itch and ticks.

Frilly gills all in a row

Now were I dedicated, I would have put down a tarp and lain on it to take photos. Or I would have fitted a right-angled viewfinder. But I'm not, so I didn't do either of those things. Instead, I held the camera down low, aimed it in roughly the right direction and hoped for the best. Sometimes that works.


Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST: Lambie prepares for Australian Shipping Conference in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie will attend the Coastal Trading meeting or shipping conference in Melbourne tomorrow to build on the group work she has carried out previously in September last year – in an effort to produce a solution to properly remedy, the Australian shipping and maritime crisis.

“ Unfortunately, the Liberal / National government have deliberately lied to the Australian people when they presented their Coastal Shipping legislation to our Parliament late last year.  If the Coalition’s legislation would have passed the Senate – then the destruction of Australia’s home-grown maritime industry and thousands of local jobs, would have been guaranteed,” said Senator Lambie.

“Essentially, the Liberal’s solution to our maritime crisis was to register all our trading ships in dodgy foreign countries, sack all the Aussie maritime workers and replace them with cheap overseas Labour.  That fact became clear when I spoke with ship owner and cruise operator Bill Milby from North Star Cruises (see here)

And that was never going to happen on my watch – especially while there are better solutions being put forward by major stakeholders in our Maritime Industry.” said Senator Lambie.

“Since the last shipping conference in early September last year, I’ve continued meetings with a variety of Australian Maritime industry stakeholders including Tasmania’s SeaRoad CEO Michael Easy, yesterday in Devonport.  Both Michael and I agree that any shipping reform plan for Australia must protect our national interest and have a broad consensus approval from all the major stakeholders in Australia’s Maritime Industry – otherwise, business will not invest if there is a risk that a change of government will produce a change in shipping policy,......


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Byron Bay Blog: Dave Hughes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In Byron Bay for ONE NIGHT ONLY!
7pm, Sat 30 January, Byron Bay Theatre

An hour spent in the company of Dave Hughes has one of the highest laugh rates per minute you will ever experience at a stand-up comedy show.

If you haven’t seen Dave on stage yet, you would definitely have seen him as a host of Network Ten’s The Project and Before The Game and this year you can see him as the new host of Nine Network’s Australia’s Got Talent.

It’s an accepted fact that Dave Hughes is a bloody funny guy but you’ll never know how funny until you see him live. Hughesy is unbeatable on stage, mic in hand, telling joke after joke to the rooms he fills across the world. He’s never been better than he is right now.

Ticket available at

The post Dave Hughes appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


Real News Australia: Yes I Am Anti-Vaccine. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Any questions? Let’s Talk! By Jennifer Furbush. What does it mean to be anti-vaccine? Does it mean you are an extremist? Are some things really black and white, or are there always fifty shades of grey? For myself, after dozens of books and countless hours of research into the matter, I have come to the […]


Papua New Guinea Mine Watch: Freeport Indonesia CEO resigns after latest scandal "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

freeport grasberg mine

Latin American Herald Tribune

Maroef Sjamsoeddin submitted his resignation on Monday from his post as the President Director of Freeport Indonesia, a U.S.-based mining company with controversial gold and copper operations in the eastern Indonesian province of Papua, news site reported today.

In a letter sent to all Freeport Indonesia employees, Sjamsoeddin said that his tenure as president has ended and that he didn’t accept parent company Freeport McMoRan’s offer to extend his contract, which began in January last year.

Company spokesperson Riza Pratama confirmed the former president’s resignation, saying only that he resigned for “personal” reasons.

No stranger to criticism, Freeport Indonesia was involved in a recent scandal, in which former House of Representatives speaker Setya Novanto allegedly tried to seek favours in return for extending the company’s work contract. Novanto resigned in December of last year.

Sjamsoeddin had testified in front of the House’s ethics council in hearings into the affair.

Freeport has also for several years faced allegations that its 50-year-old Grasberg mine in Papua, which holds the world’s largest gold ore reserves, has caused environmental damage and been linked to human rights abuses.

For months, the company has been criticized in street protests in Jakarta calling for it to be expelled from the country, as well as calls for the nationalization of the Indonesian unit of the U.S.-based mining firm.

Sjamsoeddin’s decision comes amid ongoing efforts of the provincial Papua governmen...


Head Space: When pseudopublic opinion becomes superimposed on the real one… Civilization can be destroyed. "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Sense of Mass Delusion — Throughout history, we have experienced waves of mass delusion, which threatened more mature forms of mental life. It would be incorrect to interpret these delusions as solely “pathological.” Even disease as such has sense. Disease furthers new defenses and may cause a complete change in the physical and mental […]


The Watchers » Latest articles: High-level activity of Mount Egon prompts thousands to evacuate, Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A high-level activity of Mount Egon caused over 1 200 people to evacuate from local three villages in the eastern Flores Island, Indonesia on the morning of January 17, 2016 (local time). The eruption status was raised to high alert, and more evacuations might be...... Read more »



Independent Australia: Gentrification is dividing Australian schools "IndyWatch Feed"

Gentrification is dividing Australian schoolsRather than being microcosms of the community, schools are increasingly divided by class and ethnicity — and this should ring alarm bells for us all. read now...


Renew Economy: Huge penalty charges loom as renewable investment remains at standstill "IndyWatch Feed"

The standstill in renewable energy investment means 4,400MW of new capacity needs to be committed this year to avoid a shortfall. If not, consumers will pay a penalty price, and it could total nearly $2 billion.


loon pond: She's baaack ... "IndyWatch Feed"

It was, of course, a tease of the pond not to include Dame Slap in the initial outing for the day, but the pond believes that Dame Slap is far too important to be lumped in with the likes of the Oz editorialist, the bromancer and the Terrorist egg beaters ...

Instead we must celebrate Dame Slap warming to the notion of teh Donald.

This does, of course, follow an important papal missive from the Chairman ... well, it seems, pace the bromancer, that we must now talk of secular papal pronouncements, and who better to do that than Il Papa?

Now it takes Dame Slap awhile to get there - much foreplay time must be spent demonising teh Islamics before we get to teh Donald, but get there we surely will ...

Firstly let's get stuck into the demonisation, and perhaps we could have an illustration of teh Donald as a necessary and engagingly charming gargoyle for starters ...


Head Space: And there you have it… "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Not to forget, Hope and Change Housing As for those “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” – January Announced U.S. Layoff Total (Est.) – 14,949 Layoffs As of January 19 , 2016 — And as for Business Closures, that’s another success story. Tiffany – Job Cuts, No # Noble Corp. – 100 offshore Drilling Jobs Yahoo – Staffers […]


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Petrol drops to 10.1 c litre in Michigan fuel war "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Gas plummets to 46 cents a gallon in small Michigan, US town

Industry experts predict oil could drop even lower to $20 a barrel. Having detrimental effect on economy

by Joshua Krause – Activist Post

January 18, 2016

For those of you old enough to remember a time when gas was cheap, you probably experience plenty of nostalgia every time you watch an old movie, and catch a glimpse of a gas station with sub-dollar prices. Believe it or not, you can experience those prices once again if you happen to be passing through Michigan. For the first time in years, there are several gas stations in the area where you can buy a gallon of gas for less than a dollar.

The slump in global oil prices has already pulled prices down across the country, but three gas stations in Houghton Lake, Michigan are involved in price war that has driven prices even lower. The local Citgo Station is selling for 95 cents a gallon. The Beacon and Bridge gas station is selling fuel for 47 cents a gallon, and the Sunrise Marathon is selling for 46 cents a gallon. Not surprisingly, there have been long lines at these stations all weekend, and police officers have been deployed to direct traffic.

And if you can believe it, oil prices may still have a ways to go, with some experts predicting that it could fall to $20 per barrel or less. One Koch Brothers owned refinery claimed that they would need to be paid...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Sustainable Living Armidale: Expressions of interest to establish a small scale communal living eco housing development near Uralla "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hi interested ones, let me know if you would like to get together to talk about purchasing a small piece of land, near Uralla so as to build a low cost ecologically designed communal home and establish a food forest. Please contact me via email - a brief bio would be appreciated. Looking forward to [...] full article »


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Nick Lowles’ blog: Killer Breivik caught with weapons in 2009 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Nick Lowles’ blog: Killer Breivik caught with weapons in 2009: [] The filmmaker, Daniel Harrich, claims that Breivik was stopped during a routine check outside the Germany city of Wetzlar, north of Frankfurt, and while the ammunition and some weapons parts were confiscated, Breivik was allowed to keep some parts that could not be directly tied to a functioning weapon.

According to Harrich’s sources, the ammunition and some weapons parts were confiscated from Breivik while he was allowed to keep some parts that could not be directly tied to a functioning weapon.


American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL): "What will they say..." Or, Master Narratives of Smiling Slaves and Smiling Indians "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Eds. Note: Please scroll to the bottom of this post to see links to discussions of A Birthday Cake for George Washington. The links are in two sets. The first is to items upon the release of the book. The second set is to items following Scholastic's decision to withdraw the book. 

Back in November or December, I started to hear that people in children's literature were wondering what we (by we, I mean people who objected to the treatment of slavery in A Fine Dessert) would say about the smiling slaves in a book due out this year. That book, A Birthday Cake for George Washington, is out now.

It felt, then and now, too, like the people who think A Fine Dessert is ok were waiting to pounce on us. The line of reasoning is this: if the smiling slaves in A Fine Dessert were not ok, then, the smiling slaves in A Birthday Cake for George can't be ok, either. It seemed--and seems--that a test is being put forth. If we don't slam A Birthday Cake, then, our critiques of A Fine Dessert can be ignored.

That situation is disgusting.

A predominantly white institution filled with predominantly white people with hundreds of years of power to determine what gets published is waiting to pounce on people of color if they don't pounce on other people of color.

I ordered A Birthday Cake for George today. I'll study it. I may--or I may not--write about it.

What I want to focus on right now is power and the investment in that white narrative of the US and its history.

Smiling slaves in picture books that, in some way, depict slavery are a parallel to the smiling Indians in picture books set in colonial periods. Those smiles sell. They tell kids things weren't all that bad for those who lived in slavery or those whose communities were being attacked and decimated by those who wanted their land--in many instances--so they could turn...


Independent Australia: Turnbull's dilemma "IndyWatch Feed"

Turnbull's dilemmaTurnbull will be involved in a lot of foreign policy announcement this year — and none of it will be any good for him, writes Bob Ellis. read now...


The Watchers » Latest articles: Severe Tropical Cyclone "Victor" affects Cook Islands with rainfall, winds and rough seas "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Tropical Cyclone "Victor" formed in the South Pacific Ocean on January 14 and is now equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale. The system is not expected to hit the Cook Islands directly, but its effect will nevertheless be...... Read more »


Renew Economy: When will private sector learn that age of fossil fuels is over? "IndyWatch Feed"

Germany says the private sector needs to wake up to reality that the age of fossil fuels is over. That view is supported by new data that shows a much higher than expected fall in coal consumption from the world's biggest user, China.


Renew Economy: IRENA takes $46 million stab at the heart of fossil fuel "IndyWatch Feed"

IRENA announces funding for renewable projects that either replace existing diesel generators, or provide clean electricity to off grid communities that previously had none.


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Beautiful New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Beautiful New Zealand

MORE and more, the hidden beauty of New Zealand is being discovered by travellers from around the world.
For Naomi Szydzik from Euroa this was a chance to experience first-hand stunning natural landscapes of New Zealand and visit the major tourist sights.
First stop was Christchurch. Naomi was unprepared for the devastation in the city following the massive earthquakes there.
About half the city is still flattened, as workers take to the massive task of rebuilding. Tonnes of rock has been brought in to help stabilise the soil and many buildings have been repaired, but the devastation is so great it will take a long time before the city returns to something resembling normal.
Naomi says the city is relying on tourism to help it rebuild and the tourists are coming. Makeshift restaurants have been set up in shipping containers. The food is good and there is excellent accommodation and lots to see.
Naomi hired a car and headed along the west coast to Greymouth. It’s an industrial city and Naomi wanted to be there to get back to nature in the Paparoa National Park.
The park’s limestone caves and caverns are amazing. Formed over millions of years it’s a fabulous feeling hiking between them, and because of the high rainfall there are spectacular waterfalls to be seen.
Back on the road, where the next stop would be Fox Glacier. Naomi had booked a Flying Fox Heli Hike as it is known locally and she was really looking forward to the experience, but that same rain that drove those magnific...


Renew Economy: Solar customers launch a class action lawsuit against NV Energy "IndyWatch Feed"

Solar customers in Nevada are taking legal action against NV Energy in response to controversial changes to the state's net-metering program.


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: A well travelled life "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A well travelled life

GOLDEN CELEBRATIONS… Local resident, Frank Faulkner is celebrating his 100th birthday today and says that he has had a fortunate life with loving family surrounding him. Photo: Emma Hillier.

Frank celebrates a century

TODAY is a very special day for local resident, Frank Faulkner and his family, with the well travelled Shepparton Villages resident celebrating his 100th birthday.
Father to eight, grandfather to 22 and great grandfather to 12, Frank’s story begins in Sandringham 100 years ago. Leaving school at 15 he worked for a newsagency delivering newspapers, before completing an accountant course at night school and picking up a job with Johns and Waygood throughout the years of WWII. In 1952, Frank and late wife of 71 years, Margaret moved to Mooroopna, where he took up a job at the Mooroopna Base Hospital as an accountant, before moving his way up the ranks and becoming assistant manager until he retired at the age of 65.
Frank has been heavily involved in the community throughout his time in the region, being the oldest Rotarian in the district and a charter member of the Mooroopna Probus Club, which he helped to establish. He was an avid sports player, taking to the tennis court and golf course regularly.
But Frank’s life has led him around the world; having not only travelled around Australia twice, but also travelling the globe to places including England, Hong Kong and New Zealand, but he says while there are many beautiful and unforgettable places around the world, there is no place l...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: True blue celebrations to ring out across region "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

True blue celebrations to ring out across region

INSPIRING AUSTRALIA DAY… Shepparton’s Australia Day celebrations will see local Australia Day Ambassador, Wesa Chau impart her knowledge and skills to locals to inspire them. Photo: Supplied.

CEREMONIES, events and entertainment will be held in Shepparton, Mooroopna, Tatura, Dookie, Arcadia, Toolamba and Murchison this Tuesday, January 26 to mark the true blue day that helps to celebrate what it means to be Australian.
Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Dinny Adem said celebrations around the region will feature flag raising ceremonies, guest speakers, Australia Day Ambassadors, entertainment and the presentation of the 2016 Australia Day Awards.
“Australia Day a is fantastic opportunity for all citizens, regardless of their background to come together to celebrate our country.
“I encourage all residents to take pride in their country and reflect on who we are as a nation.
“Australia Day is a day for people from every walk of life to celebrate the things we love about our country.
“It is time to celebrate our freedom as individuals and as a nation, our lifestyle and culture, our land and its beauty, our history and our Indigenous past and our opportunities and future.”
Shepparton’s celebrations will see local Australia Day Ambassador, Wesa Chau impart her knowledge and skills to locals to inspire them. An insightful speaker, strategic thinker, advocate and consultant, Wesa is current director of cultural intelli...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Mercy Place residents begin virtual reality treatment "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mercy Place residents begin virtual reality treatment

LATEST IN TECHNOLOGY… Mercy Place resident, Frank Davies testing out the new virtual reality glasses, which began being used on 15 residents who suffer with dementia as part of a six month research program. Photo: Emma Hillier.

STEPPING into a virtual reality environment is hoped to become an effective treatment for sufferers of dementia at Mercy Place in Shepparton, with the aged care facility becoming the first in Australia to trial the state-of-the-art treatment.
From yesterday, 15 residents began taking part in a six month treatment program where they will use the virtual reality glasses daily and be transported to a different place or taken on a new adventure including helicopter rides over France, Iceland and Africa, all from the comfort of their own room.
The 360º simulated 3D environment treatment is hoped to bring many benefits to participants including improving their wellbeing, fulfilling ‘bucket list’ items, stimulating positive memories and enjoyment and encouraging storytelling and engagement.
Mercy Place Lifestyle Coordinator, Nicole Raditsas said, “This technology has been used in gaming and real estate and is very new for use in aged care, so we are hoping the benefits will be numerous.
“This is the first time in Australia that this research is being carried out in a residential aged care facility, so this is pretty special for us.
“Mercy Health will be recording the resident’s...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Stitching for first place "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Stitching for first place

EMBROIDERY WIN… Local resident, Katalin Yeoman has placed first in the Melbourne Show’s Victorian Agricultural LTD Embroidery 2015 State Final with her Hardanger stitching table centre piece. Photo: Emma Hillier.

“IT was very much a surprise,” is what local resident, Katalin Yeoman said on her first place win at the Melbourne Show’s Victorian Agricultural LTD Embroidery 2015 State Final with her Hardanger stitching table centre piece.
The winning piece, stitched using coffee, light olive and dark olive colours took Katalin four months to complete, which she did in the company of others as part of the Granelen Hardanger Group who come together each week in Shepparton to work on embroidery pieces.
Katalin said, “I started embroidery because I do a bit of caravanning and it was something I could just potter around with and it grew from there.
“I think it was the dimension of the colours that helped me win.
“An achievement like this makes you think, where do I go from here?
“The group is currently stitching a quilt that will be raffled off to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation. Each member has made one block and tickets will be on sale from March 1.”


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Business wants a solution "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Business wants a solution

MALL MATTER REVISITED… Maude Street Mall Property Owner, Ian Bugg says that Greater Shepparton City Council have not done enough to look into what the best way forward is with the Maude Street Mall, with Greater Shepparton City Council’s, Cr Jenny Houlihan stating council has no immediate plans to re-open it to traffic as it would not be cost effective. Photo: David Lee.

Councillor says opening mall not cost effective

CONTROVERSY has been a word to describe the Maude Street Mall and what should be done with the street for many years, and while property owners and some business owners in the area continue to voice their desires to re-open the mall to traffic and parking, Greater Shepparton City Council says they have no immediate plans to do so.
According to Greater Shepparton City Council’s, Cr Jenny Houlihan it would cost the city $4M to return to allowing traffic through the mall, which she says is not a cost effective move forward. But, in her 10 years with council, Cr Houlihan says the mall has undergone many changes including the improvement of the playground area, removal of a stage, grassy areas installed and the outdoor roof near Jesses was removed, all of which she says has been brought about by council acting on the community’s improvement suggestions for the mall since it was officially opened on November 9, 1989. The total project cost of building the mall was $2.1M.
“Evolution and gradual improvement of our CBD is council’s policy and I am satisfied that this is the...


Renew Economy: California’s Aliso Canyon methane leak: climate disaster or opportunity? "IndyWatch Feed"

While fixing the leak must be a high priority for local, state and federal officials, it should also provide the impetus to tackle the dispersed sources of methane from the oil and natural gas industry.


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Desperate plea to find father "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Desperate plea to find father

CAN YOU HELP FIND MY DAD?… Kirstie Stephenson is currently searching for her father, Donald David Jeffery Stephenson after having been estranged from him for 21 years. It is believed that Donald is currently working in the Shepparton area as a truck driver. Photo: Supplied.

Kirstie’s search leads to Shepparton

A DESPERATE plea for the whereabouts of Donald David Jeffery Stephenson has been made by his daughter, Kirstie Stephenson after the 24 year old’s search has led her to believe that her father is in the Shepparton area.
Having not seen her father for 21 years, after her parents separation, Kirstie began making enquiries into Donald’s whereabouts, recently making contact with Donald’s sister, Josephine and two older brothers, who had no knowledge of Kirstie and her sister, Jessica.
Donald’s family did pass on one piece of information that has given Kirstie hope; that her father was last known to be living and working as a truck driver in the Shepparton area and had remarried.
Kirstie said, “I want to know the other half of me and know if I have any other siblings out there. Both my sister and I have children.
“If I found him I would want to meet him and get to know the father I never had the chance to know. It would be nice to also know if there are other siblings so I can also get to know them. Life is too short not to know the truth.
“I live in Maryborough in Queensland where I was born. I have three children and a fantastic...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Ladson aims to put a leash on council spending "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ladson aims to put a leash on council spending

NEW CANDIDATE… Local resident, Ben Ladson has put his hand up to run as a candidate for this year’s Greater Shepparton City Council councillor elections. His drive to run came from his passion in wanting to cut back council spending on unnecessary projects, such as on the demolition of the Queens Gardens toilets. Photo: Emma Hillier.

IT was local resident, Ben Ladson’s drive for a more efficiently run council that led him to make the decision to run as a council candidate in the elections later this year.
In describing his snappy slogan, ‘It’s time to put a leash on council spending,’ Ben explained to The Adviser that the current council’s priorities are in the wrong place.
“It was Fern Summer who questioned me on putting my hand up to run as a candidate after she saw my and Facebook campaign against the proposed Shepparton Art Museum (SAM),” Ben said.
“I have a passion for wanting to help get Shepparton on the right track and the impractical spending of local rate payer’s money is not the way forward.
“The new SAM will require ongoing investment once $42M has been spent to build it, and how do they plan on funding this? Through rate payer’s dollars?
“There was no money put aside in the last government budget for the hospital and our train services continue to disappoint despite endless surveys, so it doesn’t make sense why council would be pushing for funding from the government for a ne...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Whooping cough extreme outbreak caused by vaccine "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

HSI eAlert

774a3-vaccine-620x400It was one of the most frightening whooping cough outbreaks in years — and it should be a wake-up call to every parent and grandparent in America.

Just three years ago, whooping cough tore through a Tallahassee, FL preschool, infecting one out of every four kids. Even their family members and staff came down with the disease in droves.

And the epidemic wasn’t even over before the mainstream started blaming the whole thing on parents who don’t vaccinate their kids.

But it looks like they were dead wrong.

Because a new government report is finally admitting something you never thought you’d hear come out of Uncle Sam’s mouth.

It’s not anti-vaxxers who are causing the dangerous spread of whooping cough all across the country.

It’s the vaccine itself.

A shot of truth

You don’t need to be a doctor or an infectious disease expert to know that the whooping cough vaccine is a dud.

You just need to look at the numbers.

According to the government’s own data, 95 percent of kids are getting the DTaP vaccine, which is supposed to protect them from diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough). But there are more whooping cough cases now than there were in 1955.

In fact, over just the past few years there have been more whoopi...


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


COUNTRY MUSIC FOR CHARITY will be held on Sunday, January 24 at the GV Hotel from 12 noon to 5pm. Guest artist is Fiona McGee with walk up artists welcome backed by Paul Zito’s Band. Entry is $7 and includes tea/coffee. Bistro meals are available. Proceeds go to GV Hospice Care Services. For enquiries, contact Joyce on 0408 218 411.

38 ARMY CADET UNIT SHEPPARTON will be conducting an information night on Wednesday, January 27 at 7pm at The Army Reserve Hall, 112 Sobraon Street, Shepparton for prospective new members 13 to 16 years of age. Prospective new members must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For further information, contact 0481 286 842.

COOL CAT ROCKERS SHEPPARTON INC will be commencing beginners rock n roll dance classes from 7pm to 8:15pm on February 9 at Wesley Hall, Maude Street, Shepparton. No partner is required. An all progressive, friendly social atmosphere. For further information, contact Anne on 0429 956 177 or Kaye on 5821 5465.

COOL CAT ROCKERS SHEPPARTON INC will hold their dance on February 20 at Shepparton High School hall from 8pm. The playing band is Who Was That Cat and there will be break music for partner dancing. BYO supper. Lucky door prizes and a raffle. Pre-book tickets with Kaye on 5821 5465.

NUMURKAH FRUIT AND VEG – TABLE are seeking growers to donate their excess produce to the ‘Fruit and Veg – Table’ and take what they need in return, while also offering produce from the table to everyone who needs it. Located at the Numurkah Visitor Information Centre, anyone can come along during business hours to donate or take produce.

LYMPHOEDEMA: local support and education is available for those diagnosed with either Primary or Secondary Lymphoedema. For further information, contact Jeanette Th...


Renew Economy: AGL says new renewable plants hinge on closure of coal generators "IndyWatch Feed"

AGL formally opens Australia's two largest solar plants, but says future developments depend on an exit strategy for old, highly polluting coal plants.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Suicide prevention "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In June 2013 I put my first Suicide Prevention Advertisement (SPA) in a Barossa newspaper, thinking I would do only one. I’ve just written my seventy-seventh ‘long’ SPA. They’ve gone into local papers now in two states, I’ve had much positive feedback, was nominated (2014) for a national award from Suicide Prevention Australia, and not had one single complaint.

All these SPAs are on my media and information site, along with suicide statistics commencing 1921 and road fatalities from 1970. Also a graph, other relevant figures, the original source of government expenditure figures on national infrastructure and Beyondblue, relevant comment from then minister Catherine King and a chilling call to all Australians from the then CEO of Beyondblue Kate Carnell (2014).

You don’t have to be a Rhodes scholar in emotional mathematics to work out that if our governments spend $5.5 billion/year on infrastructure/road safety for three decades, and yet less than one per cent of this figure, currently a paltry $41m/year on our ‘emotional roads’ (Beyondblue), it’s hardly surprising road fatalities have reduced by 77 per cent while suicides have shown no reduction at all. There are now two suicides for every one road fatality.

Shame on each and every Aussie politician who allows this situation to continue.

I’m looking to get my little SPA messages into as many hearts and minds as possible. They are currently available to any Aussie community for the price of the advertising space, paid directly to the newspaper, not to me.

I’m not a complete stranger to our big circulation print media and ABC Radio National over past environmental and reconciliation issues but when I want to debate prevention policy, their doors suddenly shut very tight.

Tim Barritt, Barossa Valley


The post Suicide prevention ap........


"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Shepparton Adviser: Local bridges to be upgraded in Murray "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

THE Murray electorate has secured $250,000 in funding under Round Two of the Australian Government’s Bridges Renewal Program, which will be used to support vital upgrades of local bridge infrastructure.
Cullens Road Bridge in Euroa will receive a full replacement and come to a cost of $390,000, with $195,000 coming from the Bridges Renewal Program. A 68t bridge will replace the current 10t limit bridge providing access to heavy vehicles and emergency services.
Curries Road Bridge in Euroa will receive an upgrade to re-deck the timber bridge, increasing the load limit from 15t to 30t, with a total cost of $60,000 with $30,000 coming from the program. Nelsons Road Bridge in Euroa will get a replacement abutment to increase the load limit from 2t to 30t, for a total cost of $50,000 with $25,000 coming from the program.
Federal Member for Murray, Dr Sharman Stone said, “It is clear that councils have thought seriously about how well their proposal addresses the objectives of the program and, in many cases, have taken the time to consult with local industry on their needs and priorities.
“These upgrades mean local communities within Murray will have access to safer and more reliable roads. This will not only reduce the time taken to transport freight from farms and local industry, but increase productivity and economic gains.
“These projects were identified as priorities by local government and the works will be managed by the Strathbogie Shire. More on the Bridges Renewal Programme is available online at,” Dr Stone said.


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Rest In Power Michael Marshall – The Latest Victim of Denver Police Violence | "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Rest In Power Michael Marshall – The Latest Victim of Denver Police Violence | This is the challenge facing some communities in Denver, and many communities across the United States. But it’s a challenge they’ve faced before.

In 2010, Denver sheriff deputies pummeled, tasered, and beat Marvin Booker to death in the Denver jail. Why? Booker was a 50-something, Black, slender, unhoused, and beloved street preacher, who dealt with mental health challenges, and he didn’t want to give up his shoes.

Marvin Booker wasn’t a threat. He wasn’t violent. And he didn’t need to be separated from his shoes, which were one of his only possessions.

But in the milieu of discipline and punishment, control of bodies, and the breaking of human spirits, Denver sheriff deputies used such force to separate Booker from his shoes that he subsequently died.

Nobody was reprimanded. Nobody was held to account. If you spend time in Denver’s jail today you may be held under guard by some of the same people who murdered Marvin Booker.


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Glenn Beck Joins Ted Cruz's Horror Show Of Extremist Media Endorsers | Research | Media Matters for America "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Glenn Beck Joins Ted Cruz's Horror Show Of Extremist Media Endorsers | Research | Media Matters for America: Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is campaigning with and celebrating the endorsements of numerous extreme right-wing media figures. They include an anti-choice official who became infamous for "praising the killing of abortion doctors and calling women who have abortions 'murderers'"; a group led by a gun extremist who resigned from a presidential campaign because of links to white supremacists; anti-gay extremists who call being gay "morally wrong," "sexually perverted," and curable; and Glenn Beck.


John Quiggin: Hard cash and climate change: repost from 2005 "IndyWatch Feed"

While thinking about decarbonizing transport, I dug out this old post from 2005. It’s interesting to see how the debate has evolved (or not) since then.

The big change has been that the prospects for technological alternatives like alternative energy sources and electric vehicles have improved dramatically. As regards transport, I don’t see much reason to change the analysis I presented in 2005. Unfortunately, while some progress has been made along the kinds of lines I suggested, it’s been very limited compared to the radical changes in electricity generation. So, we are only at the beginning of the process of decarbonizing transport.

Tim Worstall gets us past that pesky NYT paywall to link approvingly to a John Tierney column arguing that the way to encourage energy conservation in the US is not to fiddle with standards but to raise prices. Broadly speaking I agree. At a minimum, getting prices right is a necessary condition for an adjustment to sustainable levels of energy use. Nevertheless, the rate of adjustment and the smoothness with which adjustment takes place can be greatly enhanced by the adoption of consistent pro-conservation policies, or retarded by the adoption of inconsistent and incoherent policies.

This is as good a time as any to restate the point that, given a gradual adjustment, very large reductions in energy use and CO2 emissions can be achieved at very modest cost. Rather than argue from welfare economics this time, I’ve looked at the kind of adjustments that would be needed to cut CO2 emissions from motor vehicle use (one of the least responsive) and argued that price increases would bring this about over time, without significant pain.

With the price of gasoline in the US passing $3/gallon and most of the remaining sceptics now conceding the reality of human-caused...


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: Stolen Generations: Elder's death renews push for accelerated compensation scheme - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Stolen Generations: Elder's death renews push for accelerated compensation scheme - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): Stolen Generations member Dawn Trevorrow last week passed away from a heart attack at the age of 80. She had previously told the ABC she thought she would die before receiving any compensation.

Hundreds of people crammed inside the chapel for Ms Trevorrow's funeral, so many that some were forced to sit on the ground.

Her son, Mark Elliott said Ms Trevorrow's childhood had a profound effect on her.

"She spent four months in hospital and aged care homes but she was determined to get home," he said.

"Mum grew up in institutions and she wasn't about to die in one."


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": jacksjottings: Conservation Is Not Rubbish. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Want a good tip for the human race.

Want a good tip for the human race.

 Is My Writing Useless Rubbish?

You will not get better than this.

You will not get better tip than this.

 Why make a new New Year Resolution? What was wrong with the old one? Didn’t last years work?

 Entering to the Tip Shop, Hobart Tasmania.

Entering the Tip Shop, Hobart Tasmania. Note the gate made from scrap.

 I suggest there was nothing wrong with it. The fault lay with you. The old one was still ok you just decided you wanted a new one.

It is history now.

It is history now.



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Life in Byron’s squatter camps "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Photo Rudiger Wasser. For more visit

Photo Rudiger Wasser. For more visit

Anna James

The gypsy kids’ campground would be beautiful, if not for the debris.

A baked-bean can, water bottle, and a dog bowl are scattered on the dirt among three deflated tents and piles of soiled blankets. There’s a pink massage claw, a tabloid magazine and liquor bottles.

The squatter camps like this one in the hinterland surrounding Byron Bay are illegal, but easy to find; behind the main strip, Jonson Street, walk a few metres inland, and tents appear. Neon-green, foliage-topped rosewood trees join baby blue sky; the salty summer air steadies and waves tumble nearby.

‘Sometimes the police ask you to move on, only if you’re being disrespectful to nature and trashing the place,’ says 20-year-old Kai, who’s been living out here for three years.

Kai, like the other people interviewed for this article, didn’t offer his last name, as illegal camping is punishable by fine, or worse — disdain from his peers for opening their secret world to the media.

‘At least someone is interested in us,’ says Kai, when approached for an interview.

Kai is a typical Byron Bay gypsy kid; under 25, impassively homeless, and living in a tented community with his peers on the fringes of one of Australia’s richest towns.


The Tally Room: NSW and WA redistributions – updated maps "IndyWatch Feed"

We are now nearing the end of the federal redistribution process which precedes the next federal election.

We had redistributions in New South Wales, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

The AEC has a curious process where they announce the final boundaries but do not provide the maps and data which allow people to see the precise boundaries. This extra information is usually provided about a month later.

In the ACT, the final boundaries were identical to the draft boundaries, so no further maps are necessary (although the final data is expected next week). In Western Australia, the final maps were released yesterday, and I’ll post them further down in this post.

In New South Wales, the final boundaries were announced last Friday, without any maps. In most places it’s reasonably clear what boundaries they were using (although a few were confusing). I’ve done my best to put together a new map – I think it’s likely to be accurate but there may be a few errors (in particular the Hume/Whitlam boundary and the Parkes/New England boundary) and I will update it when the official data is released in late February.

Download the NSW final-ish electoral map.

Download the WA final electoral map.

Download the ACT final electoral map.

Below the fold you can see interactive maps for NSW and WA, although I haven’t added any other data to the maps, just the boundaries.



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Scientific progress a disaster: Hawking "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

British physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking at The Royal Society in London, Britain, in December 2015. He toldl London’s London's Royal Institution that destruction of the Earth by human hand is ‘almost inevitable’. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

British physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking at The Royal Society in London, Britain, in December 2015. He told London’s London’s Royal Institution that destruction of the Earth by human hand is ‘almost inevitable’. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

London, PAA

Scientific progress is almost certain to bring disaster to planet Earth within the next few thousand years, according to top cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking.

He predicts that as new technologies are developed, the number of threats to the human race will increase until some kind of global cataclysm is virtually inevitable.

In the time period before humans manage to escape to the stars, they will have to be ‘very careful’, he says.

Hawking’s warning came during a question and answer session at the BBC Reith Lectures at London’s Royal Institution on January 7.

His prophesy of doom came when a member of the audience asked him: ‘Do you think the world will end naturally or will man destroy it first?’

The professor, research director at Cambridge University’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, replied: ‘We face a number of threats to our survival from nuclear war, catastrophic global warming, and genetically engineered viruses.

‘The number is likely to...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Aussie Day lamb ad pokes fun at vegans "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An advertisement encouraging people to eat lamb on Australia Day criticised for inciting hatred towards vegans has been given the all-clear.

The ad from Meat and Livestock Australia, starring popular SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin and long-time lamb consumption advocate Sam Kekovich, was cleared by the Advertising Standards Bureau during an ‘extraordinary meeting’.

The bureau said in a statement that a scene depicting a blow torch being applied to vegan food was an ‘exaggerated and humorous’ response to alternatives to lamb and did not discriminate against vegans.

The post Aussie Day lamb ad pokes fun at vegans appeared first on Echonetdaily.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Pilliga pushers are sticking around "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Peter Humphriss ws the center of the action this morning. Photo Tree Faerie.

Peter Humphriss, who was the centre of action this morning in Narrabri, prepares for a ‘stick-on’ at the Santos office. Photo Tree Faerie.

Eve Jeffery

After hitchhiking for four days from Broken Hill, 29-year-old Peter Humphriss used superglue to stick on to the Santos offices in Narrabri at around 9am this morning in an effort to highlight the coal seam gas work that is being done in the area.

Protector Peter Humphriss 'stuck-on' the Santos office window in Narrabri. Photo Tree Faerie.

Protector Peter Humphriss ‘stuck-on’ the Santos office window in Narrabri. Photo Tree Faerie.

The 850-well Narrabri Gas Project and the construction of the Leewood facility, which is designed to treat up to one million litres of coal seam gas wastewater and then use it to irrigate crops on site, is a cause for serious concern to the people in the region and others who are worried about underground water.

This is Peter’s first action in support of the land. He says he is distressed by the destruction of the area and water – he fears a future...


Aboriginal News Group Newswire: #Apple, #Samsung and #Sony linked to child labor in #Africa "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Apple, Samsung and Sony linked to child labor in Africa: [] The human rights groups say they traced the supply of the metal to Congo Dongfang Mining (CDM), one of the DRC's biggest mineral extractors. Congo Dongfang Mining is owned by Chinese mining company Huayou Cobalt. Amnesty used investor documents to uncover the supply chain, which involves locally processing cobalt before selling it on to three battery component manufacturers located in China and South Korea.

In total, 16 companies were contacted and asked about their connection to Huayou Cobalt. One admitted to sourcing materials from the company but four could not confirm the true source of the material. Five firms ruled out any connection to the Chinese supplier, even though they were listed as customers in documents released by battery manufacturers, while two denied sourcing cobalt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Community brekkie reopens panoramic Tweed Heads lookout "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


1. A special place for all ages … (from left) Taneesha Buxton, Tweed Heads Historical Society President Joan Smith, Tiani Browning-King (holding Bohdi Browning-King), Work for the Dole team Leader Peter Dillon, Council's Manager Recreation Services, Stewart Brawley, Jackie McDonald, who spoke about Joongurrabah's significance for Aboriginal culture, Work for the Dole Coordinator Chris Muldoon, Council Acting General Manager Tracey Stinson, Tursa representative Lance Penfold, Grant and Lily Buxton and Tweed Regional Museum Director Judy Kean. 2. Frank and Christine Healy were thrilled when Tom Beatson Outlook reopened so they could resume their regular walks to the top of Razorback.

A special place for all ages (from left): Taneesha Buxton, Tweed Heads Historical Society president Joan Smith, Tiani Browning-King (holding Bohdi Browning-King), Work for the Dole team Leader Peter Dillon, council’s manager recreation services, Stewart Brawley, Jackie McDonald, who spoke about Joongurrabah’s significance for Aboriginal culture, Work for the Dole coordinator Chris Muldoon, council acting general manager Tracey Stinson, Tursa representative Lance Penfold, Grant and Lily Buxton and Tweed Regional Museum director Judy Kean. Photo supplied

A community breakfast last Friday celebrated the reopening of the popular Tweed Heads landmark known as Tom Beatson Outlook on the top of Razorback, which has undergone a $100,000 facelift.

The park, with its panoramic views of the Tweed and Gold Coast, was closed last April because of safety concerns abo...


Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research: Port Augusta, South Australia - "flying eggs" - 1947 - witness deceased "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi all,

Thanks to an observant Adelaide individual, I have now found out that Ronald Ernest Ellis, the main witness of the pre Kenneth Arnold, "flying eggs", at Port Augusta in 1947, passed away on 15 July 2008, aged 87 years. He is buried in the Stirling North Garden Cemetery.

The same Adelaide man, also directed my attention to a photograph of Ellis, which I reproduce below.


In another previous post, I advised that I was aware that an Adelaide researcher, whose first name was Mishelle, managed to locate and interview Ellis in 2006. Although a preliminary report was available of this interview, no final report is known. I believe that Adelaide researcher Jeff Fausch, has now located Mishelle. Jeff is awaiting direct contact with Mishelle, to see if we can obtain a more detailed report of her interview with Ellis.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Giving movies the flick "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Flickerfest-2016-Launch-Bronwyn-KiddAustralia’s leading Academy-accredited short-film festival turns 25 this year and, after its premiere at the Bondi Pavilion, makes its first stop on the 50-plus-date tour to Mullumbimby. The Echo spoke with festival director Bronwyn Kidd about this iconic event.

What are the challenges in mounting an event such as Flickerfest?

Always in the arts, arts versus commerce is the biggest challenge and it becomes harder every year to stay true to our vision of independent cinema. Like all arts organisations in an era where there is a multitude of film festivals and events on each week I guess remaining unique and committed to our vision of presenting truly spectacular shorts is one of our biggest challenges. Some of our challenges are in fact in part owing to the festival’s ongoing growth, which is all very positive! With the growth of the festival we get more and more entries to view each year – almost 2,500 for this year’s festival – so getting through the sheer volume of entries to select our world-class competition takes many, many months and loads of manpower from our 50-person-strong industry selection committee! The ongoing growth of Flickerfest’s national tour to 53 venues Australiawide this year also means a lot of effort from a very small team to bring the festival to the far reaches of Australia and we are very much looking forward to bringing the films to our home town of Mullumbimby this year.

Are short films like the green frogs? How is the quality and inno......


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Together we’ll fight IS tumour: Obama "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

US President Barack Obama listens as Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016. Photo AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

US President Barack Obama listens as Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016. Photo AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Washington, AAP – US President Barack Obama is keen to pick Malcolm Turnbull’s brain regarding ongoing efforts to combat the ‘parent tumour’ of Islamic State extremism, following the prime minister’s weekend visit to the Middle East.

Mr Obama on Tuesday (Wednesday morning AEDT) expressed immense gratitude for the strong and steadfast US-Australia alliance at the start of a bilateral meeting with Mr Turnbull at the White House in Washington DC.

‘The friendship between the Unites States and Australia is not only based on commerce and economics, geopolitical interests, but it is also based on an extraordinary affinity of shared values,’ the president told reporters in the Oval Office.

There were very few countries that had as much in common as the US and Australia, Mr Obama said.

He thanked Australia for its hospitality during his past visits and declared he was happy to reciprocate.

‘(But) it’s a little bit colder here than it was Down Under,’ Mr Obama joked in the Washington winter.

The president flagged the pair would discuss globa...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Teen attacked on way to Melbourne’s Midsumma gay festival "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Revellers at the 2015 Midsumma Festival Pride Parade. A teenage boy was bashed on his way to the opening of the 2016 festival on Sunday (January 18). AAP Image/Newzulu/Courtney Biggs

Revellers at the 2015 Midsumma Festival Pride Parade. A teenage boy was bashed on his way to the opening of the 2016 festival on Sunday (January 18). AAP Image/Newzulu/Courtney Biggs

Melbourne, AAP – A teenage boy has been hospitalised after a violent attack on the opening day of the Midsumma Festival, the Victorian capital’s flagship gay and lesbian pride event.

Police say the teen and a friend were making their way to the festival through the Alexandra Gardens on Sunday when he was approached by a man, believed to be known to him, and assaulted.

Numerous passers-by intervened, holding the man so the two teens could leave and report the matter to police.

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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Tax breaks to increase US deficit to $A793 billion "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Washington, RAW

The US budget deficit will grow sharply to $US544 billion ($A793 billion) in 2016 after six years of declines, the Congressional Budget Office says.

The new projection makes it harder for Republicans who control Congress to demonstrate election-year fiscal restraint. Meeting past goals of passing a budget that reaches a surplus in 10 years would now require deeper cuts to politically sensitive benefits programs and perhaps military spending.

The non-partisan CBO said the fiscal 2016 deficit will swell by 2.9 per cent of US economic output from $US439 billion in fiscal 2015.

The deficit peaked at about $US1.4 trillion in 2009 during the deepest recession since the 1930s.

The projected fiscal 2016 deficit is $US130 billion higher than the CBO’s last estimate for this year made in August 2015, a forecast based on tax and spending laws then on the books and an expectation faster US growth would bring in more revenues.

Since then, Congress passed a year-end spending bill that included making permanent and expanding several major temporary tax breaks for businesses and individuals, including credits for research and development expenses, families with children and the working poor.

The CBO’s preliminary estimates, which start Washington’s annual budgeting process, also show that deficits will grow steadily over the next decade, reaching $US1.37 trillion, or 4.9 per cent of US GDP, in 2026. This is due to costs associated with the rapidly retiring baby boomer generation and a downgrade in the budget referee office’s economic projections.

Over the 2016-2025 period, the CBO estimates that the government will add $US8.5 trillion to the federal debt, about $US1.5 trillion more than its August estimate.

CBO said it forecast US real gross domestic product growth this c...


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Queensland police violence – in wrong house according to owner "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Submitted story

Thugs in uniform dealing with the public in Queensland. Did you see the threat posed from that tiny woman being thrown around? What do you think Mr Commissioner, you must be so proud of your officers handling the public in such a way?

Editor: Retired or former police officers have told Cairns News for years that the police trainees are good citizens when they enter either of the two state training academies, but undergo a transformation during their training from having been conditioned to believe the public, whom they are supposed to serve, are the “enemy”. Nevertheless policing is a stressful job and officers continually attending often horrific road accidents takes its toll. It is quite clear that officers at the sharp end do need counselling from time to time. Another policy of the Queensland Police Service  and their union is not to conduct random drug and alcohol testing of operational police.  There is much anecdotal evidence doing the rounds suggesting that police officers should be tested for illicit substance abuse. Every other workplace in Australia, under the OHS policies of each state allows for random testing. Any moves to introduce this reform will be strongly defended by their union and no doubt individual officers.

Another burning issue is the strained relationship between police and indigenous people, including troublesome Pacific Islanders and Maoris. Police every day in Cairns, Townsville and indigenous settlements like Aurukun, have to deal with these people whose inherent desire is to bash a police officer. This festering sore...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Probe into fatal shooting at Sydney police station "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Police officers stand outside of the Quakers Hill Police Station in Sydney on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016, where a knife-wielding man was shot dead by officers. Photo AAP Image/Paul Miller

Police officers stand outside of the Quakers Hill Police Station in Sydney on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016, where a knife-wielding man was shot dead by officers. Photo AAP Image/Paul Miller

Sydney, AAP – A man who was shot dead after allegedly threatening officers with a large kitchen knife in a Sydney police station is yet to be formally identified.

A sergeant with 24 years’ experience fired a single, fatal shot following a short confrontation with the man inside the foyer of the Quakers Hill police station on Tuesday morning.

A 12-year-old boy and several other officers were inside the foyer when the man entered, allegedly threatening the officer.

Police have not yet formally identified the man, believed to be in his 40s, and say his motive is not clear.

Quakers Hill police station will remain closed while investigations continue.

The post Probe into fatal shooting at Sydney police station appeared first on Echonetdaily.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Lismore scores home run with national baseball titles "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Announcing Lismore as the host of the Australia Little League and Senior League Championships until 2020 were (l-r): Lismore shire deputy mayor Simon Clough, Lismore City Council general manager Gary Murphy, Lismore MP Thomas George, Minister for Regional Development John Barilaro, Baseball Australia chief operating officer Justin Drew and Far North Coast Baseball’s Melinda Clark. Photo supplied

Announcing Lismore as the host of the Australia Little League and Senior League Championships until 2020 were (l-r): Lismore shire deputy mayor Simon Clough, Lismore City Council general manager Gary Murphy, Lismore MP Thomas George, Minister for Regional Development John Barilaro, Baseball Australia chief operating officer Justin Drew and Far North Coast Baseball’s Melinda Clark. Photo supplied

Lismore has secured the rights to host Baseball Australia’s junior and senior championships until 2020, bringing more than $13 million into the local economy.

Minister for Regional Development John Barilaro made the announcement at the Albert Park Baseball Complex yesterday morning along with MP Thomas George and representatives from Baseball Australia and Lismore City Council.

The Australia Little League and Senior League Championships championship events will be held from 2016 to 2020 and will generate significant economic benefits, according to Mr George.

‘This is a great opportunity for tourism in Lismore, providing us with an opportunity to showcase Lismore’s accommodation, fantastic restaurants and local attractions as well as attracting visitors to the wider NSW North Coast region,’ he said.



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey dead at 67 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, dead at 67. Photo supplied

Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, dead at 67. Photo supplied

New York, AAP – The Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey has died at the age of 67.

The US band announced the news on its website stating the founding member died on Monday in New York city after complications from a number of illnesses.

‘It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our comrade, Eagles founder, Glenn Frey, in New York City on Monday, January 18th, 2016,’ the band wrote.

‘Glenn fought a courageous battle for the past several weeks but, sadly, succumbed to complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Pneumonia.’

‘The Frey family would like to thank everyone who joined Glenn to fight this fight and hoped and prayed for his recovery. Words can neither describe our sorrow, nor our love and respect for all that he has given to us, his family, the music community & millions of fans worldwide.’

The band included the lyrics of the song It’s Your World Now from the Long Road Out of Eden album along with the announcement.

Frey’s bandmate Don Henley said the guitarist was like a brother to him, regardless of The Eagle’s fractious relationship over their 45-year history and he gave him credit for starting the group.

‘He was like a brother to me; we were family, and like most families, there was some dysfunction. But the bond we forged 45 years ag...


The Watchers » Latest articles: Zhupanovsky erupts sending a plume of ash more than 7 km a.s.l., Russia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Zhupanovsky volcano, Kamchatka, Russia erupted on January 19, 2016, after almost two months of being relatively calm. The explosion sent a plume of ash more than 7 km (22 966 feet) above the sea level, KVERT reported. The ash explosion was observed at 04:36 UTC,...... Read more »


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Aboriginal death in custody ‘swept under carpet’ "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Mourners at yesterday's funeral of Grafton Aboriginal man David Dungay Hill Jnr, who died in police custody, wearing matching memorial T-shirts. Photo Facebook

Mourners at yesterday’s funeral of Kempsey Aboriginal man David Dungay Hill Jnr, who died in police custody, wearing matching memorial T-shirts. Photo Facebook

The funeral of David Dungay-Hill Jr was held yesterday in South Kempsey.

Mr Hill died just before New Year’s Eve at Long Bay under suspicious circumstances. The family understood that he was due for parole in a matter of weeks.

A large funeral procession blocked local traffic for over 100 metres and police were required to direct vehicles.

In a statement, George Newhouse, the solicitor representing the Dungay-Hill family, accused Corrective Services NSW of ‘distracting from the real cause of death’.

‘The family are concerned that Corrective Services NSW may be sweeping their son’s death under the carpet by suggesting that there are no suspicious circumstances or that the death was linked to his medical condition.

‘The events of the day are the subject of a serious police/correctional investigation.

‘Serious questions must be asked of the NSW Department of Corrective Services about their treatment of Mr David Dungay-Hill Jr on that day,’ said Mr Newhouse.

Family members wore matching T-shirts commemorating Mr Hill. Flowers in red, black and yellow were carried by mourners.

Mr Hill’s coffin was decorated with a dot painting motif selected by the family.


The post...


Pesticide Action Network: Our GMO rules need fixing, Mr. President "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Obama talks to farmers

Will President Obama's administration take an honest look at GMO regulations? They're not working. Learn more

Slideshow Category: 


"IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": One of two Queensland Nobel Prize winners born at Atherton 1916 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Letters to editor

Queensland’s first Nobel Prize winner was born in Peeramon (near Atherton) in 1916.  He attended Butcher’s Creek School and later Atherton State School.  In 1923 the family took him to Russia where he continued his education.  He was a distinguished student and he shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1964 for his work on Lasers and Masers.  There has only been one other Nobel Prizewinner in Queensland and that is Peter Doherty who shared the Nobel Prize in 1996.


Alesandr Prokhorov, born at Atherton, Far North Queensland, won the first Nobel Prize for Physics in 1964

I first got to know of Alesandr Prokhorov when I was reading about him as we were setting the questions for a Trivia Night at the Mareeba Bowls Club. We decided to set the information on him as a ‘Who am I’?  The first question was; ‘ I was born in 1916 in Peeramon’.  This was followed by: ‘I shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1964’.   No one in the hall had heard of him and no one won that ‘Who Am I’.  At the end of the evening many people wanted to know his name and Alesandre began his journey from obscurity.  I read in the Tablelander later that a plaque had been placed in Butcher’s Creek School and then later another one had been erected in Atherton Primary School.  It was a lovely outcome to know that Alesandr and his achievements were becoming known in the place of his birth.

I intend further research in this Centenary year of his birth and would be very happy to have help from anyone who knew of the Prokhorov family in Peeramon.

Thank You.

Irene Shanks

Mareeba, 4880




Bill Mitchell – billy blog: The government really is instrumental in creating growth "IndyWatch Feed"

Sometimes one reads a press article that is so obviously misleading that it is hard to know where to start with it. But perhaps the conclusion is the best place to start sometimes. Such is the case of a Bloomberg article (January 15, 2016) – What #ResistCapitalism Gets Wrong – written by American academic Noah Smith. Basically, the article attempts to attribute all of the post-Second World War prosperity to the “free market economy”, which he says is “a term many use synonymously with ‘capitalism’”. By the end of the article we learn that in fact that prosperity does not come from ‘free market’ liberalisation and that strong governments are essential for growth and reductions in inequality. The “boring old mixed economy” where, in Noah Smith’s words “government really is instrumental in creating growth”. Start with the conclusion and read backwards is my advice in this case.

The argument presented by Noah Smith is that “leftist” movements including “the rhetoric of politicians like presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — who proudly declares himself a “democratic socialist” — has revived general interest in the question of which economic system is best.”

He claims that “fall of the Soviet Union and the successful economic liberalizations in China and India would have ended the debate over whether capitalism is the best economic system.”

And he claims that the “support for a ‘free market economy’ … remains high in almost all countries and regions of the globe”.

Note here the use of the term ‘free market economy’ and Smith’s selective quoting of an October 2014 Pew Research Center report –...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Man charged following raid near Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A 32-year-old man was arrested near Lismore yesterday afternoon after police found a large amount of property at his home in Monaltrie, including power and gardening tools, a television and other items.

The man was charged under an outstanding warrant for breaking his parole after Richmond Local Area Command police searched the property at Donlon Road, Monaltrie, at around 3pm.

Inquiries are continuing.

The post Man charged following raid near Lismore appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Catallaxy Files: On the sad passing of Bob Carter, a great scientist and friend "IndyWatch Feed"

From Joe Bast
It is with deep regret that I report the passing of a friend, colleague, and great scholar, Dr. Robert M. Carter. Bob died peacefully in a hospital surrounded by family and friends following a heart attack a few days ago. He was 74 years old.
Funeral arrangements are being made and it will most likely take place on Monday next week in Townsville, Australia.
This is almost unspeakably sad. Bob was the very embodiment of the “happy warrior” in the global warming debate. He was a scholar’s scholar, with impeccable credentials (including a Ph.D. from Cambridge), careful attention to detail, and a deep understanding of and commitment to the scientific method. He endured the slings and arrows of the anti-science Left with seeming ease and good humor and often warned against resorting to similar tactics to answer them.
Bob never failed to answer the call to defend climate science, getting on planes to make the long flight from Australia to the U.S., to Paris, and to other lands without complaints or excuses. He was a wonderful public speaker and a charming traveling mate. He was not an easy man to edit, though – he kept wanting to put unnecessary commas, “that’s,” and boldfacing back into his manuscripts — but the great ones never are.
Bob helped immeasurably with three volumes in the Climate Change Reconsidered series, a series of hefty compilations of scientific research he coauthored and coedited with Craig D. Idso and S. Fred Singer. Just a few weeks ago, he flew to Paris to speak at Heartland’s “Day of Examining the Data” and contributed to the completion and review of another book, Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming: The NIPCC report on scientific consensus.
We honored Bob with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the 10th International...


loon pond: You can visit the lizards of Oz, and check out any time you like, but you can never ever leave ... "IndyWatch Feed"

It's a busy day for the pond, with much to look at, which is why it might seem bizarre to start off with this little tweet ...

The most bias speaker of all time?

Who knew Hewson spoke so badly?

But it was an official communication from a venerable source ...

Of course here's what Hewson actually said ...

JOHN HEWSON: You'll probably have to carry her out in a box. She doesn't think she's done anything wrong. She doesn't see that she's been totally discredited or probably go down in history as a poor mini...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Big Tweed developer fined over Cobaki estate breaches "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An aerial view of Cobaki, a new development near Tweed Heads, which has been the subject of several environmental infractions. Photo Leda website

An aerial view of Cobaki, a new development near Tweed Heads, which has been the subject of several environmental infractions. Photo Leda website

Developers of the Cobaki housing estate on the northern Tweed-Gold Coast border have been slapped with ‘the maximum possible fine for failing to protect environmentally sensitive areas as required by its conditions of approval.’

The Department of Planning and Environment says Leda Manorstead ‘was required to fence environmentally sensitive areas during earthwork activities to protect them from any work associated with construction of Cobaki Estate.’

A spokesperson for the department said that the breach was assessed as having a high impact.

‘The company is now required to pay a $15,000 fine, construct the fence and remediate the affected areas,’ the spokesperson said.

‘The issuing of this fine should serve as a deterrent to all companies in the state…

‘In August last year, the NSW government introduced five-fold increases in penalties for companies that breach conditions.’

This has given NSW the toughest penalties in the country for planning offences, say the department.

‘Companies can also be prosecuted in court for breaching conditions, with the most severe breaches attracting fines of up to $5 million.

‘The department has doubled the number of compliance officers in the field across NSW to monitor and enforce the conditions placed on developments of state significance such as residen...


: Brazilian court suspends operating license for Belo Monte dam "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Construction of the contentious Amazon dam is complete, but a judge now says it can’t begin operating until commitments made to Indigenous groups back in 2010 are met.

The gigantic Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, located on the Xingu River in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, stood just weeks away from beginning operation this week — but the controversial mega-dam, the third largest on earth, has now been blocked from generating electricity by the Brazilian court system until its builders and the government meet previous commitments made to the region’s indigenous people.

Federal court judge Maria Carolina Valente do Carmo in the city of Altamira, in the state of Pará where the dam is located, has suspended the dam’s operating license. It will not be reinstated, she decided, until the dam’s owner Norte Energia SA, along with Brazil’s government, meet a 2014 court-ordered licensing requirement to reorganize the regional office of Funai, the national agency that protects Brazil’s indigenous groups.

Judge Valente do Carmo has...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Where art and nature converge "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Orly Faya’s infused artwork. Photo supplied

An initiative by artist Orly Faya in partnership with local Mindjinbal man Gavin Ivey has produced some stunning images.

Orly says the idea was to ‘… creatively recognise the intrinsic connection between human and earth, specifically in acknowledgement of Australia’s first peoples, the diversity of country, as well as highlighting our shared responsibility to care for country.’

Orly says the first creation took place on December 7 last year at The Pinnacle in the Border Ranges.

‘We awoke at the crack of dawn and with a crew of five people we ventured on a five-hour return trip, to arrive at the tip of The Pinnacle.

‘They were Gavin, his partner Mohammed, Dianna Rivers of the Rainforest Project and filmmaker Sharon Shostak.

‘An extraordinary day took place that we will never forget, an honouring of our first people of Australia, a recognition of the spiritual depth that has been so long hidden beneath layers of Anglo culture.

‘This project requires funding and support to continue. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please contact’

The post Where art and nature converge appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Indian Country Headline News: ‘Re-Pete’ Kaiser Wins Second Consecutive Kuskokwim 300 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Pete Kaiser of Bethel told KYUK Public Radio that his strategy in the 2016 Kuskokwim 300 would be similar to last year’...

Indian Country Headline News: Oregon Militia Nuts Hold Paiute History, Artifacts Hostage "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

This weekend, Burns Paiute tribal chairperson Charlotte Roderique spoke to Indian Country Today Media Network about the...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Minister’s verbal abuse of women a disgrace "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Complaints about Peter Dutton calling a female journalist demeaning names because he was unhappy with the article she’d written about the bad behaviour of his colleague have nothing to do with political correctness (PC).

His verbal abuse is a deliberate tactic used to try and silence women when they dare to speak out.

The PC furphy is continually rolled out by unreconstructed males in an attempt to trivialise the very serious issue of endemic violence against women, which starts with language, then too often, escalates into brutality and murder.

That anyone would try and justify verbal abuse and bad behaviour with the claim that ‘some women actually enjoy an uncomplicated encounter with a famous confident and experienced male’ shows a complete lack of respect and ignorance of appropriate behaviour.

To a modern educated, confident, independent, professional woman, the above translates as ‘I find it highly offensive to be mauled, abused and harassed by repulsive, unreconstructed (usually old) men, and I will not tolerate it’.  Women are no longer the chattels of men to do with as they please.

It speaks volumes about Malcolm Turnbull’s credibility that he tolerates Dutton in the ministry.  Would he have been so tolerant if the demeaning name calling had been directed at his wife or daughter?

David Leser spells it out very clearly in his article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 11.1.16 (see link below)

David is spot on when he asks ‘is it because… a brutal misogyny actually permeates every culture and society in the world?  That burning witches in medieval times and ditching witches (or calling a female journalist a “mad witch”) in modern times, are simply the opposite points on the same spectrum?’

David also quotes Everyman: ‘If you won’...


Earth First! Newswire: 7 Arrested in Solidarity With the People of Porter Ranch "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Seneca Lake civil disobedients on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day express their solidarity with Porter Ranch residents while blocking traffic at the entrance of Crestwood’s gas storage facility in upstate New York. The wind chill was subzero. Photo credit: Colleen Boland.

Seneca Lake civil disobedients on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day express their solidarity with Porter Ranch residents while blocking traffic at the entrance of Crestwood’s gas storage facility in upstate New York. The wind chill was subzero. Photo credit: Colleen Boland.

by  / EcoWatch

In his famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

In that spirit, and as part of the ongoing civil disobedience campaign against gas storage called...


EcoWatch: Bill McKibben: How to Stop the Fossil Fuel Industry From Wrecking Our World "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


In fact, the climactic fight at the end of the fossil fuel era is already underway,...


The Ecologist: Feral 'Roundup Ready' GM alfalfa goes wild in US West "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A USDA study shows that a GM alfalfa has gone wild in alfalfa-growing parts of the West. This may explain GMO contamination incidents that have cost US growers and exporters millions of dollars - and it exposes the failure of USDA's 'coexistence' policy for GMOs and traditional crops.


EcoWatch: IRENA: Doubling Today’s Share of Renewables Would Boost Global GDP by $1.3 Trillion "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


This figure would represent the equivalent of $1.3 trillion in growth—more than ...


The Watchers » Latest articles: Powerful snowstorm causes major traffic disruptions in Japan "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A powerful low pressure field brought heavy snowfall across parts of Japan on January 17 and 18, 2016. Extreme weather conditions caused widespread traffic chaos, and at least 250 people reported injuries while 10 000 were advised to evacuate Nemuro region on...... Read more »


EcoWatch: Denmark Just Set Yet Another World Record for Wind Power "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


“Hopefully, Denmark can serve as an example to other countries that it is possible to have both...


EcoWatch: Heat Absorbed by Oceans Has Doubled Since 1997 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


The oceans have absorbed as much heat in the past 18 years as in the previous...


Global Justice Ecology Project: EU considers excluding gene-edited plants and animals from GM regulations "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Campaign to STOP GE Trees Board Member and Scientific Advisor Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher recently published an article titled, “GM 2.0? ‘Gene-editing’ produces GMOs that must be regulated as GMOs” in tandem with Janet Cotter for The article... Read More

The post EU considers excluding gene-edited plants and animals from GM regulations appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Wake Up World: Instigating Change in 2016: One Small Step "IndyWatch Feed National"

20th January 2015 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World The New Year is a time of change where, often, we contemplate new energies coming into our lives and how we might best instigate change. What does your soul really ache for? This has to be beyond something whimsical and short lived — just ...Continue Reading - Instigating Change in 2016: One Small Step


(We) can do better: Vegetation clearing on days of total fire bans and development in guise of reducing fuel load - public should be concerned "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bearing in mind the recent Crib Point tragedy - a suspected arson attack, with wildlife loss yet to be detailed, one home destroyed and one home damaged plus several sheds destroyed, we have to be more vigilant about how and whether we develop our bushland neighbourhoods more densely. Planning laws allow property owners to remove large amounts of vegetation without permission from their land citing their reason as 'fire protection'. After the vegetation is removed, those property owners may apply to the council for permission to intensify development on the land. Council usually does not deny permission for individual cases. But such individual cases mount up and create a danger which councils and planners may not have seen. The risk is that the granting of denser housing development in a bushland area means that, if there is a fire in the remaining bushland, there will be an increased number of residents needing to evacuate. Increasing population density means that more roads are needed to cope with a fire emergency evacuation. However, densification is being allowed to happen in an ad hoc, case by case fashion, without the building of roads in advance of significant development. No-one is overseeing the total impact.

read more


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Assisted suicide should be legalised "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

There is no better measure of individual freedom than having the right to decide what to do with our own bodies. When the law prevents us from making free choices about our bodies, then we are not really free at all.

For this reason, I believe the legalisation of assisted suicide is long overdue. Opinion polls show more than 80 per cent of Australians are in favour, across all political parties. It is high time governments accepted that their intrusion is not warranted in this deeply personal matter.

That’s why I have introduced a Bill to Parliament that, if passed, would allow the ACT and NT to legislate to allow assisted suicide. Its passage would send a strong signal to state and territory governments to change their laws to reflect public opinion.

Readers have the power to help pass this Bill. I encourage everyone to contact their political representatives and make known their support for giving Australians the right to assisted suicide in 2016.

Senator David Leyonhjelm (Liberal Democrats NSW), Drummoyne

The post Assisted suicide should be legalised appeared first on Echonetdaily.


EcoWatch: World-Renowned Chef Becomes Amish, Opens Off-Grid Deli in Maine "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Chef Matthew Secich moved to Unity, Maine, joined an Amish community and...


EcoWatch: 62 Richest People on Earth Own the Same Wealth as Half the World’s Population "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


"It is no longer good enough for the richest to pretend that their wealth benefits the...


"IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Women falling pregnant or due to give birth after 30 June 2016 are not going to be amused when they realize exactly how much harder their lives might become under the Federal Coalition Government.

Especially when they realize that Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull was a successful barrister who inherited an est. $2 million in the same year his first child was born and, would have little to no understanding of the predicament in which he is placing many low-income families.

University of Sydney Business School,  Women and Work Research Group, January 2016, Prof. Marian Baird & Dr. Andreea Constantin, ...


Earth First! Newswire: Birds Are Going Extinct: Entire Species Are Hanging on by Their Wingtips "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

[EF!J Editor’s note: Keeping birds in cages is not a solution to extinction. Also, the reason why something going extinct is sad isn’t because humans won’t get to enjoy it anymore, it’s because a species no longer exists.]

from Salon

 This originally appeared on Earth Island Journal.

This originally appeared on Earth Island Journal.

A visit to the California Academy of Sciences, located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, speaks volumes about the disaster that has befallen birds with the spread of humanity. A maze of narrow corridors in the scientific collections leads an explorer to the Ornithological Collection. There you will find a cabinet with a sign: “Extinct Birds.” If you look inside, you’ll experience a dreadful moment as you take in
the sight of specimens of species that no longer exist....


No Right Turn: Journalism is not terrorism "IndyWatch Feed"

Back in 2013, David Miranda, the partner of investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, was detained by UK police under anti-terrorism powers while transiting through Heathrow. He was interrogated for nine hours, with no right to legal advice and no right to silence. His laptop, cellphone, and other electronic storage devices were confiscated. The ostensible reason for this was that he was carrying encrypted Snowden material, which could supposedly endanger UK national security. The British government called that "terrorism".

Today, the UK Court of Appeal declared in no uncertain terms that that was bullshit, and declared the law Miranda was detained under incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights:

A key clause in the Terrorism Act 2000 is incompatible with the European convention on human rights, the master of the rolls, Lord Dyson, has declared as part of a court of appeal judgment.


Dyson said that the powers contained in schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act (2000) were flawed. Schedule 7 of the Act allows travellers to be questioned in order to find out whether they appear to be terrorists. They have no right to remain silent or receive legal advice, and they may be detained for up to nine hours.

“The stop power, if used in respect of journalistic information or material is incompatible with article 10 [freedom of expression] of the [European convention on human rights] because it is not ‘prescribed by law’,” the master of the rolls said.

The court ruled that the power was arbitrary as it lacked judicial safeguards. More importantly, it also ruled that terrorism requires intent - that one cannot be a "te...


Wake Up World: Massive Methane Leak in California Forces Residents to Flee Homes, Schools "IndyWatch Feed National"

20th January 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Classified as one of the nation’s worst environmental disasters since the Deepwater Horizon 2010 BP oil spill, a leaking natural gas well above Los Angeles, California, has emitted more than 150 pounds of methane into the environment since October 2015, displacing thousands of ...Continue Reading - Massive Methane Leak in California Forces Residents to Flee Homes, Schools


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Shopping and a bumpy road at Ocean Shores "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

IMG_0890How long will it take the new owners of the Ocean Village Shopping Centre to repair the on-site road that serves as of the main entry points to the complex? (pictured)
It has understandably become a major talking point for locals, for the potholes have become enormous in the last few weeks, creating an unnecessary hazard in the process.
Not only can they cause major damage to smaller vehicles, drivers are now risking collision by swerving back and forth along the narrow access route to avoid them.
Research indicates the complex has an estimated total net income of $1,321,000 a year. Surely there’s some cash in the coffers to make some repairs for the benefit of shoppers who spend their hard-earned there.
Carol Campbell, Ocean Shores


The post Shopping and a bumpy road at Ocean Shores appeared first on Echonetdaily.

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The Ecologist: The EU is helping, not harming, UK fisheries "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

With the EU referendum on the horizon, the Common Fisheries Policy is likely to figure in the debate as an exemplar of EU policy failure, writes Griffin Carpenter. But the much maligned and misunderstood CFP is doing a good job: stocks are recovering, bycatch-dumping is banned, and it may even force the UK to give more quota to small-scale fishers.


Corporate Australia: New survey finds ‘healthy’ smoothies are just as bad as a Big Mac "IndyWatch Feed National"

Lara Bingle with a Boost Juice, a company which has been flagged in a new health survey for its not-so-healthy smoothies.

Rebecca Sullivan
HEALTH experts are warning Australians to be wary of store-bought smoothies, after a survey of 40 cold drinks found some contained more kilojoules than a Big Mac and more sugar than a bottle of soft drink. 
A survey from government-funded health program LiveLighter found smoothies and frappés from Boost Juice, Gloria Jeans and McDonald’s were some of the worst offenders.

To put the following numbers in context, the recommended daily kilojoule intake for adults is 8700kj and the World Health Organisation recommends we consume no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day.
Boost Juice’s ‘Brekkie to Go-Go Super smoothie’ contains 2560kj, 500kj more than a Big Mac (2060kj) and 18 teaspoons of sugar.

The ‘Protein Supreme’ smoothie from Boost’s Black Label range, which is marketed as “premium smoothies with an abundance of nutrition”, contains 2360kj and 12 teaspoons of sugar. The Gloria Jeans ‘Mango Fruzie’, marketed as ‘98 per cent fat free’, contains 31 teaspoons of sugar and 2150kj.

McDonald’s Large...


Earth First! Newswire: Three “Knitting Nannas” Arrested Protesting 850 Proposed Gas Wells in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Cole Mellino / Eco Watch


The three women were detained, charged and then released from the Narrabri police station. Photo credit: Facebook

Three women from Knitting Nannas Against Gas, an anti-coal seam gas group, have been arrested after locking themselves by their necks to the gates of a wastewater treatment plant in New South Wales, Australia.

The women—Angela Dalu, 70, Dominique Jacobs, 51, Theresa Mason, 48—chained themselves this morning to the gates of the Santos Leewood Water treatment plant south of Narrabri. The plant is the proposed site of 850 coal seam gas wells.

“The action today has seen three ladies from the Knitting Nannas Against Gas lock themselv...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox – Marrying Mr Murdoch "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

weddingIt was with some relief that I read of Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall’s engagement. At least now he’ll leave me alone. It wasn’t easy for Mr Billionaire media magnate to settle for second best but he’s not getting any younger. You know you’re getting on when the wedding register includes a will kit. And Jerry Hall is a good choice of partner. She’s clearly used to picking up the underpants of men who seek world domination. But not me. I’ve never liked super-rich men. I’m happy with my simple life. With my uncomplicated bloke. Even billionaires can’t buy love.

This is the first time I’ve told this story, so here goes. Before he proposed to Jerry, Rupert loved me. For the last 18 months Rupert has been driving me nuts, begging to see me. ‘Give a King Maker a chance,’ he texted one night. He was even sending me inappropriate pics of his little bald head. At least I think it was his head. Yes, that’s right. He told me that at 83 he’d started fantasising about living an ordinary life.

And nothing complemented an ‘ordinary’ life more than an ‘ordinary’ woman. He told me I was the most ‘ordinary’ woman he’d ever met. I wasn’t so much flattered as profoundly annoyed. He didn’t want a trophy wife. He said he wanted a woman who could put up the shelf and he could be her trophy husband. A shrivelled giant. He wanted to be the man waiting in the car while I was at bingo, beeping the horn. He wanted to be the man who put the bin out. The man who mowed the lawn. The man who hid in the shed.

You don’t just run into media moguls at Centrelink. No, our paths crossed at a Path of Love workshop. I ca........


EcoWatch: 7 Arrested in Solidarity With the People of Porter Ranch "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"


Seven people declared their support for the residents of Porter Ranch where a...


American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL): Debbie--have you seen... DARK ENERGY by Robison Wells "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

A reader in Indiana wrote to ask me about Dark Energy by Robison Wells, due out in March, from HarperTeen. Here's a review, from Kirkus:

Wells is back with a new sci-fi adventure that comments on U.S. history. 
Half-Navajo Alice loves living in Florida, where every day is sunny and warm. She’s totally unprepared to follow her white, widowed father to Minnesota’s wind-swept snowfields. But when the first ship from outer space crash-lands, as NASA’s director of special projects, her dad absolutely, positively has to be there—which means Alice has to be there as well. Enrolled in a nearby boarding school with very few other students of color, she watches with fascination as the ship finally opens to reveal aliens that look very much like humans. Encouraged by her father to befriend two of the shipwreck survivors, Alice and her roommates welcome them to school. It all seems relatively easy…until the rest of the fleet arrives and starts to hunt for her new friends. Suddenly, nothing is easy, nothing is the same, and nowhere is safe. Wells displays an awareness of the need for ethnic diversity in books for kids. Alice is conscious of the parallels between the aliens’ landing and the arrival of white people in North America; her boyfriend is an Indian kid who’s grown up in the United States. Alice’s breezy narration and short chapters keep the pages flipping. A one-time resident of the Navajo Reservation, Wells discuss...


Earth First! Newswire: Guatemala: A Case Study of What Canadian Mining Corps Leave Behind "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Scott Price / Inter Continental Cry


Photo: Francisco Tiul Tut mourns the burning and destruction of his home in Barrio La Revolucion. On January 8th and 9th, 2007, the Guatemalan Nickel Company, local subsidiary of Canadian Skye Resources, ordered the forced eviction of five Q’eqchi’ Mayan communities around Lake Izabal in El Estor and Panzos, Guatemala (Photo: James Rodríguez/

While much of the controversy surrounding Canada’s extractive industry centers on oil and gas projects like SWN Resources’ drilling plans in New Brunswick, Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline and the widely felt impact of Tar Sands extraction in Alberta, there is a significant lack of debate concerning Canada’s larger and much more influential mining sector.

It’s estimated that 75% of the world’s mining and exploration companies are based in Canada. Collectiv...


Latest News: The Ten Most Ethical Travel Destinations for 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

This year’s list of best developing countries to visit includes Cabo Verde, Mongolia, and Panama


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Bondi Skate Park Bowl-A-Rama "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Australasia’s largest skate event BOWL-A-RAMA will be returning to Bondi Skate Park for 2016, with a fresh look and a brand new partner – General Pants Co. As the only international professional bowl event of its kind, GENERAL PANTS BOWL-A-RAMA promises not only some of the best skateboarding in Australasia, but so too the world. Returning to the iconic location on 20-21 February 2016, the event will deliver a long list of legendary riders, in an exciting new event format and on an even bigger venue footprint.


Attracting an all-star line-up featuring some of the world’s best skaters, the 2016 GENERAL PANTS BOWL-A-RAMA will see one of the most legendary skateboarders of all time, Tony ‘The Birdman’ Hawk, return to defend his back-toback Masters Title wins. Hawk will be joined by international and local skate heroes, Steve Caballero, Omar Hassan, Pedro Barros, Eddie Elguera and many others putting it all on the line.

NSW Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events and Minister for Sport, Stuart Ayres said the 2016 GENERAL PANTS BOWL-A-RAMA promises to be the biggest yet, as it showcases the very best of Bondi Beach in summer.

“I am pleased to see BOWL-A-RAMA back at Bondi for another year,proudly supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW. Since the event began in 2005, it has gone from strength to strength, and 2016 promises to be even bigger, thanks to an incredible line-up of skateboarders and several exciting new features. It truly is a must-see event for any adrenaline sports fan,” Mr Ayres said.



"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": The Gap Year and Beyond: Compass Tour of Victoria "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Over the Xmas break I planned and completed a compass tour of Victoria. It covered Mallacoota and various other spots in the far east of the state, the North East/Central covering the Grampians, Little Desert and Wyperfeld National Park, the far West including Nelson and the The Lower Glenelg National Park as well as a few spots on the way home, and finally the South – Mornington Peninsula. I am finally back at work – resting from all the driving, mozzie bites (and three ticks), early starts and the heat of the desert country. I am already thinking about the end of year trip and what new spots I can discover or visit.

Below are a few photos of the Cabbage Tree Palms from the Cabbage Tree Creek area, located along the Princes Highway on the way to Mallacoota – The Cabbage Tree Palm is Victoria’s only native palm species and are found in a few locations. The picnic ground has a lovely short rainforest walk with many bird and animal species. I saw my first lifer (lifer = first time seeing a bird species) of the trip –  a TopKnot Pigeon.

The Topknot Pigeons are often found in this reserve feeding on the fruit of the palm. I saw a flock of around 10 flying across the reserve – they are a very nervous species and will flush and fly off even when I was quite far away. I will have to try for photos the next time I head to Mallacoota.

Cabbage Tree Palm, Cabbage Tree Creek...


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": onlymelbourne: Melbourne Newsletter No.472 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

View Online What's On this Week | 19 - 25 January 2016 Dining & Drink | Shopping & Business | Things To Do | What's On Tuesday 19th January 2016 to Monday 25th January 2016 A week full of rods, tennis and paddling leading to Australia Day, public holiday full of fun activities and free events on Tuesday 26th January 2016. Love Melbourne MelB Reclink The Great Peninsula Paddle A race between Sorrento & Portsea to raise funds for the Portsea Surf Life Saving Club and Reclink, and raise awareness about people living with disadvantage. When: Sunday 24th of January 2016 Where: Sorrento Boat Club - 3154 Point Nepean Rd, Sorrento Links: Donate | Desktop | Smart Phone Tennis Australian Open 2016 Join the biggest names in tennis as the world’s top tennis players fight it out for the first Grand Slam® title of the year. Federer, Djokovic, Williams and Sharapova – the stars of the sport make Melbourne Park their own as the on-court action and off-court entertainment of Grand Slam® tennis take over the city. Watch all the action of the Australian Open live and free on Channel 7. When: 18th - 31st January, 2016 Where: Melbourne Park Links: Book Tix | Desktop | Smart Phone Hot Rod Heaven Victorian Hot Rod Show 2016 51st annual show will include displays of classical and converted automobiles and the latest Hot Rod information. When: January 22 to 24, 2016 Where: Royal Exhibition Building Links: Book Tix | Desktop | Smart Phone Australia Day 2016 Tuesday 26th January 2016 On the 26th of January each year we celebrate our National Day with a public holiday full of fun activities and free events. The 26th of January refers to the First Landing Day or Foundation Day, in 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip, the first governor of New South Wales, arrived at Sydney Cove. 21 Gun Salute AusFest 2016 | Cider Festival Australia Day at Docklands Australia Day events in Melbourne Australia Day Fireworks at Docklands Australia Day Parade Dandenong Au...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: 1) PUNKS FOR WEST PAPUA INTERVIEW "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

2) Papua ESDM Fine with Freeport Indonesia CEO Resignation
3) Robert Schroeder interim  Freeport Indonesia boss



"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Moodswing Show – Soulful R&B, Nu-Soul and Hip Hop selection "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Selected & Presented by DJ Taline
Aired 19th January 2016 on Eastside Radio 89.7Fm

Tonight’s Moodswing is a soulful blend of R&B, Hip Hop & Nu-Soul.  Tunes from the biggest heavyweights around the world such as Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, The Herbaliser, Alicia Keys & the newcomers Reggie B, Jessie Ware, Sampha and many more.  To hear DJ mixes and previous Moodswing shows with full tracklisting, head to DJ Taline’s profile on MIXCLOUD and for gig/show details, favourite music clips/links and song shares, join my FACEBOOK page.

Upcoming Gigs: Ladies Sessions – First Birthday @ Cafe Lounge on Saturday 31st January more details


Indecision  Sampha
Chamakay  Blood Orange
Keep On Lying  Jessie Ware
Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)  Alicia Keys
Comin’ From Where I’m From  Anthony Hamilton
I Apologise  Reggie B
Stranded On Earth  The Herbaliser
Them Changes  Thundercat, Flying Lotus & Kamasi Washington
Be, I Do  Nightmares On Wax
Finally Moving  Pretty Lights
The Garden  Cut Chemist
Humankind  Alice Russell
100 Yard Dash  Raphael Saadiq
This Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way)  DJ Shadow
Lord Lord  The Herbaliser & Roots Manuva
It’s Love  Jill Scott


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Central Queensland Plane Spotting: Brand New RAAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III A41-212 Does a Missed Approach at Rockhampton Airport Monday "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The run of large Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) transport aircraft conducting airwork around Central Queensland - and specifically Rockhampton - continued in spectacular fashion on Monday 18 January as brand new RAAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster III A41-212 was spotted conducting a missed approach at Rockhampton Airport.  It was using the radio callsign of "Stallion 26" and appeared to fly up from RAAF Base Amberley and return South via overhead Emerald.

A41-212 was delivered the RAAF at Amberley in early November and is the newest member of RAAF fleet of eight C-17s.

Thanks Kayanne for capturing these great photos as the massive C-17 approached Rocky!

All photos taken by Kayanne Hardsman  ©


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Central Queensland Plane Spotting: Cloncurry Based PC-12 VH-MDH - Plus a Few Other Lighties - Also Call into Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

A couple of interesting light General Aviation (GA) aircraft have been noted calling into Rockhampton Airport over the last couple of days including Cloncurry-based Pilatus PC-12/47E VH-MDH which was spotted resting on the Rocky Airport GA Apron after arriving from Devencourt Station and Kierawonga Airport on Thursday 14 January.

On Friday 15 January VH-MDH departed back to Devencourt.

Meanwhile, also on Friday 15 January, Julia Creek-based Beech A36 Bonanza arrived at Rockhampton from Emerald, Consolidated Pastoral Company Beech 95-B55 VH-KET arrived from Tartrus before later departing to Archerfield, and Wolff Aviation Hawker Beechcraft C90GTi VH-VWG arrived from its Toowoomba base.


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": Will Type For Food: From the 10 habits of highly effective Business-Bonobos... "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

... 11. The Business-Bonobo knows the value of money well. As soon as he or she comes into a little money, they roll all over it to ensure their pheromones are all over their savings. Also acceptable: pissing, spitting, shitting on the money. This way, potential competitors are deterred from taking a share.

12. A Business-Bonobo is never without their banana telephone. That way, they can stay in touch at all times with other Business-Bonobos. Also, they're good for snacks.

13. Work disputes are easily resolved. Sex. Also, disputes with technology. Sex. Also sexual feelings for fellow department members. Sex, obviously. Also H & S disputes. Sex. Sex. Sex....


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": Practising Simplicity: simply practical : wash the windows "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

I've procrastinated about washing the windows for about six months. In that time flying ants and summer bugs have been caught in window webs and the salt air, while good for the lungs, has left a chalky residue on each pane.

You would think that these glorious old windows, that we look out of each day, deserve the very best treatment. But, no. Because in the family home the cleanliness of the windows isn't exactly a priority. In fact, the only reason I cleaned them is because the front room of my home is turning into a photography studio for the next two days and dirty windows don't make for pretty backdrops.

It was hot today and as I washed and scrubbed and sweated and fought with the flyscreens (a different shape and size for every window because.....old house) I realised that a dedicated window cleaning session doesn't really take that long. Soapy water, a sponge, an old towel and some newspaper and you've got yourself some mighty clean glass.

Is there anything more pleasing than clean, sparkling windows? I'm not sure there is. And perhaps what is most satisfying about the result is that it can't be undone as quickly as the walls or the floors or the bedrooms. Because Percy is nowhere near reaching the windows and Che and Poet wholeheartedly understand the importance of looking and not touching (for the next two days, at least).

I'm going to go as far as saying that the entire house looks cleaner because of the windows. And they aren't even rose-coloured!

So, wash your windows. Or better yet, get your kids in on...


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": Will Type For Food: Today, I observed a sporty girl bear an oversized test tube containing what looked like water with what appeared to be pond scum in the top of it "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Today, I observed a sporty girl bear an oversized test tube containing what looked like water with what appeared to be pond scum in the top of it. She took a pointlessly big plastic straw, and proceeded to stir the appeared-to-be-pond-scum into the what-looked-like-water, and then plonked the straw right in and took a big contented slurp.

Our interest in health has given the world some very disturbing foods in the past hundred odd years, but none, I submit, quite so disturbing as a test tube full of appears-to-be-pond-scum on top of what-looks-like-water. The adage 'If it tastes good, it can't be good for you' these days seems to submit itself to some flexibility these days: 'If it tastes yuck and looks disgusting, it must be brilliant for you', perhaps. Certainly, I never thought I would see the day when people would present themselves in front of me drinking gigantic beakers full of pond scum. What happened to friendly old men drinking unknown substances out of brown paper bags, for heavens' sakes?

I blame Tony Abbott. Or Malcolm Turnbull. Or Daniel Andrews. Or whoever it is one blames for such things at the present time. Whatever. I blame them all.


: When official reports obscure as well as explain: An analysis of the report on Cockburn Sound mass fish deaths "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Department of Fisheries has released the report of its investigation into the massive fish die-off that occurred in Cockburn Sound in late November and early December 2015. Over 2000 fish and 15 species died. An earlier piece I wrote on the environmental crisis is here and here. However, like many official reports, the Fisheries […]


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Central Queensland Plane Spotting: RAAF Challenger 604 Bizjet A37-002 Calls into Maryborough Airport Monday "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

On Monday 18 January, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet A37-002 called into Maryborough Airport.  On this occasion, it was noted to be using the radio callsign of "Consort 90".

No doubt A37-002 was involved with transporting local Federal Government member and Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss most likely from his Wide Bay (Fraser Coast) electorate to parts unknown.

File photo taken by David Geck  ©


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Geelong": Bluestone Magazine: Women’s art prize unveils guest judge "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

he new director of the Warrnambool Art Gallery Vanessa Gerrans will judge this year’s South West International Women’s Day Art Prize. Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West, which is organising the prize for a second year, said it was delighted to secure Ms Gerrans as this year’s judge for the event, following in the […]


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Cosmic cycles, not carbon dioxide, control climate. "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


Cosmic Cycles Control Climate

by Viv Forbes, Science writer

Those who think a war on carbon energy will lower Earth’s temperature need to study climate history.

Temperatures on Earth dance to a cyclical rhythm every hour, every day, every month, every season, every year, and to every beat of the sun-spot and glacial cycles.

These cycles interact to produce a wide range of ever-changing temperatures. Even at the same moment, temperatures vary dramatically from the equator to the poles and from the surface to the stratosphere. For would-be climate “managers” to claim they can calculate a mythical “global temperature” with precision greater than thermometers can measure is statistical nonsense.

It is even sillier for people who cannot accurately forecast next weekend’s weather to claim they can regulate the temperature of the globe by bashing industry and taxing carbon.

What is the role of carbon dioxide in climate? Al Gore did a great job to dramatise the recurring glacial cycles revealed by ice cores in his widely acclaimed work of science fiction. But he missed two inconvenient truths.

First, ice cores show that in the glacial spring-time the temperature rose BEFORE the CO2 levels rose. Therefore the rising CO2 cannot be a CAUSE of the warming – it is a RESULT of CO2 being expelled from the warming oceans.

Second, at the top of every warm cycle, high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere were unable to prevent Earth from cooling into the next cycle of ice.

We are fortunate to live in the Holocene Epoch, the latest warm phase of the Pleistocene Ice Age. The climate history of the Holocene, and its predecessor the Eemian, are well documented in ice core logs. These show that today’s warm Greenhouse Earth is probably nearing its end. It will be followed by Icehouse Ea...


Bill Mitchell – billy blog: Europe’s future is bleak with an ageing population and policy failure "IndyWatch Feed"

I read an interesting article that was published on December 18, 2015 by the Center for Global Development, which is one those centrist-type research and advocacy organisations that lean moderately to the right on economic matters. The article – Europe’s Refugee Crisis Hides a Bigger Problem – discusses what it considers to be “three population related crises”, two of which at the forefront of public attention (because they are moving fast) – the “refugee crisis” and the “terrorism crisis”. The third is “Europe’s slow moving and in inexorable ageing crisis”, which is largely being ignored in the public debate. The article provides a basis to link the three crises together – in the sense that “Europe actually needs millions of migrants a year to mitigate its ageing crisis”. While I have some sympathy with the article, there are many omissions that reflect the bias of the author. Two major issues – mass unemployment and productivity growth are ignored completely. The emphasis in the article is on whether the public sector can afford not to bring in more people to offset the ageing of the EU28 population. That emphasis discloses the bias of the author and diminishes the strength of the article.

The article argues that under “UN “zero migration” variant population projections by 2050, the labor force aged (15-64) population shrinks by 62 million in core Europe”, which is a substantial shift in 35 years in the composition of the population.

The other aspect of this shrinkage in the labour force is the projected rise of 45 million in the over 65 year age bracket.

The article says:

Never has the combination of fertility changes and improvements in longevity produced such dramatic inversions of the demogra...


Independent Australia: Just like starting over: Who will help reform NSW Labor? "IndyWatch Feed"

Just like starting over: Who will help reform NSW Labor?Luke Foley is not the leader to take NSW Labor to the next election, says Peter Wicks — so who is? read now...


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": Katter urges PM to save Queensland Nickel "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Queenslanders living in an economic backwater

19 January 2016: Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has written to the Prime Minister today urging him to intervene in the situation concerning Queensland Nickel and provide bridging finance to the company until the market recovers.

The company employs nearly 1,000 direct jobs and according to Mr Katter is now in grave jeopardy unless the Government intervenes.

Mr Katter said in his letter to the Prime Minister that the industry was going through the standard ‘boom and bust’ cycle.

“For the past fifteen years the price of nickel has averaged $25,000 per year, it is now $8,000 per year.

“China is suffering a normal ‘boom and bust’ cycle; minerals live with a ‘boom and bust cycle’.

“Nickel is used in the production of stainless steel and in turn these alloys are used in the production of many electronics, power tools, transport and emergency power supplies.

“Nickel is of immense commercial value. Its long term outlook is solid.

“World bank projections are for $20,000 per tonne within the next few years,” Mr Katter said.

Clive Palmer says the placing of Queensland Nickel into receivership has “nothing to do with me.”

Mr Katter said that in the 1980s the Queensland Government had no hesitation in providing a loan guarantee for $40 m (the equivalent of nearly $100 m now) to get Queensland Nickel running.

“The tax revenue from an operation bringing, we are informed $800 m per year, generates a tax revenue of at least $200 m.

“The loss of one of the bigger nickel refining plants in the world would be yet another blow...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Council volunteer should be congratulated, not vilified "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Where is the justice? A volunteer who has saved council thousands of dollars in potential wages through her hard work and dedication to a community project as a member of a S355 committee has a code of conduct penalty slapped on her for a perceived trivial offence. Meanwhile two councillors who got away with throwing shoes into the gallery at a council meeting and contacting a builder during a tender process undoubtedly breached the code of conduct.

One of these councillors is let off with a slap on the wrist with no case to answer. One wonders what the outcome would have been had Angela Dunlop been given the equal opportunity to have had her case assessed by council reviewer, Gary Faulks, instead of GM Ken Gainger.

The inequity is astounding. The code clearly needs reviewing in order to provide some modicum of justice for volunteers. If certain council staff had carried out their duties effectively as we, the general public, have a right to expect, and had responded to Ms Dunlop’s reasonable questions in a timely manner this situation could have been avoided.

In her capacity as chair of the S355 committee and manager of SGB Community Centre Ms Dunlop worked tirelessly on the hall renovations project to achieve a remarkable outcome. I would even go so far as to say that our hall is one of the most outstanding halls in our Shire now because of Ms Dunlop’s attention to detail and research while keeping an eye on the budget. Our residents can now boast a community centre to be proud of and Ms Dunlop should be congratulated, not vilified.

Why would you want to be a volunteer for Byron Shire Council when this is the gratitude one gets?

Kathy Norley & the SGB Community Centre S355 committee members, South Golden Beach


The post Council volunteer should be congratulated, not vilified...


Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research: More reports from Project Newsprint - Victoria "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hi all,

So far, today, I have heard about the following sightings:

November 2005, Mildura

"I was driving home one night on the Calder Highway between Mildura and Merbein West. I noticed in the north west region of the sky , at what I estimated to be a 45 degree angle four bright orange/red stationary orbs of light, estimated three times the brightness of a star or planet.

What struck me immediately was the quality of light they produced unlike any aircraft light I have ever seen. They gave me the impression of being more of an energy or a plasma, than an ordinary electric light if that makes sense.

I pulled over to the side of the road and got out of my car to get a better grasp of what I was seeing. As I watched, at different times to one another they would slowly fade in brightness to a small point of white light, barely visible. Within seconds they would start to gain brightness and intensity again, glowing back to a bright orange/red orb.

Courtesy Google maps.
This went on for a while, fading in and out at different times. Right when I thought that wa...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: Nag Nag Nag festival "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Words can't really describe the energetic rigour we applied to enjoying this two-day line-up of bands and booze. Thankfully Philippa was there to shoot the intangible: a bloody great time.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Don McLean on track for Bluesfest despite arrest "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Don McLean at the NYCB Theatre, Westbury, USA, in 2013. Photo Wikipedia

Don McLean at the NYCB Theatre, Westbury, USA, in 2013. Photo Wikipedia

Don McLean’s upcoming tour of Australia is not in jeopardy, despite his recent arrest on a misdemeanour domestic violence charge in the US, according to Bluesfest director Peter Noble.

McLean is due to come Down Under in March to perform at the Byron Bay festival and has several sideshows locked in across the country.

The American Pie singer was arrested on the misdemeanour domestic violence charge in Maine and posted $US10,000 ($A14,625) bail early on Monday at the Knox County Jail.

But according to Noble, McLean’s arrest wasn’t for a physical assault but merely over an argument.

‘It’s a storm in a teacup,’ Noble told AAP.

According to Noble, McLean’s agent contacted him with an update on the situation.

‘There was no assault of any kind, they had an argument and someone in the house has called the police,’ Noble said.

‘No assault, nothing physical. Married people and couples and all sorts of people argue loudly all the time, but just like in Australia, under an AVO, the police are required to do a misdemeanour, which means a very minor charge.

‘Nobody’s career should be damaged as a result of having an argument with his wife,’ he added.



"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: History Carnival is coming soon!! "Twilight Over Berlin" German art 1905-1945 "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

I will be hosting the History Carnival for January 2016. Although all history blog posts may be nominated and will be welcome, my theme will The History of the Visual, Musical, Performing and Literary Arts. You can find the nomination form here which will need to be submitted by 31st Jan.


Twilight Over Berlin, which continues at the Israel Museum Jerusalem until 9th March 2016, is an important exhibition for people wanting to understand modern German art (1905-1945). Some of the material in this blog post has come directly from the New Media Dept of the Israel Museum - many thanks.

My favourite German art started with the establishment of Weimar Republic and of the Bauhaus (both in 1919), as you can see in the post on the London Exhibition of German Art in 1938. But Expressionism actually started earlier in Germany. Expres­s­ionist artists strove to overcome the rigid traditions of the states’ art academies, as well as the Impressionists' naturalistic rendering of transient phenomena. The new style, which flourished in the German-speaking nations from 1905 on, was characterised by distorted forms, sharp colour contrasts and rapid brush strokes.

German society in the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II (1888–1918) was seen by many as authoritarian and ossified, so freedom-loving intellectuals wanted it radically transformed. Several groups of German artists organised exhibitions of avant-garde art to break away from the established academies. Die Brücke/Bridge was a group of Expressionist artists founded in Dresden in 1905. Influenced by late medieval German art, the Brücke painters created unrefined figur...


"IndyWatch Feed Tas": Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation: Will Hodgman twists the facts "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Media Release  19 Jan 2016


In this evening's media release under the banner and authority of Premier Will Hodgman but purporting to be from backbench novice Joan Rylah, the premier has striven to twist the facts.

First, his implication that logging is the best option for jobs is patently wrong. Tourism and hospitality based on Tasmania's wildlife and scenery produces many more jobs than logging. His conservative Liberal agenda is anti-jobs.

Second, it was the Hodgman government, including novice Rylah which moved the goalposts when it voted down the Tasmanian Forest Agreement. Having destroyed that agreement they look pathetic continuing to claim that those who signed it should stick to it.

Third, Lapoinya was selectively logged decades ago and the native forest is regrowing. Now the premier has licensed clearfelling and burning in order to deliberately destroy the native forest and its wildlife including threatened species like the unmentionable giant Tasmanian freshwater crayfish.

Fourth, this is not sustainable forestry, it is the utter destruction of 49 hectares of ancient Tasmanian forest ecosystem and its wildlife against the dismissed wishes of the local residents.

If Premier Hodgman would like to debate his job-losing, economically irresponsible environmental vandalism by coming from behind Ms Rylah's cover then I would be very happy to take him on - for Tasmania's sake.

Bob Brown.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney": All in the Name of Liberty: We know what "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

We know what kinda shit goes on and we don't forger 

But for. Now , we prefer to play with colours rather than mud 
For the moment u don't take seriously our individual attempts for real freedom of expression and u even Use us and our media as baits for other poor silly buggers that think of West as the land of the Free ......
And , Good , Great ! This is good 
We want u to see us as a Non serious danger because We know what happens  when u do ( Mc Arthy -ism ) happens 
  This is Now 
But. Nothing is static , Everything flows 
   The " static electricity " think is a great mistake  Mismomer 
Electrons run to in the state of electrons called static 
The whole , Flows 
Energies are in constant motion and the Natural state of all is in constant change 
Life changes continuously and the fads  come and go
We know it 
U know it 
U try your best to avoid or at least soften or take some control over your Unavoidable Fall 
U are in Free Fall now and u know it 
This is why we see u opening your parashuites , para-fives and para-military tools all over the world .
Desperate attempts to soften the Landing
So , this is why we are content in painting the colours the sounds and the odor of your long defeat 
Observe how the mighty fall , how the petty aspire power and how all together embraced In a Crasy colourfull dance drug each other down into the Abyss of Unexistance by self anihilation .
Bon voyage ! 


: Bastardry in Australian migration – particularly in relation to disability "IndyWatch Feed National"

“Disability is often framed, in medical terms, as the ultimate disaster and certainly as a deficit.” – Stella Young. I have written often of the sheer bastardry of the rules and regulations pertaining to migration into Australia and particularly in the disability sector. Many cases have been highlighted which demonstrate the hypocrisy we practice in […]


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": Motorbike Writer: Strapless VOZZ Helmet price announced "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Australian-designed and owned VOZZ Helmet with a unique system that rids the helmet of a chin strap will cost $888.

The tri-composite VOZZ RS 1.0 Helmet splits in two and is hinged at the top with a rear shell opening that makes it easy to put on and take off, even while wearing glasses.VOZZ Helmet

The chin strap is replaced by a fully adjustable chin cup so you don’t have to take off your gloves to fasten it.

The helmet was launched in December and the price has only just been released. For $888 you also get a carry bag and a tinted visor.

Australia and New Zealand approve helmets in sizes medium and large are available now, but riders with S, XS, XL and XXL heads will have to wait until April 2016.

European (ECE) and North American (DOT) stock in all six sizes from XS to XXL will be available in late April.VOZZ Helmet

VOZZ is yet to announce their dealers, but as they are appointed, they wil...


"IndyWatch Feed Qld": "IndyWatch Feed Capricornia": A Snail's Eye View: Nature Photo Challenge #3: Tropical Rockmaster "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Every now and then, I stop railing against the uselessness of most common names and revel in the better ones.

This a tropical rockmaster (Diphlebia euphoeoides). It lives in the tropics and it perches on rocks. Also branches, cars and hats. But mostly rocks. 

On a twig-shaped rock

Tropical rockmasters are the most abundant damselflies on this property. On sunny days, it seems as if every vantage point is occupied by one of these blue males or golden females waiting for insects to come within range.

There are five species of Diphlebia in eastern Australia and they are distinguished by the relative proportions of blue and black on the abdomen on the male.

CSIRO publishes an excellent guide to Australian odonates.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Bolt Hole: Unique new Byron bar and restaurant "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

The Bolt Hole is a unique new Byron Bay bar and restaurant that has just opened near the Byron Surf Club, at the beach end of Fletcher Street. Fitted out with green Chesterfields, a six-metre tarnished-copper bar, reclaimed materials and its own imported wood-fired barbecue smoker, it’s the first bar in Australia to serve tinnies exclusively.
Yes, that’s right, no beer taps impinging upon the aesthetics of the bar and no bottles.
This is the sort of place with 40 different gins on offer, a huge range of 69 whiskies and other ‘artisanal spirits’. If you fancy a vintage gin from the 1960s, this is the place to go. So, as you can imagine, the beer options for tinnie drinkers are not restricted to ‘green can versus yellow can’; craft beers such as Newtown’s Young Henrys and Melbourne’s Mountain Goat are served alongside craft beers in cans from throughout the world.
The bar has been created by Chris Mills (‘Millsy’), creator of multi-award-winning Sydney bar The Barber Shop (yes, right again; a traditional barber shop combined with a cocktail bar). It has a slightly American vintage theme with references to hunting, steam trains and nautical escapades (the logo features an octopus with a monocle and a moustache).
But Chris didn’t come to Byron with the idea of creating a bar. A yoga practitioner for the last nine years, he moved to Byron a year ago with a yoga studio in mind; however, those plans were derailed by the birth of a child. ‘Byron’s such a great place to raise a child,’ said Chris, who was also conscious of previous businesses at the Bolt Hole’s location. ‘We cleared the previous energy in the building and set our intentions for the future in a blessing ceremony, while drinking cacao and chili to open our hearts.’
The recycled timbers have come from the backpackers across the road, and an old surf shop, which brings us to the eco-friendliness of tinnies.
‘Bottles have six times the carbon footprint of a can, when you con...


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Listen to the Zac Saber Single “Soak Up The Sun” "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Image Courtesy of Zac Saber I had the pleasure of stumbling across Melbourne singer-songwriter Zac Saber at the start of the year and I’ve fallen head over heels for his music. Saber’s new single “Soak Up The Sun” hit the internet last week and it’s stunning – a spartan arrangement focused on Zac Saber’s heartbreaking […]


Catallaxy Files: ACCC opposes consumer interests and markets reappointment for its Chair "IndyWatch Feed"

Long standing ALP notable, Rod Sims, continues on his pursuit of reappointment to the Chair of the ACCC.  This SMH  piece begins, “Competition tsar Rod Sims has vowed to crack down on inflated petrol prices, warning retailers need to trim up to 7¢ a litre at the pump”.

A public warning like this must surely appear on the regulators’ web site.  But it is absent – the journalist was given an exclusive by the regulator as a means of ensuring prominence to an article that paints the ACCC boss as a crusading knight there to protect the consumer from ruthless price-gouging oligopolies.

Actually, the only recent posting on petrol on the ACCC website is a press release that is said to resolve a dispute between the ACCC and five retailers  concerning the retailers’ subscription to a service that provides hour by hour information on the retail petrol prices being offered in different regions.  The service, by Informed Sources, allows cost savings since, previously, the petrol retailers each had people employed constantly phoning gas stations to determine each one’s retail price.  Far from being anti-competitive, like a market stallholder constantly listening to the prices her rivals are shouting out to customers, such activity is pro-competition.  However, subjected to harassment from an over-provisioned government agency, the parties apparently agreed to conditions whereby anybody wanting the information gets it free.  While this might be handy for the highly price-conscious travelling consumer, the provision will make it difficult for Informed Sources to charge for the service as a result of free-rider conduct.

However, the resolution announcement appears to have been premature since the parties are now back......


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Star: Dental fund refreshed for new school year "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

SOUTH Gippsland parents have been reminded to take advantage of government funded dental check ups for children before the school year begins.
Eligible children aged two to 17 years can receive up to $1000 worth of dental treatments over two years, through the Federal Government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) delivered by Medicare.
With the CDBS available at Inverloch Family Dental and Rapid Response Dental in Leongatha, practice director Dr Taehee Lee said the scheme had been immensely popular since the first funding round launched in 2014.
“January is always a really opportune time to get your children in for a check up, because even the most organised parents can let things slip once the school year begins,” Dr Lee said.
Patients who became eligible for the two year CDBS in 2014 have had their $1000 fund renewed on January 1, 2016. For those who became eligible in 2015, their fund will be renewed in 2017.
“With a fresh round of funding now available to eligible families, we’re expecting the incredible demand for the service to continue in 2016, so we encourage families to book their oral health check-ups soon,” Dr Lee said.
He said the CDBS covered a range of important dental services including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fillings and extractions.
“The response to the program in the past two years has been huge. We’ve had parents from across South Gippsland bring their children in to the clinics,” Dr Lee said.
“Some have been regulars at the clinics and some have introduced their children to dental for the first time. The program is having a really positive effect on our children’s oral health. It’s great to see.”
Increased demand for the service prompted Inverloch Family Dental to upgrade its equipment, purchasing new dental chairs and state of the art decay detecting digital camera.
Having worked closely with children and their parents throughout the scheme’s first two years, Dr Lee sai...


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Star: IGA all the way with the CFA "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

WHAT a difference a day makes at IGA.
Personnel representing CFA brigades across the district were at Michael’s Supa IGA in Leongatha on Thursday morning to receive cheques from the supermarket’s Community Chest benefits program.
Had the handover been scheduled for the day before, with the whole state on high alert with temperatures soaring beyond 40 degrees, it would have been postponed.
All hands were on deck with CFA teams on call and the Incident Control Centre in Leongatha fully manned by a management team of 20 people.
Michael’s Supa IGA store manager Chris O’Leary’s handover of funds was a timely reminder of the close knits that keep us safe when confronted by one threat or another, in this case the danger of bushfire.
The supermarket donated cheques totalling $2907.36 to the five CFAs thanks to supporting customers purchasing Community Chest lines.
Carly Hurst of the Leongatha South CFA said the $169.53 would help finish off the facility’s breathing apparatus room.
She said, “On behalf of the Leongatha South CFA I would like to thank all of the staff at IGA as every dollar helps.”
Andrew Kay of Leongatha CFA said, “IGA is always helpful to us in so many ways including the regular sausage sizzles we hold in front of the store.”
Their colleagues from Ruby and Pound Creek were just as thankful for the tremendous contribution IGA makes to the CFA, and therefore, to the whole community.
Allen Archbold of the Pound Creek CFA said it was thanks to IGA’s continued support over many years that equipment has been purchased, such as a diesel engine that fills three tankers at the same time and in three minutes.
“This equipment is vital in protecting the community from fire,” he said.
Nationally, IGA’s community chest program has raised over $70 million.
The money is raised in a number of ways but predominately through the purchase of products with an IGA Community Chest logo on the label s...


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Star: Shop smart for school "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

STUDENTS need look no further than Leongatha Officesmart for everything they need to get back to school.
“It is a busy time of year for us and for families with school students,” manager Dean Watchorn said.
“Our dedicated staff is more than happy to help get families organised before they go back to school in first term.”
Leongatha Officesmart offers a wide range of school supplies from notebooks and stationery to organisers to help every student in the class.
“We supply students from Prep to Year 12 with any school books they require, so it really is the one stop shop for the whole family,” Mr Watchorn said.
“We accept any book lists and are happy to pack and supply school supplies for any orders. Parents and children can rest assured knowing we can take some of the stress out of heading back to school.”
Leongatha Officesmart stocks a range of calculators, dictionaries, pens, binders and lunchboxes to suit every student across the curriculum.
“We stock a wide range of school products that all students need. We have the essential exercise books and pens through to art supplies and visual diaries,” Mr Watchorn said.
Leongatha Officesmart also stocks a range of office furniture and accessories to build the perfect study space away from the classroom, with everything from the perfect desk to the most comfortable study chair available in store now.
“We work hard to stock office items for everybody, for all of their studies,” Mr Watchorn said.
“We employ locals and in return the local schools support us. We endeavour to meet the needs of both local students and businesses.”


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": The Thousands: Sydney: The Rhythm of the Night: 90s' Girl Groups vs Boy Bands "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys? TLC or Boyz 2 Men? Who had your back all throughout the 90s'? Girl Groups or Boy Bands? Plan B Small Club tests your allegiance with this once a month tribute to the 90s' with DJ Levins, G Coo, Matka and FlexMami. Let's be real though, choosing is probably impossible.


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Star: Act now on water "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

IN the current dry conditions, Southern Rural Water is reminding farmers to talk to its staff about water options sooner rather than later.
“Most of our staff live and work in rural communities, and we understand the stresses of dry conditions at a very personal level,” general manager groundwater and rivers Craig Parker said.
“The most successful tactic in dry times is to not assume it will rain before your water runs out, and plan for low water supplies before it becomes inevitable.
“As water becomes scarce, services like carting water and building new dams or bores can become more expensive and contractors harder to get.
“Planning now may reduce the cost and lost of productivity in dry times.
“We are keen to help as much as we can and we would urge farmers to talk to us about short and long term options well before they run out of water.”
Mr Parker said one of the best options for many farmers in the short term was to consider water trading.
“We have a free online register, Watermatch, for anyone wishing to buy or sell water licences, and we are now actively encouraging those who are not using their water for the summer to consider either a temporary or permanent trade to those who need it,” he said.
“A temporary trade can just be for a single year and means you do not lose your water licence. A permanent trade can provide a good one-off income.
“If you have questions about trading water, one of our field or office staff would be more than happy to talk you through it.”
Staff can also help people find their nearest emergency water supply point.
Mr Parker reminded anyone looking at improving longer term water supply options, such as building new dams or bores, they need to discuss licensing requirements with Southern Rural Water first.
“Bore application licences are now available online for a much lower cost, and in most instances can be approved almost instantly if they are for stock...


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Star: Vealers standout in bigger yarding "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

There were approximately 2300 export and 700 young cattle penned, representing an increase of 1500 head week on week.
There was an almost full field of buyers present and operating in a solid market.
Quality was good in 1400 the steers and bullocks, however the young cattle were quite mixed with secondary and plainer cattle throughout.
Competition was solid for grown steers and bullocks, as well as the better end of the manufacturing steers.
Trade cattle sold mostly firm, with a few vealers selling at higher prices, while some plainer light weight young cattle struggled to attract competition.
Heavy weight vealers suited to butcher orders sold from 274c-309c/kg. Yearling trade steers made between 284-298c/kg.
Yearling heifers to the trade sold between 250c-289c/kg.
Grown steers, sold firm to 5c dearer, making from 272c-304c/kg. Bullocks sold from 280c-296c/kg. Heavy weight Friesian manufacturing steers made between 217c-244c, with the crossbred portion improving 3c mostly, and selling between 220c-287c/kg.
Most light and medium weight cows sold between 130c-189c, ranging from firm to 5c/kg easier. Heavy weight cows made mostly from 175c-235c/kg.
Heavy weight bulls sold mostly from 216c-264c, after a top of 287c, back 17-23c/kg. Light and medium weights slipped 30-40c, and ranged from 162c-210c/kg for most.


"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": 89.7 Eastside FM: Elle King and Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

With the Bluesfest Touring season about to begin in a little over seven weeks, the final artists are being announced including breakthrough artist Elle King who will be here in March for her debut Australian tour.


The sassy musician who loves both banjos and hobos, was recently nominated for two 2016 Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance for her hit ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’. The song also spent three weeks on the No.1 spot in the Billboard Alternative Charts, hit the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and is currently No. 5 on the iTunes chart and No. 8 on the ARIA Singles chart. Elle King also made the No.2 spot on Billboard’s Top New Rock Artist of 2015 list.

Elle King’s musical style encompasses Country, Soul, Folk, Rock, and Blues. Born in Ohio and raised in Brooklyn, Elle retains her roots in a style that blends those worlds of both grit and mid-western charm. She ties her old Soul and Rock’n’Roll influences into a sound that’s all her own. King started playing guitar at age 13 and later picked up a banjo, inspired by the Hank Williams and Earl Scruggs records her family listened to.

Elle has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and has toured with Of Monsters and Men, Ed Sheeran, and James Bay. Her full-length debut album Love Stuff was released to great reviews in early 2015 and was the highest new artist entry on Billboard.



"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Star: Field night to offer work saving tips "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

THE South Gippsland Sub Branch of Holstein Friesian Association of Australia is holding a field night on Friday (January 22) at the Clark family farm in Nerrena.
The field night will start at 7pm at the Densley Road property.
On the night, Dr Phil Hentschke will present a talk on how the type of animal equals profit for farm businesses and Terry Clark will talk about the SCR Heat Time 24 computer program.
The field night will also include and herd inspection, featuring Harklaje Goldwyn Debutante VG89 (Max) –ET, which won the three year old category in the recent Semex on farm challenge.
Attendees will also be treated to a free barbecue and drinks will be supplied.
Mr Clark said he has been using the Heat Time heat detection program since the start of his herd’s main mating period last July.
“It is not a guarantee for getting all the cows in calf, but it did find cows on heat we may not have picked up, so we submitted more cows for mating,” he said.
“We preg tested 80 cows and only had seven or eight that weren’t pregnant. We probably had more cows in calf early than what we would normally have.”
Mr Clark said by using Heat Time, which transmits information from a collar to the computer throughout the day, he no longer has to tail paint or heat detect manually.
He said if the program detects cows in heat, they are automatically drafted off after milking.
“The aim is for the program to help us improve the fertility in our herd and we no longer need to heat detect, tail paint and manually draft the cows in heat,” he said.
“We are getting a better result, while reducing the workload.”
The collars can store 24 hours of data and can be read from over one kilometre away.
“Over time, the program starts to learn more about each individual cow and can interpret her data more effectively,” Mr Clark said.



"IndyWatch Feed Nsw": "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": FBi Radio: Listen: Andy Garvey Summer Dance mix [Jan 2016] "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"


It’s going to be a big summer for Andy Garvey. She’s spent the last couple of months working closely with FBi’s Dance Class mentorship program, as well as joining you on air every week for Spin The Bottle and Sunset with Future Classic.

Community Service, the party she runs with STB co-host Johnny Lieu, is gearing up for its fifth successful instalment on Friday 22 January, before she joins UK house royalty Julio Bashmore at Astral People’s first Summer Dance of 2016, set in the picturesque surrounds of the National Art School. And that’s just this week…

We’ll stop the proud mum business now. Just pop your headphones on and enjoy this sweet mix Andy put together for the Summer Dance podcast. You’ll get it.



"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Star: Team Heppell backs Dyson "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

FORMER Leongatha footballer Dyson Heppell is already preparing for a return to the Australian Football League (AFL) in 2017, after being suspended from playing his beloved game until November 13 this year.
He was among the 34 past and present Essendon Football Club players banned from playing during the 2016 season in the wake of the club’s controversial supplements program designed to improve players’ recovery and strength.
In 2012, Dyson and his teammates received banned substances, including Thymosin Beta-4, under the club’s supplements program run by sports scientist Stephen Dank, but club chairman Lindsay Tanner said the players had believed the supplements were legal.
The Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld the World Anti-Doping Agency’s appeal against the Australian Football League Anti-Doping Tribunal’s decision of March 31, 2015.
The AFL’s tribunal had dismissed charges of breach of the AFL’s Anti-Doping Code brought by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), the national anti-doping organisation.
Dyson was anticipating his first season as the club’s vice-captain in 2016, but now faces a year away from the club and the game.
Of some consolation to the Heppell family is that Dyson’s younger brother Aaron, who last year played six games with Essendon’s Victorian Football League side, may now be recruited to the Bombers’ senior list, as Essendon will lose 12 current players due to suspension.
Dyson’s father Paul, a Leongatha builder, said while Dyson was devastated, Dyson would train with his suspended teammates and pursue other interests until he was eligible to return to professional football.
Nonetheless Paul said Dyson felt robbed of an opportunity to play as vice-captain.
“He was really looking forward to playing under (captain) Jobe Watson but hopefully that leadership role will still continue. Because the 12 players can’t play at the club, they have to stick together and will probab...


"IndyWatch Feed Vic": "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": The Star: Another successful aquathon "IndyWatch Feed Allstate"

THE 20th annual Cape Aquathon attracted 106 competitors from across the state for a 400m swim and 3.5km run at Cape Patterson Surf Beach on Sunday.
South Yarra’s Monty Frankish made the trip to Cape Paterson and won the men’s division with a time of 17 minutes and 59 seconds.
Proving to be a force to be reckoned with, Mr Frankish’s partner Alice Baquie won the woman’s division with a time of 19 minutes and 32 seconds.
Coordinator Nicole Cowley said overall the event was a major success.
“The whole day ran really smoothly and we received good reports from the competitors we spoke with,” she said.
“Alice ran a fantastic time and beat last year’s female division and we had a great turn out of swimmers and runners.”
The event, primarily organised by the Cape Paterson Surf Lifesaving Club and local residents, will continue to attract competitors for years to come.
“We would like to thank all of our volunteers who helped out on the day, particularly John Gilliland for coordinating the road marshals. He pulls local residents together to help out every year and always puts in a fantastic effort,” Ms Cowley said.
“Our nipper’s families, volunteers and terrific water safety group put in great work to ensure the aquathon was a success. Local businesses were also a great support and helped out with prizes too.”


American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL): Debbie--have you seen... Emily Henry's THE LOVE THAT SPLIT THE WORLD "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Due out on January 26 is Emily Henry's The Love that Split the World. As the title of this post indicates, a reader has written to ask me about it. I poked around a bit and found two chapters at the Entertainment Weekly website in November of 2015. Here's one paragraph from chapter two. The main character is a girl named Natalie who will be going to Brown University. She's in her final year of high school:

One excellent thing about being adopted is that you always get to worry you’ll end up accidentally dating someone you share a gene pool with. If I were fully Native American, I wouldn’t have to think about that in a mostly white town like Union, but they tell me my biological father was white, so that complicates things.

In chapter one, she's visited by a figure who asks her to call her Grandmother. This figure has visited her periodically over the last three years. Not a person, mind you, but "an elderly American Indian celestial being:"

There she is, sitting in the rocking chair in the corner, as she has every time she’s visited me since I was a little girl. Her ancient features are shrouded in night, her thick, gray-black hair loose down her shoulders. 

This grandmother figure warns her about things and tells her a creation story. From what I see in those two chapters, this does not look promising. We'll see. It is published by Razorbill (Penguin). If I get it and review it, I'll be back.

Monday, 18 January


John Quiggin: Decarbonizing transport "IndyWatch Feed"

I’ll be talking on this topic to the Victorian Transport Economic Forum on Wednesday, 10 February 2016 from 5pm at the Public Transport Victoria Corporate Centre, 750 Collins Street, Docklands. I’m still formulating my thoughts, so I’ll be happy to read those of anyone who’d like to comment. Here are a few observations to get started

* The process of decarbonizing electricity supply is well under way and, I think, just about unstoppable. To some extent at least, this process provides a template for an approach to transport. In particular, there’s a close analogy between cars and coal. Both have negative local effects (air pollution, congestion, negative amenity and so on) that haven’t been properly taken into account, in addition to generating CO2 emissions. Focusing on the local effects may be a more effective way of reducing CO2 emissions than attacking the problem directly

* By contrast, although we have the technology to greatly reduce the use of carbon-based fuels in transport, we haven’t made nearly enough progress, and it’s not clear what is the best way to go. Should the focus be on improving existing modes of transport (for example, with electric cars), or in switching modes (public transport instead of private) or in reducing the need for travel (with urban design, telepresence and so on).

* Relatedly, is it better to rely on prices, direct controls such as vehicle fuel efficiency standards, or on some other approach?

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