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Monday, 18 January


Australian Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull's NBN Broadband: Noely tells it like it is North Coast Voices

Excerpt from My Broadband v Reality, Punters don’t know any better and that is just the way PM Turnbull likes it, 14 January 2016…….

For those of you who think the NBN has nothing to do with you, think about these scenarios:

How will you feel watching your child wait in emergency at the rural hospital for the specialist in the closest capital city to look at the scans and advise the local doctors what to do? Waiting, waiting, waiting... Not because the specialist is not around, but because the scans have failed to send over the line a few times because the weather is really bad? I have been in this scenario and don’t wish it upon any...


Lawrence James "Larry" Anthony : A memory jog for voters in the NSW Northern Rivers federal electorate of Richmond North Coast Voices

Now that it appears former Howard Government minister and Nationals MP Larry Anthony may be contemplating a return to politics perhaps it is also time to recall a little of his history.......

Lawrence James “Larry” Anthony 
(aged 54 years)
Professional company director

Photograph from The Guardian 13 September 2015...

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Sunday, 17 January


Dogs. Mountains. And Writing. No Place For Sheep

  I emerged from my cave around eleven this morning, after spending the hours from dawn wrangling language and discovering to my immense satisfaction that I’m some 25,000 plus words  into the book I’m writing. The household was in disarray. Three dogs were lined up outside the glass door that opens onto the verandah, gazing […]


Saving the Great Barrier Reef: One picture at a time Independent Australia

Saving the Great Barrier Reef: One picture at a timeLachlan Barker fights the lunacy of mining our Great Barrier Reef with a new approach: the spirit-soaring beauty of the Reef itself. read now...


On the other hand, we can always find another unagile Josh ... loon pond

Who else would bother, on a meditative Sunday, to provide a link to Angry Sydney Anglicans arguing for the right to go on poofer bashing and demeaning teh gays?

Though it's naturally dressed up in high sounding, rhetorical garb as Preserve freedoms in marriage debate, complete with that first refuge of the vile patriotic bigot, a bit of flag-waving ...

Oh the jingoism, the devious wretched mixing of god and country ... but since we're on about preserving freedoms, how does that sit with Anglican communion to restrict US Church over gay marriage ...?

Well, you see Virginia, there's freedom and then there's Anglican freedom, and there's Christ banging on about hypocr...


Here we go again: groan Catallaxy Files

Why does Industry Super Australia, the vociferous lobby group for the union industry super funds, have a chief economist?  Buggered if, I know.  Yet another example of members’ contributions being wasted, I guess.

The answer probably is that he feels inclined to make stupid comments such as:

“[The government] should remove the ephemera, the noise; crazy stuff like beating up on unions or creating disputes over television programs. It should remove impediments and instil confidence.”

And don’t you just love it? Saul Eslake telling us to overdo it again – going early, hard and households.  Because if we overdo it, we can just wind it back.  I guess because that worked out so well last time.

And who cares if we lose our AAA credit rating?  That shouldn’t do anything to the cost of servicing our burgeoning debt, particularly if the world goes to hell in hand basket.

Read it and weep:

A further downturn in China would leave Australia exposed, without sufficient tools to avoid a recession, one of Australia’s leading forecasters says.

Stephen Anthony is a former BusinessDay forecaster of the year. In 2015 he took up a role as the chief economist for Industry Super Australia after having run his own economic consultancy and worked on forecasting in both the Treasury and Department of Finance.

“I think the risk of a recession is higher than most people would price it,” he told Fairfax Media. “Most people are talking about a less than 30 per cent chance this year. I think it is higher.”




Campbell’s will label GMOs — and the sky will not fall Independent Australia

Campbell’s will label GMOs — and the sky will not fallAs debate rages in the U.S. over labelling of GMO's, one major food company has broken ranks with the biotech industry to label their products ahead of proposed regulatory changes. Katherine Paul of the Organic Consumers Association debunks the myths surrounding the fallout. read now...


In which the pond makes the mistake of reading Oz correspondence ... loon pond

So there you go, the senile randy old goat has spoken, and teh hair it is ... united by horror of Hillary, as if the horror of Trumpism is no horror at all ...let alone the Canadian uniqueness of Cruz, the slimiest and most sinister politician since the good old days of Joe McCarthy ...

Of course it all makes for great fun for those catching up with Colbert in pre-packaged YouTube form ... what with turtles and JEB! and "born in the USA" and New York values and a special tribute to the fecal man himself, Rick Santorum, and so on, in existentially absurd ways not even Monty Python could imagine ...



Dog Blog: January Jaunts DUCK POND

I was in a newsagent, buying the Saturday paper, and made a general comment regarding the recent usual weather. I was surprised by the response, implicitly of climate change denial. The weather is not a subject for small talk any more.

The vagaries of weather, regardless of underlying significance has affected our activities this past week. The weather may be subjective and emotional, but it is hard to remember when we last experienced too storms in one week. On Monday there was hail and thunder storm in the afternoon that lasted about an hour. The actual  hail stones, fortunately, were very small, but they covered the grass and hit up against the front windows. There was thunder, but not close. The rain was intense. It could be seen bouncing off the road to about one metre about the surface. Then on Thursday there was another storm that brought down trees in some Sydney suburbs. The temperature fell rapidly from the low 30 degree Celsius to just over 20 degrees Celsius. Unless observations are made over time, memory is an unreliable guide. After Monday, I was surprised to see the brown in the creek, something I have not previously noticed. I suppose that observation is consistent with the intensity and volume of the rain compared to the normal run off pattern.

Otherwise, this week has been eventful for Dexter – and the rest of us. The vet advised an operation for his aural haematoma – bleeding within the ear caused by a rupture to the ear cartilage. He was taken to the vet hospital on Tuesday and was required to stay overnight. Since then he has been wearing a plastic helmet to protect his ear and allow him to crash into most things in his path. He somehow survived the night in the cage. I did not recognize him when he emerged. I was s...


Natural Gas & Coal Seam Gas: A lesson in consequences for Australian federal and state governments North Coast Voices

When gas mining went wrong on a large scale in America..........

LA Times, 6 January 2016:

Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday ordered new regulations, including stepped-up inspections and safety measures, for all natural gas storage facilities in California in response to the continuing leak that has displaced thousands of people in the Porter Ranch neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The emergency regulations would require Southern California Gas Co. and other operators of gas storage facilities to conduct daily inspections of wellheads using infrared leak-detection technology, verify the mechanical integrity of wells, measure gas flow and pressure and regularly test safety valves, among other steps.



Conservative ideologues, bankers and employers determined to have their way on wages, unions & industry not-for-profit super funds North Coast Voices

Australian unions, the successful not-for-profit super funds they administer and enterprise agreements are all well and truly in the firing line as Australia enters the 2016 election year.

The Australian, 11 January 2016:

A new clash is looming over rules that can ban millions of workers from choosing their own retirement fund as the government tries to increase choice in the $2 trillion superannuation industry.
Despite fears it will be accused of running an “ideological” campaign against funds that are backed by unions, the Coalition will move to scrap a key part of the industrial relations regime that gives unions and employers the right to limit fund choice for up to 4.7 million workers.
The push sets up a new fight in the Senate after parliament resumes within weeks, but armed with a warning from trade union royal commissioner Dyson Heydon against the “tyranny of the majority” being allowed to dictate where workers put their retirement savings, the governm...

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Saturday, 16 January


Keynesian policy explained in pictures Catallaxy Files

It’s my birthday, and my younger son has given me a present. You can see whose house he was brought up in. And while it may spoil the joke a bit by adding some commentary, you never know in this day and age what others will and will not see. The first picture is straightforward, however. You hear the equivalent said all the time in every economy.

josh keynes 01

The second is the subtle one. The government has chosen projects that will never repay their costs which means that the economy, so far as these expenditures go, will end up less well off at the end than it was before. Other projects, almost invariably from the private sector, will usually make up for this loss. But non-value-adding projects pull an economy backwards. If you are getting fewer units of output back compared with the number of units used up in production, living standards must contract. But as the picture shows, lots of people are employed. They are just not employed in projects that create net wealth, which includes those employed in industries supplying inputs.

josh keynes 02

Because Keynesian economics is all aggregates, the structural problems created by this expenditure is invisible both in theory and in relation to the actual circumstances of the economy. People are, to all appearances, working and producing. The problem remains that what is produced has less value than the resources used up. One day, as the debts pile up an...


Gains from agility. From the “you couldn’t make it up” file Catallaxy Files

h/t Grace Collier today. Pity about the paywall, but read on.

Punch the words “Australia Business Financing Centre” into your browser and your mind will boggle at the possibilities. The Australia Business Financing Centre, in its headline, says “Australian Government Money May Be Available For Your Small Business” and a button is there to click, “Go Grant Finder”. A quick questionnaire will tell you how much you can get. It asked did I have a job, was I female, Aboriginal, in business with an Aboriginal? Would I employ a disabled person, a Defence Force member? I said I was an unemployed woman in business with an indigenous Australian and prepared to employ a disabled person and a Defence Force member. The results said 13 different government programs and $1,070,000 in total possible funding was available, just for me. Would I like to call now and get started on the forms?

It seemed too good to be true. I clicked on the “Grant Recipients” link and a long list appeared. To pick a few at random: Catch a Bunyip Pty Ltd received $13,260 for “start up and marketing costs”, City Golf Practice in Hobart received $19,000 for “Operating capital, equipment purchases” and The Next Cartel Pty Ltd received $22,480 for “Product research and development, and prototyping”. Scougall Prestige Tiling received $20,000 to receive “Business advice from the Western Australia Small Business Development Corporations to expand into the commercial tiling market” and Mememe Productions Pty Ltd received $50,000 to “develop an interactive gardening app for children”.

Before I could take a breath, a giant pop up, in the shape...


Essendon players and the fight for justice Independent Australia

Essendon players and the fight for justiceJohn Passant explores the commodification of the AFL and proposes the Essendon doping saga should be treated as a workplace relations incident in which the players have the same rights as regular employees. read now...


Lettuce rejoice: Shorten finds new cause for hope Drag0nista's Blog

The Political Weekly: The Opposition Leader found a new way to help boost flagging poll ratings, but unforeseen circumstances threatened to derail his progress.


World's top 6 wind energy stories: Cost down 60% since 2009 Independent Australia

World's top 6 wind energy stories: Cost down 60% since 2009The rest of the world is powering ahead with wind, according to Professor Juan Cole. Sadly, not so Australia where investment in renewables has slumped to half of what it was under Labor and Turnbull has donned Abbott's tin foil hat with appointment of a Wind Commissioner to control 'infrasound'. read now...


The China syndrome: China poses a risk to the world economy Catallaxy Files

In The Australian today

China’s leaders may not have a clue as to where they are going, but they seem determined to get there as soon as possible. The question is how much damage will be done to the world economy along the way. With world stockmarkets alternating between precipitous falls and short-lived rallies, commodity prices tumbling and economic growth forecasts slashed, the answer seems to be plenty.


How that’s postal service going Mr Fahour? Catallaxy Files

I’m sure our 100% Government-owned Australia Post CEO, Ahmed Fahour (2013 remuneration about $4.8 million) would appreciate feedback on service standards.

On Wednesday 6 January in the morning using the new $1 stamp I posted a letter at the Canberra GPO bound for the Sydney GPO. It was delivered to my correspondent on Thursday 14 January.  That’s 7 business days. I wasn’t posting my letter from Onslow, WA, to Perisher Valley, NSW.

On the same day I ordered a book from It arrived on Monday 11 January, being delivered from the United Kingdom.

The delivery time for my letter was longer than when I was asked to lay down my plough, take the dictatorship, assemble my legion, defeat the Aequi, lay down my office and return to my plough.

In the Roman Empire, one could send a letter from Rome to Athens in far less time than from Canberra to Sydney under Mr Fahour’s Australia Post. The Cobb & Co service from Sydney to Yass was also quicker.

We now have the highest paid postal service CEO, the most expensive postal stamps for standard letters and the slowest delivery time in the OECD.

Congratulations Mr Fahour.


Sam Harris takes Noam Chomsky to task for equating Western crimes with 9/11 Independent Australia

Sam Harris takes Noam Chomsky to task for equating Western crimes with 9/11Sam Harris, author of best-seller The End of Faith, took Noam Chomsky to task for equating Western crimes with 9/11, in particular the Clinton administration’s bombing of pharmaceuticals plant in Sudan in 1998. The Daily Banter's editor, Ben Cohen, analysed the email spat that followed. With Harris' visit to Australia scheduled next week, IA thought it timely to republish the article. read now...


The fact is, so many reptiles are slaves to intellectual fashion, and intellectually are not dissimilar to Oscar the Grouch ... loon pond

(Above: a lovely tribute and a malediction from Pope this day, and more of the truly essential Papist here, much better than the pious proverbial hope that Malware might live in interesting times).

It was hardly unexpected that the Nick Ross matter would run dead in the mainstream media.

The reptiles of Oz, much given to ABC bashing, did nothing but reprint, at length, an ABC denial.

Oh sure the story bobbed up in the Murdochian empire's attempt at a liberal feint,, as Former ABC journalist claims the public broadcaster gagged him to not upset Malcolm Turnbull. And it turned up in a few foreign locations, as in the Daily Snail, Journalist claims ABC 'gagged' him because of his support for the National Broadband Network, and in the Huffing and Puffing Post as ...


Electoral redistribution in federal seats and what it might mean on NSW Far North Coast in 2016 North Coast Voices

Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), Proposed redistribution of New South Wales into electoral divisions, October 2015:

A total of 944,592 electors or 19.42 per cent of electors in NSW would change from their current federal electoral division under the proposed redistribution. Once a redistribution is final, the AEC automatically transfers existing elector enrolments, where required, to the correct electoral division.

The augmented Electoral Commission has adopted boundary changes* in the Cowper,Page, and Richmond electorates proposed by the Redistribution Committee for New South Wales.

Electoral boundary changes on NSW Far North Coast according to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC):


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Friday, 15 January


Jamie Clements saga: The politics of sexual harassment a bipartisan affair Drag0nista's Blog

Sexism and other forms of disrespect against women can only be eradicated if all our community leaders, including the two at the top, actively repudiate those behaviours.

Sunday, 10 January


Dog Blog: Three Days in January DUCK POND

The new year has opened with rain, which is far better than the alternative. The weather, as always, is a mystery that looms over us. The experience of climate is more elusive, dependent as it is, on memory.

The New York Times, which is a problem to some, has accepted the reality of climate change. Justine Giles provided “Short Answers to Hard Questions”.

It would be much easier if everyone made reference to one temperature scale. Otherwise it necessary to know that one degree Fahrenheit is equal to 0.556 degrees Celsius. Thus a mean surface warming of 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit is approximately one degree Celsius (0.9452) since 188o, when global temperature records started.

Still for Dexter, Hannah and myself when climate change kicks in we are likely to be dead and forgotten – we hope. All we have is the present – or else consciousness is not confined by temporal bounds. Which is the greater shadow: consciousness, death or the convergence of both?

Dexter has a aural haematomaThe cartage in his left ear is damage, and it is filled with blood. One ear appears to be paying attention, while the other does not. I don’t think it is . My suggestion that it was caused by putting the harness on was dismissed by the vet.

So w...

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