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Sunday, 17 January


The week in environmental news – Jan 15, 2016 Mongabay Environmental News

The U.S. sparks controversy with their decision to pause new coal leases [NPR] The Department of the Interior wants to evaluate whether the money it’s charging for coal leases provides a fair return and takes into consideration its impact on climate change and public health. This rare elephant footage in Cambodia raises hope for the species [Guardian] An elephant herd roaming through Cambodia’s biggest forest sanctuary is a rare site. The footage signals success for a 14-year conservation program and raises hopes for the endangered species’ survival. Is eco-certification the solution to forest destruction? [Mongabay] In September 2015, a Peruvian cargo ship delivered 3.8 million pounds of rainforest wood on the docks of Houston, Texas. The wood’s fate shows the criminal practices that still haunt that trade. The chain of events started by the customs block on the shipment resulted in the biggest bust of illegal wood in Peruvian history. [caption id="attachment_174805" align="alignnone" width="780"] Asian elephant. Photo by Rhett Butler.[/caption] This week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finalized new regulations in an effort to protect the northern long-eared bat from the white-nose syndrome – a deadly fungal disease. The species is now listed as being threatened under the Endangered Species Act but environmentalists are saying the government should be doing more. A frozen world so far away, yet its impacts could hit so close to home [New Zealand Herald] With temperatures that plunge to -40C, months of perpetual daylight or darkness and freezing windstorms, Antarctica almost seems like it…


11 Foods to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight EcoWatch


Some foods, like full-fat yogurt, coconut oil and eggs, help with weight ...

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Saturday, 16 January


Major Disaster Declaration for Washington Fire Earth

Washington Declared Federal Disaster Area Severe Storms, Straight-line Winds, Flooding, Landslides, and Mudslides (DR-4249) Incident period: November 12, 2015 to November 21, 2015 Major Disaster Declaration declared on January 15, 2016 The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of Washington due to severe storms, straight-line winds, flooding Landslides, and Mudslides […]


“We no longer talk about cure – only treatment.” Head Space

Repost Teddy Bear Therapy Versus the Mental Health Professionals It’s been a number of years since I wrote a book about a severely emotionally disturbed foster child we accepted into our large family.  And despite the fact that I didn’t tout mental health programs or therapies, I still get the occasional call or e-mail from […]


Isn’t that convenient… Head Space

Calling BS on the official story of the Iranian capture of two US riverine boats. A fascinating comment on Rick Moran’s blog about the Iranian capture of our sailors is making waves in the blogosphere and on Facebook.  It makes a lot more sense than any of the official explanations we have received for the […]


Biological Health Hazard (Botulism): uneviscerated fish – recall, Minnesota Head Space

Biological Hazard  –  Botulism (Food recall) BOTULISM – USA: (MINNESOTA) UNEVISCERATED FISH, RISK, RECALL ************************************************************ Published Date: 2016-01-15 09:59:07 Subject: PRO/EDR> Botulism – USA: (MN) uneviscerated fish, recall Archive Number: 20160115.3935285 Date: Wed 13 Jan 2016 Source: WCCO, CBS Minnesota [edited] The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is warning residents of risky fish being sold at [Minneapolis-St […]


Biological Hazard – Poliomyelitis (vaccine-derived polio virus (VDPV): India Head Space

Biological Hazard  –  vaccine-derived polio virus (VDPV) Wild type POLIOMYELITIS UPDATE (01): INDIA, VDPV, WILD TYPE-FREE ****************************************************** Published Date: 2016-01-15 16:22:56 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Poliomyelitis update (01): India, VDPV, wild type-free Archive Number: 20160115.3939297 In this update: [1] Vaccine-derived polio virus [2] Wild-type polio-free status, 5 years ****** [1] Vaccine-derived polio virus Date: Thurs 14 Jan […]


Biological Hazard – Animal Disease Outbreak (H3N8 ) Canine Influenza Virus: U.S. Northwest Head Space

Biological Hazard –(H3N8) Canine Influenza Virus Outbreak INFLUENZA, CANINE – USA: (WASHINGTON, MONTANA) ********************************************** Published Date: 2016-01-15 11:57:42 Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Influenza, canine – USA: (WA,MT) Archive Number: 20160115.3936848 In this post: [1] Washington state [2] Montana ****** [1] Washington state Date: Tue 12 Jan 2016 Source: Seattle Times (edited) Seattle [Washington] health officials are warning […]


Tropical Cyclone "Victor" developed in the South Pacific Ocean The Watchers » Latest articles

A new tropical cyclone has formed in the South Pacific Ocean at 21:00 UTC on January 14, 2016. By 09:00 UTC on January 15, the tropical depression (7P) strengthened into a tropical storm and was named Victor. The system is expected to keep intensifying over the next...... Read more »


Technological/Biological Health Hazard – Freshwater source/Legionellosis (fatal): Flint, Michigan Head Space

Technological/Biological Hazard  – Freshwater pollution/Legionella Infection LEGIONELLOSIS – USA: (MICHIGAN) FATAL, CORROSIVE WATER SUPPLY, LARGE BUILDINGS, 2014-2015, REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ********************************************* Published Date: 2016-01-15 10:09:26 Subject: PRO/EDR> Legionellosis – USA: (MI) fatal, corrosive water supply, lg. bldgs, 2014-15, RFI Archive Number: 20160115.3937657 [1] Date: Wed 13 Jan 2016 Source: Detroit Free Press [edited] Since Flint […]


NZ: Green’s objection to seabed mining Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

delahunty-seabed-mining-greens -nz

Pacific Offshore Mining has applied for exploration permit to mine an area of seabed off Waihi Beach, something Catherine Delahunty says should not happen

Andrew Campbell | Sun Media

A combination of soft markets, mining companies’ lack of environmental knowledge and local opposition will stop a seabed exploration application from going ahead, says Green Party MP Catherine Delahunty.

Commenting on Pacific Offshore Mining’s application for a five-year permit to explore for ilmenite – titanium ore, within 12,000 hectares off Waihi Beach, Catherine says one of the main hurdles facing seabed mining is the mining companies lack of knowledge about the effect mining operations will have on the seabed.

“The real problem with exploration for minerals on the seabed is the potentially quite damaging processes to find samples.

“If they found what could be minable samples, we would be in real trouble – I mean digging up the seabed and not just scraping along the top of it.

“It’s bad enough what’s happening to the sea bed in terms of trawling but if you actually dig it up, we don’t even know what is there that we are destroying.

“We have got so little real understanding of the intricacies of what’s in the seabed, then to destroy it to create the potential risk, it’s just not worth even considering,” says Catherine.

“Given that this area is so important for recre...


Peru: 30,000 Anti-Mining Señor de Qoyllorit’i Pilgrims Aim to Paralyze Cuzco Earth First! Newswire

by Lucha Indígena  /Conflictos Mineros

translated by Earth First! Journal


Image from

Pilgrims for Señor de Qoyllority, organized as “nations” of different provinces within the region of Cusco, have announced a mobilization for the 18th of January; a date when all the nations and over 30,000 pilgrims and dancers will do their best to paralyze Cuzco so the unified voice is heard by the authorities as we mobilize against the mining constructions near the sanctuary.

The sanctuary of Qoyllorit’i is located in the province of Quispicanchis, in an area near the Ausantate mountain range–one of the most renown...


Rio Tinto and Bougainville Copper Ltd: The deal has been done Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

O'Neill and Momis pose

O’Neill and Momis (photo Tony Kaybing)

Bougainville Freedom Movement

So the PNG Prime Minister is now also the Minister of Bougainville Affairs.

O’Neill can lie to the media while supposedly being “only interested in the people of Bougainville, for their health, education and economics”.

Reality hits when his hip pocket and dollar sign eyeballs are his focus prompted by BCL and Rio Tinto. The Prime Minister of PNG O’Neill is a liar and obviously working very closely with BCL and Rio Tinto.

Momis who is the President of Bougainville has stated in his Parliament in Bougainville that:

Mr. Speaker the next issue is: PNG Interest in buying Rio Tinto’s Shares in BCL

From January 2014, when Prime Minister O’Neill unexpectedly visited Bougainville, he has talked about the National Government buying Rio’s shares in BCL. He has discussed the proposal with many different people. Last year, he pushed the idea strongly to the Me’ekamui Government of Unity leaders. He even took them to Moresby to discuss the possibility.

This year, the Prime Minister has several times discussed the proposal with me. He proposes that if the ABG and landowners agree, a PNG-owned BCL would re-open Panguna. It would be owned by the PNG government in the same way it owns and runs Ok Tedi. The Government would allocate 30 per cent of the shares to landowners and the ABG. The Prime Minister has not advised w...


Rising Tide North America Statement of Solidarity With The Delta Five Rising Tide North America

San Francisco, CA– Rising Tide North America released this statement in response to the conclusion of the trial for the five climate activists charged for blockading an oil train in 2014 in Everett, WA:RisingTideSeaSept

“Rising Tide North America stands in solidarity with our friends and allies Abby Brockway, Patrick Mazza, Michael Lapointe, Jackie Minchew, and Liz Spoerri, ( the Delta Five), who had a decision rendered today by a Washington court on two counts. The Delta Five successfully blockaded a mile long oil train in the BNSF Delta railyard in Everett,WA for over eight hours in September, 2014.

“The first count of trespass, they were found “guilty.” On the second count of obstructing an oil train, they were found “not guilty.” The “necessity defense” which had been the cornerstone of their defense was thrown out by Judge Anthony Howard at the end of the trial when the judge instructed the jury to not consider whether the Delta Five acted out of necessity to stop climate change.

“We applaud their courageous action and for building a strong community response to the catastrophic climate change being perpetuated by Big Oil’s doomsday economy.

“The Delta Five’s action threatened Big Oil millions of dollars in lost profit.  One BNSF Railroad official said “One train can be millions in revenue. “When you have a backup on a system,...


Who's telling the truth about the New Alliance and farmers in African countries? The Ecologist

The 'New Alliance', backed by £600m of UK aid, is meant to improve food security, reduce malnutrition and lift people out of poverty, writes Aisha Dodwell. But it's all a huge con - delivering corporate welfare, attacking small farmers, enabling land grabs - and leaving a trail of poverty and human devastation. It draws praise from only a single review of its activities: its own.


Community Town Hall on Climate Crisis Portland Rising Tide

Volunteers in Oregon Senate District 23 (House Districts 45 and 46) have organized a Community Town Hall to discuss the climate crisis and proposed legislation around it. Six organizations, including Portland Rising Tide and Bark, have been invited to participate

The post Community Town Hall on Climate Crisis appeared first on Portland Rising Tide.


59 Indigenous Corn Varieties at Risk as Monsanto Eyes Mexico EcoWatch


Mexico's unique and treasured native corn varieties could be under threat as Monsanto...


Geoengineering Awareness, The Skeptics Are Now Waking Up Geoengineering Watch

1c"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win". These words of profound wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi should be kept in the front of our minds as we march forward in the battle to expose and halt the greatest single environmental assault ever launched by the human race. The geoengineering


Obama’s Coal Announcement Takes Us One Step Closer to Keeping All Fossil Fuels in the Ground EcoWatch


The federal coal program has undermined President Obama’s efforts to...


4 Fish We’re Overeating and What to Eat Instead EcoWatch


The number of fish caught has quadrupled from 20 million metric tons to...


Obama Builds on His Climate Legacy by Making Historic Change to Coal Leasing on Public Lands EcoWatch


We can proudly say that big coal’s destructive reach over our public lands is ...


I’m Not Dead by Sean Swain Earth First! Newswire

from Anarchist News

prisoners_15Well, I’m still alive. This is really awkward. I didn’t plan on this.

The current suspension of my communications started at the end of August. The fascists simply cut off all of my outgoing communication the equivalent to putting duct tape on my face.

This is part of a pattern. Fascists suspended my communications in January to stop me from producing video talking about my innocence in my criminal case. They shut down my communications again in May when I wrote a statement in opposition to the international crime of torture. No good deed goes unpunished.

Shortly after my communications resumed, fascists suspended them again with no explanation at all, apparently because they just don’t like me. The message being sent is pretty clear: until I embrace George W. Bush and Jesus, until my thinking conforms to what the ODRC likes, I have to shut up forever.

All of this occurred, by the way, while my legal counsel, Richard Kerger, stood on the sidelines with a burger and a beer, spectating. Kerger gave them permission with his inaction.

Attorneys are worthless.

What do you call ten...


Stunning Images of One of Nature’s Most Incredible Phenomena EcoWatch


"For a few weeks in February, if the water is flowing in Horsetail Fall, photographers and...


Greenpeace appoints first woman Executive Director - twice! The Ecologist

Greenpeace International has today named its first female International Executive Director, and its second: Jennifer Morgan and Bunny McDiarmid will 'job-share' the role now performed by Kumi Naidoo, in an innovative co-leadership arrangement.


President Obama’s ‘Reinvention of Energy Sector’ Global Justice Ecology Project

  Listen to a complimentary radio interview with Rachel Smolker on KPFA’s Flashpoint here. In his State of the Union speech, President Obama talked of having “reinvented our energy sector.” He also said the “auto industry just had... Read More

The post President Obama’s ‘Reinvention of Energy Sector’ appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Toxic Chemicals in European Waters Threaten Extinction of Orcas Fire Earth

Killer whales blubber contained “highest concentrations of PCBs on the planet” —Report Cetaceans are facing the threat of extinction in European waters due to persistent toxic chemicals banned as far back as the 1980s, according to research led by international conservation charity the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and published in the journal Scientific Reports. […]


Guatemala: First Trial for Systematic Violations of Indigenous Women

Guatemala: first trial for systematic violations of indigenous women

The English translation of this article originally appeared on Intercontinental Cry.

Guatemala’s recent history bears the mark of a 36 year long, painful internal armed conflict, during which the State systematically violated the rights of the Mayan population.

According to the Report of the Commission for the Historical Clarification of Human Rights Violations in Guatemala, 83.3 percent of the human rights violations were committed against them.

Indigenous women have particularly suffered from the conflict. They have been victims of rape, abuse and sexual slavery.

Women’s alliance against impunity

Women’s organizations have played an important role in spreading information on the legal actions and in collecting and documenting...


Judge Rejects Lawsuit Against Monsanto Over Glyphosate Labeling Global Justice Ecology Project reports that a lawsuit accusing Monsanto of mislabeling its “Roundup” glyphosate herbicide has been thrown out of court because it’s pre-empted by federal law. A federal judge has thrown out the lawsuit accusing Monsanto of labeling its “Roundup”... Read More

The post Judge Rejects Lawsuit Against Monsanto Over Glyphosate Labeling appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Jane Goodall: Power of Corporations Is Destroying World’s Rainforests EcoWatch


Jane Goodall shared her thoughts on climate denial among the GOP...


Top 10 Funniest Tweets on #GOPDebate Failing to Mention Climate Change Even Once EcoWatch


Fox Business Network moderators failed to ask the candidates a single question on ...


Groups Sue Over North Carolina’s Ag Gag Law, Saying It Violates The Constitution Earth First! Newswire

by Katie Valentine / Think Progress

In this Jan. 29, 2015 photo, a sprayer soaks a field with liquefied manure and urine from a large-scale hog farm in Duplin County, N.C.

In this Jan. 29, 2015 photo, a sprayer soaks a field with liquefied manure and urine from a large-scale hog farm in Duplin County, N.C.

Last year, North Carolina made it nearly impossible for citizens to legally gather evidence on and report instances of wrongdoing — animals being mistreated by farm workers, for instance, or pollution being dumped into a stream. Now, a group of organizations is suing over the law, saying it tramples on North Carolinians’ constitutional rights.

In the lawsuit, filed this week against North Carolina’s attorney general, the groups allege that North Carolina’s...


New research suggest reevaluation of earthquake and tsunami hazards around Pacific Rim The Watchers » Latest articles

A new research based on the fieldwork conducted in Alaska's Aleutian Islands indicates a section of the Aleutian Subduction Zone fault could generate a large earthquake, strong enough to produce a large tsunami across the Pacific to Hawaii. New data can aid the...... Read more »


Porter Ranch Methane Leak Spreads Across LA’s San Fernando Valley EcoWatch


Looks like the catastrophic Porter Ranch gas leak, which has spewed more than...


Nantes, France: Police Station Repainted in Support of the ZAD Earth First! Newswire

from Squat!net

nantes1-400x224Whilst the cases of the last legal occupants of the Zad were being judged this Wednesday [January 13th 2016], we set out to repaint the red police station facade of the Beaujoire neighbourhood, in the purest tradition of Nantes-style greenwashing.

We’re not fooled: we know well that every court defeat implies a confidence uptake for concreters to go further in the airport project.

Far from hushed court speeches, the police militia will come back to the zone, to attack the occupation movement and the life forms that develop for years.

This is a warning. We won’t let them do so.

There won’t be an airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

The Greens of Rage


Trevor Noah on Flint Water Crisis: ‘If Water Is Browner Than Me, I Don’t Drink It’ EcoWatch


Flint, Michigan's toxic water crisis and Porter Ranch's methane gas leak have...


‘Another Nail in the Coffin’: Obama Pauses New Coal Leasing on Public Lands EcoWatch


The Obama administration is expected to announce new rules today for how the...


Banning Fracking Isn’t Enough: How We Fight to Stop Pipelines, Compressor Stations and Gas Plants EcoWatch


Hundreds of climate activists and renewable energy advocates gathered for a...

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Friday, 15 January


President Obama: Keep our oil and gas in the ground! The Ecologist

Now that the US is signed up to ambitious Paris targets to limit warming, it too must play its part in keeping fossil fuels under the ground, write leading US campaigners. So let's make an immediate start by halting all new federal oil and gas leasing on public lands pending a full climate and environmental impact study.


Climate Rising The Ecologist

A day of workshops, speakers and updates on the climate crisis organised by Friends of the Earth, PCS and This Changes Everything. Join them in London on 30th January to plan the next step in the fight to protect people and planet after the Paris climate talks.


The Path Ahead From Paris Latest News

We need to work together to create a “biosphere smart” economy


New Opportunity: Project Coordinator, Forest Governance and Natural Resources Illegal Logging Portal

Chatham House is seeking an experienced project coordinator to contribute to the development and implementation of the Energy, Environment and Resources department’s high-profile research programme on illegal logging and natural resource governance. This is a fantastic opportunity to help drive forward an important programme of research.

Chatham House

Founded in 1920, Chatham House engages governments, the private sector, civil society and its members in open debate and confidential discussion on the most significant developments in international affairs.

The Role:

We are seeking an experienced project coordinator to contribute to the development and implementation of the Energy, Environment and Resources department’s high-profile research programme on illegal logging and natural resource governance. This is a fantastic opportunity to help drive forward an important programme of research.


Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have:

· Proven experience in project management in the forest /natural resources sector (a minimum of 3 years’ experience ideally with at least 2 years’ research experience on a mid-to-large multi-year grant)
· Knowledge of national and international policies relating to illegal logging and forestry and/or natural resources governance
· An ability to design/deliver high-level workshops, undertake research activities, track developments in the sector and support the development of research proposals
· An ability to manage complex budgets and complete financial reports

For further details on the requirements for the role please see the attached job description.

How to apply

If you wish to apply please send your CV and a covering letter explaining why you wish to work for Chatham House and in this r...

Thursday, 14 January


Trident, nuclear submarines and the UK's nuclear power imperative The Ecologist

The UK's nuclear power programme is driven by military demands, write Andy Stirling & Phil Johnstone - but not in the way you might think. The most essential need is not for plutonium or tritium, but for a nuclear industrial sector to design, build and maintain the reactors that power nuclear submarines. Without them, the Trident missile system would have no military credibility.

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