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Wednesday, 13 January


Secrets of the Elite: Why Forbes’s Rich List Doesn’t Include the Wealthiest Families On the Planet new illuminati

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Tuesday, 12 January


‘There is NO Debate’: Facts the Herald Sun Hides About the Anti-Vaccine ‘Myths’ Real News Australia

The vaccine debate is heating up in Australia, following the âŹÜNo Jab, No Pay; No Jab, No PlayâŹ" legislation that was introduced on the first of January. There are strong feelings on both sides of the matterâŹand understandablyâŹthe wellbeing of our most vulnerable citizens, the citizens we are responsible for and love dearlyâŹour children, is […]


TPP update and forecast with NZ activist and trade unionist Edward Miller Perth Indymedia

TPP update and forecast with NZ activist and trade unionist Edward Miller.


The Black Australia blogger who forced the ‘Walkabout’ bush doof name change Perth Indymedia

We speak with Yarramun, blogger at about the racist nature of the ‘walkabout’ dance party which caused a social media storm.


Two unusual objects pass over Mildura, Victoria - December 2013 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research


In early to mid December 2013, at around 2030-2045hrs, two men were having a barbeque in a West Mildura, Victoria, Australia,  backyard. One man was turning sausages and chops, when the other, who was seated, noticed his friend looking to the sky to the south. The friend pointed and asked "What do you reckon that is, a private jet or something?"

Courtesy Google maps
They then both looked at the sight in the sky. At an angular elevation of about 20- 30 degrees to the south, travelling directly towards them is what was described " what looked like a large, fairy light that changed to different colours at a rate of about every second. Red, green, yellow, blue, orange etc in no particular pattern."

At first it had an elliptical shape, and an angular size estimated as "...perhaps 10-20% of a full moon" at that point.

The object approaches

It grew bigger in angular size, as if approaching them, and passed directly overhead. At this point, its shape was "...round with sort of blurred edges like you'd observe on car headlights in fog." At this overhead position, its angular size was estimated to be 50% of the full moon. Even at this point of closest approach, "......


Make your 2016 theme Lateral Love Lateral Love ®

2016 is the Year of Lateral Love This year we embark upon a vision to take Lateral Love into the most practical places in our lives, and to embody the spirit that is caring, sharing, nurturing, love and respect as the way forward for our children, grandchildren, elders and the wider community. To make Lateral Love […]


Surveillance and Surveys in Kabul

In Kabul, where the Afghan Peace Volunteers have hosted me in their community, the U.S. military maintains a huge blimp equipped with cameras and computers to supply 24 hour surveillance of the city. Remotely piloted drones, operated by Air Force and Air National Guard personnel in U.S. bases, also fly over Afghanistan, feeding U.S. military […]


World Bank says TPP will barely benefit Australia AFTINET

January 12, 2016:  Peter Martin reports in the Sydney Morning Herald that Australia stands to gain almost nothing from the TPP trade deal with 11 other nations including United States, says an economic analysis  from the World Bank, The TPP would boost Australia's economy by just 0.7 per cent by the year 2030, and annually by less than one half of one 10th of 1 per cent. 


Today’s Conversation 1/11/2016 with Government Paid Trolls…

At least in America- all of us are aware that the government is paying people to troll whoever online. I think the conversation you are about to read is how the UK is doing it as well. Are these people government paid trolls? I can’t say for certain. But considering that the UK, the US, and Australia are ALL coming under fire for hiding, aiding, and abetting an large, organized, and well-funded child abuse and pedo sex trafficking ring- all of us can just assume that they are doing what they can to make all of this disappear. That ESP. means attacking those who are doing their best to point all of this out- like Fiona Barnett and myself. So could some of these people be paid trolls? I think it is pretty safe to assume that several of them most definitely are- and the only thing that they offer as a response to deny this is their “word”. They aren’t because they say they aren’t. But again- take a gander at the conversations- and judge for yourselves…




Answering the Myriad of Attacks on Me and These Cases Revolving Around Child Abuse on YouTube

I woke again to ANOTHER “attack” on YouTube and wanted to take the time to show it and talk about it and I will show the comment in the end. I find it highly suspect that this Hoaxtead group (who stands in direct opposition to the Hampstead child abuse claims in the UK- thus the name) seem to live on YouTube and any other social media that they can garner to get their claims out that every child who comes forward claiming ritual abuse is either a liar- or their parents are. (That was the jest of this comment left for me this morning). Most individuals who watch videos on YouTube cannot even be bothered to click the thumbs up or down- but THIS group- they LIVE on YouTube- leaving constant, daily remarks trying to discredit the children, the parents, and me. They even went so far as to search for an obscure video I did about 8 or 9 years ago and only had it on ONE site (it was a CNN affiliated site), and in turn made their own video with it- doing their best to discredit me. What normal individual does this? To me- this shows that they have an objective, and that this video is evidence of how focused they are at making all of these child abuse cases go away.

With regards to the Hampstead children being filmed before Abraham Christie- the repeated ex-felon boyfriend, who filmed them and put it on YouTube- this is why they are upset. It is their contention that Abe feed these children drugs, beat and tortured them, and forced them to make the videos they did- telling them what to say and forcing them to say it. This group DOES NOT WANT anyone to think that these children were filmed first by anyone else- because this puts this whole theory in serious jeopardy. If they were already talking- and being filmed- by someone else- then this theory falls apart, and this is what they have solely focused on in their attacks. I can’t answer this person’s questions because I simply do not know the answers. What I do know is that I was told- by an incredibly rel...


Yank the Morphic Rug! Wake Up World

12th January 2016 By Zen Gardner Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Until we truly realize our full potential and effect, both individually and collectively, we can easily live in a state of semi-conscious discouragement and disempowerment when it neednâŹ"t be that way. Our warfare is primarily spiritual. Yet spirituality manifests in many ways, and much ...Continue Reading - Yank the Morphic Rug!


Clean and Green — Dutch Company Powers Gadgets and Street Lights with Living Plants Wake Up World

12th January 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Could living plants be the future of electricity? If the folks at Plant-e have anything to say about it, the answer is a resounding YES. To prove their point, a project dubbed âŹSStarry Sky⏠illuminated 300 LED lights in Hembrug, Netherlands ⏠exclusively ...Continue Reading - Clean and Green ⏠Dutch Company Powers Gadgets and Street Lights with Living Plants


No response from the 'Sheriff' of Victoria - Brendan Facey Corporate Australia

MANY Victorians have been effected by the fraudulent actions of a legal 'person' by the name of Brendan Facey as the 'Sheriff of Victoria'.

There are a fair few points that need addressing (which are addressed in other posts) with regards to a letter from the 'Sheriff's Office' where the details have changed from approximately mid 2015. The illustration below is the old style letter:

Please note that this letter is a computer generated template, where there is no 'wet ink' signature.

Please note that:

  • The 'sheriff' of Victoria is supposed to be an officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria EXCLUSIVELY,

  • According to law, ALL 'sheriff' appointments MUST be gazetted,

  • The appointments for other 'sheriffs' are gazetted.

  • There is no gazetted appointment for 'Brendan Facey' as the Sheriff of Victoria.

We are aware that many people have written to the 'Sheriff's Office of Victoria' in order to obtain the alleged 'warrants' for the offences that have been (allegedly) committed.

From our understanding no one has yet:

  • received a copy of a lawful 'warrant',

  • received a response from the 'person' Brendan Facey as the Sheriff of Victoria signed in wet ink by his hand as his 'normal' signature, as depicted in the original template let...

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Monday, 11 January


Willie Sheen – born at sea, died by drowning The Tiger’s Mouth

With the long summer holidays upon us again, we’re back at our local pool every day for a couple of weeks of swimming lessons for the kids. I’ve had one reluctant swimmer, who for a good long time refused to get her face or hair wet, and one little fish, whose propensity for holding her breath …

Sunday, 10 January


The Evidence that The Hoaxtead People- and Those Connected to the Hampstead Case, Are Stalking Me to Try an Quiet Me

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. In this video I have tin foil covering my ears. At the very beginning of my invetigation into Franklin Credit and my family- I got inundated with with electronic microwave weapons. This has happened a few times. This was my first time, and this happened years ago- as you can see I was much, MUCH, younger.

The first time this happened it prevented me from sleeping for three weeks. This video is proof what it does to a person. I was extremely exhausted and so damn desperate- that I would have shoved the tin foil in my ears or any place I could to stop being attacked. (Just to let you all know- tin foil DOESN’T work to stop the crap).

The second time I got hit was the day after I sent my manuscript to my publisher. I heard and felt it go on the next day around two o’clock in the afternoon. This time it lasted two weeks- and I decided to go to the hospital- but before I went, I decided to upload my enitire book onto my blog. This was a brilliant move on my part.

I went to the hospital- and was fine getting checked in- until an hour and twenty minutes later- when I heard and felt it go on all over again. I laid in the waiting room for 45 minutes- being able to do nothing but let it wash over me. When they came and got me to take me too my room- I told them I didn’t feel well. They decided to take my blood pressure- and right after I found myself being rushed by rescue squad to Creighton Medical due to being well over the limit with my blood pressure and was way over what is considered heart attack or stroke level.

I spent three days in Creighton Medical with them performing all sorts of tests on me as they were unable to determine why, although I came in with incredibly high blood pressure- I had gone back to BETTER THAN NORMAL blood pressure afterwards- and had man...

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