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Thursday, 07 January


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": James O'Brien: The Paddington "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

“We were the oldest people there”, I said to my friend as we left The Paddington last night. “No, there were some other oldies there”, she argued. Yes, she was right, but overwhelmingly The Paddington attracted a hip and happening younger crowd. And no wonder, it’s the latest Sydney hotel to be “Hemmesphied”. Justin Hemmes has had a terrific record in transforming bars into terrific new spaces. And it’s my feeling he’s done another great job.

“You really must go”, I told a colleague this morning. “For $50 each, we shared a bottle of wine, a whole chicken, salad and chips. It was delicious, and there was chicken left over”, I added.

We were lucky enough to be given a quieter spot overlooking the main serving area, as it was a reasonably noisy space. In part, because it was so damn busy. It was nine o’clock on a wet Wednesday night in Sydney, and the place was jumping. Highly recommended.

The Paddington The Paddington The Paddington ...


Motorbike Writer: Are ape hanger handlebars dangerous? "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Michael Madsen looks cool as

Michael Madsen looks cool as “The Gent” with his ape hanger bars in Quentin Tarentino’s Hell Ride. But are they safe?

The safety of ape hanger handlebars is back in the news with one American state considering axing a three-decade ban and other states closely watching the outcome.

High-set ape hanger bars were banned in 30 American states in the 1960s. The American was on the pretext of safety, but was more likely introduced so police had reason to pull over and search riders believed to be members of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Remember, this was during the height of media hype and public fear about bikies/bikers after the 1966 release of Hunter S. Thompson’s book, Hell’s Angels, and the 1969 cult film Easy Rider.

Easy Rider Rider personality test ape hanger

Easy Riders



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": James O'Brien: Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

One of my absolute favourite things from my overseas trip last year was my visit to the Peggy Guggenhem Museum in Venice.

As I wrote at the time

According to the audio tour, Peggy was an American heiress who came to live in Venice in her early twenties. With gazillions of dollars behind her, the audio tour explains, she needed to find a purpose in life. Aside from being married, and apparently shagging lots of other blokes which I’m sure could be a “purpose in life”. And so she began collecting contemporary artists: artists like Pollock and Kandinsky. She lived in the house where the museum now exists for over thirty years. And what a house! Located right on the waterfront, it was both spacious and had spectacular views. But aside from the views, the museum contains some of the most spectacular contemporary art of the twentieth century. I loved it.

And so when I saw a review in The Australian the other week of a new documentary film about her life story, I was very excited. A friend and I, who had also been to the museum, hit the Chauvel Cinema last night to see the film.

At the heart of the documentary was the discovery of some previously hidden recordings she had made, as part of a biography project. Over the top of these recordings was some wonderful archival footage.

“Having seen the documentary, I don’t think I really know her any better than when I visited the museum”, I told my friend as we left the cinema. “It’s like they couldn’t decide if the film was about her personal life or her art gallery”, my friend said, saying it failed to satisfy on either level. I agreed, it was interesting, though not stunningly amazing. There were no real “insig...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Byron Bay community noticeboard lost "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Just before Xmas, renovations began on the very popular Corner Cafe (cnr Byron & Jonson Sts). On the Byron St side was previously a large community noticeboard which was used extensively by a wide range of residents and visitors alike. The community noticeboard has now been replaced by a glass shopfront and this very valuable asset appears to have been lost. There are less and less venues and spaces available within the central Byron shops area for grass roots advertising, apart from the noticeboard in the Community Centre which is small in comparison and has restricted allocations and is off street.

A massive range of people in Byron used the Corner Cafe site (self employed, healers, artisans, backpackers, local events etc) to communicate and promote and do not necessarily have the funds for paid advertising.

Can a solution or replacement site be found that would provide a similar function ? Could Council perhaps come on board and instigate something? A possible site could be the side wall of the Community Centre which is not being used at the moment and is central and could feature a large noticeboard. This would be ideal as it is still quite visible from the street and would not obstruct pedestrian flow.

For a shire that is celebrated for its social zeitgeist and progressive dialogue, surely a sponsored and permanent street level Community Noticeboard should be part of the cultural resonance and conversation of the Shire. We need to ensure there is a space that is not privately vetted and that is open to the whole community to freely discuss, promote issues and interests.

Ron Curran, Byron Bay


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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Byron Bay Blog: Out & About with Stone & Wood this January "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Make prioritising ‘what’s good in life’ important this year! In January, Stone & Wood are pouring at a number of epic events across the country…so get along and ensure your resolution begins with good food, good times and of course…good beer.

7th Jan Driftlab Art Exhibition ‘James McMillan’ Newrybar

10th Jan Sunday Session North Wollongong Hotel

17th Jan Sunday Session North Wollongong Hotel

23rd-24th Victoria Cider & Pork Festival Yarra Valley

24thJan Sunday Session North Wollongong Hotel

23rd Jan Stone & Wood Session * TBA Byron Brewery

30th Jan Pure Pleasure Exhibition Secret Garden Byron Bay

30th Jan Tidal’s ‘Small Cinema’ Screening Maroochydore Sunny Coast

31st Jan Sunday Session North Wollongong Hotel

For further information visit


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Tasmanian Times: What Went Down - Marion Bay Falls Festival 2015/16 "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Falls Festival is done and dusted for another year and what a cracker it was. It was my 9th and it was easily one of the best. The weather was perfect, the crowd embraced it and the music was just damn good from start to finish. Here’s the low down… Oh, and here’s a playlist of all my highlights that you might like to listen to whilst you read on:


Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria: Launch of Intergenerational Relations in Newly Arrived Communities in Victoria - A Pilot Study Report "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

On Monday 14 December 2015, at the Deakin University Melbourne, the Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission Ms Helen Kapalos launched the joint ECCV and Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation Pilot Study Report on Intergenerational Relations in Newly Arrived Communities in Victoria.

This report is the result of exploratory research the Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria commissioned the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI), Deakin University, to undertake. The study examines the nature of relations between parents and adolescents in newly-arrived migrant communities in Victoria as they negotiate the challenges of migration, settlement and integration. 

While coming of age is often a difficult period for young people and their families, this research highlights how this is compounded for newly-arrived migrant youth and their parents due to the challenges of the migration experience. 

The findings raise a number of policy and practice considerations for those working with these families and their communities. 

In particular, in detailing social, cultural and financial challenges, the findings highlight the importance of integrated policy and service provisions which understand and address the intergenerational strain placed on newly-arrived migrant families within their broader context. It also clearly recommends meaningful family and community involvement in creating and enacting policy and practice solutions. 



"IndyWatch Feed Goulburn": Shepparton Interfaith Network: Pope Francis Video shares an impassioned call for Interfaith Unity "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

On Wednesday 5th January 2016, Francis launched a monthly video prayer series with an emotional call for peace between people of different faiths. "Many think differently, feel differently, seeking God or meeting God in different ways," the pontiff said. "We are all children of God." Pope Francis, like other Popes before him, has long shared ... Read more...



"IndyWatch Feed": Cheeseburger Gothic: Book schedule update. Fanfic, self published, trade published "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Rhino asks in the thread below about the status of our fanfic project. All of the entries have been edited by me, but I want to write an extra 10,000 words of my own, mostly so that people who pick up the book cold aren't left wondering what the hell is going on.

I still don"t have a title for the project. Chronicles of the Monster Wars seems a bit portentous. Any suggestions will be gratefully stolen.

I have a heavy writing and publishing schedule until August. Three Stalin"s Hammer e-books to finish that series and set up a potential long form novel in the Axis of Time story world. Production and artwork for the two Hooper e-books which some of you have read in Beta. A full-length Dave novel, Stronghold, picking up the story after the end of Ascendance, and a new trade published trilogy, a space opera beginning with The Cruel Stars, which I will finish drafting by August, not at all coincidentally when Stronghold comes out.

This means the first opportunity I'll have to work on the fanfic project will be in July. Writing my section won"t take long, but I also want to get all of those other self published books out into the market to see what kind of return, if any, I can get from them. It costs about $1500 to self publish an e-book to industry standard. If I've made a killing on the other books, I"m happy to spend that much on the fanfic too. If not I"ll still bring it out, but I"ll be looking to save costs on the production.

I"m looking forward to all the work I have on this year, both trade and self published. It"s going to be hell busy and as always there are no guarantees I won"t come a cropper. But the fanfic is looking good. There are some great stories in there, good enough for a trade published anthology. It will come out. Probably in September and it will look like the real deal.


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Australia's eastern ports to shut down in tug boat strike - and more 11AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A nation-wide tug boat strike will start next week, affecting eastern ports along the coast. Picture source: Wikimedia commons

Eco-tourism delay for Gold Coast Hinterland

A mountain bike and zip line park slated for the Gold Coast Hinterland could be delayed for another 18 months due to red tape and legal battles.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Elderly female driver plunges six metres from Tweed car park "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

An 83-year-old woman was seriously injured after the car she was driving plunged six metres from a second floor car park in Tweed Heads yesterday.

Police say that around 11.45am yesterday (Wednesday), the woman was attempting to leave the car park of a shopping centre in Tweed Heads when she was involved in a minor collision with another vehicle.

She drove on at speed and crashed through the safety barrier, plummeting six metres, continued to drive forward for another 100 metres before crashing into an outdoor barbecue area and coming to a stop.

She was helped out of the vehicle by members of the public and was taken by ambulance paramedics for treatment.

She remains in a critical condition at Tweed Heads Intensive Care Unit.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the crash.

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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Archibald Prize exhibition opens in Tweed "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

2015 Archibald Prize finalist Juan Ford A bungled clairvoyance of William Buckley or Ludwig Leichhardt's most intense moments (I can't decide which, you choose). Attempted while atop a mountain oil on linen 137 x 153 cm © the artist Photo: © AGNSW, Felicity Jenkins

2015 Archibald Prize finalist Juan Ford. A bungled clairvoyance of William Buckley or Ludwig Leichhardt’s most intense moments (I can’t decide which, you choose). Attempted while atop a mountain
oil on linen 137 x 153 cm © the artist Photo: © AGNSW, Felicity Jenkins

A touring exhibition of one of Australia’s most famous art prizes, the Archibald Prize, opens in the Tweed Regional Gallery next Friday, 15 January.

Finalists from last year’s prestigious prize will also be part of the Art Gallery of New South Wales touring exhibition, which runs for six weeks.

The exhibition is arguably the nation’s most famous and popular prize, awarding $100,000 to the winning artist. Entries must be painted in the past year, from at least one live sitting with the artist.

The touring exhibition includes all 2015 finalists from the much-loved portraiture prize, held annually by the Art Gallery of NSW.

After the highly-anticipated exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the regional tour provides audiences outside of Sydney an opportunity to experience and enjoy the Archibald Prize in their local community.

In addition to viewing the popular exhibition, visitors to Tweed Regional Gallery will enjoy a range of programs associated with the Archibald...


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Alleged child abuse during UN peacekeeping mission - and more 10AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic has become embroiled in allegations of child sexual abuse. Picture source: Flikr CC

Brisbane community garden labelled a hazard

A Salisbury mother is furious after the Brisbane City Council asked her to remove her community garden due to it being a tripping hazard.

Pia Deerain said the garden, which extended into the council-owned “footway” outside her house, was created with the “heart and soul” of children in the area. 

News Categories: 


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Globalisation versus localisation "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Helena Norberg-Hodge and her colleagues argued in last week’s Echo that we must radically change the current economic system and move to localisation if we are to prevent disastrous climate change and democratic disintegration.

However, while the authors appear to believe the vast bulk of climate scientists that set out the impact of CO2 emissions on the planet, they don’t appear to pay any attention to the vast bulk of economists who argue that free trade and open markets are the best way to cut poverty, reduce oppression, increase freedom and promote innovation.

In fact to bolster their case they don’t mention any of the positive changes in recent decades that have been achieved across the world as a result of open markets. These include hundreds of millions of people escaping poverty, massive cuts in maternal and child deaths, the much greater empowerment of women, far fewer deaths from war, advances in wind and solar energy, and large increases in the number of democratic countries. Nor do they explain how their model will achieve a world of peace, progress and happiness and avoid the poverty and oppression of previous planned economies.

Garth Luke, Mullumbimby

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Living and Loving Hobart:: Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary "IndyWatch Feed Tas"

Protecting Our Precious Wildlife 
Driving Tasmania’s roads it would be easy to believe that roadkill was a state sport.
Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary established Tasmania’s first 24 hour wildlife rescue in 2009 to respond to the number of animals being injured and orphaned on our roads.
This Girl went looking for some answers on why so many of Tasmania’s wildlife can be found dead on our roads. Here’s what Bonorong Director, Greg Irons, had to say.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Byron property prices top region "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

An 'event' auction of this traditional 1980s style brick-and-tile holiday house in Brunswick Heads in 2015 drew a large crowd and a record property price. Photo Luis Feliu

An ‘event’ auction of this traditional 1980s style brick-and-tile holiday house in Brunswick Heads in late 2015 drew a large crowd and a record property price. Photo Luis Feliu

Byron shire ratepayers, who are still reeling from being slugged for parking in Byron Bay, will soon have to face bigger rates notices as well.

The shire has topped the region’s LGAs in the valuer-general’s 2015 statewide survey of land values, released today.

Residential properties in Byron Shire increased in median value by 17.85 per cent last year to $383,000, up from $325,000 last year.

Meanwhile, median residential and commercial property prices increased even more, by 20 per cent and 20.16 per cent respectively.

While this pales in comparison to some Sydney suburbs, some of which had increases of more than 30 per cent, it well and truly outshone all of its near neighbours.

Tweed shire came in second with a 10.22 per cent increase in median residential property prices, to $248,000 and a 12.96 per cent increase in commercial.

But the big surprise in Tweed was the value of industrial properties, which jumped 53.51 per cent in median terms to $350,000.

Yet just minutes down the new Pacific Highway in Ballina, median residential prices saw a much more modest 6.06 per cent increase to $245,000, with commercial and industrial properties showing no increase at all.

In Lismore, residential pro...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Nimbin shows its true face to village visitors "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Darren Butcher is one of the Nimbin personalities featured in the Faces of Nimbin campaign.

Darren Butcher is one of the Nimbin personalities featured in the Faces of Nimbin campaign.

Jazmine Theodora

Jazmine Theodora

Ashlee Jones

Ashlee Jones

Sometimes truth in advertising works, especially if what you’re selling is authenticity.

Faces of Nimbin is a new marketing campaign that taps into the rich diversity of Nimbin’s community, debunking the stereotypical image of the village often portrayed in mainstream media.

The concept was dreamed up by the Nimbin Marketing Campaign Focus Group, made up of local business people and community representatives.

It is part of a broader marketing campaign, funded with $120,000 from Destination NSW and the North Coast Destination Network, which was designed to boost tourism following the 2014 fires that destroyed the Nimbin Museum, Rainbow Café, Tribal Magic...


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Fears a person may be dead after a hotel fire in Pittsworth - and more 9AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

One person has yet to be accounted for after the historic Pittsworth venue Tattersalls Club Hotel went up in flames in the early hours of this morning. Picture source: Flikr CC

Person missing after historic hotel goes up in flames

A person is feared dead after a fire tore through a hotel in Pittsworth near Toowoomba early this morning.

More than 20 firefighters were called out to battle the blaze around 2.30 this morning, with 11 people managing to escape the two-storey Tattersalls Club Hotel.


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Live Music Roundup – Thursday 7 January, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Sea Gypsies at the Byron Brewery on Friday

The Sea Gypsies at the Byron Brewery on Friday

When Sea Gypsies

The Sea Gypsies are a pirate-gypsy-circus band made up of scallywags performing a visual and auditory feast of original songs, pirate anthems, swinging rhythms and gypsy jazz tunes with circus arts and tap-dancing to ice the cake. With support from Rosie MissChief, DaniDoo Butterfly, Whiskey TroublePants (USA) and an electro swing set by DJ Cyprian.

Step into the rabbit hole. Friday at the Brewery’s beergarden. 8–11pm, free entry!

Wild Marmalade at the Byron Brewery on Saturday

Wild Marmalade at the Byron Brewery on Saturday

Jamming with Marmalade

Wild Marmalade are the pioneers of the didgeridoo-and-drum dance concept that is now a global phenomenon. Formed on the streets in Byron Bay in the late 90s they have gone on to tour the world many times over with a strong following, particularly in Europe and Japan. Cirque du Soleil composer Benoit Jutras described seeing a Wild Marmalade street show in Copenhagen as ‘… the most uplifting, energetic live performance I saw in my life… A unique experience’.

Joining forces with Tijuana Cartel’s astonishing flamenco guitarist Paul Geor...


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Zedlines: Australia to join international effort to quell destabilising activity in North Korea - plus more 8AM Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un launched a fourth unsanctioned nuclear test on Wednesday, causing widespread concern in the international community. Picture source: Wikimedia Commons

Alarming rise of DV calls in Queensland

Industry workers have revealed an unprecedented rise in the amount of women placing calls into domestic violence support hotlines throughout Queensland.

A 24-hour domestic hotline service in Queensland, DV Connect, received approximately 2000 calls in the four days following New Year’s regarding domestic disputes.


"IndyWatch Feed Cvic": Natural Newstead: Mistletoebird magic "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

With the single nestling about to fledge this will be my last encounter with these wonderful Mistletoebirds for the season. It’s been a privilege and joy to watch them over the past couple of months. While the male could be seen in the vicinity of the nest yesterday afternoon, only the female visited with mistletoe berries and to assist with nest hygiene duties.


Mistletoebird nestling, Strangways, 6th January 2016






"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Seniors reject older driver warnings "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

oldriversSydney [AAP]

Older drivers who face ‘draconian’ medical and licence testing have rejected a senior NSW Police officer’s suggestion that people over 70 should reconsider their driving abilities.

NSW Police head of traffic Assistant Commissioner John Hartley suggested on Wednesday that older drivers consider their ability to drive long distances, in traffic and in certain weather conditions.

But Mr Hartley drew ire when his comments were misconstrued as a suggestion those aged over 70 should not drive at all.

Mr Hartley told AAP his suggestion about drivers knowing their abilities was something drivers of all ages should consider.

‘I never said people over 70 should be driving or that they should get off the road,’ he said.

He said his comments focused on that age group because people over 70 are involved in 18 per cent of the state’s car accidents but only make up 10 per cent of the population.

‘The risk is there in the over 70 age group so those people should be aware of their driving skills and make sure that they’re aware of their abilities,’ he said.

‘Everybody has a right to drive when safe and capable and have a licence.’

The NRMA said it was misguided to blame older drivers for the road toll.

‘It is not feasible to take the privilege of personal mobility away from a growing proportion of the population,’ NRMA president Kyle Loades said.

Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association policy officer Paul Versteege said drivers of all ages need to take care.

‘It’s not just a simple question of whether they are more dangerous, it comes down to driving ability,’ he told AAP on Wednesday.

‘We would...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Drug driving. What are your rights? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Lismore solicitor Steve Bolt. (picture Darren Coyne)

Lismore solicitor Steve Bolt. (picture Darren Coyne)

A Lismore solicitor has prepared a fact sheet to answer some of the most common questions related to roadside drug testing.

Developed in conjunction with the Northern Rivers Greens, the fact sheet is based on current NSW laws and targets people in this region.

Drug driving fact sheet, page 1.

Drug driving fact sheet, page 1.

The solicitor, Steve Bolt, of Bolt Findley Solicitors, explains in the fact sheet that the NSW Police have the power to stop any vehicle and require the driver to submit to saliva testing.

The tests detect cannabis, ecstasy and methamphetamine, but not cocaine or opiates, which are also illegal.

Mr Bolt points out that the tests are not designed to test driver impairment, because the law simply makes it an offence to drive with the presence of any of the three targeted drugs.

‘There is no requirement to prove any impairment effect on your driving,’ he says.

Mr Bolt explains the three levels of testing that drivers testing positive will be subjected to, whether a driver can refuse a saliva test, and whether a driver can have their own sample test...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Death toll rises to 58 in China waste-dump landslide "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Excavators are used to dig through mud at the site of the landslide, which hit the Hengtaiyu, Liuxi and Dejicheng industrial parks, in Hongao village, Shenzhen city, south China's Guangdong province.

Excavators are used to dig through mud at the site of the landslide, which hit the Hengtaiyu, Liuxi and Dejicheng industrial parks, in Hongao village, Shenzhen city, south China’s Guangdong province.

Beijing [AP]

Chinese authorities say rescuers have dug out 58 bodies from a massive landslide at a construction waste dump in southern China on December 20.

The Shenzhen city government said on Wednesday that authorities have identified 52 of the 58 bodies and that another 25 people remain missing.

In the disaster, a mountain of construction waste that had been piled up against a hill collapsed during heavy rains onto an industrial park in Shenzhen. The city near Hong Kong makes products ranging from mobile phones to cars, and attracts workers from all parts of China.

Authorities have arrested 11 people on the charge of negligently causing a serious accident. City officials have bowed in public apology over the incident.


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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: ACCC asks Dick Smith receiver for answers "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A Dick Smith store is seen in South Yarra in Melbourne on Tuesday. (AAP Image/Julian Smith)

A Dick Smith store is seen in South Yarra in Melbourne on Tuesday. (AAP Image/Julian Smith)

Sydney [AAP]

The consumer watchdog is speaking with the receivers at Dick Smith to find out how the electronics retailer’s collapse will affect customers.

Receiver Ferrier Hodgson has said it will not honour gift cards or refund deposits on goods, prompting the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is asking for more detail.

‘The ACCC is currently making enquiries of the receivers about how they will be dealing with consumer issues arising,’ the watchdog said in a statement on Wednesday.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon called on the corporate watchdog to urgently investigate the collapse and requested a parliamentary inquiry into whether the Australian Securities and Investments Commission missed warning signs.

‘The corporate watchdog ASIC needs to explain to Australians how this great Australian company went into receivership with seemingly little warning,’ Senator Xenophon said.

‘We also need to know whether our corporate watchdog has in fact been asleep on the front porch while Dick Smith Holdings unravelled.’

Dick Smith, which employees about 3,330 people across 393 stores in Australia and New Zealand, first warned in October its full year profit could fall as much as 15 per cent.

It stepped up discounting and advertising to boost sales but the slump continued into November, resulting in the company dumping its revised profit forecast just a few weeks later.



"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Vatican paper slams Charlie Hebdo cover "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The cover of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical publication, to mark the first anniversary of the attacks on 7 January 2015 at its offices in which 12 people were killed. Photo: Charlie Hebdo

The cover of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical publication, to mark the first anniversary of the attacks on 7 January 2015 at its offices in which 12 people were killed. Photo: Charlie Hebdo

Vatican City [AAP]

The Vatican newspaper has criticised French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo for depicting God as a Kalashnikov-carrying killer, saying it was ‘woeful’ and disrespectful to true believers of all faiths.

The cover was an anniversary edition, commemorating the attacks a year ago when Islamist militants killed 12 during an assault on the Charlie Hebdo newsroom in Paris.

The cartoon on the cover shows an angry God with blood on his hands and a rifle strapped to his back.

‘One year later, the assassin is still on the run,’ the headline says.

The Vatican daily newspaper L’Osservatore Romano accused Charlie Hebdo of looking to ‘manipulate’ faith.

‘Behind the deceptive flag of an uncompromising secularism, the French weekly once again forgets what religious leaders of every faith have been urging for ages – to reject violence in the name of religion and that using God to justify hatred is a genuine blasphemy,’ it wrote in a short commentary.

‘Charlie Hebdo’s move shows the sad paradox of a world which is increasingly sensitive about being politically correct to the point of being ridiculous … but does not want to recognise or respect believers’ fai...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Man arrested for driving at Falls security guard "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The 2015-16 Falls Festival crowd. Photo David Lowe

The 2015-16 Falls Festival crowd. Photo David Lowe

Police have charged a 63-year-old man with assault after an incident at the Falls Festival.

Police say that on New Year’s Day he he allegedly drove at a security guard in his car.

The man will face court again next month.

The festival saw thousands peacefully enjoying a huge holiday line-up of talent in near-perfect weather, with few other incidents.

A couple of staff members married on the site during the festival, inviting punters to the celebration.

Police reported just 27 drug detections and charged one 20-year-old man with supply.

Two people were charged with stealing and 50 would-be gatecrashers with trespassing.

Echonetdaily has received comparatively few noise complaints.


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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": The Witches Kitchen: Marion Nestle’s Rogue Dietary Guidelines "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Marion Nestle’s blog “Food Politics” would be on my “Sites I Visit Lots” list except that it is USA food politics, and although we in Australia are heading down that road, we’re not quite there yet.  Our beef is still mostly free range not CAFO, our potatoes are still not GMO, school lunches are still mostly home packed.

But this post of hers is just as relevant on the other side of the Pacific.  I’d add in a number 7 and 8, and it would make my guidelines too.

It’s worth going to the link to see them elaborated.

  1. Eat more plants.
  2. Don’t eat more calories than you need.
  3. Eat less junk.
  4. Eat a variety of foods you enjoy.
  5. Find the joy in food.
  6. Learn to cook.

I’d need to add:

7. Eat mostly food that is fresh, in season and local.  In fact, you could probably leave out fresh and in season, because by eating local you are doing that anyway – avoiding zombie food that has been artificially ripened, dunked in preservatives, cold stored, bubble wrapped in ten layers of plastic, transported across continents, and is wearing the food equivalent of mortician’s make-up.

8. Eat mostly food grown with love and care and pride.  By you or someone you can, and do, thank.

And that’s it.  All the dietary guidelines you need!


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Search for missing sailor set to resume "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Flood rescue specialists from Fire and Rescue NSW check properties in Raymond Terrace in the Hunter Valley north of Sydney on Wednesday. Heavy rain continues to fall on the North coast and Hunter regions with major flooding being experienced. (AAP Image/Dean Lewins)

Flood rescue specialists from Fire and Rescue NSW check properties in Raymond Terrace in the Hunter Valley north of Sydney on Wednesday. Heavy rain continues to fall on the North coast and Hunter regions with major flooding being experienced. (AAP Image/Dean Lewins)

Sydney [AAP]

The search for a sailor missing off the NSW mid-north coast is expected to resume after wild weather forced rescue crews to pull out overnight.

The yachtsman was thrown from his vessel on Wednesday afternoon after being struck by a huge wave near Broughton Island.

Rescue helicopters deployed to help find the man in his 60s were forced to turn around on Wednesday night due to poor weather and heavy seas.

Emergency crews are expected to decide on resuming the search for the missing yachtsman on Thursday morning.

Rescue choppers are also poised to launch reconnaissance missions over campers stranded on the NSW south coast and residents isolated northwest of Sydney.

A group of 16 adults and two children spent another night stuck at the Bendethera Valley campground west of Moruya on Wednesday amid rising floodwaters.

National Parks rangers are with the group who have adequate food and water for at least two more days, SES spokesman Dave Webber told AAP.

A helicopter will also be flown over Colo, about 80km northwest of Sydney, to check on....


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Anger grows in Saudi Arabia after execution "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Shiite women wave Shiite militias flags during a rally to protest the execution of Saudi Shiite Sheik Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia last week, in Tahrir Square, Baghdad, Iraq, on Wednesday. While many Iraqi Shiites took to the streets in outrage over Saudi Arabia's execution of al-Nimr, the country's prime minister has had to walk a more cautious line, trying to contain Iraq's own explosive sectarian tensions. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

Shiite women wave Shiite militias flags during a rally to protest the execution of Saudi Shiite Sheik Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia last week, in Tahrir Square, Baghdad, Iraq, on Wednesday. While many Iraqi Shiites took to the streets in outrage over Saudi Arabia’s execution of al-Nimr, the country’s prime minister has had to walk a more cautious line, trying to contain Iraq’s own explosive sectarian tensions. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

Riyadh [REUTERS]

Since Saturday’s execution of four Shi’ite Muslims in Saudi Arabia, hundreds of thousands of the minority sect have marched nightly in protest, and their anger could herald wider unrest.

The execution of one of them, dissident cleric Nimr al-Nimr, caused an international crisis as Shi’ite Iran and its allies responded angrily, but it also caused upset in his home district of Qatif, where many saw his death as unjustified.

‘People are angry. And they are surprised, because there were positive signals in the past months that the executions would not take place. People listen to his speeches and there’s no direct proof he was being violent,’ a Qatif community leader said by p...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Final season for Brunswick’s historic Housie Shed "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

VRA president John Wraight and VRA road captain Sue Biggar will call numbers for the last time this year at the Housie Shed in Brunswick Heads.

VRA president John Wraight and VRA road captain Sue Biggar will call numbers for the last time this year at the Housie Shed in Brunswick Heads.

Eve Jeffery

Next week might be the last time an iconic family activity will run in Brunswick Heads.

For about 30 years the Brunswick Valley Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) has spent the warmer months preparing and then manning the Housie Shed in Banner Park on the banks of the Brunswick River.

This summer the VRA will call the numbers that cross the bingo boards in their last season organising the much-loved and anticipated community activity.

The VRA volunteers have run this event for the festival committee as a major fundraiser to keep the squad going.

However, it has been the same group of devoted folk year after year and they just can’t keep on going.

‘Last year we advised the committee we could no longer run it’, says VRA secretary Phillip Walsh.

‘We said we would help any new organisation learn the ropes but there have been no takers. We agreed to run it this one last year.’

Mr Walsh says the actual running of the Housie Shed is only part of the task.

‘It starts in October with the scouring of shops for bargains for the pick-a-prize, sorting and cataloguing and then in November the erection of the tent, cages, lighting and seating.

‘Then it all needs to come down again after Australia Day. It takes more than 1,500 hours of...


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Grandfather in custody after Brisbane stabbing "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Officers at the edge of the crime scene in Watheroo Place. Photo Brisbane Times.bane.

Officers at the edge of the crime scene in Watheroo Place, Brisbane.

Brisbane [AAP]

A grandfather is in police custody in a Brisbane hospital after a brutal stabbing attack in which his baby granddaughter died.

Police say the man and his wife, both in their 50s and visiting from China, were in intensive care on Thursday after being operated on in Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Their 28-year-old daughter, the dead child’s mother, was in a serious but non-life-threatening condition.

Police rushed to a home on Watheroo Place, Parkinson, on Wednesday afternoon after the baby’s mother fled to a nearby house seeking help.

Officers found the two-month-old girl and her grandparents with serious injuries.

The baby died shortly after being transferred to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Police say they have been able to speak to the child’s mother, though she has yet to give a formal statement.

The Brisbane Courier Mail has meanwhile published footage of the immediate aftermath of the incident, in which the man can be seen covered in blood, lying on the ground as he is handcuffed by two officers.

* National domestic violence helpline: 1800 737 732 or 1800RESPECT. In an emergency, call triple-zero.


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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: One-day car ban for Champs Elysees "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The famous Champs Elysees will be people-friendly every Sunday as cars are banned.

The famous Champs Elysees will be people-friendly every Sunday as cars are banned.

Paris [Reuters]

Paris’s Champs Elysees avenue will be closed to cars one Sunday a month to let pedestrians reign supreme, the mayor of the French capital has announced.

Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo said her plans for the elegant boulevard, a focal point of the city often used for national ceremonies, was one of a series of environmentally friendly measures planned for 2016.

Other plans include permanent pedestrianisation, starting in summer, for a stretch of high-traffic road bordering the Seine’s right bank.

Thousands of Parisians strolled down the nearly two-kilometre Champs Elysees on the last Sunday of September when it was closed to cars as part of a Europe-wide day-without-cars event.

Hidalgo said all of Paris would be closed to cars when the event is held again this year.

Lined with museums, theatres and luxury shops, the 10-lane Champs Elysees is a major tourist draw in one of the world’s most visited cities.

It is also a major east-west thoroughfare for one of the swankiest neighbourhoods, running from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe.

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"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: Meteorite retrieved from the outback "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A 1.7 kilogram meteorite was hand-dug from a 42cm-deep hole on New Year's Eve in the South Australian outback by Perth researchers. (AAP Image/Curtin University)

A 1.7 kilogram meteorite was hand-dug from a 42cm-deep hole on New Year’s Eve in the South Australian outback by Perth researchers. (AAP Image/Curtin University)

A 1.7 kilogram meteorite has been retrieved by a team of Perth researchers in the South Australian

outback using a new 32-camera network, a light plane, quad bikes and a drone.

Planetary geologist Phil Bland hand-dug the meteorite from a 42cm-deep hole on New Year’s Eve in a remote part of the lake bed hours before rain would have wiped away all trace of it.

‘We got there by the skin of our teeth,’ he said.
The meteorite fall was seen on November 27 by locals in William Creek and Marree, and captured by Desert Fireball Network cameras.

After analysing the data, the researchers located the fall site in Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre but it then took three days to recover the meteorite.

Mechatronic engineer Jonathan Paxman said observations from the air were critical to finding the meteorite, which was in thick salt lake mud.

‘The impact site had deteriorated quite considerably in recent rain, and as a result was quite hard to see from the ground,’ he said.

Professor Bland said the meteorite – thought to be a chondrite or stony meteorite – was an example of material created during the early formation of the solar system more than 4.5 billion years ago.


The post...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": cityhippyfarmgirl: January- The Catch Up Edition "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

It always feels like December is the time to tie ends together and frantically bring the full year to a close. Why I always feel hurried at the end of the year I’m not so sure, it’s not like I … Continue reading


"IndyWatch Feed Northcoast": Echonetdaily: S Sorrensen’s Here & Now #139: Oh what a feeling "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Here & Now 139.

Here & Now 139.

Broadwater Beach. Friday, 4pm

 A white Toyota 4WD is speeding straight for me. Collision course. But I’m not moving. I’m staring it down, like it’s a charging rhino.

Don’t blink. Don’t move. Mind over metal.

Toyota may be the go-to vehicle for your working man or jihadi terrorist – an unstoppable lump of heavy machinery – but I’m not budging.

You see, I’m on a beach. Yes, a beach. I’m not on a slippery building site wearing a hard hat, or in a desert storm wearing a kalishnokov, I’m on a beach in a national park. I’m a bloke in a sarong and I’m standing my ground against this pippi-crushing mechanical monster. I’m angry.

The Toyota churns through sand and over coffee rock. A motorbike overtakes the Toyota, using an outcrop of coffee rock to get air. The rider, garbed in helmet and brand names, gives the thumbs up to the Toyota driver.

Coffee rock is a feature of this stretch of beach. According to scientists, coffee rock is a relic from an earlier age, like 60,000 years ago, when sea levels were lower and these dunes nurtured swamps and lakes. Organic matter and layers of time bound the sand together, and this soft brown rock was formed.

Locals, who have been here a lot longer than scientists, reckon it’s the creation work of Dirawong (the goanna spirit) and the Rainbow Serpent.

If I were to take my death gaze from the Toyota and look south, I could see where Dirawong, exhausted after all that creation, and bitten b...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney": AWPA Sydney News: 1) PRESS RELEASE : WHEN IT COMES TO WEST PAPUA, WHO ARE THE REAL LIARS? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

3) Railway Train in Papua to Reduce Cost of Goods: Official  
4) Brothers in arms forge lifelong international bonds


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": Black Mark: Graffiti and Street Art by Anna Wacławek "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

All art history students would be familiar with the Thames & Hudson World of Art series. These paperback books with their black spines are authoritative accounts of various art movements, styles and histories. When Thames & Hudson launched its World of Art series in 1958 it aimed to produce low cost, high quality art books. Now with over 300 titles in the series ranging from Aboriginal Art to Internet Art it is not surprising that there is Anna Wacławek Graffiti and Street Art (Thames & Hudson, 2011, London).


In the book’s introduction Wacławek notes that: “a major study of graffiti and street art grounded in visual art analysis has yet to be published,” and that she intends this book to fill that gap. Most of the words about graffiti and street art have being written in sociology or criminology rather than from the discipline of visual arts. The lack of a serious book on the art of graffiti and street art is surprising given that in 1984 Thames and Hudson published the some of the first documentation of graffiti art, Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant’s Subway Art. But Subway Art, like most of the earlier books on graffiti, is a collection of photographs.

Graffiti and Street Art certainly fills that gap. After reading so many short articles and interviews with artists it was relief to read in an organised and systematic order in one book rather than gleaming the same information from diverse sources. Wacławek’s precise language can pack many ideas into a single sentence. The many photographs in the book are used as examples and each one is referred to in the text.

The first question about such a book is if graffiti writers do not consider their work art then what is point of an art book is actua...

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Wednesday, 06 January


"IndyWatch Feed Seq": Noosa Community Radio 101.3FM: Jazz Plus playlist "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Hello, this is Al Hensley. Wayne Carlson and I alternate with one another week about presenting the Jazz Plus program heard every Wednesday at 2PM. Each week I post the program’s playlist in case you’d like to track down any of the new releases or classic sides featured. To see what Wayne played this week click here

The following tracks were played on Jazz Plus” on 6 January 2016.
  1. Duke Ellington ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’ A Portrait of Duke Ellington
  2. Joe Pass ‘I Got it Bad’ A Portrait of Duke Ellington
  3. Swing Street Orchestra ‘Avalon’ Tom Baker and Friends 1982-1994
  4. Ahmad Jamal ‘Autumn Leaves’ Ahmad’s Blues
  5. Beale Street Stompers ‘Hard Hearted Hannah’ Breeze
  6. Eliana Elias ‘That Old Feeling’ I Thought About You – A Tribute To Chet Baker
  7. George Shearing Trio ‘Just Squeeze Me’ Breakin’ Out
  8. Derek Dalton ‘Washington Lee Swing’ Selected Recordings 1965-2000
  9. Diana Krall ‘CRS Craft’ Only Trust Your Heart
  10. George Brunies Jazz Band ‘Sweet Lovin Man’ Blues and Rock
  11. Joe Pass ‘Rosetta’ For Django
  12. Larry Carlton/Robben Ford ‘Rio Samba’ Unplugged 2013
  13. Mark Sholtez ‘Love Me For The Cool’ Real Street
  14. Oscar Peterson ‘Night Train’ Verve Jazz Masters
  15. Renae Suttie ‘I Was Made for Loving You’ Starlight
  16. The Shuffle Club ‘Oh Marie’ Bath Tub Boogie
  17. William De Paris ‘Bill Bailey, Won’t You Come on Home’ The Ultimate Jazz Archive Set
  18. Jimmy Yancey &...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Watch Shovels & Rope and The Milk Carton Kids Cover Guns N’ Roses "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Shovels & Rope I love stumbling across stuff like this. American folksters Shovels & Rope and The Milk Carton Kids have teamed to cover the acoustic Guns N’ Roses power ballad “Patience”. The track appears on Shovels & Rope’s covers record Busted Jukebox, Vol. 1 – check out Shovels & Rope and […]


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": : VIDEO: Mark Moldre ~ O, Dreamtime Blues "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Mark Moldre continues on his quest to release a clip for each of the ten tracks on his excellent 2013 LP An Ear To The Earth. ‘O, Dreamtime’ is a special family affair with Moldre’s 14 year old daughter creating the video on her iPad. It’s a stellar effort, suiting the song wonderfully with its … Continue reading



“No Australian should be alone on Christmas Day” is the passionate cry of Lee-Ann Boyle, Service Manager for St. Mary’s House of Welcome. “Everyone should have a supportive Christmas, especially the neediest and those on their own.”



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": FBi Radio: Meet Genie aka Genevieve Collier: FBi‘s Dance Class trainee "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


You may have heard her during your Friday night radio sessions, mixing it up with Sunset with Future Classic. You might catch her this Sunday, spinning tunes at the FBi SMACs Festival. If you’re not familiar yet, you’ll certainly find her commanding a dance floor near you soon…

Genevieve Collier – aka Genie – has come through five weeks of training with FBi’s Dance Class supported by V MoVement, a unique program to help budding female DJs get a head start in the industry.

Listen to Genie’s first mix and read about her experience below.


“This is a mix I made for FBi’s Dance Class program, which I was lucky enough to have been chosen to be a part of – along with 4 other amazing ladies. Dance Class has been an incredible opportunity to get a head start in the music industry that I’ve strived to be a part of for years. Through training and mentoring, the program has equipped us with the necessary skills in DJing and radio presenting for young women interested in getting involved in an industry which is so heavily saturated by males.

Over the last few years, I’ve started to take the reins over my lifelong obsession with music, creatively channelling my passion by experimenting with DJing and starting to produce some of my own stuff. When I heard about FBi’s Dance Class, I saw an amazing opportunity to further my knowledge of music and the industry, and became desperate to land a...


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": News: Summer Special: Billy X Jennings and the History of the Black Panther Party "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Did you miss out on listening to the incredible story of the Black Panther Party in a keynote speech given by Billy X Jennings at the Marxism Conference? Aired during the usual City Limits program time slot, the speech will be available on demand for the coming week until Wed 13 Jan, 10am. Listen here to this amazing speech. Go to our Summer Specials page more information about the programming grid.



"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Watch the New Oscar Lush Video “Nightmare Song” "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Oscar Lush Melbourne base folk singer Oscar Lush has just released his brand new track “Nightmare Song”. The song is the opening track from Lush’s upcoming EP Out of Sight, Out of Mind which is due for release this month. “I wrote the song following the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric […]


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Sea of Galilee - synagogues, churches, fortresses and caves "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

My middle aged husband and his equally middle aged brother decided to go on a hike with their sons and grandsons in Israel, a male bonding experience. Thanks to the Israel Nature & Parks Authority for notes about the landscape. Thanks to my son Naftali Tours, for the information about the man-made sites (synagogue, caves etc).

The highest point of the cliff, Mount Arbel, rises 390 ms above the Kinneret/Sea of Galilee, while the national park has an area of c2,127 acres. Visitors to the Arbel Plateau note that the limestone and dolomite cliff towers over the Ginnosar Valley. This sheer cliff over the Sea of Galilee looks over the fertile Arbel Valley, home to three farming communities: Moshav Arbel, Kfar Zetim and Kfar Hittim. Along the Arbel Stream, the largest of the springs is En Arbel near the Bedouin village of Hamam. The remnants of ancient flour mills and aqueducts dot the stream, as do the remnants of pomegranate, fig and citrus orchards and of vineyards.

Arbel Plateau, overlooking the Sea of Galilee

Many species of mammals find shelter in the national park, taking advantage of its water sources and rocky hideaways. The most common are wolves, hyenas and martens. The reserve has relatively few trees. The lone carob tree at the top of Mount Arbel, visible all around, is a remnant of a s...


"IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts": Timber and Steel: Watch Dan Lethbridge’s Video “Everybody Says” feat. Taasha Coates "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Dan Lethbridge Melbourne singer-songwriter Dan Lethbridge has just released his brand new video “Everybody Says” featuring guest vocals from The Audreys’ Taasha Coates. The track was written by Lethbridge when he was on tour with The Audreys and is taken from his latest album Inner Western. Check out the video below:Filed under: […]


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": The NORTHSIDER: THE BEST BATHS IN TOWN "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The title suggests they’re traditionalists, but what Brunswick and Carlton Baths have in store for the summer is not your average splish and splash.

The post THE BEST BATHS IN TOWN appeared first on The NORTHSIDER.


"IndyWatch Feed Melbourne": The NORTHSIDER: REVIEW | GLAMORAMA "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Turning up the volume in Fitzroy is Glamorama; a venue with a complete offering for food, drinks and music. The new space on the block has a focus on electronic music, a full kitchen and a huge drinks list.

The post REVIEW | GLAMORAMA appeared first on The NORTHSIDER.

Tuesday, 05 January


"IndyWatch Feed": Cheeseburger Gothic: I'm sorry you're so precious "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Took a quick detour from my book deadline today to bang this one out for Fairfax, on apologies which aren't:

Nobody enjoys making an apology. It's an acknowledgment that you screwed up, that you have done harm to someone. That's why some of us find them so difficult and messy, as though saying sorry were akin to birthing one of those Alien chest-bursters the hard way.

The throat locks up, the chest heaves, a few gargling noises emerge and boom! The awful thing erupts into the world and leaves an even bigger mess behind before it escapes in a high speed slither with a phalanx of journalists in hot pursuit.

It's all at The Age.

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