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Wednesday, 06 January


If We Don't Change the Way Money Is Created and Distributed, We Change Nothing new illuminati

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Tuesday, 05 January


ACCC (deliberate) inaction put people at risk of being killed Corporate Australia

Many people have criticised the ACCC for being useless.

Is 'useless' a deliberate action that allows [other] people to get away with corporate crimes?

Are the people in the ACCC paid to turn the other way?

The ACCC allows dodgy business operators to stay in business rather than closing them down and putting them before the courts. People like Henry Kaye (or Kukuy) with his sister Julia 'Feldman' (nee Kukuy).

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) is supposed to 'protect' the consumer?

Could it be said that the ACCC is supportive of corporate criminals running the country, or could that be relegated to a 'conspiracy theory'?

If you don't protect yourself no one else will, least of the corporation conglomerate (nee government).

The serious message is hidden in an automotive article from 31 Dec 2015 by of the headline:

The biggest surprises in motoring in 2015

Insane price ... the Volkswagen Kombi that went for $202,000.
Joshua DowlingNews Corp Australia Network
Here the 10 highlights and lowlights from the motoring world in 2015. Here’s to a better 2016!

Motoring highlights of 2015:

1) We can’t get enough V8s


The Haiti Cables – WikiLeaks – part 2

The moral force of WikiLeaks is the bent for the truth and that truth is in the interest of the common good. According to both Plato and Aristotle the common good can only be delivered and sustained as a result of truth. Not since Socrates challenged Athenians has anyone driven as passionately for the truth […]


Ipsos Mori – Comparing reality with the perceptions of the community

Life is a duel between perception and reality. Far too often when I listen to talk back radio I am incensed by what I hear. There are talkback announcers who happily create and perpetuate myths about society, immigration and a host of other topical issues without any knowledge of the reality. Ipsos Mori is a […]


Narrabri: Traditional custodians lock-on at CSG wastewater plant disaccords

Gamilaraay custodians Paul Spearim and Nathan Leslie lock on to Santos equipment at its Narrabri wastewater treatment plant. Photo Iris Ray Nunn23 Dec – While people in the northern rivers are still celebrating the region’s new gasfield free status, two Gamilaraay traditional custodians from Moree are battling CSG company Santos using the same techniques that helped win the battle here.

The pair have entered Santos’ property about 25km south of Narrabri and halted construction at the Leewood coal seam gas wastewater treatment plant by locking themselves with a metal pipe to excavating equipment.

Fifteen supporters risked arrest to accompany the men onto the Santos’ property, while another 15 people demonstrated their support from outside the fence.

There has been a recent resurgence in protest activity against Santos’ works in the Pilliga forest near Narrabri as the company begins construction at Leewood.

The large-scale wastewater treatment plant is regarded as as a significant milestone in the development of the coal seam gas industry in NSW, and is the subject of a pending court case that will question the legality of its approval.

Fifty-four-year-old Paul Spearim, a respected Gamilaraay cultural authority, said in local language ‘Our ancestors are always watching (Ngiyaningu maran yaliwunga ngarra-li).’

‘We want Santos to get out of our sacred lands and protect our gali (...


Pilliga: North coasters join CSG protest as women lock on the gates disaccords


21 Dec – Anti-CSG campaigners from the northern rivers have joined an escalated protest against coal-seam gas mining in the Pilliga Forest at which two Coonabarabran women locked themselves by their necks to the gates of two sites near Narrabri owned by miner, Santos, at the weekend.

Scores of supporters at each site have interrupted construction at the Leewood wastewater treatment plant of Santos’ Narrabri CSG project and prevented movements in and out of the operations centre containing company equipment.

And, according to Ocean Shores anti-CSG campaigner Iris Ray Nunn, who is at the Pilliga, local Aborigines have also locked onto mining vehicles owned by Santos.

Ms Ray Nunn told Echonetdaily the action by the Gamilaraay people ‘on their sacred land’ was ‘historical’.

‘Pilliga is a recharge zone for the GAT, and the Liverpool Plains is the major food bowl for NSW that the Pilliga supports,’ she said.

She said that after the Bentley ’success’, she and other north coast locals ‘became active in protecting the forest from mining rape’.

Supporters of the women locked onto the Santos sites have unfurled banners near them declaring ‘This Christmas we want a CSG free Pilliga forest’ and ‘This Christmas we want Santos free’.

Michelle Webb, a 52 year-old agricultural teacher and sixth generation farmer locked on to the gate of the Leewood wastewater treatment plant said ‘We’ve already seen the impacts to our groundwater from Santos’ exploration activities’.

‘You cannot have the coal seam gas industry and respect our precious water resources – you just cannot have both...


Self Discovery – The Key to Real Education Wake Up World

5th January 2016 By Will Stanton Guest Writer for Wake Up World What if kids knew themselves – I mean really knew themselves? Ask the average school leaver who they are at the core of their being and theyâŹ"ll likely say they havenâŹ"t the faintest clue. Heck, ask me eight years ago when I was ...Continue Reading - Self Discovery ⏠The Key to Real Education


The Truth About Gratitude: Is Your Sense of Gratitude Conditional? Wake Up World

5th January 2016 By Nanice Ellis Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Gratitude — A Cure and a Curse? If you look closely, you will see that there are dual sides to everything in life, including gratitude. Just as fire can burn or heat, gratitude can cure or curse. Understanding the truth about gratitude just ...Continue Reading - The Truth About Gratitude: Is Your Sense of Gratitude Conditional?

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