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Tuesday, 05 January


Legendary Locks: Can Hair Act as a Sixth Sense, Protecting us from Danger? new illuminati

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Monday, 04 January


Cancer is a Gift Part 2-a Husband’s Perspective Forgotten Origin

Cancer is a Gift Part 2-a HusbandâŹ"s Perspective

By Steven Strong

Apart from the inevitability of dying, if there is one word that can strike fear into the heart and soul of most human beings, irrespective of colour, nationality or income, it has to be cancer. The promises of death, suffering and poisonous doses of chemotherapy and radiation given by oncologists is something no human being on this planet would either want or wish upon another. Once the verdict is passed and bone pointed, every day is a question mark and death is a constant companion.

PART 1:-

Until the day my wife was diagnosed with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma and was told that she had less than 6 months to live, we had never discussed or taken any interest in the subject bar sympathising with any we knew of who were afflicted by this tragic turn of events. Nothing could be done to help in any way save the token effort of taking four pills a day crammed full of toxic chemicals impossible to spell. At best, this batch of chemicals may offer an extra month of side-effects, but as the approved poison could only âŹSinhibit⏠or âŹSdelay,⏠there was no chance whatsoever of survival. With the cancer in her liver measuring 15 cms by 12 cms, another cancer in the spleen that was four times its normal size and an entourage of quite a few smaller cancers in the general area, it was too late to operate and an eminent death the only prognosis.

As the reader may know if they read Part 1, we decided to seek other natural remedies with the principle agent being Medicinal Cannabis Oil. Within a week of the death sentence being handed down from above Del was already on the maximum dosage of 10 drops of oil a day sourcing a strand ironically referred to as AK-47 (Afghani Kush 47). In keeping with the general negativity of the...


Forgotten Knowledge: Natural Skin Care for Your Baby Wake Up World

4th January 2016 By Marie Be Guest Writer for Wake Up World The largest organ of the body, the skin, begins its complex process of development about a week after conception, and continues to evolve throughout pregnancy and following birth. Proper skin care during the first year of an infant can positively affect the full ...Continue Reading - Forgotten Knowledge: Natural Skin Care for Your Baby


The Dirty War On Syria Wake Up World

4th January 2016 By Dr. Tim Anderson Although every war makes ample use of lies and deception, the dirty war on Syria has relied on a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory. The British-Australian journalist Philip Knightley pointed out that war propaganda typically involves âŹÜa depressingly predictable patternâŹ" of demonising the enemy ...Continue Reading - The Dirty War On Syria

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Sunday, 03 January


The first NSW Certificate of Domicile, 1902 The Tiger’s Mouth

Five years ago I began an as-yet-uncompleted series of blogposts about the various iterations of the Certificate of Domicile and the Certificate Exempting from the Dictation Test. In the first post I wrote about the first Certificate of Domicile held in record series NAA: ST84/1, ‘Certificates of Domicile and Certificates of Exemption from Dictation Test, chronological …


Annual release of National Archives of Australia (NAA) files Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research

Hi all,

Each year, at midnight on 31 December, the NAA releases hundreds of newly processed old files to its RecordsSearch database.

For several years now, part of my New Year ritual has been to look at RecordSearch for files dealing with UAP. Every year, I have found newly released material, and have then requested the NAA to examine it, change the status to "open," paid the relevant fee and had a digitised copy of each file made available, for anyone to read. I have then published summaries of the material, here on this blog.

So, early on the morning of 1 January 2016, I used a number of keywords to search RecordSearch for UAP files. The result was that there was nothing new! This is the first time this has happened, and my initial reaction was "Oh well, it had to happen one year. There has to be a finite limit of such files, created by Australian government departments and archived by the NAA. So, perhaps we have indeed seen all the UAP files held by the NAA."

Not so, there is a file series A9755, with some files, known to be held by the NAA which still do not appear on RecordSearch. Domic McNamara and I saw the whole series in 2004 at the RAAF base Edinburgh. The reason that they are still not on RecordSearch, would simply appear to be their date range, which is 1990-19994. They are still not old enough to be available via the Archives Act.

In 2015, last year, I submitted an FOI Act request to the Department of Defence (DOD)  to obtain a copy of these few remaining files. However, the DOD wanted to charge an extremely high price to copy the files. I declined to accept their quoted price. I thought to myself, I will simply wait for them to eventually emerge via the Archives Act.

Today, as I was typing this pos...


Project Newsprint - stage two commences Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research

Hi all,

Project Newsprint is a year long project, designed to collect both past and current UFO sightings from rural and remote Australia, via local newspapers.

Stage one which took place between September and December 2015, focused on Western Australia, and was very successful. My report on stage one may be read here.

Stage two has now commenced, and will focus on the state of Victoria. I have dispatched over one hundred electronic "letters to the editor," and will shortly post on the Facebook pages of each of these Victorian newspapers.

It will be interesting to compare the Victorian and Western Australian responses.


Police criminal activity - Hacking user's phones Corporate Australia

The Australian Police 'force' is:

  • involved in criminal activity, 
  • remain 'at large' and 
  • are above the law immune from any prosecution.

This is the reality the masses face as they reside on this continent which is still a colony.

The attitude of the authorities is that the general populous are criminals (either past, current or future) but sssshhhhh don't tell the plebs people!

Make no mistake about it, the police 'force' are a bunch of (alleged) criminals, whether it be at state or federal level.

In this case the people in the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have committed criminal offences against the general public which under the Commonwealth Crimes Act (1914), are indictable offences.

In reality there should be Royal Commission, but it is very doubtful that this will happen with regards to this matter.

From an I.T perspective there is a HUGE advantage that the authorities have when their 'slaves' are using 'smart' phones.

The advantage is that programs (modern term - apps) can be uploaded (pushed) to the target's phone without their knowledge, basically gaining unauthorised access to equipment, also a breach of various other 'laws' (or Acts), where the validity of those Acts is put aside.

Do you REALLY need a 'smart' phone to call or text someone??? !!! ???

Despite what the police will officially state that - "the conversations police recorded were not ­obtained by illegality" - You can bet your 'Constitution' that they were factually obtained ILLEGALLY.

The 'victims' 'should' take action against the people involved.

See article from 23 Dec 2015 by the Herald Sun publication of the title:


Sunday, 22 November

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